Worst Case Scenario = 73% Down From Here

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    This analysis has been contributed by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform

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    As the stock market gyrates higher and lower in a fairly narrow range, the spokesmodels and talking heads on CNBC breathlessly regurgitate the standard bullish mantra designed to keep the muppets in the market. They are employees of a massive corporation whose bottom line and stock price depend upon advertising revenues reaped from Wall Street and K Street. They aren’t journalists. They are propagandists disguised as journalists. Their job is to keep you confused, misinformed, and ignorant of the true facts.

    Based on the never ending happy talk and buy now gibberish spouted by the pundit lackeys, you would think we are experiencing a bull market of epic proportions and anyone who hasn’t been in the market has missed out on tremendous gains. There’s one little problem with that bit of propaganda. It’s completely false. The Fed turned off the QE spigot at the end of October 2014 and the market has gone nowhere ever since.

    QE1 began in September 2008, taking the Fed balance sheet from $900 billion to $2.3 trillion by June 2010. This helped halt the stock market crash and drove the S&P 500 up by 50% from its March 2009 lows. QE2 was implemented in November 2010 and increased the Fed balance sheet to $2.9 trillion by the end of 2011. This resulted in an unacceptable 10% increase in the S&P 500, so the Fed cranked up their printing presses to hyper-speed and launched the mother of all quantitative easings, with QE3 pushing their balance sheet to $4.5 trillion by October 2014, when they ceased their “Save a Wall Street Banker” campaign.


    As Main Street dies, Wall Street has been paved in gold. The S&P 500 soared to all-time highs, with 40% gains from the September 2012 QE3 launch until its cessation in October 2014. Like a heroine addict, Wall Street has experienced withdrawal symptoms ever since, and begs for more monetary easing injections. Yellen and her gang of central bank drug dealers keep the patient from dying by continuing doses of ZIRP and psychologically comforting dialogue designed to cheer up Wall Street bankers.

    QE3 ended 17 months ago and shockingly the S&P 500 is exactly where it was 17 months ago. How many bull markets go flat for 17 months? As John Hussman accurately points out, we are experiencing a topping formation in the third and biggest bubble of the last 16 years. It’s a long way down from here.

    With the S&P 500 Index at the same level it set in early-November 2014, and the broad NYSE Composite Index unchanged since October 2013, the stock market continues to trace out a massive arc that is likely to be recognized, in hindsight, as the top formation of the third financial bubble in 16 years.

    The chart below shows monthly bars for the S&P 500 since 1995. It’s difficult to imagine that the current situation will end well, but it’s quite easy to lose a full-cycle perspective when so much focus is placed on day-to-day fluctuations. The repeated speculative episodes since 2000 have taken historically-reliable valuation measures to extremes seen previously only at the 1929 peak and to a lesser extent, the 1937 peak (which was also followed by a market loss of 50%). Throughout history, at each valuation extreme – certainly in 2000, 2007 and today – investors have openly embraced rich valuations in the belief that they represent some new, modern and acceptable “norm”, failing to recognize the virtually one-to-one correspondence between elevated valuations and depressed subsequent investment outcomes.


    So we’ve had the stock market going nowhere for 17 months, with valuations at obscene levels based on all historical precedents, corporate profits falling for three straight quarters, real wages of working people stagnant at 1988 levels, and home prices soaring to unreachable heights due to hot money from China, Wall Street hedge funds, and the ever resilient and late flipper class. Consumer spending, which accounts for 67% of our economy, is dead in the water as Obamacare, soaring rents, rising food costs and 0% interest on savings accounts drain the life out of middle class households. The average person (not Wall Street bankers, government apparatchiks, or other parasites of the establishment) is experiencing and has been experiencing a recession for years.

    Low interest rates and double talk from clueless academic Federal Reserve lackeys cannot and will not prop up the stock market forever. Corporate buybacks, financed with cheap debt, by insanely greedy CEOs is the last leg in this wobbly stool. This will come to a screeching halt as profits collapse and the market goes south.

    Stocks always fall during a recession and we have entered a recession, whether it is broadcast by the corporate controlled media or not. The last 17 months have offered the public an opportunity to exit near the top. Anyone who hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity will be regretful in the not too distant future. With valuations twice historical norms, there is no place to go but down. Hussman understands history better than the brainless twits on CNBC.

    Wall Street analysts talk endlessly on financial television about low interest rates “justifying” current valuations, without completing the story that even if this were true,  these rich valuations still imply predictably dismal future returns on stocks, particularly on a 10-12 year horizon.

    Every bear market in history, including those that completed recent cycles, has taken valuations to the point where expected long-term returns approached or exceeded 10% annually. This is also true for bear markets prior to the 1960’s when interest rates regularly hovered at levels similar to the present.

    On a combined set of historically-reliable measures, we presently estimate that valuations are more than twice their historical norms; twice the level that has routinely been pierced to the downside in even the most run-of-the-mill market cycle completions across a century of history, regardless of the level of interest rates.

    Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation method for the market (Market Cap/GDP), which he has disregarded now that he has sold out to the crony capitalist establishment, is at extreme levels only seen at historic market tops (1929, 2000, 2007). Based upon basic mathematical equations and history, according to Hussman, the S&P 500 will be no higher in 2028 than it is today. I wonder how many financial advisors have put that in their neat little investment models? How many Boomers and Gen Xers can handle a 0% return over the next 12 years?

    With the S&P 500 still within a few percent of its record 2015 high, investors have a critical opportunity here to understand the difference between a run-of-the-mill outcome and a worst-case scenario. The present ratio of MarketCap/GDP is about 1.2, which we fully expect to be followed by nominal total returns in the S&P 500 of about 2% annually over the coming 12 years. Given the current dividend yield on the S&P 500 actually exceeds 2%, the historically run-of-the-mill expectation from current valuations is that the S&P 500 Index itself will be below current levels 12 years from today, in 2028.

    The arrogant ego maniacal pricks, who inhabit the upper echelons of the Wall Street towers of babel, confidently disregard facts, history, and basic risk management concepts as they are about to inflict the third market collapse in sixteen years upon the unsuspecting public. Hussman‘s projections in 2000 were right and his projections today will be proven right.

    I realize that a projection like this seems preposterous. Unfortunately, this just reflects objective evidence that has remained reliable over a century of market cycles. Recall that our real-time projection for 10-year S&P 500 total returns in 2000 was correctly negative even on the basis of optimistic assumptions. The basic arithmetic was the same.

    Now for the kicker. Throughout history the stock market has experienced secular bull and bear markets where valuations go from extremely overvalued to extremely undervalued. The secular bear market from 1966 until 1982 was followed by a secular bull market from 1982 until 2000. In 2008/2009 we were headed towards a secular low, but the Fed intervened in order to save their Wall Street owners from bankruptcy. The system was not purged of its excesses. The chaff was not separated from the wheat. Therefore, the secular lows have not happened yet.

    Using basic mathematical relationships which have held for over 100 years of stock market performance, Hussman concludes a run of the mill reversion to the mean will result in a 50% stock market loss. In order to reach a secular low in valuations, we would experience a 73% loss from here. That seems inconceivable to a population of normalcy bias blinded, iGadget distracted, math challenged CNBC believers. Will you let cognitive dissonance rule your decision making or will you use reason to understand the peril directly ahead?

    Notice that expected market returns of about 6% have historically been associated with a MarketCap/GDP ratio of 0.8. The historical norm associated with 10% equity returns has been about 0.6. The secular lows of 1949 and 1982 hit ratios about 0.33. So a rather minimal completion of the current cycle would take the market down by about -33% from here (=0.8/1.2-1), a run-of-the-mill cycle completion would be about -50%, and a truly worst-case scenario would take the market down by about -73% to a secular valuation low in the current market cycle. One can’t rule anything out given reckless monetary policy, fragile European banks, excessive covenant-lite lending and so forth, but I don’t expect more than a run-of-the-mill cycle completion here.

    I’m afraid the lesson of history is that people never learn from the lessons of history. It’s always different this time. People will ignore the facts until it is too late. Every historically accurate statistical valuation method proves we are in the mother of all bubbles, created by Federal Reserve sociopaths. Every reliable economic indicator is flashing red for recession. There is absolutely no doubt this market is going to crash. It’s just a matter of when and by how much. If you think you can get out in time, be my guest and buy some more Amazon, Google, and Facebook on margin. Or you can heed the lessons of history as laid out by John Hussman. Your choice.

    The central lesson to be learned from market history – and particularly from yield-seeking bubbles – is not that valuations are irrelevant, nor that central bank intervention is capable of sustaining bubbles permanently. Rather, the lessons are: 1) market internals, and the investor risk-preferences they convey, are the hinge between overvalued markets that remain elevated and those that collapse, and 2) unlike prior market cycles, even extreme “overvalued, overbought, overbullish” conditions were insufficient to derail speculation in the face of reckless monetary policy since 2009 – one had to wait until market internals deteriorated explicitly before adopting a hard-negative market outlook.

    If one learns those hard-won lessons about the importance of investor risk-preferences and market internals over portions of the market cycle, one need not fall prey to the delusion that easy money can support stocks once risk-aversion sets in (recall 2000-2002 and 2007-2009), and one need not make the mistake of discarding the essential lessons that valuations have taught in complete market cycles across a century of history.

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      1. Well as long as there’s money to be made then buyers will drive it higher. There’s nothing in it that interests this ‘ol boy though.

        • Any guesses on what the Dow 30 will finally bottom out to?
          I’m going with 5k 12/16.

          Be well all…

          • Meant 12/2017.

            • 12/16, 12/17, either one will do.

              • we bottomed out a few years ago at 6,666 on the dow, and s%p was 666, so i see U.S. going back to at LEAST those lows, and probly much lower….because our economy/debt situation is SO MUCH worse off now than it was then. remember this FACT…we make less money than we did in year 2000, thanks to inflation, yet we pay about DOUBLE for our houses than we did back then….how is THAT possible? money costs less to rent from the banks than it did back then….and unless you believe nobody should get paid a reasonable amount of interest to leave your money with a bank(interest rates stay at zero forever), then SOMEday(don’t ask ME, I don’t know), we will have a crash of home prices, bond prices, stock markets, and a whole lot of other prices, of EPIC proportions. the depression we been in for the last several years(if you subtract the FED’s money-printing, borrowing from their left hand to pay their right hand) will seem like a sunday picnic. good luck to all you muhfugguhs here on shtfplan(not the trolls though). it’s been a real education….thanks for this one, mac, you are a voice of reason in an unreasonable world.

          • Who really knows? With the market’s being as corrupt and polluted as they are, 73% seems more like a best case scenario in that it would be a good starting point to rebuild. I think the reality is that eventually tptb simply won’t be able to kick that can any longer and it’s all gonna come crashing down. Stay quiet, be smart.

            • The Stock Market is a Rigged Sewer Hole for Fascist Corporations. Get out NOW, and stop feeding the Beast!! You got any morals or integrity?? Cash out all your stocks and your 401K and pay off all your debts, sell the house, go buy some land in the country and get off the grid. Take control of your lives, not whimpering at the mercy of some rigged casino for your retirement. For F*cksake.

              And speaking of A-holes, Look at this scumbag. Who does this Arazona Senator F*cker really work for?
              Sen John McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received $1 Million From Saudi Arabia
              A nonprofit with ties to Senator John McCain received a $1 million donation from the government of Saudi Arabia in 2014, according to documents filed with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

              And these Shell Non-Profits pay NO TAXES. An nice loophole so the sleazy scumbags can take Bribes.

              I suggest a Firing Squad for these scumbags.

              And the Clinton Foundation is another Bribery Money Laundering Operation for favors by foreign countries or by whom ever seeks influence and favors wink wink.

              I would instantly make these illegal, and or fully taxed and full disclosure. Then they write themselves a salary of 7 figures, and poof the money is laundered. Then McCain wastes tax payer monies to help defend Saudi Arabia. That $1,000,000 should be forwarded to the US Treasury to put towards the National Debt. McCain fills his pockets flush with cash then shoots his mouth off in Washing DC to increase the war machine and genocide for Saudi. McCain is a F*cking Traitor to our country. This is Mass Corruption. Trump is Absolutely Right these countries need to pay the US for protection, But our Politicians get rich off of Fraud War Scandal and Genocide.

              The McCain Institute for International Leadership began voluntarily disclosing its donors on its website after an inquiry from USA Today in 2014. Donations are solicited by the institute’s own foundation, as well as the fundraising arm of Arizona State University, the ASU Foundation.
              The website listed dozens of donors, including Chevron Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., FedEx Corp., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and the nonprofit arms of General Electric Co. and Freeport-McMoRan Inc. It also listed a small donation, of less than $25,000, from the Danish embassy.
              The institute didn’t originally disclose the 2014 donation from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. After an inquiry from Bloomberg News, the website was updated to note that the institute received more than $100,000 from the Saudi embassy. Documents filed with the IRS state that the donation totaled $1 million.
              “The McCain Institute for International Leadership has decided to list as an individual donor on its website the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia,” Debbie Williams, vice president of communications for the ASU Foundation, wrote in an e-mail on behalf of the institute, “since those funds have been transferred to the ASU Foundation for the benefit of the McCain Institute.”
              The Saudi embassy didn’t respond to a request for comment.


          • The market will bottom, on an inflation-adjusted basis, when the Dow 30 equals the price of one ounce of gold.

            That is a well established pattern.

            Now, as to what level that will be at, I have no idea; the Dow could plummet, gold could skyrocket, or they could meet somewhere in the middle.

            As to timing, just guessing, 1966 to 1982 was 16 years, 1982 to 2000 was 18 years, so probably sometime between now and 2020.

            • I watched an interview recently that illustrated your point. It might’ve been Greg hunter USA Watchdog. Don’t remember. I’m a really good truck driver, matter of fact, I’m an instructor at one of the biggest companies in the world. What I’m not good at is the mechanics of this topic. So what of the DOW 30 equals 1 oz of gold? I’m sure it’s simple, but remember, I’m just a dumb truck driver (instructor). I know that the silver to gold ratio is so out of whack but I don’t understand the topic. If you could splain it, please do.

              • yeah,Jack, maybe he means Dow at 1100-1200 (price of Au currently) ?
                That’s a lonnng way to fall. As they say, look out below!

                • Wow. That’s basically a complete and total collapse. Thanks for explaining that

        • Why the fuck do I need a government or corporate regulated retirement or medical account? I cant take fucking money out of my own accounts or face a tax penalty?


          Why the fuck is medical or retirement tied into my employer?

          You go to work, you get a fucking salary. End of story.

          Why the fuck cant TPTB just mind their own fucking business? Cause it’s all a fucking scam, that’s why.

          Why the fuck cant I buy insurance across state lines? Cause that would, like, drive prices down?


          I want to save enough to check out of society permanently.

          I want to be like Manfred Fritz Bajorat.

          • The Government is just ONE BIG PIG TROUGH, for the well politically connected to suck off of for their Billion Dollar livings. Then when the Political Cockroaches on the other end that fed them for years, retire out of Congress, they are hired back by the scumbags Govn’t Contractors that ripped us off. One hand washes the other, over and over. The revolving door of corruption. Look at Jew Sen Joe Lieberman who quit the Senate and is working for AIPAC as a Lobbyist to create policy. And just think this Traitor was AL Gores VP running mate. He could have bumped off Gore and we could have be Taken over by Israel. The Zionists are Psychopaths and Sociopaths.


            • WWTI

              What will the stock market do the day after Hillary is elected?

              Survival company stocks etc.

              • Hillary will be in Prison end of 2016, if our Justice Dept would do their jobs. The world is watching. When the people cannot get justice and there are no Rules for the Ruling class, we will revolt. Guns and Ammo Co’s will be a good bet along with Gold and Silver.


          • Acid, pick up the book “Adrift”, you will like it, I guarantee.
            And good points on the retirement account/medical scams.















          • Acid Wretch
            Did you notice that China announced it is shifting to a service economy?
            Have you bought land for your hovel and garden yet? Land is quite affordable in the US still.

          • preaching to this choir , i totally get what yer sayin

        • Are blacks even human?

          Every other race has 4-8% Neanderthal DNA. Blacks don’t.

          Are blacks even of the same lineage?

          • No, No They’re Not. Blacks coming to America are like Muslims migrating to Sweden and Germany. Pillage, Rape and Ruin Pristine Cultures. Sure Blacks Built the Inner City Ghettos here in the US. And the liberal Jews saw how well that worked to destroy a country, they are now doing this to Europe by Bombing Syria, to make the Muslim cockroaches flee into Euro White people cultures.. WASP White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The U.S. Jew ZOG- Zionist Occupational Government, along with the Hijacked US Foreign Policy and help from ISIS and NATO. Same Wrecking Crew are destroying Europe. When Countries and their people loose their History and Cultures, they basically have nothing left to fight for. Its gone. That is the Master Game Plan here folks, Chaos to destroy the world, for the New World Order. Its the same Tribe that wants to take away the Confederate Flag and Guns, Gun rights and freedoms. Death to the NWO Tribe, keep stacking!!


            • wwti,

              And you wonder why people think preppers are nutcases.

          • Links or any prof of your claim?

            • Greentip4u
              This claim is made on ancestry.com for one. I had my DNA tested and I am northern European but showed no Neanderthal percentage. It wasn’t stating that Africans were not human, it was saying that whites are partially proto-human. As for other races, only blacks showed no crossing into proto-human stock. I looked it up on the Internet and found a few research papers… not antibacterial in the least… more like white embarrassment.

              Acid peers out his window at a beautiful blue sky and pukes because a black person looks at the same blue dome instead of getting out and soaking up Vitamin D.

              • Autocorect… antibacterial should be anti black

              • You and millions of other people are crazy for getting your DNA tested at ancestry. Police are requesting access to these data bases to run DNA familial matches.

                • Nopitypartyhere
                  I hear ya. I had a family mystery I could not figure out any other way. I am retired, and the information was medically important to my loved ones. Sometimes we do what we gotta do. I had nothing but 6th cousins in there anyway.
                  Interesting you immediately thought I was just “dying” to get my DNA tested.

      2. A reckoning is coming.

        • Hey, just because the so-called “elites” have been seen sneaking out the back doors of banks with sacks on their (servant’s) backs and gold and silver coins falling out of their socks and underwear (unheeded), it doesn’t mean anything WRONG is happening, now does it..?

          * sigh *

          Folks, as far as I can reckon it, with all that Obama and the Muslim viziers advisers/appointee Wahabbist’s cabinet have been getting away with – Obama himself especially! – and with NO ACTION OF ANY SORT being so much as ATTEMPTED by ANYONE any longer(that WE’RE permitted to know about), the only change I see coming is when they finally allow the bottom to fall out onto the sidewalk. Seriously people – when We the People realize that no one’s seen ANY of the “upper crust” of this shit pie for a few days or even weeks, THEN some few may figure out that the motor is and HAS BEEN OFF and the car has been coasting on a slight decline for some time. There’s no driver, the passengers are dummies, and there’s a dropoff at the bottom of this little hill that didn’t used to be there… Oops. That is pretty much the moment before Lights Out. The foreign troops are all lined up, SET UP, locked and loaded and We the Suckers are just plain loaded sitting in front of the boob tube as usual or stuffing ourselves with the latest GMOs with glyphosate sauce and imitation “elite”-style bloodwines… It’ll be a warm Summer evening with people sitting out on the porch or on the lawn playing the game of “spot an actual pattern in the chemtrails”, chatting, getting stoned or whatever. THAT, not 4:00am, will be the instant before Lights Out, and suddenly the streets will be filled with armed military shouting in some other language or with heavy accents (or maybe none; they’ve been here awhile), and then we’ll realize the trains we heard go through the depot a couple of hours ago never actually went through; they never left. The one guy who nonchalantly tries to go into the house for his rifle is shot as his hand touches the doorknob. The Roundups begin.

          Y’see, it doesn’t HAVE to happen the way all the Internet stories SAID it would. TOMORROW will be the “bank holiday”, but the Owners are long since a mile deep underground in shelters that make FutureWorld look like yesterday. The handful of Congress critters who made it in are now standing at attention down there with towels over one arm and a blood red (for good reason) bottle on a tray in the other hand. THEY may survive; most of US WON’T. The “elites” have NEVER played by the published rules and they never will.

          The ground has been cut out from under the economy, the ecology and everything else until it’s all a paper-thin veneer that’s barely even there. The first-in troops will be the ones to meet the citizens who intend to fight; they’ll be the Mexican Cartel heavies with tatted-up faces (remember? They just walked through the wide-open borders Obama COMMANDED be left open for them and the military snatched them right up, no IDs, no nothin’) who LIKE to torture. After they shoot one man who questioned their authority to death one carefully-aimed bullet at a time, no else said another word; they just lined up and waited for orders.

          Today? Tomorrow? Next week, next YEAR? Does it really matter? It just depends on how long it takes Them to gather up everything that CAN BE stolen, and how much They want us to suffer from starvation, thirst, fear, anger and whatever else. Without all the foreigners and militarized cops (every sadist with a badge in the country) it would NEVER have been possible to round up the populace. Now? The tiny tiny handful who has tried to act has done so in a vacuum. Every time. A brilliant lawyer who’s right will NEVER get the better of a trigger-happy badge-wearing sadist who finally has permission to torture, beat to a pulp, shoot in front the kids ANYONE AT ALL, for any reason or for no reason save that he CAN and he WANTS TO.

          America is already more broke than it can EVER pay back even if the ISN’T ours (and it isn’t); the money is worthless; it’s just being propped up for now. Unless there’s a MAJOR change, a true Awakening followed by real, en masse ACTION, then this is how it may well go.

          Game Over.

        • Perhaps the entire “street” (Wall Street) will just end up in a huge, radioactive pile of rubble. Game over.

          • @Ian

            You are clearly off your medication….so call the pharmacy for your refill. Now I totally agree that Obama is a tool of the NWO but all this crazy talk about his cabinet ibeing Muslim is nonsense! All of his WHITE AMERICAN advisors and cabinet appointees are Muslims? GTFOH!!! And who is this “upper crust” you keep screaming about? RICH WHITE PEOPLE so enough with all this crap about cartel members crossing the boarder….why the hell would they want to do that when drugged addicted whites provide them with billions of dollars in profits per year. I totally agree that this country will collapse BUT let’s lay the blame squarely where it belongs: the people who run this country, WHITE PEOPLE.

            • Nat, try searching “Obama Muslim appointees”, if you dare.

        • Well, it surely is coming, and we are now seeing more and more evidence of Biblical prophecies coming to life.

          There is recent news more alarming than a stock market collapse.
          Since Edward Snowden was given asylum by Venezuela, he is speaking out with more interesting information that has been hidden from the public.

          Many years ago I was speaking about the so-called aliens and UFOs, after my close, too close, encounter. Around early 2003, I sincerely searched for truth from my Heavenly Father and it came in waves. Not overwhelming waves, but in flowing spirit as i could accept the truth and comprehend what was being revealed.

          Everything that we need is right in God’s letter to us, if we are of the light and are desiring of truth. As things began to unfold, i was reminded of what a good friend of mine had said, back in the mid eighties, about the workings of alien beings upon the earth and relating to his close encounter/abduction; he shared his experience and explained why he thought that the diaries by Admiral Richard Byrd, on the hollow earth, were based on facts.

          What he did not say, nor even hint towards, was that there was something about them, the beings, that was demonic and why. After reading much of Revelation= to reveal; I was following the scripture that talked of beings like locusts coming from within the earth, in the latter days. Voila’.

          To put things in a briefer context, the beings/aliens, are demonic spirits, left from the flood of Noah’s day, and possibly before, that have been here all along and have their advanced technologies in full force. They have their leaders that were some of the Nephilim, that fathered them, that are within the earth as well. Some gub mints, have been aware and even communicating with them, and gathering technologies/intelligence. I can’t get into specifics about all of what i know, but now, Snowden is blowing the whistle on some of this stuff.

          I wrote about it here many years ago, and afterwards. Very few acknowledged that it was possible, so as most do, wrote me off as an idiot or freak, or dumbass bible thumper. So be it, but eventually the truth does come forth.

          Other than my friend from the 80’s, and now Snowden, Steve Quayle was the only other reliable person bringing forth such information, of aliens and their flying crafts being hidden under the Antarctica ice, and within the earth.

          The aliens are real, they are demonic entities that are reserved by our Creator for His purpose, in the last days. As Enoch reported, they have been silenced, in other words, can’t speak. They can communicate through computers though.

          We Christians have nothing to fear from them nor their technologies. However; our elected officials are in the Illuminati circles that use this information, and not for our own good, but for their evil intent. Even Christians, if they let their guard down and follow an ET Follywood version of them, can get sucked in, literally. They have a dna altering program in force that changes humans natural genetic composition. That is what is so problematic with any gov backed vaccination program…we just never know.

          Anyone not protected by the covering grace of our Heavenly Father, is, and will be walking a tight rope into the future.
          The future is here, not 100 years down the road.

          • Whenever someone says ” I can’t get into the specifics of what I know” it makes one wonder ” why not?”
            There must be some reason for it and when the question go’s unanswered it raises serious doubts about the authenticity of the post, especially one that stretches the imagination of your everyday man and woman.

            • It’s because it’s April Fool’s Day, Anon!
              Nice alien story, Passin’. Good to see you have a sense of humor on this day.

            • It could be that it is April Fool’s Day…in reverse.

              Specifics don’t come easy when it is limited to the shortened minds of the internet peoples that use anon…, and others that use several different monikers to hide their identity.
              Let’s just say; the rest of the story/information, comes on a need to know basis. You could not handle the truth of it all, anyways.

              • Passin,

                So, in short, it’s just another of your numerous bullshit stories. Anytime somebody makes wild, beyond the pale claims and doesn’t post any links or other proof to back it up other then to say ” you’ll have to take my word for it because there’s no other way” and expect any type of reasonably intelligent people to accept that as truth, well, lets just say the poster has a real hard time dealing with ” reality” and leave it at that. I could see braveheart and hcks swallowing the story hook,line, and sinker but nobody else here for Damn sure.

              • Passin, are you accusing me of using several different “monikers” (i.e., screen names)?
                I don’t have enough time to post and read as it is, and I damn sure don’t need to post with another name.
                If that’s me that you’re accusing, once again you’re so wrong it’s painful.
                But you are a fun distraction.

          • Wow! And you wonder where in the world do people EVER get the idea that preppers are nutcases and fruitcakes? Hey everybody, I’ve got something really big to tell all of you that’s going to change the world. I have it on ” good authority” that the Yellowstone volcano is set to have it’s next MAJOR eruption soon. How soon? Well, I can’t tell you that or how I know because here in the dangerous world of ” double ought” spies like Jethro and myself, if I told you I’d have to kill you. The information and the people who know about everything like this are way too secret for me to tell you so you just have to accept my word that it’s going to happen soon so PLEASE make all your arrangements NOW before it’s too late! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!

      3. Math is hard, don’t worry about it.

      4. It shouldn’t be as high as it is now
        Question is how long will it stay down after a hard drop ?

      5. -73 -73 -73 Who’ll give me -75.

        Thank you. -75 -75 -75 Younger man in the front.

        Now -80 -80 -80.

        -75 once
        -75 twice
        Fair warning.

        Sold to the American Investors.

      6. Buffet abandoned his value investing about the same time I did… when no stock showed value. Buffet did start loaning big corporations money… because creditors get paid first. He has a large portfolio, and buying up companies with physical assets. He may come out of this mess, but he doesn’t have to pay taxes, either. Good luck to the rest of us. No debt, enough dirt for a garden, and good health… the traditional way for the Littles to survive the Bigs’ periodic meltdowns.
        I am traditional… I hope it suffices this time.

        • Rebecca. You will be fine because you know you have to grow your food to eat, not just buy the freeze dried shit posted on both sides of the article.

          • Dave in Idaho,
            As I am a month from my last frost date, and up to my ears in seedlings…
            I sure love the growing my own food part. I have been studying during the last few days of snow and wind then sandstorm and wind… and finding out that most cheese isn’t really cheese anymore. I have only made a few cheeses from scratch, but need a milk goat and to learn how to take care of it.
            1800s… but well fed. Cooking from scratch and bread baking and tortilla making. It’s all good. I am glad I have always gardened and cooked, the simplest pleasures.
            Are you getting an early spring? I thought I was but hard freezes this week.

            • Rebecca,

              I agree. I find it sad that many products such as cheese aren’t REAL FOOD anymore.

              People are suing over what’s really in their ‘100% Grated Parmesan Cheese’ (3/24/16)

              “Several purveyors of grated Parmesan cheese are in hot water after an investigation by Bloomberg. The investigation revealed that some cheeses advertised as “100% cheese” in fact contain high amounts of cellulose, an FDA approved filler made from wood pulp and cotton.”

              ht tp://www.businessinsider.com/inside-grated-parmesan-cheese-science-cellulose-lawsuits-2016-3

              • KY Mom
                Bizarre that they can sell cellulose as parmesan. I was reading up on brick cheese yesterday, and over 90 percent made in the US is no longer “traditional” cheese. I have three choices: give up faux cheese, buy imported cheese, or make my own. I will take door number 3.
                I do a lot of online research for no better reason than curiosity and habits created at work where I researched for attorneys, most of what I find out about our food system is appaling.
                BTW police charged that 15 year old pepper sprayed girl with assault. The guy who sprayed her will be charged if they find him. She learned a lot about the United States in one day.

      7. Isn’t -100% the worst case scenario? And while I’m thinking about it, didn’t Synder say the economy was absolutely going to collapse by December of last year? Still waiting.

        • Stock Market in USSAG = Ball Street = some take a beating while others just get bigger.


          They forgot to tell the investors that the pivot point on the seesaw was a serrated blade, and the seesaw plank was made from a Poplar (softwood) tree. It can’t last forever.

      8. Years ago I had to take a Statistics class( I called it Sadistic’s).
        Math majors and Computers guys all have to suffer through it.
        It is the really the Mathematics of gambling. What is probable?
        For example would you get on an airplane that had a 99.99% chance of landing safely? If you are a Democrat I’d encourage you to get on the aircraft, everyone else I would recommend to stay off.
        Market stuff, PM’s et al. can be graphed, analyzed, pick what kind of distribution you want to use, to predict the future or make decisions . Bottom line is we depend on the past numbers to predict the future. If you want a brain twister look up Chi distributions.
        What we can’t objectively quantize is human nature, and the best made plans change on their first execution.

        • Rellik
          yeah, biology majors had to take that awful class too.
          means nothing because.. humans!

        • Yeah it’s only like, one of the most important classes you could like, ever take, man?

        • Nursing too. And what I learned from statistics and my research class is that you can manipulate statistics to show what you want to show. Just like Al Gore and his hockey stick graph.

      9. I’d love to see a statistic showing how Major League Baseball statisticians invest and vote.

        I say that because I grew up watching and attending MLB games and collecting baseball cards. I was always fascinated, even in the days before computers, how their infinitesimal arsenal of stats and numbers worked. Even in the most dismal of games, when the bottom of the 9th inning came and my team was down several runs and there were two outs and the bottom-of-the-lineup hitter came to the plate – THERE – WHERE ALL HOPE SEEMED GONE, IT WOULD HAPPEN…. The statistician would come to the forefront and say something like this:
        “Well you know, Joe may be in a batting slump this season, BUT, in games where he came to bat where his team was down two runs in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and the wind blowing in from left field, with temperatures and relative humidity at the levels they are now and while facing a southpaw pitcher who throws sinkers and screw-balls, Joe actually has a .895 batting average with 22 RBIs, of which 98.452% turned out to be game-winners”.

        Suddenly, it didn’t matter that the scoreboard was dismal and that the score seemed finite and that the drive home was near. What mattered was that SUDDENLY, EVERYTHING SEEMED GOOD AND HOPEFUL! Thanks to the statisticians! They are miracle workers. They bring hope to even the worst of situations!

        Now, when I see the Wall Street news and the numbers and the graphs and all those job reports making it look like unemployment REALLY IS low and that the market WILL rally and that really, everything IS GOOD, well, I must pause to ponder – those statisticians are hard at work, doing what they do.

        It is one thing to lose that hope after Joe fell into that small gap left by the statisticians where he DIDN’T get a hit and instead popped-out on a weak, shallow fly-ball into the infield, summarily losing the game and leaving the winning run stranded on base. That is bad enough….
        It is another thing entirely when, instead of a game being lost, it is people’s investments and retirement accounts and life savings.

        BUT HEY! There is always NEXT YEAR! I watched baseball too long. FIRE THE MANAGER! THROW THE BUM OUTTA HERE….!

      10. Ok look got some bad news.

        Ever seen the rate on a 10 year CD lately?


        Ever done the math to see how much of your income you’d have to dump into those mother effers to even make a dent in your retirement needs?

        Yeah well I have.

        And you wonder why the stock market is popular now.

        It’s kind of like how a shit sandwich is “popular” if you’re starving to death…

        • Indeed — you either take a risk of getting wiped out in markets, through inflation if you hold cash, or negative interest rates if you put your money in a bank or bonds.

          Next will come their solution…

          Government Retirement Accounts!

          • Yup, gonna work till i fall over

            • Well that’s a given.

              Still don’t matter though, if you can manage to stay employed until you’re 70 it would be a miracle. If you get popped at 60 on up pretty much you’re done…

              But even staying until you’re 70… you got a while to get corn holed by inflation until you’re dead.

              Which reminds me I better amend my sim for a worst case scenario of losing it at 60. It’s already comedy at 70. If Social Security even HALF works (50% of promised returns) it… probably would work… barely.

              It’s a sad day when SS looks like a good deal. I mean I get it… well NOW I get it… guaranteed to pace inflation. Erm… REPORTED inflation. Or something. Kinda. Beh? So bullshit inflation yeah… though I will say… hmm. Lately? I see gasoline, restaurant food, movie tickets, and stuff like steak inflating to the moon but a lot of groceries don’t appear to be… or I guess I’m attracted to the non-inflated (less than terribly nutritious) stuff…

            • The difference between “having” to work for a living, and being in a comfortable retirement situation, is when the word “piddle”, is used in place of the word “work’.

              I piddled around today and got some of the grass mowed and cut a cord of wood, for next winter.

              Tomorrow i might piddle around and get the cord loaded up on the trailer.

              Day after tomorrow, i may get the cord stacked up under the wood shed, and piddle with the chainsaw a while.

              Life is good when you put everything into perspective and have made good decisions early on, in life.

          • Yes, and do we all remember how big companies were so eager to dump their ‘defined benefit pension plans’ and move their employees into these 401K types of retirement plans?

            Their excuses were that these defined benefit retirement plans were just too expensive and they assured their employees that, after all, they could do much, much better by investing the stock market! Remember the tall tales we all were hearing about how many Americans were going to be millionaires because of this switch? It was all crock of rancid smelling manure, but at least that manure was kosher approved manure, right?

            By the way. I’ve seen the data and statistics on CEO salaries over the last several decades and, after these companies had canceled their ‘too expensive’ to continue defined benefit pension plans – the salaries of these top level CEOs has more than doubled, and in many cases tripled or even quadrupled.

            So, what really happened – was that these greedy CEO bastards didn’t cancel their company’s defined benefit pension plans so they could save money and perhaps reinvest it in the company and create new, decent paying jobs. No, but that was the line of baloney that they and their spokesman sold to the public. What they did was to terminate these extremely reliable defined benefit pension plans – plans which once rewarded employees who were loyal to a company with the ability to ensure their financial security once they retired – and they just transferred the money that had previously been set aside to fund these plans over to their own paychecks. And, by herding their employees into the dangerous waters of the Stock Market – the drooling, bloodsucking, Wall Street piranhas with a 2,000 year old reputation for fleecing gentiles out of their last dime promptly pounced on them and did what piranhas are famous for doing – they devoured the lifetime retirement savings of the naive and gullible investors.

            Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, Andy Fastow, Sam Waksal, Bernie Ebbers, Bernie Madoff, the list goes on and on and on and its always the same species of piranha.

            But, hey! Surely that has to be only an innocent coincidence, right?

            • That’s the reason for ObolaCare. Its designed to put the cost on the taxpayers and eliminate medical benefits as an expense for the corporations; who historically provided these benefits.

              However, if you have a private corporation, you can get yourself a cadillac plan and deduct the expense. 🙂

      11. I’m afraid the lesson of history is that people never learn from the lessons of history.

        That’s a rather arrogant statement, given that you recognize this supposed fact.

        SOME people don’t, I get that.

        Is it not at least possible that a large number of people DO learn but really have no other choice?

        If there was a bank run tomorrow, you know as well as I do that the “lesson of history” is that participation in said bank run absolutely guarantees the failure of the bank.

        And the “lesson of RIGHT NOW” dictates that non-participation in said bank run equals starvation.

        Why the hell do you think people participate?

      12. I just saw a story on Drudge that said the following:

        “The Dow Jones industrial average saw its biggest quarterly comeback since 1933.”

        There were extreme ups and downs during the Great Depression. I don’t know how low it will go, but I expect the Dow to drop a lot before long. It will probably rebound again and repeat a number of times before it hits bottom.

        • Frank Zappa was right.

          • Watch out where the huskies go, don’t you eat that yellow snow ?¿? lol

      13. “They are propagandists disguised as journalists.”
        Never a truer utterance from a human I ever heard.

      14. Who is James Quinn and why should I believe him?

      15. At a private fundraiser last night in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton announced that she is changing her views on gun control to more closely align with her base. Speaking to donors at the private event Hillary said that “[She] want to make sure her views on gun control are the same as her supporters. We can’t let Bernie Sanders win over voters by not supporting gun manufacture liability in criminal cases. It’s time to take a stand for gun owners in the great nation of ours.”

        She listed off ten main points that she would work to achieve if elected to the Presidency.
        1.Making sure that no gun is banned solely because of cosmetic features.
        2.Ensuring that gun show transfers remain safe and legal with no background checks.
        3.Working to ensure 50 state concealed carry reciprocity through new federal laws.
        4.The elimination of background checks at the point of sale. Instead gun purchasers would only take one background test per year.
        5.Ensure that gun manufactures are not liable for their product’s use in the commission of a crime.
        6.Instructing the ATF to remove suppressors from the NFA
        7.A 50% tax on every round of ammunition that would go towards the prevention of gun violence.
        8.Making sure that all online ammo purchases are shipped to and FFL for a background check.
        9.Passing laws to make sure that online orders of over 1000 rounds of ammo are delivered only with a chief law enforcement officer approval.
        10.Providing a pathway for illegal immigrants to legally purchase firearms

        • LIE!!

          not you

        • @”believe it”-

          1) please post your infantile April Fools shit on your blog at HufPo, not here.

          thank you

      16. This excerpt from the story shows how much BS the author is spewing: “Every historically accurate statistical valuation method proves we are in the mother of all bubbles… Every reliable economic indicator is flashing red for recession. There is absolutely no doubt this market is going to crash. It’s just a matter of when and by how much.”

        First, plenty of models show we are nowhere near a bubble, the prime one being simple real money supply analysis. Second, the most reliable indicator of recession — GDP, which defines a recession — remains positive, thus negating the very definition of a recession. Third and most important, if there was no doubt the market would crash, it would crash — yet it isn’t. There are plenty of doubts because there are plenty of reasons why the market shouldn’t crash. Otherwise, investors would leave.

        It’s sad that such a poorly edited article, written by a clearly misguided and insufficiently educated person, should take up the same space as something that might be beneficial

        • “There are plenty of doubts because there are plenty of reasons why the market shouldn’t crash. Otherwise, investors would leave.”
          There are more than plenty of reasons the market should crash, also. And investors would know when to leave? Like “timing” the market, hmm?
          And what in hell do you mean when you say, “if there was no doubt the market would crash, it would?”

      17. Quoth the comment box 404…


      18. Back in 2007 we heard “doom” predictions, then in ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15…now in 2016 we hear…same old same old.

        Apocalypse porn…

        I’m not drinking any more Kool-Aid

      19. The message from the Feds is clear: Defy us or dare to stand up against what we are doing, and you will be arrested and/or killed.

      20. Why not just print/create more credit? Also, how are the world markets doing? Maybe people are just investing overseas. For sure, end of funded retirement plans probably has also caused less investment.

        The market action is very interesting. Obviously, a better would bet short since we are near the top. but a break upwards would bring in lots of money and be self-fulfilling.

        No time to bet myself.

      21. Today’s jobs report indicates that we lost another 29,000 manufacturing jobs. This is how America became wealthy: you take an ore out of the ground, you process it, you make something out of it, and then you sell it. We don’t do that much anymore. The world is under attack from both Globalists and Marxists. The MSM keeps it under raps. Can’t let the sheep see any news about that. The US politicians are shutting down the US coal industry, but the US pols have individual investments in foreign coal companies in Kosovo and elsewhere. Voting isn’t going to fix this. Brace yo’self.

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