‘World Wide Leader In Leftist Disinformation’: ESPN Now Pushing Discredited Russian Collusion Story In Attack On Houston Astros For Accepting White House Invitation

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    Over the last couple of years the once unbeatable sports network ESPN has gone full-scale liberal, firing various commentators who didn’t tow the new company line while allowing those that do work for the company to spread leftist disinformation masquerading as legitimate sports analysis.

    Now, in a new low for the network, ESPN has aired a rant by commentator Max Kellerman that specifically brought up the widely discredited Russian collusion probe while pretending that it didn’t have anything to do with being a liberal or conservative.

    In other words, according to the obvious implications put forth by Kellerman, good people are against Donald Trump and bad people support him.

    Kellerman’s leftist talking points came in response to a decision by the Houston Astros to accept an invitation to the White House after the team won their first ever World Series in late 2017.

    Asked what it means that the Astos had accepted the invitation, Kellerman claimed that the team would be on the wrong side of history before spewing the same leftist disinformation about the president that is heard throughout the liberal mainstream media.

    “It says they are making a grave error and are on the wrong side of history,” he noted. “I want to be very clear about this: This has nothing to do with where you fall on the political spectrum, left or right.”

    “I say what I say because what has gone on in this administration is abnormal and should not be normalized.”

    Kellerman then specifically brought up the Russian collusion probe while noting that Trump’s former national security had already been arrested for lying to the FBI. Kellerman seemingly purposefully left out key facts surrounding the Flynn investigation while totally ignoring the high-level Clinton supporters in the FBI who targeted him in the first place.

    “There is an investigation on-going into the Trump administration, and collusion with a hostile foreign power that involves our national election,” Kellerman continued, again sounding almost exactly like a Democrat in Congress or any one of the various cable news anchors who attack Trump on a daily basis.

    “It has never happened in my lifetime. All the President’s men seem to be implicated.”

    Kellerman concluded, “It has to do with equal protection under the law, and constitutionality, and being a patriotic American citizen. You do not normalize this behavior with White House visits.”

    So there you have it. ESPN has officially stopped being a sports network and is now nothing more than another leftist propaganda outlet pushing discredited lies while ignoring key facts about the deep states ongoing war against Donald Trump.

    Its no wonder that the network is bleeding subscribers at a startling rate with new competitor FS1 seemingly in line to take over as the actual leader of TV sports coverage.


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      1. E-ssentially

        • The liberalism disease is spreading. When will americans get off their asses and eradicate this terrible plague?

          • Never. Today American people are too fat, drugged-out, technology addicted, obese — the laziest bunch of cowards and basement dwellers that ever walked the face of the Earth.

          • push comes to shove,, then a brawl breaks out, and the sissy gets their a$$ whipped

      2. Never did watch eSPn
        Nothing worth watching

        • Me either. Sports junkies are usually total idiots that know nothing else. Bread and circuses for the morons…

      3. Nailbanger, my boob tube went into the dumpster a good many years ago. I’m strictly an internet freak. ESPN screwed up getting into politics. And that Jemelle Hill bitch they have needs to STFU about white people. She would fit right into CNN or any of the other MSM outlets.

        • Yea, we dont watch much other than cooking shows, cartoons, and stuff like flip or flop or fixerupper,,, news sucks, sports, meh, sometimes movies,

          • Nailbanger, I have a few laptops with CD-ROM and a bunch of old DVDs. I either pop in a DVD or go to you tube for a movie. When I want REAL information, it’s alternative media for me and nothing else.

            • I watch moonshiners and survival shows. Oh and gunsmoke and bonanza 🙂

              • Genius, welcome back and Happy New Year. I also get into survival shows and some old westerns.

                • Happy new year to you too!

              • I like Mysteries at the Museum, Expedition Unknown/ Destination Truth shows on travel channel, American Pickers, and Homicide Hunter with Joe Kenda–otherwise there is nothing on in the 980 channels that I find educational or entertaining. I get Hulu through my Roku and enjoy the occasional Zombie movie or thriller for relaxed distraction when I am inclined to veg out but even these type movies often have me cutting them off in the first half hour with their subtle leftist snippets dropped in or the woman who beats up all the white men.
                Even the commercials with their 80% black casting or constant interracial push disgust me.

                • Joe Kenda I watched from time to time. I like his attitude and demeanor. But I don’t watch anymore because of the heavy-handed state as god that comes across as an under current in the episodes.

                  As well, I’ve noticed that the crime series when there are all black participants the producers manage to mix in a lot of whites when in the real events whites were no where to be found.

                  In another episode they had a white redhead Irish looking fellow playing the perp, but on consulting the real crime on the internet, official records and prison mug shots show the crime instigator as a squat round Mexican. There are other slights of hand in most of the episodes.

                  I suspect producers sift through real crimes and select those where reasonably they can wedge-in white perps. In the episodes which show nearly all white criminals, I suspect that in reality the perps where blacks or Hispanic and they did a switch-a-roo.

                  Producers of the series intent is to portray whites as just as criminal as Blacks and Mexicans. They know that most folks will never consult the FBI stats.

                  The damn series turned into brainwashing propaganda.

      4. BTW, ESPN is NOT the leader in libturd disinformation. That belongs clearly to CNN. ESPN is just the new kid on the block as far as politics goes. They were better off sticking with sports only.

        • I’d rather watch paint dry than sports…

          • Grass grow in the Dakotas in december!

      5. I do not worship the sphere or spheroid and have never watched a ball game in my life. I have watched my son at bat in little league but otherwise no attention was paid by me. Its all a GAME. GAMEs are for kids. I see my brother watch golf. He couldn’t find Cuba a map, never fired a gun and never cared to, when asked what war cost the US more casualties WWII or Vietnam he chose Vietnam (the idea of WORLD) wasn’t a hint. I have never met a hard core sports person that was versed on the world. I think they are mindlessly brain damaged.

        • Same here K2, never was intetested, hunting, bows, guns, cars, was my life

          • Hell ya, guns and cars and blowin shit up and huntin and fishin… thats what real men do!

          • I was primarily interested in motion, machinery, items that made things move. Be it a wheel, bullet, turbine, motor. Second interest is history and some science. Literature? Very little unless it overlaps history. Sports? Well lets say if there is a hell for me its being at a basketball game surrounded by those that like and star in it the most.

            • For me it is growing things, building stuff and refurbishing. I get home, leave the cell phone on the kitchen counter and (spring/summer/fall) head out to my gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes.

              Winter is when I like to be in the barn or stables ( not horses but chickens and goats) with furniture refinishing, pre-cutting pieces for a gazebo, grandkids playhouse, treehouse construction, upgrading windows, creating ornamental trim for doorways and windows or re-purposing an interesting old piece….who has time for hours and hours of screen time??

              • javelin

                All nobel, all good.

        • Kevin2, agreed about what sports has done to the human mind.

      6. I refuse ESPN like I refuse to watch the NFL. They are both suffering from lack of fans because of the politics. they will eventually go out of business for lack of funds. They have made everything political and they need to be squeezed until they have no money left.

      7. When This jackass kellerman speaks, you can see the hatred and vitriol that all these looneys have in common. Who is promoting and paying for all these media circus clowns, and how far will they go to oust the President. I trust that there are still good people in the background helping to expose the truth about all this.

      8. This dude says he’s never seen anyone collude with a foreign power the way DJT has.

        First there’s zero evidence that Trump did, and this statement assumes you are completely ignorant of Hillary Clinton’s uranium one deal, where the Clintons made hundreds of millions selling 20% of the US uranium reserves to Russia who in turn sells it to places like Iran, Sudan etc.

        I’m just shaking my head at another mentally ill person who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

        • Its actually called typical libtards

      9. Well Max Douchebag bit his teeth as a boxing commentator. I assumed he boxed himself since he seemed like such a know it all. Now, after watching him with the other blowhard Steven A I know he is just a loud mouth a-hole that needs to have someone beat the shit out of him.

      10. PTPO, Michael Wolff is a LIBTURD. Never ever trust libturds. He suffers from LIBTURD Derangement Syndrome.

        • People that watch ESPN are knuckledraggers…

          • So of course they will buy the story, they have no critical thinking ability or creativity or intelligence or living skills. But hey, they might win 100 bux on the football pool!

      11. Max Kellerman not only has the libtard talking points, he looks like a first class libtard goober sucker.

      12. And to think the sitcom “Dukes of Hazard ” was labeled a racist sitcom and banned from cable while the real racist shit like this,along with all the sitcoms and reality shows that worship and encourage the gangster lifestyle of drugs/violence/sex/money,are allowed to remain on cable..

      13. Laughable. A sports network calling out “America’s Pastime” is sh*tting where you eat.

        Look what happened to the NFL when the owners started shoving the American Flag up their the player’s (their property, their employees, their slaves, their serf’s) and the American people’s a**es. Viewership and stadium attendance dropped 9-percent in 2017. Of course, these are the NFL’s, ESPN’s and MSM numbers, so multiply that number by three (3).

        This won’t end well for ESPN.

      14. Why no mention of the VIP prisioners being rounded up by the special forces and locked up at gitmo? Dunsford is going to try them in a military tribunial. I seen on U Tube a segment that the two Bush ex presidents may face a firing squad for their role in the 911 attack? Trump signed a execuitive order in the last week of December allowing the seizing of the Cabal members assets. That order can have far reaching actions and reactions.

        • Old Guy

          Its highly possible none of it is true and was “leaked” to flood the alternate media thereby diluting the truth that is circulating. They’re very sneaky. When so many questioned the JFK assassination books came out written by “experts” that the mafia, USSR, Castro and everyone but aliens did it to discredit by dilution TPTB / CIA behind and doing it.

      15. As a celebrity, your fans are not yours to exploit. If you are an actor in a Broadway play, you do not have the right to lecture your audience. You have a job to do, do it and leave politics out of it. (Remember John Wilkes Booth?) Exploiting people like that is wrong. Picture yourself on a transPacific flight where the airline tries to sell you a time-share. The pilot is on the intercom making a sales pitch. The only reading material are time-share brochures. The in-flight entertainment is nothing but time share commercials. The worst part is they won’t let you have a parachute so you can jump out of the plane. That’s what this kind of thinking leads to!

      16. The demasculation of America is right on schedule. I personally don’t care at all about sports for the media. I enjoy doing them with buddies or family/kids; but, not to just watch (unless with … buddies or kids). This whole effort at propagandizing sports, making them political is all part of the gender neutralization effort. Heck, look at that pic of the guy at the beginning of this article. Tell me he doesn’t look like he’s displaying his talent as if on gay-pride night @ the network.

      17. ESPN is a joke as a network at this point.
        Speaking out against the Houston Astro’s because they are going to the White House. They are the Baseball World Camps.

      18. When the 75% of football millionaires decided to disrespect the National Anthem/Flag and the Owners along with ESPN supported them, it really was a FU to the 75% of those paying their salaries since they see the flag as white repression. I wonder why ESPN had all those layoffs last fall? Also, ESPN sure did not report on the fact that the Oakland Raiders all black offensive line tried to get white Derick Cair hurt the first game of season since he refused to kneel (the Raiders OL considered the best allowed 8 sacks all of the 2016 season but allowed 6 sacks that game and more the next game till Cair was injured and their backup black QB come in. Google it & listen to a local radio show broadcast stating that and read a tweets from a players girlfriend saying same).

      19. I find it difficult to believe that (((Max Kellerman))) would be espousing leftist talking points.

        Look at the size of the lower lip on that sucker!

      20. I find it hard to believe that (((Max Kellerman))) would be espousing leftist talking points on a sports network.

        Look at the size of the lower lip on that sucker!

      21. Get woke, go broke.

      22. Toe the line, not “tow.”

      23. Yea !!! Nothing much worse than “guilt by association”. I guess this makes some of these guys the modern version of Linen and Mao.

      24. Why don’t you asshole stick to sports nothing but a bunch of damn liberal socialist!!!!!

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