World War III Will Be An Economic War

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    There is a mass delusion in the mainstream created I think in large part by too much exposure to movie fantasy and TV fiction. It is an immediate assumption; one that I believe is far more dangerous than many people give it credit for. The assumption is that the next great war, should it occur, will inevitably be a nuclear one, and the doom surrounding it will end everything as we know it. Many people even get excited at the idea of World War III and the notion that it will “wipe the slate clean,” setting the stage for a positive human reformation from the ashes. I’m here to say that this is likely not how things will play out.

    There are much more precise and effective weapons than nukes in the arsenal of the establishment globalists that manipulate political systems in various nations.

    For example, the use of weaponized economics and false paradigms. As I have warned for years now, a conflict between East and West has been engineered to take place, and this conflict will primarily be an economic one. I outlined this dynamic in October 2016 in my article East vs. West Division Is About The Dollar — Not Nuclear War.

    The excitement and dread surrounding potential nuclear warfare distracts from the much more legitimate threat of a staged financial war between East and West (as well as regional wars by proxy in Syria and North Korea which could bog the US down in a mire). It is important to remember that all wars are invariably banker wars — that is to say, almost all wars benefit international financiers by creating an environment ripe for centralization of wealth and political power. This notion tends to confuse some analysts and activists in the liberty movement.

    There is a strange clinging obsession with these people to the idea that there is true international division and that this division includes Eastern governments on one side verses globalist controlled governments on the other. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Considering the reality that the very same globalist representatives and institutions that permeate Western finance and politics ALSO sit in positions of influence in countries like Russia and China, I find it hard to believe that there is any sort of “division” in the upper echelons of their respective power structures. For all intents and purposes, the same poisonous influences, from Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan to Rothschild run corporations to Henry Kissinger (Mr. “New World Order”), all loom over Eastern economic policy and politics as well.

    I have been writing about the false east/west paradigm since at least 2014 and compiling evidence on globalist influences in Russia and China; you can read more here and here.

    The bottom line is this: Russia and China are in full support of globalist controlled institutions like the Bank for International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The governments of both nations have called for the IMF to assert their Special Drawing Rights basket currency framework as a foundation for a new world reserve currency system. Again, both Russia and China want the IMF, a globalist controlled entity, to become the de facto ruler of a new global monetary structure.

    This call for a complete world monetary shift has not been taken as seriously as it should have been, primarily because mainstream economists argue that there is no alternative to the highly liquid U.S. dollar. This is no longer true, though.

    With the rise of simple to generate cryptocurrencies and the easily tracked blockchain exchange mechanism, globalists now have the perfect liquidity tool for replacing the dollar as world reserve. All they need now is a crisis event to provide cover for the transition. That is to say, the masses must be thoroughly distracted by an engineered disaster theater. This would create the proper level of fear and confusion necessary to implement full spectrum changes in the world’s fiscal systems without ample resistance from populations suffering from the effects of the reset.

    It would appear that a crisis event is now being triggered in the form of an international trade war. This trade war, in my view, is designed to become so widespread that it will one day be considered a “world war.”

    China has been preparing for the move away from the US dollar since at least 2005 when they began issuing what the western financial media called “panda bonds”, or Yuan denominated bonds. Back then, the idea was almost treated as a joke. Not so much anymore, as China has expanded its liquidity by trillions over the past 13 years through various Yuan denominated instruments and has now even begun purchasing oil in Yuan instead of dollars. This has created what is being called a “petro-yuan” market, a move which was predicted far in advance by many of us in the alternative media, but for the mainstream it has been presented as something out of left field. Petro-yuan futures are being traded globally, and considering the fact that China is the largest importer/exporter in the world, it is only a short matter of time before many of China’s trading partners switch from the dollar to the yuan for exchanges.

    All of this is culminating in a final action – the end game for developing trade war. This action will be the complete dumping of the dollar itself by China and its allies. With evidence building that China is stopping purchases of US treasury bonds, this action may come much sooner than many people seem to think. The naysayers continue to argue that China “will never break from the US and the dollar”, yet, this is exactly what is happening. It appears that these people will not accept the reality of the situation until it sets up camp on their front lawn in the form of a monetary collapse.

    As far as distractions are concerned, the trade war activity has been very effective. For example, over the past few months I have been pointing out the strange relationship between announcements by the Federal Reserve concerning interest rate increases and balance sheet cuts and announcements by Donald Trump on tariffs against China and other nations. In almost every instance that the Fed’s actions precipitate a major drop in stock markets (such as last week when Jerome Powell announced an increased number of interest rate hikes and further balance sheet reductions) Trump simultaneously announces more aggressive tariff measures.

    The mainstream media automatically blames Trump and the trade war for instability in stocks while completely ignoring the direct correlation between the Federal Reserve removing artificial support from stock markets and their continuing declines. The central bankers created the massive market bubble, now they are imploding it, and they want to do this without suffering any blowback to themselves. Trump seems to be helping them in this regard.

    Even now, there are alternative economists and their followers that still don’t get what is happening. People who still think the Fed’s actions are a “policy error;” that the bankers are unaware of what they are doing, and that they will eventually reverse course and begin propping up stocks once again. My question is — why would they?

    International financiers and central banks have everything to gain by pulling the plug on life support for stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. at this time. In the midst of a trade war panic, they can pretty much do anything they want without retaliation. All future catastrophe can now be dumped in the lap of any number of scapegoats. Some people will blame Donald Trump and the conservatives that voted for him. Some people will blame China and Russia as the culprits behind our ills. Other people will blame “capitalism” and “free markets” in general for the crisis even though we haven’t enjoyed true free markets in well over a century. But, very few people will blame global banks specifically.

    I can tell you exactly what globalists will say as they salivate over the panic; they will blame the “selfishness” of “nationalism” as the great culprit, and they will call for a one world economic system built on a one world currency framework as the solution.

    In many ways a world economic war could be far more disastrous than a nuclear one. In the event of economic collapse just as many people could very well perish as trade infrastructure and freight systems shut down, but the damage can be more easily directed and centrally controlled by financial elitists. Wealth can be shifted into any number of assets anywhere on the planet — so the idea that globalists have anything to lose in this scenario is rather naive. In the meantime, the banks plan to steal even more power for existing organizations like the IMF. As some countries suffer economic breakdown, globalist institutions will only grow.

    In a nuclear war, there is only pandemonium. In an economic war, centralized dominance remains possible. The greatest disaster would not be the tragedy of mass unemployment, degradation of infrastructure, loss of monetary stability or loss of reliable food and energy production. No, the greatest disaster would be the continued thriving of banking conglomerates and central bank organizations as large portions of the world crumble. The greatest disaster will be what happens AFTER the collapse — the consolidation of a “new world order,” if the banking elites are not unmasked as the real catalyst behind the next world war.


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      1. My opinion of China = is that it really sucks period!

      2. Well, either option doesn’t look good for the future of freedom.
        Maybe people will use the term “quaint” to describe what it once was.
        Thanks for the article, Brandon. Depressing as it is truthful.

        • And if so, we won’t need gas masks, KI pills, and all that other useless shit being peddled here lately.

          • Hmmmm, the article below this one says it will be a nuke war… Which on is it???

      3. This article makes sense and rings true to me.

        People in general have a hard time with the conceptual fact that “all wars are banker’s wars”.
        I believe brainwashing accounts for this.

        People still believe Hitler was a deranged racist. Stalin was a small player during ww2 and was betrayed by Hitler even though they were on the same side.

        And there was no rhyme or reason for that evil Hitler to attack Poland.

        OK, let’s back up a bit.

        Ww2 was an extension of ww1, in that the treaty at the end of ww1 was terrible. First off, new boundaries were drawn up and part of Germany was given to Poland. What this meant was that the Polish people and the German people who spoke a different language from one another, had different ways of doing things, etc were forced to put up with each other. It did not work. There was fighting and the German minority in Poland was getting their ass kicked by the majority Poles. It got worse and worse until the Poles were killing Germans by hundreds, then thousands.
        So, the “evil” ruler of Germany declared war on Poland.

        What has this to do with bankers?

        Bankers loan money to both sides so they can buy tanks, planes, warships. Then the tanks, planes and warships get blown up and must be replaced. The banks loan the Countries money to buy new replacements. Better ones. More expensive ones. Every time the bank makes a loan, they get paid back plus interest which can be as much as thirty per cent or more.
        If the bank loans one hundred million they make thirty million profit.

        In addition to the tools of war, uniforms, rations, etc; the banks make loans to rebuild the buildings, bridges, and roads that got blown into rubble. The more money loaned, the more money made off the interest on the loan.

        So, it is in the financial advantage of the big central banks to promote war, instigate war, prolong war for as long as possible.


        • “. . . the banks make loans to rebuild the buildings, bridges, and roads that got blown into rubble.”

          How do you make loans when you are already broke, bankrupt, and have the next seven generations being held captive to debt?

      4. bankers-rope-trees

      5. It may start that way but wars tend to end up with a bunch of killing.

      6. I totally disagree with this post.
        WWIII is a religious war. Islam against all others.
        It has already started.
        Banks, media, and nationality are just
        the usual school yard fighting that
        dominates our history.
        When the Moslem get Nukes then all bets are off.
        They think they do the work of Allah and
        they go to heaven when they do that work.
        They welcome death.
        Regardless of everyones ideas about bankers,
        corporations, funny money, gold et al it will
        be meaningless at that point.
        Sure we fight stupid useless wars for the benefit
        of rich men, but Moslems fight war for Allah.
        Money is nothing compared to an eternal paradise
        with a god, which is their belief.

        • Spot on.

        • Well …. how did you think the antichrist was going to set up shop?
          All these things must come to pass
          Many will be deceived by allah and the likes
          I’m just sitting here watching the wheel roll round and round

        • rellik – I agree. You can see it in the Muslim war on Christmas. Every year, the Muslims that run the various media outlets do their best to make fun of and stomp out Christian Christmas traditions.

        • And I suppose you still believe that Muslim hijackers who couldn’t fly a Cessna were the first to ever to collapse THREE steel-framed skyscrapers and murder 3,000 Americans. That’s exactly what the Powers-That-Be want you to believe. You see Muslims and never the men behind the curtain.

        • You are a moron and gullible for believing what you do. Go back and put Fox news on as you truly do not like being informed

        • Think House of Saud (sodomy). Who pays England’s bills? Which country does the U.K. fight for?

          UK is mercenary force for House of Saud. House of Saud is enemy of Christian-loving Assad and Asma. UK will attack for House of Saud. Why announced Queen direct descendent of Mohammed? Why PM May in headscarf? Think Islam.

          Russia is white Christian. Why would Islam want us to attack white Christians? Think. Islamic wet dream to watch white people kill each other.

          Islam is a homosexual faith. Sex with boys integral to Muslim upbringing. Ask Navy Seals. They know.

          Why is gay faith wanting West to attack Christian Russia and Syria. Think. Not our fight. Faggot’s war.

      7. Don’t kid yourselves. It’ll be like all wars – killing. Might start off due to financial ‘strategies’; however, as the situation worsens, people will start reverting to their true natures. Ya’ll ever seen what a person will do when they are starving? Or their kid(s)? No, it ain’t going to be just some money business. Like Brandon says – when the infrastructure and freight and such collapse…. people will die. That’s when we all need to keep ’em loaded 24/7. We’ll need them.

      8. Nuke the banks. Don’t let them rise from the ashes of anything. Let’s re-hypothecate some radioactive fallout on these losers. Nuke the banks and nip the billionaires where it counts — in their nuts.

        • blame-e:

          Hold on brother. Inside those buildings are perfectly descent people working stiffs like everyone else. They don’t make the rules.

          We want to stop destructive practices by first understanding them. If you destroy buildings, you help the globalists. They want the buildings with the workers gone. Brick and mortar banks are an expense they plan to do without. Once cash is eliminated, everything can be done by computer, digitized.


      9. So, according to this article, our choices are either total world domination (and yet another — perhaps the ultimate — bailout for the banksters), or nuclear annihilation.

        I’ll take mutually assured destruction (MAD) over another bailout for the banksters. And there’s bonus points with mutually assured destruction (MAD); all the sh*t heads that started this mess — the professional politicians, the rich elites, the banksters, the corporate oligarchs, and the MSM — get taken out.

      10. The situation in Syria is being underestimated by many.

        World War III could very easy start there, a shooting war.

        Also, The recent love between Israel and Russia is falling apart as Putin has told Israel NOT to bomb Syria as they and Iran may target Israeli targets.

        Moscow and Tehran link up to strike Israeli targets in response for US-led operation in Syria –

        What a mess.

        • A mess indeed.

          An elected leader of the sovereign nation of Syria invites a super-power to defend it’s soil. Syria has not harmed one home on US soil. Yet the US is ready to invade Syria, murdering maiming and displacing millions of innocent people. Where is the outrage?

          That is how lost Americans are. And we call ourselves ‘Christians’….

        • No offense, brother, but predictions of imminent war in Syria and World War III falls into the same category as the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano, “The Big One” and the End is Near — all talkie no action.

          And now, back to the brownies.

      11. “once cash is eliminated, everything can be done by computer, digitized” Until God’s destroyer NIbiru comes sailing thru the solar system wiping out all of earth’s satellites and wiping the bank’s ledger sheets clean! hahahaha

      12. What we have is the trifecta.
        1-World economic collapse
        2-Hot Nuke war
        3-Rise and invasion of Islam.

        Am not smart enough to know when or what will be the straw that breaks the camels back – but I am positive that Damocles sword is about to swing and there will be a convergence of all three
        I pray for my children and Grandchildren.


      13. I thought this was a good article. The thing that is happening is this shift to everything digital and survallience. While they are trying to scare you with WW3, the noose is tightening for ultimate control of the peasants. War will be thrown in there to help cull. The ultimate control is not allowing anyone to buy or sell. World wide. Thats really what this all boils down to. There is a reason the Tribulation only lasts seven years. It wasn’t too long ago that Kim was launching missiles and that was the focus. They keep changing the focus like a Shell game; look over here and now look over there. Nothing will change with Face Book. That hearing was all for show. The surveillance keeps on happening anyway, the tech keeps herding us to all digital, the eroding away of the first and second amendment continues. Saw a video with Putin where the AI and tech were being discussed and the implications. He is well aware of his participation in the NWO. The world leaders are not against each other. They are working in tandem to the same end game. That’s how the Anti-Christ gets his power. The ten Kings all work together. So any war or conflict that we are seeing is to move us all (world wide) down the same path. It’s all theater. The Lord tells us that when we see these things start to come to pass (which we are) look up. No amount of prepping will help. Just live your life and realize that things can change on a dime at any time.

      14. The Federal government is very interested in what Americans own overseas, especially bank accounts. More to tax. They don’t show any interest in what foreigners own in this country. How much farm land? What corporate holdings? Just how much of America is owned by foreign interests? Along with how many illegal immigrants are in the United States, it is a question that no one knows the answer to and which no one seems to ask!

      15. If you believe the Christian version of the Eschaton, then there will indeed be traditional war: The first two Horsemen of Revelation (the White and the Red) are often represented as bringing Wars of Conquest (White) and Civil Wars (Red).

        In terms of population reduction, Revelation teaches a significant fraction of the World’s population will be eliminated during this troubling time.

        That goes way beyond a battle between Ones and Zeroes in a server farm somewhere…


      16. Banks funded WW-1, Banks funded WW-2 and the beat goes on….WW-3 No exception…! Until Banksters are gone….no everlasting peace will occur….!

      17. O.K. We know all of this. Now what is the plan for dealing with it?

      18. freakin clown here on SHTF, LOL, i am amused by the gun rights guys on this site. All you gun rights guys can masturbate with your guns while you are dying in a nuclear war. And you all were fantasizing about your guns. What good did it do you? How are you guns doing?

      19. WWIII may START as an economic ‘war’ but eventually all such contests either end quickly because the contestants are grossly unmatched OR proceed to actual combat. And once the lead starts flying between nuclear power it’s only a matter of time ( and probably not a lot of that) before the canned sunshine comes in to play.

      20. It will wipe the slate clean because in the end none of this will matter. The money system or the material junk system. It will be all gone. The evil ones who call themselves globalist are all going to die to.

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