World Citizen Asks United Nations to Disarm America: “The World Cannot Stand Idly By”

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    (Pictured: Henry Porter, World Citizen)

    In his latest article, London Observer writer Henry Porter denigrates American gun owners by calling us insane and requests the assistance of the United Nations to “disarm the irrational rustics.”

    It’s a sentiment shared by many world citizens, as well as about 52% of Americans who participated in a recent Huffington Post poll.

    Via Kurt Nimmo of Infowars:

    Outside of the United States, where the idea of self-ownership and the natural right of self-defense is at best a dismal concept, members of the corporatized media are calling for armed intervention to put an end to the Second Amendment.

    “But what if we no longer thought of this as just a problem for America and, instead, viewed it as an international humanitarian crisis – a quasi civil war, if you like, that calls for outside intervention?” writes Henry Porter of the London Observer. “As citizens of the world, perhaps we should demand an end to the unimaginable suffering of victims and their families – the maiming and killing of children – just as America does in every new civil conflict around the globe.”

    Mr. Porter proudly notes that Britons long ago dispensed with English Common Law – apparently including its precedent, the Magna Carta – and insists that the right to bear arms is an antiquated idea akin to holding slaves.

    “Half the country is sane and rational while the other half simply doesn’t grasp the inconsistencies and historic lunacy of its position, which springs from the second amendment right to keep and bear arms, and is derived from English common law and our 1689 Bill of Rights,” he writes. “We dispensed with these rights long ago, but American gun owners cleave to them with the tenacity that previous generations fought to continue slavery.”

    Maybe the United Nations can be sent in to disarm the irrational rustics. “This has reached the point where it has ceased to be a domestic issue. The world cannot stand idly by.”

    If Mr. Porter had it his way he’d deploy a United Nations force of armed military personnel to the United States for the sole purpose of disarming law abiding Americans.

    What Mr. Porter apparently doesn’t understand is that the Second Amendment is the very backstop for people like him, who would violate the natural laws of self preservation and property rights by use of force.

    Rather than claiming that we fight for our right to bear arms with the tenacity of slave owners, I like to think we fight for this right with the same tenacity that we fought British imperial rule in the late 1700’s. But Mr. Porter didn’t want to make that analogy, for obvious reasons.

    Mr. Porter, I will be the very first American to surrender my weapon to you… from my cold dead heads.

    My good friend and Army veteran Ed Thomas who has spent many months in a war zone, and who is also the editor of The Daily Sheeple, has a similar message, and one he recently tattooed on his arm expressly for the purpose of informing people like Mr. Porter and other world citizens who have any skewed ideas about how easy such a gun grab might be:


     Come and Take It, Mr. Porter.


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      1. No chance.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • That’s a sweet tat Ed!

          • Maybe the best I’ve ever seen!

            • Thank’s guys. The PTB need to fully understand how I and many other Americans feel. It’s time for the Sheeple to Wake Up.

              • In the 20th century nearly ⅓ BILLION people were killed by their own governments, NOT including war.

                No government should be allowed a monopoly on the tools of force, most emphatically not governments committed to the depopulation/enslavement/damnation agenda of the self-appointed “elite” anti-Christs.

                Make no mistake. This is a matter of life and death—as well, eternal life and eternal death.


                • From the Headline I got excited that the citizens of the world wanted the UN to disarm the US Government.

                  Sadly, it was nothing more than Piers Morgans lover trying to pretend he is superior to those he does not understand due to his own lack of common sense.

                  Let him come do it himself if he wants it done. The UN will have no more success than he would, and at least we would get to attack a Man for his crimes against us instead of an army of a fiction.

                  • I can hit a sky blue colored target as accurately as a black bullseye.

                  • I can hit a sky blue colored target as accurately as a black bullseye.

                  • I can hit a sky blue colored target as accurately as a black bullseye.

                  • Henry Porter, World Citizen sounds like he is part of the Ibis Project.

                  • Argggh! grammar typos!

                    The Englishman Porter needs to pay attention to the the heinous activities of his own nation, the type of history that makes it imperative that we be armed against his and our governments:

                    Kingdom of Kidnappers: British Naval Enslavement of Whites


                    Between 1688 and 1815 about a quarter million white people became the slaves of Britain’s mercantile-military sea power. …”

                  • Henry Porter is also the London Editor of Vanity Fair (the country’s biggest-selling luxury magazine), and also a columnist on The Observer, focusing on surveillance and the powers of the state.


                • It really is time for decent people to form their own “fusion centers” to compile data on the perpetrators in preparation for Nuremberg 2.

                  Every single perpetrator and instigator of tyranny, war, genocide, usury, fractional reserve banking, tax farming, swindling, derivatives, insider trading, and other economic crimes against humanity and every single puppet, enabler, enforcer, talking head, and mouthpiece must be prosecuted. The guilty must be punished and all their ill-gotten gains, especially what the dynastic banksters have looted over the centuries, must be repatriated.

                  Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                  The trials must be open to the world and beyond any moral reproach. These trials cannot become a kangaroo court like the first Nuremberg trials.

                  Before fair trials can begin in such a just international tribunal, the suspects must be known and apprehended, soo……

                  First—compile and distribute the data. Use their own weapons against them—total information and biometrics such as facial recognition. Not one of them can escape or bribe their way out of the docket.

                  • Not one of them can escape or bribe their way out of the docket.

                    or slip the noose. justice will be served at the end of a rope, just like Nuremberg 1.

                  • So we’re going to have another Cherry pick Nuremberg trial?

                    The last trial intentionally missed the main masters 🙁 who are not ethnic Germans; they are the groups who orchestrated the killing of soldiers and civilians as said in George Patton’s diary.

                    So what happens to the Stalin groups?? Nothing, they were still in charge for several more decades after.

                    They are collecting evidence against president Assad (Shiite/Arab) for the coming trial (just like the Nuremberg), and not just him alone, but also against their enemies (the real world leaders) as well.

                  • Look at “Project Paper Clip”

                  • This is part of his plan to conquer the world. Henry and his gangs have already disarmed the Britain’s and they have regretted it ever since.

                    Britain’s have advised the American people not to make the same mistake.

                    The whole world told America not to lay down their weapons, but to remain ever vigil. 🙂

                    Under Queen Elizabeth I (1558- 1603 — The illegitimate daughter of King George VIII), her citizens were slaughtered mysteriously on the streets. Her government did not protect them. 🙂

                    The mother of queen Elizabeth I is Ann Boleyn, is related to Olivier Cromwell. And Olivier Cromwell was an advisor to King George VIII.

                    And recently before the birth of little RASCAL, Prince George Soros, there was a brutal murder of a British soldier in a broad daylight. Even a soldier can’t defend himself without a weapon. Perhaps if the soldier had a gun with him, this would not have happened. 🙂

                    By looking at his background, it’s clear that this guy is working toward a ONE WORLD GOV’T, and this is part of his game to conquer the world.

                  • Most people do not believe the Washington Post, New York Times or any other main(ex)stream media’s POLLS. Because they are ALL MADE-UP & EXAGGERATE.

                    Henry Porter has received several awards from the Socialist France.

                    He was put in charge of some liberal publications such as Vanity Fair.

                    He was invited to East Berlin under Stalin’s control. What a brotherhood with one common cause, “TO CONQUER ALL.”

                    His picture in the 90s looks exactly like the Boston Bomber, the hair and facial feature. N.W.O. does not promote anyone it has to be the same race.

                    Hmmmm ….

                • Heres a Link to full length Book by Juri Lina, called “Under the Sign of the Scorpian” It has All the factual truths and many actual photos of the original Bolsheviks in Russia 1918. With all the proven evidence that Trotsky-Lennin et al were Agents of Death who worked for the Rothschild Banksters Cabal of aprox “300” inner circle world rulers etc. Some call that “300” the Learned Elders of Zion. Those folks Would be Correct!

                  They are the true responsible Culprits that caused Most of those 1/3rd Billion dead JQP posted about.


                  • …and from their own testimony:

                    See Part 1, especially “JEWISH TESTIMONY,” at

                    Over 61 MILLION murdered by Judeo-Bolshevism.

                • Yet again another arrogant and ignorant British bastard, who thinks that England must rule and civilize the world. Forgotten history of 235 years ago, go in peace Brit, or relive history.

              • Porter Is just another Englishman with a small
                weenie syndrome.

                Some things are worth fighting and dying for.

                • I prefer to follow Patton’s advise and have the other poor b@st@rd die for his belief’s.

                  • Heres another great source. Its a Book just under 200 pages. Written in 1926 that basically exposes and Explains most every event related to EVERY War and Revolution that happened during the Past 250+ yrs.

                    It names names, proves that what we were taught about everything from the French revolution, to usa civil war events, Russian aka jewish revolution 1918, the Deaths of 6 Russian czars as well as at least 10 european Kings, and how in EVERY event it Was the Rothschild Banksters along with Many subversive sellout traitor polititions, and Most of all MSM newspapers and history book writers ALL either were very Ignorant of Truth, or knew truth, yet took Bribes from the eliets to NOT print or publish truth.

                    Today we still have the same situation. Even in Most alternate media the Vast majority of writers refuse to name the actual culprits. Due to Fear and PC, or some are simply “Controled Opposition”, designed to cause folks to Think we have warriros hard at work on Our side, so that we will slack off etc. But their vast paychecks and other “Perks” are Paid by the Same Cabal of shyster swindler eliets today as were the writers etc named in the Book at This Link.

                    The books writer was a Russian general, and an ancestor of the Original Founder that “Named” Russia in the 9th or 10th century era. He the writer hob nobed and met with more famous persons in the usa and every western european nation than you can name. And he is a True Honest Historian,Genius “Prophet” as most all he warned various world leaders, us Presidents, et al etc of did occure and BY the culprits he warned of.

                    Check it out for info you simply never were taught nor told about. As you Read this and the Other book link I posted a few posts ago, it will become Obvious to you as to Why none of Us were ever taught of these issues or events Truthfully!

                    PS: What He wrote and Warned of for Americas Future in 1926, 90 yrs ago! is ironicly uncanny as to how Close it matches the current events occuring Now today in the USA!

                    Also US Civil War Truths we Never learned in “school”.


                  • Solid history, Them Guys!

                    Centuries of the tribe’s publishing and media hegemony has allowed them to conceal much about their history and their creed—and to drown out the truth.

                  • @ThemGuys, you can download a scan of the original book in PDF at:

                    archive (dot) org/details/TheSecretWorldGovernmentOrHiddenHand

                • I remember when I was getting hammered here and other places for telling people not to buy guns from dealers, apply for concealed carry licenses, or put themselves in the Ham licensee database.

                  We’re making a list and checking it twice. , .
                  When we come for the guns you better be nice. . .
                  Or you’re moving to the FEMA camp from town.
                  (Sung to Santa Clause is coming to town.)

                  • You better watch out, you better not cry
                    You better not pout, I’m telling you why
                    Your computer’s writing every-thing down

                  • I remember; and I was one of the few that was, and is, in full agreement.

                    Any firearm, even if it’s a shotgun, will be worth ten times as much if it is not documented to you.

                    Concealed carry is for idiots that forget to lay their pistol “on” the seat, instead of “under” it, before being pulled over by cops/or at license check points.

                    Any document linking a person to gun ownership, may prove to be more of an aggravation than a mere legal standpoint.

                    All my guns are legal. They are legally mine, bought and paid for. None were stolen. None were used to commit crimes. None have been altered in anyway from their original mfg. design, other than grips or sights.

                    So, I say, leave me the phuck alone, all you gun grabbers.

                  • Government Guy, make whatever lists you want and come try to take to them. Be sure to bring plenty of body bags for YOUR people because they’ll be committing suicide if they’re foolish enough to follow such and order. Plu, if you think you can take any of us ALIVE to the FEMA camps, THINK AGAIN! My advice to you is to forget about gun confiscation MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

                  • Are you a truant or a dropout, or, just a paid commie?

                    If a truant or a dropout, how often do you get off of your grotesquely obese baby momma’s tattered couch?

                    If a paid commie, how much in extra food stamps do you receive for your efforts on this site?

                  • braveheart forget the bodybags leave them where they lay as a warning to the next group that tries remember somalia hang them from stop light pole

                  • Government Guy

                    “If Mr. Porter had it his way he’d deploy a United Nations force of armed military personnel to the United States for the sole purpose of disarming law abiding Americans.”

                    OK. I have stopped laughing. He should probably save those UN guys for the next time German ( You know, the supreme race )tanks roll into his town instead of sentencing them to death in our town. What a dope.

                    Can you even imagine what those UN guys would think when they met up with some patriots. God forbid they take a wrong turn and end up in the hood. WTF. Where do people like this guy come from?


                  • Come on over asshole. I’ll leave the light on for ‘ya. BYOBB.

                • I have just two words for Porter and other sniveling little weasels like him……

                  Bring it.

                  • Send the blue hats over here and see what happens. I have no hesitation to spray foreign troops. I really feel sad for those who have small children when I think of the fight they are in for.

                    GOD BLESS

                  • Anonymous — sorry man, I gave you a red thumb.

                    I orally give you ten green thumbs as recompense.

                  • Maybe he should be more concerned about the fact that there are now areas of his country where it is not safe for non Muslims to travel especially women. Also that those now claiming ownership to his country have plans to impose Sharia law and if does not like they will simply kill him.

                • Mr. Porter needs a little experience. He needs to take his family to a mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

                  • I’ll help contribute to the cost of the trip!!!

                • I have a hard time taking anyone seriously that is considered a subject by the skirt that rules them.

                • What an IDIOT !! And he thinks our Civil War was fought over a Right to keep Slaves , and the South was the Bad Guy and the cause of the war !! He has NO CLUE that it was fought over the very same thing that he’s wanting to do to US . Which is being TOLD what we could or couldn’t do,and how THEY wanted us keep in LINE ! We don’t need ANYONE in this World to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do ! Especially some Neutered U.K. Sheep in another country !!……CATI….mm

              • Porter is just another One World Order puppet. There is allot of them in the News Industry. The World Elites want to disarm America so they can bring in the One World order. America is the last hope of Civilization that can stop this AGENDA. It’s not and never has been about gun control,It’s about PEOPLE control. “WAKE THE HELL UP SHEEPLE”

              • Look the same three fucktards are giving thumbs down. Pitiful lives they lead. Back on subject, I think I can speak for most that we say lets get the party started. This folks think we wont kill them when they come collecting they are in for a big surprise. I have said it before Would rather die fighting than give into this crap.

              • The strangest thing happened to me as I was reading this article, scrolling down, then seeing Ed’s tattoo.

                I’ve always been against getting a tattoo. I’m pushing 50 and actually served IN the Navy during Pres. Reagan’s first term, but still no tattoo’s.

                I’m getting this tattoo.


                Time is short, and now it’s ‘time’.

              • A-Men Ed! It won’t be as easy as they think. Had the talk with the Wife and she is onboard. We are not taking forced Vacinations, we are not going to Camp FEMA for a week end get away. Nor will we turn in our Firearms, we would rather meet our maker than live with a boot on our throats. I will not crawl and ask in a whiney voice if I can continue to breath.
                A Free man has a right to be armed, a slave can not be armed. I and mine choose to be Free.

                MOLON LABE!
                Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis!

            • Regarding UN troops disarming America, I can hit a sky blue colored target as accurately as a black bullseye.

              • Wilson

                We got it the first three times.

                • I think brother W is fairly passionate about this.

                • @Dick,
                  Don’t be a dick, the internet connection was running slow and I didn’t realize it was a duplicated message.

                  BTW, have you ever made a mistake?

            • he is an english cock sucker come and try to get mine

            • “””If Mr. Porter had it his way he’d deploy a United Nations force of armed military personnel to the United States for the sole purpose of disarming law abiding Americans.”””

              Just what I wanted to read, another Englishman talking out his ass.

              Hey Mr.Porter, do you know why ducks fly upside down when going over your little country? CAUSE IT AIN’T WORTH CRAPPING ON!

              • LORD love a duck, If it’s going to be; I hope it’s soon, getting old and there isn’t a lot of time left to really enjoy myself. Cannot think of anything I’d rather do than go to Valhalla dragging a bag of blue hats. I know exactly what the Spartans ment when they said: molon labe, and If they had known how well they did, they would have laughed all the way.

                • Paranoid: Nice thought but those pansies (UN) couldn’t whip their own asses let alone take us on. Without us they have been completely ineffectual for the last 65 years, unable to stop violence even in small third world countries. Did you notice how that euro-sissy Porter wanted the U.N. to do the work. Frightened little weaklings like him always want someone else to do the heavy lifting while he stands back to observe. But then again most liberals are cowards deep down and have to get real men and women to do the things they are afraid to do themselves. As of 2011 or 2012, the number of homicides with (all) guns averages 33 a day here in America and the morons on the left blame the guns and call for greater gun control. Yet 28 people are killed by drunk/impaired drives everyday (85% of gun homicides)) and not a f*cking peep from anyone. Not only that , these schizoid lefties don’t say a damn thing about car or alcohol control. Their message is clear; the lefties can’t completely control us and turn us from citizens into subjects like the Brits until they have all of our guns. Well, they tried that crap back in 1775 and it didn’t work as planned. In fact it backfired! Pardon the pun.

                  • Gregory8, spot on analysis. That bloody limey Porter can go f#$% himself. Let the UN boys come. they don’t stand a chance against 100,000,000 armed Americans. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

                  • Deport 95% of usa’s african trouble makers to Porters Nation, and he wont need concern himself about americas crimes or murders. Once those africans get deported to His country, american rates of murder and ALL forms violent crimes will DROP Down by 85-90% as Fast as those folks get put on Boats!

                    If such occured, bet your ass that Limy liberal kommie would be Crying for somebody to Send His nation firearms and ammo!…Just like they did for WWII after they foolishly dumped all their WWI firearms into the ocean.

                  • and how many of the gun homicides are from LEGALLY held firearms?
                    I would bet not many.

              • dam straight!
                Is a ducks ass water tight?!

            • Organize communicate, volunteer, donate, vote

              What a bunch of shit.

              • Here is why we Need Guns! Look at how fast and evil these Mass murderers were just 90 yrs ago. America YOU Are Next!

                Several of Bela Kun’s partners in crime escaped to the USA, for example Alexander Goldberger, and Joseph Pogany. Pogany was active in the American Workers’ Party under the pseudonym John Pepper. (Nesta Webster, “The Socialist Network”, London 1926, p. 59.)

                Jewish Communists led by Eugene Levine and Kurt Rosenfeld also held power in Munich for two weeks (from 13th of April to 1st of May 1919).

                They had proclaimed the Soviet Republic of Bavaria. All its leaders were Jews who belonged to the secret Masonic lodge Number Eleven, located at 51 Brennerstrasse in Munich. Eugene Levine (actually Nissen Berg) and Max Levien also murdered their hostages, and were after as many gold items and gems as they could possibly grab hold of.

                The most brutal Jewish mass murderers were Roza Zemlyachka (actually Rozalia Zalkind) and Bela Kun (Aaron Kohn). The latter came from Hungary.

                Roza Zemlyachka was called the “fury of the Communist terror”. Roza was born on the 1st of April 1876 and died on the 21st of January 1947. She eventually became the party secretary of the Kremlin and, in 1939, vice-chairman of the Council of People’s Commissaries (that is: deputy prime minister). She was an utterly merciless and power-crazy Jewess who worked as a Chekist in the Crimea together with two other Jews, Bela Kun and Boris Feldman.

                Her methods of execution were so atrocious that I will spare the reader the details, which were too nasty even for Dzerzhinsky in Moscow.

                Bela Kun and Roza Zemlyachka were particularly greedy when they went out on their forays. They managed to grab an unusually large amount of gold in Sevastopol. This was largely the basis of their enormous wealth. At the same time, they took the opportunity to murder as many people as they could. It was an integral part of Bela Kun’s cruelty that he raped his female victims.

                This pair managed to murder 8364 people in Sevastopol during the first week of November 1920. 50,000 “enemies of the people” were killed in the Crimea, according to official sources (12,000 in Simferopol, 9,000 in Sevastopol, 5,000 in Yalta). The author Shmelev, however, states that at least 120,000 people were murdered in the Crimea.

                Bela Kun used to lend a hand at mowing people down with machine guns. He became infamous as “the Commissary for Death”. Dzerzhinzky called him a lunatic. Trotsky personally gave him orders to shoot 40,000 captured officers in the Crimea (Dagens Nyheter, 22nd of November 1993).

                The freemason Bela Kun led the Communist terror regime in Hungary.

                He was a Master of the Johannes Lodge in Debrecen. He was also a member of B’nai B’rith. The Masonic socialists handed the power over to him on the 20th of March 1919. There was no coup. It is worth pointing out that 90 per cent of the Hungarian freemasons were Jews. Their Council of People’s Commissaries was comprised of 26 members, of which 18 were Jews.

                Encyclopaedia Judaica from 1971 states that only 1500 Jews had been killed in 1919, a figure based on Soviet propaganda. (Only nine Jewish victims can be seen on a photograph from the archives of Jerusalem.) It was now claimed that 60,000 Jews had been killed in the whole of the Ukraine. It is for my readers to decide whether they wish to believe this or not.

                The Zionists seem to have a weakness for big numbers connected with sixes; the same number as the points on the Star of David. The Zionist propaganda after the First World War claimed that six million Jews had died as a result of famine, epidemics and holocaust. A propaganda article entitled “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!” was published in American Hebrew on the 31st of October 1919. Everything was later revealed to have been war propaganda.

                Jesus Called them Liars like their father Satan.Jesus was Correct!

                This was immediately exploited by the Zionist propaganda in the West, and as usual, the facts were distorted to ridiculous proportions. These myths are still, regrettably, blindly believed.

                I will give just one example from among all those lies. It was claimed that the Whites in the Ukrainian town of Proskurov had executed 60,000 Jews on the 15th of February 1919. That little town then only had 15,000 inhabitants, however.(whites Means “white Army forces” who Fought against kommie jew red army)

                The Jews of Proskurov were busy introducing the Soviet regime in other areas. (Russky Kolokol, No. 7, 1929, Berlin.) There were 11 411 Jews in Proskurov in 1897 (50 per cent of the population). In 1926 there were 13 408 Jews in Proskurov (42 per cent of the population).

                A remarkable metamorphosis! Proskurov had 34,592 inhabitants in 1933.

                This is their Goal for the USA, they foment civil war, then they Loot and mass murder as many Gentiles as possible. Then the kommie zio bolshevik jews become New Owners of ALL Lands-Farms-Homes-Resources-Gold-Moneys-and then sit back to PLAN the Next gentile nation they will Plunder and Murder like always. Talmud Judaisim teaches them “God wants jews to Own the entire World and ALL it Contains” they believe it is their’s for the Taking. Once they mass kill Gentiles as a holy Sacrafical Offering of goyim “animals”….Has the world ever known worse evil and Demoniaical Satanists than such Talmudic jewish commies?…NO! None worse ever existed. Nor ever will.

                • You do realize of course that the truth is no defense against anti-Semitism.

                  But equally absurd is that ‘Jews’ are not even Semites.


                  The Thirteenth Tribe

                  Now, after many years of research, a well-known Jewish author, Arthur Koestler has published a 255 page book titled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE in which he …


            • Voting doe NOTHING, and ANN Barnhart is an angry Lesbian. She talks about homosexuality SO much because she IS one. Even dresses like a man.
              She is a NOTHING. a NOBODY.
              A Loud mouthed human being.

              • Little Troll

                You don’t have the balls to say that to her face. Nor any facts to back up it. You are a jealous, no talent little wimp. You don’t like what she has to say, So what.
                Start your own blog and post your own You Tube videos and lets see gets the most viewers.
                I don’t agree with all of her points of view, then again so what. I will defend her here.

                Ann Barnhart’s position on homosexuality is very clear, which is why many like you hate her so much.
                Homosexualilty is a SIN and a mental disorder. Unrepentant homosexuals will NOT enter heaven. Period.

                You are living proof a comment made by Denis Prager during one of his programs: “those who appease evil hate those that confront it.”
                You are proving that with each post you make here. I suppose in that regard you are being of some use.

                BTW, When it comes to trashing Ann Barnhardt is that the best you can come up with? Amateur.

                • Jeff, Yes, it is the best I an come up.

                  She is a nothing.
                  A nobody.

                  A WANNABE.
                  She needs dick badly.

              • Rich98, you’re the one who is a nobody, a nothing, and with a RETARDED loud mouth.

            • I’d like to get his opinion about the British soldier that was hacked to death in the streets with a machete in his home gun less country.

            • DK
              I just cant help but think that the days of voting or donating this stuff away are long gone.
              Looking at the big picture
              I am thinking we are most likely close in many of our assumptions, it think lots of this stuff that appears to be un related are actually interconnected pieces of a bigger picture.
              Country is insolvent
              Other countries are also insolvent
              Private citizens are the ones with assets
              Only way to prevent collapse is to infuse capitol into the treasury and banking system
              Only way todo that is bail in
              Cyprus was the trial run to gauge the effect
              Many countries already have legislation,are also largely disarmed
              USA is the oddity, we still got guns and are not all passive
              Are you seeing the picture…
              Banking is for the most part entirely electronic
              Why do we need a facility with thousands of people working with multiple tetrabytes of memory and software that can infiltrate anything?
              why is some bloke from britain talking about disarming US citizens?
              Where are the main offices of most of the banks?
              I think the interconnectedness of the whole world and ALL of these events are going to be interconnected, i think its the only way they can “fix” these so called systemic issues
              We are really the only ones standing in the way
              Why else would they push these buttons?
              Its all to gauge response
              Anywho, sorry to be rattling on, but was contemplating this last night
              Something hit me as odd when looking at all the pieces and players.
              I think people like big sis, snowden, and guys like this brit may well be the canaries in the coal mine

            • The way things are going they will not even have to demand, the sheep will just surrender.

              • Well, that’s what SHEEP do…now as for the rest of us, maybe we need to start getting our wagons closer together in case we need to circle them real soon.

                I smell a barbeque and I don’t intend to be on the menu…

            • good advice until you said “vote”. that is a colossal waste of time and energy, because the fix is in. just look around and say it isn’t so.



            Semper Fi 8541

            • I don’t believe there are many of those people left. Anyone resisting will be pretty much alone and most likely be killed. One more generation and America will be eradicated as a concept worth fighting/dying for.

              • mister, you are already dead. take someone with you when they show up.
                RESIST ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • What a wuss

          • MAC, please correct “Mr. Porter, I will be the very first American to surrender my weapon to you… from my cold dead heads.”

            Especially since it is a directed response, it looks better if it is intelligible.

        • Dont go to the light alone…take as many of the bastards as you can.They’ll run out of blue helment’s befoer we run out of guns.peace and keep prepping.

        • didn’t hear mr. porter say anything about how much crime such as home invasion has went down in any countries that have disarmed “the people”.

        • Lets paint some blue helmets red!

        • Blue helmets are easy targets.

          • ‘Cut off the head, and the tail stops waging’.

            Its the ones in the suits you REALLY want!

        • >>> “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          Being that one will be either enslaved (GITMO’d,) ala FEMA, or outright KILLED, logic as well as dignity, dictates this is the only alternative.

          • Amen James…what else is there.

        • Exactly! I will quote a great man,
          “MOLON LABE!”
          King Leonidas, Sparta.
          Come and take them!!

        • Some KOOK in London, has no say in whether the USA is “disarmed”………. nor does the United Nations.

          Another sensationalistic article to stir up emotions, glean more comments on a fear mongering website, and just genral BullSHIT.

          Aint happening.
          Waste of internet space.

          • Rich98

            London has no say, true, but they are being allowed
            through a complicit media to play a “Tokyo Rose”
            type of role to incite the misinformed masses that
            have the gullibility of a child.

            Most all the preppers on this site can see right
            through their ploy like a thin negligee. We are
            the counter balance, you’re the waste of internet
            space. Be gone.

            • Most in this site an see thru it?

              All 50 of you that comment?

          • Rich98, if you don’t like it here, why the hell do you keep coming back? Your trolling is BS. You and the rest of the trolls are a waste.

          • Says the voice of the disinformation operative.

        • “The World Cannot Stand Idly By”…The world doesn’t have to “stand idly by”…the world can bend over and kiss my ass!


          • BOTH SIDES OF IT

        • The only people in this country who need to be disarmed are the Hispanic and blacks. Do that and the problem of gun violence will essentially be eradicated. Pipe dream ? Perhaps. It will never happen. Is it the truth ? You know it is.

        • I’d love to shoot some Eurotrash. Maybe we’ll even get to shoot some British “red coats”. Can’t wait!

        • No danger of that NOT happening. If that fruity Englishman hates our firearms, just think how much more he’ll hate our ammo, if he ever shows up on our shores…

          • Read Now

            Yeah, but when she signed the treaty, she pledged
            to all Americans free knee pads at the government’s
            expense so we can kneel before her in adoration to
            glorify her name and benevolence.

            I’ll drink turpentine and piss on a brushfire before
            I ever kneel to the likes of that botox bloated bitch.

          • Never forget that mass immigration as being implemented is all about displacing and replacing the existing American population. Obamacare is there to help the pesky elderly hurry along.

            • Its also there to insert your records and dna into the world id system

      2. The natural state of man is to be free, the natural state of progressive Marxists is to take the position that they should decide a man’s freedom.

        I’m not an intellectual, I’m a warrior trained by my government I am an instinctual animal, I will never give up my guns, and anyone who comes and attempts to take them will only find his/her own end.

        • I wonder who are those 3 (three!!!) people who voted your post down.

          What the hell can they possibly disagree with in your statement???

          • Oh…
            I’ve just realized…
            Paid shills…
            How are you doing, guys?
            How’s weather near your fusion center? Any storm clouds?..

          • Closet Yankees for Hillary

          • If we knew the answer to that we may be able to find a cure for their mental illness.

        • Y99, I’m right there with you. Nobody takes anything I have either. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

      3. Another elitist heard from. Yawn.
        Amazing that Mr. Porter wants someone else to come take our weapons. I guess he didn’t want to get his fingernails dirty with us “rustics”.

        • I’ve been called a lot of things in my 63 years…
          Rustic is a new one!!! lol

          My names for Mr Porter, like what many of you here have used, are rather more colorful.

          What a bought-and-paid-for bag of crap!!! Come ahead, Mr Porter. Bring it! Come do your own dirty work, if you think you can!!!!! This 63 yr old female shoots pretty damn good. So, come ahead!

        • Wonder how those civilized people will deal with the moooslams when they are telling them to accept sharia

      4. America is asleep. What is going on today would have never happened in the era of 1982 thru 2002.

        Something has happened since. Don’t know what it is?

        • Ugly: America is asleep (for the most part) because Lame Stream Media has become a propaganda tool for the New World order, rather than a Clarion Network to inform and enlighten the American people, as was envisioned for the Fourth Estate.

          The Media is owned by Dual Citizens with an anti American Agenda (21); and OUR government has passed legislation that makes it legal to lie to US.

          The airwaves belong to the American people. WE need to take them back. As it is WE pay them to brainwash US with lies and drivel. can you say, “bread and circuses”?

          Engage your employees or be stupified and enslaved by them, one lie at a time. 🙂

        • Yes, one, we elected a Marxist-Leninist to be President.

          Two, we allowed the leftist media to define the language and terms of the discussion.

          Three, we allowed our children to be indoctrinated by them.

        • 9/11, The Patriot Act

        • It is called “liberalism”.

          Most suffer from some form of liberalism and don’t even know it.

          If a person thinks that abortion, because of any circumstance is OK with God, and should be legal; they are liberal.

          If a person thinks that homosexuality (queers),(lesbians fall into a different category by my beliefs), is OK with God, and is legal (including marriage), they are liberal.

          If a person thinks that “any” gun control against law abiding, sane, persons is legal,and not a God given right, then they are liberal.

          Gun ownership is a God given right and guaranteed by our US Constitution. It was good enough for our founding Fathers and it is still good enough for me.

          I don’t consider myself a conservative because that sounds too political and some conservatives are part of the problem. I do consider myself a Patriotic Christian Independant. I stand for my country, my God, and my family.

          • If anyone thinks he knows what God thinks, he’s nuts. Let God take care of what worries him. To damn much judging and murder dome based on what some asshole thinks God wants. Or don’t you think God is capable of taking care of what he wants? Don’t you trust him? 4000 printings ago, in 10 language printings back edited by only God knows how many people and you think you know? Judge not your fellow man; judge only yourself, or are you so good you need no improvement and should spend your time judgeing others becaue God hasen’t the time or energy? Odd, that’s not how the Bible I read years ago wanted it done, must be I have an outdated copy.

            • @ Paranoid

              Evidently you haven’t read and understood God’s letter to all His children.

              Or, maybe you have and because you are a closet queer, you don’t want to hear truth or have it put in your face.

              • Not closet anthing. But I would rather talk to St Peter over my posts than yours. But of course you have all the RIGHT answers. Good luck. I’m not sure I’ll get to Pee off the edge of my cloud, but if I can, hope you don’t get to wet.

            • You are absolutely correct in your statement that God is fully capable of defending himself. Which will all come about in His good time as fortold in the bible. However, until that happens Christians are commanded to stand against evil.

              As for the bible the documented evidence of its validity in translation is beyond question. Both from old manuscripts such as the dead sea scrolls to other historical references to events.

              As for your peeing off a cloud, your words simply demonstrate your ignorance of eternal life. In place of mocking the word of God I sugguest you read it again. In which it is my fervrent wish that you understand that everyone will have an afterlife what is key is the location. Rejection of Jesus Christ places you in hell. Acceptance of Jesus as your saviour eternal life with Him. You are now faced with the ultimate decision. Accept Christ to live or reject Him to die. I pray you choose life ….

          • Gee PISS, Id be curious as to what this different category Lesbians fir into.
            Would it be the category of your hand in your pants when you see it.

            Typical guy. Watching two guys would be a sin… but two women….. now that’s a different story.

            Cant wait to see how you spin this one, or try to back peddle on it.

            • Rich98, go sit on it and rotate it.

              • Braveheart,
                I agree with you 99.999% of the time, but this time, I can’t understand why you are essentially agreeing with pissinthewind. Rich98 is saying that PITW is condoning lesbianism, presumably because the idea turns him on. From reading your posts, it seems to me that you would uniformly reject whatever is wrong, sodomy and lesbianism alike.

                • gop4ever, I think you misunderstand one part of pissiinthewind’s post. He was NOT condoning lesbianism. He said anyone who thinks lesbianism is OK with god is a liberal. i’m not really sure about his personal view on it. I was rebuking Rich98 and all ofm his efforts at trolling. I wasn’t even addressing PITW’s post.

              • @ braveheart and Rich98

                Thanks braveheart, you are absolutely right. I am not condoning lesbianism. i am not judging them either. that is God’s business. What i did mean to say was that “i” put, lesbianism in a different category. However; the “acceptance” of it entirely, makes one a liberal.

                Rich98, this is why I classify them different.

                Women are naturally more loving,touching,squeezing creatures. There are some that have more of the masculine gene than others, therfore they will usually be more dominate in a relationship. Two overly masculine personalities usually will clash,so sometimes a more masculine woman will opt for the dominate lesbian role, rather than the subordinate female role.

                Sometimes a woman just prefers the soft touch of another woman.

                What God thinks about women and lesbians? I don’t pretend to know except that His word says that a woman is not to “play” the role of the man in a sexual relationship with another woman. There are too many variables when it comes to women being with women for me to try and say what isn’t right or not.

                What i do know, is that a woman is not capable of shoving her reproductive organ up the sewer hole of another woman, that was created just for expelling raw sewage from the body.
                That’s were the big difference is for me, which makes it less of an abomination in “my” eyes when it comes to lesbians. To each, his own opinion.

          • If you read whats at those Two books Links I posted prior, you will learn and see proof solid that what we call liberalisim-socialisim-communisim etc etc are ALL invented terms or names for the exact SAME agenda.

            Judiac Bolshevik Communisim as taught by Their Talmudic judiac belief systems. It is ALL Antichristian, anti White Race and ANTICHRIST! And Satans Main number One antichrists Are Talmudic Judiacs who Invented all of these names for the same main agenda designed to Destroy us.

            There is also solid Proof in those two books that the Zionists are the Top major ruling Eliets, and the Facts are Proven that those zionists are responsible for Killing Many hundreds of Thousands of their Own Jewish tribal members whenever it suited their evil nefarious purpouses.

            All they have Done and still Do is based on “The Ends justity the Means” and if they are willing to mass murder their Own kind?….What makes anybody dream they will not mass murder Us if we allow it?

            That first link book by Juri Lina is mainly proof and photos/descriptions of the pure evils done to Russia 1918 when koommie jews overtook the nation. 2% of russias Population engineered the worst mass killings ever recorded in all history since adam and eve.

            America is Next on their list to destroy. After reading it, ask Your pastors why They never preach and Teach of these issues done by those talmudic zios and bolsheviks.

            Today the majority of zio bolheviks are Inside the Gates of America. That 2nd book I linked to details how they caused every revolt-civil war-up to WWI. And HOW they will do it Here in Our time.

            “Know the Truth and the Truth shall set You Free” Jesus Christ, whom those zios and kommie bolshies Hate with a burning Passion. They are the Human antichrists as Both Books proves. And as the Bible described who is an antichrist type.

          • @PITW:
            Your “beliefs” about female homosexuality differ from God’s:
            Not Helpful

            Romans 1:24-32
            ” For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error…”

      5. Same bastards that we sent packing in the Revolutionary War…they are still not over it and have never given up trying to get us back.

        molon labe.

      6. Come and take them all, Mr. Porter. There’s a whole bunch of us who are DIRECT DESCENDANTS of our ggrandfathers who fought the Revolutionary War and we will NOT dishonor or ancestors names or efforts by cowardly yielding to Communists like you.

        • Aim for the officers and bankers, highest rank first.

      7. Porter can choose to embrace his servitude.

        I will embrace my freedom.

        —what a putz—


      8. Well Mrs. Porter I suppose you will lead from the front since you called for it. I didnt think so.

        Oh and by the way the USA is the UN asshole!!!

        • CPB — “… the way the USA is the UN…..”

          It’s about time someone mentioned the fact that
          the UN is nothing more than the long arm of that
          gun grabbing POS squatting in the Whitehouse.


        • This PORTER is a NON ISSUE and does not deserve the words being spent on him.
          You giving him attention is what empowers some of the nuts.

          • Rich98, just what the f#$% would YOU have everyone do? Just ignore him and all of the other gun-grabbers and pretend everything’s allright? Things don’t work that way with anyone at this site. Let any of those f#$%ers come and try to take our guns or anything else we have and see what happens to their stupid asses.

          • Rich98, just what the f#$% would YOU have everyone do? Just ignore him and all of the other gun-grabbers and pretend everything’s allright? Things don’t work that way with anyone at this site. Let any of those f#$%ers come and try to take our guns or anything else we have and see what happens to their stupid asses.

      9. As a Scot, it’s been genetically coded into our DNA after 1000 years of their crap to pretty much hate anything to do with a Sassenach….come and take ém.

      10. Sadly, in many respects, the British government, and a large swath of its subjects, are America’s deadliest mortal enemies. Germany, Japan, and South Korea are minor threats, we can shift personnel from there to London, it’s the UK that is killing us.

        Instead of wasting trillions addressing Israel’s enemies, why don’t American Nationalists demand the occupation and control the London square mile?

        After London’s psyops are stopped, after the Fabian Communist’s MK BBC media machine is dismantled, you will see an overnight improvement in America across the board.

      11. Who the hell is this Mr. Porter and why would anyone care what this asshole thinks? This thing (Mr. Porter) is not a man but a pestilence, much like a fly or a rat, and is disposed of in a similar fashion. It poses no real threat, but when the time comes, it will be swatted out, or meet the boot heel of someone who has enough mercy to put it out of its misery.

        • Henry Porter is a writer of thrillers and a regular columnist for The Observer newspaper. He’s also the British editor of Vanity Fair.

          Henry Porter was on the Orwell Prize’s Journalism shortlist for 2009.

          Henry is typical of the Orwellian Newspeaking Britfags that’ve completely overrun and emasculated England.

          Fortunately, with only 3 million privately held guns among their 56 million citizens, it’ll take a far less arduous American Invasion than it did in Baghdad or Kabul to encourage them to refocus on minding their own business and on no longer meddling in American affairs.

          • In Other words Tor Munkov, his paychecks Are signed by the Same Zionist jews that sign the Paychecks of usa MSM reporters etc.

          • …in other words… he is inconsequential!

          • And most of the Three Million GUNS in the U.K. are owned by ….Let me guess…The RICH & POWERFUL People !!?? Like it would be HERE ,if they had their way !….mm

      12. a quasi civil war?
        Where, in Chicago?

        Hahaha… not yet…
        but its coming…

        I vote that Mr. Porter should be conscripted by the UN, given a rifle and told to COME AND TAKE THEM FROM US…
        He can start at my house…

        • I’ll flip you for him. Best two out of three gets his Pelt. Loser gets his balls in a jar.

          • “HE” does not have any cohones.

          • I saw a pair about the size of the ones he sports, hanging off a squirrels ass yesterday while my terrier was squeezing his windpipe shut. LOL.

            BTW, what is the last thing a squirrel rubs before he goes to sleep? his nuts.

          • Always wanted to scalp some deranged socialist…

            Last I read, the home invasion rate went up 60% or more, after the Brits and Aussies banned personal weapons.

            Inconvenient facts… like the 2-3 million times a year, personal weapons STOP a bad guy…

            The socialists WANT mayhem and violence, that way they get what they want, perpetual control of an ‘evil’ society. Of course, it was them that took God out of the schools, and society itself. Evil begets evil.

            More inconvenient facts…
            and now for some quotes of the day…
            “Man’s mind is his basic tool of survival. Life is given to him, survival is not. His body is given to him, its sustenance is not. His mind is given to him, its content is not. To remain alive, he must act, and before he can act he must know the nature and purpose of his action. He cannot obtain his food without a knowledge of food and of the way to obtain it. He cannot dig a ditch-or build a cyclotron-without a knowledge of his aim and of the means to achieve it. To remain alive, he must think.” John Galt (Ayn Rand)

            “I am not your subject, I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America. I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.” – Anon?

            “…a free government exalts an armed people, but oligarchies and tyrants mistrust the people and therefore deprive them of their arms.’”
            – Aristotle, POLITICS 218 (J. Sinclair trans., 1962)]:

            “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur – what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”
            — Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956

            “Once a state extends the franchise to every warm body, be he producer or parasite, that day marks the beginning of the end of the state. For when the plebs discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses without limit and that the productive members of the body politic cannot stop them, they will do so, until the state bleeds to death, or in its weakened condition the state succumbs to an invader—the barbarians enter Rome.”
            — Robert A. Heinlein (To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

            “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you… you may know that your society is doomed.” – Ayn Rand

            • I love that excerpt from Ayan Rand,,,
              her writings are quite moving,, and quite accurate.

          • hey this jar is empty…. 🙂

        • What is hp afraid of? Hmm…. What did hp do? What is hp planning on stealing from us? Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness? Yep! hp wants to kill our freedoms and steal our property, but poor little hp mouth of the NWO can’t because we have a couple of guns. Greedy bastard.

      13. They are gonna try every excuse to put boots on our soil. I was also highly trained by the government, skills that don’t transfer to a peaceful civilian life. I say let em come, the sooner we can wipe them off the earth, the better.

        Standing by…

        • I’ve said it in other comments. Should it come down to it, there is a very large pool of personnel whose skillet could make driving on every road outside of “Green Zones” a suicidal proposition. Especially once personnel with counter-IED training start working with those who will put the ordnance together.

          I don’t care how many troops they land,mother US is just too much real estate to forcibly pacify. Look at Kandahar Province (that is where I was overseas, can’t speak for the other provinces of Afghanistan or Iraq because I wasn’t there and my knowledge of what was going on there is purely academic) where tens of thousands of NATO troops, including US troops, were deployed. The only real safe zone was within sight of the watchtowers at KAF. And even then that got compromised once in a while.President Karzai was little more than the Mayor of Kabul. The same would happen in the US and besides D.C., only a few areas within a few major cities would be “safe” for the elites with most of the country being pretty much left alone, besides some waving-the-flag patrols.

          • There are many of us who are more than willing to be schooled in the arts as well, some of us come with a natural aptitude, even if we are graying we can still play the tune,,

            • Something else I have said before is tha even the older crowd can fill roles in an active resistance. Maybe it would be harder to keep up with the younger ones or the rigours of the field but there are support, planning and technical roles an older person could fill and spare an abler-bodied person.

              • CV you are very right, but I would argue that there are still a few like me, part of the fit 50+ crowd, that work construction, farm, ranch, and beat the crap out of commies for entertainment. Just kidding about the last part, but if need be, so be it.

                Everyone needs a project leader and teacher. It is a waste of brawn if there is no brains to direct and cultivate it.

                • Im on the cusp of 50 from my 40s and ill bet i can fill enemies with holes just as well as a 30something and with a lot more angst behind it

                  • This world is going to get very interesting. I am working on a flow chart of the enemies of God given freedom. All of my research is leading to one inbred family. Everything else is related to and controlled by the “family”. The “family” is behind global news and I am sure that hp is one of their minions.

                    The world stage as it unfolds is not about this country or that. It is about Satan’s rebellion against God.

                    Stay fit my friend, keep your eyes open, shoot straight, and trust God.

                    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. . . Hosea 4:6

                • Im on the cusp of 50 from my 40s and ill bet i can fill enemies with holes just as well as a 30something and with a lot more angst behind it

                  • Mid fit fifties here other than needing aperture sights now can still hit targets with irons out to 500 yards 95% of the time , can still hump a 40 lb ruck to boot.
                    Main thing is to stay active , I did not develop any bad habits as a youngster was just to buzy I guess this is why I can stil do pretty much the same things it just takes me longer.
                    age and treachery is no match against youth and vigor.

                    Keep buying it cheap and stack it deep.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • Not saying there aren’t some older gents who could still whup my arse six ways from Sunday without breaking a sweat. Mind you I’m only 31 and about to be forcibly retired on medical grounds and I’ve got more than my fair share of wear and tear, both physical and otherwise.

                  So even in my state I wouldn’t be a whole lot of use in the field. However I probably forgot more about the EM spectrum, its uses and exploitation than any 20 random people would learn in 10 lifetimes and I can still do operational planning, resource allocation and personnel management like a fiend.

                  Don’t get me wrong, I might be busted up but I can still carry my weight but extended physical labour is out of the question. Permanent damage to a shoulder, my back and a broken neck that didn’t kill me or leave me paralyzed can do that to you. So yeah, humping a ruck, a gun and tactical gear and ammo to go on the offensive isn’t something I’m best suited for. But as I said there are still crucial roles I can fill, both in my field of expertise and in a more general sense.

                  • Put you in a gun tub with a 50 cal. and plenty of ammo of course.

              • CV

                Know your limitations and exploit your strengths.

        • Hey SE6,
          they are already here! They just haven’t been given the green light yet. But when they do, I highly doubt they will be wearing blue helmets and beanie’s?
          Because when the SHTF, MSM will be pushing forth painting a picture to the Kool-Aid laden sheep of how vile patriots are resisting, the united States military.
          The American people have been under attack for some time now, because they will chip away at every vestige of the American way of life until there is nothing left.
          Little things in resisting go a long way.
          Watch, learn, and then pounce…..!

          November 13th and 14th with their grid down drill could be a catalyst to what might be coming Our way?

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • @ SoapDish …..You know you might be right about the timing! I read the other day that by end of Oct. or middle of Nov. the FEDS will NO LONGER have money to pay their bills ! We might now be on the Run away Train starting DOWN the Mountain !!……mm

      14. come and take it!

      15. Proud to be a Rustic! Come to Cleveland and try your U.N. disarmament shit. The only place on earth where rock n’ roll and drive by shootings collide. 😉

      16. Fellas, fellas … leave poor Mr. Porter alone. He’s chump change. The Brits that need taking out are the ranking muckety mucks running the Bank of England.

        I’ve seen just enough comments here and elsewhere to think the Rothschild Banking Empire has more power than any 10 governments, ours included. They seem to be thick as thieves with the B of E. And allegedly own our Federal Reserve Bank.

        So if we’re going to invade the Olde Sod and teach somebody a lesson, let’s start with street lamp parties for their money center Banksters.

        By that time Mr. Porter will have stained his pantaloons brown. If I can get them through customs I will gladly give him a few baby wipes before he too swings.

        • I seen barrys talk yesterday and did anyone see he mentioned other countries gun rights? He said england and australia turned theirs in so we should too. (Atleast thats what any senseable person heard)

          What times we live in….. Another false flag coming to a town near you!!

        • Rothschild’s are descendents of Lucifer. They inter bread to keep his bloodline. Some of their relations: Rockefeller, Kennedy, Sinclair, Collins, and others.

      17. I’m from India and that makes me a “world citizen” or whatever the hell that means and a non-American…BUT i want you all to know that…I don’t want you to dis-arm….

        Americans must be loaded now with what lays ahead…be very careful of government propaganda BS and its false flag like boston, sandy hook, ny navel yard PSY-OP…once they take your guns…you are pretty much under their boot….

        Its much better to die fighting while free than dying of off in some concentration camp, FEMA camp…..common these vultures won’t live you alone in a camp…They will do experiments on your body, take away organs, do live operation…and other hell on you and your family…just read what they did in China and Russia and Germany when they took their citizens to “Camps” in the name of Security….

        Its much better to live for one day in freedom than die for ever in a concentration camp…and you have your GUN that would define were you end up…

        • Relax friend; You cannot believe how much stuff the public has in the US. I live in a small/medium town in the middle of nowhere. (Wyoming, Center of US, about 50,000 people.) There are 2 big gun stores in town, I visited both today, each one has 200 rifles and 50-100 pistols for sale right now, that’s out in stock, don’t know what they have in the back room, and 50-100 thousand rounds of ammo, in stock. That amount of ammo is considered VERY low. We have been having a run on ammo lately but it’s getting better, they were rationing, but now only 22 is short. (I know of stores that try to have well over a million rds in stock) There are 5-6 smaller gun stores in town; I have not been to lately, While not common, it’s not very unusual for individuals, who shoot a lot, to have 30-40 thousand rds in the basement. So rest easy, the gov has no idea what to do and the UN wouldn’t last out the night.

          • I have a bunch of hunters from out of state staying at my house right now and the Chief of the Police from my home town has asked to stay here next year. When he goes hunting. Most of the Police, from the smaller towns, are good guys, not a problem, and on our side.

        • Id rather take my chances in a firefight than to be led by the nose into any kind of “camp”.

          • Like any other POW, you’re first priority is to escape, or die trying.

        • Said like a true Patriot! Welcome to the Real United States of America, where we haven’t forgotten our roots, or what it will take to preserve our Liberty! You are among friends, and thanks for the heads up!

      18. Mr. Porter, I would like to invite you & some of your “blue bonnet brigade” (U.N. Forces,) to come to the USA & start your campaign in New York city, Miami, Chicago or Los Angles. Try to take the guns away from the people that are illegally here & “packing”. I do believe that within a week, you would have your ass handed to you. Its an Ivy League college term. Then continue your “quasi civil war” to those that are illegally possessing a gun. We here in the USA, call these folks “gang-bangers”. Don’t let the name scare you, they’re just kids with guns. Come on, are you afraid of a bunch of kids??!!
        What I am getting at is, go after those that are breaking the law. You will have plenty of action to last a lifetime or 2.

        • Very true QC,

          One of the many things that run through my mind though? I think they would use bio warfare if things where not going easily for them. Hell, they will more than likely use it even before the hammer falls. Small tactical nuke in a major city, bio weapon, grid down, scenario’s galore, the possibilities are endless this day and age.
          Still we would have the nay Sayers out there in force claiming it’s those constitutionalist who did this or that.

          Everyday, you can wake up to peace and quiet, is a good day indeed!
          Keep situational awareness my Patriots!

          B Aware, B awake, B Alive

      19. I’m not a gun person but I am a firm believer in the constitution and I firmly believe that the founders needed to add more safe guards into it. Something that empowers the people outside of the government and it should have been added to the second amendment. Like a national referendum to force an investigation of government by independent investigators as well as investigators from all branches of the military which has complete access to all records, transactions and personal information of all elected officials, their appointees, lobbyist and contractors.

        • The founders weren’t tea drinkers in powdered wigs putting quills to parchment. They were worldly and individually sovereign. They knew paper beats rock. They also feared that scissors beats paper.

          The founder’s articles of confederation were badly butchered during the New York and Philadelphia lead coup – scissors assault – that left us with only pieces of our original legacy. The impetus of that scissors assault was failure to pay our war debts. The stronger more tyrannical central government of 1789 has left the tyrants much better situated to feed the always hungry creditor bulldogs.

          Their paper wraps rock and also our bare-knuckled fists. Their paper laws have left us empty handed. It might be require that 100s of millions of Americans stand firm and protect their own with their own individual hands on their own firearms.

          Remaining free sometimes means showing the world yet again that gun beats paper, scissors, rocks, and everything else.

      20. I hope they try.

      21. With over 300 million guns in this country and 100’s of billions of rounds of ammo the second amendment will not fall. And if it does it will be revenge of the peasants. The goal of the “ante gunner” is to just make it harder to have a firearm. This is what we fight. It would be great if gun states would attract more and anti-gun states would have people leave. (kinda what’s happening in the California / Texas thing.) Just continue to protest, vote and be at every town hall. When you go to the town hall choose a speaker who can debate well using logic and intellect. Do not just act a fool due to the fact it just gives the liberals ammo. Be smart, reasonable, professional and sharp. It drives them nuts because they have no ammo…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…..

      22. Sounds like sour grapes to me. When my great, great, great grandfather helped to kick your great, great great grandfather’s ass at Lexington, we kind of though the argument was settled. Apparently you didn’t learn from history…a common failing from your ilk.
        Ain’t gonna happen, Mr. Porter. Not then, not now, not ever.

        • LMAO….. Outstanding post…..

      23. As my grandmother from a bygone era was so fond of saying, “Somebody’s certainly cruising for a bruising.”
        If the UN wants my guns–I’ll certainly let them have ’em …bullets first.

      24. Behind every blade of grass.

        Sisters and Brothers in arms, Still dont know the truth about Constitutional Militias and how they are our friends and not the enemies that the MSM paints them to be..

        Here is a little history and some facts on the 2nd Amendment and Constitutional Militias… for those that are not familiar with the constitution and US history.

        This is the best video i have seen explaining the The Second Amendment and the facts about it. Educate yourself , friends and family. Make this viral today. We might need it soon.

        Who is the Militia. You , Me, any citizen that will protect the constitution , their family and their community.

        is Dedicated to the Preservation of our Freedom, the Security of our Rights and the Restoration of our Constitution to its rightful place as the LAW of our great Republic.




        What is the Militia?
        As defined by our founding forefathers, the militia is defined as “the whole people”.
        It is every able-bodied citizen who is not disqualified by criminal conviction or mental
        …defect, except those few persons who hold public office, such as judges, legislators, et

        Concept of Militia
        The Citizen Militia IS:
        A deterrent, defensive force. A first response mechanism, to assist
        in times of disaster (i.e. hurricane, floods, etc). A chain of command, which we can use to offer leadership and assistance to our fellow citizens, community and families.
        A legacy passed from our forefathers to us; and from us to our posterity.
        A realization and practice of our God given Rights, Liberties, Duties and
        Responsibilities. An organization of, by and for the Constitution of the united States, and the people whom they serve.

        The Citizen Militia is NOT:
        An offensive force. A racist or subversive group. A private army subject to the dictates of any individual, corporation, or other private group.
        An organization formed for sustained combat operations (a ‘standing army’). To be used as a forum or launching point to any particular or religious

        Who Can Join ?
        Any citizen of The Republic who a legal residence in the state and has resided in the
        state for at least, the past 6 months, and is not otherwise disqualified from being a member of the ‘militia-at-large’. The Volunteer Militia exists by law under the Constitution. Amendment II
        “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        Who Belongs To The Militia?
        Doctors Policemen Firemen Lawyers Sheriffs Deputies Pastors Teachers EMT’s
        Plumbers Salesmen Nurses Electricians Truckers Students Housewives Construction Workers Mill Workers Carpenters Mechanics And the list goes on.!!!

        To secure and practice all of our Rights and Liberties; To open ranks to all citizens who love Liberty without regard to one’s race, creed, religion or gender; and to deny participation to those who seek to harm the Republic, discredit us, or our goals;
        To be an effective deterrent to tyranny;
        To clearly state that we are committed to a posture of defense, and do not advocate the unlawful overthrow, targeting of or overthrow of our form of government by any person(s);
        To uphold the just and lawful statutes of the nation as stated in the US Constitution; To declare no enemies; yet be mindful of those who declare us to be enemies;
        To teach the correct, unvarnished history of our Republic and our State, the formation or our Constitution and Bill of Rights; To teach & promote participatory
        To promote the safe and responsible use of Arms for the protection of our families, our property, our American way of life and our republican form of government; To teach that our Liberties and Rights are not limited to those which are enumerated in the Bill of Rights; and are granted by our Creator.

        To assist duly elected, sworn and bonded public officials in time of emergency or in the defense of our God – given Rights, Liberties, and the Constitution(s).

        It is the goal of all Militia members to be prepared and never needed, as opposed to being needed and not prepared

        What Will You Do?
        I do not care what color your skin is. I do not care what God you worship. I do not care if you are rich or poor, city resident or country boy, male or female. If you are an American who loves his country and is willing to… fight for what you believe in, you are welcome to join me.
        There is an old saying that resistance to tyranny is the truest obedience to God. I am one who believes this. And because I do believe it I am prepared to pay any price, bear any burden to assure the survival of Freedom in the land that I love.
        What do you believe in, Americans? What do you stand for? What will you risk when this fight is forced upon us? What are you going to do?
        So you feel powerless in this world? Wondering what you can do to help your family, community and Republic? If you live in the southeast one thing you can do is check out SECOM.

        Get involved with a Community based Org where most everyone can get involved and make a difference.
        SECOM is a Constitutional Militia with the focus of reaching out to our communities and arming our communities with the tools for education , defense , prepping and Survival.

        SECOM is looking to reinstate the sense of community within our communities.
        Get involved locally!

        What is SECOM?
        We are the
        Southeast Constitutional Militia.
        We The People-In Full Support of Constitutional Ideals.

        Who We Are!
        We are simply… American. Our ancestry might be African, Bulgarian, Columbian, Danish, Ethiopian, French, German, Haitian, Irish, etc…. but yeah, American

        As Americans we believe in one simple, undeniable TRUTH. That TRUTH is that rights are bestowed on ALL people at the moment they are perceived as such.

        We Americans have a true and sincere love of the country our thinking, researching, struggling and truly honorable founding fathers envisioned and ultimately designed for us. We believe in the truths that they found during spirited and often heated discussions of the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. We believe and we love.

        As such, we do not view the multiple violations of these truths as minor infractions to be continuously tolerated or excused. We will no longer be fooled by the flash and flame of well spoken liars bent on the intoxicant of power.

        We pledge our lives to protect “We the People” whenever and wherever it is called for by natural law. We sternly caution those that have forgotten that we have agreed to be ruled only by consent and see themselves as our masters.

        Violence is contrary to natural law, except in survival and defense. We do not offer violence as a solution to anything and will not accept members that do! We train fervently only in order to survive the violence so often offered by others.

        Check the content here and judge for yourself.

        Welcome to a home for thinking patriots. …

        SECOM on facebook

        We are SECOM

        SECOM http://www.secom.spruz.

      25. Rustic – of or relating to the countryside; rural.
        Yep and proud of it. Send those UN gun grabbers out here to rustic Texas. Just don’t expect to get’em back.

      26. You haven’t even started taking away our guns yet you have started your ‘civil war’.


        Losers! This is great!

        BTW You can not take them away. Even if you tried you would fail. Losers should get used to failure. All of your plans fail. Your government plans, your family plans, your personal plans.

        Funny, you are our ‘leaders’? ROFLMAO

        Our leaders’ motto? “Failure is rewarded with more money!”

        This is gonna end well!

      27. Alcohol abuse kills some 75,000 Americans each year.

        • Wrong! It’s those darn Ice cubes!

      28. If not for arms in the hands of private citizens the Revolutionary war wouldn’t have occurred. Shure some brits still resent the fact that those ungrateful subjects revolted in the 1700,s. But we saved their sorry asses in WWII. Ill die before I surrender my 2 admendment right. The Framers never gave us the rights outlined in the Counstition & Bill of Rights. The framers simply mentioned that we all possessed those rights. Those rights are Inalienable. They are God Given. Every Counstitional Right Is something you always have regardless of what any others might legislate. No laws even if desired by a overwhelming majority can take them away. If the second admendment falls we lose everything. So just as well use the second admendment until all those who would usurp the counstition are defeated or all the patriots are dead. Ill never be a slave, subject, peon Or be ruled by the NWO.

        • Mr PORTER fails to realize that his country ” Obsolete antique self Defense right” almost cost him his country maybe we should have let the WEHRMACT knock on his front door in 1940.

          That ungrateful ass does not realize the guns we sent to defend his homeland stopped him from wrIting this editorial in GERMAN.

          I guess these FASCIST RATS have not heard of the Monroe Doctrine


          If this is not a call to arms nothing is, they are projecting their intent , pay attention
          Bad things tend to happen in the month of October.

          They think we are self absorbed mindless idiots brainwashed by the media , incapable of independent thought , to lazy to do anything.
          freedom gained the hard way and taken away bites with sharp fangs : Russian Proverb




          WE ARE WAITING





          Semper Fi 8541

          • Headlines from the near future :

            scene : 2 km from a small town Milton population 500

            On a non- descript grassy hill overlooking a narrow county road two ghille suited individuals lay prone waiting with their backs to the sun blend in to the knee high grass growing on the hills slope.
            the radio squawks into their noise suppressing commo headsets.
            They acknowledge with two clicks to the mike.
            From the right a convoy of white painted vehicles appears around the bend of the road emerging from a small copse of trees sunlight glinting off the glass of their windshields from the noon time sun. They are headed to another small town to search for weapons and detain non compliants to UN order 102013 civilian disarmament directive And resettlement initiative 21.

            A small green painted dinner plate lays in the center of the road. The lead driver slows unsure of the object ahead . Just before coming to a stop the 525 grain 50 bmg round goes throught the lead vehicles engine block a chain reaction occurs two of the transport truck rearend each other before coming to a stop. Panicking the rear vehicle in this parade of fools throughs the gearshift in reverse just as a second round goes though the radiators center penetrating the engine of the soft target duce and a half disabling it. Effectively blocking the road.

            a cacophony of heavy rifle fire erupts from the hill side and the trees raking the remaing individual vehicles with heavy fire, two wheeled BTR’s attempt to pull out of the convoy and become mired in the freshly plowed muddy field and become bogged down in a roadside ditch. The gunner atop one attempts to bring the degyarev machinegun to bare but is blinded by the sun and his his ineffective fire just rakes the hillside.

            Two additional 50 BMG rounds penetrate the lightly armored turret silencing both guns.
            Blue helmets attached to panicked body’s of the solders that survived spill out the rear of the trucks and are quickly rendered ineffective before they reach the edge of the pavement. The convoy starts to burn from tracer round impact from the grazing squad automatic weapons fire .

            “DAYBREAKER to go team you have 4 minutes before their air support arrives ”
            “Roger that ” as the recovery team in groups of 4 individuals with litters hurry down to the now silent convoy with their security escorts. They rapidly strip the dead of equipment and any useable ammo and gear . Occasionally a pistol discharge is heard above the clatter of weapons and gear loaded on to the stretchers. They take no prisoners the memory of the teams discovery upon entering the previous town the night before for resupply from the people of the resistances auxiliary . The citizens of the small town were found in the park brutally violated and executed and left to rot ,there were signs of forced entry of the residences , doors ajar , windows broken , stores looted . The capacity for mercy to the belligerents does not exist they are not from here , they are alien to our values and way of life they simply do not belong here .

            Quickly the away teams return to the hill and melt into the treeline breaking up into small groups of 3 and 4 hidden under the dense cover of the foliage above as the thump thump sounds of the approaching rotors become louder. today was a good day only two minor causalities and a good haul of munitions to keep up the fight.

            AP: Censored Video News release UN APPROVED for distribution
            UN Secretary Generals office CONUS occupation zone area 2
            Today a tragedy our relief humanitarian convoy was brutally attacked and destroyed by
            Criminal elements . These perpretrators will be found and tried anyone aiding them will be considered equally guilty and will be met with harsh treatment.
            In light of our successful relocation and resettlement program we find these actions hard to fathom , we bring assistance and help to prevent the violence that previously occurred under your old form of Goverment. A classic example of our benevolence the town of Milton happily greeted our UN Military representives yesterday and were glad to be welcomed before going to their new home.

            camera pans showing white military transports with canvass coverings and heavily armed UN Peace keeping troops in the back ground and a look of fear on the citizens faces.


            Semper Fi 8541

            • You should write a book!

          • “That ungrateful ass does not realize the guns we sent to defend his homeland stopped him from wrIting this editorial in GERMAN.”

            yeah if he weren’t reduced to an ashtray, lampshade or bar of soap.

            0311. 1970 until I’m dead………..

        • Very well spoken, old guy, very well indeed

        • The reason we saved their ass in WW2 was because of the fucking bankers. jpmorgan, rockefeller, warburgs, etc. financed/profited from everything in this country mainly thru the Bank of England.

          It actually started with the First Bank of the us (terminated), 2nd bank of the us (terminated) and then the fed in 1913, federal income tax later that year.

          They have always been in control of the finance/tax system of the US…now here we are.

          Time for them to go once and for all or our kids and grandkids will be slaves.

          Go and listen to Mike Rivero’s “All Wars are Bankers Wars” 44 minutes that sums it all up.

          It is on his site or on youtube.

          It is that simple.

          • Yes it is. It does not sound as “glamorous” an explanation for what controls societies and the reasons for wars, but it all can be traced back to the financial “warlords” s the root cause. Politicians are merely the errand boys for the Bankers, and soldiers are cannon fodder for the politicians.

          • Yes it is. It does not sound as “glamorous” an explanation for what controls societies and the reasons for wars, but it all can be traced back to the financial “warlords” as the root cause. Politicians are merely the errand boys for the Bankers, and soldiers are cannon fodder for the politicians.

          • Why was Switzerland neutral during WWII? The world bank?

            • Shootit, in Switzerland, every able-bodied male is considered to be a member of the militia and is REQUIRED BY LAW to keep an assault rifle and ammunition in his home at all times. In WW2, Hitler did threaten the Swiss with invasion, but the Swiss made it clear to him that the cost of invasion would be more than he was willing to pay.

              • Yesm, but hitler used them as his banker. My point was follow the bankers, follow the money. The swiss made a deal.

            • BIS…google it.

              A country for the bankers to hide.

              …and let God sort it out.

      29. “What Mr. Porter apparently doesn’t understand…”

        Would fill volumes.

        Beginning with we aren’t English anymore…..we parted company in 1776 in a clear difference of opinion of subjects versus individuals.

        He needs to stay on his side of the pond, and maybe call Pierce Morgan to come home as well.

      30. I’d like first to feed Mr. Porter with a knuckle sandwich to his ass-kisser. Waiting for you here Mr. Porter with my guns. Waiting patiently for any NWO munchkins to come take them.

      31. is he personally going to come and disarm me? if not, than fuck the pussy

        UN..bring it if you think you can win
        see you in hell bitches

      32. I find it interesting that city people debate this but when I talk to people here in the south that live in the country they don’t even debate. Its simply molon labe.

      33. I’m sure everyone thought of this but the gun registration is based on a long term plan to eliminate personal freedom. The reason the long timing is they need to wait for a majority of pre-registration guns to be come defunct. I would expect them to make some legally required change in the ammo. This would prevent people from buying ammo for pre-registration guns. Then they can wait 10 years and declare ammo illegal (“controlled”, etc). That’s how I see the rulers doing this to America and to personal freedom at large.

      34. Another NWO Fool!

      35. Mr. Porter needs to mind the business of his country not mine. I’m sure Mr. Porter would be happy to be beaten to death unable to defend himself for the good of humanity. I WILL NOT. Mr. Porter should look to the likes of any Shitholestan country and the numerous dead and wounded children there. He can disarm them if he wishes.

      36. Really Mr Porter?

        It is quite obvious that you and Piers Morgan are “buggering ” buddies of the most highest order..and most likely be a guest of his soon..

        Surely Obama and Co. will usher you on stage as a “model citizen” at some point for the rest of us to admire..

        Yes , we are the “bitter clingers” and bit “rustic” as well..but our weapons are well primed for the likes of you…


      37. That Porthead is as stuffy as they come……

        I will bet you that if he put his finger in his butt he would explode from all the hot air inside,

        If he is that stuffed, we could bring him down with a well placed small animal round and mount him directly between the dog faced monkey and last years deer.

        Molon Labe

      38. I notice “world citizen” Porter calls us names and demands our gun confiscation, not from here in the US, but from the safety of England.

      39. I think they tried disarming us already once, even hiring foreign mercenaries to help them. It didn’t go so well that time for them and it won’t work now.

      40. Memo to British fruitcake: Come and take it. His Queen fought 2 wars against China to force China to trade opium with Her Majesty the Royal drug pusher. Why do irrational rustics like Porter bitterly cling to the fairy tale that their Queen evolved from a superior ape than the rest of us? Governments should be banned from owning guns, since governments have killed far more of humanity with guns than the Second Amendment ever has.

      41. Yes Mr. Porter…tell us how crime has gone down in your country…..tell us how the “gangbangers” in NYC and Chicago are gonna hand over their guns to you. Why don’t you worry about merry old England and while you’re at it bring your libtard buddy Piers or Pigface or whatever he’s called back to bloody England with ya.

      42. We sent them packing in the war of 1812 too. Andy Jackson with a lot of militia gave them a royal ass kicking in New Orleans. Its lovely how they treated their SUBJECTS (very descriptive) in India. The UK is the poster child of why a civilian population must be armed. That being said they subjugate the tame subservient very well. When they’re up against people with tenacity like the Zulu’s its a different story as was seen at Isandlwana. They raped every nation they were in and now having lost an Empire their turning their attention to the indigenous British citizens bleeding them dry.

        • Kevin2 and everyone else: just google “British Royal Family”, “British East India Company”, and “Boer War”. Those are all classic examples of how evil the British Empire has been down through the ages. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • braveheart

            Thanks but “been there, done that”. Few know that the very word concentration camp was not coined to describe the NAZI version of it but rather the British version in South Africa during the Boer War proceeding Germany by roughly half a century.

            • Yeah, the Germans took up one of the limeys’ bad habits.

      43. The USA had a crime rate of 386 violent crimes per 100,000 citizens. The UK in the similar time had a rate of 330 per 100,000. When the UK gets its shit together then maybe they can tell the rest of the world what to do! I am willing to bet most Brits are more concerned about things like Jobs, Food on the table, Fuel prices Etc… then how the yanks across the ponds arm themselves.

        • “I am willing to bet most Brits are more concerned about things like Jobs, Food on the table, Fuel prices Etc… then how the yanks across the ponds arm themselves.”

          Because they’re worried about the above and their governments responsibility regarding it they’re disarmed.

          Gun control is not about guns its about control.

          • Touche!!!

      44. O.K. The movie, Molon Labe, which I have mentioned before, is to be available around the middle of October..originally they thought it would be ready in Sept. It features many very knowledgeable people on the 2nd amendment…such as Ron Paul, Larry Pratt (gun owners of America), Dr. Edwin Vieira (movie ties into his latest book, Sovereignty and the Sword), Rhodes, of Oath Keepers, G. Edward Griffin (author of The Creature from Jeckyl Island…aka The Federal Reserve!)and others…to see a “trailer” of the movie, go to Chuck Baldwin’s article…he has where you can see it…he is also in it.. (his article is: guns don’t kill people, gun control laws do)

      45. Sadly to many of our elected leaders feel the same way. We should have a concentrated effort to identify them and vote them out of office; or better yet form and support a third party with true values and support change in spite of efforts by the ptb to discredit and continue the status quo.

      46. So, this “rational and sane” individual wants to send in armed military troops to:

        “end the unimaginable suffering of victims and their families – the maiming and killing of children – just as America does in every new civil conflict around the globe.”

        By starting a civil war in this country that would create unimaginable suffering and maim and kill children and others.

        typical global, elitist (liberal) mindset.

        • He’s right though, this stupid country does think they’re saving the children by bombing their homes and schools in civil conflicts across the globe. Maybe that’s the slap in the face as well.

        • they don’t speak for me, that’s for dam sure..been into BP for over 39 years, and I aint giving them up neither!


      47. apperantly some of those limey bastards are still pissed off at us, for kicking their sorry asses out of here acouple of hundred years ago.try it and we”ll toss your sorry asses out of here just like before!

        • We should’ve let the Germans have the Brits in WW2. Like General Patton said in his diary, “We fought against the wrong people in this war.”

      48. They control the Money.
        They control Education.
        They control the Government.
        They control the News Media.

        They need to take our guns away for the final blow to liberty.

        • @ slingshot

          They also control:

          auto industry
          court system
          most of the firearm industry (through commie George)

          • And most importantly, agriculture via Monsanto.
            That fact alone is most alarming.

      49. Why is this “world citizen” nonsense even being published? Giving them publicity only contributes to legitimizing their absurd babbling.

        Ignore them. Give them no ink.

      50. I guess the education system is so bad in jolly ole [wanker] england that Miss Porter doesn’t know how his country fared the last time they tried to disarm us Scots-Irish Appalachian Men.

        Give me a call, Henrietta, so we can set up a time for you to drop by and learn the lesson Patrick Ferguson was taught a while back. “1-800-GUD-LUCK.”

        • Yes indeed there was a backwoods smithy that was skilled at producing Kentuckey Rifles. Those backwoods locals shot the shit out of the trained british army at the battle of kings mountain. The british held the high ground and had more troops. The accuracy of a Kentucky rifles shot them & their commander from a distance the british muskets couldn’t ever reach. Gen Washington had almost lost the war. that battle was the turning point in the American revolution.

          • AND it was NEVER mentioned on PBS’ history of the American Revolution. Do you know why? Here’s a hint: ‘It rhymes with Leticia’

      51. If the UN proceeds to enter America without it’s permission, and against the people’s wishes….then it would be an act of war, and the senators that work with them would be held under treason. Our Constitution is very clear about this. This is a large reason why we don’t belong in other countries civil wars, because it opens the door to other international bodies to entering our country under the name of humanitarianism.

      52. the police will play right into this
        but they take an oath of office to defend the fed/state constitutions against all enemies.
        Breach of an oath is PERJURY,.. Perjury is a FELONY!
        An oath is indivisible, it cannot be in part true and in part false.

        “State officers may be held personally liable for damages based upon actions taken in their official capacities.” Hafer v. Melo
        18 USC § 1001 – Statements or entries generally <felony
        18 USC § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law <felony
        18 USC § 4 – Misprision of felony <felony
        18 USC § 1622 – Subornation of perjury <felony

        U.S. v Mersky (1960) 361 U.S. 431 a statute "or ordinance" that regulates without constitutional authority is a nullity even though it be published in the books, recognized by the police and lowers courts, and even though it be unchallenged for decades.
        Rost v. Municipal Court of Southern Judicial District of San Mateo (1960) The Legislature, either by amending or otherwise, may not nullify a constitutional provision.
        Brookfield Construction Co. v. Stewart, 284 F.Supp 94: "An officer who acts in violation of the Constitution ceases to represent the government."

        Officers are ordinarily immune from lawsuits over their conduct on duty, but the high court has made exceptions when they violate someone's constitutional rights.
        "Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them." – Miranda v. Arizona

        you wait, there will be card carrying members pulled from their cars..because they know they have guns on them at the time of traffic stops, you wont get two words in.

        cuffed and removed of your lawfully owned weapon , the militarizing of our police forces and the pressure that's going to get put on us gun owners is going to escalate .

        there are going to be many mass shootings, its how they TPAB, get their point across and drive many weaker minded people to their knees and to bow to their wishes , carful what side to chose to support and how you talk and act. the war here has already started, you just haven't been dragged into it yet.

        when staying out of the radar becomes harder and harder, it will show up on your doorstep or toe to toe, be prepared to defend your stand, screw what spin is put on it, you know your right

        • Wow! Thank you for the very pointy statements and precedents you’ve researched and shared!

          Knowing this will be of help when it starts with “no you cannot search my house nor will I answer any questions” to 00 buck rounds coming through the door at knee high level. Most police and swat units armor up to protect vital organs, not so much from the hip down. Pump enough shells and you’re bound to cut them down to size.

      53. “We dispensed with these rights long ago”

        …and therein lies the problem. This is why I have never been successful explaining the American concept of liberty to Europeans – their understanding of freedom is from the perspective of being a subject of a monarch who can grant or deny rights. The American understanding is that God gifted us these rights and government can only protect them.

      54. What many need to know (but those here already do) is that the United Nations is evil. Everything that the UN stands for is against the principals that God has already set for us. All of the symbolisms that the UN uses is a reflection of ancient Babylon that serves the Devil. Go ahead…look it up. This guy who says he is a “world citizen” is deeply misinformed and if he doesn’t change his ways he will self-destruct without our help. So be it. Jesus said he came not to bring peace but the sword to separate the wheat from the chaff. Disregard this “world citizen”. He works for the devil. This link is for a background on the United Nations. This link is a continuation of the first. It is from a series called “Know Your Enemy” by the Fuel Project. It is parts 63 and 64 from the series found on You Tube. If folks don’t wake up now it will soon be too late.

        • I am hoping (praying) for some sort of divine intervention. Something akin to the storm that sunk the Spanish aramada. I hoping the bad Karma those folks are amassing will finally exact retribution. Those UN NWO folks are cooking themselves up a kettle of just desserts. My prayer is that everyone gets precisely what they deserve and deserves exactly what they get. Full Measure Nothing more nothing less.

      55. “Pictured: Henry Porter, Twink”

      56. what the hell is a “world citizen”? i’m a citizen of the USA and i assume this joker is a british subject….is a “world citizen” the same as a world-class asshole?

      57. The more I read, the less I think this country is going to survive. Only a matter of time as many don’t give a flying fuck no more. Money is almost worthless. Education a farce. Jobs are in the crapper. We are a drug dependent nation.
        Can’t tell right from wrong. No leadership or direction.
        “May the yoke of Tyranny lay gently upon your shoulders.”

        • Take heart my friend. I am heartened by the many people who have responded. There is hope. All is not lost. We are living in a transformational period but there is much good out there and we can build on that. There are great leaders in politics, folks like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and many others; there are great people, literally the salt of the earth, throughout these great United States. The alternative media has made incredible inroads and is leading the way to unite the good people of America. Don’t give up or give in. We will stand united and strive to bring others into our communities. Let us focus on building strong foundations, relationships, families, and communities.

        • Take heart my friend. I am heartened by the many people who have responded. There is hope. All is not lost. We are living in a transformational period but there is much good out there and we can build on that. There are great leaders in politics, folks like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and many others; there are great people, literally the salt of the earth, throughout these great United States. The alternative media has made incredible inroads and is leading the way to unite the good people of America. Don’t give up or give in. We will stand united and strive to bring others into our communities. Let us focus on building strong foundations, relationships, families, and communities.

        • Indeed the USA in its present state is in severe decline. The current agenda is unsustainable. There isn’t now and hasn’t for a long time been a viable Political or Ballott Box solution. So where does that leave us. It leaves us with the basic laws of cause & effect. For every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. Nikoli Telsa warned about messing around with the earths magnosphere. Haarp and every radio,Tv broadcast effects the magnosphere. The Suns EMPs also effect it. So we are now having a pole shift & many clatyclisms. Also every good or bad deed humans do has a karmic balance that will eventually even out. This whole UN & NWO-Agenda 21 crap is about who will remain in power in the the aftertime. It may be here tomorrow or a thousand years. Those so called eletes are simply hedging their bets. The goverments know that theres a strong possibly of so many clatyclismic events that there is no hope of the goverments to remain in control let alone responding any reliable fashion.

      58. For the past 45 minutes I have been checking about what lead up to that huge Pakistan earthquake of 7.7 this morning and it is very interesting. I have warned that the Australian plate was ready to release a lot of energy because of the African plate having so much activity on it. However out of the 100 or so major earthquakes that occurred over the decades from the precursor spots that have been hit for the past 15 days, NOT ONE QUAKE CAME FROM THE PAKISTAN AREA BEFORE.

        This is why I gave locations on the eastern Australian palate and NOT on the northwestern portion which this hit. ALL indications still point to the eastern Australian plate with locations like New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, etc getting whacked. This is one rare time in which the major earthquake DID NOT follow previous precursor quakes. IT DID FOLLOW THE ENERGY PATTERNS that said the Australian plate was going to get hit with a very large earthquake.

        IF you look at the shape of the Australian plate, this quake in Pakistan indicates that there is some major twisting coming right at the eastern flank and there should be a real large one coming there soon enough. As I mentioned about this plate. the Nazca plate was the other plate where most energy signatures were coming from, which means bad times for western South America. Also California remains a dark horse for a big quake until Oct.1 or 2.

        It is still very strange when you have all these precursor quakes on the plate boundaries, and not one out of a 100 comes even close to this Pakistan earthquake of 7.7. The closest major quake of the past was southwest China and the Black Sea region warned of back on Sept. 10. This one means that it is not over, another very large earthquake is coming.

      59. And we intimidate England how? How is owning guns a threat to anybody outside our border other than our enemies? kiss my ass Porter!

        • Our guns intimidates THE CROWN, which is part and parcel of the NWO. In other words, we’re “cramping their style” by resisting their rule.

      60. The military wing of the UN can’t even protect a crowd of poverty strickened Africans camped right beside them, how do you think they would hold up against a bunch of battle hardened Texans and Oklahomans?

        • Comanche:
          Very good point.
          There are many more states that would put together combat units in a short period of time. I know of several large groups in my area that are practicing for this. Un invasion or Marshall Law. WATCH YOU 6

        • None of these foreign armies, except the limeys, have ever fought us on our own soil. We can make mincemeat out of them.

      61. This idiot and Pierce Morgan both need to go to hell. They condemn the same Americans that donated thousands of sporting arms to Britain during WWII. If they want to be slaves of the state, so be it. The US citizens will not stand for UN intervention, and there would be one hell of a war. All I can say is come and get them if you think you have the balls.

      62. Well geeeez…ya know…uh …good luck with that. The U.N. Eh…well that’s scary, we know what bad asses they are…

      63. The Limeys have tried that before. How ’bout another “Shot heard round the world!” Bring it on, Sweetpea. The world would love nothing better to have a disarmed America, esp. with our Globalist leaning administration. Besides what’s UN gonna do without the USA?

      64. I have been trying to write something in support of self protection rights and keep getting this 404 error message. I just lost something. I will try again.

        The amount of destruction that is waiting from a super quake in the U.S. would mean that anyone that does not have firearms in a life and death situation. It is one thing to have a few miles of coast devastated by a hurricane. It is another issue to have tens or hundreds of thousands of square miles of land deformed and warped to deal with. The very foundations of everything that everyhting sits on moved and almost if not everything on it flattened. There would be no protection from roaming rape and killer gangs unless you had good firearms. This scum suckers want to take this away.

        The world’s plates right now are in major flux. That Pakistan quake should not have happenned. Out of 100 previous major quakes over th decades, not one of them was even close to where the previous precursor quakes that have happened the past 15 days have occurred. NOT ONE. This is bad news for all those close to a major fault. It means that those areas mentioned before are now even more so prone to something even larger. Earthquakes follow patterns, this one did not. Only that the Australian plate was due for a very large quake, which did happen, but it should have been much more east.

        This means that something looms that can make an area look like Haiti, including utter lawlessness. And these scum scukers want to take away everyone’s self defense. BO and all these other anti-gunners want to turn the freedom to protect yourself of the U.S. into a bum faced piers morgan hellhole haven in which you can’t even defend yourself against a vicous dog with pepper spray. And each day you get more and more idiotic pacifist support for this. Yes, there is a major attack on the 2nd, and especially the first Amendment for anyone speaking out for protecting yourself with firearms.

        • BI, a helpful hint I use for posting long comments—highlight and right-click “copy” before you hit the submit button. That way, if you lose the submission, you only need to right-click and “paste” in the comment box to repost…nothing is lost unless you copy something else or shut down your computer.

          • @ sixpack. It is just mental lazy on my part, as I do sometimes exactly what you say. I don’t know why the error 404 sometimes comes up. I suppose someone is trying to block me sending something to the site that hit a government nerve or something. Thank you for the suggestion, I just have to remember to use it, especially when I have spent 15 minutes or more typing something up.

            • I think maybe some of it is because we are all competing with each other for server attention at the same time. It can only handle so many requests at a time and may lag behind—I end up in the lag sometimes too…just my luck.

      65. Mr. Porter, Mr. World Citizen, you are welcome to come visit us. Let’s see what kind of a man you are. If you come in peace, you will be welcomed with peace. If you come with malice, you are better off not to come at all. We are proud of our Constitution and will uphold the Constitution to the bitter end. I would not bet that you could be prying our guns out of our ‘cold dead hands’. Why don’t you take your U.N. back to where you belong. Do not threaten the U.S. of A. if you know what is good for you. We are Americans first and last.

      66. Medical sources site that in the Nairobi mall as a huge number of dead bodies, much, much higher than the 62 reported. This is a prime example of the bad guys having the firearms, and the good guys not having a chance IF those scum suckers take away the people’s right to defend themselves. This would NEVER happen in a place in which most everyone was armed. Terrorists ONLY attack those that can’t defend themselves. And almost all criminals ONLY PREY on those that can’t fight back. How often do you hear of a bad guy going after someone that can fight back with firearms. And those monsters want to try to take away everyone’s right to defend and protect themselves and their families. This proves just how pure evil anti-gunners are.

      67. I’d very much like Mr. Porter to witness a home invasion (his home), his wife gang raped and sodomized by multiple punks, his house trashed, prized possessions broken or stolen, his kids kidnapped, his dog killed. Then I want the bag of shit “world citizen” to come back and write a new article on how he felt of being helpless and violated on several levels. I want this fuckard to understand that the police are minutes away when seconds count and that they are not there to protect the individual but society as a whole. I want this “world citizen” to realize that the police are there to take pictures, collect evidence and pickup the bodies.

        • Unknown;
          You really don’t wish these thing on him. You a better person that he is. I know you are frustrated with turds like this but we really don’t want things happening to the innocent. The only problem is that it will take something like this to happen to him before he wakes up!
          You are right about us Cops. We can’t do a DAMN thing until something happens to you. BETTER TO BE TRIED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6!!!

          • Sgt. Dale;

            I love your posts and replies. I’ll yield and not get in a verbal jujitsu with you.

            But I do think experience is the best policy and he needs a nice big cup of reality shoved down his throat. Only then will he see the big picture of things.

            Interesting those that have submitted themselves to authoritarian governments in the past are willing to fight and die to keep from falling into the same situation again.

          • Sgt. Dale, I need your opinion on something concerning your chosen profession and I don’t mean anything bad by it. According to certain state and federal supreme court rulings, law enforcement has no obligations to protect citizens in this country. I’ve heard some lawyers interpret that to mean that cops are government employees who serve the government and not the people, that there’s really no such person as a ‘public servant’. on another matter, how do you feel about today’s breed of cops in the post911 era? I’ve heard some stories about the curriculum at all of the local and state academies have been replaced with the federal curriculum, so I can just imagine what today’s cops have been brainwashed with. you sound like an “old school” cop. Had a few old school cops in my family who dropped out and they told me face-to-face, “We became cops to protect and serve the public, not to terrorize the public.” I look at the anti-public mentality of today’s cops and have to wonder if the public can trust LE anymore. I would appreciate your take on this. braveheart

            • Braveheart:
              To start with. Even before 9/11 I could do nothing for you until a crime was committed on you. When I was just a Patrolman, if there was a dispute I would talk to both sides and try to work some thing out, so that there would not have a fight or some thing broken. Today most newby cops won’t do that. Hell I use to walk Main St. and try to stop into all the business, even the bars. I was told by every one, that they liked it. And today every one complains to me that the guys won’t get out of the squads. This takes away the human touch to Policing. This is the Chiefs fault!
              After 9/11 TPTB start teaching that everyone could be a Terrorist, mostly those of mid east descent, now even I am consider a terrorist because of my belief in the 2na, 4th,5,10, Adm. just to name a few. I’m a Tea party member, and MOST OF ALL I BELEIVE IN GOD AND JESUS CHRIST, AS MY SAVIOR!!!
              One of things I was told and I told the new cops was. “Ok you learned the laws in Police Training, now I will teach you how to become a cop”. The problem the Police Dept. are having today is the some of the chiefs and Sheriffs, They are political offices and they if they want to keep their jobs must start doing what the feds say to do.
              I wish you family would have stayed in it because some of us older cops can teach these you guys how to be REAL COPS and not Government drones. It works sometimes, but it is getting worse. For now you can trust. Like Pres.R.R. said, “Trust but Verify”.
              I hope this answered your ?s

      68. item of interest

        Effects of Ancient Meteor Impacts Still Visible on Earth Today

        “More than 35 million years ago, a 15-story wall of water triggered by an asteroid strike washed over Virginia from its coast, then located at Richmond, to the foot of the inland Blue Ridge Mountains — an impact that would affect millions of people should it occur today. Yet despite its age, the effects of this ancient asteroid strike, as well as other epic space rock impact scars, can still be felt today, scientists say.”

      69. Does no one else see the irony of this piece? The author may well be serious, but his statements are very much like Obama’s and Kerry’s regarding Syria. Perhaps that was his intent. To show the hypocracy of the US governments statements.

      70. As another reader noted democide in 20th century in that more were killed then all wars in same time period by their own govt.I will never give up my means of defending myself and others short of death.These tools will help me protect others and myself if a natural/manmade disaster hits along with putting food on the table thru hunting,just not going to give em up/turn em in no matter what the consequences.Live for today,prep for tomorrow.

      71. Remember your history and you will not be doomed to repeat it. ¨First they took the guns.¨
        The choice is yours.

      72. We’re not 300. We’re 300,000,000.

        God, the whole world is about to attack us. Breaks their bows and pride! In Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.



        • If you have nothing to add to the discussion, feel free to shut your piehole at anytime.

          • Eisen=troll. Troll=dickhead.

        • Eisen, while I agree with your point about tattoos, you need to stop showing your ass and attacking the good people on this site. We’re not retards, either. Plus, how the f#$% do you know what armed Americans will do when confronted by gun-grabbers? You’re the one who sounds like a retard and disgusting.

        • Judge not and you shall not be judged, on par with Law of the Prophets


            Thanks for the reminder that WE don’t need everyone, less that 10% will more than enough to win the coming conflagration.

            Why don’t you go get a tattoo on your forehead…WIMP-NO MOLON LABE HERE!

            • 3%
              If i gotta use my compound bow im still taking some of them with me,

        • No….the United States is starting to separate into the commies and the real Americans.

          Think about a middle aged real American.
          You think they will go to the town hall and turn in their guns.

          No…. never.

          You don’t know shit about us at all.

          A funny thing happens when you’re middle aged.
          You’ve seen so much BS…that you won’t put up with anything.

          The people of England who got disarmed are stupid fucks.

      74. Let them try to take our guns!!! It might be better that the U.S.A. gets cut off from the rest of the world. I just want to know what they are going to eat? I want to know who is going to come to there rescue when the are hit with a disaster? Who is going to pay for the UN?
        When UN boots hit the soil the GOOD OLD BOYS will take care of the problem.
        Yes there are some in this country that support these clowns but they won’t live long. Don’t forget if you support them YOU HAVE A FAMILY. This not a threat, but a warning to you!!! If you don’t care what the thugs will do to your family go ahead and support these clowns.
        I will go down fighting! Yes I will kill anyone that tries to take my rights away from me. GOD have mercy on their souls.
        I just hope my fellows PATRIOT WILL STAND TOGETH.

        • Howdy, Sgt. Dale, and I’m with you all the way. being cut off from the rest of the world is the best thing that could happen to us.

        • UN goons show up at my place they will be politely asked to leave. Illegal aliens, trespassing, and my private property don’t mix well.

      75. They can Kiss my Lilly White ASS. I wouldn’t go down with a fight and I know many people here in my town who would stand up and fight as well.

        The United Nations would loose that fight.

        • Sorry for the typo, it should have read I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

      76. How much do you want to bet that pussy Porter has a body guard. Seriously. You first, Mr. Pussy.

      77. Hehhehheh….send me some damn blue helmets!

        • Truth
          Can I help stack them up like cord wood?

      78. Considering that the US was going against Syria for violating a treaty that it did not sign, it does not seem a stretch that other countries will insist the US abide by the UN small arms treaty even if it is rejected by the Senate.

      79. I was a real soldier and wore a green helmet…those damn blue ones ain’t shit! Hehheh

      80. Sgt. Dale I agree with you. However the very last thing I want to do is kill another person. Be Informed has some good info. You don’t need to be a certified looney wearing a tin foil hat to know something is up with the planet. These clatyclismic disaster,s are increasing in both frequency and magnitude. Lets all pray that these events severly cripple the UN and NWO agenda. If the severity of clatyclisms destroys the entire planets infrastructure the UN & NWO- the banksters and all the parasites will wither on the vine and die. The physical infrastructure will fail. However the spirit of self reliance and know how will remain & flourish. If we all pray it could work. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

        • Old Guy:
          You are right I don’t want to kill anyone, but I would do anything I can to save my family from these clowns. Do you think that if they come into the USA just to take away the guns that they won’t rape and murder your families.
          I’ve been a cop for almost 30 years and have been able to talk people down and have not had to take out anyone. If I am at a point to where it has to come to that I have the mind set that I would pull the trigger! I know I would be very upset if it did happen, but if it comes to it I will.
          Old guy I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER!!!

      81. The only way to achieve total control of the U S A and over THE FREEDOM LOVING PATROITS is to nuke us. They cannot do that because of one thing DESTORYING THE BREAD BASKET OF THE WORLD! That friend’s is a very big plus for us. They don’t have enough boots to do it. As for our so called leaders they to know it will be impossible to disarm the FREEDOM LOVING PATROITS. All of the BS sprouting out of their mouths makes one sick, they might as well be pissing in the wind for all I care. I say to them BRING IT ON or SHUT THE F—K UP and go play with one other like all your GAY FRIENDS. To the: GOVERNMENT PISS OFF. Thx for letting me rant a little (Mac).

        • If they dont know it yet they should now after the last few years, hundreds of millions of guns, billions of rounds of manufactured ammo and probly the same in home rolled, tactical gear up the wazoo, etc, etc,,,
          Silly idiots think we would just give up?
          Yea right, cold day in hell!
          It will be a bloodbath
          And then it will get worse when more awaken,

      82. Ex-Royal Marine with a pistol rescues 100 people from the mall in Nairobi, returns 12 times. Hero’s name withheld for security purposes. Photo of him rescuing two women in the Daily Mail.

      83. World citizen, hmmm. Sounds like an idiot to me. There is more to this than a idiot spouting off, this is a guage of opinion. Plus a stab at swaying public opinion with a false statistic of 52% thrown in. Protect the second, for without it we have no rights!

      84. World citizen, hmmm. Sounds like an idiot to me. There is more to this than a idiot spouting off, this is a guage of opinion. Plus a stab at swaying public opinion with a false statistic of 52% thrown in. Protect the second, for without it we have no rights!

      85. Oh, so we have dispensed with English Common Law have we?
        First I’ve heard.
        English Common Law is the law of this land and it will always be so. Cease and desist with your treason henry of the porter family…..

      86. Off Topic, sorry but you guys/gals need to know this.

        Do you remember the so-called red/blue/yellow markings on mailboxes. First off, I live in an upscale neighborhood, very nice. Things like this just don’t happen. My mailbox has been marked in white. I would be glad to post the pic of it, but I don’t know how. I sent a email to Mac as well a few minutes ago. I just saw it last night. Does it freak me out, no, but this whole mess is fucked up. Sorry for the language.

        They never leave us alone, each of you must understand this.

        Brain Dead

        • I like to fuck with their heads and take them stickers off mail boxes, and stick them elsewhere..

          besides when SHTF aint gonna be no use for mailboxes any dam ways, I’ll knock mine down the day the SHTF ’cause I wont be getting no letters anyhow

      87. I am so tired of other people here in the states and more specifically other countries telling us how to run our lives…

        Will this asshat please explain to me that somehow Americans possessing a firearm 4,000 miles away has any direct impact on him, his family, or country? MYOFB…

        I got an idea, how about the UK worry about their own economic and social issues, which as far as I can tell, could be a whole hell of a lot worse than that of the US.

        That makes about as much sense as me protesting the UN to stop importation of tea to the UK, because it stains the already ugly teeth of their people. Its for the children….

      88. …further to my recent post.
        Please do not tar all the English with the henry porter brush. I’m very much for taking up arms to defeat what is an obvious tyranny. I certainly will NOT go quietly into their disgusting new world order night … NO WAY !!!

      89. I’m sorry but all this defiant indignation is laughable. IF they come for your guns, it will be the Police and/or the US Military. You will be confronting your own people And tell me, do you really plan to take on a battalion of Rangers with your shotguns and AR15s? Further, do you really believe your neighbors are gonna risk all to step in and back you up? You must be living in fantasy land!
        If you want to keep any of this from happening, it has come down to this: you MUST take out the leadership. It is really that simple. Your vote means NOTHING! Your political leanings mean NOTHING! Your indignant comments on sites like this or even CNN mean NOTHING! None of this will change by itself. You HAVE to take out the leadership. And you all know what I’m talking about.

        • Yes, I will take on the Troops if I have to. But you forget they are not their troops; they are OUR troops. A whole bunch of these liberals forget that people who hate guns don’t join the army.

        • 4th gen warfare,
          Sounds like youve read from Sipsey Street Irregulars,

        • BlackDog, there might be a handful of our own troops and police that take part, but it will be mostly DHS and foreign troops making the attempts at gun confiscation. Most of the US military is overseas and from what I can gather, most police will have the good sense NOT to carry out such an order. you can laugh at the indignation all you want. To me and the others here, It’s not something to laugh about. this is something deadly serious. let’s see how you respond when someone kicks your door in and takes whatever you have not to mention having their own way with your family. We’re talking about self-defense against anyone with evil intentions toward us, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE. let them be stupid enough to try it. One other thing you’re missing. there are at least 80,000,000 to 100,000,000 gun owners in this country with at least 2 guns per household. That’s a helluva lot of doors to kick in. they can’t get enough manpower to carry out such a task. the attempt at confiscation will fail and a lot of people on both sides will die. They should just forget it. braveheart

      90. US ready to use ‘military force’ to protect interests (OIL and NATURAL GAS) in Middle East – Obama

        During UN general assembly Obama outlined US policy toward the Middle East and North Africa: The United States is prepared to use “all elements of our power, including military force, to secure our core interests in the region” and confront threats to allies and partners. That includes taking action when it’s necessary to defend America against terrorist attacks. Also, he said, the United States will ensure the free flow of energy to the world and confront threats to allies and partners. And the country will not tolerate the use and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
        Obama said it is important for the United States to remain engaged in North Africa and the Middle East. “I believe that such disengagement would be a mistake. I believe America must remain engaged for our own security,” but also because “I believe the world is better for it,” he said.
        I do believe that if we can resolve the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship – one based on mutual interests and mutual respect,” Obama said.
        “In the near term,” Obama said. “America’s diplomatic efforts will focus on two particular issues: Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. While these issues are not the cause of all the region’s problems, they have been a major source of instability for far too long, and resolving them can help serve as a foundation for a broader peace.”
        A quick look back in what he said about Iran: “We are encouraged,” Obama said, “that President Rouhani received from the Iranian people a mandate to pursue a more moderate course. Given President Rouhani’s stated commitment to reach an agreement, I am directing John Kerry to pursue this effort with the Iranian government, in close coordination with the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China.”The roadblocks may prove to be too great, but I firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested.”
        Obama said “real breakthroughs” on Iran’s nuclear program and Israeli-Palestinian peace “would have a profound and positive impact on the entire Middle East and North Africa.”
        Obama supported the action in Libya, where the UN Security Council “provided a mandate to protect civilians” and “America joint a coalition that took action.” “Does anyone truly believe that the situation in Libya would be better if (former Libyan leader Moammar) Gadhafi had been allowed to kill, imprison, or brutalize his people into submission? It is far more likely that without international action, Libya would now be engulfed in civil war and bloodshed.”
        Obama also talked about Egypt, where longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak was ousted in 2011 and President Mohamed Morsy was ousted this summer. The United States’ overriding interest regarding Egypt these past few years has been to encourage the existence an Egyptian government that legitimately reflects the will of the people, but respects minority rights and freedom of assembly.”
        Voice of Russia, RT, CNN
        Read more:

      91. WTF is a “World Citizen”

        does that mean no county wants this dam fool? sounds like a dam dust particle

        wouldnt surprise me one bit

      92. This “World Second Amendment Advocate” says put up or shut up …punk!

      93. “They can take my gun, when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.”
        Hell, I don’t even own a pellet gun.
        Nice line though.

        • what are you waiting for? do you have patriot issues?

      94. “They can take my gun, when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.”
        Hell, I don’t even own a pellet gun.
        Nice line though.

        • “They can take my gun, if they can pry it from me with their cold, dead fingers.”

          “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.” ― Gen. George S. Patton

      95. Disarm the governments first… then maybe we can talk

        • Now I like that kind of thinking..

          we all collectively tell them,, you first!

          or KMA!

          than we do exactly like they are going to do to us if we give up our arms..we forceably take them over and send them to the box!

          some tyrants are so stupid to think most of us don’t get their game, makes me laugh

      96. MOLON LABE corksoakers!

      97. Mr Porter, Please come and attempt to disarm me. I dare you.

      98. Well, since a recent pol show that British citizens their country’s handgun ban repealed, I’d say that Mr Porter’s words carry no more weight than Piers Morgan.

      99. “Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” Napoleon

        I’d rather die than give up my guns.

      100. It is a multifronted battle. They will come directly at the gun owners with shit like this. Mostly it will change nothing or very little. However, where we may lose is the battle that they are waging in the youth (future) of our country. They (the public education system) slowly but surely are demonizing guns broadly (think poptarts, airsoft guns, finger pointing, etc.). They recoil from any image or utterance of “GUN”. If not for me, my kids would also look upon a gun as if it were an entity from hell. Fear in their eyes, backing away ever so slowly. I have seen it with my kids’ friends that have visited and seen me reloading and such. It is amazing how they are molded. There is a war on hunting as well. And gun shows… I have seen shows that do stupid things like bitch about children being present. Dumb, dumb, dumb. These children may indeed one day feel they no longer need the barbaric “rustic” guns. At that point it will be too late for words.

      101. I believe that America is Israel, all 12 white tribes smart enough to leave Europe, like separatimg the wheat from the chaffe. The world will turn on Israel at once in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the end days.

        Come Lord Come. Amen.

      102. Instead of taking our weapons , why dont they go focus on Japan and fix Fukushima. Now there is a pressing problemm

        • Hell, they created it tom.

          They sure as hell don’t want to fix it.

      103. Forty-four of our state constitutions also recognize the right to bear arms.

        Henry Porter and his ideas are antiquated, since he wants to make all of us slaves to the government.

        • when Mac moderates the above,,. please tell me

          5 times this guy shoulda have had his card pulled, wtf are we looking at? affirmative action? or did he give good head?

          or do they let any p.o.s. in our military these days, because the pool of educated people about how you are used up in the military is coming to an end?

          are the good useful people figuring it out that you are just a pawn in the petrodollar wars, so the military has to resort to these types of losers?

          just looking for answers

      104. Talk about turning men against men, women against women and humanity against its own people.

        We need to listen to truth and realize this is the way that WORLD wars start – with misinformation and lies.

        Please read between the lines and seek out truth.

      105. See through this – designed to turn men against men

        WAKE UP!

      106. >>It’s a sentiment shared by many world citizens, as well as about 52% of Americans who participated in a recent Huffington Post poll.<<

        Blatant BS. You can't trust anything from the Huff Post.

        Think I'll buy a gun now.

      107. LOL, when I started dating my husband I told him, “if you ever lay a hand on me in anger, and I don’t get you first, I’m warning you, DO NOT go hunting with my Daddy!”

        I would like to take Mr. Porter Hunting. My uncle leases about 1000 acres along a swamp. he could see how my folks live down south. Wild boar with tusks, copperheads, cottonmouths, rattle snakes, and a gator population that is getting out of control. I’ll bet he’d want a gun when that gator got after him. If he couldn’t climb a tree he’d be SOL, because as Mr. World Citizen says, we don’t need guns, so I wouldn’t be using mine to help him!

        Mmmmm Gator snacks.

        • I always told mine that if he ever touched me with anything less than respect, I had a Louisville Slugger with his name on it. LOL

      108. I won’t surrender my firearm to Mr Porter nor can he have any cartridges. If he insists, he can have a couple of bullets. Good luck trying to catch them. They’ll be coming awfully fast.

      109. I will not give up my guns, I am a American and Mr Porter can kiss my butt

      110. Keep masturbating to that wet dream of yours Porter/Potter! It will not happen. You really want to disarm somebody, disarm the evil fucks in all governments while you’re at it!

      111. Molon Labe UK swine

      112. Henry Porter is a wimp who can talk big as long as he’s on the other side of an ocean. Well, I can talk big too. I want to go over and kick the ass of every Limey bastard who failed to protect his own right to defend himself with a firearm. How’s that, you big effing pussy!

      113. Molon Labe!

      114. The graves of tens of millions have been filled with ‘English subjects’, ‘communist populations’, etc., and soon to be added to the historical list — ‘world citizens’!

      115. Dear Mr. Porter,
        Phuck You! The reason Americans beat the British Empire in the first place was because the Brits were a bunch of elitist snotbags who were convinced knew what was better for the world than the world did for itself. Your type are exactly why I will not surrender my firearms peacefully. Mind your own business, tend to your own affairs and kiss my big old American kiester.

      116. Mr Porter;
        If you will notice and observe, the gun ownership of the people is not the problems we suffer now in the world. The ownership of guns by the people as a given right not by governments or by man does not spread it’s tentacles around the world and poses no threat to your frightened existence.
        However, what arms do pose a risk to your country as well as ALL countries in the world are the weapons at the hands and control of the governments themselves. It is they that start wars abroad and invade other countries and pose a risk to life in the millions. It is they who forcibly interrupt a once peaceful existence on private soil. It is they who round up and murder innocent people, destroy cities and leave destitution behind their wake. It is they who quest for power forcefully draft the people and brainwash them into doing their evil deeds. It is they who are the devastation of this planet and a way of life.
        So when you look through history and read of the billions of suffered and murdered people, look closely at the source- governments and their military, not the few civilians shooting targets at a range then taking their families out to dinner afterwards. The people have more respect for life, liberty and the well being of their countrymen than all governments combined. It isn’t the people who hide cowardly behind a political desk when it comes time to protect their country and way of life, it is them who will be doing the fighting for a right and a cause- not for a vote or power.
        We are Americans. We know where we have come from and how hard it was to get here. We worked and toiled against odds that would scare off even the toughest of people, and I dare say, you would have turned tail and run to your mommy. And it was people from all over the globe that started this country- they came for the freedom and a promise of a good life.
        Take your opinions and burn them from your head- they mean nothing here in “America”!

      117. Dear Henry Porter,

        It has come to my attention that world citizens advocate violent conquest in response to those who value natural rights of expression, press, religion, self-defense, safe and secure from non-substantiated probable cause with warrant, and other limits or checks and balances between the people and their Representative government rebranded in the 90s as a Indirect Democracy or Representative Democracy opposed to a Republic form of government through the supranationalist institution known as the United Nations or likely through the UN Peacekeepers.

        Be it advised that natural rights are not bestowed by government, and these are not only limits and a check and balance of power within the government referenced in your article of the London Observer, but these are unalienable meaning all laws that infringe upon natural rights are in violation and not in pursuance of the US’s Constitution, and it speaks volumes of the rather treasonous mind set of US residents and sovereign citizens who are rather attracted to power.

        It should be rather obvious that your redirection of nationalism of a national culture, language, and uniting principles into supranationalism is no substitute or encouragement of attaining world peace in no different way setting up large stretches or globally crime free or otherwise war free zones will neither prevent crime nor create world peace. In fact, your article rather particularly states ‘disarm so we can invade or fail to do so and face invasion’ reads more like tyrannical appeasement. Tyrannical appeasement has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be incapable of being sated; Europe’s attempt with Hitler’s Nazi Germany is the most atrocious and obvious example. The idea of supranationalism is no different than colonialism or even aggressive conquest; it simply changes or adjusts the observation to accomplish the same feat. Considering, the parallels from the Dark Ages, Salem Witch Trials, ends justifies the means/greater good, and etc all stems from the same ideological viewpoint.

        From here, the adage ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’ seems to be quite apt.

      118. Sounds like another British douche trying to disarm the American people. Tell ya what British dude, you stop drinking tea and we will give up our guns. NOT!

      119. You can’t expect a British Servant of the Crown to have any concept of what real freedom means. If they did, there would be no Crown or Royalty in Britain.

      120. Great Britain has invaded 171 countries. There are only 22 countries they haven’t invaded. They are much more successful at manipulating Americans than are Zionists or UN Communists. If you follow the money, you end up in London or in a London-controlled off-shore banking haven. Though far more productive and far stronger by all measures, we inexplicably remain debt slaves to these pompous little pipsqueaks.

      121. That brit at the top of the page has a nice big forehead, perfect headshot

      122. And just what will the elitist’s take our guns with? More guns.

        I say bring it on. There will be a blood bath.

      123. You can’t change them and they can’t change us. Let’s rumble! I am prepared and ready to die if necessary on my own door step protecting friends and family from european takeover. Good luck! May the best man win!

      124. I have read a lot of scary stuff on this site in the past but when I read this one I just busted out laughing. The UN will not be disarming America. The UN can’t do much of anything. It is so useless and corrupt it is an embarrassment to the world. For many years I have felt that America should withdraw funding from the UN. No, the only entity that can disarm America is America. The progressive movement wants us to be defenseless. Every American needs to take just 5 minutes and ponder this and consider why that might be.

      125. … and in 1938, Mr. Porter certainly would have been an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler and his world-wide reich, too

      126. …okay Portly…lets see…we “rustics” kicked your sorry asses,not once but twice…then we saved your sorry asses in two world wars…and we have propped your sorry asses up in between and since then…ya,I agree we rustics are far too warlike…so next time y’all get your sorry asses in another bind…like say the muzzies take over your little rock in the north sea…ya…we will show how peaceful we can be…and sit that one out…naw…no Yanks or Rebs will be coming…we be too rustic for y’all,bye now! 😉

      127. NOT IN MY LIFETIME !

      128. When Obama got in office….every red blooded American got armed.

        We all knew a commie was in office.

        This is just the American spirit.

        You cannot tell a people their entire lives they are free…then steal their freedom.



      129. I say good luck to them if they’d like to try, but they should remember that in general, the people who want to keep the guns are the same people who fought to end slavery. These people need to study history and forget what they learned from government schools.

      130. Mr. Porter if you do not disparage the American inalienable right to self defense, we shall not disparage your inalienable right to remain a clueless, elitist pussy.

      131. Come on over, sir, and bring your soldiers with you. Let’s have another go-round like the last one when we beat the sh*t out of the British army.

      132. Who is this prick and what gives him the right. I wish someone close to him would just take care of the problem.

      133. I hope that Mr. Porter will be the first one to my front door so I can welcome him properly. Hope he only paid for a one way flight.

      134. As an true Englishman i do apologise for this middle class pontificating little prick.
        You can tell from his face he is one of those horrible little middle class Twats who has never had a hard day in his life. Daddy is probably a Judge. I say put the idiot in the ghetto (and we have plenty of them in the UK) for a week with £40 to survive on and he will soon change his tune.
        As an outsider i would worry too much about them taking your guns. In some ways i would love them to try. America needs a full on revolution, now they are really taking the piss out of you all. I promise you the UK will follow. It’s time for our own New World Order where we won’t need to live in fear. That is the only way people will lay down their arms, and rightly so.

      135. Mr. porter should lead the charge smuggy little terd. I wish a motherfuker would especially a smelly punk liberal European

      136. I find it very hard to believe that law abiding citizens are a threat the UN needs to deal with because they own a firearms. I think there are much bigger problems in the world.

        Take for instance, the US dumping military weapons in the middle east that end up with terrorists. I don’t think they get a background check. Hell we invaded a country and turned it over to people we don’t even know, without a background check.

      137. Well Mr. Porter, if you’ve got a big enough set, why don’t you bring you’re as* to America and try to take the Gun’s.

      138. “….Maybe the United Nations can be sent in to disarm the irrational rustics…”

        Oh really….

        “Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful for her is the third. But THE WHOLE WORLD UNITED shall not prevail against her”
        — George Washington prophecy, 1777

        Molon Labe.

      139. I think Mr Porter and myself need to meet for a civil meeting where no weapons are allowed so I can give him a proper a$$ whipping.

        • just take the little faggot to a maximum security prison , and let the inmates screw him all day and pass him around like a bar of candy ……………he will then wish he had a gun .

      140. Henry…..”Come and get them you punk” !

      141. Thermite ………remember that word folks , they may have all those toys , but Thermite will defeat any armored vehicle . Easy to make , easy to use , the Molotov cocktail of the 21st century partisan .

      142. Well, I promise to never save this man’s life with a firearm.

      143. AWWwwww…:) and I thought he was talking of disarm the US – ARMY! ?Now THAT would be a cool thing!

      144. So… waste the “world citizen” and string ’em from a tree, then. May not solve the problem outright, but it’s a start, at least.

      145. The irony is that you will need the help of people with guns to do this. Molon labe, mr. Porter, molon labe.

      146. With the ever looming police state and martial law in America, calling for the disarmament of American’s is calling for their genocide.

      147. Putin has guns …………lets see you try to take his away .

      148. You want to send a force into the U.S. to take American weapons? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There will be a lot fewer troops leaving. Come take my guns. I dare you.

      149. They can take my rifle when they pry it from my cold dead hands. All I can say about this

      150. Jesus fkn christ! Are you serious???? Are you FKN serious???? Does this mofo want us to bring hell with us to Europe again?? Gen. Patton should’ve finished the job properly by eradicating the Brits and Russians in one sitting!!!

      151. Bring it gay boy !

      152. Typical elitist shitbag. Claims moral superiority and then wants someone else to go do the heavy lifting. Come and get them you pansy.


        Fire all liberals dems from your employment.
        Treat them like the traitors they are to the United States.
        Let them be poor, disenfranchised, alone and hide your wealth from
        their ilk.

        Do all you can to keep these commies down.
        They are destroying the United States.

      154. Give Henry Porter a Blue Helmet and let him start right here in Mississippi.

      155. If the people of the US give up our guns and do not fight for the 2nd amendment then the world (and us) will drop into darkness and tyranny and never come out of it. I have sworn to myself and God that I will fight those who try to take mine and go to war right here if the even say they are going to.

      156. I love the concept that the Chinese and Russia UN “peace keepers” will never see home again when they invade.

        Millions of Americans will rise up.

        I still think our core military is just waiting for their time to roll into washington and remove all the liberals from power.

        You enslave us all….

        No jobs for you guys.

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        Earlier, PS3 users had to use a Netflix supplied disc for streaming.
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