World Bank Warning: “Darkening Skies” For The Global Economy

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Headline News | 20 comments

World Bank is warning that the skies are darkening for the global economy.  The outlook isn’t that great and there are increasing risks to the entire planet’s economy.

In its annual assessment of global prospects, the World Bank predicts continued, yet somewhat slower, growth this year and next year. According to a report by the BBC, the Bank’s forecast for the global economy is an expansion this year of 2.9% and 2.8% in 2020.  However, there are rising concerns that make economists take pause and issue warnings.

While the global economy is slowing down it’s likely to be what the Bank’s economists call a “soft landing”. The slowdown started in the middle of last year and it has so far been “orderly.”

The predicted slowdown is focused on the rich countries, particularly the US, although it will continue to expand more rapidly than either the Eurozone or Japan according to the Bank’s forecasts.

The US slowdown is the result of the fading impact of President Trump’s tax cuts and by 2021 its growth will have almost halved – to 1.6% compared with 2.9% last year.-BBC

The Bank does not expect a recession in either the United States or China. Some commentators, though, are now suggesting the U.S. could be heading for one next year and if it were to happen the risk of a global recession would increase sharply. Many Wall Street analysts fear that U.S. bond markets, where short rates are now almost higher than long rates, are signaling the possibility of a U.S. recession. In the past, the report says, the risk of a global recession in any one year was 7%. But if the U.S. has a downturn, the probability goes up to 50%.

High levels of national and consumer debt, coupled with the trade war and monetary tightening are shouldering the blame for the “darkening skies” of the global economy.  World Bank noted that low-income countries have seen their government debt levels rise from 30 percent to 50 percent of GDP over the past four years, forcing them to spend more on interest payments. “At the beginning of 2018 the global economy was firing on all cylinders, but it lost speed during the year and the ride could get even bumpier in the year ahead,” said the bank’s CEO Kristalina Georgieva.

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    1. JRS

      Only 40% or 50% debt for some countries? The IMF and World Bank aren’t done with them yet. Debt needs to keep expanding or the system freezes like it did in 2008. The banks don’t really care how far in debt anyone or any country is as long as they can service the interest payments. The principal is continually rolled over. Usury is, after all, the income for the bankers.

      It’s possible that debt will continue to rise until net energy to back up interest payments falls. It has already fallen whereby the principal cannot be paid. Countries that rely mostly on imports of energy will be the first to fall. Those that have energy resources and cannot stand up to empire will be destabilized and their resources commandeered for empire’s multinational oilcos to plunder. All wars are resource wars. The BS about religious differences or human rights violations or spreading democracy is just that …BS to cover for the real reason.

    2. Anonymous

      The next phase of the world’s development, the ones that will energize all the stalled ones now, will be the introduction and acceptance of a world monetary system.

      I see a worldwide economic crisis as the most likely way to accomplish this and would like to hear others ideas/insights on both this means of instituting it and any other means for it they can see that I may not see.

      • durangokidd

        “The next phase of the world’s development, the ones that will energize all the stalled ones now, will be the introduction and acceptance of a world monetary system.”

        FALSE. HERE’S WHY.

        First we already have a world monetary system. Second, we also have a “One World Currency”. That one world currency is the “DOLLAR” …. more specifically the Federal Reserve Note.

        Third, the Gangster Bankers make a lot of their money from FX and that market, and those profits, are GROWING with the globalization of the Yuan.

        Eventually, digital money & blockchain technology will be married to quantum computers and at that time the world will have a digital money system OVERLAID over the existing financial system ….. tweeking it towards perfection. A worldwide financial crisis in NOT necessary to implement the OVERLAID TECHNOLOGY.

        That “upgraded technology” will itemize every transaction around the world by everyone; eliminating financial privacy for everybody. Once your financial privacy is eliminated because every transaction can be checked & verified by blockchain, your other rights will not be far behind.

        Paper currency will be soooo “yesterday”. 🙁

        • durangokidd

          BTW, someone here predicted the recession would begin after the New Year back in Oct /Nov. 2018, while things were still riding high.

          Yeah it’s in the archives. Who was that Masked Man ??? 🙂

    3. jakartaman

      It will be a world economic meltdown.
      I don’t think it would take to much of a breeze to bring the house of cards down.
      A couple of possibilities
      1. EU goes belly up
      2. The USA is stripped of our printing press.
      3. Russia invades Ukraine and starts a very hot regional war (could led to WWIII)

      • John Smith

        100% 100%

      • Genius

        Firefighters discover evidence of DEW weapons used to burn Paradise…
        ht tps://

      • durangokidd

        Russia is not likely to invade Ukraine, and doesn’t want to do so: unless it is absorbed by NATO. In which case, Putin has said he will move on Ukraine. NATO will not invite Ukraine to join as that would be certain WW III with Putin is power. 🙁

        The EU will start splintering late this year and eventually “Three Kings” exit the EUROZONE according to bible prophecy.

        The EU will be reorganized and made STRONGER by these Changes, again according to bible prophecy, and over time, grows more DOMINATE over that part of the world as the USA withdraws from Europe (unless a NATO member is attacked), pivots to Wes Pac and concentrates on Central & South America. 🙂

    4. B.eaumont


    5. Mike

      I think that they could really look at the Federal Reserve raising the interest rates four (4) times last year and planning on raising it three (3) times in 2019. That is how the Fed puts the brakes on the economy.

    6. Honeypot

      I’m thinking it will be a sneaky doublecross. The bankers set up a phony front group posing as national Patriots. They make a show of ending the fed and dismantle the central bank cartel; but it’s all a sham and now each country creates what appear to be independent digital currency, but it’s all one digital currency with the appearance of independence hiding the reality that there is only one central system controlled by the same people who control it now.


    7. Justice

      I almost panicked yesterday because every ATM that I went to was out of money. Each one said “insufficient funds”.

      Consequently, I think we may be on the edge of a banking crisis?!?!

      • Genius

        Ya I have direct deposit with my main employer (sort of forced to). I go into the bank and withdraw 1000 bucks or so and they look at me like I have 2 heads. I have had them take like 20 minutes to come up with the cash before. Its a fooking BANK for Chris sake!

        • Tread3

          Sorry you live where you live genius. I regularly pull $1000+ out of my bank and they are totally cool. I personally know many of the tellers so it’s not a big deal

      • Genius

        Justice, Or maybe people are finally waking up and not being CARDTARDS all the time? Maybe there is hope? Meh, my beer is getting warm….

      • durangokidd

        You should already be keeping excess cash out of the banks, leaving only one month of bills in your accounts. 🙂

    8. Paul Georgis

      we’re in trouble

    9. Rock and Roll

      The World Bank should have a good handle on whats coming next. They have the same owners as the Fed and BIS. So the debt is so high now that a 2.5% rate of interest is crashing the global economy. The banks will scoop up a mass of assets in foreclosure and bail out themselves out with free money again. All for the good of the people of course. (s) I hope enough people catch on that the central bankers get their just reward this time around.

    10. Anonymous

      Are these the best predictions they can come up with? They need a crystal ball at their next board meeting.

    11. the Lone Ranger

      The Mark of the Beast is ALMOST here, see the Book of Revelation.

      Keep as much cash OUT of the bank and carefully hidden, preferably offsite, as you would with preps.

      Keep preppin’, keep praying, keep preparing, especially spiritually.

      Keep in mind every single bank in the world is INsolvent, courtesy of the bad guys who set up the fraudulent scheme called “derivatives”. Bernie Madoff made off with the money but these guys made off with much more! And are not in jail.

      And keep the Ten Commandments. That is key.

      “The truly evil don’t reside in jail.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

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