Woman Who Thought Obama Would Pay for Her Gas And Mortgage: “He Lied About Everything”

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Headline News | 332 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Remember Peggy Joseph?

    She’s the woman who swooned over Barack Obama’s every word and was so excited about the fact that all her problems would be solved once he became President that she broke down in tears. In a video that went viral just days before the election in October of 2008 Joseph showed her exuberance and unwavering commitment to hope and change by exclaiming that she would no longer have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage.

    “If I help him,” Joseph proclaimed, “he’s going to help me.”

    Filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who produced the new documentary There’s No Place Like Utopia decided to give Joseph a visit to see how all that hopey changey thing was working out for her. You may or may not be surprised to learn that she’s still waiting for those promises to come true.

    In the following video Gilbert, who gifted Joseph with some ruby slippers presumably to help her return from her fairy tale ride, asks her if Obama helped pay for her mortgage and gas.

    Hahaha… Absolutely not. My mortgage got worse and gas prices got higher.

    During that time we needed a change, but a change for the better and not for the worse.

    He had a very big voice, just like the Wizard of Oz.  The wizard was this teeny teeny tiny man… and I think it’s the same thing with Obama… the man behind the curtain… not who we thought or expected him to be.

    I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz… that’s how I feel… I was Dorothy.

    I started getting a little more educated about politics and reading more. What I learned is, ‘never trust a wizard.’

    It’s within ourselves to have the determination, the courage and the brains to bring us to our destiny.

    Truth and honesty are important… He lied about everything.

    At some point in our lives we’ve all been fooled by a fast-talking politician who made promises that weren’t kept. Unlike the tens of millions of other people who elected Barack Obama to not one, but two Presidencies, Peggy Joseph at least has the courage to admit it.

     Joel Gilbert, who’s talked to hundreds of people who also fell for the hype, suggests Peggy Joseph is not alone:

    According to Gilbert, his documentary shows similar experiences with other one-time Obama supporters who bought into his hope and change rhetoric but quickly discovered he’s not what he says.

    “In my journey through America in ‘There’s No Place Like Utopia,’ I met a lot of people living in horrible conditions, particularly African Americans, who I was surprised to learn were now staunch conservatives as a result of living in progressive-controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago and Newark,” Gilbert said.

    “After 60 years of progressive politics in their cities, they understood very clearly that they had not been progressing but rather regressing all this time, and they were mad. They felt they had been used and tricked by Obama for their votes and that he never intended to keep any of his promises, just like the Wizard of Oz.”

    (Top Right News)




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      1. I hate to say it….I TOLD YOU SO! some people learn the hard way but better late than never.

        • Boooghahahahahahahaha………..

          • For Many Americans this is true, they now no longer have to worry about paying for their mortgages. Because many already lost their houses. However living out of your car, you still have to pay double the price for gas.

            • How long did it take for her to understand Oliar lied?

              Heard this: Whenever I’m called a racist, I know I’ve won an arguement with an Obama supporter.

            • The impression I got from Ms Joseph was that she was using EBT cards and generally couldn’t afford to pay her mortgage and her gas. From the looks of her house I was waaaayyyyy wrong.

              Yes, it’s good she learned something most of us already knew. I hope there are many more like her that are waking up to what we’re up against. I hope Dear Leader gets to see how people are starting to see him.

              • Many conservatives and Tea Party; voted with the welfare of this country in mind and not with a racist thought that because Obama would become the 1st Black president, or anyone who is a conservatives or Tea Party member are holding back spanish and black people from bettering themselves. We voted for a better America for all Legal American Citizens. The True Racist were the ones who voted on skin color and not the ability to better the lives of all Americans without lining their pockets at taxpayers expense.

                • An unbelievable demonstration of the sort of pathologically insane, Utopian-minded naivete and Goober Pyle strain of gullibility and child-like, fantasy thinking that has brought about the greatest existential crisis for White European mankind in world history, Ken.

                  There is a term used to describe people like this Ken fellow. This term was coined by the growing number of experts who are studying and analyzing this bizarre, freakish, unnatural obsession of White Western man to embrace attitudes, policies and ideologies whose ultimate end game is the Suicide of the West and the complete destruction of White, Western Civilization.

                  That disease is called Pathological Altruism, and there is one and only race of human who is affected by this suicidal and fatal sickness: White European people. And, it is painfully evident that these lily white, deracinated, spineless Tea Party types are most seriously infected with this disease.

                  Look, Ken. White Western Civilization is a product of the talents and genius and aptitude of White European men and women. Our civilization was NOT built by a motley collection of non-Europeans from every backwater third world garbage dump of a nation on this planet. Up to as recently as 1960 – America was and always had been a majority White European nation, and Whites were about 90% of the population at the 1960 point.

                  Whites were far more self-confident and racially proud of themselves and their ancestors prior to the 1960s and they could not imagine ever being so stupid as to transform America into a majority non-White, third world alien infested nation – which is precisely what our evil and hostile ruling elites had planned when they passed that 1965 Immigration legislation.

                  Also, since history has clearly shown that none of these non-white racial groups have ever in their entire history on this planet been able to create a first world caliber civiilzation – just how can you or anyone else think that they’ll be able to even maintain Western civilization if they are allowed to take it over?

                  Like to read? Here is a book for you: “Why Civilizations Self-Destruct” by Elmer Pendell,
                  ISBN #0-914576-07-0.

                  Have you heard the recent sound bite from the Mike Savage radio show where he spills the beans on what is going on?

                  Michael Savage Says Border Crisis Is “Ethnic Replacement” of Whites


                  Face the truth, Ken. Whites are on their own. No other race of people give two squirts of rat poop about the ethnic specific interests of Whites. They care only about their own group interests and that hokey sounding, naive baloney that you and others of your Tea Party ilk spout about how you ‘vote to better the lives of all Americans’ is nothing but pure pathological altruism.

                  Every single racial group in this nation looks out for their group’s interests and nobody else’s – because these non-White groups understand how to play the game of ethnic identity politics. That means that unless Whites start curing themselves of this pathological altruism disease and recognize that they are the only people who are going to defend their perfectly legitimate group interests – then they are going to continue to get hammered by their ethnic competitors.

                  But, then, since you appear to be thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated by our Cultural Marxist enemies to never take the side of your own race in an argument, I’m pretty sure that you’d call any White man or woman who had the courage to defend their race’s interests as an:


                  I am assuming, of course, that you are White. That may very well not be the case.

                  Perhaps you’re wearing a yarmulke.

                  • You are right about ETHNIC REPLACEMENT, but the post missed a few important details.

                    1) Birth Control and abortion, pushed by the atheists and the humanists in education and government. The Hispanics and Muslims ignored it, due to religious and cultural reasons. Look at Europe and Asia, as Muslim families have anywhere from 5 to 8 kids!!

                    2) Feminism and multiculturalism–aimed exclusively at the heterosexual white Christian. The Communist rhetoric of class struggle and revolution was adapted for the homosexuals, lesbos, and ethnic minorities.

                    3) After 50 years of marxist tripe in public education, alot of Republicans families saw their kids TRANSFORMED into completely useful idiots who could not handle math or basic science. We gave a generation to complete strangers with radical anti-Western values, and we are shocked to see them vote for Feinstein, Menendez, Ellison, Pelosi, Brown, Cuomo, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Wasserwoman-Shultz, Obama, and other arse clowns?

                    4) The unholy alliance of the church-state. Savage pointed out the declining attendance and reduced revenues for these TAX EXEMPT organizations. Many pulpits are infested with liberation theologians and Mister Rogers type preachers. Some of them are full of women with radical feminist backgrounds (UMC,eyc). Now they are getting BILLIONS of our tax dollars to provide services for the illegal immigrants. The office for Faith Based initiatives is in the OVAL OFFICE.

                  • “And, it is painfully evident that these lily white, deracinated, spineless Tea Party types are most seriously infected with this disease.”

                    This is one of the most stupendously ignorant statements I have ever read. To equate White self loathing with the “Tea Party” is truly insane. If you really are that ignorant about the true essence of this movement and the people who make it up, please educate yourself. If you are just another narcissistic progressive, please carry on making delusional statements like the one above. Your hypocrisy is apparent to all, and frankly, quite amusing.

              • No Billy Hill, she has a nice house because of section 8 housing vouchers which allow welfare careerest to live in nice neighborhoods and not in housing projects with the brothas and sistas as they should.

                • She is a nurse and has been working most of her adult life even when she made the famous pay for her mortgage comment.

                • Section 8 is designed to drag down EVERY neighborhood, not just the ones infested by the parasite class.

                  • The real parasites are in Marta’s Vineyard and other such locations, they are not living next door to you. The parasite’s neighborhoods have fences to keep YOU and me OUT.


              • She’s learned the hard way that the results of voting for someone because of their color can be even worse those from voting against someone because of their color.

                • More results from the 2008 and 2012 elections:

                  I just got a call from one of my banks. Then I got another call from another bank. (I had contacted them to change my email address due to my internet company being sold and having to get a new email address.)

                  Anyway, I was subjected to a barrage of personal questions which they said resulted from new regulations from April 27:

                  Among other things they wanted to know:

                  If I had any relationship at all with any foreign person or company.

                  If I was working. If not, am I retired. When did I retire. Where did I work before I retired.

                  Where do I get my income.

                  Do I buy or sell marijuana.

                  I can’t even remember all the questions but they were all more of the same.

                  • Bankers and Doctors and Teachers today are just collection agents for the Beast’s database.

                  • Daisy … How about telling them it’s none of their business and if they keep up with this inane line of questioning you’re taking your business elsewhere? Did you get chapter and verse on exactly what (i.e. U.S. federal law #) “banking regulation” they are requiring you to comply with?

                  • @Daisy- Banks are run by the Central Banks AKA: NWO – they are building databases on everyone. Did they ask for your Facebook profile name too? lol I will tell you this, from now on out, NEVER Lick another envelope to send a bill in to any one, as they may be collecting DNA from your saliva on the envelope. You think I am kidding? Use a paper towel dipped in water to seal the envelope and or stamp.

                  • Did you tell them to take their personal questions and shove them up their ass?

                  • DaisyK,

                    Apparently these new banking regulations are in many places.

                    My daughter opened a checking account, so she could cash her paychecks from her new job. (She lives a couple hours away from us, in central Kentucky.)

                    My daughter was asked similar intrusive questions by the woman at the bank.

                • She would vote for him again or someone like him. Fuzzy thinking always wins.

              • Everyone: I have a serious question posted at the bottom of this page. Could you all weigh in on it, please?


              • Funny how that works eh,
                Theory of relativity.
                In life
                You get what you put into it!

              • @BI The old adage goes, “There’s no such thing, as a free lunch!” Because someone is gonna pay for it!


          • Ignorant Negro.


            • You really are an ignorant retard. No really, you are.

          • This is exactly how it goes:
            The Obama Gospel for his supported followers

            Obama is my Shepherd; I shall not work.
            He maketh me to lie down and watch Oprah:
            He leadeth me beside the still factories.
            He restoreth my bling:
            He leadeth me in the paths of idleness for Barack’s name sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the sharing of the wealth, I will fear no workfare:
            For thou art funding me;
            Thy lies and thy blade, they comfort me.
            Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of people who actually produce;
            Thou annointest my teeth with gold;
            My crack pipe runneth over.
            Surely rebates and Earned Income Credits shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Obama forever.

            • FOB, that was beautiful.

            • Hahahahahaha…I just shot tea out of my nose….gorgeous!

            • Feisty Old Broad: I tried looking in the good book, but I didn’t find the passage you quoted.

              Excellent satire.

          • Hey thar mac, this here ain’t doom porn, I NEEDS my daily doom porn.

        • I normally would agree with you but I’m afraid it’s now to late, we are over the edge and BO has pushed us there.

          • Eveybodies in Cleveland Gots Obama Phone, Obama Phone!! Yeah!! Yous on Food Stamps, Yous on disabilities, Yous chine up, yous qualifies fors Obama Phones!! Romney Sucks Bad!!!

            Classic -Obama Phone Lady -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpAOwJvTOio

            • Peggy Joseph, welcome to the real world. She fell for the lie that Ovomit would take working peoples’ tax money to cover her mortgage, gas, etc. She’s responsib le for her own shit. Nobody owes her anything.

              • No shit brave. No one owes you either. As you said in the past. Leave social security alone. “My dad lives on it”. Get rid of social security and all entitlements. Regardless of the programs you and your family live off.

                • Urban: I agree. Let’s get rid of social security. Just give me the money that the government stole from me for 50 years and at a compounded 5% annual return; just to cover inflation (3%) and my lost opportunity costs (2%) and terminate the program. Fair is fair.

                  Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. It’s totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

                  • I agree SS needs to be shut down. But you’re the same as all the retirees already on SS, saying ” I just want my money back + interest and opportunity costs.”
                    Get real. SS is doomed to collapse; your money was stolen and spent. Your money no longer exists, except as a ledger entry, next to 250 million OTHER names of people who won’t get sh!T. S’ way it is, so sack up.

                    As to your “death to the Fed” proclamation, the fact that you were a keynsian advocate for so long makes my nose twitch at the scent of bullsh!t.

                    SS will end; your demands for a refund are… hopelessly naive.

                • Urban, go f#$% yourself! I know no one owes me and I don’t live on anyone’s tax dollars anyway, moron. just give it time and everything will collapse, SS included. hope for your sake you prepped for what’s coming, dildo. If not, you are royally screwed.

            • She is the typical shuck young negroe who expects those who actually work to gibbs me dat!

          • You kind of have to feel for Ms. Joseph a bit. She most all of her life probably thought only white people would do her. She fell for this charlatan hook, line and sinker. But the there’s good happening here. She found out that it isn’t just white people that’ll do her, but instead it’s a select group of elitists, be they black, white, brown, yellow, pink, purple or orange with polka dots. I suppose that in the end when Obama hits rock bottom some will start to call him white.
            The overall lesson here for all of us is “you only get what you vote for”. Lesson learned, the hard way!

            • Yeah, she’s come around some but we paid while she learned. And still payin’……and payin’…and pay….and pa….and p……an….a……(blip).

              • “Yes, America is still the land of opportunity. You can still do what you want to do; you can still be what you want to be …”

                O’Bummer is living proof of that. Where else could a Muslim and Marxist who claims to be a Christian and democrat, but who in reality is gay and a foreigner posing as a Citizen ….. become President, where he can destroy the nation from the Oval Office?

                Only in America. 🙁

                • I think you really can go large or subsist, is entirely in our own hands.
                  Have potential to go quite large, but no way in hell im going to help these government assholes fund their craziness, hence i will make do with less and make sure i make enough to cover the expenses.
                  Beyond that,
                  Who is John Galt!

        • Just another uneducated low information voting fool who was too stupid to see through the lieing POS’s BS

          • And at the same time calling us racist for not voting for him… because he was black! Nice!

        • I’ve heard of more blacks that have woken up than I know whites that have. There’s nuthin’ dummer than a dumb w’ite lib’ral.

          • Sure there is Southron, there are slow-witted rednecks who don’t even know they are ignorant. Just ask the republican party, they call it their “base”.

            • @sd mule….

              Please see my post below about how you can’t fix stupid.

              You are the poster boy.

              • Coming from you, that means so much. You must be one of those slow-witted rednecks, you would have first hand experience about “not fixing stupid”. I’m sure you see it in your offspring everyday, It’s okay, someone has to ride the short bus to school.

                • mule

                  Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound?

                  I didn’t think so……..

                  • Hey Wrong, welcome to the fray.
                    The wannabe realists and the
                    politically correct are out in
                    force, so bring your hip boots.

                  • And barrels of disinfectant.

                • SD Mule, you watch your tongue about Southerners. We know how to fight and damned sure have what it takes to kick your stupid, retarded ass all over creation. Plus, you really crossed a line talking about people’s families. So go f#$% yourself!

                  • Hey braveheat,
                    Anytime you think you’re ready, come on out to my neck of the woods and let’s see what you’ve got!! Open invite, any time!!

              • Like I said, Walt, only a white libtard is stupid (and arrogant) enough to continue to put blind faith in a hoax which has shown its true colors after six long years of corruption, ineptitude, laziness, and treason.

                Like you said, a true “poster boy.”

                • Southron, you just gave a good description of a troll and Obama supporter. I’ll go further and say sd mule is a COMMIE POS.

                  • Some how I figgered you’d say sumpin’ like that, BH.

                  • You wouldn’t know a communist if one jumped up and bit you in your own pos ass….

                  • Hey Slow-witted one, the whole commie vs democracy was made up so you would remain with your head in the sand. I can see it worked!! Next you are going to say Reagan won the cold war, another “bullshit lie”. What next, “we have to get them over there before they come here”, another bullshit lie from the right. Wait, it was “mission accomplished” over in Iraq, wasn’t it? You remember Iraq, the country that had NOTHING to do with 9-11-2001. Ah, the slow-witted southerners, still talking about the ASS-WHIPPING they took in the Civil War. Grow up, you got your ASS handed to you!! Accept it and move on!! Any questions why I say you are SLOW_WITTED?

          • Mayhap more Blacks are “waking up” because of the massive influx of illegals from other lands “washing up” upon OUR shores…the money goes somewhere….sucks when it NO LONGER goes to YOU….

            • SD Mule, I’m more FAST-WITTED than you could ever hope to be. You don’t know any of the things I know. You don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve done in the past. You don’t know what I’m capable of. So be careful what you wish for. You just might get it when you least expect it.

              • Candy-ass braveheart,

                Open invitation, when you are ready, please let me know.

                • Nothing but chirping crickets from the ” Brave One” when it gets a little too real, but that;s to be expected from 99% of preppers,talk is cheap AND safe.

                  • SD Mule, you’re just a useless troll. Anonymous, at least I post under some type of name. Why don’t you find some type of name to post under other than ‘anonymous’? Talk from you trolls is what’s REALLY cheap.

                  • And you’re saying your REAL name is braveheart,right? Considering your lineage it’s amazing you even know how to spell……

                  • Oh, and one other thing too drunkheart, knowing that posting as anonymous really irritates you, I’ll be HAPPY TO keep on doing just that pal……

        • He fooled many idiots, but no one elected him. He was placed there.

        • Excellent..

          Mac et al..

          Here’s a few communiques from Manos for those of you who remember him from Greece..and we think we’re in a shit storm

          June 30th, 7:04am
          “The Global governance is on the way. They don’t need well fed professionals. They need hungry slaves.”

          “hey, good morning. Increasing rumors speak about a third bank bailout in Greece. This means that deposits will be eliminated in order for banks to cover their loses due to unpaid loans and mortgages This would mean that they are taking us to a Cyprus-like model. Having managed to hide a few euro, we are going to buy whatever we can in terms of food and provisions immediately. I will send more news as soon as i can. Be safe.”

          Monday 1:01pm
          “Just returned from the super market. We managed to buy meat cans, rice, and tomato juice. We also found aluminum blankets, hand crank torches, and chocolate bars with extra protein (such as the ones been sold in gyms). Tomorrow i will fill one of the cars with gasoline, and buy 6 more dozen of 2lt water packs. The last thing to do is to buy an extra entrenching tool (shovel, axe, and knife).”

          13 hours ago
          “I presume you heard about the Malaysian Boeing. Poor souls. Weird stuff John. It looks like a provocative action. Time will tell, but i smell shit ahead. Take care of your beloved ones. Send my regards to Mac.”

          Just thought I’d share with all of you who know and love Manos..a one time daily contributor here..

          Take care all


          • Possee –
            Thank you for the update on Manos. When I started reading here a few years ago, Manos was still giving regular updates. I don’t post much any more, but always wondered how he was doing. I think if we all listen to what he is dealing with, we will have a pretty good idea of what’s coming our way….pay attention.

            I wish him the best –
            Thanks again

            • Since the implosion of his economy Manos has been busy surviving the downfall..and it continues as we speak..basically all have been reduced to debt slaves to the central banks and there is no more middle class to speak of..pretty much what is occurring here on a steady basis,though not as bad as all of Europe ..yet that is…

              They’ve installed former Goldman Sachs execs as heads of state…Italy, Greece etc.to further ensure extraction of wealth..Here we have all 3 executive,legislative, and judicial bought and paid for by financial giants doing their bidding always creating the illusion of prosperity..

              It’s all a farce…

              Manos has been warning me for years that it’s coming here and he’s been dead on all along..

              Just as this woman has come to realize in the article here..


            • Yes thanks for the update. I have also wondered how he is doing. Let him know he and his family remains in our prayers.

          • Prayers are with Manos and his family….hope he has somewhere to “bug out”…..

            • Possee, thank you for those updates on Manos. I’m glad to hear he’s still hanging in there. He’s a survivor, I can tell. He’ll be OK.

              • braveheart

                Yes he is..indeed!

                Luckily his family has some small olive groves and some land as an alternate bol just in case..

                As an accountant, and former military, he sees the writing on the wall…we communicate every week…and will keep you good folks updated..


        • You can’t fix stupid.

          I’m sorry, but anybody who believed a word of what the Kenyan promised to get elected was just plain stupid.

          The problem is….people don’t know how to think critically. I think the term is called “stage one thinking”….the inability, or unwillingness to get below the surface of and understand the repercussions of a policy or idea.

          These idiots bought into the “hope and change” mantra without once considering what hope and change really meant.

          Anybody with half a brain should have had their red flags go up when Obama made the statement, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” A person who is capable of critical thought will look at that statement and understand what the word “fundamentally transforming” really means, and ask themselves the question, “Really? Is America really so broken that we have to “fundamentally transform it”? What EXACTLY does he mean by that? Transform it into WHAT?

          I’m sorry….but ANYBODY who voted for Obama in either election has something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with their brain. Or they don’t have a brain at all.

          • Many years ago lived an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money on them
            The Emperor, a vain peacock of a man, is conned into buying a prohibitively expensive suit of clothes that is supposedly visible only to those who are smart, competent, and well-suited to their positions. “That must be wonderful cloth,” thought the emperor. “If I were to be dressed in a suit made of this cloth I could distinguish the clever from the stupid.”

            The swindlers asked for more money, silk and gold, but they kept everything for themselves, and not a thread came near the loom. Surrounded by yes men, syncophants, and career politicians, the Emperor—arrogant, pompous, and oblivious to his nudity — prances through the town in his new suit of clothes until a child dares to voice what everyone else has been thinking but too afraid to say lest they be thought stupid or incompetent: “He isn’t wearing anything at all!”

            • Would that Mooshelle would buy into the Empress with no clothes.

              Then we would no longer have to wonder if the RUMORS are true……….

              • @POG
                Now THERE’S a mental image I didn’t need!!

          • Walt, you just hit the nail squarely on the head. They never had brains and never will.

          • I was still working when the Halfrican got elected the first time. Now, I worked in an office with a lot of well-educated people. Graduate engineering degrees, some of them. They aren’t stupid, but they do fail the WISDOM test every time.

            There is a difference.

            As a very great man once said, “they know so much that isn’t so.”

            • Education does not equal wisdom.

              There is little wisdom to be found in the public universities in this country.

              In my book, education that does not lead to wisdom equals stupid.

              And I love that Reagan quote. I’ve used it on my friend that I referenced above. I said, “Dave, it’s not that you’re ignorant, it’s that so much of what you know isn’t true.”

              Thomas Sowell said, “Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.”

            • We have a sizable portion of graduates that have been educated beyond their level of intelligence. In short they’re carrying a hammer that is too big for them to swing.

          • He is not even legally qualified to hold the office yet no one cares. The certification was falsified by omission by Pelosi

        • Yeah, all I have to say to this woman is,…


          I mean, were people really and truly so stupid as to think this joker was anything more than a puppet with an elite’s hand up his ass? Come on dummies!

        • And the person who gave you the thumbs down is really going to be late.

        • Although the ending of this video is too touchy-feely, the girls basic message and why she no longer supports the turd POTUS is dead-on

          Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama


        • has she learned though? who does she plan to support in next round of elections? (if we have them). THAT’S when we’ll see just what she learned!

          hoping/praying her epiphany is genuine & real. and not the only one out there.

          I hate to say it….I TOLD YOU SO! some people learn the hard way but better late than never.

          • “has she learned though? who does she plan to support in next round of elections? (if we have them). THAT’S when we’ll see just what she learned!”

            If this woman had a true epiphany, her statement would have gone something like this:

            “I have come to realize that government can not GIVE anything to anyone that it does not TAKE from someone else. My whole view of how America was supposed to work was wrong. Nobody owes me anything. And the government that is powerful enough to GIVE you everything you want is powerful enough to TAKE everything away. I now realize how greedy and covetous I was to think that I would not have to worry about my mortgage and gas without bettering myself so that I could afford those things.”

            The words of Don Henley come to mind here:

            We are like sheep without a shepherd
            We don’t know how to be alone
            So we wander ’round this desert
            And wind up following the wrong gods home
            But the flock cries out for another
            And they keep answering that bell
            And one more starry-eyed messiah
            Meets a violent farewell-
            Learn to be still

        • America has too many deadbeats, useless eaters, and criminals in prisons and jails for the sole purpose of some making money, too many criminals in the streets, too many drug and crime gangs. Clean house. and why aren’t we hearing about the plane that was filled with dead bodies then shot down in Ukraine, Americans are really too stupid to survive.

        • (set to the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”)

          My country isn’t free
          sweet land of tyranny
          of thee I cringe

          Land of half prices
          and torture devices
          god bless the self righteous
          we’re number one

        • The USA needs to purge these gibbs me dat elements.

        • One day these gibbs me dat elements must be purged.

      2. Since we have talked about religion, and squirrels, here’s one for everyone….

        I don’t care who you are, this is funny!

        There were five houses of religion in a small town:
        The Presbyterian Church,
        The Baptist Church ,
        The Methodist Church ,
        The Catholic Church
        The Jewish Synagogue.

        Each church and Synagogue was overrun with pesky squirrels.

        One day, the Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about the squirrels. After much prayer and consideration they determined that the squirrels were predestined to be there and they shouldn’t interfere with God’s divine will.

        In The BAPTIST CHURCH the squirrels had taken up habitation in the baptistery. The deacons met and decided to put a cover on the baptistery and drown the squirrels in it. The squirrels escaped somehow and there were twice as many there the next week

        The Methodist Church got together and decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God’s creation. So, they humanely trapped the Squirrels and set them free a few miles outside of town. Three days later, the squirrels were back.

        But — The Catholic Church came up with the best and most effective solution. They baptized the squirrels and registered them as members of the church.
        Now they only see them on Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Easter.

        Not much was heard about the Jewish Synagogue, but they took one squirrel and had a short service with him called circumcision and they haven’t seen a squirrel on the property since.

        • This women in this article only goes to prove YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!
          And this country is full of these kind of people.
          AHHHH well back into my bunker.

          • “Gentle Giant” dies– AOL news. A large black guy who kept telling cops to stop harrassing him, that he did nothing wrong, was arrested by cops for suspicion of selling cigarettes. A bunch of cops jumped him, choked him, hitting his head to the ground and he died. This is what this country has become. Gestapo! suspicion of selling cigarettes, they said he resisted arrest and they got him on the ground, choking him as he kept saying he couldn’t breath– all on video. He died!

            • Sorry, meant to hit the like button.
              Wish it offered more options too “informative/like/dislike/not informative”
              because I don’t like the things that happen even though posts about them are helpful.

              I was so poor at one point I had to resort to this very same thing. Luckily I didn’t get busted.

              Did you hear the one where a little girl was threatened with arrest for running a lemonade stand without a permit?

              Since when do we have to ask for FUCKING PERMISSION.

              Cocksuckers, the lot of em. The only good officer is a dead officer. And if you disagree, just understand this: If the ‘good apples’ were ‘good’ they would put a bullet in the bad apples. But they don’t. And they all wear a uniform. So fuck them. And fuck their friends. And fuck their family. And fuck their little dog skippy. Cause I’ll laugh at the agony of the next cop who burns to death because a protester he is trying to stop threw a molotov at him.

              That is all.

          • I assume you voted for a republican, ghost? Well, guess what– they all suck! the whole thing is rigged!

            • As George Carlin said, “It’s a special club and you ain’t in it.”

          • How funny….

            I did not see your post before I put up my own with the same comment, “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”.

            And you are correct. The country IS filled with these kinds of people.

            I have a friend who voted for Obama in both elections. The guy is just now starting to realize what an empty suit the Kenyan really is. But I guarantee you that if Hillary runs for President in 2016, he’ll vote for her.

            Again….you can’t fix stupid.

            • The above is directed at ghostrighter.

              • Yeah, Walt, people think 20-20 hindsight makes it all o.k. If they can’t have foresight enough to see criminal right from the start then they need to just get out of the way and let the few that do make the decisions that will affect us all.

              • “Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets, withering within entangled lies. Freedom cannot live on a diet of lies, surrendering to the veil of oppression.

                The human spirit cannot live on a diet of oppression, becoming subservient in the end to the will of evil.

                God, as truth incarnate, will not let stand a world devoted to such evil. Therefore, let us have truth and freedom our spirits require…or let us die seeking these things, for without them, we shall surely and justly perish in an evil world.”

                H. Michael Sweeney

                “What difference does it make?” brought to you by Hillary Rodham Clinton

        • Eppe, that one is a classic. Keep them coming.

        • Today’s Prepping Tip- Hiding a Vehicle- CAMO PARACHUTE- When Bugging out being the gray man, or finding a quick place to hide in plain sight, blending in with your surroundings is the Key. Camouflage is a science in itself. Using deception to the eye, by breaking up abnormal lines to blend in with nature. Digital Woodlands Camo or Marine Marpat is one of my Favs. It really hides objects in wooded areas. But how do you hide an entire vehicle at a reasonable cost. The solution I found was purchasing used military parachutes and spray painting them with multiple camo colors, to fit the terrain and foliage in my area. Out of site will be key when SHTF. YTube has a lot of great vids on this subject of camo, from Ghillie suits to camo painting rifles. Parachutes are getting harder to find for sale. So get them while you can. For a 24′ you will pay from $85 to about $140. Besides covering the vehicle with a parachute you can also lay tree branches up to your vehicle to really break up the outline. Also doubles as a nice shade canopy while camping and away from drone eyes. Of course you will still need to hide your thermal footprint, but this is a start. I found one for sale here as an example that can cover a vehicle.

          • Also when spray painting, I cut limbs of different trees, plants, etc. and lay them against the surface, then spray. Works real nice, you use the foilage as a ‘template’…

      3. The damage is already done thanks to useful idiots like her. I have no sympathy for whatever bad comes her way due to obozo.

        • I would think the real question is did she vote for him again?

          Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

          lucky for me I wasn’t fool.

          • and the next question is , who is she going to throw her vote away on next. These types never learn and are too stupid to even know why they are stupid and that is a really bad combination

            • I agree completely. I see so many posts about how blacks are “waking up”…nah I don’t think so. They are definitely pissed off that they aren’t getting their “fair share”, especially since the southern invaders are getting prime time attention. But that doesn’t indicate that they have all just morphed into a bunch of Ben Carson’s.

        • @king krazy….

          Agreed. Hope she gets the full effect of her stupid decisions.

          Bad decisions should have consequences.

      4. Universal Suffrage helped to destroy this country. When they decided to let stupid people vote, we were doomed. Our future is determined by voters like this. Remember, television programming is aimed at adults that operate on a fifth grade level. That would be more than half of all US adults. Much more. California used to have the best school system in the country back in the fifties. Now they are in last place. What changed? The demographics. Garbage in, garbage out.

      5. She’s a perfect example of what our “educational” system produces.

        • She seems to have a pretty nice home. From her enraptured state in the film you would have thought she lived in a shack.

      6. The danger in all of the recent anti-Barry sentiment percolating within the black community is that they are targeting the MAN, rather than seeing the bigger picture.

        O.K., so Barry is a wizard, but those same people won’t think twice about supporting Hitlary the witch, or some other smooth-talkin’ jive-arse degenerate that says the right things and promises a utopia.

        If the NEXT demon can tickle their fancy the way Barry succeeded in doing, I’m afraid those who now feel betrayed have learned absolutely nothing when they throw themselves at the feet of THAT demon.

        But I sincerely hope I’ve underestimated people’s wisdom.

      7. what!, she didnt get her 3rd or 4th EBT card this week?

        what an outrage! (Sarc)

        • The president is a reflection of the mass demographics of America. A good ol’ boy from Arkansas, a dumb redneck from Texas, a black guy from Chicago, A woman from who knows where? or Honey BooBoo from TV. In America anybody can be president.

          • @WWT
            Bush had an MBA from Yale, Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, and Obullshit a JD from Harvard Law school. Proving it’s not the schooling/degrees it’s the “Character” of the man.

            During his film career, Regan earned a Masters in Economics, from a school that taught Supply Side Econ. Having live through the Great Depression, he was interested in finding out how not to have it happen again.

            Regan made some pretty good movies too. “Kings Row”, “The Winning Team”, “Storm Warning”, and ” Knute Rockne” were all good.

            • ED Sin. RE:Reagan – Yeah whatever Hollywood movies, is all pretend. He was an actor, pretty good too, Sold America into VooDoo economics to produce into Massive Debt, $400 hammers and $800 toilet seats, and the Father of Terrorism when he paid off the Iranian terrorist with by releasing $3 Billion in Iranian Hostages for the release of the hostages. Which again lead to more collusion resulting in the Iran Contra scandal, and the Beruit bombing, which Reagan caved and left the country. The Berlin wall was already crumbling, and he made his “Tear down that wall” speech. If he was a few days lat to that even the wall would already have been coming down. Because a family can afford and through political influence send their kids to attend Harvard, or any other Ivy League school, proves nothing. That’s called nepotism. More insider Political welfare for the connected.

              Voting for Reagan because he made a few movies is like voting vote Obama cause he looks black, even though he is half white. lol

            • Reagan was a SHILL just like the rest of them. I don’t know why you people can’t understand that NONE of them care about YOU. They are Not in office for YOU, they are there to serve their masters, and it’s not YOU!!!

              • I don’t want them caring about me. I want them to leave me alone.

                Reagan wasn’t a shill. That’s why they tried to kill him. This is just part of it from “The American Chronicle”:

                “The Secret Service (SS) started the day by telling the president that he did not need his protective vest in a move similar to its removal of Kennedy’s protective bubble in Dallas.

                Reagan’s limousine did not stop at the Hilton Hotel entrance as it should have. Instead the driver pulled forward 40-50 feet, forcing Reagan to walk in the open. According to security protocol, the SS would form a diamond around the president, yet in this case, they formed a file to the right leaving Reagan and his party exposed.”

                His lower taxes and lower regulations probably added 20 years to the life of the country.

                • Reagan sucked man he is the first president to sign amnesty for illegals as well as signing the Hughes amendment instead of vetoing it which banned all new production of full auto firearms for WE THE PEOPLE which is why you can only buy a full auto from 1986 or older which is why the price of full autos are out of the price range of most people

              • SD Mule: It’s because small brains like the ones here, have little, or no room, for memory storage. Reagan campaigned on getting rid of the two departments that Carter had created-DOEs, Energy and Education. Not only did he NOT get rid of them in his 8 years, they both grew in size. Like all politicians, he talks a mean game but never delivers because he knows that most folks, like the crowd here, has limited memory storage capacity and will soon forget the promises. There’s a great scene in “Runaway Jury” where Hackman is telling Hoffman that most folks don’t want hear about this or that, they’re just blue collar workers with a mortgage who just want to go home and sit in their Barco-Loungers and let the cable t.v. wash over them. The scene was correctly implying that most folks lack the capacity for critical thought. That applies to this site, with one or two exceptions, on this and most other as well. Presenting facts in a logical manner is truly tossing pearls before swine.

                • Anon 7, you bitch, where ya been? For once, you made a post I can agree with, but our people here DON’T have small brains. You’ve mistaken us for Obama supporters. the last time I checked, the only Obama supporters that come here are trolls.

                • What I don’t understand Anon, is why “conservatives” have this love affair with Reagan. Sounds like the Sean Hannity conditioning has paid off well.

                  I campaigned hard for this buffoon before he was elected in his first term and he did well the first two years before turning into a Mr. Hyde. He raised taxes(4 times), turned us into debtor trade nation, massively increased the size of government, ramped up the drug war, covered for CIA arms/drug running, appointed a liberal B!%th to the supreme court, legalized millions of illegals..and thats just of the top of my head. So those who can’t handle facts then go back to the garbage that Sean spews and keep romancing a fictional character.

                • Anon 7

                  It is a proven fact small brains attract each other.
                  Welcome to the club.

                  • Thank you for the warm welcome. I assume you are the official club greeter?

                • There were a lot of things Reagan couldn’t get rid of because the votes weren’t there. He wanted to get rid of price supports for tobacco. Strom Thurmond told him that he didn’t like them either but if he didn’t vote for them he’d be out of a job. And he’d be replaced by somebody worse. That’s political reality. Sometimes you have to trade votes to get more important things.

              • SD Mule, for once you just made a post I can agree with. Yes, Reagan was a puppet, just like all the rest of them.

              • sdmule screwer,
                There must have been something good about Reagan since dick weed losers like you don’t like him. Amazing how lefty pukes such as yourself shill on this site.

                • Come on johnny,
                  You’re going to hurt my feelings with such an intellectual and thoughtful post. I can see you really put your thinking cap on to produce such profound thoughts. I am truly hurt.

        • @VRF…..

          You are so right.

          This woman is upset because she didn’t get her freebies the way she thought she would.

          And she has no problem at all with the fact that in order for her to get her “stuff”, it has to be extorted from somebody else.

          She’s just mad because she didn’t get what she feels like she deserves.

      8. Duh, Yogi…

        Fricking… IQ of like -2 or something… how the hell does it even manage to breathe?

        These morons are going to vote Hillary in. You watch. You’d think after 8 years they’d learn but not so much.

        Then again, who can blame then when all the Republicans field is Darth Cheney and that lunatic McCain? God in heaven that’s like voting for death.

        • Guess they’ll switch over from the neapolitan ice cream back to the straight vanilla flavor. Still is ice cream.

        • The Guy.

          They can’t stand to admit they made a mistake and this woman will vote for Hillary.

          I do not think the Republicans can muster any rebuttal and they will dredge up John McCain holding a talisman , shouting to the people, “Heal, Heal, and that’s an order”.

          Sorry to say that voting for Hillary will jam it up everybody’s ass. This country can not be saved unless it has real change. I mean to make change without violence.

      9. I just got my first five gallon bucket and GAMMA lid. I want to put a 25 pound bag of powdered milk in it. If I do that and throw a couple of oxygen absorbers in it when I put the lid on, will that keep my powdered milk from going bad for longer than if I left it in the bag it came in?

        I’m new to gamma lids.

        • I leave my foods in the original bags if they will fit into the bucket and add oxygen inhibitors then seal the gamma lid. Don’t know if it is better or will last longer, but it is easy wit less chance of contamination.TIP: Do not stack buckets with gamma lids. They will break.

          • I throw a small amount of dry ice into the bottom of the bucket, place lid on, but don’t seal for about 5 min. The dry ice evaporates and displaces the oxygen, then I seal the lid. I do put oxygen absorbers in as well in case of any leaks. Grocery stores now carry it. It works great for me. Hope I’ve helped.
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • I’m for the Dry ice technique too. But my concern is for the frozen CO2 damaging the bottom of the bucket. It’s -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. I plan on using a few layers of cardboard cut into a disk to insulate the CO2 from the plastic.

              Maybe the plastic can handle that. Dunno. But don’t want to have a whole slew of buckets with holes in them where the Dry ice made the plastic brittle or something.

              • Get someone to check about this, as I am not sure, but isn’t CO2 more dense than air? So you don’t have to put it on the bottom where the cold may cause some local/temporary plastic fragility.

              • Hey Dave, I do layer a few paper towels on the bottom for that, and to keep plastic bags from sticking to the bucket. In my experience, the plastic is not affected by the cold. But, I wouldn’t want to stress it. Be safe!
                Standing ready in Daytona

          • a couple of years back, the wife made some of those dinners in jars. Instead of wasting the canning jars she vac sealed them in food saver bags. Then put them all in a 5 gal bucket w/ a lid. She made up about 5 diff meals from the recipe book and weve had a few of them. Not bad for a quick meal. Most use a pint jar of some canned meat like gr beef or chicken. If you pressure can meats, might want to look at that book or see if some recipes are online. Better and not as pricey as hamburger helper boxed foods.
            She wants to get a second bucket of those prepped since theyre time savers. Okay by me, when the S gets worse and turns to rapid fire diarrhea, well be busy doing other things.

          • Quit worrying. If a true SHTF event happens you and most of the rest of us will be dead in a week anyway.

        • @sixpack

          Gamma Seals ROCK! And they are marine-rated.

          You will want to put a mylar or at the very least another heavy duty plastic bag (food grade preferably) in the bucket first. The bucket itself and the Gamma Seal is a great combo but lots of air is not. Sometimes a large desiccant pack is also a good addition as they absorb moisture.

          Not sure about sealing up powdered milk with an O2 absorber in there- maybe others have done it.

          Basically O2 absorbers are little packets with metal shavings that rust. As you are aware, Iron oxide (rust) is the byproduct of the metal rusting. The oxidation of the metal rusting eats up the surrounding O2 in the enclosed space. Just not sure about being in with fine powdered dairy like that. Beans and rice are hard shelled, not fine porous powders.

          I would check around some of the other forums and verify that you can out that in there with no issues. Better safe than sorry. Best of luck to you!

          • I’ve been using O2 eaters in my powdered milk. No problems. One thing though, stick with 1000cc or 2000cc sized O2 eater packets. It’s better to have more than enough eater than not enough.

        • It is better to seal the powdered milk in smaller mylar bags with O2 absorbers, then put all those bags in the 5 gal bucket. Otherwise, You may see a lot of this milk go to waste. That’s a lot of powder.

        • I pull all food stuffs out of their original bags/boxes and re-pack them in mylar bags with O2 eaters in them, get out all the air pockets, seal with a clothes iron set on the highest setting. I normally seal 5 gallon bucket bags 3 times using the iron and a two foot metal level. Mark what the contents are, date and year and how much it weighs. When it’s done imploding, I take the “tails” and fold them up and put a lid on. Again marking what it is, how much, and day/month/year. Then I add it to a spread sheet. Store buckets in a dark, cool, dry place.

          I’d break the 25lbs of powdered milk down into smaller portions. It’s easier to open a small bag up than a big one. Beans and rice and pasta are cool to store, but don’t forget the spices!! beans and rice with no spices for 60+ days would suck! Can you say food fatigue?

          • I tried vacuum canning powdered milk with a “Meal Saver” but found that although the seal held, the fat in the milk still went rancid?

            • Correct.

              There are conflicting sources of information regarding long-term storage of powdered milk. As a rule, *anything* with fat in it, (powdered whole milk, canned bacon, canned fatty hamburger, etc) will have a reduced shelf life, period.

              Why? Because *all fats* go rancid over a period of time, esp if temps are above 75 degrees and humidity is high. Store them in dry, cool conditions for the best results. You can also freeze powdered milk, but it will end up tasting like the freezer over time AND you have to have power for the freezer.

              I was also correct about O2 absorbers and fine powders- If you have enough trapped moisture (possible in fine powders like flour, milk) and you seal them up with an O2 absorber inside, you can increase the chances of botulism.

              Warning: Botulism poisoning may result if moist products are stored in packaging that reduces oxygen. When stored in airtight containers with oxygen absorbers, products must be dry (about 10% or less moisture content).

              More tips on long term food storage from the LDS site:
              h t tps://www.lds.org/topics/food-storage/longer-term-food-supply?lang=eng#1

            • Perhaps you should try drying your own milk….bring about 3 inches of water to boil in double-boiler…top pot half full of milk. simmer several hours or until much of the water has evaporated from the milk (remember to add water to bottom pot as needed)when the milk has become thick like cream, pour into tray with 2 inch sides and dry in 150 degree oven…..grind when dry and store in glass containers.
              dry whole eggs:
              beat some eggs until light and spread thinly in cookie sheet and dry in warm oven. when dry grind or pound into powder and store in glass containers.

              • ADDENDUM: please be aware that it is far more important to be able to subsist on what you KNOW, rather than what you HAVE….all of your preps can be taken from you by many different peoples, but what you KNOW cannot be taken from you….please do not put all your faith in your survival in what you have accumulated …. you may just have to leave it for others. Learn NOW, plan NOW, for what you will do if you do not have all that you have stored…

                • ADDENDUM #2:If someone with superior force (military or civilian, doesn’t matter)was coming in your front door what would you be taking out the back door, and where would you go, and how would you feed and water yourselves on your way? THAT is the point I have attempted to make…you may NOW feel very secure within your home with what you have stored, BUT that status could change in a millisecond…..People need to know HOW to take care of themselves IF they are no longer able to be “at home”

              • Thanks FOB on the egg drying tip. Didn’t kmow that could be done and will get on that quick. So how do you reconstitute the eggs?


                • Powdered eggs:
                  1 TB powdered eggs to 2 TB warm water

                  Egg substitute for cooking/baking:
                  1 tsp. unflavored gelatin
                  plus 3 TB cold water
                  then 2 TB hot water

                  Best to dry free range farm eggs.

                • @BigB….to equal 1 egg.. 2 tablespoons whole egg powder in 2 1/2 tablespoons warm water. First, add 1 teaspoon warm water to egg powder, stir to smooth paste, add remainder of water and beat smooth.

              • Thank you.

            • educated,
              Maybe the cows were not contented?

        • why are you asking here?

          first off – Gamma lids aren’t for long term storage … no need to spend 3 times for a locking lid …. thecenters will bulge in and leak under weight …

          you use 02 absorbers and not dry ice … no reason to be screwing around – that ended 20 years ago … and you don’t bury the dry ice on the bottom … it needs to be on top and observed for total gasification of the dry ice chunk … you entrap the C02 gas with your bucket lid

          • Put too much dry ice in and it will blow the lid off. The CO2 gas expands as it warms and evaporates off the solid ice.

        • Thanks to everyone with the tips. I think I’m going to do the mylar in the bucket thing. I might have too much to fit in the bucket, but I can just use it now. I’ve had experience with powdered milk going rancid, but it was after 2 years in just a plastic jug, without oxygen absorbers.

          I needed to know about stacking buckets with gamma lids. I did not know that they could break.

          I want to get another gamma lid and bucket to store the bags of noodles and macaroni I have, but my objective is keeping bugs, particularly ANTS, out of my bagged foods. I have been so lucky so far, so I’m thinking about the law of averages and doing something before my luck runs out.

          Most of my stuff is in #10s and regular cans, so I only have a few 25 pound bags, but I’d like to protect them as best I can…I’m probably gonna need them too.

          I put 50 pounds of sugar in tightly packed gallon jugs about 2 yrs ago. I filled them close to top, tapped the sugar down to compact it and squeezed the sides of the jugs to get as much air out, and sealed the lids on with electrical tape.

          I just opened one of the jugs. A gentle whoosh sound came out, like when you close the opener on a can of coffee. The sugar was just fine and I’m still using it. I plan on bottling up more.

          I’m also experimenting with bottling water. I’m bleaching out the jugs and letting them dry. Filling with water and a few drops of chlorine close to top, and squeezing the jug until water raises above the rim. Then putting the lid on, keeping the jug slightly vacuumed. If I do it right, there isn’t even a bubble in the jug.

          I’ve also done some with HOT water. When the jug cooled, it was sucked up pretty tight, just like the other jugs that I squeezed the air out and capped.

          I’ve set them aside and I’ll try my purification methods on them in a couple more years. If nothing else, I can flush a toilet or wash clothes with the water.

          • I just checked a 2 and 3 gallon bucket of powdered milk stored Feb. and March, 2011 with nothing in the buckets. Not even DE. They look fine; they smell fine.
            But, I’m sure I bought non-fat milk.

            I read if you add a teaspoon of sugar to a quart and chill before drinking, taste is much better! 🙂

          • Why not just go down to the local LDS canning center and have them show how to do it. Sure would suck to find out that some important stuff had spoiled when you need it. There will be no do overs.

        • Yes. It will make it last for years and years. I put some beans and rice up in 98′, opened it all up last year, checked it out and repackaged it. It was all still good. I use hot hands for my oxygen absorbers.

        • Just knowing the kind of scumbags he associated with and his drug usage should have kept anyone who was not also a scumbag away. Let’s face it we now live in a nation where the majority of the population are scumbags. Did you know that an assembly of baboons is called a congress. Explains a lot I guess.

      10. too bad many are being snarky instead of realizing the opportunity this could provide.

        many are disaffected and disappointed in the current administration. this is the chance to get those same people to listen to conservative ideas.

        between illegal immigration, taxes, militarized police, the gay agenda (which goes against the teachings of the black baptist churches) and the green agenda which will kill jobs that pay decently this is the chance that we’ve been waiting for.

        bad attitudes will ruin the chance though. too bad. 2016 is right around the corner.

        • While it is great to push conservative agenda candidates, I’ve got another Idea. In addition to voting conservative, vote against all incumbents. They want CHANGE. Let’s give’m a real change. VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS.

          • Here are two of the sweetest words I know: TERM LIMITS !!!

            • Mine is fast lead…
              Know thy gun…

        • I said a long time ago that when their freebies become threatened, the gimme dats will go berserk very quickly…and violently. This is that moment when they are starting to wake up to the fact that their freebies are under attack. That is the ONLY thing that could get their attention…and it is doing just that.

          Just wait. The tremors are increasing.

          • @Six Pack. That is why we need to be heavily armed, for when the Gimmies run out of their got-its.

            • WWTI, spot on. My “ventilation team” is on standby 24/7/365. There’s a storm coming…..I can hear the thunder.

            • It may not be US they’re mad at.

        • It doesn’t matter. There won’t be a Republican worth voting for. Even if a Republican wins he won’t reverse the things that Obama has done. And that’s assuming we still have a functioning country and another presidential election. Two years is a long time given how the economy is imploding and the dollar is about to die.

      11. Just want to say at least we have evidence folks are waking up.
        Question is,is it too late?
        I still hold out hope for this great country come midterms and if that works out then 2016.
        If not I will take a liking to sheep and move to Australia.
        Tap ypour slippers three times.
        “There’s no place like the USA.”

      12. I don’t feel sorry for this woman. I pity her for being raised in an environment where (in this case) a man’s smile or his physique is more important than what he represents with his words vs deeds. If this woman only had the education and desire to do research on this Senator she would have found he voted 97 times, however, each and every vote was: PRESENT which means he had no voting record for anyone to challenge.

        Then, she would have checked out the location where Obama declared his intention to run for the office of the President of the United States: Obama delivered that intention in the living room of none other than Bill Ayers, who is a domestic terrorist who bombed more than twenty buildings and is responsible for the deaths of at least two people. He never was arrested, remains free and teaching in Columbia University, a hotbed for liberal sloths.

        Now, I could go on, but you get the picture. This woman lacks the tools to make a important decision in casting a vote.

        Something must be done to correct this, or we will continue to get leaders in all venues for all the wrong reasons.

        People, we are in deep trouble. Its only going to get worse.

        Pray for us all.

        • There’s tons of those folks around, all colors and both sexes. I run into them daily and shake my head. Folks always ask me why I look cross all the time.

          • You are so right PO’d
            There is a SWF 65 Y.O. where I work, and she is so pro Democrat, that everything that is going on right now is Bush’es fault and she is so ignorant she will even say it out loud
            she hates the brown skinned people with a passion , and hasen’t said shit about what Obama is allowing at this very moment to pass across our borders

            hypocrites like her are no better then the low info voters and EBT card crowd , yet she thinks she is way above them..done trying to wake her up..her day to pay will come and shes too stupid to even see it coming and will be too stupid to see that she helped it along

            at least the idiots that “love” him are being affected by this too or I’d be really pissed lol

            she said out loud the other day that “its time for a woman in the white house and Hillary is that woman”

            did i mention shes a feminist ?
            hahah I hope she goes broke and has to live in an Obama Box under the bridge when all this shit hits the fan ..but as dumb as she is,, she’ll blame that on Bush too

            she still thinks we have a Two Party System and that its “working”

            so yes , they walk this earth along with us..so maybe we do need a cleansing of sorts , hopefully the way things go is that the stupid don’t survive it and we can rebuild this republic once they are all gone out of their own stupidity

            poetic justice?..bring it!

            • VRF

              Going to put a woman in the White house.

              Pack your bags Bill. We are going back to the Big House.


            • VRF, you have a feminazi where you work? You have my sympathy. I’ve got similar characters where I work.

        • I don’t pity her. I loathe people like her. They make politicians like Obama possible.

          Some people are just too stinking lazy to think.

          She’s a Darwin Award candidate. Leave people like her to their fate. It helps preserve the gene pool.

      13. You all are a bunch of Crazy Cracker’s.

        • Yup, we is crazy crackers. My Sister/Wife and I have 4 chilln’s , one of which has three eyes. Our oldest son, Barry is Pres-E-dent of the United States of America!

          Don’t that beat all!

          Ya-Ya Baby!

        • Yeah, and ifn you keep fuckin’ around I’m gonna cut your pay and your ration.

        • Cracker’s in the morning.
          Cracker’s in the evening.
          Cracker’s at supper time.

          He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!


          Able to drink a sixpack in 30 seconds or less.

        • You ever heard of long pig?
          I have the recipe, it kills
          the AIDS virus.
          Just don’t eat the brain.
          I’m crazy and you all should
          be very afraid.

          • Rellic,the folks that walked from the crash site of their plane that went down in Andes(The book Alive)in desperation carried and ate what,….?Yep,brains.Will say the bodies were frozen including the brains and may have killed off any bad pathogens ect.,so,you live in a snow climate,Bon Apatite!

        • I love crackers, especially with peanut butter.

      14. I love it. I like crackers too.

      15. Where be mah check? I wants mah check? Mus’ be some evil white man done stole it!! I wants mah check! Raaaght now!

        • Chill Brother,chill

          Don’t go tripp’n, or sumbuddy will cut you!

      16. The likes of Peggy and that Obamaphone cretin would have scared me away if I had even considered voting for Obozo. How can people be so captured by rhetoric? Hoping they are all badly disappointed.

        • At least the Obama-phone woman went on the Alex Jones show and changed her tune about Obama.

      17. Impeach and convict Obama. Must. Do. This.

        Two objections that I’ve heard and want to pre-empt.

        Objection 1: “If that happens, we’ll have President Biden! He’ll be worse!”

        Answer: No, he won’t. After witnessing Obama’s impeachment and conviction, and seeing that the Dems don’t control either House of Congress, he won’t be able to do significant damage.

        Objection 2: “Only 2 more years until Obama’s out of office anyways. An impeachment process will be a distraction. And it will set back conservatives in the public eye with moderates and independents if conservatives push for impeachment. Just wait until 2016 election.”

        Answer: You’re missing the larger point. The larger point is having moral and political backbone and courage as a country and as principled leaders and people. If there is no attempt to impeach and convict such a lawless President and his heinous administration, then it justly paints America and its citizens with the enduring mark of cowardice and shame.

        • That right! If we move up Jokin’ Joe we might find grounds to impeach his wrinkly old ass. Then it would fall to the next in line and we can do the same to them and so on and so on until we can shutter up the buildings in DC (Dark Country)

        • Two very important conditions must present in order for impeachment to proceed and BE SUCCESSFUL in convicting and removing the target of impeachment. 1. Public sentiment and the press MUST support impeachment. 2. A 2/3 majority of the Senate (i.e. the votes to convict) must be ASSURED BEFORE impeachment in the House proceeds.

          At this time, neither the Senate votes nor the press support and public sentiment requirements are there. That is why Boehner is suing the President, instead moving for impeachment. Even if Republicans gain control of the Senate in the 2014 midterms, there will still not be enough votes to convict, unless someone in the NSA comes up with Lois Lerner’s missing emails and gives them to one of the investigating committee’s. The only way to assure conviction is to have irrefutable evidence.of wrongdoing by Obozo, before impeachment. I don’t see that happening.

          • This is,was and will always be theater for the masses…

            The PTB know we are waking up…just ask ziggy…

            When they finally decide it’s close enough…there go the lights.

        • With all due respect, the time has come and gone for impeachment. WE will not be allowed the time to make that happen, so do what you can, while you can, for yourself and others…

          • FOB, it appears you are correct. I would of loved to see him slow roasted. Ah well, some other time perhaps.

            • ^sorry for the poor grammar. But you got the point I’m sure.

            • PO’d Patriot:

              He may not be ‘slow roasted’ in this life but we shall see what happens per Revelation on Judgement Day. His “handlers” forgot to tell the ‘manchurian candidate” that there would eventually be a day of reckoning that he WILL NOT ESCAPE.

              Wonder when ‘they’ are finished using him if they can erase his memory (alzheimers) or if they will just erase him.

              Do not miss Rappaports article about a presidents conversation at nomorefakenews. Rappaport has no advertisers so he can call a spade a spade, take the drug companies and their vaccinations to task, tell you about Monsanto and their GMO foods, etc. You can have
              his truthful subjects sent to your e-mail.

              • How in the world can YOU say that granny when Rappaport is a JEW? You must be ill,lol…….

      18. What really bothers me is People believe this Turd in the start. I could tell he was lying with every word that came out of his mouth.
        I just hope people have awaken but I’m afraid that they are not.
        When you feed the wild animals they just keep coming and they bring more with them.
        I pray Peggy has had her eyes opened.
        Man what a time for a strong Prez. The type that will stand up to the world. Ted Nugent for Prez.
        I could just see him riding his Buffalo into a meeting with some turds trying to give orders to the USA.

        • Yep Sarge, they fell for it hook line and sinker while attending the “Church Of What’s Happening Now”! He was the “Black Messiah” when all he really was, was another shoeshine boy. He could make things look bright, talk the spin, and connect. Their thrill was damn near orgasmic. Glen Beck is another one. Its all about, “What’s in it for me? Cut me a check”!

        • We don’t need a president who will “stand up to the world”

          We need a leader who will stop the spying on the world and get the fuck out of their business. We need a leader who is interested in protecting the sovereignty of our borders, instead of paying for coups on other countries, so corporations can rake in billions in exploited resources.

          We don’t need to “stand up to the world”. The world isn’t doing anything to US…

          We need to become part of the world again, instead of trying so hard to control it.

          • If im the only one that gives you a thumbs up for that, then we are the only two people on this board that “get it”

            • What seems to be hardest for some people to understand, is that there is not one single shred of truth that has come out of the government. Not one. Everything has been aimed at manipulating the masses towards the NWO goal.

              EVERY FUCKING THING.

              All of the false flags were created to induce fear, and gain the consent of the people to shed blood in foreign countries.

              All of the reasons we were given for those wars, were FALSE. EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM.

              The bad guys ended up not being bad guys after all, and the good guys ended up being CIA assets and tyrants. Just like a fucking attack dog, we lunged at whatever had an “X” painted on it…we NEVER questioned anything.

              Like it or not, hundreds of thousands of innocent people died, and their blood IS on our hands. Millions have been displaced and entire continents have been destroyed…because we bought into the lies.

              So many “conspiracy theories” have come out as conspiracy FACTS, that it would take too long to list them all. Just insert your personal favorites here.

              The MSM conveniently left out inconvenient details that could’ve saved lives and saved our Country had we known, then they lied to us to cover up the rest.

              We always find out the truth too late to do anything about it…ALWAYS TOO LATE. It is NOT “better late than never.” Too late is Too late.

              I have decided that anything and everything published for our consumption, is either false or intended to manipulate us in some way.


              This border problem is a prime example. On one hand, the media paints the children as refugees from poverty and violence. They pull at people’s heart strings to make people stand up for them.

              THEN, the truth comes out about what’s really going on.

              Now we’re being told those people are all carrying terrible diseases, and they’re gun-toting gang-bangers and drug cartel members.

              Notice how one side fades out in the media, only to be replaced by the other story…like clock work.

              They want us fighting over illegal/undocumented aliens, and because people are STUPID and gullible, they got it.

              Same thing with the Ukraine. Good guy-Bad guy-terrorist-rebel, they can’t seem to make up their GD minds who is fighting for what…while Americans draw up sides to battle each other.

              Then there’s the race card, gay pride, abortion and the old left-right, democrat-republican bullshit.


              Until people stop buying into ANY AND ALL bullshit that they throw on our plate, we will NEVER unite against them.

              When I say “DON’T BUY INTO THE BULLSHIT”, I mean all of it. Not just what happens to sound good.

              NONE OF IT IS GOOD FOR US…all of it is a good distraction to keep the fight going long after the bell.

              (((RANT OVER)))

              Thanks for letting me vent. 🙂

              • Once you figure out what the goal is, the steps to get there become very clear.

              • BEST RANT EVER!!! I feel EXACTLY the same and as a Veteran of 25 years it makes me sick…

          • Sixpack, AMEN to your comments. I noticed the trolls [red-thumbs] are out again today. I just gave you a green thumb. You can have all the green thumbs you want from me. My pleasure.

      19. Obama did not give anything, the taxpayers did. We have allowed our govt. to become a charitable organization that trades welfare for votes. Soon this system will collapse because of fraud and abuse. That will be the real shtf.

        • I dunno how “charitable” it is, when it keeps 70% of every dollar it wrings out of us to build bigger and better McMansions in Metro DC.

      20. Obama. The Saviour and puppet of the Bank of England—need more be said?

      21. Educated Sinner Order #2

        The person known as “Educated Sinner” declares that the woman is this video should be stripped naked, covered in honey, and staked out near a really big ant hill.
        So it is written, so let it be done!

        Long live me!

        Look at it this way, in the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman should survive they will find……this Useful Idiot, and people like her, caused the collapse of the United States of America.

      22. What your seeing with people like this are the unfortunate consequences that occur when nature is not allowed to take its course. When natural selection is tampered with, you end up with unnatural genetic oddities such as liberals, progressives, communists etc…. These creatures cannot survive in the wild. They do not have the smarts to support themselves. They have however, developed a vast array of “skills” that allow them to rationalize living off of the labors other people.

        Sarcasm 101

        • rednek that aint sarcasm, its the honest truth.

        • All praise Gene Roddenberry and The Prime Directive.

          Yah, it was Science Fisction. But it’s right.

          Half the countries in this world have populations beyond what their land can support. The success of the Western World/Culture/Science/Productivity, has caused their populations to explode.

          • The myth of overpopulation is a liberal lie designed to justify abortion and genocide. Millions were supposed to starve decades ago but it never happened. Since then, population growth has slowed throughout the entire world. In a number of countries like Russia and Japan, population growth is negative.

            • Yes. In the more modern cultures, populations have pretty much stabilized. Not so in the third world countries.

              And besides population. You have the Death cult of Islam spreading due to our purchasing thier oil and their populations exploding due to our medicines. Playing with our modern weapons. A recipe for disaster.

              • And there lies the reason why we have disease, starvation, and wars. As long as fallible humans are involved, all the above will be with us. It will always be this side of eternity.

        • @rednek101….

          Well said. I think the term that best describes these creatures is……parasites.

        • sarcasm is the best medicine!

      23. We need a constitutional party to hell with democrats and republicans,same heads different hats. We need America back!!!!

        • The number of green thumbs you got for that indicates, to me anyway, people still think this can be corrected by the ballot…

          Soon you will know that that can not be, will not be…

          When the time comes many will die…it will be so brutal…
          It will be like NOTHING any of us have seen or can imagine…

          If you survive, pray your morality survives as well.

          • Actually Jerry,I can imagine/envision/enact in my mind very brutal situations and how I hope I will react,try though not to dwell on it too much as can depress one pretty fast,so,I will enjoy today,oh,and yes,prepare for tomorrow!

            • EH,

              I’m out on the water these days most of the time, it’s my natural environment as is the foothills…and I’m loving every minute… either at sea level or 5000′, so don’t get me wrong…I just know very few people, even those that have given it considerable thought, are REALLY prepared for what is about to happen…

              Those of us who have seen the horror of war…
              Are marginally prepared…because you’re going to be making some very hard choices about neighbors and people you’ve seen around your “hood”…what do you do when someone you know turns you in for…whatever…and you have the time to take corrective action….do you? And can you justify it to protect your family…God have mercy if it’s a family member…

              These questions and many many more are what REASONABLE men and women are going to be faced with,on a daily basis in the not too distant future…

              For me, I don’t know how I’m going to react…
              I do refer to training that I believe will be inadequate… can’t explain that feeling because it feels different this time and there is no amount of training, unless you become a drone, that’s going to get you through it. That is without losing your morality.
              Without that you lose no matter what happens.

              And that is the bottom line of my point…

              Morality…they have none. That’s why the ballot will never work again as long as these vermin are still calling the shots…

              To rid ourselves of them we cannot become them… So pray.

              • Dbl posts…I hate dbl posts

            • EH,

              I’m out on the water these days most of the time, it’s my natural environment as is the foothills…and I’m loving every minute… either at sea level or 5000′, so don’t get me wrong…I just know very few people, even those that have given it considerable thought, are REALLY prepared for what is about to happen…

              Those of us who have seen the horror of war…
              Are marginally prepared…because you’re going to be making some very hard choices about neighbors and people you’ve seen around your “hood”…what do you do when someone you know turns you in for…whatever…and you have the time to take corrective action….do you? And can you justify it to protect your family…God have mercy if it’s a family member…

              These questions and many many more are what REASONABLE men and women are going to be faced with,on a daily basis in the not too distant future…

              For me, I don’t know how I’m going to react…
              I do refer to training that I believe will be inadequate… can’t explain that feeling because it feels different this time and there is no amount of training, unless you become a drone, that’s going to get you through it. That is without losing your morality.
              Without that you lose no matter what happens.

              And that is the bottom line of my point…

              Morality…they have none. That’s why the ballot will never work again as long as these vermin are still calling the shots…

              To rid ourselves of them we cannot become them… So pray.

      24. That antichrist Obama lied, well…no shit, Sherlock! We repetely tried to tell and warn you about him, but you refused to listen. We were not and are not racists. We saw things objectively as they really are. But no, you were too wrapped up in your visions of messiahship; that some how magic would happen and he personally would be solution and savior to all of your problems. You want to believe the delusion that you would get all this free stuff and it would be paid for by some body else out there in fairy tale land. There will be real world consequences to your wishful thinking.

        Karma meet Bitch. Once again the gods of the copybook heading will have the final say in the matter. Once again you will have to re-learn the truth of; there is no such thing as a free lunch.

        • Barack, the Magic Negro
          http: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=N08ZIsSPKuo

      25. This is what happens with all “Useful Idiots”. Dating back to Lenin, once that they realize that Utopia is not in the cards, they turn against Marxism and are usually killed off quickly.

        Which is why Col Yuri Besmenov of the old KGB defected to The West. he was assigned to infiltrate the country of India, but when he saw the order to kill off all of his friends that helped him take India into the Soviet camp, he defected to Canada. His videos on UTUBE are priceless still.

        • Utopia is where you are left alone to produce what you and your family need. And no government comes to take away a portion.

      26. I’d say better late than never, but I do not believe that they actually learned anything. All they learned was that they didn’t “get what they were promised”. They did not understand that there is nothing left to “give” anyone and that ultimately we are each responsible for ourselves. I didn’t hear that at all, sadly.

      27. I’d like to say “better late than never”, but I don’t think they have learned anything, except that they didn’t “get what they wanted”. I didn’t hear her say that she has learned that SHE is responsible for her own mortgage payment and gas. Sadly, we live in a victim’s world now where “those who WANT” are ALWAYS the victims and those who work are the victimizers. When they acknowledge that it is their responsibility to care for themselves, that they now understand the money they are demanding is coming from all of their fellow citizens who do without to pay for them nothing will get better. I just don’t see that happening any time soon. Instead, they are waiting for the next wizard to take them to Oz….somewhere over the rainbow….sigh…

      28. I also believe that if we can’t secure our border, that all of these “new” citizens need to be put back on the bus and delivered to the homes of the politicians who are siding with this “amnesty” deception and everyone who voted for Obama…starting with this woman. She needs to see what TRUE need is and that SHE is now responsible to house and feed them.

      29. NEVER ceases to amaze me! It IS incredible to me just how stupid some people actually are.

      30. Obammy’s black support has gone down like 1% since his election in 2008 …. it has never been lower that 97% – EVER …. these handful of blacks willing to speak out are only doing so for the PR ….

        Obammy is the black’s New God on Earth … now and forever

      31. That BITCH is so stupid that it should be illegal !!!

      32. Seems like the efffects of zer0’s Kool Aid is wearing off…

        Anyone that believed his BS from the beginning would be stupid enough to vote for him a third time….

      33. Obama did to her the same thing she has been doing to us. To many have been riding on the labors of others for to long. The government should get out of he charity business.

      34. hey
        it ain’t just the Obamabots

        how many people voted for Mr. Read My Lips No New Taxes ???

        • Didn’t make a second term did he.

      35. Beaten Palestinian-American teen returns home to Tampa from Jerusalem

        TAMPA — A raucous crowd burst into cheers and began chanting Tariq Khdeir’s name when the teenager came into sight walking down the airport terminal.

        Tariq, 15, has drawn international attention after a video surfaced of two Israeli police officers wearing riot gear brutally beating him during a protest in Jerusalem earlier this month.

        … more

      36. Do you know where your scary tween kids are?

        12 YEAR OLD Children to be Charged as Adults. WTF?

        Two girls accused of plotting to kill friend, victim stabbed 19 times

        12-year-old Morgan Geyser, and 12-year-old Anissa Weier were charged as adults on Monday, June 2nd — accused of stabbing another 12-year-old girl over the weekend. Apparently, all three of the girls in this case were friends.

        … more

      37. David I agree. The lame stream media used to provide facts, background information and information on candidates so informed decisions could be made before voting. The media no longer does this unless a candidate they don’t like chooses to run, then they are only to happy to provide all kinds of trash from the candidates history

      38. One word description:dupe.

      39. And, it won’t be ANY better once the bigots get their lily-white ol’ boy back in power. It was the Cheney-Bush ol’ boys who fomented the desire for “hope and change”! NOTHING has changed and, there is NO hope in government-by-others over us–whether Democrat or Republican. HOPE is in ourselves–governing OURSELVES for the protection of others, providing for ourselves to free us from enslavement by others who only use us for their enrichment and empowerment, and, armoring ourselves to defend us from those who WON’T govern themselves but who intend to rule over the rest of us.

      40. This is just one of many elements that we as Patriot Americans are going to have to engage in our struggle (WAR) to retake back the America we so LOVE! Sad so sad, that it has gotten this far.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      41. Michelle Dowry, aka Obamaphone gal, got the same revelation.

      42. a little context regarding the Malaysian airliner shot down

        and a little history

        “I will NEVER apologize”
        Vladimir Putin July 18,2014 ???


        George Bush Aug. 2 1988

        “I Will Never Apologize”. Iran Flight 665 Shot Down, 290 Dead.


      43. Obama did to her what she has been doing to taxpayers.
        Looked like a pretty nice house to me. What kind of people exist off the labor of others. Charity should come from the church and be for the elderly and crippled, not the lazy abusers.

      44. OFF TOPIC: Please….This is a serious question I would like to get answers to…if you all would.

        I have some older friends (very awake) who are eligible for food EBT. They barely scrape by food wise (or any other wise) but could really use the extra help. It is good ol’ fashion American pride that keeps them from using this help. My thinking is they could use it for decent meals and some preps (which is all but impossible now). So my question is this….

        Is it best to be an EBT sheeple to TPTB, since they think they have you conquered and controlled? Will the EBT’s be ignored and the last rounded up. Or the first chipped?

        Or will the people who are independent and don’t ask for help be the ones under the microscope? Would it be better to be on the dole and invisible? Or are you more vulnerable?

        Does any of that make sense?


        • It makes sense.

          If they’re too proud to take the gov’t assistance, talk to them about what and where they can cut expenses to alleviate funds for food. Things like cable, phones, internet, tobacco, liquor, processed foods, etc., can all be reduced or cut.

          If they’re down to the bone, then assistance is what they should do unless a job is available.

        • PKLL.

          They may be able to track what items you purchase with an EBT card.

          So which is the best way to avoid detection? Those with the cards could use them to make one hell of a stockpile on other peoples money. Instead of being wasteful, use the system against itself. They figure it will always be there so why plan for a rainy day.

          One thing for sure, we are all under the microscope and we do not know when or who they will come for first.

        • If they are eligible I say they should get it now and use it wisely…..regarding the microscope…WE all are under it for one reason or another, so they should get what they have paid into for so many years….better them than others who would merely buy soda, chips, fast food, etc…Tell them They Have Earned this benefit for all their years of hard work and paying into the system….hope they take it. They can always opt out at a later date….

        • One in six Americans get some type of assistance, 50MM. If they really need it then by all means get the card. It’s why we pay taxes. All people need help on occasion. Now more than ever.
          With 50MM people on assistance I wouldn’t be too worried about big brother bothering them.


          • except for one thing a quote from the movie Rob Roy. Honor is a gift a man gives himself. doing something that is not honorable is the same a stealing from yourself. taking that which you did not earn or produce is not honorable. Trying to justify taking assistance by stating one in six are getting assistance. that’s right on par with the excuse children make (everyone else is doing it) two wrongs never make a right.

            • @Old Guy….I agree with you and love the Rob Roy quote…oh, so true!! And here is my but, in this instance…..older folks having a hard time deserve some help…hell, they were working and fighting for our Freedom through many wars. I don’t know how old these folks are, and, sadly I sometimes call people old folks who are younger than myself….gotta stop doing that!! Bottom line is if these older people need a Hand Up, I say they should get some help….

              • A hand up is fine a hand out robbed from the public coffers is something entirely different. the fact is the government is grossly inefficient. it cost more to implement & administer those programs that the reciepents receive. What If and granted it,s a big What If everyone was like those proud old folks. If no one signed up for the welfare the government would shrink significantly. Ill admit to being biased I would do almost anything before ill become a parasite on the government teat. Our home burned no insurance nothing left. all my guns appliances, winter food ect gone. and I was out of work. so I sold my pk and bought a savage 22 and a $400 hovelof a house trailer. I had to kill something almost every day so we could have meat. hunted for sustanace. And since I was laid off from road construction during the winter. I could have qualified for and drew Unemployment comp. However my core concept beliefs that welfare does the reciepent more harm than good prevented that option. It was pretty rough for about 6 weeks. Cutting firewood and selling it for income. no pickup just a farmall tractor & trailer. Then My employer heard of my situation. he came by and talked to me told me to sign up for unemployment. I stated thanks but I will not because I knew not one penny was every deducted from my paycheck for unemployment. I knew its was funded by a special tax on the employers payroll. The next day he came by and brought me a company Pk. Told me to come to his headquarters and work in the shop. and to drive the truck and I fill the tank on his nickel. and that’s all I drove the Pk was to work & back never used it for my personal use. He was the kind of guy everyone thought was hard to work for asshole He always had problems keeping help. I found he was not all bad and not all good mainly just decent. I worked for him off and on for ten years. looking back over my working life Im proud of several things I never took welfare & dole. I was for the most part debt free. I was always my own person. And I never intentionally took unfair advantage or did anyone out of the way. And never allowed anyone to take unfair advantage of me. My children all grew up to be law abiding productive citizens. They often complained Why do we always have to be the model and toe the mark. now that they have children they are setting the same example.

        • The best way to stay under the radar is :
          1. If they have been using store rewards card, continue making the same types of purchases but just a bit more now
          2. If they do not use store rewards cards they can purchase basic items like meat, veg, rice etc and can and freeze them for longer life. Basic foods that you prepare yourself generally will give you more bang for your buck. If they use cash to purchase larger bags of rice, oats, pasta or grains from the Mormons they can do cash and carry and stay off the radar I would think. (Look online for LDS cannery info).
          Local county co operative extension agencies have people on the phones and printed and online free materials on how to safely can. My favorite book for cooking and canning is “Joy of Cooking” but there are many. Canned goods do not go bad for years and do not suffer from power outages.
          Cooperative extension also has free courses on how to budget and on gleaning programs in their area. They also have master gardener programs that could offer info on starting a vegetable garden in a small amount of land or pots. An experiment using a piece of land 4′ x 8′ yielded over $700 in food in one summer.
          Yes they should try to use what they have available. It is always good to plan for a rainy day.
          Good Luck

        • Its up to the decision of your friends. I would not make an argument for them either way. If they feel it wouldn’t be right to take the ebt card, or sign up for one, that’s their call.

          • PK,as a friend get em some seeds for the bigger picture,even with very limited space there are those hydroponic garden systems built up that can even grow on a balcony.The best thing one can do for friends long term is help them help themselves.Here is a boob tube clip:ht tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycd8p1lZj7Q,leads to many others similar,as always have put a space in http to avoid moderation wait times

        • Pk LaLau Those old proud friends. Leave them alone. Many times the best way to help someone is to leave them like you find them. What Ive learned is that many folks are very fond of telling others what they ought to do. When the fact is that the only person who has the right to decide what they ought to do is them. attend to your own affairs. their pride is the finest gem that can ever be owned.

          • Everyone: Thank you all for your answers….I’m not trying to meddle, it was presented to me and I thought I’d ask for some wisdom other than just what I thought.


      45. Off topic…Have you seen the news footage covering the Maylasian airliner that was shot down? Their showing footage of the airliner with a picture of Putin right above it. No real evidence at this time. Just conjecture. All of the footage could have been put together with previously shot video files. It really bothers me that the media has this type of power. Journalists are supposed to be college grads and have a reasonable amount intelligence. Really worries me where these idiots are trying to lead the sheep.

        • Are you suggesting that the airliner was shot down by militant Amish?

          Best coverage BTW is the UK Daily Mail. Forget any US media.

          • Gotta watch those Amish…

            Any of a dozen countries could have supplied SAMs. There are dozens of organizations wreaking havoc at will in this part of the world.
            When the mushroom cloud has scarcely had time to dissipate over the impact site, we already had pictures of a “possible” BUK missile system siting in the vicinity. We had incriminating audio recordings. Then we’re flashing Putin’s picture on top of video of the crash. It’s all a little too convenient. At best, way too quick to judge. At worst, dead wrong.
            So Malaysia airlines has already had one plane disappear…

        • MSM only has power on people with no critical thinking skills,those that will go to trouble to do a little research can at least have a chance of getting the real story.Those that don’t bother and just buy into anything they are told or see on msm pretty much at this point a lost cause.

        • Just received …

      46. I have one thing to ask her tell the truth you voted for him because he was a black man

      47. What I can’t figure out is where did the low-info voters get the idea that money was going to flow in their direction after O’Traitor was first elected. I remember I was working as a cashier in a convenience store (only job I could find)…after the election and a younger black guy came in and started explaining to me how he was going to be getting a big fat check from Obama. He explained he had already picked out a house he was going to buy and was just completely giddy. Where did they get this crap from?

        • Scave,I do though believe some people thought they would get a cushy free ride do also believe many were joking during the election,those that were serious,well,survival skills of a twinkie at a cockroach convention!

      48. Peggy Joseph: “He lied about it all. We aint never gettin’ all that free stuff. Utopia don’t work!”

        Piers Morgan: “The glorious leader just needs more time. You redneck gun crazy racists need to give his programs time to work. Just a little more time… I’m sure they’ll work… eventually…”

        Sweet Brown: “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”

        Conclusion– The guilt-ridden, narcissistic, nit-wit white libs are always the last ones to know.

        • Smoking, how is the grandson???

          • Hey there eppe. He’s doing well, thanks for asking. Docs say he’s officially in remission. Now, just a couple more years of hope and prayers and we’re home free. 🙂

            • We really MISS your real life stories…

        • believe me, thats a good thing

          they will never convert, and even if or when some do..they are a problem for us real patriots

          let em learn the hard way

      49. It’s too damn late now lady….enjoy the crash.

      50. don’t worry, the third term will be much better

      51. listen….can you hear it?? that loud, painful, empty sound of sadness out there???

        THAT my friends is the collective groan of FORTY MILLION proud and deserving Black Americans coming to the realization that:

        1) Obama is NOT and never was one of them….


        2) He used them just like everybody else that voted for him.

      52. barry obama did more than lie to her.

        he is helping the nwo zio-neocons to enslave blacks further , by way of various eugenics social programs to further enslave , purge , kill her people off.

        there is a zog fedgov directed sponsored black genocide happening is zog amerika right now, it’s been happening a long time, for a century.

        chicago and atlanta black on black crimes murders are perfect examples of it.


        • p.s. i forgot detroit also. the black community in detroit is destroyed completely. it’s black eugenics. it’s clearly designed to destroy the black communities in zog amerika.


        • Puff.

          Black on Black Crime is horrendous in the Northeast Florida area. There are many people like Mad Dads and Crime Watch that try to help. Thugs shooting children riding their bikes and shooting up homes killing babies in the beds asleep. Terrible.

          • And that killing Sling mentions is just the swat teams actions!

          • i admit i am a racist, i’ve been victimized enough by minority criminals and reverse racism in life to make me one.

            i though still believe they all have a right to live life as by stated in the U.S. CONSTITUTION.

            the right to live free , secure , unmolested and happy.

            i can’t help but wonder how much potential intellectual knowledge has humanity lost by trying to poison, control and destroy the negro population of zog amerika – how many potential booker t. washington’s , george washington carver’s, frederick douglas’s , martin luther king’s etc etc has the zio-neocon’s / humanity killed off in order to maintain control of the masses.

            it just seems a shame so few , the 1% , have the power to control , kill so many and profit from it as they shape the world by greed to their NWO ZOG NEO-CON will.



            • It isn’t Conservatives keeping them down, it’s the leftists.

      53. Obama and Congrease have increased the un-payable debt to approx. $18 Trillion fed notes. If you or I printed “money” to that degree, we would be jailed. How is that $3.00 loaf of bread working out for you?

        • that’s enough physical 1 one dollar bills to lay a dollar bill path reaching from the earth to the sun 3x times over.

          or from the sun to the planet ur’anus.

          that is a butt load of money.

          uranus butt get it ;0)


      54. I can remember a time when it was a family disgrace to have a family member on welfare or any kind of public assistance. Integrity was valued back then. Nowadays some abusers of the system purposely milk the system to avoid working.

      55. http://www.amazon.com/Bronchial-Inhaler-Lower-Respiratory-Cleanser/dp/B0093JY0TQ/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=glocodgui-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=BQWLSCY7MKV2MTTW&creativeASIN=B0093JY0TQ



        They are spraying Chemtrails to simulate ozone and you and yours will get asthma and lung issues.

      56. What’s the problem my African-American friends? Did the Jubilation your AME Zion church promised you not happen?
        Here’s a clue; he’s actually the Anti-Christ.

      57. 1. The man is 50% black. 2. The man is a lawyer. 3. The man is a politician. ARE YOU SUPRISED HE TELLS LIES?

      58. ***OFF TOPIC***

        Seems that some of the upper crusties are getting worried about the ‘middle income’ people rising up. Hmmm…

        I wonder why?

        OECD Fears Middle Class Civil Unrest Is Coming

        (from ZeroHedge site)

        This idea that we live in a world where government cares about us is just the biggest propaganda ever. Everyone one will only pursue their own self-interest. The OECD has interesting come out and warned that if governments are unable to stop the transfer of wealth to a small financial elite, the displeasure of the dispossessed middle class could easily turn and go against the prevailing governmental systems. The OECD has claimed to have discovered the existence of a veritable “lumpenproletariat” in the supposedly rich Germany. Even though the systems attempt to provide citizens with bread and circuses in the traditional Roman style to keep them quiet, such tactics they warn may have now become obsolete after the ultimate circus is over – the World Cup.

        The problem with all of these studies is the look at class warfare and not at the consumption of government. They do not follow the breadcrumbs. What if you take everything from the elites? Who will start businesses to create jobs? Who will be left to take as government pensions keep ticking away. In Germany, it has now surpassed 50% of the average persons labor goes to taxes.

        There are a host of books coming out all about just taxing the rich more ignoring reducing the cost of government. The German bestseller “The plunder of the world” presents just another socialist agenda arguing that the rich get richer even in times of crisis, while the consequences of a crisis are always carried by the lower-income groups and the middle class. It fails to explain that the rich get richer from investment, not wage income. This is an argument to effective tax investment substantially to even out the disparity? But who then creates the jobs that produce anything? Is it that those who invest unfairly make money when the others pay too much in taxes and do not invest? Anyone who thinks that these books are real must be insane. If you think for one second raising the taxes on the rich will mean your taxes will decline – good luck. In Germany, Tax Freedom Day has passed the 50% and even in Canada it is now June 9, 2014. In the United States it is April 21st for 2014.

        In France, the magazine Challenges has determined that the richest Frenchmen saw their assets in 2013 rise by 15% since they benefit from the profits in foreign companies. There is no discussion that government consumes too much – EVER!

      59. The woman in this article will be fine!She just needs a copy of the Yankee Anti Zombie Sur……,eh,never mid!

        • War: LOL!


      60. Funny how all you morons made fun of the morons who said Obama would give them free phones etc. he never did promise “free phones” “free mortgages” or the like. Now the retard said Obama lied and you all think it proves something. Wake up. All politicians are the same and all parties have a healthy number of retards and nuts. By the way, nothing you goofs predicted has come true. In looking at your past posts.
        1). Numerous predictions of collapse from days weeks months away. Didn’t happen.
        2). The dry run of police taking over and practicing in Boston. Didn’t happen.
        3). Paying inflated prices and hoarding ammo. No need. You created a false scarcity and then paid too much.
        4). Silver going to 100-200….5000 and ounce. Oops.
        5). The UN is here and ready to take over. Nope.
        6). Various posts about what people will do when the government comes to get them, their guns etc. Didn’t happen and everyone is still here.
        7). Hoarding food and talking about what you will do when the masses try to get your food. Nope again.
        8). Other countries invading the US. Nope
        9). Guns being outlawed. Nope.
        10). Black people doing things to you. Nope.
        11). The government intentionally spreading disease and or positioning everyone. Nope.
        12. Religion being outlawed. Nope
        13). National ID cards.
        I could go on and on.

        • i hope you have no one dependent on you.

        • How long before your Government pension kicks in there NLT?

          River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLONLABE!

          • The blind and dumb to whats slowly going on around them will never believe its true ..even and right up until the second they are kicked head first into the ditch ..right before they feel the burning sensation of a high caliber projectile finding its mark

            Hey what do I care? History proves this schmuck is wrong
            if he wants to live in fantasy land , fine by me

          • Oh. I forgot that one RR. Anyone who causes discomfort by pointing out how silly and futile some ideas here are….is a government spy. I don’t get that one. Wouldn’t a mole be more subtle rather than outright mocking? If the government took this seriously enough, I would think they would do domething other than taunt. Perhaps by acting as though they are one of the doom gang. Then introduce thought provoking ideas.
            So, sorry… No government pension on the way. Darn

        • Every one of your points is wrong but you aint worth the time to challenge. Just get current w/ the REAL news and events everywhere, then come back and join in w/ the grownups.

        • NLT, you’ve crossed a major red line that’s likely to get you censored. You’ve just stated the TRUTH and that is NOT welcome here on good ole’ mac slavo’s ” House O’ Doom” website along with his ” Merry” band of blind followers.

          • Anon, f#$% you! Mac NEVER practices censorship. You want censorship? Go to any MSM site you want and you’ll find more censorship than you can imagine. There is truth at this site, despite the popular opinion of trolls like you.

            • Drunkheart, you do NOT have a clue as to what is fact or fantasy. mac slavo has ADMITTED he has censored comments and continues to do so. Why the hell do you think you’re allowed to spew whatever paranoid delusions you like without rebuttal? It’s due to the fact he thinks you’re to slow witted to engage in a battle of wits with anybody, AND you’re his favorite doom porn shill of course. You believe EVERYTHING is a government conspiracy and you had better believe the south would get it’s collective ass kicked again in the NEXT civil war!

              • Anonymous, I have MORE than a clue as to what is really going on out there. I don’t trust anything coming from the corporate mainstream media. All of my info comes from the alternative media and even there I’m very selective and careful about which sources I trust. A book that woke me up to what’s really happening back in the early 70s is titled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham. Anyone can download a free copy at http://www.ldsfreedomnetwork.com/none-dare-call-it-conspiracy.pdf and save it to their computer. If you want a paperback copy they are available at Amazon. THAT book is how I first discovered about the conspiracy for one-world government. There’s no “doom porn” about any of these things. I live in the real world. I don’t know where you’ve been, but you need to wake up and smell the coffee while you still have the opportunity. The only people I ever attack on here are trolls who make unjustifiable and illegitimate attacks on the good people here and I refuse to let those attacks go unchallenged. When the next civil war breaks out, it won’t be north vs. south; it will be the people vs. the federal government. I’m still prepping for what’s coming. Better get on the right side of all this BS if you want to survive what’s coming.

        • NLT, I don’t know what fantasy world you’re from but all the things you mentioned WILL happen; it’s only a question of when. The morns you speak of are the Obama supporters, nonpreppers, etc. NOT the good people here. We are preppers, we live in the real world, we all have critical thinking skills, and will stand up and fight the NWO. Hope you’re on the right side. If not, then…..

          • Yeah, people have been walking around wearing signs proclaiming ” THE END IS NEAR!” since the fucking beginning of time, and yet humanity is STILL around somehow. You’re being duped and enjoying it!

            • Anon,you get away with things as far as being banned much more here then anywhere else.I like this policy as it allows debate.Everything I prep with is tools/food/camping gear/outdoor sporting gear ect.,stuff I will use as long as I live.As for having in hand solid metals,can sell em anytime but give me a inflation hedge things go south,things go very south either manmade or natural they will not be worth much unless I survive till the other side.

              • Everything that we have and use has its own time for use. PMs are no different. A collapse usually proceeds as a series of steps… say 6 steps, just for argument. It will not be until step 4 or 5 that PMs have their time for use. Until then, they are financial insurance, a long-term savings plan, and a hedge against inflation. But because some folks don’t notice inflation on a daily basis, they assume that it isn’t there… but it is and it is pretty obvious over longer time periods.

                Consider: In 1960, a gallon of gas cost a quarter and sometimes less. Here we are in 2014, 54 years later, and that same gallon of gas now costs $4 or more. That is better than a 16 fold increase in the price of that fuel. But the gas has not changed. Only the paper money that we use to buy it has changed. It has gotten less valuable as more and more of it is printed. Because it is less valuable, more of it is needed to buy the same goods and services. This is the face of inflation and it is not easily spotted in the very short term. But in the long term it is crystal clear.

                But the story doesn’t end here because people who tossed their pre-1965 dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars into jars and saved them can now take one of their 90% silver quarters, sell it for around $4, and buy that same gallon of gas. For them, inflation has not occurred. For everyone holding paper money, it has and that money is now 1/16 the value it was 50+ years ago. Because of all this, many of us say “paper is for spending and metals are for saving”. Cheers, all. 🙂

              • Warchild, it’s a solid strategy you’ve got to be prepared for the possibilities of some type of disaster, it’s prudent to do so, But there are too many preppers who scream doom and gloom daily and see conspiracies EVERYWHERE they look. THAT’S the kind of behavior that gives preppers a bad name.

        • Making a prediction that didn’t happen YET is the same as lying to the people who elected you.

          You sure are one dumb son of a bitch.

      61. this governments Moral compass is so fucked up, I’d be shocked if they could find their way back out to the parking lot after their day is over with

      62. battle for hearts and minds

        A Tweetbot Caught the Russian Gov’t Editing Flight MH17 Wikipedia Info


        The Bernaysian Manipulation of the Human Psyche


        U.S. Government Lied to Pretend that Accidental Russian Shootdown of Commercial Plane Was Intentional … Three Decades Ago


        whenever there is any kind of “incident”
        you KNOW that the propaganda starts before the bodies hit the ground

        stay sharp !

      63. This topic is old and repeated often and the comments are rehashing the same anger already expressed over and over. The MSM won’t stay on any topic long enough unless it serves their owner’s purpose’s. Like the illegal invasion from south of the border and the veteran’s lack of care scandal’s, another topic wipes out the relevant discussion. Those report’s of those event’s have been sent packing. Short attention span’s benefit TPTB. I have’nt noticed a topic here on SHTF about the downed airliner in Ukraine. Anyway, it seem’s curious to me that now 2 Malaysian planes are gone, that must be because a court in that country found Bush, Cheney, Blair and a host of other criminals guilty of war crimes in 2013. Yeah, that’s it.

      64. I can’t think of anything to say, your guys and girls have said it all.

      65. obama = cult religion = islam = satan…..easy to figure out…

      66. This person just proves one of my favorite sayings. if you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough. I would be ashamed to show my face on tv ever, after making the statement that idiot woman did. Many are still waiting on that mortgage payment and tank of gas.

        • Yep… and FREE health insurance too. This is a classic example of why the Founding Fathers were SELECTIVE in who was allowed to vote. People had to be property owners to vote because it is the use of property that generates the wealth that fills the national treasury. Those who fill it SHOULD be those who decide how it is to be spent and not those who do not.

          Thomas Jefferson spoke most eloquently on the subject of what would happen if those who would not work were supported by the state. He was exactly right 200+ years ago and we can see it with out own eyes today. They have become wards of the state, swapping their votes for largess from the public treasury, stolen from the pockets of those who produce and delivered into the hands of those who do not by pandering politicians.

      67. 52 percent of Americans voted twice to have this oppression and deception continue.

        Just where do you think America is headed in the future?

        Prepare NOW!

      68. Idiots are so easily fooled by such superficial appearances. The rest of us, however, were not at all fooled by Obama, a true Manchurian (Kenyan?) candidate, if ever there was one. First, he was so far to the left that he made Ted Kennedy look middle of the road, so not a good match for a centrist country. Then, he had absolutely ZERO accomplishments to his name that would qualify him for national public service. If those who work for the government MUST pass a competitive civil service test to get their jobs, why don’t the politicians have to pass a competency test BEFORE they can assume office? Beats heck outta me but it would go a LONG way towards weeding out these incompetents BEFORE they can damage our country.

      69. Those feckless sheeple were rope a doped with what they thought was kwanzaclause, but instead, they got the pimp who stole Christmas.

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