With Half Of City Residents Delinquent, Detroit Restarts Water Shut-Offs

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Headline News | 282 comments

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    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: While we continue to hear about the economic recovery, the evidence on the ground is pretty clear: People all over the country are hurting. In Detroit, almost HALF of the city’s residents cannot afford to pay for water. WATER, a basic staple necessary for survival. Across the country, nearly one in six people can’t afford to put food on the dinner table and more are being added to emergency assistance programs on a daily basis. It’s only a matter of time.

    The world as we have come to know it in America over the last several decades is collapsing.

    So much for free water, free mortgages, free healthcare and free gas…

    The following was originally published at Zero Hedge.

    “Utility disconnection is always considered a last resort, obviously because of consequences for households,” but as Detroit News reports, but water-providers can expect more controversy, as a month-long moratorium against shutting off water for those behind on their bills expired last night. Halting service to people that don’t pay generate outrage among not just Detroit residents but a wider audience who proclaim ‘water should be a right‘. However, as one utility director noted, “We’ve seen a lot more payments…They need that little kick in the pants to get in here and do it.” Water industry experts say cities with high delinquency rates sometimes have few other effective options for getting customers to catch up on their bills. Roughly half of Detroit’s 170,000 customers were delinquent as of last spring.

    Water utilities in Detroit can expect more controversy as Detroit News reports,

    …a monthlong moratorium against shutting off water for those behind on their bills expires at the end of the day Monday.

    Crews are set to resume water shutoffs Tuesday after weeks of promoting how residents behind on their bills can get on a payment plan or get help paying.

    Other Metro Detroit cities, facing a financial pinch from unpaid bills, have gotten results by halting service to people who don’t pay.

    With some success…

    “Last summer, we shut it off for the first time ever,” Square said. Service was stopped to 150 homes, and 350 other customers paid up to avoid being cut off.

    The result: Hamtramck’s water fund now has a $1.8 million surplus, Square said.

    “We’ve seen a lot more payments,” said Randall Blum, Eastpointe’s finance director. “They need that little kick in the pants to get in here and do it.”

    But [shutting off water], which has produced some positive results, generated outrage among some people in Detroit and beyond, who say access to water should be a right.

    But as the companies themselves note, its simply not viable…

    “It’s not viable to let paying the water bill come to be seen as an option,” said Tom Curtis, deputy executive director of government affairs for the American Water Works Association, which represents more than 4,800 water systems nationwide.

    “The utilities have an obligation to the broader city to make sure the utility is viable and sustainable to serve all the residents and business,” Curtis said. “You can’t let uncollected bills go on and on without a significant consequence.”

    Utilities have fixed costs, and someone must help cover those expenses to maintain service, said Bob Raucher, who studies the economics of water for Stratus Consulting of Boulder, Colorado.

    “There’s so much neglected infrastructure and so many regulatory requirements that the problems are compounding. If they aren’t selling water and people aren’t paying their bills, they still have these fixed obligations,” said Raucher. “It’s a real conundrum everywhere. Detroit is an extreme case.”

    The numbers remain high…

    In a release Monday, the department said about 24,400 residents are on payment plans.

    Detroit suspended water service to nearly 17,000 residents from March to late July, when officials temporarily halted shut-offs.Many of those whose service was cut brought their accounts up to date quickly, and their water was restored.

    Detroit’s average residential delinquency is $540 and the average monthly household bill is about $75.

    Roughly half of Detroit’s 170,000 customers were delinquent as of last spring.

    “We give customers a certain amount of leniency in their bills,” said spokeswoman Sarah Holsapple.

    “Of course, if they haven’t paid after a certain amount of time, we’d have to shut off their water. That’s our absolute last resort.”

    *  *  *
    Free water is a right? And so are 49ers season tickets… oh wait.



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      1. Water is a right if you dig the well yourself.

        • You know in Cape Coral, FL all homeowners are forced by law to cap their water wells and switch to City water. You as a homeowner have NO choice if you own a home there. You are forced into their system and the conversion fee from well to city water is based on a percentage from the value of your home which depending on the home can cost in the range of 40K to convert.

          The RIGHT to drinking water is taken away from you at least in Cape Coral, FL. 😉

          • Nobody has a “right” to your water.

            Not Cape Coral FL and not the looter governments that claim the rain that falls on your property.

            • If you think Life is Bad in Detroit, Take a look at this 28-Min Video from Aleppo Syria, which is Syria’s largest City. Look how these people deal with daily life in fear of Barrel Bombs dropped on them. President Assad’s Army and Air force is randomly dropping Barrel Drums full of explosives on the residential areas of cities. The aircraft flies over the city and soldiers push these Barrel Bombs out the hatch onto the city. This is a violation of Human Right. This video reflects the Emergency Ambulance crew that goes from bombed out areas to the next picking up the survivors, and the dead to be buried. Graphic Shows dead bodies and dead children. Video – A City Left in Ruins. The Battle for Alleppo.

              • No, I don’t believe it’s Assad. It’s ISIS. They’re the same ones who used poison gas.

            • “Nobody has a right to your water”
              Better tell that to the feds who turned off water to Cali farms that have water rights going back over 100 years. They will lose their farms and we will lose the food they produce.
              And tell that to the Feds/Obama who passed a law a few years ago that states ANY body or source of water including a puddle is owned by the Federal government. Of course this is a One World Govt law that now exists in most nations.
              No talk of stopping Nestle from pumping the Great Lakes dry to bottle water to sell to China.

          • Looks like they’ll rename it to Cape Fear soon. This is just amazing how fast fascism is spreading.

            • This looks to me, like nothing more than a slap in the face of the people, AND a test run to see if the rest of the country will stand up against this act.

              I think they’re practicing depriving us of our right to our own water, just to see who objects and who just suffers.

              I think we can expect them to just shut it all off one day, until we comply.

              • A dry run so to speak? Six pack, ponder not paying your electric, water, natural gas, internet bills. I would think I would be deprived of the services after several notices. Don’t pay a secured loan? Again, I would expected the collateral to go bye bye.
                Why are these people different? Detroit is out of money and can’t give away services. Expecting anyone to give you free shit is a little naive.
                Detroit has been in the toilet for years and the rest of the country did not follow. The car industry went south along with most skilled labor. I certainly don’t want to pay for other people who either are unable or unwilling to pay their way.
                I don’t understand why anyone here would expect free utilities. I would think that several customers figured out their water would not be shut off for years and would have past due bills forgiven partially or completely. Why would they ever pay again? Where does it stop? Can’t cut off my water, cable, electricity, gas, newspaper, regardless of my paying. I think not.

                • Considering the FACT that we’re on the verge of a time when the money in our pocket will be WORTHLESS, I’d think very carefully about that “Pay or Do Without” attitude…especially since it might apply to YOU at some point.

          • @Rodster
            We expect the same thing here where we live, so I keep 25 feet of “well pipe”, a well point, and a hand pump tucked away “just in case” as a prep.

            Having lived in Florida 30 years of my life,(the DW is a Gator Girl) I bet’n that the water table in Cape Coral is but a few feet, so a shallow well might work?

            • What is happening in California will happen in Florida.
              Some parts of Florida have been on water restrictions in the past. More people, more water usage, more drought. If the water aquifer gets salt intrusion, Florida is done.
              Floridians do not know how good they have it. Turn on the facet and you have water. Have a drink. Take a bath. Wash your car.
              In Detroit, just because you can not pay for it, water is not a right if you are hooked up to city water. Services need to be maintained and that costs money If it is on you own property, your well, its yours. Provided you own the mineral and water rights? Hmmmmm.

              Sooner or later we all are going to find out what is our right and what is not as to what resources are we guaranteed. Water. Food. Medicine. Clothes. Housing.
              And of course who is going to provide all this stuff.

              Long live the Free Shit Army!

              • Long live the Free Shit Army!

                Time to capture and release some Liberian fruit bats in Detroit. A green solution. 🙂

              • Anyone remember THIS statement?

                (FYI- This company has been draining water OUT of the Great Lakes in the U.S. and bottling/selling to the Chinese for years now.)

                Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

                h t tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEFL8ElXHaU

          • Why not run all water through the meter of the local IRS office, and send them a bill.

            They don’t seem to mind stealing much when it is other peoples money and they are sending the bogus bill, so they should have no problem with a bill someone else sends them using the same scam.

          • Sounds like extortion to me.
            No ticky, no drinky.

            • Correct me if I’m wrong…but isn’t Detroit mostly mooslem…

              So where’s the problem…

              • Yea… I thought they were like camels.

                • I’m so glad someone picked up on the double….


              • no it’s mostly black

            • Pro-Gun Rulings: Via NRA Website: http://www.nraila.org/

              Baton Rouge ordinance banning guns in bars violates Second Amendment, federal judge rules:
              A Baton Rouge ordinance banning the possession of guns at bars or any other place that sells alcohol was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge on Monday. The ordinance also applied to parking lots of places that sell alcohol, including those at restaurants and grocery stores.

              California waiting period nixed for existing gun owners:
              First-time gun buyers are still subject to the 10-day waiting period, but Judge Anthony W. Ishii ruled that those who have already been judged competent to own a gun should not be forced to wait an additional period for every new gun they seek to purchase.

              Gun Carry Works –
              Armed citizen halts pair of armed robbers, The Times Leader, Wilkes Barre, Pa. 08/24/14
              A man was walking down a street late at night in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. when a pair of armed criminals attempted to rob him. The man responded to the threat by drawing a gun and grabbing the firearm one of the robbers was holding, prompting the thieves to flee. (The Times Leader, Wilkes Barre, Pa. 08/24/14)

          • Rodster

            same here.. they did it to me too , they ripped my well head off the case when I built my new home on property that had a very good clean well.

            I know exactly where it is, and how to access it when I need

            screw em

            • One to two inches of rain give a gallon of water for every square foot of roof. So if you have a 3000 square foot home you should be able to generate about 10,000 gallons of water a year in Arizona.

              If you own a 300,000 square foot warehouse, you are talking about a million gallons of water a year or more. That doesn’t include the parking lot.

              Florida should generate a whole lot more at 30 to 40 inches a year. Buy water tanks!!! 🙂

              • DK , Aint that against some EPA regulation or somthing?
                Why do you think that you can just collect rain water.
                I am sure its illegal , nobody owns rain.
                That would be stealing from the planet.
                And a paved parking lot? Why would you contribute to the heating of the earth ? Paved lots should pay carbon taxes just like cars to offset the heat they collect.

                JEEZ , collecting rainwater , whatta silly idea.

                • Nobody owns rain…. wouldn’t that be exactly why you have the right to freely collect it ?

                  • They do in Oregon.

                    ht tp://cnsnews.com/news/article/oregon-man-sentenced-30-days-jail-collecting-rainwater-his-property

                    Expect more of the same.

              • Last couple rainstorms this week topped off my tanks 🙂

              • Different parts of the US, that’s illegal at least in Cape Coral errr Cape Coma, FL where a homeowner was threatened with jail time for unplugging from the grid and collecting rainwater for drinking purposes.

                • The mistake he made was UNPLUGGING from the grid. That gave the city constructive notice that he didn’t need city water. What they don’t know and can’t see won’t hurt you.

                  In Florida and Houston, like other wet areas of the country, you must have gutters and drainpipes to take the water away from the house or risk your house or building settling some and cracking the house in the middle as one end sinks. I saw that happen to an apartment building in Houston.

                  Bury water tanks to receive this water or pour a concrete cistern along the back of the house a few feet deep, and a few feet wide for the length of the house, then funnel the roof water down the drainpipe and no one would know the difference but you! Out of sight, out of mind! Use that water for your plants.

                  Don’t ask, don’t tell! (To coin a phrase) 🙂

                  • Btw, once you have the trench, you can use concrete blocks and qwik crete, then seal and waterproof. 🙂

                  • I think the person referenced is the woman living “off grid” in the middle of the city. She was still using city sewers, but not paying for anything. She bragged “I have a flush toilet” and had been on local TV bragging about living “off grid”.

                    I was on her side until I heard this.

                  • “I was on her side until I heard this.”

                    I don’t know all the details since I don’t live in Cape Coral but you left out one very important detail. She was forced like every other homeowner to cap their well and pay the city the conversion costs which are typically in the 10’s of thousands to convert to city water. YOU-HAVE-NO-CHOICE in that municipality.

                    She can brag all she wants IMO because she already paid into the system by force and still has to pay a water bill on top of that.

                    On top of having your well capped they do the same to your septic tank. I had friends who lived their and once I found out they would be looking at potentially a 48K conversion bill which they did not have the money, I informed them to sell that house ASAP. A couple of years later they sold their house and the housing bubble hit.

              • How SMART is this?? Electric Smart Meters Catching on Fire

                Overheating Concerns: Lakeland FL – Electric to Replace 10,657 Residential Smart Meters – Officials fear overheating; six residential meters have caught fire.

                By John Chambliss
                THE LEDGER
                Published: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 9:35 p.m.
                Last Modified: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 9:35 p.m.
                LAKELAND | Lakeland Electric soon will begin replacing 10,657 residential smart meters over concerns they might overheat, General Manager Joel Ivy said Tuesday.

                Six of the meters have caught fire during the past year, Ivy said. Early Tuesday, he said the utility was still deciding whether to replace the meters, but later in the day, he said the decision had been made.

                “While this is a small percentage, the integrity, safety and performance of our equipment is paramount, so we are replacing the remote-disconnect meters,” he said later in an emailed statement.

                Those devices make up about 9 percent of the 121,000 Lakeland Electric meters in use. The utility began installing digital meters in 2011.

                Ivy said Lakeland Electric officials have been meeting with Sensus, the manufacturer of the meters, about the issue.

                The device in question is called a remote-disconnect meter. Those meters cost about $180, compared with the $120 a typical smart meter costs.

                Sensus will pay for the new meters. It was unclear Tuesday what the cost will be, according to the utility. Workers from Lakeland Electric will begin replacing them in September.

                Customers with remote-disconnect meters will receive a letter about the replace­ment.

                The remote-disconnect meters allow utility officials to turn off a resident’s power without going to the home. The meters were installed at homes in rural locations or in homes of customers who have had a history of payment problems, said Kevin Cook, a spokesman for the city.

                Smart meters are devices that allow the city and customers to monitor electrical usage in real time by going online. Lakeland Electric has spent more than $35 million on the devices and says the meters have helped it give customers better service, such as identifying problems with transformers before they fail and pinpointing outages so they can be addressed more quickly.

                Lakeland Mayor Howard Wiggs said Tuesday he was concerned about the issue of the overheating meters.

                “It’s pretty significant,” Wiggs said.

                Wiggs said he would have liked to have been made aware of the situation before Tuesday, when Ivy mentioned the issue to him at a lunch meeting.

                Sensus, of Raleigh, N.C., has faced trouble with its meters in other cities.

                In Oregon, Portland General Electric decided this summer to replace 70,000 residential smart meters. PECO Energy in Philadelphia replaced 186,000 Sensus meters.

                Sensus spokeswoman Linda Palmer did not return a phone message.

                In a January Ledger article, utility officials said the meter-related fires were caused by a loose base where meters are installed outside homes, not by the meters themselves. Because of the loose metal, electricity jumps through an air gap, heat can develop and burning can occur, an official said then.

                Now, it appears that might not have been the cause.

                Ivy said Tuesday further tests have revealed that water can seep into a device, causing it to malfunction.

                He said the meters would be replaced with a new type of Sensus smart meter.

                Source: http://www.theledger.com/article/20140826/NEWS/140829388

              • Almost nobody has a 3000 square foot roof. That’s the equivalent of a roof that’s about 55 feet by 55 feet. Houses that measure their area in square feet often have an upstairs or a finished basement that counts as part of the square footage, making the roof smaller.

                It’s possible to have a 1000 square foot roof if you count the garage. One inch of rain equals 144,000 cubic inches of water. There are 231 cubic inches per gallon. That equals about 623 gallons of water.

                The problem is all the biomatter that it picks up on the way. Bugs, leaves, bird poop and so on. You need a good filter to remove that stuff before you can drink it. But yes, it’s great to have your own water collection system.

              • Some Florida cities refuse to allow you to use rain or solar in place of their services. YouTube has some stories of people who tried and were threatened with eviction from their own homes till they reconnected.

          • Rodster, How about that lady in the Cape that was living off the grid, and used Rain water catchment for drinking water. The Nazi City tried, or did cut off her sewer, and then tried to evict her. What ever happened with that case? I lived down there in FT Myers for a while.

            • She didn’t have a well and was using city sewers.

          • This is what happens when you give people

            Obama Phone
            Food (stamps)

            They eventually expect to have everything else provided to them FREE Also….Including Water.

            • Mac,
              Hear about the white/hispanic man in Utah who was unarmed, shot and killed by the pigs? A black pig at that.

            • Screw them! I paid for my water. Cost me about $10K to drill my well and I pay for the electricity to pump it. Why is it that I pay for my stuff (food, phone, healthcare and housing) and these lowlifes think it is owed to them?

              They can just pucker up…

              I can’t do much of anything but smirk. I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR THEIR WATER AND THEIR PHONES AND THEIR FOOD AND THEIR HOUSING! …and I think its hilarious when it gets shut of. SHUT IT ALL DOWN! Let these third worlders live in the squalor that they deserve. Maybe, like me, they’ll decide to work for a living. I was never handed anything. I worked for it. The land. The house. The cars. The phones. The guns. The silver. ALL OF IT! Let them thirst and die or learn to work.

              …AND STOP STEALING MY PROPERTY! (property=labor/time/money/skill)

              I love the sign in front of wall street:

              “JUMP! YOU FUCKERS!”


              …well, here’s my sign to the Detroit Delinquents:


            • I pay $860 a month for health insurance for my wife and I. she has to see a dermatologist for a skin infection and no one will see her till November. how messed up is that. If i go to the er they charge me 250 dollars and tell me its a skin infection and see a dermatologist. so how does that help. i am ready to cancel my insurance and just go to urgent care for now on at 99 dollars. its cheaper than my co pays and the insurance i pay for.

              • Rub some coconut oil, or pomegranate oil on the infected area. Take vitamin D3 capsules. Its great for the skin. You can crush the capsules for the D3 oil and apply topically.

                Aloe Vera oil Hemp oil, or jojoba oil would work in the West. 🙂

                • Check out webmd. See what you can find out.

              • I would pick up Oil of Wild Oregano in gel tablet form at a GNC or health food store, its crazy the skin infections and cellulits it will clear up. Also colloidal silver orally and/or on infection. Also Nutribiotic Defenseplus Tablets are amazing.

              • Cut out the wheat and gluten. Bet it clears up. Mine did.

            • Health care is not free; you have to pay for insurance or pay for treatment and drugs. There is no such thing as an Obama phone. Housing is not free; you have to pay for it. If you’re talking about welfare (free money) in some states you still have to work part time to get it and in some states there is no welfare at all.

              This is what happens (stupid comments) when you give people a computer but they don’t even use it to get information.

              • //qlinkwireless.com/register/?B=13&A=13&SubAffiliateID=g-obama+phone&KW=obama+phone&DE=c&PO=1t1&state=sc&gclid=COW0kKe0ssACFZJr7AodewsA-Q


              • States are allowed to waive the work requirement for welfare. Liberals states do that.

              • Lol I am sorry Sharonsj……everything you stated is totally wrong……not much else to say

            • Al Sharpton for President. Free Blunts an’ ho’s for everyone.

            • @ Ghostrighter…

              Yep…..I saw a youtube video somewhere when the Detroit folks were raising hell about ” Where my wadder be !!! ” and I noticed in the crowd a ton of folks talking on their Iphones…pads etc….All kind of cosmic high dollar hair do’s…..I Would like to have seen a shot of the parking lot….Do you think you may have seen a few Cadillacs…Lexus….and other assorted high dollar rides !!!

              How can some folks show up in a damn Cadillac…enough gold on to start a Mr ” T ” franchise …250 lbs overweight ..Gold grills and protest about having to paying for the water they used …..Oh…I’m sorry we “Own” some people…. still……

              Ron White was right ” You Can’t Fix Stupid !!! “….but then again is it us that are Stupid for giving some folks every damn thing….What’s Next…What’s Next…What’s Next !!! Stole that line from ” Drinking With Bob ” on YOutube ….

              I’ll shut up now….

              • Does that scene remind you of Haiti after the Earthquake, where you saw 3 people trying to dig somebody out of the rubble, and 1000 people standing around looking for “aid”?

                The Red Cross has been in Haiti continously since the 1950s. If It’s not fixed by now, it never will be.

            • Well Ghost, the way I see it is this:::: Most of them most likely get a welfare check from the few taxpayers left there and therefore, they get money to pay, rent, electric and water, if they choose not to pay those bills with the money given to them for that purpose then they should loose services. It’s always worked that way where ever I lived at, if I don’t pay my utilities, they get shut off. Everything is free so they want more, just my opinion.

            • ghostrighter says:
              Comment ID: 3213314
              August 26, 2014 at 3:14 pm This is what happens when you give people

              Obama Phone
              Food (stamps)

              They eventually expect to have everything else provided to them FREE Also….Including Water.

              In Africa free ebola…….

            • no this is what happens when a city lets everything go and doesn’t go after people to pay their bills for months on end.
              and its also what happens when a city is made up of corrupt politicians who have driven it into the ground
              and its also what happens when people have to literally be taken by the hand and showed how to make a phone call and ask for a payment plan.

            • ghostrighter says:
              Comment ID: 3213314
              August 26, 2014 at 3:14 pm This is what happens when you give people

              Obama Phone
              Food (stamps)

              They eventually expect to have everything else provided to them FREE Also….Including Water.

              It would be better for working people if these moochers were to be declared to be unviable and terminated. Where do these people get the idea that they are owed everything for free? Coding them for deletion would eleminate 90% of the career welfare moocher problem and deny them the chance to pass on their genetic propensity for lazyness. It is far cheaper to terminate career welfare moochers than to support them,,their children, grand children…… for their entire lives.


            The underlying premise of these war games is “global warfare”. All four NATO member states are adjacent to strategic sea corridors, which are contiguous to Russian maritime areas, respectively the Bering Sea and straits (US), the Arctic Ocean (Canada), the North Sea (Germany) and the Black Sea (Turkey).

            The Florida war games are predicated on multi-country integration and coordination of naval operations directed against an unnamed enemy:

            FLEETEX are multi-warfare naval exercises designed to promote force integration and test multiple war fighting skill sets. Ships from the U.S., Canadian, German and Turkish navies will participate in the exercises. This port visit and FLEETEX are part of a series of training exercises in which SNMG2 will participate during its deployment to the Western Atlantic. This is the first time in several years that a NATO task force has conducted transatlantic operations in North America. These events offer multiple opportunities for training at the highest levels of maritime operations.

            FLEETEX will feature anti-air, anti-submarine, live fire and ship handling scenarios designed to provide high-end warfare training and valuable experience through integrated task group training. SNMG2, CSG8 and Canadian forces will train together as a force to learn how to work as a cohesive unit in response to a variety of threat scenarios.

            SNMG2 ships currently deployed to North America include the U.S. flagship, USS LEYTE GULF (CG 55), the German ship FGS NIEDERSACHSEN (F 208), and the Turkish ship TCG KEMALREIS (F 247).

            • (WW3)– article from Global Research– called “Global Crossroads…”

          • It’s all about power, control and money. The damn yankee’s move down here, (FL)get elected to various offices and in-act laws just like they did “up-north”. The current Governor Rick Scott is a prime example of a transplanted yankee who pled the 5th 75 times when his HCA company was indicted for medicare fraud. His company was fined over a billion dollars and yet he was elected governor and is running for re-election and just like obama, will probably get re-elected. It’s enough to make a maggot puke.

            • Right. Because native born southerners are never corrupt. Ever hear about New Orleans? Most corrupt city in the country.

              • BC, I’m not saying that native born southerners are not corrupt, trust me they are, the governor of Louisiana comes to mind back in the 30’s I believe (Huey Long?). In Florida 80% of the population is transplanted Yankee’s who think they know what’s best for the rest of us. That’s what irritates me. If everything is so much better “up north” then get your butt back to where you came from and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

          • That is really disturbing.

        • Water is a need not a right! A responsible person accepts need and must take the steps necessary to provide it. I am sure there is sufficient $ available with proper budget of welfare that water can be paid. Of course that means less beer and dope. God bless, James

        • Water is free, it’s pressurizing, cleaning, sanitizing, fluoridating, filtering it and piping it to your house that is costly. I have my own well, but i have to incur the expense of pumping, filtering, sanitizing etc myself.

          I owned a scuba diving shop, we never charged for the air, only filtering it and pressurizing it into the tanks.

        • ZERO HEDGE:

          The Real Threat
          Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/26/2014 15:52 -0400


          Presented with no comment…

        • I bet if all those folks stopped drinking pop..they’s have enough to pay the water bill.

          We need some more hard-ass policy enforcement.
          Like only a white man in charge can get done.

          Kum fucking Bye Ya my ass.

          To run a city’s water… you need pipes, men, materials, and so on.
          It all costs cash you lazy ghetto scumbags.

          Think I’ll go get a nice glass of water right now!
          My bill is paid in full.

          Think I’ll start a new trend and say that being a racist to lazy people is a good thing.
          No matter what color your skin.

          • And the City Drinking water is remanufactured sewer water that is filtered but many drugs and chemicals are not removed like hormones, birth control, prozac, nitroglycerin, heart and blood pressure drugs. The City does not test for those chemicals but pumps it to your house with added Flouride. And then they charge you for it. And you are suppose to be happy.

            • …and they’re draining all of the CLEAN WATER from our lakes, and selling it to CHINA…leaving US paying for the filtered, reprocessed sewer water…what a government, huh?

              …for the people?

        • Another example of the long, slow decline. There are always decent people who through no fault of their own land on hard times. They have my sympathy and I am happy my taxes give them a helping hand. But there is also a growing percentage of parasites (obviously there in the US but also here in Aussie – and probably in the UK also?) who think nothing of sucking on the system and think it is their right to have someone else fund their lifestyle.

          For every leech who holds their hand out for their free ride there is an honest person working more for less to pay for it.

          Totally unsustainable and the straw that breaks the camels back is hovering, ready to land!


        • I believe it was in AZ that a car dealership got in trouble with the law for capturing rain water that fell on their roof for use in washing cars. The city said that it owned the water and that the car dealership had no rights to it.

        • I thank the Good Lord for my homemade reservoir, a good ole Alabama spring water.

          • Sweet home Alabama, where the skies are so blue…

        • But the smartphone and cable TV bills are current, no doubt.

        • $540 average deliquency @ $75/mo average bill = bill hasn’t been paid AT ALL for 7.2 months.

        • from paul craig roberts’ website (worked in Ronald Reagan administration– asst. sec. of something or other):

          iceberg. http://rare.us/story/5-reasons-the-police-brutality-in-ferguson-is-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg/

          The large number of violent acts that police commit against members of the public are not entirely the fault of the police. It is well known that bullies and psychopaths are attracted to the power over others conveyed by a police badge. Considering this known fact, police should receive training in anger management. Instead, they are trained to regard the public as an enemy against whom the police should take no chances. Police are trained to subdue a suspect with violence and question the suspect later when the suspect is under control in jail. This procedure means that even those who are totally innocent bear all the risks of being confronted by police.

          Governments, media, and citizens are also responsible. They have allowed police to be militarized and to be inappropriately trained. Indeed, city, county, state, and federal governments have removed all barriers to the use of excessive force by police. Handed such power, the police use it.

          In response to my column about Ferguson, former police officers wrote to me to report that they left the police force because they could not accept the culture of violence that is now ingrained in police departments. What these former police officers could not accept causes no problem for the Fox “News” talking heads. http://rare.us/story/jon-stewart-returns-with-powerful-ferguson-monologue-aimed-at-fox-news/

          Can police departments be cleansed of their violent culture? Can prosecutors serve justice instead of career? Can Fox “News” talking heads cease being racists? Don’t hold your breath.

      2. EXACTLY!

        Just as food is a right if you grow it yourself, but you don’t get to just go to a grocery store and take it. (Unless your EBT card stops working, of course.)

      3. Bet they pay their cable bills! Priorities? Used to be a cable guy, I saw bills averaging around in the $300 range per month! Need to have that TV man! But I found out they could afford it when I saw the food stamp cards laying on the table. Same people would steal my tools off my truck when I was working inside their homes attic. Found my stolen drill several times at the same pawn shop, two times stolen by the very people that I had installed cable at. They used their ID. with the same name I had on the order for work at their government funded apartment/HUD homes. I felt shafted every time I had to serve them and I got back to the office and had my supervisor chewing down on me about something and I looked at my paycheck and wondered how I would make it stretch to pay off my bills? So fuck them! Let them die of thirst!

      4. Not a problem people of Detriot, you can use your EBT card and buy bottled water.

      5. I wonder if they give away any water filters for these folks to use the water from Detroit river? Let’s make a new reality TV named: Detroit the last Frontier.

      6. Like the Roman Empire, the United States is beginning to fall apart. Detroit is not the only Hellhole for sure.

        As a kid growing up in Chicago, it was common knowledge that City Hall would pull police protection from an area, let it become a ghetto, then “friends” of City Hall would come it and buy the area dirt cheap.

        Pray and Prep-Prep and Pray…then pray some more

        • @Sinner, I concur on your assessment of our Republic, but after reading and watching some material on the fall of Rome, I was amazed how long it actually took….

          We may have to live in utter Hell for a lot more time before it actually collapses…. excluding any outside forces that may nudge it along…..

        • Beginning to fall apart due to high taxation and high corruption. It’s pretty well documented now that when the so-called “barbarians” took over in Gaul, the people there, even the ordinary Romans welcomed them as liberators.

          BTW those “barbarians” weren’t Mad Max at all, they spoke Latin and were pretty good administrators. Their takeover was NOT what begat the “dark ages”. That was left to the marauding Muslims, who destroyed the north african wheat growing region, and incidentally cut off the flow of papyrus from Egypt. With no paper, people became illiterate, and trade disorganized. Now imagine what would happen if we lose the Internet.

          • Didn’t adherents to “the religion of peace” destroy a huge repository of knowlege at Alexandria, Egypt?

            ps: Islam is not really a religion.

            • Yes, they did. And the claims that they
              “preserved the Greek’s knowledge” turn out to mostly bogus. The Christian monasteries held onto most of it. The stories of European scholars flocking the Spain to study the Muslim libraries? Turns out they were mostly interested in the pornography. Islam has contributed nothing of value to Western civilization. They’ve been a conduit for some ideas, such a “arabic” numeral, and the concept of zero, both of which cams from India. The famous “Damascus” steel they learned to make from Germans and again India. Astronomy and navigation? Came from the Greeks. Their grand cities and palaces? Even modern archaeologists can’t find them.

              You know what Islam reminds me of? Larry Niven’s Kzin. Warrior race that depends for it’s technology and productivity on defeated slave races. Has anyone else noticed that? I wonder if he meant it that way.

        • Yeah, I remember under Bush administration, he allowed the public utilities to become privatized. For example, water used to be a public utility– it was for all of us and didn’t cost that much. Actually, the apartment complexes paid for water; we didn’t even pay for it!

          Then, rich elites bought the water companies (it became “privatized”)and the rich owners can charge whatever they like!!

          Whoever heard of paying $75/month for water??!! (Average water bill in Detroit.) Ridiculous!! That’s why half the residents of the town are having their water turned off– they can’t afford it!! Everything has changed!

          Not only do the rich corporate owners of apartment complexes now insist that we TENANTS have to pay the water bill, but also, the new owners of the water companies can charge whatever they like!!! So we are getting screwed every which way we turn!!!

          Plus, the damn apartment complexes have raised the rent so much, most people can’t even afford an apartment!!! They have to rent a room! And those people now are charging for a room the price we used to pay for an apartment!!! We are getting screwed by everyone!

          • Detroit’s water authority is not private. That’s why it costs so much. Graft & corruption, inefficiency & stupidity that would never be allowed in a private corp are par for the course in publicly managed anything.

            One of the things that Detroit’s bankruptcy manager are trying to do is to find a greater fool to buy the utility and manage it like a business.


            Apartment rents are going up because so many people who would otherwise buy a home cannot do so anymore. Supply isn’t keeping up with demand. Lotta big money is buying up unsold (and unsellable) houses and renting them out. Even that’s not enough. BTW they’re getting suckers to invest in these conversions by packaging them like the REITs which helped create the blowup in 2008. Do not buy into these frauds.

      7. Let’s make some popcorn and may the riots begin……

        This won’t work out too well….

      8. If Hamtramck’s water fund now has a $1.8 million surplus
        and half of the city is in default, then they are simply charging way too much! They know that people have to have it so they are sticking it to them!

        • The City Deadbeats are holding the Citizen Deadbeats of Detriot hostage over BASIC NECESSITY- WATER. This is similar as the Scum Cops in Ferguson shooting the Scum Nig Thug in Ferguson. The US sure knows how to embarrass. Itself on tg e world stage. But the US Govnt has Trillions to waste on illegal wars in foreign countries meddling in other peoples business. Our Government is a F-N emploding Embarrassment.

        • The surplus will vanish almost instantly if neglected infrastructure projects are attempted. If 1/2 of customers are not paying, who’s going to extend credit to repair the system? Maybe pre-2009 GM stockholders?

      9. Better call Jesse and Al before the shooting starts. Maybe they can use the donations collected during past crises to pay the water bills for those that are down on their luck. Maybe Jesse will give more because he seemed to be losing ground to Al in Ferguson.

      10. I believe access to clean water will be a growing concern in the years ahead.

        How Serious Is The California Drought?

        “A picture paints a thousand words… but these 3 before-and-after images in California (over a period of just 3 years)…”

        • Thanks KY Mom,

          Being a Sacramento area resident I can report 1st hand that this is bad, very bad. Here in Sacramento we have the confluence of the two largest rivers in California. The Sacramento and the American rivers. Many resevoirs and dams on the American river which is now at its lowest point I have seen in 50 years plus. The Sacramento river, not so much. It has only one dam on it but it has many feeder rivers such as the feather and Bear which do have dams on them.

          For over 100 hundred years we here in Sacramento had free water. It was paid for by sales taxes and building fees. Now just abot everyone has a water bill and no new houses are built without a water meter. Campbells Soup had a major plat here and when the County said they had to pay a water bill they up and closed down putting thousands of people out of work.

          I don’t observe the water restrictions they have placed on me. I have no water meter and the only way they can tell how much water I am using is by how green my front lawn is. I have my reasons for not playing thier games in restricting water usage.

          First of all if they want to get serious about conserving water they need to stop buiilding new homes or malls. But they wont because they need the dollars from the fees and permits to pay the hoards of people they employ at both the city and county.

          California does not have the infrastructure to support the 30 million or so people we have living here. We have nearly 1/10th of the American population!

          The enviromentalists have stopped the building of dams and resevoirs. They have virtually stopped people from having wells which only make the populated more dense if that makes sense.

          This place is a fucking zoo. If it were not for the very deep roots and a business that I have spent a life time building I would be out of here. As it is I am going to retire in just a few short months from now and plan on snow birding at least 6 months out of the year on some property that DK pointed me in the right direction in AZ a few years ago. That property has a community well so you have to have a water tank on site.

          At least I will be away from these crazies for most of the year.


          • BigB,

            Access to clean water is a valuable resource that most Americans have taken for granted for many years.

            I believe the water situation is going to get worse. As a country we will have to adapt and adjust.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

          • BigB – I’ve read that California threw millions of acre-feet of water down rivers solely to keep some useless fish alive. Water that would otherwise still be in reservoirs for human use. Can you confirm?

      11. Detroit is a city that’s been dominated by Liberal Democrats for decades. Reap what you sow.

        • Surely it must be that “white flight” out of Detroit that is the problem.

          Heard from the CNN Commie news network that was one of the reasons for the mess in Ferguson. Must be once whites leave an area there are no people left with enough brains to continue on a prudent course.

          And, heaven forbid any discussion as to why “the white flight”!

          • Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens

            Monsanto Produced Toxic Chemicals in Nitro Just how were Nitro citizens exposed to dioxin? Monsanto was producing the toxic herbicide Agent Orange in Nitro, and dioxin is a chemical byproduct of the substance. It is known to cause serious health conditions. The factory which produced Agent Orange was opened in Nitro in 1948 and remained in operation until 2004, even though usage of this herbicide in the past (in Vietnam and other Asian countries) was fatal to millions of citizens and the war veterans who were exposed to it.
            Link: http://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.ca/2014/08/monsanto-ordered-to-pay-93-million-to.html

          • One name: Coleman Young

            • By John Hawkins/Townhall.com

              Detroit was once one of the world’s great cities. It was the 4th largest

              Super New Welding

              metropolis in America, jobs were


              plentiful because of the auto industry, and Motown even kept it on


              the cutting edge musically.

              Super New Technology Plasma Welder All in One to

              Unfortunately, from 1962 until the


              present day, the mayor of Detroit has been a Democrat.

              The result?

              Detroit’s population has dropped from 1.8 million to just over 700,000, the unemployment rate is over 50% if you count the people who’ve given up on finding jobs, property values have dropped so much you can buy homes in the crime-ridden city for $500, and Detroit has gone bankrupt.

              How did Democrats kill one of the most prosperous cities in America? With the same sort of unfettered liberalism that Democrats like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi want to foist on the rest of the nation.

              1) Unions crippled the auto industry: The Big 3 automakers could afford unions when they practically had a monopoly on auto production in the United States. However, once they started facing real competition from overseas, the unions made them less and less competitive. The unions forced the companies to pay out more than market value for their workers, put stifling work rules in place that made flexibility and innovation difficult, and created generous pension plans that are proving to be unsustainable. This wouldn’t have been possible without a symbiotic relationship between the unions and the Democrats in government who tied the hands of the Big 3 automakers and simply wouldn’t allow them to get rid of the unions that were slowly strangling them to death. Eventually because of the unions, the Big 3 automakers had to deal with significantly larger costs per car than their overseas competitors and they took it out of the only place they could: the cars. As the quality of their products dropped, their competitors took an ever larger share of their market, and there were fewer jobs to go around. If you want to know why the “Motor City” is up on cinder blocks in Michigan’s front yard, this is where it started.

              2) White citizens were demonized until they left: Detroit was a heavily segregated city and in 1967, there were black riots. After that, white flight to the suburbs began. This was dramatically exacerbated when Coleman Young became Detroit’s first black mayor in 1972. Young was cut from the same cloth as men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but unlike the two of them, he actually had power. Young systematically drove white government employees out of their jobs so they could be replaced by blacks, was hostile to the white suburbs, and was generally perceived as anti-white. Naturally, a lot of white people just left, which reduced the population and significantly cut into the tax base. Today, Detroit is a 7.9% white city, and if he were alive and kicking, that would probably suit Coleman Young just fine.

              3) Out-of-control crime helped drive much of the black middle class out of the city: Ever heard of “Devil’s Night?” It’s the night before Halloween and in Detroit, fires are set all over the city. Combine the sort of criminal mentality that produces an unofficial “holiday” like that with a sky high unemployment rate and Draconian laws designed to make it difficult for law abiding citizens to arm themselves, and it’s not a surprise that crime is a problem in Detroit. However, the issue goes much deeper than that. In case you haven’t noticed, in a conflict between a cop and a criminal, the hearts of liberals almost always seem to bleed for the thug. Combine that with the liberal tendency, when money gets tight, to cut essential programs instead of their perks and the goodies they hand out to their supporters, and you end up with a police department that is both dramatically underfunded and completely incompetent.

              How bad has it gotten?

              “The size of the police force in Detroit has been cut by about 40 percent over the past decade,” “it takes (the police) an average of 58 minutes to respond” to a call and the “police solve less than 10 percent of the crimes that are committed in Detroit.”

              4) Reckless government spending bankrupted the city: Detroit’s tax base has been plunging like an anvil dropped into the Marianas Trench and so, in true liberal fashion, liberals have raised taxes to make up for it instead of cutting spending. “The city’s per-capita tax burden is the highest in Michigan. Detroit has the country’s highest property taxes on homes, the top commercial property tax and the second-highest industrial property tax.” Unfortunately for Detroit, you can’t get blood from a stone. As jobs and wealth fled the city, there was simply less cash available for big government programs, pensions, and the incredibly generous, but almost completely unfunded union health care program. It’s fantastic that the city paid “80 percent to 100 percent of retirees’ medical costs,” but 99.6% of those costs were unfunded. As Obamacare supporters should have learned by now, it’s a lot easier for politicians to make big promises about what they’re going to give you than it is to back them up in the real world.

              5) The government is completely incompetent: Ever notice that the bigger government seems to get, the less it does anything well? Citizens of Detroit could tell you all about that. The school system is horrible, which explains why a staggering 47% of the population is illiterate. In addition, 40% of the street lights don’t work, only about 1/3 of the ambulances are running, and 2/3 of the parks have been closed since 2008. Just to give you an idea of its priorities, an independent report in 2012 suggested the city fire 80% of the Water and Sewage Department including a horseshoer” that it has on staff even though it has NO HORSES.. How did the union respond to that report? “They don’t have enough people as it is right now. They are just dreaming to think they can operate that plant with less.” Detroit may not have enough police, ambulances, or competent teachers, but if you ever need a horseshoe in the Motor City, they’ve got you covered.

              • Only criticism I have to that is that while the unions were a millstone around the neck of the Big 3, and I hated dealing with them like I hated the Devil, they did NOT kill Detroit City. Coleman Young and his merry band of political marauders did that. Their constant demands and harassment drove the auto plants, and the auto workers, out into Oakland and Macomb counties, which are still two of the most prosperous counties in the whole USA.

              • #4
                taxes (from what I have heard) are crazy. And for what ? Ems workers that get there an hour later? Drive by shootings? Rampant theft? Break ins? Gang issues? All the while the pos Kilpatrick destroyed what was left with his disgusting management of the city. The city council needed to be gutted a long time ago, instead they kept getting voted back in.
                Nation wide liberals cried foul when our governor gave Detroit an emergency manager. Snyder said NO you do not get a blank check and MSNBC whined.
                This water issue is because the courts said you need to get the money. The people do need to pay, but so do the businesses who have not paid up either.

          • It wasn’t just whites P’O Granny – anyone with the skill set & resources to get out did a long time ago. This included GOOD public sector employees like teachers and police, as a good worker is always in demand even when times are tough. The middle-classes of all colours and creeds who saw the writing on the wall got out as and when they could, leaving behind the very old, the heavily indebted (sadly a big mortgage on a mcmansion is a common reason people can’t relocate), the lazy, the stupid and the incompetent, along with the very,very poor.

            Interestingly despite all the doom and gloom some blocks in Detroit are really making headway with their community gardens, homeschool co-ops, neighbourhood security patrols etc. These people are as poor as all get out but never lost their work ethic and are doing what the poor have always done – making the best of what they have, with what they’ve got. They are keeping their heads down as they go about their business, probably to avoid attracting attention from greedy politicians and the gimme dat brigade.

            Those who knew damn well nowhere else would employ them stayed. We have locales like this in the UK too, just smaller in scale. Detroit has to be the second most corruptly governed city in the US after Chicago. Chicago remains my vision of hell on earth to be honest. I’ve been to the states on holiday and for work in the distant past and although I’d love to have the opportunity to visit again one day – Chicago will never be on my to list even for a single weekend.

            • Chicago and Illinois is stanky corrupt armpit of the nation. Thus explains the black stains now in the Whitehouse.

        • Fuck all the dems. They are really commies.

          • Pretty much true – the Stalinists infiltrated the Roosevelt administration to a degree that you wouldn’t believe. Pretty much been there ever since.

            Diana West – “American Betrayal”. Still in hardback. But it anyway. Then “Dupes”, “Blackisted by History”, Stalin’s Secret Agents”, The Venona Files”. All based on real facts that came out of the KGB archives in the ’90s, (best thing Yeltsin ever did for us), and also FBI, Army and OSS documents from our surveillance of Russian agents, accidentally declassified by Clinton. (He sure wouldn’t have if he’d known what was in ’em.) Bottom line, the FBI knew, Army intelligence knew, the OSS knew, but the top politicians were either Stalinist agents themselves, (Harry Hopkins) or were dupes of those agents. J.Edgar told Truman the whole sordid story when he became President, but Truman hushed it all up. Why? It would have hurt Democrats in the ’46 and ’48 elections. Power and money took precedence over the long term survival of the Republic.

            • Roosevelt’s Butch wife Elenore had a Gay Jewish Lesbian press secretary carpet muncher that was a Zog zionist infiltrating plant, that was used by the Joo AP Associated press for insider info and used as Sympathisizer for pro-Joo agenda objectives. Look up Elenors Gay Jewish press secretary. They had their ow bedroom together as Roosevelt has his own bedroom to hose his sluts. True story.

              • I believe you think you are referring to Malvina Thompson, who was not of Jewish decent, nor, as some wags have suggested, was she a lesbian. She did have a very close relationship with Eleanor (correct spelling), but there was never any evidence produced that showed that they slept together.

                Mind you I have no love for E.R. – she was part and parcel of the cabal of Communist fellow-travelers who ruled FDR from start to finish, but facts are facts.

                Although WWTI would never let facts get in the way of slander now, would he?

      12. There is a historic amount of welfare and entitlements being paid out. I’m not buying it. Maybe we need another gubbermint handout so poor people can pay with their water card.

      13. Yep! Detroit is a perfect example of what the Democraps do! What they cant tare up, they will poop on! Besides, how else is Obummer going to control them?

        Prepare for tomorrow, because yesterday has come and gone!

      14. Clean water is something we all need.

        August 2013 – Fukushima now leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily.

        Study: Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before Fukushima

        The “masses of dead sea creatures that sink to the ocean floor as food, has skyrocketed since the Fukushima incident occurred.”

        “…multiple other stations located throughout the Pacific have since reported similar figures.”

        Japan Prepares To Release Thousands Of Tons Of Fukushima Groundwater Into The Pacific

        “A few days ago, with over a three year delay, Japan finally ADMITTED what was clear to most from day one: the consequences of the Fukushima disaster have been far, far worse than officials had reported, and not only is the containment effort out of control, but that more nuclear fuel had melted at the Fukushima nuclear reactor than previously reported, suggesting that neither TEPCO nor the government have had any success in mitigating what is now the worst – and ongoing – nuclear disaster in history.”

        “officially the water dumped into the Pacific will be “decontaminated”…

        Highly radioactive water at the plant is seeping into the earth and mixing with ground water. Experts estimate around 200 tons of contaminated ground water are leaking into the ocean each day.”


        • Check for some more reality-based sources there, KY Mom. It’s nowhere near what the scaremongers want you to believe.

          • Contaminating the ocean with thousands of tons of radioactive waste is a great concern.

            I believe that, “so goes the oceans, so goes the earth.”

            • Ky Mom,

              This radioactive contamination most likely is what was described as ‘wormwood’ in the ancient prophesies that predicted the poisoning of the oceans. The scope and danger of all of this is beyond our experience and our collective imagination. Terrifying!

              Old Coach,

              I too have read about the lack of ocean life as witnessed by a man who sailed from Australia via Japan to the US. I don’t think this is ‘fearmongering’. It has the potential of hurting those who live in the ‘northwest redoubt’.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Let’s use verifiable measurement instead of anecdotes from parties who have, shall we say, and “interest”.

                Using very sensitive instruments the scientists can detect very low amounts of radioactive material from Fukushima in water along the Alaskan coast and down toward our Pacific Northwest, but so far it’s barely above background levels.


                SOME fish taken near Fukushima are showing high levels of Cesium and Strontium, but tuna taken off the California coast has lower levels of radiation than your average banana.


                And that’s from a lefty super-greenie web site.

                More scientific: http://www.livescience.com/43631-fukushima-radiation-ocean-arrives-west-coast.html

                PLEASE do your research before you post. Finding those sites for you took me all of two minutes.

                • Oops – pasted in the livescience URL twice. Sorry!


                  • Old Coach,

                    Are these the same people that have been promoting ‘man-made global warming’? Do not for one moment think that just because someone writes a dated report (February, 2014) on a site called ‘live-science’ that you are getting the real dirt. These folks are themselves agenda driven and are getting paid big-time by the-powers-that-be to put out reports that are either down-right false or misleading, or support their narrative.

                    I am dissappointed in you if you think the mainstream media is shooting straight and telling the truth. The days when you could trust these guys is over. Question everything that the mainstream media and the establishment journals are reporting. The agenda of the left has tainted everything being said, done, published, and planned in an attempt to reinforce their narrative and realize their plans for conquest and control.

                    Thank God for Mac and sites like this that are willing to report and alert us of things covered up by the Establishment, NWO, and the TPTB. This eagle’s vision is still very clear and made clearer every day by a daily dose of the many great folks like you at this site. Thanks for your many otherwise insightful comments.

                    Louisiana Eagle

      15. Detroit thinks its got a problem..check this out

        ht tp://www.sovereignman.com/trends/this-is-epic-china-has-lost-55-of-its-most-valuable-resource-14900/

        and guess who’s water they are coming after?…any one who will sell it to them..including our government who doesnt own the fucking water in the first place to sell it to anyone!

        • VRF,

          I saw that article too.

          From the article…

          “Roughly 60% of California right now is suffering “extreme drought” conditions. 30% of the state is in “severe drought”. And 10% of the state is only under “drought”. In other words, roughly the entire state – the 8th largest economy in the world – is facing a severe shortage of water.

          But if you think that’s bad, China is about to take over the spotlight yet again. A study by China’s Ministry of Water Resources found that approximately 55% of China’s 50,000 rivers that existed in the 1990s have disappeared.”

        • Actually in many Western states the state government DOES own the water. That policy put a stop to the endless and often violent “water wars” of the late 1800s.

          • The winchester rifle and colt 45 also ended a lot of water wars. LoL

        • When the Dollar collapses, the govt will make it illegal for you to have a water well because the govt will the sell the water to China for ‘hard currency’.

          • I think they would have a difficult time dodging the bullets

        • China is stealing billions of gallons of fresh water from the US Great lakes. Their ships come in and dump their parasites from their ship ballasts they on the way out thei suck fresh water from the lakes and fill huge floating water bladders they drag back to chine to bottle and sell into the china market. Obama does nothing about it wink wink.

          • If enough citizens would shoot that ‘sea monster’ they see floating in the water, then it would ‘die’ and not come back to steal our water.

          • Remember that Harry Reid is also implementing the theft of our resources to his Chinese friends…at a nice profit too.

      16. OFF TOPIC

        Coroner says man fatally shot himself in the chest while handcuffed behind his back

        ht tp://rt.com/usa/182932-victor-white-coroner-report/

        • Houdini.

          • Bravo Sierra.

      17. New news:

        Feds will have another reason to extract more tax revenue from us downtrodden:

        Burger King, Inc. has just struck a deal to partner with the Canadian outfit Tim Norton. Burger King will be moving its corporate headquarters to Canada.

        The reason: Canadian friendly 26% corporation tax rate vs nearly 49% in the United States.

        Omaho mogul, Warren Buffets’ Berkshire Hathaway putting in $3B to help finance the plan. Buffet expected to receive preferred stock in exchange for cash.

        Same old story, same old song. Not to worry about the tax base of the US, the peasants caan pick up the slack.

        Boycott BurgerKing and their mystery meat? hamburgers. Bet Buffet wouldn’t touch a hamburger that sells for around a dollar. Ground up wood might leave splinters in his belly…..food ok for peasants tho….higher taxes too.

        • GRANNY , Dont blame BK for leaving , blame the socialists that wrote the tax code.
          Why pay 49% ?
          Thats just stupid .
          BK is right in moving!

          • Warren Buffett should have spent some of his billions fighting those socialists and their tax laws if he cared a damned thing about America.

            • YEP !
              Cant argue that point.
              But stock options were more important at the time, I am sure .

            • He cares about America! What do you mean? He loves all the green he can suck out of it.

            • Buffet is a socialist

              • Not so much socialist as fascist. True socialists would confiscate Buffet’s capital and have the Government administer it. Buffet engages in the partnership of big money and Governments to rape and pillage the world for his benefit. That’s what Fascism was when Mussolini invented it, that’s what it was when Hitler adopted it for Germany, despite what he said.

          • U.S. corporations do not pay a 49% tax. The listed tax is 35% but no corporation pays that either. Of the top 65 companies in the U.S. the average tax they paid was between 8-12%. Some giant companies make billions and pay no tax at all.


            • Uh..uh…looks like I’ll jus have to fly Air force 1 to Ottawa every weekend for a Whopper and fries..
              Barry Soetoro

              • …with my pal Warren (the Oracle of Obama) Buffet

            • As long as we’re on that line, throw GE in on that list. That’s Obamas buddy, Jeff Emelt/ CEO@ GE. ZERO TAXES paid in 2013, zero! Don’t buy GE products, shit most of them are junk anyway.
              Just go to Home Depot and compare the washers and dryers. The GEs look like cheap junk.

            • Disregarding actual numbers – big American corps WOULD pay a much higher rate if they didn’t “offshore” so much of their revenue and profit. Generous Electric is the master at this. I don’t think they’ve paid a dime of Federal tax since Eisenhower was President. The incentives are getting greater and greater as Obamacare kicks in.

            • sharonsj

              Burger king is just doing what we all wish we could do.. thumb our nose at big government , and get them out of your pocket

              above all tell the IRS to KMA

        • Granny: Burger King is a SYMPTOM. FREE TRADE is the cause. Free Trade was brought to you by the PTB. Death to the New World Order!!! 🙂

          • I manage a Burger King, BK Corp owns very FEW actual restaurants. Franchise companies are the ones that will be affected by any boycott and they do pay taxes. Most of them fall under small business guidelines and they have been annihilated by taxes, Obamacare and food prices. Please keep that in mind when considering a boycott.

            • @ anonymous re: Burger King – On the Drudge report today, it states that Burger King wants to merge with Tim Hortons.

              • Yes, they merge and locate the new corporation in Canada. That’s how a “tax inversion” works.

              • Burger King International is the parent firm and was HQ in Miami years ago. That may still be true. Restaurants themselves are mostly locally owned like other Franchise operations.

                Think Papa John’s which makes 51% of its revenue from selling pizza ingredients to its franchise’s. 🙁

                • Interesting note: the two story McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip generates 22 million dollars a year in revenue. Your average Mickey D’s in a small town would generate maybe $3,000,000 in revenue. Think Cottonwood Arizona as an example.

                  Burger King? Not so much. 🙁

            • Quite correct. Boycott BK and you are doing more to hurt middle class Americans than you are the bigwigs at Corporate.

        • POG I thought everybody was already boycotting BK. For having their special rainbow wrappers in Frisco for the big Queer Pride Day just last month. Boy it seems preppers have just as short of memories as all the people they’re always knocking. Trekker Out. Good Riddance!

        • The sick, elitist royal family of England are big shareholders of Burger King. Canada is one of their ‘official’ holdings. So. you know when the food riots break out, the Canadian police will be guarding the royal burger joints.

      18. I’m going to go out on a limb here: Water IS a right! Now this doesn’t mean I think you have a right to have a utility company deliver it to you. However, you have a right to whatever water is on property you control. Many countries in the developing world are selling these rights to multinationals like Nestle who then sell the water back to the people at a price high enough to take 50% of their daily earnings! People who once had access to local sources of water have seen them denied to them by corporations who profit from their misery. As far as it goes in the US, if water falls on your property it should be your right to keep it and use it as you see fit. This means that if you want to use rain barrels, a cistern or a well (except in areas that wells cause geological destabilization) instead of the pricey municipal water supply, you should be free to do so. Where I am, water rates went up 250% in a matter of a few months and I now pay $50 a month for less than 1,000 gallons. However, I am forbidden by law from competing with the (state owned) utility by drilling a well. I am planning some rain barrels for my back yard to water my garden, but fear the all seeing eye of Google will reveal them to the authorities as they may or may not be legal. I just pray that one day I will get out of near poverty so that I can buy some agricultural land to build a sustainable lifestyle on and tell the utilities where they can stick their ever-increasing rates.

        • Nestle is stealing billions of gallons of water in Stanwood MI. and shipping it ALL to china .
          I have the unpopular belief that all that fresh water should stay stateside. Even if they sell it .
          They make millions of dollars with an automated plant with only a dozen or so employees.
          Just dont seem right to me.

          • I’ll agree with you there. Water is a scarce resource that belongs to the whole nation, not just a few multinationals (Nestle is French). While I do believe that you have a right to use the water on your property as you see fit, I do draw the line at selling it outside the country. Sorry, but unlike our lawmakers, I don’t believe that corporations are people too.

            • I though Nestle was Swiss.

              Water is scarce in some places, not so in others.

              The policy of vesting ownership of all water in the State grew out of the deadly “water wars” of the late 1800s in the dry parts of the American west. At least it allows for a somewhat less violent allocation of the scarce resource. I’m not necessarily saying 100% fair, but at least it’s under some control of elected legislatures, when they remember to do their duty.

              Funny thing about Detroit is that they’ve got more water than they’ll ever need right there in the Detroit River. It’s certainly free if you take a bucket down there and scoop up. What isn’t free is the massive amount of pipelines and pumping stations that move it out of the river, filter it and deliver it to peoples houses and businesses. Nor is the system to take away the water after it’s been dirtied up. The sewer system is the other half of the water management system. Water systems bill according to fresh water used, because that’s easier to meter than a sewage line is. So if you scoop water out of the river for free, then you gotta deal with your own sewage, too. So do like they do in India and Africa – just throw it into the street. (Yeah, that’ll go over well!)

              Yet another relevant factoid is that the Detroit water system actually serves many more towns and cities in the area. Some up to 30-40 miles away. THEY pay their bills, so the system managers (Detroit city appointees) got away for years with not enforcing payment on their bro’s in the ‘hood. Bankruptcy exposed that little game, and now the fit has hit the Shan over it.

              Me, I’m bugged out to an area where water is so abundant that we pay a lot of money to get rid of it, else our crops rot in the fields. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

              • Yup, Nestle is Swiss. My bad.

        • Winston,really should be easy enuff to hide the barrels from a over view.As for legality,tis your property,ignore stupid laws as millions do daily,and would hide even if at moment legal as they seem in all levels of govt. to have a need to create new laws daily.

          • You’re probably right. I guess I don’t have any excuse for not doing it except that I haven’t found a good source for food quality plastic barrels yet.

            • Companies that refine and package fruit juices are my source. They get “raw material” in barrels, and it’s more expensive to recycle the barrels than it is to buy new ones. I have a neighbour who drives his semi up to a processor fifty or so miles away and brings back a full load every couple of months. Sells them at $25 to $35 apiece to cover his costs and a modest profit. They are food grade and clean as a whistle when I get them.

              Also look for what we call “cage tanks” around here, cube-shaped polyethylene tanks with a metal frame around them so they hold their shape when full, and so they can be handled easily with a forklift. I get them from a processor down-river who receives liquid latex in them. Rinse that out and you have a potable water tank. Typically 350 gallons or so, about 4 feet on a side. Just be aware the they weight almost 3000 lbs when full.

              • Water weighs 8+ pounds per gallon. Do the math.

                • I did the math.

                  350 x 8 = 2800. Add about 150 for the weight of the tank. Close enough for Government work.

                  I know these things, ’cause a.) I’m still an engineer, and b.) I’ve got a couple of cage tanks. Very useful.

      19. We all know that it is just a matter of time before the system collapses on its self. Water and city services just the first to go. More violence and rioting to come. Wonder how many good boys will be killed this time through.

        • One of the quickest ways to kill a city is to destroy its’ water supply. Been known since the Sumarians. A year or so ago there was an incident in eastern Mass where they caught a group of jihadi-wannabees casing the Cambridge reservoir. NYC could be cut off by three or four devices set to cut the aqueducts coming down from upstate. I do hope that they are thinking about that. (Not that I love NYC – in fact I hate it, but I still have family that will not GTHONYC.)

          • Gotta correct myself – it was the Quabbin reservoir that serves Boston, not the Cambridge reservoir.

      20. Off Topic
        The DW dragged me to see The Expendables 3 last weekend. The previews before the main movie was for a great new comedy called “Left Behind” starring Nick Cage.

        The “crazy” plot is about how all of the Christians in the World suddenly disappear (poof) leaving aircraft to fall out of the skies, cars to crash into each other, ect.

        The concept is based on the ranting of a defrocked Anglian Priest named John Darby, who got the idea from a psych patient named Mary MacDonald. Darby was the John Haggee/Benny Hinn of his day.

        Some might say that “Left Behind” is a serious movie, but those people would be theological morons (you know who you are)

        Wow! it looks like a really-REALLY funny movie! See it and laugh your a$$ off, I know that I will!

        • You know what they say opinions are like – and why.

          • @Mrs. Smith
            There are opinions, correct Biblical interpretations, and historical facts, deal with it!

            If you were really interested in the God’s Truth, and not some self serving “being right”, you would start reading the Reformed/Covenant point of view. That is how I went from being a dumbass Dispensationalist.

            Charles Spurgeon, known in history as “The Prince of Preachers” said, “No man has done more harm to The Body of Christ than John Darby”.

            The SBC, once 100% Dispensational is now over 50% Reformed. You might start reading John Gerstner’s book, “Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth”.

            Gerstner was the head of the Systematic Theology Depart as Westminster Seminary.

            • You stick with all your manmade books and theories.

              I’ll stick with the Holy Bible.

              • The Babble The book of superstition and excuses for Gullible Dummies. I’ll stick to books of science history anthropology physics geology carbon dating and evolution.
                Grafistupid. Explain how Moses put all those animald on on boat again. LoL

              • Mr Smith Formerly Grafique is a Paid Shill.

                Israel Hires Internet Soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms- http://www.dailypaul.com/171416/israel-hires-internet-soldiers-to-penetrate-american-forums-chatrooms

                File under “cat out of the bag.” “Israel hires Internet soldiers,” Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments online. Israeli Foreign Ministry Deputy Elan Shturman is quoted from the Israeli Occupation Magazine saying:

                “Our people will not say: ‘Hello, I am from the hasbara department of the Israeli foreign ministry and I want to tell you the following.’ Nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis,” he said. “They will speak as net-surfers and as citizens, and will write responses that will look personal but will be based on a prepared list of messages that the foreign ministry developed.”
                Counterpunch’s Jonathan Cooke in “Israel’s Internet Wars” describes:

                a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel. Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilised soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict…About $150,000 has been set aside for the first stage of development, with increased funding expected next year.
                Occupation Magazine states in “The Foreign Ministry presents: talkbackers in the service of the State”:

                “paid Internet talkbackers are being mobilized in the service of the State. The Foreign Ministry is in the process of setting up a team of students and demobilized soldiers who will work around the clock writing pro-Israeli responses on Internet websites all over the world,”
                The team will fall under the authority of a large department already dealing with what Israelis term “hasbara”, officially translated as “public explanation” but more usually meaning propaganda. That includes not only government public relations work but more secretive dealings the ministry has with a battery of private organisations and initiatives that promote Israel’s image in print, on TV and online.

                Read the Rest of the Article at the Link Posted above. All Pro-Israeli Shills like Mr Smith formerly Grafique will be exposed.

                • Does this sound like Grafique? Paid Jew (hasbarat) Shill Blog Poster

                  Canadian author, columnist for the Vancouver Courier, and critic of Israeli government policies Greg Felton writes:

                  “If you’ve come across a hasbarat, on-line or otherwise, you have learned that no amount of reasoned argument or intellectual maturity has any effect. That’s because hasbarats don’t care if they come across as ignorant, obnoxious, nasty or inane. All that matters for them is sabotaging criticism of Israel and support for Muslims. They’re like anti-intellectual stink bombs: designed to cause maximum discomfort… “

          • The World is a stage and so many are just puppet actors playing the tune of their masters. Grafique is a shill puppet for TPTB.

        • Those who think the movie is a comedy also have never read nor do they understand the significance of Second Thessolonians 2:7-12.

          They probably also think those that think the movie is a comedy are probably being described pretty accurately in 2 Thess 2:10-12

          Laugh it up and enjoy yourself while you can. It appears that pleasure of life is all you will ever have.

          • I have read the same verses myself and still have my doubts about “the Rapture”. It is one of those doctrines that cause people to get very emotional and irrational in short order, as in; You evil heretic, how dare you question MY belief in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture! And the true believers take any questioning or doubt about their pet doctrine as proof that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

            I do believe that there will be a physical return to planet Earth by Jesus. It WILL come as an absolute total suprise to every one, getting their 100% undivided attention. I am 99% certain that we are now living in “the end times”, but as to where on the time line, ah, good question. As for the rest of the details, That is in God’s Hands. Being a good and proper Christian, right here and right now keeps me plenty busy. I don’t care if there is or is NOT a “Rapture”. My life, body and soul belong to Jesus the Messiah, I serve at his good pleasure, for his glory. He commands, I obey.

        • The Rapture is God’s way of having 99% of the responsible people who make society run as well as it does “go Galt”, all at the same time.

          • If God is so powerful and mighty and can bring rapture down why does he always need so much money? Lots of money. Never has enough money. You think if God was so powerful he would just print his own money and stop this weekly begging on his only day off during the week called Sunday. If he can move heaven and earth you would think he could make his own money. God makes you fear him but then claims he loves you. Honestly how can any reasonable petson believe this twisted BS? Its poetic justice to see the gullible masses of different religions kill eachother for no good reason other that fighting over who’s supstitious hoax belief system is more belivable that the others big hoax belief system.. I just make more popcorn to watch the big show of war, murder and Genocide play out watching the idiots kill each other.

        • What’s DW? Divorced wife? Lol.

      21. It is funny how poor by choice Blacks demand everything for free. Is that not slavery? Making other people work for you without paying them, is that not slavery?

        • I WANT MY REPERATIONS!!!!!

          • When Blacks claim the want Reperations tell them you will help them repatriate back to their homeland by buying them a one way ticket back to Africa and that they promise to never come back to the USA again. Then see if they put up or shut up. I am sure there are enough Americans that would gladly pay all these hoodies one way ticket back to Africa. I agree sooner the better.

      22. SHTFplan Editor’s Note: While we continue to hear about the economic recovery, the evidence on the ground is pretty clear: People all over the country are hurting. In Detroit, almost HALF of the city’s residents cannot afford to pay for water.

        The half who haven’t paid the bill aint the same as saying half cant afford to pay. Whatever the number is there aint one ounce of pity from me. These do-nothings take and take and still expect us to wipe their asses. They get free food, cheap or free housing, free transport, free medical and on and on. These animals cant even take some of their free monthly money from TANF or whatever the free program is and use it to cover the basics. They cant pay the water because they have something mo’better called manicures, nappy braids, or lottery tickets.
        Maybe if they actually went w/out and nanny govt stopped wiping ass, theyd learn whats more important, water or manicured claws.

      23. access to clean water is a basic human right.

        It should be as in Rome of days past where they had access to basic community public works baths and water wells ACROSS THE ENTIRE known world EMPIRE.


        THIS IS GOING TO CAUSE DISEASE , encourage further vandalism, theft and crime AND PISS OFF THE POOR FOLKS, bring more physical violence!



        • Jus how I likes it…
          Barry Soetoro

          • adolf hitler did the same thing.

            caused conflicts amongst his own officers and german citizens to keep them from coming together as a united front which would threaten his power.

            this is just one example of obama doing the same since coming to the zog puppet presidency.



        • Yes! They do desperate things. They might even get a job and do some work! HOLY SMOKES!!! That would be a desperate thing for these freeloading bums, now wouldn’t it!

          Nobody deserves anything except a chance to work and prosper. We’ve taken those away in trade for free stuff. The GibMeDats and the FSA think they have a right to everything.

          Guess what! They do! Just not for free. Every human should have access to clean, clear, healthy water. Just like me. I worked for months, saved the money, paid the driller, got the water.

          ITS MY RIGHT!

          So, you are correct, however, I had to pay for it.

          AND SO SHOULD ALL OF YOU! If they have the right to free water, then, I want my freaking money back! All $10,000 of it!!!

          No, not really. I’m not an ignorant socialist that doesn’t understand that the “right” to water or anything else given by the giverment is so very damaging to society.

          The Creator said:

          “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

          Any attempt at bypass the above spawns evil. Its why the GibMeDat/FSA districts are so dangerous and desolate and depraved.

          • there are 100’s 0f 1000’s innocent children and babes involved here … THE FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY.

            i think providing them a disease free healthy start in life is more important than HOW MUCH YOU SLAVED AWAY TO CONTROL YOUR OWN PRIVATE WATER WELL!

            dick much?


            • If you are worried about the children, then you should stop screwing.

              • Our Gubberment needs to Stop rewarding Failure. Making babies to earn a bigger wefare check is not a career path of success. You want welfare you get your tubes snipped. You commit a Felony you also get your nuts cut off. Pretty simple

            • You can’t be serious. Ghetto gangstas and future felons, the future of our country?

              Folks raising decent children pay their bills using the money they earn from employment.

            • Mac, we need a sarcasm font here for people like Chugga to use. Otherwise some less percipient readers will think he’s serious.

      24. Wasn’t it the CEO of Nestle that stated that all the fresh water sources worldwide should be in the hands of government or private corporations, not the common citizen?

        • Why is it that once a man becomes rich he wants to make rules to keep others from being a success as he was?

          There are terms for that behaviour.


          Greedy bastard?

          Government beauracrat?

          Once they’re rolling in “it” they want to make “it” as scarce as possible so their “it” is the only “it” available. Its kind of the embodiment of human fraud.

      25. SHTF needs to moderate the misogynist comments. A few of the previous posts contained a great deal of teacher-bashers and anti-union misogynists.

        FYI female teachers should not be held responsible if a male complains about her conduct. Period.

        • Proud member of the He-Man Women Hater’s Club.

          Spanky for Prez.

        • Old hoe,

          STFU! We don’t want your shit femi-hitler censorship on SHTFplan. Schools are a pile of shit, unions are communist front groups, and women are stupid whores.

          • you were doing Ok until the last 4 words

            hey ass hole my mom is a woman, my wife is a woman, and so is my Daughter

            and chances are your dumb ass wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for a woman (in retro spec that might not be a bad thing)

            too bad your mom wasn’t a biker or an alligator and ate her young!

        • “misogynist”? ROFLMAO 🙂

          • just a little bit maybe? ROFLMAO!

            it would be really funny to have him understand how lucky he is that women exist..or to find out that he shouldnt exist after the woman that gave him life decided he wasnt worth it

            now thats fuckin funny…id pay to watch that

            • I thought a “misogynist” was a not-quite-all-there female, who couldn’t accept that something was “missing”…LOL

      26. Paying for water is one thing, paying for Democrat pet projects and corruption through your water bill is another. First of all, I don’t live in the county where Portland resides and I’m on well water but I am aware of what goes on even though it doesn’t effect me directly.

        With that out of the way, Portland’s water district constantly raises the water rates in order to pay for things like bike paths, refurnishing and refinishing historical homes of the well connected, buying over priced property and selling it for a loss to the well connected, creating new bureaucracies in order to put family on the government payroll, putting in solar powered outhouses for the homeless, payola to the unions and just tons of crazy ass shit that has nothing to do with providing a water service.

        Increasing the water bill is a loophole that’s used to get around the pesky process of raising taxes. Pretty much like raising fees on hunting and fishing tags and licenses and then sending the money into the general fund.

        If this is the case with Detroit, the people there need to be screaming that a water bill is for water and go after the assholes that have used it for a loophole cash cow. But just like Portland, they will not hold those that are guilty responsible, they will vote them back in.

        • …essentially, water rates are partially desguised as theft, er, uh, I mean, taxes. Oh, sorry, same thing.

          To that, I say, it is very wrong. They use the needs of the people to feed their cash cow.

          • It takes about 55 gallons of water a year to support one square foot of grass in Arizona. 🙁

            • It takes 0 gallons a year to support one square foot of grass here in eastern NC.

              • Archivist: It still takes 55 gallons of water a year to sustain that square foot of grass, you just don’t have to pay for it because you get enough rain. 🙂

                • This has been a wet year. I haven’t watered my garden in a couple of months. If the grass dries up, it just means I don’t have to mow it.

        • They just won’t give it up, will they.

      27. Some people have wondered “when is the civil war/race war going to start?”

        I’d guess something would happen pretty quick if/when people can’t get water. IN my state people went to war in the past over water rights – will happen again.

        • BROWN POWER

          the future is gonna be a dark skinned one for zog amerika.

          Gutiérrez On Coming 5 million illegal alien Obama Executive Amnesty: ‘Get Prepared!’

          white folks will soon learn white it’s like to “fear” as a despised minority citizen in what was their majority white controlled country.

          by 2040 zog amerika will be firmly a brown skin controlled country.


          • Fear will drive us into a race war. Better watch out for those Koreans, They’re hell on wheels when it comes to riots.

          • If the world makes it that far

      28. “Detroit’s average residential delinquency is $540 and the average monthly household bill is about $75.”

        That seems high. My water bill this month is $15. It has never been higher than about $20. It usually averages about $16.

        Maybe they should practice water conservation like the hippies talked about back in the 60s: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

        • My water comes out to around $20 a month. I don’t even try to conserve and also have the original 1944 toilet in my house (which is not water efficient). It seems those people have ignored their water bill long-term to get the balance due so high.

      29. How I be washin my escalade wit no waters? Seems to me they’re just scamming the system to see if mo free shit can be had.You can’t pay water bills when you’re buying $200.00
        Tennis shoes. Priorities man priorities.Pay the H20 water bill & not play the lottery? WHAT BUY LESS 40’S ? Pay your fucking bills.I’m tired of being overcharged & going with less to pay for “the have not’$” GENERATIONS OF TRASH FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE

      30. Appears almost all here are hard core to the core..

        So you all agree that the ptb have the right to shut off your water…a basic necessity in life..

        So if you don’t pay your renewal fee to the corp for your license to carry..they can shut off your 2nd amendment right as well?

        Just saying..

        Careful what you wish for..

        • If somebody wanted to pay my water bill I would open up a carwash in my front yard.

          Are you going to pay for a license to carry when all hell breaks lose?

          Guess I will have to pay for all those full auto Class 2 firearms lic. and tax stamps for the weapons I pick up off the ground too.

        • If I don’t pay the water bill like I agreed to when the water was turned on, then they can shut it off. I’ll just go back to using well water. I have well-digging equipment. My neighbor has a pitcher pump in his back yard that’s been there for many years. I have several options, including a pitcher pump, for pumping water if I dig a well. I may be able to use my old existing well in my old pump house. Also, my property includes swamp, and there’s always rainwater to collect.

          Food is a basic necessity, but if I don’t go to the store and pay for it, I go hungry.

          Water being a necessity doesn’t obligate me to pay someone else’s water bill through taxes. I will donate to charity and will give to individuals who need it, but I resent having a government take it from me practically at gunpoint just to give it to someone else who might just be too lazy to work.

          I don’t pay any “renewal fee” for my natural right to self defense, so no government can “shut off” my 2nd Amendment rights.

          • Right on Archivist,
            It seems pretty straight forward,
            Socialist dont understand straight forward, neither does the free shit army

          • Do you already have a septic system, or does your wastewater go into a sewer? Think that through.

            • I have a septic system of course.

              And a two-seater outhouse if the septic ever fails.

        • Your comparing apples and lava rocks

        • ubiquitous

          water isnt much of a threat to tpab….now a gun? thats a whole nother ball of wax

      31. One of the Executive orders covers govt. control of all water. Lakes,rivers,streams,springs and even 100 yr. old dry stream beds are under their purview. Rain water off the roof too. govt can and will control it….and tax it. This will happen under martial law. Even rain barrels are not permitted in some areas. Alaska looks kind of good right now.

        • If you have a garage, put your rain collecting system inside it and route a pipe from your gutters into it. That gives you a totally hidden system as big as you want.

          The entire world doesn’t have enough soldiers to watch all the water sources just in eastern NC. So I don’t believe the government can stop me from getting water any time I please.

          • Listen to this scam. Here in Florida in my city we get assessed a tax for water run off. Meaning the city calculates our roof size and hard surface area in Sq footage. The more surface area that does not allow water to naturally run off into the ground is assessed a tax. No kidding. This is part of the water war scam that taxes us both ways. Also say store parking lots have to set aside for mitigation retention ponds to catch the run off instead of funneling it into the ditch or sewer system.

            • Sounds like the City of Portland, Oregon.

            • Actually seems pretty rational to me. Florida is so low and so surrounded by sea water on all sides that removal of fresh groundwater sucks sea water into the aquifer. It needs all the recharge it can get or your wells will go brackish.

              This was going on out on LungEyeland, (NY) when I lived there for one hideous year in 1992. AFAIK it couldn’t happen to a nicer population of perverts. I am still convinced 22 years later that Long Island is even sicker that San Fran Freako. By a country mile.

        • They can blow me

      32. If you live in Washington state or Oregon, you can not use water out of a creek if the creek is on your property. why you say, because according to the state of Washington, that is property of the state and you will have a water meter installed in order to use that ” free ” creek water. Same thing with rain water, the state claims it as a state resource. And the last I heard , the Washington state is trying to get meters put on all private wells, because that is ” state ” property and you will be pay for it one way or another. ( they need the income to pay for all their liberal ideas, thanks to all the tree huggers and greeners )

        • I live in Washington state and rain barrels are NOT illegal. In fact our local rural resources and Re-Store recycling will even come and help you set up a rain water catchment system. My local neighborhood community garden has a rain water system put in plain site and city approved. We were even given the land to use form the Dept of Transportation as they had no use for it sitting right there in the neighborhood.
          I know several people with wells and streams and not a mention of meters and restrictions.
          Perhaps you wee trying to scare people away from here with your comment?
          If not, then know what you said is simply not true everywhere in this state. Maybe Seattle?

      33. I dunno,
        I am on county water, not a lot of choices, and if i dont pay my bill, giess what,,,
        They will turn it off, its not a right! Its a public utility, witch you PAY FOR! No pay no play, real simple,

      34. ***OFF TOPIC***

        (this comment directed at Be informed in particular)

        Computer programmer and seismology expert Stan Deyo, correctly predicted the recent immense earthquake that hit California, doing up to a billion dollars in damage. According to reports Deyo has an almost 90 percent accuracy rating using Naval data in making his predictions, and he drops a few bombshells in the interview below.

        Deyo and Knight discuss the recent strange earth seismic activity we have been seeing across the globe in places like Iceland, Japan, Peru. With “bottomless” sinkholes reported in the UK, massive cracks in the earth showing up in Northern Mexico, among the variety of reports, Deyo’s assertion that should the Juan De Fuca stressed plates, which are well overdue to release, we are looking at a 9.2 – 9.3 PLUS earthquake which would trigger up to 15 other parallel faults, including the San Andreas Fault, is well worth listening to.

        He explains in detail what he is seeing by looking at the data, talks about the ring of fire all the way to the San Andreas fault in this must-see segment.

        h t tp://www.allnewspipeline.com/Expert_Expects_92_Plus_Earthquake.php

        • D’uh, oh. If he sets up to compete with B.I. here, we’ll have a catfight on our hands.

          Get out the popcorn pan, mama!

        • I didn’t hear or see any details. He spent half the time talking about capturing “free energy” from the solar wind with an antenna.

          • LOL ! What next???

            But actually, in principle that should work if you are outside the earth’s magnetosphere. Might even get a whole milliwatt watt per square meter.

            It is also possible to tap power off high tension lines with an induction coil. Which is, BTW the basic principle behind RFID chips. The chip itself has no battery in it; it energizes by induction from an high frequency AC field transmitted by the reader head. Works because the chip only need a tiny bit of power, (microwatts).

      35. This is the way it is here in michigan, the coons don’t pay their bills in detroit where they burned it , stole every thing and scraped it,(except for the metal basket ball hoops, really go through the burden out neighbor hoods and that’s all that remains, hoops),so they don’t pay and things get shut off. Now , just like the park bears, the run to the suburbs on the bus system , AKA the heroin express,rent houses from whites. That are fleeing but can’t sell because it’s to late their here. But, the municipalities need the money to keep padding their pockets. so now instead of shut offs, they lean the house,that way they get paid. Now with all the easy pickings they are taking all the resources ,the police are over run, houses broken into any time of day. But ,the main thing is , they don’t work and want everything for free. They are like locusts ,stripping the land.

        • Locusts created by Lyndon Johnson and his successors. All to assure themselves of unending power and opportunity for corruption.

      36. Shut the fucking bums off. Fucking dead beats with Iphone 5’s

      37. In any survival situation it is all about water first and for most WATER! So if you are blessed with a source of clean drinking water then you truly have the wealth of kings in the coming future make no mistake about it. That good fortune comes with a very high price your life to protect it, and that my friends is a 24/7 job in its self. Now let us get real; most of the peppers do not have enough ground to grow food for the whole year, they do not have the hours in the day to do what needs to be done. By time you tend you garden, pick and process it, along with defense of you place, when dose time for rest come, remember if you’re not with trusted people at time of collapse you will not get to be. We are on our own like it or not (YOYO). Does that means stop preparing and give up ABSOLUTELY NOT, hope is a very powerful thing in one’s life, without HOPE you a doomed to fail. Read ISAIAH 26: 20-21 and study it for it is coming quickly. My thoughts as I sit on the river bank watching the sun rise. Like I said we are on our own for the most part.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • Perhaps the problem the City of Detroit has, is they let the water bills get larger than the properties are now worth, and they’re mad about the losses.

          But I just can’t imagine myself being so selfish, that I’d begrudge people a bucket of water from the spring that runs through my land, for fear of “running out” of water.

          OMG, what have we become?

      38. What did I say?

        Yep another prediction of mine comes true

        Fusion has learned that 184 state and local police departments have been suspended from the Pentagon’s “1033 program” for missing weapons or failure to comply with other guidelines. We uncovered a pattern of missing M14 and M16 assault rifles across the country, as well as instances of missing .45-caliber pistols, shotguns and 2 cases of missing Humvee vehicles

        this shit always falls into the hands of the public, and usually not your average Joe either
        the criminal element always seem to find a way to even steal it from the cops

        “We don’t know where these weapons are going, whether they are really lost, or whether there is corruption involved.””

        let me help you out here dope!..its Corruption and theft you idiots ,…and if this shit wasnt given to you by our corrupt government to supress us , you’d have to do actual police WORK!..oh what a concept eh?

        ht tp://fusion.net/leadership/story/americas-police-departments-lose-loads-military-issued-weapons-984250

        • I know where one fully auto M16 is. A friend of mine has one “off the books” I was aware of it about 2 years ago and wondered at the time how that could come to be. Now it makes sense.

          • G2Long, Short story from the 70’s. A guy I worked with who had been somewhat of a drug user had a friend that had a M16 and he said he wanted to sell it, and at that time I was interested, so I tried to make the connection. Anywho, before this could happen, his friend who lived in Florida was busted by the Fed’s for drug running. Seems they had been watching him for years. I could of been caught in a bad situation. So be very very careful when dealing or even talking about something like this. Trekker Out.

            • When I advertised to sell a rifle in the local want ad press, I got numerous calls from the next state over, trying to get me to sell directly. “We do it all the time around these parts” is the mantra. Which is how you can smell a Fed right over the phone.

              (I finally sold the rifle to our county Sheriff. I figure that was a safe transaction. And now I know him and he knows me, which can’t hurt a bit.)

      39. Off Topic.

        Have you noticed the President is looking a little tired lately? Some words of caution. When individuals in the position of power, fell they are losing power, they go to great lengths to show they are not weak. I expect an upturn in presidential decrees (E.O.’s) like the UN treaties concerning guns and Kyoto Accords.

        He looks bad, detached and uninformed. Too much sun on the golf course?

        • too much golfing..because he isnt capable of much else

        • Maybe he has AIDS?

          • I’ve heard that people on the street in Chicago say he’s got “the slims” which is slang for AIDS. The disease was called “slim” in Uganda when it first appeared. Scientists referred to it as “slim disease.”

            He is awful thin considering how many burgers and ice creams he scarfs when policewoman Michelle isn’t around.

        • Maybe he’s just been informed that, he’s NOT IN THE CLUB after all…

          • He should’ve paid more attention to George Carlin.

        • The Job is taking it’s toll, he’s working to hard. He Needs To Take A Vacation! Trekker Out.

      40. ht tp://dailycaller.com/2014/08/26/iraq-war-vet-was-warned-waffle-house-wasnt-safe-for-whites-gets-beaten-needs-brain-surgery/

      41. I posted the same thing when this Detroit water shut-offs surfaced a few months ago ….

        How in the hell do they think they’ll shut off tens of thousands of homes – without shutting down the entire system?

        Detroit has the same supply system like every Northern municipal water supplier …. the home’s water shut off is in a buffalo box buried 3 foot down – accessed by a 4 inch pipe …. a long handle wrench turns the valve stem ….

        They only shut off 150 homes because it’s impossible to reach more valves …. if the access pipe isn’t clogged naturally thru lack of maintenance – the ghetto dwellers know to block them off on purpose …. jam them with sticks, rocks, garbage and even cap them with concrete …. it’s common tactics all over …. sometimes they vacuum off the blockage – most times they need to be dug up and replaced ….

        Even if they shut them off – $20 at a weld shop gets you a wrench – screw the water cops – instant bizness venture for the ghetto crowd

        • Here in NH, they actually diconnect your service. First they shut off the water, then they disconnect and remove youe water meter. You have to pay up in full, then pay for them to come back and reconnect your service.

          • unless there’s something unique out there – the meters around here are just an in-line flow thru type …. eazy enough to substitute a 3/4 inch section of pipe with female couplers – people that fill their pools in the spring commonly do it to save $$$$$$

        • Around here, the valve and meter are near the road under a loose removable cover and are just a few inches below grade. Every house I’ve lived in with outside water came with a t-handle valve wrench. Lowe’s sells them. If you have a leak, you have to be able to shut off the water yourself to fix it.

      42. @everyone…I wanted to share this in case you didn’t see it yet. We saw the commercial yesterday during FOX’s Five. I only caught part of it but my other half saw the whole thing and was blindsided by it. I tried to find it on You Tube but after a few tries I gave up. Now, Rawles site has the link. It is breathtaking. It will only cost you a minute and a half of your time. I promise it will be well spent.


        Forget the sponsor but this guy is a real Seal. Rawles suspects he’ll be smeared because of it.

        I found it powerful.

        • It WAS powerful…if only the NRA believed it too.

          “The Negotiable Rights Association”


      43. Detroit is an absolute mess! Not sure what the solution is there at this point.

        • Neutron bomb?

      44. Obama Bypasses Congress Forcing International ‘Climate Change’ Treaty through UN

        In efforts to avoid a vote in Congress…
        “American negotiators are instead homing in on a hybrid agreement — a proposal to blend legally binding conditions from an existing 1992 treaty with new voluntary pledges. The mix would create a deal that would update the treaty, and thus, negotiators say, not require a new vote of ratification.”

        NY Times

      45. Water, food, guns, ammo, fire etc.

        The hell with any other Detroits that wants a free ride. What they need to understand is even their last ride isn’t FREE. The cheapest ride costs some brass/lead/powder…and its waiting for ’em, to be sure.

      46. Now that the media has been in the back pocket and complicit
        in so much of whats wrong with this government and this countries current state ,, now they are being attacked by the very entity they were “playing ball” with

        Awwwwww snif snif
        what? you thought you were going to get a pass too?
        everyone needs to remind themselves..no one is safe from this butcher!

        the media was so quick to judge ALL of us.. and now that they are under fire they wonder where their support has gone

        suck it up princess’s oh and as ive said before..welcome to the party (the one media helped cater )

        ht tp://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-obama-administration-wants-journalist-131441875.html

      47. Do we have Racist Soldiers?

        An American, ONE of approximately 100 Americans fighting on the side of ISIS was KILLED!!! This “victim” was Black and originally from Chicago.

        Will Sharpton & Jackson protest the killing of this turncoat????

        He may have been killed by a WHITE American soldier!!!!!
        Will Obama take time off from golf to comment on this event???
        Will Holder be sent to the front lines to investigate???
        Will a delegation from Washington be sent to the funeral??
        Will the LAME STREAM media televise the funeral???

        You can be assured that this INNOCENT ISIS was a good boy that was fighting foe ALLAH when he was MURDERED by RACIST soldiers!!!!

        We MUST secure our borders. Just think of the problems that would arise if this traitor would have been killed by police while committing a terrorist operation here in the USA.

      48. Yesterday on CNN, a State Dept. spokeswomen stated, “The State Dept. is working with the family of the American Jihadi who was killed in Syria.” “We are giving them as much assistance as we can.” WTF? I think that says it all about the Obama administration.

      49. This article is just leftist bleeding heart propaganda.

        We have 3 rights in this country: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

        That’s it.

        Many, if not most, of these delinquent water customers have played a monthly game for far too long of waiting until they are just about to be shut off before paying the arrears they owe.

        If they cut out their booze, cigarettes, drugs, fast food, and numerous other treats that they feel they are entitled to, then they would have the money for their water bills. But no, they want to have money for what they WANT, not for what they NEED.

        It’s the same old story: irresponsibility, immaturity, defiance, delusion, and lack of rational thinking and behavior.

        No sympathy here.

        Can’t this site come up with better articles?

        • In the FSA, that’s what you do — buy what you WANT, then bawl to your caseworker, to get what you NEED…it just doesn’t work well, if you do it the other way around.

      50. You ever hear of a “Land Patent”…do a search and get one, as I did, from the four corners of your “Private Property” and all the way up to heaven and down to hell is 100% yours and they cannot tax you for any water, wind, hail, snow, sun shine, or what ever, that is in and on your private property…….good for those with a well. It took me 70 days, from beginning to end, to get mine at a cost of $310.00.


        • Good question for you

          If you become delinquent on your property taxes ..can they recind your Land Patent?
          will they be able to sell your property or take title to it in any way?

          will there be more legal wrangling to get it out of your hands if they decide to steal it (take it) from you?

          can this be done to a residential property?


          • Of course if you don’t pay your property taxes you can lose title to your land. In Arkansas land delinquent on taxes are certified to the state. After a year the Commissioner of State lands holds public auctions and sells the land. If not redeemed within ten days of the auction the commissioner sends the buyer a limited warranty deed. Ive bought several parcels from the state land auctions. Go to the commissoners website for more info. wwwcosl.org

      51. One of the issues is inability to manage what little money they have. I’ve also heard people say they can’t afford to prep, especially if they are still trying to pay down the debts accumulated in the boom years or have suffered a recent job loss.


        The above is designed for new scratch cooks, and assumes you only have salt and pepper in your larder. I see so many Mums really struggling to feed their kids that I’m gonna be spreading this around. It’s been decades since schools taught proper home making skills.

        This lady reckons you can eat a reasonably healthy diet on just £1 a day per person from Asda (the UK version of Walmart). For any newbies reading this, a month on this diet may help you set aside those first meagre funds for prepping. (One pound sterling is currently running at 1.66 dollars). Personally I feel you could supplement this diet with a little foraging,hunting or gardening – especially at this time of year and wind up eating pretty well!

        For those of you not worried about cash & experienced at this whole prepping malarkey the recipes may inspire you in terms of utilising your preps – e.g week 1 focuses on chick peas and red lentils. Most of us store dried beans and pulses as a matter of course.

        My Gran always said out of little acorns grow great Oak trees and I reckon she was right. Just an extra couple of tins a week put away NOW could make all the difference to your future prospects.

      52. I have to pay for what I get so should they!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      53. Wow! You can usually live quite a while without medical care, but that’s a ‘right’. You can’t live more than 3 days without water, so is that not also a right? And by the way, my cell phone is failing, how do I get the free one that I’m entitled to?

        • I have a God-given right to own and carry the means for me to defend my life and property against evil-doers. Do I get a free gun? Make mine a custom shop 1911, please.

      54. I have a old aluminum john boat mounted on a boat trailer. I place it under the down spout of the gutter. when I want to water something I simply tow it to whatever. I have a garden hose hooked to the drain plug in the back. It might be a idea for someone who lives where rain barrels are frowned upon. I recient built a sucker rod check valve & piston water pump. Made it with PCV pipe. I set it in a old well that has a 12 ft below natural ground static water level. It pumps really good just by hand. Ive only got 20 feet of pipe on it so its only 8 feet in the water. I can pump about 12 gallons before all the water in the 6 inch casing is depleted. It recovers in about a half hour. Im planning to add more pipe. I pulled a jet pump from that well and the foot valve was 200 ft deep. I planning on using a windmill and filling a 250 gallon storage tank.

      55. No one has brought up the fact that Detroit’s Red Wings and Lions Stadiums are delinquent also. But, not having their water shut off. Not to mention GM and Chrysler behind too. What say you now?

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