With 76% Of France Fully “Vaccinated,” COVID Cases Hit a Record High

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Over 76% of France’s population is fully “vaccinated” and yet COVID cases are at an all-time high. Cases now are higher than they were in 2020 when the “vaccines” were not yet available. Aren’t we glad these shots are so safe and effective?

    France has reported 59,019 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, which is the highest number since April, the national agency for public health said. Hospitalizations have also been on the rise, according to a report by RT. All of this, as government data shows that around 76% of French citizens are fully vaccinated, with over 50 million of the 67-million-strong population receiving at least two vaccine doses.

    New daily infections surpassed 59,000 for the first time since April 8, when the nation saw a whopping 84,999 new cases – the highest since the start of the epidemic. The French health ministry also reported an uptick in hospital admissions. They rose by 618 to 12,714, which is also the second-highest one-day increase this year behind only April 6, which saw 732 new patients admitted to hospitals.

    Don’t forget how the ruling classes are arriving at these case numbers either:

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    They are calling flu and colds “COVID” to panic people into taking a shot for something that does not exist. Now we are at a point where people are still getting colds and the rhetoric will be used to convince more people to get more “vaccines” that are proving to be anything but “vaccines”. 

    The number of patients in intensive care units (ICU) rose by 160 to 2,351, which is also close to this year’s daily record of 193 reported on April 6. Still, the overall number of hospitalizations and ICU patients remains between two and three times lower than in April, when 30,600 Covid-19 patients were in hospitals and more than 5,600 of them in the ICU.

    Because of the “surge” in cold and flu cases during winter, the rulers have commanded that the slaves close their nightclubs for four weeks starting this weekend. The masters also called on business-owning slaves to encourage staff to work from home. You will also have to have the master’s permission to said enter eating venues, as health passes would from now on be required. Those government papers are also going to be required in outdoor Christmas markets.  Indoctrination camps Schools will also have to introduce stricter social distancing measures and extend ritualistic shame muzzle mask requirements.


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      1. In a word: Africa. Just as COVID came from China, the Delta variant from India, it is unvaccinated Africa that gives us Omicron.

        The idea we can continue to import the third world and let them fly in and out at will, needs to be dropped. These countries lack the health standards and functioning governments to manage a pandemic and we can’t trust they will do their bit.

        • Ask for help. You got it half right.

        • The facts are that the very white Faucci and his European WEF Globalist Socialist friends outsourced germ warfare to the Wuhan BSL 5 lab, which they also helped sponsor and create.

          They also unleashed SARS CoV-2 there, not the Chinese.

          China is already a security state; they have nothing to gain. Chinese researchers seemed to have bought the line they were doing legit dual-purpose research, but surely figured out the setup up by now.

          ‘White’ Europe was losing supremacy to the ‘Yellow Peril’ of China and ‘mongrel’ United States. That was the pre-COVID economic world.

          The Deep oligarchs of Europe through the WEF were right there with COVID-1984 and an entire psychological campaign to impose medical police statism across the West.

          Trump got in the way so they stole the election to ensure their Democratic allies got in.

          Fauci and the EU oligarchs are white. Trump and the deplorables, somehow became an inferior breed of white. That’s how racism works.

          Racism drives many people to accept the somehow comforting story that non-whites are the dirty ones and whites the victims. The problem is, some whites just aren’t white enough and can never be.

          Progressive racists rallied racist whites through staged fails of diversity, hiring as many incompetent women and minorities they can to fail, whether the disastrous Abrams/KennedyStar Wars movies or the White house Biden/Harris duo, a failed SJW and brown sidekick woman.

          COVID-1984 is the Endphase, not Endgame, but the Botswana variant, Omicron, may end COVID-19 for good. Mild, fast-spreading COVID grants real herd immunity better than any vax, and this worries the Globalists.

          Black Africa is the world’s storehouse of critical resources, Europe especially. African resources underpin the Euro. Vaxxing black Africa dead frees those resources for white countries.

          Russians and Ukranians are white, but to elite racists, an inferior kind of white. Seeing them go after one another in war tickles Globalist Socialist elites pink.

          Chinese are even more hated by white Globalist Socialist elites; slaughter between Chinese over Taiwan is an even greater shadenfreude hit.

          Keep on dreaming of a white world. No white will ever be white enough, and some whites, are loyal to the Tribe, not their race.

          White vanity and chauvanism are identity warfare tools for division and conquest.

          The Old Norse figured out the danger centuries ago; that the serpent within can be led to eat its own tail, destroying the world in the process.

          • Munchausen syndrome by proxy to factitious disorder imposed on another.

            All of the usual suspects are being used as blunt instruments of force.

            • Pardon my typing.

      2. Omicron ends COVID-1984 in a fast wave of mild COVID and herd immunity, that’s what the Globalist Socialists fear.

      3. The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the number of new covid cases.

        That seems to be what is happening as far as I can tell.

      4. Thank you for calling
        schools “indoctrination camps” because that is
        precisely what they are.

      5. My thoughts are drawn to the Crispr gene editing technology facet of biowarfare engineering. My belief is that Crispr tech was used in the manufacture this experimental innoculation. Edit a gene so a type of HIV immunodestructive mechanism appears at some theoretical preprogrammed period of time. We know Dr. Fowl Chi outsourced C19 to Wuhan for the dangerous gain of function production protocols that USAMRID and DOD were wary of doing. I think that mRNA tech got it wrong and the homo sapien biology is rejecting its genetic programming. Thus it requires more vaxx to get the gestation/ incubation mechanisms correctly primed for the virus to become a genocidal agent. A typical Virus mutates from one person to the next. The developer Dr Robert Malone has warned against it. The PCR test inventor exposed its misuse. Any result over 30-35 amplification cycles is bogus. What I notice also is that we always see computer renderings of the 90-120 nanometer diameter virus. Scant few scanning electron microscopy pictures are presented by media. Forcing our military to take these shots is a national security disaster. Anyone carefully watching the this scenario from its inception knows the statistics are bogus. Official narratives collapse with simple math reveals a 99.7% survival rate. Recall the German based Bayer pharma offered the US 40 million doses of HCQ BEFORE IT WAS SHOT DOWN by FowlChi. The truth is we could have ended this nightmare from day 1. All we hear from him is “he needs more data” , or “we’ll create a ‘report’”.

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