Will More US Troops in Saudi Arabia Make America Great?

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ron Paul at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. 

    President Trump deserves credit for resisting the war cries from neocons like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after last week’s attack on two Saudi oil facilities. Pompeo was eager to blame Iran because he wants war with Iran and anything that can trigger such a war is fine with him. So he put the president in a difficult spot by declaring Iran the culprit: suddenly the president’s options in the media and in Washington were limited to “how to punish Iran.”

    A week has now passed since the attack and Pompeo’s rush to judgment has been shown for what it was: war propaganda. That is because there has still been no determination of who launched the attack. Yemen’s Houthis took responsibility right away and Iran denied any involvement. We have seen nothing to this point that contradicts this.

    President Trump likely understands that a US war on Iran will be his undoing as president. Who knows, maybe that’s what his closest advisors want. But according to a Gallup poll just last month, only 18 percent of Americans were in favor of military action against Iran. Seventy-eight percent of Americans – including 72 percent of Republicans – want the president to pursue diplomatic efforts over war. Iran has made clear that any attack on its territory will trigger a total war. The Middle East would be engulfed in flames and the US economy would be in the tank. Suddenly we’d see Democrat challengers pretending to be antiwar!

    The message to Trump is pretty clear – war with Iran would be deeply unpopular – and it seems clear he understands the message. Just hours after his Secretary of State put the US on war footing with Iran, President Trump was forced to walk back Pompeo’s aggression. When asked about going to war with Iran, President Trump said, “Do I want war? I don’t want war with anybody.”

    Unfortunately, with pressure on President Trump to “do something” even as Iran has not been found to have been behind the attack, the president has settled on two measures – one pointless and the other dangerous. On Friday Trump announced yet even more sanctions on Iran, leaving many of us to wonder what is possibly left to sanction. He also announced a deployment of US military forces to Saudi Arabia of a “defensive nature.” Why should the military be sent to “defend” one of the wealthiest and most repressive countries on earth? It is hard to see how putting US service members into harm’s way – into a war zone – to defend Saudi Arabia can in any way make America great again. I believe most Americans would agree.

    President Trump should immediately cancel the order to send US troops to Saudi Arabia and should immediately remove what troops are already on Saudi soil. Then the Saudis would understand that they must end their aggression against Yemen.

    Attempting to placate the neocons is a fool’s errand because they are never satisfied even up to and including war. The tide is turning in America – and even in Washington – against Saudi Arabia. After the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and a catastrophic four-year Saudi war on Yemen, no American politician is any longer in the mood to stick his or her neck out to defend Saudi Arabia. President Trump would be wise to use caution: it’s always dangerous sticking one’s neck out when the Saudi government is around.


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      1. -censored comment-
        -views also censored-

        War is Bad idea.
        Iran-Russia-China-North Korea -VS.- USA

        Learn to get along with one another. Or nearly everyone dies.

        Movies of your possible near future you will find on YouTube:
        – “The Day After”
        – “The Road”
        Reality would be MUCH worse.

        Leave the cities now. While you can.

        Get right with Jesus. Jesus is your only hope.

      2. Why should the military be sent to “defend” one of the wealthiest and most repressive countries on earth?

        Because critical resources and infrastructure are being sold in trade deals.

        For what purpose is entirely besides the point.

      3. I don’t trust Graham or Pompeo. Pompeo was once head of the CIA and Graham was John McCain’s suck buddy. McCain used to call for WW3 more than any other single neocon and was also a globalist.

      4. Zionist Pompeo, Zionist Graham and even Zionist McCain!!! Zionist Trump will fulfill the Zionist agenda after all the drama has ended and the White race is totally defeated and slated for Zionist Genocide. Congratulations to the Devil race which has for centuries dreamed of this glorious moment!!! Such was the power of “money” control!!

      5. ( He also announced a deployment of US military forces to Saudi Arabia of a “defensive nature.” Why should the military be sent to “defend” one of the wealthiest and most repressive countries on earth? It is hard to see how putting US service members into harm’s way – into a war zone – to defend Saudi Arabia can in any way make America great again. I believe most Americans would agree. ) Possibly to defend the Saudis from The 3ew,s. Isreal is behind all the turmoil in the middle east. Trump sent Bolton packing. He should get rid of Pompeo.

      6. “After the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi ” The guy was Muslim Brotherhood, who cares? Every dead Moslem is a good moslem.
        As to deployment of troops My understanding is that they are there to support the B52’s that are just sitting on the ground.
        I was qualified to work avionics on a B52H and it takes about that many people to keep a BUFF flying 24/7.
        Whether the aircraft is parked at Barksdale, Minot( my old duty station), or Saudi Arabia, it is still parked. If they intended to attack Iran they would NOT use a BUFF. A BUFF will only be used in un-contested air space. Iran is anything but that.
        I’d worry if they forward deploy B2’s.

        • ” The guy was Muslim Brotherhood, who cares?
          A hit in broad open daylight is a statement of spectacular arrogance regardless of who is being hit.
          Trump is spineless in this matter.

          • They’re all Muslim Botherhood ….idiot.

      7. The senior “leadership” in both parties in both Houses of Congress, and high level federal officials do not primarily serve the interests of the Amer. people. This is not foreign policy on behalf of the Amer. citizen, this is TPTB and neo-cons policy for their goals. These are the same neo-cons who keep provoking and trying to egg Russia into war, and wants us to fight in wars on Israel’s behalf.
        Why in the hell should our troops be sent yet again to foreign soil, ostensibly to protect their refineries and oil fields. SA has said many times in the past they are more than able to protect their soil and infrastructure. Are senior Amer. officials saying they are willing to get involved in yet another war on the behalf of another country, over an attack on a refinery (where it turns out the damage was not as extensive as we were led to believe).
        This is beginning to smell bad, the Amer. people are still waiting for all the facts of what actually happened, not the propaganda. One reason we are probably there is because the TPTB wants to ensure SA continues to use “petro” dollars for the oil markets, the dollar has value only because of that. Should that change, the dollar would lose all its remaining value. Israel too, wants war with Iran, and they probably prefer the war is fought in the name of SA, that their goals are met is what’s only important. Though Israel wants Iran brought down, they likely want Amer. and SA troops to be the ones in harm’s way. Another reason is oil corporations want their investments, markets, ways of doing business protected. All we really know is that we are never told the truth. When trying to find a cause or reason the Roman Cicero always instructed people to ask “cui bono” – who benefits?
        There’s no doubt, I bet some senior military personnel have told the Pres. that Iran is a big country with 80 million people. After years of having sanctions placed on them they are backed in a corner, they are not going to just roll over if attacked.
        I keep saying it, TPTB and officialdom consider Amer. citizens to be nothing more than disposable managed resources.

      8. Have to keep the trillion dollar rathole spigot wide open into perpetuity for the imbecilic warmongers.

      9. only good brotherhood member is a dead one, u’d be suprised by the. number of moslems that want to bury them

      10. The Saudi Prince is said to have been among the globalist elite rulers being blackmailed for visiting Lolita Island. This is bad for a Christian but it is fatal for a Moslem.

        Israel has committed numerous false flag operations in order to instigate war between perceived rivals or perceived enemies. For example: Operation Susannah which was when Israel shot and killed American sailors flying the Stars and Stripes, an easily seen American Flag on the Navy Ship USS LIBERTY, in order to get America into the war against Egypt in which Israel was involved. When caught, Israel did not deny firing on the American ship, but claimed it was an accident. However, tapes of Israeli dispatchers later proved that the attack was intentional.

        The USA did not support the sailors. Rather than cross the Israelies, the then President, Johnson, ordered USA war planes to turn around mid-flight. The surviving Navy servicemen were threatened. Their families were threatened. A veil of secrecy was constructed to cover-up Israel’s false flag against its supposed ally.

        To the point, this could be yet another false flag by Israel to sucker Americans into another war for the benefit of Israeli expansionism.


        • Yep, just another proxy war for the Zionists.

          It was kinda revealing to note that ISIS never attacked Israel…how much Mossad Money was funneled to those murderous devils?

      11. Short Answer: No
        Long Answer: Hell No!

      12. War is very profitable for the elite.
        We are nothing more than “useless eaters”, cannon fodder to be used to advance the elite’s nefarious plans to enslave mankind, to increase their power and control over humanity, and to enrich them even further.

        Ancient Israel is the template for America’s future, also the template for the destruction of the West.
        Ancient Israel was blessed beyond measure, and that blessing was contingent on Israel adhering to the commandments of God.
        When ancient Israel slid into apostasy, paganism, greed and degeneracy (exactly like we in the West are doing), God’s blessings and protection over Israel was removed.
        Read Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26, the blessings and the curses, to see where we are headed.

        “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

      13. Trump is sending some Patriot Missile Battery’s. The troops are to man them. They aren’t offensive weapons and can only be used to neutralize incoming fire.

      14. Anyone suggesting that the Iran – Saudi conflict has anything to do with Israel is just plain ignorant (and wrong). Iran wants Israel wiped from the Earth. Literally. Saudi hates Israel, and always has, but Israel and Saudi both despise Iran (for different reasons). Thus a commonality and intersection of interests, to some degree. That is all.

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