Will China or Russia Attack the United States First?

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Headline News | 179 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. I don’t know why you would waste the military resources when an EMP and a year of patience would do half the job for you.

        • I would bet that the two will team up and attack the Middle East, drawing us into the fray…

          Strange days ahead…

          • I believe first Russia and Iran attack Israel. We do nothing about it. God defends Israel. The Antichrist steps out of the chaos claiming he is the god that did it. The world falls for him. China then no longer wants to be part of the world government and then the kings of the east approach the Antichrist for the battle of armageddon.
            Christ returns, stops the madness and reigns as king of kings.

            • Hi the Gog and Magog war is after the millennium rule of Jesus when the enemy is let out of his prison for a season and decieves the world into war for the last time in the war of Gog and Magog then fire comes down from heaven and devours them and all who fight in the war and they are vastly into the Lake of fire. Psalms 83 war or Isaiah 17 war may be next when Damascus becomes a ruinous heap.

            • God does NOT defend the STATE of “Israel”!!

              Those who believe that tripe are very mistaken.

              • .

                It is Christian Europe that is now under attack…
                and it could be the beginning of the gog/magog war.
                The third world horde invasion into Europe may be
                an advance fifth-column that includes ISIS.


          • “Prayer should be your first line of defence….” Anyone who relies on prayer is just a pious idiot.

        • All wars are Bankster wars Never forget that!

          • Dave Hodges, will you please shut up! Your warmongering is getting old. If Russia wanted to attack the U.S., it could’ve done it already…it’s not like we haven’t provoked them sufficiently. Same with China. You conveniently leave out all of the global financial system blackmailing we’ve been doing, not to mention the NATO incursions into sovereign nations.

            We don’t even bother to get permission to bomb in other countries, WE JUST ARROGANTLY GO IN WHETHER THEY APPROVE OR NOT…Because we think we have that global right. WE DON’T and it is AN ACT OF AGGRESSION against sovereign countries.

            You sound like the USA has been a model in the international community, has never done anything to hurt anyone else, BUT half the world is going to attack the poor little nation, because they hate our freedoms? BULLSHIT.

            This stupid govt had bombed most of the middle east, forced it’s way into the natural resources of dozens of small, defenseless countries and overthrown dozens of legally elected governments of sovereign nations to promote it’s own agenda.

            In one short article, you’ve managed to try to justify the actions of the U.S. govt that has sent tens of millions of innocent people to homeless refugee status…those that survived, anyway.

            Dave Hodges, you now sound exactly like the other mainstream media mouthpieces who are now beating the war drums on cue.

            So if you want to start acting like a media whore, I have no problem treating you like one…SO JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!

            I’m calling you out Dave. You’ve gone too far this time.

            • G G G Gosh!
              Both barrels six.

              • If Russia and China can hold off attacking us until AFTER the Rugby World Cup is finished …. I’d really appreciate it!! Thanx Russia And China!!

                GO AMERICAN EAGLES!!!!

            • Sixpack, outstanding post. Need an extra double-barrel shotgun? be glad to loan mine to you. I’ve also had enough of Hodges.

              • Hey, hold on there just one minute. Dave Hodges is hcks big go to guy, remember? That means if Dave Hodges is just another full of shit doom porner, what does that say about the all knowing and wise beyond all mere mortal capacity hcks?

                • Brainhurt, go back to sleep.

            • Are the freedoms you mention ussa defending, freedom to OR freedom from? Behind ALL the nations you speak of is THE SAME SYSTEM. And it IS anti human. Satans getting lonely, and more desperate as his time draws nigh. Time to repent. And wake up sheeple!!

























          AND WE’RE LOSING.

          • So, what you are saying is that I should go ahead and convert to Islam?

            • Mr. Stiner, There were NO homicidal gas chambers. Count them—zero! …until AFTER the war!

              Auschwitz senior curator Dr. Francizsek Piper admitted on videotape that the Auschwitz gas chamber was built AFTER the war by the Soviet Judeo-Communists. It has a wooden door and a glass window. It has no safe way of introducing or removing cyanide. There is no cyanide residue in the gas chamber that supposedly killed “9 million” (1955)….. ooops…. “4 million’ (1989)…. oops again… “perhaps 1 million” (1990)… ummm… errrr…. maybeeee.. “470 thousand” (1994) . The tribe also constructed “gas chambers” for show at Dachau and Majdanek.

              You have been suckered. The lies enslave you. The truth will set you free.

              • John Q you are an idiot. My grandfather was one of the soldiers that liberated Bergen- Belsin and he told me what he saw there. Had nightmares about it all his life, couldn’t stand the smell of cooking pork because it reminded him of the smell of burning bodies he experienced there. How does a person get such a twisted hate filled mind as yours.

                • Do not confuse truth and hate. The people who had declared war on Germany in 1933, the declared internal enemy, were incarcerated (a decade too late). Hiter tried to expatriate them, but the Zionists refused. Documents prove that the Zionists wanted MORE to die to garner sympathy for their terror and genocide in Palestine.

                  What your grandfather saw was people incarcerated who were sick and dying from the same starvation and typhus that afflicted Germans outside the camp, not “gas chambers” or carbon monoxide or any of Ilya Ehrenburg’s propaganda. Of course, diseased corpses were cremated.

                  Was your grandfather one of the soldiers who helped kill 2 million Germans AFTER the war?

                  • One question John Q. Were you there? Since you weren’t , I think I will believe someone I know and trust that was there. Your information is bullshit made up by other people just as deluded and twisted as you are. As for what my grandfather did in the war, besides winning a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star I don’t know. What have you ever done for your country shitheel.

                    • What you believe is up to you. I can only offer you the best evidence at hand and the best evidence is that there is very little truth in the HoloHoax narrative.

                      Did your grandfather SEE homicidal gas chambers in use? Or did he see de-lousing facilities that were used to fumigate typhus-infested clothing? Did you grandfather SEE millions of corpses? Or did he see starving and typhus-infected inmates?

                      Or did he just hear sworn “eyewitness” testimony like the lampshades (debunked), shrunken heads (debunked), soap (debunked), geysers of blood (debunked), different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities (debunked), and “9 million” (1955)….. ooops…. “4 million’ (1989)…. oops again… “perhaps 1 million” (1990)… ummm… errrr…. maybeeee.. “470 thousand” (1994)?

                      If your grandfather was one of the soldiers who helped kill 2 million Germans AFTER the war, do you consider that a honor to the USA?

                      judaism101.proboards dot com/thread/13/holocaust-truth-set-free

                  • Fvck a German

          • Acid, you are correct, we might be losing.
            That bothers me, hence we prep for the worst, hope for the best.
            We sure could use a ‘John Wayne’ type of president in this next election, or selection, according to how one sees it..

            I know, dreaming again…

            • Just so everyone knowa the joke…
              John Wayne toilet paper – Military term used to describe the low grade toilet paper found in the MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) accessory packet. Called so because it’s rough, tough and don’t take shit off of anybody. Can also be used in place of extra fine grit sandpaper when refinishing furniture.

              Can I score a roll from that big box of ass wipe that your mom sent last week?
              All that I have is that damn John Wayne toilet paper.

              • Another version…

                This Indian man walks into this supermarket and ask the attendant what kind of toilet paper they have for sale. The attendant shows him three brands. The first brand is called kleenex and is worth $5.95 for two rolls the second brand is sorbent and is worth $4.50 for two rolls and the third brand is no name brand and is worth .95 cents for two rolls.
                The indian asks what is no name toilet paper? The attendant explains that there is no brand name on the toilet paper. Well the indian buys the no name toilet paper and leaves. The next day he returns to the store and finds the attendant and says to him “I have found a name for your no name toilet” the attendant looked confused when he said that and asked him to explain. The indian said “You should call it John Wayne toilet paper!” the attendant said “Why John Wayne toilet paper?” And the indian said “Because It’s rough, it’s tough, and it takes no shit from no indian”.

                • I hear stories about a new kind of toilet paper being sold.

                  There’s a drawing of the prophet Mohammed on it and you get to colour him in!

                  Sorry, just venting…

                  Thanks, Mac, for what you have created…

                  • I love Johnny…

                    At school one day, the teacher was trying to approach the topic of sex education and asked her students if they’d ever seen anything that was related to sex education on TV.

                    Mary raised her hand and said she had seen a movie about women having babies. “Great,” said the teacher, “that’s very important. ”

                    Then Judy raised her hand and told the teacher she had seen a TV show about people getting married. “Well, that has to do with it too,” said the teacher.

                    Then Johnny raised his hand and said he had seen a western where some Indians came riding over the hill and John Wayne shot them all. The teacher said, “Well, Johnny, that really doesn’t have anything to do with sex education.”

                    “Yes it does,” said Johnny, ” it taught those Indians not to f**k with John Wayne.”

                    • Speaking of Indians; I talked to cuz (oicu), yesterday for the first time in a while. When i called, I asked, “wtf is going on, cuz; you made it back in from living on the road for a darn month, yet?”

                      He said, he was and in fact, he was just coming up the river bank with a full stringer of Cherokee trout. He had been in from working a double (12-14 days out is a single), for about a month; for a couple days now, and was tired but happy. Happy because he now had a pocket full of cash, and was home with his family for a good while, maybe for good.

                      Cuz had rested up a bit and drove down into Cherokee to fish and be on the water. btw, he caught his 10 limit. He is a good fisherman. Cuz is part Cherokee, and he hears and sees things when he is in the water or in the backwoods of the Great Smokies. He called me back later on and said he had seen and heard things through the spirit wind, and it wasn’t good.
                      He is home for a long while, maybe for good, because a big storm is coming upon the land. He says there are foreigners deep in the Mtns; that have evil intent.

                      I agreed, and we chatted a while. His great,great grandfather, (my great,great, uncle), married a Cherokee woman way back when. We are blood. Anyways, I asked him why he had not been back on shtf, and as i figured he said he didn’t have time for all the bs from the likes of wwti, plus he is focused on keeping his family safe and secure when all the stuff comes apart.

                      The life he lives with his family is so far removed from what life is like on the road. At home there is love and a laid back easy living, where the Spirits of the Native peoples of old, are always present and singing in the wind.
                      On the road, as i well know, is a lot of hassle, meanness, and sense of un-Godliness.

                      I do remember the stops around Interstate rest areas where an occasional family on a vacation, could be seen having a few laughs or picnic. Or, the elderly retired couple that was taking a little break from driving around the country with their RV. I always wondered where they might be from and if their hearts where in the right place. I always smiled and spoke when passing by. When you love people in general, it is easy to smile, and say something polite. I can’t stand mean spirited and argumentative people/trouble makers, I usually lash out after them, especially when they mock my Saviour and Heavenly Father. That is the warrior spirit in me, and cuz has a double portion of it. A big burly man, with hands that can snap a deer in two, but quick with a smile.

                      Soon, there will come a time when there is not much to smile about, unless, one has their heart set for the next age, where the world has no influence. The times must get rocky and shaky in order for that time to come about, and that time of shaking is almost upon us. The toughest thing will be for those that have little ones, and have not been walking with them down the right path. As Ricky would say, “Lucy, you got some explainin’ to do”.

                    • Pissin,

                      We know he’s home for good. Cuz{oicu812} is you, has been all along, and it’s true what the other poster said about a couple days ago, you’re nothing but a big story teller, { read bullshitter} who lives in his imagination.

                    • the troll returns, he adds so much to the forum.
                      I don’t care that you say I’m a bullshitter.
                      So freakin what? I bullshit sometimes as most people do.

                      At least i do more than criticize and accuse, and show how childish one grown man can be. You are about as useless, as tits on a boar hog, in a FL swamp. Of course, there is always momma that still has no idea what she has raised.

              • Thanks Eppe needed the laugh. Reminds me of old home week in the bush. Sometimes we used locally grown stuff for the effort. I’m still laughing, gotta put down the coffee cup. cheers

                • anonanon needs to go f#$% himself! useless troll just like you said, passin.

              • Use it for a coffee filter!

          • I know a lot of this however. I think what you need to understand and a lot of people is that this is predetermined. The pendulum has swayed so far in the direction of darkness there will be no stopping it. Only once enough souls have been taken for our karmic debt will the pendulum sway all the way back and the world will begin in a new much brighter era.


            No I did not know “Vlad the Impaler” fought muslims…I guess the MSM has been working for a very, very long time…had me fooled.

            • Easy six, I fear your bottle cap is about to pop off.

            • a forest of upright piercings,some say 20k +

          • do you think islam needs to be set back into the stoneage?

            • BACK???

              I wasn’t aware they ever left it..

          • Acid, damn good post. I’m starting to become proud of you.

        • This article is stupid. These are groundless, baseless fears. The Russians and Chinese will never invade America. The Chinese Navy is a joke. The Saudis are not invading the US, either.
          Those appear to be US Army ambulance Hummers with Red Crescent (Arab version of Red Cross) symbols on their sides. Most likely, they’re either going to or coming from the sandbox. In any case, Saudi’s army uses a totally different symbol, which 4 seconds on google would prove.

      2. No China and Russia won’t attack the US until Obullshit tears us down some more and starts the Civil war. If they do attack that will be a big mistake.

        Then look out. They can’t win a conventional war with us. I don’t care how may troops they have. They can’t feed them or get water for them. It will be a Red Dawn type war, and will last many years. Russia couldn’t beat the Afghans in 10 years and they lived next door to them. China is in the same boat they have been fighting with Vet Man for may years and they can’t make any gains. The US is in the same boat.

        The only war will be full out NUKES, and no one wins that one.


        • Sgt I do agree many will fight. But you cannot compare americans who go to the store for all their food to afgans you have lived poor there whole life! Most americans wont know what the hell is going on or how to feed their own familys.

          • Ramadan;
            Good point.

        • Sarge, it doesn’t really matter who invades us; they are doomed to failure. who was it that said, “A rifle behind every blade of grass”? Oh yeah, Yamamoto, that jap from WW2.

          • You will find that most people are unwilling to use their rifles these days. Those that are will be too preoccupied with saving their families to fight. Prior to WW11 we had an abundance of men who were willing to fight. Not so these days.
            One thing that my grand father used to talk about was that during WW11 we had excellent portable manufacturing facilities that went to the fight and made needed parts from available raw materials. We had both ships and land units that did nothing but make repair parts for aircraft, Tanks, vehicles and boats.
            We no longer have that ability but it is one of the core concepts of PLA War doctrine.
            The PLA most probably can invade the west coast at any point of their choosing and we will be powerless to stop them without having massive civilian causalities. The most likely outcome would be a stalemate in which the Chinese would gain the territory that they invaded.

            • The Chinese can have the west coast and all the libturds there. No loss to me.

        • Agree that China and Russia will not invade the U.S. – there is nothing to gain by ‘conquering’ the continental United States. They have been able to bribe or buy anything they want or need – including buying the whole companies that produce what they want.

          Far easier for Russia and China to stand back and let the U.S. debt and social decay take us down. Just like Rome – it will lead to a global pullback of the ’empire’ and that will open up opportunities for Russia and China to move into those countries.

          In addition to racial wars and riots (by those who think they are not getting enough entitlements), we will continue to see more acts of terrorism (and removal of more liberties). I expect to see the day when a terrorist nuke is detonated in the U.S. – we can only pray it does not set off a bigger exchange.


            Are you not aware of the millions of acres of farmland in Africa that China has either bought outright or long term leased for crop production that is shipped straight back to China? And they are competing for that farmland with the rich Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia.

            Are you not aware that Ukraine is THE breadbasket of the old Soviet empire? Why do you think Russia refuses to back down from the spitting contest in eastern Ukraine?

            The world is wildly overpopulated, including here. Agricultural practices are nowhere close to as efficient and high yielding anywhere in the world but here. The old adage that each American farmer feeds 98 people has grown exponentially to hundreds. Agriculture even in China, the supposed growth miracle of the past 20 years, is shockingly primitive. China cannot feed itself NOW! Most Russians survive off of very small plots of land — what most of us would consider mere gardens — that they use to store food for the winter in hand-dug below-ground root cellars just large enough to hold what they need to get through the winter, and through canning what they are able. Their existence is very basic, even now. They’re peasants, in every sense of the word.

            And because they ain’t got no guns, there is next to nothing they can do about their pitiful circumstances and conditions.

            Travel a bit outside of this country and your eyes will open up — travel even to Europe and you would be quite surprised at the differences in their standards of living compared to ours.

            At least read a little bit and you would not make such uninformed, ignorant comments.

            • America has been ‘captured’ by the Saudis. It is their wahabist agenda that is behind all the global turmoil. Don’t forget, Saudi Arabia directly threatened Russia in 2012 and 2013. That is bad blood. This is why Russia is on the move. Russia is the last country in the world that will defend European civilization and white Europeans. The Russians are immensely clever when it comes to military technology and have many advanced systems. While they do not have a population advantage on America, they have tactical, strategic and historical advantages. Russia’s landmass, for one, gives them room to breathe and exhaust any enemy. Their heavy investment and successes in technology, particular weapons systems and aeronautics, enables them to deploy some significant ‘surprises’ to the enemy.

              In a showdown with the US, Russia can deploy many unconventional weapons systems against the US. One is an easy one: social warfare. America is a powder keg and can easily be destabilized through mass rioting and crime. Computer attacks is another. Financial is another. These could be done in waves so that the US is on its knees before any boot hits the ground.

              So, cripple the US – the praetorian guard and idiot-fool of the coming Islamic global caliphate – and wrong-foot the Saudis (hidden hand: Israel). Just saying…

            • Anon, spot on. 10 years ago my company had an immigrant from Sweden and he told me stories about his life in that ‘socialist utopia’ that would shock everyone. He had to give up 80 PERCENT OF HIS ANNUAL INCOME IN TAXES TO THE DAMN GOVERNMENT. 80 percent! Just imagine if the feds wanted to start taking that same amount out of our checks every week. Nobody would stand for that. You’re right about the European nations being not fit to live in. In every country over there, and the rate varies from one country to the next, people have to give up a majority of their income in taxes to the government.

          • Norseman, I’m not American, but my honest, from the heart opinion is, that if Russia “invaded” the US, it will be to help the American people, not to destroy America. Never! Putin wants a world of peace, has over and over said, US should only respect Russia and treat it as an equal. If you look at history, look how many times Russia has been there for the US, was there for the US to keep the British at bay, was there to help the Founding Fathers… Maybe just check this out — ? http://vaticproject.blogspot.ru/2015/09/vatic-alert-entire-hidden-history-of.html
            I feel and know, much is going on behind the scenes, we ordinary folks are not privy too – no offence meant, when I categorize any of you alongside me self.. but in my humble opinion, the US and Russia is fighting a common enemy!

        • Going with Sgt on this one (see below)

        • Not necessarily true. In years past armies would live off the land. Not hunt and eat twigs and berries but live off the resources of the conquered countries. That’s why retreating armies would burn their crops and slaughter their animals and throw carcasses down into their own wells to prevent invaders from access to these resources. I have my doubts that there would be enough organization to the people of North America to do this and they would not have the stomach to destroy everything in the face of an advancing army. After all how many m-4’s and humvees found their way into Isis’s hands? How do you know that invading forces will not get maps and keys handed to them? You carry a portable water filter can an invader not have one too? They are probably made in China anyways. From a strategic perspective North American cities where the vast majority of the population lives are made to be cut off with their ring roads and interstate on/off ramps. Preppers and survivalists are a small fraction of the populace.
          Most people live in built up areas and have no idea how to walk let alone fight. I used to know a guy in the Moscow MVD and I tell you that they are different. You have no idea how other cultures really think. They can do things both to you and themselves that we would think is brutal. As long as it gets the job done. What we see as impossible they see as a few expendable men away from done. That being said I do not believe that any invading army would be ultimately successful but, it could be seen as possible from their perspective and that would be all the impetus for the attempt. Think about it, a grand bold move where the United States is forever taken out of the picture, that would be a move worthy of thoughtful consideration by opposing forces. And the outcome would justify the ultimate expenditure of wealth and material if successful.

      3. Remember Children All Wars are Bankster Wars !

        Rand Paul ‘If you Want Boots on the Ground you have 14 other Options!’ CNN GOP Debate


      4. I’m more worried about the Free Shit Army.

        • Don’t worry about them, slingshot…unless of course you consider your shit to be free for the taking.

        • That’s a good one.

          After lots of investigation I have discovered the perfect home security plan during times of looting and rioting.

          I will hire a 6 year old little black kid to sit on my front porch. When a darkie comes up to rob my house the little kid will shout, “Daddy Daddy Daddy then reach out with open arms.

          Those darkies will run like hell.

          • John Stiner, LMFAO! Damn good one!

          • that’s a really good one. Gotta think about that.LMAO

        • Slingshot, so am I. I believe they’ll be the first shit to confront us once the balloon goes up. I see the BOL in GA in my future, very near future, nearer than I think.

      5. Cyber warfare has been going on for awhile and likely to continue. How many government employees in China and Russia are involved in hacking US government and business computers? How many security breaches can be traced to Russia and China?

        • And how many of those breaches can be traced to Valerie providing the necessary inside info?

      6. Mac,

        Why do you keep posting articles from Disinfo Dave? He has been outed more times than I can even remember. Hillary Clinton has more credibility than Hodges.

        Wonder if you are not controlled opposition too? Or do you just like fleecing people out of their hard earned money by constantly displaying doom porn on your site?

        You, Steve Quayle, Dave Hodges, the Haggmans, and Alex Jones are all as fake as a $3 bill.

        • I agree. This guy has ZERO credibility and spouts the most ridiculous B.S. ever.
          Any attack in force on our nation by another substantial nation-state would result in a hyper-war response from our military that would absolutely decimate the enemy across their full spectrum of capability. And that would be in just the first few hours.

          • Exactly. Everyone makes it seem like the USA is done. She might be wounded given those in power in this country, but that old girl would unleash HELL on anyone who attacked.

            The US also has over 270 million private firearms. Good luck with an invasion. It would be mass carnage on a level that would make WWII look like a street fight.

            • Worked with some golfers, told them I could hit a 400 yarder.
              Looks of disbelief, then I said, I just go 2 clicks up in my scope…

              All be well…

              • Know thy gun….

                • Bad joke…

                  Black preacher is driving home from church and sees the white preacher walking down the road. He reluctantly pulls over to offer him a ride. A short distance along the way the whit guy says ” you people don’t actually think Jesus was black do you?” “And what makes think he’s not?” The black pastor snaps back. The conversation becomes so heated less than needed attention was paid to the road and both men died in a trgic head on collision. When St. Peter opened the pearly gates to heaven before them, there stood Jesus Christ himself. He spread his arms slowly in a welcoming gesture and said “Buenos dias amigos!”

                  • Eppe, keep those jokes coming.

              • Eppe; Do you ever have to putt it in when you get there?

            • SC, spot on. I can also unleash hell on anyone who attacks me.

            • No, America is not done, but we need to kick our foreign policy agenda out the door and start living like we’re equals on this planet. There are real reasons why many other countries would like to see us fail, and we sat back and watched the kartrashians while our politicians pandered to foreign interests—we brought this on ourselves, and now we have to fix it or die trying.

              It’s NOT all the rest of the world’s fault—it is our fault. We have to accept responsibility for what our politicians do. We could’ve stopped it, but we didn’t.

              It’s time to put the blame where it belongs.

              • I believe this is the first time i can truly say, i agree with 100% of your comment.

                • Six,agree,have always said look in the mirror first to see who carries some of the blame for the nonsense in this country.

                • Right pissin, that’ll really carry some weight with ” god” I’ll bet.

                  • WWTI. You’re a fuckin’ ass.

                    • Hey, I’m not the big story teller bullshit king on this website, your buddy is. Everybody knows a guy who loves to tell stories, has a new one every day, knows everything, has done everything, been everywhere, and it never ends. Everybody also knows that these guys are also 90 per cent full of shit too, so there you have it.

        • You can always go to CNN.com

          • Why, when Dave Hodges will bring CNN to US?

        • Disinfo? Really? What have you done for the world lately?
          Oh right nothing.

          • anobody troll, go f#$% yourself!

      7. I think some third world outfit like North Korea or Iran will pull off an EMP on us and negate our electric grid. Then we would be ripe for defeat. They would blame it on someone else and the missiles would fly every where. We of course would retaliate with sub based missiles and the planet would glow. No winners anywhere. Between casualties,disease and starvation we’d be back in the stone age.

        • We get EMP’d everybody gets EMP’D.
          Just sayin.

          • Almost everybody. The govt and the rich will all have hardened systems…we common folk can’t afford all that

            “…because we on da welfare, and we can’t afford it…”
            Eddie Murphy

        • I can shoot in the dark, can’t you?

      8. What does this site post information from this nutcase Dave Hodges?!

        Dave Hodges is a complete whack-job.

        Nothing–absolutely nothing that he blogs about ever, ever comes true, or is true.

        SHTFplan does its readers a dis-service when posting information originating from Dave Hodges.

        • Totally in agreement. One has to consider what is Mac’s motive for posting Hodges’ mindless drivel.

          • Agree.

      9. I’ll worry about it when they turn down my road. I’ve got more important things to contemplate.

      10. I’m surprised that an EMP hasn’t gone off yet. Strange days ahead alright. Keep prepping and praying!!

      11. China wants a secure energy source outside of interdiction of any other nation hence its building of islands in the South China Sea. I’ll go out on a limb and place a bet that there was a reasonable assumption that oil was off the coast of Vietnam before it was announced in the 1980s. We certainly weren’t there for coconuts 5 decades ago.

        Russia wants to export its energy without potential intervention. The USSR did not invade Afghanistan to expand communism but rather it was a strategy to obtain a warm water port to export oil from “The Stans” that they controlled pre breakup. The existing pipeline for export could be stopped by Turkey a US friend. Both Syria and the Ukraine are vitally important to Russia for the same reasons.

        Amazingly post Soviet collapse and the subsequent western influence in the oil rich Stans the US is in Afghanistan. The Soviet oil line in the previous paragraph ran through Georgia which had a coup and could be severed by Russia. Three guesses where the US went…..yes Afghanistan.

        Control, control, control.
        Soviet collapse creating a potential bottleneck that could be influenced by Russia.

        • And all of the global shit that has been going on for decades, has all been because the western PTB don’t want anybody else getting what they want for themselves. SELFISHNESS, in other worlds. People have been dying and displaced by the tens of millions because of greed. Plain and simple.

          I personally can’t blame the rest of the world, for wanting to put a stop to the western globalists. I just can’t.

          And I believe many of you who don’t care now, WOULD CARE if it was,say, Russia the globalists shoes, bombing and displacing American citizens because they want our resources.

          The difference is, WE WOULD’VE BOMBED SOMEBODY BY NOW. Russians are showing Saintly restraint, but we’re too self-absorbed to notice.

          • sixpack

            Actually some countries love our intervention and its good for their people. If your in an undeveloped country and wages are 10 cents/hr the globalists can double that to 20 cents/hr. If your the “President For Life” and desire to increase you and your family/government leaders worth by millions its a terrific deal.

            • LOL 🙂

            • …and as a bonus, we’ll alleviate you of those pesky natural resources that you don’t know what to do with, for a few cents on the dollar of their actual worth!

              We won’t even charge YOU to haul it all away!

              What a deal, huh?

              • sixpack

                If a governments leadership only cares about itself the way to go, it’s a no brainer.

                How often we have heard that the foreign aid we send to friendly nations is grafted, stolen and not getting down to, “The People” because said nations leadership it corrupt. Thats intentional. Its meant to be stolen.

                • Yes it is, it’s more commonly called “A BRIBE”, designed not to look like a bribe.

      12. What’s going on with China’s military the video asks.

        Gee… I dunno… maybe something to do with all that military technology the Clintons sold them for money (poor Hillary STILL left the White House “dead broke.”)

        • Too bad she just didn’t leave dead AND broke.

          • Sixpack, if she had just left dead only, I would’ve settled for that.

      13. Nix this at the bottom of the above. Oops need to proof read.

        “Soviet collapse creating a potential bottleneck that could be influenced by Russia.”

      14. No country, or countries, will invade the USA with a conventional army. Pa has approx. 750,000 hunters. Basically the 8th largest standing army in the world. Add in the other states and do the math. Americans for the most part grew up with guns. After WW1 battles observers could tell what country did battle by the type of wound. Americans scored head shots. Every other participant scored body shots.
        We are the ” Hounds of Hell”.

        • Initially they wouldn’t. But; with USSAG weakened by a couple months of no electricity from an EMP, and fires burning everywhere in the cities, mass attacks from foreign troops on cities would cause the people to run and hide in fear. With tanks and other High end military vehicles rolling down the streets of any city that has no electricity and nothing but a few tractors and old model pick-up trucks to have for transportation against them……not too hard to figure out what would happen with all those deer rifles. They now have such modern weaponry, bullets and powder are obsolete.

          Those 750,000 hunters would be so scattered about the land, there would be no resistance from the hunters. The hunters would be too busy fighting their own battles to keep the wolves, called the Un-prepared, from breaking and entering.

          The emp is a high possibility. The results would be devastating to Americans. The evil NWO leaders don’t care about anyone or anything except themselves and where they would see themselves on the backside.

          As I have said before, the Ezekiel 38/39 prophecy is not about the Nation/land of israel, it is about the “house” of Israel.
          People like durango kidd can’t see it, because he evidently can’t read the Word, and rightly divide it. It does not fit for the land of Israel, but it does fit perfectly with the House of Israel/North America. Read it with eyes and ears open.

          Russia will eventually come against the land/Nation Of Israel.
          China will eventually come against the land/Nation of Israel, but it will be for the last days battle.

          The Gog/Magog will include more Iranian (persian) participation than Chinese, I believe. It will happen seven years or more prior to the Invasion of Israel the Nation, and btw, the Antichrist will be on the scene for that battle, as well as the “true” Christ, but not the God/magog one.

          • There are many ways to bring a country down without any boots on the ground. Americans know this full well, having starved the Iraqis, for example, for over a decade before invading. America is easy pickings if you target race. Any fool could spark riots across the country. Follow that up with an attack on the financial system, just-in-time delivery, cyber attacks, logistics systems etc. Once all that is done – an urban landscape of violent gangs, poverty, broken infrastructure, race hate, ignorance, stupidity, obesity, psychiatric meds, etc. – then you roll in. Don’t try and occupy the cities, leave the garbage to kill each other and do the work for you, leave the crackers to shoot each other with the 300 million guns, no, just go for the major nodes – power centres, nuclear reactors, food and transport, ports, etc. Squeeze the neck until all life is gone.

        • No nation with operational nuclear weapons can successfully be invaded which requires conventional forces. Nukes are the Royal Flush in the military poker game.

          • But what about the shmuck with the extra card tucked up their sleeve… There’s always one who don’t always play by the dog darn rules.
            Think… The enemy within.

          • Invasion implies foreign occupation.

            From within? Hell the Founding Fathers wrote a lot about that in the Federalist Papers.

            • Papers, papers!
              We don’t need no stinkin’ papers.

            • You’re playing by the rules.
              If you want to survive, learn the rules of the cheat!

      15. It will easily be proven wrong as soon as he shows up on TV………but has anyone else wondered where Trump is?

        Seemed strange for him to disappear, yeah I heard the news……but wouldn’t that be something if he was in the “know” about something going down and got outta Dodge?

        Eh, you guys are turning me into a tin-foil hat type!!!

        Have a good weekend, I’ll be watching out for Soviet warships out here in the GOM.

      16. If I recall correctly, Red Crescent is the Turkish equivalent to the Red Cross…correct me if I’m mistaken…..

        • It’s similar Babycatcher, except that they cut your head off before they put you in the back of the ambulance.

          • I laughed a little harder than I should’ve at this.

      17. Why would there be war when Obama is giving the country away for free?

        • They still need to get rid of us “bitter clingers.”

          • US, I’m a bitter clinger in good standing and damned proud of it.

            • I had some clingers one time after using that John Wayne toilet paper.

      18. Instead of RED DAWN shouldn’t it be called MEXICAN DAWN?

        • Mexican Sunset: we’re toast.

        • tequila sunrise

      19. I think the biggest risk is an EMP over the CONUS. Fired from off shore or dropped out of orbit. The ones who did it will hide behind anonymity. We (America) aren’t going to nuke indiscriminately.

        And then America is out of the picture for decades.

        No invasion needed.

        Plenty of other property to steal far away from us.

        Let us kill ourselves off. Like ancient Greece.

        An invasion is only good for atriting unwanted troops. And will only make us angrier in the end. AND paint a big bulls-eye their country.

      20. At present, the PRC military already has a LARGE presence in Mexico, presently to build their two largest container-ized shipping ports in the world. One is on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, the other, Mexico’s Pacific Coast.
        There is intelligence that shows not only are Hamas and Hizbollah “contracting” training to the cartels, but the PRC is now shipping the methamphetamine precursor chemicals in bulk directly to Mexico.(used to be Guatemala.Guat is now relegated to a back-up location, the far north of Guatemala along Mexico’s southern border.) All open source information.
        I look to see the PRC further destabilize the Mexican economy, then the Estados Unidos will be invaded BY the majority of the Mexican population wanting to escape the New Slavery from the PRC in Mexico, and their cartel Slave masters. Not far-fetched at all, again, all open source document-able, from reliable think tanks NOT inter-websites. Just my guess…so far.

      21. The russians and chicoms and n.korea are beyond the planning phase. They know what their roles are in this game of chess. The MSM is on the side of the commi in the out house. The source’s of info that we get is what we got. We don’t have any other sources of credible intel. In any situation you have to be able to discern what you’re seeing and hearing. with you’re sources of info. There isn’t anybody out there yet with life or death info yet. When the SHTF happens everything will change a hundred times. I guess just being ready for what ever comes our way is all anybody can do. We will all have to think on our feet when the crap hits the fan. Me thinks pretty soon. Stay safe everybody.

        • Yup.

          Just always do what’s honorable, noble and the right thing.

      22. U guys aren’t seeing the full picture. The Russians & Chinese may wait until the US economy collapses, sparking a war between the US government & Americans.

        No need to invade, USA is done invading others – the government is too busy trying to cling to power.

        • THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

          East Texas
          Keep preppin’

      23. This guy writes daft scare articles that are made up of randomly picked stories that have no linking. The Russians have a highly defensive military doctrine which was updated a while ago.

        If any country is going to start a nuclear conflict it will be the US as a result of stupidity and/or miscalculation. This is inevitable as Washington does not respect any other nation.

        • Bingo!

      24. I remember seeing red dawn when I was about 13, it stuck with me all these years I remember thinking what if it certainly seemed plausible at the time. My point is after seeing it I immediatly went home opened the gun cabinet and took stock one m-1 carbine one 12ga single and one 308 globe (our main deer rifle. And of course a single shot 22. Plenty of ammo for all next I checked our cellar mostly full being raised by my grandparents we always had plenty but for a long time I worried about how to keep them safe father was ww2 vet. Scottish black watch he’s plenty tough and quite formidable when provoked. Mom would never complain. They’ve since passed on years ago. But that was my initial start to prepping. As far fetched as I think the article is I really hope folks like us don’t have time face down trained Russia troops 1) there training and ethics are brutal 2) trained and experienced in cold climate and mountain warfare 3) they have plenty of experience dealing with insurgents crowd control. Etc. Id much rather face Asian troops good defenders not so much on the offence(historically) the Russians would most certainly be the backbone of any serious sustained ground conflict they’ve got alot of territory to cover and lock down they could never hope to hold north America its just to big. Many would die we would beat them back but it would take years

        • If we could just get our govt’s thumbs out of everybody else’s business, we wouldn’t need to worry about this stuff. I believe the world just wants us to leave them the hell alone.

      25. The article suggests that both Russia and china threatened to nuke us but I found no proof of that.

      26. The USA is far from home in Europe as an occupation force and is playing war games on the border of russia after starting the Ukraine conflict plusthey are behind ISIS.

        Half the world is against the USA and that won’t get any better now that Europe is flood with cheap slave labour due to ISIS actions in Syria.

        Japan is also under the control of the US occupation force and 81% of the population is against building up to fight a war but because the US owns the place, well democracy counts for nothing.

        Go home yanks you are more trouble than you are worth and take you’re bankers with you

      27. Will China or Russia Attack the United States First?

        Brezhnev was right. America will fall from within. So the answer is really neither. America won’t exist when they decide to come over and mop up the remaining refuse.

      28. It’s all bull. The only war is in the Middle East. It’s about oil and land. That’s all folks. Any Russian or anyone from China can just walk in with the rest of the crowd. Welcome. The only threat is the fact that our “leaders” think “globally”. And you, my friends, think Nationally. You are isolationists. (Very bad). There are too many people to control. All they can do is lie, steal, cheat, and watch to see just how stupid and gullible you have become.

        Turn off the noise. Pick up a really hard book preferably math or chemistry or physics. Begin to use the logical part of your brain. You have been trained to think with your emotions. That is not thinking. It is reacting. Don’t do it. Learn to play a musical instrument. Turn off the radio. Turn off or sell or give away your TV. Limit the time you spend on the stupid phone. Please.!!

        • Good post B. Been doing that for quite sometime. If it wasn’t for the wife and boy I wouldn’t even have a TV. Ninety-nine point seventy-five percent of what’s on TV is mind numbing or just plain stupid.

          • and reruns

        • Besides, look at what country of origin the biggest investors in NYC are, starts with a C, Russiand outnumber many other ethnic groups in some parts of the eastern US,,
          They can just buy us rather than bomb us,
          We are way more vulnerable to economic turmoil and natural disasters than being attacked by Russia or China,
          Hodges is mental,
          IS is a bigger threat, or south of the border gangs like MS13

          • Kula farmer,
            I like your comment “They can just buy us rather than bomb us”. I’ve been saying that for years. Wars are usually fought for economic gains rather than idealogical reasons. It costs a fortune to wage a war across the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. Given the fact we are ruled by Democrats that are destroying our economy,
            Russia, China, indeed, the entire world just has to wait for the fire sale.

      29. As far as I’ve read it’s the usa that has nearly 800 bases circling the world protecting their “interests”, meaning corporations and global hegemony. It doesn’t matter that our interests are other people’s possessions. So who is the real aggressor here? Certainly not Russia or China. Who is the real enemy? Again not Russia or China. The aggressor’s are Israel neocons and their lackeys, the bought off u.s. government bribed with u.s. taxpayers dollars in a vicious circle jerk of corruption. Their enemies are freedom and justice demanding people across the world, although here in sedated America the people are otherwise occupied. This government is our front and center enemy and they know we know it. The war may be fought elsewhere at the onset but we are the ultimate victims.

      30. We have already reached the Line of Departure… The attacks have already begun but ignored by the MSM. We have hundreds of “glitches” happening in our infrastructure but are said-to-be programming errors. Both the Russians and Chinese are capable of destroying our economy and infrastructure with a couple of keystrokes. They have already proven their ability. We have gone from the greatest nation on the planet to being the laughing stock of the same planet. The bad news: it will only get better. The good news: when you here the trump (not Donald) you will know the misery is over and you’ll be joined with your Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
        May God Bless our Great Nation and each of you.

      31. If I where THE Power that be in either, Russia or China, and wanted to take over or destroy the FUSA, what I would do is…Nothing. I’d take the bold and dynamic action of just waiting them out. Any one with an IQ greater than room temperature and see objective reality, knows that the FUSA is in a death spiral. It is not a question of when, but how soon the FUSA ends. Why put your own troops at risk, when the FUSA is killing itself? The dollar is becoming worthless. The average US citizen is less educated than a generation ago, but more helpless and dependent on “government” to survive. The advantages that we the USA over the rest of the world is slipping away. We the FUSA, is now the modern version of the Roman Empire, only this time we are declining at a much faster rate.

      32. I have a pretty good memory. Around 45 years ago , I read that the long term plan of the NWO was to tear down the US, have Russia or China or both pull off a surprise attack on the US. The so called leaders of the US would then immediately surrender in order to save the people of the US from further suffering. Real minor damage to the US is planned but claiming massive casualties as the reason to surrender.

      33. The solution is to be ready to fight anyone who comes within your personal sphere of influence.

        Cause I do not think many of us are going to board an air transfer to fight somewhere else.

      34. Off topic today’s society is funny people look down on others because of their occupation not being glamorous or interesting by today’s standards. My feeling on this is their is no work that makes someone deserve less respect. I’m a dirty lazy smelly truck driver so that automatically puts me beneath anyone in an office environment according to social correctness. The less dirty you get to make a living the more special and deserving of raises and recognition. It was driver appreciation week I don’t feel appreciated that’s for sure. The people in the office got pastries and catered food us guys on the other side of the window got some fruit bottled water and a lecture about how we need to help the sales team through some program they created to get freight from customers that was for other motor carriers. What happened to appreciation they want guys to do more for safety points to get items on a list. I found this to be insulting if you want me to help give me $ through incentives or pay increases. I don’t need sweatshirts and other dumb shit. It pisses me off that they would even try to pull this shit after a 15 percent pay cut and a pension funded only 25 percent. I realize most truckers are not that intelligent but not all of us are morons but somehow we are all lumped into this group. This is what I mean about socially accepted grouping. The dopes in the office promising the world to the customers through the phone tell customers some whoppers and smart custs know its all lies and broken promises. I tell the management that they need to stop lying to customers if you can’t do it tell the customer you can’t do it. One of the girls in the office told a customer that I was gonna skip my lunch to get his shit to him a big fat lie the guy told me when I got there about what he was told by the girl in cust service I laughed and he did too. I told other drivers this and they laughed no Union driver is gonna drop their lunch to get a delivery to a cust before closing. Tomorrow is another day and we get paid hourly so we don’t care. My point of all of this is do you feel like a piece of shit to you work I do and act unprofessional too because of it to. This is a poor culture to operate under I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime that’s for sure. Now the people want to get the hell out as fast as possible me included. I see all this a a social system in crisis and breaking down the backstabbing and ratting out others for no economic gain is sad to see and brotherhood is turned into hooray for me and hell with you. I’d hate to see how this would play out post shtf where there is stiff competition for everything. I can see shit getting really ugly.

        • Asshat, never be ashamed of having to wash your hands BEFORE going to use the John.
          Hope you ‘n’ your family are doing well Mr hat.
          Keep that Dutch oven covered during winter months.
          Be seein’ ya friend.

      35. Prepper training. Suppose something huge happens. Suppose you can’t stay where you are. Or more likely, you are away from your safe place when the shtf. You may have to “be somebody else” to travel. Can you dress like a utility worker, UPS driver, FEMA official, etc.? If possible, keep spare items of clothing in your vehicle or workplace. A bright safety vest. A yellow rotating light for your car. Just food for thought. My cousins live in a suburb of Chicago. They are retired. They signed on with FEMA as volunteer traffic aides (directing traffic in emergencies). They were given FEMA marked safety vests and ID’s. Hmmm.

        • It wise to keep your options open.
          The timeline between death and life are often counted in milliseconds.
          Be prepared.

      36. What have the American people gained from any of the wars this country has waged domestic or out of country in the history of the United States? I’ll wait to read the answer. Obama is a known British agent, so was Hitler many claim. The Pope is coming to America, with the most expensive security setup ever. This is the man accused of all manner of crimes in Argentina. The devil in disguise who pretends to be God’s voice on Earth. Protection for corruption and Satan. “the pope smokes dope every day”, rather he speaks it.

      37. Got a suspect in the Arizona freeway shootings. Story is a little strange though. Cops said they had him under surveillance since Friday morning. Plausible if they looked for social media and did light surveillance on possible suspects but how many possible suspects did they track? (And it makes anyone posting here a suspect too?). Suspects story is he worked all day. If true, case is tossed out. But cops say he pawned the gun on Friday. That would be pretty stupid if cops are trailing you and quite a coincidence to coincide with their surveillance. Then cops instantly get a warrant (they hope?) to seize the gun from the pawn shop. Then have time to match the bullets. Then assemble a Swat team while tracking the guy to a Walmart. Then send 40 cops to his house to seize (or plant) evidence. But bullets only match a couple of shootings. Looks like a white guy with limited criminal record but pro-gun Facebook page. All the elements are there, but did he do it?

      38. Who is the pope just the leader of the Catholic Church that is all he is not the holiest man. Jesus is the lord not pope Francis which isn’t his real name either. If you ask me he looks like an evil figure. only the devil would pose as the holiest man on earth.

        • Asshat.
          I agree.
          Jesus is the way.
          Not man…
          Or a woman!
          Lord have mercy.

      39. Remember a few years ago, some country launched a sub based missile from right off the California shore line? It was caught on a traffic helicopters camera. The US denied there was a missile, but there it was for all to see. Some country sending a message that they could, if they had to.

      40. They don’t need to attack us, we are self destructing just fine and Obama is speeding up the process as best he can.

        • Check out my comment to Kulafarmer.

      41. Wow, and I thought Alex Jones was out there. He lost me at: “Jade Helm has taught us that our country is militarizing like we have never seen in the past. Our enemies are militarizing like we have never seen before.”
        Where was he during the Reagan build up?

      42. The switches have been set

      43. russia & China would NOT dare attack usa as they know USA would flatten them BOTH wuth NUKES!

        The problem countries are north korea & some basket case muslim countries, they are the real enemies!

        • Do you really think the Kenyan would push the button? Get real. He’ll be on vacation in Kenya watching the fireworks.

          • Considering the US military is never used w/o the consent of TPTB the most likely code in the “Football” is their private phone number.

            • Seriously. I doubt if one person has the power to unleash a nuclear attack.

      44. nice post mr acidetch…i notice nobody calls you ass-itch anymore since you cleaned up your posts.
        Up here in canada, the us reserve shooting team just did a very nice showing. Americans are the best shooters, its recognized around the world, its in your culture, from birth to grave with a gun in your hands.
        I dont think the big countries will bomb you guys, its some dirty ass-backward nation that will try it, or some individual smaller groups such as isis. In that case, which nation do you return fire to? Those are nationless losers over there.
        I have been entertained over the past months with occasional people posting about escaping to canada if the shtf hits in the us. You would likely be welcome, but keep in mind that most of our food is imported from the lower 48, so we wont be much better off here if an emp hits you guys but spares us, plus the cold is a factor you cant ignore for half the year.

        • You don’t know what you are talking about. I am a competition-level sniper and anyone who knows anything about competition shooting knows the best programmes for this occurred during the Soviet Union. They had the best shots, hands down. They also trained the best female shooters as well. I can imagine the Russians still retain this knowledge and can use it when necessary. Americans do ‘comedy’ shooting: going to a range and blasting away at things for fun. It is wasteful use of ammunition: a costly mistake in a real war. The Vietnamese can tell you all about that: during the Vietnam War, the Americans would expend vast quantities of ammunition – all expensively flown in by helicopter to combat zones – and most of it hitting trees and wildlife (just watch any film footage of that war and see Marines firing wildly at anything). It is why the Americans had to turn to napalm etc. to just saturate an area to try and kill the Vietnamese. But the Vietnamese just went underground and waited it out. Real war is SOO different to boasting on a blog.

      45. The Red Crescent Flag of the Red Crescent [Red Cross]. The Red Crescent emblem was first used by ICRC volunteers during the armed conflict between the Ottoman Empire and Russia (1877–1878). The symbol was officially adopted in 1929, and so far 33 Islamic states have recognized it. ISLAMIC.

        • B. The RED CROSS has also banned the nativity scene from all its charity shops.

      46. My fear is not of China or Russia invading, but of a rogue nation like North Korea or Iran setting off an EMP attack on the U.S. It would be easy for them to put a relitivly small nuke on a medium range missile and launch it from a freighter from just off our coast, set it off at a high altitude, aND send us back to the 1700’s. Within a year 80-90% of our population would be dead, without them having to fire a shot. Those rogue nations wouldn’t care if we nuked them into oblivion. Their leaders would be hiding out laughing their Asses off. They don’t care about what happens to their citizens and the leaders would be happy to live the rest of their lives in an underground bunker knowing that the U.S. was brought to its knees. They would get to watch as the U.S. starved to death or killed eachother for the last scraps of food.

        • The Rich, the truly rich will not be in bunkers. Have you ever heard of resorts that charge
          $1,000,000.00 a night. Why would anybody pay that kind of money? No matter how many amenities. Well. May be there is a method to the madness. Money talks. It whistles Dixie.

      47. The trouble is that Russia/China does not want a chunk of the USA but that the USA thinks it owns the world and via it’s corporations that are owned by jewish banks the USA has every politicain on the pay roll.

        When bribes and blackmail don’t work they send in the guns as we have seen time and time again.

        Go home Yanks, leave us alone

      48. For Europeans, the choice is not between war with Russia or China: it is starker than that. It is between living as an infidel in an Islamic caliphate or being ruled by white Europeans, the Russians. While Eastern Europeans still have a hair up their butts about the Soviet Union and Russia, they are learning the hard way (Hungary, Croatia, etc.) that there is something far, far worse swooping in from the South: millions of Muslims and Africans who will overwhelm their countries and cultures, all under the protection of the EU and the US. They will eventually grasp that Putin would be a better option than working all hours God gives to pay for welfare to provide for millions of Muslims. That will decide what happens in the next 2 to 3 years.

        • .

          On Sept 23 Putin opened a huge mosque in Moscow.


      49. Funny you should mention Jade Helm. You fuckheads swore it was a guise to impose martial law o th southwest. Did not happen. Now you mention the “militarizatoin” of the U.S. despite recent announcements of troop cuts that many have bemoaned. You people really are delusional and out of touch with reality. Your prognostigations never come true, yet you continue to make them. Idiots.

      50. Dave Hodges is the idiot retarded offspring produced by the coupling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Chicken Little. Twelve months ago he was screaming that we’re all going to die from Ebola or some other government inspired pathogen. Six months ago he was swearing up and down that by now, we’d all be imprisoned by FEMA in Wal Marts across America. Three months ago it was the ISIS training base in Mexico. Now it’s China and Russia.
        Idiots like Dave Hodges are the reason the main stream media portrays anybody who prepares for the worst as a tin foil hat wearing whack job spinning on the lunatic fringe. This guy will jump on any band wagon that passes by, jump up on his stupid box, and start raving about the falling sky. Get the fk outta here.

      51. The call to action at the end amuses me. “Be prepared…” There is only one way to prepare for WWIII and that is to get on your knees and pray for forgiveness right before you kiss your ass goodbye. Survivalist supplies and a country retreat etc. won’t do you a lick of good. Better to spend your energy protesting those warmongers in charge, starting with your Congressman and on up to Obama.

      52. Nonsense!
        Why would anyone invade the USA? It’s a laughably silly leftover Cold War-era fear. There is no purpose, no profit to an invasion. And nobody has actually attempted to attack us. Arguably, with our history of attacking others unprovoked, wouldn’t it make sense for everyone to be preparing to defend themselves from us? China and Russia don’t have a lot of experience invading other countries compared to us. BTW-perhaps we wouldn’t have so much to fear from the rest of the world if we didn’t spend quite so much time bullying the rest of the world. For instance, after 9/11, even Iran supported us until Bush called them “the Axis of Evil” and said “you’re either with us or against us.”

        In fact, China’s military is laughably underprepared for a real war, since they have no experience in combat and haven’t fought against a determined enemy in decades. The Vietnamese kicked China’s butt when they DID attempt to invade in the 1970s, so I doubt they’re really a threat; just a big bully who gets by on appearance.

        As for those military vehicles with red crescents-
        Whomever said those are Saudi is a fool. The Saudis mark their tanks with green flags and black Arabic script above a sabre. That symbol appears to be the International Committee of the Red Crescent, i.e. the Arabic version of the Red Cross. My assumption is those are medical vehicles marked with the Red Crescent for recognition in the middle east.

        Chinese ships off the coast of Alaska? Oh noes! Our defenseless rocks and unihabited shores could be in danger! If you look at the US Navy’s track record of going anywhere there are navigable waters, I fail to see the threat posed by a whopping 5! Chinese Navy Ships. Keep in mind the Chinese Navy is a joke with little blue water experience and practically no ability to project power overseas. So it’s hardly a threat. If a real Chinese fleet attempted to come here, what then? Without millions of troops, what would they do, exactly? And until they got those troops ashore, what would they do, exactly?

        Finally, why do you think anyone would invade the USA when they can get what they want via trade, espionage, and just plain bullying our pliant, weak government around? China is in a position to call the shots just by owning so much of our debt. So what’s the point of a war? The REAL war to come will be fought, and finished, in minutes when our enemies hack us and turn off our country and our economy via a push of a button. Hackers are the new weapons of mass destruction and they’ve already crawled all over our infrastructure, govt, and military computers. So give up this fantasy of WWIII-it’s only a click away and it will be over before you realize the lights are out everywhere, not just in your room.

        • Communist China needs the Americas’ room (for dispersal of the surplus Chinese population) and resources (worked by and better supporting that dispersed and increasing population of slave labor) as well as the Americas as a strategic base from which to launch invasions of the rest of the world– to join with their China-originated movements (toward Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the rest of Asia). They’ve done the trading bit. The American people have helped them in that way by their astronomical purchases of “Made in China”. Now, Communist China’s war-chest is bulging and ready to supply their war machine.

      53. The United States Government will attack the United States first by means of nuclear artillery. Their Communist Chinese “People’s Liberation Army” and Putin’s “green men” will be the “humanitarian assistance”, “continuity of government (martial law)”, and “peacekeeping” (counter-resistance) forces to invade and occupy the Americas.

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