Will Barack Obama Delay Or Suspend The Election If Hillary Is Forced Out By The New FBI Email Investigation?

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.


    Just when it looked like Hillary Clinton was poised to win the 2016 election, the FBI has thrown a gamechanger into the mix. On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that his agency has discovered new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information that they had not previously seen. According to the Associated Press, the newly discovered emails “did not come from her private server”, but instead were found when the FBI started going through electronic devices that belonged to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner.  The FBI has been looking into messages of a sexual nature that Weiner had exchanged with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina, and that is why they originally seized those electronic devices.  According to the Washington Post, the “emails were found on a computer used jointly by both Weiner and his wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, according to a person with knowledge of the inquiry”, and according to some reports there may be “potentially thousands” of emails on the computer that the FBI did not have access to previously.  Even though there are less than two weeks to go until election day, this scandal has the potential to possibly force Clinton out of the race, and if that happens could Barack Obama delay or suspend the election until a replacement candidate can be found?

    Let’s take this one step at a time.  On Friday, financial markets tanked when reports of these new Clinton emails hit the wires.  The following comes from CNN

    After recommending earlier this year that the Department of Justice not press charges against the former secretary of state, Comey said in a letter to eight congressional committee chairmen that investigators are examining newly discovered emails that “appear to be pertinent” to the email probe.

    “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear pertinent to the investigation,” Comey wrote the chairmen. “I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

    At this point, we do not know what is contained in these emails.  But without a doubt Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s closest confidant, and I have always felt that she was Clinton’s Achilles heel.  Journalist Carl Bernstein (of Watergate fame) is fully convinced that the FBI would have never made this move unless something significant had already been discovered

    We don’t know what this means yet except that it’s a real bombshell. And it is unthinkable that the Director of the FBI would take this action lightly, that he would put this letter forth to the Congress of the United States saying there is more information out there about classified e-mails and call it to the attention of congress unless it was something requiring serious investigation. So that’s where we are…

    Is it a certainty that we won’t learn before the election? I’m not sure it’s a certainty we won’t learn before the election.

    One thing is, it’s possible that Hillary Clinton might want to on her own initiative talk to the FBI and find out what she can, and if she chooses to let the American people know what she thinks or knows is going on. People need to hear from her…

    If the FBI has indeed found something explosive, would they actually charge her with a crime right before the election?

    It is possible, but we also have to remember that government agencies (including the FBI) tend to move very, very slowly.  If there are thousands of emails, it is going to take quite a while to sift through them all.  And of course Barack Obama has lots of ways that he could influence, delay or even shut down the investigation.

    So those that are counting on this to be the miracle that Donald Trump needsshould not count their chickens before they hatch.

    But if Hillary Clinton were to be forced out of the race by this FBI investigation, the Democrats would have to decide on a new candidate, and that would take time.  The following is from a U.S. News & World Report article that examined what would happen if one of the candidates was forced out of the race for some reason…

    If Clinton were to fall off the ticket, Democratic National Committee members would gather to vote on a replacement. DNC members acted as superdelegates during this year’s primary and overwhelmingly backed Clinton over boat-rocking socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

    DNC spokesman Mark Paustenbach says there currently are 445 committee members – a number that changes over time and is guided by the group’s bylaws, which give membership to specific officeholders and party leaders and hold 200 spots for selection by states, along with an optional 75 slots DNC members can choose to fill.

    But the party rules for replacing a presidential nominee merely specify that a majority of members must be present at a special meeting called by the committee chairman. The meeting would follow procedures set by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee and proxy voting would not be allowed.

    It would be extremely challenging to get a majority of the members of the Democratic National Committee together on such short notice.  If Clinton were to drop out next week, it would be almost impossible for this to happen before election day.

    In such a scenario, Barack Obama may attempt to invoke his emergency powers.  Since the election would not be “fair” until the Democrats have a new candidate, he could try to delay or suspend the election.  There would be a lot of controversy as to whether this is legal or not, but Barack Obama has not let the U.S. Constitution stop him in the past.

    Meanwhile, new poll numbers show that the Trump campaign was already gaining momentum even before this story about the new emails broke.  According to a brand new ABC News/Washington Post survey, Donald Trump is now only trailing Hillary Clinton by 4 points after trailing her by as much as 12 points last weekend.

    And CNBC is reporting on a highly advanced artificial intelligence system that accurately predicted the outcomes of the presidential primaries and which is now indicating that Trump will be the winner in November…

    An artificial intelligence system that correctly predicted the last three U.S. presidential elections puts Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

    MogIA was developed by Sanjiv Rai, founder of Indian start-up Genic.ai. It takes in 20 million data points from public platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the U.S. and then analyzes the information to create predictions.

    The AI system was created in 2004, so it has been getting smarter all the time. It had already correctly predicted the results of the Democratic and Republican Primaries.

    Without Hillary at the top of the ticket, the odds of a Trump victory would go way, way up.

    So if Hillary is forced out of the race by this investigation, Barack Obama and the Democrats will want to delay or suspend the election for as long as possible if they can.

    At this point there is probably not a high probability that such a scenario will play out, but in this crazy election year we have already seen that just about anything can happen.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It.


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      1. Obama has NO Authority to suspend any election. So this article is pointless.

        -WWTI. AND NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR THE DNC TO FIND A REPLACEMENT FOR HILLARY. Obama is not a dictator as he would be arrested for election obstruction if he tries to pull any shots.

        • The election is not to select a President or Vice President; the election is to select electors.

          The STATES pick the electors. Most of the states have Republican Governors and would ignore any illegal executive order to stop the election.

          The electors deliver their ballots to Congress, which are then opened by the president of the Senate (Joe Biden) in the presence of all members of Congress. If, for some reason the President of the Senate is unavailable (or boycotts the proceeding) there is a President Pro Tem (Orrin Hatch) who is authorized to act in Biden’s place.

          No matter what Obama does, we will have a new president come January.

          • and IF hillary is elected they can arrest her in the whitehouse!!
            before she is sworn in!!

            • Please remember…neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States. The next leader of this country will come from outside the political arena. You’ve been told true.

              • This will be the first inauguration since W Bush. The last two were actually iniggerations.

          • Actually Congress has already given the Traitor in Chief the authority to suspend the election.

        • Exactly. No reason to read this bullshit nonsense. The fuck is wrong with you for writing this? (not you WWTFK)

          • Yes this is ridiculous!

            Obama would be arrested immediately if he broke the law.

            ht tp://bit.ly/2fCsr7l

        • “W”
          Spot on. But he could be a false Flag so watch your 6.

          • Sarge, I’ll be surprised if there’s NO false flag. I fully expect some kind of false flag to take place.

        • he would be killed for seizing trying to power.
          those head flaps are going to look good on a necklace.

        • Forget what the law says.
          Osama (Obama) is above the law.
          When will you open your eyes and see the light?

          • Obola is a saint compared to Clitary.

            • Hillary and Obama are part of the land of OZ. Hillary is the wicked witch of the west and Obama is head flying monkey…

        • In the time of WAR or Devastating Environmental events the president has the power to do so. It all depends on interpretation and a congress which has the will to oppose a politically correct “BLACK” President.
          I.E. No way in HE double LL will he oppose his own party or Hillary.
          Tutski Shitski Comrade.

        • Just like the UN weapons treaty that the haughty john I served in vietnam kerry signed without Senate approval, just like ALL of those E.O. monkey boy signed enslaveing the American people… You can forget about the house OR Senate doing anything to STOP him. They are owned by isrehell and the juden cabal that owns ALL of the money… The pulpit box is DEAD, the soap box is DEAD AND the ballot box is DEAD… which brings us to the last box, before the coffin box…you know… The cartridge box…

          • Very Poetic Chauffeur, I must say. Ditto!!


        • WWTI, I agree with you in principle, but you know the feds don’t care about the laws. Like the hildebeast said, “Laws are for the little people.” If the chimp-in-chief tried pulling that stunt, then it’s game on.

          • Is it really… what are you really going to do?

            Thought you were bugging out by now.

        • Obama doesn’t have to suspend the elections directly, one big false flag event could do that for him…

        • I agree .Who comes up with this crap.We still have a democracy not a dictatorship.

        • Even if Hillary drops out, there are still THREE CANDIDATES left in the running. There’s no reason to cancel or delay.

      2. The author who claims to be a lawyer is not privy to the law. So Mr Snyder,I challenge you to post the law federal code that says the president can suspend the election cause his candidate is losing or charged with a crime. Crickets..


        • Soooooo well said w

        • As if federal codes support any of Obola’s other unlawful executive orders?

          I do agree with you about Snyder though. He talks a lot of BS.

      3. Underestimating a proven TRAITOR, is a very foolish thing to do. underestimating the DANGER OF A CORNERED ANIMAL WITH RABIES is safer to do…

      4. i saw something on fox biz this morning that FBI has to have CLEARANCE to look at laptop, and i’ll BET there are VERY FEW that have the upper TOP-SECRET levels needed to view these emails…that being said, once the investigation begins, eventually the SAME politicians(lynch, obama, comey) will AGAIN decide if she’s to be prosecuted…who’s to say they won’t erase all important stuff…what a fuster-cluck!

        • here’s a list I made for my boy scout troop recently of things to have when
          I go out of town for more than a day… randy
          boy scout manual…there’s some GREAT information in there!
          plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
          bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
          military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
          fire starter
          mattress pad/cot/bed
          cooking oil
          granola bars
          coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh

          optional stuff…………………………………..
          550 cord
          dutch oven
          firstaid book
          extra glasses

          jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
          sawyer mini filter
          magnifying glass
          tool bag
          digging bar
          tow strap and chain
          jogging stroller to carry stuff when you’re set afoot….you aint carryin’ no 100Lb pack for more than a mile or two, but you can PUSH 100 very easily with this.

          • Good mountain bike with paniers would work

            • I’m a big fan of sturdy bikes for emergency travel. Saw a lot of it in Africa. Back in the day.

            • got lots of bikes IF i get home, and lots of tubes, tires, repair parts, and sometimes i DO have a bike with me, but if i don’t, that’s where the 5 ounce gold coins will come in mighty handy….men with gold SELDOM starve.

              • Two wheel collapsible dolly. Put a milk crate on it and load it up. Can stack milk crates and bungie them to dolly frame. Pull handle. Extend the bottom out with a cut piece of plywood. Lite weight. Easy storage. Get at Sam’s

                You can camo it up too.

                • 250 Lb load, Deer Carrier cart for behind the bike. $49 sportsmanguide; large 14″ never flat hard wheels. You could cart loads of ammo boxes, water jugs, deer, dead liberal bodies, rifles. Your 200lb Bug out bag. lol


                  • Steal a shopping cart from the local supermarket. The Homeless have been using them for years. Wear the damn thing out, just steal another one. They are parked everywhere near a wooded area where the homeless camp.

                    • shoppin’ carts are a BITCH to push around without any weight in them. just remember, the bigger the wheel, the easier it rolls over the bumps.

            • Yup, Fix lots of MTB’s with loading in mind.

        Expect the Unexpected. If the majority in this nation feel that a serial criminal, greedy/corrupt President is what they prefer, then the wheels will come off undoubtedly.

      6. 30 second summary of the latest email scam:

        Pretty major stuff here….

        1.) Abedin LIED under oath about having turned over all her emails. Weinergate now shows she unequivocally did not do so. The original immunity she had when testifying is now out the window due to her perjury. What happens to corrupt Hilary is her fellow fraud Huma sings like a canary? http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2016/10/30/flashback-huma-abedin-swore-to-give-up-all-devices-with-state-department-emails-n2238478
        2.) Do these new emails include the top secret emails Hilary accidentally spilled some “Clorox bleach”on /accidentally wiped clean with a rag? You can read more here: If so, this leads down the path to obstruction of justice charges by Hilary.
        3.) FBI is also looking into the scam Clinton Foundation. But this investigation will probably take many months. This is why the former head of the senate in Haiti, after the Clintons stole millions earmarked for Haiti relief, called them “common thieves who shoud be in jail.” https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/10/13/former-haitian-senate-president-calls-clintons-common-thieves-who-should-be-in-jail/ or http ://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-21/former-haitian-senate-president-says-clintons-are-common-thieves-who-should-be-jail

        Dick Morris has a great summary at: http://www.dickmorris.com/fbi-poses-brand-new-threats-hillary-dick-morris-tv-lunch-alert/?utm_source=dmreports&utm_medium=dmreports&utm_campaign=dmreports

      7. Classic leftist vote fraud: One recent PA. voter born April 7, 1853

        In one sad sense, this is actually starting to get a little funny. “… as the redoubtable Robert Knight recently revealed, hundreds of voters over 100 have been casting ballots, apparently for years. One was reportedly born on August 7, 1853, making him a very young 163. He voted in both 2008 and 2012. Hopefully he won’t miss the 2016 election. It’s great to see that sort of commitment to our democracy! Even more impressive, hundreds of voters were listed with birthdates of 1800. To be a double centenarian, but still able to go to the polls. That is real democracy in action.”


        Leftist fraud is now just brazen, arrogant in-your-face. Only a party of publicly outed liars Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Donna “I didn’t give no stinkin’ questions to Hilary” Brazile could do this….

        • Investigations of vote fraud are now underway in 49 states.

          Anyone says there is no fraud, laugh in their face.

      8. You people really are idiots. Your hatred of Clinton and Obama has blinded you to the fact that Trump is just as bad. I fear as bad as this election is, it will be worse in four years largely because of idiotic assholes like you.

        • can’t stand the bs

          In that case you better get your shit together.

          • BS chose his name well. Except that he is full of horseschitt. Probably a paid visiting a**hole posting from mommy’s basement.

        • …..AND go pound sand up your ass.

          • Good to hear from you PO. Heard from Okie?

        • Shut the Cuck Up!
          When Hillary decides your daughter has been chosen (Drafted) to FIGHT the war with Russia to allow Homos to parade down RED SQUARE (assuming you found someone who has bred with you), then you come on back here so we can say, “Told ya So”.

        • BS
          I guess you’re blinded by Clinton propaganda. Trump has issues but he has stated and shown by his actions that he wants to improve America and the American way of life. Clinton has openly stated the “that America is no more”.
          Voters have a choice+-. We can elect a NWO communist who will continue to destroy the middle class because in her(their) mind, the middle class is the same as the welfare class. All deplorable little people. Or, we can elect Trump who wants to get America back on track by creating jobs and opportunity for Americans. One of these two will make life better in this country. The other will destroy it.
          This country is steps away from Communism/Socialism/Fascism. Sure hope the vote goes right.

        • and YOUR solution is ????

          • remove the head of the snake!!

        • Damn, ANOTHER fucktard asshat fudgepacking liberal troll found us! You should change your name to (cant stand truth”!)

          Find your way back to huffypo- the village is missing its IDIOT!

          • DMONIC, agreed. Can’t stand BS from a troll.

        • I sure can’t stand the BS by can’t stand BS, and all the utter ignorant, unthinking, assinine he posted above. What an utter a-hole. Staggering. Apparently this world class idiot has been looking in mirror, and in calling alls others idiots he is too stupid to figure out it is HIMSELF he is looking at. Then, in a classic case of a whole farmload full of BS, posts the biggest piece of BS ever put on this site – see his horseshit above.

          This fruvking arzehole posting above comes here, defending even bigger arzeholes like the Clintons and their traveling carnival of crime. Whitewater, FOURTEEN WOMEN sexually assaulted by Slick, then Hilary threatens these women as the “bimbo eruptions manager,” Filegate, TravelGate, stealing the White House silverware, selling national defense secrets to China in late 1990s, Benghazi and all those who died there, being on team Bill and his perjury, a MASSIVE number of email scams to long to even list here, being the elected lackey for Goldman Sucks, those miraculous cattle futures trades, all those massive number of people who have had unfortunate “accidents” when they cross the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation stealing so much money that even the former president of the Haitian senate called then “common thieves,” and the list goes on and on and on.

          Trump is by far from perfect. His potty mouth disgusts me. But Hitlery is just plain EVIL and utterly corrupt. I don’t like to cuss, but the post by BS above is the biggest piece of BS I have ever seen. If you want to be a a**hole, Mr. BS, go to Bluffington Post. The whole team of faux journalists there are a barn full of BS.

        • cant stand bs

          ” just as bad”

          Let us explore that hypothesis.

          NAFTA and China Free Trade, signed into law by Bill Clinton and championed by Hillary has destroyed the US middle class. Trump didn’t do it.

          The abandoning of the FDR Great Depression era Glass-Steagall in 1999. This regulation among other things regulated the financial industry preventing banks from buying stocks (later with TARP money) falsely propping up the market and enriching the few at the expense of the many. The Finance Industry was to become largely self regulating putting the fox literally in charge of the financial chicken coop. The crash of 2008 was made possible by the demise of these regulations. Trump didn’t do it.

          Destroying Libya and using US airpower to aid Islamic Fundamentalists in overthrowing that Secular (non religiously governed) and creating Somalia in its wake was done by Obama. Trump didn’t do it.

          The worst is potentially yet to come. Only a mad man, in this case woman, would advocate a no fly zone over Syria when the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff stated before Congress that it would likely require the US and Russia to get into a military confrontation with Russia. This is worth repeating but I’m tired of typing.

          Not only didn’t Trump do the above he has pointed out to the public his opposition to all of it.

          You lost this debate…..BADLY

          • But Trump says mean things though?

        • You are a fool!!

        • Can’t stand bs uh? speak up, can’t hear u over the sniper fire hitting the helicopter. YELL! The gun battle here at the embassy is deafening. Ooooo. I must be talking about Thomas Taylor? He’s the rapist your gal defended. 3am….ring….ring…..ring…..ring…just hit the reset button, Putin will appreciate. Is that u underneath that desk? Didn’t know there was room for 2…hmmm….o well, what difference does it make. Lie about lying. So sad she was so broke and poor after leaving the WH. Lay off the sweets, your EBT card is low. How’s Osucks healthcare working out? 300+ rounds of golf. And ur tired of us? Free koolaide get your free koolaide … F off dude we’ve had enough BS for 8 years and certainly had enough of ur bs for the 8’secs of wasted time we spent replying to ur freeshitarmy mentality.

        • It was because of the idiots that voted in Obama and his crew that got us to this point. Trump is the result of the mess that was created, Obama/ Hillary the cause.

        • BS: OMG. I’m so upset. What a pathetic attempt at baiting us.

      9. It should roll over to Kaine and remember, there are 3 other candidates. Any messing with the system by Obama should be challenged by congress/courts.

        • …but wouldn’t be…

      10. They attempted to replace hellery immediately after she collapsed at the 911 event. Its too late to get another candidate on the ballot. Obama don’t have the authority to suspend the election just because his preferred candidate is compromised. I wish ole crooked cankles would just croak.

        • yep, shrillary would do the U.S. a whole lotta good by ceasing to be. just an opinion

          • Nope, I want to see Hillary Cankles Clinton be Arrested, Handcuffed, and Hauled into Prison on MSM. America needs to see a SET VISUAL, that NOBODY is ABOVE the LAW. Trump will drain the Swamp, American’s will the again feel restored, vindicated for all the frustration since 9-11. Charge and Haul the entire Bush Family, Cheney Family of criminals and throw those shitheads into prison as well for their part in 911. Half the DNC is election fraud criminals, cheaters, liars, and thieves into Prison. Throw Bill Clinton in Prison for Rape. Justice!!! Trump will clean house in the Supreme Court, and set up America Globalist Free for decades. Support him, help him, help us and America. Kick AIPAC out of the country. No more Foreign Lobbyists. End NAFTA, No TPP, Make Friends with Russia and Make Israel Pay America $10 Billion a year for Military support and protection, not the other way around. A New Sherriff in town!!! End the Fed and create a new US Currency backed by Silver, EO-11110 by JFK. No More Illegal Aliens, Kick them all out, all 50 Million of them. You can’t learn to speak English, get the F*ck out. End Obama Scare!! Save Gun Rights!! Build the WALL and make Mexico Pay for it.. Go Vote to save America. Vote early ASAP.


            • WhoWTFKnows… says: Please add this one….

              No more dual shitsonship in Gooberment.
              IE….. USA/ISRAHELL

      11. any attempt to postpone the election should lead to revolution

      12. Old Guy, I think seeing her get 2 quick shots to the head would be very gratifying. Before 9/11, I used to think certain things were impossible. However, ever since that time and I now believe anything is possible.

        • Stop it BH!

          I’d prefer someone go full NEGAN on her ass! (head) Preferably Glenn’s Negan whooping!!

      13. There are laws and procedures to follow–delaying is NOT one.
        The only thing that bothers me after reading the law of what will happen( and I read too much to look for the link) is that if the bitch steals this election, she can’t be impeached for any laws broken before elected!!

      14. In the event that Hillary can’t run its going to be interesting watching the Democrats use trickery, deception, slight of hand and outright coercion to stop Sanders. Sanders verses Trump is a NWO / TPTB worst case as neither are accommodating to much of the Neo-Con Deep State agenda. It would’t be too difficult to pick through both of their ideas and formulate one that would be 180 degrees out from TPTB. If I was Trump, in event of my victory, I would reach out and offer Sanders a cabinet position.

      15. Said it in another thread. There’s a weird vibe in the air right now, like anything could happen. Like being in a magic show and being misdirected while something completely unexpected is in the works. Just watched Millenial Millie’s coverage of a Bill Clinton speech on youtube. Pathetic turnout and enthusiasm. The checks are running out for the shills. Don’t know if you’ve noticed that trolling has fallen off on this and some other sites. That’s because they got their last paychecks. Clintons are still begging for 3 bucks from the little people while the SWIFT system just showed they moved over a billion dollars to Qatar. Huh? I guess there’s a Haitian orphanage over there.

        Obama is going to lay low through all this. He’s not clean through association, and if anybody hangs… as far as he’s concerned… it’s going to be her. Secret service just need to do their job and protect all the candidates. Short of Hillary getting shot, she will be the Dem candidate… even if she looks like a walkon for The Walking Dead.
        Early voter turnout shows black and millenial apathy in states that previously had a better turnout…just as I expected.

        • Don’t worry, PRESIDENT Trumps SF’s wont have an issue finding them. Have faith in Trump!

        • Blacks are turning out for Trump in FLORIDA Bigtime. Hillary lost the black vote in MASSES so far in early voting and in the new Polls. Voting for Trump is getting nearly 38% of Black Votes so far, up from 5 to 7% just a few months ago. Trump is 10 Pts ahead in FL. Trump is 15 Points ahead in TX. This may be a landslide and a HUGE loss for the criminal cheating left. Oh,… I so want to see Hillary in Prison. Imagine her in prison being the queen B*tch running the cell block “D” of carpet munchers. Live Cam of her scrubbing toilets.


      16. He will be facing 100,000,000 armed pissed patriots who have a fundamental deplorable problem with that

        Drag him out by his mutt ears

        • That has my vote.

      17. Just look at how the corrupt FBI investigated the emails. Unless Hillary drops during a speech, she will deny or attack anything the FBI releases before the election. She will either win or lose – but if she wins then she controls the justice system and courts. Only hope at that point would be leaks of impeachment serious emails.

      18. O’Bummer did not have the authority to do alot of the BS he has done, yet he still did it and the clowns in the house let him get away with it. Drain the swamp!

      19. This nation has committed Suicide by Political Hatred.

        It is NEVER going to get better whoever wins. A Revolution won’t do it and a Civil war, although kill plenty of Republicans and Democrats, the polarity would still continue. Face it.

        • Hatred? The left MURDERED 100 million last century according to the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press. The Clintons have used saul Alinksy’s vile tactics and attempted to destroy this nation. The hatred was STARTED by the left, continues by the left, and given that the left only believes in POWER, not truth, they have resorted to initiating this hatred.

          I just had some signs torn down I put up for conservative candidates. This goes on all the time in my area from the fascist left. You NEVER see the conservatives do that, NEVER.

          Your post is disingenuous at best, and outright lie at worst.

          But yes, non-violence is the way forward. We need to communicate and have full discourse as the way forward. But enter the speech and campus thought police on that one…

          • Test

            You are saying that my post is a LIE?

            Well contrary to YOUR popular belief.

            If Hillary is elected and the country goes the way of Globalism/tyranny. Do you think I am going to associate with Democrats. That is putting it mildly.

            I know people who are so pissed off now that they would rather punch a democrat in the face than talk to them.

            A Democrat better not ask them for any help should things go south, if they know what is good for them. If things happen that way.

          • Well said. We are dealing with people who support murdering babies in the womb. They will have no qualms going to war with Trump if he wins. The Republic stands on the brink.

        • Last time I check, the Conservatives were the “gun toters” and the liberals the “gun haters”.

          It would be like the Polish Cavalry (liberals) going up against the German Tanks (Conservatives) with the same outcome. And don’t be a stupid fucking asshat prick and say any kind of stupid shit about how we are like the Nazis you fuckwads! Its an analogy that TOTALLY fits! libs = no firepower. Conservatives = SUPERIOR firepower.

          • Conservatives = SUPERIOR

            Got it!

          • PEACE through Superior Firepower.

        • Anon – a good ole purging uh? 10% oughta do the trick. Hell, that’s 30Mill. It’s a start.

          • 101st.

            I’m ready to go to war and I have been telling people right here, to prepare for war. I don’t give a flying fuck about democrats. To me their minds are warped. Fat lazy bastards in my area can’t even cut the grass and I’m 63 years old and use a push mower.
            I’m done being nice and I await how this election turns out to see which way the country goes.

            This President and his administration, includes Hillary, has called me a terrorist, gun grabbing nut,
            unpatriotic and a coward. I have heard no apology to any vet for that shit. I’m a Vet and those two aren’t! Fuck you Obama and fuck you Hillary and all you democrat Trolls.

            The sons of bit@hes have to wrap kerosene rags around their ankles to keep the ants from eating their democrat
            candy asses.

            I’m Fired Up, 101st.

            • Anon: Ok, it’s not even 0400hrs and I’m laughing. I’ll second, third, and fourth your sentiments. In the last 20 years, ive distanced or outright culled most libs that are family and friends. Fortunately, I have 8 likeminded buddies up here in the valley, along with my best friend and brother. You are not alone.

      20. A college did a poll, 1000 people from all 50 states or 50,000 people total. Over 80% of people were for Trump. Don’t believe all these mainstream media polls. They had Reagan 15 points down 2 weeks before the election as well.

        • Source? Or BS?

          • Sorry it was 67% on that poll but still very different from what the lamestream media is feeding us!!

      21. Election Day is fixed by law and the President can’t stop it. Even if Hillary was arrested on next Tuesday morning, just before the polls open, there are still at least FOUR other candidates for the presidenc on the ballot in every state. The people still have a choice.

        This scenario is getting prett stupid every time it’s ginned up.

        The only scenario we need to be concerned about, is what’s going to happen if Hillary is elected?

        • There were only 3 candidates on the ballot when I voted last week here in northeastern NC.

          • @ Archivist,
            Don’t you think voting early just gives those bastards more time to flip your vote?
            VOTE ON THE DAY……not early.

          • We’ve got 4, some states have 5. You’ve got 3.

            Plenty of choices.

            • Only need two choices.
              The right one, and the wrong one.

              • Very true.

      22. Obama isn’t going to suspend the election because one out of 4 potential candidate might get out of the race.

        Hillary isn’t going to withdraw unless she stops breathing, because the FBI isn’t going to bring charges any time soon.

        This is all much ado about nothing, except it again points out what a crook she is, and maybe enough people will get their heads out of their ass about voting for her.

      23. WHY are my posts disappearing??? WTF? Commie Nazi Moderation. So much for free speech. This is at least 3 posts in the last 2 articles. Afraid of the Truth?


        • Oh but this one gets posted. pffft. Take the Delay handcuff off Mac. Lot of quick info needs to be posted in the days coming up to the election. I need quick access to warm people of events. OK then like 5 hours ago When I posted this, a Nuke was dropped.. Take shelter. Too Late.


      24. FBI Finds No Links Between Donald And Putin

        FBI Finds No Links Between Donald And Putin – http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2016/11/01/spy-games-ignore-the-russiantrump-alliance-rumors-fbi-found-gop-nominee-has-no-links-to-bear-country-n2239920?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=
        Well, that leftist lie was good for a week. On to their next lie this week by WaPo, NY Slimes and CNN: Trump Taking Orders from Martian Colony on Pluto, to be followed the next week by Trump is Murdered Elvis.
        Count on it. After all, it IS the sleazeball leftist media – it’s what they DO for a living.

      25. If Hillary is dropped, I wonder what happens to the 40-50% of the votes already cast in early voting? If they are allowed to stand (with Hillary votes not counting for anyone), it would be a mathematical impossibility for anyone but Trump to win. If they are thrown out, then the other candidates might have a theoretical, but very slim, chance.

        If Hillary is replaced, and Hillary votes are counted for the replacement candidate, then the race might be close, although I am hoping for a Trump landslide like Reagan’s in 1980.

        • If she drops out her votes go kaput…helps Trump. Sorry bout her bad luck. Nobody gets to re-vote……..unless you’re a dead democrat.

      26. Got a tooth pulled today and found out I can get an implant half paid for by insurance. Probably gonna do it. Looking at around $1000 out of pocket. Cleaned out one of my sheds a little while ago convinced wife to get rid of some junk. There is a set of car ramps an old creeper that don’t roll worth of shit. A fireplace screen that’s brand new I just don’t need it. Now I’m sitting by the fire pit with a nice fire typing this. It’s been a damn productive day. hell with hitlery and chump they don’t pay my bills.

        • Asshat;
          Check that out carefully. Out West they are around $4000 for an implant with the surgery, lab work, and dentist’s end of things. If you can get a good implant for 2000 please post the office. I for one will go for my next one. Thanks.

      27. I went the full Moolie tonight. I side spooned a 300 lb. black girl and came hard from behind. I wish all of you could see me. I held tight and came hard. Lock and Load!

        • Good Job BH1776. lol… Euwwww…

        • Brave – I’m never gonna get vision that outta my head. Locked in and Unloaded. Damn I need a shot of Woodford.

          • See – I can’t even get the words in correct order.

            • Uh 101,that tis not the real Brave posting,tis but a handle hijacker.I will bet me Ontario knife against something of equal value on it!

              • Warchild, it sounds like I owe you an Ontario knife, lol! That is definitely some turd who’s been coming on here since, I think August, posting stupid comments under my name. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, but I know I’m better than that turd. He wouldn’t want to meet me anywhere.

                • You are a security guard but can’t secure your house, enough with the tough guy routine.

                  If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit.

                • Brave.. I knew that was not you. That not how you talk. But it was funny.. And yes some imposter has hijacked Your moniker before, and it posted.

                  Welcome to the virtual world, Newly invented trolls, which just bury their last moniker and spawn several new. And then like Satori, who disappeared, He must have not gotten paid by the DNC in the last few weeks to try and influence blogs with nonsense, Satori was last spotted in a duck costume outside a Kentucky Fried Duck Restaurant.

                  Just changed my Moniker to WhoKnows, the other one is the vendetta lock up.

                  ~WWTI… Keep posting the Truth!!!

              • War: I wondered.

        • Stupid

        • Imposter, if you catch something from that, it serves you right.

          • It’s called identity theft. Find out who it is and they’re in trouble.

      28. There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.
        Ayn Rand

      29. Obozo has done so many things for which he has no power. Whatever he tries to do should not surprise any of us. Molon Labe

      30. I told you this involves hundreds–Obama, senators, cabinet members, Obama administration…and the clintons.
        Hence, the importance of protection from all concerned for Hillary.
        Our nation is being laughed about—

        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os4S–dRB-U&feature=youtu.be


        Do I believe this?? Why not…reports have been surfacing for years about sex trade, etc.; which explains why Huma was married to a pervert. This is the NWO.

      31. I said before and will again,what if weiner was the ultimate mole/spy and actor to come across as such a dumb fuck.He is the trigger if powers that want to be decide their chosen a mistake!

        I have read weiner has sent e-mails to billary aides since the new news,not sure if true or not,if true,funny as hell.

        Seriously,think about it,weiner the ultimate James Bond!

      32. Killary the fix is in. Trump played the distraction perfectly. I could not vote for either one. Two more warmongers extending the insanity of a cabal of murderers let loose. I voted for Stein, the candidate who opposed military war and waste. She campaigned on cutting defense (offense) by more than half. Why would I vote for either of the two lying corrupt clowns, both represent the chosen few.

        • Let us know if Stein manages to find the White House, she’s good at getting lost.

      33. If obama delays the election (something I have thought for a very long time)then all bets are off…WE will never be a Republic again. Will WE allow this to occur? Only time will tell. I wish there could be a place where all will gather to CHANGE what will surely come if obama has the chance to declare martial law…and this could definitely NOT be Washington
        Have Faith
        Have Sisu
        Keep Love always in your heart

      34. Here is my editorial comment. I am not sure if this is the best place to put it, however, here I shall.

        THIS SITE is about one of the few remaining sites that, since 2008, has continued to allow a 1st-Ammendment honoring tradition of having newspapers and websites and other media and posting sites allow people to comment freely and openly. There is no censoring, as far as I know. Comments are not removed or banned (as YouTube and Facebook and so may other sites do) because people dare to speak an opinion that is antipodal to the agendas of the proprietors of those other sites. As such, I offer my kudos to this site..and my sympathies. With the Internet kill switch in place as well as the handing over of the Internet recently, well, these few remaining sites are probably on the first tier of sites to “go dark”.

        Our “president” said early on that he wanted to eliminate the ability of people to freely post comments to online and published news and other sites and materials and that he wanted them to move away from people being allowed to do that. OR at the very least, require that a person use their social media or other IN DEPTH registrations to make any comment at all. This, of course, forces 99% of the population who RIGHTFULLY fears or feels skeptical about TPTB condemning them for PRACTICING their 1st Amendment rights of free speech.

        NOW, regarding the “prepping” advice given here by the articles as well as the comments, they are excellent ideas and things to think about. Odds are, those of you who write those are many steps ahead of the bulk of the population. NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALL OF THAT STUFF. To be sure, odds are, many of you may or will lose it RAPIDLY. Rather, I say that because you are many steps ahead of the rest of the population because you are prepared MENTALLY. IF you lose your supplies as well as your weapons, you already have honed your MIND to think strategically as well as tactically. MOSTLY, however, you have already considered “the worst that can happen to you and your loved ones” scenarios. Of course, that won’t make things any easier if the worst happens, HOWEVER it WILL allow you to panic less and think clearly and deal with the unexpected, the most.

        The problem is, WHAT are we preparing for? We have just about every possible bad thing that has flooded the news and The Internet and every other resource. Will the cataclysmic disaster be governmental, natural disasters, war, financial crisis, civil unrest, astronomical….on an on? Maybe a combination of some or all. We strive to prepare for that which we know not what it will be. Maybe that is part of the plan of TPTB. When something happens, having a populace that is confused, scared, uninformed and completely blind-sided, makes them easy to defeat. In fact, they will NOT unite, rather they will TURN ON EACH OTHER!

        On Election Day, as with the last 8 years, I will think about how ONE side of the ticket has kicked us into the gutter, stepped on us and verbally insulted us and apologized about us to our enemies over and over and over again. Left us there to rot. THEN, I will look at the other side of the ticket. How those I voted for DID NOTHING TO STOP IT. How so many OTHERS who voted for them never DEMANDED that they stop it. THOSE who were instead, too busy posting reverse-image selfies of themselves in their bathrooms with unflushed toilets behind them. They cared more about their own narcissism and fuzzy cat pictures than they did to speak up and fight for our rights and freedoms. Those candidates we voted for, exploited the indifference of those people just a much as the ones that we did not vote for. The result is that the only thing the one party did was to write destructive executive orders while the other party did nothing (except cry weakly whilst wearing pink ties and taking home lots of pay FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOBS).

        Among other things, I have been a high-level black belt martial arts instructor since the post-Vietnam era. In a fight, the persons who won’t fight, the persons who never learn how to defend themselves, the persons who overtly show their fear, the persons who refuse to get involved and the persons who FAIL TO BE PREPARED AND TO BE VIGILANT OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS…..well…THOSE are called “VICTIMS”.

        Yup. Nearly 10 times out of 10, THEY LOSE!

        Kudos to this site. Election Day is a week away. THE VACANT SUPREME COURT SEAT MAKES THIS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES, PERHAPS! Last chance all you sleepers out there, WAKE UP. VOTE. FIGHT….(oh yeah. They aren’t reading this site. Social media would censor comments like this anyway. I hope they have a “prepper” supply of cases of TISSUES!).

        GOD HELP US ALL!!!

      35. Is it true that Obama interviewed by wolf blitzer said he would not leave office if trump was elected and would wait for republicans to choose someone else?

      36. A couple of things: if hillary drops out, trump is unopossed. How many times have we gone to the polls with no freaking option because nobody ran against the current congressman or governor even? So if she drops out, to bad. Democrats had a chance to vet their candidates. Do a better job next time, or at least nominate the dumbass shill that actually won instead of your favorite scum bag criminal. Second thing, this AI business predicting the out come of the elections. Bullshit? How does it factor election fraud? Does it some how consider the illeals voting? The dead voting? The factional magic of the voting software? Or does it just follow the rigged and bias small sample polls of democrats? Last, what law or statute gives the sitting president any authority over an election? Didnt he say the states and local governments control that? Election suspension? “What does that even mean. Comeon people, really?”

      37. You are all watching a punch and judy show and trump won’t do anything unless his banker friends tell him to do it.

        The trump puppet has had plenty of time to say that 9/11 was an inside job but he want to protect his jewish banker friends and will argue that oue laws of physics must all be wrong.

        What part don’t the yanks get about how puppets work because it seems to be fooling all of you

        • Get Bent Smith you libturd !

      38. My logical mind would say no to the President doing such a thing. I however see too many parallels today with mid late 1930s Germany. All bets are off on anything.

      39. People should stop and think, the Clinton Crime Network is so large, it will have a built in defense mechanism, it will SACRIFICE their most TV noted people to protect the body, much like a lizard can break of its tail to get away and grow a new one, the CCN is the same way, it will easily sacrifice certain people in order to maintain the integrity and mission focus of the coup on America…

        Mark my words, these “casualties” of the CCN or nothing but a planned defense to keep the network insulated and running smoothly, they lose hand or foot here and there, but the losses are just acceptable damage to keep the center of the organization in place and functioning…Notice NO ONE IS FOCUSING ON HILLARYS TOP BENEFACTOR SUPPORTER AND FINANCIER…SOROS!!! SOROS IS THE MAJOR MONEY AND POWER THAT GOT ITS WAY THROUGH MANIPULATING CLINTON THROUGH THE STATE DEPARTMENT CLINTON FOUNDATION AND ALSO WHY PUTIN HAS DECLARED HIM RUSSIAS NUMBER ONE THREAT!!! Everywhere there is political STRIFE IN THE WESTERN WORLD there is Soros and his funding, there is Hillary Clinton the Clinton FOUNDATION interfering with and coordinating Soros money and organizations.

        Who was behind Hillary in Ukraine….Soros, Who was behind Hillary in Libya….SOROS, who was behind Hillary with ISIS coming about…Soros, who was behind Hillary in US elections and voting machines and campaign funding and satellite influence and consultant groups……Soros…Who was behind Hillary during the MH-17 and MH-370 disappearances/ convenient shootdowns…Soros……EVERYWHERE …SOROS is funding the opposition and Terrorists…..Hillary claimed Soros was mentor and trusted Adviser….Over and Over again…..who is Soros secondary conduit SID BLUMENTHAL, Who provided all of Hillarys “unsolicited” intelligence she acted on,…..SOROS… Who funded and directed the ILLEGAL War Hillary waged on Quadaffi?…SOROS…

        All the attention is directly on Clinton and NOT the people behind her (the main body of the CCN) the Clinton Foundation and its criminal network of individuals are nothing more than a FRONT for SOROS and KISSINGER and their control behind the scenes. (where the major money is)….All the familiar faces you see in the NEWS daily attached to Clinton are JUST LAYERS OF ABLATIVE ARMOR for the core members, acceptable losses.

      40. There’s no provision for that. It would be blatant treason. In this country’s current mood, that would not bode well for Hussein.

      41. He should mind his own business.

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