Wild And Unprecedented Price Fluctuations Are Causing Financial Chaos For U.S. Businesses

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    In every war there is a high price to pay, and this trade war will not be any different.  The normal flow of goods and services around the globe is being severely disrupted, and even though this trade war has barely just begun, it is already having an enormous impact on the U.S. economy.  Even if we ultimately win this trade war and the Trump administration is able to achieve all of the goals that it is targeting, there will still be a great cost in the short-term.  We are going to see businesses fail, we are going to see workers get laid off, and global economic activity will inevitably contract.  Heck, at this point even Fox News is calling this trade war “economic suicide”.  We live at a time when a delicately balanced formula of economic factors allows us to live a debt-fueled standard of living that is far beyond what we actually deserve.  Now we are messing with that formula, and the consequences are likely to be far more severe than most Americans are anticipating.

    Let’s start by talking about steel and aluminum.  One of the chief goals of the tariffs was to help the steel and aluminum industries, and thanks to those tariffs we have seen the price of U.S. steel rise 36 percent since the beginning of 2018…

    For instance, US steel and aluminum prices have soared since the imposition of tariffs. US midwest hot-rolled coil steel price, the US steel price benchmark, soared 36% between the start of the year and the start of July. This in turn causes prices of goods made with the metal to rise.

    That is good news for the U.S. economy, right?

    Actually, it isn’t.

    Every product that uses steel and aluminum is now going to cost more.

    In many cases, a lot more.

    For instance, one grill company is reporting that they have had to raise prices “by almost $350 per grill”

    Middleby Residential, a California-based company that makes Lynx grills, told the Dallas Morning News that even though the company uses US steel, the recent price pressures have driven up costs by almost $350 per grill.

    Do you want to pay an extra $350 for your next grill?

    Retail prices for washer and dryers are surging as well.  They have increased by 20 percent compared to a year ago, and that is because prices for raw materials are skyrocketing

    Whirlpool Corp trimmed its full-year profit outlook as it booked a large charge on its European operations and said it wouldn’t be able to offset the effect of steel tariffs with higher prices for consumers.

    The company said Monday it now expects to pay about $350 million more this year from rising raw-material costs as it faces “a very challenging cost environment.”

    Anybody that purchases any products that contain steel and/or aluminum will be feeling these price increases.

    And any business that uses steel and/or aluminum on a regular basis is going to be feeling an enormous amount of pain.  For example, the largest nail company in America is already laying off workers

    When President Trump imposed a 25 percent tariff on steel imports last month, America’s largest nail manufacturer had little choice but to raise its prices. Mid Continent Nail Corporation quickly lost 50 percent of its orders as customers opted for cheaper suppliers. Within weeks, the firm had to lay off 60 workers. Up to 200 more might lose their jobs by the end of this month.

    All over the country, companies are going to be forced to either raise prices, fire workers or move production facilities out of the United States.

    Meanwhile, farmers all over America are facing a different problem.  Thanks to a massive decline in demand from China (thanks to tariffs that they have hit us with), prices are plummeting and warehouses are filling up with food that doesn’t have anywhere to go.

    Every year, the U.S. usually imports about 14 billion dollars worth of soybeans to China, and I covered the plight of soybean farmers in a previous article.  But of course soybean farmers are far from alone.  It is being reported that more than 2.5 billion pounds of meat and poultry products that have been produced by our farmers is being stockpiled in cold-storage warehouses.  To help the agricultural community, President Trump announced 12 billion dollars in aid to farmers on Tuesday

    As President Donald Trump embarks on a multistate tour through parts of the country hit heavily by trade battles, his administration said Tuesday it will direct $12 billion to farmers whose harvests have been hurt by tariffs.

    But the idea faced immediate criticism from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

    Responding to farm groups and the Republican discontent, administration officials said they have been working since April on a short-term plan to shore up slipping prices for soybeans, pork and other crops hit with retaliatory tariffs from China.

    Sure, this will help farmers get through the trade war in the short-term, but isn’t this exactly the kind of big government socialism that we are always railing against?

    And who is going to bail out the real estate industry?

    CNBC is reporting that home sales fell a whopping 11.8 percent year over year in southern California last month…

    Southern California home sales hit the brakes in June, falling to the lowest reading for the month in four years. Sales of both new and existing houses and condominiums dropped 11.8 percent year over year, as prices shot up to a record high, according to CoreLogic. The report covers Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange counties.

    And do you know who has been fueling the extremely hot real estate market on the west coast?

    The Chinese.

    At one time they were buying up everything in sight, but now they have become net sellers of U.S. real estate.

    And there are rumblings that we could soon see some sort of “national boycott” of American goods in China.  The following comes from Zero Hedge

    The survey found that 54 percent of 2,000 respondents in 300 cities across China would “probably” or “definitely” stop buying US-branded goods “in the event of a trade war”. Just 13 percent said they would not.

    The remaining 33 percent said they were unsure or did not at present buy US branded goods, according to the survey, conducted for FT Confidential Research (FTCR), a research unit at the Financial Times.

    The survey was carried out between June 27 and July 10, mostly before the US imposed 25 percent tariffs on $34bn of Chinese goods on July 6. The move elicited an immediate tit-for-tat response from Beijing.

    Of course something similar could be tried in the United States, but most Americans simply do not care if a product comes from China or not.  They are simply going to buy the cheapest stuff no matter what anyone tells them to do.

    Look, I very much understand that we have been sending businesses and jobs overseas for a very long time.  I have been writing about this for years, and something had to be done.

    But trying to fight trade wars with virtually everyone else on the planet simultaneously is madness, and the consequences for the U.S. economy are going to cause all of us an immense amount of pain.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Wild And Unprecedented Price Fluctuations Are Causing Financial Chaos For U.S. Businesses.

        Maybe they should use a money system that doesn’t fluctuate as much.
        Silver, Gold comes to mind.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LBk5xBy0SA






        • “Even if we ultimately win this trade war and the Trump administration is able to achieve all of the goals that it is targeting, there will still be a great cost in the short-term. We are going to see businesses fail, we are going to see workers get laid off, and global economic activity will inevitably contract.”

          Michael, WTF do you think has been happening in America for the past 30 fucking years ???

          At least 70,000 American businesses have been shuttered and systematically transferred offshore with the loss of tens of millions of American jobs. American families have suffered terribly: mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. They have lost their homes and businesses, their family relationships have been destroyed, and the prosperity of the Middle Class dissolved.

          In the aggregate, short or long term, it cannot get worse than it has been, only better. No one should understand this better than you because you have documented the financial rape of American wealth very well.

          America is already winning this trade war. The deck has been stacked against US by the NWO Global Investment Class so badly that when confronted by TRUMP as to the inequities in these ‘FREE TRADE DEALS” that they capitulate, immediately, but they are looking to save face as best they can.

          There is a New Sheriff in the Oval Office and he is a true American Patriot !!! America has the leverage to assert its legitimate rights to a level playing field and TRUMP is remaking the entire world by turning it upside down.

          The TRUTH is, other nations in Europe and Asia do not want a level playing field because for various reasons, they cannot compete with American workers and businesses in a fair game; which is why corruption is part of the business culture in the EU and Asia.

          It’s time to CRUSH the NWO and return the world to reason, sanity, and common sense.TRUMP is just the POTUS to do it. Another six years in office and the TRUMP Revolution will transform the world as no man has before, since JESUS CHRIST, or Karl Marx. 🙂

          • American families have suffered terribly: mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. They have lost their homes and businesses, their family relationships have been destroyed, and the prosperity of the Middle Class dissolved.

            Thank you.

            I’ve been watching it happen since I was 5.

            Particularly “family relationships being destroyed”.

            Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes
            Contestants in a suicidal race…

        • Silver and gold fluctuate quite a bit too.

        • So when are Gold and Silver prices going to climb up 36%?

          When just $2 invested can control $100 of Gold on paper margin accounts and can control the price, we are going to see corruption and manipulation of pricing.

          Same with oil commodity markets, lots of corruption and manipulation.

      2. it isn’t just steel and aluminum, as a small businessman myself, I see the price changes in fuel, manufactured cables and connectors, injection molded products all fluctuating radically in prices and availability becoming increasingly spotty and unreliable. Makes it very hard to bit/quote a job and worse, to give my word as to exactly when the job will be finished. We as a nation need to cut the ties with foreign made ……. everything. It’ll hurt like hell for a while; but, the long-range view is that once we are back up as a manufacturing base of our own infrastructural and devices …. “F” China and the rest of the non-USA suppliers.

        • Countries are made up of people, and each has a leader, a person.

          Humans, (Talking Monkeys), run on Pride, Greed and other fun stuff, therefore, good leaders bring home the bacon, and are nothing but talking bully alpha-monkeys.

          TRUMP, OUR Alpha monkey is sick and tired of his “tribe” being beaten down by the yellow hair or brown hair or black hair foreign monkeys over in the other valley. HE is our Alpha and we should be glad we have him snarling and biting and kicking monkey @$$.

          Orange hair TRUMP is standing up to the yellow-red-brown-mud-black Alphas and is doing what MUST be done in the Animal Planet that, for now, we all live on. The previous Female President, and before he/she, the “boy scout” President (Grandson of Preston Bush who helped Finance IG Farben, suppliers of Zyclon-B to Hitler), and before that fool, we had America’s first BLack Presdent, who just loved the White chicks in the White House…..

          These Tariff Wars are not a war for TRUMP, since he is way ahead of most of us and all of the Democrat-Marxist-Communist in our government. It is a NEGOTIATION ploy, which is working 100%. He knows the other Alpha apes will back down since, (now pay attention class), there is not a SINGLE product America needs from ANY other country in this world. We can shut our borders to all imports and do just fine, thank you………They need us.

          And with the coming Global Cooling, Northern Europe, China, etc are facing mass starvation. Russia is smart and will take over the Crimea and Ukraine for wheat. Germany, France and these other Islamic countries are BEGGING us for future food contracts and will therefore do what TRUMP says.

          It is going to be really interesting this Winter when the world, and you, discover, Europe will have to import food. Especially ENGLAND which is already seeing 50% rise in their food, with crop loses that are just beginning.

          This site is home to preppers? Really? Have you done your research into Climate Change? Really? The Data? The Real Data?

          WE are cooling and doing so fast.

          • ” Russia is smart and will take over the Crimea and Ukraine for wheat.”

            Russia already took over Crimea where 95% of the people spoke Russian; which is why they were able to do so without firing a shot. Where have you been ??? They also took over the Russian dominated eastern provinces.

            Russia doesn’t need wheat. Russia is producing so much wheat that they are exporting it in very large quantities on the global market.

            There is no reason to attack Ukraine and try to dominate it. Too expensive. They don’t need Kiev for anything. Russia is becoming very self sufficient; which is why it only needs a few billion dollars in US treasuries for Trade purposes.

            Putin is smart and has re-engineered the Russian economy. They do not need US for anything. They only need China, and India to sell their oil & gas. Russia is methodically becoming stronger, independent, and rich. 🙂

        • Heartless……
          China was around thousands of years before the United States, and will be around thousands of years after the US is a foot note in history.
          “F” nations that bomb the world, lie, steal and cheat, yet call themselves bastions of freedom and liberty.

      3. So the $200 Grill now costs $250, but I now have a $30/hr job with full benefits instead of the $15 gig job.

        People an do math.

        • So a 1000 steel mill workers get hired and 300,000,000 plus people get to pay more for there crappy goods? Winning!!!

          As the worlds reserve currency why is anyone shocked we have trade deficits, how do think other countries get the dollar for international trade? Buying our debt and beating our manufacturing prices.

          Happy you got a real job though, as a machinist i all ready see from the RFQ that this going to cost us. And American steel still has to get past the EPA.

          • I will gladly pay this man $30/hour. $35 if he can speak English.

          • Your rooting for the EPA to destroy steel??? We have already won the trade war with EU. They agreed with our request to stop tariffs. Winning with Trump!

          • Nothing like a true optimist to brighten one’s day. I’d rather buy crappy American-made than crappy Chinese made any and everyday.

      4. No way is there an extra $350 worth of steel in a grill. If steel prices are up 36% (doubtful), then he would be implying that there was $1000 worth of cheap steel in tbe previous grills?

        The other crazy story I heard was a nail factory in tbe US laying off 500 employees because of the imported steel tariffs. Can’t find US steel? Raise your ‘material’ cost – but your manufacturing, salary, packaging, shipping and distribution costs have not changed???

        • That nail factory is laying off 500 employees. It’s in Rush Limbaugh’s home town. Next time I talk to management though, I’ll pass on your advice.

        • Initially, as in any “shortage”, there is a price hike.

          BUT, soon, and very soon, others in that field increase manufacturing and then this “peak” price goes down. Always has, always will. As more producers, IN AMERICA, go on line, and as all of them have to compete, the “peak” price will go down. Always has, always will. Relax.

          TRUMP knows what he is doing and is a genius at this. He is OUR broker and is on our side. No Chinese is on our side.

          We have been subsidizing third world slave labor for the past 50 years. I know some of us don’t care that 12 year old Asian kids sew our sneakers and make our wive’s Coach bags, BUT, some self-righteous God-believers, do-gooders, social preening egotists, don’t like “sweat shop labor”…..well, you Social Justice Warriors, if you won’t let people like me hire kids and illiterates for $1/day, then YOU will have to pay MORE for your Prada shoes and Fendi Sunglasses! And you cheap basstards don’t want to. Nothing is more greedy and sickening then those who complain about “slave labor” yet BUY the stuff made by these slaves. So f you.

          (EXAMPLE: Most eye glass frames are made in a few giant manufacturing plants in China. Your $29 Walmart Frame is made on the same line as the $495 Dolce Gabbana…….just stick DG on the side…….Oh, DG really stands for Dollar General…since you can find similar frames there…..I am somewhat exaggerating, but I am familiar with the business. Most of the eyeglass frames you pay $150+ costs about $9 wholesale. One major retailer pays $1.25 each for their frames…..SO, let us do the math. Imagine a US company made these same frames and charge $5 wholesale each. You can guarantee the frame will retail for $150 yet you have hired thousands of Americans, adults, and helped OUR country and not China who hates our guts.)

          (Another thing about eyeglass frames. Look at yours? It will state where it is made BUT there are numerous tricks. One is that the frame is made in CHINA, but shipped to an obscure place in Europe where the plastic sleeve that goes over the metal temple is squeezed on. Now, the frame from CHINA has no markings on it, it is considered “parts”, but that little sleeve was “MADE IN ITALY”. So, what you see is the “ITALY”. So damn clever. But, TRUMP knows this. Now you do to.)

        • SIMPLE:

          If you want to sell something in America
          You must MAKE it in America.


        • NorseMan,

          I was thinking the exact same thing so I looked up Lynx grills. It turns out that these must be the Rolls Royce of BBQ grills. They are made in California I guess for the rich and famous. If you have to ask how much then you can’t afford them. But hold on, their freestanding gas models run from $3700 to $8200!! I doubt that the people who buy these will worry much about an extra $350. It looks like I’ll be sticking with the old Weber, tariff or no tariff.

      5. Full moon is tonight and its a blood moon and eclipse! Full moons affect our emotions and the waters– oceans, etc and since we are about 90% water, of course affects us! More murders are committed on full moon than any other time— thus, I have to go home early and reinforce my security locks, etc…

        As an aside, awhile back you’ll posted an article by Chris Martenson called, “Insolvent America”. Guess what?! The same article’s at Humpty dumpty Tribe website called, “”We don’t have much time Left to Get Prepared” by TREEBEARD. Treebeard wrote that article!!! It was word for word the exact same article… and Chris Martensen said HE wrote it!!! What is going on here??

        Anyhow, just thought it awfully odd that two different people both claim they wrote the article– one is on a right wing website and the other on a leftist site…

        Oh, and Treebeard is up in Siberia, acting as undercover agent, learning all he can about the methane coming out of Siberia, talking to climate scientists, etc. According to Treebeard and the climate scientists, the situation is basically, hopeless… we are all doomed. In the very near future…. kiss your a– good bye!

        • Nibiru and its planetary system is visible in the sky from FAA weather cams in Alaska; but I believe these cameras have recently been shut down. Saw an Australia weather cam photo recently, same same, but it hasn’t been shut down yet.

          Search youtube for universal sky media. She has a few incredible videos to view. My guess at this point is a few more years, then we better party like it’s 1999. 🙁

          • BTW, the Australian weather cam VIDEO was time lapsed so you could see the Large Striped Planet ROTATE !!! I can’t make this stuff up. It’s a game changer. I am rethinking all plans. 🙂

        • Sorry but the earth surface is just 2/3rds water. Same as the human body. 2/3rds water. Coincidence?

      6. People need to go get everything they can now while they still can. I don’t know how much longer anyone can kick the proverbial ‘can down the road’. At some point the road ends.

        • Braveheart,

          That is exactly right. I would rather be holding physical goods than an ever depreciating dollar. The gig definitely will come to an end soon.

        • My preacher once said, “Get everything you can, can everything you get, and then sit on the can.”

      7. Real Estate high = sell. Real Estate low = buy, buy, buy.

        The Chinese aren’t going anywhere, darn it. But that doesn’t mean you and I should give up. As house prices dip, young can get that first house and be on their own. Save up.

        I will probably buy some land and build an earth-bag house. Dirt-bag heaven.




        • That’s probably the best way to go now with Nibiru passing. Dig a hole into the side of a hill at least 30 feet, cut some stopes on either side, seal the walls, reinforce the ceiling, drill a well INSIDE, bag the entrance three or four feet thick, and stock it to the top if you have the land.

          Otherwise bend over and kiss your ass “Goodbye”.

          PS: Some of you may want to learn how to “timber a mine”. Try youtube: Ask Jeff Williams (and Slim) 🙂

          • BTW, some of you may want to get higher credit card limits and go on a “survival spree” for the things you will need as before Nibiru passes.

            Might as well let the bankers hold the bag during the “RESET”. 🙂

        • Straw bale is easier and every bit as or more durable than an earth bag.

          • Both decompose over time if not protected from the elements. 🙁

      8. All prices are rigged

        • Always were-always will be;
          until a true barter economy is re-established.
          This understanding is why I do not fear monetary, economic collapse. The desire to thrive and survive should encourage and promote skill and farming.
          Trade (barter) rather than the accumulation of fiat currencies and even elemental soft metals.

      9. America holds all the cards. The Chinese cannot sustain their economy without the USA, however we can be totally self-reliant. The EU cannot sustain their economy without the USA and they can’t defend themselves without us.

        Sometime you have to be bold in order to correct previous bad administrations. Obummer nearly ruined us. I’m wildly pleased with Trump as I never expect the economy to snap back.

        • China exports from US is less than 30%.

        • You are so correct.

          America can completely shut it’s borders to everything (I wish we did) and we will do just fine. There is nothing we need from any other country. Nothing.

          BUT, China is completely dependent on us. Europe would collapse without us.

          America and Russia are the only nations that can tell the world to F off and it is why we must, should, and hopefully are involved with COLLUSION with RUSSIA. That is the smartest move we can do.

          TRUMP & PUTIN in 2020 !!!

      10. You want to protect your strategic industries.
        However it goes wrong when the government is involved.
        I can ship a TEU from Shangai to Hilo Hi for ~$700 dollars,
        That same TEU container costs well over $4,000 if I ship the same things from Los Angeles to Hilo. The difference is I have to use an American built, American staffed, American flagged ship. between LA and Hilo.(these prices are a little old but the ratios are generally the same)
        Americans can build the most competitive aircraft in the world and pay their workers quite well. Why can’t we build the best ships in the world? Because the ship fabrication industry was inefficient did not update, and the unions choked them to dead, as they were protected by a Federal law the Jones act. I remember Todd ship yards as a kid, my dad was a temp in those yards. They had not updated a bit from WWII. They are gone, Look at a modern Hyundai or Chinese ship yard, there is a big difference!
        You simply cannot succeed when all your funds go the overpaid union workers and you have no money left to improve your industry.

        • I agree that the unions where a obstacle and drove up cost. However the parasite public sector government employees are much worse and they produce nothing. They have ran several states bankrupt. What some companys did was flee union states and relocate to places like Arkansas where the wages and taxes where reasonable. The Waterloo tool box company left Waterloo Iowa and came to Arkansas. And they thrived until NAFTA. The cheap imported tool boxes put them out of business. By By job,s. And I don’t care how much it cost to ship to Hawaii. Build products on the USA mainland. Ship the around the USA on trucks trains & river barges. Cheaper that shipping from China.

        • And there you have it folks.

      11. Its painful but I’d rather see us self sufficient. we have a lot of resources,technology and people,lets use it or lose it.

        • I dislike/find folly in the selling of any American resource to any other country for whatever reason. Especially energy resources;
          food surpluses I can excuse especially if the food will spoil.

          If America, as others (especial leftist dumbocrap liberals) profess is so backward and awful, then surely other countries can provide for themselves at least as well as we can.

          Stop all foreign aid and watch how fast the picture painted of America will change as the throngs beg for any crumb we throw their way.

      12. Well, my grandfather had a homemade grill. Practically everyone I knew growing up had a homemade grill. I managed just fine on the least expensive grill due to being frugal and then someone just gave me a grill.

        I have NEVER bought an expensive grill in my life. I think it’s ridiculous how people waste money when they earn so little compared to when I was young.

        Why are people so materialistic when they ain’t rich? You know, surrounding yourself with shiny toys doesn’t accomplish anything.

        But buying cheap Chinese goods has destroyed your neighbor’s job, your fellow Americans’ jobs, and YOUR JOB. When American industry falters, it affects EVERYONE.

        Stop all international trade. We don’t need it and by definition the competition is unfair…even RUINOUS.

      13. Do you want to own a grill? Do what our ancestors did and build one out of bricks and cement. The only part you will buy is the relatively inexpensive metal grid. If youburn fallen branches, the fuel is free.

        Literally anyone should be able to build this grill. While you are at it, build a brick rocket stove.

        And then make a cobb (earthen) oven.


        If you roofed and piped water and a sink to it, and screened it, you now have a “summer kitchen”, just like your ancestors. They would do this as firing up a woodstove in the summer heat was unbearable after 9am. And you could fudge and run the grey water from that sink to your garden rather than dump it wastefully dow the drain.

      14. I just took part in a 40% off sale at Home Depot on my washer and dryer while I noticed Lowes also match the sale discounts. I think those large purchases were quite inexpensive. Cars are going for good discounts. Where is all the price increases on durable goods? More like food and other non-tracked items are shrinking or going up in price as well as your gasoline bill. Nothing out of the ordinary that businesses don’t try to pull every chance they get.

        • Better buy a hand crank wringer washer, some clothes line, and clothespins; or have a very good solar system with Nibiru coming this way. Just saying. It will be a game changer. 🙁

          • For a year, I hand washed all our laundry and hand wrung them out. A wringer would have been terrific. It worked just fine.

      15. Some of us are not seeing the rising wages.

      16. Prepper Alert
        Stroking your chicken can be deadly
        Not to be confused with choking your chicken

        htt tps://www.cdc.gov/salmonella/backyard-flocks-06-18/index.html

      17. Snyder doesn’t understand why we have to do this.

        BTW, does this mean that the metal recycler will pay me more for my aluminum cans? I wonder if I should hold on to mine until the price goes up more?

        • arch, the reason the price of scrap was up 3-4 years ago was because china was buying it. The scrap dealers were processing it and sending it straight to Morehead City and Wilmington and loading it on the ships. China stopped buying and scrap fell from 13 cents to 4 1/2 cents. Rocky mount is back up to 8 cents if you deliver 5 tons or more, 6 cents for the little guys.

      18. The free trade and lack of tariffs allowed our manufacturing industry to leave for places that pay slave wages. Without manufacturing we become a nation of parasites. The trade deals are lopsided And favor other places. Trump is doing the correct thing. We cannot continue to export our manufacturing and wealth. When US money is spent in another country its gone from our economy. The fact is the citizens of the third world places cannot afford USA manufactured goods. They haven’t any money. Its impossible to make money from people who don’t have any money. When you buy American every transaction is taxed. And after about ten transactions that dollar is returned to the public coffers. In states like Arkansas where they have a balanced budget requirement that allows the state government to keep up the infrastructure and provide essential services. The thing is NAFTA and all those trade deals are not working. They haven’t worked and never will work. So why keep doing the same failed thing? Guys like Snyder are doom merchants who don’t offer any viable solution . I will gladly pay more for products made in the USA. The US military needs to stop protecting the shipping lanes and infrastructure of places that robbed our manufacturing. If that happens suddenly the jobs will return to American soil. The USA will again become the worlds manufacturer. If someone needs something that will have to come here to get it. Just as it was after WWII when we where to Go To place and that industry created the middle class. Screw those traitor companys who left to avoid paying decent wages Make them pay thru the nose to import their low quality crap products. So Far President Trump has been the best President in my lifetime. Certianly he is a had nosed Asshole. The last time we had that type of no nonsense leader was Harry Truman. Truman fired Gen Mc Arthur and he stayed fired. I like leaders who play hard ball and fire people who don’t follow orders. I like President Trumps new hats with the Made in America Logo.

      19. The higher the percentage of the total cost of producing a product that goes to labor cost, the more difficult for American manufacturers to compete. This is especially true when consumers can’t or won’t take quality into account. The tariffs give short term protection.

      20. A real economy fluctuates a real economy is based on supply and demand if the demand is there someone will fill the supply the problem is do to the fleecing of America we have little true supplies on hand that is what you are seeing are true weakness of not producing or manafacturing anything but burgers and fries

      21. Just keep a close eye on the dollar value, and US Treasuries. There is too much debt, and too many dollars sitting in banks overseas. Wall St. can’t make the money they want because so many companies with extreme stock prices own their own shares. When Wall St. piles into treasuries because of high yields, the stock market will dive. When the Chinese, British, Japanese, etc, holders of huge amounts of treasuries see what they can get for their notes, they’re going to sell, sell, sell, and the “value” of the dollar will disappear. Not hyperinflation. Total devaluation.

        • As long as the Federal Banking Company can issue “notes”, they can always buy these bonds.

          Sure, there will be inflation, but it takes away any power from the Chinese, who hate us anyway.

          With TRUMP in power, the Chinese, and the Muslims Countries of Europe, won’t dare sell. Remember. They need us. WE don’t need them.

          • Russia just “dared” to unload most if bond holdings in dollars and increase gold reserves. Me says China might begin dumping as well. Where do you think the paper notes will go after that?

            • The debt will be reduced by the tariffs and budget reorientation. LSM likes to say that Americans are living beyond their means. This is not true. That’s NWO Propaganda. Americans are currently and have been for 30 years, subsidizing the NWO Agenda.

              Our annual federal deficit is $1.2 Trillion. Illegals cost US $500 Billion every year, year after year. China $400 billion; The EU $160 billion; Mexico $125 billion; Canada $25 billion. These numbers reflect the money being spent to pay for Agenda 21; 2030, etc.

              FYI 🙂

      22. I don’t see any proof that the lost jobs are coming back to America. No manufacturer wants to pay a wage that meets the actual cost of living, that’s why the Mexican illegals are needed to work for low pay. Nobody will save the working class. This nation has been sold out for escalating profits. Elected representatives will never reverse the overall decline in the standard of living. The Patriot Act is the overthrow of a free America. Potential war on Iran for Israel is the latest looming knife in the back of the American people. Like in Afghanistan where no news is given of the murder of the native population and US casualties, Iran will be the same. Is the US not a 100% bankrupt dying nation with a hyper militarized police state tyranny taking place without the people’s consent? Only 23% of Americans support a war on Iran. The other 77% majority are ignored.

      23. Some things are good news really Who likes the high price of meat if your middle class. It would be great if real estate prices dropped to where the middle class can afford to buy a home again. The average local wage cant afford to rent the average local apt anymore. The chinese need our market to support their economy. Who wants chinese owning all the real estate in the US. I have seen the local asian land lord ringing in his Rolls Royce as he rents to welfare mothers who kids wear rags and play in mud puddles in the parking lot of his rentals. Wake up and smell reality. America first always

        • Only Real Americans Citizens should be allowed to own American land.

        • What we need is a big reset, which means a Global EMP which will be the great equalizer. And we can all laugh at the parasites carrying gallons of water up 85 flight of stairs to their ivory towers whic will suddenly become worthless. Thats the kind of reset I want to see. Got your pile of physical Silver 1-OZ rounds and gold ready to go? Bring it!! Watch the Commies scurry.

          • I agree a world wide grid down would be a great equalizer. A natural EMP from the Sun is much preferred by me to a social upheavel and chaos and folks still having fuel & transportation. The starving from the citys will not travel to the rural areas on the shoe sole express. They will remain in place and eat each other. Stuff like GPS will not work. In the extreme cold would be preferred by me. Back when the Carrington event happened 90% of the USA where farmers. Today its 2% that feed everyone else. And the population is much larger. I think the 90% die off is likely a accurate number. Where I live its 28 people per square mile. But its rural and I think Not that many would die probably about 50%. And half of them would be able to survive on their own. The remaining 25% would be Parasite takers enabled by others or taking by force from others. Folks who could use physocology to get others to enable them. Preachers are number one at conning folks to enable them. Authority figures also are good at it. The thing to remember is no other persons star shines brighter than your own. In the aftertime those parasites often become Jim jones or Charles Manson types and others do their bidding. Thats the most dangerious groups. People demonized Castro. But he threw out the Elete wealthy and nationalized their property. And he rewarded those who fought with him. And he took a hard line against dissenters. Thus he remained in control until his death. Ole Shafty kennedy made a attempt to reclaim his rich friends property in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Like him or not you gotta give Castro credit. He went up against the USA and world elete & prevailed.

        • The reality is you deserve it….all of it and more.
          Your nation has lied, cheated and killed untold millions of innocent people across our planet, and now you are having a whinge because an Asian is your landlord, driving a Roller!!
          I think it is magnificent……it’s KARMA.
          Actually…..no, not quite.
          Karma will be when your nation is reduced to the level of Afghan poverty, perhaps for a few hundred years or so…….and your great, great, great grandchildren can contemplate a better way to live with their fellow Human beings, rather that sticking their military jackboot onto people’s throats and calling it “Freedom and Liberty”.
          Did you understand that, “Stronger”?
          Good…..get ready for the big karma sandwich that the world is about to plant fair up your arse.

          • The previous comment written by a true buffoon or bot who knows not that the world was divided into nations by a power greater than the USA.

            His/Her/Its pedophile moon-god or pope creature has deceived him/her/it to the point that he/she/it fails to comprehend its aberrant vitriol and thus creating its own karma.


      24. Debt is still in the TRILLIONS people. Trillions….with a ‘T’.

        That sort of thing doesn’t go away.

      25. Please Boycott American Products !

        America is a Violent sh-thole nation, whose primary export is state-sponsored Terror.

        I’m an American and I boycott American products.

        • What you are is a traitorous asshole.

        • What we have here under the alias of Roger is one of two things: a leftist liberal bot or a bought liberal leftist.

          BUY AMERICAN !!!!!!

      26. News flash for Mikey : European Union has just about caved to our demands. Also,a weak dollar enables foreign buyers to buy more goods from us,hence a lower trade deficit. As for the trade “war” with China, they started it with forcing U.S.businesses to ‘share’ our technology w/them as a condition of doing business in China. For DECADES every administration has turned a blind eye to this. Not Trump. I am very supportive of Trumps trade policies. Time to level the field

      27. Archivest, used to get .75 cents for my aluminum cans . I get .60 now. Go figure.

        • When you got 75 cents it was because those Chinese ships that where bringing all that imported junk here. went back with raw materials to make more junk stuff. It was the Chinese buying not the 3ew’s. 60 cents is still a good price for cans. The 3ew brokers control and manupilate the scrap prices in most parts of the world. In Arkansas ia Blytheville Ark the Nucor Yamato steel mill melts scrap. I know a guy who works there and is paid over $80,000 per year. The scrap In the USA is something I do not like to see exported. I want it recycled here and made into manufactured goods here also. Yep we import poor quality junk and export the raw materials to make that crappy stuff.

      28. Love Mike, but aarrgh. Ya think we don’t know all this already? Really? Quit preaching to the choir and give us something new. This is old news to those of us in the know. Looking for some fresh perspectives, not the same old “news”.

        No offense, Mike. Just old stuff.

      29. “Every year, the U.S. usually imports about 14 billion dollars worth of soybeans to China,”

        Did you mean we EXPORT TO China? Words matter.

      30. It’s not hard to see when everything is costing more but wages don’t increase that we have a major problem. Even auto parts are expensive so fixing your car yourself is a losing battle. Wife went to grocery store to get pickling spice they wanted $6 change for a 1.5 oz small bottle I said forget it we aren’t paying that’s crazy. anything you need for diy has gone up in price. This leaves you no way to save $. Soon metal coat hangers will cost you more cus you can use them as bailing wire. Greedy corporations

      31. Yep ?
        the stock market is up in the air now because nobody
        knows where the next “boom or bust” market will be.

        Since billionaires invest billions of dollars per day
        making the market rise….then selling when other
        billionaires dump their billions (in stock) making the
        market fall, then buy back on the down side, before
        it rises again, hoping to make “hundreds or thousands”
        of dollars per share…..while doing nothing but watching.

        This only seems stupid to non-gamblers.
        But it makes billionaires out of hundredaires.

        They don’t like Trump because he is upsetting their playground.
        These are the MONEY CHANGERS….Jesus threw out of the
        the church. Cursing those who made money off the less wise.

      32. Although Michael Snyder is a lawyer, he does not know one bit about business.

        This is the problem with all of those under the age of 40. We were warned by Ross Perot back in the early 90s that if NAFTA was entered into that we would hear a “giant sucking sound” of jobs moving to Mexico. This was before China entered the scene in the early 2000s.

        We forget and those under 40 never knew when a hammer, a Buck Knife or any other thing that was made in the US by US workers cost a lot and those items by-and-large are now made in China. Our manufacturing base has been hollowed out. Now we have companies like GM bitching that their numbers will not be high and will come in lower than expected. Well let’s look at this. GM moved almost all of their factories overseas with the exception of the truck plants which based upon a farm bill in 1963 stated any imported truck would have to have a 25% tariff on it. Hence this is why you see no Mazda trucks for sale as Mazda does not have a plant here in the US. This is why Trucks cost about $50K for a new one.

        So now GM has to invest millions (other companies too) back in the US Infrastructure to get the plants back up and running. This involves having to have a trained workforce where we here in the US have forgotten how to make things. This to will cost more money. Everyone knows that a skilled laborer (factory worker)should make more money than a sandwich artist at Subway. So what does this mean for us little people? In order to make a car in Detroit again millions will have to be invested to fix up the plants that have been abandoned. Once this happens then the workers will have to get paid US wages. What does this mean? This means that prices of things should be what they have been all along. We will now see inflation rear its ugly head.

        There was time in this country back in the late 60s and early 70s when DETROIT was the richest city per capita in the US yes it was richer than NYC, San Fran, and LA.

        So what is different than the last time when items were really made here in the US? Back then our currency was backed by gold until Nixon removed it in 71. That is why we here in the US had a tough time in the middle to late 70s and even through the mid 80s. I remember back in 1983 having a saving account paying 18%!!!!. Why was it so bad in the mid to late 70s? the Petro dollar was being borne.

        The only reason why we have not yet seen a collapse of the US dollar yet is that the US is now exporting oil (record exports). This causes a demand for the US dollar as the dollar is what the US uses. So this has been preventing a collapse of the US dollar thusfar.

        Now what can we do on an individual basis. Well you all should have been buying your supplies of durable goods for a long time now such as quality hiking boots, 5.11 pants, coats, gloves, vehicles and other things you will need for the next 10 years. If you are an adult you should have stopped growing this means get your underwear, t-shirts, etc NOW.

        As far as a vehicle. well i bought my new car (nothing fancy a new sentra for commuting to save my truck) back in the early part of February as part of the January sales. The same car will cost about $1500 more today than just six months ago. I should have the car paid for within the next 12 months.

        Sorry folks in ECONOMICS they used to teach that there is no free lunch. For example, those days of having a Stanley pot being made in China to make it inexpensive may be coming to an end very soon. That same $40.00 camping stanley pot will probably cost $70,00 once it is made in US again. So if you were looking to get a stanley pot you better get it NOW before those jobs come back to the US.

        Money vs Currency – Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1 – Mike Maloney

        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU

        Once those jobs come back as they are, wages will be going up hence our standard of living should once again go up. This is how it should work. There are TWO key problems with the premise. 1. our currency is backed by nothing like it was when we made things here in the US. 2. The massive debt that the US owes. We did not have this problem back when we made things. I remember in the early 1980s when all of the news organizations were panicking when the debt hit 1 TRILLION now we are at 20 TRILLION and growing. This is why they are raising interest rates because they have to continue to induce the rest of the world to buy our debt. I honestly do not know if the plan will work because of the two previously noted items.

        Those days of having goods cheaply made overseas is coming to an end. Our FREE lunch as they would say is OVER!

        Sorry folks. People will once again learn how to mend their pants or if the pants are getting tight lose some weight before people will throw pants in the garbage to buy the latest thing. That is how it used to be. I remember growing up and my parents would tell us kids that we would get one Christmas present and to choose wisely what we wanted. I remember in my mid-teens always requesting quality clothes.

        Get ready folks it has to get worse before it gets better. As they would say in weight lifting– no pain –no gain!

        It has to happen as our President is doing what needs to be done I pray for him and agree with what he is doing. Now that you know what to do, cut your cable off and use that same money and put it toward your future so goes with the $1,000 smart phone that you are wasting your money on.

        Be well.

        • “Those days of having goods cheaply made overseas is coming to an end. Our FREE lunch as they would say is OVER!”

          No, they will be outsourced to another low cost, low wage producer: probably in South or Central America, or the caribbean, even Africa may even experience a manufacturing boom.

          But the PARTY is over for China. 🙂

      33. Yea! And I wonder if there is a remote possibility that the religious affiliation that owns and controls the lying media ,the perverting Hollywood,and the thieving central banks , also own the wild and fluctuating lies to further destroy the only country that still has a chance to threaten their home base. Dual citizenship,?Seems ounce that threat is gone, they will use Allah to destroy us?

      34. There will be a high price to pay for being dependent on– and financing the (Elite-ruled) Communist world revolution by the purchase of– “Made in (Communist) China”. That American dependence on “Made in (Communist) China” is what Trump’s trade war is (trying?) to destroy.

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        • Some comments on this web site are automatically moderated through our Spam protection systems. Please be patient if your comment isn’t immediately available. We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam…….inkprofit.com

      36. It censored me.
        I used the word for individuals who came from the land of Judah. (I was defending them)

        The comment never appeared.

      37. Every product that uses steel and aluminum is now going to cost more.

        In many cases, a lot more.

        You wish it was that simple. No, I can tell you from experience that the first thing that will happen is companies will cut staff to a skeleton crew doing the jobs of four people each in an attempt to hold retail price.

        This is of course nonsense long term, as people’s purchasing power erodes the price effectively goes up in real terms, but hey it looks great on paper and keeps the shareholders happy.

        If you’re the FIRST to raise prices you just get slaughtered. No one buys your shit anymore. So no one wants to be first.

        They’re hoping it will all just blow over within two years…

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