Wikileaks Warns on Bank Of America: ‘Place Your Funds Somewhere Safer’

by | Dec 18, 2010 | Headline News | 104 comments

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    Do you have an account at Bank of America? If so, you may want consider the latest warning about the bank’s stability from Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. In a series of tweets this morning, Wikileaks warns that Bank of America may be unstable and that users should consider moving their money to another banking institution.

    The warning from Wikileaks comes on the heels of Bank of America’s reported refusal to process payments for the web whistleblower, joining Paypal, Visa and Mastercard in making it more difficult for the organization to raise funds for day-to-day operations and legal defense.

    According the the tweets posted on Saturday, account holders should start taking action against the banking behemoth:

    # We ask that all people who love freedom close out their accounts at Bank of America.
    about 14 hours ago via web

    #    Does your business do business with Bank of America? Our advise is to place your funds somewhere safer.
    about 14 hours ago  via web

    Following the release of some 250,000 pages of confidential and secret State Department documents in November, founder Julian Assange was interviewed by Forbes magazine and warned that sometime in the first quarter of 2011 his organization would release sensitive information on at least one, possibly two, major U.S. financial institutions.

    It is not clear exactly what information Wikileaks possesses, but it has been rumored that one of the banks involved in the upcoming megaleak will include Bank of America. According to Assange the bank leak will, “give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms.”

    We won’t know until the release happens – if it happens – how serious of an issue it will be for Bank of America, but based on today’s Twitter posts this reinforces the theory that BofA is the likely target and whatever Assange has on the company in terms of confidential documents and emails may be enough to seriously impact Bank of America’s business.

    Will we see a run on the bank after the document release?

    Our guess is that it is unlikely, as media and government will likely come to its rescue both financially and perceptively.

    After all, a good number of the populace is aware the the entire banking system is insolvent, that the Spring 2009 bank stress tests were bogus, and that banks are holding billions upon billions in toxic assets (many of which have since been offloaded to the Federal Reserve), yet it continues to be business as usual.

    The whole system is corrupt and it will take more than proof of wrongdoing to bring the whole thing down, as ridiculous as that sounds.

    Then again, we could be wrong, and those who have their life savings at Bank of America may want to reconsider diversifying to a regional bank or two. Why take the risk when it’s so easy to play it safe?

    References: Zero Hedge, Market Ticker, Raw Story


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      1. Sour grapes for Wikileaks, methinks! Look people, B of A has been trying to balance its books ever since the FED forced it to absorb Merrill Lynch and eat huge losses. Unless you have more than $250,000 in any specific checking or savings account, that money is not at risk.

        Losses from the MM continue to eat away at bank reserves, which is why Helicopter Ben deployed Bailout Number Two.

        If an American had released some government cables it could be considered patriotism. When a foreigner does it its theft; particularly if it is classified information. That is what spies do.

        He should be shot as a spy!

      2. DK    Don’t you realize the bankers are attacking the world, thus we will need help from other countries if we are to ever get back our own?

        It is obvious the average American is not going to do anything.  I don’t care if the information comes from a space alien, if it sheds light on the bankers and their criminal enterprises then it is welcome.

      3. “He should be shot as a spy!”

      4. GC: No one understands any better than I that the bankster gangsters intend to disenfranchise the middle class in America and Europe with the intent of extending unfettered capitalism, and therefore establishing  global capitallism upon an unsuspecting world. This isn’t about the banks.

        If you or I were in posession of classified American government documents, some of which may justly be described as secret, and we passed those documents to foreign governments, or published those secrets as Wikileaks has done, we would be on trial for espionage; and rightly so.

        There is a fine line between between genius and madman. Likewise I think there is a fine line between the public’s right to know, and the just protection of American secrets. Let’s put it to a jury of 12 Americans and let them determine whether, or to what extent this foreigner has violated American law.

        If you are going to play with fire, you should understand that you may burn yourself. If you take the risk you get the reward; or not. If you do the crime then do the time.

      5. Wikileaks  releases info on our military and no one cared.  Wikileaks threatens to release info on Bank of America,  and the guy is now a spy and evil……what gives?

        The banksters  know  the end is near.   They will do whatever it takes to keep their “criminal enterprises”  going.

        The major problem for America is . …Bankster=Government!

      6. I’m with you GC.  Why is a “foreigner” having to the job of a US journalist?  Is it because they no longer do any “investigative reporting”.  They dribble out the BS the government wants us to know. We are on Mac’s site because we can’t get the real deal in major media.

        We know we got screwed by the Fed Reserve and gov when the stimulus bill went through. Remember how we were going to get disclosure of who got what, then when the bill passed we got the finger. 

        Don’t forget those “failed” banks on getting the money had no problem paying themselves bonuses.  They were broke ! WTF!

        I’m one who wants an accounting and if it comes from Wiki, so what.  We sure aren’t getting transparentcy  from the White House or the Fed Reserve.  They lost their rights to confidentiality when they started lying to us about the money and New World Order.  Any way we can get intel is fair game.

      7. LIM:  We already know ALL about the bankster gangsters, including their intention to suppress and manipulate the price of precious metals. For these criminal actions, heads will roll. I am not expecting any surprises about the banks from wikileaks.

        My opinion about wikileaks is not about what information it MAY leak about the banks. It is about military and diplomatic secrets that he may have illegally possessed and published, which might put our people at risk.

        In October, SHTF America published intelligence it received about Iranian intentions; before the WORM was known to the world or before the WSJ posted a story about Iran’s willingness to return to talks after a whole year.

        SHTF America disclosed the Iranian Strategy, before they even implemented it. Not a crime in the USA, but I don’t think the Ayatollahs would be pleased to know that their strategy, determined in their highest councils, had been compromised.

        40 lashes, public stoning, or an Iranian jail cell: what do you think would be the fate of SHTF America in Iran?

      8. DK

        An honorable government would need no secrets.  The secrets of our military and government are the secrets of the bankers, the enemies of the people.

        It seems you want to protect the criminals from the very people who can help us defeat them.  If American law were the peoples law, it might be worth protecting. 

        You are talking about the enforcement of the corporations law against a friend of the people whose only crime is spreading the truth.

        I respect your right to feel that way, its just not for me.

      9. I am uncertain that the FDIC could take a ‘hit’ the size of B of A. I believe that they are effectively broke given the number of bank failures there have been in the past couple of years.

        Sooner, rather than later, folks around the world are going to figure out that the Emperor (US govt) isn’t wearing any clothes (is broke and doesn’t have any money that it hasn’t just printed). Then we are all in really deep do-do.

      10. GC: The issue here is a simple one: does wikileaks have a legal right to possess and publish US Govt (corporation) documents? The answer is simple too.


        This isn’t Viet Nam  and this guy isn’t Daniel Ellsberg. Daniel Ellsberg was trying to save American servicemen and women’s lives. Wikileaks is endangering them.

        Don’t give this guy a pass because you may think that any enemy of my enemy is my friend. He is not a friend of the American people. But hey! not to worry, he WILL get his day in court, and an American jury can decide his fate.

        • Daniel Ellsberg is actively campaigning to free prvt Manning and fully supports Wikileaks, he did however have his day in court…

      11. I gotta say I disagree with your thinking DK.  There should be no secrets.  All this crap that’s happening is because of too many secrets and behind the scene deals.  It time all of this comes out.  He’s doing us all a huge favor.    GC  hit it right on the head.

      12. GC: Your statement, ” an honorable government would need no secrets” is absurd. Every government, every corporation, and every person has secrets. Its called the right to privacy, and it is the way of the world.

        Not all government secrets are justified, but wikileaks does not have the authority to decide what American government secrets are justified and what secrets are not. He is an Australian citizen and if he takes that responsibility upon himself then he will have to man up and face the music.

      13. Bill; I understand what you are saying and I support full disclosure and transparency. But I do not condone criminal activity against my country by a foreign national.

        He hasn’t released any damaging itel about the banks, which is what all of you here are supporting him for. When he does, if he does, it is not likely to be anything we didn’t know already. Get a grip people!

        He made the statement against BofA after they terminated his ability to receive financial support. How lame is that? If he had any “damaging” info that would have been the time to disclose it, don’t cha think?

      14. Search for  the House Judiciary chairman Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) on Wiki did not violate the Espionage Act –

        At a hearing on the topic he said:

        “…As an initial matter, there is no doubt that WikiLeaks is very unpopular right now. Many feel that the WikiLeaks publication was offensive,” Conyers said, according to prepared remarks. “But being unpopular is not a crime, and publishing offensive information is not either. And the repeated calls from politicians, journalists, and other so-called experts crying out for criminal prosecutions or other extreme measures make me very uncomfortable.”
        The Obama administration and members of Congress from both parties have called for the prosecution of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after the unauthorized leak of State Department cables, portraying him as a threat to national security.
        But legal experts have pointed out the extraordinary difficulties in legally targeting the anti-secrecy outlet, and warned that doing so would set a dangerous precedent in which newspapers could be prosecuted  for revealing unflattering information about the government…”

      15. DK – I don’t feel it’s criminal activity against our country.  It’s against the banks and our government.  I believe because of the publicity he’s receiving, it’s helping to make more people aware of what’s going down.

      16. Durango Kidd,

        There once was a time when I, like you, would stand against anyone who would speak, much less act against my country.  Now I understand that the USA is involved in some pretty terrible activities which are designed to serve the purposes of the few at the expense of the many.
        Your hostility against Assange is as misplaced as your trust in the FDIC.  Like him or hate him, Assange is not distributing forged documents, but internal documents from the criminal participants themselves.  As much as it troubles me to see it, we are the genesis of the international banking atrocity.  It must be exposed if it is to be stopped.

      17. DK

        The government has no right to privacy, nor does a corporation created by it.  What is absurd is your contention that these fictional criminal enterprises have the same rights as a Man, or that the rights come from the same place.

        If the government was involved in legitimate constitutional pursuits, there would be nothing to fear from the truth coming out regardless of where it came from.

        The gov corps are not worried in the least that this guy will start lying.  They have never accused him of that.  They are worried about the truth that he may reveal.

        What does it tell you about a government that fears the truth and attacks those who try to spread it?  One thing it says loud and clear is that any jury of 12 Americans would never be allowed to hear it.

        I understand where you are coming from.  You are fighting from within a crooked system to preserve a perceived system that has already been lost.   That is effort wasted and only strengthens the crooked system.

        It must be taken back and rebuilt before it will be worth fighting for.  And that will only be when enough people know the truth of what is going on.

        All people owe a debt to any other people who risk it all to share the truth.   Whether you like the truth they share or not.   With enough truth, the lie can be defeated.

      18. Comments….. Governments and Banks need to be more open and honest with their dealings. If they were then the financial crisis wouldn’t have happened and wikileaks would just be performing the job of the fourth estate.

      19. Comments….. Assange is just the messenger.  It’s all those people who leaked stuff to him who are the ones blowing the whistle, and it’s Assanges train blowing it.  If it weren’t for whistle blowers, how would we know about the corruption in the government and in big business.  There should be no secrets, no skulduggery, no nothing but being on the up and up and honest.  Assange is during what real journalists should do–report the evidence.  I liken him to the pimp and prostitute that showed all the corruption in ACORN.  So what that it embarrassed a few government workers who got fired.  And so what if BofA gets outed for their criminal actions, they deserve it.

      20. DK    We already know all about the bankster secrets ? You don’t know a fraction of what’s going on……And the gov should hold secrets from its citizens ? You’ve been brainwashed by the gov owned media…..or you haven’t read the Constitution for a while… this for a little more “enlightenment”….[]   

      21. The lies and thief that has been perpetrated by the banks is criminal. The worse thing is it won’t be exposed or punished. Everything wikileaks knows is merely the truth…Bring it on. It’s high time this country looked at the truth. Truth, a commodity the media disdains…..

      22. Jeff – One thing I can tell you is that Durango Kid has not been brainwashed by the media.   Not even a little…………..

      23. Durango Kidd said, “…and this guy isn’t Daniel Ellsberg…”

        From what I’ve read, it’s more like Julian Assange is the equivalent to The New York Times.

        The First Amendment applies to All people – not just a select few Overmen – this right is a gift from God, not something bestowed by government.

        Bradley Manning would be the equivalent of Daniel Ellsberg, and this whole deal has already been decided one time, the Supreme Court ordered publication of the Times to resume freely, a second go around is a waste of time and money.

        If the goberment is lying, that is the entity that should be on trial.

      24. Heys guys back from a break, got some time before dinner. I appreciate ALL of the sentiment here and agree with your generalities against the bankster gangsters and the government. Nothing new. We all hate the Obummer Administration; except Mushroom.

         I am a stronger voice than any of you know against them both: not to mention the Lame Stream Media. But, don’t let your well placed and well founded hatred of these entities blind you to the simple question of wikileaks. Wikileaks isn’t about the banks. 

        Assange hasn’t said one bad thing about the banks that I have heard of, except to encourage a run on BofA after they closed his account; probably at the order of the Obummer Admin via the FED.

        SOUR GRAPES!

        He certainly hasn’t said anything we don’t already know, for those of US in the know. Some of that criminal activity is being documented as evidence as we speak. And some Banksters are going to jail: just not the Gang of Four: geither, greenspan, paulson, and bernanke.

        One bankster gangster just got seven years, two or three times the normal sentence for his particular crime because the judge wanted to make an example of him and said so during sentencing. See Bloomberg

        There is no way to prosecute ALL of the criminals, because there isn’t enough time, space, or prosecutors to do that; but we can at least make an example of some of them. That is happening; if not happening fast enough for most of US. And no matter how many they put in jail, it won’t be enough.

        But let me say again: Wikileaks is not about the banks. Its not even about a despicable, criminal, and tyranical government. It is about whether, a foreign national has the right to possess and publish classified American government documents.

        This American says, NO! No way, no how!

        Three years from now Mr. Assange will be the guest of the American people for criminal acts against the State. If any American citizens die from his activites he should also be prosecuted for murder.

      25. @Durango Kidd- But does the US government have the right to enforce our laws on a foreign national?  When a foreign country asks for a US citizen to be sent to that country to be tried for crimes they committed there, we’ve rarely sent them.  Why the double standard?  If I were Australia I would tell the USA where to go.

        Why is the government allowed to keep secrets.  We the people OWN the government.  It works for us.  It should be completely open to us in all regards.  We as a nation should not be doing illegal/shady dealings and call ourselves moral.  He was given the information, the person who released it needs to be tried not the journalist.  1st Amendment.  Might want to check it out, it’s begin destroyed slowly by the last 3-4 governments, both parties to boot.

        Maybe the government should secure their documents better also?  If its that important why can 1-2 people get sooooo many documents?  Some of it shouldn’t have been released uncensored in a lot of cases to protect people that helped the US but that is also not his job.  His job is to report facts.

        Basically by your own admission if someone possessed a classified report that our government was rounding up certain people and killing them in ovens they should destroy it and carry on their lives and not report it?  As long as it’s secret/classified it should never be reported I suppose?  No matter how bad it is?  If not, who determines if it was justified?  Some simpleton sheeple?  Na, no thanks.  Freedom of press.  Control the leaks not the press.  They’re owned enough already.

      26. Problem is, even if wikileaks shows massive fraud, and the bank goes boom, it will not effect the banksters.  They will move their money with a few keystrokes to some safe haven.  Thus leaving the poor ordinary shlub to lose their shirts, pants and everything else.
        Wiki may be figthing the good fight but the collateral damage will be the normal folks.

      27. Comments…..there are three things that no one, private citizen ,banker, polititian, church leaders, doctors, lawyers, or whoever  like to talk about and cant seem to talk about without getting heated up..those three things are politics, religion and money.  personally, i am so low on the totem pole it does not seem to matter much.  but, it is my humble opinion that when a business of any kind stinks to high heaven from covering up it sh*t, then it deserves to fail. today, that news would really not be “earth shattering”. i think we are all expecting axes to fall whether we care to admit it or not. 

      28. MikeL; Have you ever heard of INTERPOL? Or extradition? If a charge is filed against a foreign national we can ask for his arrest and extradition. We do it all the time for drug dealers and other nations make requests of US for similar things. Thats the global police state.

        And Mike don’t make dumbass analogies and put my name to it. It only shows your own stupidity. I said nothing of the sort about ovens. Stick to the topic. You are not a very deep thinker. If you have an argument to make about the first amendment, make it and put YOUR name on it. I can speak for myself.

        I say if our government believes he has broken our laws he should be brought before an American jury in accordance with international law.

      29. Sorry DK, Mike L is right. Our leaders from the adminstration down to the guys on wall street are corrupt, plain and simple. Did you read the GS article ? I’ve literally read a thousand (1000) similar articles, if I’ve read one. We as a country have never been so blantantly corrupt in all our history. Key word being blantant. You present a couple prosecutions in what, 2 years ? Right, that’s really putting the screws to them. They laugh at such things. By the way, most judgements handed down are monetary punishments. Another joke, considering they make that much every day……By the way, there are no accidents in this country. You think they couldn’t put a stop to wikileaks long before this, if they wanted ? No, this like everything else is calculated. A reason to shut down the internet in the name of “security”.

      30. DK   When you start calling people dumb ass you start to show your own stupidity. In case you misunderstood, Mike was asking the question, at what point do you (gov) cross the line ? When, DK, is it beyond acceptable behavoir ? To refresh your memory, here’s is his statement….try to read it real slow….[ Basically by your own admission if someone possessed a classified report that our government was rounding up certain people and killing them in ovens they should destroy it and carry on their lives and not report it?  As long as it’s secret/classified it should never be reported I suppose?  No matter how bad it is?  If not, who determines if it was justified? ]

      31. Jeff: I don’t disagree with what you say in your immediate followup post. The prosection which I mentioned from a Bloomberg article was a $13 million dollar judgement and seven years in jail as I recall, on a seven million dollar profit for insider trading.

         I have no idea how many extraditions take place between nations and don’t really care … do you? I was merely stating the obvious.

        As far as MikeL is concerned, when he said: “by your own admission”he attributed to me statements or conclusions which I haven’t made, thus my “dumbass analogy” label. And I stand by it. It was a stupid hypothetical question that did not relate to my comments at all and is the kind of ranting that he and Jane (Hi Jane!) do. I don’t have time for it.

        The inability of some commentors to remain on topic and make a rational presentation of their views is something that we have seen here from time to time; and we all know who these people are. If they want to rant thats fine but don’t direct their stupidity at me for something that I have not said or suggested.

        I think I have stated my position on this matter quite clearly and as it is now 9:45 on Saturday night in Phoenix, I gotta go! I can hear the music!. Chow!

        December 18th, 2010 at 5:33 pm
        I gotta say I disagree with your thinking DK.  There should be no secrets.  All this crap that’s happening is because of too many secrets and behind the scene deals.  It time all of this comes out.  He’s doing us all a huge favor.    GC  hit it right on the head.

        Secrets?? What secrets???
        Like the one just published that Afghanistan is a lost cause??
        That only 20 % of the rural cities are really under supervision and control by our military?   That the other 80 % is not responding to our ‘help’ or is controlled by the Taliban??

        I say, Assange, bring it!!!  Forget the leaks…hell, turn the hose on full force!!!!

        However, even when Americans learn the truth, will they demand our troops stop dying for the military-industrial complex and Cheney’s Halliburton, KBR?? 

        Amazing when telling the truth is treason! OUCH!!

        Three years from now Mr. Assange will be the guest of the American people for criminal acts against the State. If any American citizens die from his activites he should also be prosecuted for murder.

        Pardon me, but if anyone should be tried for treason and criminal acts against its people and the state–it should be Obama first…then let’s cart out a few hundred of CONgressmen…and that’s a good start.
        God, they’ve done more to sabotage and hurt/destroy this country, but we’re ready to lynch Assange??

      34. Comments…..  How could Assange be held for treason when he is not an American citizen?  IMHO, this is just another distraction.  Watch for more fireworks.


        And Mike don’t make dumbass analogies and put my name to it. It only shows your own stupidity. I said nothing of the sort about ovens.

        But, many here have made the case…are you the keeper of the news?? Who is??  Who should be??  Would we, should we condemn those reporters of the Holocaust?? 
        If you don’t want it known, don’t do it–if you don’t want it repeated, don’t say it…where do we draw the line in reporting bad, embarrassing, private things??
        Perverted priests, gay congressmen soliciting minors…see, now, it gets personal and private.
        I say I am an adult and treat me like one—bring it…I can handle it.
        And, yes, about military ‘secrets’ and intel…hell, Israeli Mossad and intelligence knows more about US military than we do…chew on that for a while. 
        PROMIS…check it out.


        I say if our government believes he has broken our laws he should be brought before an American jury in accordance with international law.

        If our government believes he has broken laws??
        oh, wow..the same one that screws up every thing they touch??
         and has the morals and ethics of  an addict ??  You jest!!

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        Goldenfoxx..Amen—-those who start pointing fingers about treason need to look carefully in the mirror–esp. many in the admin.,  the fraud in the oval office, and half of CONgress.

      39. Okay… Assange is an Australian citizen… he can’t be tried for “treason” because he isn’t a citizen of the US. 
        Secondly, you will notice that nobody is denying the truth of what is in the documents that have been “leaked” so far… they’re just ripping the messenger. You’ll notice that Assange is being held on bogus sex charges. 
        Third… the whole thing smells of a set-up. There is no way a low level Army officer can get hold of top secret documents or e-mails unless they are somehow given to him.
        Ultimately this will be used as an excuse for a government take-over of the internet… forcing all sorts of regulations on us and taxing us.  It doesn’t matter what you think of Assange himseld, we have to fight on behalf of Assange for the sake of our own 1st Amendment rights.  I agree with Ron Paul who said that if we can be charged with treason for simply telling the truth, we’re in deep trouble.  Exposure to sunlight is the most powerful weapon we have against tyranny. We all stand together or we hang separately.

      40. “There is a fine line between between genius and madman.” While this may be true, no such “fine line” exists when it comes to the blatant, in your face, anti-corruption operation known as Wikileaks. With Wikileaks there is no fine line. The line is easily seen. There are criminals and there are heroes.

        What is a man that hides, perpetrates and condones corruption? Is he a hero or a villian?

        What is a man that calls out corruption, murder and shady dealings? Is he a hero or a villian?

        Don’t trip over your morality while reaching for your patriotism!

        The United States Federal Government is a cabal of organized, corrupt, lying, murdering, treasonous snakes. How can anyone that shines the light of truth on these treasonous bastard-thieves be called anything but a hero? …unless, of course, you’re one of them, I would think you would be calling for them to give Assange a medal.

        Wake up people. If you can’t see this distinction then I stand corrected. The problems in the world is not just from the corrupt cabal running the governments, it is from stupid, sheep-like beings that won’t take responsibility for the corruption in their midst.

      41. As this article states, it was in November in Forbes magazine Assange puts forth his warning that sometime in the first quarter of 2011 his organization would release sensitive information on at least one, possibly two, major U.S. financial institutions.

        The AP story reports it was this Friday (the 17th) of BofA  announcement to dry up Wiki funding.   My recall was PayPal was first and that came from pressure being applied to them, then MC, et al.  Do you think those financials are clueless on who they are? 

        So, I’m sitting on thousands of documents I’m going to dump, with a track record of doing what I say I will, and my adversary is trying to stop me by blocking access to my funds and I’m to do…what? 

        Revenge?  You bet!  Here is a tip of who and what’s to come.  The recent “tweets” are a heads up and call to action.  You are being warned there is risk with staying with BofA.  Consider it insider trading, like the deals made among the boys of Wall St. 

        The article closes and says it all  “…Why take the risk when it’s so easy to play it safe? …”

        Whoa to the sheeple thinking out there.

      42. Looks like there are at least twelve commentators here in support of the “messenger” Assange. What has concerned me from the beginning with the “hang him high” lynchers are the focus and attacks on the messenger, on the who, why and how. Instead, I’m more interested in the messages content, relevance and accuracy. The messages not only speak to where we are, but how we got here and possibly foretell the details of the agenda, future and fate.  Are these things I need to know? I believe so.  For one to formulate workable plans, informed decision making is needed.
        House Judiciary chairman Rep. John Conyers stated Wiki did not violate the Espionage Act.  His remarks include “…being unpopular is not a crime, and publishing offensive information is not either…” and “…legal experts have pointed out the extraordinary difficulties in legally targeting the anti-secrecy outlet, and warned that doing so would set a dangerous precedent in which newspapers could be prosecuted for revealing unflattering information about the government…”
        Wonder if the “hang him high” folks get the consequences if AG Holder has his way to shut Wiki down and indicts? Meaning the AG will have to corrupt our constitutional amendment rights in order to do so.  Handing them, what they will say is a peoples mandate to further stick it to us. 

        It’s a shame our Fourth Estate is not doing it’s job.  I for one am thankful an Assange is out there, stepping up to the plate in real time, to layout the good, the bad and the ugly details and agendas.  In the past, we had to wait twenty years for a version of the truth to be written in a tell all book, after all the parties involved were retired or had died and there was nothing we could do about  it.

      43. This is serious stuff since B of A is supposed to be the largest bank with the most assets…
        The Fed can just print monopoly money and bail them out as well, so I don’t see them collapsing, but then our currency may collapse.
        This is the trend folks, nobody big will be allowed to collapse, so get out of the dollar, 401K’s, bonds, etc.

      44. Gods Creation,
         I like your thinking on this subject. Freedom is the right know all, not what a group of elected (by me to represent me) humans or appointed (by those elected by me to represent me) humans feel it is safe for me to know. Be open, be transparent, and let the free markets rule. 

      45. Just paid off my credit card to the Bank of America.  I cut them off of interest.  Killing all debt to not fund the NWO bastards.  Also, buying silver.  As for 401k…I have self directed trading.  Bought CEF, Allocated gold and silver in Canada.  I made over $20k with this stock in 18 months.  Ammo up folks.  If the dollar crashes…it will be mad max times.  You’ll want that shotgun in the corner.  Also stocked the house with foods from  Ready for what comes. Next prep…digging into SAS…a computer language…as that’s my career path..seems only the big companies will survive.

      46. Comments….. This is a comment left at a different site. I thought it was worth sharing:

        Yesterday 06:55 PM

        Recommended by
        7 people

        Page 157 of the book America’s Great Depression, rings in my ears
        This may be about economics – but then again reduced to finites most things are

        “In short, in our supposed democracy, if the people were allowed to know what had been transacted in their name and what penalties they were subsequently being forced to pay, they would rise up in their wrath. Better to keep the people in ignorance. This, of course, is the familiar attitude of the bureaucrat in power. But what of the fundamental question it raises for democracy itself: how can the people decide upon issues or judge their presumed representatives, if the latter insist on keeping vital information from them”

        And since this was a book about banks and politic it is most apposite.

      47. “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. ” – JFK

        I’ll stick to that.

      48. B of A supplies the credit cards for the military that “are required” for any military member to travel in many aspects.  Hmmmmmm.

      49. Celebrities from Jemima Khan, to Michael Moore, to Hanif Kureishi have said they will pony up the cash for bail if Assange is in fact free to go.  In fact, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has left Wandsworth Prison and is now a FREE MAN in London, and he will walk free from this mess, his orchestrated campaign megaleaks.

        The Deputy Foreign Minister Kintto Lucas said, “we are open to giving him residence in Ecuador, without any kind of trouble and without any kind of conditions.”

      50. Maybe if a lot of our politicians wouldn’t say some of the things about other leaders and do the wrong things for their country or not do the cheating thing for themselves they wouldn’t have anything to be embarr assed about…….
        It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

      51. People say it’s nothing more than a ploy to make people believe WikiLeaks is a company which is indepent from the “Shadow Government or NOW”. 

        Assange said, he will release info. About BOA, but there’s nothing new or many not be important at all.  

        Many articles and videos exposed several problems and illegal dealings in the banking industry.

        The key is how taxpayers get Bank of America to pay back all the bailout money. Even if they say they did, how can they prove it.  I guess we will have to take the Fed’s words for it.  Go figure, another sad story or being screwed by the Fed again and again.

      52. Correction:

        The “ Shadow Government = NWO = OWO. ”

      53. all this talk about wikileaks putting our men & women in danger.  Our government is putting our military in danger.  2 unjust wars, we’re growing opium in Afghanistan and we’re setting up an corrupt government in Iraq that will come tumbling down once we leave, but who thinks we’re leaving, we built the mother of all embassies there.  You know when we’re leaving, when every last drop of oil has been squeezed out.

      54. all this talk about wikileaks putting our men & women in danger.  Our government is putting our military in danger.  2 unjust wars, we’re growing opium in Afghanistan and we’re setting up an corrupt government in Iraq that will come tumbling down once we leave, but who thinks we’re leaving, we built the mother of all embassies there.  You know when we’re leaving, when every last drop of oil has been squeezed out.

      55. Seraphim said, “You know when we’re leaving, when every last drop of oil has been squeezed out.”

        Many people say it’s Not about the oil, it’s about control of the people, gaining their submission, and maintaining it, forever.

        Back to the article, I’ve been thinking about not using a bank whatsoever, paying bills direct, using a check cashing service, etc,… the only hangup is direct deposit payroll, how to get around that? Becoming self-employed is the only solution I’ve thought of so far, and regulations, heavy fees, taxation and continued support of high real estate prices have all been blocking that at every turn, so far. Arg.

      56. B of A…the perfect place for mushroom to stash all of his #10 cans of $10 Fraudulent Reserve Notes…whattaya waitin’ for ‘shroom — they need your toilet paper now!

        Still no apology extended — GMAFB

      57. The last time the guy exposed the emails about the Global Warming scheme (not classified info. and from private industry), but  the left-wing Senators were very mad and demanded to put the guy in jail and prevented the media to block the leak (the truth). 

        Why???  Because this time it showed that there was no global warming evidence at all, except telling each other to lie and to hide the real data/the truth, wow! ……  But in the WikiLeaks case, it still operates since 2006 I belive.

      58. Julian Assange will work away, because it’s based on the past case.
        But people want to know who really owns WikiLeaks?

        Who gave the Army Private Bradley Manning ( 23-year-old) the sensitive or classified documents (approximately 1 million pages???)

      59. Julian Assange will walk away, because it’s based on the past case. 
        But people want to know who really owns WikiLeaks?
        Who gave Bradley Manning a low ranking soldier ( 23-year-old) the sensitive or classified documents (approximately 1 million pages)????

      60. Bradley Manning had the clearance & access Jane. His life as he knew it, is over.

      61. @ clark

        I have been using one of those check cashing services for five years. It seems to be an internet bank somewhere in cyber space.  You can buy a debit/credit card from one of their brick and mortar outlets or even a grocery store. ($2.99 to $9.99)  Activate the card and use it just like the big bank’s debit/credit card.  I have two cards.  One is designated for direct deposits and the other to pay bills, do online or store vender purchases, get cash or ATM withdrawals.

        No charge on the direct deposit card.  On the bill paying card, I pay a flat fee of $9.99 a month for unlimited use. What’s neat about the card is no overdraft fee’s.  If the money isn’t there they just don’t authorize the purchase or pay the bill, but they also don’t charge a fee because it didn’t go through.  The other thing, when my money is deposited to the one card, I go online (or use the phone) to transfer funds instantly to the bill paying card. Again no fees.

        I brought a card for my son as an emergency back up. It’s in his name in another state and if necessary I can transfer funds to his card too at no charge, instead of using Western Union and paying wire fees. The card remains active and there is no monthly fee if he keeps a balance on the card. The balance has been 76 cents for the last several months.

        Last month was the first significant change.  Originally I could go to an outlet and take all the direct deposit money out in cash if I wanted.  They now limit it to $300 cash withdrawals daily.  But I have the second card I can do the same after transferring money to it and can get $100 cash back with each purchase using debit purchase option with merchants. To me it’s been a win as it doesn’t seem I’m on anyone’s radar or picked up mainstream.

      62. P.S.

        The reason I have one card direct deposit use only is because it’s the “money” card and don’t want for any reason to have to cancel it. Having to change accounts is a you know what and can take months to get straighten out and in the mean time you may have no access to your money.  I never leave the house with that card, which is in a safe fireproof environment.

        They now also allow savings account on the same cards and credit charges can be disputed. I’ve seen where some of said these cards are bad for that reason.  The timeline I think is different, but that is why one must read the fine print. It cost me a few times to learn the ropes, but it’s been worth not being identified as a main street banking  customer.  My experience has been with Netspend, but there are others out there.

      63. Durango Kidd talking like a true slave…keep it up buddy…next thing you’ll be boarding your next flight only in your underwear, all for security reasons.

      64. Comments…..GMAFB, how will you wipe your fat ass without toilet paper bought with your fraudulent federal reserve notes.

      65. Comments…..I am still trying to figure out if mushroom is real or doing a great job as a satirist.

      66. Oh by the way, speaking of banks… check out your bank or credit union’s strength (1 to 5 star rating) on

        My credit union went from a 4 star rating to a 2 in 3 months…

        promptly went to the teller and withdrew all the funds the next day.

        I recommend you do your due dilegence,

        nobody cares more about your money than you do! (I hope you agree!!)

      67. I sit on the fence on the Assange. I see both sides…..Hero or Spy.
        At the risk of sounding totally paranoid….do you think that it may the GOVT that is leaking the “secrets” knowing what the outcome will be? Afterall they do not seem very interested in getting him. What they have said seems to be in line with a big  a dog ‘n’ pony show.  

      68. Like many Americans, I am conflicted about aspects of this.  I am a loyal American and I love my country.  The country I love and to whom I am loyal is a country of the people, by the people and for the people.  Sadly, it seems like our country is now our government, the people be damned.

        For too long we have had a government that runs multiple Ponzi Schemes, that hides behind “National Security”  and that treats its own citizens like suspects and/or criminals.  For too long our government has been in bed with both Big Labor and Big Corporations at the expense of its citizens.  Our government has debased our currency and has engaged in activities that may well bankrupt our country. 

        President Eisenhower (hardly a left wing icon) warned about the evils of the military industrial complex.  That complex has expanded to include the security complex.  Could the whole thing actually be the financial complex?  Given the scope of the complex, am I naive to wonder how some young PFC stationed in Iraq had access to so much data and how such a person could download so much data without alarm bells going off somewhere in our government-military-industrial-security-financial complex?

        The issue of whether or not a crime was committed by Mr. Assange is fairly straightforward.  If he collaborated with anyone to procure classified information, he committed a crime; if not, he did not commit a crime as he only published it. (Good luck defining publishing anymore.)  We either have a First Amendment or we don’t.  How anyone might feel about Mr. Assange is not the issue.  Freedom of speech and the truth are the central issues, as angry or as uncomfortable as anyone might feel.  FYI, I am a Conservative who believes in our Constitution.

      69. @ Jane ~

        I direct my question to you because your posts always seem to include  a lot of “<strong>” and “</strong>” and “<em>” and “</em>” and “&amp”.

        Please bring illumination and knowledge into a poor old
        red-neck’s life. Just what exactly do these cryptic notations mean? I’m serious; this is driving me nucking futs! I have to know!!! Your kind assistance in this matter will be sincerely and greatly appreciated.

        Anyone? A little help here please??? Thanks & ho-ho-ho!

      70. Must be Israel is getting ready for another flase flag event.

      71. I like Ho Hos.  Especially when they are Swiss made.

      72. MikeyinFl:   Mr. Assange is at least guilty of “receiving stolen property”. That it was classified government property means it was a federal offense. Federal crimes carry stronger punishment. That he chose to embarass the PTB guarantees that they will extract their pound of flesh. He will not go free. He will not be a FREE MAN.

        See: Wiki Leaks, Meet Bubba! at SHTF Times.

        PuppetKing: True slave? Laughable. I probably have more freedom and independence than you because I am financially self sufficient and can do as I please; within the law. If you chose to break a law, then you have to accept the consequences of that law. If you believe a law is unjust then work to change it.

        The true slaves here are those who are so focused against the bankster gangsters; and the criminal, tyrannical government that they cannot see the forest for the trees, and separate independent issues. They subscribe to set of beliefs so singular, that it does not allow them to evaluate a specific question without their established views clouding their perception and confusing the issue.

        Note how many comments here condem the banks, but NO information has been forthcoming against the banks. When it does, it will not come as a surprise to any of US; or will it be anything that we don’t already know.

        The bottom line? Mr. Assange will be extradited to the USA and never see the light of day as a free man for 20 years.

      73. I didn’t need Assange to tell me not to use skank of America. I belong to my local credit union.

      74. Comments…..For crying out loud, Durango, don’t you ever shut up? First, there is every possibility that Assange & Wikileaks are CIA. Everything in this release has been carefully filtered to reinforce the “Iran is evil/everybody else (especially Israel) is dandy” worldview. That being said, I still totally approve of the release of these documents as long as they are made available UNFILTERED in their raw form.

        Secondly, I could care less if the release of these docs gets some low-life spook killed. Great! The more the better. I don’t trust any government on the planet with “secrets” and the US government least of all. If the release of classified material gets somebody in hot water then they are obviously scum and involved in criminal activity. They’re the ones who deserve a bullet.

      75. Local hero: If you don’t like my comments don’t read them. But if you name me I am probably going to respond. You defend Assange right to free speach, but I don’t have the right?


      76. Comments…..  DK said: The bottom line? Mr. Assange will be extradited to the USA and never see the light of day as a free man for 20 years.

        I doubt that – he’ll head to Equador and work from there.  I’m still waiting for the big BofA event that’s been promised for 2 months now but hasn’t materialized.  Is there a credibility problem with him now?

      77. As a citizen of Assange’s current guest country I find Durango Kids many pontifications rather amusing.
        Effectively as a publisher how can he be a receiver of stolen goods? A point DK doesn’t wish to address.
        I see  that he believes Assagne will end up being tried in the US. Does this mean that he will be extradited from a pliable country to a country that has not had the decency to sign up for an extradition treaty with my country. A treaty that is effectively one way, where you want to extradite a man with learning difficulties who managed to hack into a military computer in search of UFO material. Who was the bigger criminal, the hacker or the incompetent programmers who couldn’t defend their country’s computers?
        I’ll be interested to see if Mr Manning gets much of a criminal sentence.
        Problem is DK that you are exhibiting the arrogance of some of your compatriots [not most of the above] who believe in the infallibilty of the good old US of A who have the right to export their system of government ,etc to wherever they feel its needed. A country that entered one war in the Far East that achieved nothing except the death of tens of thousands of your fellow Americans and the deaths of countless civilians.
        A recent war which will probably end up with the ongoing deaths of many more civilians and the possible break up of that country.
        And a current  war which will go nowhere in support of a corrupt government and the ongoing deaths of more soldiers  and civilians [read Vietnam again].
        What surprises me is that your government never seems to learn.

      78. GF: Mr. Assange is under house arrest in Britain on a 600 acre estate owned by one of his supporters. He wears an electronic ankle bracelet and must report to local police every day. He is not going anywhere. If he could go anywhere, the only place that he could be safe is Venezuela or Bolivia, or maybe the outback of Australia, under an assumed name. Anywhere else and the PTB can probably find him and get to him. And though silent on the surface, you can bet they are working feveriously behind the scenes to nail this guy.

        Rayson, don’t misinterpret my understanding of what the PTB will and are going to do to this guy as my support for a criminal administration, or support for the wars of unfettered capitalism, or even the bankster gangsters for that matter. 

        He couldn’t publish those classified cables unless he was in possession of them, could he? End of story.

        Further, I believe that every nation has a right to self determination. I also believe that everyone in the world aspires to the American ideal of freedom, justice, liberty, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness.
        Unfortunately, the American people have let that ideal slip from their grasp by that trilateral axis of evil aka Big Business, Big Banking, and Big Government.

        The Liberty Movement in America, which is evidenced by the tea party, the militia movement, oathkeepers, and thousands of web sites like this one is a grass roots movement to make our government: of the people, by the people, and for the people, responsive once again. It is not an easy task.

        Are you talking about PFC Manning? That kid will probably get 20 years in Leavenworth Military Prison in Kansas as suggested by SHTF Times, under the UCMJ. Sadly, that kid will go away for a long, long, time, but not before testifying against Assange. The US military takes a dim view of insubordination, and theft of government property.

      79. Comments….. Rayson, you are correct, our government will never learn.  I don’t trust our government and I do fear what they can and will do to its citizens. As Thomas Jefferson said: “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  We are right there.  I don’t like the wars we are fighting or have fought in the past beginning with the Viet Nam war.  They are a waste of human life, they have accomplished nothing.  The citizens of this country are suffering the consequences of these wars.  So be it.  What Assange is doing is not treason, he has damaged no ones reputation except for the governments, which already has black marks against it.  This country is going down the wrong road–maybe Assange’s wikileaks will show what most people have suspected about our government.  They are liars and murderers and we are funding them.  Sad.

      80. Anonymous said “Bradley Manning had the clearance & access Jane.”
        That’s a stupid statement, and everybody knows just because Bradley Manning has a secret clearance doesn’t meand he has access to all secret documents.  So stop defending him as the guy was innocent. 

        It appears that he had access to all documents in all areas.  Not even a General can do so without making a formal request and must have a need to know (to see those documents.) as the Army states it.

        If it was that easy to obtain classified documents then any spy could have access to them a long time ago.

      81. I don’t see the cryptic notations in my postings [ “<strong>” and “</strong>” and “<em>” and “</em>” and “&amp”]…. I don’t know what you’re talking about, your computer may be doing it on its own.  Sorry, I don’t know.


      82. Hey Anonymous…….

        Please do not use my name within your posting again.  You have provoked and insulted me in the past. 

        As a grandfather I would expect you to behave better.  Since you defend Bankster Jamie Dimon and Bill Clinton, you don’t have to be “Anonymous” (your user name), it’s so phony and shameful.

      83. MadMarkie,
        The strange scripts you referred to in JANE’s posts is simply HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. I don’t see any in her posts under this article, however I did see some the other day, so your not alone.

      84. Jane – Don’t you have something better to do?

      85. Comments…..Its high time we saw the show down at the OK Coral .Never mind the good work Wikileaks is doing we had warnings as far back 2005 that there was trouble in paradise as far as the banks were concerned.Its high time the little boys playing in the banking world told you Americans THE TRUTH .
        You have been taken for the biggest ride of your lives by those crooked louts on wall st and their banking cohorts and what about the rating agents such as moodys ,fitch , std and poors etc they gave that scum the ok as well as their filthy rotten sub prime mortgages that they sold to the world.

        About time you took them down .Bernie Madoff says their is plenty of room in the slammer left for them.

      86. Midol,   you and Anonymous are very quick to jump out to intimidate people who do not buy into your agenda and demanded that I “Shut up” as you put it, dumba*s.  Im asking you the same question “Don’t you have something better to do?

        Instead of proving my statement(s) as wrong, you chose a personal attack.  The same tactics, you liberals have used to attack Glenn Beck, Republicans and leaders around the world (just like they do in the media and in the WikiLeaks’s cables.) I have responded to your people’s postings which were addressed or insulted me. 

        Durango Kidd and Anonymous (they act like they own this website) are posting 24/7 and selling a socialist agenda (nationalize GM, nationlize bankers and to make sure the banks and the Fed get paid.) 

        So who are the ones causing  trouble and should shut up and be stopped, dumba*s?

      87. Midol, So who are the ones causing  trouble and should shut up and be stopped, dumba*s?
        Obviously you and your people are the ones who should shut up and stop making demands and insulting others.

        Freedom of speech is not just a right, but is a human rights issue for everyone, period!!!

      88. Assange did NOT take possession of stolen property. If I make a copy of the Mona Lisa and only claim it is a copy, it wasn’t stolen.

        After 15 years credited military service, I can attest and swear that almost everything is classified. Furthermore, electronic transfers of classified info over the internet is foolish at best. People are lazy and security always tends to slip.

        Assange is not American, so forget treason. If brought to the US for trial, he will win by using the 1st Amendment defense.

        Honesty and integrity are always tainted by secrecy. If you really want to keep a secret, keep your damn mouth shut.

      89. overthedge: You always provide an informative and unique insight  into the discussion. The “copy”idea is an interesting one for sure, and attorney’s for Assange may very well use that argument. I doubt if the PTB will buy it, though; besides, there are also copyright laws, too.

        Understanding the PTB as I do, I have no doubt that they are preparing a significant case against Assange and also, against Wiki Leaks and its employees. Assange is just the tip of the iceberg. The PTB will want the whole berg!

        I have no doubt that the PTB have already identified the employee’s and “co-conspirators” at wiki leaks, have tapped and tracked their phones and computers, family and friends, and know who is who at wiki leaks. And who is where. They are only free for now, so the DOJ can gather enough evidence against them, as they give them enough rope to hang themselves.

        The American Gestopo will strike in a concerted, pre-dawn, synchronized raid with approprate international and local police at ever house and location, seize the computers, tapes, files, correspondence etc; and the people they want.

        SHTF Times said it best. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

      90. There are other things to consider with this. The material is predominantly Dept of State chatter. These are the supposed diplomats and not Dept of Defense folks. So rather than risk of life matters, this is all about embarassing. Recall that Hillary is running around molifying her counterparts.

        Now we could look at this from the standpoint of calling Assange a spy. If we catch a spy in the US, we nab them. We DON’T go overseas to do spy snatches; well we don’t admit it. But call him a spy and we can refuse him entry to the US. We’ve done this number before. It is totally acceptable under international law and most countries follow it themselves.
        DK, you’re exactly correct about wikileaks and all the principles. The gov’t isn’t lacking on intel. I mean come on. Anyone can get an IP addy on most anyone. Then there is the old “follow the money” trick. You right. They be toast.

      91. “In essence, then, the document classification system in the United States has warped into an instrument of intimidation against average, conscientious soldiers who might be appalled by their superiors’ words or deeds…

        Bearing these observations in mind, it ought to be obvious that average soldiers should celebrate Bradley Manning as a hero who stood up to this unconscionable intimidation from above. He didn’t just reveal to the world that the upper echelons of the political and military establishment are engaged in outright crimes and deception; he revealed and took a stand against conscientious soldiers being silenced by asinine document over-classification. He is, in other words, a defender of the honor and integrity of the average soldier and the Army’s own core values, which stands in stark contrast to the depravity of the political and military elites that we meet in the Wikileaks documents, and who are now trampling on the constitution even in their detention of Mr. Manning…

        …average soldiers ought to be the first in line to defend Bradley Manning. They ought to insist that he only be punished if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the documents he released were indeed of vital importance to the security of the United States. If this cannot be proven, then Mr. Manning ought to be immediately and unconditionally released…

        Defense Secretary Gates has already asserted that the documents have harmed no one,…”

        American Soldiers Should Be First in Line To Defend Bradley Manning

      92. I am so tired of the America haters and the haters of the wealthy.
        This is the country where you can work hard, invest your money and if you have something to offer the public, you will get rich.

        Is America perfect? Absolutely not.
        However, compared to every other country, this is the best.

        If it were not for the USA, Japan and Germany would have taken over the world after winning WW 2. The free world would have been murdered and those remaining would have become slaves.
        The USA fought Communism in the Korean war and the Vietnamese war. Had we not, maybe there would NOT be free Asian countries like Singapore, Maylasia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.
        Every Communist country has murdered millions of its own citizens. USSR, China, Cambodia, etc.. Just look at the difference between N. Korea and S. Korea.
        Communism loses every time.
        What does this have to do with Bank of America?
        Guaranteed, the people shouting the loudest about all the evils tha banks do are the losers with their hands out waiting for government sponsored entitlements.
        You are all gutless, hypnotized, lazy losers who expect the nanny state to give you handouts.  America became great before there were ever any handouts in the 1800’s and 1900’s.
        Now we are giving the handouts to the bloodsucking vampires who are bleeding this country dry. Same applies to the unions who once served a good purpose but, now are also vampires.
        When California goes into default because of out of control spending and unfunded pension programs, who do you think is going to pay for it? The government? Who is the government?
        It’s coming from the pockets of those who work hard and make a living. That is why this country is failing. Redistribution of wealth destroys countries. It destroys values, ethics and morals.
        Wake up America…..before it’s too late.

      93. rich said, “This is the country where you can work hard, invest your money and if you have something to offer the public, you will get rich.”

        Regulations, fees, taxes, unions and red tape smother many.

        “If it were not for the USA, Japan and Germany would have taken over the world after winning WW 2.”


        “The free world would have been murdered and those remaining would have become slaves.”

        Also doubtful.
        And as if we’re not all slaves now?

        Some of the other things you say make sense, such as this:

        “America became great before there were ever any handouts in the 1800’s and 1900’s.
        Now we are giving the handouts to the bloodsucking vampires who are bleeding this country dry.

        Redistribution of wealth destroys countries. It destroys values, ethics and morals.”

        However; I’m not sure what any of that has to do with the fact that:

        Defense Secretary Gates has already asserted that the documents have harmed no one,…”
        American Soldiers Should Be First in Line To Defend Bradley Manning

      94. Guardian News:

        Even Bill Clinton said he expects lives will be lost as a result of the leaked cables.

        “I’ll be very surprised if some people don’t lose their lives,” the former president said in a speech in North Carolina, according to AP. “……..   And goodness knows how many will lose their careers.”

        Speaking to reporters after the event Bill Clinton said Julian Assange is trying to evade the reach of American law because he knows what he did was criminal…

      95. To protect foreign leaders/diplomats and their privacy (privacy act), their career and their safety usually cables or memos are shredded (they are not declassified) if the cables or memos are no longer needed; even in a commercial industry or between two private parties….

        It can be a danger to the soldiers since the US has its soldiers all over the world, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq current wars.  Robert Gates also has his cables circulated and Russia is not happy with his comments.

        People perceive Robert Gates as a “War Hawk”, so I don’t expect him to admit his cables can cause damage to anyone and especially because he’s still employed by Obama administration.

      96. Wikileaks is a scam.  They are trying to trap the sheeple by making them move funds out of BoA….where will the funds move?  If they move to JPMorgan, then in the end they’ll end up saving BoA with another taxpayer bailout, too big to fail reasoning, moral hazard bullshit and systemic risk horse-shit.  And guess what, they’ll pull down JP Morgan and take all your funds away.
        Two birds with one stone…anybody see it coming..more bankster fraud at its highest limit! 

      97. I am not an American citizen so I cannot comment on the
        internal politics of your nation except to say that the
        world as I know it admired your written Constitution.
        That original Constitution appeared to me to give the
        citizens of the United States of America, “freedom’ and
        Now I see a document bastardised by successive governments
        to such an extent that you have very little freedom.
        Subsequent laws with little input from ‘the people’ have
        subjugated all rights you ever had to a few, by corrupt
        and manipulative methods.
        I do not need to elaborate in this regard as the e.g. of
        suggested voting irregularities by the Bush administration
        and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan was to line the pockets
        of those who purchased an arms company just prior to
        invasion. Who is putting who in jeopardy.
        Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter as it was
        reported widely in many forms of media.
        We in the outside world read with dismay at the corruption
        in the FDA infested with the pharmaceutical companies’
        own scientists and doctors.
        The same companies that donate millions to political parties
        to get who they want in power to earn favours. And by others. 
        The manipulation by banks such as J P Morgan’s silver
        trading and major banks accepting billions of taxpayer
        bailout funds and instead of spreading it around to
        stimulate the economy lending it back to the Government
        (the taxpayer) to earn interest. This is all global
        news or speculation, whatever, it doesn’t matter.
        Assange leaking documents, doesn’t matter. You matter, the
        people and the original Constitution. Your Government is
        tearing your country apart according to the world media.
        It is how the United States is now perceived.
        If you visit South Korea you are denied entry into some
        shops and bars with the hated comment “Go home American”
        (despite not being American) even though your country is
        their protector.
        Even Letterman jokes about Americans being hated world wide.
        The allies may believe they won WW2 but take a look at the
        beautiful vibrant business cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
        and compare those with Detroit and Washington. Germany is a
        power house of industry.
        Forty million Americans receive food stamps. Even airline
        Non of that is fair. 
        The leaking of the documents will only add to what the
        world already believes.
        It is inconceivable that a country considers itself the
        world’s banker and protector at the expense of its own
        people. Other countries are becoming wealthy at the expense
        of America’s people.
        I beg you. If you ‘the people’ know how to arrest this slide,
        please do so.
        America may have been powerful enough in the past to ignore
        the slurs and loathing of others and not care a damn but
        now it is being questioned on every front and ignored in
        favour of other up and comers.
        I wish I had the answer but I don’t. But somehow you need
        to get your country back. Forget Assange. He can’t hurt
        you any more than you already are.

      98. @Durango Kidd – So basically, if I am reading you correctly here, and correct me if I am wrong…  Everyone in the world must know and respect the laws of every other country out there?  For example:  If someone sent me secret French military documents (as far as I can find, it’s only illegal to posses US Federal Government documents which were not released publicaly, state on an individual basis.  No mention of international government documents), which in the USA is not illegal to posses and the French found out they could request, via INTERPOL (warrent), that I be extradited I should just be shipped over there?  I thought I was only responsible for the laws of the country I was currently in, not others?

        This is a serious question on my part, it’s right on topic too so that should make you happy.

        I also never put words in your mouth or spoke for you.  It was worded, correctly, as a question.  Just because you did not like it, that is a seperate issue altogether.

        • How come you do not understand you could be found a french spy possesing french secret docs..

      99. Hey, Mike! I am not an attorney but I have had some legal training with respect to business, real estate, and securities. Possession of classified government documents from any country is going to be a crime in that country, and under international law those countries would have the right to request extradition.

        The host country has the right to refuse. I am sure there are stipulations on either side of an extradition issue that comes into play. I do not know what they are; and it would be determined by whether extradition for any particular crime was requested under the terms of a specific bilateral agreement (taxation), or a general, global treaty with many signers.

        For example, the Swiss, I believe, will not extradite an American to the United States for tax evasion. So if you can make it to Switzerland after failing to file that 1099 next year for the $600 worth of gold that you sold to your neighbor, you ‘re a free man! (Better to barter it for a like kind asset in a trade.)

        Regardless of the pros and cons of Mr. Assange’s case, which are debated here, Britain will not deny the USA its pound of flesh. I had mentioned previously that PFC Manning was probably facing 20 years in a military prision. Come to find out, he’s facing more than 50!

        Assange will fare no better when it is all said and done. The Mill of the Gods grinds slowly, but it grinds exceedingly fine.

      100. Nice article, really enjoyed it.

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