WikiLeaks to Target and Bring Down Major US Financial Institution

by | Nov 29, 2010 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    By now, most are familiar with Wikileaks, a web site that openly releases confidential documents and videos from businesses and foreign governments (namely the USA).

    Next up for the international web site operator Julian Assange, who has been condemned by many as an Enemy of the State: Assange intends to bring down a major financial institution.

    If that particular institution deserves it, then we can only hope that it’s true:

    The following interview excerpt was conducted by Andy Greenberg of Forbes. The interviewee is Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

    You’ve been focused on the U.S. military mostly in the last year. Does that mean you have private sector-focused leaks in the works?

    Yes. If you think about it, we have a publishing pipeline that’s increasing linearly, and an exponential number of leaks, so we’re in a position where we have to prioritize our resources so that the biggest impact stuff gets released first.

    So do you have very high impact corporate stuff to release then?

    Yes, but maybe not as high impact…I mean, it could take down a bank or two.

    That sounds like high impact.

    But not as big an impact as the history of a whole war. But it depends on how you measure these things.

    These megaleaks, as you call them that, we haven’t seen any of those from the private sector.

    No, not at the same scale for the military.

    Will we?

    Yes. We have one related to a bank coming up, that’s a megaleak. It’s not as big a scale as the Iraq material, but it’s either tens or hundreds of thousands of documents depending on how you define it.

    Is it a U.S. bank?

    Yes, it’s a U.S. bank.

    One that still exists?

    Yes, a big U.S. bank.

    The biggest U.S. bank?

    No comment.

    When will it happen?

    Early next year. I won’t say more.

    What do you want to be the result of this release?

    [Pauses] I’m not sure.

    It will give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms, I presume.

    Usually when you get leaks at this level, it’s about one particular case or one particular violation. For this, there’s only one similar example. It’s like the Enron emails. Why were these so valuable? When Enron collapsed, through court processes, thousands and thousands of emails came out that were internal, and it provided a window into how the whole company was managed. It was all the little decisions that supported the flagrant violations.

    This will be like that. Yes, there will be some flagrant violations, unethical practices that will be revealed, but it will also be all the supporting decision-making structures and the internal executive ethos that cames out, and that’s tremendously valuable. Like the Iraq War Logs, yes there were mass casualty incidents that were very newsworthy, but the great value is seeing the full spectrum of the war.

    You could call it the ecosystem of corruption. But it’s also all the regular decision making that turns a blind eye to and supports unethical practices: the oversight that’s not done, the priorities of executives, how they think they’re fulfilling their own self-interest. The way they talk about it.

    Click for full interview transcript

    Love him or hate him, very few people in this world are willing to take the kind of risks Julian Assange takes by releasing confidential and secret documents from governments, military, and private industry.

    Given that Assange has managed to carry through with the release of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents on more than one occasion, we suspect that there are several executives at financial institutions getting ready for the shit to seriously hit the fan come first quarter 2011.

    Maybe, just maybe, some of those responsible for ripping off the American people will soon be held to account.


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      1. Well if our legal system will not prosecute these criminals maybe the population will?

        This could serve as the “tipping point” if a major financial institution falls taking the phoney economic system with it.  Hold onto your panties ladies this could be the death knell for our economy. 

      2. Could definitely be a tipping point of some type.

        Any emails or documents released that implicate one bank will undoubtedly implicate others, as well. Perhaps we might even get lucky and get to see insider information between the Federal Reserve, Treasury and US banks exchanging hands. It’d be nice if they busted some of the corruption in the SEC and other regulatory agencies.

      3. Hilory dickory dock is pissed .  Looking a little ruff lately.  BTW, anybody notice that Hanover Pinto Beans in the can are not cooked all of the way. Wright Brand Bacon, beans, brown sugar, ketchup, mustard, tobasco, salt and pepper.  Looking forward.  Testing you LH.

      4. Don’t think so, you have to consider the source that is giving it to him.

      5. I say it is BoA, the scumbags of the banking world after JP Morgan. Chase……..BoA is full of swiss cheese( all holes) ,Just like the Irish banking system. Not worth the paper it is written on…..

      6. Have you heard of the Max Keiser campaign to “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver”?  I love it. I’m betting it has to do with their naked short selling to manipulate the market, or maybe with the COMEX fractional short selling. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of vampires. 
        I agree, in a world where the rule of law only applies to us small fish, we really need people in various forms of alternative media to get the message out while other people try to take them to court, either with RICO suits or class action suits. I hope there’s a bunch of class action suits with “mortgage gate”.

      7. I would bet my hard earned fiat FRN’s that indeed it would BoA; there is a fair amount of rumors circulating they are in deep liquidity trouble.  As Mac mentioned above the dominos could be lining up for the grand collpase cycle.  Bring it on and get it over with already………………’s a situation that can’t be avoided. 

      8. So………….the banking system in America is corrupt?? Say it ain’t so! Really, 85% of the population doesn’t have a clue and simply won’t give a damn in meaningful enough fashion to make the necessary changes in the system. Whichever bank it is will be fined a few hundred million, (chump change and already considered a cost of doing business), Uncle Sam will roll out more reform, (which further locks down the consumer yet does nothing to prevent further mismanagement), and Joe Six Pack will feel better knowing that he is safe and secure from the evils of the corporate world. Otherwise I agree with what this dude is doing and I hope he continues to bring the evils of word governments out into the light of day for all to see, for what it’s worth.

      9. Wikileaks is just a propaganda front for Israel.
        Think about it, every “leak” just happens to reinforce the lies that are given to us every day, such as “Iran getting missiles from North Korea”, or, “the Saudi’s really want us to destroy Iran”.
        All of it is readily gobbled up by the US news as if these “leaks” mean they have better believability.
        Also, the latest batch of leaks has nothing negative to say about Israel, even though they killed people in international waters with their raid on the ship trying to deliver aid.
        Like 911,the USS Liberty, The Lavon affair, who benefits?

      10. Wiki-leaks is a CIA/Mossad front.  Disinformation just like Michael Savage, Alex Jones Ect. Ect
        Watch-Damon Vrabel.  Watch-Money as Debt.  Read- Eustace Mullins, G Edward Griffin, Robert Wilton(Who Killed the Romanovs)
        Thats about it for reliable NON-Zionists
        Pray Humanity wakes up.

      11. Oh Yeah.  Lord Moncton hits it on Climate Change and NWO. In Minnesota with slides.

      12. FU Moderator.  ZIONIST ZIONIST ZIONIST> God is going to judge your ass.

      13. I’ll bet that he exists to siphon off real whistleblower stuff. They bring it to him and he buries it dead!! Then releases all this crap about who is talking about who behind their backs or calling someone a name. Meanwhile, stuff that would send most of our government officials to a lifetime in the slammer or let us know for sure who killed Kennedy and why, gets tossed in the trash and never sees the light of day along with the poor slob who brought it to them.

      14. There are many perspectives on Assange, however, if the government is too corrupt to police itself, the congress is complicit, the senate is complicit, the white house is complicit and the supreme court is gutless and the media is owned, where shall we turn?

        Is what Assange doing treasonous? In a world where people do what they are supposed to do, YES! In this world where 99% of the politicians are on the take for bribes and every new organization is owned by the same people that are bribing the politicians and they are the same people that own the defense companies, etc, etc, the answer is NO! After all, The Government won’t step up to the plate. Not the house. Not the senate. Not the supreme court. Not the whitehouse. Not the media. Not the military. Who? *ASSANGE*, thats who!

        Under the current circumstances, he is Super Man! Doing things that others are either too unethical, too poor or too crooked to do.

        As they say, in a society of lies, truth is an abomination.

        In a world full of traitors, honor and truth is treason.

      15. OH PLEASE!!!!!
        This guy is working from the inside. He only releases stuff that is mildly embarrassing, nothing that ever really hurts anyone. He’s a distraction. Look at all the bad comments about our enemies he just released, WHY NO FRIENDS!!!  There is nothing taunting about the Prime minister of Canada, or the president of Mexico, but there is some kind of kick in the teeth about every one of our “enemies” or folks they’d love to go to war with as a distraction. Think about it! He is not legit.
        And why is he waiting months to release something about the banks? Why not now? And why are we always “threatening” to arrest him, capture him, charge him etc. but we NEVER DO!!!!! Its a psy-ops!

      16. No one believes the media or the Ruling Elites, so they fabricate something different that people will fall for…… hmmmm!!!

        The last Wikileaks was not credible and the materials were like they were predetermined and falsely fabricated; not to mention the time frame of the documents that were leaked.

      17. I will wait until I read the reports from reputable sources.   How could this guy get away with secret documents more than one time, containing several thousand pages in different subjects and locations (military, wars, finance, etc…)?

        How did he gain access to and get away with them again and again? 

        This is all propaganda, a major one.  This is intended to cause conflict among countries (Divide and Conquer); 

        Or justify leaders’ actions, or to target their rivals (certain leaders in our or foreign governments) or misdirect world leadership and the American people.

      18. This is a no-brainer! Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. Empty your accounts!

      19. Hmmm… A “major bank” has to be one of the following: Chase, Wells, Bank of America, Citigroup, or Goldman Sachs. God, I hope it’s GS. If any big bank needs to be knocked off its perch it’s them.

      20. @ JANE
        “…I will wait until I read the reports from reputable sources…” and those are????  Don’t know if this guy is friend or foe, but it sure is stuff the government and mainstream media aren’t reporting. 

        @ Anonymous
        Sounds like baked beans.  Midnight snack – Big Boy apple smoked bacon, cashew butter and fried plantain grilled to perfection and washed down with the last of the eggnog.     

      21. How do we get to be informed citizens of a Constitutional Republic when again our government is proven to be manipulative and lying -so much for being “transparent”? The mainstream media has opt out of doing their job, investigative reporting like in the Pentagon Papers. If one has been paying attention, there have been alternative media sources referencing and reporting on bits and pieces of this information. Wikileak just confirms those reports using the governments own documents. Outing the government may be the only justice we citizens ever get.

        Love how the government is spinning this. The “we” thing by Hillary.  As a citizen, why shouldn’t I know the Saudi’s have major concerns with a nuclear Iran?  Or they are rooting for us to fight, yet on another front? (Instead of doing it themselves.) Or the true nature of who is funding the war on the other side that our men and women are fighting? Or the politics and relationships among the diplomatic core, instead of the pabulum we are fed.

        @ Susanne

        “…I hope there’s a bunch of class action suits with “mortgage gate…”  I’m with you on that, however, given how our government does a complete about face on accountability of who got and how much on the stimulus money, I’m not holding my breath. Wall Street will get a pass on that too. Or like this insider trading thing, one or two mid level stooges will get arrested and the big boys get to walk.  It’s about power, greed and money.

      22. how many of you are alive today because of an ex-marine named daniel ellsberg?

        are you really sure?

        who is the true american? who is the real hero? daniel ellsberg, lyndon johnson or general  westmoreland?

      23. right… if he actually does ‘leak’ bankster fraud (and its already pretty much a foregone conclusion alot of them are thieves), he’d be dead.
        likely he’s either a dupe and/or a shill.
        none of what he released so far is ‘groundbreaking’.  just musings of bureaucratic middlemen (or women).

      24. @ Apache:  Well said Mr. Apache.  One still had to be lucky after the ‘papers’ came out.  War went on for several years afterward.  The real problem with the exposing of truth is that a large segment of the American people ‘can’t handle the truth!’

      25. At first I thought this was a good thing as it was outing the lies and subterfuge of democrats AND republicans…but the more I thought about it, I wondered if this corrupt administration wasn’t behind this somehow, if you believe they are working with the Cloward/Piven plan.

        Then last night, Glenn beck gave us a web of the same old players behind all the chaos and “transformation” we are experiencing, now I am sure this was done on purpose, and not for the apparent reason of outing the scum bags.

      26. Fiat currency won’t last once the collapse occurs so you had better buy at least some silver for trade now while it is reasonably priced. Retirement for many is just a dream now and Social Security will be a thing of the past shortly. Our bank insurance FDIC is broke and bonus monies are paid out regularly to the crooks. If you pool your money with other family members you can buy monster boxes for just under 15k (think about the security of having something tangible in your hands).

      27. Wikileaks – reality TV and tabloid rolled into one…The whole world’s a stage for this show.  What fun!

      28. Anne:  I think you’re right.  It’s a (double) double feature.

      29. It does remind me of standing in line at the grocery store looking at the rag mags…..

        Bacon (cooked), beans, onion, garlic, bit of mustard, ketchup, brown sugar, hot sauce, chili powder and cumin = Cowboy Beans.  Serve with lots of cornbread.

      30. Unbelievable, these shit bags in our government are calling for his arrest and possible execution cause he released THE TRUTH in their own words. What irony, what hubris, what a bunch of whining pus bags who if they had to speak without lies would end up virtually silent.

        “F” um all I say.

      31. wikileaks, drudge and others have replaced the void of the MSM. The MSM is tied to corporate/govt interests and is no longer valid, in the vacuum these others are doing the MSM duty big time. They bare hated because they expose the corruption. I can’t wait until they come out with the bank info, hope they can get someone to leak FED info. If I was president, I would get together with the other leaders and cancel the central banking system and set up non-debt based money in the large countries. we would have full employment and never have any debt, period. It is all a scheme to make money for nothing.

      32. I’m hopeing it is the Fed! YES!

        God protect this guy, I’m sure they are gunning for him.

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