Why Understanding the Brutal Reality of the SHTF Could Save Your Life

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    There’s something incredibly important for your survival that a lot of folks aren’t doing. I’ve written before about overriding your body’s natural urge to freeze in panic when something terrible happens, but there’s an additional step you must take. You need to know the horrible truth about the SHTF. The ugly, brutal truth.

    Because as much as we stockpile, go to the shooting range and shoot stationary objects, can vegetables from our gardens, and raise chickens in our backyards, it only prepares us partially.

    From my many interviews with guys like Selco and Jose, I know for a fact that an all-out collapse is a dirty, terrifying, and brutal matter of life and death every single day.

    As much as we wish it was, the SHTF is not about you being in a bubble, peacefully working in your vegetable garden while the world goes to hell around you outside the bubble. The darkness can reach you wherever you are.

    Why is it so important to know about the bad stuff?

    Many of us try to insulate ourselves from the dark things going on in the world. I know that I stay away from social media beyond what is required for work because I’m sick of the arguing and the hatred. There are certain articles in the news I hesitate to read because I know they will haunt me. This is human nature – we avoid things that scare us, sicken us, and make us unhappy.

    But there are some exceptions to this rule that you should make.

    It’s incredibly important to know about the horrible things that could occur when the SHTF well before it happens. I asked Selco about this in a conversation we were having about his new book, The Dirty Truth About SHTF Survival. I asked him why people needed to know about the horrors he faced. He replied,

    So you won’t be shocked and so you can shorten adapting period while you are shocked.

    Generally speaking, there are lot of sick and bad and dangerous people. We just do not see them because the layer of civilization and the system covers it. And of course, if I had known, I would prep more but in the way that I would invest more in skills. Much more than in equipment.

    Everything is much more mobile and fluid then people expect, but if you understand this, you will be able to move with it faster and sooner.

    And that makes sense. I write a lot about the importance of adaptation. I constantly remind people that the three steps of survival are to Accept, Plan, and Act. But trust me when I tell you, if something truly horrifying happens right before your eyes, it’s going to be a heck of a lot harder to “accept” that if you never even dreamed that such an awful thing could happen in real life. But if you’ve contemplated it, if you’re aware of the possibility, it will still be horrible but you’ll be able to keep moving. You won’t be frozen in shock.

    You need to train yourself not to freeze.

    Many people freeze in a disaster situation. It’s human nature, but the ability to break this paralysis is paramount to your survival. You can train yourself not to freeze by exposing yourself to the things you may experience while in a safe environment.

    “Freezing” is called “tonic immobility” in behavioral science and it is a biological impulse. A study exploring the “freeze response” to stressors, describes the reaction:

    Part of Barlow’s (2002) description of an adaptive alarm model suggests that a freeze response may occur in some threatening situations. Specifically, freezing — or tonic immobility — may overwhelm other competing action tendencies. For example, when fleeing or aggressive responses are likely to be ineffective, a freeze response may take place.

    Similar to the flight/fight response, a freeze response is believed to have adaptive value. In the context of predatory attack, some animals will freeze or “play dead.” This response, often referred to as tonic immobility (Gallup, 1977), includes motor and vocal inhibition with an abrupt initiation and cessation… Freezing in the context of an attack seems counterintuitive. However, tonic immobility may be the best option when the animal perceives little immediate chance of escaping or winning a fight (Arduino & Gould, 1984Korte, Koolhaas, Wingfield, & McEwen, 2005). For example, tonic immobility may be useful when additional attacks are provoked by movement or when immobility may increase the chance of escaping, such as when a predator believes its prey to be dead and releases it.

    Some of our data suggested that reports of freeze were more highly associated with certain cognitive symptoms of anxiety (e.g., confusion, unreality, detached, concentration, inner shakiness). This leads to some very interesting speculation regarding whether freeze responses are also manifested cognitively (i.e., the cognitive system, together with the behavioral system, being shut down). There has been some speculation that a form of cognitive paralysis occurs due to immense cognitive demands that occur in the context of life-threatening situations or stressors (Leach, 2005).

    So, in the context of this particular study, the freeze response could be related to an overload of stimuli because of the demands of creating your plan. By having thought through various situations and getting into the habit of quickly developing plans, you can override your body’s natural desire to “freeze” and you can take definitive, potentially life-saving, action.

    By exposing yourself to the darkness, you don’t inoculate yourself against the horror – that’s impossible to do through simply reading a book. But you do take away a little bit of the shock that can cause you to be paralyzed.

    What made Selco realize that the SHTF was actually there?

    We’ve all read and learned a great deal from Selco and he shares his stories with such calmness that sometimes you don’t fully grasp the horror of what he lived through. I asked him what the event was that opened his eyes to the fact that he was stuck in Hell on Earth, and his answer was chilling.

    When I saw people killing for fun. Killing without reason. Killing with no concerns about punishment or the law. Throwing others from 10 story buildings out of curiosity, to see if they’d live – while taking bets on it. Of course they were sure they were gonna die, but they said” I bet you’ll survive and if you do we’ll let you go.” It was a “joke” to them.

    That’s when he knew that everything had changed and that there were new rules to living. It was simply not the same world he’d woken up it a few days before.

    A while back, I asked Selco to send me a copy of everything he’d ever written so that I could pull together a reality check for the rest of us. Over the years, he’s written nearly a quarter of a million words of memories, articles, and advice. Together, we selected the things that provided a glimpse into the day-to-day events of the SHTF. You can learn more about the result of that here in his new book, The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival.

    Back on topic.

    Do you have a potential predator living next door?

    Do you know people in real life who you think would turn into predators if they knew that there was no risk of punishment? If they knew that they wouldn’t go to prison because the prisons were gone? If they knew there was no 911 or law enforcement to help their victims?

    I do. I’ve known people in the past that I’m quite certain would be the kind of animals who kill men and cage their women and daughters for their own sick amusement if they thought they could get away with it. I’ve had people write to me about their plans to take other people’s preps or to “take care of someone” who had done them wrong in the past when it all hits the fan.

    They’re out there. They are our neighbors. Our coworkers. The random guy who is in town on business. The person with such strong political beliefs that he sees people who think differently as the enemy.

    They may not even realize that they’re waiting for this chance but when the opportunity presents itself and there’s no real risk to them, you can be sure they’ll jump at it with glee.

    And you want to be ready for them.

    There are different levels for which we prepare.

    Are people going to be running around brutally slaughtering their neighbors the next time we have a snowstorm or a hurricane? Of course not. Because we still have the veneer of civilization – and it isn’t going to shatter over a weather event when help is just a few days away.

    There are many different types of events for which we prepare. We as preppers want to be ready for everything from

    • being stranded in our car due to a winter run-in with a deer
    • to a multi-day power outage at home
    • to a job loss that causes great personal financial distress
    • to a full-on SHTF event in which all hell breaks loose.

    We aren’t like the folks on that show Doomsday Preppers who are presented as only preparing for a giant meteor or a deadly pandemic that will wipe out 98% of the earth’s population. We are the people who want to be ready for everything.

    Up to and including SHTF.

    Sometimes I think we’re on the brink of darkness.

    We’re at a dark point in American history right now. I’m not saying that we are about to face a civil war like the one that Selco endured. But I’m also not saying that we are free of any risk of such a thing.

    Tensions (as I write frequently) are at a real high right now. Our socio-political scene is a true nightmare studded with extremists who sincerely see the “others” as the enemy. They surround the homes of spokespeople and threaten their families. They rally, united in hatred against one another. They battle it out for and against the admission of immigrants and things are increasingly heated.

    Every time there is a questionable verdict, we’re on the brink.

    Every time there is an appointment to offices in Washington, DC, we’re on the brink.

    Every time there is an election, we’re on the brink.

    Civil debates are a thing of the past. People are enraged when others disagree with them and they react with hatred, not discussion.

    It’s really not a stretch of the imagination to predict that our nation could be headed to a very dark place. And if this is true, you’re going to want – no, you’re going to need – to be prepared for the ugliness and brutality that comes with that.

    Knowing just how bad things can get will prepare you to take the steps that you must to survive. Knowing how twisted and evil that people can be will help you to take the necessary steps to protect your family. Knowing what to expect when you defend yourself with necessary force can help you to carry through if it is something that you must do.

    Check out Selco’s new book for The Dark Truth about SHTF Survival.

    And keep reading, because this is the stuff you need to know if we face a collapse or civil war.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and DaisyLuther.com She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. Preppers “think” they are ready for the mental injuries they will have and the psychosis sickness and criminality of others they will deal with in WROL or SHTF situation. Most preppers likely have MORALS, but I will tell you this right now, you better be ready to FORGET THEM if you intend to survive in a world that WILL BE ACTING WITHOUT THEM, because if you anchor yourself to them, you are held in place to be a victim because of them. It is the difference from the world where I was raised to be a white knight gentleman and was repeatedly raped by reality as a young adult by the REAL WORLD and how women REALLY ARE courtesy of Feminism.

        Well you think that the thin veneer of “polite” society that we obviously see cracking before our eyes will somehow remain after the WROL or SHTF scenario. Well um , NO. That is cognitive dissonance HOPING that things will not be as real as people are human. HOPIUM is ALWAYS FATAL.

        • Most preppers likely have MORALS,

          Most Preppers have families, children or parents that they are preparing for to survive.

          Preppers are often knowledgeable of history and know that genocide and ethnic cleansing often accompany SHTF.

          You can see that basis for it now.

          In the USA right now, who are the J3ws of the 1930s?
          It is white men. Every article in the news is anti-white men. it is no different than in the 1930s when everything was the fault of the J3ws.

          • White men and women and Christians. Not sure if you watch Colin Flaherty on minds.com but his videos this week have been worse than usual. If you don’t watch his channel, you should. And inform your family. At this point it is open season on whites. If you live in the wrong place, and a family member is murdered, good luck. The perp could walk. If it is just a rape / beating / theft / assault the likelihood of the perp walking (if they are caught) is very high in certain areas.

            I am downsizing now to leave the country in the next year or two. I can’t even say how heartbroken I am but I can’t see myself staying in the US.

            • Why do we think this discussion is limited to lettuce pickers, construction, criminals, and Communism.

              What if pussyhats and brownwashing is the judge, the deacon, and the rocket scientist.

              Where WASP men go without, this is an example of demographic replacement.

              • Try and focus. I know it’s hard if you have the attention span of a fruit fly, but try.

                • But, I am focused. What is your demographic.

            • Step up your Game Preppers.

              Download all the free pdf schematics and operations manuals for all of your weapons. Type your gun in like this. “Beretta PX4 Subcompact operators manual.” Save all of these pdf files on a USB memory card. In SHTF you better have your info on our guns to keep them operating. Buy spare parts that usually wear out fast like ejectors and springs.

              Also go here: ht tp://guide.sportsmansguide.com/ballisticscharts/and download your ammo ballistics charts so you will know if you shoot 300 yards out, there is a 13.3″ inch Bullet drop. Get your ballistics for all your weapons. There will be no second chance in a firefight to win or loose.

              I also keep a full ballistics chart out to 1000 yards and all the bullet drop calculations in 100 yard increments. I keep this laminated ballistics card in the sleeve of my rifle butt stock. I also include windage charts up to 30 mph for crosswinds.

              Get all of your liberty tools cleaned, check to make sure there are no malfunctions, weak springs, ejectors, failure to load, or recoil. All in perfect working condition and keep a thin lube on the surface of all firearms. Guns biggest enemies are Politicians and Rust.

              Also remember to defend your home, you need to be outside of your home in the shadows to take out threats before the get to your home. SO start nightly periodic patrols in the middle of the night walking the parameter of your property, no matter what the weather. Train now pays off in huge dividends, get your 2 way radios set up so when you go on patrol, you can talk with the remaining persons in the home to warn them in advance of threats outside or up the road. Got filled sand bags? The cheapest bullet stopper out there. CampingSurvival has sand bags about .29 each. Buy 400 Bags. And a truck load of sand.

              • Downloading ballistics charts is ok at best if you shoot factory ammo that is listed. Go out and actually shoot the ammo you use and record the drop in real life. Record the wind drift too at 100 yd. intervals. I make my own ballistics cards based on real shooting and laminate them and keep them in the ammo sock around the butt with every rifle. It works flawlessly. 30mph crosswind? Good luck with that unless it’s under 200 yards. I have an 800yd. range and it takes a LOT of practice just to counter a 12mph crosswind. Besides, who the hell is going to pull out a smart phone and look up ballistics when your in a hurry? Real world charts beat calculated charts everytime. Besides they don’t make charts for my handloaded match ammo.

                • And get a good rangefinder too. Leupold makes a great compact unit that goes to 1200yds. for a good price. About the size of a pack of smokes. Get a good scope that has 1/10 milrad adjustments too. 1/4 moa scopes are a joke at long range. A great scope for a great price is the SWFA SS series. 300 bucks and has 1/10 milrad adjustment and an awesome reticle system. A very tough unit too. Use your rangefinder to find the range of your target, dial the turret to the number on your ballistics card (that you make yourself), and walla! It’s so easy it’s actually boring after a while. Virtually ALL long range shooters make their own rifle specific ammo. Neck size only, use match bullets (weigh them and stay within 1-2 grains) Use a good powder (I like hogdon). You don’t need to spend a fortune on reloading stuff just use a lee hand press and lee collet dies. I hate rcbs neck sizing dies, they SUCK! A good book with TONS of loads is Richard Lees “Modern Reloading”. Franklin armoury makes a great priming tool! There ya go….

                  • The best grease/oil I have found is MilComm. It is pretty pricey but performs excellent in all conditions and lasts a loooong time. Just a little bit is all you need too. Even when dry it still works great.

                    Be careful which frequencies you use for your radios also. Try and use a business frequency that is not used. GMRS frequencies are full of idiots and have 0 privacy. UHF band seems the best for distance imo. Get a book that lists all the frequencies and who uses them and choose carefully. You can program different transmit and recieve frequencies so at best they will only catch half of your conversation or use the DTCC coding.

          • I know. The more reason to understand that you cannot go armed with moral against a world who has none, you are out numbered and out gunned. If you do not adopt a mindset that is extremely mercenary, you wont make it two days, two hours two minutes. Morals and good will got them dead back then. A trust in humanity and that everything was going to be OKAY got them gassed shot stabbed and otherwise summarily humiliated and killed. That is the lesson WHITE MEN must learn before the SHTF. You have race traitors and cucks and sellouts who will gladly have your white skinned ass dead without a second thought (cept by someone elses direct action, they likely would not get the blood on their own hands). White Christian sane conservative moral and straight….is the new endangered species and the new universal scape goat that will be mercilessly hunted in SHTF. Either get that notion right in your head or be dead quickly. you, me , we don’t have a chance otherwise.

            • Absolutey amen, great post!

              But having morals is not being a patsy. Something as important as morals is knowing who is our freind and who is not.

              One thing to watch out for in SHTF is the white knight on a horse syndrome. Don’t let a dramatic female draw you into a trap. Also little kids are used to spy on someone’s preps, they will come home with your kids and spy out everything for adults who will come over later.

              When the SHTF, most of the operatives for the Marxists will be millennials and at least half will be radicalized white females. Our radicalized White Females increasingly hate middle-aged on-up white men. Trump is hated by them not so much because of his policies, but because he is the avatar of everything they have been trained to hate, the confident white man.

              CNN’s main viewer is the radicalized White chick. They would rather side with a transgendered Socialist who wants to burn everything down, than with their own kind. I find it colossaly stupid and..Incredible.

          • The only morality I see in most preppers is not “stand-up” but lie down and die.

            Any prepper that actually dares stand-up scares the crap out of the other PINOs (Prepper In Name Only).

          • In WROL, I have a mental list of all the freaking punks I would take out. You know the threats and cancer on the neighborhood. Those fckers will be the first to disappear.

        • Deplorable Neal Jensen, I can’t argue with your statement; “Most preppers likely have MORALS, but I will tell you this right now, you better be ready to FORGET THEM if you intend to survive in a world that WILL BE ACTING WITHOUT THEM, because if you anchor yourself to them, you are held in place to be a victim because of them”.

          However, my morals allow me to act with something called “Righteous Indignation”. Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, or malice of another. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. In some Christian doctrines, righteous anger is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesus drove the money lenders out of the temple (Gospel of Matthew 21).

          • Well said, Justice.

            • “Why Understanding the Brutal Reality of the SHTF Could Save Your Life”

              Thats why booze was invented. When the going get’s tough, the tough go drinking! 😛

              • I sure as hell will not be impaired.

                  • While I understand if things go very wrong the desire if in your local things calm enough to have a drink,but for cripes sake,homemade paint thinner is not the drink of choice in shtf!

                    I have morals,and,they will probably get me killed as since I do not have folks depending on me I see evil like folks getting thrown off buildings/children raped ect. will not be able to just pass it by,rather kill as many as I can engaging in such acts and in turn die then just turn me head.

                    I have thought long and hard about this and can live(and die) with this decision.That said,can stop such acts and well….,survive,all the better!

                    • Anybody who trusts that someone else has morals, will get YOU Killed. Always Consider the worst when dealing with people. Scamming, lying, scumbag cheaters, despots full of trickery and illusion, murderous raping thieves and looters.

                      Nobody has morals in SHTF Survival mode. Its every man woman and child for themselves. Treat every person as a potential threat just waiting for you to let your guard down, so they can kill you and take all your stuff for their survival and trade.

                      You think the Kids could trust their own parents, traveling in the Donner Party who were halted by the Winter snows in the Cumberland pass, were traded off for other family’s children, so the adults did not have to eat their own children for food that winter. Yes it was cannibalism. Kids cannot even trust their own parents. That’s the kind of SHTF Survival that has no morals. And those were highly religious Mormons, and Bringham Young. Probably why the LDS and Mormons are now such good preppers.. When you resort to feeding on your own offspring, you failed miserably at prepping.

                  • No, it won’t. Read your history.

                    These Progressive Socialist Democrats, these gun confiscators, they are power mad. They will come to your door. They will knock hard three times. You will hand them your guns. That won’t be the end of it though.

                    To them you will never be compliant enough. You will never be cooperative enough.

                    Once they know you had guns what’s to keep them from thinking you don’t have more guns. They will be back. They will keep coming back, until they take you away to “some place safe” where they can keep an eye on you.

                    SHTF is nothing. It’s how things kick off.

                    • You knocked it out of tha park, great post. That’s exactly how the Progressive Insane Clown Posse will act.

        • You can still fight in self defense to kill, yet can still maintain your moral compass.

          This life is temporary, heaven and hell are eternal, so, we must all use wisdom.

          Am I saying not to use violence against a gang of home invaders, absolutely not, but our things into perspective as to the future of your soul after your body perishes.

        • “…This is human nature – we avoid things that scare us, sicken us, and make us unhappy. …”

          And, that is why Western Civilization has been destroyed from within. Decades ago, people tried to warn everyone what was coming, but no. The warnings were’nt happy, or “fun”. And now, the few people who can comprehend what is happening must prepare to try and save themselves.

          Read Thomas Chittum’s book, “Civil War II”, in addition to Selco’s works.

          Selco’s SHTF Schools are worth every penny, highly recommended.

      2. I think when (not if) the collapse arrives, PTSD will run rampant among the population until those remaining will become or already are immune to it. As stated in the article above, it becomes part of daily life seeing violence dished out wholesale. Sadly, I think we’re almost there now. Don’t think so?

        1. 20-30 years ago, the nation would go into shock if a mother would drown her 2 sons. Now it’s hardly the lead story, another day in America.

        2. The Drug War, abuse and overdoses were headlines and a big agenda push during the Ronald Reagan era. Now, drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for those under 50. People shoot up on the street in public and pass out in cars. Nobody blinks an eye and keeps walking on by.

        3. Mass shootings are becoming more common, yet once the news goes on to the next story, that mass shooting is soon forgotten.

        4. The countless videos available in hi-def on the web of beheadings, executions, terror attacks, iPhone videos of street fights/stabbings, and all the other acts of violence, it goes on and on.

        Yes, I do think a lot of people would freeze up and not know how to react because it’s first person and in real time. But, I think we have a lot of folks out there in society that wouldn’t be bothered at all in seeing violence.

        Of everything that written in this article, there is one take away that everyone could or should agree on.
        “We’re in a dark point of American history right now.” I have a Conceal Carry Permit and take my gun everywhere it is legal to. It’s sad that we are at a point now where I feel I have to carry a weapon to go get a few groceries because I’m concerned about a nutcase coming in shooting up the place because he got fired or his wife left him.

        The bottom line: “Put your faith in God, but keep your powder dry.”

        • PTSD is made up bullshit.
          So you have a nightmare about war. So what, get over it.
          People try to equate PTSD with traumatic brain injuries.

          Hell, I got PTSD from going to the DMV to register my car!!!

          • True PTSD is not made up. They just way over-diagnose this to push their dope.

          • JS, I’ve had PTSD from bad women in my life, LOL! The solution: give them the boot! problem solved.

          • Especially those wimps and pussies that need “therapy/companion animals”. What a pathetic crock of shit. They just want to get away with taking their pets everywhere with them, like on the airplane.

            Therapy pets. The other white meat. Companion pets, it’s what’s for dinner.

            • Infel,me mum was a doc at the VA for over 20 years,on her own time she took her dog to visit patients in the wards and had a very positive affect on their outlooks,do not completely write off pet therapy.

            • psssst…

              you’re what’s for dinner if’n ya mess with my “therapy pet”

              • Is there life after death?
                Mess with my dog and find out!

        • Saying something offensive on Facebook is more shocking than a mother that would drown her 2 sons and would get more press coverage too.

        • Mass shootings are becoming more common, yet once the news goes on to the next story, that mass shooting is soon forgotten.

          Mass shootings should be quickly forgotten. If the news harps on it 24/7 that only encourages other people to do mass shootings.

        • Until someone demonstrates that they are rational, I assume that you have some psychological or mental defect. FFS 25% of university students admit to having some type of psych disorder!

          I expect people to act in more and more irrational and disturbing ways.

          Civil War II is here. Not hot, yet, but getting closer with each passing day.

          • “Everyone seems pretty normal, until you get to know them” – Unknown

            • LOL! Good one.

        • Kevin, I suffer from a rare but growing illness. SDS Sudden Dyslexia Syndrome It cause’s one to only be able to read those NO GUN ALLOWED signs when backed up by a metal detector.

        • KevinK

          “20-30 years ago, the nation would go into shock if a mother would drown her 2 sons. Now it’s hardly the lead story, another day in America.”

          Dianne Sawyer interviewed the infamous Charles Manson in prison. He said something quite interesting:

          “When I got here I was called crazy”. ‘Nowadays everyone is crazy”.

      3. As bad as it sounds, one must desensitize from killing the enemy.

        • I think most people would not have a problem with killing someone.

          The problem is fearing the consequences that follow that killing.

          • That would certainly be a part of it.

        • Menzo, agreed. I can’t dispute what Deplorable Neal Jensen says. Either adapt to the new reality or become toast quickly.

      4. I lived through the riots in L.A. in 1991. I had no weapons because the State of California decieded for me I could not have one. NEVER AGAIN.Never again will I be left so defenseless or vulnerable. Never again will I pay the slightest bit of attention to what someone else says I can or cannot have.Never.

        • I remember the LA riots too. I got some good shoes and a new TV. Then these crappy Koreans chased us off.

          Good times.

          • LOL!

      5. I was watching a history channel documentary on Stalin. One of the things Stalin did during Communism was to eliminate inheritance.

        If you father died, the state got everything and you got nothing.


        If you look at the democratic party platform, eliminating inheritance is one of the platforms. They believe that it unfairly creates “generational wealth”.

        We are closer to living in a communist state than you realize.

        • Wasnt it obamma who wanted to raise the estate tax to 52% or some crap?
          I can tell you for sure if thats the case and they do, the government will get 0 nothing, nada, zip from anyone…
          The government, is not entitled to one damn dime of whatever a family has generated over decades and centuries in some cases.

          • Nailbanger, if I ever inherit anything I won’t even report it.

        • It’s why the US Communist Party urges it’s members to vote Democrat. The two parties have merged. If they had phone service in Hell, Ol’ Saul Alinsky would be glad to send his regards to the Democrats for importing ALL of his ideas.

          Alinsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, all elbows together at a bar in Hell, over a beer, smirking on how far their ideas have gotten adopted, if one could imagine that. A Poll just came out that 40 percent of Millennial Males identify themselves as Socialist, much higher for the Chicks.

          The Lord help us. This Scene will await us when we get old, the progressive Marxists policing our speech, banning our faith, deciding who dies and who lives. Triggered Harpies excoriating us. You couldn’t have made this stuff up.

      6. Daisy, great article and extremely important topic. I can’t wait to read Selco’s new book The Dirty Truth About SHTF Survival.

        I know that my compassion will probably/definitely be my undoing in a SHTF event. Who can stand by and not help a child that is starving? Who cannot try and save an elderly person who is in danger?

        A recent example; my brother and I were coming back from Kentucky and stopped at a rest area and some people had a goat (I know…a goat) and it broke away and started running down a major highway (I and the goat stayed on the shoulder of the road). I INSTINCTIVELY started chasing it to try and help (putting myself at risk over a goat). Everyone else except the owner just watched. Well my brother started chasing to help ME, consequently I endangered HIM as well.

        We analyzed the situation afterwards and decided that I was kind hearted and foolish. That my instinctual reaction could get me and worse him killed. I tell this embarrassing story to help others.

        In answer to the questions above, I know how to turn off my emotions and can and have done so before (it’s a great skill to have) but I wonder at what cost?

        What do I value most in this world? My soul!

        • Being kindhearted is not foolish.

          You may even get good allies during SHTF with kind gestures. The best thing you can do is be friends with your neighbors. Neighbors helping neighbors is a great resource during SHTF. A simple gesture like taking Christmas cookies to the neighbors can make for good friends.

          I always say, be friends with your neighbors, that way they will feed your dogs while you are on vacation!

          Do you know your neighbors names?

          • john stiner, Yes I know my neighbors name and I’m on good terms with them. I am old school and neighbors occupy a special relationship. That relationship doesn’t rise to the level of friends, but it does allow them to impose upon me. I don’t really know why neighbors enjoy this special relationship merely because of proximity? But they do, I guess it’s just the social convention.

          • Yes. One couple moved to my area from Commiefornia and the wife is a bitch. One yappy dog and another dog that she trained to bark at me. Watch their dogs? No fricken way.

            The crazy bitch should have stayed in Commiefornia. I wouldn’t help her. I can’t stand her.

            • Call the cops on them and say you think they are selling drugs. When they get swatted odds are the cops will shoot their stupid dogs. Problem solved lol.

              • Naw. Not a snitch and I prefer to never call LE.

          • J Stiner- I’ll bring you poisoned Christmas cookies to your house, so when You die, I will come take your stuff and your daughters. Eating any food others present to you could kill you. Only a fool eats food given as gifts that is not in a sealed container. J Stiner – You will be a sucker for a quick death.

            Bottom line know your opponents weakness. If they are an alcoholic, then give them Booze, taint it with arsenic. You like Cake, Cookies, Kool-Aid. Fur sure drink the koolaid J Stiner.

        • Being kind-hearted is one thing.

          Being suicidally altruistic is quite another.

          There are times when emotions become dangerous, fog your brain, and times when they can drain all of your energy.

      7. I for one, will not go in search of someone to kill, maim, or steal from, BUT, I will be one to exact revenge on those that come for me in a SHTF situation. Do I trust my neighbors? Hell, I don’t even trust my family! Politics and religious beliefs aside, education and accepted morals are what I consider about people. Without education, and I am not talking about book learning, people only know what they are told; and if they are not told the truth, or the whole story, then their knowledge is not worth a damn. If a person has a basic set of good morals, then he/she will have a better chance of surviving with me, instead of against me.

        No, I won’t look for trouble, and no, I won’t jump into the fray if someone else is being hurt and it would mean I would not be able to take care of my family. This makes me neither a good person nor a bad person, but this does make me human. My heart goes out to everyone when SHTF. My prayers are with those that truly want to morally survive for the day that life may become bearable again.

        I believe in God, and I believe that we truly are facing the end times. I want my life to be a reflection of good, and because of that, I am probably an easy target now. I would rather humbly stand before God and accept my punishment for failing, that arrogantly justify my reason for killing.

        • Remember that God had the Israelites go on the offensive from time to time. It must be justified and if it’s true it will not be arrogant. Some threats will be too close and crazy to ignore.

          • You mean like palestine?

            • There have been scum muslims around for a long, long time. Like cockroaches, genius.

            • Every day in Palestine is a SHTF Day, dealing with the invading lying scum cockroach squatters, stealing what ever is not nailed down. Coward snipers on hills, Shooting at your children as they try to play. Those insect invading scumbags need to be dealt a heavy bombardment into hell where they belong.

          • God also gave them 3ews hooked noses to point the direction. 3ews who try to use the imaginary God as their leader are grossly mistaken. God Hates 3ews, and make them suffer for their crimes against humanity. 3ews killed Jesus, and hijacked religion like every other cancer that invades their host and sucks it dry from life.

            • the j3ws didn’t kill Jesus, The Romans did, read you Bible

      8. We are all animals, no exceptions.

        Killing male competition in order to impregnate as many females as possible is a survival strategy practiced by all animals whom instinctively seek to continue their genetics. Get over it.

        Take away homogeneity, introduce multi-culture, and chaos follows.

        In European civilization, or in European Empire creation, war was followed by inclusion of the vanquished. This is unlike other people in that almost universally, others who waged wars attempted to destroy entirely the genes of their enemies, genocide.

        In a scarcity of resources situation one may adopt the strategy of killing the best of one’s enemies. This is a strategy whereby one deminishes the power of a competitor in order to later kill or inslave survivors. It is part of (((the elite))) strategy.

        Of the two strategies, the European model is the more humane and civilized.

        In a world without the rule of law, two main types of violence will happen. One will be violence aimed at survival, another violence leading to eventual extinction.

        Let’s examine how violence can be a successful survival strategy. It is obvious how violence for violence’s sake is ultimately suicide. And how violence for parasites is ultimately suicidal.
        But “good” violence is not so obvious. Like an overcrowded boat, the least useful need to be thrown into the water to drown or the entire boat and all on board sink.

        This is what I believe will happen if SHTF. Good and strong people will kill the killers. When their homes are invaded they will kill the intruders. This will take them down the path to becoming aggressive killers when the food and supplies run out. Imagine a father enters his neighbors home to ask for food. The neighbor refuses to share. An argument between them ends with the neighbor dead. He brings his wife and kids into the neighbors house where they all eat with their neighbor’s wife and children. He now has two wives and three more children. As time goes by he becomes more aggressive. He kills sick and old people and includes smart or useful ones into an ever increasing gang of basically descent people who are living under extraordinary circumstances. Gangs fight gangs for resources and power until the Country is one remaining gang which has incorporated into itself the best and brightest people. The End of the mayhem and the beginning of a peaceful but less overpopulated world with new laws or revised laws.


          • I used to like GnR until Axl proved he is a stupid ass punk liberal pussy.

      9. From 30years in Law Enforcement; local, state and federal,
        I have learned that your worst fears are in your own neighborhood. Believe me when I tell you that ‘Nobody
        Really Knows Their Neighbors’. And,what goes on behind closed doors.

        • In virtually every major disaster, the first group to turn into marauders are organized bands of LEO’s operating under color of law.

          • PTPO, those LEOs or anyone else with such ideas better forget it if they want to live. My family and I are ready for marauders or any other scum who come to us with such things in mind. And we won’t care if they’re cops or not.

            • Many ex leo’s have an authority complex. If I am in a situation where they try and exorcise any authority over me in shtf and I cannot make a move on them I will act like I’m going along until they turn their back. Then they will be dealt with.

          • @ Plan twice, prep once


            The thin blue line is not there to protect our society, but rather a standing army of demoralized militant goons defending the rogue cabal of communists and criminals within “our” government who are fundamentally transforming our country into a communust/globalist shithole. It’s not really a fundamental transformation but rather a slow incremental coupdetat of our republic.

            The Patriot act wasn’t designed to stop terrorists as it was really engineered to be used against Americans who are opposed to the treasonous fundamental coupdetat transformation of America.

            Meanwhile, all most Americans know or understand is sports and or entertainment.

        • Yep and I’m going to get them before they get me. Already pre-planned. Just waiting on the trigger. Immediate/close proximity threats go out first.

      10. Where I live is a public housing project and already there is very little law enforcement .the robust men consistently rob the old folks and roam the halls looking for more loot.Management does nothing so many of us have to to live with this day to day .We have developed strategies for living in this chaos.I know for a fact of there is a crisis our local thug will just ramp up his predation of the seniors.So even old people have to come up with bug out or bug in plans .The biggest issue will be meds and oxygenand home care which will cease in a full blown crisis.Our meds will be of interest to the thugs /In a way this place is a training for grimmer days

        • Get out of there now.

        • Hmmm, I wonder what race they are?

          • Genius, no doubt they’re hoodrats.

        • Girlofcelje, if there’s any way possible, get out of there. Once the balloon goes up, your chances of survival go way down.

          • The ones who are giving all the trouble are the ones transferred in after messing up at another building .They are also moving in addicts from the Dan Harrison Complex at Dundas/Sherbourne and homeless who have not lived in an apt for years.My housing provider does not evict these people no matter what they do and thats why I sleep with a bat and spray.They go after the weak and the helpless.
            These creeps will be the warlords after some event so I may end up going to a relatives property after they go away.It will be unsafe as well but people in that area dont take crap and will try and defend

      11. Money that could have gone on basic supplies has been frittered away on parties by the local rep .When we had a power outage people were in hysterics.Many didnt even have flashlights ,food water or even candles.Many depend on day to day care and are not mobile .The younger seniors would have to help them ,flee or look after themselves.In a public housing situation the best is to have caches of supplies elsewhere as in a SHTF situation we would be looted at once.Bear spray is an option and being able to leave in a hurry with very little is the best.The ones who will do well are the ones living in tents and lean to’s down by the Don River .

      12. I believe GOD has seen enough.
        HE has given us ample time and chances to turn ourselves around.
        His patiences is not unlimited nor his mercy or grace.
        He has told us he will not wipe out the human race after the great flood.

        I do believe we are getting close to a convergence of cataclysmic events that will destroy a vast majority of humans. Most of the Northern Hemisphere will be extinct. No amount of preparation will help.

        When you see the signs escalating – It will not happen overnight – go south – The northern hemisphere will be s desolate wasteland.

      13. People your missing the point. There are sociopaths everywhere and the only thing keeping them in check is drugs and rule of law. When shtf they will see they have opportunities they didn’t have before to do what they want. You could know some of these people now and be leaving yourself open. People will not be kind to get what they need when it’s in short supply. It’s best to seem un interesting appear to be struggling like everyone else. Don’t be wearing nice clean new clothes when everyone else’s clothes are dirty and worn. conserve your supplies and take any aid when available or people will think your holding out. There will be people who will be watching for signals that you aren’t struggling and you will be visited by thugs. worst thing you can do is be viewed as weak.

      14. Be warry of those who fly the thin blue line or any other loyalist/imposter flags/bumper stickers and such. Not saying they’re bad people, but more than likely loyal to those upholding and defending the leftist coupdetat of America.

      15. I left the house the other day and forgot to put my gun in my pocket I felt naked and afraid just going to the food store . I will not go looking for trouble I will try to avoid it but DO NOT bring it to me or its game on. Buy more ammo

        • Red,just go BLOAT!

          Buy Loats Of Ammo Today!

          • are you for real

        • Red,just go BLOAT!

          Buy Lots Of Ammo Today!

          • warchild dammit are you for real

            • I guess maybe I could cram 1 more case of 7.62 in. God help the neighbors if any of my places catches on fire! 😛

      16. One of the biggest threats to the general public in shtf scenario is all of whom represent government hands down ten fold. They’re more dangerous than street thugs. a bunch of parasites that were likely instrumental in creating the SHTF/WROL to begin with and if not involved directly creating the crisis they’ll be there to defend it.

        Not talking natural disasters and such, although they always take advantage of a crisis natural or government created disasters to advance their illegitimacy of communism against Americans.

      17. Hi Daisy.

        Hi Mac.

        Hi Ya’ll.

        Sup NinaO. >>respect<<

        It is really simple:
        Keep it light until it is time to go dark…..then go pitch black.

        I may end up being a casualty…..but I won't be a victim.

        Be safe……stay the course…..BA.

      18. “when in doubt, kill-win by attrition” Colonel Trautman, Rambo-First Blood

      19. Good write-up Daisy.Thanks for the nudge.

      20. If you want to know how brutal it will be if you live anywhere near a major U.S. city, just look at what happens in South Africa when a pack of “blacks” decide to rob a “white” farmer.

        They will surround your home and descend on you hacking you and your children up with machetes of just shooting you as many times as they can afford to. Or just torch your home and kill your family as they flee the fire.

        The EXACT same thing will happen to you.

        Shelter in place ?

        You will need THOUSANDS of rounds of ammunition and several fire extinguishers. Some C4 explosive would likely come in handy. Perhaps even a flame-thrower.

        Shelter in place ?

        Good luck with that.

        • There’s a pretty good documentary called “Farmland” on what’s going on in South Africa.

          It was made by Lauren Southern. Even if you don’t care about what’s going on there, it’s worth a look just to ogle her assets.

          • That just proves how stupid those naggers are! They will be starving as they deserve to. DO NOT EVER send aid or help the children BS, let them die by their own hand. Fook those apes…

        • No idea how easy/hard it is to get or make C4. But you can get Tanerite or make it yourself. Just two components. And then strategically place it where the enemy will be.

      21. “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”
        — Alfred Henry

        • Probably more like 2 meals for most of these land whales around here. Maybe I can make soap out of them?

      22. 90% of the comments here prove your point DL.

        I hope none of the people making them move to my country.

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