Why The Surveillance State Must Be Erased

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    In America today there is a great rushing storm, a swirling hurricane of clashing opinions and ideologies that defy coherent organization and classification.  This social tempest has been triggered by certain revelations among the general public on issues which we in the Liberty Movement have long been aware.  The fact that our government is bought and paid for by international corporate interests, the fact that our government has positioned itself to spy on ALL Americans without warrant and without probable cause, the fact that our government is instituting policy initiatives that target common citizens as enemy combatants, the fact that every one of our Constitutional rights is being deliberately torn away; these things are not news to us, but to many once ignorant people, they are a shock to the system.

    Open corruption on the part of a criminal establishment has a funny way of politicizing everyone, even those people who go out of their way to avoid the bigger picture.  In the end, no man or woman gets a pass.  Whether you like it or not, one day soon, you will have to choose a side; freedom or tyranny.  There is no middle ground.  There is no Switzerland.

    With all the rationalizations and counter-rationalizations flying around concerning the current avalanche of admissions and data leaks, it is easy to lose track of the root of the overall conflict.  It’s as if we have been dropped into the heart of an Amazonian swamp, our feet encased in a thick sludge of social inaction as a dark cloud of mindless mosquito-people buzz about us, pecking hungrily at our veins with their warped and uneducated world views.  The deafening chorus distracts us from what is truly important.

    Here is the reality of our situation:

    1) Both the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration supported FISA domestic surveillance legislation.  FISA is the legal tool which the federal government now uses to justify the monitoring of journalists and recently exposed mass surveillance programs such as PRISM.  Politicians from both the Republican and the Democratic parties have defended the use of FISA and PRISM.  Both parties support the destruction of your 4th Amendment rights.

    2) The Obama Administration openly admits to the monitoring of journalists phone and email records in an attempt to thwart whistleblowers that might actually bring the truth of what the government is doing into the light of day.  Obama of course defends this position by claiming that “national security” is at stake.

    3) Part of the motivation for surveillance measures against journalists has clearly been the Benghazi conspiracy, which is a thorn in the side of the establishment that refuses to go away.  Like Watergate, or Iran-Contra, the White House has been caught with its pants down and instead of admitting its guilt, has decided to attack the messengers instead.

    4) Another motivation was certainly the exposure of the ATF’s “Fast And Furious” program, which funneled U.S. firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartels so that American firearms dealers and owners could be blamed for the escalation of deadly violence south of the border.  Again, Obama and his handlers seek to use a suffocating surveillance grid in order to thwart whistleblowers and prevent federal crimes from being aired in public.

    5) The use of the IRS as a weapon against the political enemies of the establishment (namely Tea Party groups) verifies that government surveillance without oversight can indeed lead to political profiling and unjustified punishment.

    6) The PRISM scandal, leaked by former CIA operative and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, has given the general public a raw naked look at the reality of the FISA spy initiative.  In the past, Liberty Movement champions have been derided as “paranoid” for pointing out that there were no limitations to FISA, and that the entire nation might one day be monitored and catalogued like animals in a great technological cage.  Today, the public now knows that this concern is concrete and undeniable.  EVERYONE is being watched.  Reports now estimate that NSA hackers harvest over 2.1 million gigabytes of data on American citizens per hour.

    7) Privacy rights have been so debased that the invasion of our electronic communications is the least of our worries.  The Supreme Court has ruled in Maryland v. King that police now have the authority to extract DNA samples from any person placed under arrest, without a warrant, and without due process.  This means that the second a law enforcement officer places you in cuffs, your genetic materials are no longer your property, even if the charges against you are erroneous, if charges are ever filed at all.  The government admits to having at least 10 million people catalogued in their genetic database already.

    8) Since 9/11, U.S. cities have added approximately 30 million new CCTV cameras on top of those already in operation.  After the Boston Bombing, even more are expected to be installed.  There are few places in most major cities where you are not being watched, and even smaller municipalities with miniscule crime rates are beginning to follow suit.

    It would seem that our government has somehow overlooked the 4th Amendment of our Constitution, and statist rationalists would do well to study it before defending their actions.  Let’s read it, shall we?

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Now let’s examine the arguments of the establishment in favor of the Surveillance State:

    Argument #1:  Mass Surveillance Has Been Going On For A Long Time And Is Nothing New

    Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham, perhaps the most evil political duo since McCain and Lieberman, have both used the above talking point in order to rationalize the mass surveillance of FISA and PRISM.  But let’s put this in perspective…

    Feinstein and Graham are essentially saying that because the government has criminally trespassed on our privacy for years, we should not complain when we discover that the invasion was a bit more elaborate than we had originally suspected.  They are saying that because we allowed them to get away with taking an inch, we might as well allow them to get away with taking a mile.  This is the logical fallacy of incrementalism, and tyrants use it in their arguments all the time.

    Despotism rarely establishes itself overnight.  Rather, it slithers slowly into the midst of a society like a parasite, and carefully entrenches itself under our skin bit-by-bit so that we do not notice until it is buried so deep we fear removing it at all.  A line must be drawn in the sand eventually.  Past mistakes are not a license for future failures and future regrets, and anyone who claims otherwise is trying to take something away from you.

    Argument #2:  If You’re Not Talking To Terrorists, Then You Have Nothing To Worry About

    Another debate point from the bottom feeding Lindsey Graham.  First off, our Constitutional rights are not predicated on whether or not we are guilty of “terrorism”.  Even a so-called terrorist is supposed to be protected under the Bill of Rights.  The law is very clear, and this is not a negotiable position.  Every American, regardless of government suspicion, has a right to privacy, and is protected from unreasonable search and seizure without probable cause.  Period.  Graham’s argument perpetuates the fallacy that the word “terrorism” is somehow a magical password that allows the federal government to bypass Constitutional barriers.  I’m sorry to tell Lindsey that he is greatly mistaken.

    Secondly, the very foundation of a free society requires that every person be treated as INNOCENT until proven guilty.  Mass surveillance twists this principle, so that all people are treated by the state as guilty until proven innocent.  Such a system will inevitably generate a vast rift between the populace and the government because it designates the political elite as the “watchers” and the public as the “watched”.  As history has shown us, the “watchers” always become the enslavers, and the “watched” always become the enslaved.

    I’m not sure why so many people, including U.S. senators, do not seem to grasp this concept.

    Argument #3:  We Must Trust That The Government Is Using The Surveillance Apparatus For Good

    Barack Obama in defense of the leaked PRISM initiative and all encompassing NSA surveillance stated that Americans must simply “trust” that the federal system is using the data they have criminally harvested for the good of the country.  That is to say, we should have “faith” in the White House.

    I’m sorry, but the Constitution was written exactly because governments are run by men, NOT benevolent gods, and men are notorious for abusing power.  The Constitution exists because NO government can be trusted to act in a principled manner.  We do not have to “trust” them because tight constitutional restrictions are in place to ensure that they aren’t given enough slack to become dangerous.  When those restrictions are diminished, we get programs like PRISM…

    The checks and balances of due process and warrants are supposed to be absolutely public and transparent so that we can see, with our own eyes, that all is being handled justly and honorably.  Mass surveillance in particular is an affront to the 4th Amendment because there is no conceivable way that warrants could ever be issued for the incredible volume of materials gathered, and therefore, there is no conceivable way that any legitimate judicial oversight is being enforced.  Secret courts, secret charges, secret programs targeting entire subsections of the population, were expressly forbidden by the Founding Fathers as totalitarian in nature.

    In February of this year, Obama boasted during a Google Plus “Fireside Chat” that his was “the most transparent administration in history”.  The ability of politicians to lie with sociopathic expertise is well documented, hence, my lack of faith.

    The government and the Obama White House in particular do not deserve our trust.  Trust has to be earned…

    Argument #4:  Surveillance Programs Are Essential To The Safety Of The Public 

    At this point I find that anyone who still uses the “safety” position to justify the trampling of our freedoms is a lost cause.  Years ago, when the surveillance grid was being put into place through legal chicanery, the common skeptic would insist that such subversive laws had not yet hurt anyone, and that the concerns of the Liberty Movement were “overblown”.  Today, it’s no longer about theory.  Our cultural pain is real, people are being targeted, people are suffering, and it’s only going to get worse from here on.  And, as we warned a long time ago, the concept of “collective safety” would be the primary persuasion technique used to lead America further into oblivion.

    In a race to spin the leak of PRISM, lawmakers and establishment shills have come out in droves to suggest that the secret surveillance state has “stopped terrorist attacks” and “saved lives”.  Of course, because all the details of the program are classified, we’ll never see any proof that such claims are true.  What a conundrum.  Frankly, I know enough about government sponsored terrorism to understand that even if PRISM thwarted an attack, our clandestine alphabet bureaucracy has created far more death and destruction than they have ever prevented.

    In the end, I couldn’t care less if PRISM stopped a terrorist act.  The point is irrelevant.  Our civil liberties are not subject to the supposed success of an unconstitutional government action.  The promise of safety does not nullify our rights, nor does it give government capital to do whatever it pleases.

    Comfort Means Death

    I believe the establishment has moved away from the denial of so many abuses because it hopes to convince us that this is the “new normal” of our society.  They want us to embrace the surveillance state and become comfortable in its cradling arms.  I do not plan to get “comfortable”.  When political villains no longer fear the exposure of their villainy, it is time to start worrying.

    There has been a lot of unrestrained conjecture on the motivations of the suddenly world-famous Edward Snowden.  The fact is we still know very little about him, and for now I will reserve judgment; partially because I know that one day people like myself could be accused of “fomenting controlled opposition” or “working for the enemy”.  Our culture has become so cynical that we refuse to believe that anyone does anything anymore out of a sense of principle.

    Whatever Snowden’s original intentions, I find his admitted reasons inspiring.  When asked why he forced the truth of PRISM into the mainstream, Snowden replied:

    “I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under…”

    “I’m willing to sacrifice all of that [career and former life] because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”

    “My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which was done in their name and that which is done against them…I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions. I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”

    The surveillance machine is the key to control.  When each person feels the eyes of the state constantly upon them, dissent and rebellion becomes unthinkable.  At the very least, those of us who are aware of the great Orwellian shift before us must take an immovable stand.

    The right to privacy is an inherent right of natural law. No individual or government system should be allowed legal precedence to invade my privacy, and all people have the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty rather than guilty until proven innocent. As an individual, I do not owe the collective, or the government, a constant update on whether or not I am a “threat”. In fact, I don’t owe anyone anything.

    If someone continues to treat me as an enemy and constantly tramples my natural right to privacy, I am going to fight them, and I am going to hurt them, perhaps mortally. This is what people who support surveillance society need to understand; there will be consequences for their trespasses against the natural rights of others.

    There can be no negotiation.  There can be no compromise.  The surveillance state must be erased.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Fuck em!

        • Our lips are moving, but no one can hear us. Tragic….

          • Off-duty cops in two counties in Alabama spent the weekend collecting saliva and blood samples from drivers at roadblocks.

            “According to Lt. Freddie Turrentine with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, drivers were asked to voluntarily offer samples of their saliva and blood for a study being conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

            The drivers were compensated for their samples.

            “They’ve got big signs up that says ‘paid volunteer survey’ and if they want to participate they pull over there and they ask them questions and if they are willing to give them a mouth swab they give them $10 and if they are willing to give them a blood sample they give them $50. And if they don’t do anything they drive off,”

            Daily Caller dot com

              • Hey! How’s it going? I’m all right.

                My job is so shitty I wish I could overthrow my boss. It’s like this oppressive regime where only true believers in his management techniques will stay around. I work marathon-length hours and he’s made all these changes that have made it the worst architecture firm to work at in Manhattan. Like he moved the office to the Financial District and fired my assistant. She was the only one who knew where the blueprints were! I need access to those blueprints to complete my job! F my life, right? And he keeps trying to start all these new initiatives to boost revenue, but seriously we just need to stick to what we do best. There’s only one true profit center. I seriously feel ready to go on strike at any second.

                I just read this article about how these free radical particles can cause the downfall of good health and accelerate aging. These could actually cause death to millions of Americans. If these particles are flying around undetected everywhere, does that mean we’re all radicalized?

                Have you seen the second season of Breaking Bad? I just finished it. I couldn’t believe that episode where they poison the guy with ricin! That was the bomb! I won’t say any more because I don’t want to reveal the earth-shattering events to come.

                Oh! So I’ve been planning a big trip for the summer. I’m thinking of visiting all of the most famous suspension bridges in the United States. So probably like the Golden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I’m gonna bring my younger brother and I know he’ll want to go to bars, so I’m thinking of getting him a fake drivers license, but I hope that doesn’t blow up in my face.

                Okay, I gotta run! I’m late for flight school. I missed the last class where we learn how to land, so I really can’t miss another one. Talk to you later!

                • trollthensa.com

                  • nice

                  • “T”, the CIA has a webpage for kids as well. There’s a funny little page where you can put disguises on a spy. Welcome to the New World Order.

                • Lets take a Poll.

                  Thumbs UP for Edward Snowden being a patriot.

                  Thumbs DOWN for Edward Snowden being a trator.

                  • Lets make this more interesting.
                    Thumbs up if you are ok with the way our reps represent us.
                    Thumbs down if you would like to see them ALL swinging from a power pole.

                  • If you’d like to do a very small something to perhaps help him, there is a just launched change.org petition demanding that Obama personally guarantee Snowden’s safety.

                    With media reports already showing up that US intelligence services mean to bring him in one way or another, the so-called “leader of the free world” needs to know we expect him, just this once, to do the right thing.


                  • Oops, forgot about the disappearing post thing, lets try a different tack

                    Lets make this more interesting.
                    Thumbs down if you are ok with the way our reps represent us.
                    Thumbs up if you would like to see them ALL swinging from a power pole.

                  • They will find him to just kill him to shut this scheme down,But it is up to us to asure his safety and if they do kill him it is time to start this war they have been wanting for so long.So patriots please listen to the words of god and do something now about our nation,if not we to will die.Time has come to open your hearts and fight with almighty god and start this war ourselfs to prevent the future being a evil nation.

                • WTF BJ

                  • Maybe check out BJ’s “KEY” words. Sarcasm lower 40…

                  • tracking signal
                    you would trust anything your president promised????that lieing SOB cannot be trusted


                • Wrong site. This is not facebook.

                • That’s awesome BJ, Ingenious even

                  • Has anyone noticed reliable, newsworthy websites being “Suspended”, lately?

              • Thanks for the link KY Mom.
                If you’d said Berkley or Chicago it wouldn’t be quite as surprising. But, Alabama? Wow! Every day we reach a new high. Or is it ‘low’? Sadly, these outrages are just symptoms, not the disease. The country is dying because the people are spiritually dead.
                Godliness and repentance is the only thing that will save this nation. Being a bit cynical about human nature, I’m not anticipating a revival anytime soon. (though God is certainly able to do that if he wants) And, I’d have to admit, I’m a world-class back slider myself sometimes. Still, a return to traditional Christian principles is our only hope.
                But America is not ready to do that. We aren’t hungry enough. Or scared enough. We don’t realize we’ve already stepped over the edge of the cliff. Soon we will, but until then…

                This nation will have to BLEED before it repents!

                Oh, now I’ve gone and done it. I posted something about faith. The non-believers are gonna smack me for this. But y’all (non Christians) know I’m just expressing an opinion. I’m not trying to evangelize you! Honest to God, I ain’t. (oops, did I just say that?)

                • When Obama says ” national security is at stake”, the question is from who? The answer has to be the American people. Open borders, free trade (means lost American jobs), our military all over the place, and soon to be the fleecing of all our retirement accounts. Who is the enemy/terrorists? Our own government, which makes us national security risks to tptb and the nwo.

                • Huh! Must be something in the water down there (Alabama). Dumb down H20. Thought most of that water was up here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland. I know! Must be all that crap that BP dumped into the water to disperse the oil spill. Its now dispersing the brain cells and making these people willingly submit for a few shekels. I would of laughed when asked and told the cop, “you first” and then drove off.

                • Okie, God is only calling one or two here and there. The preachers, priests and ministers are mostly useless; they have been perverted by false teachings from their cemeteries and the people listen to them! I spent 7 years going from town to town in America preaching the gospel after leaving the Army. Believe me it is pretty bad and only a remnant will be saved! It took me years to recover from the apathy and indifference of churches and Christians. The rich were spiritually dead and the poor were for the most part looking to get what they could from others. They were users. True Christians are as scarce as hens teeth. There absolutely will be no revival, Jesus gave us all we need to make it through this life, but men reject the Word of God and the power of his Holy Spirit. Never apologize for evangelizing. If we do not warn them we are in deep trouble. I do not want any man’s blood on my hands and millions will perish in their sins in the very near future. There is only one I wish to please as a servant. I for one am sick of patriots who do not love the Truth. They are after all infidels, denying the faith and of course Jesus Christ will deny them, but oh well they were warned. Pride and a haughty spirit are everywhere. I will not turn back for any man, my hands are set to the plow. They are without excuse!

                • Totally agree! I am reminded of Pope John
                  Paul II “A Nation that kills its own children is
                  a nation without hope.” I don’t so much
                  blame the woman who many times is scared,
                  (and scarred for life) may be young, may not have any support, and its
                  legal and accepted. We all may have innocent
                  blood on our hands for not speaking up enough, but I
                  mostly blame the people who have $$$ interest
                  in this diabolical industry (and of course other evil motives: Population control,
                  eugenics, etc, etc.). Very easy, if we do not
                  respect the most innocent of lives, what can we expect
                  …..pretty much “anything under the sun is allowed
                  mentality”. Yup, we are screwed.
                  Awesome, one more notch on some list/database
                  for being antiabortion!!

                  Note: When some of us talk about returning
                  to traditional Christian principles in No way do
                  we mean “forcing our faith” on “non-believers”.
                  In my mind I am thinking of Freedom, Truth, Justice,
                  responsibility, Honesty, peace, respect for life, etc. etc.
                  Peace out

                  • so they have babies by accident?????I don’t think so they all know what they are doing just like I did and you
                    did I hope you did anytime you dance someone has to pay for the music


                • SmokinOkie,

                  You are welcome! 🙂

                  What really surprised me in that article was that people were so willing to provide their DNA for a small fee for this ‘study’.

                  Take care!
                  KY Mom

                  • KY Mom,

                    The pacification is complete. Americans have been made ready for the next phase. I don’t know what that may entail, but it cannot be good.

                    Americans have been made jobless, hopeless, penniless, and dependent on the government for their existences, by design, so the government could take what they could not otherwise have taken from us before…. our souls.

                    If ever there was a time for us research, study, and hold fast to the prophetic warnings of the Founding Fathers, it’s right now!

                    Thanks KY Mom.

                • SmokinOkie,

                  I am reading Russian history about how their putative 1905 rebellion coalesced. For a brief shining moment peasants, small landholders, merchants and average grunts in their military were on one page against the Tsar.

                  But the Tsar’s secret police weren’t fools. Divide and conquer eventually foiled their 1905 rebellion against centuries of tyranny. Understand something: for centuries the Tsar was considered not only the national ruler but head of their Russian Orthodox faith. A deeply Orthodox Christian nation, both ruler and ruled.

                  The Power Elite in the US probably studied some history in those Ivy League finishing schools. If not, they can put the useful idiot professors on retainer to advise them.

                  Divide and conquer works because human nature is what it is at all times and in all places.

                  To the extent we separate around Catholic or Christian, Christian or Jew, false dichotomy of conservative or liberal, racial, sexual or ethnic … they’ve got us all by the short hairs. Because we will exhaust ourselves defending our “dog pack [thank you Fred Reed] and lose sight of who the common threat is.

                  A few threads back I proposed that the only distinction that matters is: a person or policy advances liberty or advances tyranny. Think about that a moment.

                  According to Forbes, the wealthiest 400 Americans own more wealth than the poorest 150 MILLION Americans. The portal, the gateway into being in the wealthiest hundred thousand Amerikans is a net worth of; $400 million dollars.

                  Nobody on this board knows anyone who meets that criterion. The Power Elite and all of their useful idiots complicit in helping them enslave us are about one percent of the population.

                  We don’t have to agree on everything. I disagree with most of you on many things. But if we don’t pull together on the one thing that matters most, sustaining America as the land of the free, we are all screwed.

                  One thing I have noticed in 50 years of keeping my eyes open and my mouth mostly shut: People tend to worship God or they worship government. People who worship God, however they define that, tend to be pro-Liberty.

                  • Great post, then you go and contradict the point of your post in the last paragraph.
                    Too bad you couldn’t stop defending your dog pack and turning on “them”.
                    Nice attempt, maybe you will do better next time.

                  • @anon6.8
                    patriots simply don’t have a chance and will fail here because we can’t even agree on a simple straight forward in your face fact such as the sun is out…this site proves that!!!…besides not only will neighbors turn you in when the shtf some of your own family members will turn you in.

                  • Ok Okie, you can be as tolerant as you want to be but that is what Jesus Christ preached against…hypocrisy. There is only the truth but unfortunately men listen to other men rather than knowing God by the Holy Ghost in Christ Jesus. This is the only true ‘dog pack’ as you put it. So again I will say very few find it because it IS a narrow way and what you defined is the broad way that leadeth to destruction, that destruction is the eternal destruction of ones soul…the choice is ours, Jesus Christ has done his part and he IS almighty God reconciling us to himself by the BLOOD.

                  • @ common sense

                    And which dog pack am I defending? School me dude, this should be fascinating.

                    For a bit over two years i was a member of a non-theistic church that had no religious creedal test. It had seven principles everyone agreed to but no ancient creed we all memorized and repeated at every opportunity.

                    The one thing everyone, with a few exceptions, did take very seriously was their political FDR liberalism. Not liberal in the sense of non-theistic only. Liberal in the sense that they LOVED them some government. Criticize the Trinity … ho hum, yawn. Suggest the government was anything other than honorable and altruistic and people got white hot pissed. Maybe because 98 percent were on or retired from the USG.

                    Older term members reported a vibrant anti war activism until Oblunder was elected. Then … silence. I observed there was no particular principle to their dissent, just partisan yapping. Or it would have continued when their hero was elected.

                    Look up Gobekkli Teppi. Twelve thousand years ago. First human settlement with more than mud huts or one-story lean tos. In the Turkish desert. Founded to be a place of worship. National Geographic did a feature article on them about a year ago.

                    Since at least then organized religion, when it itself isn’t the secular power, has sidled up to the power and said, “Boss, let me into your inner circle. I will help legitimize you with your ruled. You will make us your state religion.”

                    My point wasn’t that Christianity per se is so libertarian. My point is professed atheists who happen to be liberals, and I knew several score, tend to suck up to big government.

                    Before then I was Roman Catholic. Converted well into adulthood. Examined joining a strict monastic order. Joined a less strict secular fraternity. 22 years a happy RC.
                    With a billion Catholics around the world anything you can say is true of at least a few.
                    Most rock solid anti-authoritarian to most in yer face statist.

                    Common sense, what was your point, if you had one?

                    Politically, I am somewhat more anarchist than Ron Paul. Somewhere between him and Lew Rockwell.

                    If adults choose to believe something they can’t prove that is what individual liberty covers.

                  • “People tend to worship god, or they worship government”
                    There is your dog pack.
                    Apparently you have never heard of nor met an atheist anarchist.

                    Come on now boys, red thumb it away.

                • I don’t want to smack you but I will disagree.

                  I don’t think the surveillance state is a punishment for lack of faith in god or a lack of religion. The RELIGIOUS school I work at just asked all employees for their Facebook passwords and to sign a consent form allowing them to access our credit score. Please digest that, everyone.

                  The surveillance state is a punishment for love of convenience, for love of being entertained, for fear of stepping away from the herd, for non-action (even at this moment) in the face of tyranny, for allowing the state to use divide and conquer strategies (even now), for letting wearers of flag lapel pins and other assorted politicians allow themselves to say they are more patriotic than the rest of us, for embracing every new technology, for materialism, for not seeing the demolitions were controlled, or for seeing it and not acting.

                  I have faith in god but I’m guilty of things in the list, most especially not taking action. Faith in god doesn’t mean having the bravery to lose everything like Snowden did.

                  The USA just finished a long period of religious revival that started in the early 70’s with the Jesus people/Jesus freaks and peaking with mega churches that have Starbucks in the lobbies. It’s easy to get Christians whipped up about gays and abortions. I never hear a lot of talk from the pulpit about Blackwater and Goldman Sachs and the TSA. Christianity in America will have to divorce itself from flag waving (fake) patriotism and allegiance to the military and the corporate state if it is going to be a force for good, at least on the social level. Christianity will have to step back from it’s nice position as official state religion and say: “F*ck you, you lying, prayer-breakfasting, hypocritic politicians oppressing the people in Jesus’ name. Pray to Satan instead, you mother*ckers, because that’s whose paying you off and keeping you in limousines and whores”

                  • Well said Mike. Very good observations there.

                    In my own town we recently had city council elections. We had three Tea Party endorsed candidates, running against 3 incumbents. The incumbents enlisted the aid of the Democratic Party….which was to be expected.

                    What I later found out, is that among the supporters of these incumbents was the biggest church in town…a Baptist church no less…that through another “non-church” organization, threw their weight behind the incumbents. (seems the church has a couple of these incumbents in their back pocket).

                    Now doesn’t politics make strange bedfellows? Here you have a church, which is supposed to be pro-life and oppose abortion, siding in with the Democrats….who most certainly aren’t pro-life. All so they can keep their power and influence in the city. So when it comes down to it….they go with the establishment elite…no matter their “convictions”. I am sure that when TSHTF, the policy of this church will be to “do what the government tells you to do. Because Romans 13 says you should. So don’t resist. Just be compliant little sheep.”

                    When you have corporations, government AND churches all in bed together, you end up with one sick and twisted result.

                  • @ common sense

                    I’m being censored from answering common sense so I am answering you here.

                    Read my post on which you comment, which requires some reading comprehension to understand.

                    Then read my response to you. Since you are either blind or brain dead I will spell it out for you:

                    I am an anarchist and atheist.

                    By examination. By searching. Not because mommy and daddy were. And you?

                  • A 6.8,

                    I did read your posts, that was the reason I commented on them. (And thanks for the personal jab about my reading comprehension)

                    So you neither worship god nor government? So you make yourself the exception to your own “rule” about how things work.
                    “Converted to roman catholic well into adulthood… 22 years a RC”

                    And I am suppose to surmise you are an atheist when you claim they worship government?

                    Nothing personal but I do not think it is my comprehension which led me to an incorrect conclusion. I have spoken with many a self professed christian who will bad mouth orginized religion so your description og religion in no way need imply an atheistic stance.

                    Am I actually suppose to think you care what a “blind or brain dead” person claims?

                    Perhaps you could read your post and try to see it from the POV of someone who do not know who you are and tell me the conclusion you come to?

                    I would expect better from someone who comes from a rational self driven world view than to turn a disagreement into a shit flinging contest.

                    There is no need to turn this into some insultextravaganza.

                  • It is the great mythologies that got us into this position, christians are the ones who put the parasites in power, now they whine thier country has been destroyed, thier freedom being taken. Yet they refuse to identify who is destroying them, who will enslave them.

                • Do you veer around the turtle crossing the road…

              • The terrorist bogeyman is a bogus excuse for treating free men like convicted criminals.

                • Yep!

                  • PARENTS of School kids! READ WHATS PLANNED/Taking Place!

                    By Charlotte Iserbyt
                    June 12, 2013

                    NewsWithViews dot com

                    Public and private school choice proposals, being promoted by the Obama Administration, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the neoconservative Trotskyite/corporate conglomerate, if implemented, will spell the end of traditional education in the United States. Tax-supported school choice proposals affecting public, private, religious, and home school education are the vehicle to change not only the right of Americans to choose what kind of education they wish for their children, but may also result in changing our representative form of government to an “unelected council form of government” due to one form of school choice, charter schools, run by “unelected councils.

                    FYI: Most (old) dictionaries define “council” as a “soviet.” Or look up Soviet, and you’ll find “unelected councils.” See Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary.

                    It seems ALL state governors are on board, including Maine’s Governor LePage, who we traditional conservatives (NOT Trotskyite neoconservatives) worked our hearts out to get elected as a so-called traditional conservative. LePage was co-opted, prior to his election, by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (affiliated with the national neoconservative Heritage Foundation which has affiliates in most states). Maine Heritage manipulated Governor LePage into supporting all forms of school choice which are essential for work force training.

                    How many of the Heritage Foundation’s supporters (good Americans) realize that the Heritage Foundation came up with the idea for the North American Free Trade Agreement which has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs? The 1993 Annual Report of the Heritage Foundation of Washington, D.C. dedicated to their twentieth year celebration, revealed the following:

                    “The idea of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) originated with Heritage Fellow Richard Allen and has long been advocated by Heritage policy analysts…The idea of creating a North American free trade zone from the Yukon to the Yucatan was first proposed by Heritage Distinguished Fellow Richard Allen in the late 1970s, refined by then Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, and further developed in a major 1986 Foundation study.” (p. 4)

                    What we are looking at now in education is a result of NAFTA which got the ball rolling in the development of work force skills standards by the National Skills Standards Board, endorsed by the U.S. Labor Department Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS). This study originated under Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole in 1990, and eventually led to the School-to-Work Opportunities Act, and the dumbing down of American education curriculum for workforce training. (Foregoing information on role of the national Heritage Foundation in creation of NAFTA and educational restructuring (See Link at article website).

                    The above-mentioned types of school choice will be tax-supported, with the tax money following your child. Each child, regardless of type of “choice” education, will have an individual education plan (IEP). This will be determined by decisions made by the school/business partnerships (for which kind of workforce training “they” have determined your child’s intelligence/talents are best suited, for their own profit-seeking purposes.) This is the failed communist/socialist job quota system from which millions of foreigners escaped.

                    Professor Eugene Boyce, University of Georgia, said in regard to the above communist education system: “They (communists) do not educate for jobs that don’t exist.” No matter what your child wants to be/do in the future (welder or ballet dancer) his freedom to pursue his dreams will be limited by whether he is included in the school/business partnership’s “quota” for training. Example: If he wants to be a welder at the shipbuilding company in your town, he will only be able to get training if he is fortunate enough to be included in the training quota. If the company only needs ten welders, and your son/daughter is No. 11 on the list, he/she will NOT receive training. Ask yourself what this socialist system will do to the spirit of entrepreneurship for which America is so well known?

                    The choice proposals being recommended by most state Governors will ultimately destroy all forms of education: public, home school, private, and religious. The most lethal form of education choice is tax-supported public schools (charter schools) which have no elected school boards resulting in “taxation without representation.”

                    The Carnegie Corporation’s agenda, which has been in effect since its first experiment with Outcomes/Performance-Based Education, known as “The Eight Year Study” (1933-1941), has been, and is continuing its agenda to destroy the traditional hierarchical public school with its elected school boards and its K-12, A,B,C,D,F grading system which focused on individual academic excellence. The latter description represented our formerly excellent public education system until passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), in 1965, when education became Skinnerian/Pavlovian “outcomes/performance-based” rather than “brain-based.” This “new” system is so focused on academic dumbing down it will allow students to graduate at 14 or 21!

                    HOME SCHOOLERS! YES! YOU TOO!!!

                    So…not only will private education be destroyed…yes, home schoolers…you too are part of this wicked web. The tax money, if you accept it, will follow the child and that means “your child,” not just your neighbor’s child, who goes to public, private, or religious school. You had better read the research regarding what is planned for you with virtual (computer) education. Former Secretary of Education William Bennett’s Virtual Academy (computer-assisted-learning for home schoolers) is part of the switch from book learning to computer learning. It MUST administer the federal National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test, the focus of which is at least 50% “politically correct,” since it is a charter school and is federally funded. Wake up home schoolers! You are going to be connected with the central education/training unelected “community chief’s” computer, just as will be the case with private and religious schools that accept federal money.

                    All education will/must be sucked into the computerized global system called for by Carnegie in 1934 and Carnegie’s minion, Marc Tucker, in the nineties and now. Malcolm Davis, Director of the Office of Libraries and Learning Technology in my old office, the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Dept. of Education, told me in 1981, when I commented to him that computers could allow students to be educated at home: “In the future all education will take place in the home, but we will always have the schools for ‘socialization’ purposes.” What Davis is referring to is the lifelong Womb-to-Tomb education/training/health care/leisure services, etc. system, under the supervision of the unelected “Community Planner/Commissar” and his unelected council. (Does the UN Agenda 21 ring a bell?) Most (old) dictionaries define “council” as a “soviet.” Or look up Soviet, and you’ll find “unelected councils.” See Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary.

                    SNIP: Much More and also included is PART 2 with link to part 2 at bottom of her article which can be read entirely at newswithviews as cited above at begining of This/my post. READ It ALL! Both Parts! Educate Yourself so you then Can educate Your kiddies!!

                • Walt all churches are not built the same sounds like a church in name only


            • Everything Obama has ever said has
              been “ghost written” by the PTB.
              A third grader under those circumstances
              could do the very same job. SPIT!

              • Here is the BIO of: Writer of the Schools issues Post I posted above: An Early orig. WhistleBlower! Regan appointee, Famous also for her 700pg Book: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”! A Consumate Truth Teller who knows More on school issues than schools does!

                Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross on Guam and Japan during the Korean War, and in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa.

                Iserbyt is a speaker and writer, best known for her 1985 booklet Back to Basics Reform or OBE: Skinnerian International Curriculum and her 1989 pamphlet Soviets in the Classroom: America’s Latest Education Fad which covered the details of the U.S.-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in effect to this day. She is a freelance writer and has had articles published in Human Events, The Washington Times, The Bangor Daily News, and included in the record of Congressional hearings.

            • Volunteers for the DNA database! The barbed wire at the FEMA camps points the wrong way!

            • OMG–my husband refused a pneumonia shot yesterday at the office of his provider(really VA); he has never had a flu or cold that I remember and I’ve known him for 39 years.
              Doc says he is old–65?? and he suggests it!!!
              Suggest away, scumbags.
              I can’t imagine his reaction to requests to a mouth swab and blood sample.

              • If he uses Va he is already in the military body DNA database. Every. Ve t and service member is in it forever. Plus your prints and body marks. And dental record xra yes too.

                • Yes indeed. I remember the day they marched the whole unit over to BAS to do the DNA samples. We didn’t understand why they wanted us to do it, so of course we didn’t want to and didn’t take it seriously.

                  We were screwing around and I know for a fact that several samples match 1 person, several samples have mixed blood, several samples just aren’t right at all. Crap like that.

                  • Be Very Cautious in mixing blood dna’s! I heard of a White Hawayian woman who became a Coal burner, and mixed Her dna with an Ape’s dna in Kenya Africa while visiting there. 9 months later the end result was a Chimp. Who ended up occupying the usa Whitehouse!

              • My dad is 80, and today he told his doctor at the rehab center we just placed him in that he was dumber than a rock if he thought he was gonna shoot him up with some killer virus. I swear I laughed out loud at the doc’s reaction to my dad. Priceless!

          • Doesn’t matter..they have already chosen their side,marked out Their “new”land grab,and could care less about us!
            They are just biding time till the shit hits the fan……
            Only a revolution at this point would change anything ….
            They are full steam ahead,just waiting for their slice o pie…

            They can’t get our guns so they will start a war,sent most of the fighting age people to their deaths to make the takeover easier…

            This WILL happen !!!

          • 4th Amendment clearly states what “wrong” had to say. 2nd Amendment clearly states what they can’t do. Why do they do it? Could it be because of crappy health care? Public education? Self centered, anti God, better than you attitude?

            • Do you even see the hypocracy?

              • They have so over used abused hypocrisy that it has lost meaning. Hypocrisy is no longer a dirty word. Now they are abusing Tyranny and Treason.

        • One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’

          The pleased florist left the shop.

          When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

          Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill , the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’ The cop was happy and left the shop.

          The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

          Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you. I’m doing community service this week.’

          The Congressman was very happy and left the shop.

          The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

          And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians who run it.


          • Excellent, and is so true.

          • wrong


        • Amen!!!

        • I couldn’t agree more that this entire grid of vile luciferian fascists must be vanquished from the face of the earth ,Brandon..

          That being said…we understand your anger and outrage..we all feel it here and elsewhere worldwide..yet a recent survey ,howbeit questionable, notates that the majority of so called u.s. citizens support these actions overall..

          It is not surprising as these polls are likely initiated as damage control by tptb..to keep the majority in line.

          Well the few of us left with cognitive thought are not in line..we’ve known this shit for years and now the bitter truth is revealed for those who have any humanity left in their dismal lives..

          We face one agency alone that employs over a million willing assholes..this will not go away quietly into the night I am sorely afraid…

          We here at shtfplan and elsewhere are 100% aware of the truths..and are preparing daily for their onslaughts..and they are many ..way to friggin many..but we will prevail in the long run.

          I am proud to be a member of this community and my hats off to all our fellow patriots here…

          Our responsibility is one and only to be ready for the fight..

          May God bless us all in our endeavors..here and thereafter..


          • I must add protecting my family. If not for them what is there to fight for.

        • The blonde chick in the ad is cute! Now these are the online ads I like!

        • amen!

        • Immediately install and use “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) on your computer. This will allow you to surf the Internet with anonymity. Anyone that tries to track web site visitors e-mails will see your visit as originating from one of dozens of anonymous URLs in Europe, or elsewhere in the United States. (With most VPN services, you may pick the city of your choice.) With VPN active, your connection to the Web is “tunneled”, emerging at a far-distant IP address, and it it would be very difficult to track back to your home IP address.

          GET IT!!

      2. Snowden is an American Patriot with a moral, ethical. and Constitutional duty to protect his country and its Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

        His actions are an expression of righteous indignation that all patriotic American should feel when learning of the massive spying of OUR employees on US.

        Death to TRAITORS!

        • It feels so strange to see Republicans and Democrats working together to support President Obama in defense of the phone tapping and PRISM Project.

          It’s like I got sucked into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

          • George, I no longer think it strange that they are working together. We have entered the Twilight Zone look at who is in office, Pelosi, Reed.

            • Now we know why for the 1st time in usa history, a newly elected Prez-elect, got a FREE Pass from an Initial FBI Background check Before he is allowed to view TOP Secret documents etc while being eased into the prez seat during the two months prior to being sworn in. Bush Jr. gave hobammy an exec order to Bypass FBI background checks!

              NSA Probobly has More Proof of Kommie info on hobammy, than the FBI has on Martin Looter King!(fbi has about 16+ Tall File cabinets packed solid with kommie info on the Looter King! You cant see it though due to his wife got a lib fed judge to seal all dr.(?) Martin looter king info untill like 2027! How does it go? “If they got Nuthin ta hide?” Why seal all his fbi files when hes dead anyways?

              Now these new nsa revlations seems Proof positive why Prez bush jr did that as well as every MSM-Worldwide, refused to VET hobamy on ANY issue at all period. Because a truck load was likly to show up! A True Born a Kommie-Trained a kommie-In the Whitehouse. Am suprised its still painted white!.

              • TG, in interviews, Bush had said he had too much resoect for the office of the presidency to critize past and future presidents.
                Ironic: everybody besides Obama has to go through a back ground check for gov’t work. I wonder if the NSA or the FBI has seen Obama’s college transcript. There is also the possibility that Obama’s security clearance is still pending. Possibly due to inconsistancies about Hawaii, Kenya, and his legal status.

              • Update on the ‘birth certificate’…

                Document Examiner Tied to Obama Defense Attorney Says Birth Certificate is 100% Fraud

                “Reed Hayes is a court qualified handwriting and document examiner whose business is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has nearly 40 years of handwriting related experience, and has worked as an international consultant and speaker.

                Never heard of him? Well, Hayes is the Certified Document Examiner (CDE) who produced the 40 page opinion referenced in the Mike Zullo affidavit that was submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court in the Obama eligibility case and his report concluded that the Obama birth certificate image, located at WhiteHouse.gov, is a complete fabrication.”

                “The rabid followers of the “O” (Obots) have rushed to denounce Reed Hayes as a “quack.” However, one might be surprised to learn that one of Hayes’ clients listed in the Expert Witness Directory at this link is an attorney with Perkins-Coie Law Firm.

                Perkins – Coie is the law practice whose partners have provided Obama’s personal defense against all birth certificate and natural born citizen litigation over the past five years. Hmmmmm. Very interesting indeed.

                If it turns out that Sheriff Arpaio is successful in getting Congress to investigate the authenticity of Obama’s BC, the Perkins-Coie legal team, who will be defending Obama, will be hard pressed to simply dismiss Reed Hayes as a “quack.”

                This fact will be especially significant now that it is a revealed and proven truth that members of the Perkins – Coie firm have used Hayes as an expert witness! Their own prior cases, where Hayes was used as a witness, would be severely compromised if they use Saul Alinski-styled mocking attacks on Hayes.”

                Freedom Outpost dot com

                • Ky mom, I love this, I’ve been saying this for 4 1/2 yrs, and only my Opinion with nothing to back it butt my gut feeling. They have spent way to much time, money covering this up. Just think one peice of paper could end this nightmare, and anything berry Signed would be void. I know what your thinkn that would be to Easy, but wouldnt it be something though..Fingers crossed.

                  • I highly Doubt congress will do Anything to bust him for the fake BC issue. dems sure wont. And as long as Neocon rinos who Control the repubs remain in charge, they wont either. Because they have hannity and others now promoting several repubs to run for prez next election. Rubio-Cruz-Jindall-and a woman govner or ex govner from NC if I recall right. So far the first Three I noted, rubio-criz-jindall are ALL Not a natural born american citizen. Same as Hobammy. Article about this and Proof they are Not eligable is by J.B.Williams at newswithviews website.

                    The actual Laws the founders went by from Vitalle and Blacks law dictionairy state that a childs NATION of BIRTH is decided by the Nation of his or hers Father. The Birth rights and nationality which Follows to/for the Children follows the Fathers nation etc. That Is the Laws our founders used, so That, when wrote, is what us courts supposed to go by also. IE: What did words written in us const Mean back when wrote. Not whatever todays liberal twisted word change experts like to promote. IE: Living document-abortion means womans right to reproduce a baby!(abortion means Pre meditated Murder regardless what new twisted meanings liberals can try to wring out from orig wordings).

                    The neocons and their water carriers in Talk Radio are promoting Ineligable people. So I doubt they go after hobammy and screw up Their chances for rubio or cruz et al to swindle voters the same way hobammy did. Read JB williams articles(several on this issue full of links etc as proof).

          • They are a bunch of hipocrate garbage,
            We are way beyond voting this right,
            My kinda hope and change involves a lot of wide open space

        • durango kidd says:

          “Snowden is an American Patriot with a moral, ethical. and Constitutional duty to protect his country and its Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

          SAY WHAT???

          It was just 2 weeks ago that you proclaimed Bradly Manning to be a “Traitor” to his country for exposing government secrets [lies and abuses]. And now you find Edward Snowden to be a “Patriot” for doing the exact same thing: Exposing lies and abuses.

          F**king Amazing.

          No… More like f**king stupid!

          • Your Mama: There is a big difference in the facts and circumstances between Bradley Manning’s espionage for Wikki Leaks and Edward Snowdon’s revelations about NSA spying upon Americans to the Telegraph.

            In the Manning case he was a military volunteer under the jurisdiction of the UCMJ, who released MILLIONS of documents without any discernment or discrimination as to the consequences of his actions upon his fellow soldiers.

            In Snowden’s case he was an American civilian defending the American people and the US Constitution from massive violations of American Law, by revealing an open secret.

            Anyone with half a brain and mentally alert knew that the Israelis were spying on US for the NSA before Congress passed legislation allowing NSA to do it directly. It should come as no surprise to anyone.

            By exposing the massive NSA violations of American Law, above and beyond their legitimate authority, Snowden acted in the only way a moral, ethical, and patriotic American could.

            Snowden is a Patriot. Manning a scumbag PFC would endangered his fellow soldiers. That you do not know or understand the difference in their actions shows your lack of mental acuity.

            Get a fucking clue! 🙂

            • durango kidd says:

              “Get a fucking clue.”

              “In the Manning case he was a military volunteer under the jurisdiction of the UCMJ, who released MILLIONS of documents without any discernment or discrimination as to the consequences of his actions upon his fellow soldiers.”

              So in this case, US Government war crimes and other illegal activities should remain the purview of the US Government. They should not be exposed to the public.

              “In Snowden’s case he was an American civilian defending the American people and the US Constitution from massive violations of American Law, by revealing an open secret.”

              So in this case, US Government crimes and other illegal activities should NOT remain the purview of the US Government. They should be exposed to the public.

              Circular Reasoning [Inductive Fallacy].

              You’re not a Patriot!

              You are a Partisan State Collective Fascist.

              I say “Facist” because you disparage “Communists”.

              But, in the end, you’re ALL the same.

              • Manning should have gone thru Congress, because his actions threaten ALL our overseas assets.

                Snowden couldn’t because Congress is in on it and his actions solely threaten our govt’s control.

                dk was right. You dont have a clue.

                • @Not so Much

                  You say “Manning should have gone thru Comgress.”

                  Then you say “Snowden couldn’t because Congress is in on it.”

                  If “Congress is in on it.” How was Manning suppose to go thru Congress?

                  News Flash for ya: They’re [the government] ALL in on it!

                  Blowing the whistle is the only way to expose government crimes and bring light to them.

                  For some twisted reason, some people, believe Manning to be a traitor for doing the same thing Snowden did: Expose criminal activity.

                  According to the Military Assistance Command, Judge Advocate: “It is the responsibility of all military personnel having knowledge or receiving a report of an incident or of an act thought to be a war crime to make such incident known to his commanding officer as soon as practicable. Personnel performing investigative, intelligence, police, photographic, grave registration, or medical functions, as well as those in contact with the enemy, will, in the normal course of their duty, make every effort to detect the commission of war crimes and will report the essential facts to their commanding officer. Persons discovering war crimes will take all reasonable action under the circumstances to preserve physical evidence, to note identity of witnesses present, and to record (by photograph, sketch, or descriptive notes) the circumstances and surroundings.”

                  Manning tried going through “official” channels and was rebuked by his government.

                  Manning swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

                  His actions were in defence of the Constitution, and they were lawful.

                  I think it’s you that dosen’t have a clue.

                  I think you know… NOT SO MUCH!

                  • Manning should not have gone through Congress. That is a no brainer. Congress IS part of the NWO. But Manning should not have gone through Wikki Leaks either as this is a FOREIGN organization, run by a foreigner, not an American.

                    A MASS leak like Manning’s is not justified. If there were specific evidence of a criminal nature that blatantly transgressed the US Constitution, then like Daniel Ellsberg, Manning should have released it (if he wanted to release it) to say, the NYT or Washington Post.

                    By the way this is the only fault I find with Snowden, in that he made his announcement through the Telegraph. Perhaps the NYT does not have a bureau in Hong Kong.

                  • Sorry skippy, Manning risked innocent people’s lives. Sure he exposed wrong doing on the part of govzilla that you’re all too eager to drool over – who cares who dies because of it. But that makes you a simpering idiot, not the holder of a clue.

                    Please fill me in on whatever clue you think you have that makes that the same as outing the US govt spying on everything everyone does.

                    I may not know much, but it’s still more than you.

              • In Manning’s case he was and is a 20 year soldier subject to the UCMJ, without either the background, experience, or authority to release American PROPERTY to foreign nationals.

                His sin lies in the fact that he gave a MASSIVE database to Wikki Leaks without, he, himself knowing the contents of all of the data.

                If he had specific intel about specific crimes that exceed lawful military practices and felt so compelled,then he should have leaked that SPECIFIC information to the NYT or the Washington Post.

                Even so, he should not now whine about his decision. He will spend the next 20 years in a Federal prison cell next to Jonathan Pollard.

                Do the crime do the time! 🙂

                • @durango kidd

                  Blah… Blah… Blah…

                  “American Property.” i.e. “Documentation of War Crimes.”

                  Sins? How did he sin?? I didn’t know government was god… I do realize though, that to a Fascist, the government IS god.

                  “he should have leaked that SPECIFIC information to the NYT or the Washington Post.”

                  You mean, leak information on US Government crimes to the US Governments propaganda machine?


                  Maybe you should spend less time in the AZ sun. Look what it’s done to John McCain.

                  • Comparing me to John McLame is hitting below the belt you commie! 🙂

                    In case you didn’t notice, it has been the New York Times at the forefront of the IRS and media scandals against the O’Bummer administration. It has been the Liberal Media that has been most vocal against him.

                    When your propaganda machine turns against you, you know you are toast!

                  • “Blah… Blah… Blah… ”

                    Surely you have the corresponding evidence for that highly intelligent rebuttal?

            • DK

              Manning did leak a lot of info

              so this should be easy

              name one specific instance where someone came to harm
              because of what he did


              • Cant be done, but you also cannot prove that no one did.

                • Sucker reply.

                  • stupid reply

                • @Not so Much

                  You better give up while you’re behind.

                  Not so Much says: “Cant be done, but you also cannot prove that no one did.”

                  You’re a genius. This is call: Argument from Ignorance.

                  An argument from ignorance, also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam or “appeal to ignorance” (where “ignorance” stands for “lack of evidence to the contrary”),is an inference.

                  Arguments from ignorance are based on the absence of evidence and fail because the lack of evidence for A does not prove A to be false.

                  I think you might understand that…NOT SO MUCH.

                  • You know all about ‘behind’ doncha.

                  • “Arguments from ignorance are based on the absence of evidence ”

                    your argument is ‘I didn’t see it so it didn’t happen’

                    I don’t have that technical name in my pocket so what is that one called? 1 point for you.

                    So, read almost anything online and even a dick like you gets clue number one that any number of countries out there would LOVE to give this country a black eye.

                    While I cannot prove an action likely to be carried out covertly and whose effects may not be directly attributable to that action, I have probability on my side.

                    All you have is ‘it cannot be proven so it’s automatically false’.

                    Sorry, you lose. You try sounding oh so clever but you’re just a sea lawyer.

              • @Satori

                DK can’t “name one specific instance where someone came to harm.”

                He wishes he could, so that he could defend his sick and twisted Fascist bent.

                Mannings’ actions caused harm to no one. He did cause much heartburn in the Washington District of Criminals though.

              • Satori: I admit that I cannot name a PARTICULAR instance of someone being physically harmed by Manning’s release of data; because I haven’t followed the case close enough to read through the millions of items of messages and cables. Manning is subject to the UCMJ and a military court martial and his goose is cooked.

                Snowden is not subject to a military court; only a Federal Court where his guilt or innocence will be determined by a jury of his peers.

                It is one thing to release data damaging American Government communications and military operations against OTHERS. It is quite a different thing to expose widespread Government spying on Americans.

                Its a fine line, but there is a difference and I would expect YOU to be smart enough to discern the difference between Manning and Snowden.

                • DK

                  one of the main charges against Manning is that
                  he endangered American military forces

                  this claim has been repeated ad nauseum

                  and to date
                  the evidence ??????


                  he did expose war crimes though didn’t he ???

                  if someone is going to make claims
                  then show me the money

                  if a lawyer shows up in court
                  and says to the jury
                  “I have plenty of evidence to prove the defendant guilty”
                  put up or shut up

                  lets see the evidence

                  that’s all I’m asking

                  if the evidence is not forth coming

                  “CASE DISMISSED”

                  • Satori: I have not read through the millions of documents that Manning gave to Wikki Leaks. As an ex-Marine I do know that Manning is subject to the UCMJ.

                    If you believe that Manning was smart enough to discern and disclose the “war crimes” committed by the USA, then he should be smart enough to understand the consequences of his actions, as very military person is trained in the UCMJ.

                    The “plenty of evidence” that shows Manning guilty of espionage is the massive database of secret emails and classified cables which he gave to a FOREIGN entity.

                    Bottom Manning has no excuse and will spend 20 years in Kansas. 🙂

                  • @durango kidd

                    So you support burning a veteran for the same “sins” committed by a civilian? And you’re an Ex-Marine?

                    That would help to explain your position on Adam Kokesh.

                    You may attempt to justify your false dichotomies, but some of us are awake!

                    Others… Not so Much.

                  • Your Mama: The crimes are not the same, the facts and the circumstances are different and the jurisdiction is different. That you cannot or refuse to recognize the difference only serves to expose your ignorance.

                    FUCK YOU ALICE! 🙂

                • durango kidd says:

                  “Manning is subject to the UCMJ and a military court martial and his goose is cooked.”

                  Ya, because a military [government] court is a kangaroo court.

                  “Snowden is not subject to a military court; only a Federal Court where his guilt or innocence will be determined by a jury of his peers.”

                  What world do you live in??? F’in Stupid.

                  Your Fascist government will NEVER bring him to trial!!!

                  He knows too much. He’s much more that a PFC in the Empires legion.

                  They will simply disappear him, if they can catch him.

                  • What the future holds for Edward Snowden is hard to say as there are too many variables for even an oracle like me to render an opinion on his fate. 🙂

                  • “Ya, because a military [government] court is a kangaroo court.”

                    That’s awful convenient isn’t it.

                • DK: Exactly. Like one tells the world Hey so and so nation is making a Nuke bomb. A Warning to all.

                  The Other finds and then releases Millions of Plans and sepcs on How to Build Nukes! Whos to say somebody wont be hurt or killed even yrs later due to such massive info leeks? I do not see how anybody cannot see a huge difference between the two leaker guys.

                • durango kidd says:

                  “It is one thing to release data damaging American Government communications and military operations against OTHERS. It is quite a different thing to expose widespread Government spying on Americans.”

                  Distinction without a Difference.

                  And “Others”? Just who are the “Others” in your mind?

                  You are aware that, “Others” could quite easily be persons such as yourself.

                  And that’d just suck… huh!

                  • Your Mama: “others” refer to the other foreign nationals, departments, and institutions named or discussed in the documents.

                    “What difference does it make?” 🙂

      3. Could the smallest of creatures be what stops the surveillance state?

        ‘Crazy ants’ that feast on electronics and are invading the U.S. – CANNOT be killed with normal insecticide.

        “Since it was first spotted in Houston in 2002, it’s spread to some 21 counties in Texas, 20 counties in Florida and a few locations in Mississippi and Louisiana.

        The omnivorous ant attacks and kills other species as well as monopolizing food sources to the detriment of the entire ecosystem.

        It also attacks electrical wiring, causing millions of dollars worth of damage.”


        • Shoot, I got a couple of those crazy aunts. They sure have chewed their way through quite a few marriages.

        • Hmmm, maybe we could arrange a “accidental” release of these critters in Utah, say…outside the new NSA data center? Plenty of food there for them, right?

          • Took the words right out of my fingers.

      4. The Data Retention Disaster Heading to the US
        by Christopher Reynolds

        “PRISM may well be only the tip of the surveillance iceberg.”

        “…mandatory data retention laws are already in place in certain parts of the world, but Europe has pioneered the practice.”

        “The EU’s data retention practices are catching on globally. In Australia, the current government is pushing hard for even longer periods of retention than Europe, with law Australian enforcement stating they’d prefer ISPs hold onto personal data indefinitely. As we saw with Congressman Sensenbrenner’s latest proposals, the U.S. won’t be immune to this global trend.

        But even if state-mandated data retention doesn’t come into practice in the U.S., there’s nothing stopping your ISP from logging your data right now. In fact, it’s already happening. As this survey of U.S. ISPs shows, data retention is alive and well, with Time Warner retaining for six months and Verizon for 18 months — AT&T won’t even disclose the length of time. However, currently U.S. ISPs only store information during your subscription period (so they say), and there are some — such as Calyx — that are aiming to offer more privacy-led solutions. That would be impossible if Obama goes the way of the EU.

        Thankfully there are ways you can fight back and prevent your data from being stored. There are various privacy platforms available, from the free-to-use Onion Router (TOR), to I2P and commercial VPN services (full disclosure: I work for the privacy VPN service IVPN). It’s also important to stay informed of any changes to the laws around data retention and to get involved in campaigns promoting internet privacy and online freedoms. Visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation website for a good place to start.”

        Christopher Reynolds is Head of Business Development for IVPN, an online privacy service for journalists and privacy-conscious individuals.

        The American Thinker

        • Prior to the latest Super Computer iteration, and any growth in electronic traffic, it only took China 18 minutes to take a “snapshot” of ALL internet traffic some years ago.

          NSA super computers are much better than that.

        • >>>Thankfully there are ways you can fight back and prevent your data from being stored.<<<

          Ky MOm, who really cares at this point?
          There is the technology to produce any document necessary to incriminate us already–so bring it!!
          IF they want us, they will get us.
          Just ask pro-constitution politicians, pro-constitution generals, and many others silenced and we didn't understand why??
          BECAUSE–they have the dirt on them–manufactured dirt of course!! 🙁

      5. I agree whole heartedly, I felt the exact same thing when he came into the light. Patriot; bigtime!! It took a big hairy set of balls to do what he did.

      6. One of the few good events after a solar EMP would be no more government spying on anyone. Of course they would find much less crude ways. This is the issue, as technology becomes more and more advanced, so does the government’s ability to hide what they are doing. People may say if they are doing nothing wrong then what is the problem. I say if you are not some foot licking BO worshipper then the government considers you doing something wrong.

        Freedom is never transparent to the what the government is doing. Yet these SOB’s government “fearless leaders” want every last thing we do, think, and speak to be completely crystal-clear. If that is not the biggest bunch of hypocricy that there is. No wonder so many have lost complete trust and RESPECT in the state.

        Then these utter imbeciles of the masses want to destroy the Constitution, the one piece of blockage that at least slows down the governmemt from a total police state. A true fool does not totally support the 1st Amendment to talk about how bad the government sucks and allow us to at least assemble to try to change it, even if that is near impossible on a peaceful level. A true braindead sheep doesn’t total uphold the 4th Amendment that gaurds against this type of crap of watching every last single thing we do and against seizing anything they want just for the hell of it.

        Still the strength of our rights belong in the Bill Of Rights. Too bad so many of these walmart day and night walking zombies don’t see that without this foundation of protections, it is just a hop, skip, and jump right into a type of Cuban, North Korean state of utter oppression.

      7. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        another death being reported

        MERS Cases and Deaths,
        April 2012 – May 2013

        Current as of June 11, 2013Countries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Italy 3 (0)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 2 (0)
        Saudi Arabia 40 (26)
        Tunisia 2 (0)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1 (1)
        Total 55 (32)

        Triple threat: MERS, H5N1, and H7N9


        “He acknowledges that it’s unheard of to have three emerging disease threats to worry about simultaneously.”

        • Essential oils…..Oregano, cumin, sage, cinnamon
          Killed in 20 minutes.
          Book “The cure is in the cupboard ”

          Keep preppin’

          • the essential oil combination, Thieves.

        • Ain’t none of them three ridin’ any dark horses are they?

      8. Anybody notice that it was American liberty and independence burning in the fire at barrys fireside chat?…the ones who tend to call others names or to point out their perceived faults tend to be the ones most prone to being guilty of the offences they accuse others of….this federal machine and all its corporate sponsors are by far the biggest terrorist organization that freemen have to face on these shores and they claim that we are somehow the bad guys and they are only trying to protect us from ourselves and the terrifying terrorists…ungrateful stupid bassturds that we are we just cant see how good they are(hack cough barf)…beware the ones who claim to only want to look out for your best interests…who tell you that they will keep you safe but are pointing the gun at you… who will lock you up in a cell to keep you safe and beat the hell out of you to insure justice…these are the wolves in sheeps clothing…the ones of whom we must be most untrusting…Ive said it before…the only thing I want the govicorp to do is leave me the hell alone…and that’s exactly what they refuse to do!…”Live free or die tryin”

      9. The Education Bubble Has Burst

        “…tuition increases for the period 2001 to 2011 have averaged 42% for public institutions and 31% for private institutions. Such increases have significantly outpaced increases in income for the families supporting students as well as for the students themselves.

        The net result is that the affordability index for college, meaning the ability to pay relative to income and funds available for education, is widening and making colleges relatively more expensive than they were decades ago.”

        “There are many factors which have contributed to the decline in college enrollment. Major factors include rapidly increasing tuitions, higher unemployment rates for recent graduates, and the debilitating effects of student loan repayments on students and their parents.”

        “…Moody’s in 2013 gave a negative financial outlook for ALL universities. Recent studies have indicated that over 50% of all colleges and universities are projected to close, merge, or shut down in the next 50 years.

        The consolidation, failure, and decline have already started, and the pace will accelerate.”


        • good find KY Mom

          it’s damn near impossible to find anything in this country
          that isn’t a bubble
          ready to burst

          we’ve built our house on the shifting sands
          and the tide is comin’ in

        • My (European) perspective

          Post WW2 the working man got a taste of the good life lest in his battle hardened state he rebelled against his over lords- now the age old feudalists are simply restoring the status quo. Access to the same educational opportunities as the elite of society for his children and a welfare state to ensure that he felt the hardships of 2 world wars were worth it.

          Education for the working classes (the middle class just died as a result of the 2007 financial crash) will be sufficient to produce good little worker drones as per the elites requirements.

          That means school only, college level knowledge is no longer required and definitely nothing that facilitates critical thinking. Online schooling will mean those parents who think they are opting out of state mind control will in fact be opting their children in. Teachers in recent years have been deskilled from the role of educators to become mere repeaters of the controllers meme.

          Get hold of a hard copy of Ray’s Arithmetic, build up a good collection of classic literature, and basic technical manuals etc while you still can as my gut tells me that one day your Grandchildren will than you for it.

          • lonelonmum

            you are a prophet in your own time

            great post

            some indeed do see the BIG picture of what is happening

          • lonelonmum,

            Good advice!

            Building a good collection of classic literature doesn’t have to be expensive. I have found some good buys on great books at our local used book store. We bought a set of older encyclopedias for our home library.

            Last night I was reading an old book called “Library of Universal Knowledge”. It is 768 pages with information on a wide variety of topics and filled with great illustrations.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

        • And a report stated 7 times more homeschoolers than school enrollees.

      10. What sanctions and upon whom will you impose them when the time comes? The time may come for me before it comes for you. Or vice versa. I have answered that question. Back in the late 60’s bit players in the Students for a Democratic Society fancied the FBI had a file on us. On Tom Hayden or Kathy Boudine … certainly. On gunga dins like us … certainly not. Ever since my ACLU days a few decades ago I’ve figured there might be somebody watching or listening. There’s a jeep parked in front of a neighbor’s house halfway down the street that doesn’t belong to them. It hasn’t moved in ten weeks. Things are going to get difficult if not dangerous before they get better. If they get better. Whine fests like these threads just bore the tyrant. What if anything are you ready to do, what price will you pay, when YOUR time comes? To wait for fifty million people to all of a sudden see the light and join us is cowardice manifest. It’ll never happen. Red thumb away.

        • “when the time comes” is RIGHT NOW

        • A 6.8 — No red thumbs from me

          Let the tyrants be bored, and complacent.
          The fact of the matter is, there are many
          people here like us on this site that are
          ready to do plenty.

          But the surveillance state precludes us
          from going into any kind of detail about
          the how, where, or why on an open forum
          such as SHTF.

          So the best we can do here is allude to
          the fact that we are ready, and it will
          be up to the mongrel gov’t to figure out
          our methodology.

          Meanwhile, I stay busy with converting
          the plow shares.

          • We have almost zero ability to aggregate and formulate any plans. They are all over that shit quick, fast and in a hurry. Whatever happens will have to happen as a result of a major wallop to the USA. IE. the SHTF scenario we all feel is coming. I only hope that enough like minded individuals can improvise, adapt and overcome in the heat of the moment.

          • We can’t plan anything on ANY level, outside of a face-to-face conversation with audio security measures in place. We can’t send an email or make a phone call, or even stand on a street corner, because their satellites will log us in visually. CB radio conversations are public domain. Snail mail can be intercepted.

            They have left us little choice.

            • Survive its death.

        • problem is when you sue the NSA you sue each and every one of us, the tax payers..

          it doesnt change thier behavior because they are not paying for it, we are

          thats what has to stop in this country, we need to have ways to sue the individuals who fuck up in government, and no “stepping down” take your beating and prison like a man..pelosi that includes you and feinstein too

          • also the supreme court is useless, and needs to be disbanded..a do over, patriots only need apply and if you dont do your job its rope time.

            this Supremem Court we have right now is a Joke or none of this shit we bitch about on here would even be going on..they have proven themselfs to be useless and without power.

            • Maybe if we dismantle the spy grid and judges don’t have to worry ab out blackmail, things could change…same for congress and any other position of authority. I’ve always said, it’s not the little guy they want, it’s those they can blackmail.

          • It would be nice of these NSA goons were “disappeared”.

            Personally…I’d like to waterboard all of them.

            • Do you actually read what you post people?
              VRF-“don’t do your job it’s rope time.”
              Don’t do your job according to who? You?
              And Walt, you would like to personally torture some NSA agents? Or is it the supreme court you want to torture? Or maybe everyone in government?
              And what is it this little torture session is going to prove or accomplish?
              When you “disappear” people what message are you sending?

              You show how you approve of tyranny you just don’t like the way it is being applied.

              So what if you are angry and feel they “started” it? When you adopt the very methods which are the reason for your anger you have already lost. Should you win a battle you have merely changed the hand that runs this ship of state without changing its course. Then all the bloodshed and suffering is for nothing. A new tyrant sits the throne and everything else stays the same.

              • so,,,, whats your plan?

                sit and wait to get fucked, or invite them over to do it to you?

                • I see you talking but I dont see yer little hooves moving TUFFY TUFFERTON.

              • @common sense….

                I have no problem with using brutal methods against the people who have systematically destroyed this country. And I’m not talking about foreign terrorists. I’m talking about people who have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, and instead have treated it as something with which to wipe their ass. In my book…they are traitors. And THEY are the terrorists. They would not hesitate for a moment to use any method they deem expedient to take out all of us. And that’s something that you will likely come to realize before long.

                They have used such methods themselves and should be treated in like manner.

                Yeah…I’d love to waterboard them. I’d do it personally. As to the purpose? Just because they’ve got it coming.

                Do I want this for all of them? No. There are still some in government who do have the best interests of their fellow Americans at heart. But that number seems to be shrinking every day. No…the ones I want to see suffer are the ones who are responsible. The ones who sit in their secure cubicles and design and execute the democide that is taking place right now.

                There is nothing that could happen to them that would be too extreme.

                Tyranny has its consequences.

                I will not strike the first blow in what may come. But I will not submit to these tyrants either.

                • You may have heard of the Stanford Prison Experiment, if not you may want to look into it. It will help to open your eyes to how a situtuation can have a profound impact on a person.

                  As to your being able to justify brutality, join the club. Do you think all those who have committed atrocities did not do exactly what you are doing? Creating an excuse to treat their fellow man in whatever manner they want. All I hear when I read your post is that you want to inflict viscous revenge upon those whom you fell have wronged you. So nothing will change. The cycle of violence goes on. There is no justice in what you propose, just more evil committed by one person upon another. You seem OK with that, like so many before you.

                  I am sure many, like VRF, will misconstrue my unwillingness to become as evil as my opponent as some version of pacifism or weakness. Heck, I am sure many already think me some tool of the devil for my willingness to point out religous extremism and intolerance. So be it. I am simply one person who believes we must acknowledge the truth about the world we live in, the truth about ourselves, and attempt to actually act towards a world we want to live in instead of repeating the mistakes of history over and over. I am no fool and see the near pointlessness of this path. How so many need some scapegoat to affix all the evils of the world upon while ignoring the part they play.

                  This board is a very good example and daily reminder of why the world is the way it is. The intolerance and hatred on display merely a microcosm of the world which we all live in. so you can forgive my pipe dream of a world better than the one I live in or hate me for wanting it. All I can say is I learn from you posters about the how’s and why’s of hatred much more than I learn about the how’s and why’s of prepping.

                  Take from my posts what you bring to them. I see why so many are so offended. They search it out in every line of every sentence.

                  • I suppose you would have given Hitler and Mussolini a nice little cell in Club Fed.

                    You do not understand the nature and language of tyrants. Retribution is all they understand. Fail to address them in their own language, and they will roll over you.

                    Softies like yourself are the reason we will have to deal with these people sooner or later.

                  • How about you concern yourself with what you know/think and stop trying to pretend like you know my mind.
                    You do sound just like a politician when asked a pointed question, “let me tell you what my opponent thinks”.

                    Brutal thugs like yourself are the people we have to deal with.

                  • @common sense..

                    You’re the one who sounds like the politician.

                    You have not once said how you would deal with tyrants. What then are we left to assume? That you probably would do nothing….submit….and then collaborate.

                    History is filled with examples of people like yourself. In our own revolution, you would have sided with the Crown. In Nazi occupied France….with the German occupiers.

                    I’m offended by wimps.

                    Yeah….when it comes to what I want to see happen to the vermin who have destroyed my country….I will be a brutal thug.

                  • Yeah yeah, I’m a whimp, you are rambo.
                    I am the cause of all of americas problems blah blah.
                    You will be americas salvation when you finally actually decide to go rambo blah blah.
                    Rubber… glue….

                    Enough of this silliness.
                    Since you are so amazing with violence get to it tough guy.

                  • So I guess the lesson to be learned here is that advocating the wholesale murder of every registered democrat and torturing those who “have it coming” is acceptable while being against these actions is unacceptable and makes one “worthless” and somehow complicit in the state of our government.

                    Certainly not what I expected but good to know.

          • Yes! I can Picture Finestien and Pelosi in Stripped Pajammas and behind Bars! Perhaps they can call it a “Camp” Out instead of prison!

        • the ACLU ….. “Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then.”

      11. BO loves each and every one of us and is working hard to keep us safe. It is a difficult job and a long road for this great man to travel so opposed. To make a great omelet you have to break a few eggs. To everyone in this great nation just be patient with our government because they will get it right one day and amaze us all!

      12. Pack up your trash and move to the boonies is about the only option you have…..throw away any technology gadgets and buy cars made in the 80’s or earlier. We seem to have a choice here between technology that makes all this possible, and freedom.

        I remember back before there was a computer in every house, and you know what? Things were better back then. I think that computers have been a “net negative” on society as a whole…

        • JV, the only good thing I can say about this computer age is the advantage of getting pretty much the skinny on whats going on versus the lamestream medias bullshit. As far as the pager and phone I carry, I long for the day I can toss them in the creek.

          • Agreed.

            While the technology is definitely a two-edged sword, if we did not have the Internet, our only source of information would be the MSM. Most of us would be completely unaware of what is going on. And I believe that the global bankster elite would have brought in their total tyranny long before now.

            Another positive aspect of technology is that we each have the resources available to us to learn absolutely anything we could wish to know, simply be typing a few keystrokes…..volumes of information that would require access to a thousand libraries if we had to rely simply upon books and physical reading material.

            I am much more informed now than I was when I bought my first computer 18 years ago. My knowledge of the global conspiracy then was limited to the information I had obtained through 1 book. I now have literally thousands of resources at hand.

            And on the other side of the coin, I look forward to the day when I can pitch both my phone and my computer into the nearest lake.

            • Patriots also need a CODE-named “List”…Perhaps we can plagurize from Speilbergs movies and use code name of “Swindlers List” for Our patriot listing of Traitors.

        • yep , JONNY its about time to go all caveman and leave tech behind . i have just about had enough but refuse to ditch the tech out of spite .
          may do it all the same……..

          • Don’t exactly have to be “caveman”….been looking at some properties throughout the western USA, lots of places you can get 100 acres for basically $1000 per acre. Many of these places have running streams/rivers on or near them. Now I’ve been in construction since getting out the the USMC, so I have some/most of the skillset needed to build a home. Others without skills wouldn’t do so well. I think it’s all about what you can do/afford.

            If you can build a secure home and learn to live on less, then this option would be the best bet. It would for sure get you out of the way because you know that when the SHTF, the first places hit will be the population centers where there is lots of density for them to work on/shoot at….. If you live 4 miles from your closest neighbor, you won’t be a priority due to the cost of getting you versus the low return on investment.

            • How remote will that 100 acres in western usa still be after 50-100 Million illeagles(numbers Include the Many More who will be sponcered to get in once family members get amnestyed) get their “amnesty” done? So far it seems that although yes they do seem to infiltrate Most areas nationwide. It is still the western states is their main choice. Then next the east coast kommie sections of usa. It may turn out the Mid west remains the best choices once so many illeagles become “citizens” and turn western areas into Massively populated inner city ghettos filled with “Yoots” who speak spanish instead of the usual, Ebonics.

              Plus if water use and lack of water and restrictions on water useage remain as now, and you add so many more people to western areas. That alone may royally screw up everything as we knew it. Be a sad waste to spend so much cash and labor/time contructing a homestead only to end up with such troubles. One good thing regarding upper mich where I reside is that we get Cold and Snow. Lots of it at times. I say good thing as from my experiences it seems Most folks who originated in Hot-Desert-Jungle areas, like for example, africa or mexico regions, Hate snow and cold weather. Therefore most avoide Northern colder regions like a plague. I’d prefere always warm climate. But givin a choice between warm and multicultic or colder and less multicuturalistic, I prefere the cold.

              • Yep, my thoughts exactly……plenty of cold, rain, and snow…..

        • Actually, cars that are 1972 or older. No electronic ignition…

      13. More and more buttons are being pushed now than ever. Why; to get the FREEDOM LOVING PATROITS to fire the first shot. That will justified declaring Martial Law, and to show that the Government is on top of the situation, to the brain dead sheeple who drink’s their Cool Aid every day.

        I just say Steady-Boys-Steady. The Governments day of Rectification is quickly approaching.


        Keep the FAITH

        • “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

          –Capt. John Parker, Lexington Green, April 19, 1775—

          • “When war does come, my advise is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard.”
            -Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson-

            • Great quote.

              “common sense” (the guy that posts here) would probably prefer that you talk to them nicely and beg them not to hurt you.

              • What sort of POS are you?
                So fucking petty you now want to go around and pretend you know my mind/put words into my mouth?
                Perhaps you should learn that self defense and torture are mutually exclusive.
                Perhaps you should run for office Walt, you seem to fit in with the type of scum who are currently in congress.

                • It’s very apparent what you think. You puke it out all the time.

                  I have no desire for political office. The thought of running other people’s lives is even more repulsive to me than someone else trying to run mine.

                  I simply deal with my enemy in a way that they can understand. They’ve sown the wind. They should reap the whirlwind.

                  It’s obvious that you don’t have the moral clarity to understand that. Or perhaps you just love your chains too well.

                  • Hanging nearly a third of this country from power poles is moral clarity?
                    Lowering yourself to their level is moral clarity?

                    I am guessing you will suspend or ignore the old constitution during your “emergency situation” because that’s what needs to be done and tough guys like you know what needs to be done and things like trials and no cruel or unusual punishment will get in the way of your moral clarity?

                    What is frightening is how many agree with you.

                  • It would certainly appear that you have not yet figured out who the bad guys are here. These tyrants have committed crimes against the people of this country (many of which have involved the actual murder of Americans) and engaged in treason.

                    You would evidently let these folks off with a slap on the wrist.

                    I’m not the one who lacks moral clarity here. It’s you. People like you allow the evil to perpetuate.

                    I believe in eradicating it. Hanging murderers and traitors is not “lowering myself”. It’s a necessary step to eliminating tyrants. I guess you’d prefer to keep them around so they can stir up trouble in the future.

                    The Constitution has been de facto eliminated from the functionality of what currently passes for the government of this country. They simply ignore it. We are at present, without rule of law.

                    Yeah….I believe in hanging traitors and murderers.

                    Deal with it.

                  • What is frightning, isn’t how many agree with Walt, it is how many don’t. Are you all in for a cancer cure? Then lets get rid of the cancer. Walt and those that agree with him aren’t thinking of just ourselves, we are thinking about our grandchildren and their future. If you can’t see that, then change your name from ‘common sense’ to Duh!
                    I have no tolerance for individuals that wish to enslave my children.

                  • treason = de@th

        • This has been rather effective at burying the Benghazi issue, don’t you think? The queen globalist puppet and obummer were both in deep shit, but now that has faded to second-tier news…mission accomplished.

          BUT, some of us can multi-task.

          • And while the smoke swirls they’re going to pass their amnesty bill. Don’t need to explain what that means, do I?

      14. A big percentage of people already choosed.
        It’s call the fuck you , me first choice .

      15. couldnt have happened to a better hopolophobe..
        Jim Carry deserves every bit of this for insulting Clint Eastwood, and going on a rant against the americans right to bear arms..suck on this you hypocrite.

        I hope all your shit tanks and you end up homeless and someone has to come to your aid with a gun, and decides its best to not get involved


        sorry for the O/T..I just couldnt resist , lets face it this needs to happen to these jackasses more and more

      16. Something doesn’t sit right with me, it just doesn’t make sense. Julian Assange is not in prison, and I don’t think this Snowden guy will face any charges either. I could be wrong, but something seems fishy to me, I just can’t put my finger on it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • The only thing that would make sense to me is that perhaps TPTB are attempting to cause so much anger and rage in people, that someone, somewhere, does something stupid. Or perhaps people may start massive protests that might give them cause to implement even more draconian measures.

          The Hegelian dialectic in action.

          • We must keep in mind that although I and many others here refer to “Them” as True kommies,in reality actual true full blown comminusim has Never yet been acomplished. By that I mean per Karl Marx kommisim, it means a One world govnt run By Kommieisim. Not just several nations like we see today. Actual kommisim=Entire world run and controled by full blown kommieism.

            And what was Marx’s Main method to acomplish it? “Workers(unions) of the World UNITE!” Ok so Unite in what way or how?…In a full blown total worldwide Revolution!

            Picture what was Russia in 1918 when and Where marxist communisim was invented and First done. Only picture That system in ALL aprox 200 nations of world at Same time!

            Like arab spring worldwide! So as much as we’d love to finally deal with the leftist kommie libs etc. That Is Exactly what They want us to do!

            Look how that worked out for russias “worker class” folks who fell for marxian principals etc! The worker class got royally Screwed! those who lived and survived it that is!

            Now I agree barring any Devine intervention or miricles, we likly will one day need do as our founder fathers did back in 1775. BUT Do Not allow “Them Kommies” to determine the when it happens. Elsewise we are very likly to end up same as russia did. When aprox 3% to 3.5% of russias 150+ Million peoples, Overtook the Other 97% and Installed their Reign of Terror that lasted 75 years! And Killed Off at least 1/2 of the total population of the 97% group when you include Poland and Ukraine and a few other lesser sized states surrounding russia.

            FYI: That russian revolt of 1918, was Attepted TWICE before and failed. In 1899-then again in 1905-then succesfully in 1918. And regardless what most “History” books say about down trodden folks against the “evil” Czar king etc…Those storys or “histories” are usually written BY the very tribe of jewish or loyal to jewish causes who did those revolts. The True history of the czar and the revolts were NOT as written by Those books writers.

            Bascially the czar who was a King to that 97% “Others” who were Loyal russian christians, had NO other choices but to Force that small 3% of jewish folks to remain in the Pale settelment zones. Due to that 3% is famous for Nation wrecking of every nation they ever infiltrated. As one can guess They the 3% got pissed at czar when he restricted them from jobs and being anywheres near the Rest of russia proper. But if that 3% would Assimilate with their HOST nation and stop always trying to swindle Goyim gentiles every chance they got, and stop trying to swindle govnt control as well as media control, the czar would have allowed Their group the same rights as True russians.

            Most such “history” books(with 1/2 truths and outright Lies) never mention this Fact: The Czar or russian King allowed the Jews who lived in the pale settlement area, to live Their way. meaning let the jews have Rabbi’s as leadership and as Judges etc and to live based on Their Talmudic jewish religious ways. Laws and systems and etc Were determined BY and FOR jews to bennifit Jews as jews desired to live by. The czar just basically refused to allow the jews of th Pale area to co mingle with christian russians in Their areas. That was a Sound decision. You cannot Mix a 97% mostly white christian Race and nation, with 3% or ANY percentages of Jews who reject ALL forms of govnt-religion-systems-exept of course for Their Talmudic “Master Race” ideals. Unlike Most other religions them jews do not just “think or believe” that way. But they DO everything and Anything to accomplish changes so Their 3% can RULE Over their HOST peoples(like america is today!). And to Rule based on Their master Race talmudic beliefs that Jews matter and Goyim gentiles do NOT matter. They=Master race Humans while goy gentiles=Herds of Cattle withOUT a Human Soul! Talmud teaches ONLY Jews have human God given souls. ALL Non Jews or Goyim gentiles are CATTLE and Deserve to be Enslaved BY jews. That is 100% facts. I know “zio jewdeo christians” will scream Nazi! Antisemitic! at me for writing such Truths. Oh well Truth is what Matters and matters even MORE to me than evil jewish beliefs like those I wrote of. IMHO= ANY gentiles Stupid enough to honor and worship jewsih beliefs or ideals such as that, likly Deserves to be enslaved by his “masters race jews” he/she so unquestionably defends and worships. I Refuse to be that way as I prefere Facts and Truth. I Laugh when called nazi or racist antisemitic!! I laugh at them in Person too when they act so Ignorant. Such are the Enablers in the usa for those talmudist swindlers wrecking america Now. It is They the Enablers who are as Guilty as the evil doer talmudists themselves.

            One look at todays usa and at how screwed we are due to Their 1.5-2% now controling all that matters in america, and one can see the reasons the Czar tried to Avoid such crap which Always leads to a destroyed Host nation and its Host peoples. There are several Other writers books and websites which deals with Accuracy and Truth about that era in history. It Is good to read/learn it as today america is under the same gun as russia was back in 1918 and BY the Same Khazer tribe. I can provide a few good links to such Valid true historic info if one needs them.

        • to clarify.. I don’t know that either one of them should even face charges. But part of me thinks Assange may be a pawn in the game. Possibly Snowden also. Ah, who knows?

          • This has been rather effective at burying the Benghazi issue, don’t you think? The queen globalist puppet and obummer were both in deep shit, but now that has faded to second-tier news…mission accomplished.





        • Disagree, Eisen.

          This is way beyond protests. Nothing’s going to get them out, especially since the electoral mechanism is so badly corrupted. Protests/elections won’t change things.

          • I disagree to Eisen. the 4th of July is OUR birthday as a nation. As a “statist” who believes strong in the American ideal. I will not fly My Flag upside down.

            There are better, easier, and more effective ways to protest the criminals in DC.

            • The flag is just a stupid piece of cloth. Why fly the stupid thing if it doesnt stand for anything?

              • It stands for a lot for many of us.

                Apparently you need to fucking leave the country posting a comment like that since you don’t get it.

                Why don’t you move down to that faggot $ vig berwicks place with him and that big pussy jim karger since expatriation seems like your best option.

                All you AR’s can hang out together until the locals rip your expat asses limb from limb.

                That was the most asinine comment that you have ever made.

              • Eisen: That is a comment that only you and Michelle O could make. Obviously you have never been in battle with Old Glory as your Standard.

                America has many faults because WE as people are flawed. When flawed people are elected to government as employees of the people, they make mistakes and should be punished for those mistakes under applicable Law.

                The Stars ‘n Stripes signify the American Ideal and embodies the sacrifices that many Patriots have made for OUR benefit since the founding of the Republic.

                To me, that cloth is as sacred as the Shroud of Turin.

                • Old glory has not been used as a battle flag in centuries.

              • eisen – FUCK YOU ASS HOLE!

              • Eisenkreuz you sound like George W. Bush…its nothing but a GD piece of paper. Think what has been sacrificed for you so you could make that stupid statement! I think you got into some of that wacky-tobaki! A lot of our history is not honorable but good men have sacrificed all so you and I could stand now a the crossroads and determining whether the American Flag will continue to engender pride in the hearts of good men! May God have mercy on us and may he honor faith. I would much rather see a patriot with a broken heart because of what is happening to this wonderful nation than a heart full of revenge, hate and arrogance. The outcome of the battle still rests with God Almighty…do not forget it!

              • “…if it doesnt (sic) stand for anything?”

                Mr. Eisenkreuz, my father received a Purple Heart in World War II, fighting under the most brutal conditions in France and Germany for TWO FULL YEARS. The Army billeted him in Scotland for rest and recovery, but his legs were so full of shrapnel that he was deemed unfit for battle and sent home to the states. Like many of his peers, he signed up voluntarily to protect and defend everything that “stupid piece of cloth” stood for: God, country, home, family, freedom. Because of my father and thousands more like him, we speak English, not German, in America today. Because of them, we fly the Stars and Stripes, not the swastika, from our porches and flagpoles. Because of them, we LIVE – and are eternally grateful for their sacrifices and courage.

                As for my father, you may wonder what happened to him after the War. He got a job in sales, married my mother, bought a house, had a little girl (me) – and died at the age of 46 from Hodgkins Disease. His Purple Heart rests in its original velvet-lined case in my dresser drawer.

                • There are many medals in my family. The flag and the constitution are meaningless today. Nobody believes in them anymore except for us few. I’m not gonna have a fake ass picnic with the flag to go with the governments fake ass mention of the constitution.

                  • Eisen,

                    You know man I let you say a lot of crap and do not comment on it very often. This time though you have gone to far. I won’t comment on your flag statement as it has all been said.

                    Instead I am going to comment on you and those like you. So pay attention Common Sense and Yourmotherwaswrong as a lot of this applies to you as well:

                    By your posts I see a common thread. You have never done anything for anyone but yourself. You believe that patrisom is evil. You believe that since you have never stood up for anything no one else should. You speak of the flag, constitution and country as all a phony idea. It is not or at least it is supposed to mean some thing.

                    I believe that your families did you a great dis service in the way you were brought up. No Eisen I don’t believe anyone in your family has ever recieved a medal for anything unless it was given at a school spelling bee. Therefore I say it seems reasonable to assume that none of you have anything to be proud of and a whole bunch to be ashamed for.


                  • Any medals there may be in the family eisendouche were won as carnival prizes.

                  • BigB,
                    So another person who ignores the fact that some of us are willing to post our beliefs against what is generally a hostile and counter believing crowd and yet we are “unwilling to stand for anything”. I am amazed that when the very reason you feel the need to attack us personally is because we are standing by our beliefs against the majority here and you have the audacity to claim we will not stand by anything.

                    Your willful ignorance of the facts present here on the board show that any statement I may make about what I do in meat space would in all liklihood be discounted, ignored, or claimed to be untrue.

                    Some of us post knowing we will be going against the group think here because we are standing up for our beliefs and opinions. How this fact escapes you is beyond me.

                    Because we hold different opinions does not mean we are worthless nor unwilling to stand by our beliefs. It simply means we have different opinions.

                    I can only speak for myself but I feel no need to make claims about myself and attempt to gain the approval of this virtual community as I have people in real life who know my worth and have infinately more value to me on the worst day than this entire community could hope to achieve. Your scorn and derision are only meaningful to me in the fact that you can find it in yourselves to summon up such dislike for a few lines of text.

                    So I say hate away. Summon your virtual mob of red thumbs and attempt to drive away those who do not belong to the cool clique. Attempt to crush those opinions under the system of group think you apparently would like to create here, where you all think the same, talk the same, and express the same opinions in an orgy of mutual masterbation while claiming to be pro freedom and anti socialist you can drive out those who would dare point out the hipocracy of your words.

                    Your actions drove me off for a short period before when I use to post as hill hermit but I actually feel like I should not let you hate prevent me from trying so I came back. (Not you personally but the group you of those who turn a discussion into a personal attack and a group think red thumb brigade)

                    But what do I know.

          • It isnt intended to get them out. Its intended to wake up the 55% of the idiots who think the NSA is cool.

            • Eisen you dill hole!

              • Eisen: No one thinks the NSA is cool. Or the DIA, CIA, TSA or FBI. The list of ABC police state agencies is long and growing. Even the GB’s have their own police force.

                It is time for Americans to wake up and take their country back from the police state that tramples OUR liberties in the name of “security”.

                We must engage OUR employees or they will incarcerate all of US.

      18. ok on subject

        we need to turn this thing around and have the surveillance watching our government, its obvious they are the problem and need to be watched, with this ever constant breech on our constitution and human rights its obvious to me who the problem really is.

        I want laws drafted that there be cameras with sound in every room of the white house, every senate office, ever house representatives offices, no place that government is should be off limits..even want to see all thier emails, texts, etc.. their phones and computers are paid for by us, so we need to hear and see everything our hired help is or is not doing every waking moment of thier miserable lives

        • FOIA
          But notice how the DOJ and DOD and the executive stonewall,
          Only way to get rid of them will not involve paperwork.

        • Great idea! They (supposedly) work for us not the other way around.

        • …great idea EXCEPT please no cameras in barry and micheles/polosi/reed/fienstien ects bed/bathroom….please?…pics of that could/would kill any normal person and would scar them forever…you know the whole spittle running down the chin and constant moaning/twitching thing…eeeeaahhh…shudders are running through my entire body and my mind is shorting out and that’s just from the suggestion of the horror….so please man Im beggin ya,lets be careful where the cameras are put…eeeyiyi… 🙁

        • VRF…seriously I do agree with you,they work for us,we pay them, we own them…that’s how they think of us so whats fair is fair…I was just having a little fun with you on the camera thing…thinking of all the horrific things we might see if we were careless… 😉

      19. When you’re being monitored or think you’re being monitored, you act differently and you’re living in fear of consequence. What joy and intrigue is there if we all behave the same? None. We are to be free from this bulls***! Raise a fist lads the, day of reckoning nears.

      20. The biggest problem with the heads of these agencies and all politicians is lack of term limits. When you get these idiots in seats of power they tend to abuse the hell out of the system. There needs to be a 2 term limit and leave.

      21. Don’t mean to get off topic, but need to know if this is going on anywhere else??? Went to my local Walmart (small town in PA) They have two big glass doors with shelves for ammo (like always) The right has a ok selection of rifle ammo. No .22 or .223 ( but this we know) The left used to be all handgun ammo. Now the left is nothing but spotting scopes and stuff??? All the price tags for handgun ammo replaced??? Is there going to be another huge shortage on Handgun ammo or is walmart just no longer going to sell it?

        • @Shane,

          Shop at Ammunition Depot.com or
          Bulk Ammo.com Walmart is one of the worst places to go to for gun stuff. Besides, Michael Moore probably will make another documentary this time about you lol.

        • Why would anyone in their right mind shop at Wal-Mart for ammo? There are too many other places that sell the stuff. How about going to a local gun store and support the local business and stop patronizing Wal-Mart. Fuck Wal-Mart and their cheap shit. If Wal-Mart was the last place on Earth that sold food, I’d go out in the pasture and eat Clover!! Same thing for McDonald’s. Fuck em… I stopped going to Wal-Mart several years ago when it dawned on me one day that every time I went to Wal-Mart I got pissed about something. I stopped going and my life turned around. Most of the employees at Wal-Mart are stupid fucking idiots. About the only employees that are worth a shit are the door greeters. Stay the fuck out of Wal-Mart and your life will be much better. Go buy your ammo at a gun store. Gun owners should boycott Wal-Mart. That will get their attention.

          • I do 90% of my shopping at a local gun store! You miss my point. Read my post. By the looks of things, it looked like they were NO LONGER going to be selling handgun ammo. Just wanted to know why? And if this was true? Dicks stopped selling AR-15’s! Just saying.

      22. NSA Official: “The Government Is Not Trying To Protect [Secrets About NSA Surveillance] from the Terrorists. It’s Trying to Protect Knowledge of that Program from the Citizens of the United States”

        Embarrassment By People In Government Who Have Been Caught Breaking the Law – Not National Security – Is the Reason Politicians and Intelligence Agencies Are Going After Whistleblower


        • You guys should read the article at newswithviews by Cliff Kincaide(he has a website called AIM=acuracy in media). Man! he sounds exactly like a clone of Hannity or a wannabe hannity! He writes all sorts of crap on how nsa whistleblower guy is a China opp kommie, and a Russian conected kommie too!…Then he says Jeff Greenwald reporter guy is a big homo to discredit his info. Then basically slams a dozen More things or persons. Yet NOT a single mention how terrible this nsa crap really is!

          What a typical Neocon Trotskyite Kommie Red repub rino! I swear if you dont know better you’d believe its written By Hannity from Faux tv news. I guess them neocon rinos fully approve of the nsa spies etc eh. Traitors all!

          must Add their names to Our patriot “Swindlers List”.

          • Hannity opposes the NSA at least.

          • ThemGuys,

            neocon Trotskyite? You either don’t know anything about neocons or don’t know anything about Trotsky.

            to join the two as though they are the same thing is like saying “the SS colonel Orthodox rabbi.”

            Which public figure in the US today would you say is a neoconTrotskyite? Because in its historical context your conjunction is meaningless.

            • No I am Not wrong.It is based upon the Fact that Neocons or rino repubs base much of Their beliefs and methods on the Fabian school of thought. The main difference between dem lib kommies and Fabian kommie rinos repubs is basically…BOTH desire the Same outcome. BUT while liberal dems kommies wants a full blown russian revolt method to gain total control as in russia aka Soviets ussr, the Neocon Fabian prefers Trostkys method. That being a Slower NON or way Less violent method to accomplish the Same goal of total control under cumministic principals. There are a few other differences yes. But the MAIN one of concern is what I wrote of here.

              Look up Fabian society for more info and compare to Newt Gingrich-GW Bush-Linsey grahm-et al rinos today.

              Trotsky was comander of red army kommies yes. And yes was a brutal murderer etc. His Birth name was Not trotsky as an fyi, rather is was Lev Bronstien(a jewish name) Marx had a different birth name to but I cant now recall it. Marx’s dad and grandad and great grandpappy were ALL Rabbi’s. in case you were’nt aware of that fact. I mention it since so many folks seem to refuse to believe the marx comminusim was an Jewish invention. Designed to be run by jews and bennifited by jews at the expence of ALL non jews or goyim gentiles. Not sure if fabian was too?

              Basically all these older forms of govnt beliefs are tied into each other. Fabian/Communisim/Frankfurt school etc. They just differ slightly in methodology etc.

              Trotsky went along with His Boss’s plans. His Boss was Lennin. so he did whatever lennin asked of him. Trotsky wanted to be boss and do it differently, like todays rino neocons. Slower less revolutionairy march to end game control. You can see this in todays Two partys dems and neocons. Neocons are trotskyites/Fabians.

              PS Read My Prior post on kommie stuff as I think whatever you said you are reading of russian revolt era is the stuff written by the 1/2-truth tellers. They always portray poor jews as the victims of the ‘evil” czar. read what I wrote concerning such. POst should be above this post.

        • I think thats exactly the false reporting I was talking about earlier..
          I reject this annalisys , its propiganda
          they want us to believe this so we give up the fight

      23. Who is pulling this puppets strings!!!!! Our president doesn’t have a clue sorry our country is DONE who cares Dancing with the Stars comes on at 8:00 ?

      24. Everyone, it’s only a matter of time now before mega-SHTF takes place. We won’t know how or when until it happens. Like BI mentioned earlier, one of the few good things to come out of the grid going down will be the surveillance systems no longer working. Even surveillance equipment depends on electricity in order to be operated. I’m hoping we can take back this country and start the process of straightening out everything before we fall off into the abyss. Civil War 2, 2nd American Revolution, etc. and turning to God are the only things that will save this nation. We have to start all over again from scratch to build the kind of nation God intended for us to have. All of the TPTB and their minions who run the system now will have to be eliminated, otherwise they could still be a potential threat to us if we let them live. I know what I’m saying sounds extreme. But stop and consider. In the post-SHTF era, everything will be totally different. our lifestyles that we enjoy now will be gone, the system will no longer function in any way, shape, or form; no LE, no courts, NO NOTHING! It will be an entirely new ball game out here and if you don’t learn how to play it quick, you’re not going to make it. We’ll have to start all over again on the ruins of what gets destroyed. It will be horrific and the majority of the population won’t make it. but it’s possible the survivors can turn this country back around into what God inteneded for it to be. I may not live long enough to see it happen, but I’ll still stand up and fight. this evil govt. and system have to go. braveheart

      25. Eisen, it’s gone way beyond protests and working within the system. the system is too far gone to save, it’s never exactly lended itself to reform, and it’s not worth saving in any case. the only way is revolution; that’s the only thing that can save us now. braveheart

      26. We have reached the point of no return. Govt is now officially a tyranny. When Feinstein and Boner agree, we have a bad situation in play.

      27. The loss of the internet will be next. The govt. has everything else corrupted.

        • They’ll take the internet down as soon as they have the patriots and dissenters sorted out…they just need a little more tracking time. Mark my words.

      28. Sales Of George Orwell’s 1984 Have Surged 6884% In The Last 24 Hours

        In the last 24 hours, sales of the ‘big brother’ book 1984 on Amazon.com have soared by almost 7000% as the reality of the surveillance state come to the public’s attention. As Liberty Blitzkrieg’s Mike Krieger notes, we suppose it makes sense that people would want to get up to speed on the dystopian world being constructed rapidly and secretly around them. 1984 is now the 4th fastest rising sales book and 184th most popular on Amazon!

        • NinaO

          Thank you for that information.
          I hope there’s a little Orwell
          left in all of us.

          • yur’ welcome


      29. talk, talk talk……blah blah blah…….you people won’t do shit!

        • @ Satori. I want to personally thank you for always keeping us updated on what we all need to know, especially the MERS potential as a death plague. Since JustOneGuy went into the backwoods, I hope he and his family are happy, they sure are safer, we all have a void now about the solar part of warning. maybe when you hear something critical about the Sun you could advice us all before we were to get nailed.

          I personally forget to check out the space weather, as I am constantly checking the earthquake map. Sometimes when I see a quake on the plate boundary I try to get the forecast out so quickly that I leave out words or misspell them. I have this happen too often in which minutes after I post a comment, bang a major earthquake happens. Anyway, it is real nice to have someone like yourself that is like a breaking news source telling us what is happening that we might not be aware of. Thank you for spending your free time with this for all of us.

          • Be Informed,

            I eagerly await your posts, most especially regarding earthquakes. I keep a window open on my computer watching the activity (as an observer, not an analyst) and am always interested to read your analysis.

            Another deep one the other day, a 5.2 North of Ascension Island a few minutes ago. I don’t know anything about prediction but it sure looks and feels like something big is going to happen.

          • I agree BI. Thanks to both of you for the updates.

            I recieved a message from JOG yesterday and things are great. I will let him know your thoughts if and when he reconnects.


        • This is exactly why I keep all my wealth in pure silver in my own safe.

          Fuck interest, fuck dividends.
          The way I see it….things will get worse and more folks will want to hide cash just like me.
          So finding a private buyer and not paying tax is the way to go.


          The boomer government are a bunch of crooks.
          Don’t trust them.
          This is the age of thieves.


          That’s why I put my money into raw land. Low taxes….I have enough silver to
          pay any taxes for carrying costs.

          It’s all going to collapse and the prior generation of boomers…the mass wave of thieves will steel generation X blind. We’re wise to your shit boomers.
          Think….Al Gore, Hilary, Obama…they are all fucks.

          One day I will be very old. I’ll be bed ridden. But I’ll still be able to dial up my safe…pull out a few coins…meet a guy at a coffee shop..say a doctor or lawyer who wants to hide wealth…and cash it in for the fiat of the day.

          Have any of you ever done the math…

          • This is exactly why I keep all my wealth in pure silver in my own safe.

            Fuck interest, fuck dividends.

            …fuck security.

      30. Alien Hunter, go somewhere else. No trolls allowed here.

      31. Oh! To have one quiet non-eventful day without another government scandal. The founding fathers will probably roll out of their graves and kick some ass. Maybe with the new dna technology we can clone another George Washington. Let’s not clone George Custer, eh?

      32. Eisen, watch what you say about Old Glory. Everyone else here, except for the trolls, believe in that flag.

        • I step on the flag and the constitution. What matters is the philosophy.

          • Eisen, where you’re wrong is that you don’t understand that both, Old Glory and the Constitution, are the picture and the blood stained agreement by many of the philosophy. When you look at that Flag, know what the colors stand for. As for us vets, it is a sight of honor and pride. In foreign lands, the oppressed see it as a place of refuge.

          • I wasn’t gonna comment on your stupid comments, but this one raised me temper.
            Eisen, you are worse than vermin!!

            If anyone stomps on the flag or the constitution, I will put them down!! I wish I knew where you are, so I could ring your scrawny neck.

            molon labe

        • They had a saying back in the 40s for people like you BH,…YOU EITHER LIKE IT, LOVE IT, OR LEAVE IT ASSHOLE !

        • I have used Ixquick for about 3 years–easy to change your search engine–just a couple of clicks.

      33. In the past we saw the so-called LEAK by Wikileaks were so phony, and the whole world is still laughing about it. The people that ran WiKileaks were the same people who worked for Goggle’s management.

        Right away the state department declassified several hundred thousand pages that Wikileak already released them (classified documents) on the Internet. When Aljazeera questioned about the documents that had Hillary’s signature on them (Hillary Clinton was the head of the State department) and her department said she did not write them.

        Just because the government has not told you about the surveillance, it does not mean it never happens; also it depends on who is in charge of the White House and the Senate house. 🙁

        It’s A SCARE TACTICS TO SHUT PEOPLE UP, and the whistle-blower, Edward Snowden is nothing more than a JOKER. But the propagandists and trolls call him their hero, OMG!!!!. Have you heard:

        Never waste a good crisis. 🙁
        Manufacture a crisis, promote false a hero & provide an order out of chaos.
        JULIAN ASSANGE now is running for a seat in the Australian Senate, a hero??? What a joke!

        History keeps repeating itself.
        Edward Snowdens case is not the 1st episode, he is nothing more than a SHILL.
        Several decades ago, DANIEL ELLSBERG was another false hero and got away with what he did.

        ELLSBERG also picked and chose documents to release and put our soldiers in great DANGER during the VIETNAM WAR. 🙁 Daniel Ellsberg or Hollywood Jane Fonda (aka Hanoi Jane), etc… our vets will never forgive them for what they did.

        Don’t fall for the trick, this is just another art of deception.
        Edward Snowden will get away with it because he’s a shill just like his mentor Daniel Ellsberg.
        His people have so much power and filthy rich, he can be anywhere he wants to be, period.

        Yahoo news:
        “In 1971, Ellsberg became the first person to be prosecuted under the 1917 Espionage Act for releasing classified information to the public. The case was later dismissed when it was revealed during trial that the government had engaged in illegal wiretapping to gather evidence against him.”

        • Sorry, it should have read:

          Manufacture a crisis, promote a false hero & provide an order out of chaos. And Never waste a good crisis.

          Right after the 9-11:

          Fox news released videos about their investigation of how Israel handles the US communication service.

          In the videos, Police around the country complained about how negatively their investigations were affected. 🙁

          Senator Schumer recently objected that China wants to buy one of our communication companies. I don’t remember in detail, and Senator Schumer said, it would jeopardize our security system.

          I agree when you have foreigners handling your sensitive info., what do you expect as our police officers and many experts have told our congressmen and women. We don’t know why the media outlets never bring it to light.

          Bush has left the White House on Jan 20, 2009. Obama and Dems control the Senate, they could stop any bill or any activity with the snap of the finger; Oh, yes they can !!!!!!!! Will it happen soon? Hmmmm….. However, the anti-Bush campaign from the media outlets is still very active and using Bush as an excuse for everything and just another diversion away from the truth.

          Several attacks were happened on the day of 9-11, Bush was advised of what need to be done by such as Michael Chertoff (homeland security) and 535 congressman and congresswomen what to do.

          Israel has been doing the billing for phone landlines, Internet and wireless way before the 9-11, and ever since phones were 1st used.

          Israel also handles the money vaults and the security for Las Vegas’s Casinos.

          Safety, justice and happiness for all 🙂

          • Israel also has been identified as the nation who dreamed up this ‘Prism’ spying mechanism.

            Isn’t it amazing, how much evil and criminality and totalitarianism and raw tyranny seems to ebb out of that one tiny nation and its people?

            • Interesting…

      34. Excellent article! Kudos to the author!

        I guess it is my time to get on the list.
        The statement he made : ” When political villains no longer fear the exposure of their villainy, it is time to start worrying.’
        We are frogs in the pot. We are getting our asses cooked!
        Our children and grandchildren will look back up at us and say ” thanks a lot for doing NOTHING about this assholes!
        I think we are screwed!

      35. Hi All,

        The surveilance state will end eventually, but we will definitely pass through some interesting times beforehand.
        Sorry, just random thoughts: Sometimes I can’t believe the stuff we are living and seeing, a bad dream. At times it causes great sadness and disgust. My Dad is from Mexico and he also served in the U.S. Army. He was a medic during Vietnam (luckily, he did not get to see combat but worked in hospitals in Germany and DC where
        he saw the human end results of war). I still remember he would tell us in his broken English “We did not do
        it this way in the Army…….” I guess that was one of the reason’s I joined the military (4 years active duty Army, Signal Corps), I would think, dang my Dad was not even born in this country and he served. I have other family, great uncles etc. (also not from
        the U.S.) who served and were wounded or killed during WWII and Korea. Also, One of my dad’s cousins (ex US Navy) died under questionable conditions after reporting/investigating a navy vessel being used for illegal activities (in the 80’s). Yep, the present situation we are facing really makes me sick to my stomach. I served about 20 years ago, but the training never really leaves you. The mentality of “readiness” is still there, I have not forgotten my Oath I made to our country. I have a hard time coming to grips with the reality that former/active military etc. would actually cause harm to the American public, the “common folk” who just want to live freely and be left alone (whether it be surveilance or thugs knocking down doors). Time to really pick your loyalty peeps, who are you serving ultimately? Are you serving
        a corrupt man/organization, a paycheck ?…. or are you serving your family and God? We all have families to serve and protect, and we all bleed the same. Remember, if you are serving corrupt men/organizations you are disposable to them and there is no true loyalty and trust.
        “Do the Right Thing”, Peace out

        • Moooahahahahah

      36. This has to be the absolute best article I have ever seen and read on this website. My personal appreciation is extended to Brandon Smith for his outstanding effort.

        With regards to this NSA Soviet-style surveillance scandal, I have been listening to a little bit of AM talk radio (something which I stopped doing once the neo-cons managed to take over and synchronize the bull manure on all talk radio programs so as to push their war mongering for Israel poison), and whenever the show hosts open up the lines and take calls from the public – I am amazed at how many nose picking idiots will call in and parrot the mantra: “Well, I’ve got nothing to hide so I don’t care if they are monitoring my email and phone calls and financial matters.”

        Thankfully, the talk show host for these programs will usually chew the caller’s ass out for having such a stupid opinion on a matter of privacy that is of extremely critical importance. But, here is a thought that crossed my mind about this sort of moronic reaction to government criminality and a violation of our 4th Amendment:

        We’ve all read news stories where drug smugglers will often hire ‘mules’ to smuggle their drugs, right? One technique that I’ve read about is where a ‘human mule’ will fill one or more condoms with heroin or cocaine, seal the condom and then slide these drug filled condoms up their rear ends. On some occasions, I’ve read where these condoms will burst and the toxic release of its contents will wind up killing the human mule. Good riddance.

        At any rate, based on the stupid idea that ‘If I’m doing nothing wrong, then I should not mind having my privacy invaded by the government or by law enforcement’ – are all Americans now expected to not mind or resist the idea that we must have our rectum cavities physically probed & inspected at the airport, bus, subway or train stations – because a tiny percentage of drug smugglers have been known to use their lower bowel cavity to smuggle illegal drugs?

        That is precisely what these morons appear to believe and support when they parrot that insane mantra: “Since I am not doing anything wrong, then I should not mind if my government violates every American’s 4th Amendment right to privacy”.

        I think anyone who expresses that sort of view has demonstrated that they are unfit to be an American, that they are clueless as to the meaning of the Constitution or Bill of Rights, and these idiots should have their citizenship revoked and kicked out of the USA.

        • Guess what I find over on the Veterans Today Website today?


          So, our criminal, corrupt maggots in D.C. are now considering importing 1.6 million Syrian ‘refugees’ who are culturally and racially incompatible with the vast majority of White Western people – and once here, these refugees will become permanent Democrat party voters because they will be signed up for every social entitlement and freebie program under the sun, and not only will we be forced to subsidize these people – but, they arrive here with a big chip on their shoulders and grievances toward Americans for our leaders habit of meddling in their nations, so they’ll be introducing ‘butt bomb explosives’ into our nation.

          So, now – the tyrants in our Congress and at the DHS and in the White House will say all Americans must submit to rectum inspections before getting on planes, trains, buses or subways?

          • Tucker: I said this before and got called all types of vile names for it. BUT! I shall again say this. What many folks do not seem to get is that Israel has a name for their quest for greater israel. Its something like “Yisrael” or??? Anyways what netanyahoo and crew really desire is ALL lands spoken of by God to Abraham in old testement when God made promices etc to abe. HOWEVER! Such Land promices DEPENDED upon ALL 12 tribes of israel keeping Their part of their covenant with God. They didn’t do so and got Booted Out…TWICE!

            But they do no care about that. They want to Exterminate or make Refugees out of almost 500 million arabs and similar non jews so israel can Expand to the areas God showed abraham from a mountain top when abe viewd that land. Basically it encompases Most of Iraq-Syria-IRAN-Jordan. Maybe more too?

            Consider: israeli jews Knows they cannot kill off all of them arabs etc…So..What do they do with a few hundred MILLION refugees?…Send em all to America and the EU nations like britain!!

            And that not only rids mid east of all non jews so irael can become Greater Yisrael, but it works out Swell for their Zionist plans to Multiculturize Our White Race nations so We and Europeans become MINORITIES in Our Own Nations! How much easier to exterminate All Whites and christians when you Flood their white nations with so many riff raff 3rd worlder Unequals(equal under law and bor yes…Equal in every way? NO! and You Know it too!).

            Because how else can such a small population worldwide of jews(aprox 13-14 million total in world). Gain total NWO-Jwo control and enslave the rest unless you first exterminate the “Best of Goyims” aka the White gentiles race?! Whites like us are the Only group or race them jews and zionists cannot “master” over, as we are smarter and better warriors than jews. Especially when you consider that as high as 98% of “jewish” folks worldwide today, are actually Khazer Fake jews!

            There is quite alot of written info avail on this greater israel stuff and their plans for it. Online searchs should reveal where to see read it. These zios are Pure evil and Deadly to whites and christians alike. Too Bad so many todays ‘christians” refuse to see or learn or believe it due to so much Falsehood teachings by Pastors regarding the bible book of Danial.

            That danials 70 weeks stuff etc they teach is BUNK!. They wait for fullfillment of danials antichrist as in Danial ch 9 vs 25-26 etc. And the defilement of the “sanctuary” and the “End of daily sacrafices”…IT ALL ALREADY Occured back in aprox 165-175 BC era! when Antiachos(sp?) Placed a statue of ZEUS a False ‘god” on the Alter IN the jews Temple! and if I recall right? he also took a Swine(pig) and cut its throat to let its Blood flow all over the jews inner sanctum of temple!

            Then same roman leader guy antiochos, made laws to Ban daily sacrafices etc!…That “revealing” said in Danial chapter 9 is about That era of BC history of jews. I think farther on it discusses also the second temple destruction of 70 AD era!…There is NO “70th” week yet to occure in Our times.

            To Read all about the True historical facts proven to have happened back then, read the New American Bible, a Chatolic version which IS based on KJV mainly, but has exallant side notes that describe all these historical events and How or when occured!. It also has 6-7 more books that various protestants long ago removed from the bible. weather or not those books should be included? It dont matter as it contains much good info and history.

            But the Side colums notes to describe the actual verses are very informative. regardless which denomination a person may be. Truth info is good wherever it comes from right! Maybe a few baptists here can advance their knowledges by reading those exallant notes.

            DISCLAIMER: I am NOT promoting ANY particular denomination. I am concerned with the Truth and True Facts surrounding biblical “prohecy” etc. and yes I Do Reject Most current day Pretrib rapture-getrich with jesus-Purpose driven Rick Warren-Crapola by todays False Wolves calling themselves preachers. Same goes for many Priests and catholic teachings today. TRUTH based on Historical Factual evidence is better.

            • I’ve stated pretty much the same analysis you just did, with regards to the efforts by jews in Israel to evacuate Arabs and Muslims out of the middle east area that is supposed to be their Greater Israel geographic region.

              As is always the case with any evil scheme that hatches out of the demonic brains of these people – they always have multiple agendas being served by each scheme they come up with. In this case, they lust to genocide White European people and destroy all White European nations – and their most deadly weapon of choice is this ‘multi-culturalism’ cancer.

              The concept is similar to how someone who likes to camp can extinguish a campfire. You can either pour water on it, or you can shovel lots of sand or dirt on top of it – and that will effectively choke off the oxygen supply and put the fire out. Thus, in order to extinguish ‘White Western Civilization’, the jews and their White race traitorous elitist allies simply open the borders to all Western nations and shovel thousands and thousands of third world, incompatible, indigestible non-white aliens on top of Western civilization and then tax the shit out of the White majority who’s resources are stolen from them and then used to subsidize these third world parasites. This process will destroy Western Civilization – and that is the objective that jewish multiculturalist promoters are obsessed with achieving.

              Also, aside from the relentless promotion of race destroying miscegenation by the jewish media – the imposition of confiscatory levels of brutal taxation upon White middle class Americans makes it increasingly unaffordable for them to have children, which reduces the White birth rate and which serves the goal of engineering White racial genocide.

              Oh, and open borders immigration polices being imposed against the will of the White European majorities in all historic White nations – allows jews to run the Muslims and Arabs out of their own lands and shove them up the hind parts of White Europeans.

              Incidentally, without the treasonous cooperation of our White elitist race traitors – none of this stuff would be possible. Therefore, priority #1 – if we have any determination to stop this White genocide agenda – is going to have to involve dealing with these White elites who are enabling these Satanic monsters.

            • I’ve stated pretty much the same analysis you just did, with regards to the efforts by jews in Israel to evacuate Arabs and Muslims out of the middle east area that is supposed to be their Greater Israel geographic region.

              As is always the case with any evil scheme that hatches out of the demonic brains of these people – they always have multiple agendas being served by each scheme they come up with. In this case, they lust to genocide White European people and destroy all White European nations – and their most deadly weapon of choice is this ‘multi-culturalism’ cancer.

              The concept is similar to how someone who likes to camp can extinguish a campfire. You can either pour water on it, or you can shovel lots of sand or dirt on top of it – and that will effectively choke off the oxygen supply and put the fire out. Thus, in order to extinguish ‘White Western Civilization’, the jews and their White race traitorous elitist allies simply open the borders to all Western nations and shovel thousands and thousands of third world, incompatible, indigestible non-white aliens on top of Western civilization and then tax the shit out of the White majority who’s resources are stolen from them and then used to subsidize these third world parasites. This process will destroy Western Civilization – and that is the objective that jewish multiculturalist promoters are obsessed with achieving.

              Also, aside from the relentless promotion of race destroying miscegenation by the jewish media – the imposition of confiscatory levels of brutal taxation upon White middle class Americans makes it increasingly unaffordable for them to have children, which reduces the White birth rate and which serves the goal of engineering White racial genocide.

              Oh, and open borders immigration polices being imposed against the will of the White European majorities in all historic White nations – allows jews to run the Muslims and Arabs out of their own lands and shove them up the hind parts of White Europeans.

              Incidentally, without the treasonous cooperation of our White elitist race traitors – none of this stuff would be possible. Therefore, priority #1 – if we have any determination to stop this White genocide agenda – is going to have to involve dealing with these White elites who are enabling these Satanic monsters.

      37. Similar to Brandon, I know my rights are natural rights that cannot be turned into a privilege. However, I will play Devil’s advocate. When you sign a contract that says your data will be shared, you cannot complain about that. You have agreed to it. These providers TELL you that your personal data will be shared. If you want their services this is the price you pay. The only way to beat the system is to not use it. Camera snooping is a different story and is something I have not consented to and is a fourth amendment violation. There are close to 5 million people with government security clearance. They are all pigs feeding at the public money trough. Big government is tyrannical government. It is proven in history.
        Here, in a small local city, there are 200+ security cameras installed on the streets. They showed the center where they monitor the cameras live-time. The hilarious part was that there was a camera in the ceiling to monitor the monitors. Truly an Orwellian scene.

        • ” When you sign a contract that says your data will be shared, you cannot complain about that. ”

          Did you see that thing fly way over your head?

      38. Good Day, I have veterans in my family, so I know the feelings. What you’re hearing about veterans possibly ‘going off the deep end’ is nothing but propaganda from DHS. Don’t trust anything coming from any government agency. Not once in my life have I ever felt any loyalty or obligation to this evil government. They keep announcing they have some of the worst intentions toward us imaginable, so I’m going to stand up and fight. Hope you’ll do the same. it appears we won’t have any other choice. braveheart

        • Morning man, yup sure is a challenge filtering
          all the info (I no longer turn on the tv to get news
          since awhile back). “My fight” right now is
          informing my loved ones around me about the
          possible situations we may face in the very near future (especially
          in S. California, many dangers). In no way am I close
          to going off the deep end. I patiently and peacefully
          observe our reality, “in this place and time in History”,
          and try to discern what my Creator has as a plan
          for my family and myself. Trying to live “one day at
          a time” like the rest. I hope it never comes down
          to any armed conflict. But here are my simple
          thoughts on this: I love being free, having the
          choice to decide what/who I want to worship and how I express my love and faith..
          My Creator blessed me with being born a Free
          man. He even gave me the choice to accept
          or reject him. We were not meant to be enslaved. No mortal will shackle me or my
          family without blood being spilled on
          both sides. I know this may sound overly
          simplistic, but I try to live a simple life in
          in our fast paced area of the world.
          Peace out

      39. @ GV. I saw that near the Ascension Island and this was the LARGEST earthquake ever recorded in this area at 5.2. This is a very strange area, as very large earthquakes follow, but not often within the 15 day time window. For example, back in August of 2007, it took 23 days before a 8.5 hit in the Sumatra area. On the same day March 25, 1998 a 8.1 hit in the south of the Balleny Islands when this area had a 5.0. This also lead to a swarm of major quakes in April of 1998.

        This region is the mid-point of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, being at the equator, and definitely affects the South American and African plates, along with the Cocos, Caribbean, and the Nazca plates. I suppose you could even throw in the Australian and Arabian plates as the African plate is very influential to those plates. This now makes 38 out of 41 times since April that Chile to Mexico should have been hit, and still nothing. That is quite bad, something mammouth is building there.

        What I keep seeing that is most interesting is that records continue to be broken with earthquake sizes. It may not seem like much, the difference between a 5.2 and a 5.1, but it is a recrod. The same as the largest deep focus quake was a 8.3 last month, and the previous was 8.2. The largest Japanese earthquake every recorded 2 years ago. The largest strike slip quake ever recorded last year. It is a trend, and not only with earthquakes, like JustOneGuy said, it is also the largest radiation burst from the Sun ever recorded, along with all sorts of weather records being broken all the time, like Hurricane Sandy being the lowest pressure of any hurricane making landfall that far north.

        Extremes are becoming the “normal”. This quite frankly means also extremes in death and destruction. It is only a matter of short time before a whopper hits a major populated area such as Toyko, LA, San Francisco, the Midwest with earthquakes, or an EF-5 tornado hitting Dallas or maybe Kansas City or St. Louis, or a hurricane the size of Wilma or Mitch (technically Hurricane category 6) hitting Houston and annihilating the most extensive energy hub of the country. A trend towards some very critical future mega SHTF events. Something to certainly watch on top of the nutso manmade problems that are boiling over in many spots of the world.

      40. M. I love this country and all of the original principles it was founded upon. What I refuse to support or condone in good conscience is the evil government and system that is ruining this land and is so oppressive to the people. It also keeps announcing through words and deeds its evil intentions toward the people. when government says they’re going to kill you, that is the only time you can believe them about anything. Nobody has any obligations to anyone who has evil intentions toward them. If someone comes to attack me, i will react in my own self-defense and that is my right. rights come from God; not from government. This government you’re standing up for has said it’s going to war against the people of this nation. Do you understand that? You do have family out here somewhere, don’t you? They’re just as vulnerable as the rest of us. if you have any sense, you may want to reconsider your position toward government. In the meantime, get f#$%ed! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      41. DRD5508, good morning, and I applaud your chastisement of Eisen. He’s so retarded he doesn’t even know what it means to be American. braveheart


        • Afternoon to you braveheart. Always a joy to read other’s points and opinions. Keep up the good work.


      42. Eisen, tell me, how can you believe in the philosophy but NOT support the flag or the constitution? The Constitution/Bill of Rights reaffirms all the natural rights granted to us by God. I’m not so sure you really know what it means to be American. braveheart

        • Hey Braveheart, why are you “SO” anally affixed to correcting everything that Eisenkreuz say’s or does ? I mean who the ferk died and made you Commander in Cheif of the Moral thought process ? What I suggest what you do is just not agree and at the very least, respect that they have an opinion wheather they are right, or wrong. What makes YOU think you can control American or the worlds opinion for that matter ? And you always are against what the GOVT is trying to do to us, BUT YOU TRY MIND CONTROL EVERY DAM TIME YOU OPEN THE PIE SUCKER! Get a life brother !

      43. Why are we so worried about the surveillance system? All we have to do is overwhelm the system by using the code words that require action in every conversation and email we originate. Throw in a few bomb words ( the old bomb won’t run today). Put trip words in every communication. Use your imagination. Come on folks, it’s game time on the internet. How about ricin beans for lunch? Bad typo.

        • Im all for it.
          fair game for these dickwads,, you fuck with my freedom I fuck with your head.
          sounds like a bomb thing to do. ricin beans are great, next to the bon fire, wile talking about the newest hi cap magazines on the news stand, and if Kim K has been cheated on enough while she was knocked up.
          I have a full auto trans in my new truck with 6 speeds, but its made by government motors so probably only 2 of them work

      44. The surveillance isn’t about protecting the public from terrorism. They could accomplish that by only spying on Muslims. It’s about turning America into a police state.

        • You mean like them Moooslims that attacked the USS Liberty ship and Killed about 35 navy men(Ours!) and wonded the other 170 ro so men?(1967-Israeli Jew pilots did it, so can blame Egypt and get usa to carpet bomb egypt for the jews..It Failed to sink! Prez LBJ did vast cover-up to seal info to protect evil murderous jew pilots! That kind of muslim barncat?)

          OR do You mean them Muslims Spies? You know…Those aprox 295-Spies usa Caught since end of WWII era, and ALL but 3-4 were JEWS! or Israeli jews from israel.

          How many Muslims enemys did usa have Before 1948 when usa began to support that Rabid mid eastern state of israel?

          Last I read, Iran never provoked ANY wars etc for over 300+ yrs Prior to usa meddling and worse since 1948.

          I was going to post the entire explanetary notes about bible book of Danial ch 9, so You can see how discombobulated your mind is from many yrs of False teachings from False preachermen. But then I figured no matter How much relevant, factual, truthfull, historical, evidenciary proof I can possibly post. You either won’t read it, or will read and promptly Reject it all. Barn Cat, are You or were you a lifelong dem lib perhaps?

      45. anyone ever ask

        what is the BIG picture?

        what is REALLY going on??

        why are so many western style governments turning totalitarian
        and doing it so quickly ???

        why the need for such tight control of the population???

        just some speculation

        is the world economy going to crash because of peak oil?

        is climate change the reason ?

        Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us


        is there something to all this unusual earthquake activity world wide ???

        • Is that Link pentagon info to bush from 2004?! almost a Decade ago Satori? it says feb 22 2004 in link. IMHO…NO to peak oil…No No No!!! to Fake global warm or the latest word changer games “Climate change”!

          How about can it be due to Peak Khazer Kommie activity?

      46. Hi Brandon Smith,

        Excellent write-up and run-down of the obvious 8. These are clear arguments for anyone who naively thinks the gobblement is not destroying America.


      47. just a few quotes (ie. warnings) to give ya something to think about

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

        “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

        all from the master progagandist Joseph Goebbels

        and a little word from his boss Adolf Hitler

        “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

        keep these words in mind
        EVERY time you see an advertisement
        or even turn on the TV

        and MSM news (and yes kids this includes FOX) is nothing but propaganda
        just corporations and government selectively reporting only what they want us to hear and “reported” only in the way in which they want us to hear it

        and why do they keep using these decades old techniques ???


      48. just a couple of good examples of the controlled media

        this time in Saudi

        MERS: The silence of the Saudis


        Too quiet on the MERS front


        and this is VERY worrisome

        MERS: Dr. Mackay isn’t happy with the Saudis


        MERS has pandemic potential
        why are the Saudi’s delaying and denying ??????????
        their obstructionism puts the world at risk
        much like China did with SARS

      49. You must “sell your coat(of COMFORT), and buy a sword(of TRUTH).”

        Nuff said?
        Nah, when the Patriot act was implemented, I was done with being a republican after seeing for years, that they, did NOT have MY back.
        Brandon is right, about this and many other things. It is not about parties anymore, if it ever was. It is about The Haves versus the Have Nots.
        It has always been this way, but we didn’t understand, that any big mean dog, can slip the leash. The Constitution is no longer a leash on government, if it ever was… simply because of the Fault, money and power were centralized. WE like money and power, and we got what we asked for. We asked for it because we wanted to be like them, that’s the meaning of the American Dream. The hook in your jaw that keeps you listening to politicians and preachers, in apathy and “submission to Godly Authority”.

        The Root of all evil, is the LOVE of money. As long as we are able to keep HOPE alive, we will accept any infringements on our liberties, as long as they use the proper ‘sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly’. We bitch and complain, and then, we move on. Do we stand up in opposition to ‘spiritual wickedness in HIGH places’? No, it becomes ‘yesterdays news’… If you want to blame somebody for our predicament, look in the mirror. WE are ‘Jacob’, and TROUBLE comes.

        • @pipermichael
          ya hit the old nail on the head…strange thing is that i didn’t think it was my fault until i really started reading and digesting all the posters thoughts on here…this site has really opened my eyes but its too late, too late for any of us to do anything as a group or individually…off the subject but very important, please any of you who have a loved one in a nursing home please pay attention to what is going on in those centers, monies have been cut and there are more deeper cuts to come, the cut backs being made thus far are not to the front office functions or profit margins…if you think you loved one is save because they are in a non-profit center think again because non-profit does not mean what you think it does.

          • Over 18 months ago, I was told by a resident I visited quite often..the staff and residents had a meeting and the residents were told what would not be normal care any longer.
            They TOLD the residents. 🙁 I kid you not.

            • @jayjay
              yup your timing is right on…minor cut backs started about 2 years ago…has got much worse since then…any employee who speaks up on behalf of the residents is very quickly no longer an employee, my guess is we ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

              • My gosh; it can’t get much worse than 18 months ago.
                I stopped visiting before I got myself lots of enemies using my mouth.
                The woman waited hours at times for a bathroom relief..and told me she didn’t dare say anything for fear of repercussion.
                I had several friends at that facility.
                I lost two friends, one young(had a leg amputated and no one would get her a prosthesis!!!), one not so young on Fridays a week apart.

                • @jayjay
                  yes it has, and it will get even worse…you only need to fire one person from each facility to get the others in line, also if your the unlucky one who spoke up your labled and black balled for doing so good luck finding another job…what is going on is not the nursing staffs fault as they work their asses off, it is unbelievable how little covererage there is…in some cases 1 nursing assistant for 20 people and it ain’t pretty…if there is anyway that you can keep your loved ones at home you should do it.

                  • 94 year old Dad had stroke last Dec.. Require a feeding tube be put in. After one month in rehab facility we brought him home. He is fine except for speech and swallowing. Facility tried to convince us to leave him there. No way and now months later he is doing really well. We have him eating 3 meals a day and only on feeding tube 1 hour a day. We do the feeding tube ourselves and no one thought we could. You do what you have to. Fortunately we love next door to my parents and are committed to letting them love out their days at home. Hard, yes but better than watching my Dad die in a facility.



        “All that is needed is a “black swan” event to push everything forward that last bit. “

      51. How important is it, that they have all this information they have been collecting for years? You can bet your bottom dollar they will not dump it. Even if we were able to get them to do it, it will take time to run the judicial process and by that time I am sure there will be another issue to deal with much more deadly consequences.
        Let’s face it. The world is out of control and there is very little we can do about it. I am so damn numb. The money is screwed up. Weather is doing its thing. Arab Spring and War Drums being beaten. I am not scared of the Bird Flu or an Nuclear Detonation. Bring on a financial collapse. It is what it is. In all three instances the government will have its hands full in containment.
        The saving grace in all this is that we are informed and able to take steps in our individual preps. Even as we do you will have chaos within our survival group. Who leads and who does what.
        Taking all the subjects at SHTF. All the comments. All the hits at this site. I would give us a 10% chance of survival and that is being optimistic.
        Can anyone prove me wrong?

        • Welp, I’m pretty sure most of us on here would stand by our record. The info collected on us wouldn’t tell anything we would deny…. but of course the police and the lawyers tell you to NEVER talk to police. Apparently (and this is my experience in court-like proceedings), the purpose of getting data and getting one to talk is in order to distort it. In fact, when you are asked a misleading question and try to answer with a clear answer then the state official will abruptly tell you that you cannot answer and can only say “yes” or “no”. “Were you dressed when you went in the girls bathroom?” type of questions. So, they will look at all this data and ask you, “Why were you in San Francisco July 4, 1999” and you might say “I guess I was there for the fireworks”. Then they’ll say, but we have phone records you were in Los Angeles. Etc.

          • Or when asked why wee You in san fran on that day?…You could answer “Because I was Watching YOU thru My High Powered Rifle and Scope cross hairs!”

      52. more proof the cops are worthless

        for 70$ and a bit of time this woman found her dads killer and brought him to justice

        why do we have cops? to hand out tickets for money, maybe they should get a booth at the amusement park..sad and ridiculous, but more proof they sit at their desk and collect a fat check!

        if you want the job done right, you gotta do it yourself


      53. Than again, for a little perspective on the whole scheme of everyday life, there’s this:
        I was at the neighbors to pick up a couple hundred pounds of layer mash and we were bullshitting about such things as neighbors do. I asked him what he thought about the government snooping on the internet and phones. He stopped me and said “Now, what is an internet?” It suddenly became clear about what really matters in our lives. Of course, he was Amish. These people will go on living their lives while the paper pusher are starving in the street. All that really matters is food, water, shelter and spirituality. The rest is window dressing.

        • I would love to be able to ignore everything that is going on


          “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
          ― Plato

          life is a struggle
          a fight
          day after day
          hour after hour

      54. Old-Fashioned Detective Work, Not NSA Snooping, Solved Terror Cases


        interesting that we have dip shits like Peter King,Feinstein,Boehner,McCain,Graham etc etc keep telling us about all these supposed terrorist incidents that have been stopped because of the massive violation of the Constitution
        yet when pressed for specific examples
        guess what ???

        they ain’t got NONE
        zip,zilch,zero nada

        their excuse ??
        it would violate national security if we told you
        WTF ???
        it the terrorist plot was interrupted
        don’t the terrorist who were going to carry out that plot
        already know that ???

        DUH !!!!!!!

        these Constitution hating shites
        are the biggest threat to our freedoms
        than any so called terrorist

        their lies are wearing thin

      55. I am starting to get an odd feeling that Wall street knows something is coming. The market keeps dipping in spite of surface news that would normally give it a lift. What’s the deal?

      56. @BI: My gut tells me these two events are more than what they seem. Any idea’s? If your to busy no big deal.

        Gulf begins mass expulsion of Lebanese Shiites over Hizballah’s role in Syria

        Kuwait acts on the GCC resolution against Hizballah
        DEBKAfileExclusive ReportJun 12, 2013, 3:47 PM (IDT)
        Kuwait is the first Gulf emirate ready to act on the resolution of the recent Gulf Cooperation Council meeting in Jeddah to punish Hizballah for its “flagrant intervention in Syria” against “freedom fighters.” The Interior Ministry in Kuwait is about to “end the residency of some 2,000 Lebanese Shiite citizens” and shut down their financial and commercial businesses. DEBKAfile: The mass deportation of Lebanese Shiites from the Gulf region will raise tensions with Iran and Hibzallah and may even spark retribution by Iranian and Hizballah sleeper cells.

        Moscow sets up Russian Golan brigade, warns Israel Sunnis plus al Qaeda are bigger threat than Assad

        Russian MI-24 helicopters designated for Golan
        DEBKAfileSpecial Report
        Jun 10, 2013, 7:54 PM (IDT)
        Moscow is determined to position Russian troops on the divided Golan as part of the UN force policing the separation sector because, said the Russian lawmaker Aleksey Pushkov Monday, June 10, “we cannot exclude… large-scale Syrian-Israel action.” He warned that if Assad was replaced by radical Islamists, he would seem like “an angel from heaven.” Vladimir Shamanov, Russian Airborne Troops chief, disclosed that a new brigade, dubbed “a peacekeeping unit,” had set up for the Golan and armed with MI-24 combat helicopters.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman…not exactly related to your post but what you wrote brought to mind the thought that seldom in mans history has a revolution brought about a better life for the people after said revolution…most times they end up worse off….our own American experiment is a glaring exception to this trend…it just reminds me that we have to be very cautious as we go forward toward what is going to be our second revolution(which may well be just act two of the last federals war of aggression)…I myself have mostly come to the conclusion that there must be another war for liberty…peaceful methods seem to have hit a wall and the tyrants have no fear of the rule of law or of the people,therefore it falls to the people to hit the reset button and call all the traitors to account…those who have had no respect for the rule of law and our American way of liberty should not be allowed to expect to find refuge in/under it from their attempts to destroy it…justice should be sure and it should be swift for these murders of mens souls and bodies….that said we must be careful that it is done on our terms and in our timing…if we allow TBTB to decide the type and scope of this “event” we may find ourselves off balance and on one foot,which is of course what they want…its a tough balancing act of sorts to engage the system as DK often says and at the same time unplug from as much dependency on the system as possible so that when it collapses we are not sucked under with it…tough, but totally doable and vitally nessesary…we just don’t want to wake up after a reset and find the new boss is worse than the old one and that freemen are still not in control,but for the future of liberty itself and our kids we gotta stand up and take that chance…God will that we use reason and have much courage to see it though to a successful outcome…just my random thoughts…thanks!…”Live free or die tryin”

      57. Video of the Day: Ron Paul Warns of Electronic Surveillance back in…1984

        “He warned us about what the NSA and other intelligence agencies are currently doing well before the internet became widespread.”

        The Daily Crux

      58. Quote of the Day
        (courtesy of the Burning Platform)

        “At its very inception this movement depended on the deception and betrayal of one’s fellow man; even at that time it was inwardly corrupt and could support itself only by constant lies. After all, Hitler states in an early edition of ’his’ book: ‘It is unbelievable, to what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it.’
        If at the start this cancerous growth in the nation was not particularly noticeable, it was only because there were still enough forces at work that operated for the good, so that it was kept under control.
        As it grew larger, however, and finally in an ultimate spurt of growth attained ruling power, the tumor broke open, as it were, and infected the whole body.
        The greater part of its former opponents went into hiding. The German intellectuals fled to their cellars, there, like plants struggling in the dark, away from light and sun, to gradually choke to death.”
        The White Rose
        Second Leaflet
        Munich, 1942

        whenever you hear the word GOVERNMENT

        think of this quote

        “Hitler states in an early edition of ’his’ book: ‘It is unbelievable, to what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it.’”

      59. Well, hit me in the ear with a baseball.

        That didn’t hurt…

      60. Who are monitoring those that monitor?

        If their surveillance systems are so effective, should they be proud to advertise it? Wouldn’t the knowledge of it’s existence serve as a valuable deterrent? Or do they have something to hide?

      61. What if the whole system isn’t to watch “us”. I mean, they already “know” who we are, after all, we do post on the internet on this type of site. Y’all gotta know, SOMEONE is watching all this.
        But let’s look at if from a slightly different point of view, what if, they’re using all this information, looking for the next Lee Harvey Oswald, or the next Boston Bomber Brothers (B3). No, not in a “terrorist search” manner, but they are looking for that special someone who could be used as a patsy, for a false flag, to further their agenda. Someone they could use, to push over the edge, to do something unthinkable, to give TPTB the excuse to grab even more power.
        They have your phone records, your internet search records, your credit card purchase history, your medical records, your employment history, your military service records, your school records, your government assistance records. Hell, throw in a complimentary “warning” from the Russians and hey, we’ve got a winner.
        Not trying to minimize, just trying to think outside the box a little.

      62. Mornin all,
        Interesting article/take on things regarding the recent
        Snowden/NSA surveilance stuff. Its on the naturalnews website. Author is John Rappoport, article is “Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA? ”

        Peace out

      63. History is not so much a linear projection from savagery to a final achievement of great civilization, but a a perpetual cycle of repetition within these parameters.

        Although more massive an technologically advanced than previous surveillance states and initiatives, this too will eventually fail, as systems collapse, populations uprise, and a renewed respect and appreciation develops for freedom and liberty. Most recently it happened in the Soviet Union and East Germany and it will occur in America as well in its own time.

        Humans are forever trapped in this cycle due to our inherent psychology and thousands of years of cycle repetition have demonstrated there is no escape. The only realistic way in dealing with such situations is to endure them, minimize the impact by avoidance, and wait out the cycle until the inevitable change occurs.

      64. The Tea Party has been receiving alot of money from the KOCH brothers & the poor conservatives and is still asking for your donations.

        The Tea Party has not done a thing to promote or to stop any bill. 🙁
        But the Tea party continues to split votes among conservative voters, so the Democrats can win. The terms Liberty, Patriot, Democracy & Tea party were coined and used during the revolutions or civil wars in the last two centuries. These words can be very effective when used to overthrow leaders, so plutocrats can replace their own people, the new groups.

        So before you donate to the tea party and give your email support, you better think twice

        The media outlets did not tell you the real reason. But back in 1984, since Democrats controlled the upper house (Senate) and the lower house and the FCC, so they imposed more laws and take away Conservative talk show hosts’ freedom of speech.

        Conservatives fought real hard and president REAGAN helped them win against the FCC and congress 🙂 . Ron Paul was unknown and did not support Ronald Reagan and the conservative talk show hosts (from his letter to prez Reagan.)

        Paul wanted to legalize illegal drugs and prostitution 🙁 , but conservatives and Prez Reagan did not approve Paul’s libertarian platforms.

        • DUH!

          “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Russian Jew)

      65. RONALD REAGAN was the president at the time and was able to stop the FCC who took orders from congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives).

        RON PAUL was just an Unknown House Rep, had no power and wasn’t promoted by the media at the time.

        Ron Paul had over 35 years as a politician, and he has a son and his name is Rand Paul.
        Like father like son, here we go again.
        Making it happen and talking about it are two different things.

        PHOTOSHOP: During the election campaign we saw the picture of Ron Paul with prez REAGAN was a hoax. 🙁

        Prez Reagan would never invite Rep Ron Paul in the White House. Because Paul was unknown, and his platforms were extremely liberal. Really, NO conservatives would want to associate with radical people who endorsed drugs, and Prez Reagan was promoting a “war on drug.” at the time.

        Safety, justice and happiness for all 🙂

        • Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.

          Ronald Reagan endorsement, early 80’s.

          Feel free to google their relationship… the part about researching a gold-based currency again for America is thought-provoking, to those who can still think.

      66. Has anyone else realized just what these revelations about the extent of
        our governments spying actually means? Since the inception and implementation
        of this systemic espionage against the American people, there has not been :

        A. Any law passed by the will of our elected representatives, (after all if
        a congressman or senator should be against passing a given law, he or
        she could and would be blackmailed into voting for said law).

        B. Any military decision made without forcing the top brass to follow
        the program. (Again if a general or commander were against a given
        course of action he or she would and could be blackmailed into submission.)

        C. Any corporation’s corporate agenda could be dictated to its C.E.O.’s
        by the simple method of disclosing information damaging to the corporation
        or its C.E.O.’s as individuals.

        D. Any agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service,
        Environmental Protection Agency………..must also get in line and submit to
        any orders given to them. Thus permitting these agencies to be used as desired by the PTB.

        E. The main stream Media will also be forced to do as the PTB say,reporting and slanting their reports to
        project whatever the PTB wants.

        Lastly we need to inquire who is directing these operations and what is their
        end game plan for America.

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