Why One Doctor Believes A ‘Killer Flu Pandemic’ Is Just Around The Corner

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 21 comments

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    Dr. Jonathan Quick, a medical doctor and one of the world’s top health professionals claims that the conditions are perfect for a new superbug in the form of a killer flu virus pandemic.  Quick also believes that this pandemic could kill upwards of 33 million people in just 200 days.

    A piece written by Dr. Quick and published on The Daily Mail UK’s website lays out why the doctor believes this pandemic is just around the corner.

    The big one is coming: a global virus pandemic that could kill 33 million victims in its first 200 days.

    Within the ensuing two years, more than 300 million people could perish worldwide. –Dr. Jonathan Quick, The Daily Mail UK

    Quick says one extreme scenario of a killer flu pandemic will fling the globe into financial chaos.  If millions of people die because of the pandemic, there won’t be enough survivors to run the computers or energy systems, leaving many to loot or die of starvation in the months following such a deadly outbreak.

    As a medical doctor and a health chief who has led global programmes at the World Health Organisation (WHO), I believe that the world is at risk of a viral pandemic that will be at least as deadly as anything we have ever known before.

    The most likely culprit will be a new and unprecedentedly deadly mutation of the influenza virus. The conditions are right. It could happen tomorrow.  –Dr. Jonathan Quick, The Daily Mail UK

    A century after the Spanish Influenza outbreak which killed 100 million people, we are just as vulnerable to the flu now, says Dr. Qucik.  But what about all those fancy vaccines? Doesn’t that mean they don’t work? Logic says ‘yes’ but propaganda says ‘no.’

    A century on, the history and biology of the influenza virus tells us that we should expect another major global pandemic soon. Experts say it is already overdue. Human influenza usually starts with wild aquatic birds, because avian flu is very common in waterfowl. Once in a while, a wild bird virus gets friendly with a different strain inside of another bird, or even a pig. The different strains can then swap genes, effectively swapping skills such as being highly contagious or deadly.

    When that combination from the birds and beasts finds its way into a person, the resulting new human strain can kill us more easily because it is unknown to us and our bodies have zero immunity to it. This is most likely how the Spanish flu took hold. But Dr. Quick says that it’s our addiction to cheap meats that will cause this new pandemic.

    Pigs eat almost everything, so their guts are the perfect mixing bowls for flu strains. When pigs eat droppings of sick wild birds or the chickens living near them, the flu viruses in their digestive systems can swap their genetic material to create new strains. Dr. Quick suggests eating less meat and dairy products from factory farms as a way to “vote with your mouth.”

    Quick is also pro-vaccine and is calling for a universal flu vaccine that will somehow magically protect all 7.4 billion people on Earth from every single possible mutatable from the numerous types of the influenza virus.


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      1. This guy is still loyal to the W.H.O. giving us a scare tactic to buy into the INTERNATIONAL vaccine. I won’t fall into their trap.

        • I’ll be eating less pork because of this article.

          I like pork chops, but now, I’ll pass.

      2. This is probably what tptb have planned. Would you put it past them? I think a much higher loss of life would result. The fear factor will drive tens of millions to get the mandatory vaccination with it’s secret ingredients. Brought to you by the WHO, who distributed the HIV virus and who knows what else. This new and improved concocted formula will be super deadly. Either that or release the Kraken. I better lay off the coffee.

        • The WHO is sooooo corrupt. They got caught frigging things to give big contracts to big pharmaceutical companies; they were tied up in the Ebola fraud scam and there is a brewing paedo scandal that will eventually come into the public.

      3. I’ll place a $100 bet here that the next pandemic starts in one of 2 locations – China or the Arabian peninsula. Anyone want to take me up on that? You still have all of Africa, SE Asia/India, South America, Australia, North America, Northern Asia, Europe to choose from (or some isolated island i.e. Madagascar, Canaries, Iceland, Greenland….). My double-down would be Arabian peninsula. Quite possibly Yemen specifically.

      4. The number of 100 million killed by the Spanish flu seems too high, based on all my reading. Its probably 30-50 million, but no commercial air travel at that time so you can imagine what would happen today. No one actually how many died from the Spanish flu.

        • I can only verify one. My grandfather’s first wife died from it. Other than that, it’s anybody’s guess.

      5. We are always around the corner from something.

        On the other hand, we do know that there is an belief, even an effort to depopulate the earth through plagues, wars, abortion, etc..

        Speaking on abortion, some countries in Europe, reported a few years ago, a negative birth rate year in their country, Germany I think and maybe Russia.

        Not to argue that point, we’ve all read.

        The world population was estimated to have reached 7.6 billion as of December 2017.

        I borrowed this comment from somebody who posted and it addresses how the population will be depopulation and it will not be thought interstellar colonization.

        For your review:

        Once the seals are opened…
        Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

        With 1/4th gone, that leaves 3/4 of 7 billion=5.25 billion, but we are not done yet, next comes the Trumpet judgments.

        Rev. 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

        In Rev. 9:15 the four angels of the Euphrates are released to kill 1/3rd of the remaining population. If you know your fractions, you know that 1/3 of 3/4ths is 1/4th. 1/4th (Seals) plus 1/4th (Trumpets) equals 1/2. Therefore between the Seal and Trumpet judgments,so 1/2 of the population alive at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week will have died before the Great Tribulation even begins.
        We’re not told how many die during the Bowl judgments, but certainly there will be many more. So the minimum will be 3.5 billion dead, but the bible isn’t clear about how many die after that.

        So, yes something is around the corner.

        • W&W: I love following Biblical prophesy and comparing it to our current state of affairs! Thanks for your on-point analysis of what may come. Reading Isaiah 5:20 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5 tells me all I need to know about today’s society and the close timing of His return. It stands as evidence to me that we’re truly living in the last days.

          God bless


      6. Dr Jon Quack – STOP spreading FUD…

      7. Unfortunately, the flu ability to change genetically makes any vaccine questionable at best.

      8. Because the CDC will unleash it to steer people the way their Deep State’s mainstream media tell them they “have to go” in order to “avoid” the plague?

      9. When you have a disease or receive a vaccination (if done correctly), you have a number of antibodies specific to that strain of the disease. They are not good for life even if the disease has not mutated! For baby-boomers and older, you can develop what are normally childhood diseases. Add to that, the emergence of strains of microbes that are immune to even combinations of antibiotics). Finally, the crappy diet most of the world is following (weakened immune systems). Major pandemics are coming;it is just a matter of when.

        • People are not paying attention to medical and scientific advances and gene science. China can already artificially create high-quality human beings without the need for live births. So, for a pandemic to wipe out a load of third world, low-IQ, high-violence propensity trash (think Africa and the Middle East) in the 100s of millions would not be a population disaster. In fact, the opposite: it will mean more resources and opportunties for the high IQ artificial babies that replace them.

          Look at it like this: Dad orders two large pizzas for the family. But he didn’t factor in your buddies playing video games in the basement staying over for dinner. You lose and get just one pizza slice and a coke for dinner. Or: Dad gets it right and you get your usual 3 slices and a coke.

          The world already has the science and tech to more than meet the needs of a reasonable global population (1 bn tops). They can ALL live in beautiful homes and work not too much. But, if we carry on with the current growing population, then there is no way in hell all those dirt poor people in the third world will ever get to live like an American. Not in 100 years; not in a thousand.

          We need to invest our resources in a better human being.

      10. A pandemic flu these days would be devastating because of two factors: the growing older population who are very exposed to getting the flu and dying from it, and the young, who are large in numbers on a global level, with most living in squalor and filth.

        This, however, could be very good for humanity for the following reasons. The over-burden of young people in poverty around the world is going to break most countries and cripple their environments. Wiping out large numbers of them would re-balance things and take the pressure off governments. As for the rich West, losing the older cohort has many financial and social benefits because it would free up homes and wealth for investment in the next generation.

        As we have seen in past pandemics, there is tragedy in this but overall it tends to clear the decks for growth: a bit like when a tropical storm takes out all the dead trees and shrubbery, letting fresh growth come back in.

        The thing to keep in mind is this: while as individuals we think in terms of personal tragedy and pain, life and the planet does not. It only thinks in terms of stress on resources. Fewer people, especially either greedy Boomers or the teeming masses of third world crap looking to hoover up the last remnants of world wealth, is seen by the planet and its creatures as a good thing.

        This doctor is no dumby and wants to get the ‘Goodness Vaccine’ in as many people as possible to also get numbers down. You either whither away from the vaccine’s poison or you get taken out by the flu: just a choice, really.

      11. One doctor from a population of 8 billion. Quack

      12. Well, considering the ebola guy disappearance, and that he told his neighbor to remove him from her phone that morning, and an ebola response team flew in, I would say that there probably is a pandemic coming. They have had several years since the last trip from fort detrick resulted in one of the worst man-made ebola outbreaks. That one spread like wild fire. And the disappearing infectous desease experts agreed that the sticky ends proved it was man made.

        Interestingly, there is a book (can’t mention it in today’s America) that tells us 2 billion will die from desease, and 2 billion will die from war in the coming years. And that they will cut off our heads for our beliefs. This is happening all over the middle east, by the way. But only muslims are “refugees”! Obama refused Christians (~1% allowed from the middle east), even while they were being exterminated! Who’s the anti-Christ!

        Interesting that it says behead, and interesting how they are trying to flood western countries with the people who love to behead other people! Again who’s the AC! I suppose it is just paranoid delusions, and they need to come and take my paint ball gun.

        • Muslims are the last group who should be let into the West on the sympathy vote. They are the source of 9/10ths of the terrorism and instability in the world. Christians are being murdered and persecuted across the Middle East and Africa.

          The Burmese know the score: that is why they are kicking them out of their country.

          No immigrant group has ever caused as much terrorism and cost as Muslims have.

      13. My vote is on the Asian countries. They are basically 100’s of millions of Petri dishes(Farms) incubating chit.

        Soon er or later something will emerge and be deadly.

      14. I caught the flu a week ago…exactly….on a tue nite. Even tho i was very careful wiping my hands with bleach wipes every time i got back in the car from a store i still got sick. Maybe it was touching the dirty money or breathing in the air next to someone who was sick. In any case i was only sick for Two days! And only the first day was the worst. Tue nite i got chills and aches all over. I took a hot bath cuz i was cold. It didn’t help. I started to drink olive leaf tea as i had a bunch of bottles frozen and ready to thaw in a bowl of hot water. I sipped it all nite each time i awoke. Wed the chills and aches were gone. I kept drinking it. Thur. i was 90 percent better and friday 100 percent better. I had no head cold, no sniffles, no stuffy nose, no chest cough. I am sure it was the flu as when you get a fever you get chills. My thermoniter was broken so i couldn’t test. I am saying that i believe that olive leaf tea will help/cure a lot of viruses. There is a cheap bk on Amazon about Olive Leaf by a Dr. Morton. It is supposed to kill the ebola virus and many others. 150 diseases it lists.
        I get a big bag of the leaves from Amazon at a good price. It will last a long time. Whole leaves not crushed. I fill a crock pot with GOOD water, spring, distilled or well, not city tap. Add 4-5 handfuls of the leaves. Cook on low for 10-12 hrs with cover on. Or high for a few hrs then low. When done cool down. ladle into small plastic juice or water bottles. NOT glass! Freeze for emergencies. Thaw out in a bowl of hot water. Then leave the leaves in there and add HALF amount of water and steep again for 12 hrs. Bottle that up too. Then throw leaves away. Take as SOON as you get a small symptom. If you catch it quick the illness should last 2-3 days. As a preventive supposed to drink a half cup 2x a day. Tastes bitter. Better tasting if you add apple juice, half OL and half AJ. Will last in the fridge a month or more. If it tastes like water then it’s no good. Must taste bitter to work. Get the book. This is great stuff !! And buy some before it’s banned!!! Altho since it’s just leaves maybe they can’t, but still i don’t trust the FDA.

      15. ?

        33 million prediction
        33rd degree Mason
        33 years old, Jesus death on the cross
        33 degrees latitude, Kennedy death

        300 million people living in USA


        All the medical schools are controlled by Rockefeller(Rothschild).


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