Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens?

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Headline News | 350 comments

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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

    obama-immigration-2For years, the Obama administration has been making it abundantly clear that it is a friend of illegal immigrants.  Border security is a joke, the federal government refuses to go after “sanctuary cities” even though they are breaking federal law, there is a website that instructs immigrants how to sign up for welfare programs once they arrive in the United States, and the Obama administration has distributed flyers that tell illegal immigrants that their immigration status will not be checked when they apply for food stamps.  And Obama has even instructed officials to use “prosecutorial discretion” in deportation cases involving non-criminals.  In other words, Obama has been flashing a huge green light to illegal immigrants, and so of course our borders were going to be inundated with them.

    Apologists for the Obama administration will debate you all day about what Obama “intended” and what he didn’t “intend”, but there is no doubt about what message immigrants from Central America have been receiving.

    For example, one young mother recently told the press that she heard that if you “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away“.

    And you can view video of a little boy from Central America telling an investigate reporter that he believes that Barack Obama has “given permission” for him to live in the United States right here.

    It isn’t an accident that our southern border is literally being flooded with illegal immigrants right now.  Newspapers in El Salvador and Hondurashave been publicizing how easy illegal immigration has become, and even the President of Honduras has said that people are coming to the United States for “Obama’s amnesty”.

    When they arrive, thousands upon thousands of these illegal immigrants are using rehearsed answers that border patrol agents are hearing over and over again.  Word has spread that if illegal immigrants claim that they are “fleeing gang violence” that it is more likely that they will be allowed to stay.

    What we are witnessing down on the southern border is really unprecedented.  It has been estimated that twelve times as many kids are crossing our borders illegally now compared to just a few years ago.

    And they just keep on coming.

    This is utter madness.

    Now, please don’t think that I am anti-immigrant.  I am all for legal immigration.  This is a nation of immigrants and we will always need immigration.  But everyone should be required to come in through the front door.  Encouraging illegal immigration is simply a recipe for disaster.

    If we keep the back door wide open, the truth is that we have absolutely no idea who is coming into our country.  Do we really want countless numbers of criminals, welfare parasites, drug dealers and gang members pouring into our cities?  According to the FBI, there are now approximately 1.4 million gang members living in the United States, and it has been estimated that illegal immigrants make up approximately 30 percent of the total population in federal, state and local prisons.

    And why in the world would we not want to control the diseases coming into this country?  Over the past several weeks, it has been documented that some of the illegal immigrants that have been apprehended have scabies and tuberculosis.

    But instead of sending them right back out of the country, U.S. officials are setting up camps for this tsunami of illegal immigrants.  In other cases, the federal government is simply putting them on buses and planes and shipping them all over the country.  The illegal immigrants are released into their new communities and are given papers which order them to eventually appear in court, but of course the vast majority of them never show up.  You can see a map that documents areas where the federal government has been shipping illegal immigrants right here.

    The rational thing to do would be to secure our borders and to send a very clear message that illegal immigration is not welcome in the United States.

    But instead of doing that, the Obama administration is actually bringing in a riot squad to deal with anti-immigration protesters.

    During normal times all of this would be crazy enough, but right now we are at a point where we cannot even take care of millions upon millions of our own citizens.

    We are told that illegal immigrants do the jobs “that Americans don’t want to do”, but is that really accurate?

    In this day and age, there is intense competition for just about any kind of a job.  Despite what the mainstream media says, the truth is that there hasn’t been a significant employment recovery in the United States.  As you can see from the chart posted below, the percentage of the working age population that is actually working is still far, far below where it was just prior to the last recession…

    Employment-Population Ratio 2014

    Yes, there has been a very slight bump in the numbers in recent months, but it is certainly no reason for celebration.  When the mainstream media declares that unemployment in America has been steadily going down, they are simply being disingenuous.  Right now things are only slightly better than they were during the worst times of the past several years.

    And according to shadowstats.com, the broadest measure of unemployment is still well over 20 percent and has been steadily rising since the end of the last recession.

    So no, there aren’t nearly enough jobs in the United States.

    And thanks to competition from immigrant labor and thanks to the fact that millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas, the quality of our jobs continues to decline as well.  For much more on that trend, please see this article.

    Needless to say, now is not the time to open up the floodgates to millions of immigrants that will need jobs to support themselves.  Many of our major cities are already so economically depressed that they look like war zones.  In fact, things have gotten so bad in Detroit that a plan is being considered to bulldoze a fifth of the entire city

    In May, a group ominously titled the “Detroit Blight Removal Task Force” released a report claiming that around 22 percent of the city’s properties were “blighted” – vacant, damaged or considered dangerous. They also found that, of the 84,000 properties owned by public entities, just over 5,000 were occupied by squatters, making the city of Detroit, the report’s authors noted, “a very large and inadvertent landlord”.

    The task force’s proposed solution is to demolish it all over the next five years and start again. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t extend to rebuilding the properties – it’ll be down to private companies and developers to buy up the land and rebuild.

    For much more on the decay of our major cities, please see my previous article entitled “The Death Of The Rust Belt“.

    Considering the fact that we are already having such a severe problem taking care of our current population, what do you think is going to happen to these waves of illegal immigrants as they attempt to settle in to communities all around the nation?

    Ultimately, we are going to have to end up financially supporting a very large percentage of them too.

    Right now, more than 20 percent of children in this country are already living in poverty, and 49 million Americans are dealing with food insecurity.

    If Obama continues to encourage mass illegal immigration, those numbers are going to get much worse.

    Government dependence is already at an all-time record high, and about half the country currently receives benefits of some sort from the federal government every month.

    How much more weight can we put on the “safety net” before it breaks?  Just check out some more numbers about this crisis from one of my previous articles

    Ten years ago, the number of women in the U.S. that had jobs outnumbered the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps by more than a 2 to 1 margin.  But now the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps actually exceeds the number of women that have jobs.

    The U.S. government has spent an astounding 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs over the past five years.

    Today, the federal government runs about 80 different “means-tested welfare programs”, and almost all of those programs have experienced substantial growth in recent years.

    Back in 1960, the ratio of social welfare benefits to salaries and wages was approximately 10 percent.  In the year 2000, the ratio of social welfare benefits to salaries and wages was approximately 21 percent.  Today, the ratio of social welfare benefits to salaries and wages is approximately 35 percent.

    While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the total number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 32 million to nearly 47 million.

    Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps.  Today, about one out of every 6.5 Americans is on food stamps.

    It sounds crazy, but the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of the nation of Spain.

    According to one calculation, the number of Americans on food stamps is now greater than the combined populations of “Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.”

    According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, 43 percent of all immigrants that have been in the United States for at least 20 years are still on welfare.

    A lot of people that are trying to immigrate here illegally just want to make a better life for themselves, and I can appreciate that.

    But a policy of making it incredibly difficult for honest people to come in through the front door while keeping the back door completely wide open for lawbreakers is a recipe for national suicide.

    And right now we don’t have jobs for these immigrants.

    We can’t even take care of the people that are already living here.

    Something desperately needs to be done about this, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to make a bold move to stop illegal immigrants from pouring over the border.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Asking why is like asking why a dog licks it’s balls. Because he can, that’s why.


          • Alright you guys, I’ve had enough of your bigoted racism. Referring to these people as ILLEGALS or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is pure hate speech. They should be called REFUGEES, or so sez the UN. (dripping with sarcasm)

            • Nothing racist about it. They CHOSE to enter he USA illegally

              • Each time someone from another country gets the legal right to vote after coming to this country, it is a vote in the BO column at least 75% of the time. This is money in bank for all those that needs votes in a certain district, state, or national election. Ever notice how much easier it is for people that would be future voters for the welfare state have an easier time getting in from somewhere say from Europe or other country in which they would vote more conservative or independent?

                There is also another reason for a completely porous border that is insidious. FALSE FLAG opportunity. In other words ALLOW terrorism to reach here. This would be awful beyond words, but to allow an open border like this is inviting a weapon of mass destruction to get through without even trying to stop. There should at least be radiation detector along the entire Mexico/U.S. border There should be constant satellite or other eyes watching to make sure containers of biological or chemical weapons doesn’t get through. IF there is an attack that kills millions whom deserves the blame for this besides the terrorists? The government for not even attempting to stop and intercept it. I truly worry much more about some super terrorist weapon getting through and doing as much or more annihilation than a H-bomb than I do about illegal immigration.

                • Massah Obama wants to rule over the largest
                  plantation the world has ever known using
                  the American citizen slaves of our country
                  to pick his cotton. A reverse play on ‘Roots’.

                  • One day there will be no choice other than for the People to claim their Lawful authority and put a stop to the crap.

                    Unfortunately, most seem to be waiting for the corp to stop itself. That’s like expecting a shark to pull it’s own teeth before it bites you.

                    As a criminal named Churchill once said, Americans always do the right thing after they have exhausted all other options. He was talking about the government, but the people will prove to be no different.

                  • Unbelievable but true: 100% of U.S. job growth since 2000 went here

                    “The Center for Immigration Studies reports ALL EMPLOYMENT GROWTH SINCE 2000 WENT TO IMMIGRANTS.

                    Actually, greater than 100% of jobs went to immigrants because the number of non-immigrants holding a job is negative, and the total must equal 100%.

                    On a population adjusted basis, the numbers look horrific. Population-wise, native US citizens account for two-thirds of the working-age population growth, yet FEWER work today.

                    Here’s the harsh reality: 17 million working-age native US citizens were not working in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000.”

                    The Crux dot com

                • The citizens in this country are secondary to the democrats, contrary to popular belief and illusion. There is a long range operation by the democrats to get Texas as a blue state. Hence, the Hispanic vote. Their belief is that if they can procure Texas merged with California and New York they will never be challenged for a presidency ever again. If they can over populate Texas with immigrants voting blue, bingo they got it. Most immigrants are mesmerized by a political group that legislates a big social programs and all they have to do is vote democratic. La Raza is in on this too. They have been for decades.
                  The democrats have the majority of Americans that are on the dole locked up, evoking fear and despair if a conservative gets into position, they’ll cut you off.
                  It looks like the democratic play is to keep people poor and voting democratic.
                  It’s a tragic what has happened to the industrial engine in America. Obama has been in office/kingdom for 5.5 years boasting about all of the jobs that have been created. What a fu@king lire. It doesn’t matter to him or the democrats what happens to us in the interim as they play their hand. The Obamas will in the end be fabulously wealthy and never have to be concerned about their kids, unlike YOU and I. We have a government that not only is willing to manipulate its citizenry but is focused on it souly for its own preservation.
                  They call it politics, I call it criminal.

                  • And there are ALOT of Repubes that are beholden to the Chamber of Commerce, Walmart and other massive corporations. They are the loudest proponents of amnesty. And the irony? The Republican Party will get SWEPT out of the US Senate, House of Representatives, governors’ races, mayoral races, city councils, school boards, county supervisor positions, state assemblies, state senates and Sheriff’s races. The GOP voting for its own demise. Maybe Boehner and Graham will have those lucrative consulting jobs to line their pockets once they are replaced with hardcore Marxists.

                  • Why dont you guys stop callin the RINOS and DEMS by their so called party afilliation and just call them socialists , because that is what they are.
                    Get over it , our elected officials are usurping the constitution to institute a socialist/fascist regime.
                    LETS ALL GET REAL HERE!
                    There are no more dems and repubs.

                  • I think Obama will have troubles when he gets out of office with the people and what he did and is doing to everyone in this country. Just a thought. I could be wrong and watch what you say about the cock sucker he might be O-fended.

                  • If we can eliminate voter disenfranchisement no ‘Republican’ will will be elected President ever again. The ‘Tea Party’ temper tantrum is out of steam. Especially considering that repeated polling on actual issues, neglecting party affiliation, indicates that Americans are predominantly ‘center-left’ while the Democrat party is ‘center-right’ and the Republican party is ‘hard-right’.

                  • Hammer,
                    Although I agree basically with the second half of your post…
                    The first half is based on the belief the status quo will continue…

                    Believe me, you won’t recognize this country in few years…

                    One way or another…

                    It’ll either be a smoldering heap with just enough left to rebuild…
                    Or another providence in a world run by psychopaths with a greatly reduced population…

                    I fear for the children.

                • When the diseases start appearing in the general population and the crime rate begins to clime…. I would not want to be in this country as an illegal. They will be turned upon. It is already starting to happen.

                  • So how many Hollow Point Bullets do you think Armed Americans have total? vs. The 2.6 Billion recently on the G-man side of the equation?

                  • @WWTI,

                    Not nearly enough. No one who has actually been to war and participated in killing others enjoys it. At least if they are normal that is. However, I have a son and I do not want to leave this mess to him to deal with. Each generation has a responsibility to those following to clean up their own messes, and settle all debts; leave the next generation with a clean slate. The mess that we have is due to preceding generations shirking their responsibilities and actively shitting all over those following and those yet unborn. I say let it end now, that with any luck my son and others his age might enjoy the liberty we wish we had. If this means violence and suffering then so be it. What kind of parent would shift that to their child and keep a clean conscience?

                  • The whole ‘turn Texas blue’ scheme is depenant on people continuing to play the game and pay taxes. If the government gang doesb’t play by the rules, why should I?

                • He wants to create the problem, then come in and save the day..watch for it, were already half way there

                  • Yeah of course plus $3.5 Billion later in some phony Tax Payer Fleecing funding scam to fix it. Watch, Obama is building some Major Prison Cell Block FEMA Detention Centers with all that dough.

                • all I have is a video link to youtube, it’s long (about 2 hours), but it was good. it touched on a lot of things, and was interesting to see about 8 million hits on it.
                  if you have the time, check it out.


                  • watched some of movie; doesn’t address the real issues, movie in fact was boring unlike Alex Jones who gives out real info. If enough patriots won’t unite and take the country back (which they won’t anyway) it’s over and done.

              • This is ovomits Katrina moment! A democrat said this hahahahaha he!

            • I don’t think we have enough. We need to have a Mexican and a Muslim in every home. Exchange our cultures for theirs and be more understanding of their hardships. We also have to learn Their language and religion so we can claim that we are truly, Politically Correct and Not Racist.

              When they smile at you, it is not because they like you.

              • Slingshot, I know you’re just being sarcastic. That’s OK. Braveheart doesn’t allow illegal aliens into his home.

                • Braveheart.

                  My heartburn is not with these children or people wanting a better life. It is the way our government is using these unfortunates to benefit themselves at whatever the cost and I find that highly despicable.
                  The government has created this problem and can induce disease and financial hardships into communities that otherwise would be stable and safe.
                  I am beside myself that people can be so blind and stupid about their personal causes where the end justifies the means and that in turn creates more of the same with anger then hate.
                  If we were all left alone to discover the world as we should on our own terms, we would be so grateful for the diversities of the world. It is only when those cultures are forced upon us that it becomes offensive.
                  I have become a wretched old man because of that fuck in the white house for what ever he does it goes against everything I was taught.


                  POTUS is No President.

                  He is a FRAUD. He and his administration has called many good Americans, Cowards, Terrorist and Threats to Our Country.

                  I will not forgive him. How could any Freedom Loving American forgive him.

                  • Sorry Slingshot- had to red-thumb you on that. what you don’t understand about their culture is that they don’t simply want to better their lives. They expect payback. To them, Gringos are to be hated, stolen from, raped, robbed and murdered because they see us as the root of all their problems. Ignore this at your own peril. I lived in Central America for almost five years and have Honduran in-laws (whom I haven’t contacted in a couple decades). I KNOW what makes these people tick. Call me a bigot- I don’t give a shit. I’m simply not ignorant about these “peoples” culture like most gringos. Are they being used by this admin just like us? Yes- but that hardly makes them innocent. Go ahead- feel all warm and fuzzy about and maybe hold hands and sing cumbaya with them. But with them- there will ALWAYS be a knife waiting for your back.

                  • CWinOR

                    I appreciate the warning. I guess times change and not for the better.

                    Lock and load. Take no prisoners.

                    Thanks for the thumbs down. Keeps me honest. ;0)

                  • CWinOR…. You speek the absolute truth…. they hate us and want every thing we have…. just look at thier protests. and I to have seen it with my own eyes.

                  • @ CWinOR,

                    I agree with what you say. These people aren’t stupid, just because they are poor. They know what is at the root of their problems… corruption.

                    Corruption of their governments and the drug Cartels.

                    Those people know the largest amounts of money from the drugs of Central and South America comes from and thru the USA. The demand from USA puts their lives in turmoil. That is why they hate Americans, not because we have plenty of food, stuff, and opportunity(dwindling fast though).

                    I don’t blame the kids or their parents for wanting them to have a better life without living in fear all the time.

                • Hey Braveheart,

                  Over on infowars I saw an article about Memphis LEO’s taking sick days in protest of cuts…

                  What surprised me was the picture of the cruiser…
                  It appeared to have optics of the multi spectral variety…

                  You ever see them on patrol with that kind of equipment?

              • You forgot Joan Rivers friends… Gays and Trannys.

            • Well then I HATE ILLEGAL ALIEN IMMIGRANTS!

              • “Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens?”
                This is a rhetorical question, right?

                • Slingshot, I just got home a few minutes ago and just now read your post. I’m not disputing anything you’re saying. Without question those people are being used in such a despicable manner. My biggest gripe is that the federal government goes the extra 1000 miles to do something for minority groups, whether they were born here or not, but won’t do a damned thing for white people, especially the veterans. As a nation we’re bankrupt. If we don’t have resources to help our own people, how the hell are we supposed to have it for foreigners? The people who really need help, and I don’t mind them getting help as long as it’s temporary, cannot get any help, but the freeloaders, the ‘gimmedat’ crowd who get on the programs for life, and the foreigners, can get anything they want. to answer your question, the title of the article is about as rhetorical as anyone can get.

                  • Thats right, they give blacks the job over whites for hiring reasons/ They lower the test standards for other races. they give whites a higher in state rate vs another race that is non white. and on. Its really right in front of our eyes race vs race.

                  • Ain’t ‘voodoo economics’ a bitch? The CEOs rape and pillage and you end up sucking ‘hind tit’, almost makes you wish you could organize and make your case as a group..

              • Kula , they are not immigrants , they are invaders.
                They are NOT immigrating , maybe migrating , but they are CRIMINALS by simply walking across the border illegaly.

                • One reason why relocation doesnt sound too good these days, not likely any aliens be swimming in here,

                • Illegal Migration of Infected Invaders. Like swarms of Locusts blackening the sky, they devoured all the crops in hours. What part of this does Obummer not understand? Oh he will discuss it over Golf, Schwing!!!!! Like GW Bush, “We must stop these terrorist Killings” “Hey Now Watch This Drive” Classic – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCm9788Tb5g

              • Looks like “Us Whities” are now the minority in this country, we NOW qualify for all the Jobs, Gubberment Contracts, and Free Benefits for a change. Start applying folks!!!

                • Affirmative action will never apply to whitey. Not in Pablo’s plan. Pablo won’t be content to see his son be your son’s landscaper. Pablo wants the roles reversed.

                  USA will become more segregated than ever. They will get their Meximerica or Guatamerica, and it will look just like the shithole they fled.

                  These subhumans are just doing the jobs Americans won’t do (as long as Americans are paid to sit on their asses).

              • Why hate them? They have been lied too by our bankers and their bankers. It is a not really their fault. It is our fault for putting our aholes in office. Some how they need to go home or move to DC.

            • Muddy, that’s OK about the sarcasm. We don’t follow political correctness or any other commie crap here. You’ve come to the right place. Welcome aboard.



            • Hahaha muddy you must be a racist, nazi who loves the kock brothers lol! That’s what the libtards would say.

              Ovomit organized this foreign invasion to bring in more democrat voters. These new voters will be on food stamps and welfare for life.

              They will vote to take your guns.

              These invaders are the democrats power base. The republicans are totally worthless too.

              • I’m not sure where the line is Shooter.

                But there is definitely a line…that is how the earth works.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Well TPTB designed and planted the UN Head Quarters in the US for a reason. New York will be their new Capitol City as the One World Government. The pieces to this Big Scam have been in place for decades, as the Sheeple were asleep. It just took more time unravel all the governments in the world to take the mover. The Armed American is their last Big Hurdle to take the U.S. Over. NEVER NEVER Give up your GUNS.

            • Many articles/news sites say this is leading to a medical emergency/crisis as an excuse to install martial law. Call ’em refugees or what ever you like, we cannot support this fiasco. We can’t take care of our vets and cannot afford to house and feed these invaders. Our infrastructure needs upgrading which is a priority now, they need to be sent back/ bussed to the border and the national guard ordered out to the states bordering Mexico. Cloward-Piven agenda is in the works to take the country down into the abyss. Obozo is acting as a dictator and congress is useless.

            • These are the descendents of the Conquistadors, not the murdering explorers that subdued the Americas, but fat lazy halfbreed slobs carrying their perverted DNA. The tactics are similar, spread disease, make babies and destroy the culture.

            • Muddy
              You are correct….they aren’t immigrants….They are invaders and need to be treated as such!

            • WhoWudda, etc: I don’t trust any charities except the ones I give to: community supported by churches, businesses and individuals which are group handicapped homes and children’s homes. The ones that ask for money to send to (mostly national) keep most of it for big salaries. The Red Cross, Am Cancer soc. are big rip offs. So are TV ads for handicapped vets needing prosthesis, who get free care anyway thru the VA or contract Drs. Give local folks.

        • Its called an invasion, like Europe’s Muslim problem.

          • Its intentional. Its Cloward-Piven.

            • I agree. We we are seeing a textbook Cloward-Piven strategy at work. The economy is struggling right now.

              ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ is to swell the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions.

              Obama’s words and actions have ENCOURAGED and made it clear this administration WANTS these illegals to come here.

              In the coming weeks, we will find out the reason(s).

              Central American Media Promote Illegal Child Immigrant Tsunami, Give Tips

              Doctors Warn of Looming Health Crisis Due to Flood of Young Illegal Immigrants
              “Many of the thousands of illegal immigrant children and teens crossing the United States border are carrying deadly contagious diseases that could easily create a major health crisis in this country.”

              It makes me wonder. Was this massive influx intentionally designed to accelerate an EPIDEMIC? The threat of an epidemic would certainly provide the opportunity to lock down the country.

              One article said a large majority of the illegal immigrant youth were in fact teenage boys. (83% Over 14 Years Old, 80% Male)

              Latest Trick for Illegal Immigrants: Granting Amnesty in Return for Military Service
              “instant citizenship to illegal immigrants if they’ll agree to serve in the U.S. military”

              Hmm…Building a military of immigrants.

              Part of the plan? Keep an immigrant military here. Send the American born military abroad.

              • I agree.

              • Illegal Unaccompanied Minors Being Held For Placement in U.S. Admit to Engaging in Torture and Murder

                “Despite Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson vowing to “stem the tide” of unaccompanied illegal minors across the southern border with Mexico, thousands more are expected to enter the United States by the end of the year.

                With the system being overwhelmed, Border Patrol agents are concerned about minors who have admitted to being MS-13 members, a brutal street gang from El Salvador that has been successful in infiltrating American communities.

                Agents are also concerned about minors who have committed acts like torture and murder in their home countries before heading north to the United States.”

                “By U.S. legal standards many gang members operating in Central American countries and traveling north are classified as minors due to being under the age of 18.

                However, many young males are actively engaged in violent cartel and criminal activity, yet are treated as CHILDREN when processed through the Department of Human Services or Department of Homeland Security systems.”


              • The solution is The a Rule of .308 !
                I’m ready…..how about All Y’all ?
                Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

                • Over the years I have learned to very suspicious of the man who advocates violence. It usually turns out to be from a ‘loud mouth’ who doesn’t know what real violence is. I’ve seen the effects of the weapons we use, and I am grateful that I will never see it again.

                  • You’re wrong. You will see them again, and soon.

          • Votes.

            • Mercenaries.

              • Hungry, desperate, kids running for their lives.

          • Maybe the Europeans can bring back El Cid. Worked once for them!

          • In Europe most people are not armed. These scum will not be allowed close to me as I will damn well do something about their infestation.

          • I’ll just create a seminar and sell HOPE and take their credit cards. ha

          • Like the Jews Infiltrating the US and our Government / Media / Supreme Court / Financial Institutions. That kind of Invasion that eats away the fabric of our Republic.

        • Obama licks his balls?

          • He does not have any balls

            • No, a dog licks his balls. Though I was pretty sure she was a cow.

            • He licks Michelle’s balls.

              • “zactly”

          • I think Reggie Love does that for him. Contorting to be able to lick his own sounds too much like work for him.

        • THE FOLLOWING IS FROM GLOBAL REASEARCH–“America’s War on Drugs” has triggered a Humanitarian Crisis in Central America, children converging at US Borders”

          “None of these phenomena deviate in the least from the oligarch-US-EU-NATO global agenda to destabilize all nations throughout every region on earth through a unified, consistent policy of militarization and globalization that in turn lead directly to political destabilization, racial and class warfare, economic impoverishment, increased violence, war, civil breakdown and ultimate societal and national collapse. This then further creates undermining crises conditions ripe for predatory world bank-IMF loans that cause national bankruptcy and extreme economic hardship accompanied by a full frontal assault unimpeded by transnational corporations to systematically move in for the kill, raping, pillaging, plundering and privatizing every nation on the planet”…

          • Is that part of the problem? Yes. but it’s not even remotely the only reason. Here’s a clue as to one of the reasons for the perpetual poverty there: When I last lived in Honduras- there were OVER ONE HUNDRED OFFICIAL NATIONAL HOLIDAYS. Yeah- no bullshit. Kinda hard to ever accomplish much when you’re on siesta nearly a third of your life!!

            • Notice that the coup in Ukraine and the rest of the trouble in the middle east has just FALLEN COMPLETELY OFF THE NATIONAL RADAR?


              • DE-DOLLARISATION is off the radar too. Most Americans don’t even realise that there’s a concerted effort by some countries to finally dump using the dollar for international trade. We can’t make the other 195 countries in the world use our dollar as the world reserve currency anymore. The only country that benefits from the US reserve currency is us.

                Inflation in the US will soon have Americans taking wheel barrows full of money into stores to buy a loaf of bread. Maybe the US will end up like Zimbabwe in Africa and the Fed will start printing million dollar and billion dollar notes with an actual worth of 10 bucks?

                WWIII or US Civil War II or ……..?

        • WHY?! WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK?!?!?
          TPTB are tired of ruling over Native Born Americans. Too many of us are too problematic for them. They want complacent, docile, subservient drones who know and care NOTHING about a Constitution and who owe they’re existence to Uncle Sugar. THAT’S WHY!!

          WE ARE BEING REPLACED with TPTB’s version of a “better american”.

          • You mean, better slave.

        • Why is the US flag on the right. Shouldn’t it be on the left????

        • This is the step towards Biometric Implants – National IDs. It will also increase talk of a N. American Union with the Amero as the currency of choice.

        • It’s called “Cloward-Piven.”……….look it up.

        • gee.. and Michael censors me..

      2. Off topic y’all

        I found these LED strip lights (about 10 bucks) they are water proof and can be cut to any length. About 15 feet long. Just look on Amazon or ebay. Just need a 12V battery and you have light in your home when ya need it.

        Really cool…

        Back to our regular program.

        Y’all play nice. 🙂

          • Thanks. Best comment on here. 14W from the description. I wonder how much light you get compared to one of the low wattage bulbs. IME, you don’t need a lot of light if you let your eyes adjust. Many tablets now auto-lower the light intensity at night.
            – I think the intentional growth of socialism is clear – but wonder what the effect and opinion is in the countries from which these people are living. America was built on the ideology of “send us your best and brightest”; so, this might be the exact opposite. If our new mantra is “send us your free-loaders” then I wouldn’t be surprised for America to become the new bus destination for countries to unload their undesirables including criminals.

      3. Maybe the borders will be sealed AFTER a suitcase nuke or a dirty bomb is walked across and detonated in a major city. Maybe that’s the plan here now. God knows we already have bio bombs arriving all over the country, delivered by none other than our helpful and benevolent government. Anyone who believes these “officials” have our best interest in mind needs to be euthanized!
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • This has all ready happened, Pearl Harbor ,the twin towers, (twice),got to give them a second chance , shoe bomber, underwear bomber,. They don’t care, look at the crime rate from the Mexican drug cartel , they feed our kids drugs, but as long as they have a job. Do you think that the men and woman that work for the government would want better for this land,.?they are more worried about taking your rights away so they can continue to be pawns and puppets to a temporary leader.

        • Ovomit will nuke a USA city soon. He’s the enemy.

      4. These illegals will willingly accept socialism.
        And its just that simple.
        The American revolution was supported by what 4% of the population ?
        Combine these illegals with the socialists we already have and the outcome seems certain.
        This is what fundamental transformation looks like.

        OH , and throw in LaRaza and ya get alittle white genocide for a bonus .

        • Vote thumbs up here if you agree we should give France back the Statue of Liberty. We are plumb full of the “Tired and Poor.” What a wrecking ball Trojan Horse” gift that was.

        • ‘Socialism’ paves our roads, lays water pipes to your house, equips and supplies the military, pays for the schools, takes care of our vets, stocks your local library, and so on and so forth. And you’re going to argue it’s a bad thing?

          • Yes, socialism has done these things. That’s why our roads are full of potholes and bridges collapse, water mains break routinely, gas mains blowing up everything, multi-billion dollar jets that fall out of the sky, vets dieing at hospitals on waiting lists(while administrators collect huge bonuses), American kids rank no better than 19th in any category when compared to the rest of the world, and 21st overall(when I went to school, American kids were number in EVERY category). These are all easons we bitch sooooo much about socialism

            • American kids were number 1

            • After reading the recent news headlines about the VA, you actually think our vets are being taken care of? Really?

              • Sixpack,

                You should have watched the VA hearing last night. Amazing what they have been getting away with

                • I’m already pissed off enough about that…don’t need my blood pressure going up any more than it has.

          • @nosuchuser,

            I agreed with a previous post you made regarding being skeptical of the chest-beaters who are quick to advocate violence while having no first-hand experience of what true violence looks like. However, I have to disagree with you on socialism and the benefits thereof.

            I would argue that there is not a single example on your list that could not be privatized with better results for less cost than we currently see. And some of them such as schools, roads, and water pipes should be paid for by the end user anyway. Who gave you the right to take at gunpoint from me the fruits of my labor to pay for the education of the mongrel horde belonging to the next door neighbors, who are too irresponsible to not have more children than they can support? Even the military could be mostly outsourced in it’s support functions to private industry for a savings to taxpayers. Military service should be tied to the privilege of franchise Starship Trooper style. A major cause of the socialist paradise we live in is the unrestricted exercise of franchise by those who have no business doing so. Make voting a privilege that must be earned through arduous service and it will not be something taken lightly.

      5. To get the answer, anytime there is a question of motive one must ask – to whom does it benefit? So therefore, who benefits from illegals flooding into the country and displacing American workers while stressing the government safety nets to the breaking point? A rational citizen would rightly conclude that everything that is being allowed to happen is to the detriment of the American citizen. So why is it being allowed to happen? Who benefits?

        I look at this the same way that I look at the wars on drugs or terror. Both have established constituencies which have a vested interest in the “war” never being successfully concluded because the continued prosecution of said war allows their funding to continue year over year, with each setback leading to more funding, more personnel, and more power because that is what is supposedly needed to win said war.

        Who benefits from the displacement of American workers by those who would work for a fraction of the costs? Who benefits from a vast pool of recipients of taxpayer largesse being allowed to vote for more of that largesse? Who benefits from a continued demand for the services at taxpayer expense, thereby necessitating a need for even more resources, personnel, and power to distribute those services? And lastly, who benefits from a government-created humanitarian crisis which has the potential for increased government power and suspension of existing laws to deal with the problem which they created in the first place? The answer to each and all of these questions is not the taxpaying, law-abiding American citizen. This is not being done because of general federal incompetence and mismanagement. The pattern suggests something far more sinister and malevolent.

        I would suggest that a government that picks and chooses which rules it will follow and suspends them as it sees fit has lost all legitimacy and therefore, I will give their laws all of the respect that they deserve – absolutely none. Quoting Heinlein, “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

        • This (the illegal immigration) is Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm and break the system as are most of the rest of the upside down policies of the current administration. Cloward-Piven is a Marxist strategy dating back the 60’s that espouses ways to overthrow a government.

          More here from Mr. Synder: http://www.alt-market.com/articles/2212-is-the-cloward-piven-strategy-being-used-to-destroy-america.

          and more detail here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy

          • I have seen reference to Cloward-Piven over and over, yet that is not a reason, that is a method. To what end is the overwhelming of the social safety net being done? Answer this and you will understand how our government no longer represents us and therefore must be overthrown, violently if need be.

            • I believe the end is a dictatorship for the USA. That is the only possible outcome when you also consider the suppression of political opposition (IRS Scandal and 1st Amendment zones), rampant spying on average citizens, an MSM that reports nothing but government fed propaganda (economic recovery, jobs, unemployment rate, the president didn’t know til he saw it in the news), massive deficit spending that ramps up our debt to unpayable levels (we passed the unpayable awhile ago), pissing off our allies and having them retaliate by abandoning the dollar for foreign trade, massive spying on allies, imposing sanctions on Russia which are now backfiring in the abandonment of the dollar for their foreign trade, enlisting mothers and children and other political dupes for repeated attacks on the 2nd Amendment… I could go on and on

              You’re right, Cloward-Piven is a strategy, but its not limited to just one avenue of attack to bring about the end. It’s the combination of attacks on multiple, seemingly unrelated political and economic fronts whose end is to effect change by crashing whatever system it targets, in this case our republic.

              There’s only one fly in their ointment, the 2nd Amendment, with which a lot of citizens will still get to vote.

              • Vote from the rooftops!

            • Yep, and they will keep breaking us down, and breaking us down, until we have no choice except to revolt… that, of course, is the reason for the billions of rounds of bullets, sub-machine guns etc. for every federal agency in the US– even the postal service!

              Its all part of the plan, as someone wrote at Global Research.

          • Cloward-Piven ? The government is not being overwhelmed , the US citizen(taxpayer) is the one being overwhelmed.
            Do you think this troubles Obama ? hell no !
            We are being beaten into submission.
            With now over half of US citizens on some form of government aid , how many do you think will accept ANY answer to their poverty when the final shoe drops on the economy ?
            Like i have said above , this is the doorstep to a socialist republic .

            • I remember an old movie, with Tyrone Power, I think. A bunch of people were in a lifeboat after a shipwreck. The life boat was sinking and so one of the men (Tyrone maybe?) started ordering people off the boat so the rest could survive.

              Our country is a lifeboat and there are limited resources — limited food, medical care, housing, etc. Some people have to be chucked overboard so the rest can survive. If we don’t, then food and other necessities will become too expensive for the majority. They can print more money, but that goes to the banks, stockholders, etc. not to the people who need to buy food.

              I hear that Obama’s latest request is for $3.7 Billion but that is just to give lollypops to the children who come in. Nothing to stop new people from crowding into the boat.

              When your boat is sinking, you can bail all day, but if you don’t stop the leak, you will sink no matter how much more water you dump into the boat.

              • You got that right except for “our country is a lifeboat”. Our planet is a lifeboat, and right now unrestricted population growth everywhere, but especially in the Third World, has pushed our lifeboat down in the water to the point that the waves are lapping up against the gunnels while the fools in the boat debate about how to fit even more survivors on board.

                • Then maybe it’s time to “redistribute the resources” … flip the lifeboat over and let EVERYBODY swim for it.

                  Those that can—will.

                  Those that can’t—won’t be a problem anymore.

                  Machiavellian 101.

                  • What do you think the elites are doing? They know the lifeboat is overcrowded, and they are preparing to do just that. However, they have made sure that they have life preservers and shark cages, since they chummed the waters just before they started trying to flip the lifeboat. And they do this because they want to make sure that the odds of you surviving to reclaim a seat in the boat are slim to none.

                  • The new $3.7 Billion appropriation does not address border security; it is just to take care of the people who are already here. Some of that money is for new detention facilities which would take months or years to build.

                    Instead of bailing out the lifeboat, they are just making plans to build more lifeboats.

                    Democrats are telling welfare recipients that the Republicans are being unfair to them and the Republicans ought leave the border open for the sake of all welfare recipients. I just saw a democrat try to make that case on Washington Journal (C-Span)

                    But there is a limited amount of food available to all the occupants of the lifeboats, so adding more lifeboats means less food for each person. Low income people should be the first to oppose open borders.

                  • Harsh Mistress, yes you’re right, but there is a difference between fighting for survival and greed. While the little people (us) just want to survive, the elites are greedy and selfish, stacking the deck in their favor with their vast resources.

                    My suggestion was putting everyone on EVEN GROUND…including elites.

                    I’d dump their asses out of the boat to swim for it, right along with the rest of us. That way, the only advantage their money would provide, is if they used their wallets as flotation devices.

                • humans are the current “mass extinction event”. Most humans don’t care as the individual lifetime is much, much less than the geologic scale. We on this site are the same: we are planning on a weekly scale for something that happens on a millennial scale. I suspect there IS a “trigger event” in this “mass extinction effort”. Something that makes the planet wholely intolerable to humans, or, even, all life. Maybes its all-out nukes. Maybes its experimentation with genetics gone awry. For sure, some humans are living like kings while others starve.

                  • A study of ancient man showed they all were elite, olympic-class athletes. here’s something very fun. next time you are at a restaurant, look around and ask yourself how many of the people would survive in the wild. Really, only one or two in the room make it. Consider a wolf. Then look at the people. “mass extinction” can back-fire. We wipe out 2/3 of the other species, but just perhaps our way of life is dependent on some of them surviving. (or the earth warms several degrees. or viruses do to us what we do to other species). The reality is human “evolution” in the last 50 years is astonishing. Humans have evolved to become fat, unhealthy, petty, borish, and even more selfish. Not sure we can point to ANY other natural precedent. Maybe some sort of worm or larvae…

              • @DaisyK – Yes the $3.7 Billion of Tax Payer monies are going to purchase 7 million Obama Welcome to America- Gift Bags for each of the New Invaders.
                Each Obama Welcome to America Gift Bag includes:
                1. A Drivers License
                2. A Voter ID Card Stamped Democrat
                3. A Free Obama Phone
                4. Food EBT Card
                5. Medical Medi-Cade Card
                6. Social Security Card
                7. Government Job Applications
                8. English Translation Book
                9. Free Bus Tickets to any where in the US.
                10.Bumper Stickers that reads “Viva Obama!!”

            • The system is already overwhelmed Hammerhead. The planned-for demands on the system become the reason to increase taxes and regulations. The target is the middle class. for socialism to take firm hold, the middle class must be destroyed. Its happening and from diff angles. When the middle class has been ruined, they (thats us) will submit to whatever is necessary.

              Right now Obama wants almost $4 billion to put an end to his invasion at the southern border. But thats just for starters and there aint no end to this mess. Most folks know this. If Obama and his thugs wanted to stop the invasion, theyd have the damn fence already built w/ armed forces at the ready. But they want the invasion. The ends justify the means. I hope the money request is denied.

              • Calgagus:

                The Billions Obama wants is not to put an end to the invasion of our southern border. It is to provide food, transportation, and lawyers to those who are already here.

                (I tried to post this before, but it didn’t take. If this is a duplicate, I am sorry.)

                • DaisyK your right and thats what he apparently said. I shouldnt type w/out my morning coffee, sorry about that one.

        • Our Republic is failing us.
          Our government is lawless.
          The 3 branches are broken.
          It will be up to Patriots to realign this country to the best of our ability.

        • The answer is, no one benefits from them. The lame question, “do you want to spend $5 a head for lettuce?’, beggars the question. We already are spending $5 a head for lettuce, it’s in the price of car insurance, school taxes, courts, police, prisons, alarm systems, government programs, EBT, tuitions, rent assistance, Medicaid, health care, closed hospitals, depressed wages, real estate values, urban blight, crime and violence, you name it.

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

          Robert Heinlein wrote about the future unfortunately he got it all right .
          By our gratitude of being able to read his writings, he give us the tools and a blue print to remain free if we are willing to take the risk.

          This will all pass , we will face this challenge front on , we know this will not be easy , it will be hard. For every act of the Regime will be met with an act of the people who have not forgotten who we are . NEVER Lose hope , NEVER let them demorialize you, Resist and encourage your circle of people. In the end merely existing and surviving will be an act of defiance.

          A world of hurt is coming soon , prepare


          Semper Fi 8541

      6. Why are we the only country with an open border? There are Chinese coming across and you can bet loads of terrorists with all kinds of goodies(diseases,chemicals,etc.) Unless that border is closed we are no longer sovereign.

        • Hi Jim in Va

          You aren’t the only country with an open border. We have had a new Government for not quite a year and they have stopped the flood of illegals arriving by boat via a corrupt Muslim country called Indonesia. The previous 6 years of our Socialist Gubbermint had an open door policy. We are lucky in that we are an island – nearest country is 500 miles away by sea so it isn’t that easy to get here. Most of our “refugees” (refugees according to the UN) are from Afghanistan, Iran and Sri Lanka and are not refugees fleeing persecution at all – they are “economic” refugees who want to take advantage of our generous (like yours) welfare system.

          We have an increasing population of Muslims who are disproportionately represented in our jails and welfare queues. We have had some charged and jailed for the barbaric and disgusting practice of female genital mutilation and child (12 years old!) brides. It is acknowledged by Police that they really have no idea just how extensive the problem is as Islam in Australia is a very “closed” society.

          As already goes some European countries (look at the problems in the Middle East and how it is being “exported” to other countries via immigration), goes the US as well as we here.

          Both our countries are going down the plug hole and while I may not last long enough to see it, my children will have to deal with the fallout and they, and the next 2 generations, will not thank us for it!

          Call me a racist (I probably am) – I don’t care but a class of people who still live in biblical times and refuse to be tolerant and accepting and demand and actively pursue their agenda of subjugating the CHristian world to their will has no place in my country or yours!


          • Hang in there Aussie. I hope all goes well, i have relatives there!

          • Bury some guns and ammo, your kids are going to need it.

          • Aussie,

            It certainly is amusing that the cult islamist’s are leveraging the Liberal/Socialist “guilt” (redundant)mechanism to further their destructive agenda. The mental disorder that makes up a Lib’s mind has it so they refuse to recognize they are being used by these people. Perhaps just before their head gets chopped off they will finally have an awakening, but probably not. They will blame global warming, or some other cause for the display of anger out of these subhuman beasts.

            Best of luck to you and your family. We share the same concerns, but don’t have a lot of hope left from our countries leaders for it to turn around… hence websites like SHTF Plan exist.

      7. to the moon is a harsh mistress….well said! especially the last paragraph!

      8. WHY ?

        Because he is a traitor who told everyone PLAINLY that he intended, if given the chance, to “fundamentally transform” the country. He was given 2 terms. Elections have consequences. So, God’s judgement on America is beginning to become clear to even those who blindly supported and enabled this destroyer of lives to obtain and maintain power.

        Stand by… it’s not getting better soon.. it will get much worse. “We” asked for it, we got it.

        Impeach the SOB NOW !! It may already be too late..

        • Impeach him and replace him with whom? Biden? Boehner? The problem is not the prince of fools who after all, is doing exactly what he said he would do, it is the multitude of fools who made him their prince – twice.

          I believe the whole rotten edifice needs to be destroyed before it can be replaced with something approaching sanity. The problem does not lie with one single leader, or one political party. The problem is a fundamental disconnect of all government with those whom they supposedly represent. From the Fresh Prince of DC down to the assclowns on the city council making your life a living hell, government at all levels suffers from a terminal case of arrogance and disrespect for those who nominally should be their masters. Any solution which looks to government is doomed to fail because of this disconnect.

          Some people say it is God’s judgement on us for our wickedness that has given us the leaders we have. I, for one, am not a believer but I do believe that the Bible is full of truths regarding human nature and it’s inherent wickedness when left to it’s own devices. And what we see all around us is proof of what happens when we allow ourselves to be ruled instead of taking charge of and responsibility for our own individual destiny. Submissiveness and meekness to those who abuse the public offices which they are privileged to hold, only begets more abuses by those same public officers. They should be afraid of us instead of the other way around. That they are not is proof of how far we have fallen and how much must be done before the situation is corrected.

          • Yes! Impeach Obama so we can have race riots. Hmmmmm.

            • That would be the dumbest thing the black community could do. They are less than 15 percent of the populace and a good deal of that is concentrated in the inner cities across America. Just who might they target beyond a few hapless non-blacks who happen to be in the area when they decide to riot? After they burn down their homes and what business that inhabit those blighted areas they will be exterminated if they attempt to take their little race war beyond the boundaries of the ghettos they inhabit.

              Kind of dumb for a group that is almost entirely dependent upon the government for it’s sustenance to even be thinking about biting the hand that feeds it. If it wasn’t for the drug trade their would be zero economic activity by the inhabitants of the ghetto that wasn’t coming from the pockets of the taxpayer, and even that trade is heavily subsidized.

          • So impeach him and and the next one if we have to. Are we supposed to let him get away with it because we don’t like the next one in line?

            • As I said, the problem is not the Prince of Fools; it is the multitude of fools who made him their Prince. Impeachment does not fix this if the multitudes keep electing fools to rule over them. He will not get away with this. I am confident that when the chaos he has unleashed comes full circle he will end up like the Romanovs or Mussolini and his mistress. How do you fix the populace that elects such leaders? You don’t. After we progress to dictatorship and eventually civil war and warlordism, when enough of them have been killed and the survivors have had enough, those remaining will be ready for the responsibility of choosing wise leaders. The America of Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine and George Washington is gone forever and maybe in future generations there will arise men of comparable stature and wisdom, but I am not holding my breath.

        • oUCH, you are right. And he just announces a request for $3.7 billion, not to fix the border problem but to feed and clothe these people which will make the problem much worse when word gets south. What will it look like when the working people (tax payers) throw their hands up and say f##k it ??? Too many on the wagon, nobody pulling it. It all looks like it was planned to me.

        • Things have to come full circle. This “experiment” that is the USA must wonder thru socialism and reach a point of failure before things get better. The new majority will have to move from failing as democrats/rinos to conservatives on their own time and will. It can’t be altered. Just try to manage the best you can while we go thru these growing pains.

      9. It is a very simple answer–they want to dilute our culture of education, english, free enterprise, americanism, and cheap labor….

        Nothing against our friends from Mexico, it is just that illegal immigrants bring only financial needs, health needs, cheap job needs, and massive assistance….this will be a cost of over a trillion.

        Wonder who will pay for this?

        That is why after July, I will spend more time spending more money, working less, making less,investing much less, and basically becoming a hippy….

        • Galt lives!

          • In my house.

            • and mine .

              • That’s ok, Dagny lives in mine!

        • We have NO friends from Mexico. They are at war with the USA and they passionate hate the “gingos”. For the LaRaza racists they will be happy only when all the gingos are gone or dead and every thing south of the Canandian border belongs to Mexico. Antichrist Obama is doing an outstanding job of destroying this country. Make no mistake, he knows exactly what he is doing, it is all by design.

          • Quick! Everybody go and buy a Mexican Flag and hang it up outside your door.

            Mexican music in background.

            • We had tacos tonight. Does that count?

              • Only if you got them from Taco Bell.

                Yo quiero Taco Bell.

              • No, tacos don’t count any more, they’re boring. Have some chorizo with the tequila. 😉

                • No, flautas con cervesa ( flautas with beer)….

              • Only if you made them at home. Do not patronize their restaurants.

                • Even the restaurant who emphatically employs only legal american citizens? He’s as mad as the rest of us. He told me, “I worked my tail off to get here so some illegal alien can get my job? Don’t think so. “

          • I find it hilarious that organizations like la raza, which are an openly racist organization that supports brown skinned people (primarily Mexicans) assert that white skinned Americans stole the land between now Mexico and the United States. They assert that they are the indigenous people and that it is their land to take back.

            They fail to account for the fact that Mexicans, or “Mexico” was a conquered land of Spain and that today’s “Mexican” is a blend of once native central American’s and Spaniards.

            They are no more native, or “natural” than any other descendant of the United States. Truly, “native” is all relative on what time in history you would like to begin the process of assessment……

        • We’re on board as well Ugly.

      10. The Supreme Court has said that the Second Amendment is a right that belongs to “all Americans,” not just “an unspecified subset.”

        h t t ps://www.gunowners.com/shew-v-malloy.htm

      11. ballot box — 0
        soap box — 0
        Ammo box— full

        no 4th choice

        • maybe the box we kick out from under them when the rope is tied on

          • if its my ammo box it will be easy to kick out from under them, as it will be empty

      12. Taking a page out of the Catholic Church (circa 900 AD) playbook, isn’t he?

        Replace us. The poor and dependent are so much easier to sell Indulgences to.

      13. The chairman is purposefully trying to overwhelm our capabilities and resources. He is trying to divide our nations people. He demonizes his opposition. He punishes those who contradict him. He is the community organizer puppet deploying his carefully mounted Cloward-Piven strategies and the moron’s on the left with their worshiping ways are too blind to see it….

        This man is pure evil and must be called out for his actions and inaction’s. He must be thwarted every step of the way until he finally leaves office……

        • He should be THROWN out. We have no obligation to wait him out.

      14. There is a Ukrainian woman who tried to sneek across the southern border.
        But she didn’t get a free bus trip into the US.
        Oh no! She is in a max security prison in New Mexico!
        Looks like whites are not welcome in the US anymore.
        Diversity = White Genocide
        Don’t believe me? Ask Rhodesian farmers.
        Or whites in South Africans.
        Or whites killed by the future demoncrat voters from the southern hemisphere.
        Your children are in danger……… will you save them or will you be to afraid to be called a “racist “?
        Choose now or have the choice made for you. Stand together or hang separately!

        • Your name is offensive. God is Truth.

        • Furthermore, its a contradiction and therefore, false statement.

          • Thats right. Focus on something irrelevant instead of the death of White culture.
            By the way, your precious church has sold you out to maintain their 501c3 tax status and the hope that the 3rd world will keep their coffers full.
            If you will not stand with your people than I have no interest in your version of God.

      15. This issue has my blood boiling.Wrote both Senators and Representative rather harsh emails today. Probably won’t do any good but gotta try. Do not understand why we do not send National Guard to the border and stop this. Send humanitarian aid to those central american countries, hey we send money everywhere else. Our homeless and sick vets can’t get help but we can sure fly these illegals all over, feed and house them and sign them up for EBT. The President is evil, but not sure why other politicians are silent on this one. Democrats as well as Republicans are hot about this.

        • It is so bad even commiefornia is protesting the forced housing of the illegals in there towns go figure

          • The 5 most southern California counties, (San Diego, Imperial, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside) consistently vote Republican, have a lot of military and generally are very conservative. The town of Murrieta is in Riverside. I was there the past two days and spoke with many of them. Each of them could have been any of you…. avid SHTF plan responders. They /we are standing toe to toe in front of superior numbers of LA raza gang members and liberal media. Please don’t broadbrush us all into that hell hole LA and San Francisco….. Not the same people.

        • Former Cal Girl, I agree. My wife came here legally from Cuba in 1967. She already knew English, having come from an educated family, and played by all the rules. she totally assimilated herself into American culture. She spoke English to everyone she dealt with. I agree it’s wrong to give any help to these illegals when we have veterans who can’t get any kind of help. We have white people who need help and can’t get on any government programs, but all of the minority groups, including illegal aliens, can get on them easily. Now I would support an end to all immigration. We need to take care of our own people, not any foreigners.

          • Our immigration system works,
            What does NOT are government officials and bureaucrats who feel they are above the system and laws,
            Ill make a deal with these fuckers,
            You start obeying the rules and enforcing the laws and i will too,
            Until then,
            Who is John Galt!

        • The military needs to physically remove Obama and his whole cabinet before we get to the point of no return. His blatant treasonous acts need to be stopped.

          • Don’t worry, we will undoubtedly see military dictatorship before all is said and done, and no, you will not enjoy it. Be careful what you wish for; martial law with the full might of the military backed by the NSA and your local police/stormtroopers is no laughing matter. Not all generals are god-fearing rock-ribbed conservatives (I know this; I have seen firsthand), and I have no more desire to live under a right wing tyranny than a left wing one.

            • Moon, I don’t like what’s coming, either, and I will fight it. I don’t care if the tyranny is left, right, pink with purple polka dots, etc: I will stand against it.

              • I am beginning to think this is the biggest invasion of Closet Yankee’s ever.

                Have to start sprinkling grits around the perimeter of the house to keep them away.

                • And hold the cheese. Anyone who’d put cheese on grits, should be tarred and feathered.

            • Moon – well said .
              I fear that as the American people wake up and stand up the military will be used to slap us down …ASAP.
              Martial law is very real and present threat, not to be taken lightly.
              All the laws (NDAA) are in place .

              • I don’t think some of the people who hope that the military steps in and removes obama, means what some think they do. I don’t think they are talking about a military junta taking over running the country.

                I think the sentiment is that the military PATRIOTS step in and remove oblunder, to allow the constitutional process to take place, to restore the govt.

                I don’t think they mean to oust one dictator by/for another dictator. If they removed obullshit and his co-conspirators, then new replacements must be voted on BY THE PEOPLE, as this republican govt demands.

                We have a process in place for electing leaders, and a military stand should only be a method of staunching the bleeding out of our country, and sealing the wound with new leadership….from the ground up.

                • That is what all leaders of military coups say. None of them ever says “I am going to overthrow the elected government so I can set up my own personal reign of terror.” That is how it always turns out though, once they have had a taste of power and decided they like it. And besides, our problems are caused by too many f***ing idiots voting anyway. How do you think Obama became president? Or Bush? Clinton? We could not do worse by holding a national lottery with the winning ticketholder becoming the new president. I do not want a government whose representatives gain office by appealing to the lowest common denominator. Yet that is what we have and we want to change that by more voting? We have exactly the government most of us deserve.

            • Moon,when a boot is on your neck you do not care whether the left or right boot,either way cut off the boot and foot in it!

              • Yes, I would be the first to agree. However, exchanging one jackbooted thug for another does not represent progress in my humble opinion. That so many Americans would welcome a military dictatorship as an alternative to the current chaos scares the crap out of me and it should scare the crap out of you too.

                I read a LOT of history. I find it fascinating how humanity makes the same mistakes repeatedly without seeming to learn anything from the past, or having the hubris to believe that this time is different; that in our modern times we are superior to our ancestors so therefore the same disasters which befell them will not befall us. I am a firm believer in the generational theory of history that Strauss and Howe propose in their work “The Fourth Turning”, and if their theory is correct then we are in for a hell of a ride. A parallel can be seen with the dissatisfaction of the German citizen suffering through the economic disaster and incompetence that was the Weimar Republic; they were only too happy to exchange it for a charismatic former military veteran promising to end the chaos and restore Germany to its former glory and power. Complete control of the populace did not happen overnight either but once it had, the population was at the mercy of the government with no way to fight back.

                Clearly the foundation has been laid for martial law in this country. The arrogance of our masters might give them a false sense of security; that this time will be different and that they can maintain control of those who might wish to challenge their grip on the reigns of power. History tells us otherwise, and the consequences will be disastrous, perhaps ruinously so, before enough blood has been shed that order can be restored.

            • Well there’s an interesting question….. Would we rather have a military coup, or a series of dictators, who would take over assuming what we all have heard may/could happen before chairman obama departs…….

              Sounds like shit soup, or a shit sandwich……

          • That is what 2a is for and it WILL be up to us.

          • Sorry, but Obama,via his handlers, has effectively purged the military from any detractors over the last few years..

            What we now have here is a
            subservient system
            in place..
            Corporate America
            Wall Street
            and the mother of them all
            the Iron Bank!

            ..aka.Federal Reserve..

            This border situation has been occurring for decades and all of a sudden its national news on the forefront..???

            and soon to be forgotten amidst the dozens and dozens of other treacherous,traitorous actions ,deeds, and scandals already in the trash heap..

            Surely a new scandal will arise within the next few days and all will be forgotten here..

            We ain’t seen nothing yet!


        • former Cal girl

          Answer to your question about congressional inaction.

          Because the NSA has dirt on all of them.
          They are compromised this is farther along than we can imagine.

          Just wait till the heat of August and the congress recesses things will get real interesting when those 18 year old “Children ” start to riot in the refugee camps.

          Calling them refugees is an open invitation to UN interference.
          The US will have Refugee camps like Jordan and the West Bank .

          Semper Fi 8541

      16. Where do I sign up to become an illegal? Worked for 40 years became disabled due to broken back,dad has moved in since he has dementia,and wife now has cancer and bed ridden. We couldn’t afford 400/month obamacare and it wouldn’t matter since drs don’t accept it. Since I almost have enough income to cover house payment I make too much money for some assistance.I am 200 short each month when you figure all bills and food. So if I get illegal status I would get all things paid for and then my entire disability check could go for tattoos and junk food and (drugs sarc)isn’t that what most welfare recipients do.

        • Just be careful crossing the border to Mexico to turn around and come back.., I hear Mexico has laws against that sort of thing, and they enforce them, unlike here

          • The way the law is now, if an Illegal comes from a country which does not share a border with the U.S., they can not be turned back without a hearing, ect.

            The three countries that most of them are coming from, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras have the top highest murder rates in the WORLD!

            They are also the home of MS-13 one of the nastiest drug cartels on the planet, so expect Miami after the Cuban Boat lift (Miami Vice 1980’s) coming to a city near you!

        • You could just scribble your birth certificate on a bar napkin, in spanish. Just follow oblunder’s lead.

      17. I think the question asked that titles this article has already been answered with a previous previous thread…

        It’s the Cloward-Piven Strategy being implemented.

        The object of what they are doing is to destroy the country.

        Anybody who can’t see that is either blind or stupid beyond measure.

      18. think those bio labs are safe ???

        think again

        Forgotten Vials of Smallpox Found in Storage Room


        and smallpox no less

        do a little reading on that disease

        “It was the second recent incident in which a U.S. government health agency appeared to have mishandled a highly dangerous germ.”

        let me clarify that
        it was the second KNOWN incident

        how many more have we never heard of ???

      19. Flooding the system and killing the dollar at the same time.

        • Sorry 10mm fat finger meant to agree with you.

      20. The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Naked Truth About the American Police State


        ““The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself…Almost inevitably, he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”—H.L. Mencken, American journalist”

        ““The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself…”

      21. I would really like to know what this is about also… it just not make sense. Its almost as if they are purposely bringing down the system.

        One thing’s for sure, this has nothing to do with compassion; there has to be an ulterior motive. The US government does not care about people; they have no compassion! (look how they supply forces to destroy people in eastern Ukrain!)

        In an interview with Joe Rogan, Mike Ruppert said that TPTB intend to just let us starve to death. Asked by Rogan how they will do this. (Besides the fact of Peak Oil destroying our food supply– no more corporate farms). Ruppert said they will just let the cities go to pot. They are privatizing the utility companies. They will just let the infrastructure crumble. So they’re going to let the cities go…and if there are even more people here (illegal immigrants) perhaps, this will speed things up? Dunno…

        • Spot on about using food as a weapon; African dictators are light years ahead of us on that concept. I would add that where they meet stiff resistance they will just step back and anthrax bomb the place until resistance is eliminated. Unless you are among the lucky few to receive the full series of inoculations against anthrax courtesy of Uncle Sam, you will be SOL.

          It is so sad really; ultimately we were doomed to this end anyway because we screwed our way to a population far larger than the resources of the planet can support. If it wasn’t death by starvation or disease, it would be death by war or poisoning the seas, etc. Exponential population growth on a planet of finite resources was always doomed to end this way. Our misfortune is that we were born at the end of history.

          • I would say it is not a misfortune; rather, a gift. Everything is a gift… for you to learn from it, grow, and become happier… or…

            • I don’t consider it a “gift” to die knowing my children and/or grand children may die of starvation or worse, because we couldn’t get our collective heads out of our asses…

        • The puppet masters that are running the show aren’t stupid-they want to assault us on multiple fronts….diseases running rampant, criminal gangs from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, South America, and the UN gang to rape, pillage and plunder and then yes, there is starvation.

          They are obviously in a hurry to get this show on the road and once American citizens start to dissent or riot, the Martial Law hammer comes down and yes, this is by complete design and not for our benefit. I hope that you are all ready for this “show” or at least as ready as you can be!

          May God be with you and watch over you….

      22. Why? It’s so simple. They want to replace the labor force with chiper one an remake the racial structure of US with Whites as minority like in Barasil for instance, 50.7% Blacks vs 47% Whites. By 2040 if I’m not mistaken Whites will be minorities. I heard a song by a black merengue band. The lyrics said that everybody in the country was black; president, police, actors, celebrities, etc . Only hookers were white. That’s the goal. TV is the precursor what is in stock. See for yourself. As a Mason friend told me that’s the way to prepate the public for something new. Enjoy White sucker.

      23. The answer is surprisingly simple. In order to facilitate fundamental transformation in any venue, you must first destroy everything that existed in the past and present to make room for the new infrastructures. You must re-write history and begin a whole new dialog.

        Obama was quite serious about his plan for the fundamental transformation of America. The problem is, his followers heard him, but they weren’t listening (there’s a difference). And no one stopped to demand that he provide specific details about his plan for fundamental transformation before voting for him. Well here we are today.

        • YH, he said he was going to UN-DO what Bush did. He said he was going to make sure whistle blowers were protected, that we had an open government, and he would restore our civil liberties, etc. He LIED!!!!

          • The BOY in the WH lied just like any other politician. Nothing new there.

          • Anon,

            >>”He LIED!!!!”<<

            Of course he lied. He used Americans' gullibility and short term memory to deliberately mislead his weak minded followers who fell under his charismatic spell.

            A few of us who were immune to his charisma saw through it, but it was too little too late. Now despite our past warnings to others, we have to sit through this disaster and watch the carnage unfold like a slow motion train wreck.

            Now that Obama has revealed his true colors, the time for negotiation is past. All we have left ahead of us is organized civil disobedience and confrontation to prevent the worst of Obama's fundamental transformation plan from being realized.

            • I am NOT a weak-minded fool, YH. Bush and Cheney were as bad; they instigated this whole thing. It all began with them, so please stop insulting democrats: republipukes are no better!

              I was duped by Obama the first time around, I DID NOT vote for him a second time… sure he is HORRIBLE! However, to presume a republican would make things better is lunacy– it simply will not happen! Both parties represent the Oligarths… neither represent us, the people!

              • Did you forget who came up with the idea of the Patriot Act? Or who came up with the idea of bombing an innocent country? Or who facilitated the 9-11 attack, so as to bring about the fall of America? REPUBLICANS! iT STARTED WITH dICKY BOY AND BUSHY BOY… they gave trillions of dollars of tax payer money to the BIG BANKS. they came up with the idea of destroying American’s Constitution. Obummer just extended the whole thing. One party is no different than the other. they both stink to high heaven!

              • Anon,

                >>” However, to presume a republican would make things better is lunacy– it simply will not happen! Both parties represent the Oligarths… neither represent us, the people!”<<

                You must understand that this has nothing to do with Democrats OR Republicans. Political parties only exist today to give people a political clan or tribe in which to claim membership. The root problem has everything to do with the Progressive agenda which has infiltrated both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are a total loss. The party is totally owned by Progressives while the Republican party is only partially infiltrated by progressives.

                Anyone who still sees this problem as Democratic versus Republican is still looking at the little picture. Most everyone on this forum understands the bigger picture amigo.

                For what it's worth, I was raised in the heart of progressive country in Brooklyn New York until I left when I turned 18. It wasn't until about 10 years later did the brainwashing begin to wear off I saw the corrupt political system for what it really was.

                • I never said it is an “either /or” situation. I said, “both parties represent the Oligarths, not us” (the same thing you said in your next sentence).

                  And I don’t agree that republipukes are less evil than democrats. I will never vote again. For EITHER party.

                  Frankly, I feel as one Occupy Wallstreet guy said, ” I don’t want a new house, a new car, a good job; I want a new way of being.” This is not just the feelings of a lot of people– this WILL come about. the old ways are going away… and the Oligarths with them!

                  • Anon,

                    >>”I will never vote again. For EITHER party.”<<

                    I respectfully and strenuously disagree. At this stage in the game, we vote for the lesser of two evils. The new boss looks a lot like the old boss, as the saying goes.

                    Just like our second amendment rights are under constant attack from progressives so will our right to vote if enough people stop voting. Even if it turns out to be a useless gesture, voting is still one of our most important rights. And I'll be damned if I'm giving it up.

                    If the day comes when we lose our right to vote and lose the ability to set the political tone, during martial law for example; every American man, woman, and young person old enough to shoulder a rifle better have one and plenty of ammunition because we will be in a fight for our very existence.

                    At this point, I vote not so much in favor of a candidate, but mainly to keep the other more corrupt candidate(s) from getting elected. This is what elections have come down to. Despicable.

              • Anon,

                >”I am NOT a weak-minded fool, YH.”<<

                No offense intended. There are a lot of very smart people out there who voted for the Dear Leader Obama. Full disclosure, I myself came perilously close to doing just that, if it wasn't for the fact that I just happened to be home to listen first-hand to his campaign speech from Colorado Springs in July 2008.

                If you recall, during this speech he called for the creation of a 'Civilian National Security Force'. To say I was shocked is a gross understatement Anon. It was at that precise moment that Obama's charismatic veil was pierced and I saw him for what he really was….dangerous for America.

                The fact that you are here means that Obama's veil has been pierced.

                • Thanks, YH. I came out of the Matrix. Alot of people have not… sometimes it takes awhile.

          • And “if you like your’ dr. you can keep your’ dr. Period.
            If his lips are moving, he’s lying.

          • ” He said he was going to make sure whistle blowers were protected”

            Correct me if I’m wrong but, won’t those citizens he wants to snitch on patriots and other anti-gov terrorists, be considered “whistleblowers? THEY WILL be protected.

            We just all THOUGHT he meant the real whistleblowers like Snowden…he didn’t mean “good” whistleblowers.

        • Obummer is taking a page out of the Civil War. “SCORTCHED EARTH POLICY”

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

            The Dear Leader Obama’s attack on America is scorched-earth and then some. It is the most sophisticated cultural, political, and socio-economic attack I have seen since I’ve been old enough to vote. I’ve never seen a president work this hard, for so long to tear Americans apart.

            He is only a figure-head of a much deeper conspiracy. Even if Obama is removed by impeachment, the machinery that got him elected will still be in place. People may have fallen for Obama en mass, but they are waking up individually. We just have to wake them up faster.

      24. The head of our defense Southern Command, Marine General John Kelly said, ” The crisis on the border THREATENS THE EXISTENCE OF THE UNITED STATES”!

        According to General Kelly our Military Intelligence has found members of Hezbollah, Drug Gangs, and other Criminal Networks among the Illegals.

        • “Military Intelligence” is an oxymoron. If we actually had any “Military Intelligence”, we’d find out the truth about assholes like obama BEFORE they get into office, NOT AFTER.

      25. Speaking of crumbling cities- I just moved to this town about 6 months ago. It is unbelievable!! If you go down any street, you see numerous buildings with signs which say, “Condemned!” and “Danger! Do not enter!”

        You also see crumbling steps leading up to doors. I really don’t know how people enter or leave some of these buildings because the steps are actually crumbling!!

        A few places have the buildings cordoned off with various steel structures to make sure the building does not collapse on you as you walk along.

        And I have seen buildings with screens half hanging out open windows in the winter time and ceilings with mold, etc.

        Almost everyone here receives some kind of state/federal aid… everyone talks about free food, disability payments, or worse–prostitution/former drug addicts. All this is just an every day, common occurrence here.

        I really could not imagine a worse town!! I pray every day for God to help me to leave this God-forsaken hell hole! If its this bad now, imagine what it will be like when the S really hits the fan!! ;(

        • ANON. are you in Detroit ?

          • hammerhead,

            You beat me to it!

          • no

            • Why did you move there in the first place? I’m guessing it was just as bad 6 months ago. Was there no other city you could’ve gone to?

        • Also, the mold puts off toxins. Toxic people have violent fits of outrage, cannot make simple logical decisions, and eventually spend most of their time sleeping. Well, eventually their body succumbs to a disease as the immune system is overloaded. So, you will see “zombies” or wackos. Get out while you can. Don’t be a Tutsi in Rwhanda or any other people group who stayed around until the majority axed them.

        • Anon – Bless your heart. DO what my husband and I did. We had barely any money, living pay check to pay check, putting a bit here and there back. Soon it accumulated for him to go north to check out jobs. He began scouring ads and sending applications and finally got a call. He went up and slept in the truck and ate cheap for a week. He got a solid line on a job, came back and gave two weeks notice. Took our savings and his last check and went up and got us a 2bdrm apt and started his new job in a small rural town. I kept working and in a couple months, he had enough to send for us and we came up on a bus with my last pay check. Once I got up here, I applied for work and got a part timer within 3 weeks. We stayed in our 2 bdrm and worked and accumulated enough to move to a little rental home in the country. It’s owners live back east and it belonged to their grandparents and they just want a good family to stay here and keep things up. We lucked out cause they don’t want to live here. They are city people but can’t give up their grandparents home.

          These things work out. Put your mind to it. We didn’t think it was possible for us because we were so poor. You can do it and when you get there, you’ll be so happy you did. We used to live in a big city and we hated it!

          Good luck to you

      26. Obama is doing this to; 1. hasten the economic downfall of American, 2. hasten martial law, 3. as others have said; votes. 4. to rub it in our faces, 5. to further dilute the middle class, 6. to bring sickness and disease into our country, 7. to allow other international terrorist an opportunity to create mayhem and murder, 8. to further use up dwindling resources, 9. to eventually increase taxes to the middle class to pay for everything and 10. because he’s an ass-hole.

        • I like 4 and 10

        • Proof that #10 is true, are the deep, concentric wrinkles on his face.

      27. was talking to a neighbor last night of all this , ex army ranger , and he simply said he just doesn’t care any more , just wants to raise his family in peace , that’s why he moved here from cali.

        he said ,
        as long as they stay out of the valley he’s good to go .

        i’m kinda curious to see now how long it takes him to realize his/ our valley is connected to it all be more than just a road .

        prepare folks, as no where is safe now from the nwo zog . it’s all connected . this will not end well .


      28. It’s about the creation of the North American Union. Which is one step closer to a one world government.

        • Right…but you won’t have to worry about it because you’ll be r-a-p-t-u-r-e-d. Like the little fairy that you are, you’ll just fly away.

          • BarnCat, It was supposed to have happened by 2009 I think. Been a long time since I read the papers on a gov website but they didnt achieve their goal at the target date.
            Getting close now. Socialism and NWO control w/ UN law is the end goal. They want the guns, submission, and dictatorship.
            God help us.

        • Barn Cat , BINGO !
          The north american union and a socialist western hemisphere with a central government.
          Can you just FEEL the oppression ?

        • Yeah look how the European Union is turning out with a universal currency. North America is doomed for 90% of us.

          • WHO- The euro union is going great , as planned .
            Something to look forward to !!!!

            • Actually, isn’t the EU beginning to rebel over there? Several members recently declared a desire to leave the EU.

          • The Trolls are out there giving thumbs down using all of their devices. We know who you are. Part of the NWO Faction Tribe. Enjoy your last gasps while you can. The end is near for you.

        • Yeah, that’s what I said in another post, Barn Cat. Its all about NWO. I said exactly what you said and everyone gave me thumbs down.

          Actually, if you go to Global Research, they’ve written a great article on this whole issute– why they’re letting all the little chicitos into the US.

          • They have a video about this on SGT Report– called, North American Union Forming Now! End of America!” this is exactly what I wrote about a few posts back… like what Barn Cat is saying– it is all part of their plan for a NWO. What is so SCARY about this– not just the fact that they are obviously trying to combine our countries (erase the borders) but even worse, when you think about the EU– what happened over there when those countries lost their national boundaries, with a few Oligarths presiding over the whole area– it basically destroyed Europe– look how it turned out over there!! Bean Fart is absolutley right! Anyone who can get down there and fight this– its really desparately needed to save our country– crap, this is about saving our as— s!

            • Its all about Centralization of Power. They are doing it here in the US– combining different departments (DMV and SS Administration, for example) and they are trying to do it by combining Canada, US and Mexico (North American Union) and they are trying to do it more globally (NWO).

              • Look at the massive DHS consolidation of about every federal Branch out there. Centralizing Government eliminates checks and balances.

                • I’ll bet billionaire oligarchs like michael bloomberg and bill gates have already got their future provinces picked out. Their buddies overseas already got theirs, now these guys want their prizes too.

      29. Quotes from movie Starship Troopers:

        Jean Rasczak: All right, let’s sum up. This year in history, we talked about the failure of democracy. How the social scientists of the 21st Century brought our world to the brink of chaos. We talked about the veterans, how they took control and imposed the stability that has lasted for generations since. We talked about the rights and privileges between those who served in the armed forces and those who haven’t, therefore called citizens and civilians.

        [to a student]
        Jean Rasczak: You. Why are only citizens allowed to vote?

        Student: It’s a reward. Something the federation gives you for doing federal service.

        Jean Rasczak: No. Something given has no basis in value. When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you’re using force. And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.
        The new North American Union country may require military servitude to gain “citizenship”. Everyone else will be civies…with no voting power…

        Military (armed) sheeple and regular sheeple. No room for anything else.

        • Rico’s Roughnecks!

          “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun” Mao.

        • The movie is a hideous abortion of a good story. Read the novel “Starship Troopers” by Heinlein if you want a real story. He elaborates far more about the reasons behind limiting the privilege of franchise and why it’s abuse by the ignorant masses must be avoided in order to avoid the catastrophe our country now is in.

          I, however, commend you at least for recognizing greatness, even if it came from a poor excuse for a movie.

      30. Not real tough to figure out; provided you have at least 3 working brain cells in your head. THREE WORDS. Cloward and Piven. Overwhelm the system until it cracks. The 2 assholes thought of it in 1966. Here we are; 49 years later; it looks like its working to perfection. Throw in a dumbed down; clueless American populace; and it doesn’t look good for our Constitutional Republic.

      31. Stunning: California actively Catholic Couple Says They Were Asked to House Immigrant Children

        (i actually feel bad for them… as it’s a tough position to be in, especially for the faithful.)

        ANN: Great. Well, we have some interesting news. My husband Eddie is on the phone with us. We live in Southern California, and we’re Catholic, active Catholics in our community, and there was a town hall meeting last evening, emergency meeting called by our local parish priest, ordered by our bishop (unintelligible) and the Archdiocese of San Bernardino. They have made the decision that they’re going to absorb the immigrants that are coming through because the federal government called the bishop’s office on Monday and they’re gonna be busing these immigrants to our communities and asking us to open our homes and to house them for up to a month. The church will reimburse us for any out-of-pocket expenses and we were told not to talk to anybody about it, especially the media. I’m not especially happy about it. My husband is a retired doctor, and he will share his concerns with you regarding this matter. Eddie, do you want to go ahead and talk about your thoughts?


        • The church may reimburse those for the money but sure as hell don’t have to live beside them.

          Send them on down to the rectory and see what the priests have to say about it.

          Do Gooders! Always on somebody’s else’s back.

        • I’d start a lawn service with them all.

          Just laughing at all these folks.

        • Illegal Immigrant Children Have Lice So Bad ‘They Can Be Seen Crawling Down’ Their Faces (Video)

          ewww ;0p

          and they are / have been shipping 300,000 of them illegal aliens around the country since April 2014 on commercial airplanes and public buses. which are now all infected and flying rolling incubators hatcheries of 3rd world diseases nationwide.

          this is some crazy treasonous sheeit bein’ done by obama.

          And no one is trying to even stop him… no one!

          see attachment…

          • Sorry, but don’t forget the scabies. That shit is infectious. My husband worked on a unit that admitted a pt, that a Diagnosis of scabies was missed for several days. Everyone who worked in that unit plus their immediate family members even if they did not take care of the patient had to be treated. Had to bathe in special soap and cover my body in a medicated cream. It sucks.

          • How goes it NinaO?

        • Puff, here are my thoughts. Nobody brings any illegal aliens to my home, ever! I don’t care where else they go, but they don’t come into Bravehearts’ home, ever!

          • You will only have a “Split Second”

            “We need to get bigger guns. BIG FUCKING GUNS!”
            – Dick Durkin

            I don’t think this thing thinks it’s Satan, I think this thing IS Satan.
            – Dick Durkin

            Well Satan is in Deep Shit. “click-CLACK”
            – Stone



        • I know several couples and single women in my neighborhood who want to adopt kids. But, guessing, these kids are not up for adoption? I live in a weird neighborhood were people worked so hard most of their young adult life and now realize they missed out on having kids and are trying to make up for lost time.

      32. Obama likes to help the Mexicans so much, why doesn’t he import some South Africans since he Loved Mandela.
        Bunch of Communist too.

        Vote Hillary Clinton and lets get this shit started.

      33. I’m creating a new venture and it will zero employees.

        All computer code.

        Fuck off King O.
        No jobs for anyone!

      34. The real hero’s are the people blocking the buses in CA, and the militias heading for Texas.

        It’s time-it’s time-it’s time!

        If you love your freedom, if you love America, if you love your kids, IT’S TIME!

        We have been given the chance to become true American Patriots, A GIFT, some say from God!

        If not now, when? If not you, who?


        • great post, Bean Fart, and catchy name too! (ha!)

      35. The govt. has now asked the Catholic Church around the coun try to take people into catholic homes for up to a month and then be reimbursed for expenses. The church is falling for it. after the govt. has been going after the church and Christianity they turn around and ask for their help. I’m getting a headache!

        • Bring in T.B., Chicken Pox, Diptheria or a good case of swine flu. Lice is always nice or their brother the Crabs. Hahahaha!

          • Don’t wait for the shrimp boats baby, I’m coming home with the crabs.

            Sailors Lament.

      36. I think these liberal ass-wipe progressive commies should each adopt two or three children and save the tax payers a heck of a lot of money.

      37. Some people on here still don’t seem to get it (or perhaps it’s me).

        False flags are invariably the work of governments. They don’t need “terrorists” because they ARE the terrorists.

        Who benefits? The jews with their “NWO” (JWO) plan for world domination and ultimate destruction.

        It’s the same throughout Europe. Every White country is being flooded with immigrants from all over the world, many of them known criminals.

        Why? To DESTROY our traditions, our traditional way of life, our creativity and ultimately US, partly by breeding us out of existence, but primarily by arming their criminal “pets” and creating the “right” conditions for a race war.

        The primitive races (jews, blacks, certain others) can’t cope with the civilisation we’ve created, so they want to destroy both it and us so the entire world will become a more primitive environment, better suited to the primitive mind.

        We’re in a war. We’ve been in a war for a very long time. The trouble is that, with one group controlling all our sources of information (apart from the internet), most don’t even realise what’s being done to us.

        • Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?


          Redneck says. Hey you all, watch this. Then gets hurt.

          • They are using this False Flag of immigration to build Massive Prison Cell Block FEMA Camp Detention centers. Now that the $3.5 Billion in funding has been allocated, Obummer will round up all these illegals and ship them back. Then these new prisons will handle the collapse of America.

            • makes sense to me. They’d do it, and avoid anyone asking “why”? Perfect cover.

            • Correction: $3.7 Billion. That amount of money wasted on BS Immigration Camps, would have built 185 Brand New High Schools across America. Which cost about $20 Mil a copy. Folks the fleecing and waste of our tax monies, all because Obama refused to protect the borders. Just don’t let the bastards in. Turn them back.

        • 7/20?

      38. and on a lighter note…

        You may be a Muslim if

        1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.
        You may be a Muslim

        2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.
        You may be a Muslim

        3. You have more wives than teeth.
        You may be a Muslim

        4. You wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon unclean.
        You may be a Muslim

        5. You think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.
        You may be a Muslim

        6. You can’t think of anyone you haven’t declared Jihad against.
        You may be a Muslim

        7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing.
        You may be a Muslim

        8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.
        You may be a Muslim

        9. You have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four.
        You may be a Muslim

        10. Your cousin is president of the United States .
        You may be a Muslim

        “Insha Allah” – it is as Allah wills it.

        — Jeff Foxworthy

        • Ruff, thanks for that one. It’s all too true.

        • Good one,,,,
          Ten thumbs way up!

      39. The destruction of this country is right on schedule
        Flood the country with illegals and start a civil war
        I fear in the next few months a spark might ignite a raging fire

        • Like Bean Fart said-IT’S TIME!

      40. OK puff,needed a laugh!

      41. It’s his plan all along. HomeSec knew about the surge since January and were soliciting for escorts. Everybody (globalists, Democrats, Marxists, elitists) has something to gain from the illegal aliens but America and Americans.

        Globalization is not just about the free flow of goods and capital, but also people, where the nation-state and its sovereignty along with its native culture threatened with dilution by unfettered migration and economic union superstates. Even Gen. Petraeus said that after America comes North America. The Democrats want the illegals as their socialistic political pawns to turn Texas and the rest of the US blue, into a one-party dictatorship and in which a Republican president will never be elected again. Then eventually they also can call for a Constitutional Convention to destroy the Constitution, and I bet the 2nd Amendment is among the first to go or at least radically altered. The ‘Democrat Lite’ establishment Republicans are no better. In addition to that, Cultural Marxism has taken the US and Europe, and it’s also an anti-Anglo ideology. The conspiracy is not just to turn the West blue, but also brown. We have the illegals aliens here, Europe is overrun by Arabs and Africans. The term ‘racist’ was invented by none other than Leon Trotsky, leader of the Red Army. Of which Trostsky also has a certain common ancestry with Karl Marx, Vlad Lenin, Genrikh Yagoda, Saul Alinsky, Francis Piven of Cloward-Piven, and more like the Feinsteins and Bloombergs. Though I do appreciate people like Michael Savage and Matt Drudge and the work that they do.

        The goal is the destruction of America and its middle class into a failed socialist nightmare where there will only be elites at the top and everyone else as mongrels at the bottom. Those that are for the children and want to show how compassionate they are, I wish they would show such compassion and respect for their country and countrymen first for once.

        “Welcome to a New World Order”-Bruce Springsteen, Ghost of Tom Joad.

      42. It’s his plan all along. HomeSec knew about the surge since January and were soliciting for escorts. Everybody (globalists, Democrats, Marxists, elitists) has something to gain from the illegal aliens but America and Americans.

        Globalization is not just about the free flow of goods and capital, but also people, where the nation-state and its sovereignty along with its native culture threatened with dilution by unfettered migration and economic union superstates. Even Gen. Petraeus said that after America comes North America. The Democrats want the illegals as their socialistic political pawns to turn Texas and the rest of the US blue, into a one-party dictatorship and in which a Republican president will never be elected again. Then eventually they also can call for a Constitutional Convention to destroy the Constitution, and I bet the 2nd Amendment is among the first to go or at least radically altered. The ‘Democrat Lite’ establishment Republicans are no better. In addition to that, Cultural Marxism has taken the US and Europe, and it’s also an anti-Anglo ideology. The conspiracy is not just to turn the West blue, but also brown. We have the illegals aliens here, Europe is overrun by Arabs and Africans. The term ‘racist’ was invented by none other than Leon Trotsky, leader of the Red Army. Of which Trostsky also has a certain common ancestry with Karl Marx, Vlad Lenin, Genrikh Yagoda, Saul Alinsky, Francis Piven of Cloward-Piven, and more like the Feinsteins and Bloombergs. Though I do appreciate people like Michael Savage and Matt Drudge and the work that they do.

        The goal is the destruction of America and its middle class into a failed socialist nightmare where there will only be elites at the top and everyone else as mongrels at the bottom. For the race perspective, study the sociological works of the far left on race and they state Brazil is the racial utopia model.

        Those that are for the children and want to show how compassionate they are, I wish they would show such compassion and respect for their country and countrymen first for once.

        “Welcome to a New World Order”-Bruce Springsteen, Ghost of Tom Joad.

        • That double post was me, sorry.

        • The Democrats what an underclass to vote for them and the Republicans want cheap labor; regardless the globalists want control of everything and everybody. Its easier when they’re all in one big pile.

          • oops

            Want not what.

      43. John Cornyn recently described the illegals crossing the border as a humanitaran crisis. Has anyone considered that obozo might call the un for assistance with this “crisis?

      44. Maybe because his vision is global and thats why he was hired?

        “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”.

        Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      45. Progressive indicates progress. These criminals and their criminal acts are not progress for the American people. These are regressive tactics and attacks on the legal people in this nation. Progress means moving forward in all areas of technology to benefit this nation’s people. You can’t have progress to benefit the common people in a system such as capitalism. To capitalists competition is a sin, therefore no progress can exist that threatens existing profits. If we can’t agree that capitalism is pure evil and demeans humankind, we are stuck in a neverending decline. The only result of capitalism is the scenario playing out before us now, the end result is the closing near destruction of sane and rational thinking impacting our ability to survive. We need a major reset away from greed, in other words capitalistic slaughter.

        • That’s total bullshit.

          No one benefits under communism, fascism, socialism, or any other ‘ism’ except the top levels of government. Only under capitalism has any nation ever had a middle class.

          Go ahead and point to those socialist countries in Europe with a middle class. Those societies were built long before socialism came along.

          Our middle class is disappearing due to our Leninist-Maoist president and his policies, and the policies of the socialist left.

          • Smokey

            The “Free Trade” proponents on the Right that are devout followers of unregulated capitalism have facilitated trade agreements with slave labor nations that have eviscerated US manufacturing. The so called Left self professed “saviors” of the working class sat silent as their leader Bill Clinton penned the agreements.

            The abandonment of Glass-Steagall which in effect de-regulated the Finance Sector allowing in essence the “Fox to run the chicken coop” which made what was formerly illegal to be now merely unethical. Needless to say ethics is not the strong suit of Wall Street.

            Capitalism is not to blame. Unregulated globalist crony capitalism is.

            The increase in welfare post 2008 is a symptom not a cause.

            • Kevin2… I have always enjoyed your posts, you consistently have good comments, in my opinion. You summed it up well about crony capitalism. I respect your opinion’s. Calgacus on the other hand is a repugnant prick. I already knew this as I never read his opinion.

        • aljamo
          Your fucked up. What you said is so inverted your heads gone up your ass.

        • aljamo

          The reality is we need Henry Ford and Walter Reuther. I see no advantage in communism or unregulated capitalism as both render too much power in the hands of a narrow spectrum. People don’t work too hard for the common good which torpedoes communism. Unregulated capitalism will eat itself like cancer driving down wages to a point where demand decreases.

          We had a window post WWII where capitalism invented and produced while organized labor a soft form of socialism had sufficient power to see that some of the economic pie was spread around. That “give and take” is at the heart of how our government was supposed to run with a separation of powers codified in the structure and framework of our Constitution. Its applicable in economics too.

          The economic good times ended when 3 or so billion people in poverty were invited to crash the party. They could have been brought up slowly over possibly 50-70 years. Attempting to pull up that many people this fast is destabilizing as the “have” nations do not have sufficient time to recover and in the end just get dragged down. The people making this happen are insulated from the harsh reality of their policy’s.

      46. i seem to remember a while back obama said we shoud learn spanish

        • Yea,
          SCREW THAT

        • He sure did say that. My thought at the time was, why didn’t he tell people to learn English?

          Now I know the answer.

      47. It’s all this TURDS plan to run the US intro a 3rd world country. This S.O.B. has to go.
        The way I look at it if the Clowns in D.C. wont stop them we from coming over the border they should be removed and replace with one that will.
        The Turd in Chief wants 3.1 billion to work on the problem. No Problem. Give it to a well armed a regulated militia to guard the boarder.
        Like I was always told don’t feed the wild cats! They will just keep bring more, and more to the supper table!

      48. They are bringing in the invading and/ or occupying army as I type this comment. The young male’s vastly out number any other age group (why?). So now we know why all the weapons and ammo along with everything else was being bought and stocked piled. Also why are they housing them at military bases Hmmmmmm. Call me paranoid or just plain crazy, I really do not care, but all this Shit was well plan out in advance. If you are not at your BOL you had better get there very soon, if you plan to bug in get to work on your home defenses now. A lot more SHIT is going to start hitting the fan soon. Along with everything else finish what prep’s you can. Remember WATER first, FOOD, DEFENSE, and SHELTER, anything else is a BONUS. Just hang tuff and keep a very sharp eye on the things that are going down around you, NOW. Look my gut tells me 30-60 days at the very longest 90 days, but could also be tomorrow. The rest of this month is going to tell a lot as to where we are standing on the time-line.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • @RR
          A year ago I would have thought you a paranoid wingnut, but today I think that you are a Prophet.

          In the movie Red Dawn, there are two invasions, one by Soviet troops and another by South Americans. Is Life mimicking art?

          It is time, Wolverines!

        • Excellent points River rat.
          A few weeks ago the wife got her wish and we bought some milk goats. Now we got milk and were making some cheeses, living large in the country. Got a new litter of rabbits growing and our spring chicks will be laying in a month. Were busy but growing more of what we eat.
          Today were going shopping to top off w/ some foods that dont have long shelf life – some boxed cereals and crackers, some canned foods to add in like baked beans. We already ordered more latex gloves and masks.
          Heard that lice isnt dying from the store treatments now and the best way to kill lice is with the original Listerine mouth rinse so were going to buy a bottle to set back just in case. Never had lice TB scabies or any of those illegal-carrying diseases and dont want any now. Fucking illegals. The only thing theyre giving us is disease and were asked to pay out the ass in taxes to support this invasion.
          Anyone else hear about Costco this week? Today were going to Costco to turn in our membership. They decided to pull the new book that Dinesh dSousa wrote that blasts Obama and his commie sidekicks so we decided to pull the Costco plug. No more money to the wrong side.

          Prep hard and be ready. Like I said a few weeks ago, this invasion is all-out.

      49. Those camps are for the rest of us–after the “refugees” are made into the “police” force to put us there!

        OK MAYBE 3 WORDS. 🙂

      51. /yep its a cold war on the former middle class. the making producing land owning counstitoun believing gun toting middle class are no longer needed or wanted. in fact we are a thorn in the side of the UN NWO & agenda 21 supporters. There isn’t now and has not been for quite some time any political or ballot box fix. So where does that leave us? I don’t know how it will end up. However Im pretty sure its going to be a negative result.

      52. I’ll tell you why he has allowed it!

        1- Mr. Obama has NO empathy for these children UNaccompanied by their parents– probably because the parents were FORCED at gunpoint to ABANDON their children– that would make our President a Sociopath and his own being a father just for show.

        One in 4 on Wall Street are psychopaths, so what would be the rate in politicians? Maybe 1 in 3?

        2- He knows the children were probably innoculated with death-causing viruses they will spread, thus causing a pandemic. The one world people want to reduce the 7.5 billion of us to just 500 million (but God the Father has been emphatic that he will not permit THAT). Obama has ordered that these children BYPASS standard medical protocols. Now why else would that be if not for pandemic purposes so he can utilize the U.N. trucks and foreign troops just chomping at the bit who have been identified and sighted numerous times in our country?

        3- There is NOT ONE caring parent who would let their young children leave home unescorted so therefore Obama is COMPLICIT with being an UNcaring parent.

        4- Following Cloward and Piven’s tactics, he knows services for these children will contribute to breaking our economy.

        Ladies and gentlemen of this website: Mr. Obama has well-studied Machiavelli as evidenced by his deceptions, lies, and outright duplicity; two, I doubt DNA testing would prove his children to be HIS (as evidenced by his NOT questioning what would make parents SEND their precious children UNescorted to another country; three, the man does not genuinely care about these precious children nor about your or me, as he is a lackey for the one world people [new world order].

        Let me be clear: I have no issue with anyone’s children.

        EXCEPT when one’s child grows up to be elected President, then seals all his college and law school records either to hide SOMETHING or to hide the fact he might not actually have attended either, who had been photographed WITH a college I.D. that said on it “Foreign Student”, then publishes an obviously fake birth certificate, then creates the SO-called affordable health care act that MANDATES the Mark of the Beast in all Americans [“a Class 2 implantable health care device” is the language you can find in that Act], then REFUSES to rescue Ambassador Stevens and the Seal Team protecting him, and I could go on and on and on and on….

        Edmund Burke stated that “Evil results when good people do nothing” or remain silent.

        WHY is our Congress and Senate SILENT about ALL this evil?

        Have they lost their TESTICLES?

        Silence about Evil is COMPLICITY WITH it!

        53 million abortions later, more than all people killed in our wars, our country has LOST the protection of Our Lord. In God we do NOT trust, or we would CANCEL the 341 Cable Channels most of us watch every night, get on our knees, pray, repent, and do penance for the BUTCHERING, the MANSLAUGHTER, and how our DRONES kill others around the world, including our own..

        Chastisements are coming from God the Father. They will come in two forms: the evil He will PERMIT the one world people to do to a certain extent, and then in the form of horrific or cataclysmic events occurring in nature [earthquakes, asteroids hitting ocean water that will cause Tsunamis that make all others just seem like a drop of rain] that will kill hundreds of MILLIONS of people– the good and the bad.

        Maybe THEN God the Father WILL get HIS children’s attention so He can WARN them of the HELL that Satan right NOW is leading MANY TO!

        Are YOU a parent?

        What would YOU do to get YOUR kids’ attention if they were killing babies, robbing, selling drugs, selling/trafficking children, selling weapons to both sides in all Middle Eastern conflicts, worshipping Satan, and causing incredible chaos and mayhem and destruction?

        WOULD you beat the shit out of them or do SOMETHING to get their attention to CORRECT them?

        WHEN the Chastisements HIT the planet, including our own country, each and every one of us WILL feel the wrath of our Heavenly Parent whom so many have abandoned, snubbed, disrespected, and trampled on.

        Don’t believe me? Then you must be a parent who lets your child do whatever shit he or she wants to. OR, you are incredibly naive about the Divine ANGER that we will all suffer. For we are all sinners. And some sinners are so out of control and the REST of us SILENT about them that God will HAVE to intervene to stop the destruction of His human family.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone, Good post.

          I agree. He does not care about children. Anyone who drone strikes and kills innocent children in other countries IS a psychopath! Period.

      53. Excellent post Lone Ranger!

      54. “””””Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens”””””””””?????????????

        it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer the ??..
        in fact,Charlie Rangel, Democrat crook from NY answered it a few yrs ago. It’s called the Browning of America and also making America into a 3rd world country eventually.

      55. Perhaps a bit of light relief, perhaps something more, but either way here’s a thought-provoking video concerning Michael/Michelle in the light of obongo’s known “orientation” (Chicago bath houses anyone?).


        Kenyan-born mulatto.
        Worships jews.
        Incapable of telling the truth about ANYTHING.
        May be a muslim.
        Known to be queer (I refuse to call queers “gay”).

        Is it too much of a stretch to imagine such a creature bringing his boyfriend into the brown house (formerly the White House) disguised as his “wife”?

      56. After they eliminate us (and yes they will), TPTB will have in place their slave force to work the fields for food, provide for every little thing they think they will need. These chumps do not have a clue as to what is coming their way, not one clue. If this is not the movie; HUNGER GAMES, to a tea. I feel all this is going to happen barring one thing A NATURAL DISASTER that will stop them in their tracts, but only for a while. Some may say a World War, but I feel they have that covered in their plans; as a matter of fact they will use that to cut back on the world’s population. Our time grows short, make use of it wisely.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      57. to complete the destruction of the usa why else

      58. update on the American who possibly died from EBOLA

        Ebola update: Immigration Service, Ports Authority start screening at entry points


        A US citizen suspected to have entred the country with the virus was detained at the Nyaho Medical Centre for tests to be conducted on his blood samples. The man arrived from Guinea on Sunday and reported at the infirmary for medical attention.

        The tests proved negative but he died Monday afternoon.”

        “Initial tests run on the American at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), according to hospital sources, was inconclusive because the officials used the wrong reagent (chemical).”

        makes you wonder what the real numbers are
        if that test was done improperly
        how many others ???

      59. A nation without borders is not a nation. I am furious as hell over this. He has two more years and we are in hell already. Almost over half of this nation is on welfare of some kind now. Thank you God, we no longer live in town as the crime rate this summer went up with robberies, especially in grocery stores. We have people already on snap crying at the church pantries and soup kitchen that they are starving because the SNAP runs out on them in 2 weeks. We are trying to get people involved in community gardens to teach sustainability.

        This is obama’s America. Keep the people repressed and on welfare dole. What will our country be like in two more years if it looks this bad now?

        • Patriot Mom-we probably will not have this country in 2 more years if we continue as we are. I want my country back-the pre-2009 country.

          • I feel we would be better served to go back to 1963, and know what we know now and act on every drip of it coming down the pike

      60. cant make this stupid shit up.. yes there are really stupid people employed in the task of teaching our children..and this is how they act when the students have said fuck your jackbooted policies

        much like whats coming for this government if they keep pushing

        h t t p://www.mintpressnews.com/middle-school-students-plan-break-dress-code-principal-screams-terrorism/193602/

        so now were terrorists for not going along with a dress code ..gimme a break

      61. The U.S. cannot allow the petro-dollar to die. Russia cannot and will not allow Ukraine to fall into NATO and/or U.S. hands, even if they have to terminate Putin to accomplish this. What does this mean? Nuclear war. Russia would have a difficult time defeating the U.S. and NATO conventionally. Not nuclear, in fact Russia is superior to the U.S. and NATO when it comes to nukes. The following article talks about all of this and why the human civilization is on severely borrowed time.


      62. U.S. President Obooboo= douche bag!

      63. “Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens?”

        We already KNOW the answer to that question. Just looking at all the posts here, it is very obvious- the Republic has been overthrown.

        The more important questions are:

        -WHY isn’t congress doing their job and upholding their oath of office?

        -WHY are bankers and financial institutions all criminals of the highest degree?

        -WHY aren’t the governors of the border states calling out the National Guard to repel these invaders?

        -WHY are the FEDS and local sheriffs arresting people who are protesting against this unjust illegal invasion?

        Why ask why?
        Our time is up, I’m afraid. Alas, Babylon has fallen.

        I hope and pray you are all getting your things together albeit physical, spiritual or mental. You are going to need that and more.

        • yep were being set up by our “own”, or at least those who have been placed in seats of power

          h t t p://www.nationalreview.com/articles/224980/la-raza-facts/michelle-malkin

        • Thank you Socrates. These are the best questions I’ve seen on here and I too would like to see the answers. WHY aren’t more people outraged ??? I think they are too busy doing what they do….ignoring what is right in front of them.
          I’m praying for us all.

      64. get the closing statement on this story

        “I’m just so overwhelmed,” daughter Maisha Allums told reporters Tuesday. “I can’t believe a CHP officer that was supposed to protect my mom and help my mom beat her like a — I can’t even say like a dog because if it was a dog getting beat like that he would have been in jail.”

        um no lady he wouldn’t be in jail , there would be another dead dog and no repercussions for the cop..and he still wont be in jail for beating your mom like that either..if you do win in court it will not be him paying for it either ..it will be all us tax payers paying for what that asshole did, and none of us are given that ability, the fact they are to uphold the laws and are one of the biggest violators with out repercussions tells you we are in a police state , and you have no rights ..unless you beat it out of them and get away with it..highly unlikely ,, at least for now

        never forget who did you wrong, their days are numbered

        h t t p://www.beloitdailynews.com/news/national/patrol-head-says-he-s-shocked-by-beating-video/article_43fd73f7-fa8b-5fe6-af05-aab590b733e2.html

      65. Why? Because they will work for three bucks an hour. Get used to it. The dollar is becoming obsolete, like you, it’s close to worthless. And you still haven’t prepared for the inevitable. The grid will go down, the buck will plummet, the economy won’t hire you, gas will sky rocket, and you will listen to the spin on TV thinking everything is going to be good. Why? Because you’re half a zombie already, your brain and bloodstream gorged with corn syrup, fluoride, MSG, fastfood, soda pop, and when you look in the mirror you see porky pig. Try to wake up. Superman, Batman, Mightymouse, the Hulk and Uncle Sam are not going to come to the rescue when you run out of peanut butter and tweenkies. But the zombies will be on your doorstep within three days – guaranteed. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about worthless and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save your self from disaster. This was written for you by some one who survived the 89 implosion on the Soviet Union. It will save your bacon.

      66. Once the government gets involved, you can count on a fiasco. I believe our tax dollars fund enough agencies to stop the influx of illegals. Border patrol, Homeland Security, ICE, FBI, ATF, National Guard, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. Drones , satellites, NSA and the CIA. Use our assets to secure our borders and make our borders secure.

      67. @everyone…I have a thought. I think we can agree that a lot of information in the news is misleading or omitted altogether. If everyone could post just one thing/news item from their hometown that we can read here. For instance, just north of here we had a EF1 tornado touch down here. (its unusual). http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/strong-storms-expected-afternoon-tonight/ngbZB/

        I think we could stand together this way. There is way too much misleading information out there.

      68. wait until these illegal border jumpers get a car or truck and pile into your family out there on the road

        no insurance, probably not even legal to drive..etc..
        and who will pay if you are hurt? or your property damaged or totaled ? guess who?


        • 14% of all drivers drive without insurance. Close to 30% in new Mexico. Welp, if you are not a citizen then I guess the laws don’t apply to you. Might be better to be a resident but not be a citizen?

      69. Why is anyone surprised that the President, a communist organizer from Chicago, is flooding America with anti-Americans from the third world? He wallowed in hatred of America at the Rev. Wrights’ church. Why is anyone surprised that the Republicans are doing nothing to stop it? They work for the US Chamber of Commerce, not us. The Chamber wants slave labor. These people would have been slave owners in the 1800’s.

      70. A lot of people not aware of this

        h t t p://www.bobmccarty.com/oklahoma-city-bombing/new-okc-bombing-trial-set-to-begin-july-28-in-salt-lake-city/

      71. Flying illegals home would be 99.5 percent cheaper than Obama’s plan

        The Washington Times

      72. Just like Bill Clinton giving away our National Parks to the United Nations.
        They DID NOT belong to him to give away.
        They are OUR parks, NOT HIS.
        And his signing an Executive Order giving away our National Parks was an illegal act “so I want our National Parks back, right NOW”.
        OR I will be pulling a Citizens Arrest the next time I see him…

      73. America can’t survive economically without consumerism at the forefront.
        If 50% of Americans are unemployed, and no buying is producing revenue taxes, then pass out welfare checks- newly printed by Federal Reserve- to new illegals and problem solved.

      74. Here’s the plan…just for fun.

        The Mexicans will continue to pawn off their burdens to society on us because they do not have a reason to stop. It benefits their society greatly to push these people off on us. The way you get their attention is to make this behavior cost them in a big way.

        Mexican’s like to do the social engineering thing. Let’s return the favor. Blockading the Murrieta, CA way was cute but relatively ineffective. If your gonna blockade, blockade the border crossings. Seriously. Totally and completely block the border crossings. Nothing comes in. 500 cars, 10,000 people doing a sit-in at a border crossing. The only way the Mexican’s will pay attention is when you hit them in the wallet. Prolly will shake up people on our side of the border also.

        Anarchy 101. Might want to check the legal aspects of this of course. It sounds good on paper.

      75. h t t p://news.yahoo.com/joni-ernst-seeks-to-walk-back-talk-of-impeaching-obama-015747572.html

        Joni Ernst you two faced bitch..make up your mind who’s team your on..too late we already know who paid you off.

        Iowa Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst attempted Tuesday night to walk back statements made at a January event in which she said President Barack Obama had “become a dictator” who should be “removed from office” or face “impeachment.”

        In a statement provided to Yahoo News, reacting to a story published earlier Tuesday, Ernst said she does not believe that Obama is a dictator but rather that “his repeated use of unilateral action sure makes him look like one.”

        “To be clear, I have not seen any evidence that the President should be impeached,” the statement read.

      76. This isn’t about some 3 year old kid looking for a better life. If it was the politicians would have photo ops on every web site, propaganda outlet and bill board. There are no photos because they would show the age, incriminating tattoos and disdain for America. This is about bringing in a fighting force. It is an invasion. Hell, they might be bring in some of old Eric “the bag” Holders weapons. This army is being move with the speed and efficiency of modern warfare.
        The current body politic care about fundamentally changing America. Said so itself. Not about some 3 year from Guatemala with TB.
        They even care less about the US born citizen. That was made clear when it said that these invaders are our future.
        Make no mistake. They are here for what you have built. Not for the glorious third world country they have. The agenda is rape, robbery, murder until they have their change for they blame the American way of life. To them it is the root of all their woes.

      77. Cloward-Piven and Camp of the Saints combined into one.

      78. Well, it is happening. All of our paranoid tin foil wearing fantasies are now reality.

        “To be well adjusted to a sick society is no measure of health”

        Like other posters here, the time is now. We are collapsing. You are too late to do any serious prepping.

        Stay the fuck off my lawn or be buried under it.

      79. The Bushbama regime has been a seamless continuum of destruction.

        Don’t forget that the head elephant sock puppet, Senor Boosh, in cahoots with his former appointee and later U.S. Senator from Cuba Mel Martinez, proposed the last amnesty in 2006.

        FedGov, failing to execute their responsibility to “protect (the states) from invasion, leaving a 2,000 mile border wide open for 30 years, allowing 20 million anonymous foreigners to invade and colonize the states, instead hires useful idiot thugs grope our women and irradiate our children traveling between states.

        The only political solution is for the states to secede, leaving the elephant/jackass sock puppets with their debt and illegal aliens.

      80. I explain you why: Multiculturization weakens the white race. American and European governments DELIBERATELY WANT to WEAKEN the white society because they are dead set SCARED of a pure white society. A pure white society is way too strong and intelligent and would NEVER tolerate a tyrannical government in the long term. But the more ethnic groups there are in a white society, the less likely the white people are going to UNITE as a group and overthrow the tyrannical government.

        In short: The ethnic migrants are saving the tyrannical governments ass.es! That’s why they wanna bring in more and more ethnic migrants. To weaken the white people more and more to stop any threat of a revolution.

        It’s a bit like if you have a conflict in your house with your family and you are just about to seriously work out the conflict and then suddenly a guest arrives at your house and kind of dilutes the conflict. Now everyone is kind of scared to continue with their arguments. Everyone is kind of scared a bit because of the presence of the guest. The conflict then gets swept under the carpet for another day…That’s essentially what’s happening with migrants in our society. The tyrants are buying themselves time while we deal with the “guests” arriving in our country… Instead of REALLY DEALING with the PROBLEM (which are the TYRANTS IN GOVERNMENT), we are now dealing with our unwanted guests…

      81. I totally reject the notion the the U.S. is a nation of “immigrants” and that immigration is required for any reason whatsoever.

        These lying idiots want immigration for their (almost exclusively) destructive and subversive purposes. Old-stock Americans came as pioneers and conquerors and can take care of themselves.

        We have no use for parasites and opportunists from alien cultures.

      82. apparently a lot of people are confused about the hole front door – back door thing

      83. Why? I can’t speak for the administration, but from my point of view, Texas and Arizona, the main problem points of the influx, have grown callously rightwing. Just before the surge, I read “Texas Inmate’s Newborn Died After She Gave Birth in Solitary Confinement”.
        What better way to stick it to Perry and his gang of fools than to open the foreign floodgate?
        But of course, the problem won’t stay confined to narrow areas.. and as usual the lower and middle class will more keenly feel the spreading effect from this.
        The administration hasn’t really been about helping middle and lower America, it’s half-measures have been more about pacifications for subjection. I’d be ok about impeachment if a good case can be made even though I voted for Obama.

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