Why I Cannot Support Concealed Carry Weapons Permits (And Why You Shouldn’t Either!)

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    John Filippidis is a Concealed and Carry Weapons permit holder, which means he can carry his firearm on his person or in his car legally. He followed all applicable laws in the State of Florida to obtain his permit, and has been a lawful citizen since being “given the right” to retain a firearm when in public.

    Recently he was driving through the State of Maryland on a family vacation when he was stopped, for no apparent reason, by a law enforcement officer who had trailed his car for at least ten minutes.

    According to his family, this is how the stop went down:

    The officer was from the Transportation Authority Police. He asked Filippidis for his license and registration. Around ten minutes later, he returned and asked John to exit his vehicle.

    “You own a gun,” the officer says. “Where is it?”

    Filippidis told the officer his gun was at home in his safe.

    Apparently the officer didn’t believe Filippidis, because he began questioning his wife, Kally, next:

    “Your husband owns a gun. Where is it?”

    First Kally said, “I don’t know.” Retelling it later to the Tampa Tribune, she said, “And that’s all I should have said.” Instead, attempting to be helpful, she added, “Maybe in the glove

    . Maybe in the console. I’m scared of it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I might shoot right through my foot.”

    That’s when things escalated. The officer confronted Filippidis:

    “You’re a liar. You’re lying to me. Your family says you have it. Where is the gun? Tell me where it is and we can resolve this right now.”

    Of course a gun could not be produced, since it was home in Filippidis’ safe.

    Because Mrs. Filippidis told a different story than her husband, the officer said he had probable cause to search the vehicle. And he did just that. He called for backup and they literally took the vehicle apart in an effort to find the weapon the Mr. Filippidis left in his safe back at home in Florida.

    The gun, of course, was never found. After 90 minutes of having their personal property violated, the Filippidis family was released without charge or citation.

    Since Mr. Filippidis was driving according to all traffic laws, there was absolutely no reason to pull him over. And this is where our problem starts. Why did he get pulled over in the first place?

    It turns out that when you register your weapon as a CCW holder you get flagged and tagged in the system. And, apparently this crosses over state lines, because the Transportation Authority Officer who pulled Mr. Filippidis over did so because he suspected there was a firearm in the car. That’s it – there was no probable cause of wrong doing and no other possible reason this car should have been pulled over.

    Remember that whole ridiculous argument about registration of guns eventually leading to confiscation like it has in so many other countries in the past?

    Turns out there may we be something to that. Mr. Filippidis and his family were, by all accounts, considered and treated criminals for legally owning a firearm, even though that firearm was not in their possession.

    The chief of TAP has apologized to the Filippidis family, but no action has been taken against the officer that, in no uncertain terms, illegally detained and violated the rights of this family and did so at gunpoint.

    As noted by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker, this illegal stop highlights the key problem with CCW permits and gun registration initiatives in general, and he argues why such registration requirements need to be repealed.

    Denninger: Why I Cannot Support CCW Permits

    There is only one solution to this problem folks — it’s none of the government’s damned business if you’re carrying a weapon or not.  It’s none of the government’s damned business right up until you do something unlawful with it, at which point it becomes both reasonable and appropriate to search, arrest, charge, whatever — for the unlawful act.

    But the bottom line here is that the fact that this individual registered his ownership and intent to carry for personal protection of himself and his family in the places where it is lawful to do so with the government meant that he was unlawfully stopped, detained and searched by a ****head who has faced no penalty for the violation of his Constitutional right to be left alone absent evidence of, or probable cause to suspect, actual unlawful activity.

    The only solution to this is Constitutional Carry.  That is, you have the right under the 2nd Amendment to carry, either openly or concealed, a firearm without applying for any sort of permit or asking for permission from the government first.

    It is only if and when you commit a crime with a weapon present and in some way related to the offense that the government gains the ability to intervene in yourpersonal decision to not be a victim and protect both yourself and others near you, most-particularly your family.

    There is no means to solve this problem any other way, as despite whatever sanctions Florida may apply to its peace officers for abusive acts of this sort the very act of registration exposes you to abuses by other political subdivisions in the United States.

    Therefore, the only means of stopping this crap is in fact to get rid of any such requirement of registration — period.

    We’ll repeat that again in case you missed it: The only solution to this is Constitutional Carry. 

    Can we all agree that a criminal who intends to do harm to others will never register their firearm? They will be carrying concealed regardless of the laws of the state in which they reside.

    So, if the intent of these CCW laws is to prevent gun crimes instigated by gangs and others, then it is a total failure.

    What these laws do in actuality is restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to own self defense weapons and, as the case in Maryland shows, to track those citizens across the country. Of course, the government would never overstep its bounds like these peace officer in Maryland did. That was just an isolated incident, right?

    They’ll have us believe that officials having knowledge of every gun owner in their state, city or neighborhood poses no danger to the freedom of American citizens.

    Perhaps today it doesn’t (unless of course you’re John Filippidis on a family vacation). But consider what will happen should more restrictive legislation be passed – or if the President of the United States signs an Executive Order outlawing the ownership of certain types of firearms or their accessories.

    It should be crystal clear: Gun registration in any form, even CCW Concealed Carry Weapons permits, pose an immediate and distinct danger to the liberty of the American people.


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      1. Ruger is going to stop selling all simi-auto in california.

        • I’ve been warning people not to get concealed carry licenses on here for years and have been thumbed down every time. Those who ignored my advice will be the example TPTB use to scare the majority into submission.

          Proud to live in an open carry state even in the car.
          Montani Semper Liberi

          • A free man needs no permits.

            • I totally agree. The more that big brother can trace back to you, the more they can find to frame you with, AND the more they can harass and make your life more difficult and stressful. Freedom is the right to remain anonymous.

              • They can kiss my ass
                and the piece I carry ‘illegally’.

                Catch me if you can.

                • Well I have had. Ccw forever. Even had a fed level one. And have 5 from different state.

                  Question what is there I can do. And I have never had an issue. Actually I have found the officer treat me with more respect. I know this forever. 75% I asked to confirm I have a meapon. I answer on my &$$&$. Then quickly receive and am on the way. And I notice the troopers that notice my wrap on are the ones most likely to let me off even at 100mph.

                  And we are tracked in so many ways why even try. I find just pulling it out and waving your stuff around actually gets you overlooked in stead looked at.

                  And the next glock are coming

                  ALL HAIL GLOCK

                  41. Long slide 45
                  42 super compact 380
                  30S. New standard for a 45

                  ALL HAIL GLOCK
                  ALL HAIL GEMTECK

                  • My ticket. Auto correct is like a liberal

                  • Actually, it should be a good sign for police if they find out that you are CPL/CWW holder. That means you are good guy by default. Otherwise state will not issue license for you.
                    Police job is not for ones who believe licensed concealed carry is bad and cause to infringe your rights.

                  • I’m sorry but half that post made no sense at all…
                    Tipping the spirits a bit early this eve…
                    Unless of course you were making a reference to the ORI…Well…then it makes perfect sense and I’m double sorry…hiccup…

                  • Leave it to a women to open her mouth and say something stupid. My god, that’s deserving of a beating.

                • The second amendment is my permit to carry.

            • While I agree that not needing a permit is far better; I have one. I figure that’s our first step. Their argument against the permits was that we would have violence everywhere. They were wrong. Now we need to get everyone one, and then get rid of them as stupid and unnecessary. Besides, the more people that get one, the better; Because if it’s war they want, It may as well start here. Molon Labe

              • @ Paranoid. A permit not traced back to all sorts of personal data is the best permit. The closing of personal freedom is what is so horrible that each one of us goes through each day. It is setting up the foundations in which they will ATTEMPT to have us all linked up to some mass data collecting base within our own bodies. Chipped. If you had a permit to carry a firearm and the ONLY data was that you had that right to carry, this would not be such a problem. The real issue is that with this or anything else, they can link up everything about you, including medical records.

                It is not the gun permit that is the problem here, it is that no one can remain anonymous anymore for anything to protect themselves. Just look at the way these other worthless sites ask for all sorts of personal information to make a comment. This is not freedom, it is keeping track of you so someone can sue you or obtain information to sell to others, or so they can make sure you pay in someway for any type of violations in what you say. Yes, when someone has your e-mail they can be a real a$$hole and cause you problems even with a good anti-virus. This is why I just don’t use the e-mail, I have had two computers burned because of it.

                This is why I so HIGHLY praise Mac and this site for practicing what they preach about free speech, because it allows you to remain anonymous and still speak and talk freely about what you feel. This is what freedom was meant, to not have to walk on eggshells with the toxic poisonous political correctness that is helping to undermine and kill the First Amendment. This is what I have an issue with, the access and abuse of the innocent citizen through mass information collection by those that want to enslave everyone.

                • just more PROOF that the gubmint is the BEST spy agency in the WORLD, and they CAN and WILL use anything you say or do AGAINST you…pitchforks and torches need stress testing!

                • BI,

                  Freedom means having the balls … er, sorry ladies, the backbone to say what you think without having to hide.

                  George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams et al did not agitate for independence under pseudonyms.

                  Starting with the tyrant’s police state, anyone who really wants to find me probably can.

                  Genghis Khan reputedly counseled his warriors, “If you are afraid, don’t do it. But if you do it, don’t be afraid.”

                  They want us to be so afraid of what they might know about us, or do about us, that we hide like frightened rabbits.

                  As a matter of principle I refuse to hide. Molon Labe

                  • I agree with you, and most people are afraid.

                    Using an alias is not hiding. It is being prudent with the protection of your privacy rights. Having rights means using them and protecting them from would be violators.

                    One of the most precious rights we have is the right to privacy. And in the common law I can use any name I want to, any time I want to, and so long as I honor my contracts I made using the name.

                    A “legal name” is a corporate identity and should only be used when dealing with the corp. Use it corp papers, but in other places (such as stores), use a different name for everybody that asks for your private information. It’s none of their business.

                    As a bonus, anybody who should NOT be checking the address will probably come up with a long list of current “residents” claiming your address. Hopefully none of them you.

                  • @GC

                    I read many years ago that one should use a different name, or form of your name, at every place you do business so that you can find out who is selling your information to mailing lists.

                  • @ John_Allen. It just is not worth it to have legal problems and the attacks that occur nowadays with full disclosure of whom you are. The more someone knows about you the more they know how to take you down. There are a countless number of “trouble makers” that have had horrible events occur to them because they became so vocal. Some did enough that it was worth it. Others though the liabilities far outweighed what was gained. Those whom want to be the crusaders of the world have very noble pursuits. Those whom want to protect themselves from the crap that comes with wide openness, this is their choice. Being anonymous does have its advantages of not knowing whom is really behind the pseudonym. This is one reason why wearing sunglasses is one way of maintaining strength over those that are not seeing your eyes, the windows to the soul.

                    John, we are not scared rabbits, we are prudent careful thinking individuals that value anonymity because the hassles of full disclosure is just not worth the trouble at this time. Like Gods Creation mentions, we are guaranteed privacy under the Constiution. Many people after the hell starts you will find standing right beside you trying to preserve the freedom.

                  • John Allen, agree about your assesment of fear (afraid) but would like to point out something: all bullies (our gov’t) try to intimidate people, as with the above mentioned cop. Why bully people? TPTB (criminals) live in a state of fear. Every tyrant, has murdered his closes supporters,allies, friends, and family members.

                    BI and the rest, remember; you can know alot about people but that doesn’t mean you know them. They can have all the info on me they want but they have no idea how and when I’ll react. The more independant an individual, the more the threat he/she is to tptb. Conceal carry? I’ve had mine for years and don’t care what info they gather. Because, all of us that are vets have already been marked and cataloged by the gov’t. Stay off the grid? As much as possible but it still isn’t security as much as our ability in knowing how to use our knowledge and experiences to survive. TPTB fear death, most of us don’t. Been there, seen it and survived. Evil will never have the advantage of me being in a state of fear.

                  • Forgot; the constitution? Love it and agree with it. Saying that, we all can agree it is the law that allows us to carry, legally. But, I will not trust the courts (judges) to side and up hold the constitution of my rights. Going to court, no matter the reason, becomes a journey and I do not trust the courts/lawyers, period. Do you trust the courts?

                  • Hi John,

                    For men we say ‘Get a set’ or ‘grow some Ba…’

                    The term your looking for when speaking of our women folk is………Breasticles.

                • The most useless site is of course Facebook. Everything that creeps and crawls perveted and Otherwise posts on facebook. And the law enforcement is hourly creeping right along with all thats posted there .

                  • Heads up.

                    People are breaking into cars and stealing GPS devices and garage door remotes. They can then use your “home” location in your “favorites” to drive right to your house, use the door remote, and clean you out at their leisure. Looks like they target events like ball games where they know you’ll be out of your car for a while. Delete your home location and reset it to a point somewhere in the general area. Garmin has a “use current location” button. Look over your cars and scrub your address from anything in/on them.

                • I tend to agree… I think Denniger is confused. First, a CCW does not in any way register the gun. The gun is already registered by Form 4473. The gun dealer has to keep these forms for 20 years and does not send these forms to the ATF unless specifically requested during an audit or investigation. I am not sure they are legally allowed to take the form and keep it on record anyway. So theoretically, any gun purchased more than 20 years ago does not have a record. Neither do the records track what happens to the gun after the initial purchase, so in all likelihood, most guns cannot be traced. Take gun shows for example.

                  What Denniger fails to realize is this is not a gun confiscation issue, it is a cop issue. This officer, if in fact he was an officer and not something like a TSA agent with no arrest power and a huge ego power trip, targeted this family most likely because of the out of state license plates. This is called profiling and the libtards should be all over it, but you know why they are not.

                  If this type of lawlessness by LEO’s does not change and change very quickly, the next Mr. Filippidis of the world will take such actions as a direct imminent threat to their life and begin to fight back in fear of their and family’s lives.

                  What kind of hell do you think Mr. Fillippidis would have gon through if during the illegal search, some other minor thing would have been found? Lets say this family was going on vacation and had several thousan dollars in cash on them? Would that money have been impounded as suspicious? What about a trunk full of unwrapped Christmas presents?

                  How many LEO’s will have to die in what would otherwise be a minor traffic stop because they allow their brothers to abuse the citizens’ rights? Either the LEO’s will hold their kind to the letter of the law, or the future Mr. Filippidis of the world will.

                  What makes the USA different from the other socialist countries where this kind of thing keeps every citizen in fear, is that in the USA, we are very well armed and will be through whatever gun confiscation program the PTB come up with.

                  • There was a terrible fire in the back of the local gun shop after the last election. Luckly no guns or people got hurt only paper and wood.

                  • The issue is both. Cops see us as “threats” to their precious officer safety. They also have this misguided opinion that they are more valuable than us mere tax donkeys. So, that problem starts at the top level in the various departments. Some cops are also bullies, either because they themselves were bullied, or the power the have goes to their head. I had an employee who was a reserve cop of some sort. This idiot did a background check on a person he had called to find out where she worked. Why? Because he could. There is this warrior mentality they like to live within, but they aren’t warriors. Supposed to preserve the peace and good order, not this mindset some have. I encountered one off duty cop at Verizon. He had this plate on his car, I’m sure we’ve all seen it. Had a number 1 and * on it, black and blue colors. I asked this largish guy what the plate meant. He stares and while I continue to look at I’m, finally answered; one ass to risk. I told him, wow, we could have used that in the rangers. He walked off at that point. Dumbass wearing desert cargo pants and a t-shirt off duty like he’s ranger f’ing joe (except most military guys don’t wear crap like that unless they have to).

                    So, my point? It’s a personnel issue. Captains don’t hold their charges to a standard that we approve of at times. Rogues get away with shit. City councils just leave it up to the department to self police, etc… Until something happens to elected officials, they don’t give a flip. Now, that said, some police are stand up guys. Seems the sherrifs office are a bit more competent. One sherrif here abouts holds pistol classes, teaches CCW courses, makes sure you understand what the crime is really like. Oh, and I don’t have CCW. And the place I bought most of my guns burned completely to the ground about 5 years ago, so… Oops, no records there either.

                • I totally agree with the necessity for anonymity. Unfortunately, it is used all too often to conceal ignorance and cowardliness. I don’t concern myself too much with anonymous speech.

                  When it comes to matters of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, one must stand up and be counted. So I will continue to speak freely under my own name to my government.

                  Of course, I reserve the same rights as criminals do in this matter, which at least puts us on an equal footing. Nor am I concerned with the possible future need to ask questions later. I do beg for God’s protection; whatever the spirit’s willingness, the flesh is generally weak.

                  Indeed, Mr. Slavo has offered up a pretty good site for free speech.

              • A local Sheriff Deputy asked me if I had a ccw when he saw my .357 laying on the front seat at the 5 n Dime. I told him no my permit is the 2nd. He smiled and the conversation went elsewhere. I like my neighborhood.

                • The officer continued on because probably your state allows open carry and the weapon wasn’t concealed and not actually because of your witty comment. Laying in the open on the seat or dash is within the law of an open carry state.

                  • Yes, you are correct. He knew that they were of limited value in a open carry state. That is why he smiled. Unless I decide to travel extensively out of state to states that are not Constitutional Carry, or Open Carry I will not consider getting a permit.

              • I have a CCW in Wyoming. I got it before Wyoming became a Constitutional State. Now I need to decide whether or not to renew it.

                Arguments for keeping my CCW:
                It is good in about 2/3 of the other states, including all the nearby states except Kansas.
                In Wyoming, there is no gun registration. The only laws are the federal ones. So, if you don’t have a CCW, you have to have a background check to buy a gun. If you have a concealed carry weapons permit, there there is no state of federal record of what guns you buy or own. The gun shops still have to keep the records required by federal law, but they don’t turn them in to anyone. They just keep them in house unless they go out of business, in which case they turn their records over to the state.

                So, if I was planning to do much traveling or if I want to purchase more guns, it would be good to keep my permit active. Otherwise, I would probably be better off letting it expire.

                If you don’t want to get a permit, there are four constitutional carry states that you could move to. I THINK the four are: Wyoming, Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont.

                • “The gun shops still have to keep the records required by federal law, but they don’t turn them in to anyone. They just keep them in house unless they go out of business, in which case they turn their records over to the state.”

                  That is not entirely correct. Teh FFL dealer at gun stores and at gun shows just keeps a record of all sales UNTIL THE ATF asks to see them, then the ball game changes. So this is why I consioder FFL dealers to be UNsupportive of the 2nd amendment and will not buy from them.

                  armslist.com adn gunlistings.org are great places to go and find people still willing to support the 2nd and do face to face purchases with a smile and no paperwork.

                  BTW, I know that MI, PA and IA are open carry states as well.

                  • I know one guy that keeps his ATF records in a glass fish tank with a dish full of acid. After about a year they get surprisingly crumblie.

                  • I would not say never buy from a FFL. When they come looking you give them one for the road. A “throw down” so to speak that was purchased at your local FFL dealer. The other option is to buy from multiple FFL dealers, so when the Feds pull the records from a dealer you may only show up once. Most of my paper weights have no paper attached to them and the ones I found in the stores have been collected from all over the country.

                  • PA is open carry except for the rathole where the dead vote Philly.

                • Daisy are laws here in Kansas have changed.
                  Beginning July 1, 2013, the State of Kansas will recognize all “valid” concealed carry licenses (or permits, cards, etc.) that are issued by another State or the District of Columbia. HOWEVER, there are two important caveats to that general rule: (1) this recognition only extends to individuals who are not residents of Kansas. If you are passing through Kansas to another state, or staying in Kansas temporarily for business or pleasure – a valid CCH license from another jurisdiction will be honored beginning July 1, 2013; and (2) this recognition will only allow the license holder to carry a concealed handgun. Any other defensive weapons carried by the non-Kansas license holder must, as with all Kansas residents, be carried in accordance with Kansas law while they are within Kansas’ borders.
                  this is my first posting to this site. I have been a long time reader.

                  • kansasguy, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. braveheart

                  • A deputy from another state sitting in his patrol car was able to pull up all of the guns I bought over the counter in the last 15-20 years including serial numbers. Dont kid yourselves thinking they dont know what you have. My DL# and CCW# in this state are the same. I chose to permit to avoid a possible felony which would result in loss of ownership of all my guns. Buy your guns from a private party in a friendly state and keep them seperate from the over counter purchases guns and your ccw carried guns. Then your legal and will always have some.

                • I am not sure the “privileges” are worth the cost.

            • A free man needs no permits.”
              YES SIR , we do not need permits .
              permits are registration , nothing more.
              And as we can all see by the story , a “permit” will make you a registered target .
              I am a free man and as long as i dont spit in your soup or piss down your leg we have no trouble.
              Simple aint it ?

              • That was put rather well. Gun registrations were put into place in every country before they took them. History repeating itself. In a state where it’s legal to open carry, no one thinks anything about it when they see someone with a holster around their waists. Amazing isnt’ it, the conditioning we’ve all be trained for?

            • Something is wrong with this story because I’m a CCW holder from Florida and at no time does the application ever ask about ownership of any firearms. The article clearly says ‘when you register your gun…’ and that’s simply untrue, there are no gun registrations required in Florida. Both of my statements can be verified by pulling up a copy of Florida’s CCW permit and our state statutes (790 series) concerning firearms. What may be going on here is that when you apply you get a federal and state background check and THAT information may be in the system. Now tie that into the vehicle registration and the cops may able to tell if you’ve been issued a permit. But I’m just guessing at this last part. Florida has the highest percentage and highest number of permit holders in the country and perhaps that little toad from Fairyland/Maryland was just guessing because we have such a high rate of gun permits. But if the info is stored in a national database which can be accessed by local (PD) clowns like this the other options are as follows: Know what the laws are and follow them when going through these sorry-assed excuses for states, going around them if possible, or this last one which is a bit more drastic. If that punk cop did make a connection based on national data and the vehicle registration then when possible, get the vehicle registered under another name when possible so that there is no direct connection between the names. What a sad state of affairs to have to go through this bullshit but it beats going to jail and hiring an attorney. Anyone else have any great ideas?

              • He’s right Florida does not register weapons nor does it ask if you have any when you apply for a permit. So that cop just assumed he owned them. Should of told him he doesn’t have to answer that. Also the Firearms Protection Act allows you to travel through communist states like Maryland with firearms to another state as long as you are legal in your destination state, the weapon is unloaded and locked up. Should of said he was traveling to New Hampshire. I keep a print out of that with me whenever I travel.

          • I was concidering getting a CCW until I was on a roadtrip with a friend to California and the same thing happened. The LASD there tore the entire car apart looking for the weapon which he hadent even owned for 2 years. Then left us sitting on the side of the road with a car that wouldn’t run because of the damage they did.

          • the error was crossing the Maryland border with Florida plate…the carry permit is tagged to the car registration if it is registered to the permit holder..MD does not honor a Florida permit. Of course if the car was reg was in his wife’s name…the incident would never have happened.

            • Jim N

              Thanks for that information.

            • Company name and or family trust name is always best.

              Trust name always comes back squeaky clean.

            • It shouldn’t have happened regardless of whose name the registration was in. They weren’t bothering anyone by just driving down the road, minding their own business.

              PLUS, when the man said it was in the safe at home, that’s all the officer should’ve needed to hear. What basis did he have to call that man a liar and go on to question anyone else? They weren’t responsible for the gun, the permit holder was, and only the permit holder.

              • Damn straight. Anyone questioned after that should have answered with “we have done nothing wrong. are we free to go?”

              • Instead, attempting to be helpful, she added, “Maybe in the glove [box]. Maybe in the console. I’m scared of it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I might shoot right through my foot.”

                What a dumb bitch. Shame on him for marrying her.

            • Use corporate law against the Corporation.

              Never own a vehicle in a citizen’s name for reasons this article makes all too clear.

              Fire up an LLC for $100 and title the vehicle to that LLC — end of problem. And the end of many similar harassments by state & federal LEOs as the Total Information Awareness Net closes around us.

              OP is right. A CCW is a tool of the state to monitor and harass. I will never sign up for that.

              “My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.”

          • PreparedPastor….don’t feel too bad…you can say we all need water and air to live and someone will red thumb you… 🙁

            • Sorry, REB! I couldn’t resist.



              • :)…is that whats known as “friendly fire”you ole dog you!

            • Yep Reb, Don’t think I’ve ever had a post without a red thumb. I think it is someone with only two brain cells left and one is failing. We don’t have to register our guns in NV however if you purchase in a store and go through a background check then guess what your registered whether you want to or not. Wife carries so this concerns me. I build our guns or buy at the shows, in addition my wife’s permit allows store purchases without a background check so I thought tracking was at least minimized. Now I have my doubts. These commies are tricking.

              • Maddog you are trace in so many ways. And then if they find nothing attached to your name that is a red flag too. I personally can vouch for that and it ended in a invited Atf visit.

                I believe it is a east e to try and hide. Of course don’t shit in your own front yard.

                But just flood the system with info. Yes computers are fast but in the end a human go though it and acts on it. Sky net has not activate yet.

                ALL HAIL GLOCK

                Lastman standing. I was wheeled to the range and was able to do some 2inch at 600. But had to be bright yellow orange. Many I can get back to real ranges again. Buy I think it will still be a while before I can 416 or 50 it again. Inners still can’t take it. Plus who want to leak at the range.

                Thinking of setting up a demilitarize M2 up for sniper shooting. And a demil 30 call anti air for hunting. (I allow to hunt from the vehicle)

                Does that sound to crazy.

                • Good to hear from you…thanks for the shout out.

                  2″ @600 is awesome…who cares what color, most people can’t hit a pie plate at 100, with a custom, 100x and a sled.

                  I am a bit over 50. Shooting was passed to me by my father. Being calm and in control is the key ingredient. Only a few of us have it. We all learned with no tech shit…then it (tech) added to our skill. I don’t have a big bore…want one that is off the grid. Pulling the trigger has internal consequences for sure…especially if they have been ‘rearranged’.

                  Regarding targets,colors and groupings. I don’t want to shame or belittle the pie plate. It is a standard target for my family…at any range be it 25′ or a bit further. Aim for the center and a hit on the pan is…a damn good start.

                  We’re all fucking crazy to them…and that is what they are afraid of…those of us that are individuals.

                  Collectivists are fucking terrified of individuals, the man that is not afraid to stand alone will be lastmanstanding. I know there are lots of us out there.

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight” my friend.

                  but I didn’t need to tell you that.

                  • Color problem is a new issue with eyes. I guess as long as blue shows up

              • maddog…the ones that do the most thumbing down are generally the ones least likely to tell you why too…I guess Ive done it a few times myself…its okay ,if it makes them feel better more power to em…Im secure in what I believe and what I state so it doesn’t bother me(Im certain you are too 🙂 …be safe friend!

                • When it comes to red or green thumbs , one should not be overly concerned. At times it seems my finger is fatter than the keypad and an incorrect response triggers. Besides that, I have seen people red thumb someone for expressing condolence for the loss of a loved one on this site . I just shake my head and wonder the words ” Go Figure ”
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                  • 🙂

                • Yep I am. Thanks REB, watch your backside too.

            • Can someone tag this comment for Soros’ paid bot army.

          • I live in GA where open carry is legal. I will not get a permit as it puts you on the list of first to be picked up.

            • Someone has to be at the top. To old, to fat. to stupid, might as well be me. Besides, they might not be as well practiced for the first ones.

          • Advising people to commit felonies is not smart.

          • I’m with you on this one. To have a carry permit you’re assured to be in the feds database. You’ll be low hanging fruit WTSHTF. I live in Texas where you can at least have a weapon in your car wo license as long as its outta sight.(good idea anyway). Funny the govt never had a problem with me being armed when I was in Nam. But then I was making the world “safe for democracy” LMAO

            • I willing to bet buying a hunting license flags you too.

              • Being registered to vote as something other than democrat

              • If you are on foodstamps. Fishing and hunting license in N.C. are free . I couldn’t beleave it when I was told.

          • I had seriously considered getting one, til I read your posts…then I thought, criminals don’t get ccw, why should I give tptb something to quibble with. I’m not getting one now, but I do want to take some classes, just to learn firearm safety…

            • Babycatcher, just a thought. Criminals don’t get CCW but they also don’t pay for Lawyers. You may have to! Trekker Out.

              • The United States Concealed Carry Association, sells cheap self defense insurance

          • For those who say to get your permit under an alias or variation of your name, that is probably not possible. They will use the name you give on your driver’s license.

            A better option would be to register your CAR in another name. If someone else in your family does not have a permit, then you could register your car in that name. Or you could use a corporation or trust. Just make sure you can get insurance in the name you choose to register your vehicle.

          • Agree P.P., self-reporting your status as a firearm keeper and bearer should be left to the sheeple. Anyone that thinks a government permit isn’t an infringement is a fool, and those that know it is but obtain one anyway are sheep.

            This ranks up there with Patriots and Preppers getting amateur radio licenses when all they require is SHTF communication capability. DHS/FCC couldn’t care less that you can pass the test, which is why the answers to the questions are made public. They just want you to self-report your status as a radio operator. Hams can expect a visit should .gov and .mil decide to take actions in your area, and don’t want news of it getting out.

            • HND,

              I challenge that “and those who know it is but obtain one anyway are sheep” statement. My state has open carry. Which, except at VCDL meetings, has tactical disadvantages.

              I decided to renew the CHP so that if I did carry concealed, and one of the sleeping took fright from seeing a flash of it (can’t guarantee that’s never going to happen) I don’t acquire a felony conviction that WOULD result in the loss of my 2nd Am rights.

              One can loudly profess, “The Second Amendment is all the permission I need.” Right until the state makes you Bubba’s girl friend for 5 to 10 years. I have better plans for my resources and future than that.

              Some of us didn’t grow up with dad placing a .22 LR in our hands on our 10th birthday. Getting into firearms relatively late in life I felt a whole lot more comfortable buying my first several from a FFL than from the trunk of a complete stranger’s automobile. Those websites didn’t exist then.

              Right from the beginning it was too late for me to be completely covert. Whether one is buying an automobile or a firearm, the less one knows about the thing the more one better know about the dealer.

          • We have to remember this is the Peoples Republic of Maryland we are talking about here which is why I drive around it!

            However, I remember someone telling me in AZ, when they started CCW’s, would tag you as “armed and dangerous” simply because they didn’t have a check box in the system for CCW…

            The current year is 1984 from now on.

          • some very stupid advice.i dont need a permit my second amendment is my permit thats the sound of a guy going to jail.what happens when ur caught carryiny without a permit ,then u will become a criminal which is what obama and his thugs want,and then u will never be able to own a gun,again what the gun grabbers want.dont hide and cower get ur permit its not that hard in most states.be a man like ur forefathers stand tall like a patriot should.

            • @ martin……Yea , around here in South (I forgot), you will get your gun confiscated if found carrying illegally on your person or layed out on seat of car ! Yes, I have CWP , I can’t afford to lose nothing !!….mm

          • PP,
            While I agree with you 100%, I do have a CCW and the reason being is that I was in the Navy a number of years ago and I was required to take The Oath and was finger printed. I have purchased a few guns and filled out the paper work that was required. So the way I look at that whole issue of a CCW is that there is nothing that I’m giving the government that they don’t already have in one form or another. None of us are very hard to find. All they have to do is check out my Amazon account and it would be very easy to know what I have by what I have purchased. Attila

          • I agree, it sounds great to support a “Constitutional Carry.” The problem with that logic is the reality that we are being ruled by a cutthroat gang of murderers who have zero regard for our Constitution – and those same criminals control the police, the politicians, the courts and the jails. You will have about as much luck arguing the Constitution before a judge as you will have arguing the criminal statues before the thug robbing your business. Criminals act like criminals! Consequently, if you are caught carrying a concealed weapon without the proper paperwork, they will happily send you though their kangaroo court while laughing at you all the way to jail – and you will likely lose your right to own a gun for the rest of your life.

          • Couldn’t agree more. I figure, if it is so bad that I need to carry, a permit will be obsolete!

          • Sgt. Dale: Don’t sweat these guys VFR, JRS, and Crab Infestation) because they’re just a bunch of wannabes. You can tell by their posts that they’ve never been in law enforcement, the military, or even the Boy Scouts. In a word, they’ve missed out on everything that most boys do on the way to becoming confident, well-rounded men. Hell, they probably never even play much in the way of sports either. So now that they’ve realized that they are late for the ‘game’ they’ve tried to make up for it by buying a few guns, playing war games on their computer and talking all tough from behind their computer screens because they want to appear ‘manly’. Now that’s a real laugh! The range I belong to is owned by a cop and all of the basic gun courses are taught by other local cops and all of them are former military. Some of the advanced courses have taught by a former Navy SEAL, and yes, he has the credentials to prove it. It’s also a 100% NRA range, so everyone here “gets it’, unlike these mall ninjas that talk trash. The cops I know are very aware that things are getting worse and that good people should be able to defend themselves. As you said, most cops are good, we just hear about the few rouges that make the news.

            • G
              Thanks! What pisses me off is that I let them get under my skin. I guess its just me if you pick on my family you pick on me. That is something I won’t let happen.

        • Well well well.

          I couldn’t agree more with Constitutional carry..


          We all live in a completely different world than the one we want or wish for..
          while our real life Constitution and Bill of Rights are systematically being dismantled on a daily basis before our very eyes..
          The last vestige of hoping for a nationwide concealed carry is but a fallacious Christmas wish list for santa…ain’t going to happen ever in our lifetimes..

          The attack on the 2nd amendment is ongoing and will never stop..ever..they will never give up..ever!

          Try purchasing a side arm or rifle without a permit..you can advocate all you want to not comply..many states now require a license just to purchase ammo.never mind entering us in to the data base for arms purchases..

          We are all in the data base and unless you purchased firearms under the radar and load all your ammo…good fucking luck!

          I don’t agree with any of this registration bullshit but let’s be real…

          Better to be armed than not at all..


          • It seems like the thieves we really have to worry about wear badges.

            • Educated criminals work within the law.

              • The educated criminals WRITE the law…

          • Posseecom, your right about they will never give up on trying to take our rights. That’s why when ask what kind of Government we have, one of our Founding Fathers said ” a Republic if you can keep it” They were smart enough to gives us this form of government and smart enough to see that there would always be people trying to take it from us. Trekker Out.

            • If you believe ,for one moment, that somewhere ,somehow all your personal info isn’t bagged and tagged in a data base…well..never mind..

              I made some comments on another site(secured) regarding the results of a grand jury decision (after the fact) where my daughter was foreman..I was subpoena’d to court via extraction of my i.p.signature on that site..
              The attorneys knew my surname,real name, address etc etc..and this was 5 years ago..

              Every transaction,keystroke,text,etc is bagged and tagged.

              Here ya go..

              “The National Security Agency has collected almost 200 million text messages a day from across the globe, using them to extract data including location, contact networks and credit card details, according to top-secret documents.

              The untargeted collection and storage of SMS messages – including their contacts – is revealed in a joint investigation between the Guardian and the UK’s Channel 4 News based on material provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.”**** The Guardian, Thursday 16 January 2014 13.55 EST

              Your license to drive,plates everything is tagged to you and your CCW…
              If you have ever purchased any thing on line or local gun shop via credit…you’re tagged..period.

              This is the system we live in…Once we come to understand the immensity of it all..

              I understand all our vehement frustrations and anger with it all..and I agree with you.Was informed some 30 -40 years ago by a relative deep in intel at the time of nearly everything Snowden has revealed recently..

              The technology we use every day is at least 20 -30 years old..and the tech “they” now have is 20-30 years ahead of us in the consumer market..

              The rest of our natural and written rights have been systematically eradicated over the years..the 1st and 2nd are the last 2 vestiges of any hope for all of us.

              The onslaught is deliberate and well planned..it will continue after we here are all gone and all of it is eradicated or legislated away by edict,law, or executive order…

              It is up to us to continue the pushback and educate our loved ones to continue the fight..

              Everything is planned by design

              Nothing is by accident..

              Enjoy the day.


              • Posseecom:

                You are right about technology knowing everything about us. I contacted my bank with a problem accessing my statement (which they are now providing online.) I am not too good with computers. While I was talking to the agent, she told me where to click — even told me that I was on the wrong screen. I wondered how she knew and she said she could see my computer screen and could see everything I was typing!

                Now I wonder who else can see everything I type.

          • Dead on Posseecom. After years of putting it off I got my ltc the other day. Even if you do like you said and load by hand. How does one get powder, primers, brass without a permit especially in our state. So what I’m in there data base they still have to come get my weapons from me let them try.

        • I agree whole-heartedly. Now they are pushing for gun control again on the TV. All I can say is what I experienced:

          Years ago, I saw this employee at a hardware store who was wearing a gun on his hip. I asked him how come he had the gun? He said that all the employees there at the store wore guns. He said every store in that shopping center had been robbed at least once– some stores several times. But his store was the only one which had never been robbed because he and all his fellow employees (and the employer) all wore guns.

          That incident occurred many years ago in my hometown. I never forgot it. Just shows: guns are not the problem. Its the people. The more people who own guns, the safer the environment.

          • an armed society is a polite society….how simple can yuh get!

            • I’ll take three when they come for me. 🙂

          • Gary’s Gun Store in Sioux Falls SD. All employees are packing. Never been robbed. Hmmm?

            • Beware gun stores whose employees aren’t carrying.

              • Have you seen the little mini pistols that go in the hat holsters?

                • I used to have a little twist 2, two shot derringer. It was cute, used .22 shorts. I kept it on my key chain for years…but I lost it in a swimming accident.

          • Whos the buttwad that red thumbed that statement.

        • Let’s see now, one State say’s I can carry open but I can’t carry concealed, and the next State say’s I can carry concealed but I can’t carry open, and the 2ND Amend says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and it don’t say anything about a license. Boy I’m getting confused, think I’ll just stay in Wyoming where I can carry open or concealed, and I don’t need no stinkin permit to do either, kinda like the 2ND Amendment say’s! Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL my ass.

            • Proof that the founding fathers were straight, they thought all men where created equal.

        • Whoever wrote this article is not telling the truth, first of all I deal with firearms on a daily basis we seize gubs almost every week. When we do traffic stopa and we run someone, it doesnt show whether a person has a permit to carry or even owns a gun, the gun trace is the most unreliable system in law enforcement. Secondly I know for a fact, md t.a. Must issue a citation everytime they make a stop whether it be a warning or an actual citation. Either the person who got pulled over is not telling the whole story or the writer isnt.

          • CCW permits are linked to the permit holders driver’s license. The driver’s license information is linked to any vehicle owned in the license holder’s name.

        • All gun laws are a violation to the 2nd amendment especially 1968 gun control act
          What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do they not understand

        • Registration equals confiscation – we found that out the hard way in some States and Territories in Australia. When we had our “buyback” of semi autos and pumps in Aussie in ’97 I lived in a State that had registration – got an order to surrender my Ruger 10/22 because they knew I had it. In 3 States (New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania)that had nearly 1/2 of Aussies population individual gun registration wasnt required. Some handed theirs in but no doubt a lot didnt.

          I’m guessing there are still a lot of Rem 1100’s, Ruger 10/22’s, Browning A5’s etc etc tucked away that didnt get crushed, their owners flipping the bird to the gungrab.

          Good luck to ’em I say!!

          And despite crushing 760,000 guns it hasnt made a blind bit of difference to the crime rate. Funny about that huh?


        • there is no gun registration in Florida, only the FDLE background check. Those forms are kept for a short period and the destroyed. There is no registration of guns when one receives his permit.

          • “Those forms are kept for a short period and the destroyed.”

            Yup. The gov says that & I believe it. Ha!

            “My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.”

        • “We can resolve this” translates to “I can arrest you”. This sitaution shows the wisdom of never talking to police. Look up the You tube video. Anything you say can (will) be used against you, but the police leave out the fact that it will NEVER be used to help you.

          • @ Billyidol…and PERHAPS more important, it will NEVER be used AGAINST the COP that beats you up or shoots YOU!!!

      2. Lawyer up.

        • And they are worth ever penny. I know we hate them but try to survive without one in today’s world.

        • 10mm–

          From personal experience I say Jeff Weiner of South Miami has few equals and no superiors as a RKBA attorney. His practice is national.

        • +1
          This is why you never answer any questions when pulled over, crack the window and hand over info [driver lin insurance]
          AND for God sakes tell everyone in the car to shut up you got nothing to say.

      3. He is right, of course…..the 2nd amendment is all the “permit” you need.

        Now, balance that against getting caught carrying without one…..called “going armed” in Tennessee.

        I never used to carry on my person before obtaining my ‘permission slip’…..but always had one in the vehicle. If stopped, what you said was “I’m on my way to the range” or “I’m on my way to the gunsmith” or some such bull……you NEVER said “I have it to protect myself”….which was illegal.

        • freedominthe50states.org/overall/Tennessee

          Tennessee is one of the freest states in the country, placing just behind the Dakotas at the top of the rankings. Along with West Virginia and Kentucky, Tennessee has the best gun control laws in the South.

          Uh, I am a Kentuckian.. 🙂

          • wyo has pretty good ones. get a permit if you want one don’t if you don’t.

            • I’m with you Para, as the saying goes, you can’t beat free. We’re free to carry with or without here in Wy. And where I came from, Missouri ain’t bad either, when they passed the Conceal Carry Law they made it legal for anyone to carry concealed in your vehicle whether you have a permit or not. I like Tennesse but I think they are a ways down on the List. Along with Wy. I know there are 3 or 4 other States where no Stinkin License is required. Trekker Out.

          • open carry is legal in michigan , but in Grand Rapids the police will beat you before they read the law.

        • i keep one of those 1/4 inch steel targets in the car with earplugs and guncleaning stuff….”just headin’ to the range, ossiffer….am i free to go, or am i being detained?…NEVER talk to a cop if caught with a gun! without a lawyer.

          • NEVER talk to a cop if you DON’T have a gun; even LEO and lawyers will tell you that!!
            “Do you have a warrant officer?? Then, no, you can not search my car.”

        • None of your business is a polite way of telling them to go pound sand.

        • “Non of your business” keeps coming to my mind.

      4. I let mine expire. It sure doesn’t stop me from having one near me. They’ll keep trying but, there’s no way they’ll EVER take our guns.

      5. anybody have any doubts about how much of “law enforcement”
        will behave if TSHTF ???

        how do they behave NOW ???

        did that douche bag of a cop even get his hand slapped ???

        • Satori:
          Don’t put all of LEO’s in the same bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I didn’t

            I SPECIFICALLY said “MUCH” of law enforcement

            seen all those videos lately
            showing cops beating the sh_t out of people
            for no reason but that they felt like it ???

            • Satori:
              You know why you are seeing them?
              Well this is how some of them are trained, and they are only using about 1 to 2% of them doing this the other 98/99% are good cops.
              They don’t show you on the tube about the Cops getting into burning cars pulling people out, and getting hurt doing it. They don’t show cops standing in line at the blood bank giving blood because of a child is needing blood.
              What I’m saying is that they are showing the bad guys to have the Civilian Population want to fight the Cops.
              Its the PTB trying to have Cops VS Civilians. Don’t fall for the B.S. PLEASE

              • I’ve got LEO in the family

                and I know most cops are good guys

                but a bad cop is kinda like poison

                one or two drops in a glass is enough to kill you

                • If the cops don’t like getting painted into a corner by their misfits , than do something about it , if you don’t , you have nothing to bitch about when guilt by association shows up at your door
                  Clean your own house out before telling me mines dirty

                  • VRF
                    I have, but it goes to a Chief and most chiefs are only looking after themselves. About 1/2 of chiefs I know are left wingers.
                    I have taken them into the back room and talked to them, because you can’t kick the sh#$t out of them.
                    Believe me when I say GOOD LEOs are doing what they can.

                  • That is right. If the good cops don’t want to be labeled with the bad then they need to stand up and rat the bad ones out. If they will not do that then that means they condone treating people like crap with the “I am better than thou because i wear a badge” attitude.

                  • Consider this.

                    A lot of LEOs, if not most, have this attitude:
                    It’s us (law enforcement) against them (the public).

                    LEOs should have this attitude:
                    It’s us (law enforcement AND law- abiding people) against them (criminals).

                    Wouldn’t that be nice?

                    I realize that in certain situations that attitude for a LEO isn’t prudent, but the article above isn’t one of those situations.
                    The prior attitude fosters distrust for all, while the latter creates a team.

                    Am I wrong?

                  • May I intervene here? I believe there are good cops. But, The recent Thomas Kelly case in Cali. 6 cops savagely beat a harmless man to death. Not one of the 6 was opposed to the animalistic frenzy. Does this therefore mean that not one in six cops are human? If so, then that is not 98%. its, a horrible ratio.

                • I always hear that but just about every interaction I have ever had or anyone I know has had with cops has been negative. More than likely, they make a bad situation worse. Seems more like 98% of cops give the rest a bad name.

                  • i got nuthin’ against the GOOD cops in america, BOTH of ’em!

                  • I believe there was a SC ruling that the police have no obligation to protect you…don’t know when it was.
                    Shortly after that “protect and serve” disappeared from patrol cars…Has anybody else noticed that…
                    sorry, just one of those factoids that’s a bit curious.

              • lol…as if cops are the only ones that donate blood or try to help at an accident. That is a bunch of self-aggrandizing bullshit. Much the same as saying you “put your life on the line” everyday.

                When you enforce permit laws, you are defeating the “shall not be abridged” portion of the second amendment. There is no way around that. Either you are for the Bill of Rights or against it. There can be no middle ground.

                • Agreed, but one must realize that unfortunately the majority of sheeple in this country vote and keep putting the same traitors back in office!

                  There is only one way to stop this crap and that is term limits – period!

                  One term of 4 years and then GTFO !

                  • this is like the mob boss that donates to churches and builds hospitals, after sucking the community DRY. public unions have WRECKED america.

                  • Hangings, I like hangings better, faster, gets the point across that we aint gonna take any shit, and it keeps the jails open for the real politicians, I mean criminals

                • JRS:
                  When was the last time you put yourself in harms way to save a life? NEVER
                  There is nothing in the manual that said I have to save a life. The courts have rule that I don’t have to do anything until after the crime is committed. There has been times like with a threat of bodily harm that I spoke with the person making the threat before they did something stupid. I have saved lives on several occasions. I didn’t want the plaques but I got them. It would be something I would have done any way. Because that was the way I was raise.
                  JRS You have the right to state what you want on this site. (troll)

                  • lol…you see there sarge, as soon as your “authority” is questioned, you start name calling and shouting. Is this typical behavior for you?

                    Doesn’t look good for the common man on the street, if it is.

                  • No, JRS–it is a personal attack to those that take their job seriously.
                    As a former public school teacher I know how one bad teacher can damage the reputation of an entire school.
                    It IS personal.
                    We are all known by association with the company we keep.
                    Choose your friends wisely was taught to most of us by our parents.
                    Same with our co-workers, but at times we have no choice.

                  • @Dale… JRS is not a troll. Your comments reflect what kind of cop you are. You sound just like the typical shit for brain cretin that would beat the shit out of a little girl just for the hell of it and shoot the neighbor for complaining after you killed the dog. You are the one that needs to eat shit and fuck off. And… I don’t need no fucking permit from cops to carry a weapon.

                  • JRS
                    If its you questioning me you need to grow up some.
                    Because you ignorance is not bliss.
                    As far as name calling. Sometime you just have to call a spade a spade. You are the one that started the name calling. Remember Self-Aggrandizing Bullshit. So don’t try to cry over a little truth.
                    By the way I don’t enforce permit laws. If read items on this site I have been pro gun, and was as smart as you think you are? You would know that I’m for Constitutional carry. Unless you have a forcible felony. (Rape, Agg. Battery ect. just to name a few.)
                    You have a good evening now and thanks for the Debate.

                  • MOST of the police in my hometown have been GOOD to me– decent people. However, there was an incident years ago, in which this returning VET– who had served 2 terms in Iraq– was just sitting on his steps, when suddenly a bunch of cops surrounded him, tasered him several times, killing him. He DID NOTHING WRONG– WAS JUST SITTING THERE! The cops’ excuse was they believed he was involved in selling marijuana. The whole town was angry, and the family tried to sue the police- don’t know what eventually happened. But the point is, there are always bad apples in every bag. but I have read that cops are purposely being militarized and trained to become more aggressive- bad pattern.

                  • Get him, Sarge, get him! Neither JRS nor Crabbe have any idea of what they’re talking about. It’s pissing me off to see idiots jumping on you like they are and I’m of course throwing in my 2 cents worth in your defense.

                  • Sgt Dale Now is that first line an general attack . If so you are coming close to one of those unspoken line that are better uncrossed.

                  • Crab:
                    You have no idea what kind of a cop I am. If you did you would know you just made a bunch of stupid remarks on this site.
                    As far as the firearms are concerned you have to keep reading and you will see I’m for no law prohibiting the ownership or carrying of firearms other than Forcible Felonies. (Rape, Agg Battery, Sexual abuse of a child, Ect.)
                    You might want to rethink your statement.
                    I do have one question for you Do you get offensive and fight back when you are attacked or do you run. Fight or Flight. I fight I don’t run from anything.

                  • I have crossed paths with LEOS any times in my life including once in San Diego where I was told that he could tell I was a “high speed driver by looking at my tires”.

                    (They were soft Goodyear rubber and the edges were worn.)

                    Fortunately I was on my Honeymoon and my beautiful young wife, now passed, told the officer that he couldn’t take me to jail because it was her “Honeymoon”.

                    He looked at me, I grinned, he grinned; then he laughed and said “Guess not”, then let me go without a ticket. Nowadays, without her to talk them out of it, I have a Marine Corp sticker on my bumper next to the plate.

                    It seems to work, but not as well. 🙂

                  • I gave you a green thumb Sarge. I disagree when personal integrity is questioned – comments she be kept general. That cop in Maryland crossed the line by the sound of it but by picking on all cops because of this one guy you are no better than the gun grabbers.

                    They say “Take all the guns away because one person might misuse it”. If someone said that everyone here would be out to lynch them because it would be unfair. I agree. I also believe the vast majority of cops – here in Aussie and in the US too -are decent and dedicated. Few crooks, but you get that everywhere.

                    Before you criticise cops it might be a good idea to think what it would be like if there were NONE!


                • Farm workers and taxi drivers sustain more job related injuries than cops. I get tired of hearing the “trained professional” BS. Most cops are incompetent when it comes to guns. Remember the guy in the boat in Boston. Over 300 rounds fired at him and he lived. Those 300 bullets ended up SOMEWHERE.

                  • You have obviously never fired a gun other than at a range on a nice day. The boat was what is called cover, and the cops were firing as fast as they could given the exchange of fire.

                  • @ Jim Bob,

                    Get your own God Damned handle and quit using mine.

                  • LL he was un armed. there was no exchange. They were just trying to kill him.

              • Yeah, tell that to Chris Dorner…

                • MAX
                  The guys used too much force. There should be no way these guys should walk. I’m saying this as a LEO.
                  I pray for his family.

              • SGT; you are right and a lot of us deeply respect the miserable job a lot of cops, especially in the large cities, have. But a few years ago, I was at a gun sale talking to a cop, guns were going like free beer. I looked at the cop and said: “You know what’s going on here, don’t you?” He said: “Sure. They have cut our staff by half, and you people are prepairing for war.” I said: “Yup, we are, you considred what side your going to be on?”. He said: “Not a cop in the county doesen’t think about that every day.”
                Well Sgt. Time is comming, a lot of cops are going to have to decide which side they are on; because if they don’t, some us will have to assume the worst. Sorry about that.

                • Para:
                  You might have not seen some of my other comments on this site. What I always say is. “If you cut me I bleed not only Red, but Red, White, and Blue”.
                  Well as of right now I’m on the side like my Fore Fathers where. The side of States Rights.
                  If at this time the Gov. tries to make a move on gun owners I will do my best to let everyone know what I know before they make there move, so they can be ready.
                  When the SHTF. There won’t be any side to be on. I will get with my group and pray for the best. Our group is prepared for just about everything other than a NUKE, Bio’s, or Chemicals.
                  We will try to make alliances with other groups in our area.
                  As far as gun sales. I have made some additions to my collection also. I know that there is something coming and I’m getting ready to. When it comes my Badge, it is going to mean nothing.
                  By the way you don’t have to be sorry. I do thank you thou.
                  A little lessen I learned a long time ago was assume the best and prepare for the worst. It seams to work out better for me.

                  • I have a niece that has made Chief of police in a fairly large city in Va. Years ago when she was still a patrol officer she invited me to ride with her on a night shift. And what a night it was! It’s like as soon as the sun goes down on a city a totally different world appears, the cockroaches come out in droves. First, there was teenage runaway,a domestic volience where a guy threw his girlfriend out of a second story window, and since it was a Saturday night there were numerous street fights when the bars let out. The streets were full of people all night long and I was amazed at how many very small children there were at 3 am. I asked where were their parents and the answer was that they were probably dealing or prostitutes. One poor fellow passed out at a bar behind the wheel, but instead of charging him an officer put him in the police van and was going to take him home, but he was so drunk he couldn’t remember his address, so the officer ended up driving this guy around for 3 hours until he sobered up enough to remember where he lived. There were a lot of breaks given that night that amazed me. And there was a relationship between the cops and the citizens that I couldn’t help but notice, a lot of people that I would never want to meet in a dark alley would wave at my niece and speak to her when we would cruise by, I asked her how did they know her and her reply was, I’ve had to arrest him a few times, but he’s doing better.
                    I came away from this experience with a totally different out look on just about everything in life, I realized how many people do not live or understand a sheltered life, my niece finished her shift wrote her reports and went home and got her three daughters ready for school, and saw her husband off to work and never mentiond the ugly things she saw at work. It takes a very special kind of person to do this job day after day. I have a respect for the job that I never had before.
                    So before you condem a police officer, crawl into a car with them for a ride!

                • Paranoid, your points are well taken, but do you know what ‘assume’ stands for? “MAKING AN ASS OF U AND ME”. I NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING! That is one reason I have lived for so long. Making assumptions can have serious consequences. Just offering some friendly advice.

                  • I agree Brave, but when the SHTF. Everyone better decide which side they are on quickly. Because if you start running my way with a gun in your hand; I’m not going to assume you want to give it to me. The Cops better decide ahead of time and work on it; because if it’s us against THEM’, default postion is the cops is: Them, most plaes.

                • Paranoid,
                  “He said: “Sure. They have cut our staff by half, and you people are prepairing for war.””

                  As far as I’m concerned the words “YOU PEOPLE” was all I needed to see. The cop was firmly in the “us against them” mode. That’s the mindset of someone who uses the phrase “YOU PEOPLE” like that. He obviously didn’t count himself as one of “THE people”.

                  • No, he wasn’t a bad guy. This was in Ohio, a mostly farming county. I expect most of the cops there will be on “our” side. Problem is; it’s about 50-60 miles south of Cleveland and those cops are on their own side. (I don’t even blame them, that much, mostly they want to stay alive and they are in a poor spot to do that They hire cops that want to work in a war zone, they aren’t good people.) Out in the Boonies, the problem will be as Sgt says; the political bosses will side one way and the cops on the beat will be stuck. I’m just saying the middle willget you shot from both sides.

                  • Paranoid, I made my decision the day I saw David Koresh and the Branch Davidians aka Waco burned alive by the FBI on TV. I first started having serious reservations about the feds in the aftermath of Ruby Ridge. Waco only confirmed my biggest fears about the feds. I’ve already known what side I’m on since April 19, 1993. I’ve said this many times before on here but it bears repeating. ANYONE WHO TARGETS ME FOR ANY REASON AND CAN’T OR WON’T SHOW ME ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS FOR IT, YOU BETTER JUST FORGET ABOUT IT. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO HURT ME, PERIOD. COME TO MY HOME WITH BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD ME AND YOU WILL FACE CONSEQUENCES. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Sgt, I get your point. However, i do my job everyday as do my fellow colleagues. Sometimes we have good days and sometimes bad days. The difference is we don’t go downtown and beat people to death, because our badge lets us get away with it. The problem is that the cops who abuse their power, by hindering citizens constitutional rights don’t get in trouble. 99% of the time the Chief comes out and says that the cops were justified in beating that person to death, even when the evidence shows the absolute opposite. Even when witnesses all say that the cops were wrong. No accountability is what’s hurting the LEO’s, not good cop bad cop.

                • agreed.

                • The cop in LA that rammed a pickup and fired 3 shots through the driver window in a case of mistaken identity, was cleared of charges by the district attoney. Diver is white, Dormer was Black. This is why people hate cops. He should have been fired and served county jail time. Not covered up and awarded a dead dog pin.

                  • Anom:
                    I remember when this happened. They were two women in the truck. Yes I agree this should have went to trial.

                  • SGT. there were 2 incidents. Those newpaper delivery ladies, were shot at 48 times hitting them 3 times. They settled out of court. This white guy in a truck happened the next day.

                  • Anon.
                    Thanks for straightening that out.

                • M.B.
                  I agree with you. Most of the problem cops I worked for the Chief would let them get away with all kinds of shit. He would use it to hang over their heads. If you know what I mean.
                  Stay Safe.

                  • i give thumbsup to both sides of these last few comments because you ALL have valid points…and we got no way of KNOWING for sure what you guys are made of…guess we will find out soon enough! to all the GOOD cops, thanks!(YOU know who you ARE!)

                  • I do not want violations of my liberties and civil rights being used as dirt to hold over the head of some corrupt cop. I want the corrupt cop fired and humilated publically or worse. If you know what “I” mean.

              • Tell you what Sarge. I grew up in eastern Massachusetts. Graduated HS in 1963. I’ve lived in NYC, Upstate NY, northern Indiana, Rhode Island, Long Island, New Jersey, and Michigan. In those 55 or so years of adulthood I have met maybe two LEOs, socially or otherwise, that I would trust as far as I can throw a Buick one-handed. I have recognized outright sociopathic behaviors in some, severe incompetence at human relations in most. Spousal abuse seems to run an order of magnitude higher than in the general population. (THAT I’ve seen first-hand on three occasions that I can remember.) Behavior of some LEOs at my current club range would get a civilian banned for life at most public ranges.

                Yeah, they may dive into burning cars on occasion. There may even be human gems in that manure-pile, but I have seen precious few of them.

                The (elected) sheriff in my Appalachian BOL county I think is fairly safe to be around. He’s from a family with deep roots in the area. Don’t know any of his deputies, though. I also knew a sheriff (elected) in Michigan that I still call a friend. That’s two.

                BTW just for the record, I have no record of any kind, past the usual flock of youthful traffic tickets.

              • The bad cops are the ones always getting
                the press. I do agree the PTB are trying to divide us, one way or another. Our county Sheriffs are real stand up guys in Colorado. They have stood up to the Governor and the state legislature.

                I have a CCW in Colorado and I have never had a problem with an LEO.

                If you are on this website you are registered. They know who we are.

                Molon labe

              • More BS about how cops are saints. You sound like part of the problem. I suspect that you are a JBT.

            • if there’s so many GOOD cops out there, explain why the BAD ones NEVVVVER get FIRED, or better yet, sent to prison. because nobody will call them out/testify against them…look what happened to dorner. to this day, i would STILL help a cop in trouble, but boy are they SURE MAKIN’ IT HARD to maintain that attitude!

              • One word……UNION

                • NOPITYY:
                  I will give you one Amen and if I could 2 thumbs up!;-0
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N. REB

                • NO
                  You hit it right on the head!!!!

                • THEIR union, or THE union? either way…..

                • Agreed. Unions are a tool of the nation wrecking “tribe” that is doing its best to demolish traditional American values. Here is an extensive reading list that documents their involvement in union growth.

              • Because the DA will not file charges and the witnesses, and other cops see Nothing.

                • Most DAs are as corrupt andarrogant as the pigs. The animals hang together.

        • It’s a sad state of affairs when cops are just jack booted thugs out to terrorize the public. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it now: We all must know who the Feds are, cops are, government shills etc…in our neighborhoods and have their addresses written down. When the SHTF these people will NOT be on the side of the American People for the most part. They will be part of the new NAZI Regime to kill and imprison us. With that said I think these people will be targets of opportunity.

          • Jim:
            Sorry I disagree. I have only ran into ONE sh$%y cop in my 60 years on the planet. He now is send quality time with Big Jake in the joint. That is where he belongs.
            On the other hand I seen cops jump into freezing water to save someones dog, pull a trucker out of his burning rig, give a ride to a homeless guy to a shelter with his own personal car, he was not on duty at the time, assist the fire dept. evacuate a high shool that had a gas leak, change my wifes blown tire on the interstate in a ice storm last winter. When I had trouble with some want to be gang bangers. I did not call the ACLU! I called a COP!! So the tile you gave them all is not fair by along shot. That like calling a doctor that loses a patient a killer. It just dont fly.
            Yes there are a few glory hounds out there. Name me (1) ONE profession where there is not some.
            Thats my 2 cents worth, like it or not.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

            • Thumbs up!

              If you called the ACLU, they would sound like Jim. Unless someone was around with a different opinion, then they would order the police to make an arrest.

            • N.R.
              Thanks. Someone that knows what it is really like out here.
              Some of the comment that are made on this site makes think I tried to be fair and honest with people all my 30 years on the Police force wasn’t worth it, and what do I get? Put in the same bag as the Turds I hate to have to work with.
              Oh well so be it. 2 more years and the public won’t have me to kick around any more. Good luck!!!

              • In my experience, you can pretty much tell how the approaching cop is going to act, by the time he opens his mouth. Some cops keep it under the surface, but you can usually see it before it erupts…I act accordingly.

                Sgt. Dale, I’m thinking you might not present yourself as one of those walking time-bombs, and I can’t honestly see any decent person feeling a need to react to you badly.

                In other words, it takes more than just the badge to raise my hackles—it takes ATTITUDE and ACTIONS. Up until that point, IMO, we’re both reasonable people trying to resolve an issue.

                …but that’s just me…

                • Sixpack:
                  I always treat people the way I want to be treated. That was something I was taught when I was a kid in Sunday School.
                  Would you believe me if I told you that I let the people decide for me if I’m going to write them a ticket.
                  I wrote a ticket to a Priest because of his attitude for 15 MPH over the speed limit. I gave a guy a written warning for 15 MPH over the speed limit, because he said I’m sorry I was having a bad day and I just wanted to get home and have a beer.
                  Thanks Again

                  • Sgt Dale

                    I still appreciate your input and believe we share the same values. I’d join your team when SHTF any day of the week. Thanks for helping me with guns questions because I love talking that stuff.

                    I almost got arrested by a Louisville metro officer for going around a semi so I can completely understand why people are sick of bully cops.

                    Just like everything else, good and bad in all lines of work.

                  • 2 YEARS!!?.i don’t see this country holding together for 2 MONTHS! one of my best friends is an LA county cop and he’s got about the same amount of time and every time he gits all happy ’bout bein’ so near retirement i just gotta bite my lip, and just STFU, because i don’t want to ruin his “dream”. i just don’t see how we get there. we only live 8 blocks apart, but when the SHTF, we might as well be a hundred miles apart here in the ghetto of so cal.

              • Hope those 2 years pass peacefully Sarge – and enjoy the retirement when it comes – I’m guessing you’ll have earned it.

                I’ll check back in a few days to count the red thumbs …….


                • RDU:
                  Thanks man. 60 on Jan 31St. 2 1/2 years and I get my S.S. Then I can retire. I’m thinking about teaching firearms.
                  AGAIN THANKS!!

                  • God; I hope you make it Sgt. When you do, get your money direct deposited into an account that you take it out of quickly. And get yourself a good hole, But I’m afraid it won’t last that long. I can recommend Wy, Mt, and Most of Ohio, Don’t walk, run.

          • Read “Beware Sleeping Dragons” by TJ Reeder for info on just how jack booted they have become. Great read and well worth the .99 on kindle.

        • When I went through LE training, we were told that an estimated 60-75% of vehicles have a weapon on board. It was also stated in no uncertain terms that we were NOT to proceed on that assumption unless we had probable cause. Clearly that cop had nothing better to do. Just as in any profession there are those who should be doing something less “critical”. Bottom line is cooperate with the LEO roadside, and deal with the incursion at a more appropriate (read less dangerous)time. Yeah the cop is an a**hole, but at that moment he/she is holding the gun. Until things change……….

          • That’s just giving them the “might makes right” argument, therefore giving them the go-ahead to act like assholes. When a cop screws up, he should be held accountable, just like when I screw up on the job or off.

            It’s all about putting our pants on the same way—one leg at a time…

        • I know exactly how they will act …..remember hurricane Katrina ? Cops took off and abandoned their job and the same will apply but widespread !!

          • Yeah, Rich, the cops may have disappeared during Hurricane Katrina. However, Cheney’s Blackwater goons were brought in, kicked in doors and took peoples’ guns, were out on highway, shooting at people trying to cross the bridge to safety.

            • The New Orleans Times Picayune reported that, “Recently, 18 current and former NOPD officers have been charged with killing innocent civilians around the time of Hurricane Katrina or with covering up the crimes. The revelations have been despicable, and five officers have pleaded guilty so far. Additional federal investigations of police brutality are expected to yield even more indictments.”

              • No they won’t, for everything but murder, time for prosecution will be up in a few months. Why do you think they wait so long?

          • RICH:
            The job I have if the SHTF happens, I am to report to work. It is a civilian job but they still want me to come into work. I told my boss and our EMS dirictor that I’ll be in when I know my family and group memebers are safe. There jaws hit the floor when I told them that. They have little or no idea of what or who my group member are.
            I ask them where they were going to be. NO ANSWER.
            I will not blame the cops for leaving there post and taking care of the loved ones, I going to, I’m no better than they are.
            I do not need them holding my hand. Hell I don’t want them there, they need to take care of there own.
            That is why I’m a prepper!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. REB

          • RICH99…They were probably taking care of their families like any normal and responsible person would. Would you abandon your job for your family? I hope so.

            • OR they were scared shirtless due to the complete lawlessness and were afraid for their lives

        • If LE officers are smart, when SHTF, they’ll take off their uniforms, go home and concentrate on protecting their own families.

          When SHTF, being a law enforcement officer of ANY kind will go from being a high-risk occupation to being a certain-death occupation.

          I’m not advocating….I’m simply telling it like it is.

          “Normal” law enforcement will no longer rule the day. It will be without rule of law and only the smartest, luckiest and most well armed will survive it.

          My son is in law enforcement, and I’ve already told him that when SHTF, he needs to go home and take care of his wife and family….and get out of the socialist utopia state that he’s living in ASAP.

          • @Walt K

            During Katrina, that’s what the officers did. They seen SHTF and threw that uniform in the trash. Can’t say I blame them.

            • Most did toss the uniform, but the bigger problem was the ones who thought they were Doc Holliday or Matt Dillon…problem was, they acted more like Jesse James.

            • 2 women cops wore their uniforms the day after Katrina to loot a wallmart and had no shame when TV cameras covered them


            • If you told me the sun rises in the East, I’d stay awake through the night and wait for dawn with a compass in my hand.

              • Actually, I’d just decide if he said it, it wasn’t worth bothering about.

            • Eisenpuke, you’re right about one thing, nobody here believes you.

        • We saw after hurricane Katrina. They will abandon their posts and go loot wall mart the day after as seen on TV.

      6. Legal issues aside, concealed carry gives me an edge and doesn’t alert the bad guy about the good guy.

        We don’t all wear white hats. 🙂

        • Hmmm. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but just exactly where did *ANYONE* get the idea that carrying concealed is not Constitutionally protected? Its just more “baffle them with bullshit” tactics.

          “…the peoples’ right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms shall not be infringed.”

          Hmmm. Doesn’t seem to see anything about arms that are carried have to not be concealed or carried in the open. I know you’ll all jump on me but, here is what it is:

          The laws that require you do do ANYTHING with carrying or owning “arms” are void on their face. The Supreme Law Of The Land (no, not the constitution that MOST of you read but one before 1871, specifically, one before the “Columbia Act Of 1871” was passed [unlawfully, I might add…]) says it. *IT* is the law. Not these fake color of law codes and statutes having do with all the bullshit “conceal carry”, “open carry”, “brandishing a firearm”, crap, crap and more crap. It is all just crap they have brainwashed you with and hope you never find the real truth. The real truth is that our defacto (default) law is the UCC (uniform commercial code). But! Since it is voluntary and cannot be beligerent to the Supreme Law Of The Land (TSLOTL) when you claim rights under the TSLOTL then you overrule the UCC and toss it out. But! REMEMBER!!! TSLOTL is the “Constitution *FOR* the united States” the “The Constitution *OF* the United STates Of America” or any other titles. Screw up the title and your declaration means nothing. Why? Because when you’re conversing with a cop or any agent of government, you are, essentially, in court and what you say is legalese. Screw it up and you’re doomed. Its a long kept secret that is slowly leaking out.

          Don’t believe me? I Don’t blame you! Look up the recent (a year or so old) decision of Salinas vs Texas at the SCOTUS. Just a little taste of what is.

          Now, a little course in how this works. You DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY have your rights. The SCOTUS just ruled that you don’t have your constitutional rights (for lack of a better term) unless you declare them at the beginning of the contact with the officer of the color of law.

          If you state “Officer, I have certain rights protected by The Constitution for the united States. I claim them now, I waive any benefit of the defacto system. Am I under arrest or am I free to go?”

          I think you may be surprised at what they will do in ANY situation. They won’t tell you they know but THEY KNOW!

          If Mr. Filippidis had done this I’m reasonably sure the outcome would have been much more polite.

          Of course this is my opinion and you should do your own research before you act on any opinion.

          • Denninger also believes that felons should have the right to self defense, once they serve their time. If the law decides they are too dangerous to carry a gun, they should not be out of prison. I agree with him.

            • reminds me of a while back a guy was a prepper and he was a model for the community…kids and all that. well, a neighbor turned him in for “all those assault weapons he has” and the cops show up and storm the house with nobody home, and find no ILLEGAL weapons…but it turns out he had a minor drugs conviction 20 FRIGGIN’ YEARS AGO, so he ends up back in prison for being a felon with a gun!..that might be the case denninger was profiling…what a shame that a mistake 20 years prior keeps you from protecting yer family…..we REALLY need to change THAT law!

            • Can’t disagree with you. If a convicted felon serves full sentence (including parole – so if he got cut loose but had a 25 to life sentence then he’d be SOL unless he can get a pardon) then one should be free of the labels of ex-con and felon and have the Sam freedoms as any other citizen.

          • Except that the goons involved were TSA. From what I gather, these guys use copies of your Constitution for snot rags and toilet paper. Even if you were a SCOTUS judge with the original Constitution and Bill Of Rights in your possession, they would still strip-search you and jam their hand up your ass.

            They are an arm of DHS, and they have made it clear the rules and the laws of the land only applies to them when they feel like it.

            • America is under an unconstitutional Tamudic siege, that has been Replacing the us cosnt & BOR for the Past 100+ yrs.

              The vast proof can be seen daily by simply tunning in to your Talmudvision set local news shows.

              Just like what began as Gods 10 basic laws, and was transformed by the Pharise’s, into a total mish-mash, never ending, confusion of, circular debates, of what is or is Not actual “Law”….And ends up makeing the words of God to have no effect.(turns good into evil and visa versa).

              So has the same been done to what began as the orig bill of rights basic “10” ammendments, as well as to the US. const….

              And by some strange “Coincidence”(?) has occured due to and by the very same type of modern day Pharise’s, only today they are instead called “Judges” and “legislators”.

              And by another strange “coincidence” just as the Talmud has many exemptions for all members of their “tribe”, while at same time has zero such exemptions for all NON tribal “Goyims”(Thats you if a gentile)…

              Today we see that same form of “exemptions”, for the very persons that make and enforce these distortions they call “laws”.

              Some folks may also call it just “Coincidence” that the Tribe has such a vastly Disproportionate number of It’s tribal members currently appointed to the positions of “Judges” or “Justices”, especially when one takes into account that the Tribe has but Less than a 2% total of the entire USA population within its members.

              The US surpemes alone comprises at least 33%, or, 3 out of 9, Justices as tribal members. And at least one more as a potential tribe member or “Crypto-member”.

              There has to be a correlation to the fact that so much of whats wrong with usa law systems today, based upon the same ideals and methods as is their Talmudic teachings, and the Fact that so many judges are members of that same tribe yet represent only a meere less tan 2% of overall total population nationwide eh.

              And it gets even Worse! When one compares how overly represented their tribal members are within all forms of american medias, ie: Hollywood, Tv(talmudvision) Talk Radio, Newspapers, magazines, Publishing co’s, et al.

              To Sum up: It appears that Americas Entire Justice and leagle systems, medias in every/all forms, Political parties(both), and Economic Systems(banks & wall street etc), of which derives 99+% of the Total forms of Control of the entire 50 united states combined, thru the vast majority of bribed and crooked polititions doing the tribes dirty work.

              Has turned Americas former self upside down, inside out, assbackwards, and in Dire need of a Patriotic Change.

              A Major Vast Whitey Awakening is about the Only method or faction that can even remotely create such a Patriotic change. Untill such happens, we can assume we shall continue to see more of the same few “Minorities” groups, deciding Americas Fate. And fatefull it shall be if that be the case folks.(see russia 1918 for example of Your usa futures).

              • Needed another infusion of cash from your Islamic masters, eh? Running low on drugs, were you?

        • Another thing where I can agree with you.

          I’m not opposed to open carry per se…..but it seems to me that it puts you at a tactical disadvantage. Because we can assume that in most cases, the bad guy WILL be carrying concealed. Or at the very least, if he sees you carrying openly, you will simply become the first guy he takes out. And he won’t give you a warning. You’ll just be dead. Or he sucker punch you, take your gun and THEN shoot you.

          If open carry is legal, I still carry concealed.

          I like having the odds in my favor.

          And as I have heard it said, “People are safer when criminals don’t know who is armed.”

          • Above comment directed at DK

      7. “the 2nd amendment is my permit”
        ‘Am I free to leave?”
        “am I being detained or am I free to leave?”

        • nuff said

          • McDave, then you’ll be detained and end up with a felony that costs you a hell of a lot. Choose your battles wisely.

            Here’s the CCW state numbers


            I don’t think they can round us all up.

            • Let’s see,
              with permit pulled over, searched, possibly “probed”
              without permit, keep driving arrive “un-probed”
              Hmmmmm, what to do, what to do …..

              • did you miss the point…WITH a permit, they know you got a gun….WITHOUT a permit, why would they even bother you…and even if they did STOP you, why would they LOOK for a gun without probable cause? just take the traffic citation and grab yer socks…at least you will get the benefit of the KY.

            • I don’t think they can round us all up.
              -This relates to why I have a CCL. Those who concealed-carry legally are a “tip of the iceberg” phenomenon. I want it on record that there are a lot of people carrying. It’s not a public statement, but it is a statement none-the-less.
              You can’t build a social reform movement if you are hiding;
              I want it known that I am not intimidated into hiding.
              I consider a CCL to be one of the few votes which the government might take seriously.
              If they want me, they know where I am anyway,based on shopping history alone.

              • SWFLK
                You make a very good point. I have to agree!!!

        • Mcdave, without a permit, a concealed weapon will send you to jail. a felony.

          • Unless you live in AZ where no permit is needed to open or concealed carry.

            • And Vermont.

          • Anon.,

            A concealed weapon is merely that, a concealed weapon. It cannot send you to jail. Heck, it can’t even shoot anybody.

            Seriously, though, only if you are CAUGHT with a concealed weapon without a permit or in a place the government has decided you may not be with said concealed weapon, might the potential exist for you to end up in jail.

      8. This Cop is a F#$king IDIOT!!! As a LEO that supports C.C. for anyone with out a record (Forcible Felony) This just P#$ss me off to no end. I would like to go face to face with this Clown.
        Hell I would go for open carry.
        The same question keep coming up. I can carry in any state, and there is not a damn thing they can do.
        Why can’t you. Your (family) life is just as important as mine.
        I’m P#$ss this guy gives good cops a bad name.
        30 years of being a cop and this is one of my biggest pet peeve. LEO’s think they are better than the civilian population.

        • Most folks I think don’t have many interactions with LEO to speak of and the few they do have often seem to be abrasive…you seem to be an exception to a lot of what goes on and I commend you for that and thank you that you have the brass to speak out…my fear is that when TSHTF its the decent guys…like yourself… who will get hurt and the bad ones will simply walk away or find a higher level of hurt to loose on common folks,some of which just wont take it anymore post SHTF…just like any group police have got to fix it from within their ranks or risk the inevitable “fix” coming from the outside which sadly wont be very discriminate between good and bad…just how I see it…thanks Sarge!

        • Sgt. Dale, good evening, sir, and I can tell you’re having a tough time with this article. Part of me wants to go off on the people who are painting your chosen profession with an oversized brush, but another part of me is holding back on it. I wish this was a discussion that could be avoided and I know you wish for it also. You’re just like the cops in my family so I know I could trust you. Oh hell, I’m going to do this anyway because it needs to be said. Only difference this time is I’m not calling out any names. But for those of you who are stereotyping LEOs, wake up and smell the coffee, do some more research before you start making your idiotic comments about LEOs. I know there’s good and bad out there. I don’t know what the percentages are but I just hope there are still more good than bad. Sgt. Dale, in my mind, has already proven himself here. I’m willing to take a chance on him in any life-or-death situation. Hell, life itself is a chance. There’s not a damn thing anyone can present to me that could ever convince me that all cops are bad. I just don’t buy that, period! So, I wish these idiots would shut their traps about all cops being bad. that just doesn’t wash with me. On gun registration, yes I believe that should be eliminated. It serves no useful purpose I can see. In other countries in the past, registration has led to confiscation. PEOPLE, NEVER, EVER SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Eh! I’ve got a lot of them to surrender. Got a Spanish Paramount 25 with a half box of shells about 89 years old they can have. Got some 22 & 380 Jennings with 40# trigger pulls they can have, A couple of old shotguns. that failed to sink during my tragic boating issue. Some others

            • Para, you just reminded me, I keep hoping they will have a gun buy back here in Wyo, I have a couple of very dangerous Jennings pistols that need to be taken off of the street. $100 each would be a good price, I might even be a good citizen and turn them in for $75. Trekker Out. Being A Good Servant!


          • i know a cop that gets more ASS than a toilet seat…isn’t THAT why they’re called PIECE officer?

          • Eisenpuke, you’re the idiot, so STFU!

        • Because they are trained that way and the system they work for re enforces this belief.

          Nothing on par will happen to these asshats to balance what they done.

          No life sentences
          No death sentences
          No loss of job or income.

          It embolden the rest of the sociopaths that had among the good cops

          So please dont harp that us mere mortal hold your brotherhood in contemp

        • OK Sarge I’m going to play a little bit of the devils advocate here.

          You say that you support carry for all individuals EXCEPT those convicted with a “forcible felony”. If this individual has kept their end of the bargain and complied with all the rules and regs imposed upon them and paid their debt to society, why should they be treated any differently? Now I realize that cases like these may be few and far between. For some individuals, once they are in the system it is rigged against them. Many employers as soon as they see the felony box checked on the application, it immediately goes into the round file, no matter what the circumstances. Now this person, trying to make an honest effort to work within the system may be forced to bend the rules and work slightly outside of it in an effort to provide for their selves and family. At this point, this system becomes self perpetuating.

          Don’t get me wrong, their are some truly hardened persons out there that probably should have never seen life beyond prison walls.

          On another note. upon conviction of a felony an individuals civil rights are summarily stripped away. Now if this person does manage to work within the system, they are subjected to taxation without representation. Didn’t we as a nation start a war over this?

          There is a serious disconnect in this country. I have watched people, good people, be crucified by an overzealous prosecutor on a crusade, when a lesser punishment would have more than sufficed. It doesn’t help that the public defense system is mostly complicit with this practice and only wants to lighten its workload.

          • Any Mouse.
            It would be part of the punishment for the crime. You do know that a person with Felony can’t vote? Yes its true they can’t but I know some that do.
            That is just how I feel.

      9. Something similar happened to me a few years ago. I was driving to my father’s place in the province of Quebec and out of nowhere this Quebec Provincial Police car comes up behind me and a few minutes later I get pulled over. Cop comes out, holster unsnapped and hand on his gun and he never asks about my license registration but if I have a gun in my car. Turns out I did and it turned into an instant check as to whether my papers were in order and it was properly locked up for transportation. Thankfully I keep the official RCMP transportation and storage guidelines in my glove box and range bag.

        But the reason I got pulled over? Ontario plates and the cop was just a damned frog bigot.

        • “Ontario plates and the cop was just a damned frog bigot”
          Because Quebec is French?
          Just wondering, I’m not Canadian.

          • Yes. Quebec’s primary language is French and they try extremely hard to stamp our all other languages, especially English. And a lot of them have a serious hate on for all “Anglos”. Ontario plates have also considered by some as a license for getting your vehicle vandalized, get extra attention from law and parking enforcement, road rage and almost getting run off the road.

            • Best thing I’ve seen from Quebec is GSP. He’s still one of my favs.

            • Sorry to hear that, I’ve visited Canada (not Quebec) and loved it and the people were fantastic. (Moosejaw, High River, Medicine Hat, Calgary) I’m just south of Alberta and a lot of them come to visit us and we love it, they are much fun!

            • I used to make business trips into Quebec, driving my American-registered car. No trouble there, but try getting service in a restaurant using English. It only works if you tell ’em you’re an American. THEN they speak English perfectly well !!

              • No kidding. English is a required subject from Grade 4 through Grade 12 (equivalent) and I’m not sure if it is still required through CEGEP (trade school/college/pre-university) so everyone should be at least functional in English.

                However the prevailing attitude is the English and everything connected to it is evil and doesn’t belong in Quebec. I’m lucky, I was born and raised in Quebec so I speak the language although it’s grown rusty from disuse. However, they are our socialist utopia, hate guns and suck by ore than their fair share of federal money and Parliament representation. They even want to be an independent nation but fully supported by the rest of Canada.

                But I couldn’t live there again. Too much BS.

                And if you are an Anglo Canadian who doesn’t speak French, good luck getting service anywhere except along the New Brunswick and Ontario borders and Mobtreal and perhaps along the US border. Anywhere else, especially near Quebec City and in the sticks, you will be lucky if you are even considered human.

      10. There’s only one reason they do things like this:

        We let them.

        • Un Southron:
          I agree these people should have filed a Complaint with the City. And hired an Attorney. If this cop was working for me he would have gotten days off.

          • Oooo days off , with pay no less , please if your going to talk like these jerks deserve a punishment , than why don’t you back your words up cop, go after your own that are doing wrong , point it out , be the righteous cop and do something about it , or please stop with all the empty talk

          • Days off?

            How about fired?

            You don’t give morons like that a second chance. He either is too stupid to understand the Constitution, or he understands it and doesn’t approve it. I suspect with that guy, it’s the latter.

            In either case he doesn’t deserve to be wearing a badge and carrying a gun.

            Fire him……yesterday.

            • Dan and Walt.
              As a Sgt. that is all I can do. NO Pay. The Chief has to fire them and with the unions you almost can’t get fired.
              Not that I wouldn’t have wanted to let him go but the Chief SAI N HELL NO!
              I tried.

            • To everyone that is giving Sgt. Dale a hard time, NOW HEAR THIS: Your points about that cop in MD should be punished are well taken by Sgt. Dale AND BY ME. Nobody is saying DON’T punish that cop. Even I’ll saying his actions toward that family had no legitimate basis whatsoever. Sgt. Dale is ONLY a Sgt., therefore his power is limited. I’m sure he does all that he can whenever any of his officers engage in any wrongdoing. but as I said his power is limited. Personally, I also think that MD cop should be fired, but he probably won’t be. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • This one BH you should of stayed out of. You just made him look like a pussy and needs papa Brave heart to save him

                • FBP, you need to get off those meds. I know Sgt. Dale can speak for himself and he’s doing a mighty fine job of it. It just pisses me off to see these idiots trying to rawhide him over this affair and they don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m not making him look like a pussy and nobody tells me what subject to stay out of. I’m not trying to fight his battles for him; just putting in my 2 cents worth and offering him some support. FBP, get off those FDA-approved poisons before they kill you.

                • So someone sticks up for someone and that makes the person theyre defending into a pussy?…Ive been here along time and that’s a new one…never stuck up for anyone eh?… hmmm,why doesn’t that surprise me…

                  This is supposed to be a place to come together and exchange ideas and help others…but don’t step outta line and say the wrong thing…here there be sharks…really sad. 🙁

                  • Brave and Reb.
                    Thanks for backing me up.
                    I’ve been called all kinds of things.
                    A pussy is one of them. A lion and a tiger is a pussy and that might be what you run into if you try to hurt any of my officers or my family.
                    Hell I know there is bad cops out there, and It pisses me off. Should they go to Jail Hell Yes they should. but they have to face a jury.
                    For getting upset and cursing on this site I’m sorry. I just don’t like it when all LEO’s are lumped into one and its bad.
                    By the way I am 60 years old and I think I’m older than Braveheart.

                  • My comment was not intended for Sgt. Dale directly, but rather to the system in general.

                    It seems that today, there is no chance for real punishment of those who abuse power.

                    This past week, a Kalifornia jury acquitted two cops of the murder of a mentally ill homeless guy. I’ve seen the video of that incident, and there is not a doubt in my mind that those officers had intent to do him physical harm. One even said, “You see these hands? These are the hands that are going to f— you up.” He said that prior to beginning his assault on the victim.

                    The victim in this case was White. I’m sure had he been Black or Hispanic, Southern California would be on fire right now. But White people, for the most part, don’t riot.

                    The biggest criticism I have for the police as a whole…and by this I mean the good cops…is that they are doing a poor job of policing their own. These rogue cops should be ostracized, shunned and treated like the scum of the earth by their fellow officers.

                    Are they?

                    Sgt. Dale……you tell me. Are the bad cops in your department treated like the scum that they are by the rest of you? There are ways that you could make it clear to them that you don’t want them in your department. For instance…..you could be extremely slow about providing them backup. Or you could give them the worst areas to patrol and make sure they are by themselves. In other words….give them every reason to find another line of work. And make sure every incident where they step out of line gets put in their personal file.

                    But I’ve got a feeling that bad cops in too many cases don’t get the treatment they really deserve by their own colleagues.

                    I mean you no offense Sgt. Dale. From what I’ve read of your posts, I think you are one of the good guys and an exceptional officer. Wish we had more like you.

                  • REB, I know FBP means well but he needs to get off those medications. You can’t understand more than half of what he says anymore.

                  • 1Braveheart…Id like to think so too but honestly I doubt it… 🙁

                • FP:
                  First place if you do not know the man by nothing other than he is a LEO. And people are giving him a rough time over something he was not envolved in. Someone sticks up for him because they believe he is getting the shaft, that sure as he– does not make him look weak.
                  BRAVEHEART and Reb can stand up for anyone They wants to.
                  All you othe clowns that that are pissing on Sgt. shoes back off.
                  Remember when you need help you sure as hell don’t call a farmer or a cab driver do you !!!!
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                  • N. Reb.
                    Thanks man
                    I have very wide shoulders. I can carry the load. But I really thank you guys for the BACK UP!!!
                    Its good to know that there are people on here with common sense.
                    AGAIN THANKS

      11. Soon it will be “Lock and Load” time.

      12. That pig is why people become cop killers,
        I say start an online registry that has names and if possible pictures and locations of these POS pigs who harass law abiding citizens trying to make them into criminals,
        Fuck you, any of you cops who carry on like this, eventually you will get your cumuppins!

        • Kulafarmer, let’s settle down now. This kind of talk isn’t going to get you anywhere positive.

          • Let’s hope Kulafarmer and his post don’t end up in a courtroom one day.

        • we already GOT that covered…it’s called YOUTUBE…we just gotta get more dilligent with it…i’ve seen cops pointed out there, but it’s not often enough.

      13. I’m a Patron Life Member of the NRA and I’m still having problems with the fact that the NRA recommended Joaquin Jackson to be Relected to the Board of Directors, which he was. Makes me wonder how many more are on the Board with his philosophy, of no mags. over 5 Rds. and that no one should have “Assualt Weapons” other than the Police and the Military. Do a Search on Joaquin Jackson and check for yourself. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • Mount Trek

          No one should continue to support the NRA with this man on the board. He says no to assult weapons for civilans.

          Another board member I’m also starting to question is Steve Hornady. His sister has made donations to gun ban lobbyists and his son has given money to pro choice companys.

          Also Steve has been poking fun at us for saying they are selling to much ammo to the government. I wanted to argue with him and tell him that is no joking matter because our constitution says we must have access to ammo as American citizens.

          Oh and Federal, CCI, Speer has given money to the devil herself Diane Feinstein. How you like that one…… Pisses me off but they do make the best self defense rounds.

          • It’s called —TAKING OVER FROM WITHIN. It’s only a matter of time before the usurpers get inside control of the NRA.

            Wait and see.

          • Indy Colts, any links to articles on Steve Hornady’s sister’s and son’s actions? anything on Federal, CCI, or Speer giving money to Feinstein? that is mind-blowing. I pissed also. I love those CCI Stingers in .22LR.

            • @Braveheart

              I read about CCI giving money to Feinstein on AR15.com The parent company is ATK Alliant Technologies. From what I understand they have missile contracts and give her money to keep those contracts flowing.

              I read about Hornady’s after I watched a couple programs on sportsman channel where Steve H was joking about the publics paranoia related to government ammo purchases. He was talking with the owner of black hills ammo and on 2 different episodes they continued the pokes at the public. After that I googled Steve and his familiy being untrustworthy and read about his families donations.

              Sorry no sites cause I’m really busy today but I’m sure you can find the same stuff if you search with the right key words.

        • The NRA is a gun control group, that is why they want Joaquin Jackson re-elected. Compromise is all the NRA does.

          • To everyone, NRA is NOT a true pro-2A group. they have always compromised with the politicians on gun ownership. The other groups like Gun Owners of America, Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership, Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Second Amendment Sisters, etc. are all TRUE champions of the 2nd Amendment. They will NOT compromise on the 2nd Amendment. did any of you NRA members know that the NRA has previously collaborated with the BATFE on certain things? And ATF is the most antigun federal agency out there. OK, bring on the red thumbs, I don’t care. I stand by my statements on NRA. NRA is just as bogus as the day is long. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • I am an NRA life member, but only because I paid for it about 20 years ago. I like GOA much better nowadays.

              • MXLord327, very good choice. You can’t go wrong with GOA. Larry Pratt is a straight shooter. [pun intended]

            • Thumbs down don’t change the facts…youre correct as I see it…

          • Exactly, Been saying this for the longest time and taking flack for it too

            My second amendment is not up for fucking negotiation NRA!

        • EVERYONE is being paid off, Mountain trekker.



            -The first gun control laws in this country pre-dated the NRA by quite a while. They pre-dated the War Between the States(or War of Northern Aggression). They even pre-dated me. If you mean the NFA of 1932-no they did not design that law;it was a government committee compromise Charles Feinstein. If you mean the GCA 1968-that was lifted from the laws of Nazi Germany. If you mean McClure-Volkmer- they did not design it,they simply sold us out to the Feds as politicians always do.


              • eisenpuke, you’re the one that’s full of shit.

              • I don’t need to know what I’m talking about- I know how to read.

        • Yet another reason why I am not a member of the NRA.

          I’m convinced that they want to see more restrictive gun laws proposed, just so it can perpetuate their organization.

          They are like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, whose only reason for existence is to see racism where it doesn’t exist. They know that if they can’t keep the race controversy going, they are out of a job.

      14. Having a CCW permit from PA I can understand this situation and the real problems it presents. I can carry in PA and VA with the same license but I can not travel through Maryland to get to VA without abiding by their laws. If I had to travel with a weapon I would have to lock it up and lock the ammo up in a separate container and in a separate place in the car or I could be charged with a felony if I was stopped and found not to follow their laws. Maryland does not honor CCW from PA. Remember the guy who is in jail right now in NJ for the same issue? I don’t want that to be me but it is amazing to me that I have followed all the laws and yet I fear just by going somewhere and stopped I could go to jail for doing nothing but minding my own business. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

      15. Our local sheriff says something funny after you register a handgun when he knows you. “Too bad you lost it already, you should be more careful when you hike with your guns.”

      16. this would be funny if it wasn’t so sad

        Airport security officers tried to give teenager his pipe bomb back … before letting him board flight, video reveals


        apparently Canadian Homeland SeKUrItEe
        is about as good as it is in the US

        “Sgt. Josée Valiquette, spokesperson for the Alberta RCMP, said that the definition of a pipe bomb is “delicate.”

        really Josee ???

        BOOM !!!

        ““The RCMP took all necessary investigational steps to ensure the safety of Canadians,” Valiquette said.”

        including the part where you try and give back the BOMB ???

        • That’s about as bad as the FBI getting the underwear bomber on the plane without ID or a passport…

      17. Do you think it is possible that in some states , high-tech , high-speed license plate readers are being used to randomly scan driver’s plates? If firearms information is shared between some or all states , this information is noted in your motor vehicle records , becoming instantly available to the scanner (LEO). What the LEO does with this info is speculative , but there’s definitely potential for huge abuses , particularly where the traveled-through state (or LEO) happens to be anti-gun , or anti-2nd amendment. Pondering this gives me the creeps.

        • CY
          ONE WORD

        • Yes yes yes. If in Wa that clear box on the front is not a light it is a scanner and some kind of special camera.

        • Put a ring of infrared LEDs around your license plate. Powered off a small power supply that is on any time your car is running. Renders the plate invisible to scanners or video.

          • Get a plate cover. Called Shadow. I use it along with a complete escort 930 sysytem

        • Crank, hear the one about the guy that was driving along and he saw a camera flash and since he knew he wasn’t speeding he went around the block, and came back by a little slower and saw it flash again, so he went around the block and came back by at a turtles pace and the camera flashed again, and he done this two more times, and finally he went on and thought, wonder what those idiots are up to. In about 10 days he got five summons in the mail for not wearing a seat belt. So things ain’t always what we think. Trekker Out. Don’t Out Fox Yourself!

      18. I travel throughout the country, all the while wearing or carrying my weapon as my Florida CCW permits me; I simply refuse to travel into states which have draconian–and unconstitutional– gun laws. I keep a map of reciprocity states on hand and only go where I am appreciated, and I make it a point of not spending any money in states that do not practice reciprocity. Like wise, when I see yet another Yankee on vacation here in the “Gunshine State” it is obvious they are not carrying because their nanny state government won’t “let” them. Disgraceful!

        • On Monday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would make reciprocity among all states which issue a CCW a national law. The House passed the same legislation in 2011. Please call your Senator and urge them to support the bill, and tell them you’ll be watching how they vote to decide how you will vote the next time their name’s on the ballot!

          • What do you want to bet that the commie states like CA and NY will start screaming states rights when it comes to gun laws?

            • Walt
              That’s good let them then we can turn it around on them.

              • Exactly…

                If states rights applies to one side, it should apply to the other.

                Of course….I don’t think like liberals. They tend to only see things in their own subjective, one-sided way.

                Hypocrisy is a liberal virtue.

          • Just as an aside…we are supposed to have this already…under the federal constitution(article 4 the guarantee clause republican form of govt)…in the Bill of Rights we have the specified right to possess/carry arms(nothing specified so no limitations are legally justified)under that same law(referenced above) the federal govt is required to insure each state a “republican” form of govt…basicly meaning the states have to insure/respect the minimum standard of the federal constitution… they can not abridge it or come up short of it…so if the federalgovt did its job you see we would not have places like NJ/NY/Mass/Cali/Maryland ect getting away with the gun law violations they are currently …you would be able to carry anywhere in any state and not be subject to any harassment…you’d be backed up by the federal law instead of attacked by it…hence a national carry law called the second amendment is already in place… if they truly want to have a national(federal) carry law they simply have to enforce current law…any thing more is likely a revenue raising/control increasing measure…Im not trying to be negative,any effort that raises the issue has some merit except Id add that we gotta raise the bar…complete constitutional carry everywhere… rejecting any federal violations also…we must require the federal govt to do its job and sue/harass states like Maryland over this issue just like they do Arizona over their dealing with invaders or any issue where a so-called minority has an issue which they do with gusto…(not to mention the violations in states of their own constitutions by the states themselves,thats another issue)…bottom line is as long as I/you do not(with malice) hurt/injure another person or their property using my/your weapon the constitutional law provides nothing to justify any LEO even speaking to me/you concerning my/your weapon…but alas,its not about our rights/liberty…its all about power/control/money…doenst mean we cant win or that we shouldn try! Thanks!

          • It’s an election year for Cornyn.

            He…or one of the other establishment Republicans could have introduced a law like this years ago….but they haven’t.

            It will go nowhere.

            Just like there will be no prosecutions for “Fast and Furious”…or the “IRS scandal”….or Benghazi.

            They are all on the same team in D.C.

            I called Cornyn’s office when he refused to back Ted Cruz in his effort to de-fund Obamacare, and let him know that unless he changed his position and got behind Cruz, I would not be voting for him in the coming election.

            I intend to stick by my statement. I will be voting for his opposition in the primary, and if he still gets the nomination, I’ll vote for the Libertarian in the general election.

            Cornyn is part of the problem. He needs to go.

            • They are ALL on TEAM-AIPAC! Because the SHOAH Must go on!

      19. It is quite evident that the ‘military machine’ has reached critical mass. It is spreading like a disease throughout the U.S. and the world, unchecked.

        The U.S.Constitution and more importantly, The Bill of Rights have been trampled under foot of the jack booted thugs and so-called ‘elites’. Knowledge is POWER and like I said before: KNOW your neighbors- KNOW where they work, KNOW what they do, KNOW what they stand for.

        The day IS coming when they will regret aligning with the devil or being his right hand.

        NO threats, no empty words… just facts.

      20. I live in MD. and have a State of Utah CCP. It allows me to carry in a lot of states where I travel(except mine). You can travel through MD with a handgun as a non-resident. The gun just has to be locked up in a box separate from the ammunition. Best place to put it would be the trunk. Any cop can screw with you and make it miserable for you by having a regulated firearm in a vehicle even though its legal. Best know the firearm laws of all the states your passing through.

        • PO’d You are quite correct, if travelling to different states it is good to know what their laws are, some states grant reciprocity some do not, they are easily checked online. It is a shame to be regulated like this, but you can at least avoid some trouble possibly if you research first.


          • My husband bought a ‘handbook’ firearms laws of the 50 states. We keep copies in the Cars/truck. That way you can edumacate the cops on their own statutes ;-]

            • No pity…… I wouldn’t spend money on the book, as laws change frequently. Go on line and check out the revisions as they are updated frequently. For instance Delaware as of 12/1/13 stopped reciprocating with Virginia’s CCP’s. For what reason, I don’t know. Probably a pissin’ match. The best scenario IS a national card (if there has to be one). Most states will balk at that and I don’t blame them. Each state should NOT come under the Federal Heel. Each state should be governed by those that live there… PERIOD!

              • It’s only $15 a year. I have legal heat iPhone app, too. I like the book, because it pulls any and all info r/t firearms.

        • Maryland is a fascist state and has been for a long time.

          I remember seeing an episode of “Cops” years ago and they were featuring Maryland State Police. Just their uniforms reminded me of Nazi brown-shirts. And they had the attitude to match.

          Friggin’ Nazis.

          • yeah, I hate Md. cops too! In Delaware, cops are mostly decent.

      21. A GUN is simply a tool,with its own purpose,just as a Car,chain saw,lawn mower etc. and should not require PERMISSION, in any shape or form to carry ,concealed or otherwise

      22. Holy Hell!!!

        You need a permit to carry concealed?!?!

        So I have been breaking the law for years…..

        Shame on me, guess I should go apply..


        • I wonder if the NSA can take a joke?

      23. Keep em guess en!

      24. I completely agree with this article ….the second amendment is my permit

      25. I’m not happy I had to get a CCW in order to carry, but I’m also not going to lose everything I have if I get caught carring or GOD forbid using my weapon.

        I don’t think it’s smart telling people to run around with guns without permits. Some of us still have a lot to lose and spending time behind bars isn’t away way to protect your family.

        FYI: Don’t visit those commie states like Maryland and you are less likely to encounter these pricks.

        • Maybe we should boycott Maryland.

          Refuse to go through the state or do business with companies that are headquartered there.

          • I go from Ohio to Wy and back a lot. Until they changed the law, all I did in Illinois was P, when I drove through; seemed reasonable.

            • Do NOT spend there; no motel, no gas, no restaurant, no department stores, no junk food at gas stations–nothing.
              Did I cover it all
              Yes, leaving your pee is okay.

          • I won’t even stop in Oregon to get gas on my way to AZ. Just for that reason.

            • i won’t stop in oregon on the way to arizona either PAGE…did i mention i live in Kaleefor neeuh?..

      26. well not same situation as the story mentioned. But last year when I went up to Canada, we got checked at the border checkpoint and they knew we had a gun license.

      27. Indiana has almost half a million active CCW currently. Boy that sure is a lot of door to door duty for officers….Can we stop with the fear porn here?

        So one guy and his old lady didn’t get there stories straight. Now everyone with a CCW is going to be killed when the big government purge happens……

        Gooberment can’t do anything correct. My wife knows all my business and she would have said you need to ask my husband as an answer to every question the officer asked. She knows which one of us is trained to deal with these types.

        • Still shouldn’t have happened….even to one guy and his old lady…not anywhere in America!

        • Why was he pulled over?

      28. The 2nd Amendment is my concealed carry permit.

        End of discussion.

      29. 5/6 years ago where crossing into Canada and the guard at the boarder already knew I had a CCW because he ask me about it and separately ask my wife if I had a gun with me. He asked how many guns I had and I should have said none of your business but by this time I was somewhat mad and told him the truth. That I wasn’t sure but somewhere between 40 and 50. He said Canada didn’t want my kind to visit and if he could he wouldn’t let me in. Oddly enough he didn’t search the the car

        • I was once turned back at the border in Ontario for not having enough money on me…looked the little cop and her sidekick in the eyes and told them we’d own them one day,till then they weren’t worth visiting….many many winters ago…. needless to say they were not amused 🙂

      30. Who is the bigger fool; he who is so fearful of being on some “list” that he abstains from owning a gun & is left defenseless, or he who owns one, has it for self defense & cares not one hoot about being on a list?
        I’m firmly in the second group.
        Only lambs care about lists since they are the only ones who would surrender their arms in the first place.

        • Dave-

          The recent ‘mandatory weapon registration’ circus in CT should be a wake up call to you. Registration of ANY kind = targeting & confiscation. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns… Why do you think they are trying so hard to limit, reduce and database every gun and gun user? It isn’t for your safety, period. Democrats in Californika are even backing a new ‘ammunition background check’ bill.

          Out of site, out of mind, till it’s time! Once the gov is ‘sure’ they have confiscated everyone’s means of fighting back is when they too, will have their General George Custer ‘moment’.

          Custers second to last words- “We shall do it easily”
          Custers LAST words- “Holy S@#! Look at all them Indians!”

          • I don’t know where everyone else is but in Fl. you don’t register a gun for a CCW. It is for “weapons”, not just firearms. You can get one without ever owning a firearm of any type and use it to carry any type of weapon concealed except “machine guns” as defined in Fl. Statutes. Yoy have to show proof of training in safe handling of firearms, nothing more. Not accuracy, not knowledge of different types; that is considered to be your responsibility to take care of if you carry.
            Here, at least, a CCW registers just you, not your weapon, not your hiking boots, and not your canoe or where you capsized.

        • They’ll be at your house first pal, give ’em Hell!

        • Dave, you can count braveheart as a proud emeber of that 2nd group. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • That should have read ‘member’ not ’emeber’. typing too fast again.

            • Talking about your Member again.

      31. I had a Florida CCW 25 years ago and never renewed it since I read the second amendment again, and again. It’s crystal clear in the wording “The right to keep and “BEAR” ARMS…” That means that a CCW is unconstitutional!

      32. I’m so confused. I’m in Ky. and could probably carry a gun inside the grocery and the good ole boy wouldn’t say much but tell me to leave it in the car next time.
        BUT, my confusion comes from LEO that are so gung ho on disarming the lawful public.
        Heck, they’d be a help in any situation as I see it, so what is their problem??
        Do they think because they had 4 weeks training they are better adapted than we at any upheaval??

        • Jay Jay

          Unfortunately their gang drills into them that there are three groups of people.

          1. Cops
          2. Family of Cops
          3. Everyone else.

          Cops socialize with Cops. Their children become Cops. Much of their mentality is an “Us verses Them” and if your not an us by default your a them.

          • Kevin2, that ‘us vs. them’ mentality started in the federal LE academies and trickled down to some degree to some of the other academies after 911. Most local, county, and state cops are NOT like that.

            • 1 braveheart

              Well I don’t see them standing in line to testify in court in trials of police abuse against police. They’re “batting a thousand”.

              Only some Cops are bad is a true statement. The problem is the good Cops look the other way. Cops been protecting cops since there were cops. That environment fosters cohesion as a matter of survival. Who else are our protectors going to first logically join with for self protection? Live with it, deal with it but don’t ignore it because its reality.

              • Kevin2, my relatives in LE all quit because they saw wrongdoing committed by other cops and reported it. they thought they were doing the right thing. They got put out for breaking the ‘code of silence’ and I’m sure Sgt. Dale knows what i’m talking about. They told me they didn’t become cops to go out and terrorize the public. How could anyone not take their hats off to my cousins for taking such a stand? They risked their own careers AND lives to report wrongdoing by another cop and what happens? they were literally harassed and threatened out of their jobs. they even had to leave the town they were in; it was just that bad. I think any kind of future for law enforcement in this country in any post-SHTF scenario will at least be questionable.

                • I hate to point it out but that kind of proves his point, doesn’t it. Good cops get dumped by the “cop establishment” if they make waves. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any, just that they don’t make the society.

                  • SWFL
                    Thank you said it better than I did in three lines.
                    When I see good cops get painted by the same brush as bad cops I see red. I have to come to the defense of my brothers in blue/brown/green.
                    I do apologize for the cursing. There is no excuse. I’m better than that.
                    Again Thanks for saying what I was trying to say.

        • J J:
          I’m training all the time (30years).
          I’m confused too. I want good law abiding citizens to be armed to help. Just like in a grocery store. It just makes me think how stupid some of these LEO’s are..

          • Sgt. Dale: Why am I a subject and not a PERSON? Being called a subject just PISS’s me off. I fully respect the GOOD LEO’s, you risk it all everyday. A big THANK YOU!

            • O.V.
              With out giving you a story. I will try and explain.
              Tom a subject is a Good Guy/Gal. Not someone I reign over like a king.
              A person interest is a person that might be a bad Gut/Gal.
              A suspect is the one we believe did the crime.
              A criminal is the that has been convicted of the crime by a Judge or a Jury.
              Hope this helps.

              • S D: THX!

          • I help a young deputy on a out of control traffic stop. I don’t know what scared him worst the tough SOB (multibule) he was trying to get control of or the fact someone stopped to help with agun. He sstill wasn’t sure when we talked after wardds.

          • {{{The same question keep coming up. I can carry in any state, and there is not a damn thing they can do.
            Why can’t you. Your (family) life is just as important as mine.}}}

            Well said.

      33. I totally agree with the concept of “Constitutional Carry”, that the 2nd amend is our “permit”….

        However, how many folks want to get a criminal record with a felony gun violation, just to make a point?? I suppose we could do a “Million Man Gun Carry” march on Washington, but that would probably just give the DHS an excuse to use some of those billions of bullets they’ve been hoarding!!


        • If you love your children, give them Elderberry every day-not just when they feel like they are getting sick.
          It is inexpensive when considering the doctor visit cost{which only recommends the $100 Tamiflu which reports say it doesn’t help at all), days missed from work, etc.
          Puritanpride…buy one, get 2 free most the time, and always free shipping.
          Even if your order is under $25, it is always free shipping.

          My elderberry wasn’t buy 1, get 2 free for some reason.
          Maybe the supply is short?

      34. Unfortunately there are people in jail and others with felony records which may have cost them their employment that stood with principle and decided to not get a carry permit even though it was available. If you live in a State that does not issue carry permits (except to the wealthy / connected) you may have to do what you have to do to stay alive and carry anyway. If your fortunate enough to live in a Shall Issue State you must weigh principle v reality.

        Choose your battles. This is not one when the downside is much greater than the upside. If you hit the lottery and have a few million to spend on a dream team legal defense with the potential to create a precedent in our favor please proceed.

        • All these people had better realize that When a cop reads your licence, he can access you registered gun list and if you get caught with a concealed weapon without a permit, they will have a search warrant for your house. YourFelony conviction will make it so you will not be able to own a gun and your other guns will be destroyed (redistributed between themselves)

      35. NIHIL FIDEI! Mostly the government!

        • Satori:
          What are the chances this will pass? I pray that it dose.
          This is good news. Please keep us informed.

          • It won’t pass. The feds will threaten to pull all of the federal funding from the state if it looks like it might pass. ALMOST all of the states are hooked on federal money to survive. Looks like it not only the poor people who are hooked on the fed govt teat…huh.

        • Satori

          While the 2nd Amendment had two major cases before the US Supreme Court Heller and McDonald (which we won) the new battle ground will be the 10th Amendment for reasons too numerous to mention. I think the Second and Tenth may one day merge in a case like this. Using the Interstate Commerce Clause to defend the Federal Governments bypassing of the Tenth has in cases been a sad comedy of an excuse reaching well beyond reasonability. The justifications make the Dred Scott decision appear logical. We know how that turned out.

          Deciding against the Tenth in a case such as this would be like stating that it snows at sea level on the equator. One can only redefine words and phrases to such a point that it becomes too obvious that there is zero intention of complying to the Bill of Rights. They’re trying to maintain the illusion of the Rule of Law while fostering changes contrary to it. Like Lincoln said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.

          The Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” pretty much describes the future. I prefer boredom myself.

      36. I live in FL also and have had a CWP for 4 years now. Florida, for one, does not require that you register any firearm. Just because you have a CWP doesn’t necessarily mean you even own a gun…you also need it to carry a longer fixed blade knife. But just because you own any kind of gun doesn’t mean it’s the gun you carry. Most people own more than one sidearm and there’s no reason to register any of them in order to concealed carry them.
        In fact, even in the CWP course, the police officer who runs the course tells you this. He even tells you never to tell anyone what gun(s) you carry and to vary which gun you carry so that if someone mad at you wants to get you in trouble they can’t make up a story that you had flashed your gun at them because they know what you have and what it looks like. He said don’t even tell your wife or girlfriend, because as we all know, they’re the most crazy ass people we’ll ever know in our lives at some point and time, hahahaha….but they will also do something stupid or vengeful and accuse you of something you didn’t do.
        Just look at the case with this guy…because of his dumb ass wife talking babble talk, she got them all in trouble with a douche bag worthless power tripping cop.
        Florida also has legal private sales of firearms…so we are able to buy and sell any guns we want privately amongst ourselves and there are no laws restricting it or forcing us to register a gun we bought privately.
        So I have never bought a gun through a store…only private sales.
        As always, know your rights and your state or local laws, especially if you’re traveling.

      37. Move to AZ, I can walk into gun store, buy a piece and walk out with that shiz in my pocket! What is a CCW permit? Not in AZ, I can carry open or concealed all day with no “permit” god I love the “wild” west!

      38. The wrinkle in Karl Denninger’s otherwise excellent essay is not whether the citizen violates a law.

        There are myriad laws and regulations everywhere.

        The issue is, did that individual do anyone ANY HARM?

        In State A, concealed carry of a loaded handgun, with a permit, might be perfectly fine.
        When an individual drives across the state line, its law might say your concealed carry handgun must be unloaded. You just broke the LAW.

        But You Didn’t Do Anyone Any HARM.

        As I’ve said on here myriad times, the only legitimacy a law has is it protects an individual’s Life, Liberty or Private Property. The vast majority of laws don’t exist to do that. They exist the better to control and loot all of us.

        I hope Mr. Filippidis retains a skilled RKBA and files a class action in Federal court.

        Jeffrey Weiner in South Miami or Stephen Halbrook in Fairfax, VA spring to mind. Their RKBA track records are distinguished.

        • I hope he retains a skilled RKBA attorney and files a class action lawsuit in Federal court.

        • Because a lawyer can interpret any language to mean anything, what a legal rule means is determined by political assumptions of the person applying it. The myth of the rule of law does more than render people submissive to state authority; it also turns them into the state’s accomplices in the exercise of force against citizens.

        • #JA ….you and karl nailed THAT one!thanks for pointing it out!BTW, denninger and shtfplan are my daily MUSTREADS

        • You sir understand the truth…its getting the word out that’s hard…keep on keepin on!

      39. Terrain permitting, many if not most infantry-type shooting scenarios that take place outside “the city” call for you to get into a prone position (lying on your belly) and putting out rounds as quickly and accurately as you can. If you think you can fire as effectively from a standing position or knelling position as you can from a prone position, say, at 150 yards, you have not been to the range in a long, long time. The prone position has the double advantage of making the shooter a small target as well as providing a stable shooting position. WWII-, Korean-, Vietnam-, and Cold War-era infantry vets know exactly what I’m talking about here. If you doubt me, go ask one of them. When appropriate, my most fundamental advice to you is to “get small”-get into a good prone firing position. Generally speaking, those that stand tall when they could “get small” are bound to take a nasty fall. R.L.S.

        • “Generally speaking”

          I actually have a better average in the sitting position. (I fired a perfect score the first time I used it and am afraid to fire in the sitting position again because it would ruin my average.)

      40. No infantry rifle, shotgun, or pistol blows people off their feet as if they were tackled by an NFL linebacker.

        12 gage buckshot can be very effective, but it’s not magic and won’t make up for poor shooting skills.

        One highly skilled practitioner of any martial art (I consider shooting a martial art) almost never takes on 15 bad guys and lives to tell about it.

        Don’t expect that one or two hits from a pistol will put a “bad guy” down as quickly as you want him or her to go down. It’s much more realistic to expect that you may have to empty a 15 round magazine into an attacker to conclusively resolve the issue in your favor. One of your shooting drills at the range should be to practice emptying a full magazine into a man sized target at 5 to 15 feet as quickly and accurately as you can and then quickly reloading (as if you life depended on it) and firing three more shots just to make sure. Better yet, set up multiple targets at different ranges and resolve the situation as if you life depended on it. Put one or two quick shoots on every target and then go back and finish the job aggressively. Learn to reload quickly and effectively. If you can carry one extra magazine you can carry two just as easily. And if you can carry two, you can actually carry four without much difficulty. R.L.S.

        • EXCELLENT pair of posts old vet! thanks for pointing that out.

        • Great points OldVet. I cringe when people consider the scattergun as some type of hall sweeper, just aim it in the general vicinity of your threat and a huge consuming ball of blue whistlers will end your problems. Not true. In a “tactical” shotgun class several years ago, dang near half the class missed a 20 foot popper target in low light conditions. Considering at that close of a distance, the shot spread is minimal, around 6 inches or so. It is still in my opinion the best close range or home defense weapon available. But you still have to aim.

          You talked me into practicing handgun skills this weekend. Definitely not practiced enough. Been doing alot of long range work lately, but have deglected practicing on a regular basis with the piece of kit I carry daily.

          Thanks again from a middle aged vet.

      41. During a routine traffic stop (speeding just a little) in Oklahoma, the officer noticed my CCW card in my wallet as I pulled out my DL. He asked if I had a weapon in the vehicle. I said no. He said, “why not? What is the point of having a CCW permit if you are not going to carry the weapon with you at all times?! Please in the future, carry your weapon”.

        • Vic:
          Now that is a DAMN GOOD COP!

        • Rare cops.
          I saw a video of a girl at a check point(for what I don’t know), but he asked if they were American citizens and she said yes, may I go?
          He said he was glad to see people that knew their rights by the Constitution and thanked her for using them.
          Rare, yes.

      42. Regardless of what comes at you, you’ll have to effectively deal with it. Use you instincts and every brain cell you have to survive. Whatever the challenge or obstacle, you have to deal with it or be defeated by it. Adapt to the weather. Adapt to the terrain. Adapt to the tactics of your opposition. And remember that what works today will not work forever because your opposition will be adapting to you. I’ve observed that many people feel confident because the have things, maybe a nice weapon, that they think will somehow magically fix all their problems. They won’t. The number one survival tool you have is the computer between your ears and the instincts that go with it. You’ll have to decide–and decide correctly–when it’s time to stay, and when it’s time to go. You’ll have to decide when it time to be on defense, and when it’s time to go on offense. R.L.S.

      43. In my opinion, one key to staying alive during a total breakdown in law and order will be to become as elusive as a whitetail deer by reverting back to the skills and attitudes of our hunter-gather ancestors. To get the point across, imagine in your mind which will survive better and longer in a Mad Max scenario, a domesticated dog or a wolf/coyote? The more you become a swamp fox, the better your chances to survive another day. The domesticated-dog-types who walk around in the open looking for a handout or to be taken in by a kindly stranger will not last long. R.L.S.

      44. If the US Army taught me anything it taught me to put out security in a tactical environment-360 degrees of security (in one form or another) at all times.
        One well known incident of poor security happened to a well trained recon team in Vietnam. This particular recon (reconnaissance) team concluded that in a team of approximately six team members, someone would always be awake at night for one reason or another; therefore, there was no need to mandate that everyone would pull a rotating, one hour watch throughout the night. One night they set up in a good night defense position and when to sleep. When the team became over due, a helicopter (I remember, they where my friends) flew over the area they were patrolling to look for them. The entire team was found lying in the open, stripped of all equipment and uniforms, with their throats cut. R.L.S.

      45. Current US military capabilities are heavily dependent on satellites and the internet. Current US military thinking on the future force is to use all available technology to create a highly efficient, light and lean force that is networked together to see the battle space clearly and act/react so quickly that the opposition cannot keep pace.

        If and when our adversaries decide to attack us one of their first actions will be to take out our satellites, and take down the internet and/or computer systems. As of January 19, 2007, we now know the Chinese have the capability to shot down satellites, and we have know for years that a nuclear weapon fired off the US coast by submarine and programmed to air-burst over the US mainland can take down the internet and computers with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The Department of Defense (DoD) defines electromagnetic pulse as “The electromagnetic radiation from a strong electronic pulse, most commonly caused by a nuclear explosion that may couple with electrical or electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges.”

        Should China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc. collaborate and simultaneously attack US interests using a full spectrum approach (nuclear, conventional, and asymmetric), you can see this scenario would not be good to say the least. R.L.S.

      46. I highly doubt this story is true. If it is, it doesn’t really matter because any evidence found in the search would be in admissible in court. I am a LEO in Iowa and here at least, we don’t have any way of knowing if someone has a permit in Iowa much less anywhere else. I have never run an out of state license and been informed of a cow. Not saying it couldn’t happen, just saying. You guys need to leave the cops alone. Most cops are on your side, most of us are gun guys after all. It’s not the police that are the enemies, it’s the polititions and the anti-gunners.

        • There is an implied contract between the Police and the Public: Policemen will put public safety above their own personal safety. If this is not true, then every policeman hired makes the public less safe.
          – If a Bank robber robs a bank, and then goes around and shoots witnesses in the back of the head, he is doing it for his own personal safety. This is “murder”.
          When a cop shoots and kills a 13 year old boy because he has a plastic toy gun; and kills him, and then cites “personal safety” as his reason, he is doing exactly the same thing as the bank robber. When a SWAT team breaks into the wrong home and executes a senior citizen trying to defend his home, that’s something worse than first degree murder.
          – If a district attorney will not bring murder indictments against these criminals, he is just as guilty as they are.
          – The public has the right to self defense, and a strong offense is the best defense.

      47. You say why is Old Vet posting all this; because my gut tells me the NUT CUT’N is fast approaching and maybe just maybe some of this will help someone out. This is the SHTF site and I feel that it’s time to start throwing out ideas that might help. Good conversion is fine and I love it, but we all need wisdom in surviving and that means ideas on what might work to facilitate it.


        • Well spoken…thanks!


        • Eisenpuke, you would only have one time to call my wife a whore in my presence and you would get a guaranteed trip to the emergency room. the remarks you just made about women, well this is one time I wouldn’t object to some feminists hanging you out to dry. Hell, I might even help them. I would be one happy person to see you get your ass kicked by a woman. How the hell would you know what kind of capabilities a woman’s mind could have? if you’ve ever had any women, I’m sure they all had damned good reasons to dump you.

          • You know BH you are so stuck. Most women I know are proud to be theirs mate.

            • Add up to first sentence. And whore to the second.

              And some of the best sex I every had was after I call a women a whore.

              • FBP, I’ll stand up any good and righteous women I know, no problem there. Eisenpuke is a troll who never contributes anything meaningful to our discussions. He is a pain in the ass to me. but I always keep Preparation H in stock.

          • Braveheart.
            My wife would put this troll into the hospital.

            • Sarge, you are most welcome for my support and I thank you for your service. We ended up having more dickheads than usual on this site and of course I had to go after the troll eisenpuke. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • BH,

            Why did you feed the troll? You know as well as I do that Eisenfool/Eric Cartman has never been within arms reach of a female other than its mother. In all probability when faced with a strong independent minded female all he can do is slink away and hide.

        • I just read this to gf. I saw the heat. But at least you are back on you game

        • eisen- My grand-daughter just started reading shtfplan. She said she seriously thinks you’re gay.

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        • Eisenkreuz: Seriously?

          I don’t think the women here will respond to you because it’s pointless. And your damaged opinion of women doesn’t effect us….we know who we are and what we are capable of.

          I am not trying to be unkind…but after reading your posts for a while now….I really think you are bi-polar.


          • …he’s been doing this since he showed up here a good while ago…he does it to get a rise outta folks…best to just ignore it…by the way welcome if I haven’t said so already 🙂

            • Reb: Thanks for the welcome! 🙂

              It’s just weird how one post he is normal and the next he is screaming obscenities and craziness. I’m serious about the bi-polar thing….medication is needed.


          • Howdy, PK LauLau. eisen is one of the regular trolls here. You don’t have to be kind to him. It won’t do any good. I and some others have tried that previously to no avail. braveheart

            • Howdy BH…..trolls are bad enough….but bi-polar trolls….wheeeewwww….


          • Welcome PKLauLau,
            — Miss Dee Dee

      49. Should the 2A be all we need in order to carry? Yes…emphatically. Does the current (illegal) law permit that? No. I’m not risking my job, family security and safe full of guns to take some macho stand right now.

        Let’s take an honest look at the situation. Many states didn’t start passing concealed weapon permit until the 80’s. Prior to that many folks were not able to carry anything at all. Conceal permits have been picking up steam, and they are steps in the right direction. Don’t forget that Nixon tried to ban any and all handguns outright during his ill-fated tenure. (yet again, the criminals somehow don’t want the rest of us armed.)

        I keep listening to all the talk of this that and the other being the next step to take them all away. Are they trying? Sure. 100 million gun owners in this country is quite a force to be reckoned with. Even if 80% of them gave up their guns, that still leaves an army of 20 million. It would take the rest of the world’s armies to suppress that kind of power.

        Over 10 years on, and we can’t even contain a bunch of “stone age” equivalent “terrorists.”

        No they’re not going to come door to door to get them. They don’t have the man-power. They won’t try to get a bunch of foreign troops to do it either. Even most of the sheeple would view that as an act of war.

        What are they going to do, Jimbo? I’m glad you asked. They’re going to pull the rug out from under us financially and economically. After we’re done killing each other in the streets post dollar collapse, they just come pick up the scraps.

        It isn’t lost on me that the eagle isn’t included in Revelation. Hopefully, it’s because we wised up. Most likely, its because they’ve crashed us into worldwide insignificance, or worse yet, we don’t exist anymore.

        Let the red thumbs fly! Geronimo!!!!!!

        • “Let the red thumbs fly! Geronimo!!!!!!”

          pisst…yo… wannna run for office… 🙂

      50. If this is true–so funny!! 😉

        According to KIRO 7 News Tyler Smith was Arrested on Weapons Charges after Apearing on the Show Doomsday Preppers

        • he wasnt supposed to have no gun on account of him touchin a 14 year old girls marimbas and stealin hisself a motorcycle

          • Eisen, who says he can’t have any weapons?

        • Here’s the funny part— “He also bragged for the camera about his plans to raid and loot other doomsday preppers’ supplies when the end times came. “All your shiny AR’s your high powered .308 rifles, your 50,000 rounds of ammo are all going to be ours”, Smith warned.

          Pierce county investigators say it was those claims, and Smith’s brazen use of firearms on camera that landed him back in jail. “What led us to this guy was himself. He put himself on TV and in newspaper articles and he did things that scared the neighbor,” said Troyer.

          Smith is a level one sex offender following his conviction in King county in 2009, but he has not registered with law enforcement since his move to Pierce county. Troyer said he could face an additional charge of failing to register as a sex offender.”

          • I wonder how long it took ’em to find an idiot like that to put on TV.

            • About 15 minutes, I’ll bet…and they probably didn’t find him, HE FOUND THEM…

          • Was he the big fat kid?

            • That’s him. The Cream Puff with the mouth.

        • That guy was an idiot..one less fool out there thinking he’s gonna “take” what he needs…maybe his wife will live since he won’t be around to put her on plastic in the barn and perform a redneck c-section on her with a Sharpie and a knife…idiot!

          • Well the law just saved his life by locking him up. Cause if he tries to take someones preps, he’s gonna die. But knowing the press, the whole stinkin’ story was probably prearranged.

            • hell, ALL those reality shows are made-up crap….like wrestling, purely for entertainment.

      51. The article stated “It is only if and when you commit a crime with a weapon present and in some way related to the offense that the government gains the ability to intervene in your personal decision to not be a victim and protect both yourself and your family”. You lose the right to own a gun for any felony conviction, regardless of whether a gun was present.

        • And several misdemeanor crimes as well.

      52. The time I was stopped I was NOT carrying, but I still declared to the officer that “I am licensed to carry concealed, and I do NOT have my weapon on me”. The officer (Indiana SP) took my CCW card, looked puuzzled, and asked me if I had to declare if I was not carrying. I politely said “it is all about your safety sir….I do not know if your license plate database goes across state lines yet”….he was very appreciative and I received a warning for going a bit too fast. That is why I was pulled over. With all that is happening in our country with NSA and data breaches, I will ALWAYS assume that any officer in any state knows I have a CCW. Surely the regulars on these posting know what I mean….

      53. I’m a woman, but really, men are right when they say women have diarrhea of the mouth!

        Man, take your wife home and give her a spanking!

        • if it was ME, done that to MY WIFE, she woulda’ left me on the side of the road, naked…and BLEEDING …from an orifice!

      54. Yep, they are just encouraging the citizenry to become unlawful so law abiding citizens can have the same rights as the Illegal thugs who come out smelling like a rose. Shouldn’t require a genius to figure the appropriate course of action going forward.

      55. We need a unified push for no permit required. The Constitution is our permit. Police are not above the citizen and we citizens should have the same rights to carry as police.

        Thankfully, I live in a fairly gun friendly state(Oklahoma). IMO, we need many more Sgt. Dales.

        • A national permit would be more likely to get through Congress.

        • MAAT:
          We just need more to speak out.

      56. Then lets start enforcing the second amendment. We have a “National Constitution”. It applies to all states all the time. My rights under the Constitution doesn’t stop at a states border…..PERIOD!

        • That’s right!

      57. This article is full of half truths and overall it is crap & full of misinformation. Most states do not require a handgun to be “registered” with your CCW License. Matter of fact except for a few liberal states there is no real registration, only a record of what you bought from the sporting goods store (hardcopy not electronic).

        Although we should be able to carry via the 2nd amendment only, most states don’t see it that way, but carrying does eliminate or cut down on crime significantly, one example of rape in Florida went down significantly after CCW Licenses were issued…. many more examples are too common to mention – if you don’t already know this, you are totally uninformed, or maybe just stupid….

        • aww, don’t be so HARSH, no name…maybe they’re just DUMB!

      58. All of you who claim there are lots of good cops out there: I call B***S***. If there were, they’d clean house and get rid of the criminal thugs, but they don’t, and very clearly won’t. So it’s up to the rest of us to see to it that the problem is corrected, by whatever means prove to be necessary.

        I imagine this guy will have a talk with his wife about keeping her mouth SHUT in any similar situation in the future. That’s assuming he doesn’t dump her right now, on the spot, for being an idiot.

        By the way, did anyone get the name of this uniformed thug? It’s time to prevent the criminal cowards from hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.

      59. I don’t post on here much, but I very much appreciate Sgt. Dale’s posts, among others. There are good and bad everywhere. A state trooper pulled me over buzz driving, could have taken me to jail, he didn’t. Had my CWP revolver in the glove box, I gave him the permit with my other info. He took it back to the car with him. Brought it back unloaded, gave me a warning for not wearing a seatbelt. Told me that he would follow me home to make sure I got home safely. He did, I did. There some good cops out there. Can’t label most cops bad. Keep up the great posts Sarge, and yes, please Inform us if it’s about to hit the fan. Thanks.

        • Bam:
          Thanks and I will.

        • BamBam51, are you a Justin Barica fan?

      60. In my state you can’t buy guns or ammo without a permit (clearly unconstitutional). However, while I agree with the constitutional principle that you can’t license rights I disagree with this post…well sort of. I am ok with concealed carry being legal for all non felons, however as a matter of constitutional law, the right to bear arms can not be infringed but it can be regulated. Although I think it a dumb idea private and semi-public (places run by government that you do not have to enter) places can be designated no gun zones. And I think you can regulate how you bear arms…holstered vs at the ready…

        Carrying concealed means taking responsibility for understanding non-castle self defense laws, the ballistics of your bullet and how far it could potentially, how to defend the gun from attempts to seize it, etc.

        • “can not be infringed but it can be regulated”


          • Damn!… youngster I got to agree with you there. “Shit meister”, LOL ain’t heard that used for years(You musta heard that one from someone older).

          • eisenpuke, someone should ask you that same question.

          • I gotta admit, That was a good one.

          • Eisen, you sound like the shitmeister.

        • {{{can not be infringed but it can be regulated.}}}????

          Isn’t that the problem now??

          The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of individual Americans to keep and bear arms regardless of service in a militia. The right is NOT UNLIMITED and DOES NOT prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices.[1]
          State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right.

        • Regulation is infringement.

        • Huh?

      61. There is something rather interesting happening on the Earth’s crustal plates. There have been two more precursor earthquakes, one in the Greenland Sea and the other one in the Bouvet Island region. These two quakes are almost directly north and south of each other. When drawn on a three dimensional plane they intersect themselves going east and west on the Australian plate. The focal points, Tonga and Samoa, and the Indonesian region. The one at Bouvet Island occurred back in 2004 one day before the 9.1 mega quake. Almost the same spot within 5 miles was hit today. The other quake in the Greenland Sea also has had big earthquakes follow in Indonesia and the Tonga region.

        It seems like perhaps this time the precursor quakes are showing that a specific area is going to be hit. Therefore there is a good chance that a 7+ earthquake will hit between 85 and 115 east and 20 north and 10 south, and/or between 170 east to 170 west and 10 south and 30 south. This is one of the smallest and narrowest boxes seen. Another one of two precursor earthquakes pointing to these regions and a 7.5+ is likely. If one of those precursors quakes is about 6.2 or so, then a 8+ is likely. If like 3 days before the 9.1 in 2004 there is another huge precursor quake 7.0+, then look out 70% chance a mega quake is coming. We should see something on of before Jan.29, probably at the latest the end of the month, Jan.31. The Greenland Sea quake today in the past same area had at 2 times in which no major earthquake followed back in 1973 and 1981 and has targeted the Nazca and Cocos plate before also, so this is not 100%, more like 90% certainty.

      62. Peoples. Our future problem isn’t the LEOs. It is something much, much bigger.

      63. Is their a future?

        • yes, but it’s awfully BLEAK! it seems america got it’s drivers liscence and was promptly handed the car keys and a bottle of WHISKEY by unca sammy…foot to the floor with a hairpin turn DEAD ahead…oh, and the tires are BALD…with no BRAKES!

      64. A few of you owe SGT.Dale a apology. You should know by now from his past posts that he is not one of “them”, he is one of US.

        • Anonoymous:
          Thanks, but they don’t need too apologize. I should for the cursing I used on the site. That is not like me.
          I see RED when all Cops get painted with the same brush and I let it go too far.
          People can have an opinion, even if it is wrong. I know that there are bad cops out there just as there are bad Doctors, Bus Drivers, Ect.
          Any way the bad cops should be punished just like anyone else.
          Again THANKS.

          • We’ve got your back Sarge !

            • DARK:
              I just don’t like it when someone paints any profession with the same brush.
              The folks above have aright to speak their minds and so do I. If people don’t like it they give me a thumbs down if they like it they give me a thumbs Up.
              Thanks Again!!!!!

              • Good evening, Sarge. You already know braveheart has your six covered. The dickheads get under my skin also. I don’t worry about getting green thumbs or red thumbs, although I get green for the most part. I just refuse to live that way. MOLON LABE braveheart

      65. Well god bless Arizona!! we can carry open or concealed WITHOUT PERMITS! you can get a ccw but why would you if you don’t absolutely have to!

      66. In Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105: “No State shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and charge a fee therefor.“

        In Sherer v. Cullen, 481 F 946 “There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional rights.“

        In Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham Alabama, 373 US 262: ”If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity.“

        • Sounds like these laws are being broken but the govt and police on a regular basis…

        • Hence the logic behind them telling us we have no rights…that its all privileges granted by the state/crown…no rights=no problems for them.

      67. Mac…I read about this yesterday. I visited with my local Police Chief and asked him if a concealed carry person is flagged in the system. he told me NO.

        • Mike, what state do you live in? Maryland is in Zone 3 and if you look at the zone it surrounds D.C. What I’m trying to get at is that MD. and those states in that zone, might have been given more funding, more technology (access) to be able to obtain this type of information. Now I could be way off base and am surmising, only because I feel that this could easily take place.

        • and the NSA said they weren’t spying on Americans

          just sayin…

          and Samsung didn’t put two way cameras into some of their Tv’s
          that can be remotely turned on so you can be watched in your living room either

          just sayin…

          and some computer printers don’t place invisible ID markings on each page either

          just sayin…

        • Hhahah good one, you were joking, right?

          • I only wish I was

        • He can win that in court.
          One circuit court says that is freedom of expression, and therefore, freedom of speech.

          • Florida judge rules flashing lights for speed trap warning is covered under free speech

      68. Licenses and permits are tools of Communism. Do not comply.

      69. I am a life long Florida resident and a CCP holder since 1985, and there is something fishy about this story.In Florida, your permit is not connected to your driver license or vehicle registration in any way,shape or form.The only a law enforcement agency can legally obtain this info is by contacting the Fl Department of Agriculture(issuing agency) or if you voluntarily show the officer your permit, which in Florida you are not required to,even if you are pulled over and carrying.So if this was pulled over in another state,like the story says, how would they have this info.Even if this state has some form of gun registration, how would they know he owned a gun,since Fl. Has no gun registration?



          • You sould learn to be a bit less crude and stupid. Look at it this way; If you meet people as stupidly agravating as you are, in a SHTF situation you’ed shoot them, So will we. Watch “HARVEY” Jim S. has words about being nice. Because at this point, in a bad situation I’d not lend you anything but fast moving slugs.

            • Paranoid, AMEN to your comments. You can’t teach anything to a useless troll like eisenpuke.

          • EISEN:
            Why can’t you have a calm reply without all the profane and derogatory language.
            No wonder why the Feds are watching you. Hell I’m half glad they are. A NICE WORD GOES A LOT FARTHER THAN YOUR RANTS.
            My father told me that you can tell the intelligence of a person by the words they use.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N. REB

          • Eisenpuke, we were here before you came along and we’ll still be here after you’re gone, so go f#$% yourself!

            • you werent here before me you old queer

              • Eisenpuke, I first starting coming here in May 2012, but didn’t make my first post until July that year. The first time I saw you on here was in early 2013. but no, I never saw you on here in 2012. Plus, I’m not a queer you dildo.

                • DO NOT CALL HIM A DILDO! Several Gals I know will tell you they can be quite useful. Him; not so much.

          • e:
            Just one time I and everybody else here would like it if you would watch you mouth, and post something that would help some one else.
            You accomplish nothing with all the profanity!!!
            Please stop feeding the troll. The turd is not worth it. You are better when you are giving your good advise out.

      70. Whenever you have to apply (beg) to register (permission) anything you’ve basically agreed to give up your ownership of it. Instead you have to carry around a “CERTIFICATE OF TITLE” that shows you only have permission to have whatever you’ve registered while agreeing to all of the restrictions in using what you’ve registered. This ‘permission’ certificate may be further restricted or done away with at any time since the real owner is whoever you had to “register” with. It no longer is an “unalienable” when you have to ‘beg’ for ‘permission’ to do something, is it?

      71. Why Obama Won’t Admit Fukushima Radiation is Poisoning Americans.Connecting the Dots

        Did you ever wonder WHY the government won’t admit that Fukushima radiation is poisoning us? Read and learn…the scandal runs deep.

        The Daily Sheeple

      72. before there was Snowden

        TRANSCRIPT: Another NSA Whistleblower, Russell Tice


        “Tice: The previous president in April of 2004 condescendingly pointed at a camera and said: “We only do such things with a court order.” Now I did not know at the time that the president was lying, because I did not know how high up that went. But now we know President Bush was lying blatantly to the American people. So now President Obama is lying to the American people.”

        “Abby: You said that we are living in a police state right now. Why?

        Tice: Well, I sort of consider this sort of a, the light police state. Because they’re hiding the fact that it is a police state. I mean the fact that they can literally go into all of our communications, all of the digital communications, the fact that … It’s been disclosed recently that the post office is now doing a cover on every tangible letter that goes to the post office. They’re taking the picture of everything. They’re looking at the return address and they’re looking at the main address at who is mailing something. And that is also being digitally stored. So every means of communication in this country, everything is being watched by the federal government. And that is Orwellian and that is a trademark of a police state.”

      73. the first batch of CCW permits for Illinois have been processed by the IL State Police and now the local LEO gets a 30 day “ya or nay” ….

        Half the permits so far are from Crook County …. both the Chicago CPD Super McCarthy and Crook County Sheriff Dart have done everything possible to stop the law … Dart tried to get special permission fom the ILSP to deny everything from Crok County …. McCarthy has publicly declared war on CCW and has vowed to support all officers that kill gun carriers – no questions asked – no limit required

        • I will not apply for CCW for Illinois for several reasons.

          First, to support a CCW law is to accept through acquiescence that the 2nd amendment is not the supreme law. Sorry, ain’t happening.

          Second, and as importantly, IL requires a copy of a CCW applicant’s fingerprints. This ITSELF is a violation of the 4th and 2nd amendments.

          Thus, CCW laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL on their face and the citizenry is REQUIRED, DUTY-BOUND by the Constitution to NOT abide by such laws.

          Why and how this is lost on so many is a very sad thing to consider. Fortunately for those many who have lost their way by allowing their thoughts to be thought for them by the State, there are still people of honor standing for liberty, standing for the Republic.

          • From what I understand, your fingerprints are not required. However, not providing them adds 30 more days to process your application.

      74. The BATF gets all the records eventually, regardless
        of what we are told. They made a vist here in NJ to
        a person that had purchased “more than one” handgun
        recently. They also asked to see every other firearm
        that he had retail purchased. They had a list. Hours
        and days of paperwork every time I buy a long-gun,
        even a dam RED RYDER, all make sense after I heard
        about that.

      75. I agree, the Constitution is my gun permit period, but that’s not where we are at in America now. So as not to loose my rights with a firearms or felony conviction I have a permit and comply with the laws.

        My son still lives in Elkridge, Md. and I told him we would no longer be visiting him in Maryland. He thinks I’m ridiculous, but I’ve made a personal decision not to go anywhere that doesn’t respect my Constitutional Right to Bare Arms. It makes no difference to me whether it’s a State, County, City or Starbucks. No guns means no me, no me means none of my money either.

        Everyone needs to start taking a personal stance on the side of the Constitution. That means know where you are spending your money and stop spending your money at liberal anti-American, anti-Constitutional companies.

        If the Corporatist can no longer afford the Statist the corruption starts to die on the vine and just maybe we can restore America.

      76. Stop talking; start killing!

        • That is a very foolish thing to say. Shame on you!

      77. Where are the lawyers? Where is the NRA? The humanity! The humanity! If that guy doesn’t sue everybody, he’s deserves what he got.

      78. All the right,s outlined in the counstition and biil of rights. those where not given to us by the framers. those are god given inalienable rights. We will always have them. they cant be taken away by anyone. I don’t need any permit for any god given right, especially the second admendment right to carry.

      79. I would like to remind everyone about the 1968 Gun Control Act. That little law that restricts what firearms we can own. You can thank American rifle manufacturers who lobbied FOR the bill. They wanted to stop the importation of WW2 surplus rifles, but we got stuck with a much worse law. Guess who the main lobbiest was. Wrong. It was Charleton Heston. That’s right. Moses, er, the late head of the NRA. Money talks and bullshit walks. When the people who are supposed to protect you, end up hurting you for their own profit, you’re screwed.

      80. Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour


        and ten police cars show up ???

        WTF ???

        TEN ???

        and the cops are laughing after having made themselves out to be total idiots ???

        seems about right

        I’m sure the police chief will send that idiot officer to bed without any din din
        no TV tonight either !

      81. A freeman has the God given unalienable right to defend himself, no permit or constitution needed. That is why the government of today prefers to call us civilians.

        The u.s constitution was the first step in tyranny. Whereas the Articles clearly stated the states were sovereign the constitution only gives it lip service in the amendments.

        From the Articles:
        “Article II. Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every Power, Jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.”

        Pretty clear!

        The constitution was drawn up in an effort to have a strong central government. It had no other purpose. The amendments were thrown in to get the stubborn states to ratify.

        The First Bank of the United States was enacted by many founders and signed by President Washington. Like the Federal reserve it too was unconstitutional.

        Then uncivil war was the event that consummated the change from These united States to The United States. It now is a forced union rather than a voluntary one.

        The Federal Reserve Act, another unconstitutional act, gave the child government the resources to bribe it’s domestic politicians, to enslave the free citizens with its fiat and to wage imperial wars on government declared enemies.

        The bankers politicians (founders) who designed the constitution knew it would be simply ignored when their central government baby was strong enough. Over the past 60 years this has come to pass.

        Permits are the first step to slavery. Free men will honor, respect and defend the freedoms of all regardless of their personal position. No paper necessary…

      82. Must differ in different States because I was recently stopped by a state trooper and had my glock on me. He never even asked about a weapon or my CCW permit(I had it concealed). He was so cool he took 5 mph off my ticket.

      83. Things to remember:
        1) to any LEO, you will always be a liar unless you tell them what they want to hear, whether it’s true or not
        2) a ccw permit holder does not have to own a handgun, just be qualified with one
        3) once you’re targeted, friends & family members will never help a situation by ‘cooperating’ with LEO demands, so teach them how to keep their mouth shut

        1) MD does not honor ccw permits issued by any other state
        2) without a MD ccw permit, no private citizen may transport a loaded firearm in any vehicle within the state; the officer in this traffic stop did not actually know Filippidis owned a gun; that statement was a ploy tactic as his goal was a firearms charge against the driver and the reason the traffic stop escalated to the level it did
        3) know the gun laws of each state you travel in or through if you’re a ccw permit holder whether or not a firearm is in your vehicle; know the laws even if not a permit holder and transporting any firearm
        4) be especially aware of states you travel in or through that are hell-bent on violating your 2d Amendment rights regardless if you’re 100% legal

        • GD,

          According to another poster further up the thread, the Firearms Freedom Act provides that if one has a CCW in one’s home state, and is legal in the state one is driving to, one is allowed to drive through a state like Maryland regardless of what its laws may hold to the contrary.

          I haven’t had time to read the Firearms Freedom Act before posting this so I am going on what the previous poster said.

      84. I agree wholeheartedly with Mac! Whenever someone must buy a license or pay a fee to exercise a right, then it is something less than a right. It is in fact a mere privilege, subject to the whim of petty bureaucrats. Fundamental rights are not abstract tokens that are given or sold by other men. They are in fact primary liberties bestowed upon us by God, our maker. Rights are not substantially secured by asking, “Mother may I?” of any government agency. Rights are more properly demanded or boldly seized and then conspicuously exercised regularly. This secures the liberties that have legitimately belonged to us since birth. If need be, lost rights can and must be restored through proscriptive use. If you live in a land where your rights have been marginalized into privileges, then it is either time to change your government, or to change your address. Much like a muscle that atrophies with disuse, any right that goes unexercised for many years devolves into a privilege, and eventually can even be redefined as a crime.

        • James-

          Well said! You just summarized the whole article into one paragraph, very eloquently. Your site is just as awesome as this one, BTW. 🙂 (I still don’t see why you need a ‘managing editor’, you do quite well on your own)

        • I have been encouraged by Law Enforcement in my County to open carry and conceal carry as to keep the residents conditioned to see a holstered gun in public.

        • Unfortunatly, many people do see this as a privilege. When I took my Conceal Carry course in Mo. our instructor who also taught various firearms courses even to LE such as the Sheriff’s Department and Police Forces, anywho, he keep referring to concealed carry as a privilege, but to his credit when I called his hand on calling it a privilege,even in front of 30 or 40 other people he admitted that this was a mistake, and should be called a right. So some times people use words rather loosely, whether intentionally or not, so never fear to call someone hand on a statement if you feel it is untrue. Trekker Out.

        • The UNITED STATES Government has its own CONSTITUTION for which ALL AMERICANS are SUBJECTS of, since officially in 1933 UNLESS their Births were not REGISTERED with the Government (Corporation)..and if they don’t have a Social Security Registration

          The Police, Judges, Courts, President,Congress etc. work for the Corporation NOT the Republic (1871) and so must make his decisions based on the Corporation Constitution/Charter NOT the Republic’s Constitution. The President also works for the CORPORATION and NOT the Republic OR the People , for that matter.

          In FACT the REPUBLIC exists in NAME ONLY NOW and has no JURISDICTION or POWER to help or hinder Americans. The KEY word is “Jurisdiction”

          Calling a U.S. Government decision “unconstitutional” is a a FOOLS Errand , because it is the same as talking about apples and oranges. By the Government Corporation Constitution, it IS CONSTITUTIONAL and since the REPUBLIC has no authority over CORPORATION “Citizens”, nothing can be done LEGALLY by the Republic to protect or intervene on behalf of CORPORATION “citizens” ( subjects actually).

          YOUR RIGHTS, in truth, are INVIOLABLE. They are INHERENT and ABSOLUTE, so no one can take them away BUT they can ABROGATE them, as the UNITED STATES Government, a private CORPORATION, answerable only to its shareholders (Rothschilds Bankers etc.) has done

          Here is a link which may help understanding: http://www.tatoott1009.com/2013/06/09/dailypaul-the-act-of-1871-is-this-the-source-of-all-our-problems/


        What a presumptuous and arrogant statement. Who are you to tell me what I should and should not do? You are nothing more than a tyrant wannabee seeking to impose his will on others.

        • ncjoe, go f#$% yourself!

      86. lots of great comments here and i agree with most. I’ve been a CCW holder here in Ohio since 2009. Since then, I’ve had several traffic stops and one auto accident. As instructed, I always tell the cop that I do have the CCW and ask ” what do you want me to do?” while keeping my hands in plain sight. I’ve found every cop to be very polite and cordial towards me. One cop even told me ( with a big smile ) that he appreciated the Second Amendment. I have run into a couple of LEO jerks but they back down very quickly once they realize you know your rights and you give them the respect they feel they need. Personally, I’m sure that the ATF and Homeland Security know about every firearm i own but that doesn’t concern me very much. I’m a proud American gun owner and a law abiding citizen and have been through a thorough vetting process to prove I can hold a CCW. It seems to me that most problems that occur with LEO’s tend to be in very blue states and cities. Thank G-d I live in semi rural OH where most of the cops are hunters and outdoorsy types!

        One other thing, I believe that being a CCW holder has carried some weight with the LEO’s that I’ve interfaced with in the last several years. The police around here think that if you have a CCW then your ” one of the good guys.:)

        Be safe, and remember, always keep your booger hook of the bang switch!


      87. Although not opposed to having no law requiring a CCW, I also don’t think its unconstitutional. We MUST be able to bear arms, how (conceal or open) seems reasonable grounds for regulation, although one of those two options must be legal without permit.

        That being said the problem you identify goes beyond CCWs. We need a way to keep police accountable for how they use police powers. If they can not document reasonable suspicion of a statutory crime the non-consensual detention should be called what it is…false arrest, and charged as a crime. And if the officer can’t express why he is detaining a citizen (for the cameras) the the person should have the legal right to walk away!!!

        Similarly if a cop enters a property without a warrant, except in case of a justifyable emergency the the cop should be charged with trespassing and/or B&E, and loose immunity from civil suit and self defense on the part of the home owner…

        • What the hell are you babbling about? Learn to speak clearly.

          • eisen, everyone here does speak clearly. what are YOU babbling about?

        • Sorry but you arnt reading the constitution…it did not say “you have a right to keep and bear arms EXCEPT in the case of some REASONABLE regulations(who’s definition of reasonable?)…it said shall NOT BE INFRINGED!…Im sorry youre being an apologist and an enabler for the tyrant…I don’t have any reason to believe youre malicious in your intent/opinion but you are very wrong in light of centuries of natural law…govt regulation is control and it is never really for your protection/well being…its about control/power/money…please think about it study it!

      88. “If this is how the state treats its law-abiding citizens, it doesn’t deserve to have any” A. Solzhenitzen

      89. Ever see someone cleaning out a barnyard that has not been shovelled in 2-3 weeks? This is BO and his speech defending NSA spying. This was perhaps the worst pile of livestock litter ever spread by BO. I found not one single bit of talk that any person still awake could believe. Even BO had a tough time shallowing what he was saying, that is how total complete garbage this briefing was.

        Something he mentioned, NSA will not spy on those that they consider NOT a threat to national security. What is that defintion? NSA will not spy on those zombies too stupid and boring that they are a waste of time to even watch. Anyone that has a voice, an opinion not the regurgitation of others, and someone that still regards freedom as an essential component to life, well, there goes that broad defintion of what NSA and government considers a threat. To a government intereted in control, now and even more so in the future, it sure seems like many people that still value the Consitutuion could sure be considered a threat to that goal of control. Lawyers use this opaque terminology to loophole all the time what they find to their betterment.

        Then about Snowden. When has it become a crime to be honest and do what is right for the people? When has it become a crime to be a whistleblower to something that is wrong? It is amazing how these characters of the government cannot look at someone like Snowden and say that this is someone that has an aim to make it better for everybody. Of course those at the top complain bitterly about anyone that shakes loose those at the top of tree. Is there anyone that is in the government that actually realizes that the people are suppose to be the boss?

        Another day in the demise of the liberties of everyone. The loopholing of the noose around basic freedoms that now is more widespread and ACCEPTED than anytime in the history of the U.S.

      90. Something is hinky with this story and for a few reasons: 1) Just like Mr. Filippidis, I also live in FL and also hold a CCW permit. In FL, there is no “gun registration”. Not when you purchase one and not when you are applying for a CCW. Nowhere on the CCW application does it ask any questions regarding any firearms you own. 2) I’m also a former LEO in FL. There is no flag identifying someone as having a firearm (because in FL, firearm ownership is not recorded unlike in the northern states, so there would no flag). So that part of this story does not add up. LEO’s here in FL do NOT treat CCW holders like criminals, because like a previous commenter mentioned, that CCW is a “good guy” card. That permit shows that the holder has had background checks performed, was clear of any criminal history and is shown fit to carry a weapon on his/her person. Most of the time, during a traffic stop here in FL, a CCW holder will present their permit along with their license (if they’re armed at the time).

      91. Obama’s speech is a travesty
        just like his Presidency

        you simply cannot trust a thing that man says

        he has proven to be an embarrassment to the entire country

        what a pathetic joke of a “leader” he has turned out to be

      92. I have asked a few times how it is Constitutional to require permits to keep and bear arms. People say it’s up to the states, but that is not Constitutional. States cannot have SOME slavery if they want it or prevent SOME races from voting. We have accepted for too long the erosion of this fundamental right. A right given by God and enshrined in the Constitution.

        I have decided I am not going to get a CCW. If a court ever needs to know what allows me to carry, I’ll just pull out my pocket Constitution.

        • You know that having a pocket Constitution is on the list of things that makes you terrorist? I have one in my pocket at all times just in case I want to peeve the man.

      93. My father ( died in 2012 ) was a lawyer , was carrying a gun .
        Once traveling , was without the gun and without the postage but , under the seat there was a 7.65 pistol holster and some ammunition .
        My father is very angry with the magazine in the car and told the guard lost time :
        ” – Look, I’m with wedding ring , it means that I am married but that does not mean I have to carry my wife with me everywhere .
        Call your top , I am Lawyer , I’ll sue you and the City , no law that says you are not allowed to walk with a holster -seven cartridges under the seat . ”
        I witnessed this at the time was 16.
        Another thing , an explanation :
        I use Google Chrome , I always translated into English before posting but it seems that when put into English here , there appears to you a text in Spanish.
        I apologize .
        It’s not my fault .
        In this review , I opened the page in english , I’ll post in English, hopefully Chrome does not translate into Spanish.
        Anyway , I read carefully every comment made in SHTFplan well as read blogs of Russian , Chinese ( a little more complicated , as the Arabs ) but , Germans , Italians, French , Scandinavian , it is easy to understand .
        You should try it, it is very interesting to know how other people think , is not healthy to looking only at the navel thinking that the U.S. is the solution to the world , it is much higher .
        Just as the eyes , the keyboard is the window of the soul .
        Alexandre .

      94. I know how lawyers think , my late father graduated in 1962 ( died in 2012 ) and my mother ( still alive ) in 1973 , both lawyers .
        I witnessed how it works from a young age and I wanted to be a lawyer because I believe never , I can not lie .
        Still studied 3 ½ years in law school, another year and a half and would advocate, gave up.
        I am geographer ( thank God ) .
        Gain much less than an attorney but have quiet conscience .
        Lawyer profit on the misfortune of others , does not produce anything , as the banksters are always looking to eat rotten meat (it’s hard to talk about the profession from my parents , but it is a reality , my sister did not become a lawyer , my brother more also not new , the law firm of my parents with two floors of books , half termites ate what was left was sold.
        Books of 1800 of Roman Law in Latin inclusive.
        Mercilessly , none of the children who accompanied the life of lawyer parents compactuaram to continue the dynasty if enjoamos in the procedures .
        A geographer can save lives ( as has happened I evacuate homes before a cave or just looking the direction of the winds , a fire evacuate whole neighborhoods , whole families owe their lives to me , believe ) .
        Do not know if you noticed but most of the soldiers who were retired or have a link with another study of geography (hopefully that phrase go unnoticed ) .
        Geography : As Ives says Lacoste This serves primarily to make war ( is a required book in Geography Universities in Brazil ) .
        You think you got inheritance? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !
        I live in rental home !
        My sister a few months ago received intimation of a lawsuit filed by another attorney saying that my dad missed an audience and the action was lost ( my father was dead , how could he witness the audience? )
        So the vultures lawyers work.
        Sorry sincerity .

      95. There is no gun registration in Florida, only the FDLE background check. Those forms are kept for a short period and the destroyed. There is no registration of guns when one receives his permit. Also there is no requirement to use your permit with a background check. The cop in the story may have only known that the driver had a permit and therefore assumed he had a gun on him. Not good to spread misinformation.

      96. First, you “don’t need no stinkin’ badges” (permit) to have a loaded firearm in your car in the “free state” of Florida.

        I had a concealed carry permit for 18 years, but realized that I rarely carried, since most places I frequent are low risk (though you never know). Over a year after my permit expired, I got pulled over for a minor traffic infraction by a state trooper…in town, not on the highway. He spent way too much time running me through the mill and even had two Sheriff’s deputies arrive and stand there like punks while he puttered around. I couldn’t help but think that this treatment was because I was flagged as a permit holder.

        • Correct, no permit required in Florida to have a loaded gun in your car. Case law has established that the operative word in the law is secured. That means in the glovebox closed, center console closed, in a shoebox with the lid on, in a holster with the snap snapped, in a padded case zipped up or latch engaged. NOT on a crown royal bag as you can fire the weapon without opening the bag. My problem with this article is it contains so many falsehoods that the main offense police harassment is overshadowed by talk that permits are defacto registration. I rarely carry anymore. The main reason to keep the permit is to avoid the 3 day wait and to avoid legal hassles when I choose to carry.

      97. I meant IN a crown royal bag

      98. Hey all, remember this piece of shit scumbag that was on Doomsday Preppers saying he and his crew were going to just go out and rob and kill all the other preppers? Well, the police got him.
        Turns out he already had a previous felony on his record, so owning and using guns while threatening to rob and kill neighbors was about the dumbest thing that a-hole ever could have done! LOL


        Excerpt from article:

        TACOMA — Tyler Smith, 26, a felon who lives in Buckley, was charged Thursday with unlawful possession of a firearm after he was seen firing two rifles on the reality TV show ‘Doomsday Preppers.’

        “If you threaten your neighbors and commit a crime on national TV, you’re likely to be caught,” said Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist said after the charge was filed.

        On Wednesday, when Smith was arrested, Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor said he couldn’t believe what Smith had done on national TV.

        “Did he really think we wouldn’t notice that he had done this? He was seen on television possessing, firing, holding a firearm and indicating that it was his intention to rob his neighbors, not defend his family in the event of something extreme, not to stay home and defend what he had, but to go out and take things from someone else,” Pastor said Wednesday.

        Smith appeared in an episode of the National Geographic Channel’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’ reality show.

        “We’re not in it to stockpile,” Smith says of what he plans to do in the event of a Doomsday event. “We’re in it to come take what you have, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.”

        Smith claimed to be a part of a group of survivalists known as Marauders, and he made it clear he was armed. But, as a felon, possession of a firearm is against the law.

        “A convicted felon and you go on television committing another crime, possessing firearms. What are you thinking? Did he really think that we would not notice that he had done this. We noticed and we arrested him today” on gun charges, Pastor said.

      99. This is a reason not to have one, but the risk of being arrested without one is greater, if you are caught carrying concealed or even open sometimes?

      100. To not support something or withhold support for something is not synonymous with advocating against something. To not support something is to not advocate FOR something. That is reasonable and easy to rationalize regardless of the issue. That is essentially what Karl is doing here. He’s not really taking a position for or against carry permits. He’s just saying that we need a Constitutional carry right. Ya, sure but don’t hold your breath.

        Regarding concealed carry permits, there are risks and advantages associated with having them and with not having them. To each his own. It would be reasonable to support either position and silly to advocate one over the other.


      101. WOW! I don’t agree with your premise of not supporting Concealed Carry licenses but I can’t believe that a police officer would abuse their power (sarcasm…) What we need to do is get a law passed to ensure that law enforcement doesn’t have open access to CCW databases.

        However, Constitutional Conceal Carry would work too! Either way, the better. Good article.

        Conceal Carry License Information

      102. There is no impedance of self-defense other than one’s self willingly allowing it. Ignore nonsense infringements, “can’t have this, can’t have that” — evil doesn’t discriminate per locale. Natural rights are natural rights. Have tools wherever you roam. Firebreathers are the hoplophobes albatross but don’t discount blades, which work quite well.

        Any attempts at disarmament terminate with extreme prejudice. Means going from Mr. Rogers to Rambo in under a second when dealing with thuggery behind a tin star, as their use of force training only allows their forced early retirement in dirt.

      103. I can guarantee you that my Law Enforcement looks at CCWs completely differently than the Feds. Further, I would bet a month’s salary that Federal Agents, trying to take my weapons, harrass me, or in any way detain me in my home state, would be met by local and state LEOs, and they would not be in a good mood.

      104. There will eventually come the 2nd civil war and I think it will come sometime before this decade is over, I think it’s that close. I do not know what will set it off, whether it will be riots starting in the poor inner cities from the Feds shutting down EBT food cards for just 1 month, or some type of multi-city terrorist attack whether it’s carried out by real sleepers or a staged govt false flag event, but something is going to act as a catalyst event that will be a reason for declaring martial law with soldiers and militarized police locking down things everywhere. It could be a nationwide US dollar collapse like what happened with the October 1929 stock market crash but 10x worse.

        Something is going to happen that’s going to trigger a hot martial law. When this civil war goes down, it’s going to be BLOODY. I don’t even think there is a good chance to win because the lack of organization just isn’t there, no one trusts anyone anymore like they done decades ago. The unity just isn’t there. The thing is, that maybe, just maybe there can be some free zones. Maybe some state’s will have some law enforcement willing to band with the patriots but I doubt it. If , the patriots can come out on top, if in-fighting happens among soldiers over shooting citizens , and divisions happen, MAYBE , things can get turned around and a rebuilding of the nation. If so, and a new govt is formed, or a group of seceded states happen, then things like what this story talks about can be eliminated. NO MORE police state operations.

        Things can go back to the way they used to be. Up until 1968 anyone could order or buy a firearm without showing ID. The drug war laws can be brought to an end as well. The 4th amendment violations can be brought to a stop. IF , the patriots can come out on top, people need to realize that we cannot make the same mistakes of the past. We need to get rid of this stupid Left vs Right and vice-versa debate that is meant to keep us divided. Both parties are jokes. The Republicans and Democrats. The politicians have sold out a long time ago. We need a Libertarian form of very limited govt. This is pretty much what we had 100+ yrs ago when people had freedom. There was no police state. Most of the people in prison are there because of the drug war. The US has 25% of the world’s prison population.

        We need a new currency too. The Federal Reserve must end. A new currency backed by something of real value. Technological suppression must end. There are slews of patents that get bought up over free energy devices and alternative fuels. We could have the best inventors with the freedom to build and create amazing technologies and distribute them. This is worth fighting a civil war just at the chance of having these things. The govt does have the upper hand with their hardware but they will eventually push the masses into fighting a civil war or either being enslaved into a hybrid of Soviet Union and Nazi Germany style tyranny. It’s going to happen in the near future.

      105. This is exactly why I tell people to NOT get carry permits. You are telling the gov you have a gun. If we have gun confiscation, those who have carry permits will be the first to be raided. And not to mention what this guy went through.

        In TX, where I live, you can carry a loaded gun in your vehicle, legally.

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