Why Hillary Is Nervous: “More Leaks May Be Coming”

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    This report was originally published at Zero Hedge

    Editor’s Note: Since it appears that neither the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Justice Department will do anything to stop the rampant crime perpetrated by Hillary Clinton throughout her career, a third-party has stepped in to do what must be done. In June, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that they would soon release emails that would lead Hillary Clinton straight to jail. With one massive email leak behind us, the American people, and especially the Clinton campaign, await the next document release. Perhaps this one will close the chapter on Hillary and restore law and order in the political class. We can only hope.


    Via Zero Hedge:

    Over the weekend, Wikileaks posted a treasure trove of emails from various members of the Democrat party which has laid ruin to any hope for civility at the DNC’s convention in Philadelphia.  That said, Hillary’s campaign seems to be even more concerned about what may be leaked next.

    Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary’s communication director, recently told reporters:

    The WikiLeaks leak was obviously designed to hurt our convention, I don’t think they’re done. That’s how they operate.  We can’t know, but it’s part of the reason that we wanted people to understand our belief that the Russians are behind this.  People need to understand — when these leaks happen — what they’re designed to do.”

    Palmieri added that the Clinton campaign was not worried about it’s own email security…which we’re sure the American people will find very reassuring in the wake of that pesky little FBI investigation in which we learned just how secure Hillary’s email account was.

    Palmieri’s comments come as Democrats prepare to officially nominate Clinton for president, making her the first woman to be nominated for president by one of the two major political parties. Judging by yesterday’s intraparty strife, one can only imagine how raucous today’s roll-call will be.

    Call us crazy, but the campaign seems to be spending way too much time spinning a narrative about Russian involvement, even going so far as to call on Hillary’s friends at the FBI to look into the issue, for this scandal to fade quietly into the night. Something tells us that Jennifer knows more than she’s letting on and that we’ll get to review some more leaked emails soon.

    Alternatively, we’re sure Bill could arrange for a purely coincidental meeting with Putin on a tarmac somewhere to discuss his “grandchildren” but something tells us his audience might not be as “accommodating” as last time he tried that.

    putin popcor


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      1. does anyone know what time it is? Does anyone really care?

        • Paranoid.

          It’s 25 or 6 to 4.

          • Over on infowars reading about clinton campaign monkey mitch stewart calling all Trump supporters ‘stupid white people.’ I wonder if he’d come out into the world and say that shit. I’d love to stomp this real white trash into the fucking ground.

            • Menzo.

              Mr. Stewart
              We are the stupid white people that are going to F-ck you stupid black people up. All you have to do is start it.
              I await your participation.

              • Pulled a picture of this guy and he is white.
                Egg on my face.
                Only goes to show you I am at my end of the crappy stick.
                Words infuriate and I am not afraid of a contact sport.

                • I hope Donald Trump ensures that his protection is top notch after reading this:

                  “Why Trump must be Killed in an “accident”

                  By Bill Bennett

                  They will kill him before they let him be president. It could be a Republican or a Democrat that instigates the shutting up of Trump. Don’t be surprised if Trump has an accident. Some people are getting very nervous: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine, to name just a few.

                  It’s about the unholy dynamics between big government, big business, and big media.They all benefit by the billions of dollars from this partnership, and it’s in all of their interests to protect one another. It’s one for all and all for one.

                  It’s a heck of a filthy relationship that makes everyone filthy rich, everyone except the American people. We get ripped off. We’re the patsies. But for once, the powerful socialist cabal and the corrupt crony capitalists are scared. The over-the-top reaction to Trump by politicians of both parties, the media, and the biggest corporations of America has been so swift and insanely angry that it suggests they are all threatened and frightened like never before.

                  Donald Trump can self-fund. No matter how much they say to the contrary, the media, business, and political elite understand that Trump is no joke. He could actually win and upset their nice cozy apple cart.

                  It’s no coincidence that everyone has gotten together to destroy The Donald. It’s because most of the other politicians are part of the a ood old boys club. They talk big, but they won’t change a thing. They are all beholden to big-money donors. They are all owned by lobbyists, unions, lawyers, gigantic environmental organizations, and multinational corporations … like Big Pharma or Big Oil.”

              • stupid white people huh ??

                well how is this for stupid ?

                Loretta lynch goes hundreds of miles out of her way to refuel a G 5 aircraft so that she can travel to Denver Colo

                really fuel in phoenix AZ just to travel to Denver
                also at phoenix airport is Bill cant keep my pants on Clinton.
                who ” snags a 25 to 30 min meeting about Golf ?? and grandchildren ??.

                should be easy enough to find out what golf course slick Willie was playing at or is it the Back 9 of some whore he found waiting after another affair of his

                why in the hell don’t these clowns get wise ??
                everything is captured live on TV
                phoenix AZ news has her getting off his plane
                with one of her aides by her side

                is slick Willie that important or did he just deliver a big ole bag of cash to the A G ??

                so now tell me who is more stupid ??
                us white folks or the honorary NI$$ER slick Willie
                the same idiot who has his office in Harlem

                skittle shittin unicorn

            • So what does he call black Trump supporters.

            • I’ll hold your coat, brother.

      2. I dont care if Putin came out and said to the world that Hillary intended to sell the US out one piece at a time .
        Dumbass socialist Hillary supporters will still vote for her.
        She could come right out and say who she is and the media would still push the agenda , good grief !

        • Hard core supporters of anyone are just that. Hillary has an ample track record of corruption that is very supportable. Getting paid $21 million for speaking fees from the Financial Sector, well known for unethical and illegal behavior, would normally strike a candidate. The financial, Fat Cats” are supposed to be nemesis of the rank and file Democrat. The supposed party of the little guy backs job eviscerating Free Trade, the nemesis of labor, the long time Democrat supporter. It has abandoned its Roosevelt traditional roots, labor and the middle class who see a Democrat Party that no longer exists.

          Looking at the above, conversely, the Republicans have morphed into what could be described, in many respects, as the Democrat party of old. My sharp as a tack 94 year old father, who voted for FDR in 1942 and to date never voted for a Republican in Washington can see it and is voting for Trump. My wife’s family, virtually all UAW former or retired workers see it too and for the first time in their life are voting Republican as are their friends.


          • Kevin , just goes to show ya that party platforms mean nothing.
            We can chose between authoritarian facsism or socialism , either way we lose our constitutional rights .

            All day long on the radio , i hear the news guy tell me 2/3rds of Americans AGREE (!!!) That we should have stronger gun control and that we need a ban on semi autos and ammo.
            Since when do 2/3 agree on anything ?
            Its all propaganda , just like the candidates…..

            • Another BS poll.

              • Likewise pay no attention to the skewed polls when they try to tell us 99% (or whatever) of America is supporting Hitlery. Just more of the same PSYOP to discourage people from actually voting. A vote for Hitlery or a none vote is another vote against even making a valiant attempt to save our Republic. Even with the rigged system, if True Americans turn out in mass, a landslide vote could not be disputed.

          • They will still be voting for a democrap in Trump!

        • you are right im afraid,she wont pay for her crime before we rise up and take our world back from our red zionist enemies.

          And when that day of reckoning comes we will act in the spirit of all our European Thunder God Archetypes – we will be mad as a storm, precise as a lightning bolt and cleanse everything like a flood of never ending rain. There won’t be any thinking when that day comes. There will only be deliverance.

          “The children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society …”

          • yes its time ..

      3. It would be gratifying to see both the hildebeast and Bill laying in caskets.

        • I was thinking more on the order of millions of “progressive” Democrats skulls piled up high, in the Democrat city streets, killing fields style.

        • AMEN to that Brave!!!

        • Along with all muslim trash

        • Brave.
          Just letting you know. The 9 places we looked at fell though. Would be impossible to set up for any type of Bug in or Bug out location.
          Still looking.

        • BH. Nooooooooo! Then they become MARTYRS! Jail would be my hope.

      4. We can only hope and pray. That Hitlery goes to JAIL!!!!
        I wonder who would get more tail Hitlery or Bill while she is in jail?????

        • Sgt, D
          what we can really hope for that they both get screwed to death!!!in prison!!!

        • billyboy i guess…

      5. Stop Censorship on the Internet.

        Call your Senators and Representatives in Washington. Let them know you do not want passage of the latest bill designed to end free speech on the Internet.

        Dr. Duke they are messing with your Radio Show broadcast on the Rense Radio Archives.

        • Since even pornography isn’t remotely CENSORED …what justifiable reason could they give for censoring ‘words’ (speech)? And why censor words when even ‘bald-faced lies’ are perfectly legal, and the government practices that usage on a daily basis. Subliminal-Suggestion was also made legal again, by and for the government, back in the 70’s. For a time, during the 50’s I believe, it was illegal but rarely didn’t anyone get nailed for it.

          • Too bad it’s not really about censorship, but tyrannical control. Just like obama’care’ is not about healthcare, but COMPLETE control of every aspect of our lives.

        • They are pissed off that Dr. Duke has announced a run for US Senate from Louisiana.

      6. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Talk about amygdala strain. po’ wittle wabbits.

      7. So they “believe” it was the Russians?

        Next, they may be telling us Benghazi was about. a video. Oh… wait…

      8. Chuck Dodd interviews Donald Trump (5 minutes ago) on YouTube

        If you think Trump is stupid, you’re a moron. Watch him handle this interview with a pretty fast barrage of questions.

        $$$$$$$$$ make America RICH again $$$$


        • Hillary hasn’t given a face to face interview with any reporter literally this entire year 2016. She is a joke. Meanwhile the press pour over and dissect every word Trump says in his multiple interviews each week.

          No one questions Hillary’s isolation and total lack of communication with the real world. She just keeps reading TelePrompTer speeches and walking away, no comment, no comment to questions shouted to her. Incredible it all goes unquestioned.

          I really think the democrats know the poop is about to hit the fan in a huge way, and Democrats actually want a republican in the White House to blame.

          • Current Democrat party = Mussolini 1927.
            Dont let them put this on Trump , although he needs to chill !
            Maybe understand he aint able to dictate his will .
            Aint nuthin good lyin ahead right now for US politics , damn sure.

      9. Hillary’s people want to blame the Russians for the release of incriminating e-mails. But the point is the Russians did not write those e-mails which show what a corrupt election process the party fat cats are running. These Democratic Party politicians want to blame the messenger; i.e. whistle blower, to divert attention from themselves.

        • Maybe if they would think about what goes into those e mails they would hesitate to send them. Any body could hack into the system. Doesn’t matter who hacked them…what counts is the content and their intent.

          • Jim in VA,
            Problem is these functional psychotics in politics don’t see right and wrong the same way normal people do.

            They are incapable of reading the constitution, grasping its meaning and working within it. The comparison to fascist Italy of the 1920’s and 30’s is dead on. We under similar financial pressure and the resulting behavior is similar.

            The sheeple desire a great fantasy, more bread and circus.

      10. As much as I would LOVE to be live that the Czarina is concerned, “worried” about anything at all, I truly believe she’s far more delude than her “husband”, as she acts like she hasn’t got a care in the world. As a New York resident, HALF of the Clinton Cash in their Foundation is hers, she wants it all., plus, to be El Presidente Czarina-for-Life-Idi-Amin-Mama-Madama-Hillary.

        We will all have to genuflect and bow our heads as her entourage passes, we, the little people, in whom she wants nothing to do with.
        I doubt Hillary’s campaign will lose much in the alleged upcoming document dump by Wikileaks.
        I sincerely hope and pray I am flat out wrong!

        • Well said Mr. Snodgrass. email me sometime.


      11. She is out to destroy the white man.

        • She’s not alone Mr hat… They’re running a white genocide program.
          They’re out to replace us with the Eurasian-Negroid.

      12. Why should she care – she’s got her “people” ready to spring to action. Nothing or nobody has stopped her thus far, and we know why. By rights, Ms Clinton should NOT be where she is right now, no way.


      14. Leaks, leaks and more leaks. Don’t mean nothing. She’s untouchable. It’ll remain that way right through 11/8/2016. Unless her plane drops from radar, she’ll be our next commander n’ thief.

      15. L-I-A-R

      16. Hilary… the Goldmun Suchs, crony, bankster approved candidate! Sheeple support her by 99%

      17. There are those who say that if Trump wins the makers and shakers will force the country to fail and blame it on the Republican Party. Democrats are good at placing blame. All you have to do is talk to one. Then there are those who say Trump is like all before him and will change his stripes once he gets in office. It could happen. I would hope that if he is elected that he will be one to seat good judges upon the Supreme Court. We must think further out because the short term is a distortion of what our nation should be. It is not the making of the law that is important but the Constitutional interpretation thereof.

        Prep for War.

      18. When shtf strikes me in my city, leaks with be bothering me. My bug our bags are leak proof….rumor had it that the Romainian..hacker Gucifer got murdered in his prison cell… It’s not the leaks that have the cabal concerned, its the fact that Gucifer found evidence if this Event that’s planned in America, our country, in the month of October 2016, to take down the grid and cancel the elections.. now we have muslims getting hired for $1200 a piece, to protect the grid from pissed off roaming white men who may try to go down to the poet stations to restart the grids…so this is why Gucifer is now dead…it’s making sense now.. No not white men being hired to protect the Grid form muslims, the other way around…

        Brace you selfs guys. Get ready for the Big troll attack.. about my meds, the meth and the other stuff crap your trolls come up with . And all sorts of crap that they come with. I have to phucking laugh..Since Trump got the nomination and accepts the Job to be president.. October 2016?.. what Gucifer discovered on that server..very interesting. I listened to his interview.. It’s got me thinking, maybe economist V may have some intel.

        The free energy guy, remember Him..

        .or was the free energy guy from October 2015 really warning us about October 2016…?.about the news media guy calling him up bitching at him about crap about that he needs to let him back up a truck in his company bay to unload all the self perpetual energy devises, machines, etc to buy up everything.. what a strange coincidence..that he must get all of them right now immediately..that this event is planned for the month of October 2014, 2015, or was 2015 the real temporal maker, and the real month is none other than October 2016.

        Then zionist Green Span warned that October will be the beginning of some rough times to go though.. as they reset the infrastructure form running water to no water, cutting off the grid, cutting off the food supply, the good services that the brain dead folks live in every day so confidently to have lots of babies, pregnant women all over my city, banging away with reckless abandonment as we and our kind prep and prepare to bug out. The food will be rolling in for your kids. Lots of infant formula..

        I am prepped for the worse hell on earth..the dred lock have risen up already and the grocery stores are still full..what do they have planned next..

        Positive thinking does not stop EMP weapons from dropping in our asses when we left expect it.. positive thinking does not deed starving people..positive thinking is Pure Bullshit and if you don’t think negative, then you won’t prepare, then he negative is that you die what SHTF STRIKES YOUR ASS WHEN YOU LEFT EXPECT IT.. ANY QUESTIONS.?


      19. Why are there no American flags at the Democratic convention!hmmm
        If this bitch wins it’s over,for the whole system!
        Maniac –out

        • They’ve burned a couple of them outside.

        • Globalists are anti-national… They have an open borders, free movement of persons agenda.
          Nationalism is a powerful force that frustrates them, they’re working hard to eradicate it.

      20. SPIN.

      21. The gaslighting technique.

      22. Putin enjoying the Popcorn Pic, PRICELESS!

      23. NONE OF THIS MATTERS, Hillary could be caught on tape selling nuclear secrets to China and it wouldn’t affect her candidacy a bit. TPTB back her, the 50% of the population that lives of of Democratic tit don’t care. She is gonna win all the rest is just theater. US liberty and the Republic are dead, many just don’t know it yet. Reminds me of a chicken dancing for a moment after its head is chopped off.

      24. “Will we soon see a another email leak that could end with Hillary Clinton being sent straight to jail?”- If you think so then you are a moron! Hillary will never end up in Prison without some MASSIVE upheavel on the part of the sheep. Her corruption is so open and flagrant at this point and she still is not in Jail, Comey was bought and paid for as was Lynch- Never gonna happen……..

      25. The best any of us can do is to read as much as possible especially between the lines, digest it into your knowledge base, organize or reorganize it, then try to figure out what is really going on. Who wins and who loses tends to help cut through the bullshit and make some sense of it all. If all of the above is followed you connect the dots and then have an educated guess whats next. Despite all of the above there are things that just don’t make sense.

        1. How can Julian Assange continue his releasing of information that appears to be at the dismay of the TPTB?

        2. If Putin is a threat, or at a minimum omnipotent control of Russia is the goal, why would they intentionally weaken Europe? One would think that a weakened Europe would work in Russia’s favor.

        • Absolutely! Must read between the lines and don’t trust any of the sources completely including info wars and drudge…they all have an agenda. Pay more attention to what is not being said as oppose to what they volunteer.

          That goes for both lousy candidates and their entourage of political and media hacks who will sell their souls for a vote or a chance to suck the candidates toes.

          • I still can’t figure out how and why #1 & #2.

            Given a choice between the MSM and Alex Jones I’ll take him hands down as I do Zero Hedge and Matt Drudge. They all tend to make it worse than it is but the MSM just ignores it.

      26. A little Dutch boy can’t plug that dike.

      27. Putin it to her.

      28. Boys&Girls Think Of Where Bill Clinton Spent his
        Vet Nam Years in Russia. Now think Where The Russian E-mail Hacking Came From This Was ALL PLANNED.

      29. Hillary could release a sex tape and CNN would find a positive spin on it.

      30. She can bet her fat ass they’ll be more, Lot more with new twist.

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