Why Has NASA Announced That A Meteor Is NOT Going To Hit The Earth In September?

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his widely popular book The Beginning of the End.


    Internet buzz about a giant meteor that is going to strike our planet in September has become so intense that NASA has been forced to issue a statement publicly denying that it is going to happen.  NASA insists that the agency knows of “no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth”, and that “no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years”.  To be honest, NASA should perhaps hold off on making such bold statements concerning what will happen in the future considering the fact that the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013 took them totally by surprise.  In any event, what we do know is that our region of space is absolutely packed with meteors and asteroids.  At this point, approximately 10,000 major near earth objects have been discovered by scientists, and about 10 percent of them are one kilometer or larger in size.  If any of those big ones were to hit us, we would be looking at another Tunguska event or worse.  Very large meteors have struck our planet before, and they will hit us again.  It is only a matter of time.

    But of most immediate concern to lots of people out there are the various theories that are floating around about September.  The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in a British news source just this week…

    Internet bloggers and Armageddon conspiracists are predicting the “end of days” event to happen between September 22 to 28.

    One blogger has worryingly suggested US residents retain their firearms after suggesting that the controversial military operation Jade Helm taking place between July and September in several southern states is in preparation for predicted anarchy that could ensue as the asteroid nears the planet.

    Meanwhile, many fringe religious groups and Biblical theorists are claiming the predicted impact will herald the beginning of the Rapture – a seven-year tribulation period.

    These theories have become so popular that NASA decided to come out and publicly address them

    A NASA spokesman said: “NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small.

    “In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.”

    So NASA has spoken.

    But is NASA correct?

    We will just have to wait and see.

    An Inquisitr article points to the prophecies about a meteor hitting the Atlantic Ocean near the island of Puerto Rico given by Efrain Rodriguez as the source for these theories about September.  But the article unfairly neglects to point out that Efrain Rodriguez never claimed that it would happen in a particular month or during any particular calendar year…

    The growing mass hysteria appears to have originated with a self proclaimed “prophet,” Rev. Efrain Rodriguez, who claimedhe sent a letter to NASA on Nov. 12, 2010, titled “Letter to the Space Agency… meteor heading toward Puerto Rico.”

    In the letter, he claimed he had received a message from God that an asteroid that would “soon be seen in the alarm systems of NASA” was approaching. He said the asteroid would hit the ocean near Puerto Rico and cause a massive earthquake and tsunami that would devastate the East Coast of the U.S., Mexico, Central, and South America.

    Warning against ignoring the message, he instructed NASA to issue an alert “so people can be relocated from the areas that are to be affected.”

    If we do ever see an east coast tsunami of that magnitude, it would cause death and destruction along the eastern seaboard on a scale that most people cannot even imagine.  This is something that I pointed out in my previous article entitled “East Coast Tsunami: If It Happens, MILLIONS Of Americans Could Die“.

    And it is a fallacy to think that NASA knows about everything that is happening in our region of space and sees anything that is coming toward us well in advance.  NASA is not all-powerful.  In fact, a large asteroid buzzed our planet just a few months ago and NASA did not even know that is was approaching.  So don’t put all of your trust in what NASA has to say.  Just consider what Professor Brian Cox recently told the Daily Mail

    In September, Brian Cox said we are at risk of being wiped out by asteroids – and we’re not taking the threat seriously.

    ‘There is an asteroid with our name on it and it will hit us,’ Professor Cox told MailOnline. In fact, the Earth had a ‘near-miss’ only a few months ago.

    ‘We didn’t see it,’ says the 46-year-old. ‘We saw it on the way out, but if it had just been a bit further over it would have probably wiped us out. These things happen.’

    The bus-sized asteroid, named 2014 EC, came within 38,300 (61,637km) miles of Earth in March – around a sixth of the distance between the moon and our planet.

    And it wasn’t the only one threatening Earth. Nasa is currently tracking 1,400 ‘potentially hazardous asteroids’ and predicting their future approaches and impact probabilities.

    The threat is so serious that former astronaut Ed Lu has described it as ‘cosmic roulette’ and said that only ‘blind luck’ has so far saved humanity from a serious impact.

    So for NASA to imply that nothing is going to hit us for hundreds of years is absolutely laughable.

    One of the things that I have learned is that when you have imperfect knowledge you should not make absolute statements.  NASA needs to learn the same lesson.

    And of course if a large object was heading toward the earth, NASA probably would not tell us anyway.  This is how the U.S. government works.  There is far more emphasis on “keeping everyone calm” than there is on being honest with the American people.

    That is why in this day and age it is so vitally important to think for ourselves.  Just because something is said on the Internet does not make it true.  But also just because NASA (or any other government agency) says something does not make it true either.

    As always, do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

    What we do know for certain is that giant meteors have hit our planet in the past, and it is just a matter of time before it happens again in our future.

    Hopefully when the next giant rock comes hurtling toward us, someone will give us some sort of a warning in advance so that we can all get out of the way.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. That’s how they sing rocka-bye-baby
        to all the sheep so they don’t have
        any bad dream panic attacks, dontcha

        • http://www.thedailysheeple.com/friday-vote-congress-rushing-the-tpp-through-even-though-they-know-americans-will-lose-their-jobs_062015

          Ready to call bullshit on this whole economic collapse thing? Think this site is pessimism porn? Think preppers are crazy?


          Which Republicans oppose TPP?

        • They say that because it will t bone the earth.

          • ” Very large meteors have struck our planet before, and they will hit us again. It is only a matter of time.”

            Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity. I’m not sweating it, neither should anyone else.

            The solar system is DESIGNED to mitigate the possibility of very large meteors and comets which are traversing the universe to hit the earth.

            That said, make sure you have a large plastic bubble that floats that you can escape into if you live on the coast. Just saying. 🙂

            • DK, I spent 7 years on the east coast and that is all flat. Depending on the size of a tsunami, yes MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL BE LOST. 40% of the entire US population live in coastal regions.

              • And to tell ya the truth, I won’t miss but one or two of them.

                • yeah, time to flush the bowl.

              • “Why Has NASA Announced That A Meteor Is NOT Going To Hit The Earth In September?”

                There is no reason to expect a meteor to hit us, least of all “in September.” Nor was there any internet speculation to that effect. This story, like so many others….is a STORY. A hoax. A fraud. A scam.

                There could be an EMP blast at any point in time, perhaps even triggered by the same people who just announced that no meteor would hit. That *might* happen in September. Or maybe nothing at all will happen, and all the internet doomsayers who pick such things up and run with them will be discredited and proven to be fools yet again.

                Kinda like what happened to us with the Ebola thing….which we’re now told didn’t go anywhere because of “computer modeling errors.” Not because it was a lie from the very beginning, designed to influence the elections and increase people’s general level of fear and uncertainty, which completely disappeared from the airwaves the day after elections.

                The entire purpose of this “announcement” is simply to fan the flames of hysteria even further, giving people even more non-issues and invented problems to worry about, while the REAL problems bring us ever closer to the cliff’s edge.

                • Explain….what evidence do you have that it’s a fraud?

                  • Isn’t your request Assbackward? You Prove there IS a Meteor heading our way.

                    • Thank you.

                      There’s a reason they don’t teach critical thinking in schools.

                  • Anonymous: if there were such vast amounts o internet speculation and fear mongering that NASA was “forced” to “respond”, don’t you think you or I or….ANYONE else would have heard of it by now? I literally do nothing but read articles like this (in between crop plantings) all day long, and this is the first I’m hearing of this.

                    Wouldn’t folks have heard this on one of those talking heads news stations a week or two ago, and spread it all over forums like this, if there indeed was some widespread speculation going on in some isolated corner of the internet that everyone else needed to know about?

                    It’s quite simply made up bullshit.

                    That’s only one thing; there are other clues too, but that’s one of the dead giveaways.

                    • Forgot to mention: notice how everyone and their mom is calling for disaster in September or October..?

                      Even folks on here say things like “I think there’s going to be a crash this October.” And where did they get these ideas from, that they repeat on here? From the various internet doomsayers? And where does their information come from? Apparently, from someone who is pulling the strings in the background, who has put out the message that September or October is the date.

                      Which leads me to believe that September or October will NOT be the day. But it could be, and we should prepare for either possibility; but let’s not continue losing our credibility among the masses by getting sucked into every bullshit story, and predicting every single disaster that never happens.

                • Well said. The very same people at the controls on most “stories” are at the controls of this story. We have far to many problems to worry about here on terra forma… don’t take your eyes off the f****ng ball people.

                  • I look at it this way; if a very large rock hits this planet, we will not survive an extinction level event, so my preps will not be wasted on a dead planet.

                    If nothing happens, then my preps will not take up any more space than they do now. No harm done.

                    If something else unexpectedly happens that does not completely destroy the planet and I somehow survive, my preps may come in extremely handy.

                    So I’m going to keep on keeping on….until I can’t.

                • Actually, if you look on youtube, you will find many videos about a possible 2.5 mile wide meteor hitting in September this year.

                  I’m not sayng it is true. I’m just correcting your statement that there is nothing on the internet about it.

                • There are so many weird things going on it’s hard to get excited about one more story that cries “wolf”. There’s no way to properly run your life being scared all the time.

                  We do need to pay attention to the facts that aren’t prominently put out for the public. That does take some digging and analysis on your own. Certainly, share thoughts and opinions because that spurs more logical thinking about facts.

                  As NK says, there are a lot of REAL problems to deal with.

              • Braveheart: Yes the piedmont east of the Appalachians is relatively flat as it slopes to the Atlantic, thus my advice to find a giant plastic ball to escape into when the tsunami hits.

                And remember! All bathers on the west side of Atlantic Avenue must wear tops!!! 🙂

              • Close, actually 50% of all Americans live within one hour of the coast – east, south, and west.


                Son of Liberty

              • Well, I did want to fix up my house and move west first. Hope I have the chance.

        • I hope it hits Iraq or Syria or Washington, D.C…just saying…

      2. If a meteor does pass very close to the earth we could get small fragments from it striking earth.

        If there is a problem there is nothing you or I can do to stop it. The only thing we can do is to prep for after it passes us by. If nothing happens that will mean we will have a better stock pile when something does happen. So I see a Silver lining around this.

        • NASA is just doing the ‘CYA’.

          Cover Your Ass….

          • EPPE

          • Why would they be doing that?

            They have no influence at all on meteors, there’s nothing to cover.

            Perhaps the reason they say one isn’t going to hit in September is because one isn’t going to hit in September.

            All those people making impending disaster predictions today, ever notice that some of them have been doing that for 30 plus years and been wrong all along so far?

          • yes eppe & Sgt

            they know there will thousands of relatively little ones.

            not all that different than buckshot on a pumpkin…

            hopefully it’ll be #8 shot… 😉

            • I have a franklin that says a large meteor will not hit the earth in September. Any takers?

              Folks, I enjoy reading the yellow journalism posted on Before Its News as much as anyone.

              Its great entertainment. Just like I can’t take my eyes off the trash magazines at the checkout counter at the grocery stores.

              There is fantasy. There is science fiction. There is Revelation. And there is fear mongering to make a buck.

              Know the difference. 🙂

          • nasa…. never a straight answer

      3. Off Topic…

        Bilderberg – the World Elite Gather to plot the future…
        “As ever, foreign policy formation is a big part of the (Bilderberg) conference.”

        GLOBALISM is part of their agenda.

        I wonder how many of those who are part of the Bilderberg group will also be attending these conferences?

        Maybe they will just send their lawyers to the conferences, to make plans to ‘further the agenda’.

        Note the name of this group, “GOAL”.

        Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers (GOAL) is delighted to announce– “Global Legal ConfEx, London, UK” scheduled to take place at the premise of The Law Society of England and Wales on 09 September 2015.

        Legal ConfEx/s:-

        •London- Legal ConfEx, 09 Sept. 2015: – http://www.london2015.legalconfex.com

        •New York- Legal ConfEx, 27 Oct. 2015:- http://www.nyc2015.events4sure.com

        •Dubai- Legal ConfEx, 07 Oct. 2015: http://www.dubai2015.events4sure.com

        •Singapore- Legal ConfEx, 24 Feb. 2016: http://www.singapore2016.events4sure.com

        IP ConfEx/s:-

        •San Francisco- IP ConfEx, 17 Nov. 2015: http://www.sfo2015.events4sure.com

        •London- IP ConfEx, 09 Mar. 2016:- http://www.london2016.events4sure.com

        • Maybe we’ll get lucky and a meteor (or a nuke) will hit that conference, while it is full of traitorous elites…

          How many world problems, I wonder, could be solved in one fell swoop of luck?

      4. Off Topic:

        I am looking to get some freeze dried foods for long, long term storage and am wondering about everyones opinions of brands. Is Thrive okay? I have Emergency Essentials, but not ready made meals, only in ingredients to put together to make my own meals. I’d like to try out Thrive too.

        • the gold standard for freeze dried is MountainHouse
          it’s pricey
          but someone is always running sales at 25-30% off

          Mountain House: Food that has lasted half a long lifetime

          ht tp://www.proliberty.com/observer/20070917.htm

          • Satori, already have some MountainHouse and working on getting more. It’s the only freeze-dried food I can stomach.

            • I get my 5 and 6 gallon buckets with gamma seal lids from emergency essentials. Everything that isn’t canned or jarred or bottled, is in a sealed bucket. I have a cat that patrols the rodent roads, so I have no pest problems at this time. Life is good…

        • “A”
          I’ve been getting a lot of stuff from HoneyVille, and Wise Food. There is a lot of Good Companies out there I just like there products.
          My brother has gotten thing from Emergency Essentials and its pretty darn good stuff.
          The stuff advertised on this site, and great folks and have good stuff. The best way to find out is to call as many of these folks as you can and get some free sample. If they won’t send a free sample don’t buy from them.

          • LDS has increased the number of items that the general public can purchase. Anyone can order from this website.

            The LDS site offers the LOWEST prices I have seen for long term food storage.

            They sell hard red wheat, white wheat, flour, rice, quick oats, regular oats, pinto beans, macaroni, apple slices, sugar, potato flakes, nonfat dry milk, and spaghetti bites in #10 cans, by the case. (There are 6 #10 cans in each case.)

            They also have a starter kit (includes wheat, flour, rice, oats & pinto beans) and sell oxygen absorbers, dry pak pouches, water filtration bottles, water filters, and some other basic items.

            Prices are very reasonable. (Shipping was free in my last order.)

            See the link below.

            • KY Mom, we’ve ordered many cases of dry foods from LDS, and we use it regularly not just store it. They are an excellent source of good quality dry long-term storage foods. It’s good to see they are expanding their portfolio of products.

        • I have ordered and eaten Thrive freeze dried food. The food was good.

          Before placing a large order, we ordered some of the smaller packets, just to sample the items.

          They often offer special discounts for Thrive foods (and other preparedness items) at Food Storage Made Easy.

          If you sign up, they will send you emails with preparedness articles and links for sale prices.

          Costco also sells Thrive freeze dried foods online. Their price is often better than buying directly from Thrive.

        • Anon1970, the only freeze-dried food I found that I like is Mountain House and they offer some good variety. I’m still working on a long-term supply of that. Amen on avoiding MREs. Last time I tried one of those I threw it up. Canned goods beat any MRE any day.

          • Brave…make sure to get a lot of bbq chicken to barter your way out of Memphis.

            • D, I’ll be out of memphis before things get to that point.

          • Hormel Italian sausage and pasta with dark sauce is the only MRE I would voluntarily eat.

        • Mountain House in #10 cans.

          • got water…

            the concept and use of freeze dried, on paper looks and sounds great…but without a ready supply of potable water it’s like eating chalk…i know…i’ve tried it…just to see.

            better to plan to grow your own…

            fyi… did you know the bags of “15 bean soup”, in my exp. have a 60 to 80% germination rate?

            stored in a bucket with o2 absorbers or blocks of dried ice will last just as long as freeze dried…
            just my 2cents.

            godspeed to all.

          • Markinaz, I hear you. Got a bunch of those and getting more.

        • I have stocked up a lot on Thrive. Like the bulk (meats, veg, etc) did not care for the couple Rice and chicken mix type stuff that I tried.

      5. One just needs to read the Book of Revelation to see what is coming our way…

        If you sense the Father calling you…listen, repent, and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and be saved by the Grace of God.

        He called me back to the Flock in Dec of 2014 and I’m sure glad he did…Praise Jesus!!!

        • Don’t you realize that Geezuss died 2000 years ago and is still dead today? Sure go ahead give all you money to your church, or not, it won’t matter anyway. Biggest fucking scam of all time.

          • saddo.

          • By you placing the question mark…it tells me you are sure of what you say…

            Actually He is alive and is sitting at the right hand of the Father…

            O Father in Heaven will you please open the heart, eyes and ears of Nobama so that he may be saved by Your Grace.
            In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

            Nobama, please open your eyes and ears and allow your heart to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

          • nobama, I was looking at these comments 4 other reasons & saw urs…plz consider da following; u r a 3 part being…body, soul, spirit…God is a Spirit…(HE) has a kingdom & he is a King…his son Jesus gave us a little lesson in prayer…in it he said; Our father in (heaven) holy is ur name…(thy kingdom come) etc…when Jesus would speak he’d say; repent/convert becus da (kingdom of God) is at hand…now I know U were not looking 4 ANY bible instruction at all and but here is my/his bottom line Nobama…Da King IS calling U in2 His (Kingdom)…Da price that was paid 2 give U this privaledge 2 enter this Kingdom was da slaughter of Da King’s Son…Jesus 4 all our Sins…Nobama!!!…of all opportunities u may hav been given thus far in this ur life…DON’T SCREW THIS ONE UP……….

      6. I keep seeing ads here that say: “The Next Step In Evolution – Are You Ready?” They show a jointed female robot.

        I’m thinking that if one got to close, one might get pinched in one of those joints. And it could be debilitating. And very painful.

        • That is an excellent point. And also, what if she didn’t know her own strength? Ouch!

        • Archivist, I don’t think I’d touch one of those robots. Might get electrocuted.

          • I don’t know that I’d get excited enough to get electrocuted.

          • I wonder, would they come with schematics so one could identify which sockets are which?

            • Bad boys, (shaking head and chuckling) whatcha gonna do?

      7. Oh no its Nibiru and the planet X coming to destroy the earth after missing us in 2012! Theres lots of reasons to prep, but a meteor strike in September isn’t one of them…

      8. Well since the great NASA has spoken I am so relieved. Does this mean I should sell my preps and move to Manhattan?


      9. I live in NW Georgia and this is my concern. The military excercies Jade Helm is primarily along the lower US around the coast line. I’m thinking it may have something to do with the effects of this asteroid. NASA wouldn’t tell us because it would cause a multitude of riots.

      10. Funny, I hadn’t heard a thing about it until the oldies station talked about it on the radio two mornings ago while wife and I were working out before work. Then again, I have learned not to follow all this kind of junk…..there is always a chance of a disaster of many kinds and most you can’t control. Plus to worry is the oppposite of faith. I have prepped, now I enjoy life, raise family and grow together closer to our Elohim, Yahovah.

        • Funny, I hadn’t heard a thing about it until the oldies station talked about it on the radio two mornings ago while wife and I were working out before work. Then again, I have learned not to follow all this kind of junk…..there is always a chance of a disaster of many kinds and most you can’t control. Plus to worry is the oppposite of faith. I have prepped, now I enjoy life, raise family and grow together closer to our Elohim, Yahovah.

          • “Funny, I hadn’t heard a thing about it until the oldies station talked about it on the radio two mornings ago while wife and I were working out before work.”

            Yep. It’s a completely made up rumor.

      11. Well with all the real threats there are here already, a planet changing asteroid is not something I would even try to prep for, I’d just a soon try and catch the damn thing . That’s in Gods hands.

        • Amen MommaD! Can’t prep for everything! And remember – everything we try to do without God’s will and guidance is fruitless and won’t get us anywhere. Pray for God’s will to be done and for the Holy Spirit to guide us on our quests.

          • Actually, the Bible says over and over to ‘watch and b ready’, it talks about fleeing into the mountains, says ‘men’s hearts will fail for fear of what is coming on the earth’… If we couldn’t prepare why tell us to watch and be ready? Us… Even says to ‘endure’… Talks about those who make it through a certain period of suffering before the rapture. I have no doubt there will be ‘some’ type of world catastrophe that will usher these events n… I really thought it’d b Yosemite…. Last year it was melting the asphalt… Then one of my third graders did a PowerPoint on this topic, so I started watching it, it IS interesting that it coincides with the 4 blood moons that culminate n September this year, and I find it odd that the Jade Helm ‘trainings’ are strategically located n the southern us where evacuated people would flee into the US- then this very article mentioned what I was already thinking… FEMA has prepared camps in TX, and 30K UN trucks r being ‘housed’ there… Their preparing for something… And does it not strike u odd that the democrats r not running their presidential candidate any harder than they are? Almost as if they don’t see a change in leadership arrising? China is positioning themselves to be n a fine spot financially should a new currency be adopted, perhaps HARRP has been prepared to ‘restabalize’ weather patterns, instead of change them, there are already maps of where food growth and settlements will be located with a time stamp of 2019… Interestingly populations are mostly on the east coast…what if it DID happen… U really think gov. Would want to deal with the crisis of mass panic? People would quit jobs, stockpile resources, the economy would b crazy- people would b crazy… Just looking at how our government has stockpiled a munitions and started desensitizing police to civilian targets should alert us that SOMETHING is up…asteroid or not I am very skeptical to see just what occurs on or around sept 15… I would plan to be prepared to struggle for roughly 3.5 years should end time events begin… What IF the worked we know changed? How would the governments of the world reinstate order? And just what would it take to institute the kind of world u read about in revelations? It’s a fascinating time n which we live- we all know something is happening, we just don’t know what…

            • Yes this is raised question for me. Jade helm being along the southern part of USA. So if it happens to be a meteor and it starts being visibly seen by armature astrologists, they will be the whistle blowers not NASA not the government. Then everyone below us will flee to the largest body of land that being us. I say the mid west but they will come up through Florida, Texas, Louisiana etc. Excatley where we are securing our costal fronts and mexican boarders, hell they’ll be like stampeding elephants
              carrying their matteresses on their backs creating nothing but riots and war in every city. This explains all our military force and body bags. The death toll will be millions. Then the ones that do survive will be thrown in to the new Walmart FEMA camps to try and save america from these people who have nothing but their mattress. But just how far up will the tusanmi flow? I’m in extreme NW Ga. And I’m notsure i will not get wet.
              Ga.has a coast line but it is small we are not one of the Jade helm states? Go figure. So do any of you guys know anyone with a high powered telescope? I would be interested if they have seen anything. I know on FB there is all kinds of bs. I don’t believe 99% of it. Like one post was NASA is using solar panels so we are not able to see planet x. Then there’s all these pics people post. I live in a very wooded area so can’t see real good. OK I know I’m rambling but at least it is to intelligent people and not crack heads on social media. Glad I found this site. Promise not to rattle on again. Just had to tell someone what I am thinking. Its a relief.
              God bless us all for what ever it is we are facing.

      12. Well in Philadelphia I’m to far away from the coast to worry about a tsunami so I will be ok, the ocean is about 89 miles away.

        • 89 miles is not far enough, and it really depends on your elevation.

      13. If we get lucky it will hit north of Puerto Rico and hit Washington DC square on the head.

      14. I don’t believe anything any govt. agency says. They are all liars.

      15. Snyder was a lackluster attorney who now makes his living peddling doomsday porn. This site provides entertainment for anybody taking a break and observing all the paranoid loose cannons rolling around the same deck.

      16. The great flood (i.e. Noah) is a story that is repeated in one fashion or another in diverse societies around the globe. Tsunami chevrons (a geologic indicator) and the relatively recent discovery of craters on the ocean floor suggest the potential that these stories have a credible basis in asteroid strikes.

        I’m not losing any sleep over this but the potential is certainly there.

      17. i know why the Goverment acts to keep people calm. Look how mentle people have become over a theory that we might get hit in September? Can you imagine what woulkd happen if it was for real? Keep the sheeple in the dark – good idea.

        • A. Ignorance is bliss.

      18. Maybe they should have said nothing. Weed out some of the paranoid riff raff when the off themselves. Harsh? Maybe but I am so tired of the intense focus on the over the top preppers. Making the rest look like lunatics. A little Heavens Gate culling wouldn’t be too bad would it?

      19. Re-read the NASA statement. It leaves plenty of wiggle-room for them. “NASA knows of no ….” And “Probability is small …” These are the equivicating trigger-words which are present in every single US Government statement about anything. Ask yourself when was the last time you hear a politicia state emphatically “yes” or “no” when questioned by the public.

      20. We can get hit by an asteroid or meteor at any time the way I see it. 1. Never trust NASA or any other govt. agency and 2. Never trust anyone who sets dates for anything.

        • Brave:
          We bid on a house in Tenn. Readyville area. Our bid was beaten by $1,000.00. WE are still in the running if the people can’t get a loan.

          • Sgt TN is a great ace to live, I live on the otherwise of the state from BH but it’s great most everywhere here!

            • Stupid autocorrect on my phone…… Other side of the state…,I hate auto correct!

              • E TN Marine, welcome. I’m making another supply run to my cousin’s BOL in north GA in July but if circumstances dictate that trip could become my bugout trip. I’ve checked county auctions online for the last couple of years for a BOL in TN but didn’t find anything that tickled my fancy. Hate to leave TN but my family are all in north GA and it looks like that’s where I’ll be for post-SHTF.

          • Are they ready in Readyville? Good name for a small place.

          • It’s amazing how many sellers will tie up their property for buyers who don’t already have approved credit.

            That $1,000 will disappear just as soon as the buyer backs out. Most of them take their earnest money with them, if the offer was the standard loan contingency.

          • Sarge, keep at it. If you don’t get that one, there are still others available. I’m looking again myself, but my plan to go to GA is still on. if I don’t find something in TN, I’ve still got a place in GA to go to.

          • You are close to my Hill. Nice area. We waved hi as we went by your home base. Illinois is a pretty state. We in Iowa now and plan to go back through Springfield to Lincoln’s museum.

      21. On the other hand, if an asteroid were really on a cataclysmic collision course, would you really WANT to know about it? It’s not likely they would be able to predict exactly where it would impact the planet, or how big the shockwave would be.

        Meh. I would rather just prep as always, live my life as I’ve always done, and be blissfully ignorant. (Especially if everyone ELSE were blissfully ignornant, too, because people are annoying enough when they’re NOT freaking out about the end of the world.) If and when the time came that I was able to DO anything to salvage the situation for myself and my family, fine. If not, who needs that kind of anxiety? Just read “On The Beach” to understand how much stress people lived under, knowing that a nuclear cloud was spreading over the whole planet and not a single person could stop it. It was about how they coped with their final days. More than likely, in that circumstance, I’d be a Moira. (Who needs a liver when you’re dead, anyway? Just keep the drinks coming.)

        • Betcha some folks would be glad to know, so that they could go on a revenge spree.

        • I’ll drink to that

      22. Drat. Typo. Sorry.

      23. INCOMING!………..

      24. Cockroaches would likely survive a colossal impact, and a few other small crawly bugs. I don’t know about the humans who knew it was coming and neglected to tell everybody else while going deep underground in the attempt to survive.

        • “Cockroaches would likely survive a colossal impact”

          WHAT ???

          so yer saying the two Senators from my state
          who literally sell their vote to the highest bidders
          are gonna survive ???

          DAMM DAMN DAMN

        • aljamo
          Neglected to tell everybody else?
          Whatsamatter with you, son?
          Not yet tired being tagged batshit crazy?

          Got crucified myself again just this week.
          No fool like an old fool I guess. Maybe I
          just like the taste of shitpies in the face.

      25. so….what would you like NASA do, let people get hysterical? I see nothing wrong with stating that they know of no meteor coming our way because more than likely, there isn’t one. When are we all going to understand, people who make these kind of predictions are quacks.

      26. Comforting whenever you hear a government agency add words like ‘we don’t know of any’ and ‘to the best of our knowledge’ when they assure the public about future disasters!

      27. Nobody knows when, where, or how widespread the devastation would be from, an asteroid hit.

        What we can know is; many that have prepped will have a better shot at surviving it then, where most who do not prep, likely won’t. It’s that simple.

        – Shane

      28. I want to say that, knowing what little we know about the universe, it’s vast space and time (which we still don’t really understand) what are the “chances” of this happening in my lifetime? Not discounting the facts that we’ve had impacts and tsunami’s and earthquakes etc for years. Time is like a grain of sand on a beach. Each grain is a flash in the pan. My life, your life as mortals are all just a tiny glimpse of light.

        Gambling on the chance of a large asteroid striking Earth is insane. You have a better chance of hitting powerball 100 times. Seriously, show me some solid proof, not some “story”. I want pics. We have the technology. There are millions of amateur astronomist’s out there. It would be viral as hell by now. I’m growing sick of the “end of days” story line. And I’m a mainline conspiracy theorists. I’m “that” guy.

      29. I thought NASA was just helping muslims take over all the 7-11’s…

      30. If my X wife’s fat ass hit the earth, we would be in a world of shit.

      31. An asteroid hitting in Iraq would be ok

      32. Do you honestly think Nasa or the government would tell us if a comet was headed our way? I doubt it.

        • No way masses of hysterical aliens south of the border would be worse than the tidal wave. They not gona tell us sh**.

      33. Why would anyone believe nasa they never went to the moon that was a hoax just to beat the soviets there first. You gotta remember the times it was the height of the Cold War when they claimed to put a man on the moon. You know why they call science predictions theory its what a researcher thinks based on the findings he comes up with. I have theories about shit but it’s just my opinion based on how I see things. They will say a meteor hit the earth when the nuke goes off. This will be their lie to the people.

      34. The govt. wouldn’t tell you until just before it happens, that’s the way they roll.

      35. Hmmm conformation that everything is ok from nazi scientists, well boy howdy,
        Im convinced asteriods dont even exist, i now think the whole idea of asteriods is absurd, a right wing conspiracy, maybe the tea paty was involved in the faking of asteroids. I knew they werent real.

      36. I’d say it’s not gonna hit too just so we don’t have mass hysteria. It’s like. When your work closes for good they don’t tell you it’s your last week you will find a sign on the door Monday telling you it’s closed and you can go collect unemployment. Tptb will say whatever benefits themselves no matter what. Haven’t we all learned this by now. But people somehow have hope in lies and failure after failure from public officials. My confidence in leadership is non existent it will take an act of god to rebuild it.

      37. If it does hit I hope it lands in the intercity and destroys all the filth.

      38. F*ck NASA!

        NASA is a very expensive 100’s of billions dollar money pit PHD run ponzi scheme Bloated White Elephant Charlatan of Aeronautical Science!

        * No Man ever Landed on the Moon! The NASA Moon Landing is a Zog CIA staged FRAUD!

        NASA = Never A Simple Answer!

      39. Please read the English translation of Pastor Efrain Rodgriguez’s site very carefully.

        The Asteroid is 2.5 miles in circumference, it is traveling way over 150,000 miles a second, it will land just outside Puerto Rico at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, it will cause a massive earthquake in Mexico City which will then set off the San Andreas Fault.

        It will cause a Tsunami to hit the East Coast from Florida to Maine and the waters from that Tsunami will reach inland as far as 50-miles.

        Manhattan will be underwater completely, for example.

        Another example: all of NJ stands to be under water.

        How will you know when it has hit?

        You will know it has hit when you hear tremendous winds swirl.

        The Tsunami will travel 300-mph and be at least 250 feet high.

        Once you hear those winds, grab your bug out bag and head inland ASAP while calling loved ones.

        As far as NASA’s statement, since they would not tell you if it really WAS coming, the fact that they DENY it now (after Rodriguez informed them way back in 2010) means it IS coming!

        The new movie, “SAN ANDREAS” was produced to CONDITION everyone’s consciousness into ACCEPTING that it will happen because the elites often use movies and TV shows to telegraph ahead of time what WILL be happening!

        The Asteroid sets off the quake which sets off the San Andreas Fault Line while causing an East Coast Tsunami (I can’t remember if one is also to hit the West Coast).

        September is when the Shemitah is due and it is also when the Pope visits America.

        Remember Washington’s plans to relocate the Capitol to Denver?

        Pay attention, pay very close attention.

        And keep connecting all the dots, way too many to list here.

        Be ready by August 10, 2015 because of the potential for miscalculation(s).

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      40. I thought an asteroid was what you got from sitting in a desk chair at work all day long.

        • 🙂

      41. Why cant NASA just tell us the truth about upcoming natural calamities so that we can be ready when they strike? What if we believe them then they discover they were wrong a few hours to the strike? I am still horrified!

      42. As the comet gets closer we’ll have a better idea of where and when it will hit. One half of the planet may not ever see it at all, like the US can’t see the Southern Cross. But if the Northern hemisphere can see it coming, I’ll be up on the roof with a lawnchair and binoculars, watching the greatest show in history

      43. Does everyone remember the movie ‘Wag the Dog’?

        Think about this possibility. How many Hollywood movies have been churned out over the last 20 or so years, that deal with scenarios such as having a comet or an asteroid hit the Earth? Dozens, at a minimum. Now, unlike those old horror and disaster flicks from the 1950s – where the special effects were usually pretty hokey, the diabolically evil cockroaches who own and run Hollywood and who own and control the mainstream media – have invested a ton of time, money and effort to dramatically improve their special effects capabilities. Remember Gary Sinese in Saving Private Ryan? A vet with no legs, standing before the camera – didn’t he look exactly like a guy with two missing legs?
        Remember how realistic the dinosaurs looked in the Jurassic Park movie series?

        So, with this in mind – consider for a moment how much video footage is stored in the Hollywood vaults that contains special effects taken and used in those disaster, meteor or asteroid or comet hitting the Earth movies. Video footage that could easily be edited using the most up to date, state of the art video editing software and which could easily be customized to make it appear to be as realistic for whatever false flag operational scenario that the psychopaths who run the USA wanted to make it fit into.

        They could feed that Hollywood video to the gullible, nose picking stupid, childishly easy to snooker, average American couch potatoes and the talking heads (minus Brian Williams) would assure everyone that this was real and actual footage of what was happening somewhere in the world – and the American public is so brainless and criminally stupid that 95 percent of these imbeciles would swallow it, hook, line and sinker and think that a real asteroid or meteor or comet really did hit the Earth.

        Wag the Dog, The Sequel, folks. Use the web and disinfo agents to start spreading rumors and selling fear porn to the nose pickers. Condition the minds of the masses of morons and prepare them for the possibility. Meanwhile, on the official side of the bullshit scam, have agencies like NASA issue denials and claim that the sheeple have nothing to worry about. With the record levels of distrust and outright contempt for the legitimacy and honesty of the US Government – NASA’s denials will only serve to further convince the sheeple that the government has to be lying.

        Along comes September 22nd, and a perfect opportunity for the Government to kick off their Wag the Smoking Asteroid Dog. All the jewish owned and controlled networks start playing the disaster video footage that was created for the false flag event.

        American sheeple watch it, dutifully believe it, and the Faux news addicted, authority figure worshipers start crapping their pants, and beg for the Government to declare martial law and to restore order and that means, Adios, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and its time to turn in those firearms, Mr. Patriotic John Q Citizen.

        By the way. Does anyone know how they got Gary Sinese to grow back both of his legs after he finished the Saving Private Ryan movie?

        • Tucker:

          I love your posts!

        • You must lay awake at night just thinking, thinking, thinking………..LOL

      44. So many things to fear. Mega quakes to mega tusamis, super volcanoes to super storms. What I fear the most though is the Most High God and keeping his Commandments. Already his fear goes out before me. It is the beginning….

      45. Has anyone stopped to consider the possibility that two or more large asteroids could collide over the earth, and produce thereby an EMP that would wipe out our technical civilization, for who knows how long? Or if even one exploded prior to striking the earth? (EMP, again). Something like that, I see govt. and NASA and such hiding it. Why? Use your heads. Little or almost nothing could be done about it, and any mention of it could cause serious loss of life and property damage. Not to mention what speculators and politicians would do. And Gary Sinese was not in Saving Private Ryan, but in Forrest Gump, also with Tom Hanks, egghead. I would also recommend you stop worrying about the Jews, and cover your own behind.

        • We have gone from one to two asteroids! Good Lord people. Have you nothing else to dwell on?

      46. Whatever NASA or the Guberment says, it’s likely the opposite is true. If NASA comes out with a statement like this, the time to run to the hills is very close.

      47. Thats why the government has under ground shelters and they know whats going on in soceity and they have been preparing this for a long time they stocking up on food and meds plus water etc. and shit will hit the fan and god bless all of u

        • Why an underground shelter for a tsunami? I think that would be pointless!!!

      48. Just because I am bored I’ll go there. If a meteor were to hit and there were a tsunami, wouldn’t the Mighty Mississippi be affected? I mean wouldn’t it flood over too? In the same frame of mine, wouldn’t the great lakes also overflow? Like I said, I’m really bored tonight.

      49. Politicians, rich and the elite are all making their excuses for leaving the opublic eye, ie bicycle accident, Murdoch, bankster “deaths”, Hillary absence, etc.

        They are readying the life boats.

      50. Why would anyone believe nasa they never went to the moon that was a hoax just to beat the soviets there first. You gotta remember the times it was the height of the Cold War when they claimed to put a man on the moon. You know why they call science predictions theory its what a researcher thinks based on the findings he comes up with. I have theories about shit but it’s just my opinion based on how I see things. They will say a meteor hit the earth when the nuke goes off. This will be their lie to the people. I agree with asshat. The moon landing would have been easier to fake. Our techknology was not very advanced back then. Cars still had points ignition. We never had good compueters. Tv was still airwaves with home atennas. Yet everything went off perfectly. the reception was great. and we got perfect visual tv from the moon . yet we where I lived at the time couldn’t get channels broadcast from Memphis Tenn less than 100 air miles away? When something is too good to be true it is usually a lie. Now even if a meterior where present. They likely wouldn’t tell the public. You wouldn’t report to work. In fact you would start living life like you only had a short time to live. Chaos would result. The eletes plan is for countinuation of the UN NWO Government. A one world government that has been in place since Roosevelt. Why if we are a so called free country are places like Area 51 off limits to almost everyone? Its off limits to even our elected senators & congressmen? And I don’t think a asteroid will hit the planet in September. I do know the magnetic pole shift is real. Its occurring and increasing the effect is has on the earth.

      51. Read the trumpets in Revelation. A meteor shower of small particles will hit the earth and burn every blade of grass and one third of the trees. Then the ‘mother meteor’ hits the ocean and wipes out one third of the ships and one third of the coastlines. Then a nuclear war starts and it’s one mallox moment after another for the rest of the ride. I don’t have a clue when this will happen or where the meteor will hit, but it won’t be this year because there simply isn’t enough time left since the seals haven’t even been completed yet, but nonetheless, everyone in America should send me one dollar just for setting the record straight. Just kid’n, fifty cents will be plenty, and have a good day while you’ans keep on prepping. thanks

      52. Okay, my take on it. This is why all these bills in Congress now need to be fast-tracked. 😀

      53. Lawdy lawdy lawdy. I got a garden and a fresh water spring. I’m good for a year. I hope.

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