Why Are So Many Horrible Things Happening To America All Of A Sudden?

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    This article has been contributed by Michael T. Snyder and was originally published at End of the American Dream.

    Once upon a time the United States was a land of abundance and prosperity that was truly blessed from sea to shining sea.  Tens of millions of Americans enjoyed living the American Dream in a land filled with happy, healthy and prosperous people.  But these days it seems as though there are new stories of tragedy and despair almost daily.  Whether it is the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or the horrific flooding in Tennessee, or the tornadoes ripping through the Midwest, or the gut-wrenching economic despair in cities like Detroit, it just seems like a whole lot of horrible things are happening to America all at once.  So why is all of this hitting the U.S. right now?  Why does it seem like there is just about nowhere in the United States right now that is untouched by a major crisis?

    Just consider a few of the items that have been making headline news recently….

    The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

    Oil continues to gush into into Gulf of Mexico at a staggering pace.  At this point, at least 4.2 million gallons of oil have poured into the Gulf of Mexico, and the Gulf Coast region is bracing for an environmental nightmare of unprecedented magnitude.

    The truth is that even if this oil spill is completely stopped tomorrow, the oil that has already been spilled is going to cripple the seafood and tourism industries in the Gulf for years.  The great natural beauty of the region is going to be seriously marred, and hundreds of species are going to have their habitats absolutely devastated.

    It is hard to describe what this oil spill is going to mean for those living along the Gulf of Mexico, but the following couple of quotes do a pretty good job of summarizing where things stand at this point….

    Richard Charter of the Defenders of Wildlife:

    “It is so big and expanding so fast that it’s pretty much beyond human response that can be effective. … You’re looking at a long-term poisoning of the area. Ultimately, this will have a multidecade impact.”

    Louis Miller of the Mississippi Sierra Club:

    “This is going to destroy the Mississippi and the Gulf Coast as we know it.”

    The Flooding In Tennessee

    Massive storms recently dumped nearly 20 inches of rain on many areas of the southeast United States, killing at least 27 people and putting many areas of Nashville, Tennessee deep under water.

    In fact, it is being projected that the damage to the city of Nashville alone is close to a billion dollars.

    The Tornadoes That Have Been Ripping Up The Midwest And The Southeast

    At least five people were killed on Monday as a number of very dangerous tornadoes ripped across the state of Oklahoma.

    But that is nothing compared to the unprecedented outbreak of tornadoes in the southeast recently.  Officials there said that 61 tornadoes erupted when a massive storm marched across an area stretching all the way from Mississippi to South Carolina.  Winds inside some of those tornadoes were clocked as high as 160 mph, and one of the tornadoes had a base one and a half miles wide.

    Can you imagine a tornado that is a mile and a half wide heading your way?

    Those tornadoes killed at least 12 people, and it is estimated that the damage that they caused could reach into the billions of dollars.

    The Disappearance Of The Honeybees

    Honeybees are dying off all over the United States, and without them we are going to be in a world of trouble.  For the fourth year in a row, over a third of all bee colonies in the United States failed to survive the winter.

    If you are not highly alarmed when you read that last sentence you need to be.

    According to the annual survey by the Apiary Inspectors of America and the U.S. government’s Agricultural Research Service, the number of managed honeybee colonies in the U.S. fell by 33.8% last winter.

    So why are honeybees so important?

    Well, because a third of all that we eat depends upon honeybee pollination.

    Most flowering plants require insects for pollination.  The most effective insect for pollination is the honeybee.

    So if the number of honeybees continues to dramatically decline, we are going to be faced with a wrenching food crisis.

    Are you prepared for that?

    Immigration Riots

    The recent anti-illegal immigration law passed by the state of Arizona has ratcheted up tensions on both sides of the immigration debate.  There have already been some harrowing physical confrontations and authorities fear that full-blown riots could break out across the southwest United States.

    But the folks down in Arizona felt compelled to do something.  Due to unchecked illegal immigration, drug-related crime and gang violence had gotten completely out of control.  In fact, the city of Phoenix, Arizona has become the car theft capital of the world as millions of illegal aliens who can’t get work have found that stealing cars can be very profitable indeed.

    But those who are in the Hispanic community believe that this new law is racist and will be used to unfairly target law-abiding Hispanic Americans.  They believe that they have been disrespected and there has been a tremendous backlash against the new Arizona law.  In fact, protesters have vandalized sidewalks and buildings in Phoenix with messages such as “burn this racist city”.

    To get an idea how tense things are getting in the southwest, just watch the two shocking videos posted below….

    As you watch this next one, just ask yourself what the future is going to be like in the southwest U.S. if this is the kind of rhetoric being constantly spewed?….

    The Increase In Violent Crime

    But it just isn’t in the southwest that crime is on the rise.  Violent crime is rising dramatically across the United States.

    Lawmakers in Illinois have become so alarmed by the violence in Chicago that they are considering asking the National Guard to be sent in.  The truth is that there are over 2.2 million people in prison in the United States, and yet violent crime continues to escalate.  In New York City, the number of homicides in the first quarter of 2010 had increased by approximately 22 percent compared with 2009.

    The reality is that America is a nation that is ravaged by crime.  There are approximately 12 million crimes committed in the United States every single year.  That is by far the worst in the world.

    The Death Of Detroit And Other Midwest Cities

    Crime is especially bad in dying cities such as Detroit, Michigan.  It is incredibly sad, but after years of economic decline, Detroit literally looks like a war zone and violent crime is thriving.  So far this year in Detroit, car thefts are up 83%, robberies are up 50%, burglaries are up 20% and property destruction is up 42%.

    But Detroit is not alone.  This pattern is repeating itself in dying cities across the Midwest where unemployment is rampant.

    This is what we get when we allow all of our manufacturing jobs to be shipped off to China and India.

    The California Economic Nightmare

    But it just isn’t the middle of the country that is suffering economically.  In fact, many claim that it is California that is actually the epicenter of America’s economic collapse.

    There are now 8 counties in the state of California that have unemployment rates of over 20 percent.  As the real estate industry has crashed throughout California, businesses have been closing in droves.  In the area around Sacramento, California there is one closed business for every six that are still open.

    This horrific economic decline has played havoc with state coffers.  The state government of California is flat broke, and they will have to continue to beg for more loans for years to come.  Californians already have to pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, and yet it is not nearly enough to cover what the state government of California is spending.

    Food Stamps: The New Bread Lines

    As the economic decline spreads across the United States, an increasing number of people are finding themselves forced to rely on the government in order to survive.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that 39.68 million people, or 1 in 8 Americans, were enrolled in the food stamp program during February, an increase of 260,000 from January.

    Almost 40 million people on food stamps?

    This was unimaginable years ago, but today America has become a socialized welfare state.

    Once upon a time, the old timers would warn us that someday we would all be standing in “bread lines”.  But today, food stamps are the new bread lines.  Tens of millions of Americans are totally dependent on the U.S. government for their daily bread.

    That is not a health economy (or a healthy society for that matter) by any definition.

    So why is this happening?

    Well, certainly there are a lot of reasons, but it certainly does not help that we have allowed the government to push God totally out of public life.

    This is how bizarre it has gotten – seniors have actually been ordered to stop praying before meals at Port Wentworth’s Ed Young Senior Citizens Center near Savannah, Georgia because officials say it would violate the separation between church and state.

    As a society we have told God that we want nothing to do with Him.  We have pushed and pushed and pushed Him into the shadows, and yet we are so surprised to learn that record numbers of our young people are rejecting the Christian faith.

    When are we going to learn?

    When are we going to start turning back to the principles that once made America great?

    We have tried to make the government the “all-powerful” one that takes care of us and provides everything that we need.  Sadly, America is beginning to see the results of such foolishness.

    This article has been contributed by Michael T. Snyder and was originally published at End of the American Dream.


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      1. When it rains it pours, its time to pay The Piper, Karma is a bitch, etc, etc.

        If I were a religious man, I would think we are seeing the Apocalypse beginning, but I am not so I will say it is a case of what goes up, must come down.

      2. The funny thing is how there are many people (on wallstreet) who are claiming that everything is all ok!  All while the cold hard Truth is that our country is collapsing.

      3. And example of a highly prosperous, highly Christian religion only country would be … ??

      4. Spot on Michael. The food stamp numbers were higher then I thought. They are creating a country of dependents sucking on the public tit. The administration this week ordered 1200 troops to AZ. without asking the governor of AZ approval. Does this worry anyone else? Your artical states they want troops in Chicago too. Come on folks, we are setting our selves up for the use of US Trooops on American soil.

        Its bad enough the administration is rewriting our history as we speak. Has anyone seen the program called America, The story of us? This series is being sent free to every school in the US. Within 4 years we will have high school grads. that only know the revised history of America. Does this worry you? Does it bother you that the President endorses and makes the opening comments for this series?

        The God void in America is real. Every day in America God is under attack. With that said how will the generations to follow get their moral compass, from government?
        We are on the edge of the abyss financially and as a nation. There is no way to pay for the $107 trillion in unfunded liabilities and $13 trillion debt without a federal budget of around $17 trillion per year. The numbers are so big the average college grad. can’t calculate them. The country is bankrupt, the world is bankrupt and most consumers are bankrupt.

        God help us all when we wake up from the stuper of the last 80 years. 

      5. Our nation is facing a buttload of problems. We have 48 out 50 states going bankrupt in 2-3 years not to mention cities and counties. We have a 13 trillion dollar debt as of yesterday,however thry do not add howmuch we are in the hook with Fannie and Freddie which is 6 trillion. So our debt should be 19 trillion not to mention the interest we will have to pay. If interest rates are 5% we would pay 5oo billion every year just to pay it off.And the fed will have to raise rates above 2% to combat inflation. The we have the second wave of foreclosures with the Alt-a and Option arm resets that is 4 times bigger then subprime which nearly collapsed the world.
        We then have a pension bubble that will explode soon. All private and public sector pensions are 3.2 trillion dollar UNDERFUNDED! The we have the commercial real estate reset to implode starting late next year into 2012. Then there is the credit card bubble,student loans bubble,derivative nuclear nova bubble,commercial loans bubble and many more that are being overlooked.
        Soon the the airline industry will be in trouble and ask for a bailout as the economy gets worse.
        Then we $110 trillion in unfunded liabilities which will never be paid off. Unless there is massive budgets cuts in military and entitlement spending we will collapse 5-7 years from now. Things will get worse,really worse. When these deflationary bubbles i explained above pop the govt are going to spend like there is no tomorrow either Republican or Democrat. We are at the infancy stages of our collapse. When California starts doing Dracoinian cuts riots and blood will be in the streets of LA and Oakland. And when they default and the markets crash when Cali does default, we will officially be in a depression.
        Then when we have a dollar panic then we will be not only in a great depression,but the Greatest Depression the world will ever see. And the police state will fail and when it does well….. Balkans times 100,000.

      6. Have you seen the new $1 coin? You guessed it; “I God We Trust” is gone. If you get one as change, give it back and ask for one with god on it. I’ll send it to Mac to post. 

      7. The United States of America is the last great beacon of hope for people all over the world. It is a country where a free man can enjoy the fruits of his own labor and provide a promising future for his family for generations to come.
        But there are dark souls out there that would benefit from the demise of the U.S., and they pursue agendas with the goal of bringing this country to its knees.


        The lust for power and control.

        A growing lack of moral conviction and personal responsibility.

        The desire and want of something for nothing.

        A total disregard for the rule of law and lack of simply doing what is right and fair.

        Allowing bad people to do bad things with no real consequences for their actions.

        These are just some of the things that, when you combine them, have brought this country to the brink of destruction.If the American People do not set aside their differences and unite as one people in an effort to challenge that which stands against them, these United States of America will disband. This Republic will fail. And that which rises up to replace it will no longer be the great beacon of hope it once was.
                                              E  PLURIBUS  UNUM

      8. Who thinks we are headed for another civil war? You don’t really hear about that too often. However, many states (including TX and AZ) have brought up seceding from the Union. This time, however, the South may win.

      9. I just read that the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell is probably going to me voted out of committee. Once it passes the Senate it is pretty much done. Why would God and his angels watch over a nation who turns their back on his admonishments? It turned out pretty bad for Sodom & Gomorrah.

      10. Two words………moral depravity.

      11. Chance for civil war?…..better than 50/50 thats for sure.  OOPs, I made a “prediction”  Zukadamas, your thoughts?

      12. for BleakoEcobamics:

        The United States of America as it was founded and survived until the Peoples money was stolen and replaced with paper in 1933.

        The final nail was in 1968 when the states could no longer pay their bills or have a Constitutional existence.

      13. The “south” in the next civil war may will be the mexican reconquistas, so I hope they don’t win (they won’t).

        What will happen this time, as so many have surmised, is a fractioning akin to The Balkans. Chicanos to the southwest and SoCal, and then a ideological divide amongst Conservatives/Libertarians in the center  and southeast  (and maybe NW coasts), the libturds can have the northeast (which will fall within 10 years and be reclaimed by the C/L). You may even get a couple all black  states when sides are inevitably chosen.

      14. I watch this website daily & I do believe from what I read something has got to give in the future.  When, who can predict the date.  Could all these tragedies be setting the stage for the one world government predicted in God’s word?  From what I have studied,  in the EU will arise an individual with what will seem to be an answer to all the worlds problems.  But the EU looks shakey right now along with the rest of the worlds economies.  Guess time will answer these questions.  Watching….

      15. Comments….. Scaef read Civil War II:The Coming Breakup of the United States by Thomas Chittum. The next civil war will be not like the first one. We are going to descend into several waring tribal warlord states. It will be like Somalia,the Balkans,and Afghanistan all rolled up into one. Many of the gangs we see today will become warlords and militias.
        Lets take an example LA. Compton,LA then becomes under the control of the Bloods and they establish it as their zone and arm up thta populace. Now imagine this happening nationwide as gangs and militias form territories and also fight each for territory. The southwest is a cauldron ready to boil over as sepereatist groups like La Raza,MeCHa,and Brown Berets de Aztlan fight against patriotic militias that are black, white and many hispanics. It will be a never ending battle. America is going to breakup into warring states and it will  be devastating.
        To my fellow Christians isn’t obvious why America is not mentioned in the Bible. We will just be fighting each other like Afghanistan is right now but times 10,000.

      16. The author of this article uses the rhetorical question “Why are so many bad things happening to America” and closes the article with the answer:  Because we’ve asked God to go away.

        From the beginning of time, God’s greatest gift to us all has been our free will.  Regardless of the many misteps we’ve made, make & will make, he has remained faithful to that promise.  However, with all decisions made of our free will, there are consequences.  In our current state, we are simply reaping a world devoid of God’s providential protection. 

        In the Industrialized world, things have become “so easy” that we’ve simply come to the conclusion that we no longer need God’s intervention, “It’s ok Lord, we’ve got it…Thanks.”  In response to our request, he’s pulled back, and in doing so, we’re now susceptible to many things he shielded us from in the past.  Far be it for me to objectively outline how his divine protection has manifested throughout our nation’s history, but I’m certain you can imagine.  This isn’t to say “Nothing bad has ever happened,” but simply acknowledges that whatever bad that was allowed to happen has been FAR LESS WORSE than it could have been in his <currently requested> absence.  

        I know this is not a “religious” forum per se, but regardless, to deny his existence or our willingness to eradicate him from our nation, only serves to further my point (and the author’s above). 

        I’ve seen some pretty testy (if not hateful) discourse directed at Christians on this board, and that’s ok.  For those that believe in Karma, or atheism, or any other tenet that purports “coincidence-chance-or moral comeuppance” as the foundation for a belief system, you have the right to do so.  While I whole-heartedly disagree with you, I won’t lambast or insult you for holding firm to it…(I might however ask you to properly defend said beliefs).  If you find yourself with the urge to mock or insult me, don’t bother, as it will never have the intended effect.  

        (off-topic…sort of):
        For the past month, we all watched and waited for Zukadu’s earthquake prophecy/prediction to unfold.  But as time showed, that was a false prediction.  However, God throughout time, has always warned his people about future events.  Whether via the Bible’s 100’s of prophetic verses regarding Jesus birth or John’s visions on the island of Patmos (Revelation) or the pending destruction of the world (Noah) or Sodom & Gemorrah (Lot), he’s always taken care to “assist” us with future events as we walk by faith.  In recent times, he’s sent the Virgin Mary (to Church sanctioned locations) such as Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, Guadalupe and is still sending her to Medjugorie to carry out the task of warning us to imminenet events.  (Unlike Zukadu, the Virgin doesn’t outline Dates & times).  However, she continues to call us back to her son Jesus, a prayerful life and elements of the faith which are hard to find throughout the world.  (If you’re rolling your eyes at me, or worse holding my Catholic faith in contempt…just hang in there for a few minutes more).

        While I don’t like to offer non-Church endorsed locations, I can’t help but wonder about an alleged visionary in Brazil that is also claiming to receive Marian visions/messages.  His native tongue is Portuguese (and someone is translating the text into English at the website below which might explain the lack of fluidity or spelling), however, 3 of these warnings have come true just weeks after being presented.
        1) Haiti (aka “The Land of the Mountain” (Message 3263:  1-7-10)
        2) Chile (Message 3267:  1-16-10)
        3) Oil spill in Gulf (Message 3294:  3-18-2010)

        There are many more calamities presented within and it’s not pretty.  For as much energy as was expunged on this site tracking our now infamous Zukadu (whose only prediction failed), Pedro Regis’s Marian visions have 3 confirmations.  You’d think that would create some pause).
        As I mentioned before, the RC Church will not sanction a site while alleged visions/apparitions are on-going.  However, while waiting for that ruling, we are to discern the validity of the site by testing its fruits.  1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 says:  19Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; 20do not treat prophecies with contempt. 21Test everything. Hold on to the good. 22Avoid every kind of evil.

        With that said, here is the website.  http://www.pedroregis.com/english/mensagens_ing.php

        Again, no need to attack me, Christians, Catholics, the Virgin Mary or anything “religious” as it won’t do any good.  Plus, I’ve always wondered why anyone would submit anonymous barbs from afar, could it be for lack of courage?  

        If nothing else, begin (or continue) to pray for God’s providential protection of our country and planet.  Without it…We haven’t seen ANYTHING yet! 

      17. Schaef…absolutely we are heading toward civil war. When the freebies from the gov trough stop the riots start. The big cities like LA, Chicago, Detroit and maybe here where I am San Diego are going to ignite.
        I love this country but I think the Republic will fail and we will end up a crappy empire with feuding territories and regional governments or some sort.

      18. Patriot One – the new $1 coin which previewed in 2007 put “In God We Trust” as well as E.P.U, year and mint (P or D) on the edge.  The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008 reversed that to put “In God We Trust” back on the front bottom of the coins starting with firs coint of 2009. 

        I do agree that we are heading for certain economic disaster and as a Christian I can see certain connection to Bibilical  prophesies but we don’t do ourselves or this site any good to put out ill researched claims that can be easily discredited.

      19. Three words……….Barack Hussein Obama.   Disciple of Reverend Jerimiah Wright. 

        Both of these men recieve their inspiration from the Evil One.  

      20. Thanks for the correction will.

      21. We have turned away from God. He is sending us wakeup calls. We don’t seem to hear.

      22. I agree with the other comments; we are finished and headed to civil war.  I have warned people I know to leave Phoenix, Tuscon, etc.  They  refuse so to hell with them.  Voting is useless; all hope for America is gone; this country has no future, no economy, and wallowing in filth.  Millions will lose jobs, property values , businesses along the gulf and maybe up the east coast from the oil leak.  Younger people and middle aged have nothing to look forward to in this life.  I’m a retiree and near the gulf.

      23. It sounds like there is confusion between “stuff happens” (natural disasters) and self-inflicted problems.  We have worked hard to eschew personal responsibility as a nation, and are suffering the consequences.  On crime, read Theodore Dalrymple’s “Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass”.  Common theme on crime: dissociation from personal responsibility.  Be careful if you want God in the equation – it can be misused, because what does it teach?  Something other than you is ultimately responsible.  That has proven to have negative consequences when God is left out but the separation between the person and their actions remains.

        We’ve leaned that Globalism has disastrous effects on the productive manufacturing economy (that does not treat its populace as slaves), as it causes a race to the bottom while minimizing costs and maximizing profits.  What happens when you have a formerly productive nation become a service economy?  Standards drop, and higher education in the sciences and engineering decline in prominence.

        What does science and engineering teach?  Ethics, personal responsibility, and accountability.  What would happen to our nation if the populace was inspired to maintain a strong intellectual integrity?  I’ll bet a lot of our problems would be solved with that one change.

        Unfortunately, we have started down quite a few slippery slopes within the last few decades, and the learning curve has sent in horrible bills.  If we do end up in a SHTF situation, you preppers better be prepared to rebuild while integrating intellectual integrity, personal responsibility, and accountability into the society you will help mold.  With any luck all this P.C. baloney will die off with the stupid.

      24. We are getting what we deserve.

      25. I agree terrible things are happening all arout the US.  Pushing the God of the Bible out of every corner of modern life will only hurt society as a whole.  I believe these judgements have more to do with countries trying to divide the land of Israel.  God will NEVER let this happen and will punish those countries that will make the attempt.  Please see the prophetic warning posted by Lance Lambert from Jerusalem.  It echos what God says in the Scriptures. 


        Keep on praying, prepping and posting…

      26. Patriot One: The last Gov of AZ, Napolitano, the current Gov Brewer, and AZ US Senators have been begging for troops for years. We got some NG under Bush for awhile and then deployment ended.  Obama finally responded because he wants “comprehensive” immigration reform (read amnesty) and needs some Republican votes to get it. The BIG ONE and the pole shift will eventually eliminate the immigration problem.

        Also, I pulled a couple dollar coins out of my pocket; Sacajewa (?) and a president. Both say “in god we trust”. ???

        Double Wit: Thanks for the invite! I don’t think we will have civil war in this country until after the BIG ONE hits :-)  That’s the game changer / trigger that really starts the ball downhill in my opinion, because the “refugees” from SoCal will overwhelm the people in surrounding states who themselves are short on resources.

         Then we get the flash (CME) and the splash (pole shift). These events will pit neighbor against neighbor as people try to survive the maddening crowds. 

        The war next fall will just put a few more people back to work for awhile. The housing market will not “fully” recover because the demograhics are over for the industry and the housing market has been the engine that has driven prosperity.

        The opportunity to take the country back starts this fall and culiminates after the splash in a New America. Exactly what that will be is up to US but for now my advice is to hunker down and prep for  the Changes. They will come. Survive the transition and rebuild on the other side.

        I got mine. Hope you all get yours.

      27. When the SHTF people will find God in a hurry. When they are cold, when they are hot, when they are thirsty, and hungry, and dead tired from the stress:

        They will find God.

      28. divide the land of Israel – What the heck are you talking about? Israel is doing their absolute damnedest to steal Palestinian lands and MURDER innocent men, women and children. They get us to do their dirty work elsewhere in the mid-east. They are playing you and just about everyone else. Learn about their evil. Why in the world would you condone it? (I bet I know why. Part of that disinformation thing again)

      29. Double Wit-
        Zukadu’s new moniker is “Zukadu.”  …$5 offer still good?  🙂

      30. MDF,

        Firstly, no one is playing me… I don’t pay attention to propaganda.  However,  the Bible is very clear on this issue. 
        The LORD has covenanted this land to the decendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  HE will not tolerate the division of the Land of Israel.  

        Let me ask you this… What other democratic nation in the world would allow anyone  to divide its capital city?  The answer NONE. 

        I’m not looking for an arguement here, just stating the Biblical postion and surmising why all the seemingly catastrophic events are happening to the US.


      32. “What do you expect when you ask God to go away!”   What a relief to see so many of you stating the obvious!  God blesses those who bless Him.. He pulls His protection from those who DENY Him. The ONLY hope we have is to pray for His divine favor and blessing on our country!  Our country was founded by Christian principles and has been blessed by these principles, let us never forget this FACT.
        Pray that those who are “blind” will be able to see!!
        There is still time!

      33. Zakadoo..and we know how reliable your opinion is..did you “dream” that scenario also?

      34. Daddy,  Wow, he has some brass ones, I will give him that, or just no shame.   Yep, $5 is on its way.

      35. Sorry, can’t let this one go.  How the hell can you, zukadu, still have the nerve to give your opinion with such  self assured, “you have all the answers” tone after your little non-event this past week? Really?  You just keep talking like you have some kind of all powerful insight the rest of us are missing. The Narcissism like symptoms  borders on obaminitis.  How bout a little self awareness and humility?  It really is unbecoming.

      36. America is turning its back on Israel. No country can escape the wrath of GOD if they do not support and help Israel so saith the LORD.

      37. the simple truth is there’s a civil war in america. it’s the megawealthy against the rest of us -and the rest of us are not winning.

        Americans behave like irresponsible children.  We’ve burned through our resources with no view of the future, and no thought of sustainability.  We’ve sold our “democracy” to the highest bidder, and will pay accordingly. 

        Well, the future is upon us.  What will happen when the SHTF is anyone’s guess.  I’m sure some of the readers here are well equipped with supplies, but how well equipped will you be when the starving ARMED masses descend on you?  If they know you have supplies, they will do anything they can to take it from you.  Only the very strong will survive.

      39. I’m a devout Christian, but I am skeptical on the stance that so many American evangelicals have on the nation of Israel.  Let me make this clear, I’m not anti-Israel, but I am somewhat skeptical on the assumption that God’s plan moving forward is all about the political nation of Israel.  Of course, it’s maybe silly to even assume we know anything of God’s future plans.

        The dispensationalist-end-times beliefs of so many Americans who believe the nation of Israel is the focal point is incorrect in my opinion.  Revelation is about the judging of the church – The church has the focal point, not the nation of Israel since God withdrew from the Temple.  When God removes himself from the Church, then we’re truly living in the end times.  May Israel be a catalyst for these future events, maybe, maybe not.  Who knows?

        I tend to believe the land of Israel is significant, and Jerusalem is indeed significant, but the politics of the modern Israel nation are much less significant.

        Politics isn’t going to save the world folks.  Faith in politics is worthless.  Put your faith in Christ.

      40. Over 300 times in the Bible it talks about how Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. The more the Obama administration pushes Jerusalem for the Palestinians the more he is pushing God’s wrath on us. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Period. That is God’s promise. We know what happens in the end though when they try to go against God!

      41. 20’s money,

        You are right in that it is not about defending the Political party of Israel. For the most part the political Israel is atheist anyway! God’s covenant has to do with Jerusalem (the stumbling block) and the Jewish people. You are also right in that everyone needs to put their faith in Jesus. Period. The world will find out soon enough who their creator is.

        God bless

      42. horrible things are only happening to americans who aren’t in the upper 5%.

        ask president rubin and vice-president blankfein how things are going for them and their zionist  friends who have destroyed the american middle class.

        in the annals of unspoken history is the chapter explaining why there really was an auschwitz….

      43. Impostors, plain and simple. These ARE NOT the Jews spoken of in the Bible. How could people who are so evil, claim to be the chosen ones? How can any Christian  support them?


        This info is all over the internet. So is the truth behind 911. Look and learn.

      44. Double wit: You invited my opinion. If you don’t want it, don’t read my posts.

      45. “As a society we have told God that we want nothing to do with Him.  We have pushed and pushed and pushed Him into the shadows, and yet we are so surprised to learn that record numbers of our young people are rejecting the Christian faith.”

        This is…SO TRUE!
        We all need to turn back to God. Not to fanatism, but to the acceptance of a spiritual being who is good and just into our lives and our hearts. There is God! Why trying to deny this fact?
        May God Bless America!

      46. God does not have a nationality, color or social level. There is no such thing as “your God” or “My God”. There is only one God who created all things, including the people of all nations on Earth. But there is also another God. The God of destruction and where all evil comes from. Now it’s our choice to pick one: Good or evil. It’s all up on you. When we wish ill to each other, when we live arrogantly, when we opt for violence and opression in order to acquire what we want, when we prefer war to peace, etc, we are inviting and accepting evil into our lives. When we prefer love, understanding, equality towards others, peace in our actions, etc, we are inviting and accepting God of all goodness into our lives. So stop arguing about whose God is God, as God has no favorites, we are all children of God and created in God’s own image. Let’s stop arrogancy and games of power. May God bless and enlighten all the people, regardless the name each give to his/her God, as long as is a God of compassion and light, love and peace.

      47. Z…are you really as dense as you portray yourself to be, it was SARCASM!!!  I’d ask my dog for his opinion before you, no offense.

      48. Hey Double Wit / Half Wit:   Fuck you!

      49. Sorry, but what a sad conclusion to this article. God? You think that America is going to hell because there aren’t enough believers? If you believe that you’d believe anything.
        True values have changed, but from the perspective of someone who doesn’t believe in God this is a good thing.

      50. Hate to have to be the one to say it, but God used to protect this nation when most citizens chose to follow Him. The majority wanted Him out of the picture, so He stepped back and allowed events to take their natural course. If we want His protection, we need Him back in the equation again as well.

      51. Tsk, tsk, zukadamas, that is not befitting such an dignified and respected prognosticator such as yourself. (more sarcasm) 

        If you would do a little more listening and a little less bloviating, your outlandish unfulfilled prophecies wouldn’t be so scrutinized and ridiculed.

      52. Double wit / Half wit:  Listen to you?  🙂 The best “insight” that you have ever come up with was; “down in his mother’s basement, giggling”. Haven’t heard you make any analysis of any value or significance.

        All you want to do is continue to make personal attackes and if thats what you want fine: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! You’re a half wit with the brtain the size of a pea!

      53. I am the one giggling now….

        I don’t open my mouth just to hear myself speak .  I don’t waste my words nor my thoughts trying to be the grand master of internet tarot card readers. 

        Better to infrequently speak  thus wisely  than to  often speak thus foolishly.

        Stop making asinine predictions and I will stop calling you on them.

      54. OMG…..this is so ward somthing is going rong here the earth is saying somthing and no one and figure it out so help us and figure it out RECYCLE MAYE THATS IT SO HELP THE ACONAMY AND RECYCLE

      55. tha world is cumin to a end. all this shyt happenin. sumone tell me y it aint.

      56. cause america suckies balls,all we people do is take over other places and god hates us why else would this bad happen?

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