WHO Warns: Prepare For Acceleration of Coronavirus Outbreak

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 5 comments

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    The World Health Organization is issuing a warning that all countries should be prepared for the coronavirus to spread rapidly.  It may seem like the outbreak is moving slow now, but it could pick up speed in a matter of days and become a much more critical concern.

    WHO’s director-general cautioned Saturday that transmission of the new coronavirus outside of China may increase and countries should prepare for that possibility. It’s slow now, but it may accelerate,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press conference in Geneva. “So while it’s still slow there is a window of opportunity that we should use to the maximum in order to have a better outcome, and further decrease the progress and stop it.”  So basically, you’ll want to prepare for this virus to become a pandemic – just in case it does.

    In Germany, health officials announced the 12th case in a cluster of transmission of the new virus — known provisionally as 2019-nCoV — that began when a Chinese woman who works for a German car parts supplier traveled to the company’s head office in Bavaria for meetings. The latest case is the wife of an employee of the company, who himself was confirmed as having the infection last week.

    Also on Saturday, British health officials announced that five Britons who were at a ski resort in France were infected. The five — four adults and a child — had been in contact with a British man who had recently been in Singapore. That man was confirmed as a case on Thursday. –Stat News

    It is possible that the spread of this virus will look different in a country like the U.S. as opposed to Wuhan.  While hygiene and living conditions may be better in the U.S., overall public health is a big concern.  With almost half of the country being obese, and already suffering from health concerns related, the virus could prove more deadly. But it is difficult to say how it will play out, but as of right now, the virus is not spreading to other countries.

    Dr. Mike Ryan said at this point it’s not clear why little transmission has occurred outside of China. “The question remains as to whether we’re in a lag phase and the rate of infection [outside China] may pick up, or whether we’re seeing what is the natural history of the disease. It’s way too soon to tell,” Ryan said.

    Infectious diseases expert Michael Osterholm warned that it is unwise to conclude that just because the world hasn’t yet seen outbreaks in other countries they won’t happen. 

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      1. These diseases spread exponentially. The Chinese have pretty obviously been low balling numbers. The latest accounting trick out of China, even if a person tests positive, they won’t be counted unless they also show physical visible symptoms.

        And the infection rate numbers from China suddenly dropped 20%. It’s wonderful we’re all safe now……..

      2. Total U.S. healthcare spending, public and private combined went from 6.7% of GDP in 1970 to 19.67 % of GDP in 2019. This is highway robbery by a gang of thugs that have cornered the drug market through extortion in licensing and contracts.

        What do we have to show for it? Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, the white mortality age fell for the first time under Obama, and 330,000 opioid deaths from people that had 8 or more years of college that were too stupid to realize that opiods are addictive, regardless of what form they come in, obviously must have all bribed their chemistry professors!

        So sick of the corruption in America! If it was just the government, it could be fixed almost instantaneously, unfortunately, corruption is the American way of life. There is no hope for this country. Almost every major corporation is corrupt to the core, in addidtion to all institutions in America, which could not be possible, if the majority of Americans were not thoroughly corrupt themselves.

        As sad and as grim as that may be, that is the disgusting and pathetic reality.

        • There is corruption in the health care system but comparing medicine in 1970 to today isn’t possible due to massive advancements in the subsequent 50 years.

        • You need to move. You must reside in one of our large Demonrat-run cities. Certainly no person with 2 brain cells to rub together would suggest any place in the Middle East, Africa, Central or South America is preferable to the USA.

      3. Like a proud daddy bragging about his progeny. True name is CWHOBW19. Chinese World Health Organization Bio Weapon of 2019. China is sending this out. Depopulation, plan A. Withdraw from the toxic U.N.

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