WHO Tries To Justify Their Existence By Declaring Bacon ‘Carcinogenic’

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    The World Health Organization has now officially declared bacon to be just as dangerous to human health as tobacco cigarette smoking. WHO has made the decision to declare all processed meats “carcinogenic to humans,” and that’s not a good thing.

    The World Health Organization officially classified processed meats as carcinogenic in October 2015. The decision managed to be made by something called the International Agency of Research into Cancer (IARC), based on a review done on 800 studies globally.

    They claimed that the report found “sufficient evidence in humans that the consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer.” According to the IARC Report:

    “Meat consists of multiple components, such as haem iron. Meat can also contain chemicals that form during meat processing or cooking.

    For instance, carcinogenic chemicals that form during meat processing include N-nitroso compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

    Cooking of red meat or processed meat also produces heterocyclic aromatic amines as well as other chemicals including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are also found in other foods and in air pollution.

    Some of these chemicals are known or suspected carcinogens, but despite this knowledge, it is not yet fully understood how cancer risk is increased by red meat or processed meat.”

    That means it isn’t just bacon, but any processed meat that could be potentially cancer-causing. According to Reporting The Truth, WHO made the decision to bacon and other processed meats in with the ranks of other notoriously carcinogenic substances such as asbestos, arsenic, cigarettes, and alcohol. As a matter of fact, this decision and subsequent story is all based around a fallacy: an appeal to authority, the authority of the WHO.

    Often, the WHO, CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and other government organizations have the ability to cause a media outcry based on nothing more what they say. The WHO has no genuine intention of keeping people healthy, being some altruistic force to make sure people don’t get bowel cancer. It would be naive to think that’s why they exist.

    At the root of this story, the WHO and health organizations are justifying their existence by issuing warnings about things like this.

    The WHO has a surface level, where they disclose to the public what they are researching and try to justify their existence with little warnings like this, and then they have a deeper depth of what they do and who they endorse, what research and products they promote, and all the rest.

    Also, it’s not a good thing when government organizations start “officially” recognizing things. When the government starts “officially” recognizing the danger of tobacco, they start trying to make laws that do nothing but line the pockets of politicians with new taxes, and create annoying little additional hassles for people who will not give up smoking cigarettes either way. –Reporting The Truth

    The truth is, almost everyone knows bacon is not a “health food.”  It isn’t a vegetable and it’s loaded with fat.  It’s not the best food to eat and because of that, most people have the common sense to not eat a pound of it at a time.




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      1. Long Pig the natural substitute

      2. The World Health Organization is not a reliable source. They often have anterior motives.

        There are nitrates in some processed meats including bacon. Just read the package. Look for bacon that is made without nitrates.

        They say barbecue causes Cancer. Do they want to outlaw it. Watch out, these people will start fires in order to outlaw our using fire to cook. In some places you can only burn in your fireplace on the days they permit you.

        And they are changing from gas stoves to electric. They plan to interbreed the races into a dumb herd who won’t know to kill an animal and cook it over an open flame. They will probably feed them soilent green.

        Isrealhell has a program to send our cattle to them. Just something to think about.


        • Hi B from Ca.
          Gotta have nitrates in bacon. Botulism is ugly. If you smoke it you have to cure it. Same with sausage. You can make fresh sausage but if you smoke it it has to be cured. I don’t make it a habit of snorting nitrates but I really don’t think in the small amounts used in cures they are that dangerous. I’m sure a lot of people will be hating on me for this post but they don’t like bacon. By the way, I have my share of health problems but none are related to nitrates. Something else will kill me. I’ve been smoking bacon and sausage for 30 plus years but by no means have mastered it. It sure tastes good though!

          • now we know what you’ve been smokin’

        • Wait, everything tastes better with bacon.

      3. Everything causes Cancer to a greater or lesser degree.

      4. But bacon FIGHTS the cancer of Islam….of course they want it outlawed and declared dangerous..

        • Bingo, nail-on-the-head, etc.!!

          • Saving 72 virgins at a time by adding the figurative “silver or holy water” to every single bullet and knife blade so my fight is as appetizing as breakfast with a side of cordite.

      5. And here I thought that it was the mayonnaise on my BLT that was the greater threat to human life.

        The WHO always has some “posterior” motives for what it does; as opposed to “anterior” referred to by an earlier commenter on motives; or even “ulterior” motives as most suspicious motivations are usually and commonly referred to.

        In the case of bacon “posterior motives” will do, “posterior motives” will do nicely, at least for those Muslims (or anybody), attempting to yet again revolve the door of my beloved pork against me.

      6. I’m still going to eat bacon.

        • Highly agree . . . guess I’m gonna die, cause I love bacon. Even have cans of it in my survival supplies! Long live the pig!

          • O,
            I have canned Bacon also,
            But the prices have really gone up

            • Rellik, I also have canned bacon. No way I’m giving up bacon.

          • I’ve pressure canned some for our shtf supply too.


          • Besides, the scum muslims hate it so it must be a good thing.

      7. What if the two are mutually exclusive:

        1) The WHO is worthless. (yes or no that’s your opinion)

        2) Bacon causes cancer (has absolutely nothing to do with above statement)

        In other words what if the WHO is worthless and Bacon does cause cancer, should they not report it?

        Waste of time article.

        • FA, the WHO IS worthless but I don’t believe bacon causes cancer.

      8. In our kitchen bacon is a food group.

      9. Since its not “settled science” its not absolute. Every time you turn around something is good for you one minute,bad the next. Since you are going to die sooner or later what better way than bacon? I’ll start with a pound of the stuff and wash it down with a six pack of beer. The WHO is part of the UN and want beef gone from the planet along with a lot of humans. It falls on deaf ears here.

        • I meant pork……

      10. Essential Facts about Cancer

        Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

        1. Whether or not we develop diagnosable cancer, most of us have cancer cells in our bodies at one time or another. The average person has cancer cells in their body at least half a dozen times. But cancer cells do not become obvious or a threat until they have accumulated in their billions.

        2. It is the body’s immune system which helps destroy cancer cells and prevent them from developing into life-threatening tumours.

        3. An individual’s diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on their likelihood of developing cancer. Most people know that smoking can cause cancer. Fewer realise that foodstuffs such as meat are as likely to cause cancer as tobacco.

        4. Genetic and environmental factors also affect our likelihood of developing cancer. Some types of cancer (such as breast cancer) can be inherited. Working with some chemicals, or consuming chemicals in food, can trigger a serious cancer development. Some people believe that substances such as vaccines can damage the immune system and may explain the increase in the number of patients suffering from cancer.

        5. The most important way to avoid cancer (and to treat it if it has developed) is to strengthen the immune system.

        6. An individual’s state of mind can also affect his or her chances of developing cancer. People who are constantly angry or bitter seem to be more likely to develop cancer. Those who relax and laugh a good deal are less likely to develop cancer and more likely to survive a cancer.

        7. Many treatments for cancer seem to make things worse. Chemotherapy is designed to poison rapidly growing cancer cells but it also kills healthy cells and can damage just about all the body’s organs. (Hair falls out during chemotherapy because innocent cells are being killed.) Radiation can destroy cancer cells but it also burns and damages healthy cells and organs. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy seem to cause lethal damage if they are used for too long. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are likely to damage the immune system – thereby making the body vulnerable to infections and also harming the body’s ability to fight the cancer and to heal itself. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also cause cancer cells to mutate and become stronger. Surgery can result in cancer spreading to other sites within the body.

        8. Cancer cells thrive on sugar, milk and meat. A diet which is largely (but not necessarily exclusively) vegetarian will help prevent cancer and help treat it.

        9. Drinks which are rich in caffeine can be harmful if taken in excess. Tap water often contains drug residues and toxins which can be harmful. Bottled spring water may be safer.

        10. Oxygen helps fight cancer cells. The human body becomes well oxygenated when it is exercised regularly.

        Most of whatever else I know about cancer is included in my medical books; specifically Power over Cancer,Superbody, Mindpower and How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You (which contains a chapter entitled What I Would Do If I Had Cancer)


        Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

        • They push for vaccines, known to cause cancer.

      11. What a load of crap,
        Ill eat bacon till hell freezes over. WHO is bullshit

        • Nailbanger, same here. To me bacon is like Lays chips; “can’t eat just one”, LOL!

        • Bacon grease lubes the joints. Bacon repels muslims. I’m increasing my bacon intake. Fuck the WHO.

      12. Gimme a break! Who only eats just 1 lbs at a time?

      13. No-one even knows what bacon is any more… The whole point behind making bacon was so that it was preserved and that it could then be stored without refrigeration.

        The crap one now finds in a store that is sold as bacon has been chemically flavoured to mimic bacon. That stuff will spoil in a week or two in the refrigerator (even if the package was never opened). If anything is carconogenic is must be the synthetic flavour added to most processed meats.

        • Lurker,

          You could have at least included the means of preparation for salt pork, and preparation for cooking it.

        • I know how it’s made. They’re using peppermint-pink food dye.

      14. In the meantime while you devour your BLT with a wide grin “refugees” with deadly parasitic worms are invading Europe with the blessing of the UN. The major threat? Bacon.


        • Kevin2, you’re making me hungry. So what if bacon is a threat to muslims?

      15. Mmmmmm – bacon!

        • Just busted out laughing!! Great post!

      16. Its claimed that vegitiarians live a average of 7 years longer than those who eat meat. Seven long worthless Baconless years!

        • Old Guy, whoever said vegitarians live longer is full of it. I’ve been a meat-eater all my life and will be for the rest of it. And bacon is part of the meat group.

          • It was a joke. I got the 7 years longer from the Bureao of phony satistics!

        • Lots of veggies do improve one’s health; plants contain all the vitamins our bodies need.

          That said, who doesn’t like bacon bits on their salad. I’m in the turkey bacon camp (pork does bad things to me) but smoked meat is smoked meat. And bacon is so tasty.

          Mmmm…I feel a BLT coming on.

      17. Throw some of the bacon into brackish water where you know there is flesh-eating eating bacteria. Let the bacteria catch the cancer.

      18. WHO
        The only way to make food better is to add Bacon to it.


        • Sarge, agreed. Bacon improves ANYTHING.

      19. Any of the traditional farm animals could not only survive, but grow fat on the detritus and weeds, which might be thrown outside of a cabin — the protein equivalent of free energy.

        You’re telling people that they can’t do primal things for themselves, like to collect water and light cooking fire.

        • It’s TPTB grand dream that no one can do anything for themselves.

      20. Fat, especially saturated, is good for you. Every cell in your body requires it. It is a necessary precursor to testosterone and other hormones.

        Carbohydrates are the actual issue, especially sugar.

        This information should not be new to anyone but the FDA will never recant on their corporate sponsors!

      21. You know what goes great with bacon?
        More bacon !

      22. I’m not prone to outbursts OR foul language…so I’ll simply state……

        Fuck THAT! I’m eating BACON!

        I also drink whiskey and smoke cigars…..

        and really, who gives 2 shits about ANYTHING the WHO has to say about ANYTHING!

      23. Actually, the WHO is mostly correct on this one. It is not the meat per say, it is the additives and preservatives. The additives ARE known to cause cancer. When heated, certain additive and preservative chemicals WILL cause cancer; this is a well established fact. The bloody meat you see in the store, on the freezer shelf is not bloody at all; the bloody looking ooze is actually added chemicals. Fact.

      24. Even if true the real reason WHO is saying this is nothing more than another attempt to impose 3rd world culture or values on the West. Why don’t they address real health issues like the gross large-scale air and water pollution in China and India, or female genital mutilation in Africa and Mid-East, or help ensure clean drinkable water is available in many poor countries around the world, and there are so many other needs. Instead, WHO and the UN aren’t really interested in improving life for much of the world. Rather, they are more interested in trying to diminish the quality of life in the freer and more developed Western nations, and shake us down for funds.
        I, like many other Americans, want the US to withdraw entirely from the UN, NATO and all other defense pacts, and all international banking and trade agreements. The American founding fathers were extremely shrewd, they never wanted the US to never become formal allies with any nation or enter into military pacts. They stipulated to be friends with, and to conduct trade and commerce with all other nations; to scrupulously stay out of other nations affairs, to not play favorites.

        • This from an organization whose Africa office cared so little about actual ‘black lives’ they failed to tell the Geneva office about the Ebola outbreak.

          On a day-to-day basis, the WHO is nothing more than a pharma lobby shake-down operation who do very little practical work to ensure people around the world are actually healthy. Like most international organizations, they focus on calling out white people (and white men) for being very, very bad, while giving a free pass to the very real bad behaviour of non-white people (sex abuse, rape, mass rape, cultural abuse of women, torture etc.).

          As you say, the three places in the world that are the biggest abusers of human health and the environment are China, India and Africa.

      25. KETO DIET.

      26. Homer Simpson: Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

      27. The food industry has a lot of scientists that work on foods to make them pleasing to the taste. They focus on how foods look, how they smell, how they feel in the mouth, and how they taste. They employ advertising specialists to help market the foods. They exploit every angle to get us to pig out on their product and to become obese. The average consumer is facing long odds. If we become obese, we blame ourselves for having no will power. Some of that anger should be directed at these jerks. With bacon, you don’t need any research or advertising. Just fry it and the smell will do the rest! Hmmmm!

      28. .actually we grow out own pork. finish fed with 100% corn. Kill and process them ourselves. we cure the ham and bacon with a brine cure recipie from the Have more plan. Water salt and a small amount of saltpeter. I often butcher pot belly pigs. They dont have any bacon. its all sow belly.

        • hello Old Guy

          Do you submerge your hams in the brine to cure or do you inject them and put the salt rub on the outside?

          I used Morton Quick Cure to do some bacon and fresh pork injection and soaked but I needed to refrigerate them while they cured. I’m assuming you don’t do yours that way.

          Whenever we butchered we took the hams and bacons to be cured elsewhere by injection. Obviously, when the SHTF that won’t be possible. There used to be farmers around here that cured and smoked their own but to me they were way too salty…Country Cure it was called.

          • Submerge in a crock with a weight.

      29. Every time you eat bacon a Muslim fairy dies

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