WHO Prepares For “Worst Case” As Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads

by | May 15, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    In the week since we first noted the new outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the number of cases has risen by 50%, and The World Health Organization has now said it is preparing for “the worst case scenario.”

    The WHO has tallied 32 suspected or confirmed cases in the northwestern area of Bikoro, on the shores of Lake Tumbathe near the border with the Republic of Congo, including 18 deaths, between April 4 and May 9.

    The outbreak, declared by the DRC health ministry on Tuesday, is the DRC’s ninth known outbreak of Ebola since 1976,when the deadly viral disease was first identified in then-Zaire by a Belgian-led team.

    Scientists are greatly concerned that this outbreak in the remote Bikoro region will travel 175 miles to the city of Mbandaka – the capital of Equateur province and home to around 1.2 million residents.

    What’s worrisome is that the most recent WHO update says that there are two probable cases at Wangata – which is very close to Mbandaka.

    Peter Salma, head of emergency response at the World Health Organization (WHO) said last week: “If we see a town of that size infected with Ebola, then we are going to have a major urban outbreak,” adding “We are very concerned, and we are planning for all scenarios, including the worst-case scenario.”

    The WHO is planning to send up to 40 specialists to the affected area over the next week or so, while Salma adds that the UN hopes to have a mobile lab up and running this weekend, similar to the one set up by the WHO.

    The WHO and World Food Programme are also working to set up an ‘air-bridge’ to help bring in supplies, however, only helicopters can be used until an airfield is cleared to allow larger planes to land, Mr Salama added.

    The health body has released £738,000 ($1m) from its Contingency Fund for Emergencies to support response activities for the next three months. –Daily Mail

    This marks the country’s ninth epidemic since the ebola virus was identified in 1976. When a small outbreak hit the DRC last year, eight people were infected and four died. In 2014, 66 were infected out of which 49 died – a 74% fatality rate. In the 2002-2003 outbreak, 90% of those infected died. That said, on average the disease kills around half of those who contract it.

    Ebola, a haemorrhagic fever, killed at least 11,000 across the world after it decimated West Africa and spread rapidly over the space of two years.

    The pandemic was officially declared over back in January 2016, when Liberia was announced to be Ebola-free by the WHO.

    The country, rocked by back-to-back civil wars that ended in 2003, was hit the hardest by the fever, with 40 per cent of the deaths having occurred there.

    Sierra Leone reported the highest number of Ebola cases, with nearly of all those infected having been residents of the nation. -Daily Mail

    Experts say the DRC’s vast, remote terrain provides an advantage, as outbreaks often remain localized and easy to isolate. Bikoro, however, is not far from the Congo river – an essential waterway used for transport and commerce. Downstream lies Kinshasa and Brazzaville – the DRC’s capital. The two cities are home to a combined 12 million people.

    As such, neighboring countries are on high alert. Officials in Nigeria, Guinea and Gambia have incresaed screening measures along their airports and borders, measures which helped contain the virus during the West African epidemic that began in 2013.

    Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Burundi and the Republic of Congo – which border the DRC – have all been alerted.

    While Kenya, which does not border the country, has issued warnings over the possible spread of Ebola.

    Thermal guns to detect anyone with a fever have been put in place along its border with Uganda and at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    Concerned health officials in Nigeria, which also does not border the DRC, have put similar measures in place to keep its population safe. -Daily Mail

    Scientists believe Ebola is most often passed to humans by fruit bats, however porcupines, gorillas, antelope and chimpanzees could also be carriers. It is transmitted between humans through blood, secretions and other bodily fluids (and surfaces) of those infected.

    There is currently no “proven” treatment for Ebola, however dozens of experimental drugs exist – including a vaccine called rVSV-ZEBOV, which has reportedly protected nearly 6,000 people.


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      1. Nasty stuff to be sure. As soon as one case gets here though, they will be trying to herd everyone into a line for that vaccine mentioned in the last line of the article.

        • Thank God obummer is gone or we’d be flying the victim here.
          stupid mofo!!!!!

          • Joe: Isn’t that the truth. It’s too bad O’Banana doesn’t get the stuff injected deep, inside his rectum or possibly in both of this eyes and that would still be too nice of treatment for that thing.

            • He developed an immunity to that from his time in Kenya.

      2. the largest problem with this Ebola crap is that any chance of a travel embargo is nil – “it’s racist” – they won’t do a thorough medical clearance & exam on the travelers – trying to close the borders to these infected is a HUGE HUGE court mess – Prez Trump can’t even pinch off potential enemy agents …..

        • Let them fly United. At least then we can beat the crap out of them.

      3. .

      4. I like simple questions. So, here’s one. Congo, Africa in general…. just what is it about continent that makes it so prone to creating one devilish virus or disease after another? I can fully understand diseases like cholera, dysentery, leprosy; even, plague like the bubonic. They’ve been around since time immemorial. But all these new genetic mutations? Something strikes me as not being quite passing the smell test. Ask me, I’d say that the powers that be are using that whole damned place as one giant petri dish.

      5. If the African blacks wouldn’t mate with chimpanzees and gorillas then this wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s what uncivilized jungle people do.

      6. Who knows if the World Health Organization didn’t create Ebola in the first place? Sounds logical to me. Resources in Africa ready for greatly stepped up plundering by outside infiltration who have brutally occupied and murdered Africans for decades.

        • Who knows if the World Health Organization didn’t create Ebola in the first place?

          They are not that smart.

      7. Maybe somebody at the WHO needs to get a new designer kitchen upgrade, or fund the expensive divorce from the beast they married so they can get a younger one from Russia? Did anyone track down how the money raised last time was spent? Nope.

        The oldest trick in the book in the resource industry is to first clear the squatters off the land. We did it in North America and we did it in Latin America. Why would Africa be different?

        Ebola is a disease of filth and thus it won’t go anywhere where things are modern and clean. End of.

        • Did anyone track down how the money raised last time was spent?

          It went to the “Clean Cook Stove Foundation” A United Nations initiative to bring proper cooking equipment to these shithole countries.

          The problem is, the Clinton Foundation was the spear head of the initiative. They then stole the money, of course. Don;t believe me? Read the Clinton e-mails yourself.

          From Wikileaks:

          UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05773018 Date: 08/31/2015


          From: Balderston, Kris M
          Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 7:09 PM

          To: H; Fuchs, Michael H
          Cc: Abedin, Huma
          Subject: RE: Cookstoves

          We spoke to the Norway’s Ambassador to the UN and they are joining the Alliance for Clean Cookstoves for $600,000 the first year. They noted that this is a down payment and would contribute a “substantial amount for this endeavor” in the future. They wanted to move quickly for the CGI announcement and ant to see a business plan before they commit more once you are elected.

          Thnx for making this important call. Other countries including France and Finland were waiting for the Norway signal and follow up by the Clinton Foundation.

          Original Message
          From: H [mailto:[email protected]]
          Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010 7:49 AM

          To: Balderston, Kris M; Fuchs, Michael H
          Subject: Cookstoves

          The Norwegian FM told me Norway would join the Alliance and we should coordinate w his UN Rep. Will you pls follow
          up? Thx.

          • Thank you for this information! It is a scandal. They do the old ‘razzle dazzle’: switch in some benign cause and then loot the money from it for their endless election campaigns to grab power.

            The poor folks at the other end never see the money. Look at Haiti: the Clintons took most of the money and funneled it into the election campaign; they did the same with UN environment funding.

          • Great find.. Thank you!!!!

      8. Ebola is a buggy man creation of the “elites” like Gates in order to use vaccines for sterilization of unsuspecting true believers of the medical system, another Rockefeller (Rothschild) production.

        If Ebola comes to the USA, instead of vaccinating young military men and women, how about vaccinating the “elites”.


        • I am down with sterilization of the Africans.


      9. Not to worry. Till there are ten thousand or so cases here in the USA, nothing at all to worry about.
        Ebola is too deadly to be much of a threat. It’s easy to spot people with it and isolate them.
        The best population eliminator is something that doesn’t show up early and takes a lot of time to kill. (like AIDS)
        That way plenty of infected seemingly healthy people can immigrate and spread the disease before it is discovered.

      10. Hum … I guess that means they have perfected the virus. Any fort detrick folks go out there?

      11. WHO should stand for Who gives a flying shit.

      12. Please give the workers decent protection as is done in the west. Let the planes coming with vaccines bring hazmat suits and complete protection gear otherwise ebola like HIV will reach every corner of the world faster than can be tamed. I am shocked and upset at the scantily dressed men burying ebola victims.

      13. Sounds like Merck released the Ebola virus in order to test their vaccine that was approved this year. If successful, I’m sure they will release more Ebola virus in Africa. When it spreads worldwide, which it will, because that’s what the globalist want, they can vaccinate hundreds of millions or billions of people. $$$$$$

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