Who Is The New Secret Buyer Of U.S. Debt?

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    This informative analysis has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market.

    dollar-burnsOn the surface, the economic atmosphere of the U.S. has appeared rather calm and uneventful. Stocks are up, employment isn’t great but jobs aren’t collapsing into the void (at least not openly), and the U.S. dollar seems to be going strong. Peel away the thin veneer, however, and a different financial horror show is revealed.

    U.S. stocks have enjoyed unprecedented crash protection due to a steady infusion of fiat money from the Federal Reserve known as quantitative easing. With the advent of the “taper”, QE is now swiftly coming to a close (as is evident in the overall reduction in treasury market purchases), and is slated to end by this fall, if not sooner.

    Employment has been boosted only in statistical presentation, and not in reality. The Labor Department’s creative accounting of job numbers omits numerous factors, the most important being the issue of long term unemployed. Millions of people who have been jobless for so long they no longer qualify for benefits are being removed from the rolls. This quiet catastrophe has the side bonus of making it appear as though unemployment is going down.

    U.S. Treasury bonds, and by extension the dollar, have also stayed afloat due to the river of stimulus being introduced by the Federal Reserve. That same river, through QE, is now drying up.

    In my article The Final Swindle Of Private American Wealth Has BegunI outline the data which leads me to believe that the Fed taper is a deliberate action in preparation for an impending market collapse. The effectiveness of QE stimulus has a shelf-life, and that shelf life has come to an end. With debt monetization no longer a useful tool in propping up the ailing U.S. economy, central bankers are publicly stepping back. Why? If a collapse occurs while stimulus is in full swing, the Fed immediately takes full blame for the calamity, while being forced to admit that central banking as a concept serves absolutely no meaningful purpose.

    My research over many years has led me to conclude that a collapse of the American system is not only expected by international financiers, but is in fact being engineered by them. The Fed is an entity created by globalists for globalists. These people have no loyalties to any one country or culture. Their only loyalties are to themselves and their private organizations.

    While many people assume that the stimulus measures of the Fed are driven by a desire to save our economy and currency, I see instead a concerted program of destabilization which ismeant to bring about the eventual demise of our nation’s fiscal infrastructure. What some might call “kicking the can down the road,” I call deliberately stretching the country thin over time, so that any indirect crisis can be used as a trigger event to bring the ceiling crashing down.

    In the past several months, the Fed taper of QE and subsequently U.S. bond buying has coincided with steep declines in purchases by China, a dump of one-fifth of holdings by Russia, and an overall decline in new purchases of U.S. dollars for FOREX reserves.

    With the Ukraine crisis now escalating to fever pitch, BRIC nations are openly discussing the probability of “de-dollarization” in international summits, and the ultimate dumping of the dollaras the world reserve currency.

    The U.S. is in desperate need of a benefactor to purchase its ever rising debt and keep the system running. Strangely, a buyer with apparently bottomless pockets has arrived to pick up the slack that the Fed and the BRICS are leaving behind. But, who is this buyer?

    At first glance, it appears to be the tiny nation of Belgium.

    While foreign investment in the U.S. has sharply declined since March, Belgium has quickly become the third largest buyer of Treasury bonds, just behind China and Japan, purchasing more than $200 billion in securities in the past five months, adding to a total stash of around $340 billion. This development is rather bewildering, primarily because Belgium’s GDP as of 2012 was a miniscule $483 billion, meaning, Belgium has spent nearly the entirety of its yearly GDP on our debt.

    Clearly, this is impossible, and someone, somewhere, is using Belgium as a proxy in order to prop up the U.S. But who?

    Recently, a company based in Belgium called Euroclear has come forward claiming to be the culprit behind the massive purchases of American debt. Euroclear, though, is not a direct buyer. Instead, the bank is a facilitator, using what it calls a “collateral highway” to allow central banks and international banks to move vast amounts of securities around the world faster than ever before.

    Euroclear claims to be an administrator for more than $24 trillion in worldwide assets and transactions, but these transactions are not initiated by the company itself. Euroclear is a middleman used by our secret buyer to quickly move U.S. Treasuries into various accounts without ever being identified. So the question remains, who is the true buyer?

    My investigation into Euroclear found some interesting facts. Euroclear has financial relationships with more than 90 percent of the world’s central banks and was once partly owned and run by 120 of the largest financial institutions back when it was called the “Euroclear System”. The organization was consolidated and operated by none other than JP Morgan Bank in 1972. In 2000, Euroclear was officially incorporated and became its own entity. However, one must remember, once a JP Morgan bank, always a JP Morgan bank.

    Another interesting fact – Euroclear also has a strong relationship with the Russian government and is a primary broker for Russian debt to foreign investors. This once again proves my ongoing point that Russia is tied to the global banking cabal as much as the United States. The East vs. West paradigm is a sham of the highest order.

    Euroclear’s ties to the banking elite are obvious; however, we are still no closer to discovering the specific groups or institution responsible for buying up U.S. debt. I think that the use of Euroclear and Belgium may be a key in understanding this mystery.

    Belgium is the political center of the EU, with more politicians, diplomats and lobbyists than Washington D.C. It is also, despite its size and economic weakness, a member of an exclusive economic club called the “Group Of Ten” (G10).

    The G10 nations have all agreed to participate in a “General Arrangement to Borrow” (GAB) launched in 1962 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The GAB is designed as an ever cycling fund which members pay into. In times of emergency, members can ask the IMF’s permission for a release of funds. If the IMF agrees, it then injects capital through Treasury purchases and SDR allocations. Essentially, the IMF takes our money, then gives it back to us in times of desperation (with strings attached).  A similar program called ‘New Arrangements To Borrow’ (NAB) involves 38 member countries.  This fund was boosted to approximately 370 billion SDR (or $575 billion dollars U.S.) as the derivatives crisis struck markets in 2008-2009.  Without a full and independent audit of the IMF, however, it is impossible to know the exact funds it has at its disposal, or how many SDR’s it has created.

    It should be noted the Bank of International Settlements is also an overseer of the G10. If you want to learn more about the darker nature of globalist groups like the IMF and the BIS, read my articles, Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too, and False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency.

    The following article from Harpers titled Ruling The World Of Money,” was published in 1983 and boasts about the secrecy and “ingenuity” of the Bank Of International Settlements, an unaccountable body of financiers that dominates the very course of economic life around the world.

    It is my belief that Belgium, as a member of the G10 and the GAB/NAB agreements, is being used as a proxy by the BIS and the IMF to purchase U.S. debt, but at a high price. I believe that the banking elite are hiding behind their middleman, Euroclear, because they do not want their purchases of Treasuries revealed too soon. I believe that the IMF in particular is accumulating U.S. debt to be used later as leverage to absorb the dollar and finalize the rise of their SDR currency basket as the world reserve standard.

    Imagine what would happen if all foreign creditors abandoned U.S. debt purchases because the dollar was no longer seen as viable as a world reserve currency.  Imagine that the Fed’s efforts to stimulate through fiat printing became useless in propping up Treasuries, serving only to devalue the domestic buying power of our currency.  Imagine that the IMF swoops in as the lender of last resort; the only entity willing to service our debt and keep the system running.  Imagine what kind of concessions America would have to make to a global loan shark like the IMF.

    Keep in mind, the plan to replace the dollar is not mere “theory”.  In fact, IMF head Christine Lagarde has openly called for a “global financial system” to take over in the place of the current dollar based system.

    The Bretton Woods System, established in 1944, was used by the United Nations and participating governments to form international rules of economic conduct, including fixed rates for currencies and establishing the dollar as the monetary backbone. The IMF was created during this shift towards globalization as the BIS slithered into the background after its business dealings with the Nazis were exposed. It was the G10, backed by the IMF, that then signed the Smithsonian Agreement in 1971 which ended the Bretton Woods system of fixed currencies, as well as any remnants of the gold standard. This led to the floated currency system we have today, as well as the slow poison of monetary inflation which has now destroyed more than 98 percent of the dollar’s purchasing power.

    I believe the next and final step in the banker program is to reestablish a new Bretton Woods style system in the wake of an engineered catastrophe. That is to say, we are about to go full circle. Perhaps Ukraine will be the cover event, or tensions in the South China Sea. Just as Bretton Woods was unveiled during World War II, Bretton Woods redux may be unveiled during World War III. In either case, the false East/West paradigm is the most useful ploy the elites have to bring about a controlled decline of the dollar.

    The new system will reintroduce the concept of fixed currencies, but this time, all currencies will be fixed or “pegged” to the value of the SDR global basket. The IMF holds a global SDR summit every five years, and the next meeting is set for the beginning of 2015.

    If the Chinese yuan is brought into the SDR basket next year, if the BRICS enter into a conjured economic war with the West, and if the dollar is toppled as the world reserve, there will be nothing left in terms of fiscal structure in the way of a global currency system. If the public does not remove the globalist edifice by force, the IMF and the BIS will then achieve their dream – the complete dissolution of economic sovereignty, and the acceptance by the masses of global financial governance. The elites don’t want to hide behind the curtain anymore. They want recognition. They want to be worshiped. And, it all begins with the secret buyout of America, the implosion of our debt markets, and the annihilation of our way of life.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Satori

        I’m a Fiat Slave, And So Are You


        “What it means to be a debt slave is also easy to understand. It means that one must spend a large fraction of one’s time to earn money to pay creditors. Millions of Americans today are mired deeply in debt, but today’s America is also a country where if you personally stay out of debt, the government will go into debt for you.

        Each American taxpayer is on the hook for his or her share of over $17 trillion in debt that government admits to; the real debt total is much higher. Government leaders are eagerly plunging us ever deeper into debt each year.”

        “Tax slavery, debt slavery, wage slavery, and fiat slavery are four methods that elites employ to extract wealth from the people.”

        it’s ALL manipulated
        EVERY single aspect

        • KY Mom

          “Russia dumped a record $26 billion, or some 20% of all of its holdings, bringing its post-March total to just over $100 billion.”

          “Belgium” because it is quite clear that it is not the country of Begium who is engaging in this unprecedented buying spree of US paper, but some account acting through Belgian custody.”

          This mystery buyer has quietly and quite rapidly become the LARGEST HOLDER OF U.S. TREASURY HOLDINGS. With $40 billion additional purchases in Marh, “Belgium” now has $381 billion in treasury holdings…

          Who is the mystery buyer? Could it be George Soros? Should this new largest holder decide to want to suddenly sell its extensive treasury holdings… the market would be shaken.


          • KY Mom


            That should read:

            With $40 billion additional purchases in March

              • Grafique

                Every word of the Bible was written by Jews.
                “Hath God cast away his people? GOD FORBID. For I also am an Israelite…”
                Romans 11:1 – the JEWISH Apostle Paul.

                • Unreconstructed Southron

                  It was written by Hebrews. Not all were from Judah.

            • durango kidd

              Brandon: Insanity. You are a fucking lunatic. Really. You cannot see the forest for the trees. Honestly. The markets are manipulated. Yes. They have ALWAYS been manipulated; even when the NYSE was operated by hand with a “Floor Specialist”. And currency markets most of all.

              The current “recovery” in the markets which is where the NWO parks its cash, either in bonds or equities, is now more than five years old. Its getting long in the tooth and any number of black swans could trigger a massive decline of 40-60%; as it has in the past, again, and again, and again.

              Recessions, Depressions, and Panics are not new to America. They have happened repeatedly over the history of this nation; and will again. Yes, the next one is on the near horizon and anyone with half a brain can see it coming. That will not mark the end of the world or America. The markets could also bump along at this level for quite some time, as it has, or decline by design as WE saw in the Russell 2000: mitigating a “crash”.

              QE is “drying up” by design. The markets will be supported by offshore cash seeking safety and a higher return as rates rise. pension funds are chomping at the bit wanting rates to rise so that they can park some of their cash in long term bonds.

              QE was never intended to stimulate the economy and it hasn’t. Its primary purpose was to continue the bank bailout of 2008/2009 and shore up the Member Banks balance sheets by buying toxic securities. It has accomplished that goal. The Member Banks now have $1.2 trillion in reserves, and the major multinationals are holding an additional $1.3 trillion in cash and “near cash”.

              The global banks and the multinationals are the core of the New World Order. They hold their wealth in dollars. Dollars are the source of their wealth and their power. Anyone who thinks that the New World order is going to change horses in the middle of the stream is out of their fucking mind.

              The IMF does take OUR money (USD) but it doesn’t loan it back to US. That is absurd. It uses OUR dollars and contributions from other nations to control third world nations. During the 2008/2009 Financial Crisis The FED injected the ECB, the IMF, and The World bank with dollars. NO one loaned those dollars back to US. There is absolutely no need to loan dollars to the IMF to have them lend them back to US. That statement is ludicrous. WTF are you smoking?

              The mechanisms of the Federal Reserve is sufficient to generate all the dollars they want without borrowing from an Entity (the IMF) to which we loan dollars. Your ignorance is astounding. Stick to garage sale economics and bartering.

              Macro economics is not your forte. 🙁

              • durango kidd

                BTW: Lagarde is a bigger stooge than Obummer. Nothing to see there. Move along. 🙂

                • stfukidd

                  Dung.aroo kid you need to get a life!

              • New Ordnance

                Same article 2nd from top on zerohedge at 16k views.
                Check the comments there for other opinions.

              • Jezebel

                While I may not agree with Brandon’s assessment, I absolutely do not agree with your’s, nor your arrogance, nor your name calling.

                • durango kidd

                  Jezebel: I don’t give a fuck what you think. It is not arrogance speaking. It is education. Unfortunately Brandon does not know what he is talking about, at all.

                  He doesn’t have the formal background, or experience in the financial industry to accurately interpret the players or events; yet he continues to befuddle the uneducated and spread his ignorance.

                  He said:

                  “Imagine what would happen if all foreign creditors abandoned U.S. debt purchases because the dollar was no longer seen as viable as a world reserve currency.”

                  The dollar is the life blood of the NWO who ARE the foreign creditors he is talking about. These multinationals and affiliated banks use the dollar as THEIR instrument of choice. The dollar is the world currency of the NWO. Membership has its privileges. If you do not want to play by the Rules then you pay a penalty. Think Argentina, Greece, and Venezuela.

                  “Imagine that the Fed’s efforts to stimulate through fiat printing became useless in propping up Treasuries, serving only to devalue the domestic buying power of our currency.”

                  The FED is NOT trying to stimulate the real economy, or “prop up treasuries”. If they were trying to stimulate the real economy, the money sitting in the Member Bank Reserve account at the FED would be distributed to Main Street and lending policies would be more liberal. They are not. Treasuries ARE the short term liquid asset that Corporations use to facilitate THEIR economy, not OURS. How many treasuries do you own?

                  “Imagine that the IMF swoops in as the lender of last resort; the only entity willing to service our debt and keep the system running.”

                  This statement by Brandon shows his complete ignorance of the system. The FED is already the lender of last resort as evidenced by the 16 trillion dollars that the FED loaned during the financial crisis of 2008/2009. It was the FED that loaned $50 billion to the Bank of England to keep the UK afloat, and then to the ECB and others. The IMF has NO power to create money (IE SDR’s) except as supported by the contributions of its members; the USA being the most generous benefactor.

                  “Imagine what kind of concessions America would have to make to a global loan shark like the IMF.”

                  The IMF is a sideshow, nothing more and a tool of the FED to control third world nations while giving them the illusion of an international organization to help them; while covering the FED’s exposure from the American people. Brandon’s imagination has runaway with him.

                  Everyone, and especially Brandon, needs to put the IMF in perspective. Think of Global Finance as a three ring circus with the FED as Ringmaster.

                  The IMF is just the bearded lady down the arcade. 🙂

                  • Brandon Smith

                    I wouldn’t worry too much about the sad ravings of Durango. Notice he ignores all the specific evidence provided in the article and every other article I write, responds with ad hominems like an angry and confused pre-teen, then gives nothing but empty opinion to back his claims. He argues that he is somehow more knowledgeable than myself in this field, yet, I have nearly a decade of published work under my belt, and he has nothing to show except his ramblings in the comments section of this website. He talks big from the comfort of his keyboard, but if he and I were face-to-face, I guarantee all his ego would quickly fizzle. He’s a blowhard with something to prove, and not much else.

                    This quote from insider Caroll Quigley alone dashes all of Durango’s fantasies that the Fed is somehow the center of the globalist cabal. The reality is, the Fed is just an appendage of the international banking system, and people like Yellen are nothing more than middle management:

                    “It must not be felt that the heads of the world’s chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up, and who were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers [also called ‘international’ or ‘mercantile’ bankers] who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks. ”

                    Carroll Quigley, CFR Member, Friend of the Rockefeller family, Mentor to Bill Clinton, from ‘Tragedy And Hope’


                    Brandon Smith

                  • Jack Meoff

                    You obviously give a fuck enough to reply.

                  • posseecom


                    Regarding the IMF..and the federal reserve audit..

                    The reserve is the printing press, and lender for the IMF..

                    From the 2011 GAO audit of the Federal reserve…

                    Of the $16.1 trillion loaned out, $3.08 trillion went to financial institutions in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium, the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) analysis shows.

                    For our dear bankers based here..

                    Citigroup $2.5 trillion.
                    Morgan Stanley $2.04 trillion.
                    Merill Lynch $1.9 trillion.
                    Bank of America $1.3 trillion.

                    How quaint it all is..


                  • durango kidd

                    Brandon: An angry and confused pre teen? LMAO! Brandon I quoted you directly from your article and destroyed your statements with the facts.

                    Why don’t you respond to my arguments?

                    BTW, ad Hominem attacks ARE justified in a debate when the presenter is NOT qualified by either education or experience in the field or industry, yet purports to be an expert as you do, just because you have been pontificating about a subject (incorrectly I might add) for ten years.

                    You have neither the specific education nor the experience in the industry. If you had either you would not be making such absurd statements as I quoted at refuted. Please respond to my arguments against the statements you made as I quoted you, if you can.

                    The quote from Carroll Quigley does nothing to refute my criticism of your absurd statements. If the Federal Reserve is a puppet as Quigley claims what does that make Legarde, but a puppet of a puppet? LMFAO!!! 🙂

                  • durango kidd

                    Posse: Yes, my point exactly. The IMF gets its funding and approvals from the FED. Brandon says that it is the other way around.

                    Sadly, Brandon does not have an understanding of the basic mechanisms of the FED and international finance. Example: The Japanese central bank was created like and in the image of the Federal Reserve and it is purchasing most of the Japanese government bonds.

                    Japan does not borrow from the IMF as the “lender of last resort”. Its central bank is its lender of last resort. The US will not be borrowing from the IMF. The IMF relies upon the Federal Reserve for its funding.

                    Brandon has it ass-backwards. The IMF is a symptom. It is pure hubris. It is a distraction to befuddle the masses. It is not the disease. The FED is the disease. Kill the FED and you kill the New World Order. The NWO is the boogey man, not the IMF. Ignore the IMF. It is irrelevant. 🙁

                  • helot

                    Dear Jack Meoff,

                    Obviously he gives fuck enough. He cares about his fellow man, those who might be swayed by The Mr. Know-it-all Durango “Krugman” Kid who defends the empire at every twist and turn.

                    If you didn’t know, it’s called compassion. Something I suspect you are lacking in?

                    I wouldn’t expect you to know. So very few do.

                    BTW, what a lame ass nic. Psft. Grow up. Will ya?

                  • helot

                    Dear, posseecom

                    You forgot to mention the role of the B.I.S.


                    Where do they fit into your calculations?

                    They’re at the top, imho, that’s why The Durango “Krugman” Kid fights so hard against the idea. Defenders of the empire are like that.

                    Anyway, are you sure the IMF doesn’t create it’s own currency from thin air? Or borrow it from somewhere else? …Fiat is funny that way.

                    If you believe the facts the financial institutions pump out,… I got nuthin’ for ya.

                • BJ

                  Yup, dk is as you said, has been for the 3.5 years I been here…….something else isn’t he.

                  He has a real fixation on Brandon Smith…….and himself. A few years back he had a fixation on another guy that quoted from zerohedge a lot, can’t remember his name, but it was exactly the same.

                  • durango kidd

                    BJ: My fixation is not on Brandon Smith. I just can’t believe that he doesn’t understand the basic relationship between the FED and the IMF: even after I have explained that relationship to him several times.

                    The PTB want the average American to be misinformed and ignorant of their financial system so that they can take advantage of them, as they have. Regrettably, Brandon has magnified this ignorance by spreading his ignorance to others through his dissertations which are based upon false premises.

                    The individual you refer to (“Clark”)did not quote from zero hedge and neither does Brandon BTW. Clark “quoted” or rather misquoted Gary North quite a bit, and even had the audacity to provide the link to the article he was quoting North from to support his own argument for FREE TRADE, which BTW is not free and has real costs.

                    I was familiar with Gary North’s writings whose opinions and perspective seemed very akin to my own, so when Clark used him to justify his own ramblings I was more than curious.

                    I followed that link and discovered that Clark had misquoted North and further had taken North’s comment out of context to support his own position in favor of FREE TRADE.

                    FREE TRADE is a strategy by the NWO to enrich the very rich at the expense of the Middle Class, and it has cost America more than 60,000 factories and 70 million jobs since 2000.

                    How is FREE TRADE working for you, BJ? 🙂

                    PS. Clark believed that the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation was a government agency. More of the blind, leading the blind. 🙁

                  • helot

                    You are so full of shit, Durango “Krugman” Kid.

                    I Never misquoted Gary North, you simply have a reading comprehension problem.

                    It’s funny how you twist things around and say “I” said the Fed is a a private corporation. Too funny. I argued with you and said it was a cartel, a quasi-gooberment organization.

                    It was you who said otherwise.

                    Why do you defend the empire so much?

                    Why do you want to be a part of the group that rules over other americans?

                    Why do you want to be Yurtle at the top of the stack of the turtles? Or, in your case, why do you want to stacked upon by Yertle? Are you one of those sadist machoist type people that likes being whipped?

                    Anyway, ‘free trade’ Is best summed up, as you say in contempt: “garage sale economics” you know, one person freely trading with another, no rules, no regulation… something which The Durango “Krugman” Kid has come out against time and time again, as if americans are not worthy to decide who they can trade with and upon what terms.

                    Tyrants are like that.

                    It’s been a Hell of a learning experience on these pages, seeing into the mind of a tyrant and empire whoreshipper.

                  • durango kidd

                    CLARK! Hey thanks for joining the conversation. I have known that you were hiding behind that new moniker. You are a FUCKING liar!

                    I called you about about Gary North repeatedly. Its in the archives and the folks who have been here for a few years know that you are the propaganda pimp for FREE TRADE!!!

                    How’s it working out for you??? LMAO!!! 🙂

              • Grafique

                Haman here claims that he never blames “all Jews”…in spite of using ugly terms like “the tribe” and “Master Race”.

                • Grafique

                  Ezekiel 38:16 –
                  “And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days…”
                  Here God gives Ezekiel a prophecy about the end times (…in the latter days…), also mentioning “…my people of Israel…”
                  This proves that in the end times, Israel will still be God’s people.
                  God himself said it.
                  Go ahead and tell God he’s wrong.

                  • Grafique

                    Revelation 7:4-8
                    And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

                    5 Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

                    6 Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthali were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve thousand.

                    7 Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.

                    8 Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand.

                    In this passage of Revelation, which is still in our future, God “seals” 12000 Jews from each tribe of Israel.
                    Looks like God’s not yet done with his Chosen People, and it also seems like the inhabitants of Israel today are indeed Jews!
                    But maybe God’s wrong again, eh, Haman?

                  • Grafique

                    Haman here claims he’s only pointing out crimes by individuals, and anyone who claims he’s a racist Jew-hater doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
                    Hey Haman, why don’t you ever list crimes by individual Russians? Or Chinese? Or Australians?
                    Never mind. I know why it’s always about Jews.

                  • Fellow servant

                    The Jews are the tribe of Judah only one tribe there are twelve tribes. All twelve tribes are not in Israel where are the other tribes?

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Grafique

                  How revealing that you don’t get worked up about the murder of children, but get exercised about identifying the perpetrators, the tribe that thinks it is the Master Race, the tribe that exhorts the killing of children because they are not human.

                  “All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a

                  Rabbi Eliyahu exhorts the killing of women and children:

        • passinwiththewind

          Exactly right, Satori.

          Slaves from within. Most unknowingly , and definitely unwillingly.

          The grand scam of schemes. Almost everyone is doing it.
          From the guy who makes repairs to the Heating/A/C unit and is a small time rip-off artist; to the international banksters that do it on a large scale.

          People in the know have seen the writing on the wall many years ago. TPTB have incrementally been ripping off the “common” people all along.

          It’s just that, until recently, most folks didn’t realize our very own elected officials are in on it.
          Even a majority of the so-called conservatives are in on it. They are just more secretive about it.

          TPTB have to implode the system to get the masses of sheeple to believe the lie. The NWO lie.

          There isn’t enough tea party folks to fix the system even if it could be fixed, at the rate the US is running up debt. So…..

          ….when it does implode (by their own doing), every man,woman, and child living in the USA, will be told they have to “share” in the burden because; they gave the green lights to spend all those funds.

          Now wait a minute the people say; “we never approved of spending $150.00 for a hammer, or one million $$ for a single rest room at a park or rest area, etc.”

          But… you did “vote” for the people, that approved of the people, that did. So that makes you “the people” liable.

          Bend over and spread ’em folks, the reaming is about to begin.

          • KY Mom

            “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.”
            -Margaret Thatcher

            “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.”

            Ear wax eater, Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia might brag that “we’ve proven that Communism works”. But, it is HOW it works.

            Read on for a short article about life under Communism.

            Life Under Communism
            By Charlotte Cushman

            “I am worried because too many people, especially our youth, don’t even have a clue as to what living under a totalitarian regime is like. Here is my story, how I learned about the evils of government domination and became the patriotic freedom-fighter that I am today.

            I am a descendant of immigrants from Yugoslavia. They immigrated to the United States around 1900…”

            “Life under communism was very hard. Oh, how the people suffered! On the farm in Ljubljana, my family got up at 4 AM and worked until 10 PM, and the government took everything…”


            • lonelonemum

              Off topic:-

              US maths standards – no room for middle class complacency.


              Just in case you were still dithering about home/private school versus public school. can you really do a worse job yourself?

              Before anyone asks NO I don’t think we are doing any better here in the UK. In fact a lack of basic maths skills is how the British working population is able to be so duped by our illustrious leaders into a false sense of security.

              • nopittypartyhere

                even more off topic—went to the doc’s yesterday. Everyone here has heard of HIPPA privacy notices. Well, the intake system is computerized now, with a full 3 page privacy notice. This privacy notice includes rights to bill, transcription services, etc. so you have to accept to be treated. It says in the beginning they are making you aware they are required by law and their ‘legal duties regarding your records’

                And I quote:

                “Permited and REQUIRED uses and disclosures that may be made without your authorization or opportunity to reject:
                As required by law we may use and disclose health information to the following types of entities, including but not limited to……
                (I shorthanded agencies to keep it short)
                DPH or like authorities
                Law Enforcement or Legal as required OR valid subpoena
                correctional institutions
                workers comp
                organ and tissue donation (WTF?)
                Military Command Authorities (if you swore in ok..or WTF?)
                Health Oversight Agencies (a mental health gun control panel could be set up…wouldn’t put it past this admin)
                Funeral Directors, Coroners and Medical Directors
                THE AUTHORITY that receives reports on abuse/neglect

                I requested a paper copy of the “agreement” before I left the office.

                @mac I can scan a copy and email it to you. Just email me at my junk email–> nopitypartyhere at gmail.com

                • Jack Meoff

                  Summary: We can do whatever we want with your personal information.

          • New Ordnance

            The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the bank for central banks – the ultimate old boys club that controls the fate of nations, populations and resources.

            All their accounts are kept in Special Drawing Rights (SDR) which is scheduled to replace the $.

            The BIS is a locus of evil on the planet in my view.

            The good news is that we know where they are concentrated.

            • Anonymous

              Yeah, Ordnance, Mike Ruppert spoke of those scum bags before he was killed… He said that as collapse gets worse, their names would come out in the open. He mentioned the Bank of International Settlements located in London and the Fed.

            • Anonymous

              But do you know their names??!!

            • oldwhatshisname

              Bilderberg Group…

            • Aurelius

              New Ordnance; I’m always so pleased to see someone on top of the situation! The Bank for International Settlements is the home of the ultimate bastard Rats that control every Jewish Central Bank on Earth and direct all of their wars against humanity! The system tries to present the financial system as oh so very complicated and understood only by the highly educated. I submit, that BIS as well as “The City” of London as well as the Federal Reserve System is based upon a total Fraud, perpetrated upon a believing citizenry , which wants,above all to believe in the national leadership! The Coinage act of 1792 will give you the definition of the Dollar. The Dollar is a weight of gold and a weight of silver; It’s that simple! Couple the two terms, Fraud and Jews and understand that both words are synonymous!We are witness to the total destruction of the American experience in Liberty because of our insistence upon being Hageeite believers in the superiority of Jews, the most despicable race of criminals yet to curse this planet. It behooves all Americans to open your eyes to the mountains of information available about these evil bastards and they must be quick for time is short. I wish all of my fellow Americans the best of luck. Aurelius

          • Defiant

            This all makes me want to throw up and

            feel totally helpless at the same time.

            I am going to remain a debt free and

            resolute minimalist who holds his family

            dear and his God close to his heart.

            • wrong

              Does that mean your going to sell your Corvette collection? 🙂

              • Defiant

                Listen, smart ass

                I was going to give you the

                ’67 convert with the 427 cubes,

                but since you blabbed, all you’re

                getting now is the Pinto with the

                Flame On gas tank. That’ll teach ya.

                • KY Mom

                  Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month

                  “In 2014, mass fish die-offs have pretty much become a daily event globally. Individually, each event could perhaps be dismissed as an anomaly, but as you will see below when they are all put together into one list it truly is rather stunning. So is there a reason why so many fish are dying? Is there something that connects these mass fish death events? Has something about our environment changed?

                  The following are just a few examples of the mass fish death reports that have been coming in day after day from all over the globe…”

                  End of the American Dream dot com

                  • Anonymous


                  • Rodster

                    If you dig deep one might find that millions if not billions of tons of garbage have been dumped in the sea. Governments have used the ocean as an underwater landfill for decades. Some of that garbage are chemicals and toxins.

                    Does everyone remember the floating debris while searching for that missing plane? It turns out they were looking in what’s called an ocean deadzone and all the floating debris was just floating garbage. You can imagine how deadzone’s come about about.

                  • buttcrackofdoom

                    as japan fiddles, the WORLD BURNS!!!!

                  • PKLauLau

                    Heard Fukushima might be on fire…


                • wrong

                  Rats! I already had a 72 Pinto. Never did explode but I never got hit in the ass end. I had close to 200,000 miles on that thing when I finally got rid of it.

                  I’d much rather have that 67. Probably cherry red too!

                  • Defiant

                    Yeah Wrong, with a white interior.

                    True story, I needed the dough for

                    my second child about to make the

                    scene, so I sold it to a guy who

                    tried to see how well it would move

                    an oak tree at 110 mph!!

                    The tree’s still there, minus a little bark.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            There is not enough money in America to pay off the debt that will be called in by the gangster/banksters at the City of London.

            Never heard of them? They are the stockholders of the non-federal feral reserve, IMF and the Bank of International Settlements talked about in Brandon’s article. They have financed most bonds for all major cities, states, and the government in America and also around the world and when the debt cannot be paid back they have the legal right to ownership to all entities they have financed through these bonds.

            For a real education on how this SNAKE has squeezed the lifeblood out of almost every nation, including America, read this article:

            The Great Red Dragon or London Money Power. Link to follow.

        • Logic

          This site has never correctly predicted a single event. I used to be a doomsayer. Five years later, nothing has changed. The world is in a bad way, but nothing like we expected. The elite have nothing to gain from destroying the system that allows them to remain in control. The shit will never hit the fan, guys. There are too many powerful people interested in preventing it. You’re all being deceived into supporting this website. Sites like this are false prophets. They predict things that will never occur to keep you interested. Your fear generates hits/views, and hits/views generate cash for the guy that runs it. You think this is a non-profit site? Lol
          Good luck escaping this foolishness guys.

          • wrong


            Reading this or any other site has no effect on how I live my live. I come here to see what’s happening and to read the comments. That’s all. I’ve gained some knowledge, had some laugh’s and occupied some time. I fear nothing. Well, except my wife sometimes. And the dentist.

          • Rodster

            Well your problem is you are judging things from your perspective. Try telling that to those living in Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia who are rioting and protesting because of economic conditions.

            Notice a TREND? It’s spreading. 😉

            It hasn’t hit here in the US because we are insulated having the defacto worlds reserve currency and that is slowly changing.

            You didn’t mention all the potential war hotspots around the world because of resource mgmt issues 5 years ago. You didn’t mention 100 Million that need Govt assistance to survive. You didn’t mention the millions who want to work but can’t get a job. You didn’t mention the protest around the world including the US for living wages at McDonald’s.

            Maybe you see things as status quo.

            I see a peculation of a massive SHTF scenario in the future. When? I don’t know but math doesn’t lie. 1+1=2

            Right now thanks to the criminals running the financial systems around the world 1+1=112

          • AnneMarie

            Wonderful article, by the way.

            Dear”Logic”: It is not “foolishness”. It will happen. People have been writing and preaching about this for decades. As time progressed, the signs have become clearer and clearer until here we are. We are now at the end stages. If you like it or not, it is foretold in the book of Revelation, and that is where we are. We are at the end of the road, driving at breakneck speed into the sign that says “Bridge washed out”. Your so-called “foolishness” will soon turn into harsh and horrific reality.

        • Anonymous

          AOL news- Obama upset after it came out that 40 veterans died while waiting for help at VA hospitals (help which never came!)

          I wonder if he was upset because it came out in the open or if he was truly upset that it happened?!

          I mean, veterans are constantly assassinated while doing nothing– just sitting on the front steps of their porch, for example, and suddenly dozens of thug cops all dressed in black start tazering them.. or the incident the other day of the guy who had a front tag missing on his car and cops beat him to death (also a veteran!) or the veterans alone at home, when suddenly black-dressed thugs come crashing throught the door and fill the guy with holes… I mean, how much does it take before people get suspicious!?!

          Obviously, these veterans KNOW whats the truth about this government over us and are experienced in war fare– coould it be (duh!) because TPTB feel threatened by them??!! Really sucks!!

          • Vicky

            Of course Obama doesn’t CARE that they died, as in emotionally. I’m sure he cares quite a bit that this may bite him in the ass. But it won’t. He’s so well protected by the Dems and the media that nothing can touch him.

            • Anonymous

              I was being sarcastic, Vicky!

          • oldwhatshisname

            Obumer was upset it was only 40 vets that died. He has declared all vets mentally incompetent and/or terrorists. Obumer hates America, it’s people and especially the military.

            • Anonymous

              He hates the fact that we have been able to keep our guns, after he voted at UN in favor of small weapons treaty… and the fact that Veterans are on our side!

            • nopittypartyhere

              he sticks that freaking nose any further up on the air he’s gonna drown when it rains….oh wait, the marine corps has to save his commie ass with an umbrella.

        • Anonymous

          I am not a debt slave. I simply do not pay them off. I may be a bum.. (debatable!) but I am not a slave. ; )

        • guerrilla

          Fiat comes from the word “Fi” in greek, which means from air.

        • FuckingPissed

          It’s almost time.

        • BillyBobJumpingfrog

          Money, Money, Money….Me likes it a lot.

          What is the option, live like a hermit??

          I say spend and enjoy….

          Life is short, live hard, die broke…After all, when you become worm food, what was the point of life other than the fun you had!!!

        • Anonymous

          Great article at Paul Craig Roberts’s site called, “Justice Is Dead In Amerika.”

          It tells how we are all in a lot of trouble…

        • Anonymous

          Great article at Paul Craig Roberts’ site– tells what’s going to happen to people who hoard guns…

          May want to check it out– called, “Justice Is Dead In Amerika”.

      2. y99

        Yes “kicking the can down the road,” and we’re in it and the ride is going to get bumpy.

      3. jeepboy1991

        Way off topic, and not trying to hijack the thread, but I have been diagnosed with cancer. Acute lymphocytic leukemia. Any prayers you guys could throw my way will be greatly appreciated.

        • Confederate

          Hang in there Jeep, we’re with you. You may want to seek spiritual counseling to help out.

          • jeepboy1991

            Thanks Confederate, and all the thumb’s up, The good news so far is my sister is a match for a bone marrow transplant.(one in five chance) So we shall see what happens. I would ask that you guys contact your local blood bank and see about being typed for bone marrow donation, it’s really easy, just a mouth swab and it can be done by mail. I don’t need a donor but SOMEONE will and if you match someone the process for donating bone marrow is much easier than it was. You just get some medication a few days before to cause you to shed marrow cells into your bloodstream. They draw your blood, filter it and give it back. Consider being a donor, not for me but for someone else.

            • jeepboy1991

              forgot, they will only contact you if you match someone so you don’t donate unless there is a match.

              • oUCH

                Jeep… sorry to hear about this.. would / could you share any pre diagnosis symptoms that led to your seeking med. help ? That might help someone else too..

                • jeepboy1991

                  Symptoms…..That was the really weird part of it.
                  I was having back and leg pain and cramps for two weeks. Really bad but I was pushing through it with a prescription mild muscle relaxer and over the counter painkillers. Finally one evening after work it was so bad I had to go to the hospital. They gave me a painkiller and were trying to figure what was wrong. They were actually getting ready to send me home and took the IV out of my arm and it would not stop bleeding.(low platelet count) That was when the manual differential blood count came back from the lab with a panic value for the doctor. My white blood cell count was full of what are called “blast” cells. these are the cells that are normally in the bone marrow and produce the “regular” white blood cells. They are extremely rare in the blood normally. My bone marrow was overproducing these cells, thus not producing “normal” cells(that is the “cancer” part of leukemia, it’s not a tumor like other types of cancer) and shedding them into my blood and muscle tissue( that was causing the pain and cramping).
                  What usually allows diagnosis of this kind of thing is a routine CBC ( complete blood count) as part of the routine blood work in a doctors visit or checkup.

                  Funny thing, 25 years ago, I did hospital lab work as a Medical Technologist and it would have been ME who would have spotted the abnormal cells in a CBC.(in fact I did it a few times) I told the doctors I knew more than the average layman and they could adjust their explainations accordingly.

                  My case was a really rapid onset of the disease. That is why they call it Acute rather than Chronic. I had had some routine blood work done only two or three months prior and things had been normal.
                  It has been exactly two months since that emergency room visit and I have already undergone one full cycle of chemotherapy. (lovely new hairstyle as a result… Bald is Beautiful 🙂 )

                  Thank you all for the expressions of support.

                  • buttcrackofdoom

                    i would offer you my prayers jeepboy, but i been praying on obama for 6 years now, and he’s still there….seriously though, i hope you get better.

                  • Nick-Dog

                    God Bless you JeepBoy! You are in my prayers!

            • DaisyK

              I was registered as a bone marrow donor for a long time, but then they said I was too old. I understand it is not too painful and you recover easily.

              I wish I could help. I am Type A. If you hear that they have started taking 70 year olds, please let me know.

          • CBGB's

            Lindsey Williams has a video on youtube of the facility where the elite go to cure cancer. He also talks about “Carnivora”, which is what President Reagan used to cure his cancer. You can buy Carnivora online.

        • Jim Smith

          Sorry to hear that Jeep! Stay tough and fight! I’m adding you to my prayers. Fight it! Never give up sir!

        • FreeSlave

          (First-time commenter, one-month lurker, newbie prepper)


          Cancer’s cancer, whether societal or individual, so you’re not hi-jacking the thread. Prayers are ascending.

          And given that you’ve asked for prayer, I’m assuming that you believe and trust in God, hopefully the Almighty Triune God of Scripture. If so, that’s the most important prepping that you could ever do – prepping your soul to be with Jesus in Heaven.

          Kindest Blessings during this trial, JeepBoy.

        • This Texan Has Had Enough

          Prayers for you jeep. Try to keep a positive attitude and that will help you beat this.

        • PWYPreach

          Jeepboy: Go to the NIH website and input “Thunder God Vine” and “cancer” or “leukemia”

          Thunder God Vine is used in Chinese herbal medicine and is believed to have potent anti-cancer activity. Mainstream Western Medicine apparently considers it interesting enough to do trials on and has seemingly concluded that it has value in the treatment of leukemias and cancers.

          You may also want to research turmeric and its potential for starving tumors and increasing the efficacy of chemotherapy, if chemo is the route you have chosen.

          • oldwhatshisname

            a friend of mine is a herbalist and she claims Soursop Shows Strong Evidence As a Cancer Fighter. It is also called graviola. I wish I had known about it when my brother was ill.

            “New research shows that Graviola only affected cancer cell membranes and not those of healthy cells. This study may lend support to the herb’s traditional use against cancer.” Here is the full Clinical Trial. Disclaimer: No claims are made or implied that graviola can diagnose or cure cancer or any other disease. However research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to:
            • Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss.
            • Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections.
            • Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment.

            God bless you Jeep; we are asking God to bless you.

        • Retired Navy

          Hang in there my friend. I will be saying a prayer
          as soon as i am done writing.

        • KY Mom


          Keeping you in my prayers.

          We all go through valleys in life. May you feel the Lord’s presence comfort, strengthen and guide you in this difficult time.

          “The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 5-7

          KY Mom

          • PO'd Patriot

            Jeepboy…done! Keep the faith!

        • Canada Canuk

          @jeep, prayers on their way to you from me in Canada…take care, and think positive! CC

        • VA Patriot

          @ JEEPBOY – ask your dr. About Artemesia. Cured my Lyme and has a high rate of curing cancer. You’re in my prayers.

        • Barn Cat

          I prayed for you.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to hear that news. Do the best you can and enjoy time with family.

        • Charley Waite

          God’s blessings in you, Jeep.

          • Charley Waite

            Should say ON you, Jeep. I pray that you will recover and be stronger in the other side

        • mqg25

          Look into the Gersen Diet,also if you can get a hold of some cannabis oil (legal state would help). Not trying to tell you what to do..research it and our Prayers be with you.

        • Trapper1965

          You might want to look into Vitamin B-17. It may or may not help but it beats the hell out of Chemo.

        • Miss DeeDee

          There is a lot of love on this site although at times it may not seem so. I have been a N.P. for many years. Todays medicine is unpresidented in it’s advancement over the last 30 yrs. This, along with all the prayers from the good folks here should give you a fighting chance. You also have to do your part by being unrelentless in your faith and commitment.
          God Bless,
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Miss DeeDee

            Welcome to the site.
            I look forward to your input and learning much from you over the many years ahead.
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • jeepboy1991

            Oh yes Miss Dee Dee, the advances in medicine are amazing. Just how easy it is to donate bone marrow ( see my post above) compared to only 5 or 10 years ago! Plus how much things have changed since I got out of the medical business 20 years ago. We still have the greatest medical system in the world….. at least for a while longer.

        • Vicky

          We will, and I’m assuming by the “boy” part that you are young? If so, that’s good and my nephew recovered fully. His onset was age 15 and he is now 31. Good luck!

          • jeepboy1991

            Nope Vicky, that is just an affectation on my part. Mid- 50’s. Bought the midlife crisis red convertible (1991 jeep wrangler) some years ago. Darn thing is supposed to be a chick magnet, this one isn’t working. Must be the nut that holds the wheel. 😀

            • buttcrackofdoom

              i did the jeep thing too…hoping to land a wife….didn’t work for me either, shoulda got a yorkie. chicks love it when you prove you can love sumthin’ besides yerself!! hee hee.

        • Grafique

          Father, I ask in the name of Jesus for the healing and deliverance for my friend.

        • NetRanger


          I laugh everytime I hear the phrase “diagnosed with cancer”. …and then I want to cry.

          Look, everyone has cancer. Every person that says, “We’ll pray for you.” or gives you encouragement has cancer. WE ALL HAVE CANCER! It just never gets to the point of being a problem.

          The reason they can’t seem to “cure” cancer is because they look at it like its a disease. It is not. It is the symptom of a disease.

          If we looked at a broken leg as a disease when its a result of automobile collisions, would we ever be able to prevent “Fractured Femur Desease”?

          In your case, your immune system is out of whack. A switch got flipped and now your immune system is in super overdrive producing white blood cells too fast which causes many problems. The Doctors try to treat your symptoms but they won’t treat the disease. Shoot, they don’t even see the disease. They’re labeling the symptom of a disease as The Disease.

          I’ll give you the straight and skinny: unless you get your immune system straightened out, those “Doctors” will kill you and they’ll get stinking rich doing it! Its so disgusting I have difficulty talking about it. Find a holistic healer and be vary wary of “chemo-therapy” (another term for “almost poisoned to death”).

          Were I in your place, I would not dump my doctors but I wouldn’t do everything they say either. I would start eating organic food, shun all refined sugar and eat only meat that was raise in as natural of an environment as possible. I would become an expert on your condition and ponder its cause.

          In my opinion, you can be completely cured but your regular doctors won’t cure you, they will eventually kill you.

          My appologies for being so blunt but I’ve had too many friends die from this same situation. One from EXACTLY what you have. Once he realized the doctors were killing him, it was too late to pull his immune system out of the dive. He passed away 12/7/2012.

          There is one other thing that will change things. It won’t just change things, it might just rock your world and it might make your doctors turn white and faint. It requires two things:

          1. Google
          2. Cell Phone with unlimited minutes.

          Here is what you do:

          Find and call every [christian|baptist|lutheran|catholic|church of christ|mormon|church of whatever] church you can. There are literally thousand of them per state. When you get someone on the line or you get an answering machine, simply and clearly state this:

          “Hello. My name is [jeepboy’s name]. I have diagnosed with cancer and I would like you to pray for me. Please add me to your prayer list. Thank you.”

          I don’t care if you’re mormon, athiest, christian, muslim, or jewish, or something else. DO THIS! I don’t care if you don’t think it will work or you think (as some of my friends do) that all this God stuff is, as Crazy Steve puts it, “Nothin but bullshit.” What have you got to lose but a few hours of dialing and calling?

          I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen it work on the biggest doubters and sinners that have ever walked this earth.

          I’ve seen inoperable brain tumors MOVE so they can be removed. I’ve seen cancer just BE GONE. I’ve seen a heart GROW A NEW VALVE and I’ve seen a 7yr old little boy with leukemia so bad that they were making funeral arrangements for him because the doctors couldn’t do anymore be 9yrs old because his grandmother came to us and we prayed like his life depended on it. (…because it did.) He wasn’t supposed to ever turn 8 years old. Now he’s 9 and about as normal as can be with little or no trace of his former “disease”.

          You don’t even have to believe. Just make the calls!

          Regardless of what you do, I know a small group of around 20 Christians at a non-denominational Christian church will be praying for you because an elder, who’s son does the bulletin, keyed in your name on the prayer list.

          I know this is long and I know its off topic, but, jeepboy needs the help! I’d urge all of you to pray for him in whatever way you see fit.

          • nopittypartyhere

            @ jeep boy, Net Ranger is right. This is why cancer tx centers of america has such good success. They provide Holistic care. Some say Holistic care means the Whole person, but I say it means spiritual as well as physical treatment as in Holy. but I would add one thing. Let it go…emotionally that is. focus on the healing process. Imagine your bone marrow making white blood cells normally. get the STRESS out of your life. Chronic stress is the biggest disruptor of the immune system. I’m relatively ‘new’ in the clinical/medical hypnosis field. but my mentor has been using hypnosis for over 30 years. It is the belief that you are healed and focusing on healthiness and living that make a difference. He has had patients with tumors that disappeared. Folks with 3 weeks to live that had a full life for 10 years or more. It takes FAITH to do that. Faith in yourself and faith that there is something out there far more powerful than we understand. I know this is a rambling post, but i will end with one thing ( and I apologize for the caps to those whom it does not apply)


            • Genius

              Jeep, so sorry to hear about your condition, may I offer some possible help… Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment and a cheap and easy way to alkalize your system is with baking soda (I use bobs red mill aluminum free). try taking it 3 teaspoons a day (spread out) and I have read a lot about vitamin B-17 (latrile) and i have a friend that swears by tea made from creosote bush (no kidding). Another thing is that cancer hates a high oxygen environment so you might try food grade 30% hydrogen peroxide dilluted down or some stabilized oxygen drops in water. Do not eat crap food at all! Get a juicer and do a diet of nothing but fresh organic if possible fruits and vegetables. If your cancer is caused or suspected cause is radiation take zeolite clay but be careful not to take a lot. The body can cure itself if you give it the right foods and cut out all proccessed crap. Other things to add are rose hips, spirulina, chlorella, tumeric, garlic, and possibly carnivora suppliment (immune booster). Stay away from acidic foods! A cheap source for herbs is http://www.mountainroseherbs.com Amazon sells bobs red mill baking soda cheap. Stabilized oxygen is cheap here.. http://www.liquid-stabilized-oxygen.com/ Do a search for B-17 and zeolite. Good luck my friend I just hope my advice helps 🙂

        • WPR

          Please look into Soursop leaf tea. Blessings!

        • grandee

          prayers for jeepboy1991

          May God grant you His peace, comfort, mercy and strength.

          May God grant wisdom and direction to those who treat you.

          May you feel His presence in a special way.

          May family and those around you bring you cheer and encouragement.

          May God bless you and keep you for His very own. amen

      4. jaque

        It seems at this point that they are trying to prevent GLOBAL collapse. This would make gold worthless. Can you eat gold ??

        • Grafique

          No, you can’t eat gold. Nor can you drink oil, but I bet you still buy oil.

        • Archivist

          You can buy your way out of a tough situation with gold.

        • Paranoid

          jaque: I’m so tired of that stupid statement. Can you Eat FRN’S? Tell you what, I’ll eat $100 in gold if you will eat $100 in pennies. The issue is, what will the paper buy VS Gold. 5000 years of history says gold will last, paper is good to wipe you ass.

        • CBGB's

          Gold will not become worthless because gold is the currency of the elite and they will not allow it to fail.

          • Libertarianmajority

            Gold, silver, diamonds, etc., are only worth what there is to buy with them. Value is MADE, not created with money–whatever is used for money.

        • mqg25

          If you think about it why do they want a dependent population? Why are the majority of Americans today have nothing or up to their eyeballs in debt? Why does the establishment SNEER at those who clamor about holding PM’s? They want you with nothing when the rug gets pulled out from under you so you will be more compliant,docile, pliable and acquiesce all your rights once the chaos dies down.
          Don’t have a crystal ball but I believe a reset will come with strings attached, and thats why I own PM’s. Will it help? Don’t know, but I do know that Gold has always held value or why would China, India, Russia and the uber rich hoard it in mass quantities? Think about this. Do you think they will let you live on (even if you own) your land without payment? The corporate pyramid will be in control, for now, and I don’t think they will take a can of beans for legal tender. However, I “may” be able to cash in some PM’s for SDR’s, Renimbi etc;.

      5. km

        Guess the secret is out? This stuff can’t be kept secret anymore. It’s obvious that’s why the elites want internet censored to the point it will be totally moot!

        A lot of us being educated idiots now, there is no excuse to not be prepared on some level!! If not, get busy like now, even if it’s 10 cases of ramon noodles, just do it!!!

        • Jim Smith

          Agree sir. Yesterday I had a random meeting of an old friend while I was in the hospital for an M.R.I. I haven’t seen him in over a year and wondered what had happened to him. Well, he dropped in the hospital to pick up a prescription as I was leaving through the lobby. We chatted for a bit and I dove right into preparing for what is coming. He knows what is coming but has not prepared. So I did what I could and sent him the link for this site and one I frequent daily, X22Report.com . I suggested he at least buy Ramen noodles on his limited income and one way or another DO SOMETHING to prepare. I don’t think there is much time left….

      6. Madhatter

        I fear global government is the beast spoken of in the bible.

      7. Confederate

        Why doesn’t the govt. seize the accounts of Soros, Gates, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and other nefarious individuals who have helped to craft this situation? They will end up stealing from the rest of us before it’s all over.

        • passinwiththewind

          sad to say, but; the gov is those “nefarious individuals”.
          It’s gone too far to be considered a gov by and for the people anymore.

          Even if they siezed accounts of all the hoodlums, the American taxpayer would not see one red cent, nor would the deficit change.

          • Confederate

            Your absolutely right. The foxes guarding the hen house.

        • PKLauLau

          Why did G. Soros just sell his stocks of BoA, Chase and JP Morgan?


      8. mallardhen

        Good week-end tp prepp as the Memorial Day sales are on. Every little bit helps towards your goal, just take the first stepp and prepping gets easier each time you do it.

        My garden is in at last winter just wouldn’t go away I was burning wood less then two weeks ago for overnight and covering some plants as we were chilly with light frost, think the weatherman has got it straight at last. Everyone have a good week-end.

      9. Satori

        Is Soros Engineering Another Black wednesday?


        “Could this signal that he now feels we have reached the bottom and the system is about to implode? Soros is not the only billionaire who is dumping stock. Warren Buffet and John Paulson are also quietly changing their positions as Newsmax reports:”

        • Waiting in Idaho

          Any time I hear JP Morgan and Geo. Soros in one paragraph, I get ready for a screwing. Soros single handedly collapsed the British pound about thirty years ago. We all know how much he loves the US. When this mess all falls apart, I’m sure we will smell the rotting decay of that shanker.

      10. Jim Smith

        It could be that the Fed is actually buying the Treasury bonds through Belgium. As the Fed “tapers” openly it may be secretly providing the money to Belgium to buy bonds.

        • This Texan Has Had Enough

          Happened to me on eBay. I had spam 1023 emails that my provider did not deliver.Now I without email until Friday and I have to change my passwords again. Not a peep from eBay-heard it on the news.

        • VRF

          Glad I got away from that bunch of thieves when I had the chance , I warned people .. Guess I can hold my head up and say I told them so , and I’m not the type to gloat over crap like this

          Also that pay pal monopoly is part of this too , that’s who screwed me , but eBay is complicit

          Again you play their games you takes your chances

          I hope a ton of people wake up to the fact you are and have been compromised , and will be in the future
          Mark my words … Again

      11. Mountain Trekker

        Just read where Chipotle Restaurants have banned guns from their stores. They claimed someone came in carrying an “assault weapon” may or maynot be true, a little common sense is called for when exercising our rights. Anywho, I’ve heard the pro’s and con’s of open carry vs conceal carry, but a right not exercised is a right lost. So I think we should have an open carry day atleast one day a week or one day every month. When only one person out of every 10,000 open carries it’s easy for TPTB to lean on that person, but when one person out of every 100 open carries, it would not be so convenient for TPTB to cut that person out for harassment. So just pick a day, any day, and if you live in a open carry state, make it a point to do it all day atleast once a month. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

        • PWYPreach

          Read up on the Mexican lime farmers. They were being squeezed out of all their profits until just recently when their communities formed militias and kicked the cartels to the curb.

          • Miss DeeDee

            Just goes to show what a well regulated militia is worth.
            I only wish it would be legal to form one in this country once again.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • NetRanger

              Legal? You mean “lawful” …and it is. What makes you think it is not? There are lots of liars out there that tell you different things but if you read the law, you’ll find out the truth of it.

        • South of the Border

          Chipotle, who owns that shithole?

          • Anonymous

            I LOVE Chipotles!!! Unfortunately, they’ve just sent an open invitation to would-be-burlgars, so it may not be safe to go there anymore! (Bound to get robbed!)

        • New Ordnance

          Boycott establishments that ban guns.

          How about an open carry calendar so we can be on the same page. How about National Open Carry Day – National Open Carry Week – National Open Carry Month – The Year of Open carry.

          Open carry is good. Concealed carry is good. Always carry.

          Forget about permits.

          I like Matt Bracken’s little jingle:

          Registration – Confiscation – Extermination.

          Registration – Confiscation – Extermination.

          Registration – Confiscation – Extermination.

          Even yuppies can learn that one.

          • Miss DeeDee

            New Ordnance,
            I am happy for your input to this site.
            Thank You.
            — Miss dee Dee

          • Mountain Trekker

            New Ord, someone else would have to make the open carry calendar. Cause I open carry 7 days a week. The only time it ain’t open, is when I’m in church, I wear a sport coat. Trekker Out.

        • egore

          It would have to be a restaurant I really like.

        • Anonymous

          They’ve just sent an open invitation to burglars.

        • Paranoid

          Sorry Treck: I cannot open carry once a month. I carry on my belt. If I don’t wear my belt my pants fall off, so I have to carry every day.

      12. wrong

        The whole thing is a scam. It doesn’t matter who’s buying anything. Keep prepping and praying.

      13. Satori

        Justice Is Dead In Amerika


        “Cecily McMillan is an Occupy protester who was seized from behind by a goon thug cop–a goon thug with a long record of abuse of authority–by her boobs. One was badly bruised. Cecily McMillan’s elbow reflexively and instinctively came up, and Cecily was arrested for assaulting a goon thug. The goon thug was not arrested for sexually assaulting a young woman.

        False arrests of this sort are common in the US. Indeed, they are more common than justified arrests. The police and the courts are completely corrupted institutions that reek of injustice and evil.”

        a modern day prophet
        chronicling and warning of the destruction of the nation
        like most prophets
        being ignored

        • Anonymous

          This article by him (Paul Crag Roberts) really upset me!

          I imagine during the time of Hitler, Jews were thinking, “well… such and such hasn’t happened yet” and “so and so wasn’t picked up yet.” And so they didn’t panic, just kept on as usual.

          I read that even as Jews were hauled off in rail road cars, life went on as usual: kids were still attending school, people were still going to work, there were still shows and entertainment centers. Life seemed normal and so people couldn’t fathom their government would do something like some people suggested. I imagine they probably said to themselves, no need to panic yet. And perhaps they were wondering when they should react… they just didn’t know because the whole thing occurred so slowly, a little at a time.

          • Kevin2

            I think they refer to the strategy as, “Boiling A Frog”.

      14. Man on the inside

        G10: “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast.” REV 17:12-13

        We are getting very close to the time of Jacobs Trouble.

      15. Trtailer Park Investor

        Vicious hoards of blood crazed mobs will go door to door looking for people to kill, (for NO reason) or for food. Murder, rape, bloodletting will reach epidemic proportions. Cannibalism will become commonplace so much so parents will eat their children.
        This is the world without God the world we are ASKING FOR (and we are going to get it)…
        Then the USA, the World will reap the FULL measure of God’s wrath and all he will have to do is turn his back on us and leave us to our own demise.

        • slingshot

          Oh, goodie goodie.

        • Grafique

          God will never turn his back from you, me, us.

      16. Trtailer Park Investor

        Yes I went to my local Sears to buy some preps but they were OUT OF BUSINESS, so I went to my local Kmart and they were OUT OF BUSINESS to.
        Wow I thought about this and decided to go to my local Staples but they were OUT OF BUSINESS, so then I went to my local Radio Shack but you guessed it they were closed Permanently too. Seems like all of America is closing up shop and going home. Where is all this to end?
        Somebody somewhere HAS to have a job, how else am I going to bet my Food Stamps IF no one is working?

        • slingshot

          You it is bad when the Pawn Shops close up.

      17. Winston

        The employment picture may be worse than we think- look at Joe Biden’s son who had to get a job with the gas company in Ukraine. You’d think with his connections he could find something closer to home.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i’m thinkin’ that’s why daddy GOT him the job….it’s on the other side of the WORLD!

          • CBGB's

            Oops Buttcrack, tried to give you a thumbs up, but missed.

            The responses on this thread by some of you guys have been pretty darn funny!

      18. KY Mom

        Doctors Warn: People Could Have MERS And Not Know It

        ‘Typhoid Mary’ of MERS Possible?

        “Just think of Typhoid Mary,” Dr. Amesh Adalja of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said.

        “Mary Mallon or Typhoid Mary worked as a cook and infected 49 people with typhoid fever in the early 1900s. Mallon was so infectious that she was forcibly quarantined for the last 23 years of her life.”

        “Asymptomatic carriers of diseases can represent a major route for a pathogen to spread.”

        “What You Can Do to Prevent MERS
        The CDC recommends taking common sense precautions to prevent the spreading of MERS:

        Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, and help young children do the same. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

        Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze then throw the tissue in the trash.

        Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

        Avoid close contact, such as kissing, sharing cups, or sharing eating utensils, with sick people.

        Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and doorknobs.”


      19. JRS

        I don’t really understand the idea of trying to “crash it on purpose”. How would this benefit anyone, bankers included?

        So, when the US defaulted and refused to pay it’s international gold obligations in the 70s, that created a new “oil backed” FRN reserve currency. No one blinked more than once and the system didn’t have to be crashed. The bankers made out like a bandit there also.

        If the BIS or IMF or whatever bank wants to convert the reserve currency all they need to do is bring it up in a sham G-8, G-10, G-20 or “whoever” vote and it will be done…after all Brandon, you say they are all in cahoots, anyway. Why do they need to crash a system they are already in control of in order to install another system they are in control of?

        Makes no sense to me.

        No, the world economies are crashing because they cannot have infinite growth without infinite cheap fuel. The bankers debt based, usury model has reached it’s own limits to growth and they will go down with the ship. No rearranging of “currency deckchairs” will save their asses. The guillotines will soon be clanging.

        • Barn Cat

          The world’s central banks are all destroying their currencies. The goal is to a create a big enough disaster to bring about a one world government. That’s why they’re called “globalists”.

        • maddog

          It really has nothing to do with money, they already control it all. Its about a one world government. This will allow them to come out in the open and be recognized so they can then be worshipped by the sheeple. And you WILL worship them.

          • Archivist

            No, I won’t.

        • Walt Kowalski


          Because it’s not about money in the conventional sense. It’s about power and control. The control of money and the economies of nations is a means to an end.

          The REAL goal is neo-feudalsim.

          Think Europe during the dark ages and you’ll have the general idea.

          It’s an idea as old as mankind.

          Which is why I say that there are only two kinds of people in the world…..Those who want to just be left alone. And those who will not leave other people alone.

          Every so often….the ones who want to be left alone have to rise up, unite and crush the ones who won’t leave other people alone.

          That time is coming soon.

        • Sierra Dave

          Part of their agenda is population reduction. Check out the Georgia Guidestones. 500 Million population is their goal.

      20. Jim in Va.

        This is a world event, everybody will suffer. Dog eat dog. War will follow with massive casualties,the survivors not lasting much longer.Prep? I don’t know anymore.

        • Barn Cat

          I do. I want to be as prepared as I can for myself, my family, and the other people we might take in. I don’t know how long we’ll live but we’ll do the best we can.

          I expect the pre-trib Rapture to happen sometime after the collapse and before the antichrist is revealed but I’m preparing as much as I can in case I’m wrong.

          I trust that God will protect us if it is in His will to do so. There’s no guarantee that I’ll live but I don’t worry about it.

      21. Socrates


        I know the global economic situation makes no sense to you or me…because WE are not to benefit from the reset. Only those at the very top (think global Ponzi scheme) are going to survive this. Here’s some more to think about a bit more:

        -Many countries are BROKE, unstable and weakened.
        -Martial law will keep popping up here and there till it’s worldwide.
        -Alliances are being formed that do *not* include the U.S. as our day in the sun was…yesterday.
        -With the reset comes world war III (or more) and the great die-off will begin.
        -With less people to control, the ‘controllers’ have less to worry about.
        -Resources have been squandered and stretched thin worldwide and this is the global game of ‘musical chairs’. When the music finally stops TPTB will make sure they have prime seating…ahead of time.

        This is ALL the same cycle that has played out over and over again through history, if one would just study it, they would know what’s to come.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          a little MORE to think about…and thanks for your usually prescient commentary, sockrat. your contributions are appreciated!
          most CITIES in america are BROKE!
          most counties are BROKE!
          most STATES are BROKE!.
          the feral gubmint is BROKE, and BROKEN!
          the banking system is BANKRUPT!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            hell, i forgot the most important point!
            most PEOPLE are BROKE!

      22. Barn Cat

        The Federal Reserve is the one that funneled money to Belgium for them to buy treasuries. And I’m sure they got a lot of extra money to do that with.

        • Kevin2

          Skimming .000001% from $200 billion is a paltry $2 million. Hell thats just a missed key stroke away. Oops.

          By the way anyone seen Jon Corzine? He is the Sargent Shultz of the financial industry; “I see nothing, I know nothing”.

      23. KY Mom

        Hmmm… 600,000 acres along our southern border for a “national monument” that BLM will control and most Americans won’t even have access to. This makes me wonder what this area will actually be used for. ??

        Republicans, Local Sheriff Warn Border Wilderness Zone Will Create Vast Drug Corridor

        “The Obama administration is set to designate a 600,000 acre national monument in south-central New Mexico to be managed and controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, a federal agency. The designated land will be called the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, and environmentalists have long-sought the designation.”

        “National Parks, monuments, and wilderness areas along our southern border have become prime drug-trafficking corridors for violent criminals and drug cartels…”

        House Judiciary Committee Chairman: Give Border Patrol Access to Border ‘Monument’

        “On Wednesday President Obama is expected to announce that he will bypass the Senate and Congress to create a 600,000 acre “monument” near the U.S.-Mexico border in New Mexico. Republican politicians and law enforcement alike have offered sharp criticism of the monument, which in their view will impede Border Patrol efforts to keep U.S. citizens safe.”

        Border Patrol MAY have limited access…”

        “documents show that the Departments of Interior and Agriculture are using environmental regulations to prevent the Border Patrol from accessing portions of the 21 million acres along the U.S.- Mexico border and over 1,000 miles of the U.S.-Canada border…”

        • DaisyK

          I wonder. Has any National Monument ever been cancelled by a subsequent president? If one pres can do it by executive order, then the next one could cancel it, I should think.

      24. Zan

        When the collapse happens, every management employee of the Fed should be arrested and jailed.

        • Barn Cat

          That won’t happen. We know that.

          • oldwhatshisname

            it could happen, if people get mad enough…

            • Barn Cat

              No. The government doesn’t care how mad the people are. The lamestream media will cover for them anyway. And if anybody was thrown to the wolves it would be low level people who didn’t know anything. Or more likely, they’d “commit suicide”. Meaning, they’d be murdered. There would be a suicide note expressing regret for their crimes.

        • Walt Kowalski

          I’m more in favor or arrested, hung, and then tried.

          • Miss DeeDee

            Arrested,hung and then tried.
            Yes That is now the legal law and procedure implemented not long ago. Our leaders might just want to rethink things –
            Take Care,
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Barn Cat

              Dream on.

        • Waiting in Idaho

          Why waste the jail space. Bullets are cheap.

      25. Dead Meat

        I’ll buy THAT for a dollar…. What, it costs two dollars now? Okay here is two dollars…. What,it costs five dollars now?

      26. maddog

        The main reason this story is relevant is the fact the government has resorted to using middlemen in order to distribute the phony US bonds they are issuing. This is a clear indicator that the world is no longer purchasing our debt. In reality they haven’t been purchasing our debt for a long time as evident of the quantitative easing (QE forever) program. The fed. has been monetizing the dept. The government has printed untold trillions in the last 6 years. When the dollar is forced to represent its true value we will be using for shit paper and home heating. Oops did I say home heating, I meant camp fire kindling. Its coming fast now. Hold on to your cahonnies, there all you got left.

        • Kevin2

          The Federal Reserve holds foreign gold for safekeeping. You might as well have Willie Sutton guard your gold. Germany wants its gold back and gets a sub fraction of gold bars that coincidently were not the same bars that they had put in safe keeping with a promise to return the rest in seven years; “Oh the check is in the mail”. Ron Paul asks for an audit of the Federal Reserve and would be more successful if he asked to bed down Kate Upton. Now a small nation with relative pocket change has the funds to buy $200 billion in US Treasuries.

          Remember that pathological lier on Saturday Night Live? The “Yea, thats the ticket” guy. Did the Federal Reserve hire him?

          • Archivist

            Maybe they got Joe Isuzu.

            www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=nJMq_7alQpU

            • Kevin2

              Their explanations for everything are quite poor and I suspect they just don’t give a damn if they’re believable. Its interesting because when the economic and industrial might of the US was at its peak decades ago they paid far more attention to plausibility.

              They’re either reckless and desperate or they believe their power is omnipotent or possibly some combination thereof.

              Regardless the comedian lier’s will suffice.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            yes, kevin….it’s sorta’ like putting colonel sanders in charge of the chicken coop.

      27. BillyBobJumpingfrog


        I am still confused. It’s been a long time since I commented, and thing have not gone to Hell since I have.

        If the economy is so darn bad, how come I still don’t see it? As a strait commissioned salesman, I have made more than I did last year, but I still earned well over 200K…

        I just built a new 2,900sf 3 BR, solid brick home, and got a 10 year fixed rate of 3.45%..(Cheap Money)

        I still read all the doom and gloom here, but I just don’t see it..What am I missing?

        I have made more than $350K in years past, but all in all, my business is still good, and everyone I know is doing pretty good.

        My son who is 22, High School Grad, no college, just got offered a good job this week, full time, benefits, $18.50 per hour and interviewed for another company (still pending)for $22.00 per hour with bennies. I live in the mid-west, so maybe it’s the Ag economy that keeps the path so even, but I just don’t feel the “panic” I read here.

        Is Obama really doing that bad?

        I say if this is bad, Hillary can keep the bad going and I will be OK!!


        • Agent Provocatour

          We are all glad you’re doing so well. Really! But there is a world around you outside your bubble- If you don’t see it know body is going to be able to convince you .

        • Kevin2

          Look how everything is being accomplished and ask yourself if its remotely sustainable.

          None of this has legs to support it.

        • slingshot

          Stay where you are and don’t ever move.

        • nopittypartyhere

          I say you’re lucky. I’m in healthcare….”a protected field” nurses are getting laid off in some areas, reimbursements are going down and medicare is severely cutting reimbursements and medicaid doesn”t cover the cost of the physical items used in providing care (meds/ dressings/ etc) I make $150k a year, I’ve started a side business to transition into AND it will make a post SHTF barter business (a lot easier to pull that abcess tooth when you can be hypnotized to feel nothing) and I prep my @$$ off. I see the govt nationalizing my retirement (hubby won’t sign for me to pull the money out), with sales/property/and all the other little bs taxes on my bill I pay A LOT OF TAXES.

          Just don’t know how long they can keep kicking the can down the road. they’ve been doing a pretty good job (not for country) so far.

        • Barn Cat

          I don’t believe what you’re saying. Even if it’s true, you can’t measure the world based on your alleged success. Real unemployment is at least 20%. Probably 30%. The Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar.

          So yes, the Titanic was a great ship to be on right up until it hit the iceberg.

      28. retired

        Scary article,but I see other outcomes that the author doesn’t mention.
        1) Years back I read a well documented book called”Trading with the Enemy”.The back 1/3 of the book was authentic documentation & photostats confirming the claims made by the author,Charles Higham.This book detailed how the international oligarchs & WallStreet bankers financed the Nazi government in the 1930’s.What was worse was the fact that they continued to trade with the Nazi’s even after the war broke out.These international statist supplied war materials to the Germans through 3rd parties in neutral European countries.Their financial dealings were conducted through the”Central Bankers”bank,The Bank Of International Settlement in neutral Switzerland.
        2)I don’t think that these international oligarchs are in real control of the situation as implied by the author of this article,I believe they are in a trap & running for their lives!
        They are tied to us peons whether they like it or not!
        The statists have their wealth largely in assets dependent
        upon the huge consumer economies around the world.We peons are the consumers they need to buy their products.If they destroy the middle classes,they destroy the people who are their customers.No customers & their business assets will take a severe dive into a deflationary depression which will ruin them….they need us!
        3)When this depression hits,the poorer nations will face starvation & chaos.Totalitarian regimes like China will go to war to protect their elites & feed their people,they won’t just sit there & take the hit!
        For these &,other reasons,I don’t think that it will end in a “New World Order”,it will end in a global default & repudiation of international debt.The stronger nations will start over & the weaker will end as failed states!

        • Agent Provocatour


        • Kevin2

          I read the same book and passed it on. Standard Oil selling the NAZIs fuel and pleading “No Contest” to the charges with a minimal fine speaks volumes along with the Presidents fear of disruptions in the fuel supply if individuals were criminally charged.

          Basically it spells out “Who controls who”.

          Two other good books are:

          The Creature from Jekyll Island

          Best Evidence

        • DaisyK

          Well, Obama is making sure we are one of the weaker states.

      29. sixpack

        “Euroclear also has a strong relationship with the Russian government and is a primary broker for Russian debt to foreign investors. This once again proves my ongoing point that Russia is tied to the global banking cabal as much as the United States.”

        Oh for Pete’s sake Mr. Smith, that “proves” nothing.

        I’ve had a bank account with a major bank branch for my entire adult life. My bank pays out my money to my creditors, even the ones overseas. My bank has global branches and ATMs. I’ll bet many people even on here can say something similar—SO ARE WE ALL, ANYONE WITH A BANK ACCOUNT WITH A MAJOR BANK, IN LEAGUE WITH THE GLOBALISTS?

        I’m sorry but if you look hard enough, you can find a “link” between all financial institutions on the planet, to the globalists. That’s what they’ve been doing all of these years, establishing ties in the money system.

        I’ll bet if somebody investigated YOUR banking entity, they could establish a link to the globalists. Sorry, but this is stretching it a bit too much for my taste.

      30. Pissed Off Granny

        If you like Brandon Smiths articles this one is worth reading.

        Quote from the article:

        “The most frightening aspect of the false paradigm between East and West is the potential it creates for the co option of liberty proponents here in America.

        If we allow ourselves to be suckered into cheerleading for Russia or any other controlled government for that matter, then we have lost. We will be swallowed up in the tide of war, while supporting false prophets and artificial pralagonists. Our mission, the mission for us truly to be a free and soverign America, will be lost in the confusion and chaos of the globaal chess game. It is time to accept that the fate of this country and perhaps the future of human freedom rests solely on the resistance here at home.”

        altmarket dot com/articles 2074 russia is dominated by globalists too

        Thanks Brandon for your articles….

      31. eppe

        Since we all are so screwed, here are some words of wisdom….

        Someone has written these beautiful words. It’s a must read.
        Try to understand the deep meaning of it.
        They are like the ten commandments to follow in life all of the time!

        1. Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble,
        but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout
        the journey.

        2. So why is a Car’s WINDSHIELD so large & the Rear View Mirror so small?
        Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. So, Look Ahead and
        Move on.

        3. Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes a few minutes to burn,
        but it takes years to write.

        4. All things in life are temporary.
        If going well, enjoy it, they will not last forever.
        If going wrong, don’t worry, they can’t last long either.

        5. Old Friends are Gold! New Friends are Diamond!
        If you get a Diamond, don’t forget the Gold!
        Because to hold a Diamond, you always need a Base of Gold!

        6. Often when we lose hope and think this is the end,
        GOD smiles from above and says, “Relax, sweetheart, it’s just a bend,
        not the end!

        7. When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities;
        when GOD doesn’t solve your problems HE has faith in your abilities.

        8. A blind person asked St. Anthony: “Can there be anything worse than
        losing eye sight?”
        He replied: “Yes, losing your vision!”

        9. When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them,
        and sometimes, when you are safe and happy, remember that someone
        has prayed for you.

        10. WORRYING does not take away tomorrow’s TROUBLES, it takes away
        today’s PEACE.

        If you really enjoy this, please pass on to others. It may just brighten someone’s day…

        Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

        • eppe

          I forgot to mention, this was for Jeepboy….
          Keep a positive attitude and get better…

      32. River-Rat

        US assigns 13,000 servicemen to first ever combined US-Jordan-Israeli exercise. Hizballah heads for Golan:

        For two conjoined military exercises with Israel (Juniper Cobra) and Jordan (Eager Lion), the US has moved more than 6,000 Marines to the kingdom and several thousand servicemen to Israel. The Jordanian drill lasts from Sunday, May 25 to June 8. The US-Israeli exercise began this week with another 6,000 combat personnel arriving from the US European Command and 1,000 airmen to operate missile defense systems. Wednesday, May 21, border tensions shot up on the news of large Hizballah military contingents on the move toward southern Syria.
        Soon my friends soon!

        River Rat at the ready!!!

      33. Be informed

        In the end, and we are talking “the end”, there will be world war. Since the dawn of civilization humans have fought. Nothing has changed, just the technology and the efficency of killing and destruction. The economy has lead to many other wars. The lack of resources. Of course just asinine actions of leaders.

        People can say that this is all controlled by some small number of elitists. This makes people feel that war can avoided which is a grave misnomer. IF this is controlled by a small number of elitists then their ultimate goal is a world population of about 1/4 of a billion people. That is achieved by a world war or some deadly virus released. IF there is not a small number of elitists and this is all about power and countries against against countries then world war 3 is almost certain. Either case the culling of the human species is coming in spades. Doesn’t matter whom is at fault, the end results is ALL that matters. AND how each individual tries to prepare for what is coming. probably sooner than later.

      34. TheGuy

        I think I’ll go buy me some Indulgences.

        … the more things change… the more they stay the same…

        • Anonymous

          Ha, ha, ha! Got what they deserved!

        • Kevin2

          If I heard the video correctly the robbers told the patrons to leave out the front door and then proceeded to rob the establishment and flee out the back. Apparently they wanted to avoid a potential confrontation with one of them for obvious reasons.

          “See ya, your on your own pal”.

      35. Satori

        central Va just had small earthquake

      36. jimbow

        you all do know the U.N. has their money already printed up and stored for the right event.

      37. Logicrazy

        I can’t prove it, but I believe it is the Fed buying these bonds with the help of other central banks. The US is buying its own bonds, a snakre eating its tail. Soon death will foll(w….

      38. Libertarianmajority

        The world elites intend for there to be a world-wide exclusively Big Business and Big Government “company-and-government-town” economy and state. They plan and intend for the rest of us, the 99.99% or fewer of us, to be the abject slave labor and peon consumers of that society–of which the .01% or fewer elites are the sole pashas perched in their luxury on the heap of our squalor. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-17)

      39. JohnFornaro

        It’s amazingly easy! I just picked up $400B in debt by callinig their 800 number!

      40. volcanic activity

        Link exchange is nothing else except it is simply placing the other person’s web site link on your page at appropriate place and other person will also do same
        in favor of you.

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