Who Is Going To Be In Your Bunker? “What’s In Their Soul? Are They Empathetic?”

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    The question may be even more important than how much food and ammo you have stocked up, where you plan to retreat or how much money you have thrown into power generators and emergency utilities.

    For preppers, the question is essentially important. Just as you can’t go advertising the supplies and contingencies you have carefully planned for, you can’t bunker up with just anybody.

    Sad as it is, many neighbors and even family members will not be reliable partners in survival, and may not be trustworthy in a crisis either. At the same time, finding the right core group of people that can build a trusted community may be the only way to cover all the ground that must be covered in an aftermath or underground economy. The balance is very delicate indeed.

    Not everyone will agree, but perhaps preparations and a similar mindset are not the only factors that will ultimately determine survival, and may prove to be less important that the types of people you will bunker down with. Will you survive with the kind of people you would actually want to live your life around?

    Chris Duane of Silver Shield Exchange and Dunagun Kaiser of Reluctant Preppers discuss this pivotal question. It is a short but worthy conversation to consider:

    Dunagun Kaiser explains:

    “And that’s going to be really instrumental to the folks up here been getting a lot of prepping tips is that – and we’ve talked about that before – that networking with others that are in a community with mutual support, having the ability to really support each other from a life sustainability standpoint, whether it is local food producers, people who know how to repair and fix things, people who can help you with protection, if that’s necessary, that sort of thing.”

    Chris Duane discusses his point of view about the character of the people you choose to trust and depend upon:

    “Here’s another mistake that I think preppers or other people tend to think. They don’t need to see the world the way that you do. You don’t need to convince them that this is coming. And they could be completely blind about everything that we’re dealing with. You need to find what’s in their soul. Are they good people? Maybe they’re your local police officer. God knows I have enough people in the police and the military that are completely blind to all the things I talk about, but I know at the end of the day they would lay down their lives for me, because they’re good people.”

    “Just because they’re kind of lost in the sauce, you can’t really blame them because all of humanity is really lost in the sauce. So you don’t really need to find the people who totally agree with you on what’s coming. Find the good people that are around you and really get to know them. Don’t try to convert them; they’ll come along, trust me, when the time is right. And even the people who do get what’s going on, I’m not so sure a lot of those guys aren’t psychopaths. I’ve know a lot of people inside the awakened community that I get creeped out even talking to them because of where they’re going. So, try not to do it on a who is prepped and who is not prepped; really try to find out what kind of soul, what kind of consciousness, what kind of morality… Are they family people? Are they empathetic? These are things I really think people should look for.”

    Many of those who are aware politically and in preparedness may still lack the morals and ethics that you share and can rely upon. What if someone in your group tries to take over? Or take the power of life into their own hands? How well do you really know them?

    At the same time, you can’t let everyone know about your preps, and you can’t count of decent people to remain decent when they become desperate in a crisis.

    Are you prepared? Have you surrounded yourself with the right people?

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      1. Eh,am riding the bitch alone with I am sure the company of norns.The gods have a sense of humour could see em dumping orphan kids on me,patently unfair but sigh…….tis it seems me life.

        • lol , hang in there brother

          • Hey Scottsdale… Would you still[try to]”put a bullet” in my “Libertarian” head if we found ourselves in the same bunker???

      2. yeah, nobody here but us. We have 8 good neighbors, but one couple has big mouths. We keep our stuff under wraps. we’ll work together, farming, cutting firewood, etc. but they’ll never know about my stash.

      3. No bunker , no stash , no “team” and no guns since the boating accident .
        Just me , and some chickens and such .
        Got Rubarb ?

      4. You don’t really know a person until they see their personal survival is at risk and may even turn on a person they’ve known for years.

        Considering how many of us here have been betrayed in the good times, then what should we expect in the bad when a person has nothing to gain?

        I guess it will just come with the rest of the mess people will
        have to deal with in a SHTF matter.

        • @ watching and waiting: great post.

          My wife and I have been let down by just about everyone I know in the past few years, bar my parents and just one friend. I know we should do good to anyone that does us ill and that is always something I will try to do, but I intend to give higher priority to the few who showed themselves to be true friends.

        • Everyone’s civilized more less? Until there’s one samwich left on the table.

      5. Yes I agree you need to be selective on who you let in, first you need people that you can trust. Solid folks that have skills everyone should have a different skill all should be willing to pull the trigger. all should understand a great defence is a brutal offence. that means patrols that means being outside in unfavorable conditions. risking a future cancer to keep the women and kids safe. Mercy can also take the form of a bullet or a bottle of water. it really sucks we have to think about this kinda crap and prepare, there`s a storm coming.

        • I will be with family at a BOL in the mountains of north GA. These people are my FAMILY. I know my own family. They have land up there which has been in the family since the War of 1812. They all live close together. They all grew up on farms and have been self-sufficient all their lives. I’ve already had an arrangement with one of them to move into her BOL since April 2013 and have made numerous trips there to store supplies in a storage building on the land. Before that I had no prospects of getting out of the city and thought I would end up fighting and dying here. This arrangement, you could say, potentially gave me a new lease on life, so my survival chances skyrocketed. My relatives and I are all like-minded people and we don’t really disagree on anything. I’m scheduled to leave for there in the morning on another supply run, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

          • Braveheart, I wish i had family like yours, but if you spent just one Thanksgiving with the modern family that my son and daughter are married to, you would think there is no hope for the human race.

            I have tried to talk to them about the state of our country, but all they seem to think is important is the new app they got for their I phone. They can tell you song and verse of whats going on with the Kardashian’s, but they don’t even know that we are about to elect a Rino as speaker of the house. That same speaker who is about to hand Obama a new budget that will leave our country 20 trillion dollars in debt, nor do they seen to care.

            I thank my lucky stars for my wife of the past 35 years, but at 60 years old i think my wife and i are going to be on our own. We have tried making friends with other peppers, but most seem to come in two types.

            The first type doesn’t really want to put in any work or money prepping for what’s coming. They say prepping is cool and all, but they think it’s really crazy to spend any money on supply’s. They told us “if things really do go bad” they plan on just showing up at our place empty handed. They think that since my wife and i are such kind people, that we will just step up and take care of them. Boy are they in for a BIG shock, we are going to be long gone when they get there!!!

            The second type of pepper i have run into seems to be the crazy anti government Nazi type. All they want to do is talk about guns, or about how cool it’s going to be getting into fire fight’s. Or they want to talk about going out on “missions to kill people” and stealing their preps. Just not the kind of people i want to be around when things turn bad.

            • It’s true what you said. Sad, but true.

              I think most of us will not “bunker” with the people we think when the dust finally settles. The SHTF event will act as a sieve; not only filtering the weak and unprepared, but also the crazies. The crazies will fall due to their own lack of sense, but also through judicial culling by people like us.

              Don’t be disheartened. You have a support team you have not yet met. Remember the cream rises to the top.

              • Despite the titled “sheeple” I find it to shine degree dissapointing that more people aren’accounting for say, their neighbours. Seems to be another divisionary tactic, “preppers” vs “the sheeple”. Seems most folks have lost the ability to see their neighbours and many of their peers as genuinly good people. Instead it’s a me and my island perspective. So many profess their religions, yet fail to be their brothers keeper, a Shepard for the sheep when they need it most.

                • adamantium,

                  Your point is well thought out and completely true. There are people here who continually scream at everyone at how religious they claim they are and turn around and say fuck everybody who isn’t like me. God says it’s OK to shoot people who are desperate for a drink or a bite to eat who didn’t ” prep” like I did so fuck’em. THEY won’t go to Heaven like me because I ” prepped” and they didn’t. Religion can become nothing more than a thin veneer for nasty people to hide behind, a pity because more use it for that purpose than any other. Now out will come the true bible thumpers with some kind of scripture to ” show” me I’m wrong in my thinking, yeah, like some bible verse will change them from being selfish and frightened into ” real” Christians. Don’t bother, you’ll change nothing.

                  • Charlse,

                    My comments aren’t necessarily intended to be intentionally provocative against the religious, but it does appear that you get my point. I’ve come to the conclusion that should the shtf, the only real answer to a world worth living in is cooperation, instead of tribal communism.

                    What’s the point in prepping, if your planning on being the last man in the world?

                    What’s the point of survival, if we don’t work towards a new standard of living, instead of reverting to chromagnon tribalism?

                    What’s the point in preserving life, if you only live for death?

                    • This is all about culling evil.separating the wheat from the weeds. We don’t water the weeds.

                    • Adamantium,

                      I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said. There are those who think that if they are the last one alive they will somehow ” win”. The logic of that will forever elude me. There are those here also whose comments drip with glee at the thought of some apocalyptic event wiping out humanity, { but of course, leaving them and their preps untouched} so they can jump up and down exclaiming ” See! I told you so! You should have listened to ME! You would still be alive today!” All of which ignores the basic truth, what point is there unless we become better people and strive for a better life for EVERYONE, not just those who ” prep”. Sadly, The odds are against such an outcome like that, it seems man always reverts to his primitive, frightened nature but there’s hope that this could change if we can become more aware of the fact our time here is limited and there’s more to living than just mere ” survival”.

                    • Lone Wolverine.

                      The weeds are not the evil you face, and good and evil is not so easily defined as oh say “liberal bad conservative good”. There are good people in every “group”. While the wheat feeds, the weeds feed the cattle.. Or provide fibers for rope or baskets. Everything has its use, if you will.

                      There are sheep, sheepdogs and wolves. Wolves fight wolves for their own gain. Sheepdog fight wolves, and never forsake the sheep.

                    • You didn’t intend to stir something up or talk bad about bible thumpers. Yes you did I wasn’t born yesterday fool.

                  • …And you are completely correct. This “single man island” perspective is born completely out of fear. Fear of miss placed trust and betrayal. It is fear that devides us now, And it will be fear that continues to devide us after. I’ve always found it interesting that all post apocolyptic media basically plays out this basic fear structure. Never once considering that there is always another way.

                    • Adam ants . Wonderful . Is one of my favorite songs . Trust . It’s our biggest problem .Are we not being ruled by traitors . Are 99% of the police going along with it ..? Or are they keeping their mouths shut waiting for their chance to strike.? Should you trust that their only taking you in for questioning ? Or will you never be heard from again? Trust a government employee ? The greatest mass murderers in history? Trust the minorities single mothers and government employees that voted this man? In a second time. Your asking for an awful lot . And it’s my neck that’s on the block not yours. But we can’t all act alone . We either hang together or we will hang separate. United we stand devided we fall. There will always be traitors.

                    • Anyone who can’t separate evil and good is evil. We must judge . Is there a red line ? Shades of evil? A little white lie. It’s for their own good. Santa clause , the tooth fairy. I remember when I found my parents were lieing to me about Santa clause. I remember feeling betrayed . How could they lie to me? Lieing on a job application . Lieing to mom that everything’s just great. Lieing to make a bust to get a pay raise so your kids can go to college . Screw that guys kids ? When will this nightmare be over?

                    • You are right about one thing for sure. The weeds will be good to make rope to hang us all.

                    • Not asking for a lot really. Just asking for people to really think about what they are saying. Mother and a child show up at your doorstep, thirsty and hungry, are you likely to turn them away if they tell you they voted for Obama? You’re words are an example of how politics have saturated and corrupted every aspect of life. So much so to the point that what…believe in a world worth living in is a bad idea? Suggesting to be a little more compassionate in a desperate situation to people who, like you, didn’t ask to be put there, but unlike you, didn’t believe the INCREDIBLY small minority of people who tried to warn them? You seem to view yourself as a righteous zealot, capable of discerning the good from evil with a destiny to survive. That’s great, I hope you do.
                      God helps those who help themselves. The bible also teaches about God needing shepards to tend his flock, or his flock will wander. The flock has wandered, and it has wandered far. Do you intend to give up? Leave the sheep to the wolves? Is not you’re prepping to some degree devine intervention? The minority to prepare and help the lost? I don’t get it…

                      But I suppose after all…I am just idealistic.

            • Colt M4, I’m all too familiar with what you said. I have co-workers the same way. They can tell you anything about DWTS or ballgame scores, but don’t even know we just recently elected a new mayor who takes office the first of next year. I’m back at the BOL for only a few days then have to go back to the rat race. My next trip to it will be at xmas time. That other type of prepper you mentioned will be more dangerous than nonpreppers. Bullets will be the ONLY solution for them.

              • They get angry when confronted with the fact that they might have to spend money an time on preps . Instead of a wide screen and ball games. There cheap stupid selfish uncaring and need to be gotten rid of.

                • You are the epitome of why it doesn’t matter if people like you survive. You’ll only continue to propagate frightened, small minded idiocy and somehow think of yourself as a ” good” Christian. The only hope for the future of humanity is to have people who think like you removed from the gene pool forever so there will be hope for a brighter future.

                  • Chuck, the Bible says, God helps those that helps themselves. You seem to be expecting peppers to take care of you, because that’s what you think “good Christians are suppose to do. Boy are you going to be disappointed! Peppers are looking for people to be around them that have skills, work ethic, and knows what a hard days work is, along with their faith! I,ve had my fill of cry baby’s like you, that have no use for God or our faith until the chips are down. You see, the difference between people like me, Braveheart, Lone Wolverine and you is. We have the strength in our faith to not blindly believe that we need to help everybody who shows up at out BOL to be good Christian’s. We understand that during the hard times ahead we are going to encounter many different types of people. Some will be good, and some will be evil, but we will decide who we allow in based on their actions, not some notion of what you think a “good Christian” should do.

                    • Colt,

                      I have no use or desire to associate with you, braveheart, et al, because I neither expect or want any type of help from your kind. I too tire of hearing from crybaby preppers who whine they are being picked on because of their biblical beliefs. I don’t care what kind of Christian you see yourself as, I see you as a frightened child who will shoot at anything that gets close to him because he’s been trained like a Pavlovian dog to be frightened his entire life, hence your handle, implying that your some type of gun badass who’s going to do ” Gods Will” when shtf. I put you in the same category as wolverine, offering no hope for advancement of humanity, only more Neanderthal fear.

                    • I said I think the cheap,stupid ,selfish ,uncaring people need to be gotten rid of .If you want to keep them you can have them. You can all live together happily somewhere else .Pick your spot we will all chip in and buy it for you.

                    • Colt,

                      You expectations of the fall aren’t necessarily incorrect, frankly no one knows the outcome. But if you play into the programmed notion that X is bad, Y is good and those things are so easily defined. Desperation is an interesting thing, and every bit of information, teaching, whatever you’d like to call it, presupposes the outcome. While it’s not an unfair presupposition, it ignores the basic reality, that there is always another road to take.
                      I certainly do hope that you will be able to discern good from bad, and not frivolously take the lives of good people in a desperate situation, but the words of many in this community defy that as the probability. Simply truth is, we wouldn’t be prepping if we didn’t feel some level of fear and anxiety about the future, but everything that exists around the average individual does not say that. We often talk about the indoctrinated education, Mainstream brainrot, technological zombification, social media social disintigration. Every structure put up around people to assist in tearing them down. I don’t necessarily blame them, they are still good people, they are not evil. Just the recipients of the lies, led by frauds to be exactly what they are. The future after the fall relies on being a leader for those who need to be lead. Even if an individual doesn’t have the skills that you have a defined need for, that does not mean they are not capable and willing to learn them. The cut and dry aspect to all of this is what’s bothersome. Everyone seems so set in stone about it all, as if there is only one outcome, and only one possibility, only one defined evil, only one defined good. You’re right though, people will need to be self sufficient, have useful skills. For the last 50 years, people have been taught society will replace the need for those skills. People will have to be retaught how to live in order to survive. You may feel like you don’t have time for that, and that’s fine. But try to understand…that the cut and dry, black and white perspectives…all part of the problem just as much as the “weeds sucking the garden dry” perspective

                    • You know what Chuck, I don’t think of myself as you put it “some type of gun bad ass” that’s because i know i am. Now If that scares you then good, because i have stepped over better dead men then you.

                      You seem to think that men such as Breaveheart, Lone Wolverine, and myself are looking forward to the collapse of our county. That couldn’t be further from the truth, that’s the last thing any of us want to happen! Since you missed our point, I’ll spell it out for you again. When the collapse does come we have a plan, we will be ready to take our family’s to a safe place outside the city, so we don’t have to shoot lowlife scum.

                      So Chuck, when the collapse comes what will you do when a hungry mob shows up at your door. I’m sure you’ll try to reason with them, you’ll tell them can’t we talk about this like reasonable men, you’ll tell them that they don’t have to rob you, or rape your wife. I’m sure it will be a really short, but lively conversation, right up until the point they beat you to a pulp, and then take what they want. As for me, I’ll keep my “Neanderthal fear” and laugh as the mob beats your liberal gun fearing ass.

                    • Colt,

                      Do whatever you like, but you’ll still be a frightened child that will shoot at anything that gets close to you. To show how truly ignorant you are, you have no idea that I do own a shotgun and have set aside stores for the future in case of emergency. But I don’t live to revel in the doom porn like you and your buddies do. Sure, you can always say ” Oh, but I don’t think that” but naturally it’s a lie because your posts contain your little boy meme ” I’m smarter than THEY are, mommy” ’cause I prepped and THEY didn’t, so THERE!”

                      I’ll tell you what else your bible says, Jesus said to all, ” Am I not my brothers keeper?” It’s funny how all you bible thumpers never remember THAT part as well as the god helps those who helps themselves bit that you love to parrot all the time. Regardless of whatever my fate will be when the time comes, I’ll never live in a hole in ground, cowering at every twig snap that someone must be out to ” get” me , and stupidly thinking that I’m superior to everybody who didn’t do what I “said” they should have done, basically eating cans of beans while looking over one shoulder constantly for people who live to ” get” me. The fact is yes, you’ll live longer than those who didn’t do what you did, but you can rest assured you won’t be living that much longer before the crowd comes to knock on your door to visit you, and all the guns in the world won’t help you when the crowd is too much for you to shoot. Indeed, by all means, keep your few extra months of life if being little more than a frightened ape is worth it to you.

                    • Adamantium It’s nice to sit around and talk like a college professor about good and evil, but i take it you’ve never been in a city during open warfare, or even something as mild as a riots. In those situations there is no “gray area” it is in fact, GOOD, and EVIL, on full display for all to see. You think I’m talking from Desperation, but that’s not the case. Believe me when i tell you, that darkness, truly does dwell in the hearts of men, I’ve seen what one human being is capable of doing to another. You see, that’s kind of the problem, most people in this country are stuck in their paradigm,they are truly lucky they have never lived through a riot, or God forbid warfare in their streets. Because of what I’ve lived through is the reason I’m making plans to remove my family to a place as safe as i can make it.

                    • Chuck, You see the DOD has already war gamed the collapse of our country. Ninety percent of the population will be dead in the first 12 months, from either starvation or disease. Who will be left after those 12 months will be strong men and woman like Braveheart, Lone Wolverine, and myself who took the time to prepare. What kind of country we rebuild after those 12 months will be up to us. One thing is for sure, i know you what hate our new country, because it will be set up by people who believe in the Bible.

                    • Colt,

                      Well played, well almost anyway. I like the way you completely ducked the bible reference I made about Jesus when he said ” Am I not my brothers keeper?” Yes, you bible thumper types NEVER like that one thrown in your face, do you? Of course not, in’s a contradiction to being small minded and selfish like yourself. I have to admit I got a great laugh out your little fantasy about ” strong” people like you and barfheart rebuilding the country. Please, a sad group of old people over 60 who will be dead within months of any disaster. But don’t let that stop you from your being in love with your ignorance, you two are a perfect couple.

                    • Colt,

                      Heh, I may be inclined to take the professor comment as a compliment, if I were not acutely aware of the nonsense that has come from college lately. You are not the first to criticize the way I talk, I’m sure you won’t be the last, but it is how I speak, type, whatever, I’m rather ok with that.

                      In the spirit of honesty, I’d tell you you’re right, I know very little of direct involvement with war, famine, pestilence. Does that mean I somehow do not understand evil? Well of coarse not. You see, I’ve always been one to want to hear peoples stories, and not just the good ones. I’ve counseled many a friend and family member about the horrors of war, and the things they did and saw there. Since we are on the topic of the absolutes of good and evil in war let me ask you this.
                      It would be otherwise easy to see the Americans as the good guys, Terrorist as the bad guys…but what happens when shit gets dicey, bullets start flying, and American soldiers kill civilians? Woman…Children…Calateral damage is a very real aspect of war. Where’s the easily defined good and evil there? Is it easily defined as good for the good guys to kill innocent folks in the fury of a firefight? Or is that unintentional evil? Perhaps you could expound on that for me. You see, even though I may now stand as someones diametric opposite to continue this argument onward, all I want is for everyone to figure out the “right path”. I don’t want to pick up the pieces…I want to fix the broken spindles. Where I come from requires more work NOW then after. Building the communities of people and cooperation before, so you don’t risk getting shot after.

                      You’d be correct when you say I don’t know the horrors of war first hand, but that does not mean I do not know the horrors of war, and in todays age, there is certainly a lot of speculation as to the “Good and Evil” aspect of it. Are there Evil f-cks cutting of peoples heads on television? Yea there are…Shouldn’t be to difficult to decide what to do with them. Are there good guys saving the lives of people not on television? You bet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their hands are completely clean…Especially in war.

                      You say you want to build a new world based on the bible, and people like Charles would hate that world. Perhaps you meant me aswell, Honestly I don’t really know what’s meant for who in this thread anymore. But let me ask you this. If you were attempting to build a world, based on your religion…and should you be named a muslim rather than a christian…Are you not attempting to create the christian equivelant of a caliphate?

                      You see, I think the fundamental difference between us, is that at your core, you are a theist. You would most likely believe in a government based on your religious belief, and would want society to reflect that.

                      At my core, I am a constitutionalist. I believe in freedom above all else, and even God enshrines that with the bestowing of free will. God says, Believe in me or burn in eternity, yet still gives people the free will to decide for themselves. I don’t necessarily behold to God’s laws, nor mans law. I believe in what Jefferson talked about when he talked about natural laws. Does that mean Natural law and God’s law cannot be one in the same? No not at all…freedom and freewill is a fine example of this. I believe God’s law appropriately governs morality and ethics, while natural law appropriately governs freedom. Man’s law is a collective expression of societies morality.

                      So while I may not know the horrors of war first hand, I do understand psychology quite well. I never said I thought you were in desperation. I don’t see how any prepper could be, being that they have planned and taken active roles in their own lives and futures, desperation? No for preppers if anything, it’s the opposite. What I did say though, is that you were afraid. That, by merely prepping, and expressing the general mentality of preppers, you exemplify fear. You said so yourself, second something happens you’re getting you’re family to safety. I genuinely hope you are successfull in that, but that very action is based in fear, fear something will happen to them. Same with the ‘fuck em’ perspective, fear of being betrayed. You mentioned hordes of people coming to rape your wives, I genuinely hope that isn’t your perception of everyone that will wander past your home.

                      You know what will be the only thing that kills more people then starvation when SHTF?

                      Fear and Paranoia.

                    • Colt…

                      One more thing (lol), because I may not necessarily know your definition of evil, does not mean I’m not fully aware of my own. You say there is darkness in the hearts of men and you are absolutely correct about that, desperation, fear, and paranoia tend to fuel it as a matter of fact. I’m always intent on learning from peoples experiences, would you be interested in sharing yours? Should you have seen good and evil on the battlefield as you say, could you expound on that? So that I may further understand your definition of evil?

                    • Adamantium, i see your problem, your trying to use logic to understand the chaos of war. You see, your trying to base war on some type of rules you can understand, or as you like to call it, “good and evil”. From reading your writing, i see you have a analytical mind, and it would make you more comfortable if you could put “good and evil” into a nice, neat, set of rules of conduct.

                      Our own military tries to do that too, with what are called Rules Of Engagement. With ROE they try to establish rules of conduct for our military on the battlefield. The problem with that idea, even with the best training in the world, under extreme stress, man will revert back to his base animal instincts.

                      You will see this basic animal instinct show up more often with young people who take part in riots. Under rioting conditions, when the participants feel that there is no longer any rule of law. They will do things that the normal constraints of society would never allow then to do. You’ll see them start to “tribe up” with other like minded people. Reverting back to their base animal, unleashing total chaos on all those around them. Once you start to see this type of behavior, if your smart, and value your life, it’s best to get as far away from them as quickly as you can.

                      Oh one last point, you said i prep because of fear, i disagree. When i was a young boy i was a cub scout and then went on to become a boy scout. So i took the training i got from them to heart, the boy scout motto is,to be per paired. I prep because i fell it’s my job, not the governments or anybody else to take care of my family. So do you view all the millions of scouts to be living in fear too?

                    • Colt.

                      You’re right, I do infact have an analytical mind. But I think you may have missed some of my writings. Chaos does not adhere to rules, it’s country preductive to its definition. You say I’m attempting to put rules into neat categories, go back and read again friend, I’m trying to get the point across that things AREN’T so black and white to so easily categorize them…ESPECIALLY in war.

                      Your right, people will revert to tribalism should they find no “hope (I really hate that word). But what most don’t consider is what you can do to maintain stability. People talk about the mental, physical, and spiritual prep, have any of you considered a social prep? Say meeting.with.leaders.in your small communities to try to help lead people to calm cooperation rather than chaos? Herb mentality works both ways.

                    • Colt.

                      And no, the boy scouts aren’t fearful, they aren’t exactly preppers either. You see I don’t consider myself a prepper, I consider myself a “just in caser”. The things I do are practical in good times, and life changing in bad. I have plenty of ammo, but I am also no artillery storehouse. Boy scouts do not make bols to escape to if shtf…they may be now I don’t know, things have changed.fear is the foundation for prepping. Prepping helps to relieve that fear by piece of mind. The way the alarm industry works. They cant gaurantee you won’t be robbed, they sell you piece of mind in reducing your.statistical probabily of being robbed. Prepping is your alarm system.

                  • Who said I thought of myself as a good Cristian . The epitome is your kind who have gotten us into this mess. And because we’re trying to survive what your wonderful kind has done we should be out of the gene pool? Your kind has put us so far in debt with you kinds idealism. We have to stockpile food and supplies . Your kind has put us trillions of dollars in debt. One trillion seconds is thirty two thousand years. Is your kind going to get us out of this? Your kind put us here. We believed your goody goody idealism . Now were scrambling to try to survive the outcome. Thanks a lot . Anymore bright ideas?

                    • Indeed, I have a few more ideas. First, you need to learn how to use the word epitome correctly, it’s obvious you have no idea what it means. When you speak of ” cheap, stupid, selfish, uncaring people ” it’s actually an accurate description of yourself and your like minded associates. And actually it’s you that have claimed to be a Christian in your previous ranting diatribes about who the ” children” of Satan are. Maybe you should stop drinking before posting, it may help in making your arguments sound more cogent. Until then, nothing that you and your bewildered comrades have posted suggest that you have advanced more than frightened Neanderthals inside your cave around the fire, making loud blustering whoops at noises outside your cave which are always viewed as threats because of the ingrained fear inside all of you which, sadly, will be impossible for your kind to overcome given one year or a million, because you’ve been trained to think this way by your masters.

                    • Lone Wolverine,

                      No frankly, you never believed in the “goody goody idealism”. You’re own idealism prevents you. You see, any perception of the world is frankly idealistic. You have a perspective how the world -should- be and so do other people. You want to talk about unfunded idealistic socialism, unbridled corporatism, crony capitalism, overinflated debt and unjustifiable war then we can talk about those things, but lets function a little more pragmatically. I agree with you, and unbridled welfare state has taught a number of people to be unproductive and that there is no shame in living off others. At the same time, the idealogy of building democracy across the world has equally filled the debt whole. No one group is blameless. Even you have benifited from government pork barrel spending. Everyone has, whether they are aware of it or not. You care to disagree with me about a the right kind of world to live in, now later or there, and that’s fine, but don’t act like i fit into your predefined box of liberalism. Like I said, worlds not so black and white.

                    • Here’s my hope for the advancement of humanity. Get rid of the people who are destroying our world. We’ve been trying to destroy evil for all of history. But satans greatest weapon is the lie. Your a Neanderthal if you don’t agree with what we say. Regardless of the situation we’ve put you in.Weve been doing what you say is it working? Should we follow you farther into this hole? But you are right we are wrong . And since we haven’t followed your plans exactly. That’s the problem. Your kind has been in control and we are being destroyed. But you will not admit defeat . Are you not the problem? Do you think you will get a free pass after your idealism destroys our future? Look at what your kind has gotten us into. What more proof do you need ?

                  • Dude what’s up with all this “religious people” bashing? Why are you so concerned? I’ll break it down for you. Whatever I do or don’t do I will give an account for it when I die. Yea I’m a bible thumper don’t worry about how God deals with me He has that under control. WORRY about your own sorry self.

                    • I could hardly be concerned about anyone who’s cowardice lends itself to being ” anonymous.” Go thump your bible and preach to other ” anonymous” sheep such as yourself.

                    • Charles.
                      Now who’s crying like a little boy. And by the way I’m female. I tried to put a name in when I got a new computer but it came up Anonymous. I could put in Queen of Sheba for a name, doesn’t mean a thing. I know what time it is and I resent being called a sheeple. I never followed the herd. When the shtf following the herd is just the ticket that will get people killed.

                    • Frankly this has gotten a bit more provocative than I would have liked. I’m not here to bash on the religious. I’m only trying to interject a bit of objectivity into the whole discussion regarding this absolutist perspective in the prepper community, attempting to utilize scripture to remind you guys that as far as God is concerned, there is no “fuck’em”. Food for thought on the discussion of empathy, yet the seemingly unwillingness of most to refuse to help others in a shtf scenario, fuck that’s what empathy is all about. Perhaps I missed the point.

                    • Lone Wolverine,

                      An idea for a better world isn’t what has gotten us here. Frivolously and liberally spending,taxing, wasting all of our resources is what got here. The reason the world is where it is isn’t “because of my kind.” Friend, I have no kind, and I certainly don’t fit into the predetermined politically boxes. I think a lot of what I have said has gone right passed you, either to focused on the religious aspect, or to focused on Charles aggression. Either way, you don’t seem to fully understand where I am coming from here, and like I’ve said several times over…That’s fine.

                      My question for you is, if you are trying to rid the world of Evil…are you not working towards your own goody goody idealogy? If there is “blame” to place, do you hold none of it? I doubt it.

                      Either way, seems my attempt at objective thought was a failure, turned into religion bashing with folks drawing their idealogical battle lines. Same as it always was.

      6. Thank goodness my gang has 3 bro in laws that we get along quite well…

        Brave and Swinging, we still on for the 31st, 9am waffle house?
        It is a 2 hour drive one way, just confirming…

        • Eh,I’d go but believe tis more then a 2 hour drive.I hope with a long drive like that you have something you can travel in incognito,perhaps a,hmmmmm……,wait for it,!Oh I know,can you borrow say a soccer mom van?!

          • War, I have not even drove it yet…

            • I suppose you could tarp the back and load a successful deer hunt in it,right?!Time to hit the compound Eppe!

        • Eppe, I’m supposed to leave out in the morning if everything goes right. Once I get to the BOL, I’ll have a few things to do. I’ll know something for sure on the 30th.

        • Yah mean Waffle House the Anti-Gun restaurant chain ?

          • We call it the ‘Awful Waffle’…
            But they make a decent breakfast, so why not???

            Bad joke.
            What has six tits and 12 teeth?
            Night shift at the awful…

      7. That film clip is from one of Kirk Douglas best movies ever made, ” Paths of Glory” from 1957. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, one the best, if not the best anti war film ever made. If you’ve never seen it, you owe it to yourself to see it if possible, it will be one you never forget.

        • Yes it’s about the people in power that got us into this mess. They told us we would have a brighter future. And anyone who didn’t agree should be removed from the gene pool. The epitome of idiosy No need to prep they will save us . New debt number 62 trillion . 62 trillion seconds is 2 million years. No problem. No need to get rid of the people did this. Let them do it some more . Doesn’t matter now anyway.

          • The word is ” idiocy”, not ” idiosy”, but then you should know, being an expert on the subject. Maybe you should refrain from drinking before posting, it may improve your argument, but the odds are still way against it.

            • That’s your debate to correct my spelling . I guess you have no other place to hide . To say I’m drinking before posting What’s that ? Do you think we all can’t see your little game . I do not claim to be an expert on anything especially spelling . Your comment is the last refuge.Of you know who. Pointless .

              • No, it’s not my ” debate” to correct your spelling. You apparently don’t know what that word means either. What I did was to point out your lack of basic reading skills, which, is also an indication of your overall intelligence. Your comment made regarding my observations of the movie above was nothing at all to do with that movie, in fact, you’ve never seen it. All you did was use it as a platform to spew some nonsensical diatribe that could only make sense to yourself. So if you want to accuse me of playing ” games’, realize that you are more adept at that than I am, when I make a reply to someone’s comments, I don’t pick a random comment that has nothing to do with the argument and run away like a child, playing children’s games. And no, terribly sorry but I have no idea of who ” you know who” is, nor do I care.

      8. “Sing hallelujah, c’mon get happy
        you’re headed for the judgement day…”
        If millions and millions will die off fairly quickly, chances are I could be one of them, regardless of how prepped I think I am. And in the end nobody here gets out alive anyway. Meanwhile, what will it profit me to gain the world if I lost my soul getting it?
        In other words, I’m trying to prep spiritually also…

        • The Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional Prep is far more important than the physical prep. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and any physical preps that you may make will be a welcome bonus.

        • This is prep site. Religion is ok. However Im hoping to see me and mine be survivors of the 90% die off. Remember Noah didn’t save everyone. Its everyones responsibility to take care of them & theirs. And Im of the DTA mentality. I Don’t Trust Anyone. So we have learned Self Reliance & Know How.I don’t tell anyone about my preps. And I don’t try and convert sheeple. Its that trusted friend who will stab you in the back.So the answer to the question of who? Very few of my family will share my preps. no friends & neighbors. Its not the end of the world. Its the end of a era. And I think It will for a time be a stone age existence. A no holds barred Root Hawg or Die survival of the fittest.

          • The word Empathetic in the title is actually Empathic–putting yourself psychologically in the mindset of another person(s); that would include, of course, “good” and “bad” people. Consider in the spiritual prep that we are in a fallen world already, so really being more “depraved” is possible, but is only an opportunity for some to show it off and for others to rise above. Just like any major transition there are winners and losers. Those who organize with others, however, do multiply their efforts and are more likely to receive “blessings”; many of the societies of the past that completely disappeared (Northern Judea) decided to “go it alone” and disregarded law/or common sense and obviously paid the price. So mental/spiritual prepping is recommended and knowing your neighbor is usually better prepped by going through emotional or rapid transitions before the SHtF.

          • Dta mentality eh, that’s understandable. Not necessarily for me though. I believe in the “speak softly and carry a big stick” mentality.

            If you can’t trust anyone, then what’s the point of surviving? Everyone focused on the end…I’m working on the next beginning.

            • This is not the end of the world .This is the great tribulation before the new beginning . That’s why so many want it to happen soon. Because it says we will get perfect new unageing bodies .An a new perfect planet. Restored by the all powerful for the chosen. That can still be you. It’s the only thing we’ve got left to hope for. Isn’t it .? Do the math. 62 trillion seconds is two million years . They will start ww3 to get out of this . Just as they did ww2 to get out of the last mess. We only want the tribulation to happen to get to the new beginning . And the new life.

              • Oh man, the suckers really will bite on anything here won’t they? It’s true about the old saying,” show a hillbilly a bible and you can lead him anywhere by the nose.” Why is this some kind of great tribulation, because you don’t like the way things are so in your warped lil’ brain some mythical sky being has to come down from heaven and give you a big ” do over?” Reality isn’t easy to deal with but it’s impossible to deal with if you live in a fantasy world.

              • Lone Wolverine.

                I understand exactly where most of the prepping community is with this. I see it all not to much differently then most of you. There are words I’ve read from Eppe, Braveheart, mountaintrekka words that I cannot disagree with. I have some respect for many of you. But there is a common theme inside the prepper community that bothers me.

                You view yourself as the good guy, I view myself as the good guy. Things start settling down after the fall, and people start connecting with other groups. Are you going to shoot me just for attemping to say hello? If fear guides you then the answer is yes.

                You talk about tribulation. I’m not a very religious man, but I am an incredibly spiritual one. Try not to take this critique so harshly, but I think a lot of the good that has left this world is because the church IS waiting for tribulation. The church believes christ is to return soon, and preaches that to the pews. So, neither the perishiner nor the church no longer feel any need to actively pursue good in the physical world, they have withdrawn from their duties as the tender of the flock (though by no fault of their own, society itself became less religious, less giving, less caring). If we’re all waiting for tribulation, than who’s actively fighting evil now? Are you just letting it win so the fall can happen and then pick up the pieces? Personally, i think theres a lot worth saving.

                Don’t take my criticism as anything but objective thought. I’m not here to start a flame war (though it appears I have) and I am not here to bash on christians (though it appears some have taken the oppurtunity).

                Cheers, and good luck to all.

      9. Hahahahahaha!

        Have to share the same space with people that have different opinions on Life, Religion and Politics could turn into a bloodbath under stressful situations.
        Like couples who get married thinking they are going to change the way their spouse is behaving before marriage. Odds are they may change in the beginning but past behavior is always there below the surface.
        If it is your group, you are forming. Better to lay down the guide lines before you let them join.

        Want to know their real intentions. Get them really, really drunk. They will for the most part tell you what they think of you. A little nudging in the right direction is all it takes.

        Time Proven Interrogation.

        • “Get them really, really drunk. ”

          Yep , alttle liquid honesty never hurt , lmao .
          Interogation can be fun !

          • An older work associate told me once:

            You are not drunk till you have shat in your pants and forgot your name!!!

            And his father was a shiner…

        • damnit slingshot!…where were YOU 40 years ago before i married my FIRST wife. i coulda’ USED that plan….and you know what they say, you never REALLY know who you’re married to…..until you DIVORCE them!…my last wife and i were very happy for FIVE YEARS….then we MET.

      10. I met a Bosnian man (think Selco) who said the hardest part of living through the civil war was not being hungry or getting shot at. He said the hardest part was when his best friend tried to kill his father and brother for a meal. The implication was they had to kill his best friend. He said it’s tough to trust anyone after that.

        • Southpaw.

          Not to take away from your post. My conveyance is when we reach that point. “We are not fucking around anymore”.
          You post confirms that point.

          • If you ever meet a Bosnian older than say, 30, talk to them. They are a wealth of knowledge.

      11. Instead of deciding who you will let into your life after the big event, why not start being wise about who you let in now. Most people choose a mate on the emotional rather than the practical. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. But from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you.

        • B from Ca.

          You’re good. Very good. Hahahahaha.

        • A real Champ…

        • Oops–The Champs didn’t record that song. Jimmy Soul did…

          • And Bill Deal of the Rhondells played organ on that record. It was recorded in Norfolk, VA.

        • ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NF5XU-k2Vk

      12. just in case, poison some of your survival food in case you need to thin your group or remove a trouble maker

        • Vodka or grain alcohol laced with methanol is effective in removing unwanted hooligans and such that push themselves on you.

          You don’t have to do anything, just make it available and they’ll do the rest.

          Be sure you and yours know about it first.

      13. Have no one else in our group. One neighbor, Vietnam vet, in bad shape, diabetic, no gall bladder, basically an addict. His thinking is the gangs that will form will leave us no chance of survival.
        I’m setting plans in motion to move into the forest if need be. Set up a place, move some basics in, and be ready to bug out with the bugs, literally. It can be done, but not for long, I know. But no one would find us, it’s that remote. Basically jungle
        But, we’re remote enough that we’ll have time to move plenty of stuff out there.
        There are plenty of Americans that live in the areas we go to regularly, but most are sick liberals.
        One couple we could trust and will, but they’re 10 miles from us. Thing is, I doubt seriously if they any preps.

        • I think if you’re really going to try to live that rough, you should consider traps to catch your food. They work 24/7 with or without you. They’re quiet and won’t announce your presence the way a firearm will. There are lots of trapping how-to videos on YouTube, and many (snares and conibears) are cheap enough that you could deploy dozens of them in an area and keep your belies full for a good while. I’ve trapped pigeons with rat traps on a flat roof–they’re not flying rats as they’re often described, but actuall a species of dove. They eat only grain and grain products (bread products, like discarded bagels, hotdog buns etc.The breast meat is the most sustenance you’ll find on most, and that meat is tough, but tastes every bit as good as Mourning dove or Eurasian Collared Dove, just BIGGER.

          • Leonard.

            Frog giggers.

      14. It will be me, my wife and granddaughter (although she doesn’t know our plans). I’ve seen too many people stab each other in the back during the good times to let anyone in with us during the bad. I’ve got one of the most screwed up families around and they are going to have to make it on their own. They don’t have a clue about what is happening next door to them, never mind in the world. Neither one of my girls have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but they always have enough money for cigarettes, marijuana and tattoos. They have turned their kids into the same class of citizens, all except the one that I have raised for the last 19 years. If they thought I had anything to offer, every body they know would know and they would bring them all with them. Fortunately they all live half way across the country from me. I live in a rural area in Florida and even though there are a only few neighbors, I worry about how they will act. While we have had idle chat about what if people started rioting and coming out our way, destroying things, we may have to block off the road coming out our way and not let them any closer to our homes, but I try not to let them know I am any better off than they are and keep my preps hidden.

      15. I will be an island and no one will affect my agenda especially after a major shtf event. I’m an individual and if people think I should be the leader and want to follow me fine if not that’s fine aswell. I don’t have a group just my family and I won’t let them hurt the machine cause if it breaks down we breakdown and shtf is not time to fuck around with bullshit. I’ve told the wife she will not undermine what I’m trying to do. she is the type that believes that most people are good there are a few bad apples where I feel most people cannot be trusted and respect is earned. I’m not a dick just gonna do what I need to do and no emotional bullshit is gonna put my guard down. I will sleep with one eye open. She says I’m paranoid I say she’s gullible. I will rule my household with an iron fist if I need to because I love my family if they hate me that’s fine as long as I do what is best for them I can live with that. I love the girl but if I had to do it over again I would find a woman that has the same opinions as me. It would be easier.

        • I understand your pain Asshat, My wife believes in the power of positive thought, and while ideologically I don’t disagree, in reality I know better. I have an old Cadillac that I’ve kept full of gas and add dry gas to every year for the past 10 years on my property line in case I need to create a fiery obstacle. Prepping would be so much easier with a like minded partner, but my obligation as a husband and father is first and foremost.

          • Serenabit

            Pyrotechnics. Now you’re talking. ;0)

          • Guys- Opposite situation here. I am doing the prepping including buying guns and ammo. And I catch heat and get teased for it. But he would be the first to admit that my intuition has been markedly accurate for the majority of our lives together. In both of our cases, when/if it happens, they will be glad we pushed it.

            • Hi 2. Same here. My eyes were opened in 2011. I started stockpiling using coupons. He thought I was nuts until the first major blizzard in 30 years and we didn’t have to go shopping. He eventually came around. Now it’s he who is diving headfirst into a fully functional farm. Hang in there.

              • Hi back Nopitty-
                I make something from the emergency pantry every once in awhile to keep him satisfied about the viability of long term food. I think once he retires, he will do a lot more to help. Good to hear your husband is on board.

      16. Ok I have a question what is the point of having a shelter if the world is going to end and the world is going to be destroyed! I mean if it happends it happends! I would rather spend the last days with my family and friends and having as much alcohol as i can and enjoying my last days! As long as you believe in something I think you would be saved! But if you knew that the earth was going to be destroyed then what is the point! Can any one answer that one??

        • I don’t think most people here are looking at the world being destroyed. If it is then it is over. There is no living if the world is destroyed. Personally, I am preparing for a multitude of events in this order: a local event, hurricane, power outage, ETC., a national event, total grid down, financial collapse, ETC. and an international event, WW III, total world wide financial collapse, ETC. I don’t expect that the world is going to cease to exist, or least hope it doesn’t and don’t plan on surviving if it does. If we end up living back in the 1700-1800s, with no modern conveniences, I plan on being alive, prepared and able to thrive.

        • I think they did a “Twilight Zone” episode on that one.

        • Chris:

          Stop drinking. It’s clouding your thinking. TEOTWAWKI is an expression. Sometimes not to be taken literally. Being prepared for the unknown is exactly that UNKOWN. No one in their right mind wants to be in a bunker type situation with a drunk apathetic individual. You can tell the quality of a person’s character by how they respond to success, but even more by how they respond to disaster, loss, tragedy. What you are is the personification of your beliefs. As a man thinkith. If you want to survive, think survival. And take action in that direction.

        • Easy. No one is planning on the Earth being destroyed, just the economy and/or the power grid, maybe catastrophic localized storms. If the Earth were destroyed, all bets are off. I know that when Jesus returns, the Earth will be destroyed and rebuilt, and I plan to be one of those around to enjoy the new digs.That’s not what we prep for. We prep for times when grocery stores will be unavailable to us–because electricity is unavailable, because a hurricane blew it away, or Obama voters burned it to the ground, or we’ve been forced to relocate to a place that doesn’t have any. We prep to be able to feed and defend our families from whatever harm may stalk us, be it human or animal. Sometimes, the disaster is more personal–a lost job, with no immediate prospects of gainful employment for whatever reason. Then a stash of canned foods and the ability to hunt or fish to supplement that stash will keep us alive and well.

        • Who said the world was going to end and the world be destroyed. Bible thumpers from every generation have thought they where living in the end times. And so far for 2000 years they have all been wrong. I prep for unseen events that disrupt my life style. floods, snow storms, any earth change weather events. And in case the economy or government fails. I prep to supplement my income. I don’t know that the earth is going to be destroyed. If fact Im pretty sure the earth will still be here after all the humans are gone. I simply don’t have blind faith in the politicians to keep this kickcanistan economic policy going. Too many takers and too few makers is not sustainable. Its doomed to fail. It cant continue forever. When it fails is the question?

        • The world won’t “end”. We’re going to see a worldwide economic collapse that will lead to the one world government prophesied in the Bible with the anti-christ as the world leader.

        • we aren’t prepping for the END, we prep for the new world….a world without these sellout politicians, bankers, and associated ilk….hopefully, we end up in a better world where we are FREE again. free from the chains of this gubmint that strangles the life out of U.S. at every turn, milking U.S. of our fruits of our labors…denying U.S. of our god-given right to protect ourselves, for example. feeding U.S. GMO food…forcing U.S to take their vaccines, everywhere we turn in america we see WRONG by our politicians, business leaders, companies, cops beating U.S….need i go on? there’s WRONG everywhere you turn in america.

          • forgot to mention the BIGGEST problem. the medical field bilking us for TEN TIMES
            the price of drugs and healthcare…send them CEO’s to prison, and stop colluding with them to drive prices UP, instead of DOWN!…there’s a bunch of congressmen should be in there too, since they are in bed with the drug/healthcare ceo’s.

      17. Who am I going into a bunker with? My dog. Is he empathic with me? You bet!

        (Or at least as long as the alpo holds out.)

        • The problem with bunkers is that once discovered, you are dead. So the only sensible bunker is a remote one with very limited numbers. A dog would be very worthwhile because of it’s hearing and ability to smell – valuable assets especially at night, since you may not have the numbers to watch 24/7.

          The other assumption, which is probably the ideal one, is a remote BOL with a number of well chosen family and friends. Enough to provide a range of skills, and to set up a perimeter with patrols. The complication, of course, is that not everyone will prep the same, and once they ‘buy in’ or build – you cannot easily get rid of them.

        • We have over 400 lbs of dry cat food and 720 5.5 oz cans of wet food for our 5 cats. I figure that’s enough for a year. We have a year’s worth of food for our family as well.

          • That is so wonderful that you have thought of your animals.

          • I have prepped for my cat for the same length I prepped for myself, 2+ years. The kitty litter has more than one purpose. I have a BOB pack with a travel compartment, especially designed for him.

            Trust = Loyalty, which means you never leave a loved one behind. My pet is family.

        • When the alpo runs out, your dog will either lay next to you and die with you, or he’ll go out and find something to eat. Depending on your abilities, you might need his talents. A good dog is an ALLY.

          • They also taste better than cats if times get really bad.

      18. Great article.

        Reflects what I have been telling people for years, ‘yes, do all your prepping; food, water, pm’s, defense, etc. but take heed, it’s what’s between your ears and what’s in your heart & soul that ultimately count. Be spiritually, mentally & emotionally prepared as well as physically & financially prepared.’

        Watchin’ & waitin’. It’s coming….

      19. Good question. I am planning to head to my friends place in Cochise County,but it’s too near the border. Also,he’s a bit nutty and paranoid and I don’t think I would have the patience for his conspiracy rants. No, I think there is a another group closer to where I am. SHTF events is NO time to worrying about your group/partner sanity

      20. You use the skills you have and make decisions as you go.
        No one can see everything coming and a TEOTWAWKI event the odds will not be with us.

        My country neighbors and I have planned and we will do the best we can for those we love.

        It’s no sin to go out knee deep in brass, humming the “Battle Hymn Of The Republic…”

      21. Key thing is to first ‘battle test’ the people. See how they perform under stress and then decide who you can trust. I have been in many life-threatening and dangerous situations all over the world: you quickly learn who has it and who does not. Who has your back, and who is the first to flee or panic. I remember one time we had a vehicle breakdown in the desert many hours from the nearest paved road. One of our party lost it within 15 minutes of that. He panicked and began running around.

        I think the best mix is to have trusted people and ‘pleasure slaves’. Life will be grim down there in a long-term crisis. And you need to think about getting the human race going again. So, a mix of trusted people and also a coterie of very fit and healthy young women. These women need to be kept in a separate area and under tight control.

        • Some uncouth curmudgeon will bash your brains in while you sleep. Keeping the fit and healthy women under control. And denying him pussy will make you vunerable. it might be one of those horny women who do you in? A curmudgeonette?

        • FT.

          Most of us here talk about Freedom and you are talking about enslaving women.

          What’s up with that?

          • The freedom to enslave women.

            It’s the natural order of things and things will revert to the natural as the SHTF.

            • Isn’t that what a group of religious savages are doing now.

              • They’re winning, in case you haven’t noticed.

          • There’s a subset of people on this forum, their plan for SHTF seems to be building harems, murder at will, slavery, revenge killing, arson, theft of other’s property, and general hatred of their fellow man.

            They will get dealt with just like the gangs.

            • It sounds like the daydreams of some loser who could never score any quality pussy. Everyone makes fun of us redneck hillbillys. We aint so dumb. When I was 21 I got myself a beautiful 14 year old and raised her to suit me. Took a look at her momma and she wasn’t to hard to look at. They tend to look like their mothers when they age! and the daughter had nice tits, was a good cook and milked a cow. And had good genes and teeth. So that was it. Knocked her up and married her. 43 years later and im still happy with the choice.

              • Sounds like you pick a mate like you’d buy a cow. You are really disgusting. If you have daughters or granddaughters do you allow them to be talked to like that?

                • Yes and its not unreasonable to pick your mate using chriteria that’s importiant to you and fits your lifestyle. Your gonna raise children and live together the rest of your life.

            • By whom?

              • By whom? Any shitbags I catch enslavin women, preyin on people, burnin and stealin shit cuz I don’t mind doin my part to help take out the trash, since I’ve got nothin better to do.

                • So you’ll become them, just bigger and badder so that you rule the roost?

                  Personally, from the way you, answer I doubt it.

                  When things get tough, the tough rule the day.

                  And you’re not the tough.

            • And just who are these subsets you are speaking of? You are good at making a thrown out statement but you lack details here. Do these subsets have names?

              • I’m unaware of any anarchist on this forum, looking to pillage and maim. But there are indeed very frightened Johnny Rambos who think then versus the world is a sound plan. Fear is a powerful tool. The ability to devide, even when authority no longer controls it.

        • Frankly:

          Pleasure slaves.

          Some sociopathic pervert with delusions of grandeur. Probably couldn’t get it up. You and Hitler have a lot in common. He only had one nut. You shouldn’t be around beautiful women. I would love to put you in a room alone with one of the fathers of one of your potential slaves. In fact, I bet you are a real coward who couldn’t satisfy a nymphomaniac.

      22. There are no ‘right’ people for the coming collapse, because we have never traveled this road before. A razor sharp learning curve will be needed.

      23. It’s funny how even after the shtf people will be thinking of getting laid like they will have the time and energy or the ability to feed more mouths coming from that. People fit young ladies will be trying to survive like you and modern women are not gonna stand to be locked up as sex slaves. I’ve met some females that are strong and can do a lot on their own. Sure there will be girls who will use the box to get through the shtf but are you gonna want to fill that after everyone else did for a can of beans. Pissing fire is the last thing your gonna want to deal with. Best off having your lady and protecting her to the end.

        • Asshat:

          You are too kind. I am basically a pacifist. But the abuse of women and girls or little boys, could turn me into something more deadly than anyone could imagine. I have no use for slave traders and if not for social mores, I would agree that the execution of such criminals is right and appropriate. In fact, I advocate for the strictest laws to keep such antisocial psychopaths either locked up for life or executed. Either way as long as they can’t hurt another human being.

          I really liked your post. You are not such an ass Asshat.

      24. A very thoughtful post and lots of interesting replies about who you could accept into your bunker and why.

        My thoughts are kind of like the sword of Damoclese, they cut both ways.

        I don’t have a bunker so I have to stick in a SHTF situation. What I do have is plenty of preps and neighbor next door who has a well, a creek and a super good family which includes his in laws across the street. I know this man’s heart and am willing to share my preps with his family.

        I am also willing to protect my property ( and my neighbors ) with extreme prejudice if required.

        Retreating to a bunker is just not an option for us although we do live in semi rural area and hopefully we’ll have most of the Zombies killed off due to their own violence, cold weather or starvation.

        I do minister to a couple of families in the area and encourage them to provide some type back up water and food storage just in case we get that killer snow storm or tornado. The kids love the story of Joseph providing counsel to Pharoah to store lots of grain ( and beer!) for the coming times of less food.

        My biggest issue is that I have several people outside my trusted circle who know I prep and some of them have some real problems with drugs. Heroin seems to be the choice of drug these days in my area and addicts will do anything to get their buzz on.

        I have ruined my OPSEC for sure.

        Otherwise, I feel confident that I have selected a few who are trustworthy, of good heart and will stick with me as I will commit to them. They are very few though.

        May G-d keep you and bless you!!!!!

        Snake Plisken

      25. I expect my step-son, his wife, and their child to join me and my wife after it hits the fan. She’s a problem and he refuses to grow a pair. No, we won’t be sharing our food equally with all her relatives in the area. She won’t be running our household. There’s a good chance she will refuse to join us and he will go along with whatever his wife wants. That’s their choice.

      26. I’m going it alone. No one around here wants to pull their weight and they all expect a handout. Example our last day at work yesterday, our boss was not there, I cleaned up a 2000 sq ft warehouse, and decommissioned a utility truck and cleaned it up for sale all by myself. All my coworkers did yesterday was refuse to work, eat, sit on their butts, and took scenic drives on the tax payers dime. I was disappointed they refused to work while being paid and they said they would quit if they had to touch a broom.

        This is what liberal society has produced. They do not know I have prepared and I will not have any of them at my place when shtf!

      27. Our home is our bunker. It was built with that in mind. Right now, the only people we would let in the front gate are my daughter, sil, two grandchildren. My sil was in Afghanistan and my daughter is an Amazon. We all know how to shoot.
        My sister and her husband could come too if they brought their own preps. She has no idea how prepped we are right now, but she offered to share her pantry with me a few weeks ago. We are further away from Houston than they are, so we would be a 1st BOL for them. They are both fit and capable and she is a genius with food.
        We have another option if things went badly here, but it involves 3 hour’s travel on some main roads. I just don’t think traveling will be safe after a certain point

      28. About 6 months ago I was going to sell my farm ( 60 acres ) in order to buy a place closer to were I live. My farm is about an hour drive from my house. I wanted a piece of property that was closer and had a pond.

        I found a great place that had a 2 acre pond,was 50 acres in size and was 25 minutes from my house . I was ready to sell and purchase the new piece of land.

        I told an old friend about it and like me he is a prepper. I told him why I was selling and he advised against it. Why ? Because he said 1st I knew the land around there for miles like the back of my hand,I likewise knew the people who I could trust and those I couldn’t. I could make the roads roads impassable quickly with a neighbors help and his bulldozer and I was at least 60 miles from a major city.

        He said if I bought the new place I wouldn’t know the lay of the land,wouldn’t know the neighbors like I know the neighbors that have around my farm ( ie…who I can trust and not trust ) and I’d be closer to a major city.

        I took his advice and kept the farm…I’m hoping to build a pond in a few months on the back side of the property.

        Who will be welcome at my farm…those whom I’ve trust for thirty or so years….who won’t be welcome..the thieves etc that I’ve known for thirty or so years .

      29. I can’t say exactly who will be me as more could be added BUT I do know who won’t be invited.

      30. walking dead is a great primer on personalities to trust when shtf. (spoiler) The Glenn character (maybe) lost his life to an unknown tag-along-er. Know your enemies, know your friends.

      31. Well now,this has been a most interesting post and quite an eye opener cause the Bible clearly says that in the Last Days how people and family WILL be turned against one another and for sure it’ll happen. Friend of mine is divorced,pays hefty child support($1,000+)has a daughter 8yoa whom he adores and an ex that is”difficult”whom seems to keep men passing thru the door,but that notwithstanding,has no clue to what’s happening but he says if worse comes down,he’s going to take his daughter away to safety and to hell with them all(ya gotta love Dad).However when I asked what if the ex follows with her clan,he reluctantly said he’d consider making room for them to which I told him to PLEASE think 3x as they’ve never been fond of him and we all known of the scripture in the Bible where a demon was cast out,wandered,came back,found the place clean,then invited 7 more like himself to dwell. This situation I’m quite sure will play itself out all across the land and MY advice is BE CAREFUL,PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES,IN ALL WAYS AND OPEN YOUR DOOR TO THE UNKNOWN. KEEP PREPPING.

        • dfisherman – I agree… and it also says, “Sons against fathers, and daughters against mothers.”

          And, we are seeing a rather sharp increase in familial estrangements. I know of a group of grieving mothers who formed their group because their adult daughters have permanently cut them off. A few of them have never seen their grandchildren who live less than an hour away. They call this estrangement epidemic, “the silent epidemic.”

      32. Has anyone watched the Twilight Zone episode called “The Shelter”? It left me sick. Watch if you can. This REALLY hits home.

        • Love that episode. Very realistic unfortunately. I wrote a little imaginary sequel where the family with the bomb shelter puts the house up for sale and rebuilds in a different town using opsec. That is a theme that is entirely pertinent today. Got to be tons of homes with cold war fallout shelters that have been used for storage, etc.

          • well….we’re WAITING for the story, 2isone….I for one want to hear it.

      33. Don’t forget COMs. Communications within groups and between groups is usually the weakest link, and deal-breaker. AmRRON is one good solution. Don’t wait. Practice weekly by logging in with your group. It also builds camaraderie.

      34. If we get to the point where we need a “bunker”
        Maybe it wont be worth sticking around,,,
        Just a thought

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