White South African Farmers Seek Refuge In Russia: ‘Matter Of Life And Death’

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 49 comments

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    As the violent attacks and death threats against white farmers in South Africa ramps up, many of those affected are seeking refuge.  A delegation of 30 South African farming families has arrived in Russia’s Stavropol region as the South African government continues to steal their land.

    According to RT, up to 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land, according to the delegation.

    White farmers, despite being a minority in South Africa, own 72 percent of the country’s farms. The new South African government recently announced a plan to redistribute land to the black population in the highly racist move. Critics have warned South Africa may repeat the disastrous experiment by the Zimbabwean government in 1999-2000. The measure plunged the country into an intense famine, reported RT.SHTFPlan

    A report by DieselGasOil.com stated that the new South African government lead by racist President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. The government said it is planning to put an end to what it calls the “legacy of apartheid.” Most of South Africa’s farming land is still in the hands of its minority white population. Human rights groups have said the initiative incites violence. There were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks, primarily against white farmers, in 2016-17 in South Africa, according to data by minority rights group AfriForum.  South Africa will face the real threat of famine in the absence of experienced farmers – regardless of their race.

    The farmers have been facing racial genocide in South Africa, and many say moving to Russia has become a “life or death” matter, Rossiya 1 TV channel reported.It’s a matter of life and death — there are attacks on us. It’s got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence,” Adi Slebus told the media. “The climate here [in the Stavropol region] is temperate, and this land is created by God for farming. All this is very attractive.”

    The farmers who faced execution and violence in South Africa are ready to make a contribution to Russia’s booming agricultural sector, according to Rossiya 1. Each family is ready to bring up to $100,000 to help them lease the land required to add to Russia’s farming industry.

    Russia has around 43 million hectares of unused farmland, reported RT.  The country has recently begun giving out free land to Russian citizens to cultivate farming. The land giveaway program, which began in 2014, has been a huge success.  Increases in food production in Russia will boost the economy as South Africa will face famines as their food production drops in the absence of reliable and experienced farmers.



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      1. Black people don’t want equality, they want revenge!

        • The durn blacks are the ones who sold their brothers into slavery in the first place. Dumb bastards. I hope the white farmers make it out alive. Some time after that the blacks will be complaining that they don’t have any food!

          • Menzo, the blacks don’t have any sense. What the hell did they expect when they turned against those farmers? Let the blacks starve. They’re getting what they deserve under their commie regime.

            • @ DB I read recently that the average IQ in Somalia is 68. That is average, there is no telling what the low side of that is.

            • Coming soon to America: Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants living in the US (both legal and unlawfully present, 100+ million people as of today) will officially declare the entire American West and Southwest as their territories…better start learning Spanish as a survival skill if you are living somewhere in those areas and don’t want to be expelled.

              • We have 100 million bullets.

                • even one hundred trillion bullets don’t matter if nobody has the will to use them

        • Revenge? for what?

          • Slights, both real and imagined.

            Pat Buchanan wrote an interesting article recently that examined/demonstrated that people NEVER get over historic injustices. That 1000 years from now blacks will still have a grievance against white people for using slaves.

            They will never move on until they get to hold the master’s whip.

      2. How come the white South African farmers aren’t immigrating to the US? What’s wrong with US?

        Oh, right. The US only takes the dregs of society.

        These white South African farmers are showing up with $100,000 bucks, proven skill sets, and enough intelligence to learn another language. Who do they think they are?

        Why would the United States, which can’t kill off its white Middle Class quick enough want hard-working, monied, educated, skill workers from white South Africa?

        Those pesky Russians. At it again. Showing up the United States for what it is.

          • Centurion. Thanks for the YouTube video. What is happening in South Africa is why every country — not just the United States — needs a 2ND Amendment. I can think of no other time in history where the tree of liberty so desperately needed watering.

            • Had to add this. Here is an English translation (one approved for public use) for the first video with Bok van Blerk. Very moving.


              De la Rey
              On a mountain in the night
              We lie in the dark and wait
              In the mud and the blood
              As rain and streepsak clings to me

              And my house and my farm were burnt to the ground so they could capture us
              But those flames and those fires now burns deep deep within me.

              De La Rey, De La Rey can you come and lead the Boers?
              De La Rey, De La Rey
              General, General we will fall around you as one.
              General De La Rey.

              The Khakis that laugh
              A handful of us against an massive force
              With our backs to the cliffs of the mountains
              They think its over for us

              But the heart of a farmer is deeper and wider, they will come to see
              On a horse he comes, the lion of West Transvaal

              De La Rey, De La Rey can you come and lead the Boers?
              De La Rey, De La Rey
              General, General we will fall around you as one.
              General De La Rey.

              Because my wife and my child are in a camp dying,
              And the Khakis are walking over a nation that will rise again

              De La Rey, De La Rey can you come and lead the Boers?
              De La Rey, De La Rey
              General, General we will fall around you as one. General De La Rey.

              All of my publications are personal-made translations and you can republish them anywhere else unless it’s stated otherwise

        • The State Dept. has been turning away white refugees from South Africa since the Clinton era. South Africa is fast becoming another Zimbabwe.

      3. The farmers need to form hit squads, and go after the politicians. And of course, blow the heads off of ‘anybody’ that tries to forcibly take the land their ancestors cultivated and handed down to them. Same thing here….when they come for your property to redistribute the wealth, blow their friggin head off.!!!!

        • Farmers would be heavily out numbered. They wouldn’t be going to Russia. They would be dead pretty quickly.

      4. Russia is getting the best deal.

        We should be bringing these farmers here.

        They are producers, not parasites.

        And they are legitimate refugees, actually fleeing real genocide.

        And there is no problem of race or religion, being that the USA is White Christian as well as South Africa. The USA was founded and built by white Christians for white Christians.

        And they would pay $100,000 just to lease land.

        So, why not?

        Because the traitors in our government hate white Christians.


        • yep

      5. The Russians are smart and are turning their country into the new ‘America’, just as the Chinese did in China.

        A new land of opportunity with lots of land, beautiful women (and Russian women are VERY beautiful), and now, import lots of beautiful white South African women. What is there not to like about that?

        Back in the US of A, fat, ugly women covered in tattoos and wearing high waister polyester pants waddle around and bitch and complain about what they saw on the TV that day. They waddle into their gas guzzler and drive by low-IQ farm workers from Me-he-o and lines of refugees getting their EBT cards and HUD house. Now, who is going to have the better looking women in 20 years’ time?

        • Frank Thoughts, I’ll never understand how they convinced so many women to mutilate their bodies with tattoos. Also, I have seen so many girls get Chinese symbols. What’s up with that?

          “I want the America I grew up in, BACK!”

          F these “Social Justice Warriors” and “Cultural Marxists”!!

      6. South African Blacks… “Let’s get rid of the people who are feeding us !!!”. Yep, that there is a special kind of stupid!!!

      7. I understand peoples desire to have productive South Africans come here rather than go to Russia, but I don’t think many understand what the cost is to become a farmer in the U.S. A 100,000 dollars won’t hardly buy enough good productive land to plant a big garden. I maybe exaggerating, but just barely. Trekker Out

      8. We should stop ALL Non-White Immigration and only allow White families into America.

        Every single Suid Afrikaner farmer, with White family members, should be given IMMEDIATE US Citizenship and we should pay for them to get here.

        Today, we PAY Catholic Services and Lutheran Charities (something like that) Millions of dollars to import ignorant losers from such places as Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, who come here and kill, rape, and rob us. Worthless “people”.

        We need these White families to slow down the intentional destruction and extermination of the White Race.

        Don’t believe me? Then don’t. Do your own research.

        • So true. The Evangelical Lutheran Church has flooded Minnesota with Warrior Somalis, 250,000 of them. I’m not racist, but these are the worst immigrants we have ever had. Brigands, robbers and killers who despise whites.

          At night, in Minneapolis, all over town you can hear them howl like wolves at midnight, and they burn buildings down to get what they want, which is usually just to make Whites move aside so they can have the territory.

          They are coming to a town near you as the men often drive trucks, so the local truck stop in your town may house several of these mobile killers.

          • Jesus Christ! WTF, I mean really WTF is going on within this hole of a god damned, once great land? If you sit back and look and think – do you all not see what our disgusting, vile, corrupt Gov’t is doing and allowing? Stacking our once great nation filled with all of these no good, vile, violent bandits and scum of the earth that just so happen to hate Americans and even more hate all Whites!! Look around your neighborhood? Next City over? It is either the wonderful, peaceful, hard working Muslims or the Mexican’s and the massive clusters in laces like MN and don’t forget good ole’ Detroit…people, this is extremely serious and very perilous for all of us and right now!!

        • Now you are advocating the same apartheid that started this whole mess in South Africa.

          No. South Africans have no right to demand automatic American citizenship. They can apply to come into the US legally. As an American I am fed-up with illegal immigration. All of it. Illegal immigration is not limited to non-whites. All races are pulling this crap.

          Would I consider refugee status for white South Africans in the face of certain genocide in the homeland. Maybe. It would be better — and this goes for all countries, especially right here in the United States — to arm them and let them take their country back. Liberty must be earned. Running away solves nothing.

          The Catholic and other religious charities are no more, no less, than one more NGO. They need to be stopped. They are turning places like my home state of Upstate New York into a Soweto ghetto with black Adidas walking the streets.

          As for the attack on white Caucasians, I use to think that this particular breed of racism was all about a bunch of White Supremacists and the province of the KKK in the United States. Not so much now. Since bogus, boogeyman crap like black reparations, white privilege, and hatred of white males was fomented by the democrats, liberals, and Cultural Marxists, I have become a believer in protecting my race from genocide.

      9. Bring the farmers here. Many here already are subsidized so where is the problem? we are losing many of our own farmers and will need replacements. Russia is smart,we should be the same.

      10. I doubt the farmers would want to come to the US. Russia doesn’t allow dangerous bee killing pesticides like glyphosate, unlabeled gmo engineered frankenfoods, plus Monsanto and similar ilk controlling government regulatory agencies to do their bidding sickening citizens to appease big pharmas agenda of every American being a sick American experimental lab rat. This a sick nation in too many areas to hardly comprehend, nothing more than the NWO enforcement arm. Your present freedom is the most you will ever have.

        • “I doubt the farmers would want to come to the US.”

          I believe the USA is first choice. TPTB doesn’t want them here. They would add to stability, productivity, wealth creation. TPTB want to homogenize the developed world under their control with the developing world.

      11. There is a war being waged on the White Race. Especially the land owning gun toting middle class.

      12. What ((( group))) owns the media ,Hollywood ,the economy, and obviously perverting all? Rev. 2.9 ,3.9 John 8:44?

      13. TPTB want Africa in chaos. If it works see to it that its broken and use the indigenous people to facilitate it. This is rather easy as it takes effort to stop them from this natural course of action. The riches lay in the African resources. Its essentially the piggy bank.

        • The elites want the squatters of the land in Africa gone just as they did in North and South America. You really think the elite want to share the wealth with a bunch of people who can’t control their birth rates and have average IQs in the 70s?

          The Chinese practice constantly to use flame throwers and high-power assault weapon lasers. I wonder who that is for?

          • If not gone certainly disorganized. This is being accomplished dismantling the oil rich nations overthrowing them with Islamic fundamentalist crazies. Fractions fighting each other don’t politically, and therefore economically unify in self interest. Any “unification” is controlled and managed by TPTB.

            It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or fascist foot. The end game plan is communist human resource management with a fascist CEO at the top.

            • Africans never indigenously built a multiple story building or a sea going vessel. South Africa is and will continue to collapse eventually becoming Liberia.

              • All those wild savage gorillas do is DESTROY!! They all must be put down to save the world. They are destroying the U.S. one city, one day a time and the country does Nothing about the rats…

              • It is no surprise Africans never advanced without the money and ideas of the white man. Despite the actions of the slavers, Africans never organized themselves to attack back at the white man. The reason for this was simple: too many Africans were making money from slavery and also kept slaves themselves. Fast-forward to today, and too many Africans are making money from poverty and dysfunction to ever allow these countries to become wealthy.

                True about South Africa: in every year since the handover to black rule South Africa has become more disorganized, has more poor people, has seen its legacy wealth be drained away, its infrastructure crumble. The whites hunker down in compound neighborhoods but most know this won’t last and can see the dangers encrouching on them. In 20 years South Africa will look like any other African country.

            • Really good points! None of these societies will ever be ‘great’. They will never be allowed to become great or powerful. Instead, they will be detonated at the point they get too arrogant or successful (look at Libya, Iraq etc.). We will pick off the better educated and employ them in our hospitals or educational institutions, the better looking women will become our wives.

              • Little has changed in strategy from the Egyptian, Persian or Roman empires. The powerful rule over the powerless.

      14. I read the new thing ,is to cut the white fathers eyelids off so they have to watch their family being torcured.

      15. I’ve always failed to understand why white(and Asian) people didn’t sell and get the heck out of SA and Rhodesia. They know what kind of animals they are dealing with, and they just handed them the keys.
        I know people from SA and Rhodesia. The smart ones left years ago. Russia is getting the stupid whites.

        • “stupid whites” S/B stupid stubborn whites.

      16. The absolute BEST thing the white farmers could do is simple: Leave black ghetto Africa and let the incompetent, lazy, vile, very low IQ apes to their accord and watch & laugh as the coons starve themselves to death. These dumb no good apes are just about an inch away from screwing themselves like no tomorrow. Notice the overall condition of just about ALL of Africa – way too many blacks and nothing but Problems. Hmmmm huge surprise. All they do is ruin and destroy everything literally they touch.

        • If they were smart enough, they would move to Russia and get farming there. And in the meantime set up an investment fund, make it really, really fat with cash, and then wait … wait until the blacks totally destroy the economy, the Chinks try and save it, and then buy everything up for pennies on the dollar. But, this time hire Xe Services to quietly clean out the trash population area by area, then partition the zones and rent the space to wealthy people from China, the Middle East etc. who will by then be desperate to move to somewhere with fresh air and nice weather.

          Get the Chinese to first do the heavy lifting on reducing the population until it is back to manageable levels and then come in again as investors. The biggest problem for Afrikaaners is the romanticism: they need to get real and stop going on about the Voortrek etc. and realise there is more power in buying out the land when the country goes broke than in fighting the blacks as they currently outnumber them.

      17. I lived in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. IMO, it is the Brits who screwed it up. The Boers (Afrikaners) were in South Africa first and consider themselves the White Tribe and genuine Africans. Only hottentot pygmies were anywhere to be found except the far eastern edge of the what was to become SA. The Brits came, started the Boer War, captured the best land and control of the government. Then they thought independence was a great idea, ceding power to the ANC that was aligned with the SACP, the South African Communist Party. After independence, the Brits who owned property pulled their typical “Oh, dear, this is becoming inconvenient” and hauled ass back to the UK, leaving the Afrikaners to deal with increasingly hostile governments. In souther Africa only Botswana and Namibia handled independence reasonably well. South Africa now will be raped by large transnationals eager to get their hands on minerals and the black South Africans will be left to fight over which tribe gets the bribes.

      18. The South African government is asking the white farmers to help the new owners of their former lands to remain and help the new owners to learn to farm. How dumb is that?

        • Yeah, employers play that scam all the time on white people: “Jim, I am sorry but we have to cut costs. You have a choice: take a lower salary, or take the generous buy-out package on one condition: you must train your replacement. His name is Akbul and he is from Pakistan. We are just waiting on his visa but when that gets cleared he is good to go!”

          If Jim was smart, he would train Akbul with poisonous ideas. “Hey, Akbul, can you just code that app for me?”

          Akbul: “What is this book, Jim, beside my computer?”

          Jim: “Oh, it is just a book by Malcom X: you can have it if you want. That other book, the Anarchist Cookbook – you can have that too.”

          Akbul: “Oh, Jim, you Americans are always so generous: Thank You!!”

      19. I am a South African citizen, a woman, wife and grandmother, living in South Africa. Thankyou for all your comments. I urge each of you, please, watch the youtube video, “Between Heaven and Hell” that is our history, then, and now. Our forefathers did not steal anyone’s land. The blacks migrated down from the north because they were murdering each other and fled south, then we were already here in the country. They totally ignore historical facts, in fact they twist it around and use it as propaganda, for all the wrong reasons.
        Yes, we are dailey being attacked, black on white crime is thriving, but you will not hear it on the news, maybe a very small article in the back of the newspaper. Yes, our homes are equipped like your alcatraz, Yes we go for training to defend our homes, our families, Yes, we are prepping because we know civil war is coming, our own government is saying so on tv.
        We are white Christians, educated, and produced international recocnised inventions like the 1st ever heart transplant, oil from coal, and many more! We export food produced on our farms to the rest of the world, and feed the same barbaric terrorists dailey, that threaten our lives, torture, murder and rape our own men and woman. Our government denies it all, our police is wrotten to the core, uneducated, bribed with anything even a coca-cola will do!
        You will wonder, but why do we stay here? Why don’t we emigrate?
        Because this is our home! We were born here, we helped build this country, where else will we go? If our roles were reversed, what would you do? If your government decides to take your home, farm, valuebles and return it to the native indians of America,the apaches, comanches, sioux, for free, no compensation, what would you do???? Emigrate?? or, like us, stay and fight for survival? This is our story, in short. Please, also watch your canadian reporter, Lauren Southern, documentary on South Africa, on youtube, Farmlands. Maybe you will understand better our circumstances in this once beautifil land. In the meantime, pray for us, that God Almighty have mercy on us, and may He also bless you and your families.
        Regards from South Africa.

        • I have long believed there should be repatriation: whites back to Europe and blacks back to Africa. It is the only solution. With Russia, there is plenty of space in Europe to absorb the world’s whites. Europe would then not need the low-lifes that have been flooding in from Africa and the Middle East. Send them back too.

          This would right many injustices: the native Americans would get their land back, Europe would thrive with so many productive white people, and Africa, well, Africa will still be Africa but at least it would be full of blacks and they can make it whatever they want it to be.

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