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by | Apr 12, 2010 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    With all the hoopla in the mainstream media about Tea Party protesters using the “N” word and spitting on congressman, we thought it important to give our readers a differing view – one that you probably won’t find on CNN anytime soon.

    The difference in this particular incident and the incidents regarding use of racial slurs and saliva, is that there is actual audio and video evidence, as opposed to unsubstantiated hearsay, as was the case with Tea Party protesters in various cities around the country. There must have been some sort of electromagnetic interference that hit the protests at the time tea partiers allegedly spit and used racial slurs, because none of the hundred or so news cameras and microphones recorded any such language or actions.

    The video below, however, shows that racism in America is not dead:

    Inquiring minds must be asking, would this be a national news story if the speaker was a democrat, happened to be black, and was called a “black boy”?

    *Note: Andrew Breitbart, of BigGov.com, has offered a $100,000 reward for any evidence of the use of the “N” word.


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      1. CNN is too busy preparing its next month long segment of “Black in America”

      2. OK….I am Asian and I feel sorry for the common white people.  There is so much reverse discrimination it is not funny anymore.  What if there was a committee/association set up just for the white, brown or yellow people just like the NAACP for blacks.  BTW, this title says color people, it does not include any other race but black.  Stop using the race card for everything .  have you ever seen any other race used a race card to blame for their inability to advance?  get off your lazy butts and work like everyone else and you will see advancements.

      3. The slur of ‘white boy’ is not surprising as we know that for years our illegitimate president attended Sunday services of a black racist reverend.  In spite of all of his efforts to distance himself from the anti-American Reverend Wright we all know Obama is a racist and so it’s no surprise his followers hold racist views as well. 

      4. Comments…..Well, on the bright side. I don’t think I know of one person who doesn’t already see threw all of that BS. Even the the ones that voted for him are starting to see whats going on. That wasn’t so a year ago.

      5. Agree with Average Joe.

        The main appeal of this country is that if you work hard, you can make it; it’s not “if others work hard, I can take it”.

        Segments of our society, with agendas as selfish as greed itself, whip up sentiments of entitlement that only grow bolder as the years go by.

      6. Axel, very true. The words themselves certainly incite different feelings, at least for me. Being white, I honestly don’t feel all that upset if someone says “white boy” to me (which doesn’t happen often, BTW). If you call me a white boy or honkey, or similar term, I would not describe my emotional response as “rage” or even “anger”, but that may be just me and perhaps i haven’t been called that in a context where I felt i was hated or inferior for being white.

        Nonetheless, the comment, in its context in this particular video seems as if it is racially motivated and, at least in my opinion, that it could be construed as racism. The definition of racism in this particular instance being a “prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races

        That being said, since it seems that “racism” is the big story revolving around tea parties these days, as opposed to the actual issues themselves, I felt it necessary to point out that white people are racially discriminated against as well. I know we know this to be true, racism flows in many different directions, but I felt it was news…

        I realize that “white boy” is not as hateful as other words that could be thrown out there, but I think it’s more about the intention the person had when using the word, rather than the word itself.

        If, for example, you had a white person at a political event that included an audience of primarily black people, and he started yelling something similar and included “black boy” in the statement, would it not be considered a racial slur by the media? The N word doesn’t even have to be used. Just change out white with black and I would be willing to bet that it would go mainstream news because the intention of the person saying it could be described as racially motivated.

        Personally, I don’t get all that upset, but some other white person may get just as upset/angry if called a “white boy” as a black person would if called a “black boy”. But it’s not really news when it’s black-on-white racism for some reason. I guess that’s all I’m trying to point out here.

      7. Comments…..From a philosophical perspective all contraries  are derived from a common medium , after this separation takes place the opposites are destined to clash. Not  far ahead SHTF between black and white, rich and poor, war and antiwar, left and right, protestant catholic, sunni and shite , etc.etc.After the contraries are destroyed equilibrium returns then there shall be unity again, it’s the law of physics it can’t be stopped.

      8. I agree 100% with A. Alvin Monk.   A portion of black society in the U.S. waste tremendous amounts of time and money NOT to fit into the American mainstream, and then they claim racial bias when they are viewed as unacceptable by the working class mainstream of responsible black and white citizens.   These same blacks will be further marginalized by the mass arrivals of Mexican nationals into the United States, of whom blacks can make no claim of reparations and the like.  
        Mexican bosses could care less about their racist claims, clamoring, and culture as they, the Mexicans, had no involvement in these bygone issues.  Basically any blacks that willingly passed up job and educational opportunities put in front of them over the last 5o years in the U.S. will now be further displaced by the mass Mexicans coming across the borders.  Thank Obama and his lenient immigration policy for your further demise.              

      9. The jewish banker media mafia is to blame.  In the trickle down USA the people on top set the stage for any cultures progress. Jews in the FED banks have shoveled money to jews. Jews are 44 of the top 100 billionaires in the USA and there are no blacks on the list and only one latino. Blacks and latinos are 33% of our population jews are 2.5%. Wealth is the real discriminator in the USA not skin color.

        The jew mafias media pushes racism from whites and crimes from minorities to keep us at each others throats. The mafias media works so well that more than one nazi type has found “new” respect for jews when I point out how they have so beggared the minorities in an attempt to get them to realize its not the minorities fault.

        Jews in countries where jews do not control the central banks are not so disproportionatly wealthy compared to their population. In all countries where jews control the central banks jews control at least 10 times the wealth compared to their population. In the US  jews control at least 35% of the wealth and are 2.5% of the population. Nepotism with our nations money supply is the only logical explanation for this situation.

        If you are a jew and think writing  this truth is somehow anti-semitic you are part of the problem. I have a theory that ordinary jews defend the jew media mafia because they know about the trickle down effect it leads to. I can think of no other reason for so many people defending what are so obviously criminals. I assure I would never defend criminals from my culture for any reason.

        The jewish holy books are simply diatribes on jew supremacy. I have read them. The Dispensations were written in modern times after the theft of Palistine so its not like we are talking just ancient scripture either.

        Read Israel Shahak and then read his detractors. Shahak will have logic in his corner and his detractors will pretty much just call him names.

        90% of the jewish pogroms were done by the citizens against the wishes of the leaders. Hitler was an abberation. The jew mafia insulates itself between the leadership and the people. Kind of a suck up kick down mentality that so pervades our society at this time. The media has so pushed the dishonesty levels that our kids now cheat like it is just another part of life. Ask any teacher or coach who has been at it long term and I am sure they will tell you cheating has gone up. My son plays internet games and the kids cheating ruin the games for him all the time. If he trash talks the cheaters other kids tell him to stop whining. We are becoming a society where people defend the cheaters against their accusers just so they don’t have to hear complaining. I have been told by more than one jew that I am just jealous. Is the police officer who busts the bank robber just jealous? Would claiming all the non bank robbers are just jealous be a good defence? Would calling people names be a good defence? If you state something about jews that is not true jews will come out of the woodwork with strong logical arguments to refute you. If you make statyements that are true jews will call you names.

         People are mad about the bailouts but if you point out who took them and how they went about it you get called a whiner or a racist.  If the jew mafia controlled media had not pushed this ideal in the pop culture many people would have marched in the streets to stop the bailouts.

        It is not an accident that the USA has become so apathetic. The jew banker media mafia wants it that way. 

      10. Alvin/Paul Revere, your woeful ignorance and propensity for revisionism appear to have reached levels heretofore seen only in the mad ravings of Howard Katz.

      11. Ah, I forgot to add Scott in there.  Oh well, you too ‘white boy’.

      12. No Axel, it is you who is misinformed, in denial, or suffering from delusions.  I work for a Fortune 500 company that employs multinationals from around the world.  African nationals in our office have commented that most American blacks are a joke and would not be welcome in their home countries.   I doubt your ‘enlightened’ outlook would change their opinions or those of their countrymen.   

      13. To cut through the BS and put the cheese on the cracker is quite simple, blacks in this country are held to a lower standard (test scores, affirm action etc…) and instead of being pissed about it and trying to right a wrong they relish the lower standard. The lower standards allow them to be lazy, grossly underacheive and misbehave on a regular basis because no one expects anything out of them anyway. 

      14. Where do I start? Well, lets see…  My dad’s dad imported his wife(my paternal grandmother) from Germany, yes she had blond hair and blue eyes. My mom’s dad imported his wife(maternal grandmother) from Japan. So I’m made from 50% imported genetics, but I was assembled in the USA. My dad was also assembled in the USA,but my mom was made in Japan back in the 50’s.  Both of my grandfathers were white boys (one was a Middleton and the other a McKinley), although my dad’s dad had a quarter Cherokee in him. So what “race” am I? Mutt? Heinz 57? I consider myself human. Who really cares, except the census or affirmative action, but I’m not sure if I could benefit from that anyway. Not a problem though.
        I know blacks, whites, hispanics, cajuns, and a number of other human flavors who are upstanding, hard working, honest, and generally speaking quite independent people. On the other hand the opposite is also true. I know of quite a few whites who can suck the government TIT as good as any other. Collectivism attracts and even helps to multiply a pathetic variety of human in general. I agree with a number of statements above and don’t really feel like pointing out which ones. I disagree with a bit also.  Double standards definitely do exists: affirmative action, hiring quotas, and mass media psyops that aim to manipulate our populations. So many agendas both big and small.

      15. Axel, you are a moron beyond belief. When whites decades back called full grown blacks “Boy” it was a racist remark. Whites don’t DARE call a black “boy” today. That is WHY blacks use the term “White Boy”. It’s racist.

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