Whispers on Wall Street: Major Financial House Is Going to Implode… Could It Be Morgan Stanley?

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    Before the collapse of mega behemoth Bear Stearns there were rumors that a major Wall Street firm had bitten off more than it could chew. Mainstream media, for the most part, completely ignored the rumors, with some financial experts like CNBC’s premier Wall Street insider Jim Cramer literally screaming at viewers on the March 11, 2008 airing of Mad Money in which he vehemently denied any problems saying that the company was “fine.”

    Just a few days later Bear Stearns collapsed into heap of rubble and was offered up for sale at just $2 a share to JP Morgan Chase. This incident is widely believed to have been the catalyst that kicked off what we now refer to as the sub prime mortgage collapse.

    In the last few months we’ve started receiving signals similar to what contrarian observers were seeing prior to the Bear Stearns collapse.

    Big money flows out of financial stocks by key financiers like George Soros and John Paulson were reported just last week and tens of billions of dollars have been withdrawn from the European banking system since Spring. The government for its part, has taken steps to lock down the banking system so that not only can customers no longer withdraw funds from money market accounts in the middle of a panic, but a recent federal court case set a new precedent that has essentially given the go ahead for banks and investment firms to use segregated customer deposit accounts to engage in highly risky trading strategies without the threat of ever being prosecuted.

    Now, a report from analysis firm Beacon Equity Research suggests that there is an unusually high amount of chatter on Wall Street surrounding the possibility of another major financial collapse in the making. When the Department of Homeland Security or other intelligence services hear chatter they often raise the terror alert level, deploy federal SWAT teams and go on complete lock-down.

    Thus, we should consider this latest piece of intel from those with their fingers on the pulse of Wall Street as a potential game changer:

    With the stock price of Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) inches from its Armageddon lows of Oct. 2008, whispers of the imminent overnight collapse of this U.S. broker-dealer begin to surface.  Client funds, again, are at risk.

    “I’m hearing rumors that another major financial house is going to implode,” says TruNews host Rick Wiles.  In fact, the name I’ve been given is Morgan Stanley . . .

    “It’s going to be put on the sacrificial alter by the financial elite.”

    Beyond the evidence of a teetering stock price—Morgan Stanley’s troubles may never go away—leading to bankruptcy, if traders can glean anything from the financial activities of front-running insider George Soros, the man who warned in Jun. 2010 that the global financial crisis has entered “act II.”

    Adding to the speculation of a Morgan Stanley collapse, Bloomberg coincidentally pens an article on Aug. 23—the following day of the TruNews broadcast—in which the author Bradley Keoun recounts the dark days of Morgan Stanley at the height of act I of the financial crisis in 2008.

    “At the peak of Morgan Stanley’s Fed borrowings, on Sept. 29, 2008, the firm reported that liquidity was ‘strong,’ without mentioning how dependent its cash stores had become on the government lifeline. . .” states Keoun.

    But here’s where strong advice from Trends Research Institute founder Gerald Celente and former commodities broker Ann Barnhardt should be heeded.  Both consumer-friendly analysts implore investors and savers, alike, to withdraw from the financial system, warning that allocated brokerage accounts are not truly allocated.

    Regulators were asleep at the switch in the cases of MF Global and PFG Best, both filing bankruptcy post 2008, taking customer funds with them to the financial grave.  Why not Morgan Stanley?

    “They don’t give you the information to be able to decipher whether they have changed anything,” adds Hurwich.

    Why an establishment cheerleader such as Michael Bloomberg would allow an article which serves to remind investors of Morgan Stanley’s financial problems at this time may lend some credence to Rick Wile’s sources, who hear chatter about the impending doom of Morgan Stanley.

    The timing of the Bloomberg article is no coincidence.  Michael Bloomberg is only doing his part for the global banking cartel by tipping off that Morgan Stanley is ready for the “sacrificial alter.”  Get your money out.

    Source: Beacon Equity
    Via: Woodpile Report, Steve Quayle 

    We can make predictions or forecasts based on rumors and news, and often times we’ll be berated for acting to protect ourselves based on this information. Often, even rumors and chatter have been responsible for driving a particular stock or market up or down, so the very news itself, whether true or not, may set the ball in motion.

    But, the fact of the matter is that neither the SEC nor Ben Bernanke nor Tim Geithner nor the White House nor mainstream financial pundits nor Wall Street insiders will ever tell us ahead of time that billions of dollars of our wealth is about to be wiped out.

    We will only find out after the fact.

    You’ve now heard the rumor. You’ve been following the news. The decision is in your hands.


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      1. What a day, first the earthquakes, than a big hurricane, and now a collapse……tick tock tick tock.

        • Every day keeps getting more frightening than the last, I just hope that the majority of us will come out unscathed after the SHTF.

          • Clearly every last one of ’em needs to be prosecuted, even those talking heads like Jim Cramer who have run interference for the banksters.

            Take Iceland’s lead. Prosecute them. If found guilty of economic crimes against humanity, punish them just like Nazis at Nuremberg. No more refuge for them anywhere in the world, not even in their genocidal little theocracy on the Mediterranean.

            No more exceptions for the self-appointed Master Race.

            • Perhaps you should consider it’s your fault for listening to that dolt.

              I listened to Glenn Beck and put everything I had into cash around Feb 08. I l.o.s.t. n.o.t.h.i.n.g.

            • hey, John, why don’t you have the balls to say “Jew”. But you’re a cowardly little nazi.
              The bastards on Wall Street are gentiles too. Yes, some bankers and brokers need hanged. But it doesn’t matter what race they are.
              And Hitler was a socialist, you idiot.

          • Yes, the days and the news gets more frightening all the time, but as survivalists we are the ultimate optimists. We are thinking ahead for good reason, and we will have the least to worry about when the boom comes down. When the panic sets in, we will be ready in one form or another.

            I read Fernando Aguirre’s blog, about how he handled how things went down in Argentina. When everyone else was in a panic, he kept a low profile. He and his family made popcorn and watched a movie. That is what I will do if I am home when the panic sets in.

            • @ScoutMotto,,,,you may want to re-think the popcorn and movie. Remember the paragraph about SWAT teams. The time might be better spent at the re-loader.

          • What gets me is that I have a brother-in-law who is heavily invested in the markets and it’s like watching a gambling junky… they have their hand glued to the handle of those ‘one arm bandits’ and while pulling the lever they keep repeating to themselves “…just one more… just one more… just one more…” meaning, I’ll stay just one more day – I need just ‘one more dollar’ while in reality the volume of money they have in their cup just keeps getting smaller and smaller… as the saying goes in the ‘prepper’ community: “it’s better to be a year early, than a day late…” Everyone has been warned.

            • 1000 thumbs up Jerry!!! I laugh at those in the stock market, bc I’m making WAY better return on my stock piles of wheat and corn…=)

          • WHAT IS SHTF?

            • Pebbles, SHTF is a shorthand expression for when the Excrement Intersects the Ventilation System. I’ll let you fill in the blanks…

        • Just another piece of Ssshhhiiittt hitting the Fan. Some pieces are bigger than others.

          Anybody that loses money when she blows is only getting what they deserve for being dumb enough to leave it exposed in the first place.

          They are not victims of financial crimes any longer. They should know better. The information is too easily available. They are victims of their own stupidity for not looking for it, or taking action when they find out.

          One thing we know for sure, it will not happen until Friday after close of business. You might also want to expect a false flag, or attack on Syria, or something similar Monday morning.

          Nothing new really, just the same criminals doing the same things for the same reasons.

          • with the pumps shut down (refineries) with hurricane gas will spike and Im not market master but things will be screwy in the markets you bet.

            • Southern California is going red again, just had a 5.0 and 4.2 within the last hour.

            • @ clint hospo. I have plotted hurricanes for years in regards to the economy and oil and come up with an assessment. The only way any hurricane is really going to hurt the oil production and refining capacity of this country is if Port Fourchon is hit with at least a category 4 hurricane or bigger, or Houston is hit dead on by a category 4 or higher. I have seen almost total recovery from Hurricane Katrina and Rita to what I thought would have been severe enough. Port Fourchon took a close hit several years ago with a Category 3 and it did nothing much. Anything another than this will be temporary for the gas prices. Port Fourchon is about 60 miles south of New Orleans at about 29 degrees north by 90 degrees west. A hurricane of cat 4 slightly to the west of this would be enough, like at 29 degrees north by 89-89.5 degrees west.

              I truly think that what you don’t need to know said the ohter day is the true catastrophe waiting to happen to the oil industry and the economy, The New Madrid Fault breaking. Hurricanes are dependent on direct precise hits to cause true economic chaos as most hurricane miss the real targets. Even Katrina was slightly to the east of New Orleans, had it been 20 miles further west, New Orleans would have looked like Bay St. Louis in Mississippi where a 30 foot storm surge annihilated most of anything.

            • I was looking at a better map of Louisana and where Port Fourchon is and the latitudes and longitudes and what it would take as a Category 4 hurricane or more at about 29 degrees north by about 90.4 to 90.8 degrees west to devastate where 20-25% of the oil comes through into this country. If you are plotting a hurricane in the future and see these coordinates and a cat 4 or 5 hurricane here, oil prices will skyrocket soon after this.

          • Nothing going to happen that will hurt Bama.

            • he will be dumped in the creek soon as he is no longer usefull.

          • Agree that each piece hitting the fan just adds to size of the mountain that will fall on us.

            Hopefully, many of my friends here are out of the market and have their money safely tucked away (in various vehicles).

            We can all smell a fall crash coming in the stock market. Let’s just hope it’s not the dominoe that starts all the rest falling.

            • My dad FINALLY took my advice and is pulling out his RRSP’s in Canada. I told him the penalties that he will pay are smaller than the hit he will take in a few months time.

              We Canadians are at the mercy of America since our stocks are directly tied to America. Hence I watch what happens in the USA more than at home.

              Spend that fiat garbage or pay the debt down on things banks can seize. Anything unsecured I will leave well enough alone.

          • What about those whose jobs require them to invest in a 401k and can’t get the money unless they quit or retire? Are they stupid? Should we quit so we can get out of the market? It should be easy to find a different job, right?

            • Anonymous, my wife is one of them. 10% goes into the pot. Let that system fail so we can start with something better, even if it is nothing at all. Pensions are pure trash that are peddled by companies as a tax incentive for themselves. Companies do not do things out of kindness.

            • No one is “required” to invest in a 401K plan. If you have money in a 401K take the double hit and get it out now and into gold and silver.

        • “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependant on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

          “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

          • Think this wasn’t planned?

            Edward Mandell House
            In 1913,
            “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.

            Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

            • @Gods Creation….

              Do you know where Edward House is buried? I need a place to relieve myself.

        • The ruling by the judge regarding “segregated accounts” was with respect towards BROKERAGE accounts, as these accounts typically had a contract that customers signed allowing (that is, giving PERMISSION) the BROKERAGE’s to use that account money.

          The ruling does not apply to checking and savings accounts. I think WE should be specific about this, MAC.

          The original article by Occupy Corporatism does not have its facts straight and WE should be clear here as to what accounts the ruling applied.

          Apples and oranges.

          That said, retail banking and investment banking need to be divided again and as quickly as possible. The GB’s are gambling with OUR money.

          The smart money ALWAYS moves to gold before a war or any other major crisis, like the EU transition. That is the Uncertainty Principle in action.

          The stock market has been thriving for some time on the perceived liquidity of QE for some time. Corporate profit results are in and the numbers do not support the elevated valuations; either here or abroad.

          What goes up must come down. That is not a “collapse”. It is a decline.

          As for Morgan Stanley there have been whispers for some time. If I remember correctly, MS has been immersed and heavily over weighted in real estate and MBS for some time.

          If real estate de-leverages (and it continues to do so) despite LSM attempt to prop up the real estate markets with propaganda, it will eventually catch up to MS.

          Maybe it has.

          Banks will continue to have earning problems due to new waves of mortgage and derivatives failures. This will spark additional QE to replace the losses as I have been saying here for two years.

          When Uncle Ben said it would take five years for the economy to recover last year, he understood that de-leveraging would take time.

          Buckle up.

            • I don’t care if they did stop using dead babies. That is so disgusting, I’ll never consume a pepsi product ever again. Next time they might decide to use cow piss and not tell anyone.

            • Cow piss would be an improvement over dead babies

          • DK…while it is true this applies to brokerage accounts and money market funds, when your local bank becomes insolvent and comes under FDIC control, your money will be no safer there. Your accounts are locked in until the FDIC distibutes the “insurance” money to the account holders.The FDIC does not have enough taxpayer money to cover a small bank run on these banks.It is under funded.I personally think there is a stealth bank run going on right now.When more people lose confidence in the dollar these smaller banks will fail also and you may only get pennies on your dollar.

            • JRS, good call on the stealth bank run. I caution people concerning the credit unions. There are many savings accounts that belong to retirees in the credit unions, where I believe, JRS, the stealth run would begin.

          • “””The ruling by the judge regarding “segregated accounts” was with respect towards BROKERAGE accounts, as these accounts typically had a contract that customers signed allowing (that is, giving PERMISSION) the BROKERAGE’s to use that account money.

            The ruling does not apply to checking and savings accounts. I think WE should be specific about this, MAC.

            The original article by Occupy Corporatism does not have its facts straight and WE should be clear here as to what accounts the ruling applied.”””

            DK, the fact they are not divided is what puts checking and savings accounts at risk. To last as long as possible, these morons will put every penny they can get their hands on, including Grandmas checking account, into the mix.

            Whatever anybody gets will be from the FDIC because EVERYTHING else has been stolen before it goes belly up. That gives the appearance that Grandma’s money wasn’t stolen.

            For proof, we will have to wait for the FDIC to go belly up, but until then you can be sure that your money is not safe from the banksters theft just because it is not in a brokerage account.

            • GC ,JRS, and Others: With $74 Billion in cash or near cash, I am sure Apple has decided to pull it’s cash from the banks based upon your analysis.

              Have a great day guys! 🙂

          • @dk…

            With all due respect, I think I’ll believe Ann Barnhardt over you.


            (If you don’t want to take the time to watch the whole thing, just fast forward to about the 3 minute mark)

            • Walt, DK has said, and I quote “gold and silver are not money”. The Constitution says otherwise.

              JP Morgan said, “gold and silver are the ONLY money”. The bankster criminals know for sure what money is, so they replaced real money with THEIR paper.

              DK is not the guy to get financial advice from. If he has no grasp of what money is, he is surely not qualified to give advice about it.

              Ann, on the other hand, has shown knowledge. But more importantly, integrity that is beyond reproach.

              Good choice on who to believe.

            • GC: Gold is not money. The Constitution in this respect has been suspended since Nixon cut the cord between gold and money by Executive Order. That is reality.

              If you want metals to back US fiat while the rest of the world uses paper money, you are not as smart as I have given you credit.

              Gold IS real wealth and everyone should own all they can reasonably afford.

              I got MINE. Get one of your own. 🙂

            • Walt: I watched the first six minutes of the video and it only proved my point, so I would encourage everyone to watch the video to learn how to distinguish between apples and oranges :-).

              What you, GC, and others here need to understand (and apparently you do not) is that Ann is not talking about deposit institutions like banks and savings and loans, or credit unions.

              Ann is talking about Hedge Funds and the clients of a particular hedge fund (Sentinel) which were predominately hedge funds also.

              The rules under which hedge Funds operate and are governed are not the same rules that retail banks are obligated to follow; nor are they regulated by the same entity.

              Again I would direct you to the CONTRACT between the hedge fund and its clients with respect to the LEGAL authority to use the funds that were placed with them.

              They say that ignorance is “bliss”. Is that really the way it feels? 🙂

            • Thank you very much Walt……This gal is my HERO !! I never saw her B4….just heard a few of her comments…..What a BABE !! MA

          • I agree guys, makes me sick. I’d rather drink cow pee.

        • @ you don’t need to know. I think you brought up one of the most dangerous situations that would collapse this economy like the Hindenburg, the oil infrastructure along the New Madrid Fault. Yesterday that 7.4 down in El Salvador not only pushed at the San Andreas, but also the New Madrid Fault zone, BIG TIME. Doesn’t mean it will fail, but there is additional pressure on it. Watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge along with the Caribbean and Cocos plates as they direct energy towards the central portion of the country.

          The economy is bad off, but it is probably at this time going to take something bigger than Morgan Stanley to flatten it. Even in 2008 the the drop was about 54%, which pales into comparison to the 1930’s drop in which it dropped 90%. I am hardly even a good novice when it comes to finance, but I do understand numbers quite well, and I feel it is still going to take something bigger to implode it.

          The problem with the dominoes analogy is that you have to have a big enough domino to start the chain reaction of true devastation. Again even in 2008 it dropped from over 14000 to about 6500 at its lowest. Money was poured into to give the illusion that the economy was healed, but still it has not yet collapsed. It needs a bigger push to cave in. It is right now kind of like trying to down a wounded wild boar with a BB gun in regards to morgan Stanley. Maybe down the line it will be different.

          There is a whole slew of disasters that could cause the economy to collapse; true pandemic, war, explosion of oil prices, widespread terrorism using bio weapon such as anthrax, major earthquake in california or the midwest, super volcano going off anywhere in the world, one of the volcanoes in this country going off with at least a VEI of 6 or higher, uncontrollable agricultural blight, China decided to call to be paid on U.S. debt, maybe European collapse of Euro, many more.

          I truly believe that because gold is not above $2500, it will take more of a hit to cause the implosion. Again this is hardly my expertise, it just seems like a stronger catalyst will be necessary at this time to cause the collapse of the economy.

          • @BI, I completely agree. I’ve always thought that IF the stock market crashes, it will take a black swan (any of the disasters you chose above) to move the US into a true nation wide disaster. I also think it’s going to take the US cutting back on entitlements that will start riots.

            For some reason the stock market crash doesn’t worry me too much, it’s when ALL the people who are getting handouts from the government don’t get those handouts anymore. THAN you will see riots all over the country, too many for our LEOs and national guard. And if the government cuts back on military and LEO pay, well than it’s time to hide.

            For me, it’s the entitlements. Those people will be PISSED when Uncle Sam doesn’t pay them anymore. Look at the middle class families…. They don’t riot, they go find other jobs to support their families, they cut back, readjust, most of us on this site. Those people on entitlements have a completely different outlook on how things should be and their expectations.

            But, BI, I woke up this morning and Southern California hasn’t slowed down. Sent an email to my inlaws and their response was, hopefully it’s not THE BIG ONE…=(

            • @ you don’t need to know. Another word for entitlements is welfare.

            • “those people” on entitlements also include people who are dying of cancer and can’t get health insurance, elderly people who worked their whole lives and paid into social security, people who are truly disabled and unable to work. Don’t lump them in with people who just don’t feel like working.

        • September is a volitile month in markets, should be fun as it is yet an election year AGAIN!

        • Good call, Jim. Such an event could easily cause a panic and the collapse DK totally dismisses.

          I wonder about BI’s take on the earthquake thing.

          • @ Ralph. A couple of days ago I gave a 60% chance of the San Andreas going within 2 weeks because of the extreme activity of the southern portion of it, and because the push from the southeast from the 7.4 earthquake. I would have given a better chance, but the climb up the intensity of earthquakes did not occur past 5.5. They will tell everyone that it was the hot spring activity in the area that caused this, volcanic activity, and this will satisfy most everyone not understanding earthquakes. Those earthquakes were not harmonic. Harmonic earthquake activity are associated with volcanic activity. The depth is also too deep normally for volcanic rumblings, as volcanic earthquakes are usually shallow. The San Andreas could have relocked itself, this is why I am not overly confident of it breaking until another event occurs.

            The New Madrid Fault zone is being swarmed over by USGS and other government whomever by what copperhead was saying. There is so much that the government doesn’t tell anyone and how they will go to any measure to keep it quiet. Reminds me of the 2012 movie.

            As long as there are earthquakes being recorded people can get an idea where future earthquakes are coming by knowing the direction of moment of the plates and viewing this on a globe. This is where people lose the impact of what is going on by looking at the plates on a flat map, you just cannot see all the stress points. I say trying to see what is going on a flat map with plate tectonics is like trying to fix a car by taking a picture of what is wrong, you just don’t see it. Our eyes were meant to see things in a three dimensions, not a flat representation of it.

            • So if the pressure on the fault (BTW, you’re talking about two different faults) is being relieved with swarms of small quakes, how does the pressure build to a castastrophic level?

            • @ Malcolm Reynolds. These swarms are SYMPTOMS of something really severe going on, like a fever, coughing, sore throat, etc. of a bad flu. It would take tens of thousands of 5.0’s to relieve the energy build up of a 8.0. For each number increase in magnitude there is about 31 times more energy. Pressure builds to a breaking point through rock stress of massive plates rammed up against each other. Each year these plates are meant to drift anywhere from a fraction of an inch to several inches. When this drift is prevented enormous amounts of pressure build up.

              When a larger and or more dense plate is preventing another plate from moving, even more pressure builds up. In the case of the San Andreas it is being prevented from moving to the northwest by the Pacific plate and the North American plate like a triple trailer truck rammed against the side of a mountain. WHEN an opening is allowed for the San Andreas to move into it will. Or when something from the south is strong enough to push it loose it will. This is why when you have a 7.4 down south this is strong enough to help move it, but enough is the question.

              A dam or levee or dike that is ready to fail is the same way, as the pressure of the water is weight and forces to walls to collapse. The more water added the more weight and pressure. Pressure from the plates is tremendous on a relatively small area that is the San Andreas. It will break, the longer it goes the more severe it will be.

              The 7.4 earthquake also directed energy towards the New Madrid Fault as the San Andreas. This is the angle of drift of both plates. Certain earthquakes affect certain faults, just like when a peeble hits your windshield, the break it often strange and not what you would expect as the motion of the car moving further extends the break. This is the contours of the windshield and the motion of the car at work. Same thing with the surface of the planet.

            • He said “peeble”…LOL. Sorry B Informed,I had to get that in.

              What you say about the pressure and shifting of the plates, it all makes sense. I agree with your assessment or shall I say your determination of likely events. I too believe these “swarms” are like unto precursor warnings of a much larger event to come. That event could become the catalyst for the collapse of America as we know it.

            • I’m going to make a lil ol prophecy of my own.

              You earthquake nutters are wrong.

        • This is how Soros and company do it; they invest heavily giving the impression of a solid investment. Others do a bull run to the investment firm, then BAM, they pull the rug out. Taking their investment with earnings (other people’s money) out which drives the stock down.
          Soros and company are excellerating this movie.
          Warning: What happens when the gov’t pulls the plug on entitlements? The same as wallstreet, the people are left empty handed. That is why we prep.

        • Jim Cramer is an idiot and a tool. He is paid to say whetever he is told to say and does it happily. I had to watch him for a month back when I took micro and macro economics. Knowing NOTHING about finance, I followed some of his calls on one of those mock stock market programs and lost money every single time. I swear, his job is to glean money from average people by leading them all astray.

        • Just went to that site, all it has is this –Future of digital world subject of intense debate to determine if it really will be for everyone. what is supposed to be there? Or this more to see?

        • Members only access to article.

      2. I wouldn’t have a dime with any investment house. Not when segregated customer funds are no longer protected by the force of law. It used to be that people went to prison when they messed with segregated customer accounts. But not any more. John Corzine “lost track of” $1.6 billion at MF Global but he’s now been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

        I don’t have a dime in the stock or bond market. I have all my savings in gold and silver AND I’m close to being fully prepared.

        • “I don’t have a dime in the stock or bond market. I have all my savings in gold…”

          Remember 1933. You may not want to put all your trust in government either.

          • I personally doubt that the govt would try another gold confiscation. The difference this time is that gold is not the circulating medium of exchange, and I doubt there would be the compliance they had in 1933.

            • @ScoutMotto….

              “and I doubt there would be the compliance they had in 1933.”


              They can confiscate the gold along with the guns.

              Good luck with that one. I wouldn’t want to be on the detail that draws that assignment.

        • What makes you fully prepared? I really have no set amount of what I need, I just keep adding. I’m not sure if there would be a point that I say I am done. I’m not being sarcastic, just curious.

          • That is a perfect mindset. I have been a prepared person for many years. And it is a way of life and a fun hobby. I am to the point where I can say what is the next new toy. But I always remember to insure my basics are up to date and I remember (practice) how to “LIVE” without the cool stuff. The only way to be totally prepared is in your own mind and heart. The rest is extra.

            Do all you can. But remember to live. There will be life after “????????” It will just be different and I believe once it settles into place it will be better.

            • The new toys i am referring to are not xbox they are thermo flir eotech type units for my ar and fn. And a armored SUV.

          • My idea of fully prepared is being self sufficient. If you can sustain your life without govt help, you are well on your way. Gardening, power, water, making soap, hunting,security (what happens to your security when the bullets run out?) etc. Everyone should prepare for the worst, which IMHO would be NO electricity, no fuel.

            And BTW,you cannot be fully prepared, too many variables, but as a prepper, we should strive to get as close as we can!!!

        • C’mon, have some faith…sell your guns, gold, silver, and preps, and invest in the stock market. There’s no crash coming…

          • @JustMe,,,,yeah, maybe we could all pool our money and invest in Enron? Or, how about a car company? Hudson, Packard, Studebaker, Nash, Kaiser-Frazier, DeSoto ? Hey, I’m in!

            • Yeah! I heard Enron is awesome! Gimmie 10,000 shares!

        • Come on Barn Cart, not cleared, he gave obama a lot to get off the hook so he paid his price 🙂

      3. Sorry, topic not topice and the link has mysteriously been altered. What a mess we have.

        • thanks just saw that.

      4. Nothing to see here….move along, move along.

      5. Soros is behind this, big time.

        • He’s getting old and possibly maybe he’s losing his magic he once had. I would like to know anybody who would sellout human lives to profit off of that, if thats what happened, would love to knock his dentures clear out of his mouth. As typing this, heard on Hannity of fox he’s interviewing Rand Paul and talking about going back on gold standard, just a sentence on it. They are throwing a lot of hints out there. I’m taking about 90 percent of all my money this wednesday out of bank. if anything on news tomorrow real bad will get all out. I have to pay bills.

        • @Ohcumgache,,,,I’m thinking this is bigger than Soros. I’m looking at the elite in Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, who have the most to gain. Remember who made out when Lehman Bros. and Washington Mutual did a nose dive. But, the serious thing here, for people like you and me, is the mention of SWAT teams positioning, before the news is official. Given the FBI and Homies branding everyone a terrorist, a major bank collapse could be used as an excuse for a preemptive attack on patriots. I put NOTHING past these nazi scum. So, keep an ear to the ground over the next few days.

          • SWIFT,

            You may be right, but rest assured Soros knows what is going down and he will take full advantage of any financial crisis, as well as helping it come to full fruition.
            They are getting ready for something big and so should we. I put nothing past them either.

          • Swift, if the bank collapse becomes an excuse to go after us patriotic (terrorists) Americans, then they have officially declared war on us (We the People). Yet, even this swat threat becomes only a distraction and a means to see how we all react. Possibly to see if they need to contract UN troops for help or the majority will lay down without a fight.

      6. Looks like the four horsemen are coming close together ………….lol

        • Can you hear their hoof beats? It’s the King returning to claim His Kingdom. “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven”.

          • Yea, I hear them, loud and clear. A few things must happen before the King returns though. Like, WW3,which includes a third of mankind killed. Will it be a third of all whom are located within the central warzone(the river Euphrates) or a third of the earth’s current population? Only God knows; however, it will be a blessing, because it’s one of the last prophecies to be fulfilled before the new millenium can begin, when all things are set straight and no more financial worries.

      7. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, learning from your mistakes is part of life.

        Foresight is even more beautiful. Screwing them over before they can screw us over is the best part of life.

        Is James Gorman still Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley? Maybe they will take him to Bohemian Grove and do a real sacrifice on him as the scripted news is being delivered to the sheep.

      8. you bet screwing them before they can screw us is beautiful. There are only a percentage of people like us who prep and do this. IF we all could that would say something of all of us together, We got too many die hard liberals and many confused younger voters that really don’t know what freedoms they are loosing or hand to begin with. The young are niaeve and bullheaded. wish we could help them. They dont have a pot to piss in when things go south with food or weapons, many of them.

      9. Asking you guys a question! I was just thinking obama is going to do anything to remain in power. Is this something that his idiots could have created at a certain point and not QE3 but to convince the people we need this bailout to stop higher prices drought all bs to put us in the hole for good if the markets all crash here in America. Did they purposely have the markets crash to benefit him or if the markets crash and he orders certain money to be given here or there and if the house republicans vote this down or put them in a spot to make them look like the bad guys. YOu know what I’m saying? Or things go bad and riots break out from this market crash and this is the trigger point to get his riots going and martial law imposed?

        • It would be somewhat amusing to see all the congress critters who voted for the Patriot Act and NDAA marched off in cuffs and sent for mental evals. When that happens it is indeed game over for us.

      10. Does anyone have a link or resources to an article that was written during the rumors of the 2008 collapse of Bear Stearns? I would be curious to read what people were saying back then.

      11. The big boys on wall smell blood I believe and this could get ugly for the average hard-working American who still has a portion of their cash or retirement in this fake-ass stock market. I know some have restrictions on how much they can take out or borrow, but I would make sure that all avenues have been looked at in regards to withdrawl. There was a lesson learn during the last crash that those same billionares will not make again, and that lesson was getting caught with their pants down.

        In short, They are now seasoned whores…

        I personal have tuned the day to day stock market boogie and focused on preparing for life after the crash.

        The million dollar question from the sheeple is, “Where to invest to hedge agasint this storm”

        The million dollar answer from preppers, ” Remmington, Colt, Ruger, food, water and Toilet paper”

        Stay focus fellow preppers

        • Glock, Sig, FN, Barrett Pop Tarts, Fruit Juice and 2 Ply.

        • Gee all the folks with any kind of assets can stuff afew hundred thousand under their mattress. Great idea. looks like another event is being planned to kick off another financial crisis using Morgan Stanley. All being done with the Tarp and bailout money that the special people have been using to manipulate the stock market higher. There is no trading and no retail volume in the market which means just a few buys or sells can have a dramatic effect either up or down. Looks like they are going for check. No sure what the mate move will be but I guarantee that we commoners will not like it..

      12. Well, I’m going shopping I need some more preps. There are some good sales and coupons. Going to get 11 months worth of feminine products for $1. Also canned vegetables are on sale for 50% off, and there are coupons in the paper. Thankfully I don’t have any money in the bank.

        • Diesel is going up, so buy before the prices make a jump.

        • @ JL. You should be known as the coupon prepper, COOL!

        • Where are these sales? 11 months fem supplies for a dollar? common share your knowledge! We use coupons too but I didnt see that sale anywhere.

          • There is a coupon for $2.00 off Stayfree pads, on sale at Walgreens for $1.99. I have 11 coupons, but have to pay tax. I buy one paper a week to get the sales ads and coupons, the other coupons I get from friends, family and sometimes buy from “The Coupon Clippers.com”. Libby’s canned fruits and vegetables are on sale 50 percent off there is a coupon for $1.00 off 4. Also some yakisoba noodle coupons for $.50 off which doubles to make them free.
            I don’t work for the coupon website, I just like and trust it.

      13. I think in these days, the best investments are with Colt and Springfield, although Remmington has some nice accounts, along with Winchester.. Winners all the way
        I hear Sturm Ruger even has profit sharing..
        These investments have some people of great Caliber.

        never made a bad investment with any of these companies

        • VRF, don’t forget our friends at Mossberg, Glock, and Bushmaster.

          • Really? All those names and you both miss H&K?


            • Yes, Im sorry.. there are those investment groups too..never to be forgotten. The list goes on, my creative bone dried up. And I felt I was becoming redundant

            • HK makes fine weapons but have piss poor customer service.

      14. When the collapse hits us…and it will, most will still be unprepared for the most part. Grocery stores will be emptied in hours, ammo even more scarce, and let’s pray that we have enough water. That will be the clincher. Gas I think will be there, but it is whether or not we can afford it. If Obama is reelected, no hope for this country’s survival. If Romney gets in, the impact at the end of the fall might be lessened I hope. Drug war needs to come to a halt, the DOE, EPA, and DHS are all gov’t entities we could do without. Foreign aid….forget about it. We have enough problems. The real problems in this country are not being addressed, so I expect more of the same. It will eventually blow up in our faces. Scary times……..

        • CuzzJim when SHTF I’d rather have a mormon (preppers mostly) in charge then a pot head fascist pretending to be a socialist….

          • Mr. Jim—point noted, but with all due respect, obama ain’t “pretending.” He’s a real deal, in-your-face Marxist.

            The tragedy is that, in the classic dumbing down of America, the weak sheep have fallen for the silk tongue snake before our very eyes.

          • He is not pretending

        • Dont forget low tech firms like,


          • Hoyt too!

      15. Two songs come to mind- Buffalo Springfield: For what its worth and CCR: Bad Moon Risen. Anyone think it will make it to the elections? Finish your home defenses and get it while you can, the run on the stores will start soon very soon, no one wants to be in the stores when that starts. GET IT OUT OF THE BANKS NOW!

        • @ copperhead. Remember what I said about the New Madrid Fault, watch the Caribbean plate as a plate that affects it? Well, that 7.4 in El Salvador was on the western portion of it. You seem to have a head’s up on what is going on around the New Madrid zone. I bet there is a whole a lot more action going on from the USGS and others after this. They know what just happened and they should be out in force. It will be interesting to see how much and if there is different type of activity going on. The New Madrid, if it goes off like 1812, good bye U.S. economy like a boulder hucked off a cliff.

          • Most likely the New Madrid quake of 1812 was a result of the rebound of the earth as the weight of the ice from the last ice age has been removed. The uplift is still going on with the Great Lakes in the process of disappearing, not in our lifetimes and who knows by then the ice may be back. The interglacial warming phase has about run it’s course if real scientists are to be believed. Enjoy the warm while we can.

            • @ John W. I kind of equate the New Madrid fault zone to something that has been welded together, as this was once a major plate boundary like the borders between the Austrailian plate and the Pacific plate. These areas are a lot less put together and strong as people think they are. The North American plate is drifting west and the Pacific plate is drifting northwest towards the Asian plate. Here is the really interesting thing about this. If you take the three dimesional globe and take a flat tape measurer or a string and take the it from the junction points in which these meet and follow the stress line from the drift of the Pacific plate you go right through the New Madrid fault.

              The New Madrid fault because of the direction of the drift of the plates is still undergoing a lot of stress in an area that has been fused together. It is kind of like the axle of a car away from the stress points of the joints of it. I have many times heard about glacial rebound, yet this phenomenon does not exist in Europe where the ice was just as thick or thicker. It can be an additional force, certainly, but the cause is probably not. Europe has a different set of angles at which ancient faults are affected. The New Madrid fault has a totally different shear factor working against it from the northwest and the south with the Caribbean and Cocos plate.

              The glacial period was over 10000 years ago and the glacial rebound would certainly be a factor for a couple thousand of years, but when it broke in grand fashion 3 times 10000 years+ after this glacial period it probably didn’t that much bearing on it. This could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. On a flat map you cannot see the tremendous shear factor that is going on with the plates. The science community often dismisses large earthquakes away from plate boundaries, but does not see just how much stress can affect the center of an object. The plates are doing just this on the New Madrid Fault, and it is much easier to see this on globe in a three dimensional view.

            • We are keeping you busy BI…But we REALLY appreciate your knowledge!!! You keep mentioning the Madrid fault line and have been for months, and have said that an earthquake doesn’t just happen, you have to get LOTS of little earthquakes before the big one (like what is happening in CA now).

              I’ve only seen mayb3 3 small earthquakes around the madrid area, so why do you think it’ll be active any time soon? Sorry if you’ve already answered this, but dumb it down a little for me…THANKS

            • @ you don’t need to know. The reason for the likelihood of action on the New Madrid fault system is the 7.4 on the Caribbean plate and the increased action on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. If you draw a line on a globe away from the New Madrid Fault you will see how these areas are places where the energy will focus from. It tells that the North American plate is on the move when there are earthquakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The North American plate and Pacific plate affect the New Madrid fault system like the center point of an axle on a car is affected by the joints and suspension systems.

              The Caribbean plate is a compression point between the Nazca plate west of South America, the South American plate, the Cococ plate, and the North American plate. When you get earthquakes here the energy is redirected to other weak points, the San Andreas and the New Madrid Fault as two of them. Think of it like billards where one ball is launched at a certain angle and the force of this hits the other balls and they go in directions in which the break was directed.

          • Be informed: Did you see my post to you about taking readings on all bridges big and small on the east side of ILL. Along State Route 1 from I-70 south, They are taking reading on top and underneath for some reason.

            • BI: Forgot to say these van’s where all white with US GOV TAGS, nothing else on them.

            • @ copperhead. I sure did see your post on this. I was wondering after this 7.4 in El Salvador if you will see even more “government” activity, because they know what just happened. White vans with just US GOV tags on them, it figures. I get so sick and tired of this f’en sh&* that the government hides from everyone. This is one reason I am trying so desperately to predict earthquakes, because the government knows the focal points of the energy and likely places of earthquakes and they are not telling anyone, EVER.

              It doesn’t even matter to them that so many people could try to prepare like a hurricane, it just doesn’t matter. They simply will tell the public that they cannot predict earthquakes at all. If I can, they sure as hell can. There is a good reason why people are so paranoid about the government and don’t trust it at all, real good reasons.

              Please let us all know what else you see in the area, I suspect after this large quake in the Caribbean that affects the New Madrid and San Andreas that the GUV will be more active in their monitoring of what is happening.

          • Hello B.I.

            What is the connection of the British V.I. swarm to the El Salvadore quake?? The Brawley,CA quakes are still rolling in this morning!

            What do you think of the new USGS earthquake site??

            Yes, I agree that a major New Madrid quake will be worse than any Wall Street theft.

            Thank you for your comments.


            • @ Montana Mike. The Virgin Islands are on the same plate, the Caribbean plate, as the El Salvador earthquake. I thought actually this area is much more prone to a really big earthquake, as the eastern part of it is undergoing much stress from the South American plate and North American plate colliding with the Nazca plate to the west. Yes the North American plate is affecting the Nazca plate through the Cocos plate. I gave 14 locations to watch out for large earthquakes and I gave the Caribbean plate as one of them, which it happened two days ago, but even more so the eastern flank of it which includes the Virgin Islands and Puetro Rico as danger spots. If you have friends or family in these areas, watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge for activity as a precursor to something in the future.

            • I can’t help but think back to some of the predictions made by Edgar Cayce. Could it be?

              Edgar Cayce forecast that Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and would be gone, Japan as well, and Europe would be completely changed “in the twinkling of an eye.” The Mississippi area of the United States would not fare so well. The Mississippi would become quite wide and the Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico through it. Carolina and Georgia are also slated for disappearance. Some central states in the United States will be somewhat alright like the Illinois Ohio, Montana areas, while Canada has large portions of undisturbed area too. The western part of Canada is going to have challenges though. Edgar Cayce also predicted that there would be volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the southern hemisphere more than the northern hemisphere. Land masses within the seas will arise to become islands and continents of their own.

              Cayce says that the East Coast of the United States will be disturbed, the west coast will literally disappear, and all coastal and close to sea level land all over the world will be under water. It looks like the Rocky Mountains will be the new coastal mountains in the United States. Anyone who was thinking that Nevada would be beach front property, it will be under water. Colorado doesn’t fare too well even though the Rockies runs through it, it’s elevation in general is still not high enough to stay above water entirely once the new land masses rise out of the oceans.

            • @ don’t tread. I am not sure about Edgar Cayce, but there was something I read once that was extremely interesting. Many people think of the lost continent of Atlantis was simply part of Greece that a volcano took out. Other think that it was off the coast of the Bahamas. Still others think it was part of an isalnd chain off of Italy. I have always wondered, as this article that I read, was Atlantis actually Antarctica.

              The six continents right now have been well explored, but Antarctica has not been. They say the ice cores samples are quite old, but are there? If the planet shifts on its axis then Antarctica could have been more climatical liveable at one time, as it could have been where Australia is now. Upon an axis shift the continent of Antarctica would have been where it is today and would have started to build ice upon this shift. It could be buried under 2+ miles of solid ice. The time frame of Atlantis is suppose to be around the end of the last ice age.

              Of course Atlantis could have been a made up fable, don’t know. I was watching a program about how after thousands of years all records of mankind would be dissolved into the environment, with the last two being the faces of Mt Rushmore and the Hoover Dam being the last to go. Perhaps if Atlantia existed all of what was, has been eroded back into nature. Cayce thought that Atlantis would rise up in the Atlantic ocean one day. If this happens forget about it for human civilization.

              There is sure has been an increase of volcanic activity and earthquakes. The plates are either ready to position themselves for rapid movement towards where they are going toawrds, OR there is going to be a real tug a war and a push and push more ramming contest for the plates.

      16. if anyone can find out what the ptb controlling whores in d c are doing with thier stocks it would be a sure thing, i know a lot of them made or saved a fortune on the last bail out, of course they deny all of it. if they are moving heavy in stocks you know the jig is up.

      17. This time around my guess is that they they will use a cyber-terror false flag to camouflage the real financial collapse. That will provide all the cover and protection the elites will need to get their money out the back doors and get away scot-free (and then shut down the net). The MSM has already been prepping the public for this. Writing’s on the wall.

        • They will blame anonymous if there is a cyber false flag.

        • MoneyMike–I did read this a few months ago..that a cyber-terror hacking type thing will be used as an excuse to run out on all debts, esp. to China.

      18. With what is happening around the world, I can’t see a mid to lower level investor having money in the financial laundry casinos. Every one of them have shakey dealings in their accounting depts. With the market currently flat-lining, I’ll invest with family prepping. As for speculation on who’s going under, I’ll leave that to shysters….too busy canning fruit to GAS & not vested to care.


        There’s something I really do not honestly understand about AmeriKa … How can so many 100’s Hundreds of 1,000,000’S Millions Intelligent people College educated some even worldly street smart people be soooooo Enslaved BRAINWASHED by sooooooo Few just a Few 1000 Thousand people around the globe ???

        Our Society is Literally controlled manipulated enslaved by Greed … illegal Bribes and u.n. zog fedgov illegal unconstitutional irs Grants and Tax Breaks from the Very People Controlling Manipulating Enslaving deliberately Killing us All with poisons in our medicines , air , waters and foods … AND YET WE ALL DARE NOT DISTURB IT , STAND UP TO IT, WE FEAR IT an DO NOTHING !!!

        I simply Do Not Understand how So Many can be Enslaved by So Few …


        • That started with breaking the spirit of the “greatest generation” with the Great Depression, then shoving them into an instigated world war. All along, they dared not question anything, and they simply handed the entirety of Western Civilization over to the parasites.

          The, they sat through decades of brainwashing, theough controled media, TV in particular, and told they needed no self discipline, just eat, shop, be entertained, rubber-stamp the figureheads we allow you to. The parasites have done well, destroying America, just as they destroyed numerous civilizations before ours.

          There are some really good books out there on Psywar, Mind Control, Mass Hypnosis, etc. Fascinating reading, most of the things done to destroy America come from very basic techniques.

          But, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

          • @JustMe ;0) … thank you … well said .

            • You’re welcome.

              One more thing, one of the parasites once told me:

              “Your people are so easily led.”

              In other words, they have taken major advantage of our people’s inherent good nature, gullability, and fear of being ostricized. Add to that, feeding people’s vices, and greed, etc.

          • Please allow me to chime in on this one.

            They took away the authority of the parents by laws that were to protect children, actually inhibited parents from teaching them there are consequences for doing wrong. The act of parenting was forever damaged. What was considered as correcting a child forty years ago would be considered child abuse today.
            There is no responsibility for their actions and no work ethic installed at an early age. Taking out the trash, cleaning thier rooms or cutting grass.
            You see children run around the stores, screaming and yelling and the parent just ignores the behavior.
            These are are future adults.
            The educational system is a joke. In my area the students could not pass the state exam. So they lowered the passing grade and fixated only on the material of the test. Instead of a better curriculum or better teachers. I have never had as many “Teacher Days” off as they do today. Awhile back they hired this, “Hot Shot” school superintendent for 3 million dollars over a period of years and he fulfilled half his contract and was fired for doing a poor job. Yes, we paid the rest of his wages to get rid of him.
            Ever wonder why the parents can not help thier children with thier homework? They can’t. The substitution of more Politically Correct subjects instead of enhancing History, Math, and Science ensures a Dumb Down Society. I agree the greatest babysitting tool ever devised is the televsion. A devise that that can be educational is turning our children into mush heads with hardly any imaginative skills or critical thinking. These are our future voters. The cycle is so entrenched that I do not think we can pull out of it. On one side we will have those who will recieve a good education but many are doomed to the mundane system.
            They control the Money.
            They control Education.
            They control the Government.
            They control the News Media.

            They control our lives.

            • ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!

        • Nina could you please just try to speak normal English. I think I want to thumb up this comment by I can really understand it. And since you are on a site of like minded people the extreme propaganda is not necessary to win us over. Simple English will work.

          For once I am not trying to hammer you I would just like to understand your statements lately. They are getting a little unorganized. Are you OK? I am not joking with the that question.

          • @facebook page ;0) … i can’t trick you ;0p !

            just planting seeds is all , just planting seeds !

            take care . ~n.o.

          • @facebook page … Since you asked nicely , I’ll clarify for you what the second part was meant to state … I do apologize for not sentence structure spell checking prior to posting . —————————————————

            Our Society is Literally controlled manipulated enslaved by Greed … BY CORPORATE financial political Illegal Bribes and u.n. AGENDA 21 U.N. zog fedgov PROGRAM Grants TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS COLLEGES and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL ILLEGAL UN-RATIFIED IRS Tax Breaks FOR the Very EVIL People CORPORATIONS ORGANIZATIONS Controlling Manipulating Enslaving deliberately Killing us All with poisons in our medicines , air , waters and foods … AND YET WE ALL DARE NOT DISTURB IT , STAND UP TO IT, WE FEAR IT an DO NOTHING !!!


            That’s how it should of read ! I just got mentally lazy lost focus in transferring my thoughts to type . Apologies to All !


            • Thumbs up that i understand and can respect

            • Nina, I don’t think putting more words in caps counts as clarification. I really think to get your point across you need to put a pzzzzzt!!! In there too.

            • @MamaBear ;0) … too right ! ;0P pssszzt !!!

              @FaceBookPage ;0) … Thank You again for the Intervention !!!

              and Thank You too Everyone Else Posting … We All seem to have Formed by Personal Volunteerism …

              “Our Own Prepper Peeple Powered Think Tank and Mental Hive !”

              Pretty Awesome , Powerful when you look at the Big Picture !!!


        • @Cocopuff, I couldn’t agree more!!!! IT’s when the govt takes entitlements away where people will riot. The middle class people aren’t doing anything bc we are too dumbed down with all the shit on TV, and YEARS of being told NOT to do something bc it’s bad and you’ll get in trouble. THe people on entitlements dont’ have that mentality, they are going to be PISSED when those checks don’t come in the mail!!!!

        • The reason is No one wants to be that first guy to start it, no one feels any TRUE Unity. No one feels that when they stand they will be one of many instead of the only one.

          Lets just face it no one got this dudes balls here yet ( not this site but the country sorry.)

          • Even on this site they still need to grow some to get to the size he has. We still have away to go if we ever want to be a force to be reckon with.

          • That’s hitting the nail on the head.
            Unfortunately everyone fears the government and what they can do to you (even those of us who prep to survive and are prepared to resist the tyranny when SHTF).
            It’s always hardest being the first person to take a stand against seemingly
            Insurmountable odds even if it’s for a good cause.
            For example, if Isaac slams New Orleans the way Katrina did, it would be great if a bunch of preppers/patriots went down to NO and give aid, bring food, supplies, etc.
            It could be seen as a combination of an act of extreme kindness and unity as Americans and an act of defiance in the fact that the preppers would probably start helping out the hurricane victims before the government even came up with a plan to help them.
            It could be one of those rare “good” news reports about Americans helping Americans!

            …but the reality is that the minute the group of preppers got into the city they’d probably be arrested, have their supplies confiscated, and possibly be shot as looters.

            It’s almost a case of “why even bother taking the chance?”….and we’re talking about doing something nice like providing aid, not starting a revolution or anything.

            There is too much fear to be the person who takes the first step to make things better no matter how small. And I don’t blame them while we’re living under a government that can and will do anything tey please with no reprecussions.

        • It prolly has something to do with nutbags (Yep, right here in the comments on this page too) running around talking about govt conspiracies to kill us with earthquakes and the like.

        • Of course, it prolly also has something to do with you spouting off like a nutbag.

      20. Its been feeling allot like 2008 again…

        get ready for the ride…

        the Watcher

      21. It’s not “if”, it’s when…..

      22. “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A.Lindbergh Sr.,1913

        I’m willing to wager TPTB will make thier power play this year. They see discontent all around, but see ultimate power within thier grasp. They have come so close, they are not likely to let go, but do anything they think will keep them in power. Even if they drop Obummer, and install Mittens, they will continue thier agenda.

        • Pretty much the Endgame is that they want all the marbles and the power of life & death over their “slaves”. The constant erosion of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” displays it well.

        • If TPTB want Romney in office, expect a crash before the election. If TPTB want Obama, the crash will wait until after the election.

        • YEP….The “enemies of America” control the money supply & both candidates for Pres, I’m sorry to say….Obummer only a puppet….IF Mit wins will he have the GUTS to reverse evil acts like NDAA (Natl Defense Authorization Act) ???

      23. …..get a rope…….

        • Or a fork: EAT THE BANKERS.

          • NOTE TO SELF WHEN SHTF AND SUPPLIES RUN LOW STAY AWAY FROM CANNIBALS ( eyes netranger and the fork ) 🙂

      24. Just did an ammo inventory:
        17k-.22 longs
        Going to make a few more bulk purchases, and can check ammo off the list….

        Keep on keeping on!

        • Wt are you going to use next weekend.

          • tampas calling southern boy.. goodbye.

        • @Wallydog,,,I expect you’ll be getting a call from the “Doomsday Prepper show” on TV.

          • Why so they can video a weekend at a Tac Range.

        • Might go up on the 12. Largest & heaviest shot load you can get or make.
          Just a observation & past experience. 12ga most common among civilians & LEO.

          • He needs to add 2 Zeros to each and And 3 to the 22. I am not starting a fight. Just the honest truth.

          • Good advise…Slow and steady.

        • Can you spare a few rounds of ammo for a fellow American who’s down on his luck?

        • You are a fool to post that.

          • I have to agree. He’s either blowing smoke or completely hidden away or a total idiot.

            • He’s in Virginia. Would you like to see his photo?

            • At this point, let me express my regret that we lost ALL our .223 ammo in an ice fishing incident gone horribly, horribly awry.

            • Bite Me!

          • Why? I don’t spend my time looking in my mirror for the boogy man…It’s OK to own ammo!!

            • And if for one second you dont think “They” now where you and your stuff is. You are just lying to yourself. So can be hidden but if you are just posting on this site as you did you are all ready on the database so why worry about it.

              Wally Dog I am glad you took my comment about quantity as I meant it. You will need much more than you stated. Training, Use, Fun, Trading and for commerce.

              Ido watch for the boggy man (Zombies) But it is the humans that scare the piss out of me.

        • The only thing you left out was your 8 digit grid coordinant.

        • TMI, Wally – TMI!!!

        • Rule number one of Fight Club is to never talk about Fight Club.

          Why do nutbags insist on posting their stuff on the web? Is it bravado? Is it stupidity?

          • First just to piss you off..

            Second, I am not afraid of an LEO, as I spend much of my time shooting and hunting with the local LEO firearms instructor.

            Many of them are my friends.

            Third, most the guys I have as part of my group are better supplied than I in both wepons and ammo.

            Forth, I live in the boonies, and have a range on my 60 acre retreat. We shoot alot, I was just trying to make the point…You can never have enough ammo.

            Some of you need to lighten up and take your meds!

            • You dont piss me off in the least. You dont possess that type of power.

              Good luck with that. My money says the milt turns you and your dopey friends into cannon fodder without blinking and your wives into meat receptacles in the type of scenario this article describes.

              Me thinks you should buy a clue the first chance you get.

          • Plus he will use it up this weekend.

            • Amen…I like makin’ holes in stuff!

      25. Obummer White House: A Fully Owned Div. of Goldmun Such

      26. Greetings Everyone!
        Now that the guy at MF global can “take the money and run”,I’m suspecting that we’ll see many more such antics.It won’t matter which house(s) of finance go under,just where YOUR money is at.It’s just like we see 20 “weather forecasters/news reporters” on TWC repeating the same stuff on ONE weather system over and over 24 hours a day while there’s weather to report on worldwide being avoided.One of many crooked financial “houses”(whore houses for TPTB perhaps?)finally running out cash and failing should be a nonevent to folks here.Sheeple will try to avoid hearing the truth at all costs.
        It’s part of natural selection.I tried to get people I know to be aware of coming attractions,but to no avail.At least my hands are clean when it comes to telling folks the truth.I think most folks here would agree that they have tried and (mostly) failed to warn Sheeple too.When things get truly FUBAR I suspect we’ll be far too busy avoiding the PTB and their “FEMA” camps and the desperate animals that the SHEEPLE will have turned into.
        All the Best

        • You can lead sheeples to truth, but you can’t make em’ think…

          • @JustMe ,,,,,is that like: You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead. Oliver Hardy

        • I once heard a speaker say this: “Your worst enemy could be your unprepared neighbor”…….

      27. Print baby Print- maybee we can prop up this economy to make it to My reelection ‘then I will have more flexabilty. (SARC)

        • No, that’s what he was caught on video sayintg:

          “President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

          President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

          President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

          President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

      28. Mac, Long story short… I had a friend in media some years back. I brought up the idea of begining the news or ending the news broadcast with “Good news”. They laughed and quickly explained to me that only doom and gloom kept the viewers attention. This was back in 1982!!!! Are you prepared to bring us some highlight or “Good news” once a week! Or are we going to pump nothing but bad news all day. Hey, please keep in mind I read your web every day. I just think that there is some good news out there. For example. “Prepper helps out those in need after hurricane” You get my drift?. And for all those hate bitches. “Not you Kevin” Go ahead with you thumbs down. Oh yeah!!!! First to bring it up…LOL

        • thanks for the feedback… from time to time i try to run a good story, or a general prepper story, or a fun picture or video… i don’t do it enough and will try to make that happen more often.

          • I thought maybe we get this collapse over with soon and my kids get a shot at a free country to me that is the good news.

            • Fantastic Statement. Let get it over with for all the of our children.

      29. P.S. F Cramer

        • Absolutely…They are all paid shills for Wall St. Although I do like Rick Santelli rants once in a while.

      30. As for lambs being led to the slaughter, my favorite book of all time is Eric Hoffer’s “True Believer”. Reason enough to steer clear of religious cults, political parties, and anybody that claims to have “The Answer”.

        Bottom line: most Americans long ago lost the capability of critical thinking. Most question nothing. The media is a farce. Any wonder why we are on the verge of collapse?

        • Ralphieboy,,,,,,I read it. I also read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Both had a timely message for today’s world. I’m jealous of their foresight.

      31. heading up north before the traffic gets to thick hit the road

      32. “You’ve now heard the rumor. You’ve been following the news. The decision is in your hands.” Mac Slavo

        “If you don’t understand what ‘get the hell out’ means, there’s not much I can do for you.” Ann Barnhardt

        ‘Nuf said.

        • its like a horror movie. Hmmm shit is flying around the house I just got pushed down the stairs and im home alone, MAYBE I will go look in the dark attic now that the power has gone out!

      33. Let us count just a few of our “blessings” due to our blessing those who call themselves Jews.
        Let’s start off with the cornerstone of the Jewish destabilization template which is their total control of the creation of our currency.
        This inures our perpetual debt to the Jewish owned Federal Reserve. Debt based currency is based on USURY.
        That is something the Zionist Gentile dupes never seem to think about because their love of Biblical truth has been replaced by idolatry of “The Chosen Ones” and their methods of systemic corruption.
        Thanks Jews!
        We have endless wars to be thankful for, pornography, rampant sexual diseases, the promotion of homosexuality, ever increasing taxes due to eternal debt, wide open borders, the lucrative kosher food scam, NO control over our political process, off shored factories/jobs, and NO control over our own foreign policy.
        Thanks Jews!
        We have chemtrails, contaminated vaccines, environmental destruction, GIANT MENORAHS, No public displays of Christian symbols, psychotrophic prescription drug addiction, genital mutilation/circumcision, and dual citizens running our government.
        Thanks Jews!
        We have Jewish controlled education systems as well as media, banking/finance, medical, and food supply systems.
        This is just a warm up of all of our “blessings.”
        You are SO special Jews! Where would we be without you?
        Living under Talmudic global governance is going to be great don’t you think

        • I see Stormfront has decided to make use of this site.

        • theguyfrommichigan,

          What pray tell, could we thank you for? Blame is a way to absolve yourself from guilt and cast a shadow upon your fellow man. Look to yourself for accountability and take it like a man. No adult is innocent of everything but the corrupt guilty take full advantage of the sins that are introduced through man. If someone put a book of pornography in front of you, would it be their fault if you looked at it? No one religion or race is responsible for every bad thing, man himself is responsible for taking advantage of the bad things and yet he is the first to blame others.

          If any or all of what you say is true then they will be judged in the end, just a you and I will.

        • In my world, we call you either an anti-semite, or the precursor to Naziism.

          But seriously, let me respond to you exactly with what your post deserves.

          LMFAO!! …idiot.

        • Shouldn’t you be referring to the “Zionists” rather than just the Jews?? OR is it the KHAZSRS (sp?) who seem to be the most selfish & greedy ??

      34. Too bad it won’t be the House of Rothschild.

      35. there has been a chorus of “imminent disaster’ over the last few years

        one in particular of which AJones narrated was the porter stansberry end of america nonsense over and over and over again..

        and nothing occurred at all..nothing.

        just whom can we actually trust nowadays since the “sky is falling”scenario is beyond absurd at this point?

        it appears the only ones benefiting from all this are the financial doom and gloom precious metals and websites promulgating fear exponentially ad nauseum..

        I’ll quietly keep prepping and stacking

        and keep my what little cash I have out of the banks

        cause the ptb will not give us advance warning whatsoever


        • Possee

          I agree totally. Little by little filling the house with the supplies that even if there is not a total collapse the prices of these goods will be out of reach for many of us.

          Keeping any spare cash, no matter how little, safely in the house so that when the banks don’t open I can spend what I have before the shops are empty and can’t be refilled.

          God help us all because what’s coming is going to destroy many, many people.

          Take care

      36. VIDEO: Feds Using Downtown Minneapolis As Black Hawk Training Zone…


        also posted on Drudge Report

      37. In the immortal words of Bill Hicks –

        “Go back to sleep America, your government is in control. Go back to sleep America, you are FREE to do what WE tell you! Look here, it’s American Gladiators!”

        • Give them bread! Give them Circus!

      38. China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, I assume they will get their bushels first.
        Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain…just in case. But, that is not the case now.

        As of 2008, the “U.S. strategic grain reserve contained only enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the approximately 300 million people in the United States.”

        This information is 4 years old. With the drought, I wonder what the current situation is?

        US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low (AAM Concerned with CCC Inventories)

        • I read about two years ago there was no food stored- NONE-in the silos.
          The author said there is a law that for national emergencies 3 days of food are to be stored for all family households–nothing–not one grain.

      39. It’s going to get much worse. This is just another warning signal for the sheeple. Which they will likely ignore!

      40. Mac: Thank you for another excellent article. GC: Thank you for those quotes from E. M. House; he was right on the money; no pun intended. Slingshot: you’re absolutely correct about the tragic state of children in America today and their parents are no better. When TSHTF, those are the kind of people who will be crying, “BIG BROTHER, BIG BROTHER, COME TO OUR RESCUE; only problem is that Uncle Sugar won’t be there for them, at least not initially. The entitlement mentality will be only part of the downfall of this country. it’s going to end tragically for so many. I’ve never invested in stocks or any of that crap. I always have and still put my money into the things that REALLY COUNT THE MOST; things that help me to survive adverse situations. I buy only what I NEED; I don’t buy any useless junk. Food, water, water purification supplies, medical supplies, sensible clothing, guns’ ammo, camping equipment,etc.; things that help me TO STAY ALIVE; that’s all I really care about. Everyone keep getting what you need while these FRNs will still buy something.

      41. Greetings Everyone!
        Thanx Mac for your articles!
        Are they happy ones?
        What does a bear do in the woods?
        What do the folks in D.C. do?
        Your “happy ads” here make up for the news we read.
        They give us choices/chances we wouldn’t have otherwise..
        On a lighter note…
        We’re ALL still alive here and glad of it(at least yours truly is)!
        That’s a stat that makes up about 95% of the news we care about every morning.
        Best to All
        Do You have YOUR towel yet(ask Bert about it)?


      43. A wise man foresees the evil, and hides himself. The simple pass by and are punished. Bullets and seeds won’t save you, observing and doing what the Lord commands in the Bible will (making your way very prosperous). While all the preps are good and they may in time be helpful; the gun toters alarm me. I would agree with Bob Dylan, “Don’t want to shoot nobody, don’t want to be shot.” Better we should all just get along and learn how to work and pray. Spiritual warfare, the best and most powerful weapon to bring down strongholds and to change the tide of the battle. Aaahhhh, sweet deliverance from mine enemies. In this mountain, Zion, the Lord will remove the veil that is cast over all peoples.

      44. Hi!, Patrons Of SHTFPlan.com Et Al:

        We perhaps need to become very creative in todays’s world: we could send executive suie type bomb shelters to the Palestinians & the Israles alike, because we know what happens when there’s no love between Nations don’t we? Such proper planning could make a BIG difference in the outcome huh? These should be sent ananamously of coarse so that we never get involved in gratutities right? We could be missinterpreted regards our motives too? The survivors though would have a chance to plan their second attacks and so forth?

        RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA (One Of The Broke States)
        [email protected]

        • Are u retarded? Don’t post this crap ever again.
          Israel IS the chosen people and don’t forget it!!!!!

      45. Re: Earthquake Info. Live in North Central IL, last weekend, pictures/clock fell off the wall and plates on wall rattled. We had a tremor, not mentioned in news. Something did move under IL weekend of 8/25-8/26.

      46. I took my money out of the stockmarket back in 2008 & have been reading articles that talk of a ‘market crash’. It’s coming sooner than later. It just cannot continue going past 13,000 pts. while the rest of the world is crashing.

      47. Other nations and alliances such as BRICS are taking over the world economy. There is rumor of them coming out with a Gold backed world currency to replace the US Dollar. Meanwhile the G8 and West has not learned from prior collapses caused by corrupt Bankers and Politicians. It looks like another market crash larger than any before could be months if not weeks away. Most of us are in denial and not prepared for scenes crazier than the ones of Katrina unfold on TV with empty shelves in supermarkets and people fighting over the last gallon of gas at the pumps.
        The 99% VS the 1% – A battle to be fought and won with truth and unity! Don’t you think the corruption, theft and wars have gone on long enough? Now is the time to join forces with those you would not normally consider. We really need to put aside our ideological differences and focus on our common enemy of corruption. If we can do that we can pool our resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and many other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us bumping heads with each other. We the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.
        JOIN US, this is YOUR cause too (Click the “LIKE” button and spread the word): http://www.facebook.com/BankAndPoliticianFinancialCorruption

        • You need to do what they did in Italy – create a movement – the five star movement, this has exceeded all expectations

      48. Can anyone answer this question for me. It is my understanding that the global elite have caused these problems and that they have made trillions upon trillions, if this is true could the American Goverment not arrest these people and take back the money they have made trying to implode countries or are the Goverment part of it all?

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