While Censoring Voices, Facebook Let Big Tech Companies Read & Delete Private Messages

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    While in the middle of a full-blown censorship scandal and other issues, Facebook has been caught allowing Big Tech companies the ability to read your private messages sent via the social media platform. Private messages and personal data were given to companies such as Netflix, and Spotify.

    This raises even more concerns about Facebook. The “intrusive access” to the personal data of its 2.2 billion users may have violated an agreement Facebook previously made.  In some instances, private messages, usernames, and contact information were given to other companies raising questions about whether the social media company ran afoul of a 2011 consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, reported Fox News.

    The arrangements are detailed in a blockbuster New York Times report which is based on over 270 pages of internal Facebook documents and interviews with about 50 former company employees. These secretive arrangements were ostensibly meant to benefit Facebook’s never-ending push for growth and enable the companies it works with to add features to their products to improve them. However, the findings underscore just how much power the Menlo Park, California-based company wields over the data of its users.

    Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of almost all Facebook users’ friends without consent and gave Netflix and Spotify access to Facebook users’ private messages, according to the in-depth New York Times report.  The Mark Zuckerberg-led company allowed Amazon to get users’ names and contact information through their friends and permitted Yahoo to view streams of friends’ posts.

    Facebook also reportedly allowed Spotify, Netflix, and the Royal Bank of Canada to read and delete users’ private messages and to see all participants on a thread. -Fox News

    The deals detailed in the internal documents benefited over 150 companies at the expense of users private data, private messages, and overall human dignity.  That includes some entertainment sites, automaker, and media organizations. Their applications gathered the data of hundreds of millions of people per month, with the oldest deal dating to 2010 and most deals still active as of 2017. Facebook denies the allegations, however, and that’s not a big surprise.

    “To put it simply, this work was about helping people do two things. First, people could access their Facebook accounts or specific Facebook features on devices and platforms built by other companies like Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, and Yahoo. These are known as integration partners. Second, people could have more social experiences – like seeing recommendations from their Facebook friends – on other popular apps and websites, like Netflix, The New York Times, Pandora, and Spotify,” Facebook said in a statement posted to its blog, about this new scandal.

    Additionally, Facebook noted in its blog post that users would’ve had to sign in with their Facebook account to use any integration offered by Apple, Amazon or other partners.”Still, we recognize that we’ve needed tighter management over how partners and developers can access information using our APIs,” the company said in its statement. “We’re already in the process of reviewing all our APIs and the partners who can access them.”


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      1. Again have to ask:

        Why would anyone in their right mind find it necessary to use Facebook or any other social media?

        • Anonymous, agreed about social media. All of them can kiss my white a$$.

        • get tech out of your life

      2. will someone please throw Zuckerberg into prison!! From the beginning I warned people I knew, saying…”Facebook is NOT what you think it is”. A true case of wishing I’d been dead wrong. Any fool who uses it ….. well, they’re a fool. Double down on that as regards any Alexa or similar device. Including Cortana, Suri…..

        • And make it a real prison cell, not the Martha Stuart version.

        • Heartless

          “will someone please throw Zuckerberg into prison”

          Will Congress , Senate and the President create laws to regulate them like the public utility, break them up, and have them conform to the Bill Of Rights.

          • Zuckerberg (and company) is operating in an environment similar to that of the robber Barrons in the pre Sherman Anti Trust Act.

      3. Millenials are so addicted to the attention they receive from FB that their willing to ignore anything negative said about it..It’s all about receiving attention for Millenials..Take away a Millenials cellphone and their lost..A Millenials most prized possession is their cellphone..

      4. Historically the USA has tried to avoid allowing monopolies. The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, the Clayton Act of 1914, the breakup of AT&T in the 1980’s, sought to remove or breakup these giant companies. In recent decades politicians have looked the other way rather than take-on these behemoths. What is FACEBOOK, AMAZON, or GOOGLE, if they aren’t monopolies in their sectors of the economy?

        • Politicians are nearly all brought and paid for so they won’t use the legislation that already exists to deal with these entities.

      5. Not is but are

      6. Remove all technology from your life.
        Facebook-Twitter-Google all hate Christians and hate traditional American values. Google supports censorship in China. Why give your info and time to data pirates and Tech Mafia controllers?

        5G is a surviellence, control, KILL grid, BEAST system.
        5G and cell number, your IP address from computer target you.
        Satellites going up are microwave weapons along with that 5G.

        Will target your cell and IP address to kill you with microwave energy from 5G and from satellites above.
        The energy can literally cook your eyeballs and brain.

      7. All Facebook executives should be arrested and have their personal assets frozen along with ALL Facebook corporate assets.

        Ultimately a determination must be made whether to seize the company and facilitate a transfer of possession to a highly regulated corporate interim board until proper privacy regulations can be instituted. It may be necessary to collapse Facebook and scatter it to the wind and create a fund with the seized assets pending a class-action lawsuit in which the assets would be distributed to the users who’s rights were violated.

        All Facebook executives must serve lengthy prison terms and subsequently, per terms of any parole agreement, be forbidden from taking part in any social media or political activities for the remainder of their lives.


      9. FB censored my private message, to a small farmer.

        The Saunders’, botanists, had been fed to crocodiles, in South Africa.

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