While America Partied On Labor Day: “Obama Initiated Another MAJOR Redistribution Of Wealth”

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    obama-money2 obama-money

    Akin to a broken record, the Obama administration is “working” overtime, over the Labor Day weekend while the oblivious population continues to “enjoy its vacations,” mindless to what is occurring around them.  The broken record played before in this manner: with Obamacare being signed into law in 2010 just before the weekend, and the NDAA being signed by Obama via autopen while vacationing in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve of 2014.  The TPP was concluded over the weekend.  This is the new norm for the government: do as little as possible during the regular workweek, as “Dudley Do-Nothing,” and then morph into Snidely Whiplash over the weekend to unleash new, exciting, terrifying regulations and laws on the subjects (citizens, if you wish).

    This past weekend was no different, yet worse.  Saturday, September 3rd Obama attended the G-20 summit being held in China.  An article out of AFP written by Andrew Beatty and Tom Hancock entitled US, China Join Climate Deal in ‘Turning Point’ for Planet  A turning point it is indeed, with focus placed upon the United States.  Here is an excerpt that glowingly lauds Obama’s actions:

    Obama and his Chinese counter-part Xi Jinping handed ratification documents to UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who said he was now optimistic the agreement will be in force by the end of this year.  At a ceremony in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, Obama said climate change would “define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other challenge”. History would show that the Paris deal would “ultimately prove to be a turning point”, he said, “the moment we finally decided to save our planet”.  “There’s an American saying: You need to put your money where your mouth is. That’s what we’re doing.”

    He handed the “ratification documents” right over to the UN.  The article goes on to describe how the United States was going to hold itself responsible for the “lion’s share” of the world’s pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  Here are some more parameters:

    In its Paris commitment, the US promised to cut its own emissions 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.  For its part the White House is looking for the Paris accord to come into force during Obama’s tenure, in part to burnish his climate legacy, but also to ensure it is not derailed by the forthcoming US election.

    So, what is happening?  Obama has initiated another major redistribution of wealth, in this case to “developing third-world nations” in order to “take responsibility” for being one of the world’s major polluters…and “help” those nations to curb their own emissions. Coincidentally, the cited piece shows other reasons this is being done: to make Obama look “good” to the blind (“burnish his climate legacy), and do it before he’s out of office (“ensure it is not derailed by the forthcoming US election”).

    It is all nebulous, because the statistics for those third-world nations have already been doctored and even partially blamed on the U.S. for industries American firms have in those locations.  In reality it will allow the funneling of billions of dollars that cannot be accounted for in their entirety, as well as place a higher burden upon the stultified American public.  Those funds will be taken indirectly and directly: indirectly by increasing the pressure on American utilities and manufacturers through EPA and emissions enforcements, causing them to raise their rates and transfer the burden of Obama’s “putting his money where his mouth is” to the American citizen’s wallet, and directly through usage taxes and fees.

    The true “kicker” of the article is a summarized one sentence that reveals the broken record for what it is: a unilateral action by Obama against the will of the American people.  Here it is, straight out of the cited article:

    “The administration has been careful to structure the agreement so that it can be enacted by Obama under existing presidential authorities and without Congressional approval.”

    There we have it.  As with the actions first mentioned, anything to deny this measure to be put to a vote, as the American people drove to their barbeques and parties, prepared the children for another year of the brainwashing cycle that is about to commence this week, and out of the way of most of the mainstream media to keep it away from the public consciousness, not that the latter is difficult, mind you.

    Meanwhile in Massachusetts, the state attorney general, Maura Healey has begun another round of attacks on gun manufacturers.  This crusade is “for the interests of public consumer safety,” and her targets are gun manufacturers Remington and Glock.  She is demanding release of consumer complaints and other statistics that would normally be protected under existing privacy laws, as well as the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In an article written by Herschel Smith entitled Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey Attacks Gun Manufacturers, the “reasoning” behind such actions is described as follows:

    A Healey spokeswoman said the attorney general is asking gun manufacturers to turn over customer safety complaints because firearms are one of the only products not regulated by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission.   In May, she led a dozen attorneys general in calling on Congress to allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study gun deaths as a public health issue.  A day later, she spoke at a White House gun violence summit, where she decried the legal immunity Congress has granted to gun makers.  “This is the only product of its kind for which Congress has given the industry extensive freedom from liability,” she said at the White House. “That’s not right. The gun industry should be held to the same liability standards as the manufacturers and sellers of other consumer products.”

    Healey referred to gun violence as a “public crisis” and an “epidemic” to justify her crusade against the firearms industries, and use as further justification to involve the CDC and enable a tie-in with “mental health” issues and target specific groups such as veterans and vocal protestors of the government.  The situation here is also obvious:

    The Federal Government, wishing to tread lightly before the election is using the states (Healey is a Democrat) to indirectly institute bureaucratic controls and circumvent the 2nd Amendment in the eternal “interests of public safety” that can be tied into and used as justification for federal and/or executive actions to be conducted post-election.

    These are examples of how our rulers (formerly representatives) of the reign (formerly government) wait until the focus of the people is diverted from issues by bread and circuses before they strike.  Most Americans are counting upon the election to provide us with a Dudley Do-Right to cut the ropes holding Nell (the American people) to the railroad tracks.  The problem is that Snidely Whiplash (the administration) is not going to allow a legitimate election to occur, and in the meantime he’s waiting to strike when the public is asleep and oblivious to his actions…in this instance, on Labor Day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Oh, what’s the use.


          • what make you think there will be another “free” election? Trump hasn’t a chance when the commie left is in control AND the COMMIE LEFT (IS) IN CONTROL.

          • DK, Yep Trump will Null and Void out the entire Obummer Presidency of destruction, in the opening days of being sworn it.

            Trump will swear in all US Concealed Weapon Carry Holders as US Deputies, and pay us a bounty Dead or Alive, to shoot all the illegal immigrants on sight, if they refuse to go back home. lol… I am wishing on that one. ha.


      2. Its a turning point for the democrat party as they’ll lose in drove come Nov.

      3. Anon, its only a matter of time before everything blows up. Keep stacking and praying.

      4. Another brick in the Agenda 21 wall.
        These globalist bastards wont stop until the whole damn world is backward and impoverished and completely controlled .

      5. Well I will say one thing!

        Obama will have the biggest legacy of any president since George Washington.

      6. Another disgrace the nation tactic by the thing they call president. What a disgrace he is.

      7. The Chinese treat him like crap- and then he signs a deal like this with them? More proof that he is led by his agenda. This is a man on a mission and still the people sleep! More people are waking up, to little to late.

        I was never a conspiracy guy or a “prepper” until Obama. I knew who he was with in a few times of watching him speak. How is it possible that this once great nation has been dumbed down to this level…. utterly amazing.

        Keep stacking. And Praying.

        • It sounds good on paper but the Chinese have no intention of honoring the agreement. Our govt. keeps shooting itself in the foot. Put one under the chin and get it over with.

          • yes, he knows they snubbed him. and he knows that they will not honor the agreement. but he signed in anyway. just another step to take down america.

            • Mr. O, since he was placed in office, has done nothing more than follow the directives issued to him by Soros and other puppet masters…so can blame really be placed at the “messenger’s feet”? In any event, with the release of the Soros papers all over the Internet, it is interesting to see just how embedded he is in all government operations and heavily vested interest in Hillary…

        • USMC1982
          I love this, and am doing so.
          Keep stacking. And Praying!!!!


        • I got my firing defense position(s) set up and ready.

        • Same here. Obama started me on the path to prepping because I could see where it was going. It was as if the population of the country had suddenly lost any common sense it had once had and in one moment in time turned it’s back on everything that was good about the country. I see the writing on the wall, and this loss of normal values tells me that we could see the Biblical end times soon because there will be no one left to oppose it. What I mean is that in the past America and Europe were predominately Christian. As such, they had a tradition in which a one world government was a VERY bad idea and so the people would not allow it. This is why it was important to destroy the Christian faith in these places. Now, that Faith has been replaced by Godless atheism and a self serving, pleasure based lifestyle. Into that mindset, you can sell anything if it can be made to appear as more logical.

          So, why do I prep? I prep for the small disasters that come due to weather mostly, but I also prep for the possibility of a post-trib rapture playing out and me getting stuck in the Great Tribulation. I am very afraid I may be right on this one, but hope I am not.

      8. The Tide is Turning: The Official Story Is Now The Conspiracy Theory — Paul Craig Roberts

        h ttp://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/09/07/the-tide-is-turning-the-official-story-is-now-the-conspiracy-theory-paul-craig-roberts/

        “Europhysics, the respected publicaton of the European physics community has pubished an article by scientists who conclude that “the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three [World Trade Center] buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition.”

        • WTF? Of course they were destroyed by a controlled demolition! lol… The ONLY WAY buildings collapse in the manner they did is when the main-structural-supporting members are “powerfully” blown out (completely), starting from Center-to-The-Outside-Supports, all steel-beams (I-beamed uprights) …which causes the building to “implode” (fall in on itself and not damage anything around it (much).

          Gee, we even have the recordings of firemen screaming, “Get the F*** out of here she’s been rigged to blow.” (And about one second after that #1 did blow and implode, followed by two others).

          Bush needed a reason to get his ass over to the oil wells for his Texas buddies (was the story on the streets anyway). Now there are so many ‘cover-ups’ we’ll never know for sure who was involved or in what way, except they succeeded.

          And we sit around wondering why in hell the world wants us dead? That was nothing compared to what havoc we’ve brought down upon the heads of millions of innocents, just to give “Muslims” a push into The US of A.

          I have every reason to believe we are about to be confronted by the most horrible and inhumane ‘tactics’ (taken against humanity) ever seen on the face of this Earth, as far back as written history can take us anyway. Is this not the Order of Allah? Kill the infidels? Screw the globalists, their a lost cause thinking they can take America and they are STILL “in The East.” Don’t allow your eyes to be taken off-course by this globalist bs when the original “promise” is about to unfold, perhaps in your city or area first?

          One can drive themselves insane trying to come up with the most likely (or best) place to inflict a fatal blow, to be followed by more of the same.

          Still, good always triumphs over evil …eventually.

          • There are a few problems with your theory…

            1. How do you get 19 Saudies to commit suicide for a CIA op?

            2. Why would the “powers that be” risk such an op when they could have set up a more effective and untraceable operation?

            3. Too many loose ends…

      9. The J*ws (Rothschilds) set up America on Christmas Vacation. That’s when the J*wish conspirators gave Christians a slap in the face by pulling a fast one. They waited until the Christians went on Christmas break and then they socked it to America right up our Christian asses by establishing their own private bank to rob us from. You know what bank that is. If you don’t, take out a dollar bill. The name of the bank is at the top. It should be called the Bank for Christian Suckers.


        • Equorial: Get past/over all that fox tv neocon “Infidels” stuff finally eh.

          The Facts that totally wreck and destroy most every fox tv jewdeoneocon spewed jihadist wants to kill off usa infidels stuff…Is the Fact that prior to recent WMD-Lies to induce Wars thru out entire mid east region, for well Over 1,000 Years before current GW wmd lied wars agendas….BOTH Muslims And orthodox Christians in Syria and Iraq,Iran and most other mid east nations where Both groups live, have so lived side by side in total Peacefull Harmony.

          Also a HUGE factoid that demolishes most every of fox neocon jewish spew as seen daily on fox tv shows, about their constant fear mongering speech of usa infidels at great risk from muslims etc..

          is the FACT that Right NOW…Today NOW and for several Months now, an Ongoing effort has been at work fighting against ISIS aka “Israel Secret Intelligence Securty” aka Mossad/Cia trained and owned and funded isis terrorists.

          And also FACT is that this Major Syrians effort to do counter War against ISIS terrorists and tactics etc is being acomplished by…Wait for it!

          being done By a Huge COMBO group of BOTH Christians And Muslims army of opposition to isis terrorists. They even also have an entire huge “Wing” of 100% Women Fighters force and it too is made up of Both Christian And Muslim females from ages of 13 yrs old to past sixty years old.

          Now “if” even a one tenth of one percent of all the non stop FOX tv neconjewdeo spew of Fear monger speech by the likes of kikes such as Bill Krystol and His Pals at fox tv, was even remotly truth based?…Then Why are Both Christain and Muslim Armed Forces activly fighting side by side against isis etc?

          And if ever existed a best case senario for muslims to kill off christians wholesale in a Jihadist mass kill off event…No such best case scenario can be better established than this very, 1,000+ years of liveing in very close proximity as being seen and done within Syrian neighborhoods and others in mid east region.

          Muslims never had a better chance to totally kill and destroy christianity in general than they have Now and have had for past 1,000 yrs of togetherness life in Syria and Iran and formerly in Iraq, prior to GW bush going balistic with his Master Race advisors’ wants and desires of a PNAC-Created “New Pearl Harbor Event” which will return americans to a WAR minded footing again, after the huge fiasco caused by yet another fraud made War in Vietnam…Which Is what caused a vast Majority usa citizenery to reject ALL future Wars based upon fraud and faked “Nation Building/Bringing Democracy To whatever is the Target nation to make fraud war against”

          US State Dept’s #2- and main perpetrator of Ukrains recent coup etc. Victoria Neuland’s jewish husband, Robert Kagan was the Main script writer of the PNAC Papers. In those papers Kagan stated that “All we Now Need is some huge event! it Must be a Very Huge event in size and scope to Equal or Surpass, Pearl Harbor when Japs attacked america, to solidify usa citizen suport for More Wars in Mid east region!”

          Most sane folk would say that 9/11 events definatly equaled or surpased pearl harbor japs atatcks no? And Off to More jew wars for dumb white goyim to again play the role of Death and destruction so to gain big cash profits for jewish banksters and zionist fanatical lunatics in israel and NY and London too. So just Whom are the Real enemy threat?

          research PNAC and AIPAC affiliates, and connect their mainly jewish dots and spews eh…Then research talmudic teachings about “The sub human Goyims” aka gentiles, all of them….Then Compare past Historic events as done by the self chozens against various goy whites and others also…To…As yet not happened after 15+ years 24/7 ranting and rabid loon raves as seen and heard on TV! Fox TV especially!

          So far, at least the past 350 yrs or so…The main score has been…Jihadists Vs Infidel americans=0, thats ZERO.

          But when the score is about the same past 350 yrs or so of Ziojewry and bolsehvik jewry Vs the Goyim whiteys and others also?…Then score is Zios too many times attacks against goys to list here!

          So to sum up here…Just which Antichrist and antichristian group of Barbarians is the Real potential problem and shoud concern americans Most eh?

          If War against Goyim tactics begins with a total infiltration and hyjackings of all systems and banks and msm medias and govnt opps that matters, and gets done even before any bullets get fired or any blood spilled?

          Then just a short half assed attempted look see at just which barbaric group of fanatics currently and for past 100+ years has total full controls over every such thing what matters most….Should Fast convince most anybody even a Low IQ avg ghetto black residnt, that any such jidhadi muslim event is about 100 yrs too late to even contemplate occuring..Because them bolshie and Zio jewdeokommies never let’s go of controls unless and untill Forced to do so, and usually only once the majority nation citizenery gives them that big huge Boot out as Has happend in at least the past 109 nations also infiltrated and wrecked and ruined by the same nefarious demons I so named here.

        • B from CA. And to really dupe the Christians, they Printed “IN God We Trust” propaganda on their paper.

          One fraud propping up another fraud. Some people are so friggin gullible.


      10. BooHoo…Obama did this, Obama did that. WTF. Sure, it’s just plain wrong.

        BUT, whaddabout that House of Representatives, controlled by the “small government” Republicans? What are they doing about it? That is where the funding bills originate. Why aren’t they de-funding all these Executive regulatory agencies like the EPA, the DEA, the IRS, the FDA, etc, etc?

        I’ll tell you why. Because there ain’t a red hair’s difference between the Rs and the Ds. They are birds of a feather. Con men, grifters, and corrupt power hungry hacks who sold out to the highest bidder…and your bid was low.

        The coming election won’t change a thing.

        • It’s sad to say but I believe you are 100% correct. We have the best government that money can buy!

          • USA Fed Govnt= The Best Government AIPAC and ADL and SPLC Et Al, can Buy with unlimited amounts of Shekels!

        • Sadly, you are right. Congress has had eight years of this fool’s regime to do something but blindly adquiesces to everything Obongo does and wants. The only “checks and balances” they care about is occasionally checking the balances in their offshore accounts.

      11. So she wants a Republican Congress to take action by removing gun manufacturer’s immunity – two months before an election? Sure…

      12. That useless piece of SHIT sign away America on Labor Day to the U.N.! When we don’t do what they tells us to, and they roll in the U.N. army, we will get to play COWBOYS and U.N. We know how that will turn out!!!

        Oh yah! The unions will still back him, How stupid are these people???? I have friends in some Unions and I love them to death, BUT DAMN MAN WAKE THE PHUCK UP!!!

        Around 60 more day till the election, if Trump wins he will give everything away or start war, just watch. If the Beotch Hitlery wins he will let the Beotch put the last knife in the back of the USA.


        • SGT DALE
          He picked labor day because it is a socialist holiday that celebrates communistic labor unions .
          Just makes it more special for a socialist POS like obama .

          • Most every US Holiday is based on Fraud.

            *Christopher Columbus Day. The biggest whopper, 1492 never set foot on N America. Lief Erickson discovered N America in the year 1000. 500 years before the Spanish.
            *Labor Day, see the above comment from Hammerhead.
            *Thanks Giving, Celebrating the invaders genocide, land theft, oppression and destruction of the Native American Cultures.
            *Christmas and Easter. Religious Fraud
            *Memorial Day, Celebrating more US Military Global genocide and oppression in the world by glorifying these Uniformed Gang of Thugs and Murderers.
            *4th of July. Another US Holiday hijacked by the US Military to glorify their oppression and genocide in the world. Which is the exact opposite, of the true meaning of 4th of July, which was freeing ourselves from Tyranny, oppression and control.
            *ML King Day. – Shoot a Black Guy and get a day off day. Token Holiday.
            *Presidents Day. – Glorifying Incompetence and Tyranny.
            *Halloween – Glorifying Satan.
            *St Patricks Day. The one day we all get a pass on being drunk in public. To wash over all the rest of the Fraudulant Holidays. Drink Up!!

            ~WWTI… Did I forget any other Holidays?

            • St. Patrick Booted out all the Snakes in Ireland!

              And that word of “snakes” is an Obvious PC code word for, the you know whos. That makes Him a real patriotic hero period. And also a good real christian man too.

              ps: I’d wager big that if usa today got a st patty guy to do a big boot out of americas viper snakes, folks here be drinking alot of beer or ale or hard booze straight from the bottle too eh! be the biggest best party ever yet seen.

        • YUP,
          it is coming fast and not gonna be pretty!! primed and ready!!
          bring it on!!

      13. So what exactly is China’s obligation in this “deal”?

      14. Where are the Republicans? They do nothing while America burns. In many ways they are worse than Odumba…

      15. Yes we are phucked..


        No signature needed..

      16. Of all those bitching about obama and talking with such boisterous bluster, I can not help but wonder how many voted for him in either election?

      17. Over and over I read – “keep stacking”, “keep praying”, “it’s coming”…….. okay. When? I’m doing the first two, waiting, albeit impatiently, on the last. I feel like life’s been on hold and I’m just getting older.

        Do I wish for a collapse, an event? No. It took a lifetime to get what I have, where I have. Not a lot; but, I earned every damned thing. It’s mine. And if I have to fight to keep it – I will. But again – when? Where? And am I to fight alone? Not really fearing death; that’s between my Creator and me. But it is this existence rather than a life that’s getting to me.

      18. To those of you following the saga of my AK-74 problems.Recently went to a gunsmith who said it was not a feeding or recycling problem,but a failure of trigger re-setting. So, he adjusted some spring connected to the trigger and claimed the problem was fixed.I will find out tomorrow on the range. Also,my chicken coop is nearly done and will be taking in three chickens by tomorrow or early Friday. Have not decided on taking in a rooster.

      19. His real birth certificate is nowhere to be found.

        Now why would that be?

        He has several Social Security Numbers, one from a deceased person in Connecticut.

        Why would that be?

        His real father is allegedly Frank Marshall Davis who allegedly tutored him in how to dismantle a capitalist country. Mr. Davis was a colleague of Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law to Valerie.

        His college and law records, like his original birth certificate, are all ‘sealed’, kept hidden.

        Why would someone do that?

        His psychopathic arrogance is evidenced by his many Unconstitutional Executive Orders.

        He illegally gave permission to the United Nations to take control of our Internet on October 1, 2016.

        Does anyone really believe that will stifle the swelling forces of resistance so marvelously captured in the music of the perennial broadway smash, Les Miserables?

        Yet, why are some here posting their defeatist spirit?

        No, my friends, fear not! And remember these essential tools.

        One is noncooperation with evil: you have no moral obligation to obey or follow an unjust law, “executive” order, or illegal authority. By Gandhi not cooperating with the British, he rid them of his land. Of course he did not do it overnight, but why would any of us cooperate in our own destruction or demise?

        Two, those who do evil display an ego beyond comparison that inevitably both blinds and trips them up. Too many examples to cite here.

        Three, there is absolutely no power on earth GREATER than that of Almighty God!

        How can YOU harness and manifest THAT power? It’s quite simple: be kind; display Holy Love; live in the Truth; pray; trust God; get right with God every day; make wise use of your time, talents, energies, personal and other resources, and maintain/nurture your hopes and dreams.

        Through lies and false promises of power and riches, Satan has manipulated people (like the President and many, many others) and we see this clearly as many people both in business and public office misuse/abuse their powers to get “into position” that which continues to assault our freedoms, erode our liberty, diminish our rights, contaminate our food supply, manipulate our weather.

        They WANT you to feel afraid.

        They WANT you to give in.

        They WANT you give up.

        And most of all, they want to DESTROY your hope and trust in the Almighty!

        But YOU, my friends, are WAY too smart and too spiritually wise to give in or give up or to stop praying/trusting in God. For the record, some fear is normal and actually healthy. For instance, total or absolute fearlessness could jeopardize your very life.

        So let me tell you a secret the late Dr. M. Scott Peck revealed in his book, “People of the Lie”. And that is simply this: deep deep down, he wrote, “the evil are terrified”– they are terrified of the truth that reveals them for who and what they are, not just to others, but to themselves.

        All their arrogance and power-wielding can Never shield or protect them from that fear, my friends, and so our individual and collective use of truth to unmask and confront their lies and abuse of authority (rooted IN lies) is FAR more powerful than their weapons, their huffing and puffing, and proclamations.

        Don’t mistake their smoothness and verbal skills as evidence they have no fear. They are afraid, very very afraid.

        And not just of each of us!

        But of the TRUTH!

        There is, yes more suffering they will foist on us. And, there is a reckoning that will eventually come. Some of us might die before that particular reckoning. And when THAT reckoning comes, you want to be very sure you are on the side of God and the Angels, and not on the side of pure destructiveness (evil), because the people on that side will spend eternity in Hell, and eternity is forever.

        Pray, prep, live in Holy Love, and pray some more.

        The very future of the United States of America lies in all of us Americans repenting of the individual and national (legalized) sins that have offended the Almighty. WIthout genuine sorrow and repentance, God cannot and will not restore His Divine Protection of all of that which we profess to be “one Nation, under God.” We’re losing much of our liberty under these political and business people, and justice continues to slip away. Only getting right with God and living in Holy Love each day can restore all that this country has formerly known.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men?”

        – from the song, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from Les Miserables

      20. These global warming deals that Obama has been signing are essentially non-compete agreements with the rest of the world. The US agrees to shut down industries like coal and any other industry that creates carbon while the rest of the world has no obligation to follow for 20 tp 30 years.

        By then the US will be in ruins. This is not a redistribution of wealth, that would require the US to actually have wealth, and not be 60 trillion in debt.

        This is like being massively in debt, losing your job, and signing an agreement with your old employer that you won’t take any job in the area for twenty years.

        These global warming agreements just leave me shaking my head.


      22. if they could actually rid earth of all of its CO2, then NO Green Plant/Trees/Leaves/Grasses etc Photo Synthisis effect could happen at all.

        Such an agenda if even at all possible to do? But “if” possible and done so would eventually cause the total Deaths to ALL of living stuff or things.

        Humans+Plant/trees+Animals+insects and every from of Life on planet earth would cease to exist, once the remaining current supply of Oxygen in the Air breathed or consumed by said forms life to remain alive was used up fully.

        Which actually would cause what the true agenda of marxist communism is all about! A grand total End to ALL forms Life and nothiung remaining planet wide but for a scorched earth policy of abject Death to all forms life, and the entire planet covered in Blood and with all things and stuffs burned down in totality over the entire planet of earth.

        So in the end effect earth would more resemble the Moon and other barren planets.

        And that Is what everyone can really expect for the future if marxist communism ever gains a true global wide total NWO-JWO control of everything what matters.

        yet the vast majority of earth inhabitants are oblivious to the true real kommie agenda eh.

      23. A change will occur soon. Hopefully we can rebuild our country.

      24. What a bunch of spineless, whining, defeatists Americans have become, especially the older generation! It’s this present “older” generation, the one that has never had to fight for their country, who, in a different age would have been tried and shot for sedition, judging by the remarks on this site.

        You blame immigration for your problems? FFS you’re all descendants of immigrants! So, in reality, you are the problem.

        You old farts blame everything and everyone for your present troubles yet will not take one iota of blame for the current situation that you’re in.

        “Bring it on” and “I’m tired of waiting” are your constant petulant war cries, ignoring the fact that you will be condemning your grandchildren to a frightening future – a future largely of your making whilst you will be safely dead!

        These troubles did not happen overnight. They are an accumulation of decades of smugness, selfishness and ignorance of world affairs.

        The generation that grew up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s truly never had it so good. They took and never put anything back. They were happy to see successive governments rape the world using the might of the dollar to bludgeon their way to ever cheaper goods and services.

        Now, after creating our present world, all you old men want to do is run to your bolt holes. Whatever happened to the true American spirit? Go on old men, go hide in your rabbit
        warrens. But like rabbits you will be hunted down and not necessarily by those who you think are the enemy.

      25. You heard here first Hitlary will die 7 days before election. She has Multiple Sclerosis. This gives Obama a third term.
        Why do you think Obama gave all the local sheriff’s military equipment. They think their hot shit now. Glad they taught my cousin how to build iud’s. Bring obama we in the mountains are just waiting, bring it!

      26. Yanon: go back to Berkley college and get more lib spew brainwashings eh. You aint got a clue of what you think you know of. Current old guys never went to war? never heard of viet nam eh?

        And NOBODY or Barley anybody at all, knew of these issues as we now know of untill we got Internet availability and That only happened in the past 10 to 20 years.

        Also the factual proof truths of most every thing or issue thatmatters most and caused todays troubles, was never yet available even online untill a decade or so ago.

        So Your youth group nor us boomer guys nor Our older parents groups had any methods to learn of or know the real hard answers and truths to it all untill a decade ago.

        Which beggs the question as to Why do You still seem to so Lack real knowledge of the issues what matters most eh?

        Just another typical college trained yoot huh? Well say hello for me to your professor Shlomo’s and Swinestiens ok.

      27. Meet the neo-commies..
        (same as the old commies)

      28. Not surprised. Marxism is coming closer and closer.

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