Where Does The Hatred Of Constitutionalism Come From?

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Headline News | 372 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The Constitution of the United States is an undeniably powerful document.  So powerful in fact, that it took establishment elitists with aspirations of globalized governance over a century to diminish the American people’s connection to it.  It’s been a long time coming, but in the new millennium, there is now indeed a subsection of the masses that not only have no relationship to our founding roots, they actually despise those of us who do!

    There are a number of reasons for this dangerous development in our culture:  A public school system that rarely if ever teaches children about the revolution, the founders, constitutional liberty, or the virtues of individualism in general.  A mainstream media apparatus that has regurgitated endless anti-constitutional shlock for decades, attacking any person or group that presents a freedom oriented view.  And a governmental structure that has become so corrupt, so openly criminal, that they ignore all aspects of constitutional law without regard, rarely feeling the need to explain themselves.  As a people, we are surrounded daily by the low droning wash-talk of denigration and disdain for our principled foundations.  The wretched ghosts of collectivism and tyranny mumble in our ears from birth to death.  It’s truly a miracle that every man and woman in this nation has not succumbed to the mind numbing hypnotism…

    However, our propaganda soaked environment is not the ONLY cause of our self destructive society; many people are themselves to blame.  Severe character flaws and psychological imbalances have left some open to suggestion, manipulation, and fraud.  Their hatred, though fueled in part by the socialization of the establishment, is still theirs to own.

    The brutal ignorance on display in mainstream circles against the liberty-minded needs to be addressed.  In my view, the American public is being conditioned to see us as a convenient “enemy” which they can use to project all their internal grief and woe.  Our country is on the verge of collapse, economically, politically, and philosophically.  Corporatized elements of our government and the financial high priests of the international banking sector are behind this calamity, and of course, they don’t plan to take responsibility.  Who better to demonize as the catalyst for all the pain that is coming than the only people who have the awareness and the means to stand against the catastrophe?

    There is no doubt in my mind that a great conflict is near, between those of us who value liberty and constitutional protections, and those who would destroy them.  This battle is unlikely to be solved with words.  The anti-constitutionalist rhetoric is becoming so ruthless, so malicious, that it can only lead to a hardening of our own hearts, and an equally forceful response.

    Most of us have seen all the mainstream magazines with front page headlines calling for the retirement of the Constitution.  Most of us know about the suggestions by media entities and political opportunists (including Joe Biden) for Barack Obama to bypass congress and the Constitution, implementing possible gun restriction, registration, and confiscation through “executive order” like a common dictator.  There is an obviously brash and violent effort amongst political players today to mold our government into a godlike entity.  But, this is not what concerns me most.  What concerns me is the subversive boiling poison that is leaking into our culture at the local level, creating freedom hating zombies.  Take, for instance, the anti-constitutionalist crusade by a New Hampshire representative against the New Hampshire Free State Project:

    What causes someone to hate freedom-loving people so much that they would destroy their own liberties just to drive us away?  Is this not cutting off their own nose just to spite OUR face?  Or, do they even see the loss of freedom for themselves as a bad thing?

    And how about Marine Corporal Joshua Boston, who after sending a letter to Dianne Feinstein stating he would not comply with unconstitutional gun restrictions, is now receiving death threats because of his membership in the NRA:

    What is the source of the hatred towards constitutionalists?  Where does it originate?  Here are just some of the personal triggers and methodologies within the mind of the anti-freedom advocate which I believe have sullied them beyond repair…

    The Anti-Constitutionalist Suffers From An Inferiority Complex

    I have found in my role as a Liberty Movement analyst and through literally tens of thousands of debates that anti-constitution advocates are, for the most part, of limited intelligence.  These are the average useful idiots who know little of history, politics, economics, etc., but feel the desperate need to appear as though they are experts on everything.  This usually results in constant attempts to show off for anyone who will pay attention, usually with sound-bites they heard on the nightly news coupled with remedial attacks against the character of those who dare to step outside the mainstream.

    The problem is that deep down, they know they are not very bright.  And so, they seek to always travel with the herd on every issue, for if they cannot be smart, they can at least be accepted.  Ironically, if constitutionalism was being pushed by the mainstream, they would automatically change their tune.

    It is probable that they have run into a Liberty Movement proponent (most of whom are well versed in history, politics, and economics) at least once in their lives, went in for an attack, and were utterly destroyed.  Their inferiority exposed, they learn to detest anything associated with constitutionalism.

    The Anti-Constitutionalist Does Not Like The Idea Of A Law He Cannot Use To His Advantage

    Not all anti-constitutionalists are dense.  A limited few are very intelligent, but morally bankrupt.  The Constitution is not just a legal document; it is also an emotional and spiritual document.  If one does not have a relationship with his own conscience and the concept of natural law, then he will discover little in the founding ideals of America that he agrees with.  Some people (usually corrupt politicians and judges) see the law as a weapon to be used against their ideological opponents, whereas constitutionalists see the law as a shield to protect us from such despots.  The Constitution and the Bill Of Rights are both designed to protect our Absolute Freedoms.  That is, freedoms that are inborn and which no person or government is qualified to give as a gift, or take as if they are a privilege.

    Nothing angers those who seek power more than a legal framework which they are not allowed to touch, or shift, or “tweak” to suit their private ambitions.

    Constitutional protections are not meant to be subject to the “buts” and “what ifs” common in the lesser legal world.  They are not open to debate.  Our rights are not subject to the demands of the so-called “majority”.  Our rights are eternal, and unchangeable.  Anti-constitutionalists attempt to work around the absolutes of the document by implementing subversive law backed by flawed logic.  But, a law which destroys previous constitutional rights is not a law which any individual American is required to follow.  Even an amendment that undermines our civil liberties is not legally binding.  The freedoms put forth in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights are SET IN STONE (and this includes the right to bear arms in common use of the military of our day).  They cannot be undone without destroying the very fabric of the republic.

    The Anti-Constitutionalist Hates Those Who Go Against The Tide, Even If The Tide Is Drowning Us All

    Some people are predisposed to be followers.  They do not want to take responsibility for their futures or even their own actions.  They do not like questions.  They do not like dilemmas.  They want to be left to wallow in their own private prisons, where they are comfortably enslaved.

    I remember participating in an End The Fed rally in Pittsburgh in early 2008 which was, like most activist rallies, meant to expose the uneducated public to ideas they may not have heard before.  I found it interesting that around a quarter of the people who strolled by our picket line automatically sneered, as if by reflex, even though they had probably never heard our position, or even heard of the Fed.  It dawned on me that they were not angered by our political or economic views.  Instead they were angered by the mere fact that we were there.  We were vocal, and defiant, and a disruption to their daily robot-like routine.  They hated us because we were ruining their fantasy of disconnectedness.

    Constitutionalists are predominantly individualists.  We do not cater to collectivist fairy tales.  We do not seek to roll with the tide just for the sake of finding our “place” within the machine.  We do not care about “fitting in” with the mainstream.  This is often confounding and infuriating to those who have labored their whole lives to please “the group”.  They accuse us of being “isolationists” in response.  What they do not comprehend is that illusion and delusion have isolated THEM, while the truth has brought constitutionalists together.

    Constitutionalists Are Not Politically Correct 

    For the past few decades our society has become engrossed with the idea of “proper language and behavior”.  Of course, their idea of “proper” usually involves ignoring the reality of a thing.  For a Constitutionalist, a spade is a spade, and we tend to call it like we see it.  We don’t bother ourselves with superficial niceties that get in the way of legitimate debate or legitimate change.  We are not “pleasant” and tolerant with those who would kill our freedoms.   We do not pull punches.

    We are direct, and sometimes, brutal in our analysis.

    In some parts of the Western world (especially the UK) language has become a game, a game of self censorship and deceit.  This game has made its way to the United States in recent years, and Constitutionalists don’t play.  We know that every overtly collectivist society begins with the fear of open expression.  And so, our blunt honesty rattles those invested in the PC culture.  Their ultimate and ideal revenge would be to see us painted as social malcontents; like people who smoke in public, or wear a mullet…

    Constitutionalists Are Passionate In Their Beliefs 

    A large percentage of men and women in this world have never been truly passionate about anything.  They simply eat, breath, and defecate their way through life, scrounging about the squalor of a broken system for whatever brief moments of comfort they can find.  They have never explored their inner workings or suffered the hardship of individuation.  They have never been forced to seek out an inner strength, a personal treasure, which guides them to a greater purpose.  Everything they think they believe in has been conditioned into them.  Their uniqueness is suppressed, and their characters shallow.  They have never loved an idea, or a principle.

    Constitutionalists LOVE liberty and the mechanics of freedom.  We love the values of a sovereign republic and the opportunities that such a system provides when collectivists are removed from the picture.  There is no question or doubt in our minds; we would fight and die to protect the pillars of the Constitution.

    When confronted with this kind of passion, the average person is shocked and sometimes appalled.  The idea of unshakable will is frightening to them.  They are so used to compromising in every aspect of their lives that when they run into an uncompromising man, they reel in horror.

    That which they see as “fanaticism” is instead an excitement, a boundless joy, a fervent desire to protect something universal and precious.  What they see as “extreme”, we see as essential.

    The Anti-Constitutionalist Thinks He Knows What’s Best For All Of Us

    Most people who seek to deny and destroy constitutional liberties tend to lean towards a collectivist philosophy.  They are usually socialist, or a variation (Marxist, Fascist), and can be professed members of either major political party.  They believe that their vision of a perfect cultural system is the “correct” vision.  They see the Constitution as “archaic” or “outdated”.  They see it as nothing more than an obstacle to progress which must be toppled.

    The “perfect world” that the collectivist strives for functions on centralization: the removal of options until there are no choices left for the common man except those which the collectivist wants him to have.  This world usually suffers from limited free speech, limited civic participation, zero tolerance for dissent, near zero privacy from government eyes, a completely disarmed populous, unaccountable leadership, and the encouragement of informer networks and betrayal for profit.  The goal is to intimidate the whole of a nation into dependence on the system, until every necessity from food to self defense is parceled out by the state.

    Collectivists understand one thing very clearly; an America without the Constitution is destined to become a centralized country.

    They will, of course, claim this is a gross exaggeration.  They will claim that this time will be different.  That the collectivist experiments of the past, which produced nothing but destruction and genocide of their own populations, are nothing similar to what they are espousing.  They will pretend as if their vision is new, progressive, and far more practical than the vision of the Founding Fathers.   In the end though, all they are promoting is a system as old as history; the feudal kingdom.  The mercantile oligarchy.  The militarized state.

    At the height of their vicious sabotage of the republic, they will demonize our very heritage, claiming that it was a sham.  That we were never able to “live up to our beliefs anyway”.  That we are “hypocrites”, and this somehow negates the reverence we give to the Constitution.  Unfortunately for them, we know better.  We understand that the principles of the Constitution are not something we grasp at all times, but rather, something to which we aspire to, and grow into as our nation matures.  They require patience, and wisdom.  They force us to question our own “brilliance”, and our own egos.  They anchor us, preventing us from being swept away in the storms of fear.

    There has never been and there will never be a better method of law and governance than that method which defends the individualism and freedom of the people.  The most fantastic of human accomplishments, in technology as well as in philosophy, spring from the nurturing waters of liberty.  Free minds and hearts create.  They refuse to be contained, and the Constitution gives us license to ensure that they will never be contained, even to the point of revolution.

    To deny constitutionalism, is to endorse oppression.  May we forever rebel against the agents of “progress”.  May we forever give them something to hate.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. Where Does The Hatred Of Constitutionalism Come From?

        The Left.

        • This statement is really your answer,”I have found in my role as a Liberty Movement analyst and through literally tens of thousands of debates that anti-constitution advocates are, for the most part, of limited intelligence. These are the average useful idiots who know little of history, politics, economics, etc., but feel the desperate need to appear as though they are experts on everything”. Ignorance! The constitution was written for a moralistic society and God fearing. People hate to be told they are wrong.
          Notice that both the constitution and Christianity are both demonized and hated? Paul wrote in Romans 7 that if it weren’t for the law I wouldn’t know what sin is…oh wretched man that I am.
          Both the constitution and the bible are outdated to the ignorant. In order to justify their life styles of being lazy (takers) and self obsorbed.

          • Bravo DRD!!! Perfectly stated.

          • Amen brother

          • ~~~”I have found in my role as a Liberty Movement analyst and through literally tens of thousands of debates that anti-constitution advocates are, for the most part, of limited intelligence”~~~

            BINGO–Nuff said..

          • they do truly fullfill the profecy “professing them selve to be wise ,they became fools”

          • DRD!

            Fantastic analysis! Thumbs up for you.

            The more you study, the more pissed you get about how our country has been taken over by these people and then the useful idiots used as “support” for their agendas. I’m dropping your explanation right into my notes! Thanks!

        • Yes, but no too. If the constitutionalist or the libertarian for that matter is an extremist I’m not fond on them. I don’t find the desire to see govt limited extreme, nor the idea that our government does WAY too much and should not be engaged in our health care or retirement, but I’ve encountered extremist that don’t think government should provide police, fire protection or schools either – elements I disagree with.

          • Jim: You’re going to find more and more people of all political persuasions speaking out in louder and longer voices. This is a nation that is too big and too diverse to last much longer and it seems that TPTB know this, hence the frenzied activity for all these gun laws and taxes. We’ve spent too much for far too long and made promises we can’t keep. A day will come when the printing presses at the Treasury no longer matter because the dollar has finally become worthless both at home and abroad. Then, states and regions will peel off from a broke and powerless central government. Things will soon become very local. We and our worldwide corporate empire are dying, get use to it and all the wild political ideas that will to form the new (mini) nations in North America. Pick a safe place to ride this out like I have. And be prepared to do some serious bartering in the aftermath.

          • @Jim, I agree, and I’m sure you mean more local control down at the county and city level?

            • Tayronachan: City first, followed by county governments will be the most important units. States in their forms are political entities having little to do with, especially many of th larger ones like Florida where I live. South, Centtral, Norther/Panhandle portions have somewhat different climates and topography, and very different political ideologies. Californaia and Texas have this on a larger scale. We may see new states and regions form where folks have more in common than just the current arbitray borders. If this nation does ever decide to get back together it will be in the form of the older Artilces of Confederation with a few positivie tweeks from the Constitution. The Central Government will be much small and weaker by law and never allowed to grow. It’s main job will be that of referee between the state/regions and not much more. Most taxes will stay local to benefit those who paid them. Our military will be much smaller and stay home (entangled alliances with none). Each state will have its own militia like it had in the beginning and be responsibel for the recruiting, training and arming of these folks like the Second Amendment intended. This is just a crude outline but may in fact happen when the federal government falls apart from to much spending and can’t pay its bills. Others will step in and fill the vacuum. Be prepared for lean times.


        • BUT it comes with the complicit behavior of the right ……show me one republican who is SCREAMING foul ????

          • why is obama not being impeached. If not this has to be a new control and corrupt practice by the elites.

          • Rand Paul??

            • Rand had his chance and blew it.

              • True but one man is not an Ocean..WE all need to back up people like him or he sticks out like a nail

                and when all the government has is a hammer to solve all thier problems any nail that sticks up alone gets hammered in

              • Rand is not his father, half of his views are not like his fathers, Rand is another puppet. Gary Johnson is the new leading man.

                Gary Johnson who is supported by Ron Paul.
                Gary Johnson who’s views have shadowed Ron Paul’s.

                If there is to be another election, NOW is the time to start the movement for Gary Johnson NOW! not in 3 years NOW.

          • none to be seen Rich…and people still don’t get it, but they will and it will be a violent awakening.

            • @lastmanstanding.. You said “they still dont get it but will”, I think by the time they “get it”, it’ll be too late. Our government, AKA, Obabma, is making Frog Soup. And we the people are the Frogs. Know how you make frog soup?? If you put the frog straight into boiling water, he jumps right out. BUUUUT—it you put him in cold water, then slowly turn up the heat–he’ll boil to death. (or so it’s been said–havent actually tried it myself) Erogo–we the people are being slowly boiled to death. By the time most of them wake up, it’ll be too late. EX.—Obamacare!

              • I agree Martie…way to late, that is why it will be violent. Many in the large population areas will have damn little chance of survival.

        • Communism…if you examine Communism (which is what is going on today with the redistribution of wealth ideas and Constitution bashing), it is actually a hidden agenda to create pseudoroyalty. Communism acts like the feudal states wherein there is a monarchy (politboro), lords (party members), and vassals (guess which ones we are). A pig is a pig is a pig. And I don’t care what anyone says…Democrats are America’s version of Communism.

          • We are The State.

            You will be assimilated.

            Resistance is futile.

            Individual Liberty…irrevelant.

            Private Property…irrevelant.

            Your Constitution…irrevelant.

            Faith in God…irrevelant.

            You will be assimilated.

            Resistance is futile.

            We are The State.

            • Wolf359,

              Thank God literally that there is an afterlife and that there is final judgment. I would go nuts if I thought for one moment that these monsters would get off scott free.

              • Everyone will get what they have coming to them; the good,bad, and the ugly. There are no free rides or free passes. Those that “think” they are better than others just because they are better at being a con or a cheat will see how they have been living a lie when the soul leaves the ole flesh.

                The hatred of constitutionalism is coming from the same place as the love of money does; it’s rooted in evil.
                There is no sin in loving to work and being successful and accumulating nice things. As long as a person has their heart right and doesn’t cheat others to achieve wealth, there is no sin involved. The trampling on the rights of others to achieve wealth and power is where sin comes in, along with the hatred of biblical freedoms.

                • “Everyone will get what they have coming to them; the good,bad, and the ugly. There are no free rides or free passes. Those that “think” they are better than others just because they are better at being a con or a cheat will see how they have been living a lie when the soul leaves the ole flesh.”

                  If you want to be REALLY scared, try reading some of Jakob Boehme’s writings on what happens when you die. He is considered by many to be among the greatest of Christian mystic and described in detail many processes about life and death that we only see the surface of now.

                  He said “when the soul leaves the old flesh” everything about you that buffered the evil in you is removed. You get to be the 100% incarnation of the greedy, power mad monster you are now, if that is where you’re at. Even you features change to reflect that evil. He said you literally “burn” in your evil.

                  You can take it or leave it by Boehme, while difficult to read, was an incredibly pious, simple man who wrote his revelations facing great persecution by some in the church. I guarantee you, after reading some of that, the reality of what folks are preparing themselves for is terrifying to think of.

              • I second that my neighbor to the north! Just remember WE win in the end. And, ironically, resistance is futile for the Enemy!

              • “Thank God literally that there is an afterlife and that there is final judgment. I would go nuts if I thought for one moment that these monsters would get off scott free.”

                Act as if they will. God is used as a mellowing agent to those who believe. I believe in God and Jesus Christ but sometimes we need to get off our asses and do something without the crutch of “I am sure God will give them theirs”.

                • Tell that to the Martyrs. Tell that to the disciples and their followers who were crucified at the stake. Tell that to all the Christians in Egypt now being told to wear veils or else they’ll be raped! Most people who are facing certain doom throughout history don’t use your poor excuse as faith in the savior of god as a last resort, they are put there in that position BECAUSE of their faith, and not hiding behind it!

                • Gravlore
                  they wouldnt get off scott free because once we are all killed off who is going to feed them???all their money with nothing to buy with it,,,m


            • I don’t mind being assimilated, as long as it’s done by Seven of Nine.

              (If you’re not a trekkie, never mind…)

              • yum yum

        • I’ve heard it said that there are two kinds of people in the world…

          Those who want to be left alone.

          And those who will not leave other people alone.

          The Constitution haters come under the second category. For the most part, these are people who get off on their power trips and feelings of superiority. They believe they are smarter than everyone else, so they think they have the right to tell everyone else what to do…and even what to think.

          And we are rapidly approaching the time when those who simply want to be left alone, will be fed up with those who won’t….. And those who want to be left alone will find it necessary to smack them down and make them understand the consequences of not minding their own business.

          • When “Those who want to be left alone” get fed up enough with the “Others,” there is usually a punch in the face involved….

            • I can attest to this as fact…Senior year of High school..3 months of being F-ed with while trying to get the hell out of that public school prison..He just wouldnt let up..once he took the first move and sucker punched me, I kicked him in the face with my hiking boots on and broke his nose and 2 front teeth poped out like chicklets..

              the good ol days when you could do this and not end up in court over it,, yes I got suspended but it was well worth it

              purple daisy

          • I want to comment here and then I shut up.
            I am one of those who want to be left alone.
            Many say, but JayJay, what about titty bars, porno, corporate and bank theft, rapists, destruction of the family values, programming homosexuality in the classrooms, and the list can be very broad and far and wide.
            I say this–choose your fights wisely that you can make a difference.
            And all the rest are above our pay grade.
            I have been brought up in a christian, God-fearing(yes, God fearing for I read the old testament)existence and do what I can as one individual.
            This may seem lame and an ineffective/defeatist attitude, but all our brothers and sisters are not christians–hence our fight is ongoing day by day.
            We cannot understand liberal’s goals any better than they understand our freedom-seeking goals.
            It is what it is–we can try to change their mindset and that’s all we can do…it will prove futile, for what is about to happen is set in stone..the Biblical references are there to prove that.

            ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’….for it will come.

          • @walt
            There are two kinds of people my friend, those with loaded guns and those that dig. You dig.

            • Over the top, or back down the wall. I am over the top. Wifey, down the wall.

              Couldn’t resist.

            • Hey!..thats my line..

              for the love of Daisy!

          • Walt
            bro i dont want to be left alone i am going to be left alone,,,may die for it but,,,,,,,,,,


        • In my opinion, there were only four presidents who ran for office with good intentions and honest love of country and of humanity. These men did not think they were better than any of their countrymen and did not want to be dictators but rather leaders who where humble and met a calling.

          George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Regan.

          Most of the others were ego maniacs who wanted power over what they considered the lower class, the ignorant, the weak and the disposable. The very worse of them is the current president, Barack Hussein Obama. He is a narrow minded left wing progressive socialist who has a soft spot in his heart for muslims and hard left extremists. This man is dangerous because he is not of sound mind nor is he spiritual or empathetic to anyone that he deems lower than him. He hates white middle america and he despises the constitution because if does give the white man freedom of expression and the right to bear arms. Many years from now, he will be exposed as the tyrannical, inept president who destroyed America.

          • Did you know that Ronnie(Hollywood) Reagan was a 33 1/3 degree mason? He was one of the “enlightened” ones that actually deregulated the banking system for the wealthy elitists. We all know what that got us.

            In my book, the only President that was a true statesman and American, was Teddy R. I love reading about how he hunted big game with enthusiasm and loved shooting them with his big bore rifle he referred to as “bad medicine”. What a patriot and conservator of land!

            • I love TR too….but, he has some severe flaws, in that he was an Imperialist and a Progressive…I don’t think his intentions were bad, but they planted the seeds for later abuses, as with the despicable cur Wilson. Whom TR helped get elected by splitting the vote. But still, he was a very great and good man.

              Lincoln too. And yes, he was edging into Tyranny, and dealt a mortal wound to states rights. But he was a very wise, honest, honorable leader, and had he lived, the South would not have been humiliated and ground under the boot heel of Reconstruction.

            • You are full of shit… Reagan was not a Mason . That lie negates anything else you say..

          • Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.
            John F. Kennedy

            Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
            John F. Kennedy

            A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
            John F. Kennedy

            The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.
            John F. Kennedy

            My favs anyhow.

            • Gravlore,

              Thought about Kennedy but I can not get past the fact that he was a slimy little cheater like good old Bubba. No respect for a man who disrespects his wife and the office that way. Then he passed his movie star slut on to his brother, pretty sick. A real flaw in character and therefore he loses all credibility with me. I guess people just look the other way with guys like him and Bubba; bad example for our kids and the country.

              • Bad example yes, as far as his personal life goes. Hitler had a good and clean personal life. I guess my point is that elected officials should do whats best for the country but when it comes to personal, I guess I leave it at that…personal. How many personal things are being used as blackmail I wonder.

                I wouldnt use my boss as a role model neither. Choose which role models you follow and all should be well.

            • If you really want to enrage a liberal democrap, tell them that if JFK were alive today, most of his political stances would be to the right of the republican party, and democraps would despise him as much as they did Bush, maybe more!!! JFK’s defining achievement is killing this country though, allowing public sector/govt unions for the first time.

          • I would included Calvin Coolidge in that list as well.

          • “””George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Regan. “””

            The ONLY president who ever defeated the banksters was Andrew Jackson. Since his time, the banksters have had EVERY president in their pocket, or they killed them.

            The best presidents were the ones you never hear about. They are considered failures by the history rewriting banksters.

            If you seriously study any president in school, he was in the banksters employ. If they are written off in history class as failures and inconsequential, they stood for the people.

            It is that simple.

            • GC – I saw an article once showing where every president who tried to end the Fed ended up dead (except one I think, failed asassination attempt though). Do you have anything on that?

          • You better do some deeper research on Lincoln. I was talking to a professor of history about him recently (the prof was from Michigan) and he said the record is clear that it was Lincoln who prosecuted the bloodiest war we’ve ever known when he was being entreated by even Northerners to end it. He freed the slaves in the South for political purposes but kept the Northern slave holders untouched…for political purposes.

            He was, in reality, the first of our modern day tyrants and one that innovated some of the same tricks you see today. You’d better get a shinier hero, Lincoln was fatally flawed.

        • Great post Brandon, but don’t forget the tens of millions of ILLEGALS encouraged to invade this country by the Satanic Catholic Priesthood in service to the NWO; neither of which has a connection to America other than that of a meal ticket from the American taxpayer.

          Where is Seal Team America?

          • They are waiting patiently in corner dk for the fucks to make their final mistake…and they will.

            they won’t be able to hide it, it will be obvious…at least that is what I am praying for.

        • “The Constitution’s a God****ed piece of paper!”
          – George W. Bush

          • That’s a damned lie.

        • The “Right” is equally guilty of engaging in much anti-Constitutional activity: undeclared war, warrantless search & seizure, asset forfeiture, extra-judicial killing, torture, etc.

          As I have been saying we should be focused on RIGHT and WRONG, not “RIght” and “Left.”

          Don’t play into the tribe’s hands, the “right-left” game is theirs, both “sides” owned lock, stock, and barrel by the tribe’s banksters/swindlers and shilled by the tribe’s wholly-owned media. “Right’Left” is just an update of the Kaballistic “gevurah-chesed.”

        • The instant that the goyim focus on RIGHT & WRONG, it is “game over” for the tribe’s misanthropy.

          Is murder RIGHT? No > end of Zionist genocide and wars.

          Is theft RIGHT? No > end of fractional reserve banking, inflation, interest, housing bubbles, socialist tax schemes, etc.

          Is lying RIGHT? No > end of the tribe’s brainwash media, end of the drug war, end of lying end runs around the 2nd Amendment, etc.

          No more shysterly talmudic loopholes and right-left shadow play manipulations. Face the tribe on the ground they can never hold, the moral ground.

        • The Constitution was never going to work 100%. did the Ten Commandments ever work 100%? Yet they are even more simple than the Constitution and Bill of Rights to understand. It is not in the human nature to follow rules put down by others. They never have and never will.

          I am not religious, but the only rule that matters is: “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” If the world lived by that one simple, easy to understand rule, we would not need the Constitution or Bill of Rights or any other rule to govern us. But there is always a dominant chimp in every tribe/herd/pride and there will always be rivalry to be that chimp. That it is destroying the world is why we notice it now.

          • Makati1

            If you view the 10 Commandments as ” good advice ‘, and not rules or laws, as applied to daily life they make alot of sense. Think in terms of what happens to your loved ones, friends, and others when these ” rules ” are breached( by you, or me ). If someone you respected who was mentoring you gave you this ” advice ” it would make perfect sense.

            For example- Thou shall not kill. What happens. You now have legal problems, your family is brought into the spotlight and questioned why they didn’t raise you better, threats of retaliation, most want to disassociate with you, etc. You get the point. BTW, this is not directed at you, just in response to you. I added to your good thumbs.

            • “””For example- Thou shall not kill.”””

              It is Thou shalt not MURDER.

              It is a forgivable offense to kill in defense of your family and property. It was changed by the “elite” to convince the followers of the God that killing the banksters for their crimes is a violation of God’s Law.

              It is NOT a violation of His Law to destroy his enemies, who have rightfully earned the title for their massive and documented crimes against His people, within His Kingdom.

              In fact, it is closer to a duty.

        • I disagree with those who say that the left-right paradigm is false. I think that the problem with the left-right paradigm in USA is that there has been no right wing in government for a long time. We have leftists fighting more radical leftists. You can probably count the right-wingers in upper government on one hand, and they are considered kooks.

          • Bob. Throw out the politicians and the govts. and look at who is left/right.

            The bankers and the corps or vice-versa…the ones who control everybody…they don’t give a damn about right/left.

            It is just that simple.

        • Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man – that state is obsolete.

          Rod Serling – from Twilight Zone’s “The Obsolete Man”

        • And, who invented, financed, and controls the left’s agenda?

          Or, who invented, financed, and infested the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism – and who beat feet out of Germany before WW2 and brought that plague to the shores of the USA and then set up shop at major US universities like Columbia and began to do to the USA what they had planned to do to Germany?

          And, who is it who have been working day and night to resurrect the former USSR right here in North America and then impose brutal, savage, dictatorial Bolshevik Communism upon the American people the way their ethnic ancestors did to the Russian people in 1917? The same way they had hoped to impose upon Germany, but got ran out of that nation before they could succeed?

          And, who is it, using their overwhelming dominant control of the mainstream media in literally every historic White European Western nation – who has been spewing non-stop hate, non-stop venom, non-stop demonization of the White European majorities of literally every White nation? Who attacks our most cherished and sacred traditions, and mocks our values, religious teachings, and our most revered liberties?

          Who is it who have been using their disproportionate political power, wealth and influence to keep the borders of every historic White European nation wide open and then flooding those nations with millions and millions of incompatible, un-assimilable aliens from every third world nation on Earth – against the wishes of the majority population group – in an attempt to use ‘multi-culturalism’ as a weapon of mass destruction to obliterate all White Western nations?

          Who is it who relentlessly attempts to demonize any resistance to what clearly amounts to racial, ethnical, and cultural genocide of White European people – as ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’ and ‘hate’? Merely desiring to survive and preserve your nation’s identity and dominant culture and the ability of your people to secure essential human concepts such as self-determination, free from any chance of being subjugated and possibly abused by people unlike yourself – this has been defined as ‘racism’?

          Who has been behind all of these examples of open warfare being waged against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the traditional people of this nation – and the principles that came from the brilliant minds of our White European Founding Fathers and not from the brains of third world or Middle Eastern individuals?

          The answer to every one of my questions is the same.

          That is where hatred for the Constitution is coming from, folks.

          • Its a very kosher form of hatred.

      2. Answer. Sticken liberals that want control over every last aspect of your life, even the way you think. They want to suffocate you like a boa constrictor and the constitution saveguards against this.

        • Life has become to easy. We were better people when there was a reason to work together for “survival” (couldn’t think of a better word). Know you just flip a switch and its there. Nothing to truly work for. For the plain guy. What is there to work for anymore.

          • Think I understand what you’re saying. There seems to be no “common cause” anymore. Both churches here are obsessed with funding, (there also isn’t much preaching of right and wrong, probably because it might offend and bring in fewer dollars.) as is the school, and there is no sense of community. I find gardening, canning, etc., helps, as it provides a purpose I’ve not found in working at most jobs, although I work, occasionally two jobs. The Constitution provides some safety for us, and while it is the “law of the land”, at least while still recognized, the government can’t take over completely until it’s destroyed.

          • There is plenty to work for; your kids future, your time spent on this earth and the legacy you will leave. My legacy will be, trying to be a good role model for my kids, taking care of the animals that God has so graciously gifted us with, appreciating the beauty that is everywhere if you want to see it.

            We are put on this earth to be appreciative, humble, decent, fair, aware of our gifts that we were blessed with and most importantly to be thankful for each and every day that we have. I believe it is a test. I do not live my life as a test though, I live it as a gift and if I see something that is not right then I will speak against it. I am not perfect, no man is but we can all strive for perfection in our thoughts and actions. This is a beautiful world and regardless of the evil that is constantly trying to undermine it, we must always look for the beaty that is there until the day we leave this world.

          • “What is there to work for anymore”? —Freedom, your family and your country.

        • Fortunately, all methods of propaganda delivery come with an OFF switch.

      3. civil war, the second coming?

        • How do we unite other than on this website? We all talk but we are all mostly alone. I live in Mass where 80% agree with Brobama

          • It would be fun to have a localized retreat for people on this site to meet up in different geographical areas.

            On another site that I used to check out regularly that is more of a posting blog site they did organize to meet at a camp site. They all met there and to know who was who, they attached a white flag to their antennae’s when they got there. That way they knew that this person is one of the people showing up to meet.

            • or a small patriot sticker

            • This would be wonderful except one out of two, at least, persons would be an NSA employee spying for the government. I’d go if we could weed out the gov’t snoops. I particularly want to meet “Be Informed”, “Norse Prepper”, “Odd Questioner” and “Daisy”. Try not to plan it during planting season.

              • Very kind of you to say that! Maybe we could even get Burt to fly over!! We could send her home with Pierce Morgan in a carry on bag!

                (Sorry Burt, we wouldn’t really do that to you!)

                I agree with other commenters though about how the place would probably be cased.

                Someone asked me the other day how long I’ve been this paranoid. I told her “Ever since they started plotting against me!” 🙂

                God Bless!!


              • I’m in! 🙂

              • vicky
                you go and meet and then weed out the bums bums =NSA


              • ALL
                what difference would it make if some were spys???thats not the point,,start gathering up,,dont you think we are being spyed on right now????as long as you form groups for training,,,food gathering,,,ideas and training of various things we should be ok,,,,me i`m not going into any group that would be planning to over throw our gov.Last month i posted in here where i am,,anyone that wants to meet tell me and i`ll give you a place and time,,,i dont care if you all are gov.spys,,come on down you might learn something,,
                Daisy i know you are a long way off but wish i could sit down with you for a few days and learn canning knowledge from you and maybe teach you a few things,,like woods craft,,e&e,,,,heck what you folks is simple just start doing it,,
                for all to know i live in upstate South Carolina near Spartanburg,,and fyi i`ve already had the gov ass holes here and converted two of them,,,what most dont understand is just how many snakes there are here,,so bring it on gov.i`ll put some more coffee on,,


              • @ Vicky, you got that RIGHT!! There would TEN Black Suburbans in the parking lot with white flag’s on their antennas!!!But they would be dressed like TOURIST!!Sneaky DEVILS!!

            • It would be a great idea BUT….

              It would be infiltrated by the the very fascists that we are talking about here.

              Then, the next thing you know, it would be raided by a bunch of jack-booted Nazis under the guise of breaking up a terrorist group.

            • No time for any of that. Every Patriot must be a Freedom Cell of ONE. Together WE are Seal Team America.


              • +1

            • Great idea!

              Who is doing the badge checks?


              • WE don’t need no stinking badges. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands.


            • Would be nice but then again would also give them the one stone many birds target.

          • Nutbag I’m in CA…in all fairness dude we’re screwed. I’m moving to NV.

            • @JIm. I am also in California. This new deal of the State of California enacting even stricter gun controls, as an article I read this morning, stated California will be a testing site to see if stricter gun controls will have any impact on shootings and violent crime. I don’t want to be a test dummy by a bunch of free thinking liberals.

              I own and operate a small business that I think I can continue to operate from Nevada with a trip over the Sierras once a week. Maybe get a cheap mobile home or I could stay on my tug boat one night a week on the Sacramento River.

              I have been looking in the Yerington NV area. Found a small 2 bedroom house on 5 acres with well and septic last spring for 29K. Turned out there was a title problem so had to pass. Still looking in that area. If you know of something over there that nay be good that you don’t want to bite on please let me know. I am for sure not going as far as Elko, maybe Fallon.

              • Make sure you get water rights in the deed!!!!

              • careful-the ones who want the world brought to its knees plan hoover flood-drought -bring water

          • NutBag

            You’re a masshole?

            Count me in..Cape Cod to be exact..I hear you loud and clear..more like 95% in my area.


            • Possee
              Maybe in the spring we could meet up with others that are reasonably close geographically. I’ve been watching the site for months but just started posting yesterday.

              • well then..

                Stay in touch and keep us posted..I’m still awaiting word from manos when we all meet,drink his wine and taste his fine olive oil, and celebrate the end of the globalists.

                Until then, we shall meet at some point soon..unless travel is restricted..


              • why dont we meet down here in the sunny southern weather ,that way we can let the kids in the black suits enjoy them selves swimming with the alligators in there new pair of cement shoe’s ,while we discuss grown up stuff

            • Count me in as well. North shore. More of us here than people realize.

              • Wolf. 3 feels way better than me and my wife. I’m sure there’s more of us.

                • There’s 19 houses on my street. 5 others than my own are Self Reliant. how do I know this some may ask, by walking the best home alarm system one could have, a 90 pound yellow lab! I get a glimpse into yards and garages plus the one on one conversations I have with my neighbors.My neighborhood is full of gardeners who can their crop, go shooting and put up any political sign that wasn’t pro obama. It’s a little island of sanity in a state of insanity!

              • Wolf359, I’m probably only about an hour and a half north of you.

                • folks
                  the only one any of us are hiding from is each other,,you can bet your toto that big brother already knows all about you,,,as in any site ,,not just in here,,i think a gfood hacker could trace all of us back home,,,what do you think


          • here’s a glimmer of hope from Wyoming..

            Several Wyoming lawmakers are proposing legislation designed to protect gun-owners from any potential federal firearm ban. The “Firearms Protection Act” bill, introduced this week, would make any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries.

            Anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal. It also includes a provision allowing the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend any state resident against any federal firearm ban.


            • I can see a “Shot heard ’round the world” moment coming out of this!

            • possee–I just forwarded that to my email contacts–nice news for a change.

            • down here in FL our gov. passed a law last year that no gun laws could be wrote above the state laws ,and if any local municpality ,wrote a said law and tried to enforce it ,that person ,be it deputy or code enforcment ,would be personly fined $5000 and loose there job

              • lower 40
                where in florida??


      4. I agree with your summation. The issue being the people do not understand American and world history. The American people or US citizens are so dumbed down that they are like sheep being led to slaughter and they go willingly. The time is right to wake up and seek the truth, for if you dont want it, dont complain when your digging your own ditch to bury yourself.

        • Does ANYONE remember a class in Jr. & Sr. High School that used to be called “Civics”? It isn’t taught any longer in any schools that I’m aware of. It’s no longer considered NECESSARY to educate students about the working of government, the court system and the interaction between them.

          There is a method of amending the United States Constitution and an Imperial Edict from Emperor Obama (read executive order) isn’t that way.

          The ‘talking-part’ of our current situation has been over for quite some time. The ‘doing-part’ is almost upon us. Decision time is here. Daddy used to say; “Son, at a certain point in time you ALWAYS have to decide whether or not to go ahead and shit …… or just get off the pot.” “It’s one way or the other boy; no middle ground involved in this one.”

          We do live in interesting times. Poor folks like most of us who post here couldn’t normally afford a ticket to the show we’re about to see. God Bless and good luck to all.

          • People in other parts of the world will get to watch the chaos unfold in America the same way we are used to watching it happen in other places.

      5. The Constitution is worth fighting for.
        The line in the stand has been drawn.

        • Many of us have family members who fought in the American Revolution. That Patriot blood, along with the passion to defend the Constitution, runs through our veins. It’s been known to thicken during times like these. Muster up!

          • Zoltanne, totally agree. My passions have been running really strong lately. In an attempt to furthur understand my thoughts and emotions regarding the Constitution and the right to bear arms I went back through my families geneology file.

            I actually wrote out the names of my eleven (5th & 6th) great-grandfathers that fought in the first American Revolution. I wrote out a little bio next to each along with when and where they fought.

            I have it right next to my computer screen. It actually helps me put things in to a little better perspective.

            My ancestory is real. My blood is real. I will not be safely back at the homestead tending the cooking pot. Men are not the only ones that are capable and willing to take a stand.

            To those men (or women) who feel that women don’t belong in the fight or should just be tending to the needs of men or should keep their thoughts and opinions quiet, I say BITE ME!

            • Kindle, great to hear your sentiments. If you are a good researcher or you belong to Ancestry, you can often find copies of the actual paperwork from our forefathers who mustered up and fought in America’s wars. Along with the document info are signatures, receipts for services or goods rendered (in the case of the Am Rev), and even physical descriptions. Also, gravestones and head markers can be located by doing some research. Having any of this information ready to pass on to the next generation is one of the best life-gifts each of us has to offer. Most of us have at least one serviceman or servicewoman in our lineage. Leaving a tribute to pass onward as you are doing is a wonderful salutation for those who served before us.

              We The People have always fought for what we believed and knew to be right — our God-given rights!! The time is now. Throughout our history we did not act with trepidation — we stood strong. And we were together. TPTB are dividing us to destroy us from within.

              Strengthen the human chain across this Nation. We surround them.

              • Zoltanne, my family do have a lot of the paperwork you speak of as well as pictures of gravestones. It is so cool to go back and read the old letters, muster rolls, county land records, wills, etc.

                It really solidifies one’s ties to the past, the land, the cause, America, the concepts, the principles, etc.

                It has really helped me understand myself better by getting to know my ancestors and their history in the creation of the country.

          • Unless your stomach hurts and your hands sweat, you have not even started to think this out. Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence ended up broken or dead. John Hancock was not kidding about the King being able to read his name without glasses, so he could be hanged easy er. Look to Syria, a small country, with 80,000 dead. “Blow the horn, loose the dogs of war,” easy to say, can you look in the mirror and say, as Hancock did: “Burn it all if need be, Though it makes me a pauper” If you believe in God pray this all passes. Pray: That TPTB get it right, we fix the economy, that people don’t die from want of a few cents worth of drugs. Then believe or not, get ready to save what can be saved.

            • Agreed Paranoid — if you are not sick to your stomach at what we are about to go through you havent thought about it hard enough.

            • Paranoid
              we came into this world broke and will leave the same way


      6. the hatred of our constitution comes from the pits of hades.

      7. some of you had better wake up and UNDERSTAND this is a spiritual battle as well as a PHYSICAL battle. The former MUCH more than the latter.

        • And Apophis just passed by last night. Many things going on here on earth and in the heavens that have real spiritual signifigance

          • Apophis is Nibiru.

            • Apophis is the name of an ancient Egyptian serpent: spirit of destruction. Nibiru is a brown dwarf, Apophis is a asteroid

        • We may be too apostate of a nation at this point for God to allow us to be saved — like Sodom and Gomora. Pay attention to your spiritual lives people!

          • Like most of you here on this site I am passionate about these issues, but like most of you here I am also a dedicated Christian, and I’m ambivalent about whether God wants us getting in a fight with “Caesar”. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus was adamant that we are to think in terms of the next life and not get our panties in a twist about changing our current political system. Remember that slavery was the rule of the day in Christ’s time and he told the slaves to be submissive to his master and for the Jews to be submissive to Caesar.

            I’m not saying we should “grab our ankles”, but I’m torn between the “turn the other cheek” admonition by our Lord versus the civil war that is probably in our future. I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.

            • T: In them times 2000 yrs ago, slaves was not as we know it to be mostly. Folks back then agreed to be a slave which was more like Servant to a master. They did it to pay a debt or whatever and there was a 6-7 yrs Limit on a slave. Once that time passed, every 7yrs or so, slaves was granted freedom.

              Same on debts owed. After so many yrs it was automatic forgivin as if paid. Land went Back to orig owners or their decendants if dead.

              Every 50th year was a Jubilee yr where all such stuf was forgivin or ended and debts done way with etc.

              So most back then wasn’t like slaves as we think of it from past in usa.

              Turn other cheek: Ok consider all the stuff you read is a messg FROM a christian/apostle/Lord Himself..TO other christians gathered to Learn more.

              If a Brother, and ONLY a fellow christian is your brother. Everybody aint Gods loved childrens…Yes God does love all folks. But what happens to UNbelievers at end of game?…Does God let all into heaven?..No.

              Their is a chapter which in its entirety speaks of Vast differences between Believers aka christains, and all the Others. Christians are told They are of the LIGHT/God…ALL Others are still in/of the DARK/Satan side.

              There is a long list of aprox a dozen or more type folks listed as to Who the dark satan types are based on what they do or do not do…believers or not-fags-liars-murders(Not same as killing only Murder is condemed) various more evil types.

              Christ says tell them all the good news(gospel) and them what rejects it Leave them and Move On to Others. But Christ will give all who desires it the exact same and all who does are Equally part of the Body/church/Christ/believers.

              It sounds swell and fuzzy nice to think in terms of God loves all folks the same etc and everybodys equal etc…But Thats Not reality nor true. If it were? Why do we need spread the word so others hear and be saved?

              Christ said “Think NOT that I came to Save the world…Rather think that I came as if bearing a Huge Sword, with which to Divide the World into TWO parts”

              Ok what Are them two parts?…The saved and the Lost. The rightous and Unrightous, believers and Unbelievers. Only One side can be right and correct choice.

              Luke ch 22 vs 36 Christ says sell coat and Buy a sword. Its meant for Self defence and defence of Others deserving of it…Like woman being raped etc. Or small kid being harmed etc…AND when we Must defend our Nation/Lands because to Fight Evil/Tyranny IS to Honor God.

              The main reason for martyers Back then was to Grow the church like nothing else ever did. It worked swell too.

              We now are in Last days times or era. At some not too distant time frame its highly likely whoever Will get saved Has already chozen to right?…Once it happens, it wont do any good to keep spreading gospel as none will listen any longer. The Church/Body may need to Defend itself in order to Obey Christs command which He says.

              “Occupy and Persevere, untill I return so that I may find You Standing” Standing for Truth and Rightousness etc!

              How can we posibly do that if we lay down to die due to oppression from kommie Murderers and such?

              What was buy swrod for?..Surly Not to butter bread!

              Perhaps tp Ram it straight as an arrow thru an Evil Kommie murderer hell bent on Our destruction eh. In defense of course. Like in Just Warfare…Thats the diff from Murder to Killing…Some folks Need killing. Read Romans ch 13 entire chapter…WE the People ARE the Ruling Athourities(at least here in america/us const).

              The Athourities IS who God grants the Power of swrod to…aka Right to Kill evil doers/evil criminals etc. So the Law abiders can reside in Peace & safty etc.

              Finally please consider, most pastors today use scofileds bible translations which are Mostly Wrong. Scofield was a Drunken Gambler and shyster who was “found” by one of the Sons of the Orig Rothchild Bankster khazer talmudists and thats who bought a publishing co to publish scofileds bible version.

              Thats because when done 100 yrs ago aprox, scofiled was considered a Heritic(good call!) by Every publisher co back then who All flat out Refused to publish his phony translations.

              Rothchild Loved it! of course he did! Look how good scofileds trash heritical stuf has MISled and corrupted churches all over america in last 100 yrs.

              Thats basically where the current Pre trib rapture stuf is from…NOBODY prior to 100 yrs ago preached it that way. With good reasn since Christ Himself said When HE returns is when the RESURECTION occures! Not Before in some never before heard of “Secret” rapture event which means He returns TWICE! Once to rapture and final time for take world over etc…WRONG! sorry if it bursts bubbles but Read a bible new testement see for self.

              Christ returns One time only..Believers dead first then still alive at return caught up WITH dead in Christ. To “Meet” Christ in the AIR…Ok so then where will Christ go?…he is headed back to Planet Earth! to Reamin for His reign as King of Kings etc…WE christians will be WITH Him…HERE! not in some far away “heaven” where souls go.

              Daed christians souls Is the “Saints” he brings back with Him so them souls can be Rejoined with their New Uncorrupted bodies which will be as Christs risen body now is…That is to remain a mystery till the day it occures per Paul teachings. What type body it really will be etc…

              Most all what pastors today teach is messed up Royally due to scofileds heritical stuf…Includeing his Dispensational pro jews stuf…

              There is zero verses that say bless jews and God will bless you…God said who blesses Abrham God will bless, and also God will bless his “SEED’ Not Plural seed’s…Singular SEED that meant CHRIST was going to be from abrhams seed or dna or Line of ancestory.

              Christ IS what God means by Will Bless all…By a Reedeamer Christ who Pays Our sin debt!..

              All the other bless jews crap is just that crap heritical wrong stuf….If You or other disagree?…Thats Your choices…Just do not blame me for I am telling you all what the bible says when you Read it as wrote and means.

              Re read and Re think and decide for your self do not allow pastors to tell you whats truth…Christ and the Apostles writers alreadt Did that for You!!

              ps dont forget to BUY that weapon!!!

              • T: one more quick issue I forgot..

                In order to promote todays pastors version of Pre trib rapture…They MUST say Christs return IS Imminent IE: can happen at ANY time and for proof pastors say Christ himself says Only God Alone knows the Exact day and Hour…

                Well…Yes Christ did say God alone kows exact day & hour.

                BUT: He also said THREE main things MUST happen First Before he can return!

                #1-the Gospel of the Kingdom of God be preached to Every nation and entire world.(thats probobly done by now)

                #2- The APOSTSEY Must happen. IE a Great Falling Away from the Truth and True Gospel or Real christianity, not todays watered down versions etc…This also is at least far along in happening.

                #3- The Man of Sin IE: Son of Perdition IE: Antichrist Must be Revealed!

                These ALL Must occure Before Christ can return!

                Pre trib rapture says NO! Antichrist enters the world scene After a rapture event so no christians is here when “Bad” stuf happens!…When bad happens?! aint we seeing alot already thats Really Bad?!(Yes)

                Obviously if you read what Christ Himself says about reseruction events todays scofiled brainwashed pastors are all wrong…Cant have it Both ways eh.

                perhaps this is why todays pastors Must resort to a form of teachings about Their rapture version which takes aprox 2 hrs and Tons of various Out of context verses old and new testement and much moving back and forth thru the entire bible till its so mixed up no sane person can really make sense of it!

                Jesus only needed aprox One small short paragraph to explain His version! Question now is…Which to believe in as Truth?…Todays pastors(most bought off worse than polititions and MSM are) OR believe Christ and Apostles Influenced by Holy Spirit when wrote it all?

                I choose Christ as to who!…Your choice is…Yours to make. I hope my two posts here assists you T.

                • @Angelo–the majority of Bible in ‘end-times’ prophecy clearly shows that Christians will experience part of the Great Tribulation. Christians may or may not see Armageddon?

                  The Bible is clear on:

                  1. Israel will rebuild its Temple
                  2. The anti-Christ will rule the Mark that is needed to buy and sell anything.
                  3. Those that do not take it are captured and done away
                  4. Chritians will be captured and detained
                  5. Christian will be killed with others
                  6. Anti-Christ will start the One World Currency

                  I’m not preaching to non-believers, just saying what some of those events are based on Bible.

                  I’m with you. I do not know why the pre-trib rapture is so popular when most references show otherwise. Because of that belief, that is why many Christians are not preppers. I have tried to talk to them, but they always say ‘If its the will of the Lord….’ or ‘Oh well, we wont be here anyway….’

                  Even Christians are going to be surprised by this very near and new future. They will also ask, ‘Why didnt anybody warn us….’

              • You cant spell or write a coherent sentence.. and you are an ignorant anti semite.
                Entertaining stories though!

            • “Turn the other cheek” does not mean what everyone has been led to believe by the guy roaring about hell and damnation from the pulpit. “Turn the other cheek” had to do with how Romans hit their slaves and folks deemed inferior to themselves and “turning the other cheek” actually forced a Roman to treat you as an equal. A back-handed blow was used for those considered subservient to themselves. Turning the other cheek forced the Roman to hit you (since they were going to hit you anyway) as they would a worthy opponent.

              People need to start understanding the political and economic components of the time periods they are studying and quit excerpting only what they want to use to press home a point that makes absolutely no sense.

              Jesus was humble but NEVER passive. Jesus’ disciples even carried swords. Again, please consider the times.

              So MAKE THEM TREAT YOU AS AN EQUAL by turning the other cheek.

              P.S. Swords were the “assault weapons” of biblical times.

            • T
              you arev so right but show me where Gods people all thru the bible didnt fight their asses off….i am a child of him,,,ill show both my cheeks as they are lieing on the ground face up,,,,,


        • badpuppydog are you saying:

          the constitution applies to a GOD fearing nation so destroy Christianity and you destroy the constitution? I think so.

          Bussing was initiated in the 70’s ( to me ) and separated Christian communities and spread kids out while bringing in kids from underprivileged areas who did not come from moral upbringings. I was there. It sucked bad.

          GOD and prayer was removed from schools and replaced with guns and drugs. I was there.

          In kalifornia the schools have added gay history month. WTF? But it’s true.

          All the ” No Christmas and Easter ” BS at schools.

          No Christian or Christmas recognition on ” state or federal property ” even though many workers are Christians. ETC,ETC. When does it end. It doesn’t.

          All these small things over time add up to degrading Christianity and trashing the constitution. Communism has time. It doesn’t have to happen today. It just has to happen. It seems as if the push is on however and they got the right guy to steamroll the agenda.

          I believe we have people who could head up ( our? ) the rediscovery of freedom and the importance of it if we look around. They are there but we ( I ) do feel alone or isolated. WE the tax payers should not have to even be thinking about this BS but while we were out working and taking care of our families ” the evil, lazy, stupid, and easily influenced ” slipped in and got their way. It’s to late to stop it. Now it must be undone. Lots of work ahead, but that’s nothing new for most here.

          Keep the faith and GOD BLESS. Never give up. What else can you do?

          Just remember that the evil, the lazy, the stupid, the scum,the parasite, the criminal, etc, didn’t have to work very hard to get to where they are and if we put up one badass fight I believe they lack the fortitude to defend their lame lifestyle.

          If it’s GODS plan for this country ( christianity and freedom ) to prevail, then it will.

      8. Things are going to heat up and change very quickly? keep your thinking in the right state of mind, because tryiing times are coming regardless of what others say. Stand your ground and stay the course American people! They try to make us out to be the evil, but the evil is those that want to impose their ideas and way of life unto us.
        I have never gone around an said if you don’t believe in my way of thinking then you are wrong. I believe everyone has a right to their own belief’s, but damn you for trying to subjugate me or anyone else into just doing what you feel is right. This country is being deliberatly out right dismantled.
        We, The American people are the power. Never feel like you are not worthy, because everyone is worthy! Your worthness might be different from someone else, but non-the-less you have your own talent. Don’t let those that want to destroy this country take away from what you believe. If you do not believe in Our American Constitution, then you can leave. I will not stop you or plead for you to stay. but, do not try to take away my freedom or liberties.

        Be vigil and always have situtional awreness, God Bless!!!

        Be Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      9. I am opening a cafe inside of a local gun store in the next few months and have been bringing our food truck there on the weekends and we come in contact with people from all income levels and racial backgrounds and they all hint at the same thing: they will not give up their guns.

        • How ya been, Chef? Good to see you’re still kickin and cookin.

          • Doing great my friend. Working on a second restaurant in this crappy economy. still been reading this site and you guys posts on a regular basis though.

      10. Okay, big earthquake coming, maybe more than 2. Had an earthquake on the ring of 55-57 degrees south and I did some checking on this, and it was very convincing. Out of the 21 earthquakes of 5+ that have occurred since 1973, 20 times. That is over 95% of the time within 15 days, many times more than 2 earthquakes occurred. Only on August 18, 1984 did this narrow area get hit and a big eathquake did not follow. Sept.10, 1984 Northern California had a 6.6, 23 days later. Every other time, a big earthquake followed.

        The areas, real specific with this were; China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia, northern part of South Africa, Philippines, and Mexico. That is it. I say China or Japan from the 14 Carlsburg Ridge quakes, and I would say a 7+, maybe 8+. In fact I would say 95% chance of a 6.5+, 75% chance of a 7+, 50% of a 8+, and a 20% chance of a 9+. There are way too many indications that a good size earthquake is coming.

        For those not interested in geology, an earthquake like on Sept.1, 1923 in Toyko again today would massively hurt the financial markets. A 7.9 like back then, or bigger would probably shut down the stock market for the day. This area normally has an earthquake of 7.5+ every 70-75 years. It has been 90 years. Earthquakes can do much to the world if it is in the wrong place. By Jan.24, near 100% certain of a 6.5+ in one of the previous areas mentioned in recent comments.

        • At first I thought you were an odd duck, then I started seeing how your projections were beginning to pan out, with frightening regularity. Be advised Be Informed, I now read your postings regarding seismic activities very closely, as you have pointed out, the ring of fire is becoming active! Thanks for the 411 and please keep these advisories coming!

          • @ cjmartel. I thought I was the odd duck also forecasting earthquakes at first, but like most theroies as someone refines it the picture become clearer and clearer. At first I did not think this would work, but after time and time again it did work. It makes sense, when you have previous locations that have lead to large earthquakes in the same spots in the past, it is likely these patterns will follow the same or close by to where they occurred before. Plates move very slowly, therefore earthquakes are pretty close to the past patterns. In November they had an earthquake in the polar region that just like 2 years ago, it hit the same area within about 7 miles, the magnitude was the same also. It is really interesting each time these patterns follow the same as decades ago.

            @ Norse Prepper. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it when the patterns continue to fit like a glove. I have been very upset over these anti-freedom wackos that are trying to take our freedoms and I should be concentrating more on earthquake predictions, and I have neglected it to a point. It is so upsetting to see our freedoms dwindling each day.

        • Thank you for your predictions and tireless datamining that you do. Much appreciated and valued.

          God Bless,

          • @ BJ. Stan Deyon uses temperature anomalies to forecast earthquake hot spots. It works for many earthquakes, but doesn’t single out the really big earthquakes that cause much suffering and death. This is what I do, I ONLY filter out the 6.5+, or sometimes a little smaller as these are the only ones to be concerned about. This is much, much, more difficult to forecast the big ones using Stan’s system. However it is not that difficult using the main foundation of the system I am using.

            Just like the contours of a mountain range, storms tend to form in the same spots when the winf direction is going the like it was countless times before. The same is true of earthquakes, when they throw their energy off away from the break point, the location at which a smaller distance foreshock occurs is usually close by to where it was before. Case in point the earthquake today and the swarm of 14 in the Carlsburg Ridge tends to mean that within 15 days China is hit. Not always of course, but these two earthquake sequences favor China, along with a few other spots.

            Each time there is a polar or sub-polar earthquake, even one in the tropics, it always amazes me how when you look at the past, there is an area that is more prone to a bigger earthquake later than some other polar or sub polar area hit. One area in the Balleny Isalnds for example is hit and then california sometimes gets a large quake.

            It is very time consuming to look over the past records and then try to calculate the energy direction back towards its source, but I have to admit it, this is very interesting. As I tried to give the comparison before it is like trying to refigure the near point at which a bullet was fired from a long distance away. Very many variables go into this. It is kind of like seismic forensics. I truly am convinced that ALL earthquake have foreshocks, but much away from the actual rupture zone. Areas that are not so locked up and can move and release energy a lot easier. This tends to be around spreading zones in which not that much stress builds up. Antarctic plate boundaries, like today, are excellent for this.

            • WHy don’t u combine the 2 use your way witch is working great to locate biger areas then aply the Stan Deyon system and check for temperature anomalies in the zones that u have predickted

        • How on earth could anyone give a “thumbs down” on this post? Bury your head in the sand much??? I find geology fascinating in a practical way and just got back upstairs after updating your information to my charting. Thank you for all the valuable insight. Any ideas about the New Madrid? As I mentioned before, although there is no reason you should remember it, we live apx 100 feet from a small fault loosely connected to the New Madrid. We’re in NW Ohio and supposedly “away” from the immediate results of a large quake, but still carry earthquake insurance.

          • @ Vicky. I think the red thumbs down are from people that don’t like what I say and from those that feel that I am using some witchcraft or something to predict these quakes. This is why I try to explain in much detail how this is done, and how very similar it is to how people predict weather based on past patterns. It is about statistics and science. Some people don’t appreciate the name of the site SHTFplan, and if a mega earthquake hitting the San Andreas, New Madrid, Cascadia fault is not a SHTF event, then I don’t know what else is.

            I would defintely worry about smaller faults going off after ANY large fault breaks like the New Madrid. In 1812, the San Andreas and the Caribbean plate, the southern portion of it in Venezuela all went off after the New Madrid broke. These faults were much distance from the New Madrid. I go back to a large fault in Mongolia that broke decades ago and many thrust faults went off after this in the desert there. Big movements set off other faults all the time. The Northridge fault was thought to be a result of the Landers earthquake 1 and 1/2 years before. Good idea to have earthquake insurance as long as the insurnace company doesn’t go bankrupt. Try to get earthquake insurance from a company that has much resources outside the New Madrid fault zone.

            • Thanks! I’m really sad and mad when you get red-thumbed, and for such very strange reasons. I’m pretty religious, but it’s time for everyone on here to jump into the 21st century! Earthquake coverage is from an ethical and relatively large company. The policy is kept in a fire-proof safe, so assuming we aren’t killed, we should have some financial help. I saw our small fault referred to as a strike/slip fault, but will have to re-check that. It’s called the “Anna” fault and to date, has been no stronger than a 3.6, causing only moderate building damage. We live on a glacial kame, although there is very little sand, and the branch of the fault runs along the base of the kame, eventually heading northwest along a “dry” creek bed. Do you know if kames experience liquifaction? That’s one answer I haven’t been able to locate. We are following you with great interest, appreciate your help and your expertise, and wish you all the best.

            • Be Informed.
              Can you tell me where the george bush’s fault is?

        • All this information is great and very useful! I think the sunspots have ALOT to do with the earthquakes. If you notice, when JOG talks about sunspots, there seems to be an increase in the number of earthquakes.

          Also, was reading about how earthquakes and volcanoes are tightly related. I’d be willing to bet there is volcanic activity around the Carlsburg Ridge.

          So along with the ring of fire waking up, so is the volcanic activity. I’ve noticed a distict change the past 2 weeks on where the “normal” activity is… Any thoughts BI?

          • @ you don’t need to know. Volcanic activity usually is the results of plate collisions or spreading around the ocean, these create earthquakes. There are a lot of atolls around the Carlsburg Ridge which mean volcanoes. It is something though that 90% of the time when there are earthquakes here that bigger earthquakes follow, then the one in Antarctica today and both of these aim at China and mostly southern Japan. I can imagine that the plates move and create this tension from somewhere in China and the energy is redirected back into these spots, time and time again. 95% of the time, only once has the Antarctica region not lead to a big earthquake, that means almost certain a big quake is coming.

            I am not sure if the earthquakes in the Carlsburg Ridge were harmonic in nature. With volcanoes you get a type of smooth like a hill type of wave with this type of earthquake, and a more jagged mountain type of peaks of waves with other earthquakes. Doesn’t matter though, a big earthquake is almost certainly on the way. I looked back at this region has had maybe 2-3 earthquakes, but a swarm of 14 that are all 4.6-5.1 is disturbing. You may be right we may see something blow from this region. Fortunately there are no super volcanoes here at this spot.

        • So, is the Pac NW out of the crosshairs for now? I’ve been watching that area closely, since I have some friends in the Seattle area…

          Thanks for all you do, BI!

          • @ Todd. Yes as of about 1:00 AM Pacific time tomorrow, about 3 and 1/2 hours from now they probably are fairly safe for the time being. The people up in the Pacific Northwest are living under a future nightmare though. Each time there is some severe movement north of the Cascadia Fault, it should break, the 7.8 should have been enough to trigger it in November. This again means that there is a lot more pinned up energy that has it locked past a 9.0 earthquake. IF you see a large earthquake south of the Cascadia fault, this could be enough to break it very soon afterwards.

            From the recent earthquakes that are precursors to what is to come, none of them have had previous earthquakes on them and then had anything of large size directed towards the Pacific Northwest. Right now China and southern Japan are really big targets, as well as the line up the west of South America to Mexico. The Pacific South Seas areas, like from eastern Indonesia to the Kermadec Islands, maybe New Zealand are truly primed also. Previous quakes from these areas and the energy seems to be very focused here at these spots.

            • Thanks BI!

        • BI hey thanks for info! and efforts! whats San Andreas looking like?…..Mac I think Be Informed NEEDS HIS OWN section for quake related post, this would be of benefit to the site and keep the pissers and moaners at bay! Plus I enjoy reading comments…..but sometimes there two many comments to try and go through to find BI’s predictions and updates! so his own page is warranted and needed….thanks for your considerations.

          • If you hit Ctrl F it will pull up a little window where you can do a word search of the page – that is how I skip around and look for Be Informed’s posts.

      11. The Anti’s have been around for about a century.They organized under a rock until slowly they became the establishment. They used the constitution to advance their cause until there was no more that the constitution could do for them. This is where we are at now. To further advance their cause they need to dismantle the constitution. To them it has become a worthless piece of paper and is in the way for their total control of the USA.

        The Constitutionalist are now against the establishment and the establishment controls the message. The world of the Constitutionalist is now upside down. Be careful, represent yourself well and remember history.

      12. If I could go back in time to the founders. I’d recommend they set up a secret society of people who, whenever someone attempts to disarm us. They quietly eliminate the threat to freedom.

        Is it to late to start now?

        • They did, it’s just not a secret, It’s called the 2ed amendment an the American Public

        • @ Sierra Dave

          That’s our job!

          The founders gave us the right to possess the tools…its up to us to provide the courage!

      13. Good article. Thanks Mac for putting it up for us to see.

        It is my thought that people are ignorant. I didn’t say stupid, I said ignorant. Since WW2 both the husband and the wife have had to work to make a living. This has destroyed the family base in many ways.

        One of those ways is that people are tired. Your average Joe/Jane gets about 20 minutes twice a day in commuting time in which to have to themselves before they are put back in the yoke of just plain old living.

        In that 40 minutes per day does anyone think that a person who has that many demands on themselves really wants to listen to talk radio or the news. They don’t. They want to listen to music or just enjoy a bit of silence for a moment.

        So where do they get an opinion from? Relatives, friends and co-workers for the most part who themselves have no time do really pay attention to the news and certainly will not investigate much more of what they are told by the main stream media. Perhaps I should just say State run media because that is what it is.

        So along comes a guy like Obama, slick, hip hapening, with an education. He tells them he will take the fight to the banks, the oil companies, the gun toten bible thumpin people who have been causing all the trouble. Sounds good as John/Jane doesn’t have time to deal with it.

        Like right now. The main problem this country has is a budget and spending problem. Obama says well they have not squealed to much when I taxed the heck out of them and if I can pull it off I will tax them more and take away some benefits. I know, lets start a major uproar over guns that has everyone screaming crazy talk. While that is happening me, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner and McConnell will do an end around and nobody will notice.

        It’s not that most people are not Patriots. It is just a matter of being ignorant and the system working them to death. But I think the gig is just about up and people are going to start catching on. Then we are going to see some fireworks. Straight out of Dante’s Hell!

      14. Be informed #1015016: I agree. It’s all about control.

        TPTB do not like independant thoughts or actions on the part of the citizenry. Too unpredictable.

        It’s been the agenda of TPTB for a good long time, and what we are experiencing now is the result of decades of behind-the-scenes plots and plans. Everything they have done up to now has been leading up to this, the endgame.

        The next step is to disarm everybody. They can not move forward with the grand plan until this happens. So, scare the shit out of everyone. Stage fake “mass shootings”, and have the mass-hysteria media pump it out day and night. Guns are evil. Turn them in.

      15. After the economy collapses and we have civil war we who love this country and believe in the constitution will be the only survivors. All of the brainwashed masses are being misled to their ultimate fates. We preppers, gun owners, constitutionalists, etc. are the only independent thinkers left in this nation, according to Daisy’s article from December. None of the brainwashed masses will survive what is coming to this land. It will be a holocaust. Braveheart

        • Braveheart, you are right. So very right.

          It never ceases to amaze me, when I go out in public(which these days is rarely) how many people seem to wander around aimlessly, their eyes glued to the little screen, their thumbs flipping over the keypad. When I see them, I can’t help but to think “There goes another one who won’t last a day or two when it all crumbles around them”.

          Turn it off. If you want to know what someone’s status is, meet ’em for lunch or coffee and talk to them face to face.

          • We had phone book when I was a kid and we didn’t spend all day reading it. Keeping up with relatives used to be a punishment! – Betty White on SNL

      16. Hatred of the Constitution by the left is because the Constitution stands in their way of governing by an “alternate universe” of irrational, leftist fools.

        Presently, the unbridled left is lusting to govern by edict. It is the evolution of tyrants. Thus, the Constitution is a giant roadblock for such tyrants. The Bill of Rights is an insurance policy for the citizenry against the rise of such tyrants. The founders KNEW that at some point in the future a certain type of individual(s) would eventually hold offices of power and attempt total control. Full tyranny.

        An Presidential Executive Order was never intended to remove parts of the Constitution or oppress the citizenry. The consent of the governed, a foundation of this Republic, is not in agreement with infringement by decree.

        This may become the “line in the sand” for a huge percentage of the population. American Revolution #1 erupted with the efforts of the British to confiscate powder, shot and muskets. Since the left HATES even American History it would appear that American Revolution #2 may be over the same efforts the left fails to remember. The modern day Paul Revere is about to ride to SAVE the USA as founded.

        Stay aware. Our nation’s life is in peril.

        • This is my line in the sand.

      17. It’s easy really. The jackasses in power hate being told “no”. The Constitution is full of “NO”, or negative parameters about what you cannot do. And that, just grinds their nuts.

        • PO’d, you nailed it in words I couldn’t think of.

        • Obama has said just that. He thinks the constitution is a document of negative liberties, it states what the government cannot do TO you, and not what it must do on your behalf.

      18. Absolutely beautiful……this guy and I share the same first name, but I sure wish we shared the same intellect and gift of words. My heart & soul at it’s deepest depths, stir like a volcano under the tumultous sea when I read this.

        BTW, anyone know where the ehck I can buy ammo?? All stores around me are empty…nothing, kaput! And all web sites I have looked at are out of stock. The guy at the gun store thisn morning told me the shippers are telling them that they don’t know when the next shipments will be able to be made and that when they do the price is going to be a lot higher 🙁
        And I can’t even get a 25 or 30 round clip for my Ruger 10/22!!!

        • Well… maybe you should look for a magazine instead. Don’t think they ever made clips.

        • a lot of the police departments i my area are begging for ammo,,,,


        • BJ, you can get ’em on gunbroker if’n you got deep pockets. I bid on today on a used 10-22 Ruger there and set my max bid at $425.00. Now this gun in the configeration that I’m looking for, would go for $275.00 a couple of months ago. Shucks at $425.00, I wasn’t even close.

          • PO’d,

            Damn that Ruger 10/22 here is still $235.00 and I picked up the Sig522 for $350.00 with the Bushnell Throphy red dot scope.


            • I hear ya. I’m looking for a stainless one. I plan on putting a folder on it like my mini-14. Something I can carry in a backpack if necessary.

      19. The line of people’s thinking.

        Free Loaders: They don’t think, because everything is given to them.

        Liberals: Only one line, they know what is best for everyone. They always wear blinders.

        Conservative: They think in two lines; whatever the liberals think is wrong, and what they think is right. They wear blinders also (maybe a little wider, but they still wear them).

        Peppers: The peppers think in multi lines, that just blows the other three away. They cannot comprehend how a person can think like we do. We look at everything in a common sense line. An all-around view of things if you like, we leave the blinders off. This is why they DISLIKE US SO MUCH. OUR LINES OF THINKING ARE WIDE OPEN.

        Please expand, disagree or like these lines of thinking. I’m just throwing it out there.

        • To all mised the r in prep’s sorry

        • Excellent post Pale Rider. My only disagreement would be on the Conservatives. I believe that should read “So Called Conservatives” of which their are many. But true Conservatives don’t merely disagree with Liberals, we interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be an absolute, so our thinking is conservative on these Documents. Just as they are on the Holy Bible. Where Liberals are liberal on their interpretation and like to change thing to match their way of thinking. But I know what you mean’t and do not disagree. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      20. Executive Orders = Fascism & Presidents Out of Control

        Copy and paste into your browser


        Good read and applies to our current situation regarding President Obama’s Executive Orders. I really like the refrence to Hitlers Executive Orders.

      21. I’d say one of this nation’s biggest problems stems from the fact that assimulation is no longer required. Instead of American of African ancestery, you have African, Mexican, Italian and so on. American is not the first identity to rolloff most peoples lips. Divison is what the left has sought, therefor people have an excuse to see theirselves as an injured class. 40 plus years ago imagrants worked to become citizens of this nation, and refused a hand out, worked to learn english and our customs. Hell, now you don’t have to be a citizen to gett welfare. And we Americans have allowed this rot to fester. I was in the class of “76” our Bicentennual year, when we still took pride in our nation and it’s leaders. Never, ever did I think this nation would be in this kind of mess. And our teachers warned us what we were headed for, you see back then all the teachers were conservative and we were tought about our nations history, and the respect that this nation deserved. And every race wanted to be an American!

        • Naivete is losing its charm and its innocence, Mr. AMartinez.

          The objective was NEVER to assimilate any of the non-European immigrants that the 1965 Immigration Legislation was designed to allow to flood into America.

          The objective of that 1965 Immigration legislation was to set into motion the Cultural Marxist’s diabolically evil plan to (a) flood a historic White European nation that was 89-90% White European with millions of non-European aliens so as to reduce Whites to numerical minorities inside their own historic homelands, and (b) Subjugate the White European minority to permanent rule by a motley collection of non-Whites who would be studiously brainwashed by the owners of the mainstream, anti-white media to hate and despise Whites and to blame them for all their failures in life, and (c) Use endless media agitation of non-white resentments towards the former White majority to incite violence against Whites, (d) Use endless promotion of miscegenation between Whites and non-whites to reduce the number of White babies being born, and (e) Openly call for the genocide and extinction of White European people and package this idea in the mainstream media as a grand idea and the ultimate and Final Solution to the evils of ‘racism’, since as we all know, only whites can be racists. This is being called for now, by scores of leftists in the mainstream media.

          However, if you think I’m making all this up – perhaps you might like to use google and search for an excellent summary of the Cultural Marxist agenda by a man named Timothy Matthews, published originally from Catholic Insight’s website, dated March 2009 and titled: “The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt”. Or, if you would like for me to save you the trouble, here is the link to this very educational article:


      22. Found this..its a copy and paste..so dont no one climb my back if its not what you want to read..skip over it than..its the internet, you can do that..you know that right?

        Do you have a gun in the house?


        When I had my gangrene gallbladder taken out and spent 10 days in the hospital. I had home nurse visits for two weeks and was asked if I had guns in the house. I respond that if I did I would not tell them. So the below has some merit.

        FYI, I am passing this along… there are comments from two other people that have also been asked if they keep guns in the house. The nurse just kinda slipped it in along with all the other regular questions. I told her I refused to answer because it was against the law for her to ask.

        Everyone, whether you have guns or not, should give a neutral answer so they have no idea who does and who doesn’t. My doctor asked me if I had guns in my house and also if any were loaded. I, of course, answered yes to both questions. Then he asked why I kept a loaded gun close to my bed. I answered that my son, who is a certified gun instructor and also works for Homeland Security, advised me that an unloaded, locked up gun is no protection against criminal attack.

        The Government now requires these questions be asked of people on Medicare, and probably everyone else.

        Just passing this along for your information: I had to visit a doctor other than my regular doctor when my doctor was on vacation.. One of the questions on the form I had to fill out was: Do you have any guns in your house?? My answer was None of your business!!

        So it is out there! It is either an insurance issue or government intervention. Either way, it is out there and the second the government gets into your medical records (as they want to under Obamacare) it will become a major issue and will ultimately result in lock and load!!

        Please pass this on to all the other retired guys and gun owners… Thanks, from a Vietnam Vet and retired Police Officer: I had a doctors appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday and found out something very interesting that I would like to pass along. While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions: 1. Did I feel stressed? 2. Did I feel threatened? 3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?

        The nurse then informed me that if I had answered yes to any of the questions I would have lost my concealed carry permit as it would have gone into my medical records and the VA would have reported it to Homeland Security.

        Looks like they are going after the vets first. Other gun people like retired law enforcement will probably be next. Then when they go after the civilians, what argument will they have? Be forewarned and be aware. The Obama administration has gone on record as considering veterans and gun owners potential terrorists. Whether you are a gun owner, veteran or not, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED !

        If you know veterans and gun owners, please pass this on to them. Be very cautious about what you say and to whom.

        They are coming for us, so unless you’re an ostrich, do not stick your head in the sand……….

        • Great post, Its Not Me.

          Amazing. So, the people that were trained by the government to fight wars, people that we’re being told to support and thank for their service and sacrifice, are really terrorists, eh? Guess since I’m a veteran I’m also a terrorist. Booga Booga!!

          I do agree. The government realizes their biggest hurdle is the hundreds of thousands of vets, people they have trained to fight, and fight hard. They would have to target them first.

        • Gun Owners of America has been warning about this since 0bamacare was first proposed, maybe even longer. With electronic medical records, the ATF, FBI, NSA, etc can troll the database for any little thing they can used to take away your 2A rights. NEVER tell a doctor or insurance agent about your guns, and NEVER tell your doctor about any “emotional” issues.

        • It’s Not me–I have shared this before–will share again.
          All those {1. Did I feel stressed? 2. Did I feel threatened? 3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?}worded a little differently were on a questionnaire that I completed for my Vietnam Vet….
          However I responded didn’t matter, for accompanying the Q was a letter and I read.
          Your future appointment when made will only require 20 minutes—long enough to take a blood sample.WTH??
          The Q was ripped and thrown in the trash, and no future appt. was made.

          • I do know this line of questioning is due to the obscene number of veteran suicides–which in itself is suspicious to me.
            They encountered no more traumatic incidences than other soldiers of the past.
            Could it be the vaccines or drugs being used now while these soldiers are serving??

            • I hear that antidepressants flow freely into as many soldiers as will eat them.

        • Thanks for the heads up…will continue to pass it on.

        • Ok… Here’s one for all you experts and off topic posters.
          Contrary to everything anyone has EVER heard, read or dreamed about, you are under no obligation to tell the truth when some dick head asks you if you have guns in the house. Answering “None of your business”, “fuck you”, “I wouldn’t tell you if I did”, and all the other cocky bullshit are what morons do. Just check the no box and sign the form with a scribbled fake name and move on. Burn that into your thick skulls or burn as a martyr or victim. I suppose it really doesn’t matter though, since there is so much bullshit here I’ll add my own short story for the day.
          By the time I was eight years old I had read every book in every library in town and surrounding areas and have remembered and practiced nearly everything I read about. By the time I was twelve I had learned how to shoot every gun known to modern man and could knock the head off a cockroach with a .22 rifle at 500 yards. By the time I was 16 I had 4-H club ribbons and trophies scattered all over my room. By the time I was eighteen I had acquired a black belt in a dozen different martial arts forms and could literally kick the crap out of everyone that trained me. I joined the military at nineteen and visited many different countries around the world over the next 23 years busting ass and taking names, all in the name of freedom and spreading democracy. My certifications in firearms, survival skills and martial arts is so long it would take a thousand page book to list them all. I roamed the globe as a highly trained secret agent and advised and rubbed elbows with heads of state. I have stopped bullets with my bare hands and have leaped over large obstacles. I can swim farther and faster than most fish in the sea. I have soared with Eagles and walked with the homeless. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and death shook in it’s own boots in fear. (Death wears jack boots by the way) Of all the things I’ve learned one stands out over all else. I learned, at a very young age that 96 3/4% of Earthlings are nothing more than a bunch of useless parasitical moronic eaters who spend all their time eating, shitting, fucking and destroying each other and the environment. Human’s, by and large are a ghastly parasitical disease and there is no redemption except through death. Gun control in America will bring that redemption. I also learned that there are two kinds of parasites in the world. Those that eat and those that get eaten. Most humans belong to the second category and the eating will soon begin. When the confiscations and devouring begin, it will be a veritable blood bath. The eaters love to bathe in the blood of the eaten. To them, it’s like sex and by killing and devouring those that are destined to be eaten, they are able to satisfy all the urges that drive them. That’s why it’s so addictive, and that’s why it will be so productive and redemptive because it will not only purge the world of the useless eaters but will satisfy the animalistic urges of the eaters. They will be able to kill, eat, shit and have an orgasm all at the same time. (Think of all those jackboots you’ve recently read about, or saw on CNN who seem to have orgasms while they slay harmless animals, pepper spray peaceful protesters, tasering handcuffed pregnant women and murdering innocent people by shooting them in the back)
          Gun control is coming folks, whether you want it or not and it will be a total redemptive blood bath. You will not be able to take it or leave it. It will happen and the only thing you can do is eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. An enormous, long overdue thinning of the herd is nigh at hand. LOLOL!!!

          • WoW!

            Could you give us what guidelines you use for those to be parasitic?

            Is humanity worth saving?


      23. Just wondering! Is this a UNION site and are comments posted according to Seniority. It seems a comment can be posted in the first few minutes after an article is put on line. Like one of the first 10 comments or so, and end up 50 or 60 comments out. With most comments posted ahead of you being posted 6 to 8 hours later. And those comments aren’t replies to someone elses post. Just wondering. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

        • Yep…United Preppers and Reloaders Local 2. Initiation dues are payable to the site administrator. First national meeting to be scheduled in Washington, DC… pending results of Gun Czar Biden’s plan. Seriously, if you enter an e-mail(can be fake) when you log-in, you will clear moderation quicker.

          • Thanks JRS. Enjoyed your humor. And appreciate your response. You cooled my hostility. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • Unfortunately MT, if you want your post to be seen early you will have to post a reply to one of the first posts or as you say it will slide down the line into oblivion. But just so you know some of the latter posts are some of the best. Take care.

          • Good one JRS. That cracked me up. Local 2 due paying union member here.

        • no government funding

      24. **admin – this cmment has been removed by an administrator.

        It may be violating the law.

        We have removed it in the interest of the user who posted it and to preserve our site commenting policy. **

        • Sharko. For fuck sake, grow up you moron. Don’t blame being a loser on other people.

        • Sharko, your treading on dangerous ground. Even though we can understand your anger, and I’m sure your using an alias, Big Brother would have no trouble tracking you down. So be wise when you post a comment. We don’t need to lose an ally before it’s time. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

          • They played this Obama song back when he was 1st elected.
            To the theme of Puff the Magic Dragon-you never heard it?
            Good to know there are plenty of allies out there in America. Just a little angry today.

      25. USA people in general have been too dumbed down by your own show biz fantasy world andI can’t understand what on earth makes some of your citizens think that the grass will be greener without the protections of such a well written document. I have researched about some of the men who helped fight for your liberty and also draft your constitution and understand many of them were puritan Christians or were descendants of puritan families who although lived very simple lives were not afraid to put their convictions into practice. My country could have also had many good years but in 1899 we were overun by nearly half a million british soldiers on behalf of some of wealthy jews who wanted our gold, they also burnt our farms and killed off 26000 women and children in concentration camps we did have somewhat of a peudo republic 1961-1994 but that was only to serve our anglo american masters by dying in bush wars in angola and mozambique so that the russians did not get a foothold in southern africa. your backs are against a very high wall

      26. This earthquake activity is OFF THE CHARTS just like the solar activity is OFF THE CHARTS. An obvious link between the 2 me thinks.
        @ beinformed …nice work as usual. keep the reports coming.

        @ justoneguy…keep those solar reports coming sir……you and beinformed are very important right now with all this insane solar/tectonic activity.

      27. Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.
        William Pitt, House of Commons, 18 Nov. 1783

        No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
        Thomas Jefferson

        My feelings also: “I am a political dissident. (Given the atrocities of our times, every thinking American should be, too.) And I know what happens; what always has happened-to unarmed political dissidents. I will not stand in line for a cattle car aimed at some extermination camp. I will not be led blindfolded to a bullet-pocked brick wall.”

        “WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY, AND THE ENEMY IS US.” There are no liberating forces on the horizon. WE’RE ON OUR OWN. BTP

      28. Earthquakes and solars flares

        “Shake and Bake”

        • @ slingshot,

          Absolutely…..starkly…..HILARIOUS Brother, T’anks… I needded that! 🙂

      29. As details continue to emerge regarding gun control plans that President Barack Obama and the Democrats are pushing behind the scenes, Wyoming lawmakers have a message for the federal government: “Don’t tread on us.”

        Local radio station KTWO reports that lawmakers in Wyoming have proposed a “Firearms Protection Act” that provides a state-level annulment of any ban against semi-automatics or magazines that hold 20 or 30 rounds or more.

        If the measure passes, it would mean that anyone–even federal agents-who try to enforce a ban within the state borders could be charged with a felony

        Daisy..It Is Me

          • hahaha – VRF

            Was I wrong before? I didn’t think you’d tell DPS to STFU!


            • Wow, No I dont think I did..where is that post?

              Nahh cant be, especially if he was on the right side of the argument

              Daisy..Its Me

              • Ive been shaddowed(trolled) on here before..I got to a point where I started changing who I was to throw them off, and get out what I wanted to say with out the weaners knowing it was me.

                Daisy..Its Me

                • I think Mac deleted it since it clearly wasn’t you! And all DPS had done was talk about a good book he’d read and a kiddo away at school.

                  ~ D

          • VRF & Ms Daisy,

            Did I mis something??? Have been trolled again? LOL its all good I think you know wwhen its me and when its not.

            Have a great night,

            • its fagbookpage and his vile jesuit crew. He likes doing that!

      30. The Second Amendment does not grant any rights. It restricts the Government from infringing on a natural right.

        Most of the versions of the Constitution available today either in print or online DO NOT include the preamble to the Bill of Rights which states: “THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

        To anyone that can read, this statement can only be interpreted to mean that the listed rights are outside of legislative jurisdiction.

        In the Supreme Court Decision on US v Cruikshank was this ruling, “The right there specified is that of ‘bearing arms for a lawful purpose.’ This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendment declares that it shall not be infringed: but this, as has been seen, means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress. This is one of the amendments that has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National [Federal] Government…”

        Our CONgress needs more education along with all the other people that are ignorant to the meaning and intent of the Bill of Rights!

        I posted this comment on Brandon’s blog and at the daily sheeple.

      31. KySSG, I have to go out in public almost every day as part of my job. I see the same things you mention and more. I think its safe to say around 95% of the population will die off in one way or another after TSHTF. It’s tragic, but I’m afraid it will happen. Check the archives for an article from i think 1st of December called “The Madness of a Lost Society”. watch the videos of morons fighting each other for cheap, Chinese-made junk on Black Friday at Wallyworld and other stores. I don’t see any of those people surviving for long in post-SHTF. Braveheart

        • Braveheart . . . exactly right. Mass casualties from Day One post-SHTF. A lot will probably off themselves when their little gadgets don’t work anymore.

          Howdy all!!

      32. ItsNotMe, The same thing happened to one of my co-workers last week at a doctors’ appointment. Doc asked him the same questions and he simply answered NO. I won’t even go for a checkup anymore. It’s a real shame when you can’t even trust medical personnel anymore. Braveheart

      33. You idiots should be able to answer that question since you show a hatred of the constituion, sepcifiaclly equal protection under the law. You do not want gays to marry. You show hatred for people who do not share your delusions, I mean religion and many have expressed that the government should act against these people. You live in a glass, so don’t throw stones.

        • You are not speaking for me

          hey Daisy who is this freak?


        • Joe, you mention delusions, which ones do you mean? That Obama was not raised to hate America and Capitalism. That Communisim affords the citizens a better way of life than the free enterprise system, or that the teachings of Karl Marx have not murdered 100 people of various countries?

        • @joe in NC, Flock off you vile troll.

        • Joe-n-NC

          Methinks you’re a very sick, perverted HOMOSEXUAL. I noticed that ‘whining & hand-wringing’ reference to ‘gays’…in your screed. FUCK YOU FAGGOT!

          FYI, the founding fathers did NOT intend for the equal protection clause to guarantee the DEPRAVED, such as yourself, to be afforded recognition as something on par with nature’s law!

          The ghastly practices of your type’s depravity…is abhorrent to nature itself.
          The only good thing inherent to it is….you’re unlikely to breed normally and reproduce!

          Every cloud has a silver lining, yes?

      34. Obama signs law giving himself, Bush lifetime Secret Service guard

        President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into a law a measure giving him, George W. Bush and future former presidents and their spouses lifetime Secret Service protection, the White House announced.

        Sure he did…as they try to take away our right to protect ourselves, life becomes perilous..

        what you got to be afraid of Obama? dont start nothing, wont be nothing, in the words of Will Smith.

        The hipocracy of it all, makes me smile..Maybe we have them scared more then they have us?

        Daisy..Its Me

        • something I just can’t stop thinking about…. just how do they guarantee a ss agent’s loyalty???? I mean, they don’t require 90%. It better be 100%. And I’m sure these guys and gals take an oath. Is it like other oaths, that require upholding the Constitution against all enemies, foriegn and domestic??

      35. Liberals are elitists and consider us their property.

        Emperor 0bammy is the THE single greatest threat America has ever faced.


        • @tomahawk
          true that!

      36. There is no excuse for any true American Citizen and Patriot to bring hatred upon the rights of this countrys Constitution, any one who shows any hatred of a Right enumerated in Our Constitution is a Terrorist and a Traitor,, period ..,VRF

        Daisy..Its Me

      37. School shooting in CA today kid used a shotgun…wonder what affect this will have on their gun agenda. They want this stuff to happen so they can go after all our guns. From my cold dead hands they can have mine.

        • I said in a post here last week that the next false flag oops school shooting would be with a shotgun.

      38. The hatred in my opinion only, and some may disagee, stems AND still comes from the BRITISH RULING CLASS or ROYALS that cant get it through their heads that their ass was handed to them back in 1775 ! UNITED WE STAND FELLOW AMERICANS !

        • You hit it square on the head

          Yep, still me Daisy

        • Vetran: Bingo! Was it CRomwell? who got a Good brit king killed off to install another in his place?

          Cant recall good kings name?..Edward maybe?..What I read of this history says that after 3 times various kings or queens booted Khazer jews Out of england, and they kept re-infiltrating back in, that Good king booted the khazers out a 4th final time and That time it lasted a full 400 yrs!

          Untill that cromwell(?) guy got rid of good king who was king at the 400 yrs mark, and the new replacement king allowed an edict to Readmit jewsih khazers back into england again.

          Thats the time frame when the Bankster Rothchilds was able to enter the picture…I think its now like aprox 370 yrs since england king needing Gold to fight war(against france?) the king took a Usury/intrest bearing gold LOAN from jew banksters…That began what we see today. In exchange for a gold loan, king agreed to let jew banksters get Total control of englands banks!

          The orig jew banksters began in City of London and Still rothchilds own and totally kontrol it.

          Warbergs jews control germans banks. And we know who is Fed Reserve banksters Here in usa since 100 yrs ago.

          England had 400 yrs of relative safty-peace-Prosperity due to that Good king after he booted them out the 4th time since like 245 ad era or??

          Ever since 370 yrs ago first england banks then all euro banks then grand prize of All nations american banks got swindled and controled by the same few jewish bankster crowd. Now only aprox 3-4 nations aint got their banks spolied yet!

          Iran-Cuba-N Korea and??..Not many more if any.

          So yes it seems your opinion of anglo class in usa is a huge problem, along with their favorie buddies swindler jew banksters…aka Khazer Kommie Globalists.

          Serfdom for entire world except Their tiny group is the main agenda of NWO/Jwo…Unless We halt it!

          • That’s where our modern day problems started…the BOE, founded in 1694…birth of fractional reserve banking and the privately owned central banking cartel we today have come to love. Hang some bankers.

          • Angelo

            If we allow “them” to finish their job of eradicating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights…the following sunrise you’ll see the institution of the 7 Nohide laws as the ruling dictates of the (kosher)govt.

            When that happens, the industrial-scale slaughter of Americans will begin in earnest!

            Our choice is a simple one…FIGHT or DIE!

            • Anton: yep you are correct as can be…I have read the Entire noahide laws crap and entire history of its inception and how its a swindle by jews and orthodox rabbi’s.

              And there is NO historical proof that shows a reality to Noahs “Laws” etc! Its a total made up nonsense by rabbi jews who Lust to do the Lusts of Their Father tha Devil aka Satan as Christ said.

              “Ye are Of Your Father the Devil(satan) and His lusts You Will do! he(satan) was a Thief and Liar and Murderer since the very begining(eden 1st murder by Cain) as he(satan) Is the Father of lies and when he speaks he speaks of his Own(jews).”

              Noahide laws are a total made up Fakery that never existed. Untill rabid blood thirsty Rabbi’s invented it a few decades ago!

              But It IS signed into FED law CFR codes by Bush sr and Bush jr both.(was just a resolution with bush sr) jr made it LAW! its code worded as “National Education Apreaciation Day”! and to Honor the Birthday of the favorite rabi many jews still even though he Died several yrs ago, many jews still refere to him as their True “Messiah”! Rabi Shneerson! aka Beedy Rat black eyed typical Khazer….

              Anton good luck convincing very many here…I posted an entire page and a Link to READ the exact laws and How it got passed by voise vote by 4 reps and 4 senators AFTER the rest was sent home for Xmass!!! Sounds familiar?

              1913 fed res act passed by Voice vote no recorded votes and with 3-4 reps/senators voice vote to pass…AFTER rest sent home for Xmass season breaks!

              Noahide laws is Capitol punishment offences with BEHEADING By Giloutene BY Fed Code Law!!

              We are lucky if 1/2 dozen folks here even consider to believe it though….A True anomoly when they are so awake on all else eh?

              Wait till they find out noahide Law #1= Idol worship Forbidden and Jesus Christ IS an Idol and False God per them rabbi jews!…Then they will believe what a few of us keep saying no.

              • Angelo

                We are brothers in this fight!
                Everything you’ve said is truth that cannot be refuted when compared to (written)historical documents…even unto the O.T. record and N.T. scriptures too!

                Do not discount the fact that many more than you realize, are here on these boards…and are aware of “the living POX” afflicting all of humanity!

                One day…in the future…the ‘POX’ will run out of real estate and places to hide!

                As one by one, real members of the human race…will reject them, completely.

      39. Daisy, I have not found the comment you mention, I see where you point up to a comment but its not mine and doesnt have my name on it..I couldnt find the troll reply either..strange

        yes I looked back thru the previous thread..I dont see it..


        Daisy..Its Me

      40. I always wanted to vacation in New Hampshire–there goes that idea!!
        Thanks, Ms. Chase, not to interfere with ‘your way of life’.

        • She doesn’t speak for most of NH, I think she is probably a NY, NJ, or MA transplant. She is one hideous looking (and thinking) woman though….

      41. Daisy says..I think Mac deleted it since it clearly wasn’t you! And all DPS had done was talk about a good book he’d read and a kiddo away at school.

        ~ D

        Yeah..It clearly got deleted..Mac, Knows my e-mail..lol probably by heart so he knew it was a troll..Thanks Mac… and thank you dear Daisy for bringing it to my attention

        DPS..is a good guy, I doubt I would tell Him to STFU..that is unless he had it coming..and With what he posted I am in full agreeance with, so that would not be the case

        I am never afraid to call a spade a spade if thats what I think it is, But he has never stepped outside that line here as far as Im concerned

        Peace Doll

        Daisy..Its Me

        • VRF,

          Damn take a couple hrs off to read a book and miss all the drama…LOL. My daughter sent me the book V for Vendetta, its like a comic strip kinda hard to read but not bad went through 286 pages in 2 hrs.. I may need readers rehab…LOL

          Have a great night,


      42. Although there are many Christians on this site, my problem with many so called “True Conservatives”, or “Libertarians” ect. is that that they fail to understand the Reformed Christian foundation of the Constitution.

        Thus they takes some pretty non-Christian stands on such issues drugs, abortion, or gay unions.

        In my view, a Libertarian is a social liberal and and fiscal conservative. As Christ predicted, He is a stumbling block to many.

        As for the Left’s hate for the Constitution, it’s based on Marx’s first goal, “To unseat God from His throne”.

        • It’s called compromise, whenever you go down that path, what you compromise to gain, you eventually lose.
          Things are happening, watch and be ready.

        • Raylan Givens….you are so full of it, the whites of your eyes are brown.

          • How so Walt? If you have an opinion or an adult response express it, name calling makes you look like a child.

          • No he aint..What many libertarians promote as “Liberty” is really “Licence”…Big difference.

            Liberty with zero moral restraints=Licence to do ALl you want…Thats Not what founders had in mind for freedoms!

            If you say that results in fag parades everywheres or prostitutes or dope etc etc…Them type libertarians always say who decides moral standards.

            The founders stated many times in federalists papers amoung other writeings repeatedly they based the US const and BOR upon Christ centered and New testement christianity principals of Freedom etc.

            A coupld founders stated This const is mainly for a Religious and Moral peoples and wont work properly for Any other type folks…Thats Facts.

            And I may missed it?..But in all I ever read by all the founders men, I never yet seen Anything where they stated america was founded on a “Jewdeo-Christian” anything!

            I never recall seeing anything at all mentioned by them of jewdeo anything regards the founding of america or our documents etc…Just More crap todays pastors teach thats wrong I rekon.

            Our founders didnt use any “Talmudes” for advice in the founding. KJV bible Yes…New testement mainly Yes…Jewdeo anything? No zero.

            Today we got 50 million jewdeo christos spewing it and put the Jew part First! kinda same as “African american”…If I am worng?,,,Show me where any jewdeo anything founders said is at ok…

            ps I bet the founder men Did read or study at least enough talmudic stuf so as to Know how Kommie like it is!

      43. Why does the Left hate Constitutionalism? Constitutionalism is all about objectively defined parameters… and the Left is all about “feelings.”

        Look at all the sales of self-help books and the widespread abuse of psychotropic prescription drugs by the White portion of Obama’s core constituency (soccer moms and college girls, of BOTH sexes). Look at the government schools which DO NOT inculcate critical thinking skills and a general knowledge base upon which to base analysis of the world at large, but instead inculcate “socialization skills” and awareness of “self esteem” as their primary function.

        The result of such “education” is that we now see a mass movement of people demanding to be STRIPPED of rights that they themselves enjoy, but refuse to EXERCISE. This is UNIQUE in HISTORY.

        In a constitutional republic (which he haven’t had for some time) that is signified by a pronounced official respect for personal liberty, everyone is free to fail or succeed according to their own lights and abilities, but “feelings” — the forte of the LEFT — dictate that EVERYBODY gets to ‘have a cookie’ and FEEL good about themselves — no matter how stupid, sick and inferior they may be. This is Marxist philosophy in its purest form.

        In the Left’s world, envy is not proscribed, but INDULGED. Sickness, inferiority and stupidity are not OVERCOME, but rather, its suffers are ennobled as a type of aristocracy to whose whims the remnants of the old society must conform.

        Strength and martial virtues (mainly in White males) are FROWNED UPON, and this ties into the war on boys and boyhood in state run schools, and the FEMINIZATION of the entire society. Normal boys who roughhouse and fight are declared “hyperactive” and are then drugged by state bureaucrats, merely for ACTING like boys, which promotes conformity, submission and the primacy of “feelings” over rebellion, action, originality and INDEPENDENCE. Becoming ‘teacher’s pet’ is the highest badge of honor in these hen-houses called schools, and it is an ‘achievement’ that is perpetuated as a value in later life.

        Western society is naturally a patriarchy and has been a patriarchal society since Indo-European prehistory. Deposing its patriarchs and enthroning “feminism” and “Queer Studies” does not mean that the feminists and queers are actually IN CHARGE — it just means that the society has been decapitated and is now subject to direction by sinister OUTSIDE forces (in our case, non-Westerners POSING as Westerners).

        Since these dark forces hate OUR tradition of CONSTITUTIONALISM and our Western CULTURE, and they usurp the remaining vital forces of our society to promote their OWN tribal traditions and, incidentally, their OWN alien patriarchy, it follows that their newly “empowered” USEFUL IDIOTS will follow these tendencies too.

        The social engineers of the Frankfurt School have done their work well. The GOOD news for us is that the practitioners of their SOUL DESTROYING anti-liberty philosophy are now at a MAKE or BREAK moment for themselves.

        If they up the ante and go for broke against the liberty-minded (as they appear ready to do), and they then FAIL to topple the final pillar of our freedom — arms in the hands of FREE, independent and unapologetic MEN — they WILL not only LOSE, but most likely be SWEPT from the stage of history.

        Totally. Completely. Utterly.

        With such a prize before us, why should we fear?

        • AHAB! Wow! You have Outdone yourself with this post! Bravo Sir!….If only you could be on live tv or radio!

          Also your final messg regarding the leftist kommie tribe if they fail be wiped away from history etc…

          Exallant…Sounds alot like a final solution eh. No other will last unless it be final and complete. Any less and in time the same crap arises again and again no.

          I have a question perhaps You can answer ok…When you say patriarchal meaning Father/men centered.

          Do you know why todays rules by ruling rabbis of Isreal say that to be considered a jewsih person with right to retrun and obtain full and imiadiate citizenship in Isreal,

          You Must be born of a jew mother?..I may be wrong but I think it don’t matter to much what the jews father is…As long as his mother is full jewsih its an a ok to get citizenship in isreal…NO others may apply none period.

          And one more..Do you think that has anything to do with todays feministic crap promoted for all white nations like usa and euro etc?

          Thank you in advance if you can answer me Ahab…Its ok if you do not too…

          AGAIN! Outstanding post! likley your best I ever read!

          You are a born statesman if you desired to be…

        • AHAB.

          BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO.

          So simple and well explained. IT’ BRILLIANT!

      44. If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, BECAUSE IT IS BETTER TO PERISH (FREE) THAN TO LIVE AS SLAVES.
        Winston Churchill

        We may have passed into the “worse case”; only time will tell and it will be soon very soon.

        Liberty minded people are all the same. And the kicker is, every single one of us believes that as honest adult citizens, we have the absolute right to own any and all small arms and shoot them just as often as we want. WE HAVE A SPECIFIC CULTURE. Our culture is important, and we’re willing to pay for it. We have above-average educations, above-average incomes, and almost nonexistent criminal involvement. We pay far more taxes and receive virtually no subsidy payments. You’d think Washington would be happy, but instead they are doing everything they can to destroy our culture. J. Ross

        If they (or if we let them) destroy our culture, every other right, freedom, or whatever you want to call them; they will surly take, every single one. The only thing that stands in their way is our culture (The2nd Amendment-the bearing of arms to stop such things from happening). We must make our stand now, not latter, but now.

        We must draw the line in the sand, and if we have to fight, let us do it with great vigor. If we lose this the fight we can in the HERE AFTER, look each other in the eye and say we stood our ground, and gave them HELL.

        The FUTURE of this COUNTRY is truly resting; NOW on the shoulders of FREE LIBERTY LOVING PATROITS AGAIN.


      45. It doesn’t matter anymore for you are not going to change their minds. Maybe it was something in the water we drank or the air we breath. Too much Dr.Spock or toothpaste from China.
        What I do know there is going to be change. That we are going to have to chose. That the world is not going to be pleasant. That there is nowhere to hide and it may costs us our lives.
        We are running out of time and the sayings of, Get out of debt,stay out of debt and put something away for a rainy day, will be distant echos.
        These will be the “Good Old Days”. We just don’t know it yet.

      46. Admittedly, there are parts of the Constitution I absolutely despise:

        The 14th Amendment
        The 16th Amendment
        The 17th Amendment

        • True that.

        • I kinda like tying the Bill of Rights to the states via the 14th Amendment. A state such as NJ that has no “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” in their State Constitution at least from a legal perspective post Heller/MacDonald provides some legal recourse for the common citizen.

          • Perhaps an unintended consequence on the government’s part, but I do see your point. There are other parts of the 14th Amendment that are absolute trash.

            I propose that those six states with no gun provision in their constitutions move to amend them to include such a provision.

            • After the War, I propose adding some clarification to the 2nd Ammendmant, so future num-nuts have no fucking doubt what it means.

            • Or! Move antigun libs to all them 6 states and put a 40ft tall elec barbwire fence around all six states!

              Then the libs and africans and fags etc etc can act like kommies all day long till they kill eacj other off in short time!

              While we watch and guard outer perimiters etc!

        • Take notice that they are all amendments, not part of the original constitution or the Bill of Rights, which were the first amendments. If my memory serves me they were added by the lap poodle toadies that ran this country at the beginning of the 20th century.

      47. Registration of Gold and Silver in Illinois

        A bill to register gold and silver coins: It had to come. It has been introduced in Illinois, the most anti-gun state in the USA. … Creates the Precious Metal Purchasing Act. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. Requires the purchaser to keep a record of the sale for one year or, if the purchase amount is over $500, for 5 years. Provides that a person who violates the Act is guilty of a petty offense and subject to a fine not exceeding $500. Provides that the Attorney General may inspect records, investigate an alleged violation, and take action to collect civil penalties. −


        • Time to just start disregarding laws like this. And tell them to go to hell while we’re at it.

        • Pale Rider,

          First they will pass the bill, then they get everybody keeping the records. Then they don’t come to inspect the PM’s they come to take them.. After all the State is broke, but hey they will give you some nice worthless bonds in return..The same would apply to a gun registration its the DC 2step.


        • The loophole that can be used is with the term “business” and how they are crafting that legislation. Purchasing PMs, as in “a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal”, is not a business for most of us. We make purchases as a hobby. And no government has any need to know what our hobbies are.

        • Just like with guns, once the govt knows who has it, it becomes much easier to confiscate.

      48. From slaves, and those that wish to enslave.

      49. Humans made a conscious decision to claim basic rights for themselves in order to prevent the tyranny and oppressions experienced throughout history.

        They did this out of conscious, out of the misery experienced in previous societies.

        These rights are not ‘god given’. If they were, we would not be having this conversation because mere mortals would not be able to take those rights away.

        And whos god gave these rights to who? I don’t remember the founding fathers ever mentioning or writing anything about visions or conversations with the ‘voice of god’ resulting in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

        God, Religion, Spirituality, etc are malleable concepts. They have and do change over time as people and cultures change and adopt new ideas. Christianity as a religion is actually one of the newest in our species history on planet earth.

        My rights do not come from god. They come from my consciously deciding to retain them for myself, and fighting for them when they are threatened.

      50. I’d like to suggest that people look into Permaculture. Permaculture can teach us how to survive after society collapses and it is time to restore our natural environment and create sustainable food systems that free us from the manufactured, processed, frankenfood of our modern industrial agricultural system.

      51. Yup, that’s us Constitutionalists alright, we eat, breath, and defecate our way through life passionately. I might not have put it that way, but hey……

      52. Ok everyone..I gotta say whats been on my mind for the past week..

        What if all this second amendment, gun grabbing , grandstanding by our elected few..was all just a diversion?

        What if they are slipping shit in under the rug while we are all focused on this?or pulling shit on this country while we are staring at the head of this pin..?

        It sure as hell wouldnt be the first time

        Nope, Im not sure what “that” thing would be, or I would be clarivoyant (sp)..but they do have a habit of pulling stunts like this

        we all have seen it , we know this is how they play..

        Just something thats been bugging the piss out of me , so I had to air it.

        This has not been about what to do to protect our kids(that is obvious, at least to me)..its all been about F-ing with a Right that they have no power to change, and they know that..
        so what is really going on?

        anyone got any real ideas on what that could be?..it would have to really big, way bigger and more corrupt than this BS 2nd grab..

        Ive got a few ideas, but Im reserved about putting them out there, and making myself a target., or being foolishly wrong..

        something Fiancial they are pulling?
        Something Dasterdly, that they are going to pull?
        these are tactics used in the game of warfare, they have been playing on us for many many countless years..there has to be a larger purpose..

        • OoOoops..I forgot to send my Daisy note..its still me.

          • @ VRF. Did you see piers morgan get his daily butt whooping tonight? Classic, as he looked so inept and bad by someone that shamed him. Larry Pratt yesterday did a pretty good job yesterday also. I know I should not even watch that pile of dropping, but when a pro-gun, pro-freedom individual makes an idiotic anti-freedom anti-gun freak look bad, it kind of makes the day a little bit better.

            That imbecile piers morgan got on the show and stated, like a true liar would, that he supports people’s right to defend themselves in the home. Yet he said later that in an ideal world the U.S. would get rid of ALL guns like England did. People need to stress this that fish baked stink ball wants to get rid of all guns and play over and over again this cretin’s comments on his show. I hope you or someone saw what a cretin piers looked like tonight. I mean he looked dumbfounded, let’s just say dumb.

            • Be Informed,

              You know I sent that fluffer POS Piers a e-mail the other night just to invite him to TX for a cold beer at a local biker bar.. Strangest thing still have not heard back from him. Basically told him if felt the need to make threats about shooting someone with a Automatic weapon in a boxing ring to bring the shyt right on down south..LOL.

              Have a great night,


              • @ DPS. Maybe you could ask that POS piers what his little country would do if the U.S. was not around to save them from enemies to the east. Without the U.S. Germany would have defeated England. Winston Churchil said when he first heard that Japan bomber Pearl Harbor, that “we just won the war”. IF the U.S. were disarmed, no militia to defend the U.S. homeland, then the U.S. is attacked and loses, perhaps without too many nukes going off.

                Without the U.S., England would fall like a stack of cards to the Eastern Coalition in a day or two as Russian, Chinese and others would mow down all of Europe. That idiot piersless better hope that the U.S. doesn’t ban guns that can defend America, or he better get use to learning russian, chinese, or arabic as the next language. A well regulated militia means keeping America safe from foreign invasion. Morgan is too stupid and narrow minded to even consider this.

                Ask morgan if he would like Guantanamo Bay for all those that are trying to weaken and undermine the national security of the U.S. because that is exactly what he is doing by trying to ban assault rifles. Piers morgan, a true blue friend of the chinese military.

                • BI: dont you get it yet?…Chineese aint who signs piers checks! Nor who owns ALL MSM in ALL its Forms.

                  The Kommie enemys are not awaiting like china or?…Rather the Real Kommies threats ARE Inside the Gates of america already and Have been since 1880’s when Boatloads began to arrive from Russia and Poland etc.(15,000 Per week for 40 yrs!)

                  Sorry BI but it seems you are so fixated on finding Any threat other than the Real one already Here and also already fully controlling all that matters here.

                  Yes china “May” become an “Additional” threat…But the one here NOW IS the Inventors of communisim and mass genocidal Murderers that already killed off 100+ Million in Russia and poland and ukraine alone during 20th century.

                  They are HERE NOW!….They Are destroying america day by day…And are useing africans and mexicans mainly Not chineese.

                  With Your intelligence abilities surely you cannot discount so much proven evidence by several of us posters here eh.

                • @ Angelo Mysteriouso. Truly, I am just trying to save our gun rights and I am going to defend us from ANYONE that would attempt to take our firearms and our self defense from us. My sole reasoning is that the second that our self defense is made illegal, we are screwed, and good honest law abiding citizens have two choices. One either turn in the guns and become defenseless. Two don’t and become outlaws. I like the second to the first, but I don’t like either one of them. That creep piers morgan is undermining the country and belongs in Guantanamo Bay. Demonize piers morgan as someone that has affiliation with foreign powers gets some people thinking, WHAT IF HE IS.

                  My reasoning again is that many more people are going to support the anti-American theme of a foreign power influencing the gun issue. If this agrument gets 1% of the people in our corner, so be it. The more patriots the better chance we all don’t end up royally screwed. Believe it or not, I do get it, I am just attempting to get more people on board, on the side of whom is right against the vast numbers that are wrong or just plain so conditioned that their minds have failed to function.

            • I did not see it, I dont watch Tv ,BI..there really isnt anything for me on the boob tube, Its all rehashed same shit different day..I cant bring myself to waste time like that, especially on some excrement like Morgan, besides my kind and gentle wife hates to see me worked up and yelling at the TV.

              He deserves what ever is coming his way, if they deport him, he needs to go back and face the music of what he pulled in his own country, he should have never been allowed to come here after that stunt, why he was allowed here and than put on TV is beyond me, unless it was intentional to enflame us.
              I treat him like a Troll, Ignore him , I have a feeling hes just like shit..if you allow it to dry up, it will blow away.

              Daisy, you can make wine with your flower..its me

              • @ VRF. You yell at the TV also. Your wife is a wise lady that keeps you calm, that is important. I know I get all worked up about this, thinking about how horrible it was when I lived in california and you had to be afraid of what you did defending yourself because the criminal could sue you. It is so unfair it burns you up inside and you stress yourself out how could anyone be so stupid to give the criminal any rights when they attacked you first. The criminal deserves due process, but absolutely nothing from a victim they attacked by their own free choice.

                Logic goes to hell with the law system already, and by these creeps trying to take our self defense away they will just make it a lot worse for people that are just minding their own business. They want to give the criminal the advantage. You look at piers morgan’s (PM stands from piled manure) england and it is a total hell hole for crime because the criminal has all the power and victims have to be afraid to defend themselves. When Manos told me about over in Greece where you are not allowed to defend yourself against attack, I was thrown back in amazement that a people that founded democracy could have degraded to the level of governing the country by pure mongoloids.

                It is frightening to see what is happening that the good people are getting fewer and fewer each day. That the country and world is decaying so rapidly. It is like human beings have reached some apex and now are envolving into something that these science fiction movies showed. Literally most people are truly beginning to look like those humans in the Planet Of The Apes movies. The ONLY wise ones left are the Charlton Hestons of the world. I have to admit Charlton Heston is one of my favorite actors of all time. The Statue of Liberty and the Constitution are being buried in the sand just like the end of the 1968 Planet of Apes movie.

        • Whatever it is, I just wish it would happen already. My bullets don’t like dust.

        • I think your right and been thinking the same. some sort of diverson or some sort. Is it a big warning saying the government is broke or major major changes and taxes will change more. im not sure. A war perhaps with Iran or someone else. I dont know. Maybe a war with the people directly. Who knows. Where the hell are we supposed to get 10 round mags for our guns now(being sarcastic). I can’t believe this POS has not been impeached. Nobody likes him except blacks or stupid.

        • Thinkin’ the same thing VRF. Number one, O’Snuggles is trying to kill two birds with one stone. Get some kind of taxation on gunowners on a yearly basis for owning AR’s and AK’s,(more money) and restrictions on ammo purchase. It ain’t never been about the school children. How can this cur-dog bred mutt, be concerned about youngsters when he kills them on a regular basis in conjunction with high value target drone strikes? This rat bastard couldn’t give two squirts of owl shit for any children.

          • precisely,..those fake tears were a joke, and all they showed me is he’s part of the game up to his big ears..

            Daisy, the wine is good.,,its me

        • VRF,

          You know I have had the same feeling for the last week. I not sure what they are tring to pull off but it sure has to be big. Its a watch this hand when I f–k with them with the other hand. And to use the 2nd for the distraction, well damn its got to be huge…

          keep search for the truth, you might just find it,


          • DPS,
            I will Sir.They are digging the hole, I just got to find out where the dirt is piled up.

            Daisy, sweet red wine?..its me

        • Hmmm . . . never really gave that much thought. But, it stands to reason and makes sense. Like a magician getting you to watch the cupcakes falling out of his assistant’s blouse while he pulls the rabbit from under the table.

          VRF, I know what you mean about becoming a target. I find myself watching others a little more closely nowadays. If I see someone staring at me a bit too long I will simply confront them, politely (ex: “I’m sorry, could you please stop the fucking staring? You’re making me nervous.”)

          I’ll have to give the whole idea of distraction a lot of thought.

        • VRF, I stated in a post yestrday morning the same sentiments. Just a furthering of the smoke and mirror act that has been going on since Obama became the President. Let no crisis go to waste.

          A trillion dollar coin?

          A IOU scheme that any regular person would be locked away for ever.

          The Federal Reserve buying Treasury Bonds with made up money. I have to remind everyone that the Fed Reserve is neither a part of the Federal Governmnet nor does it have a reserve.

          The Fed Reserve giving fake money to HUD entities like Fannie Mae, Fredie Mac so they can pay off investment companies that own defualted loan that HUD is the primary insurance.

          Good God, you can go on and on with all of the bullshit that is going on. And why is that, because that is what they want. Mass confusion and a population divided on so many fronts. And when it all breaks down Joe Blow is going to be standing there going “uh, what happened” idiots!

          • mind numbing isnt it?

            how many pedals does a Daisy have?

      53. Most of the people coming to this country nowadays do not believe in the Constitution or have read the Constitution. Immigration is this country is more than 75% from Central and South America. There the Constitution is woth less than toilet paper. We cannot let the Progressives-Left-Socialist-Communist win this battle. In the last American Revolution the South lost this time the South will win. It has already begun!!!!

        • Anonymous….

          Good point. How can we teach the Constitution to immigrants of the post 1960s? They could care less about 1776, or about some whitey dying.

          How can we teach when ACLU has got ridden of Pledge and God and other American things as we played the Wii?

          Football is more important than the Constitution!!!

          Americans have become a generation of workers to one of free-loaders. Welfare and foodstamps alone represent well over 80 million people. These people could care less if you worked all your life and then lost your house and savings because of some medical issue. Theirs was free, so what.

          It is hard to regain America when we are at a lost level. It will take a meltdown, and then hopefully some ‘true’ restructuring. You drive around any city in good ol USA of 30,000 plus and you will find many empty business buildings, main streets that are dead, abandoned homes, graffiti, not much jobs, and so forth.

          All we really have left that is producing is Agriculture.

          Our big giant day of reckoning will happen before year 2020….

          • God was added to the pledge unconstitutionally in the 50’s as part of a religious ferver to counter communistic Russia.

            The original pledge did not have ‘Under God’ in it and it still shouldn’t, nor should our money.

            You are free to believe what you want, but when you make it my business you are violating my freedom.

            • @Timothy….I thought I would never say this about the USA, but I would not mind if America split into two separate districts–Conservative and Liberal.

              Conservatives govern their area, and the Liberals govern theirs as well.

              The Liberals can do what ever they want with their lands. Trust me, the Conservative borders would be well protected.

              • Conservative does not mean religious if that is what you are getting at. I know many, many gun toting, freedom loving atheists. If you think a ‘conservative’ state would not have issues imposing religion on people you would be sorely wrong.

                • @Timothy–wrong kind of. Lets say a Conservative District. It would have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to bare arms, and inalieable rights in that all men (mankind) are created equal.

                  It would have balanced budgets, an economy that grew with a real economy, and a currency that was not borrowed upon.

                  It would have a welfare system for those in need, but also a system where jobs were available. Only so long for a free lunch.

                  It would be a system where Americans can walk freely and gang stuff gone. Shipped out.

                  The Liberal Districts could do as they are doing now. They can live without any conservative interference. They can sleep in the very bed that they have made.

              • Let me simplify this for you Ugly…the lazy, worthless life sucking, dependant on others need those of us that bust our ass at our jobs/businesses, help one another unselfishly and live independantly.

                once again, I think someone said it above and others have also…there are 2 kinds of people…

                those who want to be left alone.

                and those who won’t leave you alone.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

                • @lastmanstanding….

                  yes, those were my words.

              • I have proposed such a division previously, I’m just not sure what it has to do with god on our money and in our unconstitutional oaths?

                • “Although the “under God” addition creates substantial constitutional problems, especially in a public school setting, the United States Supreme Court had already ruled in 1943 that public school students could not be compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because of the political nature of the Pledge.”


                  Pledging allegiance is itself unconstitutional when forced. I agree with this 100 percent as this easily leads to fascism or communism or other isms yet to be defined. It is the antithesis of our constitution and our obligation to question our government and everything it does.

                  The government should fear the people, not the other way around. The government is the servant of the people.

              • I think we already have those divisions. They’re called ‘cities.’

            • A couple of little known facts about the “Pledge of Allegiance”. It was written in 1892 by the socialist Edward Bellamy. Instead of the hand over the heart or the modern day military salute, the pledge was recited with a salute called the “Bellamy salute”. This was used from 1892 until 1942. It was exactly the same as the Nazi salute. No one should pledge their allegiance to a modern day USA flag. You are pledging allegiance to a corporation (Act of 1871). If you choose to fly any American flag, use the Gadsen or the original stars and stripes

              • edit: Gadsden

              • I fly only one flag and it has a coiled snake on it.

      54. I’m waiting for this press release:

        It’s really hard to control you people and support our extravagant lifestyles with your taxes if you keep insisting on all these freedoms. Once we disarm you, herd you all into patrolled cities with rigid rules for acceptable behavior, and stop all your musing about a power higher than us, things will be nice and peaceable.

        Just let us rule you and everything will be okay. We promise! Of course, we do that a lot. Doesn’t seem to matter whether we keep our word or not, we still get reelected if we can get name recognition via the media (doesn’t matter for what).

        You all just turn in your guns for Wally World gift cards, fork over 50% of your pre-tax earnings for the benefit of the ruling class, and quit living according to the rules of some deity we don’t believe in. We’ll take good care of you. Just ask those folks who got free carcinogenic trailers.

      55. I wish JoeinNC would dry up and blow away. Zoltanne and Kindle, I also had ancestors who fought in the Revolution. My people came here in 1607 with Captain John Smith’s group and founded Jamestown. Our country was founded in Virginia not Massachusetts. i had ancestors who settled in Virginia and raised crops there for 13 years before the Pilgrims ever got here. I’ve had ancestors who have fought in almost all of America’s wars going back to the French and Indian War. Half of them paid the ultimate price so this country could be free. I don’t accept for one minute that their sacrifices could ever have been in vain. I’ve been feeling that same revolutionary spirit, blood, etc. stirring in me ever since Obamanation was first elected in 2008. We’re coming down to the wire. Things will be coming to a head a lot sooner than anyone thinks. I’ve always known that one day I’ll have to do battle with people who don’t “get it”. I dread what’s coming just like everyone else here. If I fall in this fight, I’ll take as many bastards as I can with me. I’m just like the rest of you. I want my country back and if I have to die in the effort, then so be it. i won’t submit to some 2-bit tyrant,period. Braveheart

        • @ Braveheart. If JoeinNC dried up and blew away he would seed himself everywhere like some noxious weed. 😉

          • Something tells me he has very little seed in him.

          • Be Informed

            Your favorite pos from uk was just on with Shapiro from Breitbart and referred to Our Constitution as “your little book”..with utter contempt..


        • Braveheart, we love you.

          Bravehart is up the with Patriot, Rocky, 300, and Rudy. My stepdad is direct descendant of Wallace’s best friend.

          We love OUR Braveheart!

          I LOVE ALL YALL!


      56. The true “haters” of the constitution are a self anointed clique of people that see themselves as kings/queens/lords/etc.. It is not possible to rule over free people. In order for these “chosen ones” to be able to rule, the people must be stripped of their freedom. It is most effective, if you can convince the majority of the free people to vote their freedoms away.

      57. Forgive me this should go in the China stockpiling.

        China sees that America is very, very likely to go into civil war. When this happen they know that the whole world will crash.

        The world reserve currency is the Dollar and if we are in a civil war, it will mean zero. That in its self-more than likely will plunge the world in WW3. Food, natural rescores, everything will be in very short supply overnight, and that’s why they are stockpiling

      58. On the note of constitutionalism, if our dearly beloved, most honorable and exalted benevolent leader were to execute an executive order against the People’s Constitutional Rights, as is professed by his left hand man, then he should be IMPEACHED.

        DEMAND the House of Representatives pass articles of impeachment against the president and vice president.

        • One not legally president can not be impeached.
          He is a dual citizen from Indonesia, adopted by Lolo Soetoro, regardless of where born, not eligible for this office.

      59. Good Evening…er, Morning All,

        NOAA 11654 has become both more complex magnetically, and marginally increased it’s area since the posting of my last missive thereon. firstly, the LISTED facts as of 23:00 CDT this evening (1-10-2013)

        11654 Data as of 1-10-2013 23:00 CDT

        NOAA data (SWPC)
        Position N08E47

        Area: 770 SM

        Spot Class FKI
        Spot Count 21
        Mag Class BG

        Solar Terrestrial Activity Report (STAR)
        Position Same

        Area 1150

        Spot Class (STAR) FKC
        MAg Class Unspecified/Same

        Quoting STA here,

        “Region 11654 [N08E47] extended and has polarity intermixing, particularly in the leading spot
        section. Major M and X class flares are possible. The region produced the only C5+ flare of the
        day, a C8.0 event at 17:46 UTC.”

        At this point NOAA 11654 fully rivals NOAA 11545 from this spring past on all fronts. This is a significant solar area from which it is both possible and PROBABLE that significant flaring WILL occur.

        I should point out that due to different methodologies NOAA and Solen always disagree striongly (upwards of 40% or more) on the effective size of any particular region on the face of the Sun, such is as it is. I point this out simply to allow you to be cognizant thereof. I find that the areal figures listed by Sollen are most frequently what I myself would judge same to be most regularly. Yesterday I used the word ‘Ominous’ to descibe 11654, today I will upgrade that to “Imminent”,
        draw your own conclusions therefrom.

        On a note wholly seperate from things solar I would like to make the following observation relative to the matters at hand in the human sphere. Several times in the past it has been discussed here as to the relative importance of the conception of a ‘Higher Authority’ as being requisite in the affairs of Humanity inasmch as all experiance has shown that – by a historic and overwhelming preponderance thereof – that Humankind when left to it’s own devices is wholly incapable of establishing any semblance of just governance upon and within itself.

        In a previous post some sevral here examined the issue relative to the differences between the “One Above” vs the “One Below” the conclusion of which was that the reason for the apparent neccessity of of ‘Free Will’ in the great equation of Life is that without such there is logically no possible way that one could ever proximately be judged if such was not the operant dictum involved. Before I lose too many along the way with this specific train of though, Yes, this does lead somewhere.

        The ‘other camp’ that which few here subscribe to, in essence wishes to seperate the elements of society from thier innate perogative to make thier own decisions …that much is clear; Why?

        It occurs to me that many who abide within that camp might well be so inclined because at the root of all things they simply do not wish to be resposible for thier own actions in the world….and to therefor NOT accept the concommitant burden of ACCONTABILITY for thier own errors in Life. Certainly , the Political class is all but Proof-Positive of this thinking, clearly.
        If this is, in fact the case, then rest assured that no amount of rational discourse will EVER bridge the gap between that form of thought and that espoused here by the many who inhabit this board. Consequently, RATIONALITY and RATIONAL DISCOURSE will not ever be effective in dealing with thoae of this ilk. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into dialogue with these…it is a wholly fruitless endeavor. Instead, prepare to meet your ‘First Resposibilities’ with a will and at the fullest speed. The current state of affairs is rapidly passing into that place from which there is no return. BE PREPARED for what is to come, on EVERY FRONT concieveable….AND DO SO NOW, RIGHT NOW, for “None knoweth the Hour nor the Day!” as it were.

        Tarry thee now no longer to address the short-comings in your lives…material, intellectual and spiritual. The signs are all about us eveywhere one looks, both upon the Earth and in the Heavens above it,
        “Think, think, think…..then ACT”!


      60. Interesting post:

        Christina Leah • 11 hours ago −
        Representatives and Citizens of the United States.

        The President believes you are impotent and cannot trust you to make this decision his way. The President will use an Executive Order to create an edict to infringe on American’s rights. Clearly, he’s stating that HIS opinion on the matter is the only one that counts. Nevermind the representation. Nevermind the people who voted in the representation. He believes you don’t know what’s good for you and will take away the right to decide for ourselves on the “important” issues.
        Are you going to let this stand?

        This is not a gun issue. It’s a rights issue.

        Now is the time to send a clear message. Unite and strike down any measure that would restrict our right to bear arms. But, blocking isn’t enough. Take a step farther. You must show that you are not on the defensive. Prove it by repealing NFA restrictions on silencers, short barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns. Take another defiant step and legalize concealed carry nationwide and remove the ineffective, federally mandated “gun free zones”. But, that’s still not enough.
        Move to dissolve the BATFE who admit and have demonstrated incompetence. The coup de gras? A free, federally funded campaign and education program describing gun rights and responsibility from the money that was granted to the BATFE.

        You want responsible gun owning citizens? Then don’t make this a fragmented endeavor by private organizations. A clear federally recognized, constitutional
        policy that is actively endorsed and consistently supported removes any
        ambiguity of the expected and grave responsibility of firearms ownership. Not forced. Expected.

        Be honest. It would be easier and less costly, on many fronts, to pass the legislation described and restore our rights than to introduce restrictions. You are affirming a right to choose rather than attempting to create a nanny state. No one wants a decision made for them.

        Thank you for your time.

        • Wow – fabulous!!

      61. Did anyone REALLY beleive that this wasn’t COMING?

        Ho, ho ho….Merry ‘Whatever’ Folk’s,
        We KNEW this was coming, didn’t we Mac?….

        From ZeroHedge:

        “Ever heard of SB3341?” is Rick Santelli’s opening salvo in today’s rantless discussion of the concerns he has with Illinois’ ‘Precious Metal Purchasing Act’. While passed in the Illinois Senate last year, and moth-balled in the House since, Rick notes that “the long and short of it is is they want an audit trail to any precious metals, whether you’re talking coins or bullion.” It does not seem too much of a stretch to this Chicagoan to the 1933 Executive Order #6102 that confiscated gold and cleared the way eventually for Nixon’s 1971 disconnect of the dollar from gold. As Liberty Blitzkrieg’s Mike Krieger notes: “So let me get this straight. First they want gun registration and now precious metal registration? I’m sure the government would only use such information in our best interests, because as we all know: Your Government Loves You. Sounds reasonable, after all, only ‘terrorists’ buy guns and gold anyway.”


      62. WOW!!! JOG. There has to be a cryptic message here somewhere, but I’ll be darned if I can find it. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      63. @ All,

        An M-1.2 impulsive flare occurred at 09:11 UTC…

        • Just One Guy, you are too smart for me. WTF does that mean? Buy up all the suntan lotion I can get, dig a hole? 🙂

        • OMG BigB, that was funny bc before I scrolled down to what you posted I was thinking the same thing. What do they say about there being no dumb quesitons??? HAHA

        • Thank you JOG – always look forward to your reports. To you other folks, it means there is a high chance of a solar flare that knocks out all power for a looooong time, get your stuff faraday’d.

      64. Whuts thise constitooty stufe abowt???

        Es itt wen gorrge worshingtan freede da africy merican slavs frum da nazys??

        Mi freindz cooter und jefthrow wants too knowe dah trufe—-

        i’s tole em it twas ibrahim linken who dun fawte dem nazys britishe rede coatz itz in the bible someweres—-we made rattlerz snake jerki today whyile drinkan sume shine—- whoo– eee dat wuz funn

        —-grandmah sayes helow und ifs any 1 twies too take Herr shawtgone she gunna blowe dere dag guunit hede rite off. Hehehe

        Weell gootta goe nowe time fer sum biskits und sum tatersz wit snake jerki gravee drypingz

        Yer freinde elvis

      65. If this is, in fact the case, then rest assured that no amount of rational discourse will EVER bridge the gap between that form of thought and that espoused here by the many who inhabit this board. JOG.
        Come to that conclusion long ago.

        Good morning, JOG

      66. Mornin’ slingshot, BigB,

        First things first here: Overnight the magnetic complexity of 11654 has increased dramatically. The trailing segment of the region remains roughly as active as before but the leading segment has become a chaotic mess of intermingled, opposite polarity flux. In at least 3 seperate, small regions within this morass there is evident ‘trapped flux’…read as ‘Not good’.

        Whenever flux – which much like momentum – cannot simply vanish, ever, becomes so trapped it implies that the magnetic ‘loops’ in the region above the solar surface which are the visible extensions of the subsurface magnetic topology of the Sun are being strongly compressed. Again noting BigB’s erudite “WTF” above, an explanation.

        Imagine a big hose, like say a fireman’s firehose, ever handled one of those? When the water is turned on it can abruptly raise a couple of guys off the GROUND as the pressure within suddenly causes the hose to attempt to mitigate the flow through it, Eh? The upshot of this is is similar…here’s a case where the flow rate is going to be maintained by the underlying pressures being exerted due to the vast currents originating within the sun itself. As such then every time these area’s of trapped flux occur and are concomittantly ‘squeazed’ by the opposite polarity regions around them the velocity of the trapped material inside those tubes skyrockets upwards in terms of the pressures involved.

        I’ve just completed a serious inspection of the various HMI Doppler, Magnetic and Continuum imaging (most recent that is) and this thing is well on it’s way to being one the strongest regions of this solar cycle … bar none.

        To answer the question directly I’d say “Yes”, try for something with an average SPF of Oh say, 25,000 or so. That ought to do it I think. 🙂 Seriously though guys, this one is shaping up RAPIDLY to be something BIG .. strap your helmets on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride I think.
        Lastly, this thing gearring up at this rate, at this low of an angle of inclination to the solar equator and still having 3 or more days to approach on to the visible solar center….it just ‘Ain’t good boys’.

        Go to go for a bit, keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked up…be back in a while. Adios Muchachos!!!


        • Thanks JOG. In no way was I being disrepectful. I appreciate and respect your postings. All I was saying is that some times I don’t understand what you are saying. Appreciate the clarification.

          Slingshot, I didn’t even understand your postings intent and certainly was not trying to be a smart ass, if that was what you were implying. Some of us are not rocket scientists. Didn’t mean to offend you, if I did, Hey man I’m sorry.

          • Hiya BigB,

            S’Ok Brother, wouldn’t ever take it like that coming from you! All’s well….get BACK to the Preppin’, we’re ALL ‘burnin’ daylight here’ and times a gettin’ short!!
            Just trying to do a little to keep folk from gettin’ blindsided by somethiing from above! 🙂

        • JOG, thanks for the updates…I’ve missed my daily solar updates. Glad you are back on line. Hope all is well.

        • @JOG,
          Thank you for this explanation. I have a good background in science, but not the science of sun flares. I don’t get the acronyms and codes, but I get this! Thanks

          • Howdy Ohio,

            Pleased to ‘meet’ you as it were, glad to help. If you glance at the response to Kindle above (hopefully it fifn’t get ‘munched’ while Mac is transferring the servers over this weekend) you’ll get the gist of what’s comning (soon!) hopefully! Most here, especially Be Informed are truly helpful prople; it’s a RARE day when someone here who asks almost any reasonable question isn’t answered ‘toot sweet’ 🙂

            Once we have a chance to get in and get it all up and running – after Mac’s excellent efforts are complete – I’m sure we’ll be able to post up a lot of reference materials and also procide more thorough and detailed explanations relative to much of what goes unsaid here currently (often for brevity’s sake), or is simply implied presently. Don’t hesitate to ask here, ever! 🙂

      67. might be off topic, but had to get this out there.
        did anyone notice that the united way of western conneticut had a relief fund for sandy hook posted 3 days before the shooting?
        do a google search, filtered by date posted and look for united way of western conneticut.
        let me know what you see

      68. the sun’s back to popping off flares
        small stuff so far

        if you haven’t already done so
        here is a good site to sign up for
        to get email alerts on that sort of thing


        • I subscribe to it Satori and I love it. You get short little emails at the beginning and end of the flare telling you how big it is, etc.

      69. It’s real simple. The Bible and the constitution have the same purpose. They are designed to encourage freedom and choice, and limit and restrain evil. The Bible does it for the individual while the constitution attempts to do this for the government. Ideally both documents encourage self discipline and self imitation. Our constitution and the republic form of government obviously delayed our demise as a country until recently.
        However the root cause is not political. It is moral.

        When politicians fear neither God nor the people, you have the corruption and government we have today. We have taken God out of our government and our schools, and people wonder why people are dishonest and our government is corrupt. We have killed 60,000,000 babies as a country and wonder why today we have people who do not value human life and become mass murderers.

        Today, Americans dishonor and disrespect the hundreds of millions of Americans who went before us that literally bled, sacrificed, and died so that we could be living with the freedoms and opportunities we have today. It is disgraceful. We should be ashamed of ourselves that we have let this happen on our watch!

        We need to return our country to honoring God and His word in public. Nothing less will save us. God’s word is very clear in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that if we repent, God will indeed heal our land. It has been said it only takes 2% to be a topping point in history. Assuming there are 350,000,000 people living in the US, that means it just take 7,000,000 “all in” Christian American Patriots to get out of the pews and who will walk the walk and not just talk the talk to tip this country back to its original foundations.

        Someday maybe I tell y’all how I really feel…(LOL)

        • Bravo Scott.

        • The bible encourages murder, war, rape, sexism, etc. If you are claiming that the bible promotes positive values, than I fear you haven’t actually read it.


      70. I’m really a bit surprised that the above statement came from a NEW HAMPSHIRE rep. Isn’t the state motto “Live Free or Die?”

        I live on the W. Coast and have never been to NH, but I always thought of them as a tougher breed of people who held their freedoms near and dear. Guess I was way off base on that one. Things are changing so rapidly, that it’s been hard to keep up lately. In fact it’s getting to the point where I ask myself why I even bother.

      71. @ BigB
        You didn’t. In fact BigB I am almost numb at the whole situation going on in our country. Never thought I would be doing stuff I’d never thought of doing before. Initially was preparing for storms and then it blossoms into Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. Reading all the pro and cons gave me insight to over the horizon events. Very intelligent people here and you can’t learn from dummies.
        Maybe when Redneck’s yell, “Hey y’all watch this!” and the results usually inflict injury. ;0) My intent was always to stimulate conversation where people were uncomfortable to discuss. Even with the risks of OPSEC there are those who are intimidated to post their thoughts. A real form of tyranny. Granted I am no poster child for “An ARMY of ONE” but will try to give them hell when it goes down. Time is short. Lots to contemplate.

        • Coolio. Thanks

      72. America the idiots. Preppers you have learned nothing yet. The ‘real’ reason today’s so-called Americans hate the Constitution is because most folks immigrated here, legally and illegally, after WWII.

        We have implants.

        Do you really think they will teach 1776 and Constitution in El Centro Californio? No, Cinco De Mayo is far more important. Thus, we are divided. We dont even know if english is the first, second, third, or even fourth language….

        For shits and giggles, cross into Mexico illegally and carry your American Flag and set off some fire-works on the 4th of July.

        We would never see you again, but at least someone would have foolishly made a statement in a country where illegal immigration is a federal offense and punished by prison or death (ask a living Guatamalen).

        Anyway, not angered by any nationality. Angered at this Country at what we have allowed. I dont care what Anti-Americans think anymore. I dont care about the life-long welfare rats either.

        America is losing because we have lost it. We need all true Americans to band together–that is whitey, blacks, hispanics, indians, chinese, etc. All that work, carry a SS card and pay their dues. The rest can move to the big cities controlled by the Blue Party ….

        • Legal immigrants like my Grandfather are more patriotic than most americans. They take an oath, they take a test and most of them cry when they are granted citizenship here. Many of these legal immigrants would die for this country, I know my grandfather would have and when you think of it, don’t we all come from immigrants? It is the american who has been here for generations that is not respectful of this country, not all, but many take what we have to offer for granted. I can not speak for the illegal immigrants, they should not be here to begin with. What is a true American? Anyone who respects what our flag stands for, anyone who is willing to die for their freedom, anyone who will fight those who want to destroy what so many have died fo, in the name of God and in the name of freedom. God bless America while she is still standing.

          • @Live Free or die….the true Americans are those that are US citizens, or trying to be US citizens. Other folks may be here on student visas and or work visas, that is good too.

            It is We The People and All Men Are Created Equal, or it is not.

            United we stand, divided we fall.

            PS. A Native American friend told me that we are all illegal immigrants from his standpoint.

        • @Satori….

          No doubt about Banker bailouts and even the derivatives. But nobody is even trying to correct it.

          Also, I am not against anyone on welfare or those needing assistance. But, what is happening today is that welfare and foodstamps are growing faster than job creation. You take the line items on welfare from housing assistance, to foodstamps, to medicare, you are approaching $1T. That is roughly 35% of what was collected in taxes in 2012.

          In 2012, Social Security paid out $49B more than what was collected. This will get worse.

          Welfare is a piece of the debt pie. Wars are too. So is tax advantages to the ultra-rich. So is QE. And many more.

          In reality, there is no use in talking about it because none of this is getting fixed. The fiscal cliff deals was just more taxes along with more spending. We will get what we did not try to fix.

        • So true Satori…It is even worse than the bank bailouts. I watched an interview with Neil Barofsky. He was the Special Inspector General for the TARP bailouts. He fought with Geitner for four years trying to get some accountability and transparency on the bailouts. He ended up quitting in disgust. He wrote a book called Bailout. He said he wrote it so the common man would get angry at the way they are being used. Also to prove that the “conspiracy theories” are really the truth and that,in fact,our government HAS been taken over by the TBTF banks.The lie is that most of the money was paid back. It wasn’t. Also, the government put up 22.7 trillion dollars as guarantees to the banks. Now, not all of that was used, but it shows how the people are getting fucked by the banking cartel. Hang some of the MFers.

      73. @ 64echomike….I couldn’t have said it better myself…..that’s exactly what I was saying in my much shorter post…..your post went into more details and was very well written.. :>)

        Luke 21:11 | Read whole chapter | See verse in context
        And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

        Mark 13:8 | Read whole chapter | See verse in context
        For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

        Matthew 24:7 | Read whole chapter | See verse in context
        For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

        any thought’s thank’s.

      75. HOLY SH*T the sun is FRIGHTENING right now…..if you have an underground bunker….GET TO IT ! ….if you don’t have one…pucker up your asses…this is going to be VERY BUMPY i’m affraid…isn’t it about time to have a REAL discussion on nibiru, wormwood, destroyer, planet x, whatever you want to call the mystery planet that is RUMORED to be in our solar system? ( i’m still on the fence on this topic ) Didn’t a giant comet thats with this thing just pass right by us?? The word is this thing has tilted saturn and venus on thier SIDES and is in the process of tilting the earth on it’s side as well ( hence the crazy solar/tectonic activity ) People have been seeing ” 2 suns ” in certain parts of the world. Many ancient texts including the bible mention this thing that is said to be on a 3,600 year eliptical orbit and it passes into and through OUR SOLAR SYSTEM once roughly every 3,600 years. NASA mentioned this thing back in 1983 in an article ( google it ) and mysteriously NEVER talked about it again after that. They even made a special infra-red telescope to watch this thing located in antartica thats not talked about much. Would NASA tell everyone about this if it were true? I DOUBT IT. We have all been seeing the governments around the globe preparing for SOMETHING……but what? What are they preparing for with the underground bunkers, stockpiles of food and seeds, billions of bullets, etc, etc.? If NASA knew for example that nibiru, planet x, wormwood, whatever you wish to call it was in the process of grabbing hold of our north pole with it’s gravitational field ( the one that tilted saturn and venus on their sides ) and tilting us on our side ( pole shift ) that would explain them preparing like it’s the end of the world.
        Again…i don’t know if this nibiru, wormwood, etc thing is real or not….but I DO find the topic VERY interesting. Is it really THAT farfetched knowing the vastness of our universe that an 11th planet could be on a 3,600 year eliptical orbit around a dwarft star (dead sun) as some claim?
        I welcome ANY and all feedback on this EXTREAMLY INTERESTING topic be it positive or negative ( you think i’m crazy) feedback. Once again before eveyone labels me as nuts….I have no idea if any of this is true…just find it scary and worth discussing.

        • Hi bpd,

          “HOLY SH*T the sun is FRIGHTENING right now…..if you have an underground bunker….GET TO IT !”

          Well , not QUITE yet….but if that Penticton Flux measrement doesn’t come down soon I’m GOIG to start gettin’ nervous. As for the rest, “Down Boy! Down!!!”, lets try to sticjk with stuff we can see and measure. If there’s other stuff brewin on ‘Nibiru’ they wouldn’t tell us abou it till we got flattened so there’s not much we can/need to worry about there. Glad to see you back Bro,
          I just posted in a whole page of solar links that pretty much covers all the bases….thoroughly. If you’re following this then check it when Mac post it through to see if there are any there you might have missed out on along the way…and again, YEAH, scary lookin’ thing at the moment, ain’t it!?!?!?!

      76. This reverence for the constitution is misguided. Short of Lysander Spooner’s excellent description of what it is and isn’t this is the next best case against it, compliments of Russell Longcore.


      77. yes I only have one thing to say regarding the hate for the constitution of the USA. The government has been very successful in taking control of the ED system and completely dumbing down our youth. The same can be said for Canadian schools and the youth knowing of their bill of rights. It is actually very sad to see how stupid we as parents have allowed our children to become. We need to stop waiting for the schools to educate our children and take on that responsibility. I grew up in Texas and knew of the fight for freedoms both state and country. Now one would be lucky to find a child of any age in public school that can indentify 10 states on a blank map. anyway sorry for rambling I just think parents need to be a force and wake this next generation up before God forbid they are the ones responsible for our care when we are old and not able to take care of ourselves. How many of these young people would just say oh well let the death panel of Obama care make the choice for them. Wake up your children. TEACH THEM TRUE HISTORY AND HOW IT IS CURRENTLY REPEATING ITSELF IN THE USA. God Bless and take care folks.

      78. Really? President Obama has been the best thing that has happened to this country since the Roosevelt administration! He’s been giving a hand up to society and helping people since the time he has come into office. Unfortunately you people can misconstrue what ever it is he says and put it like it came from Satan’s own mouth. I fear that people like you will try and take over…after that you will shit your own pants with what you have done and then beg for a man like Obama to come back!
        He will quietly leave office in 2016 and you peckers will still be here talking about the end of the world and the Democrats being all Satanic. Nope…Your one party, cream your pants Republicans will be a victim of their own stupidity. Watch ’em fall, mark my word.
        I will say this…your guns that you want so bad and you get a hard on for will be outlawed thank God! No use for ’em, because…well…nobody wants them except for paranoid freaks. We will always have our 2nd amendment, just not your wannabe “self defense” weapons! I will go on a limb and say this…you guys are the real terrorist threats! I pray each night that paranoid assholes like you never get in power, because like Hitler, you will try and kill anyone who challenges your so called authority right? (we all know what happened to Hitler, he died a COWARDS death).
        America will be here in 2016 and going strong. Economy has a few problems, but what economy doesn’t? If you can’t answer that question, then you have no business trying to playing economic professor! Economic collapse? Nope…problems…yes. Get real and invest in what is American, which is America….Some of you guys are the REAL threat.
        Thank God I live in a country where I can write this because if it were a real Communist/Socialistic regime, my ass and your ass would be dead by now for posting the crap that you submit. President Obama is more of an American that I would say 98% you freaks are! Life is good, fracking is bad, green energy is the way to go!! Suck it, let the Saudi’s do all the work and ruin their own piece of shit country. God Bless the USA and God Bless Obama!

      79. I’m white as the day is long and can sniff this out as a racist statement like it’s nobody’s business. In 20 years dumbass, blacks will be more of a minority than Latinos. Whitey will be in control of Congress and your tax money will be their bitch! You know why? That’s because blind so-called Americans don’t know how to vote any other way except for a political party rather than an agenda. You don’t know shit about Hitler and his regime, except from the little education you sort-of received in high school. Here OKMPS, take another rifle and shove it up your racist ass. Sleep with one eye open and always looking over your shoulder, because you know no other way.

      80. AAAAAAAAANNNNNNND another pitiful racist statement. Puhlease, spare me the agony of your crappy rhetoric. Stealthy white backlash? A black male is in charge of the Executive branch, but whites are still the majority in both the House of Reps and Senate…yea we need a backlash like shit needs stink.

      81. Change

        Where does the President stand on Free Trade? He was against it when he was running; what changed? What about regulating the Financial Industry? Why are there less arrests of white collar Financial Industry crooks under this administration then under the GW Bush administration (not that they were anything to brag about)? Did the Founding Fathers intend to protect hunting and sport shooting regarding the Second Amendment; of course not. There is not one writing from any Founding Father that supports the idea that the Second Amendment is anything other than an individual right and that was reaffirmed by the US Supreme Court in the two recent cases below in 2008 and 2010.

        District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home and within federal enclaves. The decision did not address the question of whether the Second Amendment extends beyond federal enclaves to the states,[1] which was addressed later by McDonald v. Chicago (2010). It was the first Supreme Court case in United States history to decide whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.[2]

        McDonald v. Chicago, 561 US 3025 (2010), is a landmark[1] decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that determined whether the Second Amendment applies to the individual states. The Court held that the right of an individual to “keep and bear arms” protected by the Second Amendment is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and applies to the states. The decision cleared up the uncertainty left in the wake of District of Columbia v. Heller as to the scope of gun rights in regard to the states.

        Facts are Facts.

      82. Change

        Where does the President stand on Free Trade? He was against it when he was running; what changed? What about regulating the Financial Industry? Why are there less arrests of white collar Financial Industry crooks under this administration then under the GW Bush administration (not that they were anything to brag about)? Did the Founding Fathers intend to protect hunting and sport shooting regarding the Second Amendment; of course not. There is not one writing from any Founding Father that supports the idea that the Second Amendment is anything other than an individual right and that was reaffirmed by the US Supreme Court in the two recent cases below in 2008 and 2010.

        District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home and within federal enclaves. The decision did not address the question of whether the Second Amendment extends beyond federal enclaves to the states,[1] which was addressed later by McDonald v. Chicago (2010). It was the first Supreme Court case in United States history to decide whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.[2]

        McDonald v. Chicago, 561 US 3025 (2010), is a landmark[1] decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that determined whether the Second Amendment applies to the individual states. The Court held that the right of an individual to “keep and bear arms” protected by the Second Amendment is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and applies to the states. The decision cleared up the uncertainty left in the wake of District of Columbia v. Heller as to the scope of gun rights in regard to the states.

        Facts are Facts.

        • And yet here we are…we still have our 2nd amendment rights. What’s changed? Can you answer that?

          • It’s not over until the fat lady sings. A post Feinstein Bill if passed into law would be equivalent to allowing Free Speech only in your own home not in front of more than two people.

            Only retaining a fraction of a Right is in itself Wrong.

            • IF the Feinstein Bill passes as is, I will be the first to come on this site and apologize to all, but it won’t. We will get a watered down version of it and, yes, we will still retain our firearms. The semi-automatic rifle will live to see another day in America. Stricter gun control purchasing laws will have to be adhered too with this Bill. I’m totally ok with that since I’m a law abiding citizen and am not worried if I have a background check.

              • Change

                If it does not pass it’s not for lack of a a maximum media coordinated effort. My hope was that their, “Ego and zeal would be writing checks that their political muscle couldn’t cash”. They bit off a tremendous amount.

      83. “The Constitution of the United States is an undeniably powerful document. So powerful in fact, that it”…made slavery and genocide lawful under common law. Where are the American Indians today? How did the U.S. Constitution treat them?? What about the century of slave practice protected in the Constitution, or the put down of women’s rights also protected by the Constitution??? I’m critical of the U.S. Constitution because in reality, it was nothing more than laws written on a piece of paper that served the American Aristocracy of the time. Thomas Jefferson and all the other founding fathers spoke highly of freedom whilst owning and promoting slaves and slave ownership. Common law has its faults. Commercial law as well, because in the end, Common law and Commercial law are both types of laws devised by corruptible men. By the Way, the U.S. Constitution didn’t even prevent Congress from borrowing money i.e. getting the nation deep into debt. It also didn’t prevent the authority of the state from having a Congress whose sole responsibility is to write and change laws according to their corrupt desires. The U.S. Constitution has been a dismal failure through history, and ultimately was the vehicle in which our nation has been brought into bondage thanks to the part that lets ammendments be added (think 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th ammendments)

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