Where Are The Handcuffs? This Video Blows The Doors Open On Hillary’s Corruption, Obfuscations and Outright Lies

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    In a recent article Jeremiah Johnson noted that FBI Director James Comey actually did a really great job in his handling of the Clinton private server email scandal. By “great” we mean that Comey did exactly what he was appointed to do, which is to protect the oligarchs at any cost, no matter the detriment to American law and order.

    We see that they vote where their money or their personal enrichment of power is.  Some people said that Comey “didn’t do his job.” Yes, he did: his job in the hire of the Clintons, and that “job” was on, not for the American people.

    As you’ll see in the video below, absolutely no one other than Hillary Clinton would have been allowed to go free without charges had they engaged in the same activity, which includes everything from sharing and receiving classified information, to obstructing investigators.

    As noted by Silence Is Consent:

    It’s also time she pays for her criminal activity, she should be locked up. Wake up America, you have been conned for far too long, it’s time to put it to an end.

    At the conclusion of this compilation you will be left with only one question: Where are the handcuffs?

    (Watch at Youtube)


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      1. Until WE the PEOPLE do something about this..not a dam thing is going to change folks

        once that is realized and acted upon in force of population we are going to get cooked.. they been turning up the burner on us for 50+ years .. some just are too dense to feel the heat

        frog in a frying pan

        hey ya’ll grab yer ass ’cause this ride is going to be a real gut wrencher

        I got a feeling its going to keep going status quo until a large enough population decides enough is enough , and chances are i wont see it in my lifetime

        • I’ll bet Hillary already has several pairs of handcuffs, and other bondage paraphernalia, to handcuff her now would only arouse her in ways I don’t want to consider.

          • You are so right.

            The question that should be asked is: “To whom is Clinton, Corney, Lynch, the State Department, Treasury, Defense, Congress and others all beholding ? If the answer is not Wall Street, the observer has been asleep. The system protects itself.

            Wall Street has been accused of currently embezzling $6 billion daily from the US government to fund nefarious acts which include buying control of the above government entities. Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/48194264/rip-off-by-the-Federal-Reserve-revised .

            Those funds have been used to create world-wide chaos. The ultimate goal is economic control of the whole world.

            Trump’s plea to save the United States from destruction has striking parallels with the promises of Hitler to save Germany from the street riots led by Stalin and the economic crush of WWI. The Clintons’ criminal past is well documented. There is no “lesser of two evils.” In MHO, either option will advance Wall Street control and result in a Grecian calamity.

            There will never be a change if the source is not identified.

        • Comey himself should be arrested, he does NOT have the authority to overlook Hitlarys breach of e-mail server use, the LAW is perfectly clear and there is NO clemency for what she did . Comey needs to be tried for dereliction of duty and go to prison as well, and since he is NOT been arrested yet, IF trump is elected you can bet he will be, and IF NOT it will be another sign we been screwed again. and YES i am familiar with that part of the law as i had to live with it for many years, IF i had even accidently breached with anything i would been fired tried and looking at a prison term. what she did is a prison term for life!!

          • Well she really didn’t mean to…

            And it’s not like anyone got hurt…

            Mistakes happen…

            (Literal direct quote from a person I know that’s been brainwashed by liberal college).

            • The Guy,
              Yea i have heard that from some liberals as well ( NOT YOU ) how about go to some federal prisons and ask some of those inmates who are there for lesser crimes than what she did and see what they say. these LIBTARDS ( who have to be brainwashed ) because they cannot be that big of IDIOTS, or can they, well i guess so!!
              when this country falls and those libtards are crying, i wonder if it will EVER cross there minds how it is THERE own fault!!

          • Hitlery actually had 4 (FOUR) Personal Unsecured Servers transmitting Classified and top secret info. 4 Servers. What kind of Intent is needed? 4 times the Criminal Intent. DUH!!!

            ~WWTI… Hillary for the Wood Chipper 2016

        • she lies extremely well… symptoms of a psychopath. that’s what they do– totallu UN-transparent and conscience-LESS. (REMEMBER CAYCE ANTHONY??!)

        • Indictment of Clinton at this time would have resulted in a plea deal to a misdemeanor and a Presidential Pardon, closing the door to ever prosecuting her and Slick Willie for their crimes. Comey did the RIGHT thing.

          TRUMP/GOWDY will prosecute. 🙂

          • DK,
            yes i know what your saying , BUT it should NOT be that way, SHE and others should be in prison!! this country is so SCREWED it “AIN’T” funny!!

          • Right, Durango, it looks darker than ever now, but as things are falling apart and out of control, they are actually coming together. The devil overplayed his hand this time, now there is an awakening and a resolve of The People.
            There will be a crescendo of events perpetrated by the evil doers of the dark side, then shtf and the filthy carpet will be pulled right out from under them.
            So be prepared to ride down this rough road for a time, as it will get worse/darker before it gets better and we again see the light of our Resurrected and Restored Republic. Stay ready, keep alert, and be safe!

          • DK, from your lips to GOD’S EARS.

          • Since Ford was able to pardon Nixon before charges were ever filed, Hillary IS already of the hook.

            • The ONLY way to fix the entirety of bullshit going on right now would be to first oust the feds, and by the looks of things right now THAT just may commence anytime over the next two months. If not, Hillary will take her chair as POTUS and we’ll find ourselves in a Revolutionary War against our standing government, immigrants that don’t wish to be tossed out of The USA, and all others on this earth that do not wish Americans to be free, have free speech, the right to own and carry firearms and all else The Constitution allows us. (So of COURSE “they” wish to see it all replaced, and if we are stupid enough to allow them to do it, which no matter how you slice it would be ILLEGAL), then we’ll be a nation of people who have THE LEAST rights of anyone on earth. Especially white Christians. This will be a place for human-trafficking, Satanists, pedophiles, gays, lesbians and “the like.”
              All of this packed into a crumbling 3rd World Nation doesn’t sound like fun to me. You?

              • Your assessment of the probable future is spot on, but it WILL come down to a shooting war against our own government. There won’t be a prosecution of Hillaroid. She has too many FBI files on too many congress critters for that to happen. Stock up on ammo, and when the raid comes your way, be willing to die rather than be imprisoned. If your neighbor is raided, be willing to die to help your neighbor. When enough LEO badges have bullet holes through them the unions to which they belong will go on strike. When enough of them are on strike, this will leave anyone they ordinarily protect vulnerable to REAL social justice…

        • FBI Director James Comey, Sold out the American People, Sold his office for political gains and sold out the US Justice system He too should be in handcuff siting in a FEMA Prison Camp Busting rock for the rest of his life.

          Were does this Country get these POS Criminal Shills?

          Trump has a lot of Barn cleaning to do come January.


      2. Clinton is actually a great politician. When you buy a politician that politician must stay bought, not flip flop after they get paid.

        Our system of government would totally fail if politicians did not follow though on the bribes they receive.

        They must do as they were paid to do.

        • Yes, we have the best government money can buy!

      3. HRC.. is following the direction of the elder zion. Don’t blame her…blame the stupids voting for the ZOG on both parties.

      4. What a stray piece of lead could do…

        • Eppe, I agree. She and Bill both need to be pushing up daisies. They have blood on their hands going all the way back to when they were running Arkansas. It’s got to end somewhere.

      5. We need a military coup to arrest the criminals who pay this woman and the other actors in front positions, as well as the dispensable fronts such as Hillary Clinton.

        Goldman Sachs, the J*w Bank (fed reserve), the J*w billionaire and trillioaires, who are killing our young people in bs wars for land stolen from Palistinians.

        If you want a glimpse into the future, take a good look at the past. When allowed unchecked power, these criminals torture, murder, and rape; whether themselves or by unleashing others to do it for them.

        Read “The Truth About Communism” by Dr. David Duke. Research on the Internet. “Real J*w News.com” Brother Nathaniel. There are many sources of truth you won’t get on the J*w owned main stream lying talmudvision propagandizing media.

        • If you want a good look at the future just take a look at the past?
          The decendants of the same people that brought negroes here to pick cotton are now bringing mexicans here to cut their grass.
          It doesn’t effect their job, housing, food, medical cost, etc…. as they hide in their gated communities .. SSDD

          • Really now…. I honestly doubt you’d find a single family who has hired a Mexican to come up from Mexico in order to cut their grass or pull their weeds or to sit on the streets of their cities and stare at white folks walking by.

            I believe that is why they are referred to as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS..

      6. Hillary Clinton (and her little puppy, Bill) is above the law. She could slit a child’s throat in a studio with an audience of federal cops and US Attorneys while it was being broadcast to the world and she’d say it was “Republicans” trying to frame her.

        She would not face any consequences. That is just the way it is.

      7. Video Link does not work.
        Some advertise video came up.

        only 200 + views on video.
        *******Did someone Monkey Wrench your link to Hillary video?********

        ——————————————Hillary For Prison 2016
        Impeach and Arrest TRAITORS starting at the top and then work down to local criminal politicians and school board.
        You need to Understand that Hillary likely got assets friendly to USA KILLED as result of her INTENTIONAL Disregard for KNOWN proper document handling security procedures. TRAITOR.
        National Security breach and TREASON charges should be filed against Hillary.

        TREASON and National Security Breach should include JAIL Time.
        Not a free pass by corrupt FBI. Why isn’t FBI head being charged?

        Obummers allowing our country to be flooded with enemies to America is also TREASON. China troops are coming across as well as Muslim savages and drug cartel savages.

        STOP THE FLOOD of Enemies of your Family and America. STOP THEM.

      8. This is the new normal. It’s us that are behind the curve.

      9. eppe– touché! (he, he, he! 🙂

      10. Until we do like the French did during the French revolution these bastards will keep on with their blatant in-your-face corruption!


      11. Your King president at work:

        Destabalize and cause chaos seems to be your current presidents goal.
        Police vs. Citizens–Black vs. White–Working people vs. Freeloaders
        Divide and conquer is his strategy.
        Or maybe Nuclear war and total destruction of USA is presidents intentional GOAL?

        The poser is Treasonous at best. Insane is probable reality.
        Obummer is not just a traitor but a Dangerous Nut job.
        Why isn’t Obummer Impeached and charged?
        Same reason as Hillary.
        Solution: Arrest the current FBI director. Get someone in office that Loves America and will save America from these corrupt criminal traitors occupying political office.

      12. I’m out of order? I’m out of order? You’re out of order! This whole fkng system is out of order!

        • It’s in perfect order for them.Hey,you get back in line,eyes down,hands to your side good boy!Nothing to see keep moving,you have work to do.
          Never was a yes man.
          HATE hot whiskey
          Maniac –out

        • Fuck the system. Fuck the law. Fuck… Just fuck… And enjoy.

      13. hillery is the next president america is just that stupid

      14. Hillary Clinton is henceforth DISQUALIFIED from EVER holding any office under the United States, according to 18 USC 2071 (b) https://www.law.cornell.edu/us

        Please note that both (a) and (b) both begin with “WHOEVER” which is an all inclusive word, meaning EVERYONE/ANYONE! Some people will LIE to you and attempt to tell you this law doesn’t apply to Hillary.
        That is a blatant lie! The law is unambiguous and most certainly applies to hillary “the criminal” clinton!

        • Since when do criminals care about laws??? Oh yeah, if you put up a gun-free zone sign, it’ll keep you safe from thugs, mslms, and other govmnt operatives.
          The problem here is that there is NO one bold enough to ENFORCE the laws over this criminal oligarchy.

          • I believe the majority of sheriffs have the gonads, when the time comes that they are pushed into it.

      15. I read at several articles at several websites, that this FBI head Comy was Never even a cop nor had any type formal cop education etc…And that his Prior job title was as Top CEO/Prez of HSB(?) Bank which is The main banksters that once finally busted, admitted to doing Major Money launderings for Decades, of Drug Cartels in Mexico and south america/columbian cartels etc.

        Admitted to doing an averge of $350to $400-BILLION dolalrs launderings per year!

        only were found guilty and fined aprox $1.5 Billion total fines paid to usa fed govnt.

        NO jail for ANY of those involved. Comy Headed that opps prior to joined fbi. Also, same articles stated that prior to HSB CEO banksterboy, comy was one of the deeply involved Prosecutors in Klintons White Water fiasco scandles! plus a few more issues I can’t recall now. Hes been hooked up with Hilary since Far far back days it seems.

        I do Not know if this is true? But when several credible websites post up similar articles that all contains same basic evidence…Well it sure does sound like truth.

        Especially after seeing Comys actions regards Hillarys free pass, then in his next breath warns all Others that They wont get away with doing exact same crimes as she did!

        I Wish we could convince and get at least 25 Million well armed patriots to simply agree on a day and time frame, say, Noon on some Monday, they all leave home with a packed ammo and other needs bag, a rifle and handgun, Rope, and the will to go and round up every last bastard at their place of work or homes and do what we all Knows need be done. Just that one time action by so many and america be changed forever and for the far better too.

        And best part is,,,NO other entity could stop such a massive movement of we the peoples. None.

        • You will most likely see (at least) 150 million well-armed patriots “reading the riot-act” to the feds to step down or die in office. About 50 million will be various veterans with the remainder being “tuned-in” civilians and country folk that never did have much use for government.

      16. I just saw “Hillary’s America.” I highly recommend it.

        • Clinton cash is awesome too. Free on YouTube 1 hr long.

      17. If she has gotten this far and no one has screamed from all the evil, destruction of lives, bad undercover corrupt ‘deals’ and all the other unmentionable things she and old Billy Boy have done they won’t….she would not be in the line up for our top job…..folks this nation is in deep deep trouble and only WE,THE PEOPLE can change things and get us back to the great nation we are. Satan’s army has taken over the government and every aspect of our lives and it is only going to get worse, no matter who wins unless Trump can and does do what he says. REMEMBER FOLKS…once in the White House and the government at that level one sees what we are really about. They see that their hands are tied in many ways and they can’t do what they said because most will not let them! And think about it; our presidents, as they come up to getting out of office and after, are either soon sick, corrupt to begin with, still part of some group or other, is snow white headed from all they have learned, or die soon. It is not a job that anyone but Rambo could manage very well …even with money because there are too many enemies of the right and patriots that want to crush someone that is not ‘one of them’…..pray for help for all of us as Trump takes the country. Hillary and her even just cannot!

      18. Now I know why God created the criminally insane, so we would have a large pool of people from which to pick our kings and queens.

        I can’t imagine any rational human watching this video of Hillary and then actually voting for her.

        This head in the sand attitude of American voters is so freaking Biblical it’s terrifying. Keep on stacking.

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