Where Are All the Looters?

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    It’s been three days since the initial earthquake that triggered a deadly Tsunami. Millions of Japanese are without power, and as we pointed out in our news update series on the Japanese crisis, store shelves in the afflicted areas have been wiped bare. Even hundreds of miles from the damage, Japanese residents are stocking up on food, water and emergency provisions.

    Within hours of the Chilean earthquake, gangs and looters hit the streets. A similar scenario unfolded in New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Videos of looters in stores taking everything from HDTV’s to food and diapers were readily available. In Haiti, gang violence broke out within days of the earthquake.

    In any disaster, when emergency personnel are diverted to the crisis zone, chances are that violence in non-police patrolled areas is going to see a spike. This happened in Chile within hours.

    After witnessing similar events in recent years in crisis hot spots around the world, the situation in Japan begs the question: Where are all the looters?

    Via Lew Rockwell and The Telegraph

    Perhaps even more impressive than Japan’s technological power is its social strength, with supermarkets cutting prices and vending machine owners giving out free drinks as people work together to survive. Most noticeably of all, there has been no looting, and I’m not the only one curious about this.

    This is quite unusual among human cultures, and it’s unlikely it would be the case in Britain. During the 2007 floods in the West Country abandoned cars were broken into and free packs of bottled water were stolen. There was looting in Chile after the earthquake last year – so much so that troops were sent in; in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina saw looting on a shocking scale.

    Why do some cultures react to disaster by reverting to everyone for himself, but others – especially the Japanese – display altruism even in adversity?

    Is it a cultural thing? Perhaps it is. At least in the initial stages of crisis.

    We have yet to hear reports of looting-related activity in Japan. For the most part, the population seems to be dealing with the crisis in a non-violent manner. But there may be numerous reasons for this.

    Japan is the third largest economy in the world. In terms of technological advancement and warning systems, they are top notch. They likely have a solid national emergency response plan for earthquakes and volcanoes considering their geographic location. Even with all of this, they could not prevent a massive, wide-spread national catastrophe.

    Based on reports, the Japanese have already started handing out emergency iodine packets to treat immediate radiation absorption around overheating nuclear reactors. And according to the story from The Telegraph, shop owners are willingly helping residents in need of food and water.

    In those areas destroyed by Tsunami, the fact is that there is nothing to loot. It’s all gone. There are no grocery stores or electronics stores. Unlike in Hurricane Katrina, the people in Northern Japan wouldn’t have anywhere to take an HDTV even if it was available to loot because they no longer have homes.

    The earthquake is over. The Tsunami has passed. The nuclear crisis is now the primary concern, as it should be. While officials scramble to evacuate residents, they will inundate cities outside of the current danger zone, certainly putting a strain on supplies in areas like Tokyo.

    For a time, the Japanese government will likely be able to provide help, especially with assistance from Western nations like the US.

    But what if those reactors really blow – and it becomes official? What if it really goes Chernobyl on us?

    The panic that will follow would likely be unprecedented in Japan – even more so than anything that followed World War II. There are millions more people, and they are all dependent on functioning electricity, gas, water, sewage, and just-in-time food delivery.

    While there may be no looting now, and for the most part, the people of Japan are dealing with this crisis in a peaceful manner, we suggest that without external assistance from the US or other nations who can provide Japan with fresh water, food and medical supplies, Japan can easily take a turn for the worse and look like New Orleans or Haiti within a matter of days.

    Had the problems facing Japan stopped with the Tsunami, then the threat of looting and violence would be unlikely. But Japan is still in crisis, and until the issues surrounding their nuclear reactors is resolved, we can only wait and see.

    Hat tip Clark


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      1. Japan has one of the best work ethics in the entire world. Not that crime is doesn’t happen there, but every generation that is alive on that island has a deeply ingrained sense of working to earn a living, as opposed to living off of charity and/or criminal activity. That is what makes the majority of the difference, I believe. Also, you have generally one race of people in the country, so their sense of unity is very tight. Race wars and xenophobia are virutally non-existent.

      2. They are civilized…

      3. It will get worse for Japan and for the rest of US eventually, as according to Cayce: “the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.” Whether this is by Earth Changes or nuclear explosion, execerbating the fault zones, I have no idea.

        But the Japanese demonstrate the inherent human dignity imbedded within their culture and national psyche, as they band together, work together, and serve one another. This is to be admired and emulated by US as our turn comes, and it will.

        We are all going to die, eventually, whether that comes sooner or later, by chance, choice, or karma doesn’t matter. You can’t take anything with you but your consciousness and your character.

        Make sure of yours.

      4. You won’t see looters in the affected areas because there is nothing left to loot and no one left to loot. The survivors in those areas are absolutely walking around in shock.

        From the photos I’ve seen the death toll will be in the hundreds of thousands. Unofficially now Japan has pushed the Nuke affected areas out to 50 miles.

        With that many bodies in the rubble pandemic is a real problem for the people of Japan.

      5. “free packs of bottled water were stolen”
        How can something free be stolen? Or am I just reading that wrong?
        Anyway, Japan social culture is truly a silver lining in the black clouds.

      6. the japanese are one of the most honorable people on earth. they give to each other in times of need. we could learn a lot ftom them but i don.t think we ever will..

      7. Simple explanation.  Homogeneous nation, the result of maintaining borders, language and culture.
        If they filled their land with third world rejects like this country has, all hell would be breaking loose right now.

      8. You guys are completely ignorant of history.
        American soldiers who stayed in Japan after the war was over know better. They made decent amount money selling military rations to enterprising Japanese hucksters who sold them for twice the cost.
        The Japanese underworld is pretty fearsome. They are just biding their time …

      9. So cultured, so intelligent, so productive, so civilized the Japanese, even the NAZIs sincerely and respectfully touted them openly and publicly as the ‘Aryans of the East’.
        Despite the nation destroying Orwellian mythology of globalist(Z) –‘we all be the same’, the factual reality in the comparison of Haiti to Japan speaks volumes regarding both race and nation.


      10. In reading a number of posts above regarding anecdotal ‘bad’ behavior among the Japanese people in this catastrophe, I would like to appeal to the rational readers in drawing any conclusions from these incidents.
        One of the basic tenets of analysis is, a difference in quantity, is a difference in character.
        Although these negative reports may even be true, the number of participants, or the percentage of the population involved, must be quantified to reach an intelligent assessment and fair characterization of an entire people or race.
        0.00002% in Japan has no equivalency in judgment to 80% in Haiti!!


      11. They have what most americans don’t, HONOR.

      12. Makes me wonder. Does Japan have welfare? Seems to me, the welfare set is the first to riot and loot. Others follow….

      13. May this group lead with honor if catastrophe happens here.

      14. Those who mentioned Japanese culture, work ethic, and civility are all correct.
        This is a different culture with a different mentality. If you’ve never been outside the US and have never visited other developed/industrialized nations, you will have hard time imagining that people CAN and DO behave civilized in  the time of crisis (not to mention in the time of normalcy).
        They are not nearly as selfish as we are and there is a great sense of community present. They are modest, humble and respectful.
        Civility is in there blood.
        Yes, crime groups exist, but they are an exception, not the rule.

      15. I’m so sick of people dancing around this topic while ignoring the obvious answer THE RACES ARE NOT ALL ALIKE!
        Some are more altrusitic than others, some more violent, some with higher IQ’s, some who are essentially savages that wear clothing.
        have a lokk at any sub-Saharan nation, Detroit, Philly, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, LA, on and on it goes, yet the multiculti’s insist upon fairy tales of “we’re all alike”.

        Can anyone here imagine the looting, violence and anarchy that would take place if this happened in a US inner city?
        How about a US city overrun with illegals from barbaric Mexico?
        Let’s quit pretending that we don’t see the 500 lb elephant in the room, shall we?

      16. @Havok
        Ameri[K]ahnz still have it. It was just culturally redefined a generation ago by President William Jefferson Clinton… ‘Get on ‘er, stay on ‘er and c*m on ‘er!’

      17. Whats to loot?  I believe they have more serious issues.

      18. Look no farther is on point.

      19. Look No Further and Schaef are dead on correct.

        The Japanese are still a homogeneous society that has retained there roots and culture, not given in to the immigrants (or allowing them in) or political correctness…..THAT is the secret.  It was like that in my families homeland of Sweden when my grandparents immigrated, but no more. Like the others in Europe, they have opened the doors and been overrun by the muslims and others….

      20. I lived in Japan, and attended public school there. The Japanese Culture is one of hard work, hard study, honesty, integrity, respect, generosity. These are all characteristics absent from the vast majority of New Orleans citizens. In the huge debris fields in Japan there is plenty to loot, as well as in the areas right next to the devastated areas. Not a single case of looting, unlike in New Orleans where every store, shop, and house was totally looted of big screens, stereos, vacuums, ammo & guns, tools, everything of value except books!! 

      21. Im with ya Bill, I know what your saying..all of it.
        also this culture in Japan have been rased to respect, and treat their elders with respect..their culture hasnt been mixed up much with other cultures, and other races.
        These people have also been raised with pride in family, and most would not do anything to embarass their parents and family. Shame if you will..

        Here, not many have any if at all any shame..
        look at the wanabee hollywood types, the fakers, the actors, the ones acting up just to get their 15 min. of fame..
        and look Charlie Sheen(just as an example because theres way more than this joker) is on again and dopes are watching this train wreck..and he’s laughing all the way to the bank, along with the drugged out rock stars and fake women all exploiting what ever they can to be “noticed”
        Sick i tell ya

        who’s the next loser were going to idolize?and our kids grow up to watch them on the TV thinking this shit is for real life..hell it has become “real life” for some..

      22. So far, I haven’t seen pictures of Japanese people playing
        dominoes, as was Haiti after THEIR earthquake.  Japanese will
        get to work, and clean up. Haiti still lies buried in rubble, the
        people living in tents, no desire whatsoever to help themselves.

      23. I have seen footage of people picking cans of food out of the debris, some individuals, some groups of people loading trucks. better to get it now while it is still useable before it starts rusting etc. Food is in short supply. The reporter was unsure whether this was organised  or not as he didnt speak Japanese to find out (?! why is he there?)
        Also others were seen collecting other goods, but not actually entering premises to do so. It mostly seemed to be salvage.

      24. because they are one united unsavage culture, on the otherhand we have riots  and lloting here ere because we are an open society with ghettos, open borders, and communists running things

      25. Why no looting? Easy.
        #1 Nothing to loot & nowhere to take it!
        #2 They don’t have a huge entitlement -tit- sucking welfare crowd trained & conditioned by the Dems that they are born victims and it’s the richey-rich’s fault for all their woes therefore their self dignity & self reliance has not been stripped from their culture’s persona.

      26. Why no looting? Easy.
        #1 Nothing to loot & nowhere to take it!
        #2 They don’t have a huge entitlement -tit- sucking welfare crowd trained & conditioned by the Dems that they are born victims and it’s the richey-rich’s fault for all their woes therefore their self dignity & self reliance has not been stripped from their culture’s persona.


        Why are there no LOOTERS??

        Because THEY are responsible for their families, NOT the government.

        It does make a difference.

      28. I’ll best most of you here knew exactly what the majority of comments would say just by looking at the title of Mac’s article. I did. We all know what the answer is…we’re just too chicken to say it. Note to Dave: your comment was exactly right but I’m gonna have to reprimand you and remind you that there are SOME things we just don’t talk about. Now for the benifit of you and any others here who may be tempted to truly speak their minds I will now lead us all in the required retraining session–Everyone repeat after me “there is no elephant in the room, there is no elephant…” Continue until the elephant disappears. If necessary you may put your fingers in your ears and say “la la la la la” for a minute to clear your mind. And remember, everyone, we will not broach this topic again because – “There is no elephant in the room”…

      29. Comments…..having lived for a number of years in the far east, and the japanese islands in particular…the japanese are probably the most civilized, honorable, respectful people i have ever met in my lifetime. it is a most important part of their culture. there is crime there, but it is not out in the open like america.  for one thing, no one owns guns. for another, the reason most live in these tight villages and high buildings is because the “whole” family lives together. with grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins etc.. an apartment building could literally be filled with just one “family”. they have great respect for the elderly and anything less would be dishonorable to their name. everyone works. being convicted of a dui in japan brings on drivers school and about five to ten years of a car tag that ids a person as a drunk driver. education is very expensive-after the eighth grade a student must take exams to qualify for high school.  children are loved very much by the japanese-afterall, those kids will have to take care of their elders when they grow up.. it is one of the safest places in the world to raise children.

      30. Gold and silver to fall 10%+ tomorrow 3/15/11.
        US markets down by 8% to 12%.
        Fall occurs in the afternoon ET.
        Reality kicks in as the Japan economy won’t be coming back anytime soon.

      31. Not enough subhuman mud people in Japan for looting to occur.

      32. I swear, sometimes I think I’ll just leave this site to the racists, doomers, and the xenophobes, but I like some of what Mac says and several of the folks I’ve met here.
        There is a difference between race and culture.  Race is a social construct that ignorant pricks like most of you commenting here use to justify your discrimination. Culture is a system of shared values and beliefs. People of the same race can have many different cultures among them.
        Japan’s predominate cultural values, as some have pointed out, have for thousands of years been founded on respect, honor, and stoicism that borders on unhealthy. American culture is very task oriented,competitive and individualistic. Japanese culture values the collective, the family unit, and the chain of command.
        It is true that the heterogeneous American culture has widened the inequality gap between the middle class and the poor. No one except the poor bastards we slaughtered and forced onto reservations has a true right to bitch about anyone else coming in and taking over. Your ancestors came over on the boat the same as mine did – AND we brought most of the rest of them over in chains.
        I am definitely for legal limits on immigration, and controlling illegals. However, letting the influx of illegal immigrants make you feel better about letting your racism run rampant, is disingenuous.
        Within a mile of me there are people I would consider ‘trash’ of all races. In that same square mile I know just as many brown, black, and white folks whom I respect. THAT is a matter of culture folks, not the color of their skin.

      33. we don’t even have a crisis here yet and all ready ready have looters. Take a look at all the ‘new’ prices for ki and other iodine remedys. You can’t buy a geiger counter anywhere right now. If we were to have a real emergency how many people would make a buck (or 1000) off of you while you’re trying to protect your child?

      34. sorry for the typos, I think faster than I type when pissed (lol)
        “all ready we have looters” instead

      35. Dave: Couldn’t agree with you less. Race has nothing to do with good manners, respect for others and their property, or altruism.

        It (looting) does have something to do with poverty, lack of education, good role models, a sense of community, and strong parenting.

        All of these factors create a sense of self worth, initiative, dedication,  responsibilty, respect and tolerance (or not): in other words, good moral fiber.

        Moral fiber is learned behavior as one integrates within their community and seeks a better understanding of themselves and the world they live in. It is not intrinsic to race.

      36. Comments…..Where are all of the looters?

        They’re in East Los Angeles, Watts, the south side of Chicago, the Tenderloin area of San Francisco and Detroit.

      37. http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-japan-quake-20110315,0,2212206.story?page=2

        “The emergency food handouts are meant for those who’ve lost their homes. But with power out, most supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores closed, and gasoline very difficult to acquire, people in undamaged houses are asking for government allocations as well.

        Some officials said they saw a sliver of hope that food-related angst might ease soon. More citizens had started donating food on the streets, some making large pots of miso soup for passersby.”
        Unlike many Western cultures where it is the governments “job” to provide. Or even where goods are donated to a charity to be distributed. We can take note of this I think.
        Being your brother’s keeper and loving your neighbour right there in action.

      38. I agree with you both DK & Dave.  I’ve traveled a little in my life, probably more than most here, seen more than my share of amazing things and yes, some eye opening tragic things and people seem to amaze me the most.  Character is everything and has no boundaries and only a light switch away from fight or flight.  Have you been really tested?  Energy is food/opportunity and most times power/wealth.  Some systems around the world are correcting.  Ready for real change, expect it.  Life is risk.  That’s just the way it is for me.  I still recognize me in the mirror every morning and will do my best without selling my character.  Some people just have higher standards & money/class just hide it sometimes but there is the Bell Curve.

      39. Skeptical Survivalist-at the risk of falling under your label of racist I must take you to task on a couple of things. You said “There is a difference between race and culture…” that whole paragraph is exactly right. Even the part about people using race to justify their discrimination although I’m not sure how many would fall into the category of “ignorant pricks.” Then you said “…the heterogeneous American culture has widened the inequality gap…” My BS alert sounded when I read that. Are you saying that because we have people of  different origins in our culture that that is why there’s a gap? Maybe you meant the gap is caused by the natural inclination of one group to discriminate against another. In that case I’d agree but we won’t change that til we learn to change human nature on a macro scale. That aint ever gonna happen unless God does it himself. Also the gap is between the rich and everybody else. The gap between middle class and poor has been narrowing consistently for over 100 yrs. Granted for the last few yrs it’s because the middle class got poorer, but the gap is still narrowing. And “Poor” in America is not poor anywhere else in the world. Next was your version of the classic comment concerning Indians and slaves. First the Indians: they have every bit as much right, BUT NO MORE right than you or I have to complain. An honest look at historical human demographics proves that everybody came from somewhere else! Including the American Indians. Clans, tribes or whatever have been in constant motion throughout the world when viewed from a long term perspective. Not trying to excuse the treatment of Indians in our early history, just stating an observation. Indians moved throughout north and south america over the centuries. And they made war, took slaves and abused each other as they went. Kinda like we did to them. There’s that one group discriminating against another thing again. It’s universal. It’s also been happening in Africa for centuries. By the way, the language and customs of a group changes over time as they incorporate some things from the people they’ve displaced and leave other customs behind. Occasionaly, a geographic area is controlled for awhile by only one group and they don’t have the friction they normally would with other competing groups. That’s Japan today. Also the genetic base changes gradually as the groups intermingle. Odds are Japan won’t look exactly the same 1000 yrs from now. Which brings us to the slaves. Nobody but a hard core KKK member would try to justify slavery today but let’s not fall for the lie that blacks in America were the first or the worst case of human slavery. They were neither. All empires practiced it and historically it only stops when the empire falls. I may be wrong but I believe the British/American empire(s) was the first to voluntarily stop it before the empire disintegrated. I refuse to take the blame or feel guilty for what happened 200 yrs ago and, dumb as I am, I’m not dumb enough to judge a society from that time by today’s standards. If you want to project that guilt and blame on modern society then you also have to give them credit for all the advances made since then too. I mean, if we take the rap for slavery and stealing the indians land then aren’t we also responsible for their much longer life span, health, nutrition, sanitation, driving cars instead of walking, getting fat instead of starving etc? Point is, we don’t get the blame or the credit. We’re all stuck in our own group and our own generation and at the same time we, as humans, are gradually moving toward the future. Who knows what language we’ll speak or what we’ll look like in 1000 yrs? We can’t stereotype any individual with all the attributes of their group but we’d be foolinsh to deny that there are differences between the various groups. To ignore them, or excuse them by simply labeling as racist anyone who points them out is utter denial and shifting the responsibility from the perpetrators to the vicitms. It’s simply a fact that some groups today, including blacks and muslims are more prone to violence than others. In the past whites and (so called) Christians were. Maybe in the future they will be again. But today it’s their turn, not ours. THAT’S why Katrina had looters and Japan doesn’t. And if looting breaks out tomorrow in Japan I’ll look like the biggest idiot on this site. Oh well at least I’ll be #1 in something…



      42. @TEKROANIN- If you don’t quit you’re gonna take my title as nuttiest poster on this whole dang site. It aint easy being this stupid and I’ve worked hard for the title so knock it off.

      43. Comments…..   hey @SmokinOkie  – BLOW ME     ;Op     ppsssszzzzzzzt

        the very fact you just had to reply my fun facts means your thinking of what I wrote… good . do the research and pull your head out of your ass… I spent two years in japan.

        have nothing but truth to write of the japs.

      44. speaking of “LOOTERS” a barrel of oil is down $3.36 to $97.81 a barrel this morning, yet gas and heating oil just went up a 2 more pennies. Last week when our power was off for 6 days, 400. generators were selling for $900. to the suckers with money.

      45. Comments…..hey skeptical survivalist, I respect my navajo brothers more then you will ever know or will!! And I was raised to judge by a persons actions and behavior, and not race(thanks mom , and dad) I was not alive 200 or 100 years ago, the spanish(the mexicans ancestors,(so lecture them too)) in central and south america they killed MILLIONS, destroyed cointless books and buikding, in the name of god of coarse(they make hitler look like a nun) there are haters in every race, and there are differences, get over it YOU are the racist, not people pointing out the REAL world!! Sounds like YOU are one of the haters!  

      46. Hey, Skeptical, you can tell us all about how you “have respect and friendship for all your brown and black brothers”, but rest assured, you will avoid them like the plague if we have a similar crisis.  I really don’t care what the reasons are, we must be realistic.  Our brown and black brothers of the inner cities will become ruthless savages over any excuse.  Forget Katrina already?  Do you think that a lot of preppers and concerned people have moved out of the cities by accident?  I like many of the things you say, Skeptical, but let’s be honest with ourselves.

      47. What’s to loot?
        A hell of a lot more, and of immensely greater value than what was available in Haiti!an rubble!!
        What was to loot in Haiti? Yet the world witnessed a ‘Lord of the Flies’ mardi gras!
        In the world of Orwellian global social engineering, the facts and the truth are no defense against the shocking cattle prod charge of ‘racism’.

        Behavior is genetic. In the same manner a sheep will run when you kick it and a wolverine will have your gonads as an appetizer for the precise same offense.


      48. Comments…..  Skeptical survivalist, READ the mexican constitution, GO protest THEIR wall they are building on their southern border, and all the emmigrants they are arresting, beating and deporting!! I am sick and f$cking tired of the old “if you are white YOU are the racist!!!!” ” No other race is racist” ,”We are all the same”  ALL THOSE COMMENTS AND WAY OF THINKING ARE RACIST!!! GOD looking down on me( and all MY ancestors) know I’m not filled with hate, Look into the mirror, does he(them, and yourself) know that about you, yourself?  To the descent people reading this rant, I apologize, To the haters and TRUE RACISTS, I would like to say YOU are not as smart as you think, and YOU are the racist, homophog, or what ever you are claiming some of these people are!!!! 

      49. We are not seeing the looting we would expect in other countries for a number of reasons.
        1. The Japanese are a mostly homogenous race and they have filial feelings towards each other as compatriots.
        2. The Japanese are taught from an early age about the value and importance of good manners and personal honor. This is why Japanese people rarely if ever break a promise or fail to honor agreements.
        3. The Japanese are very diligent and also through experience built safety and rescue mechanisms and systems which worked rather well so far.
        4. The Japanese are taught not to be very expressive – stiff upper lip.
        5. And as it has been said – they have HONOR.

      50. Comments….. multi culturism( and my spelling) are failures, look at europe. Compare katrina to this tragedy, and how people act(mexican mofia workin, durring the day, at night,,,, ah)I know a white guy who was put in jail durring it, (his life was saved by 3 brave people) beaten close to death, because the different color of skin, do you think that is happening in japan? If no, why not? because they are the same!

      51. I live less than a mile from the Navajo reservation. When the SHTF I know who the looters will be and who I will have to defend myself against!

        Sorry skeptical survivalist, that may sound racist, prejudiced or bigoted, but that is the reality in my situation.

        @ kevin-learn to write and spell so the rest of us can understand what you are trying to say.

      52. There goes Ag/Au!  Just a speed bump.  Damn, somebody is going to make A LOT of fiat money on this correction.  There is many things to loot over in Japan where homes and business were not wiped clean from the Earth.  When the rolling blackouts happen in the larger cities, there still won’t be any looters.  They will spend fiat money to start to rebuild Japan.  But it will take commodities (energy, food, copper, and a great deal of concrete/steel) and sweat.  We are special here in Amerka because we can still own guns.  Are you special? 

      53. Listen, why would anyone want to loot in an area that is radioactive and aircraft hovering all over the place?  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      54. The looters are the Asian and European nations selling their metals to the Potsies.  Sell high, not buy.

      55. I understood Kevin..completely.
        dont pick on a persons spelling, thats not what were here for, we dont need the internet spelling police here either.

        All of us preppers need to stop bickering and support each other.
        Most of us know who, or what will be our local threat WTSHTF..if you dont, than you need to wake up to it, because it will matter, and make a difference for your survival…No matter who or what the race, demographic, culture..know your local threats, end of story

      56. Survivalist and patriot blogs really suck;  Many morons write in and none of these sites accomplish a damn thing, they are useless babble.    If preppers need good info, they will get it from their common sense and several good books on survival/disaster planning.

      57. “racists, doomers, and the xenophobes…”
        “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”  — Saul Alinsky, ‘Rules for Radicals’
        Beware the ‘fecesphobic’ accuser for he is attempting to humiliate you into eating shit in exchange for social acceptance. -JWJr


      58. Comments…..It’s cultural. Certain cultures steal and loot more than others. Most Asian and Anglo shy away from stealing and looting.  Looting and stealing is more prevelant in negro and hispanic culture. They enjoy free stuff and don’t mind stealing whatever isn’t nailed down. Trust me, I live in Louisiana. There’s a reason the prisons are full of black folks. That’s why Abraham Lincoln intended  to send them to Liberia. One of the only good Ideas the man ever had.

      59. Comments…..In addition, I wish the mexicans would return to mexico with a negro under each arm.

      60. @VRF,
        I know what group of people has robbed us twice here and what group attempted two other times as well….all since we moved here which is less than 18 months. I seen the man who shot me in New Orleans last May and almost killed me too. I see what walks up and down our street and alley way daily and see how they act. Just do a little research on the demographics here in Muskegon, MI and you’ll see what I fear most right after out govt/military/leo
        My wife and I feel guilty and fight racist thoughts and feelings all the time.

      61. I have not lived in Japan, but my sister and her family did for two and a half years.  I believe that the dignified response to disaster that we are seeing in Japan would exist whether or not there were anything to loot in the most devastated areas.  People in Japan are so polite that they refuse to answer their cell phones in a public area or on a train (as opposed to most Americans, who spend their time texting virtual conversations while sitting across from a “real” friend at lunch).  Most Japanese wouldn’t be caught dead complaining about a situation like this.  I think that the one thing that will always stand out in my mind as a perfect example of the politeness and graciousness of the Japanese culture is the older woman who was rescued, and when the soldier carried her inside and put her into a chair, she painfully stood up, teetering, and bowed to the soldier, thanking him for rescuing her and informing him that she was all right.  Then she bowed again, and at that point finally sat down and began to cry.  God bless these people as they struggle through this crisis.

      62. I apologize for using epithets.  I am truly sorry. I was upset when I wrote that and I realize that name-calling is not conducive to debate. I was upset by comments like these:
        *”If they filled their land with third world rejects like this country has…”
        * Despite the nation destroying Orwellian mythology of globalist(Z) –’we all be the same’, the factual reality in the comparison of Haiti to Japan speaks volumes regarding both race and nation.
        * “Some are more altrusitic than others, some more violent, some with higher IQ’s, some who are essentially savages that wear clothing…How about a US city overrun with illegals from barbaric Mexico?”
        *”So far, I haven’t seen pictures of Japanese people playing dominoes, as was Haiti after THEIR earthquake.”
        Couching the recovery efforts of the Haitians in what sounded like racial terms, without considering the long history of their abject poverty, extremely low literacy rates, and series of exploitive dictators is hardly fair.
        @James, you’re obviously an educated man, and I agree with much of what you said, but how does race play into the comparison between Haiti and Japan? I would look to class as a defining factor since the two countries have vastly difference levels of poverty, education, and resources.
        @SmokinOkie  I appreciate the well thought out response. We lived in OKCity during the oil boom, and all of my brother’s family have been raised there. I spent most of my youth in KY in a culture where racism was the rule. I now live in a Southern state where I have to deal with unfounded racism from people I am very fond of. It is difficult and I rarely argue about this in person. They have very strong feelings about it and I’m not likely to change their minds.
        Here is what I was getting at in my comment about heterogeneousness and class in the US.  Japanese, as well as American culture is heavily influenced by the kind of society of people living in either country. For instance, the society in Japan is largely homogeneous and middle class, whereas the American society is heavily heterogeneous, owing to the increased levels of immigration. This has contributed to a very diverse ethnic setting and widened the inequality gap in American society. These two varying trends have profound influence on the cultures of the two societies.
        To deny that there are not inequalities based on what we define as ethnic or racial characteristics seems to go against the statistics, HOWEVER, I do believe that it is primarily a matter of the rich being mostly white, controlling the resources and having more access to education, bank loans, and everything that comes from being an ethnic/racial majority. Forgive my mixing of terms, but they often blend into each other.
        Of course people of all races have been slaves and have enslaved others – the Africans, Native Americans, etc.  We’re human. We do that. Huge advances have been made.  What I was responding to, perhaps tangentially, is the tendency of Americans to rail against people of other ethnicities as if we were not just 150 years out from committing those acts. Of course we have to get beyond that, but when we make statements about immigrants and other races polluting America it seems pertinent to point out that it wasn’t just a few generations ago that our ancestors stepped off the boat.  I still meet black folks here in the south who lived through the 50’s and 60’s. We’ve come a long way, and many of us weren’t there when it happened, but I see the same attitudes evidenced here daily.
        My people are Irish – Scots-Irish to be exact – both GG-Grandmothers came over from Ireland and most other families we married into were Irish. The same things were said of the Irish – that they were lazy, trash, of low morals, a drain on society. But they helped build this country, just like the Chinese immigrants.
        All racial groups have members who are racist. But not all people are racist.
        I understand @AZ Ready, that your Native American neighbors might be a threat to you. Is it because of their racial origins or because they are poor as dirt (excepting the few who control the casino money) with the majority living below the poverty line, having limited health care, and lack of early educational resources to prepare them to get off the reservations and use their scholarships?
        The same can be said of many minorities, irregardless of race or culture. I’ve written before about the poverty that my Appalachian neighbors live in daily. Poor people can’t easily pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I’ve lived it.  I know.
        The issue is not race, as you have pointed out, Smokin Okie, but rather that the rich few controls the majority of the wealth, and the poor continue to let them. Our elected officials, the majority of whom are also rich, perpetuate this.
        Of course there are differences between groups.  That’s the beauty of it. All I’m arguing against is the false assumption that there are inherent differences between the races that make some better and some worse using a value standard. The cultural, economic, class, and religious differences are what we are really having problems with. When people meet people as individuals we sometimes can cut though the bullshit. When we stereotype them based on race or ethnicity we begin on a fallacy.
        I’ll admit that I often stereotype people based on religion. I’m a preachers kid – fundamentalist Christians. Hardcore fire and brimstone. Those folks have done some horrible things to me in the name of God. I hated them for the first half of my life. But I know that there are liberal Christians who don’t take every word as being literal and who don’t try to shove their beliefs down my throat. But there are HUGE numbers who still do. I don’t think ALL Christians are that way, but there are enough out there who are to make me still have to fight my prejudices.
        There are truths in all stereotypes. That’s why they exist. The problem lies in generalization and assuming that because some people of a race or culture exhibit a characteristic, that they all do. If we have to make statements about what we don’t like, being specific about characteristics and noting blaming race would be a good place to start.

      63. Few people who read this site know Japanese, but I do.

        Japan has no shortage of lowlifes and thugs. In fact, crime books and movies sell a lot in Japan, probably much more than America.

        What makes the difference is the media. In America, looting and rioting is cool and the media hunts it like vultures and the ones doing that feel they are important.
        In Japan, such behavior is considered as ‘shameful’, and after the failure of big demonstrations in 1960s, the japanese media had an unwritten code to never broadcast riots and other mayhem on the TV — out of sight, out of mind.
        That was how they got rid of the Communist Terrorists in the 1970s; they simply ignored the thugs’ behaviors, and the terrorists eventually went away.

      64. Comments….Love and compassion,for all  those who are suffering in japan.We all have it pretty good,and some of us do not really comprehend  or understand what it is like, to be completely lost,broken, hungry, and homeless.and looking for  your wife and children.There  may come a time in the near future,when  you or someone you know,will be in a similar situation,lets hope that there is someone there, to help your loved ones,when you are unable to do so.  the end!!!

      65. Comments…..There is no looting because the Japanese are not Black. When there have been disasters in White areas – there are no riots or looting either.

        Every-one knows the reason Every-one. I dare you to publish this post.

      66. BJ- WHY do you feel guilty for the “racist thoughts” – in contravention of your OWN consistent daily experience?

        “Racism” is self-preservation. LITERALLY the preservation of the Self.

      67. Comments…..Thanks Moderator! Good on ya! The truth will set us all free!

      68. LOL  I give up.
        at least Denise embraces her racism and Every-one knows it.

      69. Man BJ sorry to hear that, I moved away from most of the threat, but the trash isnt far, and its not a color thing with me, its a mind set..simply put its how they conduct themselfs, act and think..I never inject color into it.
        I also let them show who and what they are, it comes naturally to them and its very easy to spot. The other type of threat I lump into this is the “addicted” they will act errationally and much like the “other threat” when the chips are down.
        I moved to a very small community, but there are types here that we look out for, and the “lurkers” as i like to call them, that come from the larger cities to see what its like out here, and what we may have they they dont, or that they want.
        I stay Locked and loaded, its just how I am.
        I lived in Detroit..thats where I learned how to stay alive, and why i moved where i did.

      70. Comments…..Negroes + flood = looting. Negroes + lakers win = riot.
        Negroes – white folks = Somalia.

      71. It is not race because look at Haiti. My family is from there and it is homogeneous nation. The problem is the mindset,in other words the way people think. In Haiti they wait on the govt who they know is corrupt. In America we have been brainwashed for our whole lives that the federal government is the savior of everything. Also we have a “Me first” culture is some areas. Looters come in all colors,we have white,black,Latino,Asian,native american gangs. The criminal element has no color and will always commit crimes. Just because one nation has the same race it does not mean that they will not commit crimes in a shtf scenario. All it is a nations character,and we have lost it in America. Look at the great depression was there ethnic civil war? Looting? No,the people pulled together to help their community. Saying race is an issue is bullshit.Those who will loot will be the welfare kings and queens in all colors.

      72. I have a gut feeling its going on over there..(Japan)..its just not being shown, because of their honor., or pride..But i do think there are cases of looting, or stealing. we arent being told everything, or shown everything..
        all the jibber jabber about the nuke issue is also only being told what they want us to see or hear.
        And when people are cold it has a tendancy to slow them down, if it were 80 out and this happened it could be a much different picture, not to mention many of the possible looters could be among the already dead.
        If the hunger keeps on trucking on for a few more days, desperate people will do desperate things..period

      73. Comments…..Skeptical Surviuvalist – please STOP repeating that century old fraud “Race is a social construct” That came from Cultural Invader, Destroyer and Racist Supreme Franz Boas. Look up his ethny. His group is all about Race, and bloodlines.

        Race is REAL. Racial differences are profound. The genetic research community is twisting itself into knots . tryning to figure out how to break this new to the General Public. Cause the social consequences are going to be PROFOUND. The consequences of the Boasian FRAUD are already profound, and terrible. If we are going to “get the hip back on course” re” Civilization – we’d better wake up FAST. Deal with REALITY. Culture comes FROM Race. Race is extended family. Race is IN the DNA. DNA creates  culture.


      74. Comments…..VFR – you are looking for excuses. You are hoping the Japanese behave as horribly as Negroes.

        They WON’T.

      75. @DENISE,
        Cause I know where racism originates from and it is wrong, and not of God. But it is so hard when you witness what we do all the time and have been through what we have been through.
        When I went to New Orleans last May to find work to support my family I experienced A LOT of racism from blacks in the classes I had to take to work the oil spill and then again on the job, I praise God He has softened my heart and temper from my younger days. So I have a hard time with all the racist talk, due to guilt but also cause I notice just as much if not MORE reverse racism today than racism from the  white man.
        I am part Oglala Sioux on my Fathers side, so I can talk with some authority about racism IMO knowing the history, however I don’t think any one owes me anything for what people (govt) did to the Native Americans years ago. Unfortunately govt is still oppressing and breaking laws in regards to Native Americans

      76. Comments..Haiti is a disaster cause Haiti is filled with raw distilled African DNA. The Domincan imported high IQ Whites and Jews, as offical policy. They don’t WANT you. Haiti was the richest colony in Europe, thne it was run by the French. Richer by far than all the US Colonies. When their Blacks savage slaves revolted, after slaughtering a black pig, in sacrifice to Satan, and drinking the pig’s blood (it’s on record, folks) and slaughtered EVERY-ONE - Haiti has been Haiti ever since.

      77. Comments…..BJ – God is a racist. Read the Bible.  We are NOT all God’s children. 

      78. Denise Barber…  I think I am in LOVE….   you have guts!  I will get rid of my wife, my idiot kids, change my name and give you all my money, if you will MARRY ME!!!!!

      79. Denise I am Haitian American. And I am ashamed by the ceremony at Bois Caim that started the Haitian revolution.Anyway I’m black,I’m in college and my major is podiatric medicine. What does that make me? Not all blacks are ignorant Negroes. I study economics,politics with other people and SHTF Plan was a good place to meet like minded folks who know what is coming. There are blacks who do not act as the stereotypical pants saggin,durag wearing thug who can’t spell Obama. There is ignorant folk in all races. Also Denise where in the Bible does it state God is racist? St Paul spread the gospel to the gentiles. Gentiles,that mean Non-Jews. That means you and me.

      80. BJ, I already think of you as a friend. We’d get along just fine.
        Denise is a perfect case in point. A racist fanatic worthy of the phrases I apologized for using earlier. You mentioned Franz Boas- a man who was adamant in combating racism and the Nazis.  Tell us more about your thoughts on the Jews Denise.
        And that pact with the devil – laughable. Look no further than the Bible for animal sacrifices before war. Go watch the 700 Club. Pat Robertson will welcome you.
        If you’re claiming that superstition and ignorance impeded progress, then I’m with you.

      81. No Denise, Im not..but im also not trusting of MSM..or any other media..I would never wish any one to act out against their own, or any other race for that matter.
        shows you dont know me at all..but if it makes you feel better to judge me with out knowing me, thats ok..

        I do know one thing in human nature..starving people and with out water for extended periods of time will cause humans to seek food shelter and water at most any cost..
        In your words will they act like “Negroes”..no probably not..and I never said that they would.
        again I dont judge race or color..i judge actions.
        try it, you might learn something

      82. Oh and Denise, also before you do judge me again Im also Native American.
        if that counts for anything in your thinking
        so yes i do understand racial treatment

      83. Mardochee, don’t let her drive you off. People like her are why I started blogging survivalism. To provide another perspective other than what I often see expressed in comments like this. The Survival Podcast forum seems to have a very tolerant tone as well.

      84. Comments…..Agustin – I am glad you are living a decent life, and are making something of yourself. I would have no problem with members of other races, if every-one behaved like you. I also thank you for NOT denying that Satanic ceremony. I am certain that other posters here don’t even know anything about it. 

        I know there are good and bad people of very Race. That doens’ change my basic assertions. You unwittingly back me up. You refer to yourself asa “Haitian American”. Not an American. Which is accurate. Whenever any-one puts a modifier in front of “American” – take away the American part. You are a Haitian.

        All these other posters are pandering to you. You know I am not. Where would you rather live? In America. or Haiti?

        The fact of the matter is MY people – Caucasians – are being slandered and demonized. MY people are disapprearing. The White Race has dropped from 30% of total global population, 100 years ago – to 8% and droppping now. And YOUR people are VERY dangerous to MY people. Overall, as a group. It’s not “racism” – it’s Race. Blacks behave the SAME way, all over. Everywhere they go. History writes this tale – not ME.  You Race has to take responsibility for yourselves. Whies can’ fix you. Asians WON’T. They won’ put up with you. Whites are the ONLY people that have ever tried to help Blacks – and all we’ve gotten in return is slaughtered.

        I am concerned with reality – and you know – more than any-one here. – that I write the truth – no matter how many other posters will deny this. 
        The Bible – The Tower of Babel ring any bells? Look up the term “broken vessels”. God wanted different people – and he wanted them to stay apart.  

      85. Comments…..As far as that sloppy and inaccurate term “Native American” – I am a NATIVE AMERICAN. Land Bridge Asians were NOT “here first” The Windover Bog People were Caucasians. And there was NO “America” until White Anglo-Saxon Christians FOUNDED the USA.

      86. Comments…..Skepitcal – why are you wondering what I think abou Jews? FYI – Pat Robertson is  False Prophet. And why don’t you read Haaretz, to learn aobut what Jews think, in their own words?a And actions? FYI – how do Jews treat Africans, and Arabs? And the Goy in general?

        I’ll bet you know.

      87. Comment…I understand @AZ Ready, that your Native American neighbors might be a threat to you. Is it because of their racial origins or because they are poor as dirt (excepting the few who control the casino money) with the majority living below the poverty line, having limited health care, and lack of early educational resources to prepare them to get off the reservations and use their scholarships?

        @skeptical-Their choice to live as they do. Without giving away where I am or who I may be, let me tell you a few things.
        I own a business and have 8 employees full time. Every Navajo I have ever employed has been a pain in the ass. Always late or they don’t call at all. Always have some kind of excuse for their bad behavior. Two speeds, slow and stop. Unless you stand over them constantly, the job never gets finished. When they do quit the job, they ALWAYS apply for unemployment, access and food stamps. I take food stamps at my business for the food items and 99% of them are from the Natives. These are people that have been milking the system for as long as I have owned this store. The highest food stamp balance I have personally seen was $2,100!!! They also play this game called “traditional Navajo marriage” where the State of Arizona does not recognize the marriage allowing mom to squirt out as many kids as possible and collect the foodstamps while dad works at …… (can’t say) pulling in $60K a year. Add to this the DMV fees they pay ($15) for five years when you or I pay $200-300 a year. They get free medical from the Fed and always apply for free medical from the State. They pay no property taxes yet are allowed to vote to raise mine. They have the highest drop out rate in the local schools and are bused to these schools from the Res. I can go on and on here, but surfice it to say, they are not “poor”. Their problem is a cultural thing. They think nothing of stealing from you and as we say around here, they are liars cheats and thieves. Not all as I have some friends that are Navajo and funny enough, they agree with me and distance themselves from the rest.
        Again, I don’t wish to sounds racist, but this is the reality, like it or not.

      88. Hi Denise! You are so much fun!!!! Just so you know, Mac doesn’t censor anything here that I know of and seems to allow everyone to express themselves as they choose. He evens lets US have a free-for-all when WE want it.

        You make some interesting points which are true and DNA does play a large part in our development; as it possesses our potential and contains some proclivities toward certain diseases as well as our physical and mental capacities.

        However DNA does not rule the spirit of life within US, and WE are first spiritual beings, regardless of our race, even in spite of it, even if WE do not always recognize ourselves in that light. It is the spirit that animates the body, not the other way around.

        Scientifically, its also pretty clear that behaviors are learned. That is true in the animal kingdom and it is certaintly true with US.

        I think the main objection to the idea of looting and or altruism being race based is that it stereotypes people whether that judgment is valid or not as WE are all individuals manifesting the spirit of life. Not that there isn’t some justification for stereotyping any group of people because birds of a feather flock together and embrace the same culture, pyschology, and behaviors.

        Still to white-wash everyone of a particular race with the same brush is to limit our own perception of reality, and the manifestation of life everywhere around US. Pun intended 🙂

      89. Comments…..slavery comes in many forms,what are you a slave too?!!!

      90. Durrango Kidd I guess we finally agree on something. We all have a human spirit. You defined it very well DK. Jesus said to love one another not to be separate but equal. There is racism in my community and in whites and in Latinos. Racism just divides us from the focusing on the way the government is taking away our rights and demonizing patriots.

      91. I was going to say “First Nation”, but I didnt think you would know what that refered to

      92. You politically correct idiots amaze me. N. Orleans had every structure looted, 99% of the looters were black. EVERY black neighborhood in USA that has ANY trouble gets looted and burned. NOT ONE LOOTING has happened in Japan, with 10s of thousands or more dead. Digging through rubble for water or food is not looting. Haiti has been a total shithole since birth, crammed with violent gangs. Jamaica has the highest murder rate on earth, the ARMY, not police, keep school safety. Oh, but it’s whiteys fault! Trillions in welfare, food, healthcare, school aid, nothing works. Except for some exceptions, American blacks are the same as blacks worldwide. Violent, disrespectful, thieving, murdering bastards. But Skep. Sur. says race has nothing to do with it???? What a brainwashed, feel good, politically correct, secular progressive showroom dummy.

      93. Comments…..AZ Ready – average Land Bridge Asian IQ – 80 points. We breed and feed that demographic.

      94. Hi Denise! You said, “Patterns of behaviors emerge in groups just like eye color (etc)”. That is my point exactly. Behaviors emerge due to learned behaviors, perceptions, prejudices, and opinions are passed from one generation to another. 

        In the wild, animals learn to hunt if they are predators and how to find good grazing if they are prey. Cheetahs are born to run, thats their DNA, but they learn to hunt from their mother. All species are similar in that regard, whether they are lions, monkeys, or man. They learn the behaviors of the group, species, or subspecies to which they are linked. It “takes a village” to coin a phrase.  Which is likely the the way you got yours. 🙂

        That is not genetic; that is cultural.

        I am not denying that looters are primarily “inner city residents” and have stated that a number of times before. (You are new here.) Granted these “inner city residents” are primarily black, but they are also white and mixed races. The common denominator between these people of various races in the inner city who are prone to looting is not DNA, but education, or rather, the lack of it.

        The lack of education then, is amplified by a lack of skill sets: social, and economic by the majority of these inner city residents. If they knew better they would do better. They don’t and they don’t care. But to label all blacks or all mexicans, all native Americans, or all anybody: anything, is to deny the diversity, novelty, and individuality of all of US.

        That is the way Life expresses Itself everywhere. End of story.

      95. Denise: BTW, WE don’t always pick on MA, sometimes we pick on Clark or Gone With The Wind.

      96. Comments…..Durango – it’s genetics. DNA. Race. Blacks have been given privileged status in formerly White socieities. Preference in education, and hiring.

        Please explain why Detroit was a model of safety, productivity, and cleanliness when the city was 95% White, and now?

        Please eplxain why this happens everywhere Blacks take over. FYI – the City of Dayton, OH just agreed to lower the text scores for new police hires, because not enough Blacks passed the test. This is a consistent pattern 0 Blacks cannot “cut” White standards, and standards are lowered to accomadate their inferior intellectual and social abilities. West Point agreed to lower academic standars. For this reason. Not enough Darkies graduate. They wash out. (So the standards of the most elite military acadamy in the Nation are dropped.

        The U of Alabam just endures a riot in the cafeteria, because the “students” staged a major Chimp Out over….no one knows, apparently. Was it shoes? A cell phone?This sort of conduct is routine. Universities absolutely surpress crime rates, on campus. To hide Black criminality. The paying White customers may disappear. 

        Why do the same behaviors show up, again and again, in every single setting? Why is any-one tolerate this behavior, and outcome? Is this good for the health of the Nation? Why? Why would sane, funcational, healthy, rational people lower basic standards, to accomodate a quite un-necessary demographic? 

        Can you tell me, in an honest fashion, how the massive infusion of Blacks IMPROVES any society? Please tell me how America is so mcu hbetter off – in CONCRETE ways – not platitudes – now that the Founding Stock (White Anglo Saxon Christians) has been marginalized, and displaced from power.  Tell me how much better off, as a country, the USA is now, than in 1961. I’ll check back. Thanks.

        I repeat – Asians in Japan, China, Singapore, etc, are VERY racially exclusive. They’ve been watching the West for ages. Decades. The press – especially the financial press – notes that the destruction of of the majority demographic – White People – has been  DISASTER \. Thy think Whites have lost their minds. They simply cannot comprehend why the White Race – who have dominated human advancement for THOUSANDS of years – has seemingly decided to commit racial suicide. They CAN NOT – I repeat CAN NOT – understand this.  

        Various Asiatic ethnies detest each other – but they will not permit the massive introduciton of Negroes, and other Darks, into their Nations. Asians regard Blacks as animals that speak. They will hold the  line – now more than ever, They have witnessed the wreckage of tolerance. They will NOT repeat this demographic disaster.  

        If you Survivalists really want to survive – BE racist.

      97. Comments…..James – thank sfor that video. FLAWLESS summation, “You can recover from a nuclear bomb a lot faster than you can recover from diversity”.

        “Diversity” means Darkies. Mestizos are JUST as bad.

      98. @Denise Barber
        In my opinion I think he sugar-coated it.
        RACE MATTERS! For those who account for the cultural and civil disparity between White Europeans and Negroes and other assorted ‘mystery meats’ due to economic reasons, I submit that the $8 trillion dollars spent by America since 1947 on social and educational services to these races, in addition to the coerced economic benefits of affirmative action in the private sector, has yet to transform the inner cities into Switzerland. To the contrary, it has only supercharged their genetic prime directive, creating Port Au Prince enclaves throughout our nations urban areas.
        Two other grand examples of this are Zimbabwe (formally Rhodesia) and South Africa, wealthy former White European colonies that thrived due to massive mineral and agricultural resources. Congoids wrested control of both these nations with the demand of prosperity through self-determination, and drove them into the ground and are now starving and broke requiring handouts and financial support from Europe and America under a tribal dictatorship.
        It’s not the dollar sign. It’s the double helix, stupid!!!!
        Council of Conservative Citizens


        Durango Kidd said on March 15th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

        <i>”In the wild, animals learn to hunt if they are predators and how to find good grazing if they are prey. Cheetahs are born to run, thats their DNA, but they learn to hunt from their mother.”</i>

        Yes, but there’s an underlying biological basis for that learning process to occur and that basis is survival. That’s what “racism” is—an expression of the survival instinct. It’s somewhat learn in human society, but there is an underlying biological basis for it.


        Durango Kidd 
March 15th, 2011 at 4:08 pm
        “However DNA does not rule the spirit of life within US, and WE are first spiritual beings, regardless of our race, even in spite of it, even if WE do not always recognize ourselves in that light. It is the spirit that animates the body, not the other way around.”

        Yes, the U. S. Congress rules out the spirit of life by denying Whites the right to discriminate.
        Let’s just abolish all of the anti-discrimination laws in the USA and you’ll find out very, very quickly just how badly Whites want to have their own living space free from non-white imposition.


        Articles by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology, California State University-Long Beach
        When Will They Finally Start Talking About IQ?
        Racial and Ethnic Self-Segregation
        Psychology and White Ethnocentrism

      102. Comments….. when I hear of talk about slavery from al UNsharpton, and jesse jacka$$, they only talk about times long gone, Why arnt these people(if you want to call them that) out protesting the selling of chinese girls(for years all the chinese wanted boys, due to the 1 child rule) into the sex trade, same with white women from east europe, to the middle east. THEY always yell racism, when in fact, they are racist! ALOT of black hate crimes toward whites are coverede up, and WHITE WASHED ( pun intended)  

      103. Comments…..   INSANITY

      104. Kevin, Carol, and Denise: While I will not try to argue the new examples that you have injected into the argument, and while I will not deny many of the facts that you have presented, these facts and examples do not support your premise that it is DNA that causes looting and lack of altruism, but mine; that looting and lack of altruism is cultural.

        They are learned behaviors. Just like yours and mine.

        Carol, while there is a biological basis for some behaviors because biological behaviors are related to chemicals and hormones in the body that activate and deactivate by many of the proteins in our body, these are not directly related to DNA; although DNA can and does change over time in relation to environmental factors.

        I do not deny the differences in DNA within the races: if nothing else it is obvious, but to suggest that one DNA is somehow superior to another is to place a value judgment on a particular DNA set.

        Consider this: even if DNA shows that “white DNA” increases the intelligence capability of whites, that does not necessarily make “white DNA” superior. Why not? Simply because what makes “white DNA” “superior” today, may not make it superior a thousand years from now in a pandemic.

        It is possible that “white DNA” over time could become more susceptible to say, a strain of flu that has not yet developed, or is released from the polar ice as it melts. The same “quirk” that makes blacks vulnerable to sickle cell, or native Americans succeptible to alcholism, might be the mechanism to save their lives in a pandemic while “white DNA” dies out from the flu.

        That example is not unlike the resistence of some “white DNA” today being more resistance to HIV AIDS than the black population. That may not hold true in the next pandemic. So to ascribe a value to one DNA over another DNA subset because it is different is quite foolish and represents a value judgment.

        Value judgments, like opinions, perceptions, knowledge, and understanding are learned, they are not intrinsic to our DNA.


        Yes, the differences between White DNA and Black DNA do not account for looting directly. But the genetic differences among the races, Blacks and Whites, for example, mean that Black are out of their league in White society, they can’t compete with Whites in White society and that fact makes them a horrible, horrible burden to any White society on this planet.
        There is also an effort to minimize the genetic differences among the races with the intended purpose of blending the races to ‘end racism’. In other words, there are efforts to genocide European descended people through massive non-white immigration and intermarriage.
        My position is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the type of behavior that the words “racism”, “bigotry” and “intolerance” are used to describe. The term “racism” was coined by Marxist Leon Trotsky early in the twentieth century in and effort to keep White populations off-balance and always on the defensive when it comes to racial issues. Therefore it should be pointed out that the terms “racism”, “bigotry”, “intolerance” have zero scientific meaning. If you, Durango Kidd, feel that there is something inherently wrong with “racism”, please provide your scientific evidence for it here and now.
        In the meantime, everybody should read the articles by Dr. MacDonald that I’ve posted above as well as the other articles in his archive at that same site.

      106. Carol: I thought the argument was that “black DNA” directly causes looting? Where is your scientific evidence for that? As for blacks being out of place in a white society, yeah you’re probably right about that, but you would be out of place in theirs too. Not that you want to be in their society, but you wouldn’t fit into it would you?

        As for the terms racism, bigotry, and intolerance, we all get to make a choice as to how we express and manifest them in our lives, or not. Thats the great thing about living in America and expressing our values within the law of the land.

        As for the mass immigration of Latinos into the USA, understand that is not about “blending races” but economics. It is the strategy of the NWO Gangster Banksters to destroy America by making these latinos, new Americans to vote in a referendum to blend the USA and Mexico with Canada into the North American Union as a prelude to the NWO and One World Government controlled by the financial and political elite. It has nothing to do with DNA.

        I suggest that you read Drake Pendragon at SHTF America:     http://www.shtfillegalimmigration.blogspot.com  or http://www.shtfeconomics.blogspot.com

        Carol, are you pushing McDonalds site to try and get him viewers? Is he a Professor of DNA or Psychology? LMAO! 🙂


        Durango Kidd wrote:
        “…but to suggest that one DNA is somehow superior to another is to place a value judgment on a particular DNA set.”

        The value judgment is placed on what is being expressed by the DNA and the non-whites of this world have no problem placing that value judgment because most of them want what Whites have, they want to live inside of White living space, work with Whites, interbreed with Whites. So I don’t think that they’ll tell you that there’s anything wrong with placing value judgments. Do you have any evidence that there is something wrong with placing value judgments?

        And he also wrote this:
        “Consider this: even if DNA shows that “white DNA” increases the intelligence capability of whites, that does not necessarily make “white DNA” superior.”

        What it means is that the non-whites of this world can see, and admit by their actions, that what is being expressed by White DNA is superior than what is expressed by black DNA. Their actions include: moving to White countries if they live in one of their own non-whites countries, moving into White neighborhoods areas, enrolling their kids in White schools, joining White athletic clubs and other social clubs, generally imposing themselves in all areas of White society and filing lawsuits if they are refused any of these things.


        Durango Kidd wrote on March 16th, 2011 at 7:02 pm
        “Carol: I thought the argument was that “black DNA” directly causes looting?”

        I wasn’t making that argument.

        And this: “Carol, are you pushing McDonalds site to try and get him viewers? Is he a Professor of DNA or Psychology?”

        Well, kind of both. He specializes in evolutionary psychology.

        And this: “As for the terms racism, bigotry, and intolerance, we all get to make a choice as to how we express and manifest them in our lives, or not. Thats the great thing about living in America and expressing our values within the law of the land.”

        Well, those laws you speak of make life very oppressive and restrictive for European-Americans. Why don’t we just abolish those anti-discrimination laws and let people have the freedom to form their own neighborhoods and other places for social gatherings and allow them to legally exclude whoever they want, wherever they want and whenever they want?

        I’m not necessarily pushing Kevin MacDonald’s website. Here’s another:
        Racism is a survival trait. I’ll call everybody’s attention to the September 14, 2009 issue of Newsweek magazine and its lead article entitled, See Baby Discriminate
        Infants as young as six months old discriminate on a racial basis WITHOUT ANY HUMAN INFLUENCE.

      109. Comments….. durango kid, do not lump me in with carol, and denise. 


        Here is the result of a recent study that dispels the myth that “race does not exist”, that race is a “social construct” with “no biological foundation”.

        In this first link Ted Sallis analyzes the study and in the second link is the study itself, followed by the departments that participated in the study.

        Racial Genetic Similarity and Difference: The Witherspoon et al. Study

        Genetic Similarities Within and Between Human Groups
        Participating Departments
        Department of Human Genetics, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
        Department of Anthropology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
        McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas 75390
        Department of Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803

      111. Where Are All the LOOTERS?

        The Japanese People
        :  They have higher values, honor, respect for each other, and especially their country.  They are very proud of their race, their country and their ancestors.  They would do nothing to bring shame upon themselves or to their leaders.  Such as they only buy fair portions and leave some for others when they could take it all as we’ve seen.                      

        The Japanese Government: Their leaders are truly concerned, and they were well prepared for national disasters.   We all wish to live in a civil society such as theirs, and our leaders or someone who are concerned with others. 

        Mean while back in the USSA: We all know what’s coming, but our President Barack Obama (D) and the Democrat Party [who is now control the White House and the Senate], could they  do better???

        1) Are they prepared for the coming disasters since the media are aware of the coming disasters in our country?  

        2) Would Obama just let looters or gangsters rob the citizens or run the country???

      112. I have heard many excuses from the media such as:

        A) We’re broke, but Obama said, “the bucks stop with me.” 

        B) We don’t have enough people or resources to do any good, because we spent too much on military, bailout wall street bankers, GM and another country was given top priority. 

        C) And the entire infrastructure is falling apart around us at this time, and is unable to deliver aids to our citizens.  


      113. Some races have shown a propensity towards violence, savagery, and generally uncivilized behavior for thousands of years of recorded history.  Other races have shown the ability to live peacefully, construct civilizations, and all the wonders that come with civilization.
        Do you truly believe that aboriginal Australians are the equal of a Western European?  They were still living like cave men until just a couple hundred years ago.  Today they are nothing but violent drunkards with no ability to integrate into modern society.  EVERYWHERE on Earth that blacks go, violence and savage behavior comes with them.  This is true in Africa, Europe, North America, the Carribean, etc.  Anyone that believes racial differences don’t exist is a moron.  The differences are obvious, no matter what fantasy world you want to live in.
        Human evolution left the negro behind in Sub-Saharan Africa and aboriginal Australia.  When the white race arrived with their ships, gun powder, steel, advanced science, etc., it was as if an extraterrestrial species were to come to the Earth today with technology tens of thousands of years ahead of ours.  They simply cannot adapt to a world that they likely never could have created on their own.  They are violent, have IQs several standard deviations lower than other races, have no regard for education, and commit crimes of all sorts at remarkable rates.
        I want to say that I thank this site for respecting the right to free speech and allowing people to speak candidly on this subject.  There is far too much politically correct censorship in the world today.  The ideas on race expressed in these comments are not going away just because you censor them from your main stream sites.  Direct experience with blacks CREATES racists.  Hence why 92%+ white New England and the Pacific North West are extremely liberal and “anti-racist” while the blackest states are full of “racist” whites.  I see no use of the “N” word in these comments.  I see no mindless hate being spewed.  I only see the sort of frank and honest commentary on the subject of race that has largely been banned throughout the world.

      114. Comments…..James – Ramsey has to “sugar coar” a bit…so he can stay on YT. He knows the score…

      115. Comments..Durango – Carol did not assert that Negor DNA causes looting, and other disgusitng behavior.

        I did. Based on their entire history.

        Carol – thanks for your wonderful posts. You are bng infinitely more “clinical” than I am. I don;t know if Durango et al wiill be swayed by any argumant, or data, or research – or daily headlines.

        I knew  young man, wot used to be a Marxist. He was very idealistic. He was determined to Save the World, and “Help Free the Oppressed”. He got beaten to a pulp 6 times – SIX TIMES – by the Oppressed Negroes he ws so desperate to help, before he “got it”.

        I know another young White man, who only had to get the crap kicked out of him once, by the Negroes he was trying to help.  

        Surely you’ve heard about that deranged White Social worker woman, who went to Haiti last year, to save her Pet Negroes, was raped by one of her “victims”, and went on to blame White men, in verious interviews.

        Who knows what it will take for this crowd?

        P.S. – Prof MacDonald is a genius, and an absolute sweeheart. And a truly brave and valiant man. A genuine Hero.  You must know Phil Rushton, too, n’est ce pas?

      116. Comments…..Kevin -how DARE you? You should be honored to be associated with Carol, and myself.

      117. Comments…..Durango – it’s NOT “learned behaviors” – it’s DNA. Do you kow about the pathetic experiments that Whites Like you tried, on the Australian Aborigines? The so-called “Stolen Generations”?

        Look it up for yourselves. “Well-meaning” Whites attempted to raise Aborigines in White environments, and “teach them to be civlized” AKA Whites.

        It didn’t work. Not a bit.

      118. Well that went over like a bomb.  LMAO  luckily this is America and we have freedom of speech and opinion. I don’t think any of us are likely to change our minds, believing, as we do, that we each are right.
        In the meantime, it looks like I need to put as much time into my desire to accept people as individuals as you have into your ‘informed racism’.

      119. Comments…..Good luck with your attempts, Skeptical. Your ability to fulfill your “desire” will only decrease as America grows Darker. You will find out for yourself…

        FYI – why hasn’t any-one answered my question as to how Blacks improve any social setting?

        (Let’s see if this gets through Moderation)

      120. I have a good black friend, and he’s involved in an interracial marriage.  He and his wife improve any social setting I’ve seen them attend over the years.

      121. Comments…..denise, I am proud not to be associated with anyone. I believe johny v, that SOME people of ALL races get along fine(some=5%) I am just saying the MAJORITY of black people look at me with hate in their eyes! I (believe) I look through better eyes, no hate to anyone, BUT just because I do not see with hate does not mean others do not. I can recognize the hate in other peoples eyes. I believe our educational system is set up to teach hate, and divide us, the socialists need it that way(if you have not noticed, america has been under attack from within since 1910) 

      122. Comments…..hey skeptical, I believe you are a good person, you do not see the world with eyes of hate, BUT you have to recognize the dangers of real world tribalism, and how the majority of people in certain groups act, during locolized SHTF. If the SHTF ever happens, may save your life. I was raised to judge people by content of charactor, but I also saw the king riots, blacks attacking people because the color of their victoms skin,BUT, I also saw whites,mexicans, blacks, and ASIANS doing all sorts of stupid $hit,     P.S. I know my spelling is terrible,   

      123. Comments….. Denise, I do agree that katrina was like that because the majority of people there were blacks RAISED ON THE WELFARE TIT Months after katrina, on tv, they had some lady sitting on the porch saying “when is some one gonna start cleaning up this place”(black woman) I was down south for ike, the day after, in our area(white area) everyone(save the little kids, really old) were out there cleaning up, busting their ass, in 2 days all debris was cut and stacked by the road, ready for trash service(that didnt show up for a week or 2)

      124. Comments…..  If the earthquake cycle continues on the ring of fire,  and a major tragedy like japans happens on our shores, it will be interesting how we conduct ourselves (and myself, because i am now located in a very prime location for such an  event, during the moons fullness and location) katrina, and ike were childs play compared to what has happened to japan! Sine I am thousands of miles from my preps, I think I will go shopping today, I have a bad feeling about the location of the moon, and the mass fish die offs on the west coast! 

      125. Comments…..hey skeptical, one last thing, I brought up tribalism a couple of posts back, tribalism is engraved in all of us, it protects the tribe, SOME of  the comments on this blog that are racist in your view are actually tribal.(SOME are racist). If the SHTF, I would probably seek out people who look like myself, but not out of hate to others that do not look like me, it would be for my comfort and security. Would you rather be in the saints stadium for days with no food or water with thousands of blacks or thousands of whites, me personaly, I would pick thousands of whites! Is that because I am racist? No, that would be for my comfort and security. To tell the truth, I would not want to be in a stadium filled with thousands of people in that cituation even if they were all naked supermodels, (ok maybee for a day!) 

      126. Comments…..Johnny V – you ar doing the “I know  Good One” fallacy. I’m not talking aobut individuals, at parites. I’m talking, really, about mss influx, and taking over territory, and power.

        You “good friend” is most likely operating in a predominately White environ, and had adapted to White social mores. How ell would thinks be working out were you in a predominately Black region?

      127. Denise, you’re wrong.

      128. Comments…..Here ya go. The Brave New World. They’ve been given access to every place, and institution in a White Man’s world. Every opportunity for education, and employment. Access to the finest tachnology the White Man created.

        And here’s the result. I think it’s a “female”. All I can make out is that it’s complaining about “American Imperialism”. No mention of African clitorectomies, or pandemic slavery in Africa (for thousands of years…).



        Thi is YOUR future. Will you survive this?

      129. So Obama finally responded to our concerns over our own potential crises such as that in Japan.

        Headline News:  Obama said he had asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct a “comprehensive review” of the safety of all U.S. nuclear plants.  “When we see a crisis like the one in Japan, we have a responsibility to learn from this event and to draw from those lessons to ensure the safety and security of our people,” Obama said.

        There are 104 nuclear reactors in the United States, providing roughly 20 percent of the nation’s electricity. “Nuclear energy is an important part of our own energy future,” Obama said.”




      130. Denise: DNA sets our physical parameters, including our  mental capacity, but not our social conduct. As living souls we have AGENCY to express ourselves as we choose. Rioting, raping and looting are choices.

        If these behaviors were caused by DNA these people would have no choice but to commit these crimes, thus they could not be held accountable for them. These are choices in behavior, therefore they are responsible for their actions, whether theft, rape, vandalism, or looting.

        You are not going to change my mind and I really don’t want to pusue the argument any further. I don’t expect that I have changed yours either. Let our arguments stand for others to incorporate into the understanding of life or not as they choose.

        Understand that I do not disagree with many of the statements you made, I just don’t agree with the premise of your argument, namely that DNA is the cause of these behaviors.

        Ignorance takes many forms.

        HAVE A NICE DAY! ;0(

      132. Comments…..hi tek roanin, Why are you posting the same exact bull$it speech here also?

      133. Mac-thanks for posting up all these comments. Most sites don’t have the guts to let people discuss stuff like this. And most couldn’t have so many passionate opinions on opposing sides and still be respectful and articulate. Folks here get a little sharp on the edges but they never sink to the level of just throwing vulgarieies at each other. That shows the caliber of your readers. We must all be pretty high class(well, except for me) 
        To Skeptical Survivalist- thanks for your courtesy in your response a couple of days ago. I’ve been out of the loop for 2 days so I’m just catchin’ up.
        Now that the niceties are out of the way…oh, forget it. I was gonna write some smart-aleck drivel and try to insult somebody but now I’m totally out of the mood. Rats!

      134. Oh wait a minute! Tekroanin just inspired me. Tek, you need to go take your meds (make it a real large dose) and lie down. But before you do that maybe you could shake that gray radioactive cloud out of your head. I think the plutonium isotopes just short circuited your last two remaining brain cells. Not that we would notice. And if you reply to me, stay true to form and use some profanity and be sure you TYPE IN ALL CAPS. That way I can hear you better…

      135. >>>
        March 18th, 2011 at 5:20 am
        Mac-thanks for posting up all these comments. Most sites don’t have the guts to let people discuss stuff like this. And most couldn’t have so many passionate opinions on opposing sides and still be respectful and articulate. Folks here get a little sharp on the edges but they never sink to the level of just throwing vulgarieies at each other. That shows the caliber of your readers. We must all be pretty high class(well, except for me)

        To Skeptical Survivalist- thanks for your courtesy in your response a couple of days ago. I’ve been out of the loop for 2 days so I’m just catchin’ up.

        Now that the niceties are out of the way…oh, forget it. I was gonna write some smart-aleck drivel and try to insult somebody but now I’m totally out of the mood. Rats!”
        2nd THIS!


        Thanks for your post James Woroble Jr.
        Here is some more information from academia concerning race, behavior, racial differences.
        J. Philippe Rushton, Ph.D.
        Professor of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2
        Dr. Rushton’s Curriculum Vitae
        Recent Publications
        Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective
        Charles Darwin Research Institute

      137. with the axception of a few in the u.s military occupying japan,there are no negros and latinos in japan so it’s obvious why there were no reports of looting.

      138. I lived in Tokyo for 8 years…the biggest reason there is no looting is that EVERY business is protected by the japanese mafia….at night all the delivery trucks come in to town and drop off all the goods/supplies for the merchants…they sit there ALL night….everyone walks right by…..cuz if you were stupid enough to pick up ONE thing you`d never be seen again.

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