When They Stop Buying Our Debt: “You’ll See a Worldwide Depression That’ll Make the 1930’s Look Like a Kindergarten”

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    In a recent micro-documentary Chris Duane of The Greatest Truth Never Told and Don’t Tread On Me discusses the coming collapse of our debt-based monetary system and provides a simple, yet succinct argument for why it cannot be prevented.

    There’s $8 Trillion in global sovereign debt that needs to be rolled over in 2012. This does not include state, local, corporate or personal debt. There’s simply not enough cash in the world to buy all this debt.

    What is worse – who would? Who in their right mind would loan cash today for ten years for a guaranteed return of 1.85%. We know inflation is at least running at 10% in the real world, and you’re taxed on the gains you make before inflation, making bonds a very bad choice for anybody.

    But, this debt must be funded or our entire way of life ends. What most people do not know is that our money is debt. Every dollar that comes into existence has a dollar of debt and interest attached to it. The only way to pay back this debt and interest in this debt-based monetary system is that we need to create more debt every year in excess of the debt and interest accrued the year before, or we suffer the mother of all margin calls.

    When that mother of all margin calls does finally happen – and it will because it is a mathematical inevitability – the paradigm shift that will follow promises to fundamentally alter our entire way of life. We’re not just talking about losing jobs, we’re talking about all of those worst case scenarios you’ve imagined about hyperinflation, no gas, no food, no government safety net, no emergency services and a complete breakdown in the rule of law.

    These consequences of collapse are well known and have been documented throughout history, and they always end badly for the general population.

    The following video, entitled Confiscation and Inflation, takes an excerpt from the 1981 movie Rollover and highlights what we’ve known for decades about how the eventual meltdown of the US dollar and US debt based monetary instruments will come to pass, and the events that will follow.

    It’s a fictional account filmed on the heels of the 1970’s oil crisis and recession, and some of the players may have changed, but it’s as timely today as it was in 1981.

    When the Arabs learn of word of what they’ve been doing is out they may panic… move a big chunk of funds too fast or the wrong way…really destabilize the monetary markets.

    Then the dollar will collapse.

    Whereupon there will be a lot of jaw boning by the President, and that won’t work. Then they’ll go to selling gold, and that won’t work either. Then they’ll have to go to capital controls, freeze foreign assets, stop any money from going in or out, and that will be the end of all the markets. That’ll really be the finish.

    Then you’ll see a worldwide depression that’ll make the 1930’s look like a kindergarten. In two months you’ll have bread lines in Detroit, riots in Pittsburgh. In six months you’ll see grass right over Rodeo Drive, and Michigan Avenue and 5th Avenue.

    This whole thing with the Arabs and gold is inevitable. We’re just going with the tide. The only question is whether you want to let it go like an unguided missile and raise hell, or whether you want to keep it in the hands of responsible people… Believe me, the system will be fine…provided nobody panics.

    Whether it’s an increase in the velocity of money that drives hyperinflation, a peak oil resource crisis, failed government central planning, an economic and market meltdown, a global conflict, the world refusing to buy US debt, an unforeseen Black Swan or a combination of all of them that is the catalyst for what’s to come, one thing is certain: “IT” is coming.

    And when it does you can fully expect 99% of the population, from government officials and institutional investors down to the average Joe on the street, to panic. Chaos will reign supreme.


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        • Here we go again

          • The Chinese are getting their “foothold” in America well established. China has invaded the U.S. with ‘foreign-trade zones.’ Who benefits from these?…China.

            “It will NOT mean jobs for Americans. All the help will be Chinese!”

            “It is to be classed as “foreign territory.”

            We have allowed “global communists to physically weave our United States territory together with communist China.”

            CHINA’S SOVEREIGN TERRITORIES a/k/a “Foreign Trade Zones”

            257 Foreign Trade Zones Across America – some in every state now.

            Find one near you…
            List of 257 “Foreign Trade Zones” in America

            • Ky Mom,

              It happened here already.
              They Chinese company called Cosco, is controlling the Pireaus port of Athens.
              It’s exactly as you describe it, with Chinese wages for Greeks workers.
              But the super markets, the clothing shops, the utility companies etc, have European prices.
              How the fu…. can a family survive like this?
              Unless they don’t want us to survive, that’s why 400 illegals enter the country every day, for the last 10 years.

            • It’s all the same corp, owned in their minds at least, by the same banksters. Ask yourself, would you rather fight the banksters now or after they situate the foreign armies within our lawful Republic?

            • @Manos,

              Cosco is a huge shipping corp; it’s a common name up here in the US Pacific Northwest as well. I’m not surprised they’re paying in Yuan, though… probably a lot cheaper than the Euro at this point. Are they doing any kind of currency exchange, or is it a 1 Euro = 1 Yuan swap (which would totally screw over the workers)?

            • @KY Mom-

              It may be a good idea to learn what a FTZ actually is:


              “What is a Foreign Trade Zone?

              Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) were created in the United States to provide special customs procedures to U.S. plants engaged in international trade-related activities. Duty-free treatment is accorded items that are processed in FTZs and then reexported, and duty payment is deferred on items until they are brought out of the FTZ for sale in the U.S. market. This helps to offset customs advantages available to overseas producers who compete with domestic industry. The Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) Board (composed of representatives from the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Treasury) has its operational staff in the International Trade Administration’s Import Administration.”

              The point being that these zones were created for US COMPANIES in order to level the playing field regarding potentially unfavorable trade advantages foreign companies could experience due to import/export tarrifs and customs policies.

              The “free trade zone” deal in IA mentioned by Corsi in that year old WND article you linked in your post is something entirely different. The fact is China, or any other country, can buy whatever the hell they want in this country be it housing, land, factories or whatever. It isn’t about setting up fenced off areas where only Chinese are allowed to live/work as his misdrawn conclusions seem to suggest in that article.

              Thanks to the Fed making our dollars worthless we are all but forcing this type of foreign investment due to their prior, and to a much lesser degree current, financing of our ballooning debt which cannot and will not ever be repaid…except for with those same increasingly worthless FRNs. That’s becoming a piss poor return on investment in any sane person’s eyes and its why China and others are trying distance themselves from the USD. Hard assets are a different story though.

              To most in this country, the economy sucks and they are watching their savings and asset values being slowly and deliberately destroyed. To those in many other countries (as well as to the banksters who created the current mess and financed their losses with taxpayer bailouts) the US is starting to represent the biggest bargain basement blowout buying opportunity in history.

              But to make statements as you did at the top of your post is little more than unfounded conspiracy whack talk. Don’t go shoot the guy making your moo goo gai pan just yet as you likely don’t have to worry about 3 generations of their family being imported to take jobs you aren’t allowed to have in any so called sovereign free trade zones.

              In the end its the Zionists, not the Chinese, who have infested every level of our government and set the systems in place that are now enabling them to gut the economy and laugh all the way “from” the bank.

            • Agreed this is a huge problem. However who created the problem? Lets get our critical thinking hats on.

            • TwiceBitten,

              The “comments” I made were from the articles.

              Here are a few more as you so nicely describe “unfounded conspiracy” articles:

              Idaho governor sells 50 square miles of state to China


              China Wants To Construct a 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho
              “The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers. Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.”


              Idaho Eagle Forum: Idaho Governor Sells out His State’s Businesses to China


            • Great info, KY Mom – I learned a lot about this from you today!!!

          • You big old fagg!

        • Maybe the first to go!

        • Everyone that still does the “first” thing is an absolute idiot! Comparable to the people that still have “Obama” stickers on their vehicles from the last election, or, worse yet, those that fly the “2012” Obama stickers. Figure it out!

          • People that complain about it are absolute sociopaths.

        • JEEZ….enough of the “first” crap…who cares

          • AAAWWW Commooonnn!
            That’s all the fun they have…
            Sitting, hands poised over the keys like they’re ready to take the 10th grade typing test, waiting for the next article.
            They must not read it…maybe it’s too deep…Let them have their fun!

      1. the law of economic fact cannot be denied. IT is coming. fail to recognize this “fact” will result in a very short half life.

        • Just a couple of bits that got missed (though could be a lot uglier…)

          Right now China is sucking in as many T-Bills as they can in order to keep their own currency artificially depressed. If they stop buying, their currency shoots up, which in turn screws them over in the world market (that is, their manufactured goods will get way more expensive, and in a hurry). This will kill them as a manufacturer, period (and do a shitload of damage to a lot of global economies along the way, including that of the US). So, I don’t see China ceasing to be a customer any time soon, especially with the Euro getting as shaky as it has been of late.

          • Actually China is SELLING US treasuries by the tens of billions. They know a sinking ship when they see one.

            • Really? What’s your source for that info?

            • odd questioner.. if you follow finanacial news you will know its fact… the source is the fact they are buying some new debt, but selling more older debt than new debt being bought… they are NET SELLERS OF US DEBT…its simply a fact.

            • Actually, the Chinese have begun buying again, late last quarter.

          • odd questioner
            you make a valid point… however in the end, you are wrong… you just are. the chinese have already become net sellers of bands.. they are buying MASSIVE amounts of gold and beefing up their military. the chinese understand when the ship they sit upon is sinking, and get off as quietly as possible so as not to make it look like they are leaving. your argument is essentially the same as the idiots that suggest the chinese have an inferior army to america… oh really? i wouldnt make to big of a bet on that… think about it from a realistic point of view and a chinese point of view and you will see the truth… you are wrong. the chinese are already selling t-notes and they probaly have a military that is superior to americas … and no one even knows… well almost no one!

            • If I’m wrong, please show me exactly where I am. I have no investment in the argument, and prefer facts.

              Now you would think that a massive sell-off of T-Bills would have hit the major market news by now… so where can one find it?

            • Read Sun Tzu.
              The Chinese thought is to conceal your true strengths and weaknesses. Make subtle moves that allow you to win without facing an outright battle. Allow others to weaken your competitor for you and allow your competitor to weaken himself. It sounds very much like what is currently in play. And, yes, according to numerous sources, China is quietly trading US Treasuries for hard assets, buying commodities in Africa, South America, and the US.

            • oq
              you look it up.. THEY ARE NET SELLERS!
              they are buying a small amount of new dated junk… yes… but they are selling more of the older dated stuff than what they are buying new… you show its your way.. you cant.

            • oq
              the mainstream media is not going to blare out loud these kinds of things… they can say they are still buying, because technically they are… but in the end, they are dumping there junk in as prudent a manner as possible… and instead buying gold and beefing up their military.. these are just facts.

            • Try Zero hedge and do a search on there web site they did and article on it

            • I dont claim to know a lot about the military situation of china but, Ive never heard anything about there “navy” or there “air force”…two instant thoughts come to mind and they are from both points of view…either they dont want us to know much about it so its very down played, or it isnt even close to on par with the forces we have. With that being said, should anyone claim china is a more powerful military than ours, they would have to believe that china could get to the U.S with there enlarged numbers army. As far as i know we are the only military force capable of any kind of large scale operation such as that…and in any scenario involving china v.s u.s…china would be the invading force simply because we have no vested interest in taking over china. Well…not yet any way lol

            • The Chinese Military is more than capable. Any idiot who sits there and says his countries military is better than someone else’s, is a fool indeed. They have sat and watched and learnt from us for decades. They are up there with technology and they are the only country in the world capable of kicking there manufacturing sector into top gear Militarily. The Chinese have 53 Divisions including 9 Armoured Div’s plus 40 plus Brigade sized Units that are publicly acknowledged. They are highly disciplined, well trained and tough. They also have about 380 million men of Military age that they can call up should they get a little “over stretched” with their manpower. Should the West ever go to war against them …. My guess would be the US, Britain and NATO would be counting their casualties by the Regiment, by Brigades and by Divisions. Laughing the Chinese off as being an easy win is stupid. AND the Russians too!
              If it goes to custard ….. My guess is, the US/UK and allies would loose a million soldiers in the first year. Quadruple that again if it went two years.
              Taking on the Chinese and all there friends and Allies isn’t a joke. It’s one war that NO-ONE wants to fight.

            • edder, Odd Q, et.al.. : The Chinese are pulling what they believe is a “slight-of-hand” on the world. The are still buying some debt but selling a lot more in order to get into a position that when, not if, the dollar crashes, they won’t be hurt too badly by holding too much our debt. If they were to dump everything at once this would percipitate a world-wide sell off of U.S. debt hurting their economy as well. The Chinese still need to sell large quatities of goods to America in order to buy gold and get their Preps in order before this all comes to an end when the dollar dies.

          • oq
            esssentially your argument is an old one.. one which was the way you see it but no longer really is.. and you and many other greenback fools will be given a sharp wake up to reality when markets figure out whats going on…. china has the greenback checkmated.

          • Someone please explain this for me.
            I worked on my pictures; sorting, organizing, discarding duplicates; yes, one of those ‘remember when’ moments. I bought a few photo albums from DG for $1 from China–surprised??
            Now, tell me; how…do…they…do…it???
            Materials, labor, and shipping. The energy resources alone used to manufacture the product is more than $1–how??

            • It’s called mercantilism and was practiced in Europe to the detriment of the population. Worked out great for the ruling class. The King owned everything, had liege lords as overseers of his industries such as timber, food crops, animal husbandry, manufacturing, mining, etc. The Managers were paid well and the workers were given peanuts. Nothing was consumed locally (except by the ruling class). All income to the crown came from selling overseas. The Crown was paid in gold or other valuable goodies, not paper money. Low wage jobs for the peasants kept them from storming the castle. See the connection with China? Not one chinaman in a million owes an album like yours.

            • Shhh, DanTexas, there’s some People, er a Person on this board who beats his chest while loudly and proudly proclaiming to be a mercantilist. We wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

              Problem is, America is filled with merchantilist who simply don’t know any better.

      2. So, am making progress with the emergency distillers.
        Have a new torch and new welding machine will be delivered Friday.

        Geo-man…couple leaks to fix, ready for testing
        Arkansas…one connect on boiler, then testing
        Bond, James…still same, waiting on the new welder
        Marine and salt water, towers are in the works, boiler walls are tacked, some condensor parts are semi complete…
        Magazine article coming out in May with distiller mentioned in article on self sufficiency. I’ll post more when I know more about that.

        I’m so busy making y’alls, I’ve not made my own. The original prototype is in parts and pieces, so am assembling some material….I’m going to steampunk my own unit.

        Hopefully, sugar cane will be coming up soon, we will see, I planted 5 varieties. We will see what does the best. Also planted grapes.

        Still putting up dry goods and have much to do.

        Oh…I started work on the miniature “mole sieve”, a molecular sieve, think of it as a filter that filters molecules. I found industrial material that dehydrates ethanol, should, theoretically make 99% from 94% pure.

        Terry out

        • Just curious Terry, how do you process the sugar cane? I’ve been thinking about growing a tiny patch of it at the okie compound, just to see if I can. Got a small flat spot of ground where I could flood irrigate. The challenge, besides climate, is being able to pump enough water to make it grow. Sounds interesting though, and any info you could provide would be appreciated.

          • Try sugar beets. I grow them.Not only do you get the sugar but you can eat the greens and beets too. Tasts like spinach It only takes 45 days for them to mature so you could even have multiple crops.
            Sugar cane takes 3 years….

            • Joe– oh man did I get HAMMERED for suggesting sugar beets!!! Rainy23 told me that “I’ll be seeing the pearly gates before her family will process sugar from sugar beets” I even received so many thumbs down that the comment was in hiding. maybe it was my sarcasm that threw people off course. BUT, I will reiterate that a resourceful man or woman CAN support themselves with a small area for a garden. Of course, I also am a beekeeper and have 4 hives ( to use instead of that EVIL substance,.. sugar). Let me also say that I don’t live on a farm or have a buttload of land to support a large garden, BUT, the area I do have is slowly being transformed into something to provide for my wife and I. I guess where I went wrong was to suggest that people needed to learn something before it’s too late. Won’t do THAT again!!

            • AMartinez no not that one

          • Okie try some sorghum you can press it for molasses, and it doesn’t mind heat, infrequent water. You can also use it as a green graze for critters.

            My great grandpa used to grow cane on 5 acres at the end of the hay field, had a big enough crop to sale it in town. That was back in the 30’s-40’s here in SW MO so unless you’re in far western OK I would think you should be fine.

            • I have seen sorghum growing in Granville Co., NC in recent years. It was in dry, rocky, red clay and seemed to be doing pretty well.

          • I am learning, so cannot say. I believe you use a “press” of a type to squeeze the juice out. Then boil it down to a syrup.
            The crop I put in will be the seed for the next year, I will not use this years crop for fuel production. Cane cuttings are not inexpensive to buy. I purchased enough to plant a 100 foot row, different types and the cuttings cost around $300. If climate is colder, sugar beets will suffice, or potatos if you know how to add malt/enzyme (germinated/sprouted grain) and follow certain steps laid out by some reference websites. Try googling homedistiller.
            Since all I’m interested in is fuel, I don’t care if my sugars come from beets, cane, starch or whatever. I just want an alternative Fuel to be used in a generator for running essentials, if the grid goes down. Living in Hurricane country is what got me going in this direction.

            • With sugar Cane you need special equipment to crush it properly. Big vats to cook it because it is processed in longer skinny pieces. You could cut it into smaller pieces but it is very labor and equipment intensive. After you have the sugar the cane is pretty much worthless and you have lots of it. There are many advantages to using sugar cane in a industrial operation but not in a small scale operation.
              Sugar beats are easy to process at home. Just break them up with a cleaver or even hammer and throw them in the pot and cook them. The sugars come right out and turn the liquor a nice yellow. If you have the equipment you can press the juice in the mash out but it is not necessary. Then you can feed the remainder of the mash to what ever animals you have or eat it yourself. Most people who grow sugar beets for themselves over plant then thin as they grow. They eat the greens and small beets or feed them to the animals.

              The person who said they would not use sugar beets untill they see the pearly gates probably will see the pearly gates.
              Darwinisim is in overdrive during any SHTF event. Those who adapt survive. Those who dont… well dont.

            • Thanks Terry. And thanks to all of you for the suggestions and information on sugar cane and beets.

          • hey okie! not cane but sorghum. smae family but single growing season. used to be a big crop in the peidmont of nc.

        • OH OH I NEED ONE TOO!

        • Sir, I am curious is to why you are interested in trying to make 94% alcohol into 99% alcohol. Certainly the 94% will run an engine.

          • 94% is fuel grade but will still have H20 in it. I’m not completely sure of how it will effect engine longevity with H20 in fuel. I do know the 99% will logically be better than 94%, however have not done any testing either way as I’m waiting on permit as small alcohol fuel producer. Until that time, all is theoretical…I absolutely know I can atain 94% from my time in Saudi Arabia. I have only been on this trail of ethanol as an alternative “off grid” fuel, for a year. I will only believe results I test myself as there is plenty of garbage out there. Since I’m also making these fuel producing units available to prepper peeps, I’ll not make a claim I cannot back up with personal testing. I just hope we do not need to use our off grid stuff too soon. I’d like to help out more peeps, have more of my ducks in a row. The wells cleaned out, a dam built and irrigation set in place. A cistern and water collection from gutters. My generator rebuilt to run on the alty fuel. All small livestock in place. Security taken care of not to mention the supplys needed for the possibility of months without power, stores not available, consumables not available….all due to some little or large Tropical depression…or any depression for that matter, isn’t that what the article was about?

            Terry W. Reed
            LNL PROTEKT LLC

            • Terry- since alcohol “absorbs” water, a 6% addition of water will act as an extra source of oxygen, increase compression and boost performance. That said, in WWII the Air Force water injected several of their planes to increase performance. In an internal combustion engine, water injection boosts compression ratio and cools the heads, cylinders, pistons along with providing a cleaning ability for the valves, pistons and cylinders, cleaning off carbon deposits. Water acts similarly to nitrous oxide injection, only, water gives a more balanced flame path. Kinda negates removing all water for a non-existent worry.

            • Pair.
              Water injected with air is different than water that is in the fuel. The water in the fuel will freeze in the venturi and ice up the motor of a carburated engine along with corroding the fuel bowl and and freeze and corrode the injectors of a injected engine. Most carburators will not tolerate any moisture. They are generally made of Zamak and being a zinc alloy water turns it to dust quickly. There are many carbon steel parts in carburators and in fuel injectors that ethanol corrodes quite freely. Creates salts and forms a jelly like substance that cloggs everything up.

              Just saying.

            • Also. Alcohol is a great refrigerant. it will remove 4 or 5 times as much heat as gasoline will. Im sure you have heard of carb icing on cars of the past. Generally manifold heat was added to keep the carb from Icing. Alcohol creates even more of an icing problem. you also use much more of it than gasoline. This leads as I said above to icing problems if any moisture is in the fuel at all.
              People like to point put that in brazil they use only alcohol for cars. They had many problems with it. Still do. Most people there drive short distances and only use E25. The taxi drivers who drive all day use natural gas or propane. Even thou it is more expensive than E100. In a normal car you can only use up to about 25% alcohol before you really start needing major modifications to the car. E100 practally requires a completly different engine and fuel system. Alcohol is not a drop in fuel.

            • Thanks for the answer, very interesting. I have always been fascinated with grain alcohol for a fuel. Doug

        • Joe–“Hydrous ethanol blends (oxygenated hydrocarbons) lower engine operating temperatures due to cooling of intake fuel mixture with 3-6% more water and increasing heat of vaporization when compared to anhydrous ethanol. The result is more efficient combustion, cooler running engines, lower exhaust temperatures, and increased longevity of engine life. The water contained in hydrous ethanol blends also reduces NOx emissions. In addition to the effects of higher water content in hydrous ethanol, ethanol increases compression ratios and decreases engine knocking (detonation). Essentially, both water and ethanol increase the octane level of the fuel mixture. The octane number is a measure of the resistance of a fuel to auto-ignition. It is also defined as a measure of anti-knock performance of a gasoline or gasoline component such as hydrous ethanol. Higher octane levels contribute to enhancing the thermodynamic efficiency of combustion engines, which subsequently increases fuel efficiency. The increase in total engine efficiency results in optimizing fuel efficiency for both ethanol and gasoline.”
          This was taken off the internet concerning hydrous alcohol. there’s more, but just thought you should know I wasn’t far off the mark. Thus, I stand on my merits as a builder of many fine show quality vehicles.

      3. Stock-up Stock-up let them call us crazy but at least we will eat. Our children will not starve and we will not have to go out and forage to get what little scraps remain to be had. We will not be looking at the inside of the fence at the FEMA camp just wishing we had been preppers and now our future is controlled by someone else. Yes, the future looks grim but it is in our hands to prepare ourselves and families and anyone else that will listen. So now is the time to put-up or shut-up about being prepared. Act accordingly

        • I’ve been purchasing junk silver at a local pawn shop since I “woke up” a while back. When I first started going there, the guy brought out several gallon sized ziplock bags of coins for me to pick what I wanted. I went in today, and they only had 3 silver eagles. The owner said that recently they haven’t been able to keep silver AT ALL. They used to have only one or two people a month come in and ask about junk silver– now they have 4 or 5 people every other DAY asking about it. Most folks are interested in coins, not bullion, and they don’t want to leave a paper trail. I shop at a po-dunk pawnshop in hardscrapple eastern NC. If people are “waking up” to the crisis out here in hillbilly sand land, then we’re really into a world of crap… We’re so far out that you’ve got to pump in sunlight, so if there are people smelling crap on the wind (besides that smell of hogs being hauled from the local hog farms to the slaughterhouse), then we all need to take the hint and go full throttle with preps. Be safe, be quite, and keep prepping, folks. Things are about to get dicey…

        • Precisely. No matter how you punch the numbers into the calculator, the answer is still the same. I’ve slowly backed off the ‘prepare’ warnings/info to fewer people each time, opting to protect my own privacy by avoiding the subject; limiting my pleas to those that are closest and most important. If the rest can’t see it by now, there’s only one way they’ll find out. Will I help them when the shtf? Absolutely, but it will then be traded. Light your way.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • I would not bet on ont being in the FEMA camp. Most likely your preps will be used to help feed the other internees.

      4. The question is how to “smell” the final slide.
        Due to this austerity shit, our income has decreased radically; and i pressume that most of you are in a similar condition.
        Provisions are not easy to recycle anymore.
        Before, i consumed one and bought two. Now, i’m lucky if i manage to buy one for one used.
        Then it’s the “flee the city” thing.
        if you leave too early, you may use your resources foolishly. If you leave too late, you won’t leave at all due to traffic jams, and army blockades.
        Now, the most important thing for me is to be ready; mentally, physically, psychologically.
        I stoped informing people. They don’t want to learn. They prefer to hide their heads in the sand.
        If it wasn’t for all those taxes, i could save some money for food, gold, or shells.
        The signs lead to an end. I only wish i knew more. 🙂

        Be safe guys

        • Manos, It’s slowly getting that way here and we are in better shape than your Greece. Dollar does not go as far as it used to and the high gas prices do not help. They are sqeezing us here very slowly, and not just financially. With laws, and Executive Orders that we never would have thought possible. The hammer is going to fall soon, my guess, before the elections. I live in the suburbs, no where to bug out. So I just keep thinking about ways to prepare for bugging in. Just yesterday picked up 2×4’s (lumber) needed for reenforcing my windows that will get boarded up come bug in time. Got some bobwire as well. Not sure on how I am going to use it but I’m sure I’ll find some use. Lets hope at least for as much time as we can buy, and be thankful that there is still time before things go south. Hang in there buddy we are not far behind.

        • You are right about timing the “flee the city” thing.

          OTOH, I suspect that even if you timed it just right, you may not find all that much waiting for you out here.

          • Odd Questioner,

            I have made a plan in my mind on how to leave to our property.
            Thank God there are 4 alternative routes, and my house in Heraklion is near the exits; we don’t live downtown.
            My wife knows the plan, and there is a suitcase ready with some stuff, and clothes escpecially for our daughter.
            The problem is that the village is 3 hours away, and i must be ready and determined to use my shotgun.

            We see how it goes.

            Take care.

            • One suggestion: bicycles. You can get farther, faster. I don’t know how popular mountain bikes (rough-terrain style) are in Greece, but try to get those if you can get them at a good price.

            • Some recommend womwn’s bikes even for men. Easier to mount and dismount when heavily loaded.

            • Odd Questioner,

              We bought three bikes last June; not the mountain bikes but the ones called “trekking” bikes. They have 28″ wheels, and can enter a dirt road with decency.
              I try to ride every weekend, around 40 miles around the town, in order to be in good condition.
              The problem is the terrain of Crete, which has lots of mountains and high hills. So an attempt to leave with the bikes will require VERY good physical condition.
              That’s why i bought two sets of bike carriages, and installed them in both cars.
              We also have both cars full of gas, so we take the bikes with us.
              It’s a good choice though, when there is no other alternative, and gas stations are empty or looted.

              Take care.

            • Manos- you never asnwered my question- are the companies paying the greek government your pay cut money in taxes?

            • Kevin,

              The logic behind the wage cuts in the private businesses, has to do with competition.
              They claim that when a company lowers its operating expenses (that is salaries), it can further decrease the price of the goods or services sold.
              This will cause a general price decreases, since the population will have less purchasing power.
              That’s crap for me.
              What actually is happening has to do with the whole corruption mentality and the banksters run on Greece’s resources.
              One part of my reduced salary will go for the debt repayment. By August 2011 i was receiving 1,700 euros per month. By September 1st, this was reduced by 20 euros which took me at the 1,680.
              That 20 euros were paid from my employer directly to the government as a “charity tax”.
              Then my salary was reduced again in December by 28%, which is 470,00 euros. From that money, around 29,00 are for the government again, and the rest 441,00 are for the benefit of my employer.
              So my salary today is 1,210 euros per month, and the potential of another decrease is visible.
              So the answer to your question is that a small amount of that money goes to taxes. The bigger amount of the decreases is for the best interest of the employers.
              As i said, this would be very good if the wage reduction, caused a drop in prices.
              But greed, Kevin, is the root of all evil.
              Every day prices skyrocket, and we cannot believe how this is happening.
              Cost of gas in Crete is now over $9,38 per gallon (1,92 euros per liter).

              I don’t know. To be honest i’m very dissapointed, and i only try to preserve the family in a day-to-day basis. Ther is no long-term planning anymore.

              Take care Kevin. I wish that U.S. people will learn from our mistakes and apathy. It’s not worth for good people to experience such a times.


            • @EVERYONE- READ manos response REAL slow and let that stick in. It is OUR future!

            • Manos-Looks like a revolution is in order over there. I suggest you read, and give coppies to your countrymen,(and everyone on this blog re-read it) the Declaration of Independence of These united states of America, It is a powerful document in the history of man. God be with you, and Greece!

            • Manos,

              Of the all the analysis explanations, articles, and economic reports I’ve read to date about the Greek default, that is the best explanation anyone has provided so far. Thank you for taking the time to share that. Take care.

            • Highroller- remember, all those news networks JOB is to sell to the american people that everything is great, and the world loves the dollar.

            • highroller- I believe information from the horses mouth, but NOT the horses A$$! I am TIRED of all the outright LIES and the LIES BY OMISSION from our press. I heard about that “charity tax” from someone else, just wanted 2 sources. I didn’t know they gave it such a bull$hit name for it though.

            • Kevin,

              The funny thing is that all of us who paid this “charity tax”, directly or indirectly, now we need charity ourselves. 🙂

              And i don’t know if was clear, but that charity tax money are being withheld every month since last September. It was not one time payment.

            • Manos, High roller is right, that statement is powerful, you explained it perfectly, THANK YOU!! EVERYONE on this blog NEEDS to read it, and let it soak in.

            • And all the Greeks(and us americans) NEED to read The American Declaration of Independence, and LET IT STICK IN REAL HARD!

          • “Flee the city Thing”? Luckily, and by the Grace of God, I don’t have that problem. I was pondering today; What if? So as a possible solution to that problem, after checking my stash of goods, I thought to make this suggestion for city dwellers. Find a secure location, a wooded area away from houses, out of the city, but close enough to feasibly walk/hike to in case you are unable to drive there. Buy a clean 55 gal. metal barrel with a metal lid that has a steel clamping ring with it(one that has a bolt and nut locking clamp on it. Dig a big enough hole and bury it. Make sure all your goods stored inside are in thick sealed up bags. NO perishables. Rice, beans etc.etc.etc., and a pot to cook them in. Clean water if none is available nearby. Make sure the top of the barrel is covered and is about 4 to 6 inches below ground level so it will be hidden good and covered with leaves and debris so it looks natural and not noticeable. This is do-able with some thought and planning. It would be a sizable investment but how much is too much when it comes to peace of mind. I think I would feel better knowing I had an escape plan in place if things got really bad downtown.

            • In general, I think that is a great idea. To expand on that, I suggest everyone work through as many “what if” scenarios as they can, and plan accordingly.

              I think most of agree that at least 1 of the “what ifs” is actually a “when”.

        • Manos,

          I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, so many people here don’t want to hear the truth either.

          I pray for you to be strong and for God to protect and guide you as you make your decisions.

          Be safe.
          KY Mom

        • Man

          I don’t know if you can answer this question, but why didn’t the Greek citizens replace their corrupt government with new leaders from among the people as Icelanders did years ago when they realized their corrupt leaders were working hand-in-hand with European bankers to enslave Iceland citizens in a massive debt trap. What is the difference between Iceland and Greece that motivated Icelanders to change their entire leadership almost over night and declare default in order to stop the bankers’ plans? This question is not a critique, I’m just curious. Thanks Manos.

          • as if they had a choice..duh??

            The eu installed a globlalist banker to run Greece..

            just as Italy was fated..

            who the hell do you think runs the show..us or the banks?

            ever question why GW Obama is surrounded by ex Goldman Sachs execs..?

            do some research and turn of the gd tv will ya?


            • Hey Possee,

              I’ll ignore the childish insults because some people aren’t educated enough to communicate without it, but have you ever heard of over throwing a government? It hasn’t been used in a while but it is still considered an option.

              Fool, who the hell do you think was running the Iceland government before it defaulted? The Iceland government was practically working for the EU and British banks to screw over the Icelanders before the people got smart and recalled their entire government.

              The next time you get the irresistible urge to offend someone on this forum by telling us to do some research and turn off the TV, take your own self-righteous advice instead. As if you know something the rest of us don’t.

            • High Roller

              Meant as satire..

              no intention of insults.


            • In that case you have my apology Possee.

          • High Roller,

            I really don’t know the answer.
            I can only speculate on what has happened.
            I believe that if all those measures were taken immediately, then our reaction would be strong and decisive.
            But it has to do with the “divide and conquer” dogma, and the excellent use of the manipulation of masses; psychology 101 i pressume.
            Our condition should be a subject of “how not to do it” course series 🙂

            Take care, and be strong.

            • Thank you Manos!

              I suspect that the US population will react more like Greece than Iceland because of the very effective “divide and conquer” public relations war being waged against Americans. Except for people on forums like SHTF Plan, Americans are 100% totally clueless about what is about to hit the fan and no argument to the contrary will convince them otherwise. About the only group that I see that has any shred of solidarity in the US are gun owners bonded together by the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

              We pray that you and your family will be safe, healthy, and strong in the challenging times ahead. God Bless and take care Manos.

            • Manos

              I’m so glad you brought up the “divide & conquer” tactic. I see the UK public being played like a fiddle via divide & conquer. I also see it via the us media – The whole Florida Treyvon 17 year old that was shot the other day being a perfect example.

              The Iclanders scored their victory only because they were united as a people. However lessons were learned by the banksters which is why the Greeks are now effectivlely under foreign rule. The EU has demonstrated it has no respect for National Sovereignity yet it’s only in the East that this fact has been picked up and challenged by National leaders.

              The evil ones slip amongst the cracks & divsions in society to do an awful lot of their damage.

          • HR:

            Not Manos but I believe that Iceland was able to rebel and stand firm because 1) the population is small; 2) people are so interrelated they need genealogical databases to prevent close relative marriage; 3) most of the population is still knowledgeable in farming, fishing and handicrafts, all of which they used to survive and to raise foreign capital. The boom was relatively short lived, so the majority did not have time to become that dependent on the false appreciations.

            • BlueH2O, Very interesting information! I was unaware they used a genealogical database in Iceland. Thanks for the sharing that info.

            • BlueH2O, Very interesting information! I was unaware they used a genealogical database in Iceland. Thanks for sharing that info.

        • read TTGL………..for clarity….and purpose……
          he was a Legend on the DROOY site,,,,,,,,
          befor Y*hoo disbanded the site……………
          prepare thyself……
          The Deflationary Vortex…..is nigh!

          Brilliance in TRV
          since 1999

      5. 8 trillion, not including muni’s and credit cards, and the laimstream media can only talk about Apple being over $600. I’m telling you, it seems like more bs and drivel has been on the tv, and papers in the last couple of weeks. Something wicked this way comes!

        • Notice the huge push the past weeks or so to buy munis and ETFs. Rumors of tightening abound and analysts declare “I think it is real.” Yeah, right.

          Watch the PMs as they are dropping. Who is raising cash? Or are they gunning the stops? My personal bottom is $25 for SLV. $1500 GLD or lower. But, what do I know?

          Round and round it goes. Personally, I am betting on a nauseating slide that is pulled up right before an apparent crash. People will breathe a sigh of relief and things will stabilize for a brief time and then: rinse and repeat. On each round, more is siphoned from the herd. When there is no more grass to eat, the herd goes dry. What then? Usually, a slaughter.

          No one wants to know.

          • The lower the PMs go, the greater the buying opportunity.

            • Well, that is right up there with buy and hold, IMO.

              Consider, there is an admitted push, globally, to go cashless, with totally digital credit instead of money. Consider that every sovereign has the ability to put capital controls in place, to tax any sort of transaction they wish to discourage and, most importantly, the people who want to enslave us all hold enough PMs to lower the price whenever they choose, just by selling. By selling, they raise temporarily transactable cash, while flushing out anyone who put most of their assets into PMs. The price plummets, the vultures swoop in to buy it all up and they now control all PM values into the foreseeable future. At some point, the available PMs are in short enough supply that each transaction stands out, demands a high premium and is, perhaps, difficult to trade further. What do you do with your PMs? Yes, you can trade them, domestically, but the last recipient then has to find a way to keep the velocity going. So, it can end up as a game for the elites.

              Don’t forget the manipulation in the silver (and gold) markets by the big banks/hedgers. We all know folks who have lost big in PM and miner plays recently. Bernancke has stated just yesterday that they will resist a gold standard because it cannot be inflated. However, they can institute fractional reserve methods for _anything_.
              ETFs come to mind. It was done back a few hundred years ago in Europe with gold. Rome inflated gold currency by clipping and alloying. It is only recently that the rest of the world even saw silver as a PM and yet, today, we hear of massive manipulations in silver. I ask: why? My answer is that those at the top see a way to corner another resource while keeping the peons firmly underfoot.

              Have some, sure. But perhaps it is best to have *industrial* quality. You pay less in the beginning and it is in usable form to actually produce something in the future that someone will want. There will always be people looking for a trinket or a wedding band, for example.

              Knowing how to melt, alloy, refine and fabricate/cast PMs might be a worthwhile skill. I certainly wouldn’t do that to a precious metal coin, though. Having lived through the PM bubble of the 80s, I also strongly advise against melting down fabricated antiques. Even now, they are still worth more for their artistic and antique value than for their content, considering it takes time, energy, supplies and skill to extract intrinsic value from, say, antique silverware.

              Perhaps I am too paranoid, but recent world events are leading me to believe one cannot be *too* paranoid.

          • Bluh2o-Wow! home run! I think you nailed it, except I expect silver to go lower. I believe hedge funds and such, will be dumping their(supposedly)physically backed etf’s to raise cash soon, I say $23!!

          • TTGL TA of silver also envisions 25-26 range as support………

        • I myself am sick and tired of hearing about Apple. I’m more interested in the Local/World news as well as the weather. Luckily there are sites like this that report the news that MSM will not. Unfortunately there are alot of people not awake yet…. they will not or rather cannot think outside the box.

      6. Doesn’t matter. The PTB, like Tom Buchanan or his grandnephew Patrick R. Buchanan, will always be OK. Most of the rest can eat dust.

      7. What if there was a Collapse and nobody came?

        • Interesting point. The developed nations can survive on accumulated capital, for a time. People stocking up and plain old entrepreneurship can even drive a consumer economy, for a time. Self sufficiency can delay a collapse. Printing can delay a collapse. Capital controls, distribution of benefits, rationing all can delay a collapse, but they cause anxiety and that can lead to panic. Collapses used to be termed Panics.

          The market is not the economy, however. The laws of economics are like the laws of gravity and at some point, there will be collapse. It may be slow and it may be fast, but it will come and it cannot be timed.

        • That’s a thought provoking idea EA. If a collapse happens in the woods and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it still make a sound? And it leads to a couple more questions-
          If they come to confiscate our stuff, but we have ‘nothing’, can they still take it?
          If a usurper issues an executive order, but the people flatly ignore it, does it have any effect?
          If the country goes bankrupt, but it’s actually been bankrupt for decades, does it really lose anything?
          And if a cocoapuffer, sitting on the couch watching tv, finally perishes, but the cable has been off and the cocoapuff box has been empty for months, does the world really lose anything with their passing?

          I think I just gave myself a headache. It’s too early in the week for this. Deep philosophical musings are better left for a weekend while sitting on a mountain top (or at least the edge of a tall pool table).

          • Okie, you need to offer an online course to spread your wisdom around. Not good to keep it bottled up inside just one head.

      8. “Believe me, the system will be fine…provided nobody panics”. Hollywood cannot say the truth and still sell a movie. The root cause is elite directed corruption, through and throughout. We NEED to evolve, hollywood, just like V..ger in the first Star Trek movie. And the NWO ain’t it.

      9. As much as I hate to see this happen…
        I can see how we are still afloat!

      10. The collapse is not the end. It is a new beginning for the People. The banksters will be broke, and they are betting that you will ACCEPT their new currency so they can buy everything back.

        No matter what, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PAPER CURRENCIES being offered by the corp. Demand REAL money be used.

        That is the real war.

        Mac said “We’re not just talking about losing jobs, we’re talking about all of those worst case scenarios you’ve imagined about hyperinflation, no gas, no food, no government safety net, no emergency services and a complete breakdown in the rule of law.”

        The complete breakdown of the rule of law has already happened. It appears as though the events may happen in reverse of the order you have listed them.

        Unless the People force the return of the rule of law and the honest money required to enforce it, the rest will happen this year or next.

        The corp does not need additional tax revenues. Everything is paper and easily produced. It needs the higher taxes to reduce the amount of debt money in existence.

        It is time to make the banksters pay with more than a paper promise to pay.

        • Let me ad that the debt money sough to be reduced is that which is available to the People, Federal Reserve Notes. The vast majority of all debt is in securities and owned by the corp.

          They are throwing the Sovereign American out of the system by taking in all of the FRNs by taxation.

          I can not understate the importance of understanding that the ONLY way out of this mess is to take back control of the money creation.

          If you are not working to make that happen, your are aiding and abetting the perpetrators of the fraud.

      11. Political rhetoric and MSM spin truly cannot trump MATH.

        Since the Banksters own the Sovereigns, the media and the politicos, it will continue to get worse until there is a global awakening to the realization that we have become slaves. Once the sheeple start to rebel, TPTB will release the deadly flu strains to cull the world population to the Agenda 21 target.

        At any rate, we are all screwed.

      12. How about the Grapes of Wrath on steroids. (To those of you that is old enough to remember that movie) Looks like the progressives plan is coming along just fine. Collapse the system and resurrect their ideas. Lovely! There is going to be a lot of pissed off people that are going to see right through the progressives agenda. I believe when it comes down to brass tacks, the progressives will soon realize their alligator mouths have overloaded their twitty bird asses. But to be sure; not a one of them will be willing to get in the fight and get their hands not the least bit dirty. They want to start this thing and then go and hide and quiver in fear until all of the parts hit the ground. I hope we will be able to recognize these folks when it’s almost over, they will need to get theirs before it will be done.
        There is a lot of shit that is going to come our way that we aren’t going to like before this is over.

        • And make sure to strangle Ruthie before she snitches to the PTB.

      13. I was at a prepper conference in SC a few weeks ago. A question was asked. “How do you know when it’s time to bug out to your retreat?” – i.e. when do you know when the shtf.

        Answer. “When Wal-Mart is being looted”.

        • Mr Blutarsky,

          I’m afraid that our fellow citizens will loot iPhones, iPads, and tv sets first.
          And the worst? They will kill each other in the midlle of the streets for an iphone.
          They sleep …

          • Let them have the TV’s and Ipods. Leaves the food for the smarter people.

            • So when we see the Apple centers, and the sony centers being looted, we run for the super markets and the gun stores. 🙂

            • Darwin was right….natural selection

            • Manos, here is the US they are already running for the guns stores. People that own and shoot guns are much more awake, on average, than the average American Sheople. They know something is up and gun shows in my area are at record attendance. …and they’re not just attending. They are buying guns like crazy people!

              Frankly, I’ve got enough guns. I’m building a stockpile of primers, powder and bullets. I’ve decided to stockpile the following components in case of ban or scarcity:

              Primers. All four types. So far I have 3,000 of each.

              Powder. Three types. Bullseye for pistol and slow loads, 3 pounds. Unique for magnum pistol and low end, mid-range rifle and lead bullet loads, 6 pounds. IMR4895 for bottle neck rifle cases and full power loads in 223 on up to 30-06, 12 pounds.

              With bullets I’m sticking with standard sizes: .224, .308, .355, 357, .429

              I go to these guns shows, mainly, to buy bullets. They never have much with primers or powder. But, dang! Its was dang near impossible to get in and out of the last one I went to.

              Good luck! The people know something is about to go down and they’re sinking money into preparing for it.

          • I think some of these folks are so stupid, they’d be stealing TV’s and ipods two weeks after an EMP hit us.

            Idiocracy. The dumbing down of society.

          • I don’t recall gun stores and supermarkets in Greece, but what happened with the debt payment that was due today?

            • i wanted to know that today, it was the deadline and we are still here, unless they figured a way to kick the can longer i dont know. i had it in my calander too.

            • Everything I’m reading says close of business on the 23rd..Friday…which makes sense!!Seems like they ALWAYS try something on Fridays!!!

          • A bit off topic, but only sort of.

            There is a self-reliance expo coming up in Colorado Springs at the Expo Center, May 18 and 19.

            • Make that the Freedom Financial Services Expo Center.

        • i cant take credit for this comment, it is from another poster on another site, but it good.

          “just when you think it is time to bury your guns, it is really time to dig them up”

        • Remember Katrina? And that was one area, in the SHTF scenario, it will be all across our nation. Also the cops confiscated guns from the law abiding citizens only to be left defenseless against the thugs. That’s why it’s good to have more than one gun and a variety of weapons. Must protect your family and supplies at all cost. Never let your guard down…. and don’t hesitate to pull the trigger in a worst case scenario.

      14. Fellow preppers, we shouldn’t be supprised at the coming collapse. It’ll happen and then we’ll see the PTB allow genicide to begin world wide to bring the survivors to their knees begging for peace.
        Everything this gov’t is doing is to keep us preoccupied fighting within and being distracted rom what is going on world wide. The media isn’t a source for truth (we all know) yet they’ll provide continual false reports of worldly events. We’ll be fighting anti-constitutional and ant-christian enemies from within. If and when we defeat them, then we’ll be under attack from outside these shores.
        Everything planned is to test our endurance, which our present society is short of. Many that I talk with feel as I; need more ammo and provisions.
        Stay in His grace and be ready.

        • DRD–I received this today…..put ‘http’ in front.


          Someone knows something and they ‘ain’t’ reporting on LSM or it’d be discussed here.

          • Alot of things don’t get discussed here.
            Tennessee passes an Anti UN Agenda 21 resolution
            Oklahoma gearing to fight for water rights vs Tribes/ Feds
            Michigan legislators prepares a bill for Federal funding aid 4 Detroit
            Just a few the last 24 hours or so.

            So yes, ALOT doesn’t get discussed here

          • JayJay, thanks, enjoyed the site. Made for good reading.

      15. Today is the last day….if you have a Kroger near by they have regular and wheat “saltines” style crackers…
        10 for $10. Good for snacking on. Great with Cheese or peanut butter. I’m going to buy another 10 boxes today.
        Montgomery County Texas.

        • I open the box, and put the sleeve of crackers in a mylar bag, with an oxygen absorber…my sister did this, and 10 mos later, the crackers were still fresh!

          • Good Idea ! I had not figured out how to make long term storage of foods like crackers. I will have to give this a try .
            Montgomery County Texas

            • food saver sealer works great but stop the vacuum before it crushes them.

          • Sam’s has multi-grain crackers already in Mylar bage inside cardboad boxes.

      16. ATTENTION- possible military coup in china. Go to the epochtimes. “chinese microblogs” rumor mill. reportss of massive amounts of military polic in bejing!!

        • SEARCH”epochtimes chinese coup”. the story is 14 hours old. Hit story #1. The page is opening on story #2 for some reason

        • It may be confusion over the visiting North Korean dignitary…..”However, Beijing state-controlled media have observed that imposing a curfew on Changan Street is quite normal, as the North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho is seeing Wu Dawei, the People’s Republic of China’s special representative for Korean affairs, and had made a rare advance appointment with media to give a speech outside the east entrance of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.”

      17. Mac, what date is all of this rollover coming due? Is there a point in time when these old notes need to be paid or rolled over into new? That might be a good target date for getting things in order?

      18. This is something that has not been in the news lately but has always been there.

        I don’t know about everyone else, but the number of potential triggers are quite staggering. It seems like they grow by the day.

        Be prepared folks.

      19. If the federal reserve is buying 80% of the debt now who cares about the Chinese? I thought I read that the Chinese were reducing the amount of bonds that they had and buying gold and ag land and other connodities to reduce thier holdings. The fed has more than they do!
        So if this pattern continues, how long can it last? I don’t know. Just continue to try and be as self suficient as possible. Guess I’ll go out and split some more wood. God Bless, James

      20. i hear a lot of comments bout what is yet to come, it doesnt matter what is coming because we wont be ready for 1/2 of it, and i know of no-one that is ready for it.. but be certain that when it does hitt the fan, it should take any where from 3 months to 9 months before the people start to get into a rhythem once again and everything stablizes… the question is: how to survive up to 9 months.. this is the secular view point, the biblicial view is much worse then we can imagine

        • Speaking of the “biblical view” Deano; we are in for a bigger die off than most are prepared for. All bible prophecy has and will come to pass. We are told of an end times war,not armageddon, whereby a third of mankind will perish. 2.3 billion as of now. Will we witness it or be a part of it? Who knows? Just sayin’, be ready to meet your maker. If you are, then the rest is just aggravation. You can’t change what is already destined to happen.

        • some covert sign from someone trying to wake up more people, possibly?

        • They have really good astrologers…

      21. If these rumors of a chinese coup are true, china may not be buying $HIT!

      22. A nightmare of epic proportions is coming. Wake up America, wake up.
        Women are in more danger. Rape will be violent and frequent.
        Young women will be the prime target. Men, teach you mothers, sisters and daughters how to shoot.
        Gun safety is paramount. Teach them to be strong and fearless. Mentally prepare them for the worst.
        Violent intruders will break in eventually. They should not hear a girl screaming and crying. They should hear “click click. . . BOOM”

        • Excellent, SilverFox.

        • Laughing. I pity the poor goofy effer that would be stupid enough to take my wife on. I have a Mossberg and two Winchester black 12ga pumps all loaded differently. The Mossberg is loaded with hard rubber balls, the Winchesters, one has 2 ¾” 7 ½ birdshot and the other one is with 3” 9 pellet hi brass express. The first one, to put welts and bruises on his ass. The second one to put him down and in the hospital and having to endure shot picked out of his backside with no pain medication. The third, just to blow his ass apart and leave him for the chickens. My wife likes those shotguns!! A lot!!

          • why not just plug him with a 9mm the first time?

        • you mean click click…Bang Bang…Bang.

          • make sure you get at least one headshot.

        • My husband bought me a Bersa 380 for my birthday 2 weeks ago…shot it at the range today…and I will PROUDLY say that I did GREAT!! And this from a Lady once afraid of guns!! Signed up for a CCW class next month, and I WON’T be afraid to use it, to defend myself or my children!

          • awesome smkymtnldy!

          • Congrats! I was the only woman at my CC class and it was not intimidating AT ALL. I now carry proudly and as a matter of fact, my county sheriff strongly encourages us ALL to get our CC permit and to actually carry at all times. (That’s one of the reasons he keeps getting reelected.) There are only 3 sheriff deputies for my entire countyleaving us vulnerable and defenseless during good times and bad. Congrats on taking this very important step in self defense. I’d only fired a handgun once or twice before I met my husband, but now I have my own Glock and a few others that I am proficient with. I am a small framed female and I no longer leave the house without my firearm(s). Be careful out there!!! 🙂

            • That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Women with grit. We need more. Especially here in the tarheel. We are taxed to death(especially fuel) and the utility companies have a Federal liscense to steal. When the SHTF and these weak ass punks start to pillage the village, I’d rather line up with women w/balls any day. You go girl!

        • Spot On SilverFox !!

          I constantly warn my fellow co-workers about being a victim.

          I remind them of their duty of self preservation.

          My girlfriend and I are always instructing family, friends, and co-workers about layered personal security.

          Just like crossing the street; Stop…Look…Listen.

          “Officer, I fired till there was no more threat”, click click…BOOM, right in the face !

      23. When they stop buying our debt the Federal Reserve institutes QE3+ any new money is created, “loaned” to member banks that buy T bills. Those holding T bills previously loose purchasing power, we all loose purchasing power. The USD continues to be devalued and inflation is fueled.

        There is never a shortage of money when you make your own money.

        • no kevin… they already have become net sellers…. qe 3 comes when we get a drop in the markets.

          • eeder

            Regardless if they quit buying or worse yet for the USD sell the Federal Reserve will make up for any loss with instant money creation.

            You will not run out of money but money will run out of purchasing power.

            • Agree. The handouts will never stop. They just won’t buy nearly as much.

      24. Im really surprised that the obama admin is letting this tyranny go to spring/summer…its now nice to go outside and at night for the people who dont want to take this crap anymore…

        With obama looking very sick in the polls…it will happen between now and the elections …he will declare himself as dictator and the shtf !

        • Obama has always been sick in the polls. The media can no longer hide it. Agree, he must be scheming something, to stay in power. How else can his wife afford vacations!

          • Roger Hedgecock had a comment on his show tonight regarding the mailman for Bill Ayers parents. Seems that he claims he met Obama when Obama was staying with them and was introduced to the mailman as a foreign exchange student. Even if true you can bet nothing will ever come of it. After all the elites have Obamas replacement already selected and all but elected mainly Mitt the Wit.

            • Sheriff Joe did a press release on the evidence he had of Obama’s birth certificate forgery.

              It got next to zero in the way of press coverage from ANYONE.

              So…why should they care about this?

              Get this folks…..THE GENERAL PUBLIC DOES NOT CARE!!

              All they care about is getting their next check and their next pair of Nike’s.

        • Yea and they said the same shit in 2008 about king George…… Get a life asshole some gonna happen….. When will you fools wake up to the doom scam

          • I meant nothing’s gonna happen

            • No , princess, you had it right the first time…..something IS going to happen…..

              KEEP PREPPIN’

      25. I would say that’s about accurate. I think the bankers, corporate crony’s, government officials, politicians and wall streeter’s will be rounded up and locked up. Well that is if they survive!

        There’s going to be a whole lot of people looking for payback. Good luck to all when the markets crash.

        By the way does anyone know if Greece actually made that payment today. I mean after almost 2.5 years of Greece you would think this is big news!!

      26. Just keep prepping up and hope we can be a little more ready than the average loser with his head in a ball game. Anything can happen at anytime you can’t be ready for everything but you can continue to try. be a scout, be ready!

      27. Off subject, but I have a question. I just read something this morning about the gov’t trying to buy up 5.56 and .223 ammo, also 9mm and .45 ammo. I’ve read that the price of .223 ammo has risen substantially. As I don’t buy 5.56 or .223 I would have not much idea of it’s price, I’m into 30 cal ammo myself, but I’d like to know if there’s any truth in what I read.

        • Where did you read this?

          • From: Anonymous Source
            Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 8:27 PM
            To: The Americas, Israel & Europe

            Subject: Government buying out all the 5.56 Military surplus ammo and is telling ammo dealers to stop selling to their vendors and civilians.

            I have been calling allot of ammo distributors and ALL of them are telling me that our government is all the 5.56-.223 cal military surplus ammo. And their also telling the ammo distributors stop selling the ammo to civilians and their vendors because the government is buying it all up from everyone they can. I have also spoken with theses ammo dealers and they told me that the 5.56 and .223 ammo is going way up in price.

            For instance…I paid $149.00 for federal surplus 440 rounds of steal core and now at the gun show today it was selling for $440.00 for 420 rounds. I have checked and ALLOT of places online are out of the Military surplus ammo by federal. M193 and M855 SS109 ammo. I did find one place still carrying both these ammo’s and good prices still, but their the only place I could find. If interested let me know and Ill forward the info.

            I was also told by the same ammo dealers that the government is going to buy all the 9mm and .45 ammo up, so hurry and buy while you can at the lower prices while still available. Guess if they won’t take our guns because they figure that there are some many out there, they will just buy all most popular military calibers. Can’t shoot a gun with no ammo…stock up now while you still can.

            They also said the government will continue to purchase all the ammo through the presidential election and they will continue to until the president tells them to stop. And if obama gets reelected instead of rejected, you know he wont stop the purchasing of all the ammo mentioned above.

            I read this at Before it’s news. As I don’t use 5.56 or .223 ammo, I wouldn’t know if they have gone up in price, but I’m sure some here do shoot that ammo and was hoping they could tell me if the is indeed going up.

        • Off topic also…Dealer said my state will be trying to ban lead ammo. Anyone else hear anything about this?

          • A couple of years ago Cass Sunstein petitioned the EPA to ban lead in all ammo and fishing tackle. Haven’t heard much about it since.

        • I did read an article within the last few days indicating Department of Human Sacrifice ordered 40Million rounds of .40 cal

          • ICE and DHS ordered 450 million rds jhp 40 cal. ON Marketwatch Press release from the co that got the contract

      28. To those asking the question “when to bug out” the answer is how much risk can you bear? The earlier you go the less the risk.
        Me? I have been at my bug out location for thirteen years.

        • Now that is an example of patience!

        • Been up in Idaho for 40 years. Mountain in my back yard, year round stream. Plenty of food out there in the woods and the rivers/lakes.

          Back that up with a homogeneous population, and being distant from any major city, and much of the USA sounds like a foreign country.

          I’m not vested in Wall Street. If the System collapses, I’ve got what I need close to home.

          • Lucky you!! 🙂

          • Big Bear, It sounds like you are really blessed. I hope you realize that fact and you show that appreciation. I for one am a little envious, but not jealous, for I am blessed also. Enjoy what you have today, for tomorrow it may be gone. I hope the best for you and yours.

            • Was talking to the twenty something kid at work today, his ambition is to get a place out of town a few miles, pay it off real quick and avoid the shit. There is some hope, they are not stupid.

              Brd, not patient, impatient! After years living in cities the opportunity to by 100 acres, go farming (again, I grew up on 600 acres) and build my own house was too good to pass up. The fact it is a brilliant location from which to watch the world turn to custard was pure bonus. It helped that I could see what was coming and was inclined in the right direction. As they say, fortune favours the prepared mind.

          • I envy you.

            Will you adopt me?

          • Just watch out for the gov’t drones flying overhead though. They already have night vision and FLIR, it wouldn’t take much to arm them. There is no hiding from those who want to eliminate us. Keep everything out of sight from above…

      29. I once wrote a paper for a Finance class while at ASU. It was all about a world facing a shortage of capital. That was about 35 years ago.

        LMAO! 🙂

        I was naive. That was classical education distorting my mind. Chris suffers from the same delusion. So is everyone else that believes there is, or will be, a shortage of fiat to repay the debt.

        As for too many dollars in the system, I have explained to you folks many times how dollars are destroyed, so I will not cover that ground again.

        Debt can also be retired, or replaced with cheaper debt, so that MORE debt can be serviced with the same number of dollars.

        That is the process happening now and China, as well as all the other major powers, are on board it it. All of the GB’s are PARTNERS working together.

        Chris is either a fool or naive;no one is going to stop buying or using dollars anytime soon.

        Get over it my peeps, there will not be a financial collapse from too much stress on the system. The system is demonic. That demon is not going to go away on its own.

        It must be exorcised to be rid of it.

        • So DK…what do you see coming? Higher food and gas prices, aka inflation, that will drive all of the middle class into poverty status? Food and gas lines, etc?

          On a different note…is it wise to have some cash hanging around this weekend…since Greece is “supposed” to default this Friday, the 23rd? Just wondering…

          • SML: I see war and double digit inflation. Double digit inflation is not hyper inflation; even if it feels like it for working Americans.

            Higher gas and food prices, yes, as food and hydrocarbons are linked.

            Agenda 21 which has been adopted by the PTB (for the masses), will continue to redistribute wealth from the middle classes around the world to the Uber Rich (via Corporate Fascism)and to the Very Poor (via socialism).

            These are the current trends and these trends will continue unless and until the Middle Class in America and Europe rise up with NEW political structures and NEW political parties which represent their interests to replace the status quo.

            The PTB, the NWO, only fear the loss of political power which would strip them of their crony capitalism, and indict them for the crimes that they have committed.

            There are both financial crimes and political crimes for which they must answer: including treason. There is no statute of limitations on treason.

            As long as they control the political process they control US. This is a war WE can win.


            • The monetary hyperinflation has already happened. It is the economic effect that we are waiting for.

            • GC: People like you have been screaming hyper inflation for more than two years. It hasn’t happened. I have explained why not. Read those posts.

              Even LOU ROCKWALL understands that the money is “stuck” in the banking system; and its not coming out anytime soon.

              I appreciate your insight into the “sovereign man” concept, but when it comes to economics, you apparently lack the same depth of perception.

            • Dk- You got that right. I recently heard NEWTered say “”we” have to win this election, or “we” will be in danger for the rest of “our” lives. He wasn’t talking about the american people in danger from terrorists, he was talking about SAVING HIS/OTHERS ASSES!

            • Santorum- 2007 most corrupt in us senate. Newtered- kicked out of house because corruption. romneys mittens-investment bankster. THEY ALL get the press, and never bad press, and then we got Ron Paul-constitutionalist NO PRESS!!! Can you people spell v-o-t-e f-r-a-u-d!!

            • DK Totally agree with you on Hyperinflation! When milk is 3.00 dollars a gallon when you go to bed, and wake up to 10.00 dollars the next day, then 20.00 dollars the day after and so on then you would know that hyperinflation has hit. One of the hallmarks of hyperinflation is the run away prices. As long as you have price stability, we are not in a hyperinflation scenario. I am not saying the prices on things are not rising, but it is not a runaway increase.

              Just yesterday I heard an ad on the radio for a local company celebrating their 60th anniversary. Part of the ad was listing prices in 1952. The one that caught my attention was gas at .20 cents a gallon. I had to remind my wife that today those two silver dimes would cost you about 5 dollars.

            • “As long as they control the political process they control US. This is a war WE can win.”

              You are assuming that once they realize that they are going to be “outed and routed”, that they will continue to allow the political process.

              Nothing short of a revolution is going to change anything.

              With the corruption that exists now, changing anything is impossible. (Look at what they’ve done to Ron Paul for reference)

              As it stands now…..If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.

            • Clamation- Most economists agree that hyperinflation is a “STATE OF MIND” or a “loss of faith” in a CURRENCY and not really a monetary event. The news channel are ALLWAYS telling us sheep that the dollar is strong, and everyone in the world loves the dollar, and the fed is ALWAYS in the currency,stock, and bond markets playing games(Reagan started the working group on markets). The reason, I believe, is that the world has ALLREADY lost faith in the dollar and they have to keep the AMERICAN PEOPLE from losing faith. Just as the media ignores Ron Paul, they will ignore the dollars demise.

            • Kevin, Absolutely “Money is fiction” and it requires the faith of the people using it. Peace

            • Walt: Quite repeating the tired old slogans of defeat. That is a loser mentality typically offered by losers or agents provacateurs.

              If you truly believe that propaganda, its embarrassing to hear a grown man whine.

              Voting for Retards or Demtards won’t change anything. They are both globalists and these parties are controlled by DC and NYC.

              NEW political parties must be embraced by the American people en mass.

              Try America First! Or the Patriot Party, or GOOOH. This is the “revolution” that the globalists truly fear.

              Loss of political power would have these traitors running for the exits. They are basically cowards anyway. And then WE could hunt them down and use the Rules that they have created against them.

              Turn-a-bout is fair play. Engage.

          • SML: If keeping a little cash in hand this weekend makes you feel better, safer, then by all means do it.

            The shit will hit the fan in America, eventually, and thrust US all into chaos, but this threat is not financial. It is physical.

            The planet is heating up internally. The Ring of Fire is on … well “fire”! Changes are coming. There is time to prepare for these Changes.

            Keep prepping but don’t panic.

            • TY, DK 🙂

            • Kevin, it is called “electability”. Sad to say, most women and some men vote with their “eyes”. If there is a candidate that can throw a big flashy smile and has a pretty good looking 1st lady by his side, the vote is theirs. O-bam-a-ho got hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of votes because it was just to painful to watch J McCain on TV. I heard it more than once. If Ron Paul was in a Mitt Romney body, it would be a different ball game. Especially, if Ron would just keep quiet about the “just leave Iran alone thing”.

        • DK, this concept of retiring debt with new debt…..can you give an example? Is the current Greek debt a good example. How long can this continue? I’m trying to get my head around the math.

          • DR F: You do not need to get your head around the math; just recognize the principles and understand the mechanics of the process.

            It happens all the time in the bond market as old issues are retired and new bonds issued.
            Example: 2, 5, 7, 10 yr treasuries. Debt is not static, it changes and evolves. Granted more debt has been issued in recent decades overall, but that debt also contracts too, historically,over time.

            Think of the National Debt as a giant revolving credit facility, or line of credit.

            Greece was declared in default because the major banks (read GB’s) were prepared for the fallout. Nothing bad is going to happen now. There will be no “panic”. There is not going to be cascading dominoes falling if Greece does not make its payment.

            That crisis is over. Next!:-)

        • durango kid… please.. lets be serious here… YES THEY WILL stop using dollars.. they already have ! dont you get it?

          • eeder: Apparently not! The last I heard the Japanese and Chinese were increasing their US Debt purchases. 🙂

            The percentage of global trade in dollars is less than it has been, but as the aggregate global trade increases that is to be expected.

            After the last holdouts (Iran and North Korea) by either and/or war or diplomacy, the NWO GB’s will likely expand the global basket of currencies to eventually include the Rmb and the Indian Rupee; perhaps even the Reale.

            This is still years away and won’t happen overnight. It is a natural evolution of the world economy and not to be feared; except by the “grazers”.

            My peeps, ask yourself: “Are you a grazer?”

            Watch the cycle. The mill of the gods (GB’s) grinds slowly but it grinds exceedingly fine. There is time to prep, to prepare, and adapt for those willing to change.

            China is re-positioning its economy to develop its consumer base, as much of world consumption moves to the new middle class in China with disposable income to spend on all of the things that Americans have been buying over the years.

            As China changes it model from export to consumption, India (and then Turkey)rises to develop in the same way that China has. It has all been long planned and is unfolding according to plan.

            This doesn’t bode well for working Americans but it doesn’t represent “financial collapse” except for those people who do not adapt.

            That means Americans MUST turn off Idol and Jersylicious and get serious about their politics and their economics.

            If they don’t they are toast.

            • DK- We get the creation/destruction of money thing, and yes, China/japan ARE increasing their treasury holdings(sorry eeder,your wrong, the info is out there look it up)but their NOT buying as much. BUT the fed CAN misjudge how much dinero to print up, so domestic inflation CAN go higher then you say. The nations of the world ARE starting to trade amongst them selves in other then dollars, the info/proof is out there, look it up. My concern is that I believe the fed/and gubmint has printed trillions and trillions of paper currency through the years(wouldn’t surprise me if they have been buying off dictators and politicians with thousands of pallats full of hundred dollar bills since the 50’s) and when that money comes home, KABOOM TIME. They allow the drug trade to happen so 500 billion a year leaves the country(inflation fighter) and they allow offshoring of money from major companies for the same reason. I believe that pretty soon, the dollars comming in will be like a tsunami and then coupled with the death of the petro dollar we will be in deep doo doo. You are very familiar with the fiat system, and you hand people their a$$es on this subject(I think you handed me mine once) but I still think your missing the train(of thought) about the world leaving the dollar behind in world trade!!

            • Dk-forgot one thing. What are your thoughts on a curreny revaluation( a quick one, like argentina). I would think THAT would be a more of a threat to us common folk then hyperinflation(right now).

            • Kevin: The drug trade flourishes because it is managed by the Mossad and the CIA to fund their black ops.

              No doubt the intelligence agencies of other nations participate in some form or fashion.

              I don’t disagree that the FRN is the transaction medium of exchange in a smaller percentage of global trade now, and that other nations are using gold and other currencies to trade.

              That is to be expected as global trade expands to include more production from third world countries (like India) as they industrialize.

              But that fact is not a harbinger of financial “collapse” in America. WE had the collapse. WE are recovering now. Chinese consumers will become the new engine of growth (consumption) for the factories owned by the Uber Rich. That process is beginning now. It has been planned for some time.

              After that, India and Turkey, as globalization moves around the world to the most populous and most politically stable nations ( read: those countries willing to go along with the NWO).

              The American economy will likely remain muted as it is now, and somewhat stagnant, but that is not collapse. Its just where WE are at while the funds of the Uber Rich seek the lowest cost of doing business with the highest profit margin.

              If the FRN does not drop in value then jobs will not return to America. A drop in value of the FRN is not collapse, but it does represent a decline in the quality of life for most working Americans who cannot leverage their skill set to command more money, or expand their business.

              If American Patriots do not rise up and exercise their political power, the American economy will remain in a stagnant whimper, but no KABOOM.

            • Kevin: With respect to Argentina, I do not see it as a threat to OUR workers because the President there (that really hot chick) doesn’t understand that the CITY, in the city of London rules the world, financially speaking.

              If it continues to challenge the UK over the Falklands, it will find itself on the outside looking in.

              The GB’s have identified India and Turkey for now as the next rotation for incestment funds if they play the NWO GB game as these are the most populous.

              Argentina will have to wait its turn.

            • Kevin: “Incestment funds” was a Freudian slip, but may be closer to the truth than not.

            • DK- Manos posted a great post on whats going on in greece, Its about 1-7th the way down this page, describing exactly what you are talkinh about with the lower wage thing, some of that pay cut is going to the greek gubmint in taxes.

            • Kevin: While it is theoretically possible for the FED to misjudge the amount of FRN’s to print, don’t bet on it.

              The government in general, and the FED in particular, employ the best bean counters in America. They are highly intelligent and highly competent. They are not inept.

              They know exactly what they are doing, and what they are doing to US.

            • Dk- What I meant was a UNITED STATES currency revaluation, simular to WHAT they did in argentina. Yep, she is hot!!!

            • Kevin: The FED is trying to devalue FRN’s but its hard when they are in such great demand. 🙂

              O’Bummer’s stated goal when he took office in 2009 was to increase exports by 20% a year, every year, over five years: or double exports in that time frame. The only way that goal could possibly be reached is if the FRN’s were devalued through inflation using monetary policy.

              That has been the intent, while pushing the Chinese to let the Rmb rise in value as it rightfully should. World events have made this difficult to implement.

              Someday, it may take the form of some sort of “re-evaluation” within a basket of currencies as the basis for a global currency (SDR’s) but nothing like that on the near horizon.

              No collapse people, but if the dollar doesn’t decline in purchasing power jobs will not return to America.

              And they probably will not any way when the average poverty level is 44 cents a day in India.

              The Uber Rich are salivating to exploit India.

            • hahahaha.. you guys will fall for anything.. THEY ARE NET SELLERS!AND YOU FUCKED!

            • @eeder. bro- I am convinced the feds numbers are bull$hit, but just like discussing the comex, you only got their numbers to go off of. The feds numbers are as reliable as any web site out there- NOT RELIABLE. We are ALL falling for bull$hit!

        • You may be right. If the system collapses the elites will no longer be able to make money and may actually end up dead. Lots of incentive to keep the sham going.

          • Yes. If the system “collapses” the elites will not be able to make money and the wealth that they have is primarily in paper assets, so they would lose most of their wealth too.

            If the the system collapsed. Most of them would be killed in the subsequent chaos.

            Revolutions are messy.

        • and I will say it AGAIN..DK is an idiot and I can’t wait for his back pedaling when hyperinflation hits, as it has dozens of times just in the past 100 years I can’t tell if he is naive, or just likes being the contraarian to inflate his ego.but his “superior” insight into economics is asinine

          • ANON: You are the fucking idiot. Assholes like you have been screaming hyper inflation for two years. Where is it? Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation. No hyperinflation this year either. You must be a fucking moron or brain dead.

            Which is it?

      30. On a practical note. Know your neighbors political ideology. Carefully ask casual questions to determine their ideology. If they are of an entitlement philosophy odds are they won’t carry their weight in a community or survival group.

        Print out the area and know who lives in what house. Who has some survival skills or useful equipment.

        Even empty houses are good to know. Post a complete collapse, you will want to scavenge as much as you can to make green houses and barriers. Patch bullet holes. Cover windows.

        If it’s a bank owned house and the banks are burning across the country, you might consider trading up if it’s more defensible and has a pool for water storage.

      31. i suggest everyone here converts any extra fiat fake fascist ameriKan dollars they have ( after setting monies aside for 3 months expenses ) into real physical precious metals, SILVER OUNCE .999 and GOLD OUNCE .999 and hide it good from everyone! don’t even let the dog see where it is…


        PHUCK THE NWO!


        • “Bankers know that history is inflationary and that money is the last thing a wise man will hoard!” -Will Durant


          • In addition to their power over government based on government financing and personal influence, bankers could steer governments in ways they wished them to go by other pressures. example: 5000 dollar male porn star strippers/ prostitutes/ and weekend orgies! – Carroll Quigley

            THE EASIEST WAY TO ROB A BANK? Is too Own One!

            BANKERS the World Over are Quitting in droves! 346 to date in 4 months! Heading for their Retreats and Bunkers!



        • what did this senator do? bruce tetvedt?and how do you pronounce that last name?
          at least your senator is not levin……… or mcain.
          or am i wrong again?

          • hammerhead hes a traitor…. just like

              NO TO C-10 AND C-11
              YES TO C-19

            • EEDER – carl levin mi. aint no ball o joy either

              they have had their day in the sun, simply vote them out


            On January 16, 2006, WMR reported that according to a US Navy sailor who was aboard the Forrestal on the fateful day of the fire, “McCain and the Forrestal’s skipper, Capt. John K. Beling, were warned about the danger of using M-65 1000-lb. bombs manufactured in 1935, which were deemed too dangerous to use during World War II and, later, on B-52 bombers. The fire from the Zuni missle misfire resulted in the heavy 1000 pound bombs being knocked loose from the pylons of McCain’s A-4 aircraft, which were only designed to hold 500-pound bombs.”

            WMR further reported, “The unstable bombs had a 60-second cook-off threshold in a fire situation and this warning was known to both Beling and McCain prior to the disaster.” WMR also cited the potential that McCain’s Navy records were used against him by the neo-cons in control of the Pentagon, “The neo-cons, who have had five years to examine every file within the Department of Defense, have likely accessed documents that could prove embarrassing to McCain, who was on board the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, and whose A-4 Skyhawk was struck by an air-toground Zuni missile that had misfired from an F-4 Phantom.”

            WMR has been informed that crewmen aboard the Forrestal have provided additional information about the Forrestal incident. It is believed by many crewmen and those who have investigated the case that McCain deliberately “wet-started” his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his A-4. “Wet-starts”, done either deliberately or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.

            In McCain’s case, the “wet-start” apparently “cooked off” and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration. “Wet starting” was apparently a common practice among young “hot-dog” pilots.

            McCain was quickly transferred to the USS Oriskany (the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred). Three months later, McCain was shot down over North Vietnam on October 26, 1967.

            As WMR previously reported, at the time of the Forrestal disaster, McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, Jr., was Commander-in-Chief of US Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR) and was busy covering up the details of the deadly and pre-meditated June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the NSA spy ship, the USS Liberty.

            The fact that both McCains were involved in two incidents just weeks apart that resulted in a total death count of 168 on the Forrestal and the Liberty, with an additional injury count of 234 on both ships (with a number of them later dying from their wounds) with an accompanying classified paper trail inside the Pentagon, may be all that was needed to hold a Sword of Damocles over the head of the “family honor”-oriented McCain by the neo-cons. BRIBED CORRUPT TRAITOR!

              • I find that interesting but very unlikely. Aircraft exhaust are always pointed outboard for safety while allowing more aircraft to be parked topside. Aircraft cannot be started up until the Air Boss allows it. Pilots cannot turn their engines until their Plane Captain and Aviation Ordnance men are there at that particular aircraft to start up. Most tactical navy aircraft require other equipment to enable turning of engines (compressed air, electrical power, APU, GPU). I served multiple cruises on the FID. That is CV-59 USS Forrestal to you. Have you seen the full PLAT video? The A-4 had no self start capability which would increase weight and parts. Therefore this story is: bull shit.

                • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chuiyXQKw3I Planes are not ALWAYS parked like that back then. WHATS THAT PLANE ON BOTTOM OF SCREEN!! This is a video that starts right after the event that started the fire. “SOMEHOW” it starts they say. By an admirals son perhaps?? What the navy NEVER found out what that “somehow” was?? Didn’t mclaim get like a medal for every 5 minutes or something like that????

                • I have become a fan of this site because of knowledgeable, experienced folks like you, Sweed. Some posters, who do not need to be named, just rant out their nether orifice. Kudos for calling BS.

            • Hey bluh2o- Watch the video of Mclaim exposed by vets. Its not me or anyone else “ranting” this is from vets themselves. Watch the video of the forestal fire. SEE THAT PLANE PARKED?????? Scared to watch perhaps??? Sweeds comment is great, but the camera does not LIE!

            • Sweed- Couldn’t you see mclaim telling the airboss-piss off my dad is your boss! I could. Look how arogant he is NOW!!! Speculation? yes! Out of the realm of possibility?NO. We have all seen examples of this in our lives at work.

            • Blue ~

              I would really suggest that you do some research. You may not like the way Nina says things but you’ll find, if you check out the links he provides, he is very rarely wrong.

              Don’t let the delivery hide the message – there is a lot to be learned from him.

            • Kevin, the aircraft at the bottom of the screen is an A-3 aircraft. Usually two were brought onboard well after the air wing flies onboard. Google it, it is VERY large. It’s nickname is all three dead “The Whale”. No ejection seats and with the crew in the back with difficult options. The nose of “The Whale” is over on the starboard side elevator aft of the sail beside Ms. Tilly. The other A-3 is up on the fwd catapult for launch to clear the deck for more room and provide tanker support. These two aircraft doubled as airborne tankers and bombers beside intel. Almost all pilots were transferred immediately after the fire because the carrier sustained heavy damage and required lengthy repair. There is no aircraft behind McCain’s A-4 because is it parked on the port side over the catwalk. You should never ask a question you don’t know while being arrogant and wrong.

            • Sweed-WOW! A little sensitive are’nt ya buddy! YOU convinced me you served on her! You didn’t answer the second or 3rd question. Since you served on her, what was the cause of the rocket firing?(the “somehow” in the vid I posted) Do you think mclaim would tell the air boss- piss off, my dads your boss(the admiral of the fleet there)? Arrogant? NO, perhaps I did phrase that wrong. Wrong? partually, there is obviously a plane stationary, with the exhaust NOT pointing outboard, Thanks for the info. Look, What McCain did back then, WOW! I have the utmost respect for, but the man he is now(mclaim) and the unamerican agendas he votes for and commie agendas he pushes, that makes him mclaim.

            • to me there is no question that john mccain and lindsey “war piggy” grahm are the two most vile members of either the united states congress or senate.. and there is alot of vomit inducing people there. these two are truly something though.. they make me ill.

          • TRAITOR NEOCON NWO YELLOW COWARD: BRUCE TUTVEDT for Montana State Senate District Three. The incumbent is the personification of the word RINO. This neocon is the bane of liberty and constitutional government. In fact, he is quoted as having told a gathering of local Republicans a few days ago, “We are NOT constitutionalists; we are NOT freedom-fighters.” Pray tell, Senator, if you are not willing to support and defend the Constitution, if you are not willing to support and defend freedom, what in Hades are you doing in public office?

            This man comes from a long-established Montanan family with a good reputation in the State. Unfortunately, he has used that reputation to vault himself to the State senate. Name the issue and this Big Government toady is on the wrong side of it. He’s on the wrong side of the Second Amendment issue; he’s on the wrong side of the life issue; he’s on the wrong side of the less government and less taxes issue; he’s on the wrong side of the right to work issue; he’s on the wrong side of the State sovereignty issue; and he’s on the wrong side of the right of parents to educate their children via private or Christian education or homeschooling issue. And adding insult to injury, if this man is reelected this year, he will, in all likelihood, be elected Senate President, which means he will use his incredible power and influence to kill most of the good legislation that many of the noble house members and senators will bring forth next legislative term–not to mention the scores of RINOs and neocons that he will help place in key political positions around the State. This man simply must be defeated in the Republican primary, which takes place this June 2012 .


        • yes nina as hard as you possibly can!

        • ….”They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD”…..

      32. And that will take a dozen or more years if ever

      33. Good evening from the UK

        I have done something I never though I would do……….

        On an individual and family level the shit is starting to hit the fan big time. It is getting so expensive just to feed the kids. Living frugally is more expensive than I have ever known it, and time wise it is becoming more like a full time job, touring around looking for cheaper prices is time consuming when trying to fit in working and being a lone parent. Clothing is going up, utilities are going up and food is skyrocketing. To add insult to injury the latest inflation figures came out today.

        The BBC have just announced the latest numbers. The government…lying b@€$#%ds have just reported inflation has dropped to 3.4%. Right. The exchange rate is $1.58=£1

        Diesel £1.47 a LITRE at 5 litres to the gallon that makes it over $11 per gallon in the provinces more in London

        Bread £0.95 for an own brand loaf

        Box of own brand whole wheat cereal £2.12

        2 pints of supermarket milk £1.36

        Medium quality beef £7.00 per lb

        A small chicken £4.50

        Mature cheddar cheese £8.76 per lb

        Apples £1.67 per lb

        I could go on…but I think you get the idea.

        I was better off on benefits, working gives me less available cash for food and bills, less time to spend with my child. It does not pay to work here anymore, not unless you get a huge salary.
        It is the first of our two yearly budgets tomorrow, the top tax rate, applicable for only the highest of high earners is going to be reduced….yes reduced. Talk about looking after your own. Petrol and diesel tax is going up, by a minimum of 3.4p per litre,£0.17 per gallon if he sticks to the minimum amount, that will add £10.20 a tank to my bill, not accounting for crude oil price rises.

        I considered myself lucky to get off benefit and back into work, but to be honest I am really starting to wonder if I am the stupid one. I had more spare cash, and therefore did more prepping on benefits than I can hope to do now. My confidence and self esteem has improved no end by re-joining the workforce but my bank account and preps have suffered. I am giving my child a good example, but is that at the cost of stocking up to protect her future?

        And the thing I have done is get a credit card. The reason is simple, when the trouble really starts, they can go for the trainers and laptops, I will go to Walmart and max out the card. There will probably be consequences for doing that at some point…but to be frank to hell with them, they can sue me, but at least my child will not be hungry. I truly couldn’t think of another way to ensure her food security, there is nothing else to cut back on to free up money to do it the honourable way.

        Take care

        • Burt…did the same thing here! Got a Walmart pre-approved CC in the mail, so I went for it~~We are out of debt, except for my house, (Hey ANON….Yes, I STILL have my house and am making the payments, I know that makes you unhappy, you can’t call me a scum free loader anymore!! LOL! ) anyway, we hope to stay that way, but IF I need it…then CHARGE IT!!

          • I can be in Asda Walmart within 10 minutes of trouble breaking out, I know the layout of the store and I know what I will be aiming to buy. A new store, the most massive I have seen has opened ten minutes further on so my target store is not overly busy. I have a good sized estate car and could pack enough in to reach the card limit. As I say, it will be a burt decides the time has come moment before I do this, but if I have to, then do it I will.

            My child deserves a future, and I will give her one or die trying.

            Take care

            • Sorry Burt

              can only give ya 1 thumb–but its up

          • @Smoky——— it is me….ANON! Glad to hear it… and I APOLOGIZE for saying that so many times. Things are so fucking tough everywhere………..
            Wish *I* were in the smoky freakin mountains!

            Congrats on your Bersa and Happy B day.

            I do still think a lotta people on here are cukoo though.

        • Burt the Brit

          As they say, “You can’t get blood from a stone”. If you max out that card and hide the food/supplies what can they get from you when you have nothing? If inflation really hits just pay the damn thing off with a hyper inflated pound.

          Good luck in the UK protecting yourself though. Wish ya the best.

          • Cheers Kevin…my thoughts exactly

            Take care

      34. please dont do that!it will be much to late by then no one will take any card cash nothing start small get a little extra every day take your time be smart about it if you wait that long its to late!!!! That is what puts the P in prep. I dont know about the UK but I would imagine you can even find military mre’s can food SALT HONEY WHOLE WHEAT CANNED AND FREEZE DRIED STUFF!! lighting etc… Please don’t wait till the last minute it’s too late.

        • Thank you for the advice, I assume everyone can read my mind, apologies for that. I have been prepping in a small way for a good while, I have probably got enough stored to manage for the two of us for six months if we are prudent with the supplies, the credit card thing is my top up method. I have lived through lots of riots here, Toxteth, Brick Lane,, Handsworth and last year, the ones that spanned the country. If that shit comes around again the card gets used.

          It’s mad that working prevents me from prepping but living on benefits enables me…weird or what?

          Sorry I never made myself clear.

          Take care

      35. Making Chlorine Bleach

        To make a chlorine bleach solution using calcium hypochlorite, here are some formulas I got from the Army Technical Bulletin entitled, “SANITARY CONTROL AND SURVEILLANCE OF FIELD WATER SUPPLIES” (TB MED 577).

        From the Army manual, to make a concentrated chlorine solution that you can use for disinfecting water (or to be used in maintaining a clean and sanitary living environment), you’ll want to use calcium hypochlorite that has around 70% available chlorine.

        If you’re buying pool shock, on the back of the bag it will tell you what percentage of chlorine is available. The one I use is called “Zappit 73 Pool Shock, it is pure calcium hyphochlorite that contains up to 73% available chlorine and sells for around $ 5 for a 1lb bag.

        To make the homemade chlorine bleach solution, you’ll need to do the following:

        * Mix 2 level Tablespoons of Calcium Hypochlorite to 3 cups of water.

        After you’ve made your stock of chlorine solution, you’ll want to follow the formula from the Army Technical Bulletin in determining how much of the above stock chlorine solution you’ll need for your desired number of gallons of water to be disinfected. *Note: I’ve updated the formula to calculate the same concentration that household bleach has. If you have questions, fire me an email and I’ll be more than happy to explain the math.

        mL of stock chlorine required = (desired concentration (mg/L)*number of gallons to be treated)/18.12

        The desired concentration refers to how much chlorine in mg/L you want the disinfected water to have. A recommended amount is 7 mg/L of concentration. This equates to adding 8 drops of household liquid bleach to 1 gallon of water (the recommended amount when disinfecting water with household bleach).

        Given these amounts, if you wanted to disinfect 1 gallon of water with the homemade chlorine solution, the formula would be as follows:

        This equates to .38mL or 8 drops of the concentrated solution per gallon of water. Just like normal household bleach!

        So the 3 step process is as follows:

        1. Place 8 drops of homemade chlorine bleach in 1 gallon of water
        2. Let stand for 30 min
        3. If water is still cloudy, repeat steps until clear; otherwise it is ready to drink

        Keep in mind, that once the homemade chlorine bleach is made it will follow the same shelf-life limitations as standard household liquid bleach. So be sure to only make amounts you will be using within that time frame.

        • To add to Michael’s post:

          American Society for Microbiology

          Vinegar increases killing power of bleach

          Adding white vinegar to diluted household bleach greatly increases the disinfecting power of the solution, making it strong enough to kill even bacterial spores. Researchers from MicroChem Lab, Inc. in Euless, Texas, report their findings today at the 2006 ASM Biodefense Research Meeting.

          Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in the form of laundry bleach is available in most households. The concentrate is about 5.25 to 6 percent NaOCl, and the pH value is about 12. Sodium hypochlorite is stable for many months at this high alkaline pH value.

          “Laundry bleach is commonly diluted about 10 to 25-fold with tap water to about 2000 to 5000 parts per million of free available chlorine for use as an environmental surface disinfectant, without regard to the pH value of the diluted bleach. However, the pH value is very important for the antimicrobial effectiveness of bleach,” says Norman Miner, a researcher on the study.

          At alkaline pH values of about 8.5 or higher, more than 90 percent of the bleach is in the form of the chlorite ion (OCl-), which is relatively ineffective antimicrobially. At acidic pH values of about 6.8 or lower, more than 80 percent of the bleach is in the form of hypochlorite (HOCl). HOCl is about 80 to 200 times more antimicrobial than OCl-.

          “Bleach is a much more effective antimicrobial chemical at an acidic pH value than at the alkaline Ph value at which bleach is manufactured and stored. A small amount of household vinegar is sufficient to lower the pH of bleach to an acidic range,” says Miner.

          Miner and his colleagues compared the ability of alkaline (pH 11) and acidified (pH 6) bleach dilutions to disinfect surfaces contaminated with dried bacterial spores, considered the most resistant to disinfectants of all microbes. The alkaline dilution was practically ineffective, killing all of the spores on only 2.5 percent of the surfaces after 20 minutes. During the same time period the acidified solution killed all of the spores on all of the surfaces.

          “Diluted bleach at an alkaline pH is a relatively poor disinfectant, but acidified diluted bleach will virtually kill anything in 10 to 20 minutes,” says Miner. “In the event of an emergency involving Bacillus anthracis spores contaminating such environmental surfaces as counter tops, desk and table tops, and floors, for example, virtually every household has a sporicidal sterilant available in the form of diluted, acidified bleach.”

          Miner recommends first diluting one cup of household bleach (NB: made as outlined above by Michael) in one gallon of water and then adding one cup of white vinegar.


          MicroChem Lab can be found online at www(dot)microchemlab(dot)net

          The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the largest single life science society, composed of over 42,000 scientists, teachers, physicians, and health professionals. Its mission is to promote research and training in the microbiological sciences and to assist communication between scientists, policymakers, and the public to improve health, economic well-being, and the environment.

          Further information on the ASM Biodefense Research Meeting can be found online at www(dot)asmbiodefense(dot)org.


          Passed on from a microbiologist several years ago. Vinegar keeps better than bleach, but recipes for making your own vinegar are on the web.

          • Please measure your chlorine CAREFULLY when using it to purify drinking water. If you add even a little too much, you will get diarrhea. This will create a cycle of getting dehydrated, drinking more over-chlorinated water, and getting more dehydrated. I see many postings of using bleach or shock, but no one warns about this part of it. Over-chlorinated water can KILL you. More is NOT better.

          • People, please note that 1 c. of bleach disolved into 1 gal H2O, the add 1 c. vinegar is for DISINFECTING, NOT drinking. PLease don’t scan this good post and think it is for drinking water.

      36. everyone should check out these two links. they are both of dr rima leibow (whose husband was a General and is the head of the oath keepers). these videos should chill you down to the core!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gWmVtn5JsA&feature=player_embedded

        and this video of dr rimas latest podcast featuring clint richardson who made the riveting documentary Lethal Injection: the true story of vaccination. Everyone needs to see that as well!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TJP9AK1lhU&context=C443081dADvjVQa1PpcFNtfmHvzVRzzoGKYXwNA9LGMtX004OorTE=

        • @Justin:

          watched the first link and listened to part of the second one lst night.

          It is interesting to see that this is being presented to a group that likely voted 98% for the present administration!

          Thanx for the link. I normally wouldn’t seek out this presenter and I am more hopeful seeing the New Agers/hippies/youth standing and applauding Dr. Rima.

      37. Bubba and Jr go preppin’

        Bubba- ‘You sure your wife said it’s ok to use her credit card for all this stuff?’
        Jr- ‘Sure. No problem. Just as long as she don’t notice that $40 tip we left at Hooters, she’ll be fine.’
        Bubba- ‘And ‘splain to me again how going to Hooters was considered preppin’.’
        Jr- ‘Like I told you, we was out getting supplies and we had to stop for lunch somewhere, didn’t we? Just don’t forget to tell your wife about all the good stuff we got. That’ll distract her from where we et.’
        Bubba- ‘You mean like the 5 gallon cans of chain saw oil, and the 600 lbs of chicken feed?’
        Jr- ‘Exactly!’
        Bubba- ‘But neither of us has chickens and the only chain saw we got between us aint run in three years.’
        Jr- ‘That don’t matter. We’re taking this stuff to okie’s. The chicken feed is to pay him back for all the eggs we’ve sto- er, borrowed from him. And the oil is for HIS saw.’
        Bubba- ‘Ok, but I don’t think he’ll loan us the saw again. Not after you pawned it the last time and he had to buy it back. Boy was he pissed!’
        Jr- ‘Actually, he was madder at you than me, remember? I just pawned it, you’re the one that used the chain bar for a pry tool and bent it. Besides, he’s pretty much forgiven all that by now.’
        Bubba- ‘One more thing I been wonderin’ about. Does okie have enough room in the barn to store 1700 surplus ammo cans? Why’d we get so many?’
        Jr- ‘I aint got all the details figured out yet. Now, quit yappin’ and turn up the Merle Haggard, I need to think…’

        • LOL!! Okie…thanks for the laugh!!

        • Awesome Okie. Very Tucker-and-Dale. 🙂

      38. Phantom money that has practically nothing substantial to back it up. The ONLY foundation holding up the U.S. dollar is that oil is purchased using the dollar. I have long questioned when OPEC decides to start using OPEC dollars with a oil shiek on one side of a bill or coin and an oil derrick on the other side, and stops using U.S. Dollars to do transactions how fast the U.S. dollar will fall. Even a basket currency would be devastating to the U.S. dollar because other countries will find a more stable means of buying and selling.

        I don’t know how many people remember when the U.S. dollar actually had hard currency backing it up. Wasn’t it about the time that Nixon ended silver coins that the United States reached its own peak oil where they no longer where prodcuing as much oil as the previous year domestically. I think it was about 1970. Coincidence maybe.

        If OPEC decides to use something other than the U.S. dollar for selling its oil it won’t be a coincidence that the U.S. dollar index falls into the 30 or 40 range or lower and the real economic chaos begins, here in the U.S. and probably all over the world as panic and wild speculation sets in.

        We are all in trouble, and lets just hope that at least some of the population sees this and puts their preparation plans into high gear. Let’s hope.

      39. I live in the Pacific NW portion of the US, which still has a fairly strong economy chugging a long.

        I’ve noticed gas prices going up, pushing 4 bucks, food prices going up, real estate sales way down, and numerous stores/shops out of business, but aside from that, life appears to be continuing without much of a glitch. Nothing that would indicate a financial tidal wave is approaching. With that being said, I’ve been expecting various forms of “collapse” to manifest for well over 10 years (actually, since the ’80’s), but somehow the can keeps getting kicked down the road. I keep hearing that the “can” can only be kicked for so long, but how long is “long” IS the question. This year? Next? 5 years? 10 years?

        I think collapse is a state of mind. If food is on the table, the lights are on, bills are not accumulating, but being paid, then collapse is a foreign concept, for most. I suspect many people are having a hard time right now. I am fortunate, life has been good. I have learned to live frugally but with an occasional “splurge”. Haven’t owed anyone any money, or any thing, for over 20 years. I think peoples lives are collapsing on a daily basis, based on how “most” of them lived beyond their means, at one time or another, in the past. Maybe when a magic number is hit, and those in dire straits out number those who are living “in the black”, then some form of “collapse” will make itself known to the majority on the planet.

        In the meantime, I “hear” collapse keeps assimilating more and more of those on the fence, each day, and I can only wonder “what is Real”?

        • I’m in NW too, things seem solid here, but the system is showing cracks. Most people I know are befuddled when I mention these issues. The concept of preparedness is foriegn to them.

        • European-American,

          I live here in south east Texas and I’d say that your summary fits here as well, w.r.t. quality of life. The people living in the shallows; check-to-check, and no cash reserves, are really feeling it. Overtime and sales incentives are drying up. Petty crime is escalating – many instances in daylight.

          I think the western bankers are trying to set up an echelon, a ranking of debt among all the nations – with all dependent nations (mid-east, Africa, south asia, mainland Europe, and various islands) being stuck on the debt plan (a la PIIGS nations) – the IMF will not let these people default on their debts. The idea is that the west, principally the US, will hold all the debt notes of these countries – a new debt hegemony. Will the dependent nations revolt?

          As for “collapse” timing – I think that the communist will only buy treasuries that are backed by gold or a disproportionate allocations of SDRs from the IFM – meaning that majority of international gold allocations would be credited to China. As gold is transferred to China, the Chinese are supporting OPEC nations that are trying to free themselves from petro-dollar hegemony – and it looks like this effort is succeeding. When oil sales are no longer denominated in USDs, this will be the end of use of USDs as the world reserve currency – dollars will be useless for trading around the world, and will not be backed by any tangible asset. Hyper-inflation of prices will occur quickly – in a matter of days. When hyper-inflation occurs, then there is a panic rush on the banks and grocers. The USGov will secure (sieze) food, utilities, and other strategic resources, and will intervene in the financial system with a recalibration of the value of the dollar (w.r.t. gold?), or possibly issuing a new currency or institute an RFI chip/electronic credit system – easier to implement if we all work for the state. When you see oil sales transacted in non-USD currencies – know that the end draweth nigh.


      40. Hey Burt….know what you mean….I live in Canada, and today I shopped for powdered milk..I was in shock to find out it is over $9.00 per lb.!! Haven’t purchased since my children were small about 35 yrs ago, but could not believe that a small bag cost me over $10.00!! I will be using it very sparingly!! now have to find some more $$ to go buy more!! You are a smart lady to be looking out for your child in the manner you mention. God Bless!

      41. Burt- They sell milk in pints in the UK grocery stores? Yikes, that would last half a day at my house. If my calculations are close, does that make a gallon of milk $8.60? Prices are definitley escalating here, but those kind of prices would cripple MOST Americans. BTW, I enjoy reading your comments to get a glimpse of life across the pond. Not pretty there either!

        • Hiya Annie

          Scary isn’t it? I had my baba very late in life,just before I turned 50 Hell of a shock, I thought it was menopause lol. Anyway, I feel it acutely that has a mom of this age, it has more benefits than you would think though.

          I am far more chilled than young moms, done the cars, dates, parties holidays and flash car stages a while back so I don’t feel motherhood has deprived me of anything.

          Have worked hard and know a thing or two about a thing or two if you get what I mean

          Us old uns are far less inclined to agree to stuff, any stuff, to please others, like me or don’t attitudes prevail when you get to a certain age

          I still have knowledge of the pre computerised, pre convenience food age on a first hand level, my child is learning to bake, garden, etc as I have , and still am passing that on to her.

          I have lived through many crises and am more aware than many young moms.

          Well, time to go for the school run, it is just past 8 am here,

          Have a good day all and take care

        • You got it right Mandy

          EVERYTHING here is in stupidly small sizes….my theory is that our package sizes mathes the brain capacity of our politicians.

          Take care

      42. DK makes a few good points about why he believes there will be no currency crisis. But, something is bound to give sooner or later.

        If there were some kind of economic crisis, that would be all the excuse they need to go cashless, and force people to take the RFID chip, if they still want access to thier bank accounts…

        The article makes it sound benign, but China is dumping US Treasuries:

        Here’s today’s US debt clock:

        3 carrier battlegroups near Iran, Isreal voted to attack, US help or not. Of course we will be sucked in.

        A number of un-American bills have been passed, and now an EO that ties them all together.

        Back after 9/11, I had a deep gut-feeling that America was being set-up. A storm is coming…

      43. We’ve got one last chance to save the republic, vote for the democratic or republican party this november! Let’s face it, they’ll save the day. They always have; right? Look at how all of their hard work has positioned the country thus far. Now, if we can just give ’em one more crack at it, we’ll all be living large, won’t we?

        • Love the sarcasm… lol

      44. For many, the collapse is already here.For others, it is coming with the slow grind of the boot on their neck through the theft of their income by inflation and no raises or fewer hours. My family is experiencing the latter. Luckily, we live a simple frugal lifestyleand are fairly self sufficient.All I see is more of the same.Time to “hang a banker a week until they straighten up”.

      45. All of you in USA and Europa, will be slaves of China in the future, like now are slaves of Israel.
        There is no problem, just is a change of owner.
        Boys, all of you are death.

        • Shut up and get back to delivering take away meals you silly bugger

        • Wrong Lee,

          Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf. Your statement needs a lot of work in order to be considered.

      46. The collapse WILL NOT HAPPEN, not yet!
        Anyone who analyses the markets can clearly see that 2016 is the year of the beginning of the controlled down slide, not collapse.
        I am not worried… not yet.

      47. Ok, so what is the best move for someone who works for a living, has a little saved in cash, and has debt? Pay debt off and use saved cash? Buy gold and continue paying debt? What is the right move?

        • Long time ago a man named Maslow did a hierarchy of needs. The net is; survival needs first. For 50-100 bucks you can get a very plain survival diet, for 3 months. Then buy a few bucks worth of silver coin, some vitamins, Pay off expensive debt, See your dentist, get your teeth in shape, lots of little stuff. It’s a process of getting things in shape. yes, if you have $500,000 it’s quick and easy, Otherwise look at your life and start weaning yourself off the dependency on others and get ready to lose your job. Because if you keep a good job you win.

          • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has a Huge error.
            At the bottom of the pyramid should be liberty!

            A slave has his survival needs met. Some might call that a path to self-actualization, while a whole lot of others disagree.

            No wonder Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is taught in all the co-ed child prisons, er I mean public schools, how else is a nation supposed to think they are free when they are not?

      48. The ‘collapse” is all timed and planned folks..
        and is happening NOW as we all comment..

        it is death by a thousand cuts..

        incremental inflation via rising food and gas prices..
        then.. acceptance as the norm by the populace..

        one day you wake up and face the reality you no longer can afford to pay certain vital bills..

        a few weeks later the mortgage is late
        the gas
        the electric
        the cable
        the car insurance
        the health insurance
        the excise tax
        the water bill
        the cell phone bill

        on and on

        it all piles up

        you go to the grocery store…skip this item and that item..

        lets; cut this
        let’s cut that

        have none of you experienced this ?

        or are all of you in a windfall employment situation and comfortable..?

        I am as millions of Americans..screwed..and very anxious

        Everything we believed in is wrong..
        wrong is right

        right is wrong


        28% of responsible homeowners are underwater now in 2012..


        • That is exactly my situation now, making the same money I was 10 years ago with a 50%+ increase in basic expenses. One credit card company filing a judgment against me, I might as well declare bankruptcy and just get it over with…

        • Just be grateful that we have such a wonderful president looking out for us. After he raises taxes on the wealthy none of us will want for anything. All Hail The Obama!! I despise his sing song way of speaking. He sounds like Will Smith in MIB.

      49. when you take a step back, you realize that there are very few countries left that aren’t in big trouble. Each country keeps trying to debase their currency to make it more competitive, and this action leads to other problems. if you pay attention to the times, it seeems that nothing that any country does anymore make any difference. They are all , for the most part hanging on by their last bailout initiave.
        To me, it seems they are all hanging on by a nail. all it will take is one big enough hick-up, and the waterfall collapse begins. BUT, I think before this happens, the PTB will start their war that they are so desperately trying to start now.
        Not only will this distract the masses, it will kill of several million people that the PTB want to get rid of anyway. I hope everyone has their stuff together, because when all this comes down, it’s going to be as bad as we have expected for a long time.
        I would love to be wrong about what I think is coming, but with each passing day, the certainity of what is coming is plainly in our faces.

        • Only kill off several million people? I think if they start another war in Iran and / or Syria the ripple effect will be catastrophic!! We’ll see more than a couple million people dead like we did in Iraq!! We ruined that country good and proper!! Between 1991 and 2012 (20 years) We must have killed off a good 2 million people and wounded and maimed many more. And really, for what? Does anyone really know why we destroyed Iraq? Certainly wasn’t because of the 9/11 fairy tale. We’d been bombing Iraq into submission for ten years before the 9/11 incident.

          People in the Middle East are getting sick and tired of all these made up fairy tale excuses the PTB use to make war on so many of them. And yet, what can they do? If they fight back, we pulverize them to dust with Military might. But ‘who’ are we pulverizing?

          We now have few to no rights left and fewer jobs. Our country is a mess, yet we allow ourselves to be pushed further into poverty and servitude by the corrupt bankers, while our leaders tell fairy tales to us and the rest of the world to justify sending aircraft carriers to take out people living in mud huts and who herd goats for a living.

          Thos is Madness!!!

      50. There is no doubt that cost of living is WAY up. I am simply shocked Obama is not getting more blame for gas price inflation and general food inflation than he is and it makes me feel that the majority of society is simply brain dead to what is happening. They will continue to pay and pay until they simply have no more money. And meanwhile, nothing but garbage reality tv shows fill the airways……..we just haven’t hit rock bottom yet.

      51. Btw, if you lived in a major us city now, with no bug out location to go to but 10K cash to “prep”. Would you 1. Buy silver 2. Buy a few ounces of gold 3. Keep the money mostly in cash in the matress or 4. Buy supplies. I am assuming there will not be anywhere close to a collapse scenario within the next 12 months. That is the parameter of this hypothetical.

        • hGood question; hard answer. Would take pages to answer and a lot more info but I’ll take a quick shot. Gold is not useful during a collapse, no one can make change. Gold is what you need if you have a lot of cash, as silver is far to heavy to carry any amount. silver is what you can use to buy small stuff. My rec is to buy some stuff now, good sleeping bag, good backpack, shoes, warm jacket all that kind of stuff. Get some stuff now, won’t be available when the time comes. Eyeglasses, teeth in shape, good first aid kit, whatever you need for self defence, minimum of 30 days food, stuff you do eat. water containers. solar flashlight and radio

          With this you have at least a start. And It’s All good stuff to ave even if things don’t go bad

        • I always ignore parameters that are hypothetical or limits that are designed first.

        • I’ll take door number 5. What did I win Bob?

      52. And now for something completely different-

        Don’t stop prepping, and don’t lose sight of the scurvy dogs in charge of this circus show called America, but for goodness sake, take a breath once in a while.
        Here’s one of the most talented bands you’ve never heard of (unless you’re into that k-love, air one stuff already). In which case, enjoy!


        all together now…inhale…exhale…repeat

      53. Yes, its called a Liquidity Drain and the Red Shields have done this repeatedly to consolidate control and assets. There is no debt crisis other than what is in sheople’s minds – but, as they say “perception is reality” – booga booga booga.

        Liquidity drains work like an Anaconda. The victim breathes in and the snake contracts. Each successive breath becomes a little shallower until the slack-jawed, glassy-eyed, jellyfish of a sheople breaths no more. And, no more good times and noodle salad!

      54. I’m surprised this article mentioned “a peak oil resource crisis” Check out this, if you would, and make up your own mind:

        “… Last year, one of the Forbes brothers claimed there was enough oil and gas just in the US alone to last 1,000 years at current consumption rates. Probably that’s an under-estimate, too.

        And this report from the Institute claims massive resources of oil and gas in North America: nearly 4 trillion barrels of oil in the US alone, another nearly 2 trillion in Canada and 100 billion in Mexico.

        There are 14 quadrillion cubic feet of total natural gas in the US, 31 quadrillion cubic feet in Canada and 750 trillion cubic feet in Mexico. There are 10.3 trillion short tons of coal in the US, 353 billion short tons in Canada and 1.3 billion in Mexico. The world may be running out of many things, including civility, but one thing it is not running out of is energy.” …


      55. Do the rest of you laugh too when you read that a banker type says China is doing well and will do even better? Not, Ha-Ha funny, but rather, OMG how can anyone be so willfully blind, funny?

        … Or is that, why would anyone be so purposely misleading, funny?


        More Negative Signs Out of China


        Also see:

        “… James Grant says China’s situation is worse than S&L crisis in the 80’s, & the U.S. banking crisis in 2007.

        Actually, the developing financial crisis in China is probably the worst in recorded financial history. You not only have a distorted business cycle, but this is combined by massive centrally planned projects that have zero value.”


      56. Oh, I almost forgot.

        Are You Ready for the Big Bank Run?
        China can trigger it

        China Syndrome 2: A Run on the US Treasury

        “… In the modern world, a bank run does not begin in front of a bank. It begins when the bank’s big creditors, hedge funds and pension funds, decide not to roll over their short-term credits to the bank.

        There are few warnings.” …


        Like I said, er, wrote,… read it and make up your own mind, don’t let anyone else think for you.

        … Or you could listen to guys who ride Twinkies and lasso Ho-ho’s while cussing up a storm rather than acting like adults.
        It’s your call.

      57. So hack off three zeros.

        None of it actually exists, or ever existed, or ever will exist, anyway.

      58. Just a few comments. My wife and I are lucky. We owe more on our car than on our house. We have been buying the house for some 25-30 years. We have three vehicles. An OLD pickup, a 6 year old small car and a 1 year old small car. We have worked all our lives. We have not tried to “keep up with the Jones”. Our net worth is not very great. We are not frugle, but we are careful what we buy. We pay mostly cash or pay off the credit cards every month. Inflation is hitting us just like everyone else. The point I am making is that too many people have been living beyond their means for years. Just like the government. When this happens you can expect he bubble to burst sooner or later. Whether governmant of private citizen. Two things my father taught me many hears ago: “If you can’t pay up how do you think you can catch u?” and “If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall”. People need to pay attention to this. Politicians need to pay attention to this. As you go through life (and I have gone through most of mine already) and give it some thought, you will find that most of your problems and troubles are caused by yourself. A drunk driver hitting you is not your fault, but you driving drunk and running into a tree is your fault. An airliner crash is not your fault. Buying a house or car you can’t afford is your fault. Comments???

        • Candy, you are right. Its still the banks and mortgages who give the credit to people that can’t afford them that are at fault. They have caused this problem along with the incompentent people giving them money to stay in business. Now the incompetent people are throwing money left and right.

        • Candy, good words. The need is for a cultural revolution, not just a political or economic revolution – need to over-turn the multi-generation practice of living on credit. How can one rebuke the government if they’re guilty of the same? We reap what we sew !!! Live within your means, and treat others like you want to be treated. jpl

      59. @ Wong Lee the chinese,

        Welcome Wong, how Confucius say – “Go piss up a lope.”

        Y’all Beware!

        • Lol love it lol

      60. May 18 and 19, there is a self-reliance expo at the Freedome Financial Services Expo Center in Colorado Springs. Heads up.


      61. http://www.federalreserve.gov/pubs/alpha.htm Who owns treasuries and who is buying is in one of these reports. (I don’t have time today to find it) INTERESTING note, the fed has a report named- “Interest only mortagages and ARMS, are the for you”. Sounds like a sales pitch aye? For all you people who THINK the federal reserve is NOT private, I sujest you READ the federal reserve act. It claims it is a powersharing deal, but as we can all see, the banksters have tooken over,by backdoor bribes and such.

      62. It’s more complicated than that. The government sells its debt at artificially low interest rates. What the government can’t borrow the Federal Reserve creates. It’s created an additional $2 trillion in the last 5 years according to this chart at Zero Hedge:


        At some point the government won’t be able to borrow any money at low interest rates. It will then have to increase the interest rate or just print the money. After that we’ll it get to the point where nobody will lend us money and OPEC doesn’t want to be paid for oil in dollars anymore. When that happens America will become a third world country virtually overnight.

      63. Interesting…throw into that mix a balkanization that is being funded [la reconquista et al]& stirred & will no doubt wait for the most opportune time to strike. Anyone ever read the controversial book “Civil War II: The Coming Breakup Of America”? It looks to be interesting and got very mixed reviews.

        • The book sounds idiotic. It sounds like something a white supremacist would write. No, America isn’t going to split into sections based on race. Whites won’t be driven out of Texas. Blacks won’t be driven out of Wisconsin or hispanics driven out of any state. It’s just not going to happen. The former Yugoslavia has nothing to do with the US today or after a collapse.

          • I met Tom Chittum a few times. He is not a white supremist. He was a guest on several black TV shows when his book came out. Read the book “Around the Craged Hill”, by George F. Kennen. Kennen was the ultimate State Dept. voice during his 50 years of govt. work. He beat everyone to the punch on the theory of a split up.

          • Whites won’t be driven out of Texas, but they will be a minority at some point in the not-so-distant future. When conservatives can no longer count on the electoral votes from Texas, forget ever winning another presidential election…

            • @MXLORD—yeah white will be the minorty in Texas…..MEXICANS will be the MAJORITY.

              Blacks aren’t stupid enough to stay.

      64. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfyGdG9llSE&feature=related This shows why I respect mcain for what went through BACK THEN!!!!!!BUT-THAT WAS THEN!! What has mclaim(the man now)done since. Look at his voting record!! Open borders,massive spending, and endless wars. He should be the MOST vocal opponent of sending others to war, for what he went through in that camp, even MORE the Ron Paul.

      65. The word is “INCOMPETENT”. The people making the policies in this country are incompetent.

        • No, they’re not incompetent. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Once they create a world-wide economic collapse they’ll become part of the one-world government and America will become a dictatorship.

      66. Google the name Lars Schall. Read his article on the insider trading on 9/11. Long but well documented. Names of big players you always wondered about.

      67. One Nation Under Socialism – Latest painting by Jon McNaughton

        It shows President Obama holding the U.S. Constitution as it burns.


      68. I’ve decided to write a Mission Statement to better define my goals in life. Is ‘quintessential loafer’ too lofty a term, do you think? I like to set the bar high, you know.

        We hold these truths to be self evident. That all Mission Statements are the product of a feeble mind with far too much leisure time available. Therefore, it is the decree of this council, by unanimous vote, that any such persons henceforth convicted of issuing such nefarious works of excess verbiage, and such works being universally known by all free thinking men to be the most obstreperous proverication, and always of dubious veracity, so as to continually outrage public decency and to render succinct communication impossible, immediately upon conviction of violation of this ordinance, shall be publicly flogged with not less than 100 stripes. Those persons surviving said flogging shall then be immediately remanded to the custody of the constable having legal jurisdiction in the matter, and said constable shall transport the aforementioned person(s) to the nearest work camps, whereby proper use may be made of their time and energy.

      69. Mac, today on ABC Radio in Australia an independent market research company was reporting a 5 month contraction of Chinese manufacturing activity. The Australian share amrket reposnded by falling and the US$/AU$ exchange rate fell by 80 cents.

        Straws in the wind ahead of a tempest?

      70. Bernanke has this $8 Trillion problem all covered.

        I can here him now: “Printing Room: Full speed ahead!”

        And just think, remember that NJ town which closed its govt offices due to lack of toilet paper, the Bernank has that covered too!

      71. I actually look forward to it all kicking out. The system is based on greed and BS and doesn’t deserve to survive. Most people behaved disgracefully in the past decade. A rat race of scumbags trying to F each other. If it disappears in a digital meltdown, then sooner the better.

      72. China has their own bubbles to face. They’re unloading the trillions they have in US treasuries as fast as they can and buying gold and silver as fast as they can, while encouraging their people to buy metals as well. China is facing a real estate bubble bursting, as well as their manufacturing economy bursting when we won’t be able to import anything any more. When the US economy goes into freefall, theirs will too. We will be looking at a “reset” here where we will have to make stuff instead of importing it… which may well be our renaissance.

        I agree a lot of people will be caught flat-footed… completely by surprise. Geithner is already raiding military and federal pensions… its only a short matter before he starts raiding IRAs and 401(k)s… nationalizing them. Since there is no rule of law in the financial/stock markets, it is reasonable to expect that there will be many more MF Globals out there. I’ve been telling people for several years to get their money out now and pay the taxes and fees… lose 20% now or lose all of it later. I did that when gold was at $1200. I’m still taking a share of my earnings and buying more metals — both precious and the bullet-kind.

      73. Information overload..

        I give up!!

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