When The Left Eats Its Own: Watch ANTIFA Thug Punch BLM Member

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    Much of the ugliness we see on the Left today is embodied in groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. Both groups think they are oppressed, both are obsessed with identity politics, and both are steeped in Marxist ideologies. You’d think that they would get along just fine but that’s not the case. People who have their identities wrapped up in victimhood are narcissistic by nature. They want the spotlight at all times, and can’t stand to see someone else hog it. So it was probably just a matter of time before these two groups clashed.

    At a recent protest a member of BLM confronted an ANTIFA member, and challenged him to take off his mask. The crowd of ANTIFA supporters began chanting “He’s a cop!” at the black man. It wasn’t long before the masked ANTIFA thug got in his face, and threw a punch.

    In the Left there is always ongoing competition between different minorities, sexual identities, and political groups who feel that they are more aggrieved than anyone else, and thus more worthy of public attention and sympathy. It may not look like it at first glance, but what you just witnessed was a fight between two of those groups over who deserves the spotlight. It was only a matter of time before the Left started to eat its own.


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      1. For the record; we are going to kill every member of these two groups we can. They do like to bunch up together.

        • No we will not. Why would we waste the ammo? Both ANTIFA and BLM are so deluded that they don’t realize that they’re going to kill each other. Just watch and stay out of the way. Well, if you can help to lite the fuse to lead up the the massive bang, certainly do that, but otherwise, just let these two socialist groups eat each other. It will be fun to watch.

          • We do have to save enough ammo for the islamic savages.

            • Nope I’ve got ammo covered. double tap or more if needed.

            • Menzo, I’m ROTFLMFAO! That libturd did exactly right puching that nigger from Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter for getting up in his face. If the nigger had tried that with me he would’ve gotten worse. I LOVE it when libturds have disputes with each other. Let them kill off each other then I can save my ammo for other turds like the muzzies or whoever. Stupid nigger.

              • Dep BH is just a big talker, He has never stood up for his country yet. Its all talk. He is armed but prefers to just talk. What you going to do About it BH? Go hide at your Cuz’s back yard and play cowboys and Indians?

                Tell us what are you going to do?

                • CSS, wtf is your problem? Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

              • You need to wear a mask when you go to protests?
                What kind of spineless coward are you?

                If you are so ashamed of what you are doing then maybe you should stay at home.

                There should be laws that no one at these protests can hide their faces. There are only 2 reasons these pussies are hiding their faces 1) They are ashamed of what they are doing (probably paid to be there) 2) They are criminals doing criminal activity and do not want law enforcement to identify them.

                Either way TAKE OF THE MASK!

                • That Guy, most states have laws against wearing masks during protests and riots. It started out as laws against the Klan. And yes, Antifa wear masks because they intend to commit violence.

                  • I thought most states would/should have laws on the books like that, it is a good idea. I know when “disrupters” came to my area last summer I saw them on the news they were wearing masks and I thought the whole thing was very strange.

                    I guess these masked cowards, are paid to travel around, shills paid to protest and cause trouble in many cities making “the cause” seem bigger than it is…. and the masks make it less obvious what is going on… hmmmm… which explains why they schedule their protests on so many different days. I guess this video is from Monday. Other video was from Sunday.

                    I see more folks online talking about these masks, people should also start pointing out the similarity to the KKK, both wearing masks like they do.

                • Yes sir, you called correct on that they’re getting paid. Not sure if this is 100% legit or not, but thought I would post it anyway. In regards of any conflict whether it be 2 people fighting in a parking lot or half the world going at it, its best not to get involved. Best way to survive any conflict is not be there.

                  Antifa Members are Now Protesting George Soros Demanding Their Payments

            • Psychopath much? Get some help. Take your meds. Let the adults settle things. Now go back to your room and play your video games like a good little psycho ….

              • Stormy, shouldn’t you be starting your freshman year in high school, about now? Get out of your Mom’s basement and get back to school.

                • Him, Stormy definitely has a problem.

          • NetRanger, I can’t help but laugh every time I see libturds have disputes with each other. Stupid is as stupid does.

            • Bout as stupid as you watching…

              • Orion, uh, who were you talking to?

                • IF Orion was talking to me he can go take a flying leap. IF NOT, then OK.

                  • Dep BH again just blathering drool, all talk, big shot behind a key board.

                    • CSS, if you want to find out the HARD way that I’m serious that’s up to you. Be smart for YOUR sake.

          • Found this on another site, sorry it’s a bit long, but too the point:

            From over the transom; propositional nation and constitutional folks take heed:

            “A brilliant friend who wishes to remain nameless reminds us why incidents like Charlottesville are all too inevitable in a nation with a hard left high command, an army of portable paid thugs, and a vast population of sentimental liberals who believe they stand only for truth and ‘social justice.’

            “”The left could care less about this issue (Confederate statuary), as they could care less about any of their issues. “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always revolution”. This is why they got gay marriage, then just moved on to Trans rights while shrugging off 50 gays getting killed in Orlando. When the transgender fight is over it’ll be pedo rights or whatever.

            … Very soon there will be a push to get rid of the entire American Revolution and all of the founding fathers. Jefferson will be first, but Washington won’t be far behind.
            Overriding all of this is the push to declare all of conservatism illegal. All religions not part of the cult of leftism are hate speech. Any support of the USA as a country is hateful, bigoted and evil. You supporting your own existence or political power is racism, nationalism and white supremacy.

            The left has no limits. It’s vital to understand that. No battle they pick is over the stated issue. Each is merely a step towards the goal of eradicating Western Civilization. They’ve set up a self reinforcing system of rewards, whereby SJWs out bid each other to come up with new ways to be offended. Thus it’s become an ever more radical movement. It’s not about the monuments. Of course glorifying slavery is bad. But should we not then tear down the Pyramids? Trust me, there is NO vestige of Western Civilization that could not be destroyed on the same premise. Every Castle in Europe occupied by a despot, every Church, every document, every classic of literature, etc. In world where a few degrees of separation join all things, guilt by association can be used to criticize anything, because its all a degree or two away from something that can be demonized. Look what’s happening to Football; to the definition of family and gender, to every holiday. Anything can be destroyed if the standard is that it’s related to something bad. Guess what that includes? Everything. SJWs in South Africa are going after Isaac Newton and Gravity as “western colonial science”. Get it? Nothing is off limits. No. Single. Thing.

            This is about enshrining the left as The One True Religion. They will replace everything with their own cultish iconography. They will likewise replace all ideas with their own. The fight over the Google memo is identical to this fight. It’s about declaring all things non-leftist outside the scope of even debate. This is not about the confederacy. That’s yet another in a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long list of fronts. It’s about the existence of anything outside of leftism. It’s about eliminating debate and installing a global Religion of Leftism. And make no mistake, that religion plans on replacing monuments, books, science and facts, liberty, the white population, the concept of natural rights, the rule of law, free speech, Christianity, the USA, Europe and all of Western Civilization. In fact, if you defend any of those things, you are a Nationalist, a white supremacist and a bigot. You must go. You must be replaced.

            Many many a totalitarian ideology goes under the banner, “Join or Die”. This is no different. And the left has done this before, many times. Pol Pot, The French Revolution, Mao, Lenin. The push to erase history and start over as a means of revolution is not new by any means. And if you think they have some limit, look to these past revolutions to see that they just don’t. The ideology is self-reinforcing towards runaway radicalism. The only thing that stops it is pushback prior to their take over or burnout after it takes over and fails. It has no internal limits.

            So while I agree with the Rabbi and have zero interest in defending Nazis or the Confederacy, I know that this has almost nothing to do with those things to the left. Those just create convenient foils. The left is filled with strawmen – they paint all of us as Nazi, bigoted, white male oppressors. Finding the occasional real life one is great for the left and they will use it to pretend all their other strawmen are likewise real. Understand that Marxism does not study policy and governance the way that conservatives and libertarians do. They study propaganda, power and revolutions. They are masters of it. Which is why repeated failure at governance never deters the next revolution.

            Leftism. The One True Religion. Join or Die. That’s their goal.”

            • >>>It’s about the existence of anything outside of leftism.<<<

              It's about removing anything not under jewish control.

              • Looks like you have something in common with these leftists and globalists. Your Jew hate. It is wide spread among communists, globalists, Islam, and the U.N. types all over the world. Your sad “Jews are responsible for every evil” is no different than the black racists who say “whiteness is the cause for all evil”. Use your brain. Israel isn’t perfect, and there are secular Jews who suck. But saying “Jews” in general are the cause of all the world’s issues is insane. Think about who you agree with on the matter. If that doesn’t make a light bulb go off, maybe you are no different than them.

          • never interrupt your enemy (enemies) when they are making a mistake. Or in this case, fighting each other. Let the big picture come into focus.

        • He bounced his fist right off that dudes noodle. Nappy-tap

          • Gandhi, that ape better be glad he didn’t get anything worse. He was lucky.

          • Naggerz vs. Waggerz, fun to watch imbiciles attack eachother lol.

            Anyway my baby catfish are doin great. Over double in size in 1 month! Fat and healthy 2+ inches. Got em in a 55 gal. aquarium till we get the pond finished. It’s cool and fun to raise the little guys 🙂

            • Bullheads or Channel? BTW, made some Sour Apple goodness a week ago. Turned out pretty well. Took some to a gathering of my heathen friends and it was gone quick.

              • The guy I got them from told me they were a crossbreed between channel and blue.

                Is the sour apple what you make from jollie ranchers? I always meant to make some but ALWAYS forget to buy the candy.
                Can I have your recipe for lemon drop? I would love to try it! Thanks 😀

                • Yeah it was with the Jolly Ranchers. A bit of a PITA making up the syrup but turned out good.
                  Lemon Drop: 1- quart of RealLemon, 3 quarts of water, 3 cups of sugar, dump into pot and bring to a boil. Cut out flame and taste when it cools some. You might have to add sugar depending if you like it sweet or leave it tart. Add 750 ml(ymmv) of shine when temps drop to 100 degrees or cooler. Great summertime sipping, easy to make and easy on the bank. I usually slice a lemon up and place a slice in the jars too.

                  • This sounds great! I copied the recipe to try it out.
                    Thank you for sharing.

        • Both BLM and ANTI-FA are paid protestors by George SOROS. Both groups need to be classifies as Terrorist organizations. Both like to create chaos and rioting and burn cities down. Why is G Soros not sitting in a prison cell someplace instead of throwing his stolen loot around destroying nations? Russia has a Bounty on him and wants to Kill him. We need to catch him and extradite him to Russia, and let the Russians torture this punk-ass Chewish shill.

        • OK keyboard warrior, Then why have you done NOTHING so far but sit here and bitch (Like the rest of us) While these turds and there wranglers (Clintons, Soros ETC) destroy our country and replace it with communism?? Why do you sit here and bitch while our country’s history is being erased? Why do you sit here and whine about these groups (which are only the tail of the snake that is eating our country, You don’t kill a snake by chopping off it’s tail !!)?? Why are you doing nothing but whining (like the rest of us??? We ALL allowed this to happen and we ALL continue to allow it. Best of luck under the upcoming communist Amerika, because you will all have allowed this to happen…….

      2. Insanity on display.

        • Looks like a good place for a 55 gallon drum of tannerite lol. 😛

      3. Democrats in action!
        Hopefully Blacks figure it out,
        but generally their culture
        throttles them.

      4. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
        ~Napolean Bonaparte

      5. Buncha Monkeys doin what they do Best !

      6. This is a staged distraction. Get your head back into the game.

      7. In Virginia, it is illegal to wear a mask in public. This was passed as anti-Klan. Now, it is the left who want to wear the masks. Wearing a mask would be understandable in a police state where attending a political event could get you arrested by the secret police. In the current situation, people want to wear masks is to help get away with criminal actions.

      8. the tribalism of communism

        • I believe George Soros is funding these groups. The goal is to encourage tension and violence and tear the country apart.

          The seek to divide and conquer.

          They have to destroy our country before they can establish the system they want.

          • KY Mom, you’re 100%correct that Soros is bankrolling those groups. According to that video, it looks like they’ll get divided and conquered first.

          • Divide and Conquer

      9. The black dude with the 75 gallon hat spouting off like a dick probably deserved a slap and anyone wearing a mask in public should be caned in public because they are up to no good.

      10. Let a bunch of antifas start getting killed by the BLM apes and they still won’t realize they’ve been had. Can’t fix stupidity. The apple NEVER falls far from the tree.

      11. Heads up: still can’t get to the Daily Stormer. If they ever get back up and running it may be under a different name.

      12. yesterday I poster here on another thread that so far the majority of us caught un the the middle of something we did not start and do not want have shown remarkable restraint. We didn’t go ape shit during the two terms of Obummer. I advise being patient as long as possible. Like my grandmother was fond of saying if you give them enough rope they will hang themselves. Instead of going on the offensive. It might be better to prep for the time when this bubble of a economy bursts and the government can no longer enable those ANTIFA and BLM parasites. They will turn on the government hand that is no longer feeding & enabling them. That’s what is occurring in Venezuelia. The oil money ran out. Noe the parasite former enabled are attacking their former enablers. So prep to house feed and protect you and yours. Going on the offensive is a futile as voting. Don’t be baited into a civil or race war. Lets just shun those ANTIFA wiggers & BLM Dindus. Let the folks who are encourageing them have them. Eventually the stand down mayors ,governors &cop’s ect. Will get their belly full of the stupidity.

        • I’d still would do a little sniping when I got the chance.

          • Shhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet…. I’m hunting naglet’s and faglet’s and waglets! Remember that pair that were shooting people in DC area from the trunk of a car? That was a good idea.

        • O.G. I believe you are correct. What concerns me is that there is a point where “restraint” turns into “apathy”.
          When that occurs, your fate is sealed.

      13. Can’t you Soros scum just get along?

      14. Cool

      15. Here is a novel idea: Drop NAPALM on all of the clowns to the Left, The End!

      16. I’m sure this happens a lot when these two are together, just don’t always have video of it !

      17. ONE THE RIGHT: the peaceful CONSERVATIVES [period!} Keep what you earn, limit fed govt, give the power to localities, end globalism!! AND ON THE LEFT: take away all that you can without earning it!! THE anarchists, communists, fascists, Nazis, religions that kill others for profit or because of differ religious beliefs, Democrats, liberals, SJW, Planned Parenthood, SPL, banks and all corporations that profit off the growth of war and/or illegal immigration and/or welfare, the snowflakes, feminists, BLM, NAACP, KKK, all those on welfare, entitlements and government paid grants and subsidies, AND ANY OTHER PERSON THAT DEMANDS TO SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH, ANYONE THAT FINDS RACISM/SEXISM IN EVERYTHING THEY SEE OR HEAR, AND ANYONE THAT DEMANDS TO NOT OBEY THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS OR WISHED TO ABOLISH THE FREEDOMS GRANTED TO LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE USA . It is funny that even the Muslim people kill other muslims over their Islam believes, same lefty side, lefties killing lefties. Just as the DEM Roosevelt (LEFTY) killed Hitler (LEFTY) and Japan (imperialists=LEFTY) in which lefty Hitler killed Russians (LEFTY). WWII was a lefties orgy of their favorite things, death, destruction and the creation of debt.

      18. The left is made up of thousands of splinter groups, and most of these lefty splinter groups also hate each other!! Lefties killing lefties and CNN/MSM/Snowflakes always quick to blame straight white taxpayer males of the right. Go figure.

      19. Why should two fascist left group fighting each other surprise anyone? Stalin (or was it Lenin) has Trotsky killed. In the mid/late 1970s, Red China invaded Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam, who in return had attacked Cambodia. In the late 1960s, the USSR and China fought a brief border war on the Ussuri River, and reportedly Brezhnew asked Nixon if he nuked China, would it start a larger war? Of course, National SOCIALIST Hitler invaded the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Hilary stabbed Bernie in the back politically,etc etc.

        All that exists for the left is power, so of course they do garbage like this

      20. Everywhere I have worked this has always been the case. Once they have got what they wanted from Mr. Whiteman, it is a matter of days before the blacks start falling out with everyone else over who is more aggrieved. The aggressive black men never get along with the white lesbians, the Asians fear and loathe the blacks, the black females do not want their men chasing ‘cotton tail’ and instead only breed with ‘sistas’, and then the black men bow up on each other and start attacking each other over who gets the spoils.

      21. I have been wondering since these clowns in masks were interrupting Trump rallies last summer why the organizers and/or Police allow these cowards to hide their faces.

        There are only 2 reasons people hide their faces 1) They are ashamed of what they are doing 2) They are criminals doing criminal activity and do not want law enforcement to identify them. Either way they should not be allowed to wear masks.

        And thinking about it further, the fact that law enforcement has been allowing them to hide their faces forso long seems to indicate that there is big money (e.g. Soros) backing these scumbags… or there are some other shenanigans going on.

        It is odd. It does not makes sense. Something if off about allowing masks at violent protests.

        I am not a fan of BLM at all, but this BLM guy (for once) had a point. TAKE OFF THE MASK OR GTFO!!

        • I would think the white cops who see this and much worse everyday have kids? And maybe they want us to see how bad it’s getting . Government employees going postal because of affirmative action promotion practices dare not speak, but they are praying,teachers forced to pervert their students,soldiers forced , journalists forced, everyone living in fear, Of Who? The owners of the companies they work for? The judicial system? I guess it’s about going quietly into the night? Or declare a domestic enemy of anyone aiding or abeading any non or dual citizenship person on America soil? And no they can’t renounce their forign citizenship and stay. We are not that stupid?

      22. When this happens just sit back and have the popcorn ready

      23. You know, an astute person would try to figure out how to bait the BLM and Antifa to fall on one another as mortal enemies….probably by revealing how racist the Antifa really is to the BLM they feel “allied” to….An enterprising tactician would seek to lever the Antifas blatant racism to destroy the racist BLM and lever the BLM SPOKEN racism, onto the Antifa. Just saying. using the LEFT to destroy itself would be a winning tactic all the way around.

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