When Society Disintegrates: A Preview Of What May Be Coming To Your City

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    Yesterday I read about hundreds of armed vigilantes in a small Mexico town . This was preceded earlier by reports of townspeople capturing and murdering several men, displaying their bodies propped up in lawn chairs for the world to see. Their captors had written signs on some of the dead men as a warning to those who came to loot and kill. On the surface, with so much violence associated with the drug wars in Mexico, this seemed like a positive development purely from the aspect of people taking justice back into their own hands. Their corrupt officials not caring to protect them anymore were ignored and the town was saying “we aren’t going to take it anymore”.


    Now, however things appear to be evolving and so are my thoughts on this subject. The “Vigilantes” are setting up road blocks, arresting police officers, conducting searches of homes for weapons and increasing their presence everywhere. I fear that the vigilantes could wind up being just as dangerous to the citizens of that town as the gangs and corrupt police. I also wonder if that type of scenario isn’t what we have in store for us here.

    An article in the Global Post states the simple motivation for the vigilantes:

    “The federal and state governments haven’t been able to do anything,” said Evert Castro, an Ayutla municipal councilman. “And we don’t have the capacity to fight these criminals. So the people got tired and decided to act on their own. We see this as a good thing.”

    We are supposed to be a society of laws. For this to work people have to obey the laws and those who don’t are supposed to be dealt with fairly and in a just manner. When this happens, you have an equilibrium that is maintained and for the most part people live together in a civilized manner.

    When you take the laws, justice and fairness away as we have seen for years in Mexico and one could argue that this is happening here to a different level as well, society becomes unbalanced. Injustice rules and people can be taken advantage of.

    What if the rule of law no longer applied to your community? This is something we discuss in prepper circles daily, but usually in theory. Hypothetical scenarios that we use to either bolster our argument or use as rationale to make decisions. WROL (Without Rule of Law) is nothing that any of us should want to live through. I know that some may say (as I initially did) “Great! These people will clean up their own streets.” Really?

    What is the difference between police searching through your house without cause or warrant and a gang of vigilantes? What makes getting stopped on the side of the road by a gang of armed vigilantes and having your car searched any better than going through some random checkpoint setup by the government? Are they really better off now in Mexico?

    Source Daily Mail:

    In January, hundreds of armed vigilantes made a series of arrests and imposed curfews in Ayutla de los Libres and Teconoap. They also manned checkpoints and claimed they had arrested at least 30 suspected criminals. One of the masked vigilantes said: ‘They kill, extort, rape. You do know if they are drugs dealers, thugs, who want to grab everything. ‘We want to return peace and tranquility to the entire population. Only the people can restore order.

    If society devolves to the point where “only the people can restore order” do you trust that all of the other “people” will be fairer, less prone to corruption than anyone else? I am not for one second stating that only government or the police can protect you. What I am saying is that the people who are entrusted by our society to ensure justice must be just themselves. If the gang of people who are trying to protect your town are no better than the ones they ran off, killed or arrested, where does that put you? What can you do now to put yourself on a level footing in your neighborhood or community?

    Know your neighbors

    This is a simple one. Knowing your neighbors and how they will react, what their thoughts and philosophies are will help you deal with them if a situation arises where some form of resistance or vigilantism is planned. You want the people around you to know you, be able to vouch for your character and hopefully protect you from any lawlessness that is caused. If you are part of the team responsible for “restoring order” you will have a supreme advantage if you know the people you are working with and supposedly protecting. It should also go without saying that you have a supreme responsibility also to your fellow man.

    Practice OPSEC

    As much as possible, you want to be prudent in what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it to. OPSEC is keeping essential information about you or your family as quiet as possible. You don’t want to brag about supplies, preps you have or someone could easily say: “Hey, Joe has a whole bunch of ammo. We could take it from him.” This is just one example, but could carry over into a lot of other aspects of survival.

    Ensure you have the right stuff

    When and if chaos ensues, the last thing you want is to be without the essentials. You need a decent store of food. You need water and I would recommend a means of defending yourself. I am not trying to be an alarmist, but I do believe the writing is on the wall for our society and I am preparing. You should evaluate your life, your situation and make sure you have plans to take care of your family if it all goes sideways. Make sure you have this taken care of now and you are not trying to make it to the sporting goods store after the riots have started.

    Prepare to Get Out of Dodge if necessary

    It may be wise for you to leave. If we are back to a wild west, Mad Max type of world, you may want to get out of town. Prepare yourself now by clearly thinking and analyzing your decision to bug out or bug in. Knowing what you want to do, preparing for that eventuality is a start, but situations are dynamic. Think through your options well in advance of needing to employ them. If you have to get out of dodge, make sure you have a plan, a great vehicle and options. If you intend to hunker down, make sure you know your neighborhood or town. Intelligence like this could help you make decisions on the fly.

    Never let your principles be compromised

    I was going to say “Above all else” before never let your morals be compromised. It is easy to say what you would “never” do when you are sitting in front of a computer. I can easily say I would never do anything bad to another unless my life or my family’s lives depended on it, but that isn’t completely honest. We are all human and are subject to weakness for a million reasons. What I try to do is live like I should and act as God leads me. I know I will make mistakes, but I try to think about situations I may be faced with. Imagining how you will act is no substitute for the real moment, but it does give your brain some practice thinking through the ramifications of your actions. Even developing a personal threat escalation plan, while just an exercise, can be beneficial. State out loud what you will or will not abide as your conscience leads you. Try to maintain that moral compass as straight as possible. You may fall, but having a direction in the first place will point you back to the right path much quicker.

    I fear for our civilization but I will not sit idly by and watch it crumble and consume us. I will make plans, prepare my family as best as I can and try to be a force for good. Besides praying, I don’t think any of us can do much more than that.

    This article has been contributed by P. Henry of The Prepper Journal


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      1. Mac, is it just me, or is this site getting slammed by something? 4 times out of 5 couldn’t pull it up…

        • I am the enforcer of the Rule of Law.

          I suggest you do the same.

          • Whose law?

            • The Great Law Giver, GOD. Which is what all Civilized Countries rule under, or should I say, use to rule by. The 10 Commandments! Trekker Out.

          • At it’s base in society, People create the laws or allow what’s passed as law. Let’s not forget that. What the people say, is what goes. If the People want order, so shall it be. If the People want chaos, then that’s the order of the day.

          • I’m not as alarmed as the poster/blogger is.

            Is this not how revolutions start where people take back their countries from corrupt govts, drug cartels, and bankers would start?

            There is no report of looting oif people’s homes–no reports of rapes or violence against innocent citizens. No violence against women or children…..this sounds a lot like what many on this site and other prepper sites are always extolling.

            Of course the state controlled and edited media is going to try and paint this as “vigilantes” and lawlessness of dangerous citizens creating chaos–but what if they seal off their town from corrupt cops and politicos, drug runners and criminals. They then man their borders and entries into the town and just ask to be left in peace in a community that is free of drugs, corruption and the threat of murder–is this not what we want in our communities?

        • Hi Okie — Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re seeing some unusual server load right now. I’ve contacted the Liquid Web ‘Sonar Monitoring’ team to look into it and figure out what we might be looking at. Any time something like this happens, with random spikes in our processing power we try to take preemptive action — just in case it’s another DDOS attack (like we experienced about 2 months which took our server down for about 12 hours until we mitigated it).

          We do have numerous firewall levels in place at this time, BUT, you just never know, so identifying this stuff as soon as weirdness pops up is our goal, so that we can try and stop it if it happens to be another attack.

          Hopefully, it’s just some minor issue that is now resolved (we’ve performed a full server reboot to clear all unnecessary server processes, etc.).

          Thanks again for the heads up – site visitors usually see it first, so please let me know via comments or email (mac@ ) if you ever come across issues.


          • Thanks, Mac. I figured you were already on it if it was on your end. Might’ve been me.

          • Mac,
            It is not just this site. I have been noticing several of the prepping sites getting bogged down. Don’t know if it is just a lot more people getting interested in prepping or someone intentionally trying to do a ddos.

            • Yes, and it all started the week that Obumble took over the internet.

            • A cyber~war has been enforced for awhile….

            • I had problems yesterday getting onto Google sites. I guess we will have more and more of this until the nets are ‘nationalized’. Then we will not have access to anything meaningful.

              • If the net becomes ‘nationalized’ and under Govt watch, then it will be no different than NPR radio.

                Keep chatting while we can.

            • So it’s not enough to limit our access to guns and/or ammo. Preventing access to sites that can give out prepping information is also on the agenda?

              What’s next limiting the amount of food and toilet papaer we can buy?

              • Ideas and information have always been more dangerous than guns in the eyes of dictators…

            • I saw the same thing on ZeroHedge yesterday right after the Q&A session following Draghi’s presser. I think a huge amount of electronic traffic stepped up yesterday. It is an interesting, and possibly concerning. I’m not having any troubles today though.

          • If the site is under attack this is likely because of the high impact of intelligent comments and really good articles that are making some of the population not taken over by zombie(ism) actually think. After all there are a lot of government goons out there that don’t want people to wake up and start appreciating freedom and start thinking for themselves. Just proves how successful the site is becoming.

          • Its o bummers cyber warriors trying to squelch free thought!

          • Mac, we have several servers that are being hit unusually high in recent days and weeks. In the 15 years we’ve been running them, we’ve seen these recent “attacks” increase exponentially.

        • I to am having trouble. Checked outside for low flying drones.

          • You know I just did a thorough clean up of my computer because of everything everyone else is saying. That was before I read any of this. Found nothing wrong on my end. I have had, for the last two days, trouble in reading poorly rated comments and or thumbing up or down. Glad to find out I am not the only one. Sorry Mac, not saying I am glad it may be on your end.


            • I think what we are seeing is a sign of things to come. The loss of jobs and heightened sense of trying to stay informed, has more and more people, spending more and more time on the ole net. As with anything, and everything; all have their breaking points.

              It’s probably a combination of “cyber overloading” and “Spy Funneling” that causes all the screwy stuff and slow responses, etc.

              Just guessing.

              • ok…so it wasn’t just my “blue smoke box” acting up again…

        • The denser the population is the more concentrated and competetion for what is left is why it is so important to try to get away from the cities if at all possible. Small towns may have their thugs, but escape from large metro areas will be very diificult. The higher populated areas also have many more gangs, AND some of the most organized vicous gangs that there are. Smaller areas USUALLY have a more down to Earth people that are USUALLY more concerned about their community and much more likely to band together to save each other. In a big city there is a kind of DISCONNECT with others and a more scatter like a herd of rabbits when something awful happens.

          Being able to get into the countryside and nature may be the ONLY way to survive. The longer the distance and more of the hazards to getting their, the less chance of survial someone has. A big city you may have to travel 25, 50 or even 100 miles to get to safety, all the while fighting for your life against some really terrible monsterous criminals. In a small town area, you may have nature within walking distance. Nature usually has one of the key elements of survival, WATER. In a metro area, water may only be in toxic pools with oil residue and other chemicals. Nature also offers food sources that are much safer to consume and much more plentiful than most cities. City specilities like rat and cockroach burgers are not too tasty.

          Those that must stay in the city, should have food stacked to the ceiling and water stored in large amounts somewhere, and ESPECIALLY good self defense to keep what you stored up. In the city people will be hard pressed to find much of what they need, it WILL be picked over. Also those in the city areas should have a bug out plan like mentioned above. In a city disease will be rampant, it always has in the past even without a pandemic. Lose sanitation and bacteria disease will spread like a fire on a wind blown dry praire. Have disinfective in force ready to go. Bleach, Bleach, Bleach.

          The best course of action is to plan for this right now, and plan for the worst. There is so much that can happen to drive society in the toilet and with a flush. Still nothing is being mentioned about the biological dangers of North Korea, nothing. There are still fixated on that an ICBM can’t reach the mainland U.S. Little is being discussed about an EMP because of the missile range. Yet IF North Korea got a warhead in orbit, the roatation of the planet could take it to middle America.

          People continue to live in a world of total denial and continue to not prepare and store up what they need. What is so sad is that storing up what you need is not that difficult and over the course of gradual extra items added to the stockpile can add up a lot. Now, people have almost run out of time, and sit on nothing waiting for the pizza man/woman to deliver dinner. It brings truly a pathetic and depressed feeling to think about the 99% that have missed their chance to help themselves WHEN true unrecoverable disaster happens.

          • Glad you’re still addressing the NK issue. I’m very concerned about it. Yes, he’s an immature blowhard (kinda reminds me of some people on here), but blowhards are known to blowup! I wish our cohorts here would look more at current issues. I’ve seen more in the news about our own nuclear plants having problems. Nuclear One in Arkansas, today an explosion at the plant in Bartow Co., Georgia, Nuclear plant explosion in Calaway Missouri, explosion potential at the Hanford nuclear wast tanks,the newest oil sheen in Louisiana’s sinkhole, and the oil and natural gas odors spreading through lower Louisiana, the ruptured oil pipeline in Arkansas, where a no fly zone has been ordered and no news people allowed in…

            We truly are in for a ride this year! I think it’s mighty coincidental that the nuclear industry is so much in the news, as NK makes EMP threats. I am afraid to leave the house!

            The last article for the 4th had so much namby pamby immature posturing going on that it wasn’t funny. Attacking and belittling people in these serious times is such a waste of the brain power that can be used for uplifting and helpful posts here. And the talk of desirous calamity so it ok’s the use of deadly force. Ugh.

            Scenario: a nuclear plant a 100 miles from your home or work explodes. what is your plan of action?
            Scenario: Louisiana explodes! where are you when it happens? what is your plan?

            How do you plan to reach your loved ones in the disaster area?

            Thanks to all of you who do take this serious!

            • @ DollarstoDonuts. I have been thinking about what is going on in Porky’s “mind” over the North Korea and there are some disturbing thoughts. I have contemplated different scenarioes and one that few people think about is what IF Porky and the other characters over there actuallly feel that they are going to be attacked? I have had many paranoid feelings, as I am sure almost everyone else has. I just wonder IF Porky is reacting because of something that the public is not being told. Like a secret message to the North Koreans that they are going to be attacked.

              Another terrible idea is that the United States has promised to the North Korean to put on this act and they will get all sort of food aid and money because BO is trying to distract everyone away from the economy or something else that the public is not suppose to be watching.

              I have also wondered IF China or someone else is trying to get the U.S. to concentrate its forces in one spot, possibly draw some of the U.S. forces out the Middle East because of imminent war over there is going to break out. It is far easier for Russia and Iran to fight off a lesser U.S. military force that partial is over in the Korean theatre of operations. This would mean that WW3 is on the way, and true SHTF is going to hit hard and fast.

              Porky could also be so desperate for food aid and other fuel needs that he pushes this right to limit, where an accident occurs. While no attention is given to the North Korean biological hazards on any news site, people could and probably will be dealing with all sorts of strange viral outbreaks days or weeks after war begins in the Koreans. Bluffing works a lot with North Korean and in poker, BUT sometimes someone calls that bluff and then you have to show your hand. With North Korean that could mean all out war because Porky and his regrime will not lose face and run away with their tails between their legs. Porky would be the laughing stock over there and never again “respected”. Porky probably would rather die than face such shame, even if it means going to war to avoid it.

              • Another thought that occurred to me is what if CHINA is engineering the rhetoric that North Korea is spouting? China really hates being blamed for anything, but if they push NK over the brink, they can join a “war already in progress” and say it is just honoring their treaty. Remember, China made that statement not too long ago about “hitting” one of the other small countries (Vietnam, etc), to see whether the Americans would flinch.

              • Yes, and here’s a thought, what if he WANTS a strike against them to effectively take care of a population/food problem, hmmm.

                • Oh, I guess you CAN click on it….I’ll be durned…didn’t know I knew how to do that…LOL

                  • Oh, good grief! Apparently my original post is lost somewhere…..the one above is in reference to that….perhaps under moderation?

            • @dollarstodonuts,

              Just a heads up:
              a nuclear power plant can NOT explode, it can only meltdown.

              • “a nuclear power plant can NOT explode, it can only meltdown.”

                That’s true.

                Unfortunately followed not too long thereafter by the meltdown of your eyeballs, testicles and various other cherished body parts.

                I’d prefer an explosion myself.


              • @Bread, hmmm, I could have sworn I saw that Fukushima plant blow up. I pertty sure Chernobyl blew up, then melted. Well, when one or the other happens to a nuclear power plant, it ain’t a good thing.

            • Where do you get this information? It is not in the media, not on talk radio. How do you find out about these accidents and problems?

              • Follow Sinsedutch aka Dutchsinse, read ENEws, among others. I also do web searches to verify. Also, no the nuclear plants themselves haven’t exploded, but there have been numerous accidents on locations recently.

          • One other consideration for a small percentage of us (myself included): Your year-round population density may be low to average, but if you live in or near a tourist destination, and SHTF occurs during peak season, you’ll likely be dealing with millions of additional people…

            • I meant to say, a seasonal tourist destination. The population density of an area doesn’t reflect the influx of tourists during certain months.

            • YEA,GV…..If ya ever wanna learn how Dumb tourist are,just sit with yer motorcycle at a roadside parking lot,25miles from anything and ask everyone who pulls in if they have a portable air compressor!! That happened to me after putting a new tire on my bike the night before and NOT checking it for leaks!! 9/10ths. of the people I ask didn’t even know that they made such a thing!! TOURIST are the Dumbest Sheeple on earth!! And YES ,next time I’ll check the tire BEFORE I leave home !!~And be PREPARED!!mm

              • @Mountain Man…so who REALLY was the stupid ass? The tourist without and air compressor and 4 full tires, or you, that changed his own tire but is now sitting 25 miles in “the middle of nowhere” with a flat because he didn’t have the brains to check it.

                And you are the people who think you are ready for anything.

              • Why are the tourists dumb? You are the one that did not check your tire after changing it which is always a time to be cautious since the tube can be pinched between the rim and tire iron. Be smater next time.

                • JW….DUH!….It was a TUBELESS tire mounted on a mag wheel!! I had NO experience with THAT!….OK??

                • “Be smater next time.”

                  Yes, Mountain Man.

                  Definitely make it a point to be smater.

                  A person just can’t be too smat, you know.


          • Remember, it’s not only the criminals and zombies we’ll have to fight on our way to BOL—we’ll also have to worry about police and government agents trying to confiscate our weapons, maybe even the food we have with us, who knows what else, maybe even our kids (think abuse allegations).

            I know if a thug tries to stop me, I’d go right on through him if necessary, but a gaggle of cops OTOH would present a much bigger problem…like getting peppered with lead…I’d much rather deal with zombies.

          • One important factor to take into consideration is that these smaller down to earth communities do not warm up to strangers quickly even if they bought property in the area.

            If you show up WTSHTF having not built relationships then you will be treated as any other invader. It has taken me three years to build relationships with the neighbors in my retreat community.

            • My thoughts exactly.

          • The Wild Wild West scenario presented by this article, is the “wet dream” of every Psychopath Elite. What better way to reduce population if this were to happen around the world.

          • As most of you have experienced; when you try to talk about prepping with people they mark you as crazy. They think your going to comeback and shoot the place up or something. I live in a moderately dense population area but my fear is no one in my neighborhood owns firearms so I would have to be coldhearted to survive. We have a lot of strong young men like myself because its a neighborhood of middle income working younger adults. I’ve gotten to the point I don’t talk to anyone because I fear they maybe the same people I have to engage to protect my family. Quite a spot to be in and I’m sure most of you are in the same boat. This site is really the only safe place to discuss ideas.

            GOD bless and buy more bullets!!

        • smokin ihad the same problem thought it was my pc thanks

        • It ain’t just you Smokin,

          I have had the same along with MASSIVE problems getting anything to poat…this probably won’t make it, it’s my LAST attempt…

          While I’m here there ARE strong hints that a NEW SARS is afoot in China…a mass extermnination is being spoken about…looks like you were right BI. Additionally, the NFP preinted BELOW, WAY BELOW expectations at 88K (Hedge)
          bringing the’not in labor force figure to 90 MILLION). It’s crumbling Folks…I am ACCELERATING my scheduled departure….lots of luck to everyone. Remember, waiting for the proverbial ‘sign from above’ MIGHT not be the best idea…could get you, well… Adios All.


      2. Can anyone make change for a BitCoin?

        • 2 Bits
          4 Bits
          6 Bits
          A dollar

        • I keep throwing this question out there but no true answer yet, What is a bitcoin worth if there is no digital? No power, no internet, no digital for what ever reason.

          • less than nothing…you used something worthless to purchase shitcoins that are gone.

            You could have controlled your losses by 100% by purchasing items (with frns) that you hold in your hand.

            I hope that all those who gamble on shitcoin get exactly the huge loss that they deserve.

          • same thing goes for those GOLD certificates they sell with no actual gold delivery…American’s version of selling you the London Bridge.

          • it’s worth the same as it is now…………NOTHING

        • Make that a blue buck worth 10x less than green ones From a Matthew Bracken Novel

        • ap…I can’t personally make change(I have no bitcoin). However, a bitcoin IS divisible into smaller units called satoki much like a dollar is divisible into cents. Not sure if you are just “provoking” the board or you are serious.

      3. I was able to pull it up right away.

        • Thanks VegasJim. Mac runs a pretty tight ship here and the problems usually end up being a glitch on my end. Good to hear from others who are getting into the site okay.

          • Maybe it’s your glaucoma.

            • No, come to find out, I just had too many appliances plugged into the computer. Got the blender set on auto-pilot and the power drill is turning kind of slow. Maybe I should reverse ’em. Like to have a few margaritas while I’m working. Now, if my hands will stop shaking, I can take my pills….damn! Hate it when they spill on the floor. They taste like M&Ms…..

              • Smokin it’s time for you to retire your drive chain wallet and use the tire checker on the puter! ..

                C Howard Fields

              • Been there, Oak.

                Too many hours staring thru a windshield and having elevated levels of blood pressure during those hours, has that affect on a body.

                After three years, I’ve finally got off the blender drinks and the “shakes” and got the ole poot shoot back in regular working order again.

                It feels so good to have “regularity” again, I find myself running thru the yard each morning and scratching up grass,leaves and dirt, with Dingo(dog).

            • Good to see that your brain is still having a denial of service attack. Lights are on but nobodys home.

              • Almost and ID10T error!

      4. I think we need to unplug the commie world from the web. If they cannot behave then they cannot participate. Zero tolerance to commie web terrorist nations.

        • Well I read that Anonymous hacked the North Korean news site today, as well as their twitter and FB. lololol.

          • lololol…..???

            You gargling or yodeling?

      5. I can sympothize with the people of this community for wanting to restore order. In the past few years in Mexico, tens of thousands of people have been killed by these ruthless gangs. I believe also that if they really want to get to the cause of a lot of the crime and killing, maybe they should look no further than Eric (the gun runner) Holder and his ATF goons. Maybe some of those vigilantes could illegally enter the U.S. and take care of our criminals in Washington.

        • Years ago when I bought a machine gun, I had to get the approval of the Chief of Police and be finger printed. When I asked him if he would do it he said: “Hell yes” When I asked him about it he said. “If things ever go bad and I call for help; Do you think the FEDs or the Gov is going to send help to my town first? I need some people here that I trust and that have what they need.”

        • Why not?? The door’s wide open!

          • That was to ‘say when’.

        • I think Mexico would like to extradite holder for his crimes. Many more Mexicans than Americans have died due to operation Fast & Furious.

        • Dont foget this country’s idiotic drug war that’s made the cartels mega billionares and armed them to the teeth.

      6. Geeze theres no way one can prep and plan for everything…just do your best with what you have where you are…sometimes I think some of these authors get way off into the ‘puckerbrush”and end up flailing around mentally…causing the less able and less inclined amoungst the audience to become “fatigued and frightened” in their hearts and minds…I understand sounding the alarm and trying to spread the word about possible problems and solutions but I can see where sometimes it can do more harm than good if not done with some common sense and forethought…I mean some times you gotta stop and breathe and not assume that theres going to be a monster under the kitchen sink and just say no to writing an article about monsters under kitchen sinks and what calibre of rifle one must have to deal with said monster….I mean not every situation is gonna be a survival situation….plan/think/prepare but then take some time to live and enjoy life…I know theres danger all over the place and any situation one is in can go bad but for cripes sake…sorry I guess Im just a bit irritated about some of what I see and by no means am I just picking on this article….end of rant.. 🙁

        • Good point Reb,
          I dont think there will be complete chaos and looting and murders EVRYWHERE,
          In the big cities and surrounding areas? Definitely a possibility.
          Where i live? I really doubt it. I honestly feel that it could be a wake up moment for our comunity, sure, there will be bad eggs, i would bet they end up as compost pretty fast, just too many intelligent folks who can problem solve on the fly mixed in with old school people and families who still have the pull together gene. Will other comunities on other islands fall apart? Possibly on Oahu, Honolulu is like La except all the food comes by boat or plane, real small amount grown locally. Outer islands? Most likely be bearable, again the bad eggs will get cracked and sacked.
          West coast? Gawd im glad im nowhere near La or Sf, Vegas, total mess, Chicago? More of the same crap they got going on now, but multiplied by 500, small towns all over the country? Depends on where they are,,, there are still a lot of good people out there, MANY that may well be some of the unemployed that get lumped in with the chronics, many again who come from all manner of olitical or religious walks and all races, generalizing does no good and there are many unknowns.
          The gangs? How many patriots and x military wont take ANY of their crap?
          Other miscreants? Same question, and add to that how many average Joes from suburbia have gone out and bought the family all manner of guns? Think theyll really be push overs? Think again,
          Anyway, lots to think about.

          • Good points, Reb and Kula.

            The rural areas won’t have too many dealings with so-called “gangs”. That’s the hell of living in or near the metropolis areas.

            What the rural areas will have, are thieves. There will be small groups of lowlife thieves that will try to prey on the weak, old, and vulnerable. In a SHTF situation whereby everything is pretty much on shutdown and no vehicles on the road, the thieving will be within limited areas of daily walking from their home area.

            It won’t take long before people know where their “threat” comes from, and when they (the thieves) mess with the wrong ones, then comes sudden destruction.

            A knock on their door in the middle of the night, a small group of hooded/masked men and women storm their doors and drag them into the dark night where their screams can be muffled. The pain may be intense and drawn out so they will live a while longer and be given a second chance, or it may come with a quick bullet to the head. Anyways about it, the thievery and terrorizing of people in the community will come to a halt.

            Welcome to the jungle!

            • HEY! DT….Does that mean there might be ‘Witch-Hunters’out and about,too!!??… mm

          • Kulafarmer

            Lots of good thoughts and ideas. it isn’t enough to have to deal with natural disasters and those that are created by our government but the ones that really gets me going are the riots and looters. Never know exactly what they are going to do. Two options are to deny them entry and the second is movement. Chain link fence with the tangs up may stop hopping the fence. Locking the gates and if you insert those 1/2 metal strips you see on the ends of the fence across the gate, intertwined with sides of the fense can act like dead bar. Those that have privacy fense can nail boards across the section as to not allow them to kick the slats/sections out. Make it hard for them, to give you time to engage or they decide to go for an easier target.

        • I’ll tell ya Reb, what’s funny to me is the posts that are far longer than the articles themselves. Me thinks some posters have a huge ego and a desperate need to be heard. just saying. And some posters have such long arms they can reach around and pat themselves on the back, and what for, a few thumbs up. lol.

        • You’re right REB…seems to be a few more posters “on the edge” than there used to be. About the time I think one of them may snap, smoke turns up with his brand of humour and the tension seems to disappear…if only for a moment.

      7. I shudder to think this is what our country has come to be. I do, however, think this article is probably very close to how things will be. I pray we will have the protection of the Heavenly Father to watch over us. Now is the time to kick into high gear all preps. I still have some things I want to do. But thanks to some of you and your suggestions I am much further along than I was.
        Thanks Mac for your powerful blog!

      8. Cute little opinion piece, but a bit too idealistic to be realistic.
        The values the author espouses went out the window at least 20 years ago.
        The crumbling of honor and decency is already being seen. The professions are getting increasingly desperate and resorting to increasingly desperate measures to generate income in a declining economy. Retailers are starting to put merchandise on the shelf that has been used or is damaged, and are hoping someone will purchase it as new and not notice or bother to return it.
        These are just the tiny cracks forming. If an all-out collapse occurs, it will be every man for himself and only family members will be assured of loyalty.
        Please don’t paint a dream world picture of what to expect. And then add to the mix an increasingly militant minority community across the country, along with communists having coming out the woodwork since Obama was elected.
        How about let’s all pray a collapse doesn’t happen and instead we just get a nice, gentle, economic downturn that clears out the excess and the corrupt, and then we can rebuild the economy on a stronger and healthier footing. And, how about we pray that a win-able political opponent to the Democrats emerges for the 2016 presidency. The way the Republicans are going right now, things don’t look good.

        • A few trillion un-funded pensions in America alone and you want a ‘nice, gentle, economic downturn’ instead of an economic collapse???
          Good luck with that..and we won’t even throw in the world-wide derivatives chaos happening real soon.

          • Yes, approx. five years ago we had a chance to guide the financial substructure (aka “the economy”, aka “wall street”, aka “the market” etc.) to a violent but controlled crash landing. But the perpetrators of the financial treason had already completely captured the regulatory and political apparatuses. IOW they weren’t just in bed with those who oversaw them, but also, were engaged in a series of unnatural acts of Biblically evil proportions. Thus, like any group of deviants in the grip of demonic forces their twisted acts haven’t stopped but have merely grown worse. Like an untreated case of gangrene five years ago the operation excising the puss-filled criminal financial institutions would have merely crippled the economy. But the time for surgeons is has passed and the only way we will have ” a ‘nice, gentle, economic downturn’” is if the demon possessed patients repent and accept Last Rites. But to me this looks more like the chapter right before G-d gets mad.

            • Can you get an Amen?

          • JayJay

            Couldn’t agree more…the train wreck that is fast unfolding will be devastating..afterall these unfunded pensions are basically union positions..

            ..They will most likely promise to make good on their pensions by deputizing all of them,issue the billions of 40 cal hp.s,raid the trillions in depositors(ala Cyprus)to sustain the pensions and turn them loose on the rest of us..And don’t forget the millions and millions on government assistance and the 10’s of millions more slated to come aboard with amnesty..

            TPTB have their civilian armed forces all in play..

            Of course the quadrillion in derivatives is slated to unwind as well…

            What a perfect scenario..


        • I like the post! I agree that this doesnt have to end like a scene from Walking Dead! Nobody wants that(well some in here might, lol)and I dont think it will. Through the history of mankind most of this has been going on, the difference now is the technology age has wired us all up with instant information (real or not)from all reaches of the world. The government, economy, natural disasters,war are all real threats to our way of life and thats what we fear a disruption in our lives. Lets face it any mass scale disruption from any of these fears will make our country non livable or certainly a place you wouldnt want to have children survivors to live through. Both the Democrats and Republicans have proven to the U.S. citizen that they are out for themselves and their sponsors and will sell the country and the citizens out without regard. The media is equally responsible. I dont believe these people want a decimated, walking dead society they want absolute control. IF the TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS (all races) start replacing the crooks with like minded politicians MAYBE change can be made. The internet is a great tool to reach thee youth and uninformed. You could have 10,000 rounds of amo and water for 10 years and get wiped out. Fight the fight for all your odds will be better.

        • anon,
          give me a paper trail on those elections,”paper ballots” and maybe…just maybe my faith in the system will start to be restored…

          • I thought for a while paper ballots was the ‘only’ answer.
            With this immoral, unethical, greedy, selfish group leading(and I use that word lightly)today, I no longer have hope even in that being the answer to honest elections.
            Sorry, just have no faith in this legislating faction.
            Honest farmer John and honest plumber Joe don’t have the resources to run for any significant office.
            Therein lies our problem. Even if the funds were there donated by 90% that want this oligarchy to end, they’d slip in the tub!!!

            • JayJay

              The operative word for me was “start”…
              Without a major overhaul in the process…échec complet…
              Let us start with the real definition of what a person is…
              SC failed us on that…errrr

      9. Not only know the people around you but know yourself, know your capabilities, if you can do what has to be done in a situation. If you have the combat mindset, if you can take a life to defend yourself and your family. If a major situation happens, you will change, your kids your wife will not like it. And you might have to accept the fact that your wife cant handle a TEOTWAWKI event. She could lose her mind right then and there. It happends. Know yourself, know your family, know your limitations.

      10. I’ve made a decent amount of money in my life, Most was spent on Booze, Babes, Guns and Poker…the rest I wasted.
        You cant take it with ya, so on that note, Im going to buy another Gun, a 5th of Tequila,play some cards and go make love to my wife.

      11. Great article, Mac.

        • Go to the, Arrest officers link, up top and see what type of weapons they carry. Not many M16’s or AK’s. Look like single shot shotguns and small caliber 22 rifles.

          • That is because that is all that is legal to own in Mexico. Unless of course you are connected. The shuttles from the airport in Acapulco to the city go through a very exclusive area where they drop people off. The entire area is covered with a armed guards who have every automatic weapon available. That’s what money gets. Just like here with Bloomberg and others.

          • Yeah, well, don’t let that make you feel too confident of having a singleshot shotgun, cause if the Los Zitas show up at their door, that singleshot shotty is gonna be damn near worthless. MISSION DRIVES EQUIPMENT.

      12. Sometimes all this talk of-do I bug in, bug out, what to take if bugging out, what to store if bugging in, food storage, canning, water purification, what and how much ammo if I can find any at all, who are friends and who are zombies, does my friends and family think i’m going off the deep end?
        I know, I’m going to the Dairy Qween for the bannana split sale and live for 15 minutes. Then back to prepping…

        • When it all gets too much to handle for a while; Tread’s rule kicks in.

          Kill a beer or a glass of wine, and then sip on another one.

          If I’m not in the mood for alcohol; I have Ice Cream.
          You can’t go wrong with ice cream. It has a way of settling and loosing the knots in the stomach and head.
          Just don’t eat too quickly.

      13. It’s not just you Okie, I wrote a reply on another article and it posted then disappeared.

        As for this article mexico’s town banning together is not what you will see in America. Towns in Mexico are close knit communities with many people related to each other. Our leader has spent years now dividing Americans by age, color, sex, social economics, rich vs. poor, conservative vs. liberal even legal vs. illegal alien. The people in Mexico are fighting a common enemy, corruption. Their supply chain has not been broken, they have food, shelter and water.

        In a post economic collapse America weeks 2 to 20 will be all out warfare. After that I don’t think your gonna see many multi cultural, multi racial groups. Diversity is already a casualty of war. In my opinion diversity has always been a crock of shit anyways, it’s just legalized discrimination. They can discriminate and we can’t.

        Anyways America is going to be in a world of shit and there is no way around it. It’s a massive shit sandwich and we are not going to just take a bite, we will be eating it for weeks. Best advice is make sure you have plenty of hot sauce.

      14. Theres a world of hurtin headed are way and all they do is measur there lives out with coffee spoons, while in the room the women come and go, speaking of Michelangelo.

      15. fact is we dont know what is coming…and you wont know how YOU will react until you`re in the middle of it…so get a few preps…and then do the best you can….in an all out collapse 90% of you will be dead in the first 60 days!

        • Dead or wish they were. I would not want to be living in Vegas or Pheonix in the Summer if things go to hell.

          • I’m with you on that John.

            Without electricity in those areas and most other southern cities, the heat will cause people to snap.

            I have witnessed 121 degree temps for short spurts in AZ, and the only way to handle it with some ease is sitting/lying in cool water or air conditioning. Just sitting in the shade when it is that hot is torture.

            • Much of the desert southwest is about as habitable as the moon. Life is possible in both places only by artificial means.

              Take away electric power for cooling and water pumping, and the population would return to it’s natural level…..a few Indians, a few grizzly prospectors and a whole bunch of lizards.

            • Once we made the mistake of going to the Yuma Sand Dunes in July. It was so hot you could not even touch the bikes and they were in the shade of a big Salt Cedar. We had to get out and haul to Yuma to get in air conditioning as one of the kids with us started to get heat stroke. April/May is the the cutoff until October unless it’s at the river. One of the people I worked with lost a daughter in the desert when she and her boyfriends dune buggy broke down. only took an hour or so for the heat and lack of water to kill them. No place for fools.

          • The mountains of Appalachia provide a cool breeze in the summer and plenty of wood, coal, and natural gas for winter heat. Potable water literally springs up out of the ground and our low population density means more deer than people plus plenty of smaller game. If collapse means loss of utilities, food insecurity, and fending for ourselves then our geographic isolation provides us a practice run every other winter.

            • OPSEC, learn it, love it, live it!

          • Nice to see I have a stalker who gives a thumbs down for anything I post. Get a life loser.

        • People who think 90% will be dead within 60 days are underestimating the resilience of human beings and are usually under-prepared. Even if every person over 65 or living in cities of 2,500 or more died that would only be 80%. Despite what fear mongers tell you, data shows grocery stores in America carry nearly 30 days worth of food before considering what people have in their homes, goods in transit, or sitting in distribution centers. We can feed everyone for two months without harvesting one vegetable or killing livestock. While these resources will not be equally distributed, far more than 10% will be alive 60 days later.

          This guy proved all this and more on Survivalblog. http://www.survivalblog.com/2012/09/why-i-hate-preppers-by-allen-c.html

          • How will we deep those meats (livestock) from spoiling with no electricity??
            Just asking.

            • Livestock by definition is alive and therefore does not need refrigeration.

              • {{We can feed everyone for two months without harvesting one vegetable or killing livestock}}

                Means we will get it where?? if not from the livestock and not from the grocery??

            • If you were referring to meat in grocery stores, it will be consumed first just as if your fridge at home fails. It is a minority of their inventory so does not have a major impact. Lack of refrigeration will facilitate more equal distribution because most people will not be prepared to smoke them or have hundred of jars with tattler lids patiently waiting to be filled as I do.

              There are lots of pets in America now which are meals waiting to be eaten. There were not many dogs to be found in Europe after WWII because most of them were eaten. Canibalism is happening today in the North Korea and there is no reason it wouldn’t happen here.

              Remember, every person over 65 or living in a city larger than 2,500 and there would still be a lot less than 90% dead.

          • Government Guy.

            Good article. Well we don’t know for sure till we get there. One point I would make is how fast a people can trash and loot a store. Then burn it. All the time tables and stats go out the window and there are too many variables that change from location to location.


          • Supermarkets have only 3 days worth of supplies…thats how they save and make money. Nobody ties up their cash for 30 days especially in the food industry. Too much food is perishable and they don’t keep much on hand except sale items and lack of shelf space. Transportation would be a problem too if TSHF because there wouldn’t be any deliveries. I worked my career in supermarkets and just handling a snow event was miserable.

          • Here he is talking about DAISY it sounds like:

            “If there is only one ill consequence of the prepper movement it is the avalanche of inexperienced people giving advice in users groups when their only qualification is that they read something similar elsewhere on the net.”

            It’s all about the money… the ads…the click thrus…

            • So why are you here? Just to be a pain in the ass? Personally I would like to have a couple of friends who do the outfitting for the two week trail rides. They would be worth listening to.

      16. I know them law books mean a lot to you but out here a man settles it his own way.

        Good thing I have crates of imported scotch hidden away.

        • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

          A fine movie.

        • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

          A fine movie.

          • The man who shot liberty valance
            A fine movie.

      17. Say when, you’re preaching to the choir here. Neither DOJ nor any other federal agency has a legitimate leg to stand on, especially after Fast and Furious. Once TSHTF, law and order will quickly break down. Whatever LEOs are on duty at the time will be quickly overwhelmed. Supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. will be overwhelmed by panicky nonpreppers trying to get their hands on whatever they can find and people will most likely be fighting over all kinds of things. [Think of the video of people fighting each other in wallyworld on Black Friday]. Black Friday will pale in comparison. The most dangerous people in the early stage of SHTF will be people on drugs and alcohol who won’t be able to get their fix, that’s when we’ll start seeing the absolute worst of what humanity has to offer. I’m still prepping all the way to the last minute. When the balloon goes up, only then does my prepping end. I only hope I’m not in a store or too far from home when it hits. BI, good evening, and once again, I totally agree with you. In the last article, i mentioned I can’t get out of the city because of my credit situation as far as buting property goes. I do have a Plan B to go to relatives in north GA as long as no EMP takes place. If an EMP hits, i’ll be bugging in. Everybody get everything you can now before the storm hits. I think I hear thunder on the horizon. braveheart

        • I don’t intend to sound preachy but somtimes I do get a bit weary of trying to make any sense of prepping and all that it encompasses. Weary not in the sense that I would stop prepping, but when I started grade school in 1952, We were always practicing hiding under our desks in case of an atomic bomb. I get weary of 66 yrs. of being unsure of what if’s.

      18. Lehman’s & Cyprus, that’s all you need to know…

        • Enjoy Lehman’s-45 min drive from my house. Enjoy going there and just browsing. Meet a lot of people at the survival book racks and usually strike up a conversation with them. A lot of useful information on prepping is exchanged there. I anyone is looking to find any primitive tools or off grid equipment check out Lehman’s.

      19. vigilanteism is dangerous

        and corrupt illegal justice if not handled properly .

        it has been used in the past by corrupt church and other town civil organizations groups of mislead ignorant towns people to cover up their own crimes and predjudices .

        even now still here in AmeriKa .

        many of honest men and women have suffered in the past and will suffer in the future during times of great economic stress and society break down .

        Always ensure you have real physical evidence and proof prior to building the town hanging platform or burning someone at the stake based on someone elses lies .

        • What is Gang Stalking?

          Gang Stalking is a covert investigation that is opened on an individual. The individual is then placed under overt and covert forms of surveillance. The person is followed around 24/7. Foot patrols and vehicle patrols are used to follow the Individual around, as part of the monitoring process. During these patrols a one handed sign language is used to assist the citizen informants with communicating to each other.

          Gang Stalking is also systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Gang Stalking has many similarities to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It is called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed under intrusive and directed surveillance by groups of organised “Covert Human Intelligence Sources” also known as Citizen Informants 24/7.http://www.heraldscotland.com/how-local-councils-use-anti-terror-laws-to-spy-on-ordinary-people-1.828851

          Many Targeted Individuals are harassed and placed under surveillance in this way for months or even years before they realise that they are being targeted by an organised protocol of harassment.

          • Slave Queen. You speak the truth in both posts. Apparently there are many people on this board that don’t want to hear the truth and, I suspect in many cases are shills trying to discredit your comment by “red thumbing” you into oblivion. The truth will prevail in the end whether that end is good or bad for the human race depends a lot on serendipity regardless of how prepped they are. Just saying.

            • @CrabbeNebulae … lets just say i have very real world experience in this from the ground perspective .

              thank you for your support .

              bit of advice to anyone being stalked harassed or gang stalked by your neighbors coworkers or family … you have to become proactive and fight back , record it all as it happens , keep a daily diary who what where time date and go outside your own local community for help .

              or it never stops , it will just get worse .

              and don’t be afraid to protect youreslf your property with violence if necessary .

              it’s better to be judged by 12 than buried by 6 !


        • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
          April 5, 2013 at 8:12 am




          WTF @SHTF !!!???

          THIS SITE IS WACKED !!!

          • SQ, new posters’ comments are always moderated for a short period of time, and comments in which links are posted are always moderated. Comments from posters who don’t list an email address are also always sent to moderation. It’s an automatic process.

            • Are you the lake Ronkonkoma lady? There is a legend of an indian princess that lures swimmers to their death. Interesting story. GOOGLE it.

      20. I hate to see that this is how far down the road things have gotten to…but it is coming to a town near you and you all know it (hopefully). One thing that does amaze me however is the emphasis people place on ‘Food and Water’… it should be the other way around- ‘Water and Food’. You can only live on average, 3-5 days without water before internal organs start shutting down. You can usually live without food a good week or two however, unless other medical issues exist. I cannot stress enough how important water is to everyone here!

        We really have taken water for granted all our lives, but it is something you cannot be caught without, period.

        Some basic tips on water for those who may not know:

        Many options for storing water esp if you are unfortunate enough to have to ‘bug in’ and should not/cannot forage for more.

        Aquabob or Aquapod for your bathtubs- cheap, easy food grade bladders that sit in your tub and hold on average 65 gallons of water. Not ideal but in a pinch, it’s another 65 gallons of sealed, hopefully clean water. You don’t want to be pulling the stopper on your tub and trying to fill it at the last minute like The guy in the movie ‘The Road’. Almost every one of those stoppers leak and you will lose your water quicker than you think. Plus- when’s the last time you really cleaned your tub? You want to drink that? Really? CLEAN 25-55 gallon food grade containers (with lids and a pump) are also awesome if you can get them.

        Food grade water containers:
        Wal-Mart even sells large water jugs and the big 5-6 gallon blue Culligan jugs (with caps) work very well. If you store up water, make sure to rotate it and change it out every 6 months if possible. Keep out of sunlight to discourage mold growth and leave as little headspace (air) in each container as possible. You will need water that can be filtered, boiled, and drank but also water for washing up, flushing a toilet(if the sanitation lines haven’t backed up yet that is). My rule of thumb has been to store my water and when the time is up, store that same amount again in new containers to make up my fresh water supply. The ‘older’ water can now be used for those other tasks like watering your garden or worst case scenario purified, filtered and drank…or even bartered with later. DO NOT use things like old milk jugs or juice containers for storing water. Milk has lactic acid in it and it *does* leach into the plastic believe it or not. As clean as you think that jug is, it is not a good idea to store your drinking water in that, period.

        Many know of using some drops of regular chlorine bleach to ‘purify’ water. The thing that many do not know is that liquid chlorine bleach breaks down chemical wise over time into mostly water losing its ability to purify correctly. You are better off getting granulated Calcium Hypochlorite (NOT Sodium hypochlorite) to store away and use for later water purification, or germ killing. The container should not be stored in a hot, enclosed place however as it will off gas and is not something you want to breathe in accidentally, the fumes can overcome you.

        There are MANY resources on the net (for a little while longer maybe)that can show you ways to store, transfer, purify/filter and use your liquid gold- water. Don’t wait till it’s too late…because lack of clean water is going to kill off millions, period.

        • …or you could just watch MacGyver reruns for more survival tips.

      21. ENDGAME IS NEAR: Helicopter QE Will Never Be Reversed, All World’s Banks Are Bankrupt, And Have Been For Years, Because They All Run On A Fractional Reserve Basis… Richard Russeli – The Huge Propaganda Effort By The Government And The Fed Is Losing Its Believers
        April 3rd, 2013
        Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/endgame-is-near-helicopter-qe-will-never-be-reversed-all-worlds-banks-are-bankrupt-and-have-been-for-years-because-they-all-run-on-a-fractional-reserve-basis-richard-russeli-the-hug/#OEcSrYPRBJjdH3kD.99

        video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB4huOTkBwY&feature=player_embedded

        • John Williams is brilliant..period..

          Now there’s an interview that I’d love to watch..

          Mac Slavo and John Williams..


        • Who cares? She is half dead and has never had nor wanted any power. just a figurehead and a tradition with a nice expense account and some nice palaces.

      22. Them Mexicans don’t look near as fat as illegal Mexicans.

        • Just proves how poisonous AmeriKan Monsanto GMO’d FDA Mafia approved food is to all humans living in AmeriKa .

          ;0P bleh monsanto gmo’s

      23. The future is–

        What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine also.

        It’ll be like turning on the radio and all stations are the same. It’ll be like Ham and all you get is Hanoia Jane. No matter the frequency, she is there.

        ‘Normal’ people will turn into wolves. Vigilantes will come after you for a cup of water. Witch hunts and Salem trials. False testimonies and murders unchecked. People will panick and then the animal comes out.

        Better have a good plan. Not sure anyone can?

        I’ve had enough Oly; Goodnite….

        • Slave

          You don’t need YouTube to warn you, I’ll tell you now. DON’T DO IT . We too had the massacres and we to had a government that pounced on them in order to ban guns. We didn’t fight enough to keep them and now we have gunmen walking up to complete strangers in the street and shooting them in the head, home invasions frequently feature guns and generally it’s all gone to shit.

          Our gun ownership laws were never liberal but now, you might as well ask for a government paid trip to the moon as a gun licence.

          Gun ownership is in my opinion a deterrent. I feel strongly I am less likely to be attacked if the attacker is not sure if I am armed or not. My civil right of being allowed to take aim at someone who means me harm has been taken away. When a couple of people break into my home with a gun I have nothing to threaten them with that could come even close to standing up to the bullets they have.

          Gun crime is far commoner here that the lame stream would have people believe, and it’s increasing in intensity weekly. The official figures don’t support the news reports in any way. Good ole UK with its unarmed police and unarmed public….it’s a crock of shit. We have many armed police units who are called out daily to incidents…the ‘bobby on the beat’ is just that, they stand back and called the armed units, quite rightly, at the first sign of trouble. Sadly this strategy isn’t always successful, hence police officers and members of the public dying where they fall.

          IF ths inane ban goes ahead I am sure all the gangs and illegal gun owners will do exactly what they did here….laugh and hide their weapons a little better than they did before.

          Okay, rant over, thanks for listening.

          Take care

          • Thanks B the B.

            Wish your words could hit more folks. People need to wake up and realize that no more gun laws or background checks are gonna reduce crime or gun related violence.

            The only way to reduce crime and violence by a bad guy/gal with a gun; is to be confronted with a good guy/gal with a gun. Period.

            TPTB/Politicians just want to avoid the “having to accept” that “we the people”, ain’t giving up our guns or bibles. No way and no how. Period.

          • Hello Burt, glad to see you appearing more again. I saw that you said you moved. Was that because of the storm where your windows were leaking? Also wanted to hear how your quest for a shotgun was going or no longer going. I cannot imagine feeling that vulnerable with out a gun.

            If you look at this article and applied the same situation in England what would you have? A bunch of pitch fork wielding guards? Not good. Anyway, glad to see you around again, take care.


            • Hiya Big B

              Sadly that house fell though at the last minute…but I’ve found another. Much smaller community and much bigger garden so better or growing food. Hopefully we will be out of the city in 4-6 weeks.

              Never did find out why these windows leaked, I can only think it was the volume of torrential aim at the time.

              The next hose is also not in a gun friendly area…but on the coast spearguns and diving knives are very common. As a licences diver I have good reason to own a good variety of both. Here I am only allowed a knife fixed to my BCD.

              I hope you and yours are well.

              Take care

              • THAT IS SO WEIRD !!!

                the british peoples have been completely de-fanged by their illegitimate german royals !


                I TOO AM A PADI DIVE MASTER .

                thank you for the feed back as i’m sure ZOG AmeriKa will suffer the same fate soon !


      24. What’s with all the bad vibes?

        Didn’t the market just hit an all time new high?

        • Ooooh Snap ! You’re so Right @P.R. Opaganda

          You should invest everything you own in the Stock Market !

          You’ll become a Millionaire !

          ;0P not !

        • P.R

          European markets are plunging today

          Take care

          • burt

            The markets dropped..
            Job gains dropped..88k for the month
            Initial unemployment claims increased..385k last week
            but wait..

            unemployment dropped to 7.6%..

            Yes indeed..the numbers don’t lie..

            I am indeed living in the twilight zone..

            Happy recovery to you Burt..


            • Possee

              You too mate lol. I can’t get to the new place fast enough I can tell you, get the garden cleared and planted…sod the house we can decorate anytime….need to get the food production started.

              Love toyou and yours

              Take care

      25. AMERIKAN CIA RULES MEXICO with a corrupt iron fist .

        the very corrupt criminal AmeriKan CIA mafia runs controls Mexico politics government drug lords and drug trafficking .

        these angry victimized mexican citizens are basically fighting against ZOG AmeriKan CIA corruption control of their own once free soveirgn country of mexico .

        AmeriCa is a lie ! Accept it ! Your All living a mk-ultra Lie .

        and the ZOG AmeriKan CIA is / are nothing but a bunch of blue blood silver spoon feed mafia skull-n-bones thugs , working for the very real Banker Shadow Government that truly controls ZOG AmeriKa .

        • My guess is EisenNutz or Angelo Mysterio

          Man you earned the thumbs FAST.

          • My guesses as well, though I’d also put a few chips on :0p, CrabbeNebulae, and John Q. Public just to cover the field, and I wouldn’t entirely discount the possibility that they’re all the same person

            • Not the same person, I can assure you. But, I gave him a thumbs up never-the-less!!

            • It’s one of Ninas many incarnations. More screen names that the Hong Kong telephone book has Chins.

      26. “If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency… the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

        • Another quote by TJ…

          “The Constitution is the chain that binds the government from becoming mischievious.”

      27. I’ll take the spontaneous mob in the street over the organized mob in Washington any day.

        • Exactly, and If our military was anything but what they are , there would have been something done about this criminal element we have for a Government a long time ago, but alas..we cant trust them to do the right thing either..Its been proven, they too are owned. The vets in my family are spinning in their graves

          • VRF

            Just how many Generals/Admirals/Colonels have been relieved from duty from the OB administration..?

            Seems to me they are purging everyone who is not “faithful” to the regime by the dozens..maybe more.

            If they are loyal to the Constitution but not the emperor.

            Anyone out there have the total ..greatly appreciated.


            • Ah, but the latest effort by Obama to destroy this country’s national security is just now coming out in the news. Apparently, in February a couple of Russian strategic bombers with cruise missiles did a test run/exercise to mimic attacking our missile defenses in Asia.

              These dots are beginning to connect. Cancellation of the Keystone pipline helped whom? China. Cancellation of the anti-missile defense system in Eastern Europe helped whom? Russia. Putting a whole lot of our military eggs in the Asian basket now has helped whom? Russia. Reacting heavily to North Korea’s blustering with expensive and strategic military hardware has helped whom? Russia and China. Purging the upper ranks of the military has helped whom? Russia and China.

              At some point, preferably sooner rather than later, a line must be drawn with Obama. He cannot be allowed to continue to weaken our national security for the benefit of his communist benefactors. Who will stand up and say it’s time for Obama to return to the bathhouse, and stay there, until he’s told to come out or his term is up, whichever comes first.

            • Dam good point Possee, I do believe you touched on something I left out.
              and if they cant get them out buy thier own accord, than the scandals come into play ala David Petraeus.
              We wont probably hear about the ones that went willingly, so our known numbers will not be accurate..

              If i were a betting man I bet were passed the number 10 already?

              would like to know myself

      28. The FED Looks Like a Poorly Run Hedge Fund
        “The United States now has a system in which the Treasury runs huge deficits and sells bonds to keep from going broke. The Fed prints money to buy those bonds and loses money owning them. Then the Treasury takes IOUs back from the Fed to keep the Fed from going broke. This arrangement resembles two drunks leaning on each other so neither one falls down. Today, with its 50-to-1 leverage and investment in volatile securities, the Fed looks more like a poorly run hedge fund than a central bank.”

        – Jim Rickards http://jimrickards.blogspot.ca/

      29. RED THUMB COMPROMISED … it appears by the overnight attack of red thumbs attacks on all my posts that a ZOG FEDGOV criminal mafia enforcer organization like the CIA MOSSAD FBI NSA has this website dialed in for RED THUMB stacked number attacks .

        maybe time to rethink the red thumbs block of posts @mac salvo .

        maybe allow the first 3 lines of red thumbed posts to show to be read so the readers can decide if they should read further .

        its obvious the ZOG FEDS are going out of their way to block certain very truthful factual posts from public viewing knowledge .

        • You get thumbed down because you’re retarded, loser.

          • its obvious the ZOG FEDS are going out of their way to block certain very truthful factual posts from public viewing knowledge .

            • If we were looking to discredit your site, we’d be giving green thumbs to every retard who spouts off a 9/11 conspiracy theory, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, hare-brained JFK assassination theory, or claim that the Illuminati/Mossad/ZOG the imaginary Jew devil is coming to get them. You racist retards are a disgrace to real preppers everywhere, and bring ill repute to the entire movement, not to mention this site.

        • the vaccine is what kills you .

          ;0P dead .

        • Yep, Satori, so if the flu doesn’t get you, the vaccine will…just later.

      30. It’s going to be a lot worse than that after it hits the fan. Average, ordinary people will become dangerous when they become hungry and their children are hungry too. It will get bad enough that friends, neighbors, and relatives will kill you for your food. EVERYONE who isn’t prepping will be dangerous.

      31. Uncertainty is what creates chaos; what will happen, when will it happen, how will it affect me, what should I do to get ready, what in God’s name should I get ready for? For me, it is one day at a time, no paranoia or unnecessary confusion, I just live my life and prepare for an event that could disrupt my food source, beyond that who knows. A couple of weapons, few months worth of food, alternate energy source and faith in God. That helps me sleep at night and keeps me sane.

        If I wanted to try and save the world and be a knight in shining armor then I would be in a position of authority, the only authority I have is over my own life and that of my Family. Regardless of what transpires in this world, we are just a tiny speck and really have very little control over anything other than ourselves. No one can tell me what I can or can’t do, if I am not listening. Tune out the white noise and listen to your inner self.

      32. China Begins Mass Slaughter Of Poultry As Bird Flu Kills Six, On Verge Of Becoming Epidemic: Realtime Victim Map


        “As he should be: the virus is rapidly spreading.

        Experts are concerned that the virus appears to have spread across a wide geographical area, with people sickened not only in Shanghai, but also the nearby provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui.

        “I am cautiously worried,” virologist John Oxford of the Queen Mary University of London said.”

        • Why is it that for 40 years now every flu outbreak Always is from China and china chickens or swine/pigs?…If this aint a hoax to sell $$$$ worth of vacines yearly, or add uknowns into vacines to poisen humans who line up like sheeps for their vacine shot every year. You’d think by now some smart scientists or leadership folks would simply send an investigative team to china pig and chicken farms to find out what chineese farmers doing so wrong for this to continue as ongoing Flu problems for so long now huh? And then TEACH those china farmers how to do it right.

          Funny euro or usa farms never cause such ongoing yearly flu outbreaks? Plus they always seem to know in advance by about 12 to 18 months of when flu will again happen. Hmmmmm. When the same keeps happening in the same location and every time msm’s all go ape shit about it, something is not kosher.

          It kind of reminds me of non stop crys to send cash to feed starving africans in africa. You’d think after 50 years now of daily sandwichs and bottled water rations they would rather TEACH african dwellers to GROW their Own food huh? I guess these observations make too much sense for those esteemed “Experts” in Govnt and NGO types.

      33. When Hurricane Andrew came thru Florida and left its destruction a news story about a man who held off a mob of looters. He stayed in his home during the storm and his home was badly damaged. The next night the looters came. Unknown to the looters he owned a legal sub-machine gun. As they tried to enter his home he emptied a full magazine into the air. Looters ran of and he had no more trouble. Something to be said about, High Rate of Fire.

        • Pump shotgun with extended mag is as good as a SMG in my opinion. Generally, the racking of the slide will cure a whole lot of problems without even having to fire a round.

          • Racking a round is also a good way to give off your intent and position too..bad tactical move..especially if they are armed and more than one of them..

            If your gonna pull it..use it, and dont let them know before hand..the only time you should hear the racking noise is after one of them hits the ground with the first round..JMO..your results may vary..(pretty good chance they will playing that, im over here with a shot gun game)

            If they already have intent..and the tools..its too late to rack to scare..the round should already have been chambered and ready to go.

      34. Meant to ask yesterday, does anyone have statistics on NK citizen or military travel to the US?

      35. Aggression by others is a cost that we all bear whether we like it or not. The idea of government was to institute rules for us all to live by, and we pay the cost of protecting ourselves by supporting the government that is supposed to enforce those rules and protect our rights and freedom. Unfortunately those who have gained control of governments throughout history have misused the positions of trust they occupy, becoming criminals themselves, and have become the greatest destroyers of freedom and peace.

        Clearly today, governments at all levels have been corrupted, and instead of maintain a system of laws and freedom, they have corrupted the system into something that plunders and controls the average person. They are too busy using the force to government to benefit themselves and their friends and don’t use the power of government to carry out its intended purpose of protecting freedom and rights. This leads to the social breakdown we see in Mexico, and the slower developing breakdown we are experiencing in the US.

        As far as people taking the law into their own hands, I think this fills the void created when government has been corrupted. So will we allow this corruption to destroy our lives when it rises to the level of Mexico, or will be fill the void by creating our own primitive “government” in the form of vigilante groups to protect ourselves? I think the vigilante solution will be temporary and probably is a necessary transition stage in a disintegrating society. Look at the old West in the US where vigilante groups operated when there was insufficient protection against unrestrained aggression of thugs.

        Social breakdown isn’t pretty. I think we are entering a significant time of transition.

      36. Good Post by P. Henry! It sure give’s someone a lot to think about! If I stayed where I am now,ya have to think,which one of my neighbors will elect himself as RULER of the neighborhood! Some people still have no ideal that Leader-ship has to earned ,NOT self-elected ! If you would like to figure out what all might come up during a collapse of society,I recommend the book ‘Goin Home’ by A. American ! Once you get past all equipment identification (and their model numbers?) it is VERY interesting read! I stayed up till 3:00AM the first night I received this book on the Cloud-Reader!!My only beef with it was I wish it had 10,000 pages instead of 12 chapters. Anyway it will give ya some ideal of what to expect! AND,NO I don’t KNOW the author!! And NO ,I DON’T want to LEAD or FOLLOW!!~ keep preppin…..mm

        • Thank you very much Mountain Man!

      37. Well, it looks like a beautiful day in the neighborhood this morning. (for some reason, I always want to put on a sweater when I say That)
        The rusty old puter is loading faster, so maybe a tweak on Mac’s end fixed it. Or, it may have helped when I smacked my machine with the tire thumper. Thanks for the suggestion, C Howard Fields, I think you were right!
        don’t tread- Glad to hear your staying healthy. Just don’t let the neighbors see you ‘marking your territory’!
        Now, where did I put those M&Ms? mmmm, the red ones are tasty. oooh! a green one! Now I’m feelin’ frisky!

        Drudge reports today that the Russians have been invited to skeedaddle from their NKorean embassy. Apparently that chubby little dick (we’ll call him ‘tater’) isn’t done painting himself into a corner just yet. Something tells me, if they only had Foster’s Lager on tap and Johnny Cash on the radio over there, he’d mellow out and enjoy life. No chance of that, I guess.
        Unemployment rate continues to drop, even as the number of unemployed goes up? Only thing I can think of, it must be Bush’s fault. Probably some of that fuzzy math they haven’t finished sweeping out since he left.
        Some states and cities are passing laws to outlaw guns. Others are going in the opposite direction and strengthening 2nd amendment rights. Maybe we should just divide the country in two. Star-bellies over here, plain-bellies over there. I want to be with the star-bellies. Like Jefferson said, “An armed sneetch is a polite sneetch.”
        Hope you all have a good day in your neighborhood today. Yes, even you young whippersnappers among us, too! And if you see a Freightliner, weaving through a construction zone on I-70, tossing red M&Ms out the window, Wave! That’ll be me!….

        • America’s New Shepherd:

          Shepherd: Sheep, walk to the right.
          Sheep: Baaa, Baaa, Baaa
          Shepherd: Sheep, walk to the left.
          Sheep: Baaa, Baaa, Baaa
          Shepherd: Sheep, come to the cliff.
          Sheep: Baaa, Baaa, Baaa
          Shepherd: Sheep, Jump!!!!
          Sheep: Baaa, Baaa, Baaa

        • But theres a 2300 FPS cure for that S.O.

      38. HHS Resurrects ‘ACORN’ Through ObamaCare

        “ObamaCare provides millions of dollars in grants to hire community activists and others as “navigators” to assist individuals enroll in health insurance provided by state or federal exchanges and, according to recent reports, register people to vote.

        In a new rule proposed Wednesday, HHS lays out numerous guidelines for these “navigators”, including paying them up to $48/hour for their work. The rule, guidelines and voter registration effort are a potential vehicle to resurrect ACORN or an ACORN-like entity.”

        “Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, has said their effort will be run like a “political campaign.”

        We can also assume many “illegal aliens” will be signed up for Obamacare and registered to vote.

        Obama recently said he needs Pelosi as speaker of the house, so “he can get alot more accomplished.” Looks like they are planning ahead for the 2014 elections.

        breitbart dot com

        • KY Mom, who better to teach 30 million illeagle mexicans the proper methods to scam fed govnt, then 100,000 acorn low life leftist Negros.

      39. Has anyone else noticed the panic and fear of politicians and the MSM? Fear over only a few assassinations of high ranking law enforcement people and a relative? I am not in favor of the choice of targets in these cases. But imagine if a dozen high ranking pols had been assassinated by anti-communist freedom fighters. A hundred? More? Could we actually get our country back from the totalitarians? It appears that the ballot box has been an obstruction to freedom. The cartridge box appears to be a quicker solution. Just an observation.

        • Maudy fricket, I’ve noticed that too. Among the anointed elitists, the evidence of a deep fear of the angry mortals is obvious. Now, instead of branding the mere mortals with any number of crude names (dispelling their Progressivist commitment to fairness, diversity, No Labels nonsense, and all that other crap they spew), they will continue with the class warfare and further their divisiveness with more laws and punishments to protect themselves from all of their own wrongdoings.

          If I were writing a fictional story, I might change the characters to top ranking officials and politicians. In today’s climate, a battle between THEIR style of justice versus the eye-for-an-eye style of justice would be a best seller. But only if the story could be bought through an EBT transaction.

          • Gov Perry said it best, that they must meet this threat with “resolve”…
            What they are running into is a backlash, coming from somebody with ‘resolve’. To be met with more ‘resolve’, which means, those who have been raiding peoples homes with SWAT teams, shooting dogs and innocents, will become even more ruthless, leading to even more ‘resolve’ on the other side. Until, it does begin to spread into a higher calling… a call for Justice.
            This is due to the Law not be enforced equally anymore, and the crackdowns on the wrong people, druggies evidently or something worse.

            Is this how it begins? With gangs enacting their form of justice on officials? As the Mexican Model drives north? Is this the beginning of the conquest of the southwest? Dunno.

            Do know, the fear is OBVIOUS on the faces of government officials and MSM talking heads. All happening at the same time that the economy begins to crater again, and the NK Crazy man starts a war? Or is it designed that way, so that China can be seen as the ‘good’ guy ‘peacemaker’, after America is blamed for whatever happens, simply because we ‘wouldn’t talk to him’ and China just takes over by default? (If NK nukes SK and/or Japan, that leaves China in the catbird seat for Asian manufacturing, and we, are toast… since any war scenario halts economic activity. I think we would slide immediately into Martial law or the communist version which is worse…)

            There are several scenarios where this could all go south very quickly, that is what gov does when economics go hopelessly south, start a war! Get everybodies mind off the problem and looking in another direction.

            The recent focus of ‘evil white guys and their guns’ should prove that my earlier thesis was correct, gun control is about alleviating lawful white people of their guns, and leaving gangs in charge of areas, to promote themselves into gov sponsored warlords?.

            It doesn’t matter what happens, the only thing that matters is, don’t stand alone and think you will survive for very long under the worst collapse/war scenarios… pull together with other good guys, gravitate towards churches as hubs of economic/mutual support activity if needed, and if you have to shoot a few thugs, just do it. Ultimately, God’s people must pull back together, and become His hands. (All other old doctrines/superstitions/preachings and prophetical illusions that keep you apathetic and frozen during ‘normal’ times, will disburse themselves on the altar of reality, and you will have little choice but to protect your children and families by building COMMUNITIES again.)

            As I have said before, madness comes in the darkness that is already here, it is a shadow of a storm on the horizon. Those who do not pull together in what comes, whatever form the storm takes, will be destroyed.

            • The problem with banding together to form MAG’s (Mutually Assured Groups) is the possibility of infiltration by informants and deep cover agents of the gun grabbers. Dis-bandement and pin point house to house confiscations become a very real, clear and present danger. Who do you trust? Damned if you do and don’t! Neighbourhood MAG’s are a good idea, but everyone is too busy scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking out for theirs and their own.

              • I agree about the threat and the best way I found to avert it is NOT to form MAG’s, but move to an area (if only on weekends) where your neighbors will be the kind of people you would want in those groups. My neighbors have always heated with wood, hunted, gardened, raised livestock, etc. so there will be no learning curve when it is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

              • Now you guys invent a new term? MAG’s?

                You will eventually succumb to Murphy no matter how good you think you are at planning. No man is an island, and all it takes to bring down an island is one well placed sniper bullet. Which would have less of a chance of happening if you were running patrols and had look outs in your AO. Something equally hard to do if you also have to plow, and feed and tend…

                Your fear rules your existence.

                Who gives a SHIT about AGENTS?
                Don’t tell anybody about your Damn guns! Form up for economic purposes, then leave that ‘other shit’ to the ‘experts’, who will take care of ‘business’.

                Form the trust by spiritual and character discernment, over a long period of time. If they aren’t your neighbors, then don’t trust them… otherwise, if they aren’t locally known, then what are they doing there to begin with? Probe them, make them uncomfortable.

                You guys make my points. Any excuse to avoid community based anything. The Rugged Individual will never understand his individuality is his Achilles heel. But it all depends on your focus as a prepper… do you prep to ensure your families long term survival and hopefully being able to thrive… or, you’re out to shoot someone in the ‘gubmint’.

                I can only suggest you warrior types listen to Sun Tzu, and understand that the battle always won, is the battle not fought.

                Those who think the ‘militia of one’ concept is their ‘way’, understand this; the gubmint don’t have to find you, all they have to do is surround your entire area, stop all food shipments, and turn your neighbors against you. After they have starved your neighbors, what are your chances to survive then?

                Many of you, do not think things through, you rely on myths, novels and urban legends to plan.
                Let history be your guide.

        • Patience

        • Why waste the ammo?? Just use the ‘Clinton Casualties’ technique.
          Tub accidents, mugging deaths, heart attacks, car accidents, falling asleep on railroad tracks(don’t overuse that one), motorcycle accidents, plane crashes, and there’s always ‘unknown causes’!!

        • @ MAUDY FRICKET (1411875)

          Are you advocating Murder?

          Have you put plans into motion for such? It sure sounds that way to me.

          YOU are a huge part of the problem.

          • So now the American Revolution was started by a bunch of murderers. Anyone who resists totalitarianism is a murderer? I am not advocating murder. You are the problem. When the government has a monopoly on the use of force, then the government is the problem.

      40. Smokin….That song just gave me some warm fuzzies. Thanks for the memories.

        Captain Kangaroo was cool too….

        The guy in NK is just being used for another purpose coming up. What is that purpose? Stay tuned, I’m sure CNN and MSNBC and the MSM have their spin already to go….

        Yes, its Bush’s fault.

        Have you ever tried to talk to a Dem lately about today’s events? America is asleep. We are toasted, just that 99% don’t know it yet.

        Glad we have Leaders. Yes Shepherds that are leading us to the cliff. Jump Sheep, Jump!

      41. Burt, good morning. i read your comment #1409286 with great interest. I can promise your advice is very well taken by me. I saw events and conditions like these coming right after the atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco. I’ve been stockpiling everything I need and know will help me to stay alive. My prepping might even go beyond the point when the balloon goes up. I truly sympathize with your plight on the other side of the Atlantic. Sadly, Britain now has a government that the Nazis and Soviets COMBINED would have proud of. All throughout world history, not one manmade government existed on the face of this earth that had benevolent intentions toward the people they ruled over. All governments even to this day are totally lacking in any legitimate basis for anything they do. My late wife, may she rest in peace, experienced tyranny in her beloved homeland of Cuba and lost half of her family to Fidel Castro’s butchers. I, for one, will never submit to tyranny. I’m going to stand up and fight. best wishes. Braveheart

      42. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-04-05/people-not-labor-force-soar-663000-90-million-labor-force-participation-rate-1979-le

        People Not In Labor Force Soar By 663,000 To 90 Million, Labor Force Participation Rate At 1979 Levels



        Quote from a friend who owns a pizza place…
        “I’m going to fire everyone who is NOT family. I will not be enslaved by my workers with the increase in the min wage and healthcare costs…no way….fuck all those who voted for Obama….this will make a point! See ya”


      44. You know things are bad when even the blacks want Obama out of office.
        More blacks are becoming conservative republicans.

      45. When I first read about the Mexican’s taking back their town from the criminals I applauded and still do. It shows that crooked power can only push and take away so much before the people feel that they have nothing to lose by fighting back. Now that they have taken back their town, they will need to be vigilant in keeping it. The cockroaches are good at hiding when the lights are on. Don’t turn the vigilant lights off.

      46. http://www.examiner.com/article/largest-dutch-bank-defaults-on-physical-gold-deliveries-to-customers?

        This is the age of thieves.
        The rest of my life… All I will be buying is silver and gold.
        That’s it.

        Sorry IRS…when I need to cash it in…I’ll find a cash buyer.
        This offsets the lack of interest, dividends and bank account theft or nationalization that might take place.

        Sorry boomers….we don’t trust you.
        You got in power and everything fell apart.

        Generation X

        ps. Wipe your own asses in old age with your fiat money.

        My generation will never retire and that’s great thing… we are now taking over.
        Owning businesses, banding together in our companies.

        This is the start of a generational war.

      47. @ Everybody. Please read at least one of these links about the biological horrors that North Korea has and is planning. The ultimate SHTF.


        This one in the washigton times talks about how North Korea has genetially altered smallpox that would make ALL vaccinations ineffective.

        This one is sick nazi atrocities, and makes designing true death weapons that much worse and more contagious


        • Your paranoia, fear mongering, germaphobia, and amateurish attempts at intelligence analysis are obvious and laughable. You should go back to prepping, knitting or sewing.

          • @ CrabbeNebulae. Your comment sounds a lot like something that would come from the BO camp. Do you even begin to comprehend what biological weapons can do? Take a basic biology course in college and see just how easy it is for a state sponsored bio-weapons program can manufacture weapons far worse than you can imagine. Look up anthrax and see how a 200 pound bag of this crap can kill several million people. 5 people died from the anthrax attacks in 2001 from basically what you fit on the head of 3 pins.

            You being on a survival site such as this one spreading your “it won’t happen” is laughable. It is too bad, because you have something to you that is more than the basic internet trolls that poison the site like coackroach finx, joker in NC, and others.

            I don’t exaggerate ANYTHING, I don’t. When I post something I look for facts. I can’t stand fear mongering for something that never has a chance of manifesting itself. I hate crying wolf. Understand this and carefully read about the horrors that biological weapons can do. Pick up the book, “Biohazard” by Ken Alibek and see just how secrective and how much effort and money went into the Soviet’s bio-weapons program if you don’t believe me. Of course the shear REAL fear of this might overwhelm you and others of just how evil countries are with killing millions with bio-weapons. Won’t make it go away by calling me or others paranoid, germaphobic, or other childish names, THEY EXIST AND ARE SADLY REAL.

            • You post some good stuff sometimes but otherwise you know nothing about weaponinzing biological pathogens, nuclear or chemical warfare. You need to chill out.

      48. I’m an active duty Marine and this is an example of the stupid shit I have to deal with on a daily basis.



        does anyone else have a problem with this ???

        it should read …



      49. Debtor prisons?..maybe it is a good idea to pay off that mortgage eh?

        COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Several courts in Ohio are illegally jailing people because they are too poor to pay their debts and often deny defendants a hearing to determine if they’re financially capable of paying what they owe, according to an investigation released Thursday by the Ohio chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

        The ACLU likens the problem to modern-day debtors’ prisons. Jailing people for debt pushes poor defendants farther into poverty and costs counties more than the actual debt because of the cost of arresting and incarcerating individuals, the report said.

        “The use of debtors’ prison is an outdated and destructive practice that has wreaked havoc upon the lives of those profiled in this report and thousands of others throughout Ohio,” the report said.

      50. If my neighbors, and I, seized control of the area where we live, excluded people who don’t live here, and stopped paying taxes, we’d be safer, and a hell of a lot richer. One gets you five, that on average the people of Ayutla, are better off. I say on average, because politicians, and police won’t be pocketing tax money, and taking bribes any more, so they are worse off. Imagine how bad, it must have been there, for the community to take up arms? I’m pretty sure these guys aren’t Al Kaida no matter what the US government says.

      51. Once again you make the case for the gun control crowd.


        Not that they actually CAN control guns, there’s the counter argument I couldn’t find yesterday.

        But you can see what they’re thinking. Add to that a dose of hubris (assuming themselves to be powerful enough to actually disarm criminals) and it makes sense. It ain’t RIGHT, but at least it’s logically conistent. It’s one of the premises that’s flawed.

        Why all of a sudden all the pro .gov stuff? It’s not like this site, really.

        But I agree, this is a b*stard of a problem. Now I just feel more screwed.

      52. Troll on Deck

      53. Obama 2016

      54. @guest?…what do you mean by saying obama 2016? He is not able to run for president a third time….are you suggesting anything here??

      55. Too bad god doesn’t exist


      56. you guys are little children, pretending to be independent, powerful adventurers. come on!

      57. Scary thoughts about what could be coming in the days, weeks and months to come. Thank God for the folks like you, TheEconomicCollapseBlog and InfoWars that actually cover this stuff and seem to see the big picture.

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