When Should I Go Into a Full Pandemic Lockdown Mode And Self Quarantine?

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    lockdown-quarantineGross mismanagement of the Ebola crisis by CDC and health officials around the country has left many Americans wondering what steps they need to take to prevent getting infected.

    Some of the key questions facing concerned citizens revolve around the concepts of self quarantine and social distancing.

    When do you make the call to bug in or bug out? When do you stop going to work out of concern of being exposed to a virulent disease? When should I put my self and family into full pandemic lockdown mode?

    Before you dismiss this article as just another over-sensationalized attempt at fear mongering, understand this: Ebola has a 70% mortality rate and there is no cure.

    Let’s be absolutely clear – this is not a common cold or flu. If you get Ebola, odds are you will die.

    Despite the CDCs efforts it has missed vital opportunities to contain the virus and we are now facing the potential for a widespread pandemic on U.S. soil. There are no protocols in place for medical professionals to follow, no systematic approaches in place to deal with this type of large scale disaster, and no significant attempts at controlling the spread of this contagion. The American public can and should expect that each week will bring more infections and death.

    The time to make preparations for a worst-case scenario is now. The following are six key warning signs you should be looking for. When these events come to pass or you see these signals, you should strongly consider implementing a self quarantine lockdown:

    1. Emergency officials say they have the situation under control, but more cases continue to pop up.
    2. Local and state governments officially declare an emergency.
    3. Cases have been identified at your local hospital or at schools in your general vicinity.
    4. The general public begins to panic and store shelves start running out of key supplies like food and bottled water.
    5. Looting and lawlessness occurs within the local community.
    6. The virus breaches a 50-mile radius surrounding your home or town.

    If any of these signs begin to appear around you, it’s time to seriously consider distancing yourself from society, and especially highly dense venues like retail stores, sporting events or schools.

    Here’s an important factor to consider: You want to have all supplies and a plan in place before the virus spreads out of control and before government officials force mandatory quarantines. Once the signs start to appear, it may already be too late to start stockpiling supplies because panic-buying will be the order of the day. We’ve already seen this with major internet suppliers of medical gear, who report that their inventories have been nearly cleaned out. The same will happen on a local level.

    In this type of disaster, you need to prepare for the likelihood of living in an off grid setting with the supplies in your home for a at least a month. That’s the bare minimum. If you have the means to do it, consider a longer-term preparedness plan like the one we’ve outlined in The Prepper’s Blueprint, which is designed to provide for your family for an emergency lasting in excess of six months or longer.

    If you do not have necessary supplies, you will be ill-equipped to survive this disaster. You’ll want to concentrate your efforts on the essentials first. This means emergency foods that can include pre-packaged Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MRE), freeze dried foods, and dry goods, all of which can be incorporated into your meal planning in order to prevent food fatigue over extended periods. It also means access to water, and because utility workers may stop showing up for work you’re going to need a water source or reserve water stores. Other critical yet often overlooked preparedness considerations for a self-quarantine scenario includes alternative lightingsanitation, alternative cooking and energy needs. Time is of the essence, and preparation is key.

    If the Government Won’t Close Their Borders, You Should Close Yours

    Because each of our circumstances are different and we live in varying population densities, each of us will have to make choices based on our specific needs. Some people commute to work, some work from home, and some live in the country where the threat of contagious viruses spreading in high volume isn’t as much of a concern as urban areas.

    The government has made no attempts at closing its borders or to ban travelers living in Ebola zones even though the majority of Americans have said they want the borders temporarily closed from people originating in these countries. If they won’t close their borders, you can close yours. If Ebola makes its way to your community, shows up in your local hospital or within 50 miles of your home, consider activating a total lockdown procedure for your home and plan to bug in place until the threat has passed.

    • Activating social distancing protocols is the best way to avoid Ebola altogether. If you are prepared to live in your home for a month or longer without venturing into public areas, then you stand a better chance of surviving this pandemic. If you are able to work from home and live full-time at your bug out retreat, take any remaining supplies you have and go now before the pandemic escalates. When there is a concern for dangerous communicable diseases spreading, the CDC activates mandatory quarantines which are backed up by laws and executive orders. No one goes in, and no one goes out.
    • James Rawles recently suggested that if you have 6 months worth of savings, perhaps it is worthwhile to take a leave of absence from your employment and live at your bug out retreat full time until the crisis passes.
    • If you do not have the flexibility of working from home and have to work in an office or warehouse setting, discuss contingency plans with your employer. In addition to educating employees, companies should review their emergency preparedness plans on how to respond if an employee falls sick on the job. The plan should include communicating with other employees, setting up an isolation room, transporting ill employees to the appropriate medical authorities, protecting employees who come into contact with those who are ill, setting up a disinfecting program, and monitoring contact tracing. Organizations could also consider screening employees at the worksite.

    Have Supplies In Place

    As more cases are confirmed in the United States people will panic. This is a given. We’ve seen it in West Africa already.

    In the United States, after just a few confirmed cases, we’re already seeing shortages of pandemic prevention supplies such as respirator masks and full body coveralls. If we see an escalation with Ebola and cases continue to spread to more cities across America, you should fully expect a run on essential supplies like food, gas and bottled water.

    Some will continue to believe this is under control. And maybe it will be soon. But what if it isn’t? Are you prepared to take that risk when developing a contingency plan takes very little effort and can be done on a shoestring budget?

    Here is a basic starter list compiled from portions of The Prepper’s Blueprint. If you are serious about protecting yourself from a potential pandemic there is a lot to do, but the following guidelines can fast-track your preparedness and contingency plans.

    Bug In Supplies

    Water – Have a short term water supply. Emergency organizations suggest 1 gallon per person for 30 days. If one goes by this suggestion, to have 1 gallon per person per day, a family of 5 will need 35 gallons of water per week. Further, it would be ideal to have some tools to treat water such as a portable filtration system, chemical treatment tablets, etc., as well as a portable filtration system for your bug out bags. To learn the different methods of purifying water, click here.

    Note: As a backup plan, consider investing in manual water pumps, tarps, rain gutters for the home to collect rain water and condensation from the ground, trees and bushes. This could save your life!

    Food – Have a 30-day supply of shelf stable foods. You need to assume that electricity could go out, therefore look to foods that do not require refrigeration. To see how much your family would need, click here. Create a menu based around your shelf stable foods to ensure you have enough food to feed your family. Your menu should be realistic in the sense that it will provide your body with the necessary energy needs. This chart can help in researching caloric needs based on gender and ages. At the very least, plan for 1200 calories per meal. Keep healthy whole grains in mind when adding carbohydrates to your larder.

    Sanitation – In a pandemic, everyone will fear going to their jobs and all forms of normal life will be on hold. This includes your trash pick ups. Have a basic sanitation kit and prepare for the fact that toilets won’t flush, trash won’t be collected and you will be on your own. When sanitary conditions are not up to par, there is an increase of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and diphtheria. Typically, women and children are the most affected by poor sanitary conditions. Women’s personal hygiene is essential to her health and should be considered a priority in your sanitation preparedness measures. Taking proper precautions and stocking up on sanitary items will help eliminate most issues regarding poor sanitation.

    Alternative power – Disasters of any kind cause grid down scenarios. In this case, if a pandemic ensues, people are not going to risk exposing themselves to a deadly contagion just so the public has their electricity. Prepare to live in an off grid environment and invest in alternative means of power and invest in rechargeable batteries, solar battery chargers, generators, ample supplies of fuel and even a siphon for fuel. As well, if cold weather threatens the area where you live, have ample firewood and matches or a way to start a fire.

    Communication – You can’t cut yourself off from the world, especially in a disaster. Our normal forms of communication – television, cell phones, land lines may not be available following a disaster. Therefore, you will need alternative forms of communication to communicate with neighbors, loved ones or to learn what is happening in your community. Having police scanners, radios, Ham radios to communicate to the outside world will give you a huge advantage in survival and security.

    Security – Never underestimate the desperation of those who are unprepared or ill-equipped to survive. When one’s needs are not met, there is nothing they won’t do. Bugging in will require more planning and security on your part. Although living in an urban center may be the most difficult in terms of survival, those that live on the city’s outskirts and suburban areas will not be without their own set of challenges.

    Considering that the majority of the U.S. population is centered in 146 of the country’s 3000 counties, chances are most of us live in urban areas, and special attention must be placed on security. We’ve read enough survival stories to know that drug addicts, released prisoners, those with mental illnesses and the unprepared will be the ones looting and pillaging. Those that live in densely populated areas will be the most vulnerable to this. To curtail this, amp up your security endeavors and preps.

    For those with special needs, ensure that you have supplies and necessary medication ready for them (infants, elderly, handicapped, etc.).

    Pandemic Supplies

    Also, consider these tips for preparing your home and reducing the chances of contamination.

    1. Prepare a sick room for the home to limit family member’s exposure to the virus. If someone in the house is infected, then the person needs to be segregated to a room of the house and that room needs to be sealed off from the rest of the home either using plastic sheeting or duct taped closed with limited interaction from other family members.
    2. Consider all items coming in from the outside to be contaminated and should be washed with antibacterial soap or a chlorine mix before handling with bare hands. Therefore, any item you pick up after the emergency starts need to be handled accordingly.
    3. Seal air leaks in your home. All it takes is one particle of infectious material to doom your whole family. Since you will be indoors with not alot to do, do this.
    4. Any time you come into near contact with anybody who is infected, you will need a shower. This is not an option.
    5. All common items in the house should be disinfected after use regardless if anyone is sick. The kitchen and bathrooms should be meticulously cleaned after use.
    6. If a family member dies in quarantine, seal off the room until professionals can deal with it. Don’t risk it. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, Wear long pants and long sleeves. Tuck your sleeves into your gloves. Dig your grave prior to moving the body. Spray the areas of the body you intend to touch with your bleach solution and wait 10 minutes before touching the body. Avoid touching the torso and head of the deceased person and only touch the disinfected extremities. Disinfect your clothing and shower after the operation is complete.
    7. Looters and crime waves can occur during this so ensure you have a means to protect yourself and your preps.

    With the holiday season almost upon us we can expect large swaths of people at retail outlets and airports. The best advice is to keep your social distance. Unless you absolutely have to, try to avoid highly dense social situations. Why take a chance when you don’t really have to?

    As for friends and family showing up at your home, if Ebola has breached your personal borders then you should either send them away or require them to decontaminate in a pre-staged home quarantine area.

    What you decide to do with this information is entirely up to you. This may well be the most significant national crisis since 9/11. Stock markets are crashing, city officials are scrambling to maintain order, and the public is second-guessing what officials are telling them.

    The time is now for each of us take personal responsibility in preparing for this disaster. It’s real. It will spread. People will get sick and die. There will be panic.

    An aggressive prevention plan is our only option.



    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Boy!

        I am so glad that I live in the middle of the country.

        There is still a danger, but shutting out the world is easier.

        • Cutting through the lies and rumors is the difficult proposition. You can’t trust mainstream propoganda and government nor believe every rumor in the meat grinder. Watch, listen, see what makes sense. Use intuition and prayer. Be prudent on when to quit jobs and lockdown; when to shelter in place and when to bugout. No written rules for every case scenario. Life is an adventure.

          • Tess says:

            “Before you dismiss this article as just another over-sensationalized attempt at fear mongering, understand this: Ebola has a 70% mortality rate and there is no cure.”

            Two points:

            1. I have already dismissed articles such as this as “just another over-sensationalized attempt at fear mongering.”

            2. Governments have killed far more people than Ebola.

            “Let’s be absolutely clear – this is not a common cold or flu. If you get Ebola, odds are you will die.”

            The CDC made the same claim about Swine flu (H191) in 2009.

            Ebola is HYPE!

            The State is NOT!!!

            • Military preps medical support team for Ebola response IN the United States

              “The U.S. military is forming a 30-person “quick strike team” equipped to provide direct treatment to Ebola patients INSIDE THE UNITED STATES,” a Defense Department official reported on Sunday.

              “The medical support team will be under orders to deploy within 72 hours AT ANY TIME OVER THE NEXT MONTH … that could, if required, provide short-notice assistance to civilian medical professionals in the United States,”

              “The team will include five doctors, 20 nurses and five trainers.”


              • A team of 30 for 393 million people is not worth mentioning

                • Oldseventy70 – hear, hear!

                  3rd World Nigeria organised a rapid response team of several hundred & had them on the ground within a week performing 18,000 health checks. That’s the difference between rule by political committee with an eye to the back pocket and actually getting a critical job done.

                  I am so, so sick of the West thinking that pure arrogance will save the day. It won’t & it can’t. If the bug don’t cause you problems, the resulting social or economic collapse will.

                  I know I’ve said it before but Ebola is NOT the most deadly pathogen we face – that accolade goes to wrong-headed leadership.

              • Yeah and the actual troops got only a 4 hour crash corse on Ebola before the deployed on this suicide mission. No kidding.

                • I think the team is to take over while the trainers train the hospital staff. If that is the case, it might ensure better safety for all and maybe a better outcome for the patient.

                  As for the troops, they are being sent in to work without any hazmat gear at all. My understanding is that they will not be in contact with the ill but will be building clinics. However they are not setting up camps to live but will live in local hotels. My concern is that in some cases, ebola has survived and made people ill after much better sanitation proceedures than hotels use. The soldiers should create their own camps. And provide their own food and water. It is just common sense as well as being standard medical procedure to minimize unnecessary exposure.

              • I’m not panicking until after the election. I’m sure this will suddenly be “under control” after the 6th.

            • Well shucks YMWW, I gotta say I agree with you on this. My dear Tess, what is this? Get down on your hands and knees and crawl or hide so you might not get hurt. Whoa up! We ain’t even close. I got a life to live and in that life THERE ARE RISKS JUST LIKE WHEN YOU TAKE TO THE HIGHWAYS ON YOUR WAY TO WORK EACH DAY. Get a grip, get a life! Take it for what its worth. Like a I always say, ” If’n you don’t like my gate, don’t swing on it!

              • I think I am more in line at this point with Tess as well vs. the JWR, Evenson and others hollering to run for the hills right now this moment or you and your family will perish.

                And I am still thinking as I was a few days ago, that something isn’t quite feeling or smelling right with this Ebola thing.

              • Patriot… agree. Walked up to a moose early today in the woods unitentionally. Risk of getting stomped before I could get away was greater than the Ebobama virus. Also… 6 months savings and a leave of absence in this economy/unemployment…..HAHAHA. yea right. Some writers are just disconnected from reality.When thousands drop dead in every major city, then I will get concerned.

                • I just sold off cashed out of 1.5 years of pay, and putting my house up for sale in the City and going far off the grid buying some remote land here in FL. I’m over this BS. I figure by next summer this country will be in full collapse mode. The clock is ticking.

                • dave

                  Agreed as well..

                  We’ve had one reported death and 2 reported infections amongst hundreds in close contact..

                  I’d prefer the story line from the actual affected folks in Africa..
                  and that was the local medical labs/hospitals injecting viruses(aka vaccinations) caused the initial outbreak..which later became contained once the locals rioted and the bio lab/hospital was subsequently shut down..and no more vaccinations were given..

                  This relatively unreported story(s) was never carried by any media and noticeably absent from the alt media as well…

                  “””the Kenema bio-weapon laboratory in Sierra Leone. Like as commonly seen in the U.S., this lab was located in a hospital facility. Kenema was one of the main “hot zones” when Ebola initially “broke out.”…”””

                  “””this “lab” in Kenema was funded by Bill Gates and George Soros. It was later taken over by the WHO and MSF after thousands of local residents rioted. Notice how this incident was presented in western media as caused “by a rumor from a mentally deranged nurse.” This storytelling is clearly a complete fabrication of what really transpired: People rioted over the presence of a bio-weapons lab in their community, period.

                  “””let’s go back and read the Aug 7 New York Times article describing the abject fear Sierra Leone’s people demonstrated toward this facility.”””

                  “””Fast forward three months later, after Kenema residents courageously took matters into their own hands, and shut this bio-weapons monster down. There were 410 new Ebola cases up to Sept. 16, and only 49 since. So it would appear that Kemena has turned a corner…””””

                  source:Russ Winter Winteractionables dot com

                  There’s some supposed evidence presented…

                  As usual, the feds are playing this quite well in another fear and loathing campaign..at the least..

                  Only time will tell..

                  Enjoy the day..


            • YMWW, I agree the state is not hype and I HOPE you’re right about ebola being hype. I don’t trust anything coming out of any govt. agency on any issue. Even on the internet it’s hard to tell who’s putting out good or bad info. I’m monitoring this as close as I can. IF there’s something to this ebola affair, I’ll be bugging out to the family in north GA hopefully before it can hit my area. Once again, I sincerely hope you’re right about this being hype, but I can see how TPTB could use the hype to bring in martial law. Keep prepping and hope for the best.

            • You can tick off # 1 and #2 because they have already happened. However I do not believe we will lose power or water because most people need their jobs to keep a roof over their heads. So they will go to work and try to minimize their exposure in other ways. This will mean job losses for those who work in “unnecessary” public events and eating out. For anyone who can stock up a bit now, that means you don’t have to try to sanitize supplies later. Think about how many people handle your foods before you buy them. And fresh produce and meat would be the most risky in this situation.

              Watching this unfold I kept thinking how unreal it all appeared. Not because of Ebola which I believe is real and very dangerous but because of how our Federal Government and the CDC have acted. By their words and actions (and lack of actions) they have voiced that we are all safe while projecting that they have NO IDEA what they are doing. Everything they have done goes against standard medical protocol and most of the American public knows this so what the heck are they doing and why?
              This is either a Sandy Hook Hoax with a political agenda or they want to get us killed. Those appear to be the options.

              From the beginning the CDC has talked out of both sides of their mouths:
              — “You can not get Ebola from close proximity or direct contact. You must have body fluids in contact with mucus membranes or open skin areas” AND
              — ” You are perfectly safe sitting next to someone in a plane, train or bus. You can not get Ebola that way” we hear the head of the CDC state over the TV to us.
              But if you read their webpage they define direct contact and close proximity as being 3 feet or closer from another person. Yes that is 3 feet or closer. I have not flown in a couple of years so I guess that now the seats are all over 3 feet apart in all directions? Ditto other public transportation?

              The CDC says that we must have body fluid contact with mucus membranes or open skin areas but USAMRID, Canada Health and European nations health departments state that there is scientific evidence that the Ebola virus can pass through intact skin. It is the nature of this virus to insert itself into any cell it has contact with.

              The CDC says that the incubation period is 2-21 days and once deemed recovered you are no longer a danger to others. But scientific evidence shown on Health Canada, European health etc show that the incubation period may need to be at least 42 days and that the live/ viable virus has been found in semen ( a body fluid) for 84 days after the patient was declared as cured. So that means than any body fluid of that person could still convey the disease. There is nothing to show that there was any testing beyond 84 days so we do not know how long the virus could be passed on through semen, tears, sweat, breastmilk, saliva, urine, blood and feces.

              I don’t know what they are doing over there but right now the words and actions of our Federal Government and the CDC could be dangerous to your health. Do your own research using good quality/ respected medical resources. And start learning how to disinfect using bleach/water not Lysol. I have seen nothing that shows that Lysol is effective against this virus so go with what we know works and that is standard chlorine bleach in water. For surfaces that can not be bleached, bag them and set them aside for at least a week in a dry environment. The virus has a shorter life if it dries out.
              Weather it is a Sandy Hook or the real deal God Bless and keep you all.

              • Just read the book, “The Hot zone”, Cara… I read it many years ago. Its a true story about Ebola. It was so scary, had to lay it down at times… Stephen King said it was the scariest book he ever read.

                In that book, you will see what is really required to deal with the virus safely… the scientists (all fully dressed in Hazmat suits) had to go through 4 steel doors (each door about 12 inches thick) to reach the lab where they experimented with the virus…. Yet these a–holes tell us that a regular hospital is sufficient to deal with it? They are lying their butts off!

                • Ebola Reston was a true airborne strain, all the other known strains are not airborne but aerosol. This means spread by body fluid. Body fluids can be spread a considerable distance by aerosol (coughing and sneezing) but this is a different medical term than airborne. Too many people are confusing airborne and aerosol, they are different. Plus ebola reston doesn’t infect people. (Well it does but it has NO symptyoms in people just monkeys, no one knows why)

                  • Exploding populations in African slum cities + Reston = End of the world some day.

                  • I think a snotgun blast can easily cover 12 feet.

                  • Jeepboy, hope you’re doing well.

                  • Rabies kills about 55,000 people annually around the world. Although, there are only about 2 or 3 deaths per year in the US, I am still more worried about catching rabies than ebola.

                    Untreated cases of rabies and those that go undetected for several days “will” result in certain death. Not necessarily so with ebola. I am not loosing any sleep over ebola.

                    What i would be loosing sleep over, is having all my investments tied up in the stock market, if i had any there.

                    i believe it is getting ready to drop like a rock thrown from the roof of the Empire State building.

                    A recent article made these points:

                    In the United States, as we near the end of quantitive easing, there was suddenly the question from a prominent Fed Member asking: Can we delay the end? But the focal point is on the U.S. dollar. Currencies have dropped about 8 percent against the dollar. These gains are taking place amid a global currency war.

                    Meanwhile in China, they were away for a week in a celebration of the formation of the Communist Party, but before they went away they bought roughly 45 tons of gold in just one week. My sources in China tell me that the Chinese remain big buyers of physical gold. Gold activity in Shanghai was at the highest level since early this year. So going forward we will be hearing a lot more about the Chinese appetite for gold.”

                    Eric King: “Recently a Chinese government official openly discussed China’s massive appetite for gold. It was way ahead of everybody’s figures. I know that doesn’t surprise you, because you were asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to a great number of Chinese officials. It turns out that China came very close to consuming almost the entire annual gold mine production for the entire world last year. That’s unbelievable.”

                    Ing: “Well, you haven’t seen anything yet. There are two major sources of buying. There is of course the creation of China’s middle class and they are big buyers of gold. But the second of course is the government itself. China has not disclosed its official gold position since 2009. Meanwhile the Chinese keep building more storage facilities to vault their massive gold holdings.

                    When I was asked to give the speech to the Chinese government officials, they were in the process of announcing yet another facility to store 1,900 tons of physical gold. But incredibly that’s only one year’s appetite. So, yes, the Chinese will remain strong buyers of physical gold to hedge against their enormous U.S. dollar foreign exchange holdings.

                    The Chinese are going to eventually use their massive gold holdings to back the renminbi(Yuan). This is all part of their plan to dramatically increase the use of the renminbi in international transactions. Their biggest trading partners in the East have already abandoned the dollar for the renminbi in regional transactions.

                    Note……”abandoned the dollar”

                    The crash has already happened, we in the USA, have just not heard the sound of it reverberating from around the world yet. Pensions/401ks/retirement stock plans/investments/all funds, may never rebound to the levels they were a month ago.

                    Could this be the sign…..://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-09/did-todays-satan-signal-sp-futures-give-all-clear-selling-begin

                    Does the number 26 signal something? 26 days from the 9th is Nov.4th, election day.
                    or… Oct. 26th???? In biblical numerology, the number twenty means “redemption” and the number six means “weaknes of man” and “evils of Satan”.

                    Oct. 24th is United Nations Day (aka NWO).
                    Did you Know that:

                    The United Nations headquarters are located in New York City. The land which the building occupy are not considered part of the US. The land and buildings are under the sole authority of the United Nations, although they have a treaty agreement with the US to “attempt” to conform to all local, state and federal laws. (Source: un.org)
                    • The beginning of the United Nations can be traced back to the formation of the ‘League of Nations’. This group was formed at the end of World War I with the Treaty of Versailles.
                    United Nations Day celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter which occurred on October 24, 1945. The UN oversees issues like human rights, international security, political freedoms and democracy. Their end goal is the achievement of world peace.

                    BTW, October 22nd is National Nut Day.
                    Facts about National Nut Day
                    • No one really knows the origin of this day. It was intended to celebrate all the nutty natives in the entire globe. National nut day gives the credit to loony birds, daffy people and kooks. Or, was it a day dedicated to celebrating the edible ‘nut’ so many people eat?
                    Could this infer that Oct.26 is the “big”day, or will 26 days from Oct. 9th be the big one? I guess we will know by Nov. 5th if there is anything to this, or just mumbo jumbo.
                    • I think I will protest National Nut Day, by eating Mexican jumping beans and acting sane all day.

              • “This is either a Sandy Hook Hoax with a political agenda or they want to get us killed. Those appear to be the options.”

                Absolutely the way I personally see it, but that does not mean I won’t protect myself anyway.

                I think the S will HTF REPEATEDLY. I think before THIS alleged panic attack is over, there will be another panic attack on the populace. I don’t know what it will be, but I think the govt will kick us while we’re down, several more times before it’s over.

                One thing of value, that I learned when I got rid of my blood pressure medications. Remember: supplies will run out before your need for them does. HBP meds are designed to kick you hard if you try to stop taking them. In short, they are literally designed to SPIKE your BP, on their way out of your system.


                Everyone who has to take any pills should, IMHO, have a good PILL CUTTER. You will need one of these to detox off your HBP medications, if you hope to avoid a severe heart attack. Going cold turkey off of high blood pressure medications will kill you. Do not forget that fact. Err on the side of caution.

                What I had to do, was start gradually cutting my dosages. I was lucky that I had the help of a doctor, but a doctor may not always be available. I offer this info for the time when there is no doctor available.

                First, only cut down ONE medication at a time. Do NOT try to cut both/all at the same time. I was on two pills, so I had to do this twice, once with each medication.

                Cut one of your pills in half and only take ONE OF THE HALVES at the regular time. Stick with this without fail for a minimum of 14 days. I chose 3 weeks just to be safe.

                NOTE: Continue taking your other pills as you always have, DO NOT monkey with their dosages at this time.

                Then, cut the halves in half and take one quarter of the pill at the regular time. Do this for the 14 days minimum.

                Then, take one quarter of a pill every other day for 3 weeks.

                At the end of this time, your body should no longer be reliant on the medication. I was told to give it another 14 days, then start phasing out the other HBP medication in the same manner.

                Note that in an ideal situation, your doctor will prescribe lower dosages for you, but in SHTF, you’ll be on your own.

                Prepare to be on your own. Prepare to survive DESPITE the system. I hope this help someone out there when the SHTF.

                • six … curious. do you still have high blood pressure? If so, how are you managing it, i.e. are you taking alternative “natural” remedies? If yes, what are they and how much do you take, how often?

                  • High BP. I just ordered another box of good cigars. Lol. That actually relaxes me.

                  • No. I do not have high blood pressure. A combination of other problems mimicked HBP. Unfortunately for me, the medical wizards had no desire to figure out what was wrong, once the prescriptions were written.

                    In my case, my elevated BP was not from constricted veins and arteries due to plaque build up or disease, but because of three other issues:

                    Hyperthyroidism, that I corrected with a simple iodine supplement. Follow-up blood tests confirmed this fact.

                    Menopause and a malfunctioning reproductive system. A hysterectomy corrected for me by balancing my hormones and ridding my body of diseased organs.

                    Too much caffeine, salt and sugar in my diet elevated my BP, which I also corrected myself.

                    I bought my own blood pressure checking equipment, and keep track at home, between Dr’s visits.

                    I’ve been off the meds for several months now.

                    If a person takes HBP meds without HBP, it destroys the circulatory system, beginning with the heart. My BP had become so LOW, my heart couldn’t pump blood to my extremities, causing “Venous stasis” which simply meant my blood wasn’t circulating properly.

                    Those circulation issues are now vanishing every day, and my BP is again normal for me. The arrhythmia and heart murmur has disappeared completely, according to the doc. The BP meds no longer rob my body of magnesium, potassium and zinc that it desperately needed.

                    My blood is no longer gooey and thick—for a while there I didn’t “bleed”, I just “oozed.” You should’ve seen my blood ooze into the sample tubes, it looked like thick, red syrup.

                    My first clue that my BP was getting too low was my systolic BP was averaging in stressful, active situations, what it should only have been when I was literally asleep.

                    I’m very lucky I didn’t die of a blood clot or aneurism in the process. If I had, it would’ve been MY FAULT for not paying attention to my own body.

                    Those meds almost shut me down completely. My only concern now, is what damage I did to my heart by buying into the lie that HBP is ALWAYS permanent and so are the meds.

                    I did things like taking aloe vera and integrating apple cider vinegar into my diet to thin my blood and change/lower the acidity. I started soaking my beans in baking soda, because that helps lower acidity. That’s really about the only alternative or herbal remedies I used.

                    I did notice they seemed to make a difference, but it was not enough alone. The HBP meds (metoprolol and clonidine) voided every effort.

                    I hope I came to my senses in time. I only needed the meds until the underlying issues were resolved. After that, I was unwittingly killing myself.

                    Be careful in allowing a doctor to fit you into one of their “boxes”…they just might end up cutting your legs off to make you fit…and they don’t give a damn.

                    Thanks for asking NV. I don’t even pretend to know if what I did would work for anyone else, but I do know this:

                    NOTHING IS FOREVER. Not even Big Pharma.

                  • Sixpack,

                    I, too, was taking meds that hurt me rather than help. I took Prilosec for heartburn. After a few years I began suffering bouts of supra ventricular tachycardia (a very rapid heartbeat — 240 beats per minute) that required them to stop and restart my heart in the emergency room twice in two years. All the medication for it caused my blood pressure to dip too low making me quit my job which required driving for fear of causing an accident.

                    Then I read that one of the side effect of Prilosec is a rapid heartbeat. So I stopped taking it (and cut back on coffee and spicy foods) and had no further problems.

                    Last month my nephew came for a visit and became sick while he was here. He was taking Prilosec. When I mentioned that I had had to stop taking it and pulled up a website that listed the side effects, he said, “Those are all my symptoms!.” He stopped all his medications and has written to me saying that he feels fine now. No further medical problems.

                    Everyone should check the side effects of any meds they are taking.

                  • six … thanks for the explanation. I too have HBP, which sparked my curiosity in how you were able to resolve it.

                  • DASH diet and exercise and prayer or meditation for stress reduction.

                    DASH stands for dietary approach to stop hypertension. Basically you eat more fruits and veg and low fat dairy but less salt, fat and sugar.
                    –The fruit and veg provide potassium which contributes to strength and elasticity of vein and artery walls and muscles. Strong and flexible is good.
                    –The low fat dairy provides calcium and vitamin D which contributes to muscle strength and the vitamin D works intimately with hormones.
                    –Lower salt and sugar intakes mean less fliud retention and that means your heart does not need to work as hard to move your blood. Flexible veins/arteries expand and contract as needed so this also means that the heart does not need to work as hard. And the heart is a muscle so we want it strong. And muscles wrap around your veins and arteries and move the blood along so we want them strong.
                    –Exercise keeps muscles strong and naturally minimizes the effects of stress. Stress constricts the muscles and the veins and arteries making the heart work harder. Moderate to light regular exercise or active hobbies that are performed 3-5 x per week work best. Exercise and calcium can also help us maintain a healthy weight as we age.
                    Prayer or meditation: time in prayer is a huge stress reducer and that contributes to better overall health, a healthier immune system and lower blood pressure.
                    –But there are other reasons to have high blood pressure and those must be dealt with or managed or you put yourself at extreme risk. Seek professional advice before stopping any medication. That said, many people use high blood pressure meds for a couple years, make lifestyle changes and come off the meds. But the changes must be maintained and you must continue to check your blood pressure. Most fire stations will do this for free.

                  • WWTI : regarding those cigars– they are at the top of the hit list if you actually want to bring down your blood pressure. Smoking constricts your arteries. Got any other loves because they MUST go. Sorry.

                  • Hawthorn Berry works.

              • I have Zero respect for the CDC. Zero.

                • Sixpack Sometimes for just a short quick help with High BP is take a Bayer Asprin, which will dilate the blood vessels and reduce the high BP temporarily. Long term nitroglycerin tabs.

                  • WWTI, they prescribe one coated plain aspirin a day for heart disease victims for a good reason. One aspirin does improve your circulation, but with it’s anti-clotting qualities.

                    Here’s a pretty good link

                    ht tp://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-disease/in-depth/daily-aspirin-therapy/art-20046797

              • Cara

                If Ebola does spread in this country then # 1 and # 2 will happen I believe. I work at a power station. Yes I need the job bad. Why would I risk the lives of my wife and kids for money? I would not go to work if things get bad. There are two reasons I will not go to work. Fear of bringing Ebola into my home and I am the protector of my family.

                I am not sure how many cases would have to happen before people would stop going to work. We will know when by that little voice in side. The one that says something is very wrong and now is the time to hunker down.

            • YMWW, I have yet to see a book about the swine flu or any other flu. Ebola is serious business. We are seeing reports in real time of a 70% fatality rate with Ebola. Marburg is even worse – 90%. Don’t put your faith in the state. You will die if you do.

          • You should lock down RIGHT before it’s too late.

            Good luck to all.

            • When the government says Ebola Vaccines are Required, that’s when the shooting and looting begins. Cause I’m not getting any shot with a RFID SENSOR installed into my body. Give all of them lead poisoning.

              • WWTI, boy the mark of the beast is going to be a real quandary for you. Trekker Out. What You Gonna Do, When They Come For You!

                • MT, I will be no where to be found. Out of sight out of mind.

              • At 80 I haven’t had a flue shot in 50 years. Haven’t had the flue in 50 year either. I assure you, No One Will Ever Vax Me. Do you hear that, Mr. Bill Gates?

                • I am sure mr gates is reading your comment. I hope you consider yourself warned mr gates. Don’t stick a needle in mr winks ass. He has told you and don’t forget it. Mr gates.

              • WWTI< I'll agree with you on that one. No vaccines of any kind for braveheart.

            • Re: “Ebola has a 70% mortality rate and there is no cure.
              Let’s be absolutely clear – this is not a common cold or flu. If you get Ebola, odds are you will die.”

              I wish more people would need Tess’s warning and prepare.

              “A separate nine-month assessment published by WHO experts in The New England Journal of Medicine on Tuesday says the fatality rate of this outbreak in West Africa is 71% and that the “current epidemiologic outlook is bleak.”

              We are such a mobile society, this could spread quickly. Nearly 100 healthcare workers in Texas and nearly 300 people who recently flew on Frontier Airlines (and live in a number of different states) are now being monitored.

              Think how many doors, light switches, grocery cart handles, and other surfaces people touch every day.

              How long can Ebola live outside the body?
              “Similar to many things with the Ebolaviruses, their ability to survive outside a living organism is not well-known or studied.

              The usual influenza or cold virus will survive outside living tissue for about three days…

              Ebola is certainly a hardy virus and might be able to make it for over a week but no less than three or four days. So the range is anywhere from THREE TO TEN DAYS in all likelihood.”

              They have found in Africa that the Ebola virus continues to live in the bodies of dead Ebola victims and has infected people who came in contact with the body.

              Ebola can be sexually transmitted by survivors up to 90 days AFTER SYMPTOMS END.

              • The Ebola virus must be easy to kill or west Africa would be uninhabited. Conditions there make 15th century Europe look like the Jetsons.

                Africans eating monkeys is basically cannibilism.

                • People need to get off all these destructive Pharmaceutical drugs that destroy your liver. Time to detoxify. Drink a lot of water before you go to bed so your liver can cleanse the toxicity out of your system. Also take about 2000 Mg of Vitamin C per day, as this acid will help break up all the toxins. Anybody who feels sluggish, bones ache, cartilage breaking down, arthritis is suffering from too many chemical Toxins. Also stay away from Soda Pop which is a major criminal harming your body.

                • Prior to this outbreak Ebola had only broken out in small country villages in the Congo which is in central Africa. This was the variety:Ebola Zaire. Because it has a 90% kill rate and a 1-9 day incubation period and it emerged in small very rural villages, it tended to self limit. When the village was dead the outbreak ended. Eventually somebody found the empty village and bodies and the authorities were notified.

                  However this outbreak is of Ebola/Lasa which is a hybrid created by the US Army for a bioweapon. How did it get to Africa? (There are some very unsavory theories on that). And this outbreak started in the middle of cities in western Africa where Ebola has never been before this. This Ebola has a longer incubation period ( 2-21 or 42 days) so people can remain walking around and infecting others which spreads it much farther than the Ebola Zaire. Also this ebola has symptoms that include coughing so there are sprays of water droplets/body fluids out into the air which Ebola Zaire was not known for. Those droplets can survive outside the body for approximately 5 hours or for over 7 days depending on conditions. Ebola likes moderate temps and moist/humid climates because then it can survive for several weeks outside the body.

                  The faster a virus kills the less dangerous it is to a large population because the virus goes to the grave. But the slower it kills, the more people can be infected and THAT is where the real danger is because Ebola does kill. Ebola/Lasa may be a time bomb that will tick for the next 42 days and then start showing it’s face.
                  –Or this may be mainly a show to divert attention from other illegal activities that the DC criminals are involved in and want kept in the darknes that they so love.

            • Someone needs to address the question. It has answers: Not an exact on or a unique one But answers. But you must address your issues first. 1. What does it cost YOU to bug out. If you are a Billionaire with your own private island and Lear Jet. It’s a different issue than if you are a working stiff with a job, bills, wife and kids.
              First compare Obola with the risks you take everyday. We kill over a hundred people is car accidents every day and maim hundreds more. Is this enough to make you move out and live on top of a big rock where a car cannot get you?
              Most of us say no; but we do watch when we walk across the street. Now I seem to remember a few years ago some zoo keeper being killed by a Tiger. Anyone here living inside a cage to avoid Bengal tigers? No? Ok.
              We have established that, for most of us, one person every few years in 315 million is not a risk we worry about, and 300 a day is a start, but not terribly bad. What is bad? No one can answer that for another. But just using the data you have you should be able to figure out WHAT YOU THINK IS BAD ENOUGH TO PANIC. Your opinion about your case is what manners, not mine. Make your own decision.
              For me; It’s bad enough in West Africa I’d not take a free vacation there if I won it. Would I go to Dallas, a city of millions with two cases? Sure. (Except it’s Texas and that State should be given back to anyone that wants it.) If there were something I needed would I go there if there were 10 cases? (That’s something like 1 n 200,000 ya) 10,000 cases No, I’d stay home. Spread nationwide 1 in 00,00 is something like 1500 cases so no that would not panic me. 1.5 million yes I’d be very much gone.

              All I can say is you do your analysis and pick your number.

              • As I look at this I have 4 red and no comments, If I’m wrong please comment. I want answers as much as anyone.

                • Paranoid
                  My guess is you said “well it’s texas”. I though Hey when I read
                  That but I didn’t red thumb ya! Home is home. No matter if it sucks
                  Or not. That’s all I saw. 2 weeks ago I was still thinking reds were
                  Accident. Not anymore. Now I will agree with y’all. Someone
                  Is just going down there with thumbs down. I can’t agree more than once
                  So I didn’t think anyone else could but I bet a few can
                  Ill get a name one of these days.

                  • I forget which General said it; Sherman or Sheridan; but he said: “If I owned both Hell and Texas I’d rent out Texas and live in Hell” I haven’t seen Hell yet. But I have seen Texas, and if you can get air conditioning Hell has possibilities.

                • Exponential rate of increase + 21 day latency period to figure out just how bad it may or may not be getting = unknown risk. However bad you think it is today, it’s actually 21 days worse and you have no idea about it.

                  Has it taken off yet? I have no idea… that’s the scary part. When it does, will it grow exponentially? I have no idea. It will kill you though.

                  It’s more analogous to… if a freeway overpass in your town fell down from lack of maintenance, killing 20… do you still take the freeway?

                  What if they come out and said all freeway overpasses had not been maintained in 45 years?

                  And then another one went.

                  At some point you go… I don’t know how many of these things are going to fall down, and I can’t know, but I’m not driving on them.

                  I did not downvote you. I have nowhere to go. I could bug in, and I might eventually, but I would be broke by the end of it (quite possibly permanently so), so I find it highly likely that if this thing gets bad… and due to the 21 day latency… I’d rationalize not bugging in until it was too late. I mean… by the time it looks bad, it’s already a ton worse. By then I probably have it.

              • I just commented on this the other day. In the USA their is 6,171 deaths every day. Look it up. It is not because of ebola. Their is epidemics and pandemics happening and it aint ebola. This is a rehash from 3 days ago. It was a different topic with a link to this exact article. People need to WAKE UP. Your government and news media lie to you every day, and all of a sudden you think they are telling you the truth. Their is something big happening and it aint ebola. WAKE UP. DON’T FALL FOR IT. 6,171 deaths a day in America, who cares about 2 ebola deaths? Their were more flu deaths this year than that. More auto related deaths. They are screwing with you, and doing a good job.

                • You’re right, Fish, they ARE screwing with is, but there is nothing the MSM can say that would keep me from PREPARING to avoid my own early death.

                  If I’m as prepared as I can be, then whether the MSM lied or not, it’s irrelevant. I’ve already pulled on my big girl pants.

                  • @ sixpack : I didn’t say I am not preparing just in case, I am just not shutting down my life for this fake pandemic, ebola.

                • More people die from “Hammer Beatings” Monthly than Ebola.

                  Have not seen anybody freaking out at the hardware stores yet.

                  • Who woulda. You need to leave us alone. There are millions who have died of Ebola in the US. MSM helps the government by staging car accidents, school shootings, and heart attacks. They tell everyone it’s not Ebola. But it is

            • We go to Dallas every December to visit with my wife’s sister and family. I will wait to see what it is like in December but I am not going to risk the lives of my family.

              • erv, So did you invite your inlaws from Dallas to your place yet for Dec Holidays? bwhahahahahaa

          • Sterling … “Cutting through the lies and rumors is the difficult proposition. You can’t trust mainstream propoganda and government” especially when we have to deal with Obola’s “we got this, everything’s under control” on daily basis, as in:

            ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2014/10/20141018_obama.jpg

            (take out the spaces between ht and tp)

          • If I get Ebola, I will, as fast as possible, tour the White House. It’s the least I can do.

            • To paraphrase Barack Hussein Obama….I think if you spread the Ebola around, Its better for everyone.

              Ebola is just one of many gifts brought along by the ‘people who want a better life’

              Just spreading the diseases Americans won’t

              • We are admitting illegals to perform work that Americans won’t do. We do not deport criminals, so we are apparently also admitting illegals to commit crimes Americans won’t commit!

                Wise Guy

          • During the time that Ebola has arrived in America and allegedly killed one man in Dallas, as many as 200 people have died from choking on food, 250 from boating accidents, 3,000 from automobile accidents, 1,000 from homicides, and 5 from lightning strikes

            • None of those exhibit exponential growth do they? Did you ever hear the story of the Chinese wise man who did something for the Emperor and when asked what he wanted for payment he said one grain of rice on the first block of a chessboard. Two on the next block. Four on the third. And keep doubling it. As you may know, all the rice in China would not fulfill the debt.

            • .02

              I agree with your points. These are the things I am fearful of.

              1 – Panic due to more reported cases.
              2 – Runs on stores and gas stations.
              3- Loss of services due to people not showing up for work.
              4 – Economic collapse that is said to be caused by the disease.
              5 – The public allowing the government to take away more of our freedom in the name of public safety.
              6 – Looting and rioting because of all of this.

              There is so much more than just the disease to think about. It may not be Ebola that gets us but the possible results of the disease being allowed here in the first place.

              • agree with you mike and dollar, the panic and .gov’s answer to it (murder) will do more damage than the outbreak itself….maybe.. don’t get me wrong, this patented strain (cdc) has the ability to become THE big one just what tptb hope for. 5 hundred million worthless eater slaves world wide to wait on the elite is their luciferian nirvana.

                • 02.

                  You nailed it. That is why I am taking this very seriously. Something is up and it could be just taking freedoms away or it could be the end of the world as we know it.

                  • I heard R factor is 1.4 but post-intervention it drops around 0.7 and dies out. I think that is what we are seeing…ht tp://math.lanl.gov/~mac/papers/bio/CHCFH05.pdf Is the document I was referred to read. Good analysis. Also, some person is charting it whether exponential growth or not and the latest numbers are linear. Finally, clearly there is a “scrub the web” going on with Google search right now. Do a search on “ebola” and all the hits are very positive. Pretty sure that’s MSM-ized. Smells like it.

          • Did you watch tonights Walking Dead show..? Notice how the preacher was frightened to kill. That is a huge flaw and weakness that will get a lot of religious people killed. Those who hesitate will die first.

          • Sterling … “lies and rumors is the difficult proposition”.

            You don’t trust your government when they tell you “we got this” and when they tell you “everything’s under control”. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.

            I can’t imagine why you would doubt the veracity of our government officials especially in light of this:

            ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2014/10/20141018_obama.jpg

            (take out the spaces between ht and tp)

            • Apparently, more of our countrymen are waking up to the fact that dear leader is just a lying empty suit.

              He showed up today at a rally in Maryland for the Democrat candidate for governor and people got up and WALKED OUT!!!

              Reuters via Drudge:

              ht tp://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/19/us-usa-politics-obama-idUSKCN0I80V320141019

              Perhaps there’s a reason to hope that more people are seeing though the progressive cancer that is infecting our country.

              • Navy Vet. Check out the article in Alex Jones’ Prison Planet site about the Idaho homeowner who had a Halloween display in his front yard. Apparently, the homeowner has a mockup of Obama’s head on a pole as part of the display.
                Read the article all the way through where the comments are posted on the CBS Seattle page. There are over 3300 comments and a lot of them are interesting. And entertaining.
                Warning, though, if you scroll through some of these comments, you’ll come across some fairly “strong” language…
                Not sure how to do links, otherwise I would provide a link.
                My wife saw something on the news about people walking out on the Democratic rally; mentioned it to me yesterday.

        • Exponential growth of Ebola, open borders, liberal immigration policies, lack of leadershipfrom both Parties, economicdisparities, all point towards serious breakdown in all sectors. The house of cards is ready to collapse and will not need much of a push. The flu season will soon be upon us, protect yourselves.

        • With all the lieing on the part of government officials as well as their inability to do their jobs. The rigging of the stock market & precious metals.

          This holiday season I will be staying home.

          I dont care what is on sale my safety is more important that any made in China crap I may buy.

          I will be voting with my wallet & it will be closed.

          • That’s all good, common since information. Not sure I understand the red thumbs. I like to vote with my wallet all the time. At least it’s a real vote.

            • Be sure to stock some sprouts in your food pantry.

              If we couldn’t get to the grocery store, due to a crisis situation (bad weather, blizzard, low finances, sick, etc.), fresh fruits and vegetables would be one of the first things we would miss. This would be especially important if there was a crisis situation was in the winter months.

              Our bodies need the plant enzymes to help digest food. Sprouts can be grown in 3-5 days. They are filled with plant enzymes and high in vitamins and fiber. Sprouts can be stored easily, as they take up very little space.
              The plant enzymes are also helpful to regulate bowels.

              Sprouts: A Genuine Super Food
              (more info. about sprouts)

              You only use 2 tablespoons to make a large container of sprouts. They expand to many times their size.

              “Organic alfalfa sprouts are beneficial in reducing symptoms of PMS and menopause, including hot flashes. Furthermore, they contain high concentrations of antioxidants, the body’s defense against the destruction of DNA which is the cause of aging.

              Alfalfa sprouts are abundant sources of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, carotene, chlorophyll, amino acids and trace elements. They contain 35% protein. Organic Alfalfa seed can produce over ten times the seeds weight in sprouts, one pound of alfalfa seed produces 10-14 pounds of sprouts.”

              If you want to know more about sprouts, here is the website where I ordered sprouts. 5 lbs. of organic alfalfa seeds (sealed in a #10 can) have a shelf life of 10 years (unopened) when stored properly.

              Whole Foods (and some other larger grocery stores like Kroger) also sell sprouting seeds.

              • You are right on KY Mom. Do you have an opinion as to how to long term store sprouting seeds? I get conflicting opinions, even as to how to store them (airtight vs brown bag, etc.). Sprouting will be critical for those of us in snow country, where our growing season on a good year is 10-14 weeks!

                • Idaho Hound,

                  I have purchased sprout seeds for immediate use at the grocery store. (Sometimes these have sprouted well, sometimes not.) I buy online assorted size bags of sprouts in sealed bags and a couple #10 cans of sprouts to store in a cabinet in the pantry. The pantry is kept cool year round.

                  I have had very good success with the sprouts from the sealed bags purchased online.

                  In the winter, I place a container with sprout seeds near a heat source. They are very easy to grow.

                  Not long ago, I read that the native people in Peru (live high in the mountains) will sprout some corn seeds in the middle of winter to add the needed fresh nutrients to their diet.

                  It is so cold in their homes, that will place some corn seeds in between mattresses they sleep on at night. The heat from their body at night is enough to sprout the seeds.

                  More information on this subject:
                  The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore

                • Howdy Hound, Sprout seeds, right? I’m new to sprouting in general, but I would venture to say that the seeds can be stored for a very long time under the right conditions. My sprout seeds are stored with my garden seeds in my arctic entry. Ordered from Amazon, the mylar bags that store these ought to do well for keeping moisture out. It’s nice and cold in there during winter. My other dry goods are stored in the cold area too in hopes that bugs don’t show up in the flour.

              • Add seeds for micro greens to the list of quick to grow in the house in winter. Also read up on how to make home made yogurt from 8oz of plain yogurt and powdered milk. Yogurt can help strengthen gut bacteria and they fight infection.

            • I don’t know what’s with all the red thumbs, either. I voted you up, for what it’s worth. The U.S. has become a really hateful place lately, so that may have something to do with it. The government has used up any trust it may have once had, and between the lies, the lack of honor and the bullying from Hussein Obola, no one is positive about much of anything and that mood carries over to everyday actions.

              • The obamites are out in full force.

              • Vicky

                Over the last few weeks there has been a big uptick in red thumbs. Not sure why. It is strange.
                I never much cared about red thumbs anyway. Just weird that it happens at this time on the site.

            • Red thumbs

              are liberal progressive dirt bags who want to tell you how to live your life

              while they do the direct opposite of what they are telling you to do

              they have a word for that


        • Ohio is, relatively speaking, in the middle of the country, but fortunately we are in extreme western Ohio, not around Cleveland. However, this shows how random your safety may be. We have a full freezer and a canner standing by in case of no electricity, five cords of wood, a full pantry and a store room of preps. Nearest neighbor is a mile away, so we’re staying home. This sounds ideal, but we have to worry if we’ll have a job after it’s over. If we’ll have an employer and company left for which to work and whether they’ll take us back. Obola Barry has really hurt us this time.

          • we also are in western Ohio I moved from a town of about 40k to where the closest town is about 1,000 people after labor day. The lake is only 250 feet away. We are good for 2 people 16 months, 4 people 8 months, 8 people about 3-4 months. We have kids and grandkids (6 total people) so we are ok I think. I do medical transports since I retired from truck driving for prepping cash. Soon as I see em lined up at er’s I will be done and on lock down. Prep as best you can, Pray as best you can.

          • But you are near Toledo, and the I-75 conduit down from (shudder) Detroit (shudder again).

        • I gave you a thumbs up. But be careful how you use it…..

        • I agree stings! Were pretty much by ourselfs too. I feel blessed everyday we moved!

      2. It shouldn’t be an either we ARE in total lock down or no we’re not doing anything.

        Most people are in various stages of restricting their travel, ramping up preps, and getting ready to act at a moment’s notice.

        • …… one foot on the platform,
          the other foot on the train ….

          • …with a watchful eye on the conductor, and a firm grip on the door handle…just in case.

        • This sucks….I think most of us would agree that we would rather have a visible force threatening us than this. It would be easier to identify,fight and defend. But nonetheless ,Im ready and hope I can stay here in my Fema Region 3 paradise.( sarcasm on the paradise)
          Hold on everybody…….the ride is going to be a little bumpy.

          • “we would rather have a visible force threatening us than this. It would be easier to identify,fight and defend.”

            Maybe that’s exactly why this is happening. TPTB had to change tactics, when they failed to disarm us. Maybe we need to be just as vocal and irate about the govt mishandling of this crisis, as we were when they tried to take our guns.

            We should but mad as hell about them purposefully putting our families in harms way, yet we remain silent and just prepare to wait it out…WHY IS THAT? Dead id dead, whether it be by lead, viruses or starvation.

            Is there no fight left in us?

            • OOps — We should BE mad as hell…

            • Sixpack

              I so agree. That is why we are in the situation we are in. A small number of people control what happens in this country. Voting is not taken seriously. If just 10 percent of good people who did not vote showed up at elections things would possibly be different.
              Unfortunately that should have happened around 30 years ago. Now it is to late in my opinion. Over 50 percent of the country depends on some government program or another. Colleges and education is corrupted and brain washing our kids. There is no understanding of basic economics.
              A young lady in my sons college class said that if we just give Muslims money and jobs they would not be trying to kill us.
              I believe it all started by people caring for nothing but themselves. They were not taught morals and work ethic by there parents. Xbox and PlayStation were there baby sitters.
              Once people through God out of the country and started caring about nothing but there pleasure then that was it. Everything started decaying years ago.
              Now we should be mad as hell. WE should stand up at every opportunity.

              I just think that it wont happen because it is way to late. We now will all have to go through a lot of pain and bloodshed to correct this and put the country back to the way it should be.

        • The best way to go!!

        • The sad part about “locking down”, if it isn’t in your area and no reports of passengers on airplanes and the like, our jobs are not going to give us a pass from work until the threat is over. Nor will our mortgage companies give us a few free pass when your immediate area is not in the path of Ebola.
          However,common sense would tell us to gear up for such an event. Similar to how you would gear up for a major weather event to happen near and/or close to your vicinity.
          Until, our President takes a stand against flights in and out of our country, the threat of Ebola will remain with us.
          At least take the precautions you would when it is flu season.

      3. A little more water ,some pool shock and a boatload of books and we’re ready. Hope it doesn’t get out of hand.

        • Don’t ya just get sick of the
          down thumb machine gunners.
          Those fuckers don’t get a life
          because they couldn’t handle a
          life if it was gifted to them.

          • AF +1

          • Sometimes I think life was just a masturbation.

            • Holy shit……

            • A Frog:—For some that might be all it is but the goal is that you make more of it. Do something with it. It does not have to be a big thing but do something good and your presence will count as more than just being like a rock on the land. Even trees contribute.

          • alphaFrog, welcome aboard, and I agree about the red-thumbing trolls. Let the trolls come to braveheart. Braveheart LOVES to challenge trolls.

      4. I have no idea when it is time for a lock down. However, it will make all the difference in the world if I’m late for it.

      5. I am going to jump in and slightly thread hijack here. I am sorry to announce my cancer has reoccurred after being in full remission. I will try to keep the group informed and NOT hijack threads much to do so. I apologize for doing so in this case.

        • Jeep

          I am sorry and will say prayers for you daily. Don’t worry about the threads. Your health is more important than anything I or others have to say. Keep a positive attitude and realize it is in the good lords hands. My thoughts and prayers are with you right now.

        • Wow, I left you a message above hoping you were doing better. I am sorry hear about the relapse. Prayers will go out for you.

          • Jeep: Sorry to hear that… 🙁 I have a friend who is also battling cancer. I have done quit a bit of reading on IV Vit C as a cure. There is lots of controversy but most of the people who claim it doesn’t work did their tests on ORAL vit C, not intravenous. The guy who invented this protocol was a two time Nobel prize winner (only man in history who got two Nobel prizes by himself, plus lots of other letters behind his name). But hey, we wouldn’t want to find a cure that was cheap and effective now would we….

            Also look into cannabinoids…that looks promising too…

            Hang in there…and don’t give up.

      6. On the 6 warning signs, doesn’t #3 make #6 unnecessary?
        Also on the food recomendations, isn’t 1200 calories minimum per meal a bit much? Maybe she meant 1200 per day minimum.

        • 1250 calories a day is what the Nazis gave you in the concentration camps. Just enough to keep you alive to work, the cost of food vs. labor produced would cross the graph at about six months, when you were not worth keeping alive.

          A sedentary person needs 2,000 calories a day. Working, up to 4,000. Strenuous work, maybe 6,000 or more.

          A pound of fat is about 4500 calories, you can burn off some of that for a while, but reduced food intake will not burn off much fat, that takes work, or muscle loss occurs.

          • You’re right Smokey. There’s a prepper on youtube and he took a long winderness trip by motorcycle with his son. In order to pack for the trip, he did what backpackers do and used dehydrated food.

            That worked but created it’s own issues. Dehydrated food is very light since there’s no water in it, but all FAT must be removed because it will go rancid.

            As a result, his meals were too low calorie and he stated on his videos how powerfully hungry they were all of the time and had to dip into more and more food for energy and finally ended up buying food in what few places were around in the wilderness.

            Preppers way underestimate how many calories are needed under working conditions. It’s why military issue MREs are packed with calories, and if you purchased non-military issue MREs you most certainly have shortchanged yourself.

            The simplest way to handle this is to add OIL to your meals if you purchased either free dried or dehydrated or non-military grade MREs.

            Start working hard all day, every day post-collapse, and that 2000 calorie a day diet won’t cut it.

            The fat drippings you skim from soups and stews and chili will be left in for added calories. The fat drippings from grilling meat will be caught and used to make gravies to boost the same.

            It one major problem as people are thinking they’re going to use animal fat from hunting wild game and use that to produce soap and candles. I very much doubt this because you’re going to need to EAT that fat as well as game animals being very lean (for the most part). Not many black bears around, right?

            There’s going to a major push to raise livestock, and my concern in the interim during the collapse conditions is that many numskull nonpreppers know they can’t hunt, and what few can will end up with more and more scarce hunting.

            So what will happen is idiot local politicians will confiscate livestock from farmers to feed survivors (and therefore have no animals to raise) or idiot nonpreppers will shoot cows, sheep, and pigs to feed their families and therefore there won’t be livestock.

            That means a major issue with perpetuating animal protein sources, but also a severe issues with lighting and a lack of sanitation too.

            In England during WW1 and WW2, they used the roots of certain ferns since they have saponins in them and so they were able to make a mild soap from this. I think smart preppers should be investigating that too. Some areas of the SW in the USA also have plants with natural saponins.

            We might certainly end up raising plants that are rich in fats (soybean and rapeseed) in order to boost calories as well as for lighting as well as for plant-based liquid soaps. Sesame makes the best for illumination and was used in history but won’t grow in many places in the USA.

            For non-indoor use, smart preppers might have a small supply of carbide lamps that the old coal miners used, but that supply will run out too.

            A good investment is a solar LED lid that screws on to a water bottle. That produces free light but at some point the rechargable battery will go bad. Likewise solar patio lights can be brought inside after charging outside, but expect for these to get stolen early under collapse conditions as they will be extremely valuable.

            Lighting is a major problem post-collapse.

            • http://www.greentimbers.ca/vegetation-and-wildlife/vegetation-life/ferns/134-bracken-fern

              Using the roots (rhizomes) of bracken ferns makes a mild soap for washing up or your clothing.

              That’s the same plant that people gather fiddleheads from in places like the NE.

              This is very good information to know for prepping. There may be some plants that have saponins in them in your region, and some old timer might know them.

              You can by the way convert a bar of castile soap into a very large concentrated quantity of liquid castile soap, and I recommend you have this prep. While you can purchase it, it’s very expensive. Any camper knows how to use it as it packs very small. Many use the peppermint version as it’s a not uncommon odor and helps masks body odor for hunting/trapping.

              A very cheap recipe for Castile Soap versus buying it.That’s a most excellent prep for dealing with contagion as well as something to have around if you’re into camping and backpacking.

      7. Airborne Ebola meets airborne lead

      8. Mac, please moderate this and do not directly post it. I cannot directly figure how to contact you directly but I have written a moderately lengethly posting about ebola, too long for a reply here, more like a short post to your site. I am no expert, just a reasonablely knowledgeable individual on the subject. there has been a LOT of mis and dis-information out on the web and I just want to help. My email is [email protected]

      9. Lock down/ quarantine , whatever.
        When you live in the middle of nowhere with no money to go anywhere , its quarantine everyday.
        Sure hope this crap dont get any worse.
        I worry about the big cities , it could get ugly.
        Stay healthy folks.

        • BTW- We are gonna do our Christmas shopping EARLY !
          Dont wanna get caught up in a crisis.

        • I resemble that remark

      10. Oh lord, I would say it’s all fake ass crap like Sandy Hook, and all the other bullshit these assholes have pulled, but in this case I suspect the incompetence is actually as good or better than normal. But just to make sure it gets here we are sending troops over there so that the VA can bring them back infected. What a bunch of idiots.

        How many doctors have died, and yet again some kid in an army uniform is somehow going to be OK…WTF? Did they sign up for a suicide mission as well? Totally insane in my opinion.

        • The leading cause of death in the USA is bacterial infections caused by unsanitary conditions in hospitals. You know not washing hands and cross contamination between patients. Avoid these places at all costs.

        • Sitting in the brig for missing movement and/or refusing orders to deploy, is better than risking bringing certain death to your entire family. It would be for me.

      11. One interesting thing is that I have yet to see anyone mention negative pressure for the home containment room. Granted, it would require power to run and only work in low population density areas, but an inline fan or modified squirrel cage blower pulling air out of the room and forcing it as far away from the house as possible would be the only way to keep the rest of the house safe.

        • If I had to have a containment room it would be in the shed or garage. I am so sorry to say but you cannot risk the entire family. It would have to be some place that is not involved in the air or heating system of the house. Sounds harsh but that is the type of world we may be heading into.

          • +1 to that.

            Separate building if at all possible. In winter negative pressure could be achieved by running a wood or coal stove with a nice tall chimney. The heat would sterilize the effluent gases, too. Only need 185 F. to kill viruses.

        • I am going to describe a old sci-fi book by Dean Ing called Pulling Through. In it they built a positive pressure “safe room” from radiation. It actually described constructing a full nbc filter box and pump setup using manual improvised techniques from the 1970’s civil defence service. The filters were made from large toilet paper rolls and the technique is actually sound and will work. I suggest the book because as far as I know, the civil defense manuals are long out of print but this is a source of some of the info.

      12. You know its time for getting the hell out of Dodge when the U.S. Dollar collapses, the stock market closes or shuts down for multiple days, and all your stores are being looted and cleaned out. When all those Government dependent leaches can’t cash their food stamps or Lone Star Card is empty, you can count on them coming to take your food and anything else they can steal. So if you are one of those die hard believers that the government will take care of you, go buy yourself a gun and blow your fuckin brains out cause basically you have none and you will be dead the first day. Remember Katrina is all I can say and don’t come knocking on my door cause I’m ready!!!

      13. +++EMERGENCY UPDATE++++++++++


        +++EMERGENCY UPDATE++++++++++


        +++EMERGENCY UPDATE++++++++++









        [link to http://www.sifma.org]

        A two-year pandemic preparedness project by FEMA and the financial industry is to culminate with two full scale pandemic exercises in November.

        A FEMA document states the “Federal Executive Boards in New York City and Northern New Jersey in partnership with FEMA Region II, The Department of Health and Human Services Region II, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and the Clearing House Association are sponsoring a two year series of pandemic influenza continuity exercises,” which culminate in full scale exercises in November.

        The final planning meeting will be in on November 6th and 7th at 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY Conference Room A/B or Conference Call 800-320-4330; pin 528585#, states the document.

        On November 13, 2014 a pandemic influenza Wave 1 Full Scale Exercise and on November 20th, a Pandemic Influenza Wave 2 Full Scale Exercise.




        Zerohedge has warned an Ebola outbreak would be advantageous for Globalists seeking to impose martial law during a financial meltdown.

        [link to http://www.zerohedge.com]

        US and UK central bankers are meeting in Washington next week to test a financial crash war game.

        “A financial crash to rival the one caused by Lehman Brothers’ collapse will be played out by the world’s most powerful central bankers next week, in a “war game” designed to help end the “too big to fail” problem.

        In the first simulation of its kind, Janet Yellen, the head of the US Federal Reserve, and Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, will be joined by Chancellor George Osborne and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who will be tested on their reaction to a major US or UK bank failure.”

        [link to http://www.telegraph.co.uk]

        The pandemic exercise comes amid a false flag Ebola event on Texas territory as well as warnings by a Former Patrol Border Agent that FEMA is preparing for 200 million deaths.
        [link to http://www.zerohedge.com]

        An orchestrated, simulated Ebola outbreak — water? — would provide the excuse for imposing martial law in the USA as a first step to medical tyranny around the globe.

        • Yes its FEMA REGION 2 NY NJ AND PUERTO RICO. Yes drills usually turn into false flags. Rolling out Martial law. Yeehaaaa.

        • Spread the word ,
          This is just a table top exercise , NO PHYSICAL SHUTDOWN , it’s part of the state emergency preparedness plan to train and prevent the type confusion that occured during super storm sandy.

          It has been scheduled for 2 years and only it’s being run by county and state emergency planning coordinators . No physical shut downs will occure its to test response and communications ONLY.

          There are larger things to worry about than this .
          Yes things are gearing up thats certain , but this is not one of them.

          Remain Alert , be Prepared

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Thanks– Anybody heard anything about TSA changes?

            Friend stated they were told by a family member that something wicked is coming from the federal government and the TSA is getting briefed on it. They would not say what but were upset about what they had learned. Anybody have any intel?

        • Spread the word, thanks for that heads-up. There was also a drill taking place on 9-112001. We all know how that turned out.

      14. When Should I Go Into a Full Pandemic Lockdown Mode And Self Quarantine?
        IMHO…never…when SHTF happens…let er rip..tired of clamoring in fear..let’s get it over with so we can rid this country of the vermin destroying it!

        • You can either get out there and shoot the “Walking Dead” and their supporters or be the “Waiting Dead” without a shot fired.

          • 3 questions…
            How many “Walkers” have you killed?
            How many people have you killed?

          • +1 agreed

        • Im giving you 5 thumbs up Talon

      15. This is certainly something to watch, but the numbers don’t support the type of hysteria that I’m seeing. Right now there’s a little over 4k fatalities in Africa. If you look at the three countries most affected (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone), less than 0.05% of the population has died of the disease. They’re around 70 times more likely to die from malaria.

        And this is after months of the virus spreading. It’s just not following an explosive, exponential growth pattern like a real pandemic, for example the 1918 Spanish flu, did. Now if it would go airborne all bets are off but for now, I think we need to root ourselves more in fact and stop crying wolf all the time so that we’re taken more seriously.

        • Malaria isn’t passed from one person to the next. Ebola is.

          I see the new theory on why the Halfrican Dictator won’t cut off travel visas is that he’s afraid it will turn off black voters in this country. With things as they are, that’s the last reliable demographic the DomonRats have.

          VOTE! Make the margins so big that cheating will not avail them.

      16. Consider this, a family could lock down and one of them be infected and not know it? So, it looks like a 50/50 chance to me.

      17. Now that Ebola is in the US, it will become too lazy to infect anyone. It will sign up for welfare and DemonRatic handouts and live in the projects with a SNAP card, an Obunghole phone, and criticize whitey. Thats what has happened to all the other African parasites, why should Ebola be any different?

        • Obola wants White Genocide too…

          • The Globalist want world wide genocide…whites don’t get special treatment..after all..many Globalist are white.

            • We’re all in the sack waitin’ to get tossed over the side of the bridge railing. The only thing missin’ is a couple of bricks.

            • The people running the show are NOT White, sorry…

              • Hmmm…is George Soros white…hmmm yes…is Bigz Brazenski white…hmmm yes…is Henry Kissinger White…hmmm yes…is David Rockefeller white?…why yes he is..are the heads of international banking white…well most of them are…who runs the Bilderberg group…well …surprise..they’re white. If you think Barry runs the show..you need to inform yourself on the puppet masters of Barry Soetoro…he does nothing until he gets approval…all these entities are aka as the NWO. You have much to learn…

                • Talon, Here’s a question I have about those individuals:

                  Do they consider themselves ‘white'(whatever that is) Americans, or do they consider themselves part of a xenophobic, tribalistic and exclusive ethnic supremacist group instead?

                  I think you have it right though, so the point of that question is somewhat moot. The so called elites do not think in terms of race/ethnic loyalties. They think in terms of power and control. Money and influence.

                  • Sheepdawg.. The quick answer to your inquiry is that you are spot on, on the disposition of these people. Race has nothing to do with who pulls the levers of tyranny. Elitist paint themselves are transcendent above all others as to demand a sort of worship and unmitigated obedience to their demands. To oppose them draws destain, resentment and threatens their agenda to enslave, depopulate and install themselves as supreme rulers with no opposition. So their response is to bluster, blame and insult…but more dangerously..to use weapons to control the world. This is the primal example of a immature child not getting his way. They are truly afraid of FREE PEOPLE and how we would respond to oppression and tyranny.
                    The comments of “just me” are race baiting in nature and have nothing to do with the real approach of Agenda 21.

                    Live Free or Die…Death to the New World Order!

        • You owe me a mouthful of coffee and a new keyboard !

          • @WARFACE,

            In addition to owing Old Coach, you too owe me a new keyboard, mouthful of coffee, and a mouse. Simply Classic.

        • Warface – me and 70 others (obviously) think that is hilarious ….. and the red thumbers can get stuffed………….

          Still laughin’ 🙂


      18. I’m gonna do all my Christmas Shoplifting done early. Before this all lets loose and there is more tightened security.

      19. Well, I suppose that’s a good comprehensive list of supplies you may need…

        HOWEVER, I am not buying into all the hype sloshing around the interwebs about this virus. You’re more likely to be killed by a cop or have a tree fall on you than catching this.

        If it reaches me out here in the hills and valleys, the majority of the world will already be dead.

        “They built a house of straw. The thundering machines sputtered and stopped. Their leaders talked and talked. But nothing could stem the avalanche. Their world crumbled. The cities exploded. A whirlwind of looting, a firestorm of fear. Men began to feed on men.”

        ————————-Mad Max————————

        Head for the hills…

        • The hills have eyes

        • …A Burnt Out Shell Of A Man…

          Wahoo! Nitrous Hits for EVERYONE!

          • The Butcher or the Cattle?

      20. Good Afternoon Everyone,

        Solar activity is a word, currently, ‘active’. As yet the position of 12182 is not specifically geared towards launching a geo-effective CME in the direction of the Earth…but neither, due to the intrinsic variablility of the pattern of ejecta from all such, can it be ruled out either.

        Having woken a short time ago, I immediately checked ‘status’, as I am want to do normally when such things are afoot. Over the last several hours the apparent, visible vomp;exity of 12182 has slighly increased, asw well, the obvious intensity of the magnetic gradients we now see in the associated HMIB(C) imaging have strengthened as well. LAstly, the relevant HMID (Doppler) imaging also clearly show a trend to larger and larger gradients of the velocity of the gasses near and around the spot itself.

        On balance, what we are seeing now is the exact recipe, IMHO, for another X-class emission, likely within the next 12-18 hours, at present rates of development, though possibly sooner yet.

        So, ‘Eyes Open’ here everyone.

        Footnote: Siesmic activity – roundly – appears relatively nominal in both magnitude and frequency of occurance at this time, without any indication of anything (impending) beyond that already identified.

        • Hopefully its an X-class of the one spectrum and no more. I can get by without am radio.

          • Hello Be Informed.

            • AKA Mr. Rodgers.

          • PO’d Patriot–>


            ..I’ve often wondered if today’s ‘astrophysicists’ are ever tempted to create a new classification, per solar flatulence!?!

            Maybe call it an “Obama-class” flare..you know, the big one..that shits all over us!

            ..a fitting ‘new’ classification, methinks.

            • 🙂

              Hah, GOOD one!

        • @Be Informed,

          I knew you couldn’t really stay away

          • @ BJ…Be Informed studied earthquakes, JOG was/is the astrophysicist.

        • Mr Rodgers

          Just wanted to thank you for these post.

        • Boy oh boy , do you sound like Be INFORMED.hope its true,

      21. I guess even the germs have discovered the US is now a third world country. Where do I get my banana seeds? lol

        • Right next to the guacamole seeds.

      22. I think we’ll have a guaranteed way to know what’s what.

        The most critical of all of the critical infrastructure is the public water supply. With Just-in-Time inventory controls, then typically the utility companies have two weeks of chlorine, then they have to reorder and get it in, instead of stockpiling it.

        Likewise coal fired generators have to have only so much on hand, otherwise that’s tying up capital by inventorying too much of it.

        If there are preppers out there in those two fields, then if there are larger amounts being stored, that’s a major red flag. Is that logical?

        The powers that be know that if the power runs out, or the water supply is threatened, that this would result in a huge uptick in calls for law enforcement. With contagion around, you’d fully expect for the military to step in with engineers in order to maintain an adequate census for maintaining both areas.

        Also, in order for sequestering of utility personnel to occur, there would have to be some notice given so that they could get adequate supplies for their families, as they might not be allowed to leave.

        The same is true for hospitals and medical centers. In order to meet demand, then larger than normal inventories would exist for common items as well as special sanitizers. We’d fully expect to see shortages reported on the CDC website that cater to medical professionals. Medical centers would have to quietly inform RNs of sequestering and telling them to have more supplies for their families, as they won’t be allowed to leave and go back home.

        As such, when all of these activities begin happening, then there is a long chain of records for inventory control, plus personnel is involved. Not to mention you’ll see these critical infrastructure in Costco and Super Walmarts and such getting enormous amounts of supplies of can goods and water.

        We would fully expect to see large absences in CEOs, withdrawals of securities, people being in an all cash position, backorders of prepping supplies, as that all combines.

        You might not have thought of this, but crematoriums would have to gear up in order to cope, for burials of infected would result in a massive pollution issue, not to mention potential infestation, or water run off issues. There’s long been plans for mass burials since incineration will become overwhelmed, and so we’d expect to see railroad movements from those facilities and that those locations are well known. But you might have friends in the mortician industry and they are 2nd tier critical infrastructure folks.

        In banking, there would be a push to have larger amounts of cash in ATM machines, and bankers who are preppers would be aware of this.

        On google trends, you’d expect to see a major uptick of the contract term “force majeure” as that’s a clause that allows people and companies to wiggle out of contracts.

        A ton of military personnel would have to be notified and that would leak out. There’s lots of patriots there.

        Thinking about these things and watching for signs will give us all some heads up about the spread of contagion and the logistical effort in getting supplies and personnel to hotspots.

        That has to happen based upon the threat level and urban concentration, so again that means the North East as well as California and also Texas. Because a flood of refugees may perceive that even with contagion that the USA would have better medical facilities, then expect a much larger illegal presence (even more than we’re seeing now).

        God Bless You. Top off preps NOW.

        • Anon

          I work in the power industry. I am a supervisor at two different stations. One is a brand new gas fired station and the other is an old coal station that just converted to gas. It would be hard to determine by stockpiles of coal regarding a major event. Generally companies try to get most of the coal in the warmer months. This is because of the effect of coal weather on the coal. It freezes and clumps up. If the people in power wanted to keep the power on I would know ahead of time. They would have to pass the message down to us ahead of time. They would not have a chance of keeping us there if they did not get us before chaos broke out.
          I just am not sure that our government cares. In fact they may want the power and water to go out so that they can step in and declare martial law.
          I do have some interesting developments that happened last winter. I heard on the news that we were 500 M.W. from rolling blackouts last winter during the polar vortex. I did not believe it. Then a vice president came down and verified it to be correct. The Obama administration is closing coal plants left and right. During the cold weather last year there were several gas plants that could not run. This is because home heating takes priority in the winter when it comes to gas. The gas pipelines are like an interstate. You cannot get but so much traffic on the interstate and then it is full. They do not have enough gas pipelines to run power stations and heat homes with natural gas during extreme cold periods.
          If we have extreme cold this winter then be prepared for power outages. More coal stations are closing all the time. Yes they are building more gas fired stations but they are not building a lot of new gas lines. Just another strange thing our government is doing. Also for you global warming believers. Why are we closing highly regulated coal stations here and then exporting coal to China? China has no environmental regulations.
          Anon you are welcome to contact me if you like. Check yesterdays post.
          I also served in the military. My son currently serves. I have friends who would know of any major occurrences going on in the military. Several are in special ops. Several have contact with some very high brass.
          If I ever hear anything I will give a heads up to all on hear if I can.

          • http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/DrugShortages/default.htm


            The way medicine works, the FDA has to work in conjunction with medical centers and linked to the CDC. If there are reported shortages with the inventory controls in those medical centers, then they ask around looking for alternative suppliers. If that stacks up, then it affects everyone, especially within a metropolitan area.

            That link I posted here, that’s where the information would get reported, but I’d use a proxy to access it.

            It’s one more way that a nonmedical person would become aware of the serious nature of the contagion.

            Most ER staff would be fully aware of this, but also of course med/surg people too.

            It’s another red flag event to be vigilant of.

          • Mike in Va,

            How can I get a heads-up from you?


            • FreeSlave

              I would post it on here. You can check my post from yesterdays article. My email is there if you would like to contact me.

              Hope you and yours are doing great.

        • Anon, what makes you so sure TPTB give a damn about the utility workers, or their families? The cold-hearted bastards wouldn’t let them have any time to provide for their families. IMO, they won’t let anyone know anything until it’s too late to act. The elitists already have their backup energy and preps in place for themselves. That’s all they care about…themselves.

          AGAIN, TPTB don’t give a fuck about us, they don’t give a fuck about us, they don’t give A FUCK about US…

          • I don’t this the powers that be give a crap about us.

            There are ~ 3 million licensed RNs in America and the medical centers know that if something bad happened with contagion, then they would walk and bring the place to a standstill.

            No administrator is going to sequester them without giving them some advanced notice. It’s logical. Think, when the orders look like they’re going to come down, then only one shift is present. Not only does the hospital administrator and personnel director have to worry about this, but they will need the other two shifts to come in. Then in addition, in nursing there is something called “weekend option” in which folks take a shift working a long Saturday and Sunday shift for 40 hours of pay.

            That’s four shifts of RNs when only one shift of RNs are on site. With so many and spread out geographically, then you can bet that WILL be a leak of intel.

            Add to that medical techncians, those specialized to microlabs, physicians, etc and you have a massive number of medical personnel who have to be sequestered to fight something like that kind of contagion AND deal with the normal every day issues with accidents and routine infections and illnesses.

            So to get compliance, the medical center administrators know they can’t just hold one shift and handle it, right? Some communication has to happen or at best they would have 1/4 of the personnel that they need. That would result in a complete inability to handle contagion.

            The only way you could force medical staff to come in would be a logistical nightmare in which military personnel would round them up. There’s no way in Hell that that could take place because they wouldn’t have enough military or law enforcement across the breadth of the entire US to round them up.

            So the strategic thinkers would appeal to altruism, get all four shifts of people to come in, and then once there be STUCK. No matter what, unless medical staff feel like their families are taken care of with food, water, and supplies will they stay. They’ll bolt.

            That ALONE could result in the first FEMA camps for they would say that such places would offer security within a perimeter with supplies.

            It would be a horror.

            I wouldn’t want to be medical personnel in the North East, in Texas, or in California. I think they’ll get hammered under severe contagion due to population density. California has that plus illegals bringing in unusual infections that people are not used to treating and so leads to longer and longer times to troubleshoot them. California also has the least stable water supply and this could create terrible issues on its own on top of a health crisis. Texas has illegals and some drought but no where as much drought as California currently, but they’ve had drought issues fairly recently and are coming back from it.

            The powers that be don’t give a crap, but I doubt that such a thing could stay secret in an emergency, and if it leaks then medical personnel would flee or shelter-in-place. The hospital administrator has to walk a fine line to have adequate staff, supplies for them, and withholding information. Otherwise he/she will shoot themselves in the foot and have 1/4 of the staff that they actually will need.

            This kind of thing is true for other critical infrastructure in Tier 1 and Tier 2, but medical staff are the most critical. Then military and law enforcement. Then shipping.

            All of which means that some red flag markers will be there to help predict what to do and when to enact sheltering-in-place and bugging out.

            It will happen in a wave, the most populated areas first for that will have the worst problems, and hence why I recommend monitoring the NE, Texas, and California.

            Because of open borders and the possibility of anyone getting on an air plane, then contagion can spring up in any city that has an airport, BUT if your city is a HUB, then you’re in worse shape.

            • Even in emergency situations hospital staff are only to report for their shift unless otherwise notified. So you are correct that there are a lot of them and if they were all called in, they would have to be told to make arrangements for their kids to be cared for while they were gone. It would not be possible to keep it a secret.

          • Agreed, sixpack. I doubt TBTB think about preparing for the regular folks, just themselves. The only thought of the regular people is to have them create chaos and conditions on the ground that favor TPTB’s end game goals.

        • Anon,
          Right on the money , right now I am posting at work nothing going on here today finally got approval for the IPad . Different group different rules . People should pay attention to what you wrote this could indicate thing are going to get sporty .

          Semper Fi 8541

      23. We can not expect any govt. agency to be good at handling any crisis because of this thing called political correctness. Revs. Al and Jesse are always on the scene making sure that someone pays if the black community is involved. I think whistle blowers get a percentage of reported abuse. Our leaders funnel to their cronies. Now we are told the CDC owns ebola. Seems to me the owner of ebola is responsible for the damage caused.

        • “Seems to me the owner of ebola is responsible for the damage caused.”

          A million thumbs up! The question is: Why is no one going after the govt for the escape of their killer virus? Keeping it from harming people is a legal obligation.

          If I owned something that caused a lot of people to die, I’d be sued and it would be shut down. I’d be sitting in prison for the rest of my natural life.


          • Six pack. You do realize Kim kardashian has been married to more Americans than Ebola has killed?

            • I don’t know shit about the kartrashians, nor do I care to.

            • Thought she was partial to burr heads.

        • Avoid all Vaccines from TP2B.. Do you have any idea of the tiny size of RFID chips these days?

      24. Back again Folks,

        Off-topic here, @ Mac, et al…

        Juat got up, as indicated, and am now just getting around to reading Tess’s – undoubtedly – fine article..one which strikes directly to the heart of ALL that we are thinking about so very much lately.

        Friend, I have a question to ask here, both of yourself, and as well, those here (generally) who may have a ‘kmowing’ of what I am about to ask. Has anyone here, yet heard the story circulating in the media over the last few days of the ‘Iraqi “Dragons Egg”?’. As ex-mil, what I have read has the eery ‘ring of truth, CONCEALED deeply’ which I have come to recognize as a ‘tell’ that something ‘just ain’t right’. If amyone her has a knowing of that, then by all means, divulge that here, for the general consumption, please.

        At this juncture we had ALL better start thinking about the epidemic fast approaching. Once I have read Tess’d article and digested it, “Ill be back”…down as Ahnold! did it, in the orginal “Terminator”.

        Oh Well then, till later Everyone!

        • I read that one somewhere today. Can’t remember where. I think it was on foxnews.com. I also an article mid last week, at some alternative news site, about Iraqi chem. weapons and how the pentagon had suppressed the news of the find since mid last decade because the bombs and artillery shells containing the likes of Sarin, Ricin, VX and other nasty stuff were made with components obtained from the USA, France and Germany.

          The leftist media has been having a field day, for almost ten years, with the “news” that “there were no WMD’s found in anywhere in Iraq”, therefore Bush et al lied about the reason for invading Iraq. (I’m not condoning the Iraq invasion, I think it was wrong to begin with, but for different reasons.)

          Yet, the WMD’s were there all along and they’re now in the hands of the “moderate” Syrian rebels that think nothing of beheading a few hundred infidels to work up an appetite for breakfast.

          Just another of the daily reminders of why I didn’t vote for Obolo twice and yet another reason that the decision was justified.

          • When it comes to the MSM, once a liar, always a liar.

            Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

            Even now…especially NOW.

            • Morning Navy, sixpack,

              sixpack, “When it comes to the MSM, once a liar, always a liar.”. Yep, ‘bought and sold like toilet paper’ amd a WHOLE lot less useful!; as we all know. Not though what gets my attention here..in that story, that is.

              Navy can probably ‘get the ‘feel’ for thia one’, for what I am going to say here; when you have been in the Mil, long-term, “Some thngs” just ring true….by that what I mean is thee peppole involved speak in a certian way that makes you go “!????!”…on some, visceral level. Now, that is not to say that I beleive the “story” here, per se…instead, I BELEIVE that ‘something’ of REAL importance was THERE..but WHAT? That’s the question here. More a ‘lie within a lie, within a LIE” type of thing, Eh?

              When I read the descriptions of the security at the “Dragons Egg” I thought – right away – “…it’s NOT any chemical or biological agent”, it has to be some VAST cache of Money or GOLD, because if THAT EVER bacame known to the ‘troops’ thenm the truth would OUT…it always does. So whateber command had buried THERE they could NEVER let ANYONE see it, EVER. So, the answer, ‘MAKE it something SO BAD that the troops FEAR it on some level, put it under TOTAL “OMEGA, Ft Knox”-grade security. Like I said, you have to ‘know how the mil-mind THINKS’ to follow-on with this…

              To me, this one stinks to high Heaven, really BADLY. “Enquring minds want to KNOW.”…and I DO, someday.

              • The world is a stage. Security at Ft Knox is minimal since the is no more gold in there from the looting spree.

              • Sorry Mr R, that was supposed to be a green thumb!

              • @ MR Rodgers…Maybe they really did find a spaceship in a cave?

                • Gold maybe. money… burn it and print more.

      25. Beings that I live on the out skirts of Omaha, were keeping a close eye on the university with the 13 beds for obola patients.

        Damn I wish they would move that facility to D.C. say on Pennsylvania Avenue, across from that big white house.

        • They cou7ld always open up a wing of the white house to ebola patients, since they claim it’s “not contagious by casual contact”…

      26. I just can’t come up with any location…everywhere I look is under tribal control and fully infested.

      27. Tess for Ebola Czar!

        • You apple polisher.

      28. The ebola outbreak is in its early stages in the US so there may be hope for containment. I think the medical community could do a bit better in their decision to travel after being exposed to the virus. Someone is going to have to take a much harder stance on border security. Good luck to all.

      29. obviously a gov pysop. red cross is injecting/infecting the africans. gov doing everything in its powers to destroy us. people are waking up droves and are getting pissed off plus. gov is getting scared/rightly so and will do something desperate soon. count on it.

        • YEP!
          And we aint talkin about ISIS or Putin OR Fed Reserve , Agenda 21 or global warming are we ?
          Keep yer eye on the ball , the socialists are planning a coup , and the White House is leading the charge .

        • A while back a group of international healthcare workers walked into a village and were chopped into little pieces and fed into the septic tank. –The reaction seemed a BIT over the top as hostility goes. Why not just yell at them and order them out of the village? Well the Africans have woken up also. They understand that while Ebola has popped up in the back country villages of the Congo before, it has never been in west African countries and never in cities. But now it crops us in the cities of 4 western African countries and those cities have immunization programs run by westerners. So those villagers were responding to what they saw as an attack.

      30. Blah, blah, blah. Another bullshit scare tactic. Americans, listen to our president, he would not do anything to hurt us. He is out and about golfing and raising money. You don’t see him worried.

        You voted for him, trust him he is are father……

        I can’t believe I really wrote this shit.

        • Americanism

          I just went up and jumped off the roof head first because of what you wrote. Damn my head hurts.

      31. This just in:

        President Obama will be addressing the nation tonight on the need for calm in the wake of the Ebola scare.

        Obama, in the spirit of the coming holiday, will wear a special Halloween costume to deliver his speech. The president will be dressed as an astronaut. His teleprompter will be similarly garbed…

        • Aah, cut off his oxygen.

      32. Right now small town USA looks pretty good. Central Illinois hasn’t had any trouble yet.

        If I get anything close its time to lock down.

        I’m hoping that they are right and there is nothing to fear. You just don’t know because they have lied to us so much who knows when the are telling the truth?

        At least our Police Department has SOP’s in line incase there is a Ebola type call. We don’t go to assist the Ambulance service.

        If we do have a call like that I’m Done!

        I know there is going to be somebody Bitching about me going into lock down. Remember this is SURVIVIAL OF THE SMARTEST AND THE FITTEST.

        All the Trolls that are and have bad mouth LEO’s will Bitch that now we are not there for them. T.S.


        • That’s right sarge, frig’em, they’re on their own. Stupid is as stupid does.

        • You will never hear me whine because you and your ilk won’t be there.

          Way to demonize freedom/liberty loving people who know history adn facts by labeling them as trolls.

          • Yep BJ remember what Selco said about the police when tshtf in Bosnia. THEY were the MOST dangerous gang around and were murdering scum until they got their just rewards, so to trust badges during shft is a suckers bet.

            • They’re murdering scum n liberty freedom thefts NOW here in amerikka

        • Only thing, Sgt Dale, about our People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois is that at present, Tricky Dick Durbin and Corruptocrat Quinn are in the lead in their races. BTW, I very much respect the police in general. We just need to be careful that you guys are not co=opted by the state or that we become a police state. So… appreciate the work you do, but remember that it is all about being a PEACE officer (which I know you do, seeing your other posts)

          • With the Commi City of Shitcago they will more that likely win. The clowns up there will vote 3 or 4 times the Dead will rise from their graves and vote also. I read somewhere where a person used his DOG’s name and voted.
            The last election Quin only took Cook county and a small county by St. Lious. The outer 50 counties went for Brady.

        • Good evening, Sarge. No cases reported in TN or even my area as of this time. If anything pops up in my area, I’ll be headed to GA. I just got an e-mail from my cousin last night asking me if I’m coming before Dec. and I replied only if the balloon goes up between now and then. I do suspect something will happen after the elections. I can feel it.

          • Braveheart

            You and I have discussed this recently. I too still have that nagging gut feeling.

          • Cuz the only reason I e-mailed you was cause we don’t want you coming down here. You might be infected since you been hanging around with all them spear chuckers up their in Memphis.

            • NGIC, you idiot, I’m coming over before Obola can get near me and you’re NOT the one who e-mailed me. You’re just an idiot, NOT a troll, so that’s the only reason I tolerate you.

              • Kinda got you on that one brave. That was funny.

          • T R BH
            I have a feeling you are right.
            Stay safe my friend.

          • Brave has “felt it” thirty eight times in the last few years. Another gut feeling guy.

        • Sgt. D
          Old guy
          They had a “scare” in Clinton ar the other day. Also, I opened a bag
          Of pool shock today. I’m not sure if it was in sun to long or
          What but it disintegrated when my finger touched it. I probably wasn’t
          2 yrs old. It was in shed. Smell almost knocked me out. Be careful storing
          Them if they are bags
          One more thing. Blanket at truck stop uses 55 watts!

        • You have asked for trolls and you got trolls.
          I am really surprised that they have nothing else to do.
          No, they do: “Hope and change”.

          And there is one more I just love:
          “We’re from government, we’re here to help”

          long live the republic!

          • Feed the trolls. They are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

            • T O C
              That was a goo one. Made me laugh this morning!

        • Sgt

          Thank you for doing your job. You are right. Many will raise hell when they cannot get the Leo’s to come. They don’t understand that the public has more rights then you guys do. They also don’t understand that if they go for your gun you have a right to kill them.
          If they did not break the law then 99 percent of the time no Leo would bother them.

          Thanks so much for what you do.

          • M in V

            You are welcome!

            I would rather be out helping people, but I have to think of my family first, and the public second.
            It is one of them lines in the sand that you have to draw, and unlike Obullshit I won’t cross it or let anyone else.

            Mike Please stay safe. I will pray for you and yours if this thing gets out of hand. Please keep me and mine in yours.

            • Sgt

              One thing you can count on is my prayers. I have to do the same with my family. Many will die if the police don’t show up. Many will die if I don’t go to work and the power goes out. I try to help everyone when I can. This will come to a point sooner or later where family and fellow preppers have to come first. It is sad but that is the way it is.

              Thank you for your prayers. They are the most important thing in life period.

          • if you are stupid enuff to call leos this day and age you deserve the beating/killing they will be handing out to you and yours. better get bullet proof vest for fido.

            • 02.

              I have many friends and family who are Leos. If you ever had to try to do there job you would not feel this way. Political correctness has gotten into the departments like everything else in life. The truth is the criminals have more rights than the police.
              I am not saying there are not bad police officers. There sure is. There are bad people in every organization.
              What I do know is most Leo’s do care about people. Most have family and try to go home safely to them after each shift. They are just like you and I.
              The press just makes a point to show any possible bad scenario about a Leo they can. I think that too is done by design.
              Our current government has done there best to try to cause riots and race war.
              Just my opinion.

        • Remember Sgt, you are an exception to the rule, and there is a reason why the 911 operator asks “What is your emergency, Police fire or medical?”

          You don’t automatically send an ambulance on a burglary or car prowl call, and you shouldn’t be automatically sending police to a medical emergency.

          Fire Dept EMTs are the exception. They can respond to fire OR medical emergencies.

          Too many people tripping over an emergency scene, gets people killed unnecessarily, as in the case of people having a seizure, getting shot by a cop because they “failed to comply.” COMMON SENSE SHOULD PREVAIL.

          • Six
            You mentioned Fire and Ambulance. Do you know why you will see fire and ambulance at minor car crashes? MONEY!
            They bill your insurance when they show up!!! So don’t sign anything and if you don’t want them tell them, or your insurance will be billed. Oh Ya! tell you insurance agent that they came without you asking for them. CYA.

            • This does not surprise me. I do think that maybe not for ALL car accidents, but for those with serious injury involved, might benefit from trained EMTs on the scene, before the ambulance gets there.

              I have personally been involved in 2 vehicle accidents with at least one serious injury. I was directly behind the accident when it unfolded. I had little choice (in my mind) other than to stop and render first aid.

              I stabilized the upper torso of a passenger flung down the road in a motorcycle accident, until the paramedics took over. The second time, a man fell out of the back of a pickup truck, onto his head on the freeway. I picked up the part of his skull that had been broken open like a watermelon, and staunched the bleeding as much as possible, until the paramedics arrived and took over.

              I have stopped and performed CPR, actually saving at least one life in the process. I was told had I not, the victim would not have survived.

              Cops rarely render any kind of aid to accident victims. Too few are the times we hear that a lone cop DID. Mostly, they just say “it’s not my job” and watch while the victim dies waiting for help.

              THAT is why I don’t believe cops should be automatically dispatched on medical emergencies, unless traffic hazards are involved, or a crime scene must be preserved. If they’re not there to help in any meaningful way, they don’t need to be there IN THE WAY.

              They certainly don’t need to be there, simply to use force to subdue seizing victims, or people in shock.

              HERE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT: The Killing of Fouad Kaddy—

              ht tp://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2710931/posts

          • Why Six? Why is this persona on the internet an exception to “the rule?” I am not saying he is not real, I know personally that he is. But why is he an exception to the rule?

            Because what he types?

            • Maybe I just need to believe that there are SOME PEOPLE out there who are not deceiving people. I’ve been following Sgt. Dale’s posts for a few years now. I have no reason to believe that he is anything other than what he says he is.

              There are real people out there. Not everyone is a liar and manipulator. The Sgt’s views have not changed in any meaningful way, suggesting that much of what he posts is what he really thinks/believes.

              It IS the internet, after all…I can afford to give some people the benefit of the doubt. Can’t I?

        • Sgt, like to give you a truckload of green thumbs, you owe all those cop haters nothing. If Ebola gets here and even looks like taking off no way am I hanging around either. My business will go belly up but as long as I don’t leave the bugging out too late my kids, grandkid and I will be safe so I couldn’t care less.

          Personally I still think our respective countries will get a handle on this – this time! Could easily be wrong, just hope I’m not while ready to pull the trigger if I am.


        • Don”t blame ya SGT. Thats why I quit when that AIDS Crap came out back in the mid 80’s. Too many incompetent M-Frs running the show. I would have also gotten on the dive rescue team but the worst dangerous Ahole on the fire dept eas running it. I clearly remember when that ahole Capt asked me on the aprin. “Hey you are a good swimmer how about join the dive team?” I looked him and said no thanks and he said why not? I said because I value my life. I knew as reckless as he was he was going to get somebody killed.

      33. answer…. when 10 cases happen within 50 miles
        or cases pop up in 3 diff areas after any 50mile radius area has 10 cases.. then i go into lockdown

      34. “Before you dismiss this article as just another over-sensationalized attempt at fear mongering”

        “The time is now for each of us take personal responsibility in preparing for this disaster. It’s real. It will spread. People will get sick and die. There will be panic.”

        The beginning of the article contradicts the end, so it seems.

        Lets not forget the flu threat(s). Remember when the big pharma controlled government agencies said if you didn’t get a vaccine there would be sickness and death throughout the union of states. Still today everywhere you go everyday is flu shot day. USD’s continue to flow into their coffers while a limited numbers of cases actually came to be true.

        When the storm troopers bust down your door and demand that you get a newly untested mandatory controversial ebola vaccine then is the time to be fearful for you and your family.

        Until then let’s ride this out awhile and see where it leads. Prepare for the worst but, hope for the best.

      35. Government has just ordered massive quantities of gloves, gowns etc. This will be like the ammo shortage. This is why we prep.

        • Acid don’t you just love those gowns that are open in the back. Bend over buddy, I got a glove on.

          • That Fucking thermometer better have numbers on it…..

          • NGIC, I wouldn’t go near acid, he might be poisoned.

        • My Electricity just went out as I heard a loud bang a few blocks away. Probably a transformer. No worry as I rarely keep any frozen food. And keep about 20 containers of frozen ice on hand where I can move my food to a large cooler afyer about 3 hours and keep the fridge food cold for about 4 days with all the frozen ice I have. Keeping blocks of ice on hand is a chap prep that will save you hundreds of dollars in lost spoiled food. All the non preppers will be paying high prices for ice later on if there is any left after a run on ice.

          • The electric was only out for about a half hour. I was at the ready. lol

      36. Right now I believe there are more people infected in the U.S. with ebola then what is being reported by the msm.

        When I hear of verifiable reports from regular people that a growing number of people in my area suddenly begin getting very sick and dying on the streets, etc, that is when I will self quarantine.

        I will not wait for the msm, the cdc, or the golfer in the white house to tell me what I should do.

        • Be alert Doorman , dont be a doormat.
          Sorry i just had to say it.;)

      37. Contact tracing for Ebola patients, those possibly exposed, widens

        “Vinson flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Cleveland on Oct. 10 and flew back to Dallas on Monday. Because she had a low-grade fever around the time of the second flight, the CDC has reached out to 132 fellow passengers on the Frontier Airlines flight. The airline is reaching out to approximately 750 additional passengers via email who flew on the same plane before it was disinfected on Oct. 13.”

        “On Friday, sources told Fox News that all four U.S. Ebola patients— Pham, Vinson, NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo and an unnamed patient at Emory University Hospital— were in “stable” condition.”

        “So-called “contact tracing” involves tracking down everyone who came in direct contact with a confirmed Ebola patient and monitoring them for signs of illness for 21 days from the last day they came into contact with the Ebola patient.

        If any of those contacted develop fever or other Ebola symptoms, which can include vomiting and diarrhea, they are immediately isolated and tested while the CDC begins anew the process of tracking down all of their recent contacts.”

        How thorough is standard airplane cleaning?
        Plane cleaners strike at LaGuardia
        The workers “say they’re sometimes exposed to blood and vomit but are NOT equipped with appropriate protective gear.

        They say the number of cabin cleaners per job has been reduced by up to half. They also say the time to clean entire planes has been cut from 45 minutes to as little as 5 minutes.”

      38. The World Health Organisation estimates that Ebola infects 5 new people a minute in Africa.

        It’s still just looking for a decent mea

      39. So no reports of new cases of Ebola. One of two things. Either the govt. has been able to squash reports of new cases or the CDC measures are working. MMMM…I wonder???

        • OR…………

          They aren’t happening, because it was all a ruse

        • T-town check out healthmap dot org interesting reports of possible ebola all over the globe

        • So far, they’re also running with the 21-day quarantine, which covers 90% of the exposed, in spite of the 42-day requirement to get the next 8%, or 60-days for the final 2%. So if there were 100 persons exposed, 10 them could be released from quarantine after 21 days, only to become ill during the next month.

          Don’t rely on the reports of people coming out of quarantine being safe to be around.

      40. I just cant see being panicked about ebola. Today I went & cut firewood. Took my gun in case I seen something to kill. The only things I killed was some trees & a nest of yellow jackets. the yeller jackets where in the ground near a tree I was cutting . they stung me on the arm twice. So I saturated the area with chainsaw gas and set it afire. burnt them up!!
        . It wore my old tired butt out to cut and haul 1/2 cord of firewood.

        • I would agree Old Guy. No reason to panic. Just keep informed, as my grandpa always said, “keep an ear to the ground”.

        • Sympathy to you! I wish we were still in our 20s and had enough energy to do everything we need to do. In regard to your wasps, we had NO bees this year, but a terrific increase in wasps, and I’m getting tired of weird shit. Best to you and hope your stings heal quickly.

        • That’s next year’s firewood I hope.

          Chimney fires are the ultimate rocket stove.

      41. interesting read
        Can you say “lab rats”

        ht tp://www.liberianobserver.com/security/ebola-aids-manufactured-western-pharmaceuticals-us-dod

        delete ht space

      42. If we still have electricity and thus this website is available, I will REMIND those of you who think this is all a joke or a game, and lets see how you are doing, huh?

        Full Disclosure: I know the government lies to us, has and always will. However, if you have an IQ over 25, you can understand what is happening in the world. Preparing for emergencies is a NORMAL thing to do unless you are stupid or have a death wish. Either way, to those of you who are doubting Thomasas, I say FUCK YOU! You are indeed FUCKED. At least if you attempt to knock on my door for help!

      43. It is the weekend. Outbreaks, terrorism and government incompetence are on hold until Monday.

        1000 point drop in the DOW and than a surge… Yeah that’s not manipulated. What fool still plays the stock market? Oh yeah, all of those experts at Zerohedge. I bet half of them don’t even know Tyler Durdan is Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club. Or that the web slogan is also from said movie.

        “His Name Was Robert Paulson…”

        “Make up your own mind, kid. It is really the only freedom we have left.” – Starship Troopers


        O’bola is a poverty disease.

        meaning it is more devastating to the poor and their poor living conditions plight.

        o’bola only poises a real threat to those who live in tight dirty unsanitary conditions with poor diets and unclean water sources, which causes compromised immune systems.

        o’bola once it incubates for a few days in its new host is a fast burner and over whelms the body quickly. so it will burn itself out quickly.

        what sucks is the 45 day host residual o’bola disease carrier effect after infection.

        in other words most zog amerikans ARE NOT AT RISK OF CATCHING O’BOLA!

        so chill some … and just wash your hands regularly and avoid tight confined places with masses of people.

        1 800 u r f*cked

        • Origins of O’bola

          Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s

          Operating out of South Africa during the apartheid era in the early 1980s, Dr. Wouter Basson launched a secret bioweapons project called Project Coast. The goal of the project was to develop biological and chemical agents that would either kill or sterilize the black population and assassinate political enemies. Among the agents developed were Marburg and Ebola viruses.

          Basson is surrounded by cloak-and-dagger intrigue, as he told Pretoria High court in South Africa that “The local CIA agent in Pretoria threatened me with death on the sidewalk of the American Embassy in Schoeman Street.” According to a 2001 article in The New Yorker magazine , the American Embassy in Pretoria was “terribly concerned” that Basson would reveal deep connections between Project Coast and the United States.

          In 2013, Basson was found guilty of “unprofessional conduct” by the South African health council.
          Bioweapons expert Jeanne Guillemin writes in her book Biological Weapons: From the Invention of State-Sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism, “The project ‘s growth years were from 1982 to 1987, when it developed a range of biological agents (such as those for anthrax, cholera, and the Marburg and Ebola viruses and for botulinum toxin)… ”


          • …and they wonder why Africans are suspicious of them and their efforts to “fight” ebola, and why they treat the workers as if they are the enemy…

            • it gets worse… a lot worse what ‘the man’ is doing to the black in africa.

              it’s plain simple open zog amerika c.i.a. controlled mass population control genocide and open corporate slavery by the white man against the black in most of africa.

              nestle’ and de’ beers are prime examples.

              • this is sad and caused by a black backlash against the south Afrikaners whites for 100’s of years of racial slavery abuse by white Afrikaner dominance.

                Gold-medal Winning Champ Lives in a South African Squatter Camp

                Irene van Niekerk is a 15-year-old runner who lives in a squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa. She has won, in total, 27 gold medals, but owns no shoes.

                Irene is a young Afrikaans girl who lives in a shack in a squatter camp near Pretoria, South Africa. They have no electricity or running water, and Irene owns no shoes.

                She runs barefoot, because the shoes that were custom-designed for Irene were stolen by a drug addict. The shoes were custom-designed because Irene lost most of her toes in an accident as a child, when boiling water spilled on her feet.


              • What a crock. Blacks would soon sell their own black race into slavery. History proves just that. However Corporations exploitation is also a form of slavery. Zogs love debt slaves.

          • Oh so that’s why ebola infects whites, yellows, browns, blacks and whoever I missed. Good thing it was designed to only kill blacks. Whew!! had me worried for a minute.
            Can you say DUMBA@@??????????

      45. Where are all the red thumbs coming from?

      46. Is everything that’s happening in the world nowadays PLANNED? You bet your sweet tooth it is without a doubt. A line from the movie; Hunt for Red October: “Son the Russians don’t take a dump without a plan”, now add to Russians any other power brokers (ANY) of the world. It’s all PLANNED, we can see it in their eyes and hear it their talk, see it in their actions, only the few will be saved (in their eyes) and the rest of us are mere pawns on their chess board to use as they see fit. Do we the masses stand a chance to correct this, maybe, but (sadly), at the cost of millions of lives, but you now see that’s their end game (check-mate). Depopulation of the earth: is it PLANNED yes, can we the masses STOP IT NO. Because whatever way we choose; in end it’s the same depopulation. What we can do is not go QUIETLY, go with HONOR and RESPECT and when we reach the other side (I believe there is one) we can stand tall. All of this is pure reality in my eyes, remember money is power and power means more money, so is it over; I’m still breathing so it is not over for me YET, I plan on fighting them tooth and nail, I will not just lay down and die no not me, the only thing they will get from me is the sweet off my B~LLS and nothing else (my old drill sergeant use to say “I dish out nothing but hard di-k and bubble gum and I’m fresh out of bubble gum”). When it does go down; take it to them, take no prisoners, show the TRAITORS ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY WHAT SO EVER, make them remember the day they took on the TRUE AMERICAN PATROIT!! Draw your family close and GOD closer to you now more than ever: The day of RECKONING DRAWS NIGH!

        Old Copperhead over and out!

        • Everything is planned, which is why nothing works.

        • “The Russians” are not behind the depopulation of the earth. They are fighting for their lives, their culture and their country, just like the rest of us should be.

          Adjust your scope, you’re not clearing the trees…

          • Putin is fighting the NWO, unlike our boot licking shoe shine boy.

            • Amen.

        • @Old Copperhead…so good to see you back with us! You gave us so many good ‘tips’ way back when….keep em coming! Take care all, CC

      47. I have been reading articles and comments on this site for about 2 yrs now. I have asked only one question and have never commented otherwise. I have learned a lot. I notice that many of the best comments came from Be informed, SmokieOkie and well there are a few more but you get my drift. Now it appears that Eppe is gone. I loved his jokes! I don’t care where they came from. I know the site attracts mostly males but right now it appears that there are a lot of bottom of the barrel males. Vulgar, filthy minded and foul mouthed. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t saying anything I have never heard before and for those that want to thumbs down or comment back in a negative way, bring it on I can handle it.

        • Female

          I rarely get into arguments with people on here. The reason is there is no benefit to it. If we as preppers cannot get along on a blog then how can we possibly win this country back. I have said it many times. We need to post things that are helpful to each other. Regarding humor I do find that helpful. If we have nothing but doom and gloom it will wear on everyone.
          I did get in an argument several days ago on here because of how a certain individual was talking about women. I told him that I would like to take him behind the wood shed. Lack of morals and the removal of God from our society is the number one reason this country will crash.
          Regarding Eppe he is fine.

          Thank you for your post. All males on here must return to being good old fashioned gentleman. It is the correct way to be whether you believe in God or not.

          • I made the statement some time ago that all the profanity was uncalled for. And I believe at the time I recieved alot of flak, it seems many mistake profanity with Freedom of Speach. Trekker Out. Immoral And Free Can Never Be!

          • Nobody needs god to be a respectful or honest person. Nor does anybody who calls them selves a religious person given a pass or a label of being a respectful person. Just look at all the rape by priests going on today against children Religion is fraud.

            • whowuddathunkit

              That is why I said whether you believe in God or not.

        • waaaaaah!

          if you don’t like it do something about it instead of bitch about it!

        • Eppe is now a female. Lol

        • Female,

          I’m also a female. I’m a former heavy construction worker. I’ve heard it all, in several different languages. Colorful language does not offend me. That’s just part of free speech.

          You know what DOES offend me?

          Politicians who think they know better what I need, than I do.

          MSM hacks who think I don’t know a lie when I hear one.

          Doctors who think my body is for their own personal experiments.

          People who think anyone who does not choose to be like them, deserves to be killed.

          People who take their blessings for granted.

          People who think that by typing “FVCK”, it’s somehow not swearing…everybody knows what they meant. Sins begin in the heart, by the intent of what you meant, not how you spelled it. You might as well be honest and just come out and say it…God also knows what you meant.

          Why do these things offend me? Because I’M AN ALPHA. I’m self-reliant to the greatest extent humanly possible. Because I think for myself. Because I’LL be the judge of what I need and how I’ll live. I don’t sweat the small shit.

          I’m an imperfect human being, with a respect for anyone who takes charge of, and responsibility for themselves and their lives.

          Does that make sense?

          • Sixpack

            It makes sense. My point above is more about how society has decayed. In my Dads day and actually in my youth you did not hear this around a lady. IT is not that a lady cannot take it. It is just my feeling that a lady should be shown respect. All people should but a man should treat ladies with respect.
            In my Dads day if someone was using foul language around women and children they were politely asked to stop. They had the freedom to decide what they wanted to do but if they continued they generally got there butts kicked.
            Society and morals have decayed to the point that there is no return from that either. That is just another reason I know for sure there will be a collapse.
            I even here small children using foul language towards there parents now. You would have never heard that 30 years ago. My Dad or Mom would have knocked me across the room if I did that.

            I guess I think you should be offended. We all should at the way people act now. Yes they have the freedom to talk however they want but I have the freedom to let them know it is offensive.

            Sixpack I think you are one heck of a lady by the way. Some group of preppers is lucky to have a lady like you in there group.

            • You’re absolutely correct about RESPECT. I respect my elders, and there is an appropriate time for everything. I tend to edit my colorful language out of respect for others, not because I’m ashamed, but because I know they don’t like it.

              I won’t light up a cigarette around people who don’t smoke, for the same reason. I have respect for others, so that they’ll hopefully have respect for me.

              But when I’m gathered at the kitchen table with the rest of the guys talking shop, I’m one of “the guys” and the only thing that offends me, is people who too easily get offended, and try to force compliance.

              If a certain group of people offends me, I go find another group that doesn’t.

      48. OFF Topic….so, hubby says to me today, ‘ what are you supposed to do for canning whe. SHTF.” I told him the why I stockpile flats (conversation came up because I had to empty and wash about. 100 jars from my dads house. Flats were reused, liquid didn’t cover foods, and some stuff I knew didn’t get water bath or pressure canned– I knew she did neither). I also told himself could get tattlers good for 20 uses and he says, yeah, but what do you do when you run out? First of all let me say I hope I have enough for years, but he feels that if we (USA) get any weaker, the whole world is going to rain shit on us, and whatis to say that we ever had a return of manufacturing in this country? It’s actually his idea we move to MS ASAP. I’ve wantd to bugout of CT for a while, but he’s never been one to talk this way. Prepping has been ALL ME up to this point. Makes me nervous.

        So my question…if SHTF went mad max and lasted a generation, what would you use to make seals to can with? Would bees wax Work as a seal on super sweet or super acid foods if no oth choice? (Assuming you can’t buy paraffin anymore.

        • Imho, if you can’t buy paraffin anymore, you’ve got bigger problems than not being able to can.

        • Bug out now. You’re on what the truckers used to call the “dirty side” of the Hudson River.

        • Yes, beeswax would work fine, but I save mine for bullet lube.

        • Use Tattler lids and buy extra seals. They do go bad, but the lids are good for a long time. They run them on sale from time to time.

        • If you’re moving to Mississippi, you might not be able to have a root cellar, but there are other ways to preserve food.

          Meats can be smoked or pickled. Beans can be allowed to dry in the garden. Other vegetables and fruits can be dehydrated. Corn can be dried. Wheat can be stored for the winter and ground into flour as needed. You can grow sorghum and make molasses, which keeps a long time. Potatoes can be put on shelves in an outbuilding to keep during the winter as long as you don’t let them freeze. They will last until it’s time to plant more using what’s left as seed. You can keep sweet potatoes over the winter. Search for “banking sweet potatoes.” Onions can be tied by their tops and hung in the same building. Garlic and hot peppers can be kept the same way.

          Also, in the South, you have a much longer growing season. You can grow collards during the winter. They actually taste better after they’re hit with a frost. Indeterminate varieties of tomatoes will bear until the frost kills them. If you have them in a greenhouse or under a plastic cover, you can have tomatoes the whole winter. You can grow a lot of other vegetables in a greenhouse.

          My parents used a number of the above methods in addition to canning.

          All of the above methods were used before canning was invented. So can while you can, but don’t worry about losing that ability.

        • Paraffin is best, but it shrinks a smidgeon. Absolute best are good rubber seals, stock up on those and re-use all you are able.

        • I had a weird experience with my Honey Sat. Night. I don’t see too well in the dark these days and for some reason he decided to take me out in the woods at night and walk around and show me the different techniques he uses in to manuver in the woods at night. He said “just in case ever need to go into the woods at night”. It was just something that struck me as odd because he refuses to talk much about, as he calls it all,politics, but is very aware of what’s going on in the world. Learned some good stuff though and was grateful for the lessons!

          • Momma

            Excellent post. I should have thought of that before. I will take my bride out in the woods for a little class too. Hey afterword it might be a little fun.
            Remember if you can stay in the dark for 15 minutes and let your eyes adjust. People don’t realize you can see at night.

            • Mike, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do☺️

              • Hot Momma

                Thanks for your permission dear. I will inform my bride of your encouragement for her training.

      49. I’ll bug out the minute it mutates,and becomes airborne virus! Think subway system with swirling winds…

      50. To see what is really happening in West Africa (Ebola land) go to VICE news documentary. (was on zero hedge or can just type it tool bar): “VICE NEWS– LIBERIA– EBOLA”.

        Can learn a lot about what to do when comes here (WHEN ITS HERE FULL TIME, I MEAN)

        • I posted that link weeks ago.

        • vice is a fraud now. they are now corporate sponsored. and do as they are told by ‘the c.i.a. corporate man’.

      51. Have you all read, ‘Ebola hoax: the feared “bleeding” symptom’ by Jon Rappoport?

        If not, I think you should consider doing so.

        Maybe even read the #Vaccinegate thread.

      52. If you have a propane storage tank, remember that propane is heavier than air. If you keep it in the basement with a furnace or water heater, you risk an explosion if it leaks. If you bug out during a flood or hurricane that tank could be blown to someone else’s property and explode.

      53. whats with the thumb-watching?
        who cares?

      54. I am torn between this being another false flag, hype and hysteria operation or… just another ticking time bomb.

        Everything I have seen so far looks like 100% inept or un-organized responses. On the other hand, why the sudden rush for ‘vaccines’ for this outbreak when Ebola Hemorrhagic fever has been around since 1976? Riddle me that.

        Also, why weren’t proper quarantine procedures followed anywhere?

        – All air traffic from hot zones should have been STOPPPED immediately. It wasn’t and hasn’t been yet.

        – Hospitals and first responders are ALL reporting that they are woefully, inadequately prepared for any kind of mass outbreaks. That’s a lot of unprepared people who are supposed to be prepared in the first place.

        – With as many deaths that are reported in the African countries, there are very, very few outbreaks in neighboring countries in close proximity to them. How is that? The math isn’t adding up for something so potentially lethal.

        Wouldn’t is be something if this years ‘Flu Shot’ concoction was actually the carrier for the U.S. governments own ‘patented’ version of Ebola? That sort of explains the ultra sudden appearance of ‘vaccines’ that have not had proper time trials or mandatory testing. Nope, they want to make sure everyone gets this vaccine crap STAT!

        I smell something rotten in Denmark…and elsewhere.

        • The reason there aren’t outbreaks in the surrounding countries, like Nigeria and Mali, is because ALL the countries have CLOSED their borders and will not admit entry to persons without mandatory quarantine.

        • Socraties

          This is either the real deal or they are going to use it for other purposes. Things like cover for the economic collapse or a reason to remove more freedom from us. Either way this is not good at all.

          • Maybe this could be the real deal, AND they are using it for other purposes?

            • sixpack

              Good point. Either way this is something we should all take serious.

          • That vile Ron “Klown” Klain, the new Ebola czar, is perfect for this. Long time leftist crony, involved with Solyndra, the mortgage crises, Al Gore, you name it.

      55. Buy several super soaker water squirt guns. Use soapy bleach water in them to soak down areas in the neighborhood where wandering infected collapsed and died looking for help. Chains with grappling hooks on the end to snag and drag the bodies somewhere could also be useful. You can’t leave festering bodies of virus factories lying about the neighborhood. Not a pretty picture, but one that may happen. Never hurts to be prepared.

        • BUDK has a nice grappling hook for $20.00 and it comes with some rope.

          Nothing like dragging dead bodies behind the old pickup truck.

          Reminds me of the good old days…

      56. If by January 1st we don’t have an explosion of Ebola infected. it’s a bust. Jan 1 gives us a week plus after peak shopping. Enough time for infections to become known.

        To be honest. This is the 19th of October and I’m surprised we don’t have more patients.

        • I doubt that there will be any more than a few cases in America

      57. Back in August when West Africa began getting hit with Ebola, they began a sudden social distancing program that was loose at first and then backed up with military troops. They call that cordon sanitaire. When that happened, then people were separated and parents couldn’t get to their children. Wells were sometimes on the other side of the cordoned off area. Farmers were NOT allowed to pick their crops.

        Out of fear, or it might have been organized, wells were poisoned which killed some.

        So now you have very vulnerable folks who might not be sick but definitely are malnourished. Worse, that means whatever they left in the fields was taken by rodents, insects, or rotted. They created a worse health care crisis by this action.

        You can see how something like that in the US would result in terrible infections because the noninfected but presumed infected are lumped in with the infected until such time it burns itself out (42 days). A lot of people can be dead from bad water and lack of food by then. Then even when they leave, they have no crop to sustain them through the year, and it puts very immune compromised malnourished people at risk for other contagions and starvation.

        We could certainly see cordon sanitaire in the USA.

        With issues in Just-in-Time inventory controls, then there could easily be fuel shortages in the North East, in California, and in Texas. Everyone would be lining up to get gas, some unscrupulous types would raise prices, station owners would worry whether it would be smart to stay open with all of those transactions, staff might not show up, etc.

        There’s a very real possibility in a time of contagion that local municipalities in conjunction with the military could confiscate supplies for military operations too. Cut the fuel for a few days and everything grinds to a halt, and when there is contagion that actually benefits the control of infection, right?

        You need to make sure your vehicles are tip top with fuel and fluids and check your tires, etc because if you live in those regions, and they enact that, then your bugging out plans won’t work. That is unless you leave way before most people would think of leaving.

        I’d bet that we’d see low census in elementary schools, either due to panic or genuine infection. The good news is that this would close the schools because it becomes too expensive to stay open plus a pressing insistence by public health officials that this would limit infections.

        A lot of spouses work as teachers and that may help some of you who have to bug out and not stay behind too long instead of getting to your cache location.

        A problem for everyone else is when school is canceled, the neighborhood kids tend to congregate out of boredom, hang out at playgrounds, and perhaps that’s not wisdom at that point. That means staying cognizant of that, and making sure that your kids don’t hang out with their friends.

        For some people fleeing, it might be in their best interest to take a water route instead of trying to get out by car.

        I’m interested to see what happens with RN sequestering since the nursing unions are already concerned about Ebola and contagion given they know that you cannot adequately protect personnel from Biosafety Level 4 pathogens in standard medical facilities and with substandard PPE. So that means probably an Executive Order regarding that subject (if one isn’t already in place) that would nationalize the RN workforce.

      58. Good article again Tess. There is always a BUT, there seems to be a lot of BUY this book, or BUY that book, now don’t get me wrong here, they have knowledge in all of them. It just seems that it’s I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine among all the authors. Yes each should give credit to where credit is earned. We all can read and have a vast majority of other author’s web sites in (favorites) and visit their sites regularly. It just looks like this idea and that idea from whomever is taken mixed with filler words from the author and there you have it new article with all the same ideas. I guess what I’m trying to say; come on people get the gray cells working again and come up with new idea’s methods to prepare soon this media is going to be closed to all of us. Again we are very blessed to have people like Mac, Tess and so many others that have the means to inform us, but it just seems to me that it’s a broken record. Forgive me if I’ve stepped on some toes here it was not my intention to do so.

        Feed Jake

        • Panic/fear sells.

      59. Well since it has been mentioned a few comments back about in Illinois the Governor and Senator are leading in the polls for reelection. Come on people do you still think that the ballot box works, no way it’s already stuffed with the votes to elect or reelect who the NWO want. If you vote you have no say; HELL we have not had a say for decades! Will hitting the reset button do any good NO, because we have waited way to long for that option to work or to even try for that matter of fact. In my estimation our only recourse is to resist the tranny coming down on us with every fiber in our bodies individually; because that is the way it is, there will be absolutely no organized rebellion to the NWO, none. We must get the mindset that we are on our own and when TSHTF that’s the way it will be. Wake up people our America is already lost, and no I’m not a defeatists, just one of many that have come to that conclusion. I want everyone here to know I will go down as a GOD fearing, standing upright American. I have spoken from the HEART!

        • I will also resist the tranny coming down on me!

          She needs to stay in the White House!

      60. Morning Everyone,

        At this time it appears that our Friend Sol is about to launch another round of ‘Solar Flatulence’, as some here have lately ddescibed it; actally, not a BAD description, on balance! 😉

        Over the last 10 hours we have seen a distinct upward trend in the X-emissions therefrom. As well, the associated imaging shows a steady trend to increasing complexity AND intensity as well, in the region concerned.

        Bear in mind that we have – as yet this cycle – had NO “X-teen’ flares whatsoever (X-10.0+) whilst in the last cycle, #23, we saw a dozen of those over time. As such, then I am going to ‘call this’ as a real candidate for somesuch, very soon.

        Seismic is rather low globally, but rather distributed all over..mostly low-grade events which I have NO vlear read on. DAMN, I WISH BI was here!: The suspense here (over Bardabunga) is Killin me!

        Well, till later then, Everyone. Adios!

        • Solar Addenda;

          Jan Alvestad, over at the STAR report, is now accounting 12182 as in excess of 2300 Solar millonths in size. That would palc eit – categorically – as the largest sun spot seen this cycle, cycle #24. Ss well, Jan is expressly describing that region as being capable of an X-10+ class event, having become now more complex, and NOT less over the last 24 hours.

          I probably do not need to describe the effects of an X-10 flare – here, on US – were such to emananate from the centraL regions of the visible disk, do I? In roughly 24 hours this region will be nearing, thence IN that zone. that So WATCH this one carefully Folks, there’s no telling what be a ‘comin now.

          Adios All…

          • Seeing as how cycle 24 was two years late in starting. And NASA had to downgrade their Sunspot predictions 6 times. I downgraded the risk of a CME moderatly.

            Not an impossibility, but several times less likely.

          • There was just an M4.5 flare less than half an hour ago.

        • sure wish I took Latin when I was in school. Id probably understand what your saying then. Even though your just one guy you sure can say your piece real elegant. Maybe Ill take notes and figure it out some day. See you when the sun goes down Mr R.

          • Thanks Cal,

            In truth, I don’t see you as being ‘no slouch’ in what of yours I read here…and yes, I read many! I tend to look for your post here with some frequency Brother. Keep up the ‘good work’; it DOES ‘take a village’ of us to keep us ALL informed, you know. It never will be the case that any single ONE can do it all…and in time to come – soon – I think we so very much NEED as many as we can get. Thus, ‘from each according to thier lights…that ALL may be recieved of the Blessings of the works of many.”

            Gotta go Brother, be back later…Adios! Andele’…VAMINOS Muchacho’s!!

        • Yeah, boy do we wish BI was here , nice to hear from you 😉 Mr.Rodgers .thanks again for your information .I mean you outstanding info

      61. To Female Reader – I agree that by now the Net is a cesspool of judgmentalists from the far-right & the far-left. Judgmentalism has, as well, penetrated to the top echelons of such conservative boards as survival-boards and so forth.

        Judgmentalism is the antithesis of Godliness, and its what lies at the root of all evil in the West today.

        Frankly, I know of a method (akin to the Beck protocol but more natural) which could probably relieve many Lyme, Ebola & autoimmune conditions.

        But due to the UN-Godly nature of humanity in all its judgmentalism, they would tar & feather me outta here, as they do everywhere. Because their mentalities are enslaved to the jargon shot out by the likes of the FDA, CDC & henchmen. So most of them are programmed not to discern truth even if it stares them in the face.

        Here’s one of the bumper stickers I put together, which sums up the aforesaid insanity in a nutshell:

      62. Okay so we have the changed story and disappearance of one African female said to be an inmate and positive for ebola in Virginia.

        Now we have the end story and reappearance of a bunch of Africans living in the US who were under armed guarded quarantine and they been set free. If you count back, to the last day they were w/ the Duncan ebola patient, it aint 21 days much less the 42 days. But theyre set free now. Oh, the girlfriend of the dead guy from Liberia is writing a book now. I say take her royalties and pay the hospital bill, the taxpayers, and anyone who got sick from Duncans lies.

        The AP story about the Duncan family:

        FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — As her boyfriend Thomas Eric Duncan lay dying of Ebola in a Dallas hospital bed, Louise Troh battled loneliness and fear that she too had contracted the disease while confined to a stranger’s home under armed guard.

        Troh’s confinement was ending Sunday night, along with several friends, family and others who had contact with Duncan after he first became infectious. Ebola has a 21-day incubation period, and the people who interacted with Duncan after he first arrived in Dallas from Liberia will be in the clear.

        It’s an important milestone in the nation’s efforts to contain the outbreak and a cause for celebration for Troh. After three long weeks, she will be able to have a clean bill of health, leave the house and be done with twice-daily temperature readings by government health care workers. She likened the period to being a prisoner.

        “I want to breathe, I want to really grieve, I want privacy with my family,” Troh told The Associated Press on Friday, lamenting that she was missing Duncan’s memorial service at his mother’s church in North Carolina because of the quarantine. Troh says she and Duncan planned to get married later in the week.

        Duncan arrived in Dallas from Liberia in late September and went to the hospital complaining of headache and stomach pain. He was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics to treat a misdiagnosed sinus infection. He returned two days later, was diagnosed with Ebola and died Oct. 8.

        The day Duncan tested positive for Ebola, Troh, her 13-year-old son, Duncan’s nephew and a family friend were ordered by a Dallas court to stay inside the apartment among Duncan’s used linens and any lingering virus. The unusual confinement order was imposed after the family failed to comply with a request not to leave the apartment, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said. The four were later taken to an undisclosed gated community.

        Jenkins and Troh’s pastor George Mason delivered the news of Duncan’s death to her during the confinement period.

        The other people who will have their quarantine period end at midnight include Youngor Jallah, Troh’s daughter, a nurse’s assistant who checked Duncan’s vital signs before calling for an ambulance.

        For nearly three weeks, Jallah has not left the cramped, second-story apartment she shares with her partner, Aaron Yah, their three children, ages 2, 4 and 6, and Yah’s 10-year-old son.

        Unlike Troh, Jallah is not prevented from leaving by an armed guard, but Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have come by daily to check everyone’s temperature.

        “I’m telling you, just to step outside will be so great. To hug my mom and grieve for Eric, not over the phone like we’ve been doing but in the flesh,” Jallah said.

        Mason said he is coordinating efforts with the city, county and philanthropic community to help Troh and the family recover. Because of the Ebola infection risk, crews stripped Troh’s apartment down to the carpeting, saving only a few personal documents, photographs and a Bible.

        “They were left with nothing. They are completely devastated by this, so there’s need to have their lives rebuilt,” Mason said.

        Troh plans to partially recover financially with a book written about her life, from growing up in Liberia, meeting Duncan in a refugee camp in Ivory Coast, Duncan’s years-long quest to come to America to be reunited with his girlfriend and their 19-year-old son, and his death in an isolation ward.

        “It will be a love story,” she said.

        Troh also issued a statement Sunday asking for privacy as she comes through the ordeal while thanking everyone who came to their side.

        At Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas on Sunday, associate pastor Mark Wingfield said the congregation was eager to welcome Troh back.

        “We look forward to welcoming Louise and her family members back to church after the quarantine is lifted and we want you to know that when that happens we will be glad to receive each one of them,” he said.

        • If Ebola is so utterly virulent, HOW DID THIS WOMAN LIVE, ALONG WITH HER KIDS?????

          No one seems to be asking or addressing this question.

          • I asked the same question and here’s the answer I received (which makes sense to me) in a nutshell from another thread: The viral load is much smaller during the early stages of infection than it is in the later stages of obola.

            So while he was living in the apartment with all those folks he wasn’t as contagious as he was when he was at the hospital. That’s how come the family and Sheriff Deputy Monning didn’t contract it, yet the nurses with the personal protective gear and (poor) protocols still contracted the Obola disease.

            That answer helped me. Hope it helps you.

            • I liken it to QE4.

        • Oh the poor poor family. I feel so bad for the family of a man who compromised the safety of an entire fucking country.

          What liberal scum allowed them to stay in their “gated community”?

          No pity for this family. Shame they did not contract it and die too.

          Let the lawsuits begin, so us racist white middle class males can foot the bill, again.

          Work harder, millions on welfare depend on YOU!

          • The millions on federal welfare can stuff it,,,
            (ie alphabet soup agencies and the walking dead)

      63. Why on earth did they leave the carpets? I’m no scientist but I’m really not understanding this from a sanitation perspective.

        Have they tested the family’s blood to see if they are amongst the lucky ones with genetic immunity? If so shouldn’t they let that message of hope reach the public?

        Or did the family knowingly use the primitive but effective means of avoiding contagion (trash bags, washing hands with chlorox) that protects some of the population in the African “Hot zone” itself. If so should this knowledge not be transmitted nationwide to medical staff and their auxiliaries without delay.

        I’ve smelt a rat ever since this thing began, back with the measles vaccination programme coinciding with ground zero for this outbreak. More questions are coming than answers with every press release we get in the West. Someone, somewhere is up to a very dangerous multi-layered game.

      64. If anyone is thinking about buying protective clothing, masks, gloves, etc. … do it SOON before they are unavailable.

        Warning: A Massive Government Solicitation Could Cause a Shortage of Protective Clothing, Gloves, Masks
        -The Organic Prepper

        We can assume the massive order for all the protective clothing and supplies must be ONLY for “special” government staff/agencies.

        American military men and women (including active duty, reserves and national guard) being sent to West Africa are NOT being given full protective clothing.

        Obama’s latest executive order is sending the National Guard & Army Reserves to AFRICA to Fight Ebola

        “Troops from the 101st Airborne Division are being sent to West Africa – but WON’T be getting be getting full protective Hazmat suits.

        They have been told they “will ONLY need gloves and masks to protect themselves” as they “will primarily be building hospitals” and housed in “tent cities.”
        -Gateway Pundit

      65. Thomas Eric Duncan and all Illegal Aliens are Selfish Son of a Bitches

        The problem that many will object to what I have to say. Sadly, this includes the selfish friends and family of the now deceased non-American, Thomas Eric Duncan who recently illegally came to America knowing he was heavily exposed to the Ebola virus. The following offensive comments will also offend Central Americans who are bringing the Enterovirus D68 across the border which has reached epidemic proportions and killed adults and children in addition to paralyzing children much like polio did decades ago.

        All of you illegal aliens, children and adult alike, who cross our borders after leaving the shit hole nations you call your “home” and bring disease and distress to our nation are selfish Godless bastards who deserve nothing but derision and internment camp from the American people. Your desire for a ‘cure’ is instead a potential death sentence to innocent airport workers, taxi drivers, and civilians who are innocent bystanders so YOU can get cured at American taxpayer expense even if there is no cure for your ailment. These individuals deserve no sympathy, no sorrow but derision as they are selfish, desperate, evil souls and they should be held in contempt for their evil ways.

        The lying assholes in the United States government who are all over television the past month proclaiming that we can’t impose a travel quarantine on the Ebola infected nations of West Africa because we “need to be able to track them when they get here” are lying through their damned teeth. They can not even track one seven year old Honduran child who might be carrying the D68 virus much less an African with Ebola.


        • THEY cant even capture a PA survivalist young’un whos eluded the cops for a month or so now.

          • That kid looks like a dipshit but obviously he has his shit together.

            I don’t condone killing some random cop with a sniper shot, seems pretty cowardly, but who knows, maybe he bullied the guy in grade school.

            That’s the Modus Operandi of most cops. Harass and intimidate, unless of course the cameras are rolling, then they will gladly help your kitty cat out of the tree.

            Vitriol is the order of the day folks. Let the venom fly.

            • perhaps the cop threatened him with death? They can and do kill all the time with impunity. Pull you overn shoot you and say you were going for what they thought was a gun… or plant one in your dead hand….. then shoot your dog.

        • wheres the 50 thumbs up button,,,,

      66. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

        ― Edward R. Murrow

      67. Here’s another way that you would get some advanced warning of the seriousness of contagion.

        With a very serious contagion, then administrators know that Just-In-Time inventory controls won’t work. They whole point is to minimize how much capital is invested in supplies and only order them at the last minute BUT that is contingent upon shipping (rail, barge, and trucking) to get them from point A to B in the fastest possible practical time.

        Which means if there is an increase of demand, then there is an increase of shipping to anticipate demand and fulfill those orders.

        So anyone who works in receiving departments and anyone who operates on barges, in the railroads, trucking especially independents ones, they will see a massive increase in these areas. You’d see many more independents being used for fulfillment because of that higher demand, right? The trucking companies can’t hire more than a certain amount and if demand outstrips how many drivers they have, then they turn to the independently owned rigs.

        Prior to the Great Drought, the barges moved a huge portion of supplies, but as river levels fell, then the payloads of these barges couldn’t be as large because it would end up dragging. That meant an increase in railroads and investment in those areas. No idea how all of that fell out, but regardless materials must move in some manner to get it there.

        Every single thing in your preps, the government (federal, state, and local) has to also ship as preps. Track those things and you’d know if they’re worried and getting ready.

        Regarding alternatives to canning, the old school way was dehydrating produce. That results in far more stored in a smaller area. If the SHTF, we will run out of jars and lids and seals, so we’ll dehydrate in the old low tech ways using air convection, and so be able to put up for Winter and until such time as we can harvest from the garden.

        Look up permaculture and solar dehydrators. It has nothing to do with purchasing expensive solar equipment but is a low tech way of constructing a wooden cabinet structure outside where produce is dried upon screen material and channels warm air over to wick away the moisture.

        You’ll have to make your own vinegar and make your own pectin. Look up how to do these things. Many preppers have discussed that.

        • A Man Named Anon,

          I agree.

          Vinegar increases killing power of bleach
          (from the American Society for Microbiology)
          Miner recommends first diluting one cup of household bleach (NB: made as outlined above by Michael) in one gallon of water and then adding one cup of white vinegar.
          MicroChem Lab can be found online at:
          www dot microchemlab dot com

          There are directions to make your own vinegar on the internet.

          Making Vinegar From Scratch
          -Off the Grid News

          35 Uses for Vinegar
          “Whether you are storing up supplies for hard times or just want to save a little grocery money on cleaning supplies, one thing you should never be without is vinegar.

          People have been using it for ages – and not just for cooking or preserving foods. Vinegar’s versatility is virtually unmatched when it comes to having multiple uses.”
          -Survival Life
          (Survival Life also has instructions how to make your own vinegar.)

          Links are below.

            • The first link has a reference to a book on how to make vinegar from honey and links to Squidoo. That link is no good. You can find the book referred to at:

              ht tps://archive.org/details/productionofvine00bancrich

              The booklet is called “The Production of Vinegar from Honey” by Rev. Gerard W. Bancks, M.A. (1905). It is a small 24-page PDF file.

              • Archivist,

                Thank you for the link to the booklet!

                I saved it on my computer.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

                • I’d advise people to use extreme caution mixing bleach and vinegar. I think you’ll find upon searching for that, that yes it does increase the germicidal qualities BUT at a HUGE RISK of accidental chlorine gas release.

                  It’s not worth doing. Regular diluted bleach is adequate to kill Ebola. It will be the way you treat fomites.

                  Regular vinegar and water will be a common cleanser post-collapse. It will be one the main ones.

                  The difficulty in cleaning up in a contagion ridden area is the patients are continuously producing aerosolized virons and these that expelled can be deposited as fomites. There also is a copious amount of fluid loss through blood and fecal matter. That’s why sanitation is extremely difficult. All of that contaminated material deposited on bedding, clothing, towels, etc piles up and ordinarily these items are washed and even autoclaved to remove germs.

                  Please DON’T mix bleach and vinegar. There are numerous chemistry websites that will tell you not to do that. It’s too risky.

                  If one didn’t have bleach, soap, or vinegar, it’s possible you could make a weak solution from hardwood ashes as they produces sodium hydroxide (lye) and that caustic if very diluted might work, but that’s dangerous because caustics are more dangerous than acids.

                  Why? Caustics feels slippery like soap (naturally for lye is a component of making soap from fat). It burns and penetrates the skin and it takes time for your nerves to sense it. That slippery feel makes it difficult to wash off too.

                  But if you didn’t have anything else, no bleach, no vinegar, ran out of soap, then a very very very weak solution might be what you sanitize with.

                  Old mountain men might run out of soap in Winter and couldn’t get to the trading post to resupply. They’d take some fine sand from the stream, buff off their skin with it, then take a pinch of hardwood ashes in some water, and then clean with that. Then rinse…rinse…rinse to remove that weak lye solution.

                  Am alternative is heating up pine needles in a metal container, and as the steam forms, small amounts of pine oil distills off, and that is a natural germicidal that can be utilized for cleaning.

                  • A Man named Anon,

                    Thank you for the information!

                    After reading your post, I have decided NOT to mix bleach and vinegar.

                    Take care!
                    KY Mom

      68. According to government documents: Illegal children are GUARANTEED second helpings at meals…

        “Want to bid for a contract to care for the illegal immigrant children coming across the border? Make sure your staff members get Hepatitis vaccines and regular TB tests and can speak foreign languages — probably Spanish but maybe Mandarin, suggesting a surprising number of the children are coming from China.

        The federal government guarantees the children three meals a day, and they must take account of health, religious observance or vegetarian diets. THE ILLEGAL CHILDREN ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO SECOND HELPINGS, according to contract documents issued last month seeking a transportation company to ferry the children within Texas.”

        -Washington Times

      69. “Before you dismiss this as just another over-sensationalized attempt at fear mongering, understand this: Ebola has a 70% mortality rate and there is no cure.”

        Tess, everything you write is always good, and the concern is extremely valid. Preparedness is critical, and EVERYONE should be doing it. The question is, WHEN and to what extent does one go into self imposed isolation. More importantly, the critical issues are for those of us that are not independently wealthy or cannot work at home, or have elderly parents/handicapped siblings we need to take care of (I have two gov’t worker semi-retired lazy siblings who left it for me to do. Go figure). I think there is a balance here, and most of us are currently *monitoring* the situation. Even if I lived in Dallas, I would be going to work at the present time. Yes, Ebola is 70% fatal (probably will be less here, where there is better nutrition, sanitation, etc.); however, abject poverty – which will lead to DEATH and other bad things – is 100% certain if I don’t work. So, for us regular folks, we have to monitor the situation, and decide if and when to bug in/out. Will probably be different for everyone, relative to their location and personal situation.

        Similarly, other threats take the same analysis. Will Yellowstone blow? What if Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma goes, and that massive tsunami (300 feet by some estimates) hits the east coast? Do you sell your FL. property, or move from WY, or do you research and monitor the situation to the best of ability, with bug out/in/backup plans if things go south? Clearly, I think that is what most of us have to do. E.g. if I lived on the east coast already, on the water, I might not be able to move for a low probability event, due to financial constraints. So, I would MONITOR and have backup plans, if, say, the volcano in the Canaries caused that Atlantic tsunami. I think that is true for just about all the issues found on this site (e.g, New Madrid fault, El Hierro/Las Palmas volcano the Atlantic, the Cascadia subduction zone, etc.) Note that I don’t imply “monitoring’ would help in, say, New Madrid fault going off. In that case, probably monitoring won’t help, as it would be sudden. That is where BACKKUP plans come into play.

        In sum, that is why we are here, Tess. We don’t want to take either extreme, ignorance, nor getting into doom porn. Rather, just to be informed and take reasonable precautions (and many of these precautions can work for a wide range of disasters, from blizzard to pandemic to EMP and more). For me, right now, I am assiduously monitoring, but am not in lockdown mode yet. On the other hand, low cost preps, such as latex gloves $8 for 50 at CVS the other day), or bleach for $2 are a no brainer, and people who refuse to do this, for a low probability but high cost issue are just ignorant. But, look at all the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters out there, and you will see a LOT of ignorant people.

      70. I’m not big on vaccinations because I’ve seen too much evidence that things like thimerosal might be linked to Autism. They also intentionally add adjuvants to them to get a boost in immune response.

        That said, there is one thing I would recommend if you’re due, and that’s a tetanus booster. Tenaus is caused by Clostridium tetani, a bacterium that is common, and can be cast in the wind due to soil particles. All of us will be gardening far more, as well as working outside with tools and can easily break the skin and become exposed through skin punctures.

        Which means that now rare condition could result in painful muscular contractions and a simple booster would avoid that issue. At some point that will run out, and we’ll have to deal with it by other means.

        If you live West of the Mississippi River, and in an arid region, there is an endemic disease called coccidioidomycosis or Valley Fever. When there is sustained drought, then the humus dries up in the soil, winds blow over much of the Great Plains, and this broadcasts the soil and this illness.

        During the Great Dust Bowl, there were huge numbers of these cases which looked like pneumonia. The winds carried the pathogen along with the dust storms even to Washington DC. So you could see that disease inch across the nation if the Great Drought persists. Honestly between the massive radiation hitting the West Coast due to Fukushima as well as the Great Drought lasting for the last three years, there is no way I’d be West of the Mississippi anyway. You can’t garden without water.

        Because face masks will be limited, the old school way to protect children was to make a cloth mouth barrier to keep the dust out of their respiratory tract. That’s very substandard but may help with the worst of the particles.

        Not only that, but silicosis can also result as tiny particles of silicon enter the lungs and damage the alveoli and reduce total lung volume. Those with preexisting asthma conditions or current respiratory disease will see a far more exacerbating condition if they get silicosis or coccidioidomycosis on top of this.

        Please watch some Depression era documentaries on coccidioidomycosis on youtube to see how bad it got for kids living in those arid regions.

        Because of the flood of illegals from Central America and Mexico, we can easily expect to see a massive increase in tuberculosis too. Sorry SW America, you’re in for a host of diseases due to weather conditions and the illegals.

        What’s in your favor it low population density and so if you’re around areas that haven’t been affected by the drought, then you’re in a much better position that those in arid regions.

        California has a huge amount of American citizens, and they will bug out at some point as their situation is dire with many cities running out of potable water. That means anyone West of the Mississippi River will get hammer by them, but like all diffusion, the further away you are, the less likely it is that they beat a path to your door i.e. Montana.

        Montana can get terrible winters, and so you’ve got to put up as much firewood as you can do, I mean all the freaking time so it seasons in time. I hope if you’ve got a bug out location there that it’s earth sheltered to reduce your need for heating. It might be far easier to live in a root cellar like building with a woodstove than an above ground one, right? What’s easier? To heat up 55 degrees F with a woodstove, or to heat up a building that’s 30 degrees F or lower?

        Sheep can live far easier in a cold climate like Montana than cows. You’re going to have to raise all your hay, then harvest it while it has nutritional value, then put it up somewhere safe so it doesn’t get wet or eaten by rodents, in order to feed those sheep.

          • Tuberculosis is an insidious disease. The pathogen inculcates in the lobes of the lung and forms something called a causeous granuloma (cheese-like). The lung attempts to heal, and it forms scar tissue over that. Then when immunocompromised, the TB can then reemerge.

            Ordinarily in the USA, we see this happen when an elderly patient had TB when they were much younger, they recovered, they had a TB test, it was missed or they had a false negative or it was so long ago that no one worries about it. Then at some point they get sick, maybe from other things toward the end of their life, and the TB emerges.

            It’s highly contagious and can end up exposing everyone in that wing of the ward.

            Now there are drugs to treat TB, but there are special medical facilities to isolate patients with it.

            The bad thing is MDR-TB or multidrug resistant tuberculosis. It’s extremely tenacious and requires special medicines and trained physicians who specialize in it. It used to be called XDR-TB.

            If we get either or both from Central America or Mexico, and we know they have been resettling these illegals everywhere, then we could expect more and more cases of this to happen.

            If you’re an American history fan, then you know that when immigrants used to come in at Ellis Island, it wasn’t unusual for some to be quarantined (you do this for suspected cases) or some were isolated (they knew they had some contagion).

            Today we let just anyone walk across the border, and trust me, it’s not just the standard Hispanics fleeing from their countries, but it could be anyone from any country, and so we could see some rather unusual medical cases.

            Re the Valley Fever. That is not contagious, but a result of aspiration of the soil particles containing a mix of bacteria, virus, and fungus, and so once caught they can’t spread it. But if this historic drought persists, and spreads in area, then we could expect to see it in the SouthWest in places where it’s not common, we could expect those leaving the area as refugees to have it and they might settle anywhere. So if you’re in medicine be on the look out for that as it might explain some odd respiratory symptoms.

            Because XDR-TB can seem healed and then return, then that’s a troubling medical issue we might easily see in these illegals.

            Due to problems with cleanliness, we could certainly see problems with lice and parasites and impetigo and pink eye and they’re mainstreaming these kids of illegals and there will be medical consequences.

      71. Ebola is different than other diseases. It attacks and kills people that are otherwise healthy. It is imported into the USA on purpose by the government. The government says we are a nation of immigrants. I am not an immigrant. I was born here. The government distorts the word in order to deny your right to call this country your own. Thus, if it’s not your country, you don’t have any rights as an American. And the whole world is an American in the governments eyes. Citizens of the world. Just like Marx said. Oops, we’re not supposed to know that. The government is your enemy.

      72. Nigeria was declared free from the outbreak. I’m really starting to think this Ebola thing is overblown,sensationalised, nonsense

      73. Obola has a 70 % mortality rate,life has a 100% mortality rate,really have had that lesson shoved into my face many times this year.I agree we should to best of ability prep and keep our eyes and ears wide open,that said,let us also enjoy life and those around us,this is just one of many reasons we try to prepare,things will need to get much worse before I crawl and hide in a hole,will do it though if appropriate.

      74. Looks like prepping has made the transition into mainstream … I am now seeing various articles on prepping in my area here in NJ.

        • America was founded by preppers.

          All the pioneers were preppers.

          Its in our DNA.

        • Mike the Gardener

          First I would like to express my condolences for you living in NJ (unless your in NW a short swim from Pa).

          The above being said when prepping takes hold in NJ with the “Government Will Take Care Of Me” , “There ought to be a law against that” attitude you know bad times are close.

          I was born there and fled a couple of decades ago when Jim Florio took office. I never looked back and will put on my tombstone, “Better here than NJ”. One thing. You do have great diners.

        • I would be thrilled, if the Govt would just leave me alone in any crisis.

      75. Great Article.

        3 items to add:

        1. US Army bases ran short of hospital space during the Influenza epidemic of 1918, which killed more people than WW1. Of necessity, they kept sick troops in the small Army tents.

        The beneficial effects of isolation from the hot zones in the hospital, and the sunshine, which is a natural disinfectant, were noted and should be considered if you have to set up a quarantine zone at home. See The Great Influenza by John Barry. Influenza is a good model to study as it, like ebola, uses your own immune system to kill you

        2. Plan now on how you would avoid mandatory evacuation to a Fema Camp. The Fema Camps will be a death sentence if ebola goes red. Evac with sick family members will be very, very, hard. It will require preplanning and prepositioning assets, but it can be done. Think about how you could isolate sick members in a pickup truck bed.No one gets left behind.

        3. The CDC used to be the worlds best, now under Obama political correctness, its just the Center for Disinformation Control.

        Your only reliable intel may just be to observe, at a distance with binoculars, hospitals abandoned and mandatory Fema camp relocation. Scout observation points now, and consider remote concealed video monitoring.

        Watch for police refusing to arrest and transport ebola perps. Ambulance drivers are good intel sources.

        Watch what the Government does, not what they say.

      76. With contagion in a collapse scenario, three place especially concern me.

        1) Penitentiaries
        The high concentration of undesirable elements, drug abusers, and people with known STDs, all huddled under known higher than allowed census means the possibility of massive infections.

        If the SHTF, then they would have to call in more guards to sequester and they could in turn be infected. There’s a practical but cruel solution versus feeding them and dealing with that. I expect for that to happen because the chance of them getting out would create major issues for law enforcement and the military.

        It would be wisdom to look at a map and see how far away the nearest penitentiary is from your location or eventual bugout location.

        2) Universities
        There are many foreign students in American universities. Some universities have enacted new medical programs in order to protect themselves. While some are commuter colleges, others are not and so in the event of an emergency, even if some could leave, they’d be too far away from home, or unable to get back to their respective countries.

        As such they could become reservoirs of contagion and not necessarily the contagion that is currently feared.

        They lack a large supply of food, might have some water tanks, but that all will be quickly used up, and then what happens?

        Since they’re mostly not armed, they could be prey for sociopaths, right?

        3) Military facilities and academies
        Again, the same issues of dense populations within an enclosed place. In the Great Pandemic Flu, this area became a major source of illness.

        Hamper these folks and you have limited means of repelling invaders. Even though we all are worried about martial law, in a contagion these folks could end up being among the first to get infected too.

      77. Yellow journalism. This is pure simple yellow journalism. The story here is how awful our government is handling this blip, not Ebola itself. I’m not going to die of Ebola and neither are you. While you sit there 50 pounds overweight cramming Coca Cola’s and Little Debbie’s into your fear-mongering mouth screaming “Holy shit EBOLA!!!” Fortunately, you provide your own comic relief.

        You are far more likely to die of slipping and falling in the shower than you are of Ebola!! Yet, this morning I took a shower despite it being a clear risk to my health!!! How bold of me huh??

      78. We’re not preppers and homesteaders because we are afraid. We have a healthy fear, a respect for what might happen, and so we stock up supplies and learn practical skills. Then we also do it because we want to be stewards of the Earth, whether from a philosophical or from a spiritual standpoint.

        A lot of people perpetually say, “No worries. Quit fearmongering.” I find that to be a cavalier attitude. If we need not fear, then why bother prepping at all? Just go to the grocery store like all of the dutiful sheep and do what you’re told like the government tells you.

        The opposite is true for American history. Not only were we an agrarian people with large pantries for the bulk of American history, but we were so for nearly 12,000 years based upon the archaeological record.

        The American government used to based upon rugged individualism, the Bill of Rights, Christianity (though often Deism), and not focused upon government programs to serve as stopgap measures when a disaster of some sort happened to imperil the citizenry.

        FDR ruined that idea with a host of one government program after another to take care of the citizens…and look at the mess we are in today where what once every ancestor did with full pantries and gardens became a subculture by a handful and corporate farms.

        If you’re not looking at America with some healthy sense of fear and the nearness we are to the precipice due to all manner of problems, then you’d have to be as ignorant and as perpetually distracted as someone texting as they walk off a pier or drive off a bridge.

        Being afraid is nonsense, and I’m not preaching being perpetually afraid. God gave us a innate sympathetic nervous response to flinch, to pump blood to the muscles to dilate the eyes to see in low light, open up the bronchial pathways to get more oxygen, and this is the fight or flight response.

        If we’re afraid all of the time, then that stresses out the body, dampens the ability to perform to that danger, and is ineffective.

        Anyone can wave their hand and say, “BS…you’re fear mongering….” Why not spend that time making a valuable comment with a tip on preparedness, or at least make a sound comment with critical thinking explaining your criticism, rather than an impotent, useless comment that helps no one.

        OK, EMP is fearmongering then. A Wall Street crash is fearmongering. Gun confiscation is fearmongering…theyre doing it to save us. Talking about FEMA camps is fearmongering…they’re erecting them to save us. Complaining about fluroide in the water is fearmongering even though there is no sound medical evidence that it helps. The whole site is about fearmongering then, right???

        Now that’s real excrement. Our Founding Fathers would be freaking out by the things we see on a daily basis with things like Executive Orders which are CLEARLY unconstitutional as they allow the Executive branch to in effect make legislation.

        The whole process of waking up is coming to the realization that America is in a terrible situation now, and over 60% of the country is aware of it…but then I guess I’m fearmongering!


      79. I am not going all “infowars” but…with the hysteria and reports of hundreds of ebola dead in the streets, dogs eating corpses and overflowing crematories …where are the pictures? Cant find any current photo proof from any ebola country. Why ? Anyone have theories about this?

      80. KY Mom, body-suits & bleach are primitive compared to:
        inframud–> on google-Images.

      81. If any of you knows someone paralyzed by some sort of virus, and if said acquaintance is in a position to set up “inframud” (see google images), you should seriously advise them to do so. You can be skeptics from here to doomsday – but inframud is for real. What makes me laugh, is that most people refuse to understand the ineptitude of the unhealthcare system. Instead, the masses are programmed to consider the concept of inframud as “primitive” whereas its unhealthcare which is truly primitive. At least some doctors in the early 20th century were genuine. They used to advise series of salt/mud baths. It’s today’s pack of vultures who are the phony ones.

        • Nothing there in either web or images

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