When Seconds Count: 5 Items for Quick-Action Response

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.

    Picture This:

    1. You just hit a deer on the road about halfway between work and home on your 30-mile one-way commute. As you tried to avoid him, you swerved and hit a patch of ice and went off of an embankment.  Ramming a tree, you went unconscious.  You came to only to find a large laceration about 4” long running across your forehead
    1. You are just about to leave work when suddenly the entire building shakes. You’re up on the fifth floor, and a ceiling joist gives way, and half of the 6th floor of your workplace is now also on the fifth floor.  Even worse: you’re pinned under a beam and a big piece of jagged wood has gone right into your thigh.
    1. You’re in a very packed and congested shopping mall and suddenly, two guys with masks turn the corner with AK-47’s yelling in Arabic, firing their weapons in all directions. One of the bullets ricochets and hit you in the calf.

    ReadyNutrition Readers, hopefully, you are never in one of the examples…and really hopefullynot the same guy or gal in all three of them (that would really be bad luck, wouldn’t it?).  The point is that weird things, such as auto accidents, earthquakes, or terrorist Jihadists assaulting Chic-fil-A happen virtually all the time, now.  You may be just the innocent bystander or unwilling participant mentioned in one of these tragedies.  We hope that isn’t the case.

    But if it is?  You had better be as ready as you can.  Let’s talk about some things that could give you a winning edge that you may be able to tote around on your person, either in your pockets or in a small bag.  We’re going to address some common problems that these unlucky individuals are facing in each of these scenarios.

    Bad wounds – laceration, impaled wood, and a bullet.  All are serious, and each of them will require immediate medical attention.  The problem is you may not have the time to wait until trained personnel reach you, and (in the case of a SHTF event) they may never reach you.  But maybe you have these, for starters:

    1. Outdoor Wound Care Kit: with Celox, made by Total Resources, Int’l, accessible via totalresourcesintl.com.  The Celox clots the blood within 60 seconds.  The whole kit is about $8.00 at Wal-Mart.  Great for bullet wounds and lacerations…. think “Stop Gap,” and stop that bleeding, while you’re sealing up the gaps.
    2. The Army Field Dressing: Seriously, this one is a good one that you really need to pick up.  It’s listed as Dressing, First Aid, Field, Camouflaged, 4” x 6 ¼ to 7 ¼ inches NSN 6510-00-159-4883.  It has its own “tails” to tie it off and bind up that wound.
    3.  Fish Mox Forte: Fish Amoxicillin, comes in 500 mg capsules of 100 per bottle at about $40 per bottle. Good to throw a course of antibiotics on immediately when faced with a dirty wound.
    4. Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak: This electrolyte made by Trace Minerals Research is a type of ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) that you mix with about 6 ounces of water. Provides all of your electrolytes, such as Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium.  If you’re conscious, you can drink fluids with any of the above examples, and if so, these packets will give you a super-helping of electrolytes, as well as other essential minerals you need.
    5. St. John’s Wort: available at Wal-Mart under Spring Valley Brand, 300 mg capsules with 150 capsules per bottle, at about $8.00 apiece. St. John’s Wort is great for dealing with depression and stress.  It is also a powerful antibiotic that is effective against bacteria and viruses.  Take some according to the directions on the package.

    To summarize, these are a few things you can tote around with you in a jacket or cargo pocket that will give you an immediate edge when a situation arises that calls for you to work on it immediately.  Spread it out and make kits as such for your family.  Remember: when something happens to them and you’re working on the problem, use their stuff…your stuff is for you, and if you “go down,” they can go to it and treat your problem…with your supplies.  Stay ready and rock steady!

    Prepared For Anything: How You Should Build a 72-Hour Survival Vehicle Kit

    A little bit of that prep beforehand goes a long way.  Familiarize yourself with it and all of the capabilities at your disposal.  A pile of supplies that you don’t know how to use is just a pile of supplies.  Keep fighting that good fight, drink coffee, make pemmican with my recipe, and have a good one!  JJ out!


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      1. Israeli combat dressing.
        Everyone here should learn to use these.
        Should carry on your person.


        • according to the article, being pinned under a beam on the 5th floor of a structurally unstable building can be resolved with a bandage, celox, 2 pills and a vitamin.

          Must be one hell of a vitamin.

          • And one of the pills, St John’s Wort, is useless in that form. Once the plant has been dried it loses almost all of its medicinal value. Get a tincture of the fresh plant instead. Better yet, make it yourself.

      2. * Israeli combat dressing.
        * Tourniquets. – x 2
        Everyone here, should Learn to use these properly..
        Should carry on your person. 4 minutes and you can bleed out. Dry. You MUST know how to stop a bleed.
        * Carry a combo glass breaker/seatbelt cutter.
        Temepered auto glass is very difficult to break in an emergency.
        * 2 Clean bandannas.
        * OC Pepper Spray. (Some morons today want to fight over anything, Even totally at random. OC spray them and leave. If they still want trouble. You are starting out w/advantage. POM brand seems to work. Pain usually makes assailant think twice.)

        These items will Save your life. Easy. Cheap items.

        If you have pockets available, ladies w/handbag, daypack: Add duct tape, Medical tape, chest seal x2.

        Stay away from Amazon for med items. Go with a quality vendor.

        – – – – – – – – – – LIBERTY OR LEAVE.



      5. Funny,
        I came across a #1 deer problem, except I did not swerve. I was driving on ice so you can’t do violent changes in direction.
        I did not hit the deer. Missed it by inches.
        Guy behind me did swerve and ended up off the road. I stopped at the best place to turn around, but saw several people had already stopped to help him out.
        So I went on to work.
        My lesson is; I’ve known of and experienced several animal/ vehicle incidents. DON”T swerve, just hit it.
        One of my co-workers hit a cow with a company Toyota sedan when he was doing 60+ MPH at night on a country road. He never found the cow. State law here says Cow owner is responsible for loose animals. The company sold him the car at salvage cost, he fixed and drove that car for many years as he considered it to be a good luck charm.

      6. WHAT?, None of these situations are out of hand issues. For the Deer you need a working cell phone. You aren’t going to walk miles, open your trunk and get out your first aid kit. St Johns wort? Stamina Pack? What for? How much stamina do you need to get out of a mall. Pinned under A BEAM? YOU AREN’T GOING TO GO ANYWHERE. a box of sanitary pads and some topical antiseptic. Very unlikely you can treat yourself, keep a first aid kit in your desk. If you are being shot at throw the wort at the guy, pull your Browning and shoot him. Stupid

        • Deer? Ice? WTF are you driving so fast for? Slow down, pay attention. Better late that REALLY late.

          Did you not know that beam was there? Why were you there? Situational awareness.

          All good advice, however, you’ll be lucky to be able to put your hands on the stuff when you need it. Avoidance is best. Quick reaction time is good. Situational awareness helps too.

          As far as the guys with the AKs, you should have seen them coming in and already had your weapon drawn. End it all before the bullet gets to your calf.

          • Ahhh cmon guys. JJ is special forces. He knows what he’s talkin about.

          • “….you should have seen them coming in and already had your weapon drawn.”

            Occasionally I have to be in the Glorious People’s Republic of Massachusetts. I don’t want to even try to register to carry a firearm there — it would almost certainly be denied; an ordinary citizen will NOT get a permit in Mass.– and I would have called unwanted attention to myself…. I would very possibly end up on a (officially non-existent) list of people to be pulled over and checked for any pretext…. going 2 miles over the speed limit or whatever.

            And if you get caught carrying in Mass. without a permit, it’s an automatic 1 year in State prison. The judge has no discretion — the sentence is mandated by law. You quickly go from booking, to court, to prison, and you don’t come back for a year. Maybe your home and your possessions are still there, and maybe they have all vanished. Your job and your insurance coverage and your credit rating and your reputation and a dozen other important aspects of your life are ruined. You might spend decades trying to struggle back and still never be where you were before it happened.

            If you have to go to places like Mass., N.Y., California, etc. –for work, or to see family, or whatever– then your only choices are either to be helpless or to risk draconian punishment that could ruin your life.

            And David Hogg and millions more starry-eyed young activists just like him want to “make things safer” by spreading these conditions to every State in the country. It won’t actually be all that hard; just get a (D) candidate elected President, and get a majority in Congress…. and sooner or later, it will happen. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

            • Karl V.
              Not to be rude. But it is your fault. You allow tyrants to rule over you. Liberty or Leave. Sell out and leave the state. America is a BIG place. The world BIGGER still. There will always be a place that freedom loving people will go to.
              Texas used to be that place, Not so much now days. They have even been arresting and charging cops just for doing thier jobs. If a criminal thug has dark skin/brown skin they are allowed to run, flee, steal, threaten, have dope, whatever they want to do. Then the DA prosecutes for officer shooting Fleeing ARMED felons. It is nuts. Insane.

              Police being charged by DA for stopping fleeing illegal mexican in stolen truck that was using vehicle to flee and as a weapon.

              Dallas has a female from Detroit as Dallas Police chief. she runs dept like Detroit. HIGH CRIME. HIGH MURDER rates. Historical high murders/crimes. Wonder if she is on thugs payroll? Black/Brown criminal priviledge.
              Anyway. We’ve had enough of the crime allowed. Closing our business. Relocating. When criminals run amuck it is time to go. Liberty or Leave

              My old Pappy said, “Boy if you are someplace that you need to carry a gun. Then you are in the WRONG place . Don’t go there, Always Avoid trouble.” and. . . . “Nothing good happens past 10pm. Have your ass at the house.”
              My friends did not listen to that, My brothers did not listen. Most are dead now as result, or locked up.

              * Avoid Stupid Times.
              * Avoid Stupid people.
              * Avoid stupid places with stupid people.
              * Be home by 10pm.
              * Never do drugs.
              * Never drink booze in public. Drink at home if you drink.
              There. Now you can avoid Many of lifes problems, avoid getting locked up, avoid being dead. Thanks to old Pappy.

              Listen or not. It is your trial or funeral.

      7. comments censored

        Go to youtube and laugh:
        Angry Suspect Chasing And Beating Sheriff’s Deputy Is Caught On Camera | NBC News

      8. If I ever hit a deer I know what I will be having for dinner.

      9. comment censored

      10. why are comments censored??????????????

        • probably because you a repeatedly posting the same phrase from an anon login, or links to youtube without breaking up the link (ht_tp:\\w_w_w. works fine.)

          at the bottom of every page is this nifty disclaimer that reads…

          “Commenting Policy:

          Some comments on this web site are automatically moderated through our Spam protection systems. Please be patient if your comment isn’t immediately available. We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam.”


      11. not a one of the ‘solutions’ presented is adequate. You wake up with a laceration on your forehead…. (after how long, you still bleeding?) – assess, dress the wound with any cloth you may have and get moving to help. You’re pinned under a beam? Damn… you’re pinned. Until you can either get it off or get someone to get it off…. all the magic powders or medical patches won’t do you much good. Get your shirt off, wrap around your thigh @ the wood… get the beam off. Terrorists with AKs… move your ass. Keep moving until you can stop relatively safely and bind the wound. All 3 scenarios require you to get moving, dress the wound with what you have on you. Then, if it is possible, seek help.

      12. Any dried St John’s Wort is useless. Get a tincture of the fresh plant. The dried stuff has lost almost all medicinal value.

      Commenting Policy:

      Some comments on this web site are automatically moderated through our Spam protection systems. Please be patient if your comment isn’t immediately available. We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam.

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