When Is It OK To Tell The Truth In America?

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    When the Obama administration announced Osama Bin Laden had been killed they provided a detailed account of how the raid in Pakistan took place, complete with a narrative that included a daring infiltration by Navy Seals, a shootout in the compound, and the terrorist’s burial at sea.

    The incident was undoubtedly used as a political stepping stone for President Barack Obama, who had been suffering heavily in national polls. Thus, 300 million Americans and billions of citizens around the world were told a story that was, by all official accounts, the “truth.”

    Shortly thereafter reports began to surface about inaccuracies in the story, with even the Obama administration providing inconsistent accounts of what happened and how. But, due to the highly classified nature of the operation, the only available information disseminated to the public came directly from White House officials.

    President Obama’s administration was so desperate to look righteous and heroic in the eyes of the American public that they went so far as to support the production of a new movie detailing their version of the story. According to press inquiries, but denied by the White House Press Secretary, President Obama’s aides provided Hollywood producers unprecedented access to details and classified information regarding the killing of Bin Laden – no doubt slanted towards the White House’s version of events.

    But just this week Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette made news ahead of the release of his new book No Easy Day, a firsthand account of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Bissonnette, who originally published the book under a pseudonym to protect his identity, was outed by Reuters and other news agencies and has since been put on notice by the Pentagon for failing to have his book submitted for prepublication review, a process by which the Pentagon redacts or restricts the potential release of classified information by authors who work for the government.

    Bissonnette reportedly signed non-disclosure agreements with the military and now faces forfeiture of royalties from the book and the possibility of criminal prosecution under the espionage act:

    “I have a hard time believing that a book-length first-hand account of such a sensitive operation would not contain a single piece of classified information,” says Kel McClanahan, the executive director of National Security Counselors, a law firm that specializes in litigating secrecy cases. “[Just one] piece of classified information is what will cause the problems, even if it’s not in this particular section,” he said, reviewing last night’s disclosures.

    Attorney Mark Zaid, who has provided legal services on some 20 military-related books during the classification review process, says the case against Bissonnette is a “slam dunk.” “There’s a high, high likelihood that officials with the U.S. government would render a determination that there is classified information within the book,” he said.

    If any such disclosure were found, Bissonnette could be subject to prosecution under the Espionage Act. In addition, the Justice Department could claim all the proceeds from the book for Bissonnette’s failure to submit his manuscripts for approval, a condition he reportedly agreed to in a non-disclosure agreement.

    Here we have a Navy Seal with a firsthand account of how the raid went down who has shared his story. And the story doesn’t mesh with the official narrative put forth by the Obama administration.

    Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette is going to tell his version of events surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden, even if the Pentagon sues him for every last penny.

    “Mr. Owen sought legal advice about his responsibilities before agreeing to publish his book and scrupulously reviewed the work to ensure that it did not disclose any material that would breach his agreements or put his former comrades at risk,” wrote Robert D. Luskin, an attorney at D.C. lobbying behemoth Patton Boggs. “Mr. Owen is proud of his service and respectful of his obligations. But he has earned the right to tell his story.”

    Source: The Atlantic Wire

    The question now becomes one of ethical and moral character.

    Should Bissonnette have released this firsthand information even though he signed a non-disclosure agreement with the government?

    Is it not our duty as Americans to share the truth when a known a lie has been told to 300 million people, even if classified information may be released in the process?

    The issue is one of transparency and the answer to the above affects not just Mark Bissonnette, but the many other whistleblowers under fire by the Obama administration.

    U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, who released videos of Western Coalition forces firing on innocents civilians and hundreds of diplomatic cables that showed the shadowy under-the-table dealings of government officials, is now facing life in prison for similar classified disclosure.

    Julian Assange, who was passed this information by Manning and made it available to millions on the internet, is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom because western governments want to extradite him and try him for espionage and a host of other crimes.

    [Let’s Light ‘Em Up: Should this video have been made public?]

    Former CIA employee Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson, who leaked details about the falsity of weapons of mass destruction which were used as a pretext for invading Iraq, came under fire by the Bush administration for getting the truth out.

    Are Manning, Bissonnette, Plame, Wilson and countless others who expose political lies and financial fraud at the highest levels of government and business enemies of the United States or are they Patriots who, despite the personal attacks and potential for prosecution they knew would be lobbed at them, took it upon themselves to get the truth out?

    Transparency is something that all Americans want from their government, but the fact is that transparency is not as easy as each politician and government official taking it upon themselves to tell us the truth. It is often the case that those individuals involved in cover-ups and lies to the American public are acting in their own self interests out of self preservation, thus anything damaging is often hidden from the eyes of the people.

    To get to the truth requires investigation by the fourth estate, pressure from the American people and disclosure by insiders.

    Those insiders are often branded and prosecuted as traitors. In fact, President Obama, who stood on a platform of transparency during the 2008 campaign, has prosecuted more whistle-blowers to date than any previous administration.

    So, where can we draw the line? When does it become our duty as Americans to cross that line and let the truth out, even if it is supposed to be cloaked behind a veil of national security?

    When is it OK to tell the truth in America?


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      1. whistle blowers are our last best hope of finding out the truth
        and keeping “them” honest

        modern day heroes as far as I am concerned

        and lets not leave off the list

        Sibel Edmonds
        who tried to tell the truth about 9-11


        • The real question here is when is it ok to open your mouth period. This country has shredded the freedom of speech in so many different facades. It is now completely inappropriate to say anything that might be “offensive” to someone else. We are not talking about harassment here, we are talking about speaking your mind. How many people have come under fire because they exercised their right to free speech? It is not even about the truth, they try to censor people’s opinions by making them stand a mile away or by calling it a disturbance of the peace. The horrible condition of the country is truly showing when someone’s opinion lands you in detention or in some quacked up psych. facility for evaluation because you speak up about how awful the government is being run.

          If this telling of the truth had endangered someone’s life by letting some terrorist scum know others’ whereabouts, it is different. However if telling the truth makes someone look bad or less than good, and it is simply a way to shut them up, well.

          There is something else that EVERYONE in all walks of life MUST be aware of, be extremely careful what you sign. This goes with contracts, legal disclosures, wills, license applications, etc. The lawyer can be your best friend and your absolute worst enemy. Use discretion and watch out what can sting you later.

          • Be informed says:
            The real question here is when is it ok to open your mouth period?

            Answer: It is always a good time to open your mouth and tell the truth. The Truth (Jesus Christ) shall set you free.

            • It’s a satanic system.Until it’s gone,were in full body deep.

            • Obamanation – Jon McNaughton

              Jon McNaughton created this interactive painting with 60 symbols that detail the “Obamanation” of the Barack Obama Presidency
              View the painting and click on the interactive links embedded in the symbols within the painting.


            • And here’s what happens when you try to make changes the right way.


              Ron Paul Delegates who got banished from RNC.

            • Direct link to the interactive painting.

              Jon McNaughton created this interactive painting with 60 symbols that detail the “Obamanation” of the Barack Obama Presidency


          • I used to work around classified bits, long ago (as in, decades ago). Mine was of a mostly technical nature, but it also showed me a massive first-hand view of just how petty, craven, political, and fuckheaded certain officials and officers within the US government and military can get.

            It is amazing the amount of completely non-classified-yet-embarrassing stuff gets locked down under a “Top Secret:SAR” tag just to keep certain officers and bureaucrats from losing their damned jobs.

            The list of whistleblowers? It’s a mixed bag. Plame actually compromised names of agents, and most likely got a few killed because of her mouth. The only reason she and her old man said anything at all (her story is hotly disputed by folks who know better) is due to political axe-grinding, and nothing more. (IMHO, the whole WMD thing is only about 50% true. Iraq did still have chemical weapons in their possession. Remember 100,000 dead Sunni Muslims in Southern Iraq, gassed just after Desert Storm? That said, the intel was likely corrupted anyway, as Hussein demanded a bigger program, and was likely lied to by generals way too eager to avoid being executed for falling behind internal targets. By lying to Hussein, the agents and spies got lied to, and it just rolled downhill from there. Today, I suspect Syria got all the Chem warfare weaponry. OTOH, they fear to use any on their rebels, lest it attract way too much attention from nearby US/NATO troops.)

            Long story short? Well, there is no way to tell the true tale in a short space. Too damned complex, and *everybody* fucked up.

            Manning? If he had dumped it to Cryptome.org and had the dangerous (to human life) bits redacted, I’d have had a hell of a lot more respect for him (incidentally, Cryptome has been running for the past 10-12 years, and is a lot bolder than wikileaks pretends to be). Instead, Manning gave it all to wikileaks, a johnny-come-lately site run by an attention-whore with more luck than brains.

            Bissonette? I’m saying with certainty that he’s done nothing wrong by publishing his book – save for perhaps embarrassing a certain president and political party during election season. In all honesty, it wouldn’t take much to redact classified bits at his level of access, so it would be relatively easy for him to do so.

            So how does all this relate to us? Well, when the big one starts to hit, it quite frankly won’t mean shit. The truly, nasty, evil stuff? That’s locked up a hell of a lot tighter than would be accessed by a grunt, a low-level NCO/officer, or a politician that isn’t on the right committees or offices.

            IMHO, when it does come, I’m willing to bet my entire pile o’ preps that it’ll scare and shock the hell out of even the highest-levels of government. Only diff is, they’ll only have it figured out just before we do.

            • Not to be an apologist for Iraq, but back in the 1980’s, when Iraq was at war with Iran, largely at the behest of the Western nations, some guy named Don Rumsfeld went to Iraq, and gave teh Iraqis chemical weapons. He even had a photo op with Saddam, but hey, he “did’nt recall” that event. So, yeah, Iraq had chemicals, because the US gave them to the Iraqis.

              Build a straw boogy-man, let people forget, until it’s time, then knock em’ down…

            • Your historic recollection is jacked.

              First of all, Plame, as in Valerie Plame was a CIA bureacrat who was married to Joe Wilson. During Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger he determined that there was no evidence Hussein was trying to get nuke materials for a program. He, Wilson, wrote a story about this which enraged the Bush admin. Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff or the VP, being a traitor, out Valerie Plame as CIA.

              Next error on your part – Nobody, but nobody, claims Hussein gassed rebels after Gulf War One. The gassing he did was of Kurds and in Iranians in 1988. He was using chemical weapons that the US gave him or taught him how to build. Incidentally, Saddam was Sunnie himself. The rebels in the South after GW 1, were Shia.

              At least get those facts straight.

              I won’t even go into what a crock of crap the Iraq to Syria WMD connection is.

            • I’m sorry, Valerie Plame was an under-cover operative that THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION outed, to make her husband, Joe Wilson shut up about NOT finding yellow cake, as fake paperwork claimed.

              THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION could’ve gotten people killed, including Ms. Plame…instead, they just destroyed her career.

            • When are they giving the lie detector tests to White House staff to determine the source of leaks in the White House. You know, the leaks that got the Pakistani doctor tossed in the clink, etc. Oh, that’s right — never.

            • Mike W.,

              Get your facts straight, Valerie Plame was not a cooperative, she was a big mouthed, ego maniac idiot. Her husband was always against the war and is a liar. These two carpet baggers were creepy little wannabes. Everyone they knew they bragged to about her supposed covert credentials? Bush did the right thing and you have no real proof of anything that you say. It all depends on who you choose to believe. There are testimonials to all of this, from real people.

              Did you also buy into the bank collapse that was supposed to happen two days ago? Hope no one flipped out thinking it would really come to fruition because a couple of people on this site said it would. I believe I know the truth when I read it and I don’t believe in psychic predictions, sure things are bad and one could venture to say that something is possible and will most likely occur, but to state a specific day is careless and damaging.

              Like so many others, I now believe this site is more for entertainment and shock, rather than real value. Unfortunately there are many who visit this site and look for each and every prediction to take complete control over their lives. The panic and rash decisions that this site incurs in these people, directly impacts them to the point of almost criminal. The bully know it alls here, are leading the sheeple on this site. In my opinion, some of you bullies, are no better than the liars running this country, and you do it many times in the name of God.

              For those of you who do want to have hope, then I say vote for Romney, be prepared but do not let it be the only reason you get up in the morning, have faith that things could turn around for the better and never ever give up. Believe in yourself and pick and choose what you react to, just because something is written down, does not mean it is true. Do not allow anyone to manipulate you, your beliefs, or your values. Good luck and keep a light in the window because the truth will always show through when light is shed upon it.

            • *sigh*

              Start here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:70KYtdadNwkJ:www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-103sres167ats/pdf/BILLS-103sres167ats.pdf+&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjkC5bvub39sH-HeNUWKH8b13HrxE5WRbRcUUhJOULVRr0om6eohl_G20SMtlH5m5iGjvZrkYIqhYPvWnRtVeD-8dHwSgnUXcCfFd8PNWcl_mfREVpUrpwRdumLgSaOP8wqSBOg&sig=AHIEtbT0bjEKGGHaku_1H9NlaZS7y4cKcQ

              (long link, but it goes right to the 103rd Senate Resolution 167, in which it specifically mentions the campaign against the Marsh Arabs post-Desert Storm, and chemical weapons.

              2nd, while poking around for Plame bits, this came up:

              But yeah – she borked things up, big-time.

        • Whether or not there is anything in the book that reveals the truth, or a hidden fact, is irrelevant to Obama and the corp. It is all about trying to build more fear in the people to stop those who would tell the truth in the future, to make them afraid enough to think twice about sharing what they know.

          Everybody already knew the “official” story was crap anyway. Is it a big deal that a lone soldier puts out book that may say something different? No. There are thousands of books on the JFK assassination that shed doubt on the official story. How about 9/11?

          The official story is always a lie, always will be, and everybody knows it. This fiasco is just about keeping other Hero’s of the Truth quiet out of fear before they can speak.

          People, FEAR is the only weapon they have. They can not beat you with truth or common sense or Law, so they must scare you into silence and compliance. They are merely trying to make headlines with their strong arm tactics to spread the message of fear in the mainstream.

          They think we are cowards. I think they will eventually learn otherwise.

          • They will surely learn GC, we won’t give them a choice. Its already happening, even if real storys don’t make the news. They already know we will not give them a choice (at least I know I won’t), which is why the police state in the last ten years has grown exponentially. True Freedom is brewing daily, free range, organic, non GMO, stateless freedom, where they dont exist at all. That is the fear we play on them, and its definitely working.

          • GC?? If we all know bin laden died in 2001?? How is this seal getting away with telling a story of killing a man already dead?
            What’s his point?? Because I’m totally flustered to understand the motive.
            Did seals go into a mansion, kill a look-alike and that explains no DNA testing or pictures??

            • Oh, and I think all of us should buy as many of these books by the seal and spread them far and wide.
              Credibility for the bastard fraud my arse!!

            • jayjay, Apparently a seal team was told Bin Laden was there, believed it, and went in to kill what was actually one of his many doubles. The body was disposed of to destroy the evidence.

              Some, or all, of the seals realized the truth, so they were paid for their service by getting a free ride in an exploding helicopter.

              What amazes me is that ANYBODY is still willing to serve the same corp that made that happen. What amazes me even more is that most still believe they are acting with honor.

            • This book and it’s debate lends credibility to Obamas story that they killed Bin Laden.

          • What, no bad mouthing the military?

            • Cant do that Shirley. Bad mouthing the military is fopah since we are trained to support them in everything and anything they do. Haven’t you gotten your yellow ribbon?

              No military = no war. If “the people” truly did not want war then there would be nobody in the military. Department of Defense should be changed to Department Of Offense since they have not had to defend an invading army for a very long time. America and whatever international war syndicate you choose do the invading under the guise of “helping those poor people”.

            • Gravlore, Shirley is a die hard military apologist that doesn’t understand why anyone would desire peace when they could be part of such a great murder machine.

              The people don’t want war, and never have. It’s the banksters that want war, so they buy persons like Shirley to help them destroy peace in the world to achieve their criminal ends.

              They participate for pay, certainly not because they desire to protect the people of further peace. In other words, they sell out and despise everyone who doesn’t.

            • Banksters would not get their wars if the citizens didnt join to be a part of it. Oh ya, and have EVERYONE draft dodge. I would love it if every nation did the same and said, “screw you” to TPTB.

          • Kudos, God’s Creation, correct on every count.

          • Gods Creation,

            You put a lot of fear into the hearts of many when you predicted the bank collapse that did not occur, all in the name of God. Enough is enough and I’m not buy it anymore. Always a lie? How is it that you know everything yet when you are proven wrong you do not even acknowledge it or apologize for the false prophecies that you predict?

            Have you no conscience?

            • Chum, my intent was not to predict a bank collapse. Merely to inform that when a bank does collapse it will happen on a Friday, and why they ALAWAYS happen on Fridays out of necessity. If I worded that in a way that it could be mistaken by you as a “false prophecy”, I do apologize for that if anybody took it that way.

              In the future, you should know that I NEVER make predictions. Especially where the fraudulent money system is involved. While it is simple to predict the collapse of the Ponzi scheme because it is mathematically inevitable, I have no idea when it will happen and don’t really care because my money is protected by possessing it myself and only a very small part of it is in the toxic currency called FRNs.

              The money changers will always print enough to stall a collapse until they are prepared for it, and the people are less prepared for it or malinvested enough to maximize the profitability of the “collapse” for them.

              If I made any prediction by accident, it was that the bank, likely Morgan Stanley, would not collapse on any other day but a Friday. I could still be wrong about that, but I think probably not.

        • I believe that a person must stay true to their word for their own integrity as well as society as a whole. But having said that, there are some huge lies that effect society as a whole and should come to light. In the past a person could go to the independent press who would vet the facts and then run it. But and independent and nonpartisan press no longer exists. So each person must decide if society as a whole will benefit or not before breaking their oath and revealing the truth.

          • Global food prices jump 10% in month!

            “From June to July this year, corn and wheat prices each rose by 25% while soybean prices increased by 17%, the World Bank said. Only rice prices decreased – by 4%.

            In the United States, the most severe, widespread drought in half a century has wreaked havoc on the corn and soybean crops while in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, wheat crops have been badly damaged.

            The World Bank said that the use of corn to produce ethanol biofuel – which represents 40% of US corn production – was also a key factor in the sharp rise in the US maize price.”

            Yet our government likes to portray negatively those who save some food and stock their pantry.


        • This whole thing smells like a psyop to further validate that in false fact Tim Osman the CIA operative was killed that night. Only to extend that whole mantra is what this is for. Create a situation where the alleged man on the ground is at odds with the US Inc. CEO, while all the time the singular theme that they both agree and is further solidified among the masses, is that Timmy boy was actually murdered that night.

          No video, no photos, no body, only the word of Government employees. This guy that wrote the book could literally be anybody. Like I said, smells like a psyop to me. I ain’t buyin any of this bullshit.

          • JR, a wise non-purchase.

          • Joe

            100 per cent agreed

            another diversion to keep us off the obvious..


          • that is what I was saying above and got 17 negative votes.

            • I think people may have misunderstood you as supporting it as fact. You may want to extend your explanation a little in the future in order to avoid being misunderstood. Hell, even then some people still find a way to misconstrue your words. I really don’t know what else to say.

        • This could all be just a sham to perpetuate the lie that they killed Bin Laden. Still no proof of that

        • Don’t sign up for the club unless you can follow the rules…..

      2. Time will tell on this B S. We all need to take it to them, stand right up and look them in eye and says bring it on. Just flat show them that you are not affraid of them, that tears them up more than you think. Call their buff,don’t be intimated. We have to say enough is enough.

        • @ copperhead. Did a little calculations on which areas to look for the will put the most pressure from major plate boundaries on the New Madrid Fault. If the area directed between Cuba and Western Sahara (occupied by Morooco) starts seeing swarms of earthquake or a big one there the New Madrid would be undergoing increased stress. Also watch Papua New Guinea, if you get a really big one here it increases the chance of the New Madrid snapping by releasing some of the pinned up tension towards where the energy from the fault would be gravitating towards. Even though the North American plate is drifting westerly for the most part, this is not how the planet is shaped. These two points are junction points for the maximum amount of influnce. Other areas are also of course going to add stress like pressure suchas the equtorial zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge between the eastern most part of Brazil and The Ivory Coast country, but these two spots have the highest triggering potential.

          Have you seen or heard of anything else around the fault. I am sure that government doesn’t appreciate “its” citizens “spying” on them and their activities around the New Madrid Fault or other geological hot spots. Let’s all keep it up, give them some of their own medicine for all they spy on all of us.

          • BI: Did you get my post in last art. about USGS taking Core samples in the WABASH VALLEY SEISMIC ZONE. Only going down 600 ft. though.

            • @ copperhead. They know. It doesn’t take to go that deep to get the information that you need as the planet acts as an amplifier. Actually someone can make a decent seismograph with the proper equipment by driving the sensor into some solid rock like bedrock. The deeper you go the more sensitive it will be. They are likely looking for very micro tiny earth movements. They would not be spending their budget on something like this unless something was dire and expecting. One other zone to look for with the New Madrid fault is the CENTRAL part of the San Andreas fault that affects the New Madrid, if you see activity here this will affect the New Madrid. This is north from Palmdale to slightly north of Parkfield in california.

          • Be informed

            I am deeply interested in your accounts of the global earthquake activity and subsequent effects worldwide..

            Especially the New Madrid fault line after the feds ran numerous drills in the area last year..documented as fact btw.

            It is obvious they train and train and train again for all possible scenarios and then some..

            That is a given..as always.


            Here’s a scenario I heard over a local fm talk show that always stuck in my mind ever after.

            The talk show host was former military female in the guard..she stated point blank that her former retiring commanding officer told her that the feds were gearing up with all the ammo and mre purchases etc due to the imminent threat of a cme due to,the massive solar flares expected to peak within the next 12 months or so..

            and that this is the reason for all the recent activity for martial law..etc..

            if a cme hits our hemisphere..all bets are off

            no water no gas
            no fuel
            no banking
            no nothing

            a true shit hits the fan scenario..

            could this be correlated with the uptick of earthquakes?

            thank you


            • @ possee. You bet it is, really very good point to bring up. Anyone doubting this only has to look at the scale between the sun and the Earth and see just how tiny the planet is in comparison to the sun. Those ejecta masses are loaded with energy, and extremely small ones will light up the atmosphere in the far north. The magnetic field of the planet is affected by extreme activity, and the magnetic field of the planet affects the plates and the faults around the world. One has to realize that the planet is in orbit around the sun and is moving at a pretty good clip. Extreme CME’s actually very slightly affect the rotation of the planet around the sun and the spin itself. We are talking about a CME that is thousands of times the size of the planet. Getting into football season, a football kicked or thrown in perfectly calm air, no breeze is affected by the heat rising off the terf or even the cold during the winter. In space, these energy masses hit the planet also with decent amount of kinetic energy as many are moving quite rapidly.

              The complex system of the planet moving around the sun and the rotating itself, plus even the moon rotating around the planet has some affect on the plates. Additional energy added to a mass certainly will have some effect on it. The real equation here is actually going on inside the planet as the heat down there is the real driving force behind the plate drift. In an enclosed environment such as this, the eddies and currents of that heat is very difficult to determine. This is why the increase of volcanoes is a good sign that heat is coming closer to these plate boundaries. Plates do not drift all at the same speed and heat is what is driving these plates to move. Without this heat inside the planet, erosion would eventually wear down the continents and the planet would be covered with water, and even the gravity of the planet would be vastly affected.

              As you probably know 8-9 years ago, can’t remember the exact time, there was a X-40 flare and had it been Earth directed we all would have had a major EMP. Just 2 days earlier had it had. So these suckers hit more frequently than people realize and it is definitely not like what the government would have everyone believe. These events can hit so suddenly also, but someone that watches thunderstorms develop can see patterns in the formations of sun spots. Thunderstorms are nature’s way of balance and so are sun spots of the sun, and they follow patterns similar to each other.

              Space weather and other sites have the sun and the sunspots and careful study of a bad spot can give someone a head’s up of what is coming. I have found when you have a convergence (coming towards) of other disturbed areas towards the sunspot something is usually coming. Thunderstorms will act much like during the formations of tropical storms. This you can see over the time lapse of sunspots. This means even activity on the other side of the sun, it will seem like it is drawn to a potentially dangerous sunspot. This can give people a possible warning and put away important devices into a Faraday Cage for protection until the threat dimishes.

              The government will likely never tell the truth about true science like this because they want people kept in the dark. Silence and ignorant is stability and control for the state. This is why I like this site so much because it has all these excellent minds working together towards a solution and answers.

            • Makes you wonder why “they” are coming out with a tv show about it….

            • Here we go again, had a 5.3 in the Svalbard region 3 hours ago at 78 and 1/2 degrees north. This is much less than the 6.8 earthquake last week at 71 and 1/2 degrees north, but it shows pressure again. Let there be another one north of 70 degrees north or south of 60 degrees south, not an aftershock of the 5.3, and another decent size earthquake is coming. I would say with this one alone it is pointing towards central Mexico and again the Caribbean, and the other forecast of Iran, Pakistan, India area, also the Pacific Northwest. The very western most tip of Samoa is barfely in this cone to. This quake should be much lower than the 7.6, it should be around about 6.1-6.4. 60-70% chance will get higher with more activity.

            • @Bi, have you ever seen almost 700 earthquakes in one week? Is this normal? I’ve noticed a few more volcanoes coming alive, Bolivia, Alaska, etc. And there’s still 5.0 earthquakes going on by the Philippines.

              Thanks again!

            • @ you don’t need to know. 700 earthquakes is not normal, but there were more after that horizontal earthquake of 8.6 ot 8.7 depending on the seismic source hit. Mega thrust faults are usually 45-90 degrees and therefore much of the movement and force is generated up and thus you get tsunamis. The horizontal movement of the largest one ever recorded jarred the other plates like a 500 car pile up on a california highway during an extremely dense fog day. I could never understand how ignorant it was how anyone could be travelling at 55 miles per hour when you can’t see 10 feet in front of you. All the plates under went extreme force after that earthquake went off and there was movement all over the place for about a week and a half after this.

              This last earthquake of 5.3 about 800 miles from the north pole is stroing enough alone to indicate a 6+ earthquake is coming and likely from one of the locations I gave. Still ONLY a 60-70% chance unless there is more towards the magnetic poles, then the probability will increase to that 85-90% or higher. I forgot to give a time frame, 4-5 days, maximum next Sunday afternoon. I was typing so fast and wanting to get it posted as rapidly as possible just in case one of those earthquakes occurred before I had a chance to send it. Then everyone would have said that the forecast was after the fact.

              Aftershocks of an earthquake will continue for weeks to anything over a 7, expect for that deep focus earthquake of 7.7 as the land masses are not that ridged and tend to settle after any movement. Shallow earthquakes are like taking some plastic wrap and holding as tight in your hand as possible then letting it go. After the initial reshaping of the plastic wrap, the smaller movememts still thereafter are just like aftershocks.

              One area that I have always wondered about is the Dead Sea area that is 1300 feet below sea level and there ever being a split into the Red Sea that would let the water rush into that depression. The Gulf of California has a similar type split that one day will let the ocean into any area below sea level. Jericho in Israel is 860 feet below sea level for example and if that happened that city would be under several hundred feet of water after all is said and done. I have seen splits like this after huge earthquakes that go for many miles. I imagine when the San Andreas breaks if it starts in the Gulf of CA it could send the water into the Imperial Valley areas below sea level.

              Having a break such as this from the Gulf of Aqaba into Israel or from the Gulf of CA into southern california is not as far fetched as it sounds as both would only take less than 100 miles long to occur. It would take something definitely above 8.0, but it is possible and one day these areas will be underwater from the land mass finally tearing an opening. There has been increased activity in the Red Sea region and I was just thinking about all the strange events and this would be a whopper. Actually I think this would be more likely in california than Israel because of the crust density being weaker along the Pacific plate than the Arfican-Arabian plate boundaries. Just something to give some thought on a Sunday afternoon.

              Actually I am really going to be on alert during the next new moon window September 10-20 for Israel doing something about Iran. There are only two more windows for an Israeli attack on Iran for the skies to be dark enough during the night before the election. In a few days and October 10-20. I have thought about everything just exploding and happening one event after another, a cascading free fall that just continues. It seems like the world and civilization is going towards this as there appears like on so many different aspects; the ecomony, politics, the geophysical, the climate, war, etc. seem like they are all ready to break. The animals, insects, fish, even the plant life is sensing something apocalyptic coming, and all the preppers around the world especially so.

            • Beverly hills – 3.3. is that close enough to palmdale to count?

            • @ kimintn. For the danger to the New Madrid fault from the central part of the San Andreas you would have to have a high 6 earthquake at least to affect it. A swarm of moderate size earthquake in this region, including adjacent faults indicate pressure and a symptom of pressure building up on the continent. Look for high 4’s at least. One fault hardly anyone talks about is the Garlock fault that runs from near Santa Barbara to Death Valley that actually could be part of an ancient fault system. This fault breaking would indicate tremendous pressure on the Pacific plate and North American plate.

      3. Get real! This guy is just another patsy. Bin laden has been dead for years.

        • It could, of course, be a disinformation campaign… nothing can be discounted… Argue about whether Obama’s story or Bissonnette’s story is the truth, while the real truth remains hidden…

          Certainly couldn’t put it past interested parties within these intelligence agencies to make that play…

          Which, yet again, would beg the question: What is the truth?!

          • I’ll stick with it that he died 11 years ago (but who really gives a damn, there are much bigger fish to fry), this is just more crap to keep us off the fact that government is flat out evil. It’s not about “what really happened”. It’s about what has happened that we know of, which would be that government is the number 1 killer and slaver of people throughout history. They will keep a monopoly on crime (much like a mob, but worse) and tell you its for “freedom” or for “your country”. Its all horse poo and shouldn’t be given a second glance. Lets not waste time focusing on probabilitys of the past, and start focusing on whats happening now and how it affects our future. No one should ever ask “when is it ok to tell the truth” next thing you know you’ll be paying them for air, water and land…. Wait a min, are we not already on the last two???

          • Mac Slavo says:

            “What is the Truth?”

            Answer: The Truth is that this world is evil.

            • in 98 he was still alive. we traced him into kazakhstan.
              And reported that he would be located in either afghanistan or kazakhstan as an AO for his cell.

        • Dissemination of the truth is an oxymoron nowadays

          None of us have any reliable intel to anything that is discernible positive fact..

          We all must read between the lines as always


          we are but are a small fraction minority here on this site and others..

          Any cognitive research tells the story of bin laden as a cia asset during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

          Even msm reports confirmed his death over 10 years ago
          and many others as well;

          It is truly sad that the vast majority of Americans and others never take the time to discern the truth propagated by our respective govts and media.

          This is another example of compounding a lie over a lie..period.

          When we will realize that everything is controlled and manipulated..as this story tells..?

          take a back seat


          and enjoy the disinfo presented..


        • craig..my question to GC?? your views please?

        • craig

          couldn’t agree more

          Let us not forget this..

          Those spec opps guys/Seals/Marines/etc are very effectively propagandized by the tptb at initiation..

          Why do I state this?

          Because my son has returned home from 4 years USMC..2 tours of duty Iraq..and still buys the notion force fed after almost 2 years civilian life..

          It is extremely difficult to open his eyes even to this day ..

          But..he will join us should the ptb turn against us..

          That is my only comfort.


        • BeInformed
          ya talking about this bad boy ??


          some rated it an x-28
          but numerous others called it ax-40
          and some even labeled it an x-50

          we REALLY dodged a bullet that time
          any you are absolutely correct
          we’ve had more near misses than we know
          its just a matter of time
          you can only beat the odds for so long

          • @ satori. How time flies by, 9 years ago. I can still remember that sucker, and thinking if just 2 days ago this had happened what it meant. If that monster had been Earth directed life would be a lot different right now. I thought about one of these Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episodes I saw and how when all the satellites where knocked out, the nuclear nations were all blinded and at the end launched everything they had at each other. This is seldom brought up with EMP’s, the issue of the military powers being totally without the EYES in the sky and what panic will do. I am not sure of this but I don’t think they have anything up there that can withstand a full scale CME.

            The naive nature of the non-prepper sites and tries to make us remember so often all the times when everyone is spared a catastrophe. Yet they forget about Hurricane Katrina and Rita the same year, Fukushima, the Indonesia mega quake and tsunami, Haiti, the recent massive tornado outbreaks, Deepwater Horizon (the worst oil spill in history at 700,000+ tons), even 9/11 as the towers fell. The World Almanac is full of disasters that do happen and cause much suffering for those that are not prepared.

            I really like what you wrote about it is just a matter of time, that you can only beat the odds for so long. I am going to shove this into a non-prepper’s face the next time they call preppers/survivalists anything but wise and insightful.

      4. Why wasn’t the article about Obama buying $900,000 in physical silver posted on shtf yet?…

        • Rob, I couldn’t find info on this, but it is quite intriguing if true. Do you have a reference link(s)? Thanks!


      5. So does this mean if they go after him..we can go after Obama, Holder. Hillary..etc..etc..etc..?

        whats fair is fair
        they dam sure better be careful what they ask for, and if they ask for this..we the people should give it to them

        we should still have R.O.L. in this country and im dam sure sick and tired of the “special” treatment some are getting while others are not.

        • Amen brother.

        • Agreed. The rule of law applies to EVERY American, regardless of your position.

          Even the Commander-In-Chief should be held to account.

          • Not unless he is a Republican and the media will then mount an around the clock campaign to destroy them. Obama could be caught having sex with a corpse and you would hear not a peep from the guardians of public virtue. My guess is that this guy is toast. Especially if he told the truth and it was not the truth the master had told. That is why Assange is in such shit. He embarassed the important by revealing what they really thought of others in the inner circle. Can’t have someone finding out that Hillary thinks they are an asshole and have sex with dogs.

            • Sex with a corpse?! All along I thought obooney was Booted from Kenya for chasing chimps and baboons around for sex!

      6. Truth is expensive nowadays…

        • If you think truth is expensive, try ignorance.

          • Or stupidity!

      7. What makes anyone think what is in this book is true? It still claims Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. I happen to believe he died years ago.

        • I believe he died years ago too. They got the blow-up Osama in Pakistan so the Usurper in Chief would be able to say he did at least one good thing in his miserable term. The most valuable thing I ever learned was to believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Only God knows the truth about this book and what really happened.

          • Wow. They gave him the Nobel Peace Prize for something he hasn’t done, now he gets credit again for something he didn’t do. Then he has the nerve to tell middle class America that they didn’t build their own businesses. Let me quess. We aren’t in Kansas anymore, right?

            He’s queerer than a three dollar bill, can’t prove where he was born, uses a fake SSN, goes by an alias, denies his religion, ignores Congress, seals all his records and will probably be re-elected in November. Have we collided with an alternative reality where sanity has now become INSANIITY? Sure seems that way.

            “There must be some kinda way outa here…said the Joker to the Thief…”

        • And after all these years hiding he just carelessly slipped up??
          Oh, puh–leeze.

          • And with all the millions of dollars of reward money offered for his capture he was caught in a residential area of broke-ass Pakistan. Does the government think we are all stup…..wait, I answered my own question.

      8. I may be wrong here but was not the entire seal team killed in a helicopter crash about a 2 weeks after the raid, and was not Osama killed back in 2003 from kidney failure , so is this not just a psy-opp to make people believe it really happened.

        • Somehow a bomb was placed on the helicopter the SEALS were riding in. The were dead before they hit the ground.

        • I find it more plausible that the chinook crash was staged and the team members were given a new ssn and ID’s.
          Without that crash they would have had every radical muslim hunting them and their family for the rest of their lives.

          • Saddleup: Nice theory and it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibilities of this organization: Die and be reborn as a new person. James Bond in “You Only Live Twice” is not as far fetched as folks think, just look at the witness protection program. I wouldn’t put anything past TPTB. But what’s the point of this guys story? Is it simply to tell the complete and correct story? Is it to make money? Or is this just another diversion, or slight of hand, by the governmment to keep our eyes off the coming crash? I don’t know anymore.

            • These guys tick differently than most people. In my opinion this isn’t about money. This guy could have worked for a private contracting company and made a million dollars in about 4 years or so. They also have many other opportunities in any alphabet agency. I would have to assume, since he is throwing all of this away, this is about telling his version of what really happened and how it really happened.
              I have to say “His version” because I too have no idea anymore what to believe.

            • I agree Gregory, most of what I think I know is often challenged by these articles and more times than not by the posters on the board. I also thought one of the financial houses was supposed to collapse friday. Did I miss it? We need to remember what our grand parents taught us, you can’t believe everything you read or hear. If I keep this up I’m gonna be eating my knuckles soon as my nails are already gone.

            • Loafer, believe nothing you read or hear, or see on TV. As for us here, we can only post opinions, hopefully backed by the facts as we understand them. It is up to the reader to prove or disprove them in their own way, and whether or not to accept them as the truth.

              I may have been responsible for your thinking a bank collapse would happen last Friday. I was not trying to suggest it would happen on that particular Friday, just that when it did happen it would happen on a Friday. We will not find out which Friday until the day after it happens. I don’t doubt that one is coming, but it will not be accurately forecast on this or any other blog, by me or anybody else.

              No need to bite your knuckles. There is life to be lived, family to be loved. Come here to keep up with the news and possibilities for the future, and some interesting discussion about those possibilities.

              If someone makes you think about things in a new way, they have done you a favor. If you allow those thoughts impede your happiness, you have done yourself a disservice.

            • Gods Creation,

              Your quotes follow:

              “The “major bank” has likely already failed. The story has just not been released, and will not be, until the people are out enjoying the weekend.

              Now that you know that, you have a couple of days head start on the sheep.”

              Today’s quote:
              “I was not trying to suggest it would happen on that particular Friday, just that when it did happen it would happen on a Friday”

              Are you serious?

            • Chum

              My quotes

              “The “major bank” has likely already failed. The story has just not been released, and will not be, until the people are out enjoying the weekend.

              Now that you know that, you have a couple of days head start on the sheep.”

              Today’s quote:
              “I was not trying to suggest it would happen on that particular Friday, just that when it did happen it would happen on a Friday”


              I said the major bank had likely already failed, not that it had in fact failed and the news would be released this weekend.

              Saying that a bank “has likely already failed” is a statement of supposition, not a fact or prediction. If I said the bank “has already failed”, that is a totally different statement. While the choice of wording could have been better, so could have your interpretation of the meaning of those words.

              By placing the words “If so” in front of “The story has just not been released” would have been better. But I ain’t perfect…

              I apologize to everyone for any confusion.

          • Why would radical muslims hunt them down for killing a CIA asset? They did them a favor.

            • I would only assume because he was symbolic of their fight against the west. Now whether or not he was a cia asset? That is completely a different conversation. I think that as his health deteriorated others were given the responsibilites but he was still viewed by the west as the leader.
              To most people in this country 9-11 was orchestrated by him. I would also expect that there are many that believe the same thing in the middle east. Most jihadists would not believe that he was a cia asset.

        • Navy SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU) Die In Helicopter Crash, Aug. 6 2011

          Osama bin Laden was(said to be)killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

      9. Why on this site does your comment have to be screened first by TPTB , who runs this site the Government.

        • Because the designated TPTB for this web site can’t control the spam on their own…. There are literally over 500,000 spam comments that have been screened by the automated system that supports the comment section here. The last verification of comments comes down to the manual moderation. Once your name/ip/email addy are recognized by the system the comments get automatic approval, but that takes 1 – 3 manual approvals from the moderation queue.

          without it, it would be nearly impossible to keep the comment areas free of Spam comments posted by bots.

          Thanks for posting, and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


          • Its bad enough that we have cointel, dis-info trolls and just plain assholes showing up here to post, imagine this site with robotic spam too.

            • Black, all you can do is imagine it because nobody would come. If Mac didn’t work so hard to beat the spammers there would be 10 spams for every one of our post.

              And yes, Mac, some of us know how much work it is and I, for one, appreciate what it takes to keep it running like it does.

              Just a little hat tip to you….

            • It was bad enough getting past the ‘first’ crap–imagine that multiplied by …a hundred??

            • GC, I do appreciate what Mac does in the good fight against spam. I am a info-wars refugee so I know a bit about how spam sends people running. In all honesty I have my favorite posters on this site and look forward to coming here and reading the wisdom. I may not post a lot but read every day and there are people on here I depend on like family and GC, you are one of them. You come up with some great words and I definitly pay attention.

          • Mac,

            You keep this site amazingly clean of spam and every one of us appreciates it. Newbies don’t understand and may get their panties in a bunch at first, but, the rest of us know.

            Anyone that accuses Mac of ever dropping stuff due to censoring or “nudging” can hit the road. This is one of the most fair sites I’ve ever been on. (…and I’ve been on it for a very long time.)

            Please have patience if you’re new and give the system a chance to get you cleared.

            • black, thanks. I always try to speak the truth as I see it, but listening is always optional.

              Ranger, I second that. Delays are frustrating but ABSOLUTELY required. I have never seen Mac pull anything because of classified SHTF material being released.

          • Thank you for explaining that, Mac.

        • I noticed the moderation when I started commenting here. But fortunately this site has quite an open forum for all sides to talk. Its awesome and I love the person who lets freedom of speech rule in “this day and age of hurt feelings so we must be silenced.” It takes some time to get comments posted sometimes but its a great trade off so I don’t have to read about how someones cousin makes 5,000 dollars a day over the Internet.

      10. On another note I posted this comment after the first 5 post, but this will appear about 200 in , just saying?

        • Comments always appear in the chronological order in which they were posted, even if moderation takes a few hours (which, on weekends it sometimes does…).



          • Mac, perhaps you should dodge abitdodgie…..

          • Mac, here’s another question about site tech: why are some comments reply-disabled? This often extends to several comments that form a thread. This is one of my few pet peeves on this site.

            • after four threads within threads the reply feature disbales… this was originally done to remedy a page styling issue to make sure that the inner threads didn’t squeeze all of the text in too close. i’ll see about adding one more level to to the comment threading. thanks!

          • Thankyou for responding.

      11. This is all so un-necessary. When the White House first started lying about the raid, The Pentagon should have stood up and told the truth. If, collectively, all the generals and admirals had the balls the size of a BB, that’s what they would have done. The sad truth is, Obama used the raid for political purposes and lied to build himself up and the Toadies in the Pentagon went off to use the restrooms reserved for women. I am sick and tired of being lied to, while being taxed to support the liars. We paid for the entire cost of the raid. Why shouldn’t we know the truth? Why is it the only time government notices us, is when they want more money, or to spy on us? Does that sound like a REPUBLIC? Does that sound like it has it’s roots in the Constitution? Screw the government and DoD!

        • and how convienient to throw the so called”body” over board..yeah like thats would really happen if they had really killed him that day..

          no evidence..no proof..never happened

      12. I would be VERY surprised if OBAMY could EVER hide more information than those two “Crooks of the CENTURY”,BUSH & CHENY !! They blacked out almost every single thing that they had to turn over under ‘The Freedom of INformation ACT’!! They were the perfect example of ARROGANT Politician’s this Country has EVER SEEN!!!I’m still surprised that they’re running FREE today!! Keep-Watching!!

      13. I think that if this guy didn’t know something the government goons wouldn’t be so hot to drag him through the legal dirtpiles available to them for just such occasions. If he does in fact know something contrary to what the govenment want us the american people to hear about, then I say good for him for having the brass to speak up and make his knowledge heard!

        • I just hope that the Gods of fate never have me end up on the same airplane with him.

          • Just whisper it John Wayne, you can tell us. What would you do, besides talk them to death?

            • froggy, he has to keep it a secret for national security reasons….

        • He would have already dissapeard before the book ever came out

      14. As far as the RT video goes, you can clearly hear the pilot say he thought the cameraman was carrying a weapon. At the end it was US troops trying to save the kids.
        I don’t see how this particular footage supports the argument.
        Manning was active duty. He should be on trial.
        Plame and wilson?!? are you f@ckin’ kidding with that sorry ass couple? They are good examples of what’s wrong with our “leaders”, but they’re f@ckin’ debutantes and tools. I did like how they played victim and then posed on Vogue looking like modern day jfk and jackie, or some Ivy league fantasy pic.

        Not disagreeing with the article, but those examples sucked.

        • If someone had a gun and intended on using it they would not be walking all nonchalantly about it.


          Its a movie but seems pretty accurate as to what is playing in some of these shooters heads.

          • you’ve gotta be kidding me. Is that how soldiers or people who carry weapons behave? It seems you get your human behaviour knowledge from the movies. You obviously have not been in the military. The only good or truthfull part of that movie is the part that the “Gunny” was in. He evidently wrote at least his own lines and Kubric let him do what he wanted. The second half of the movie is a lot of bad acting and bad cliches.

            • so true with the training we recived for spec ops you would never know I had a gun you would never expect me to have a gun you would think little of me you would not feel threatened by me in any way . We are trained to blend in to not be noticed, Even to the point of total personality changes. I come off as a goofy clown disarms ppl makes them talk and give information works well.

      15. The government has the right to protect classified information. In this case all it’s protecting is Obama’s official version of the truth that changed numerous times during the hours and days following the death of Bin Laden.

        • @BarnCat … try … ” CIA PUPPET TRAITOR PREZ BARRY SOETORO / Obama’s official version of the UN NWO ZOG FEDGOV CIA LIE !!! ”

          Real Truth and the Cia Puppet Prez Barry Soetoro are like Oil and Water – they just don’t mix !!!


        • The Constitution does not grant the government the authority to lie to the people.

        • The government has no right to “secrets”, or classified information. To say otherwise is to suggest the People are incapable of dealing with facts and has no right to know everything their servants do, or that the government is capable of deciding what should be told.

          The only threat to the safety of the American People is the US government. By suggesting it has any rights to deprive the people of the knowledge of what it does is to support the enemy.

          • Gods Creation<
            Are you five years old and still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny? You think that they should have published the D-Day invasion plans a month before just so someone like youself would not have his little feelings hurt by being left out? You sound like a whiny little snot. Of course the govt. can keep secrets from the rest of us. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. What bugs me is when they start looking at the rest of us like we are the enemy.

            • John W.

              Although we were dragged into WWII by the banksters, it was still a war with a foreign enemy and the “secrets” you suggest were MILITARY attack plans against a foreign enemy, on a foreign continent, in a state of Lawfully Declared war.

              Today, the war is against the People, by those same banksters, on the soil of America, in an undeclared and Unlawful war.

              You sound like a stupid little prick for even suggesting the situation is similar, and trying to demean me with childish insults because your mind is incapable of analyzing a situation with any accuracy whatsoever.

              The Constitution is not a suicide pact, for sure. It is protection for the People, and it is being ignored by the very thing that is supposed to be bound by it. It was intended to prevent a secretive government from forming and taking the actions against us that it is currently taking.

              You say the government can keep secrets from the People, yet are fully aware that we have been classified as the enemy those “secrets” are meant to destroy.

              Your argument makes no sense at all, and you present it in a way that makes you look as if you have no sense.

        • Barn Cat: I agree. Classified info is classified info, and when you agree to classify classified info in advance as classified, it should remain classified.

          The death of Bin Laden has been an abortion from the start.

          Not unlike abortions that should only be performed when the life of the mother is at stake; or in the case of rape.

          The release of classified information should only be allowed by American citizens (not foreigners who illegally obtained classified info) and then, only when not releasing that classified info represents a clear and present danger to the Republic.

          Manning doesn’t qualify he was a private. Privates have enough responsibility finding a head when they need to piss.

          End the lies. Vote for Romney.

          • DK says “only when not releasing that classified info represents a clear and present danger to the Republic.”

            Government secrets, ie “classified information”, is the only true danger to the Republic. In fact, in a Republic there is no room for government secrecy at all. Not releasing ANY information upon a Citizen’s request is a clear and present to the Republic as evidenced by the fact that it no longer stands.

            The master has a right to know EVERYTHING the servant is doing. Otherwise, he can not be an effective controller of that servant. That some servants believe they can keep secrets is why the Republic no longer stands.

            Of course, you are just as likely to believe that as you are to believe that gold and silver are money.

            • GC: Nice try but gold has not been money since Nixon cut the cord between gold and dollars. That is historical fact. therefore gold is NOT money. But gold is real wealth. Everyone should have as much gold as they can afford.

              I do.

              The Constitution has been suspended with respect to American money and gold by Executive Order since 1974.

              Catch up GC. 🙂

              For honest governments, in a modern world with WMD that could destroy the American Civilization in a matter of minutes, secrets are a necessary evil.

              When administrations veer off from genuine national security issues and use secrecy to hide treasonous or criminal behavior, it is the DUTY of Americans in a position to know to blow the whistle on corruption and treason.

              Legitimate classified secrets need to remain secrets for OUR national defense and the protection of OUR civilization.

            • “””The Constitution has been suspended with respect to American money and gold by Executive Order since 1974. “””

              DK, the gold was stolen and removed as “American money” in 1933 under a SECRET bankruptcy. All Nixon did was default again, but only on payments to the rest of the world.

              Why were the people not told the truth? Because the truth was the People were being robbed by criminals pretending to be government. But your lack of understanding of Lawful money, as opposed to “legal tender” is not relevant.

              Read your statement. The Constitution has been suspended with respect to American money since 1974.

              If it has been suspended in one respect, it has been discarded in ALL respects. You cannot follow all the rules but one and remain a Lawful government any more than you can be a little bit pregnant, or a little bit dead.

              The obvious conclusion is that, to the sitting defacto government, there is no Republic, no We the People, and no Constitution (Law). Yet you defend it’s “right” to wage war against all of the above, in secret.

              DK, you have just provided conclusive proof that you are an enemy of the Republic, and the People, and The Constitution Of The United States Of America (1787AD).

              But that is OK. You have shown your clear support for the criminals responsible for killing the Republic. I am sure they will protect you for joining their cause.

            • GC: I see you have way too much time on your hands these days. You said:

              “If it (the US Constitution) has been suspended in one respect, it has been discarded in ALL respects. You cannot follow all the rules but one and remain a Lawful government any more than you can be a little bit pregnant, or a little bit dead.’

              Wrong again GC! 🙂

              While an individual cannot be either a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead, if a contract has an invalid clause, that specific clause is invalid and non binding.

              It doesn’t invalidate the entire agreement.

            • GC: Do you ever proof read what you write? 🙂

              You said: “DK, the gold was stolen and removed as “American money” in 1933 under a SECRET bankruptcy. All Nixon did was default again, but only on payments to the rest of the world.

              If “the gold was stolen and removed as American money in 1933”, how can gold be money today, when Nixon defaulted on gold as money in 1974 as you have claimed?

              Gold is not money. Gold is real wealth. Gold can be used as barter to purchase virtually any good and/or service if the other party to the transaction will accept it.

              But by law, no one is obligated to accept gold as payment for a debt. By law, all commercial agents must accept fiat as money. Try paying your utility bill with gold.

              The Defense rests. 🙂

            • GC: You said; “DK, you have just provided conclusive proof that you are an enemy of the Republic, and the People, and The Constitution Of The United States Of America (1787AD).

              But that is OK. You have shown your clear support for the criminals responsible for killing the Republic. I am sure they will protect you for joining their cause.”

              LMAO! GC: I have a dossier’ with DHS. I am on the RED List. You should be so important. 🙂

            • DK, You can’t be serious?

              “””While an individual cannot be either a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead, if a contract has an invalid clause, that specific clause is invalid and non binding.”””

              The Constitution is not a contract, it is THE LAW. You are suggesting that the government can pick and choose the parts of the Constitution it will follow, and which it doesn’t have to?

              You are beyond hope.

            • GC: I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING. I am just telling you how it is. That’s reality.

              Yes, the US Constitution IS a contract …. a contract between a people who’s rights are endowed by Nature’s God and the managers they employ to administer their government.

              Parts of that contract have been suspended, and suspended illegally, but I for one am very glad that gold is not money and for two reasons:

              First, OUR gold reserves would quickly follow OUR fiat offshore under NWO FREE TRADE, plunging America into real poverty.

              Right now America holds the lion’s share of the gold in the world and as a nation is the third largest producer of the metal behind China and Australia.

              Second if gold were money I could be accused of counterfeiting every time I produced some gold. I prefer gold as a commodity and a commodity that constitutes real wealth.

              Under the present political and economic system, gold as money would be financial suicide for Americans.

              But GC, don’t worry you will get your wish in a few years and when you do, you will wake up after that long weekend bank holiday, and Good Morning America will welcome you to a One World Currency and the NWO.

              Cheers. 🙂

            • DK:

              “”GC: I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING. I am just telling you how it is. That’s reality.””

              You are stating your personal reality, as you see it. The reality of an omnipotent government that can violate the Law with impunity and with your full support. That in no way means it is my reality, or anyone elses’.

              “””Parts of that contract have been suspended, and suspended illegally, but I for one am very glad that gold is not money and for two reasons:”””

              An illegal act within a Lawful contract voids the contract in it’s entirety. You are referring to STATUTES, and contracts of discharge, where parts can be voided without voiding the whole, and even that requires a statement stating such within the contract itself.

              “””First, OUR gold reserves would quickly follow OUR fiat offshore under NWO FREE TRADE, plunging America into real poverty. Right now America holds the lion’s share of the gold in the world and as a nation is the third largest producer of the metal behind China and Australia.”””

              Are you naive enough to believe there is ANY gold in the “treasury”? If there was, surely an audit would be no problem. It has already been stolen. The banksters hold the vast majority of it, America holds NONE.

              “”But by law, no one is obligated to accept gold as payment for a debt. By law, all commercial agents must accept fiat as money. Try paying your utility bill with gold.””

              You live by the law, I live by the Law. Learn the difference and you have taken a big step forward.

              There is one organization that will accept nothing but gold for shares of it’s stock. That is the Federal Reserve banks. Just because something functions in the nature of money through force of arms does not make it money. The Fed will not accept it’s own worthless paper, because it knows it is not money, and what is. It survives only because the uninformed such as yourself allow it to continue.

              “””Under the present political and economic system, gold as money would be financial suicide for Americans.”””

              The Dollar is defined as a measured amount of silver, not gold. But since you have discarded the Law it does not matter to you. If you are happy in your slave system, that is good for you. I prefer the responsibilities of freedom and will continue my struggle to maintain it OUTSIDE of your slave system.

              If your precious fiat were money, it could be used to transfer Title to real property. It can not. Money BUYS things, your fiat transfers liabilities but the Title of the property never changes hands and stays with the owners of the currency you believe to be money. You will never own anything. I will. If you would take the time to understand the nature of REAL money, you could also obtain Absolute Title to your property and beat the claims of the corp by holding superior Title.

              It is the lack of understanding of the truth of Law and Money which is the source of all the problems. Has been since the revolution. If you are not willing to understand YOUR own Law, and enforce it, you deserve to be the slave you are.

              Ignorance will not be a defense when the corp comes for what you think you own.

              Your defense of the corp should rest. Unfortunately, it likely never will. Your services are not needed in the fight for freedom.

            • GC: I am not stating my personal reality when I tell you that gold is not money in the current environment.

              That is a fac! That is reality.

              Your “reality” as you claim it, is skewed. And WE all know it. No, an invalid clause in a contract does not invalidate the entire contract.

              You obviously have no personal experience in writing contracts. I do.

              I have no idea whether any gold actually exists in the US Treasury or not, but neither do you. I would welcome an audit by a reputable source.

              Whether it is there or not makes little difference as to whether you can pay your utilities with gold.

              You can’t.

              Yes GC I am happy in the “slave system” because I have learned how to use and manipulate that system to my advantage.

              It works and works well for me.

              I also prefer that China, Mexico, and Canada as the three largest beneficiaries of FREE TRADE with America receive OUR fiat and OUR promises to pay, rather than OUR gold; which would represent the transfer of OUR real wealth to them.

              Engage! 🙂

          • How did a private get access to so many e-mails on a secure SIPR net. Unlike the movies where they always yell about “I have clearance” that is BS. You only have clearance for what you need to know. His access should have not allowed him to just cruise around looking into everything. As for using a piece of personal media how did he get away with that? The place I just left had all USB ports disabled plus it had sniffers on the net to let them know when anyone tried to access the LAN with an unauthorized storage device. Some moron brought his home laptop in and hooked up and was escorted out of the building ten minutes later,and this was on an unclass NIPR lan. When you move up to SCI lans the rules get real tough. This whole thing smells as to him doing what he did. Someone way up let it happen.

            • He was actually a spec4 at one time. If you want to read some interesting stuff about manning look to wikipedia. I didn’t know alot of that stuff on there.
              What I found interesting is his trips to the DC area.

      16. If it wasn’t for whistleblowers and other “inside sources” leaking about certain things the globalists are doing to bring in the NWO, none of us wouls even know what to prepare for or have a good idea of what to expect when TSHTF. Whistleblowers and other inside sources are risking their lives for us because they share a common cause with us. These people deserve our praise and support because they’re willing to stand up to TPTB. There’s no telling what else is happening where there is no “inside source”. I hope this guy puts up resistance if/when they come to get him. The whistleblowers are letting us know about things TPTB are doing that are NOT LEGITIMATE. This crap about espionage just won’t wash. Take care and keep prepping.

      17. by “classified material”

        does this mean government wrong doing
        screw ups
        and outright criminal activity
        or anything embarrassing to politicians ??

        classified material is whatever they say it is

        • I agree. Whenever I hear the words “national security”,I wonder what crime they’re covering up this time.

      18. Now the words “Chicago” and “birth-certificate” have been deemed as racist by the all seeing eye.

        • When the all seeing eye looks my way I moon it.

          • @GC,,,I lock and load in the port arms position. No threat, just damn defensive.

      19. When is it OK to not honor your word? SEALS claim to be men of honor. Part of being honorable is to keep your word. Part of becoming a SEAL is to give your word not to publicize your activities. Ask the right question, not a falaacious question so you can build a straw man to tear down just to inflate your own pathetic ego.

        • Any agreement becomes invalid when it requires one to do the Unlawful. In such a case, it is a crime to NOT speak out.

          • Indeed, there is a moral duty to speak out. We come back to the classic argument of “Rex Lex or Lex Rex” (is the King law or is the law King?). For over 200 years in America the answer was simple and well-known to all, as Mr. Nixon found out in the 70’s. Now, it is equally certain that the tide has turned the other way. May God bless, and loyal Americans honor, the SEAL who spoke up! This is isn’t about national security. It is about the culture of deception that threatens the bedrock of our National… and personal… existence.

        • @JoeinN(nihilistic)C(coma):

          ….they are honoring their word….

          ..their word is to The People, the true government of the U.S.A., not those asshats in D.C.

          …any active or former members of the U.S. military that are speaking out against the CORP, are pointing their weapons in the right direction, and are okay in my book.

          …..NUTS…–Anthony McAuliffe, Commander 101st Airborne, December 22,1944

        • @JoeinNC….

          Gee Joe….does that apply to Obamanation administration officials too?

          Or is it only for the heroes who actually put their lives on the line? (unlike the Post Turtle In Chief who has compromised the security of our military on repeated occasions)

          It would appear that you leftists consider hypocrisy to be a virtue.


        • Does your commitment to honor and keeping your word, apply equally to Obama?

        • Oh No! Heeee’sss baaaacckk!

      20. MORE CIA PUPPET FEDGOV MK-ULTRA LIES … this is the truth …

        GLOBALIST FREEMASON CIA Family of George Bush’s known friend of the Family CIA Asset Osama Bin Ladin DIED DECEMBER 2001 OF a life long battle against congenital ADDISON’S disease , which caused him terminal KIDNEY / LUNG DISEASE !!!

        2001 Osama Bin Laden spent time in American hospitals,
        Guarded by the AmeriKan CIA , Until his death in mid-December 2001 !!!

        Even Benazir Bhuzzo, former Pakistani Prime Minister, WHO was killed by the AMERIKAN CIA because she WENT INDEPENDENT MAVERICK from CIA CONTROL and also revealed the Real Truth about Osama Bin Laden being murdered in 2001.

        Think for yourself people. Don’t believe these media lies. At the very least try to ascertain the truth before you so blindly believe false-half truths from a repeatedly proven False Wrong Lying AMERIKAN COMMIE FASCIST ZIONIST CIA un nwo zog puppet corrupt criminal illegal controlled run AmeriKan fedgov and AmeriKan stategov’s !!!




        • n.o.

          Notice lately that your comments are positive?

          It’s the truth..

          Many are now aware of what is ..coming..
          and already happened

          keep on keeping on

          Daisy told me you were the real deal many times.



          • I am only a Snow Flake …

            @possee … I am only a harmless lil’ ole’ Free American patriotic snowflake sitting on a enormous snow glacier atop a Mountain of Truth , who sits patiently awaiting more FreeMan FreeWomen FreeAmerican Patriot snowflakes too fall …

            Eventually we few will become many … then together As One we will all sweep down the Mountainside as an Unstoppable Avalanche sweeping Away the UN NWO ZOG ZIONIST JOOO FASCIST FREEMASON COMMIE JESUIT BLACK POPE corrupt criminal fraudulent diseased Oligarchy Industrial War Political Banking Business Gestapo Law Mafia System destroying Once Free Proud AmeriKa before us all into the deep ravines in the valley below … DESTROYING THEM ALL COMPLETELY !!!

            till then …

            I am only a Harmless Snow Flake .


      21. Just saying….

        Leaks of confidential information CAN cause deaths in the field for operatives. Having a central pipeline through which possible revelations of confidential information is vetted is only reasonable.

        • I agree. I also think that those “running the show and those doing the vetting”, should pay for the whole operation. Why am I kept in the dark and fed shit like a mushroom? They, TPTB, have reduced us to nothing more than billfolds and purses. So, keep all the lies (secrets)you want and pay for them yourself.

      22. There was a time when I believed what the government said. Now I only expect them to lie, it is all they know how to do.

        Even those people who buy the star-spangeled bs, know they are lied to daily, but don’t want to face it, because they are afraid of dealing with it.

        In the end, it’s not about lying to protect the government, but the parasites who have usurped it, and the crimes they have commited, and continue to commit. The reason they fight the truth, is that uncovering just one lie, starts to unravel thier web of lies. That would exposea all manner of crimes they have commited.

      23. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion.” — George Orwell

      24. both my husband and i are all too familiar with having to keep our mouths shut regarding things that we did, saw, or knew about during our careers in the military..one of the secrets that was finally declassified after fifty years or so was the fact that president johnson had active duty marines working in the white house and elsewhere as secret service and body guards for foreign and domestic big shots..these marines wore black suits and did not carry military id cards. and that is the truth. you would be suprised at how many people including washington insiders still dont believe the truth even if hit between the eyes with it. there has been so much “transparent truth” in the obama administration that it is gonna be a wonder if the stories and the truths ever get straightened out. and it is not just the obama white house either…there are truths going all the way back to before WWII that we still do not know about.

        • “””it is gonna be a wonder if the stories and the truths ever get straightened out.”””

          That is precisely the goal…that the truth never be known.

      25. The question I ask myself is whether this even matters. It only does if you actually believe Bin Laden was behind the bombing of the towers.I do not believe that a few box cutter carryin muslims flew some planes into the World Trade Towers.It was an inside job involving the corrupt corp USA gov CIA along with help from Saudi and Mossad intelligence and involvement. Bin laden was a CIA backed Saudi that was armed along with his followers to fight the Russian troops in the 80’s. He became a convenient scapegoat when his usefulness to the corp gov was no longer needed.This guy’s story is merely a tale to throw you off the trail of the real traitors.

      26. Court Jester

        (bailiff) Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Court of The Most High And Mighty, Super Deluxe, Extra Transparent, Cross-My-Heart-And-Hope-To-Tell-The-TRUTH…is now in session.
        The Honorable Judge Wilbur ‘SmackDaddy’ Jones presiding. All Rise!….

        (judge) The case of The People Vs Mr. S. Okie. Counsel for the defense, you may make your opening statement.

        (lawyer) Your Honor, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will show-

        (okie) I object! I never went anywhere near the grassy knoll! The speed limit sign was obscured by the bushes! She said she was 18, how was I to know?! That aint nothin’ but oregano! I never signed no contract like that! Those are NOT my fingerprints! The keys were in the tractor when I got there! I never said…

        (lawyer) Dammit! Would you shut up so I can win this case for you?!

        (judge) Bailiff, please gag the defendant. Now…counselor, you may proceed.

        (lawyer) Thank you, your honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we intend to show that my client is completely innocent of all charges. We will prove beyond any doubt that he is simply a victim of mistaken identity.

        (judge) Call your first witness.

        (lawyer) The defense calls Mr Okie.

        (bailiff) Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, a big ole mess of truth, and not more than a few little white lies, so help you God?

        (okie) mmmmmfff…mmmfff

        (judge) Bailiff, ungag the defendant.

        (lawyer) Mr Okie, did you or did you not check out of the local library, the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? And did you, or did you not, return it in good condition, with only a few chewed page corners, by the stamped due date?

        (okie) I did. I did indeed. I absolutely did. Yes indeedy. I most certainly, without a doubt and with no malice aforethought-

        (judge) Bailiff, gag the defendant again.

        (lawyer) The defense rests.

        (judge) Case Dismissed! The jury is excused. In fact, it’s Saturday night and a three day weekend! Everybody is excused! Now, Bailiff, flush that oregano, crank up the stolen tractor and let’s haul ass to the still at okie’s place. And hurry before he starts talking again!

        • Put a little George Jones on and enjoy the holiday

          • He said, “George Jones”. I heard an oldie goldie on a classic country radio station a couple days ago. It was GJ and the words were “She don’t drive me to drinking anymore”….. about his woman that used to take him to the local bar. What a hoot!

      27. Matt Bissonette. I like the sound of the last name. Sounds like old, deep south. Possibly french cajun. Watch your back ‘ol boy. Three can keep a secret if the other two are dead……….

        Many thanks for your service. I know how small that might sound.

        • Sugar, meant to type “Mark”

      28. The lies are so layered and packaged like the loans bundled together and then sold as an asset. Debt becomes an asset. These lies all feed off off one another.

        I’m of the belief that OBL was killed at Tora Bora in December of 2001. He was worth more alive than dead as a motivator for the masses. OBL came out on audio and later video always timely to push public support in the “preferred” direction. His usefulness reached it’s zenith just prior to the War Vote for Iraq. He managed at a critical hour to come out on video supporting the Iraqi people against the US. It’s a variation of, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Conversely “The friend of my enemy is my enemy”. That message helped to cement a relationship between Iraq and 911 that did not exist. Few in Congress and Senate could then refuse to dish out some “justice” the people so longed for.

        The manipulators are very very good at swaying public opinion. It’s an art form that the USSR using brute force failed at. During cold war illusion was honed to a level that hollywood cannot match. Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. The point is moot if you fool them long enough to achieve your goals.

        • My reason why I think OBL died in December 01 is because sometimes a grain of truth leaks through the multitude of lies.

          A reporter stated that the US Military heard OBL on an open frequency at Tora Bora. B-52s were stacked up with JDAMs every 5000ft starting at 20k to 50k just waiting for a target. The AWACs / EB66s are radar jamming aircraft that identify the source of” “RADIO direction and ranging”. It took all of 30 seconds to pin point where he was and it then rained JDAMs. After the dust clears Special Forces go in and soak up some blood, lab confirms with DNA it’s OBL and then the pre planned cover story starts. “Oh, OBL escaped because the Northern Alliance messed up.” GW slipped up a couple of years later when he said, “We don’t care about Bin Laden”.

          If Bin Laden “died” at Tora Bora GW would have been a temporary hero like his father after Desert Storm with a 90% approval rating. Of course GH still lost the election a couple of years later.

          Someone once said, “The first casualty of war is the truth”.

          • GH threw the election so his butt buddy Bill could do his dirty deeds for eight years. GH hasn’t lost anything without purpose; well, except possibly his soul which was basically sold/traded to Satan during one of his Satanic rituals many many years ago.

            • GH, GW, Clinton and Obama are employees of a higher order. None make policy, all just carry it out. Oh Gore, Kerry and McCain were applicants for employment.

              This is not about a GH plan. GH had no plan of his own and neither do any of them.

          • Kevin 2

            The only problem I have with this is that he was suffering from kidney disease and needed regular dialysis. This could not have happened in the mountains as the machines need mains electricity and a good deal of cleaning and maintenance.

            I do believe he died well before he was killed if you know what I mean, but I don’t think it occurred in the mountains purely due to the logistics of treating his condition.

            Many medics feel he probably died peacefully in a hospital bed surrounded by family. Pictures of him showed signs of a man in the end stages of kidney disease. I suppose having the boogie man die in his bed would not have suited the agenda as TPTB would have had to admit that someone else had taken his place and the had no clue who that was, or where he was.

            If he had somehow survived the intervening years he would have needed an increasing amount of medical treatment the most likely reason he was holed up in Abbottsabad was due to the location near a large military base and the hospital support that goes with such a base.

            Just my thoughts of course.

            Take care

            • Burt

              For the pieces to fit he needed to actually die under our control and everyone close to him die too so as dead men tell no tails. If the Islamic world knew he was dead the cover would be blown. His post Tora Bora audio and video were just too timely and useful to be coincidence. I smell something akin to Industrial Light and Magic in their production complements of the CIA with MI5 having a hand in it too.

              OBL had means and lived in Tora Bora. No doubt one way or another before we arrived he kept himself alive.

              The actions of AQ in Egypt and Syria add credence to the claims of a relationship between US Intelligence and AQ that frankly should not exist.

              I think damn near nothing is as it appears and the general public of the world are fed a fantasy like a kid with Santa Claus

      29. Greetings Everyone!
        Has anyone heard from Manos as of late?
        Been studying the Bible and ran across 2ed Timothy 3:1-5.Reads like the stuff we’re talking about here.I’m betting on the the premise the we’ll be getting “more of the same FUBAR government” no matter who wins.Mitt personifies the Great Liar Lucifer,Obama pretends to not to lie(but does anyway,remember his promises concerning Bankers and Iraq?),but tells his “truths” with a certain panache that Mittsy utterly lacks.Obama is from the friendly-in-a wiseguy-kinda-way town of Chicago.They KNOW how play for “Keeps” there.Mitt is a bully and a Utah-holy underwear-takeover company-business/jobs destroyer “businessman”.This election will be the best FIGHT we have a ringside seat to since Andrew Jackson’s election(he’s the guy who killed the “FED” when the “rich guys” running it back then dared to threaten him!)Andrew “Ole Hickory” Jackson was nobody to tangle with either(just ask the Indians on that one!)No matter what the future holds for the USA as we now know it,We’ll be able to say we witnessed THE BIG ONE.I’d place a bet on it but,I already have my last can of beans and a gallon of distilled water riding on what happens by December of 2012(nothing I say).I place my hopes on the future in God’s Kingdom coming soon.I try to plan(as many here do as well I think)to be able to cope with the collapse of the current global “Economy”.Even the Chinese won’t be able to do that.I almost feel sorry for the Godless Communists,almost.
        On that note,
        My Best to All
        My Prayers go out that you and yours have a safe place to sleep this night,enough food to eat and can stay well.

        • I was wondering how Manos is doing, myself! If you’re checking in, Take care, Manos!

        • Grey Fox and Van mom

          I have written t him a coup,e of times recently but no reply as yet. His letters are not as regular as the were and when they do come they tell a sad tale. More and more layoffs and more children put into care by parents unable to feed them. Pensions and entitlements have been reduced again and the elderly are struggling greatly.

          I will pass n your best wishes when I next write.

          Take care

      30. The government is terrified of Americans knowing the truth and paying attention. If citizens had a grasp on the spending of tax dollars and the corruption it would cause distress for all politicians. Americans have slowly been trained to not pay attention, just move along, there is nothing to see here.
        Sadly, many Americans when faced with knowing the truth would rather just block it out and continue on blindly so as to not upset their lives. The truth can be a tough pill to swallow and infortubately for citizens, the government has capitalized on that thought process. All Americans should take one year of income, follow the tax trail on every dollar earned and spent and do the simple math. Then see where those dollars go and soon enough there would be trouble.

      31. I’ll bet the C.O. and senior flight surgeon onboard CVN-70 know the truth.


        “I’m Barrack Obama. I grew up in Indonesia, eating my dogs and attending a madrassa, then spent my teenage, college, and law school years drunk and high all the time while hanging out with Marxist professors, the weather underground and attending social conferences and I approve this message.”

        • You left out the part about his muslim boyfriend from NY city that prepared his poot shoot for muling all that heroin back from afgani.

        • @James T…..You forgot:

          Hi, I Barrack Obama, I’ve cut our nuclear weapons stockpile by more than 1/2 to dangerous levels, ran up a dangerous debt of 16 trillion, bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, appointed 38+ unelected Czars to rule over America, had my Justice Department sell guns to Mexican Drug Lords and against all advice from the Joint Chiefs, allowed gays in our Military.

          Before me gas was $1.85 a gallon, now it’s $3.85. Before me you were free, now you have drones flying over your head.
          I’m Barrack Obama and I approve this message!

          • Don’t tread and not applicable: Thanks for the additions! The list can only grow!

      33. What could go wrong… Skittles would be chocolate coated.

        • Skittles are gross. Wait, that might be racist now…

          • Justme

            I’m sorry but that is too much. I am calling the commission for sweetie equality if I hear anything like that again.

            Take care

      34. “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

      35. There is but one truth for me. Jesus the Christ. He was born, He died, He has risen! Those are “The Historical” facts. Hard to believe, but true none the less. He is The Rock of salvation…do you know Him?

        Prepping is well and good. But nothing that you do in this world will matter in eternity except faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

        He’s not asking you for money, or to join a church either. Christ was a man of the people who preached His messages from hill sides. In this world He was a working man like you and I.

        Just repeat this simple prayer. God, I know that I’ve screwed up at times, and there is no way that I can be good enough to make those insults up to you ever. So I am asking Christ to come into my heart today and I accept all that He did for me on the cross as payment for all of my sins…..In Jesus’ name I ask this.

        I want you to see me from this day forward as one of your Childern. Please protect me and keep me safe during whatever terrors the future brings, Amen.

        • @not applicable: Beyond any doubt you are 100% right. What we have in material things here on earth mean nothing, what we have in our hearts means everything, so if you do not have CHRIST in your your heart you have nothing that matters. This life is short, but after this life it is for ever. All of our time grows short very short if you do not know CHRIST Get to today NOW!

      36. FB- $18. What the heck?

      37. ???really???

        Um you’re living in a feudal heirarchy. I mean… seriously, what do you think is going to happen?

        He who has the gold makes the rules.

        • “””He who has the gold makes the rules.”””

          Actually, it should probably be

          He who has the gold makes the rules for those who measure their worth by gold.

          I make the rules for me.

      38. *** this message if for the CIA FUSION CENTER AmeriKan Traitors CIA BLACK HATS that just “killed” my main computer with DNS Attacks and Fried the OPS SYS Boot Files … notice how I’m still Posting ya’ Buncha of ZOG CIA Cross-Dressing Pillow Biters FEDGOV CIA FBI Israeli Zionist Jooo CorkSuckers !!!

        Each of my puters runs 3 separate Ops Systems with individual boot disks BACKUPS !!!

        Try it Again !!!

        Ya’ Bunch of CIA FBI UN NWO ZOG Traitorous Pucks !!!

        ;0P Pssszzt !!!


      39. NINAORKET says:
        March 19, 2012 at 5:52 pm


        ***THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH AND NEEDS TO BE HEARD! SEEN BY EVERYONE! NOT HIDDEN!!! So it is Re-posted! And will be re-posted at many different websites across the web!!!***

        *** CIA/ U.S. Pentagon / U.S. Military – Assassinated Murdered NFL PRO Football Player – Corporal Patrick Daniel “Pat” Tillman[Born: November 6, 1976 – Murdered: April 22, 2004]. To STOP him from coming Home and Exposing the Truth of the FAKE Afghan War on Terror and uncover to All the atrocities happening there to innocent Civilians! Assassinated Murdered Killed to cover up the Fact it was all a BIG FAT FED False-Flag War Propaganda LIE!

        The Assassinated Murdered (6 Six) Seal Team Six 6 members on Monday May 2, 2011 during the Fake (Wag-The-Dog) False-Flag Raid on the Osama Bin Laden Compound! ( Osama Bin Laden “Died” of Kidney Failure in December 2001 ) their Stealth Helicopter was Intentionally Blown Up by the CIA/ Pentagon! Killing all inside! Then on Saturday August 6th, 2011 (Twenty 20) Members of Seal Team Six were killed when their Troop Transport Helicopter was Intentionally Blown Up by the CIA/ Pentagon! All Assassinated Murdered Killed to cover up the Fact it was all a BIG FAT FED False-Flag War Propaganda LIE!

        Then there is the CIA/ Pentagon FED False-Flag Pvt. Jessica Lynches Assassinated Murdered (Four 4) Fire Team Members who witnessed her cower on March 23, 2003 as they fought died and bled to protect her skinny cowardly ass in a Fire Fight! She was captured by Iraq Troops… taken to a Iraqi Hospital… then Rescued on April 1, 2003 by U.S. Special Operations Forces, Those Assassinated to Cover Up the CIA/ Pentagon False-Flag Propaganda Operation: July 7, 2003 Josh Speer,, August 23, 2003 David M. Tapper,, October 3, 2003 Kyle Williams,, October 22, 2003 Sok Khak Ung! Assassinated Murdered Killed to cover up the Fact it was all a BIG FAT FED False-Flag War Propaganda LIE!

        All Assassinated Murdered SACRIFICED by YOUR Precious CIA/ PENTAGON OFFICERS CORPS!

        MURDERED INTENTIONALLY to cover up U.S. FASCIST Federal Government / U.S. Pentagon / CIA Propaganda LIES!

        HONOR is a WORD! The Zionist Fascist run Federal Gov, U.S. Pentagon and U.S. Military Branches have NO Understanding of!

        Just ask Murdered U.S. Army Corporal Pat Tillman’s Mother, Wife, Father and the other Family Members of those Murdered by their Own Gestapo Fascist Government to cover up Government Propaganda LIES!

        Phuck the NWO!


        • Got to agree,cocopufff. I sincerely believe Osama was used as a pawn by TPTB and was allowed to set the wheels in motion with all the Islamic extremist masterminds for operation 9/11. In order for a NWOrder to take off, there had to be something so outrageous as 9/11. Experts have admitted the twin towers could not have fallen without some internal explosions at basement level. Reports got out before being squelched, that intel was provided about operations prior to 9/11, but were ignored and covered up by the Bush admin.

          Osama could be alive and well on some island. Too many reports and pics came thru that he was very sick though.
          I wouldn’t gamble on either being true.

          The number of murders for the sake of the NWO, is probably in the thousands. That is why God will handle the battles of Gog/Magog and Armageddon. There will be no disputing the “supernatural” events that unfold to take out the evil armies. When sheets of ice weighing from 80 to 120 lbs. begin to fall directly upon them, the world will see who is in charge. No propaganda,cover ups, or lies to deceive the nations. Praise the Lord,pass the potatoes, and “Bring it On”.

          • @Don’t Tread ;0) … Respect !


          • DT…
            You need to take your meds…
            You seriously belive the crap you spew??

            • @
              Wally Dog

              Don’t take em’. If I remember correctly, you don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for you.
              Hope you get your heart right before Ole Lucifer comes on the scene in the near future. Your the type he loves to deceive and take down into the pit with him. If so, you will have plenty of company.

      40. I will take the word of a Navy Seal over a piece of shit politician ANY DAY of the week! Those of us that served seen first hand how politicians can fuck up a wet dream when involved in military affairs. Seems here lately Veterans have been targeted fairly hard. I believe our SF are seeing this and they will be targeted now. These politicians would love for our military to be split and confused per a hit piece I seen on the Veterans Today website that was pitting Marines against Navy Seals. This is what the bastards in DC want too! Veterans and Active Duty– Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army please DO NOT let them pit us against each other! We all took the same Oath and WE ARE BROTHERS until the end!!!

      41. Mac,

        You’re assuming there’s only one truth…eyewitness accounts always vary and there are interpretations involved with many narratives. Intelligence in particular is a business of unknowns and educated guesses…and there are always minority opinions. However, there is a lot of validity to the belief that intelligence can end up being ‘shaded’ by the politics as you go up the food chain.

        • Intelligence and politics in the same sentence. Something just doesn’t seem right about that.

          • yeah, biggest Oxy-moron ive ever heard…lol

            like Jumbo-shrimp

            • My ex is an ox sized moron

              Just saying

              Take care

      42. People can debate this issue forever, the questions remain, is osama dead? why was he buried at sea? yes there are some classified operations that need to be kept secret but this operation is finished an I for one would like to know ALL about it! thing about our great nation is that you know when politicans are shooting a line of BS(every time their lips are moving). we can be assured by them that our country is a ok,even as we are broke and we have to rob peter to pay paul and we bail out banks even when they get away with stealing customers funds. so I don’t know about anybody else but I would like to hear some TRUTH for once,problem is now that we have been told so many lies, how can you tell the difference between the two? one more item before I enjoy the rest of my weekend. how many investors pulled their money out of the markets before the crash? my broker never warned me but others did,I pulled 80% of my portfollio and shorted the rest and when it started to go down hill my broker said it was only a correction! wow what a correction! I’m now 90% hard assests,now somebody was telling a lie! guess who!

      43. On the broader cheme of things, at least there was a raid. When Tillman was killed in friendly fire, then used by bush and the military as a recruiting tool, well that is blatantly hypocrisy and propaganda.

        Truth is there was a raid, osama was captured / killed and that is a 100% US success.

      44. Don’t you think if bin laden was killed or died years ago that bush wound not call obama out on this since all obama has done is blame and crucify him for all screw-ups as current president?

      45. The Federal Government is VERY afraid!

      46. Off Topic:

        Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands, showing their outrage with Arizona ‘s controversial new SB-1070 law by moving elsewhere.

        In the small town of Guadalupe , AZ, south of Phoenix , Manuel Renaldo is one of those who is punishing Arizona by leaving. As he loaded his car with his belongings and family of 14, Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter “It’s a matter of principle; I refuse to be supported by a state that treats me like a criminal!”

        The Effects of the exodus are being felt by Arizona retailers, who are reporting dwindling sales of beer, spray paint, and ammunition. Also hit hard are the state’s hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and emergency room visits. Tattoo parlors are in a state of panic.

        Renaldo told a reporter through an interpreter that he and his family are moving to California, a state that will support him and his family with dignity!

        My queston is, “Can we get that succer passed in all the other 49 states?” It might end illegal immigration as we know it, and California is the PERFECT refugee camp for illegals and liberals!

      47. It’s not bad yet. Just wait until this guy is re-elected!

        • I think thats what he said to Putin

      48. It’s never alright to tell the truth in America at this stage of the game. To Paraphase Henry Ford, “There would be riots by morning”. Everything from Executive Privilege to National Security prevents this from happening. The truth is so skewed that the most dangerous
        information to our well being is viewed with a good dose of skeptcism. As we move down into the death spiral we might find the most extreme predictions and past covert events to be true. That,”I told you so” moment awaits us all. After that point in time, the government can say anything they want and we will not believe nothing. You can conjour up your own visions of what happens after that. I struggle with information overload. Then have to fend off normal bias/denial tendencies. I would have never thought thirty years ago, of the prepping that I have done over the past ten years or more.
        So as Rex84 and Agenda 21 is implemented, I find whether or not or when OBL was killed to be small potatoes, however honorable the expose.
        I might be wrong on this but it is just my opinion.

      49. the American public at large dumbed down and happy with reality shows…would NOT see or understand the truth when it is presented to them….far too many are blinded by by the unstopping propaganda that is made to look like the truth…soooooo…..as soon as a “different” story is released the known lap dogs for the ‘government’ will attack all involved…as the ‘group behind the curtain’…demands…..the truth will set you free…and we can not have that,now can we…imho

      50. The point I am trying to say is. If the government continues to conseal or distort information on one side,
        they run the risk that all that is said in rebuttal, no matter how crazy, may become truth on the other side. As an enraged public don’t care no more. Then it gets really out of hand.

      51. **Uncle Okie’s Story Hour**

        Today, children, we’ll hear the story of Barak And The Beanstalk….Once upon a time there was a little Kenyan boy named Barak. His daddy had run off with a disco dancer from Paris (or her agent, the stories are disputed). His mommy was preoccupied with activities on other continents, so he was raised by his granny.
        They were very poor and one day his granny said, ‘Barry, there’s no food left in the house. We don’t even have enough left to make a batch of elephant ear stew. I want you to take our most prized possession, this golden teleprompter, and sell it in Chicago and buy some food. Hurry home and don’t talk to strangers.”
        Barak stammered for a minute, then his granny typed a response for him on the prompter. He read, “Okay, granny. I’ll be right back.”
        She beamed at him as if he’d thought of the words himself.
        An hour later, walking along to road to Chicago, he met a mysterious man. “Hi,” said the man.
        “Okay granny. I’ll be right back,” said Barak.
        “Huh?” said the man. After a few minutes of coaxing, he got the boy to speak without the prompter.
        “Say, that’s a mighty nice golden teleprompter you got there, sonny. How’d you like to trade it for some magic beans?”
        “Okay granny. I’ll be right back,” said Barak. After a few more minutes, a deal was made and the man took the golden teleprompter and the boy walked away with a handful of beans. He wondered what his granny would think about it.
        When he got home, he found out what she thought. As the ancient Kenyan saying goes: ‘She was pissed!’ She threw the beans out an open window and stalked out of the room. Barak was very hurt. He wished his granny would come back in with the prompter and write ‘boo hoo’ so he could express his feelings. Then he remembered, they no longer had the prompter, he’d sold it for beans. He felt terrible, so he snorted half of the last of the coke in the house and went to bed. He had a marvelous dream…or was it a dream?
        A giant beanstalk grew up outside his window. He climbed it, up…up…up into the sky. He stepped off onto the streets of a city. He saw mayor Immanuel and thought he must be in Chicago. But he wasn’t. He saw George Clooney and thought it must be Hollywood. But it wasn’t. He saw Two Dogs, the village meat vendor, and figured he was home. But he wasn’t.
        Then he noticed lots of people walking around. They all had their own golden teleprompters. And they were all reading lies to one another. They never stopped talking. And they were stealing and backstabbing and starting wars and bombing villages of brown people, not much lighter than himself. He was sure now- he’d died and gone to hell.
        He was terrified and wished he’d had his own prompter that said ‘scream.’ But he didn’t. He noticed a man pass by. It looked like the mysterious man who’d sold him the beans. Barak stammered, then blurted out “Mister! Have I died and gone to hell?”
        “No, sonny,” said the man with a sinister laugh. “But your close. Welcome to Washington!”

      52. Truth in Amerika? Novel idea now-a-days. As long as “Precedent” is used instead of “Law”, Truth will never be known. Fiction (Lies) & Reality (Truth) will always conflict. It’s up to the Individual to discern between the two. The Majority of Amerikans have a discernment problem.

        Me? Reality is that I get back to Prepping ’cause the Sh!t is about to Hit the Fan.

        Best to the Preps.

      53. Be informed

        Have you seen this?

        CHANCE OF FLARES: Sunspot AR1560 has more than quadrupled in size since August 30th, and now the fast growing active region is directly facing our planet: movie. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of M-class solar fares during the next 48 hours. Solar Flare alerts: text, phone.

        space weather.com


        • Thanks possee. That’s an awesome video of the c class flare from a couple days ago on the site as well. This new m class flare?….who knows? It might scramble the signals to a few drones if we’re lucky!
          Many of us here at Mac’s place really appreciate what you and BI (and several others) do in providing a heads up on stuff like this. Thanks again -okie

          • thank you..
            but I’ll leave all the kudos to be informed

            he’s got the know how down

            I’m just sending what little I know.or read.. forward

            I’ll stick to geo politics..that I have a bit more insight to than earthquakes and solar activity

            have a great night!


      54. @ possee. Too late for 1560 as by the time it has to grow enough for a X flare it will no longer be Earth facing. It should be out of the danger range by 36 hours to at worse be a glancing blow. On the space weather web site they have a picture of the sun and the sun spots as you are aware of. Watch the left side hempishere as these are the ones that will rotate into an Earth facing hit. Anything to the right or east of the centre of the sun are sunspots rotating out of range. That massive X-40 years ago was about 15% away from the right end and only caused a brilliant aurora show.

        A class M flare is like a tropical storm on the planet. A X class flare is a hurricane, yet to do much damage it would have to be about X-10 or so. Not to worry “this time”.

      55. Be Informed

        Well you got me into this mess and now I’m following it..lol!!

        Anyways thanx for the info and update..

        economic collapse is inevitable..
        coming soon to a nation near you..


        • @ possee. It is quite interesting when you think about the shear power of the planet, then the enormous horsepower of the sun. Most people, THE MASSES, have this illusion that they are invulnerable to Mother Nature and when a disaster hits all they have to do is call someone, charge the cost on their overinflated credit cards, and make it like it never even happened. These companies give the public that they can clean it up after any disaster. ANY?! I wonder how they will do this after an economic collapse. I wonder how they will solve eveything after all the food is gone off the shelves. The world will live in now truly stinks, as the motto of most people is let some company or the government solve the problem and don’t think about it.

          Most of these individuals have no idea just how much energy is involved when the sun releases a really large belch. Just like before an earthquake, there are warning signs, even if these are ALMOST undetectable. This is the way the physical universe works, nature gives us a heads up of what is coming, we just have to be alert and perceptive enough to catch it. That’s that hard part.

      56. Be Informed

        None of us know exactly what is to come or when.

        It is,however,quite obvious that the world is in a flux of massive proportions in every aspect over the last few years..

        Unfortunately the masses are still asleep with the notion that it could never happen here..and either the red team or the blue team will save us..
        Meanwhile their perceived liberties are increasingly swept away by stealth legislation and executive orders.never mind the weapons of financial mass destruction imploding the worlds economies as we speak.

        The notion that subtle earth changes are happening are also swept under the rug..as we can not have a duly informed public..no no no..

        Blind faith indeed!

        Your insight to seismic/solar upticks and the possible consequences are excellent.

        Keep us informed as always.


      57. So a US Navy Seal writes a work of fiction that the White House is concerned will not correspond with and back up the “official” work of fiction regarding Bin Ladin’s death. My my, what a tangled web we weave when first we seek to decieve. . .

      58. Including the hacks, Plame and Wilson, and the low-life Assange, in the same list as the others does a disservice, especially to the Navy Seal who has risked so much for us.

        • To play devil’s advocate…. are you suggesting those others risked nothing? That Bradley Manning, the low life who provided thousands of pages of insight into the inner workings of the back channels of not just our government but many others, is a hack? What if this Navy Seal, instead of writing a book, had released this information via Wikileaks, would he than be a hack as well?

          Sure, Plame and Wilson may have been acting in their own self interest to protect themselves from the Bush administration…perhaps they were rightfully treated as political hacks… But does it change the fact that they released information that the entire invasion of Iraq, which cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, was predicated on FALSE information and lies – a fact that everyone knows is now true?

          Again, where do we draw the line here? How do we determine who is a good whistleblower and who should be charged with treason?

      59. Cant make this shit up folks

        Stolen U.S. Secret Service U-Haul is recovered in Detroit

        really secure..lmfao..and some people are worried that they are competent..cant even keep an eye on their shit, and it also proves that they dont understand the areas they venture into..

        Detroit, you cant take your eye off a dam thing in that city, or it will be somebody elses in a second

        SS= no opsec

      60. I have a real problem with unauthorized disclosures, especially by professionals. When I was in uniform I was governed by the UCMJ and any non-disclosure agreements I signed. Thereafter, when working for one of the alphabet soup agencies I also had to sign non-disclosure agreements. Being in this business professionals know that any disclosure for any reason is prohibited. So I do not feel for this SEAL, nor do I care about his reasons for discourse. If the truth were his only reasons, he should not care if he loses all royalties. People in the intel business know better. You keep your mouth shut. You are a silent professional. For the true professional there is no fame nor recognition, just accusations by those who do not know. How OBL was killed is such a minor issue. But I am glad he was. Otherwise we would be spending millions on a trial and kill/execute him subsequently anyway. Why the expense? Who cares if OBL was executed or died during a firefight? He had forfeited any consideration a long time ago, namely on 9/11. These unauthorized leaks must stop. One day they will cause the death of some of our operatives or cause a mission to be scrapped. If the truth is the only reason for disclosing, there are avenues how that can be done, legally.

      61. As a former USAF Combat Controller (CCT), I am mixed on this topic. Part of me is disgusted that he would write such a book and divulge info that may be sensitive in nature. How we operate and how we train or carry out missions should always remain our secret.

        On the other hand, when Obama came on television and told the world what we did and when and how we did it; then shared more details with Hollywood a few days later, I kind of feel he blew the requirement for secrecy out the window.

        Either way, there is a reason these types of books are not written; it is all about OPSEC, all the time. Furthermore, we do not do the jobs we do for bragging rights (outside our own community) nor for recognition. So keep it to yourself.

      62. Just like in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia ………….only if its the party line . The “truth” must be approved before hand to avoid Auschwitz .

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