What’s Triggering The Left Now? Soon You Won’t Be Allowed To Say “Patriot”

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Headline News | 103 comments

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    There was a time when liberals and conservatives both agreed on one thing. They both used to love their country. Though they differed on what values and policies would be best for their homeland, they still had that shred of common ground.

    That’s clearly no longer the case. Across the Western world, you’ll find that even moderate liberals are often uncomfortable with terms like “patriotism” and “nationalism.” As for the far-left, they now view these terms as poisonous and archaic. That’s because they want the whole world to be one big happy family, where borders are meaningless, people can freely move from one country to the next, and no society is inherently better than another. They preach diversity, but they want the world to be blended into one drab monoculture that falls in line with their beliefs.

    So it was only a matter of time before leftists would start being triggered by patriotic rhetoric. It’s happening in Australia, where Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull recently stated that he wants the government to tighten citizenship and visa requirements.

    “There is no more important title in our democracy than “Australian Citizen”. And we should make no apology for asking those who seek to join our Australian family to join us as Australian patriots – committed to the values that define us, committed to the values that unite us. Our success as a multicultural society is built on strong foundations which include the confidence of the Australian people that their government, and it alone, determines who comes to Australia.”

    Sounds pretty inoffensive right? Not to many Australians, who have taken umbrage with his use of the word “patriot.”

    That of course, is so typical of the Left. They care more about how they feel regarding an issue, rather than the objective truth. And the truth of the matter, is that these people don’t seem to know what patriotism means. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it simply means love for or devotion to one’s country.” According to thefreedictionary.com, a patriot is “a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests.”

    What’s so bad about that?

    Make no mistake, people are increasingly being offended by patriotism across the Western world. It’s even ramping up in America, which is considered one of the most patriotic nations on the planet. Here we have leftists melting down over sports fans wearing red, white and blue clothing. Even in Germany, a country that is notorious for frowning upon most patriotic displays, it’s not taboo to wave the German flag at a sports game.

    This trend has to be fought at every turn, because there’s nothing shameful about loving where you come from.

    To everyone in the Western world, take note. What happens in you culture, will eventually influence government policies. So if this derision of patriotism ever goes mainstream, you can say goodbye to our borders. And when our nations are flooded with migrants who come face to face with a self-loathing culture, they’ll have no motivation to assimilate. Then you can say goodbye to your values and way of life as well.

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    It’s Now “BLATANT RACISM” To Wear Red, White And Blue

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    Sweden Forced to Build Heavily Fortified Police Station in Notorious Migrant No-Go Zone


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        • Mac, I’m sorry for the all caps rant. I’ve been in a foul mood all day because of the shooting and of course our opponents call for gun control right on cue. But this censorship article really set me off. There’s a storm coming…..I can hear the thunder.

          • I’ll say whatever the hell I want, when I want. I’ll fly my flag. I’m beginning to want these fuckers to confront me. I will waste them.

            • America, Love it, or Leave. Its that simple.

              • Amerika love it or change it back to its better years. It’s that simple.

            • Political correctness has cost at least 2 friends their jobs. This battle has been going on for a while and I’m afraid we are loosing.

              The truth is that the majority of white women in Europe support their invasion. It looks like white men stand alone.

              • You’re starting to get it…

                • When our brainwashing ain’t the same as their brainwashing that’s when action starts

              • European women love getting raped by stinky muslims. It’s obvious when they still allow the scum in with open arms after all the repeated atrocities they do.

                • Finally someone has the guts to tell the obvious truth of the matter, politically incorrect as it sounds!

              • For what it’s worth I’m a white woman who supports white men, after all I bore four of them, and have five white grandsons. I also believe the man is the head of the household and the religious leader of the family as long as he is making the best choices for the family as God instructed. This is the family unit as God created. Waiting

                • Ya know. I agree. I love men! I can’t stand feminists!!! And most of my friends are male. I think i am a female chovenist cuz when i go into a store and need help i pass right by the females and go up to a man. I don’t know why i do that. Sorry.

              • It seems like women are happily in support of their OWN
                “Enslavement”… No surprise, sad to say.

              • “Make no mistake, people are increasingly being offended by patriotism across the Western world. It’s even ramping up in America …”

                Only GLOBALISTS in the West are “offended” by patriotism, nationalism, and individual liberties. The large number of these “it takes a village” people (excuse the pun) evidences the success of COMMUNISM in its most palatable form; SOCIALISM, to infiltrate American institutions and undermine American Constitutional Values.

                This began with social security, expanded under the welfare state, multiplied by taking ‘GOD” out of the public schools, and culminated under President Obola who declared that “America was no longer a Christian Nation”; contrary to the fact that some 60 million Americans consider themselves “born again Christians”.

                Historically, American churches FAILED to heed the call to PROVIDE for the poor, embrace them, and take the FULL gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets, leaving the government to take responsibility (and thus CONTROL) of the population.

                The sin of America is COMPLACENCY and the political class has exploited that sin to destroy everything that made America great, including entrepreneurship, by giving every advantage to corporations while eviscerating American liberties and shipping our opportunities offshore to benefit the investment class.

                Engage the Powers That Be at the local level and the national level will take care of itself. Get organized. Be vocal. Be unrelenting and in their face at town halls.

                The LEFT understands that the PTB do not get the message unless there is blood on the streets, and when it is their blood that is spilled. Bernie’s Bro is evidence of that reality.

                Engage. If not you, who ??? If not now, when ??? 🙂

                • …like Americans at this point are going to do anything against their internal domestic terrorists.. you can’t get them out of their stained easy chairs Cheetos and DWTS….They love their slovenly enslavement. You can’t find a Mayflowers hull full of courage or care amongst Americans these days.. its all “tolerance” (not really its all cowardice and laziness, waiting on a mythical 3% to save them. How this country made it the first time with 3% is amazing, but the population wasn’t addled then by the ease and laziness of the culture they have now afforded by technology , electronic entertainment and brainwashing, and ease of living.

                  The America today is not even a SCANT modicum of relations to the Founding Fathers. Not even distant bastard cousins. What made the Founding Fathers great vanished within two generations of their passing.

            • Menzo, every weekend I’m dressed in a Gadsden t-shirt and Gadsden cap. I dare any mofo to challenge me on it. even have a Gadsden plate on the truck. I’ve had it up to my forehead with the libturds. I’ll say and wear whatever I choose. Let them bring it. it won’t end well for them.

              • Gadsdsen flags are for cowards. They think the snake makes them look tough.

                • troll!

                • PSTY, I’ll bet you wouldn’t come say that to my face.

              • Wow. That is so kool. I have a gadsden hat too, but am afraid to wear it in the city where all the liberals are. I am a small older woman and am afraid they will attack me. These people are CRAZY!!!

            • Yeah i know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about these rotten liberals. They are SCUM !! Speaking of not being able to say certain words….i had a dream last nite. I was sitting in a big hall at a table with a lot of people and we were about to eat. We were supposed to say a prayer before we ate, but the person in charge said we are not allowed to say the word “Prayer”. We had to use a different word….i forget what the word was…may have been dispensation or something else that began with a D. I stood up and said i was not politically correct and i was going to “say a prayer.” That’s all i remember, and now today i see this. Wow.


          • I don’t mind all caps because I don’t read those

            • I don’t mind all caps cuz i DO read them. It’s easier to read. For me anyway.

          • Aw oh….what shooting? Today? Where? I just got on here and have not had the radio on. I never watch tv. I guess i will have to check it out.

        • Relax, here in Wyo we keep track of the liberals and don’t usually let more than one or two out of Jackson Hole at a time. We keep a Liberal watch on Cheyane just in case any wander out of there.

          • If that is how you spell the WY capital…you don’t live there.

            • He might live there, they are pretty uneducated cowboys

              • if you only know one way to spell a word you lack imagination

          • How many words on this website, if we write them in the comment section gets our comment put into the Moderation Holding tank for review? We either have free speech or we don’t. So I ask why does a certain cult in our society get this certain protection?? Yes I am referring to the Gews.

            Thanks, but I will keep all my enemies on the other side of the barbed wire fence from where I habitat.

            This nutjob shooter today was a big MSNBC Rachel Maddow (MADCOW) fan. More lefty hate and destroy American propaganda Show BS. And parents, turn your TV off and limit TV watching by your children they are being indoctrinated to live in your basement until they are 40 years old with all the Lefty TV propaganda. Instead of watching TB, take them n a bike ride, go for a walk, play ball in the yard, have a back yard camp fire and tell stories. Create personal parent bonding. You want your children raised by a TV? Thinks about it. Cut the Cable cord and throw the TV away.

            • TV not TB, Sheesh, I guess I should proof read.. lol

            • I recently wound up in moderation limbo for using the word “tr*be”. I may just stop posting again.

              • Is that what is happening to me when my posts take up to 14 hours to appear? I know one time I was in moderation because it was two days before my post showed up and the post that put me in moderation never showed up; which I’m glad because I was ashamed of the posts after I did it. I really don’t think my other posts are disrespectful or prejudice. Waiting

              • Tribe (s)

        • BH,




          • Eisen, kiss my ass, LOL!

        • Braveheart, the rant is stated as a true patriot. Thanks. What happened to the snowflakes and other Libturds?

          • Cranerigger, who cares?

        • There is only one way WE are going to win this battle. You all know what it will take but right now WE are loosing. Gobalists world wide out number American Patriots and they are brainwashing our kids for he future. The longer t takes the mre thy win.

          • Yes, i agree. Sadly it does seem that we are losing. And the gov. has bigger weapons than we do and the sheep are brainwashed to snitch on everyone. My hermit friend says it’s time we “go gray” and not be so much out in the open.

        • I already saw your apology for all caps. I don’t know why others obsess over these things, anyway.
          That being said, I understand exactly how you feel because there are hundreds of thousands of us that feel the same. I cannot accept them because they’re overdoing everything, including useless investigations of our President. Lib-Turds do get away with everything, but they have a special reason for being the way they are.

          First, G SO so soros, is paying for all of this, along with the Click-tons. Second, O Slobber is also putting the fix in. For example he was in Hawaii with the circuit judge, who put in his halt on Trumps ban, 2 hours after he’d eaten lunch with O Slobber. They ‘are’ out to get our President. But, it may assist you to understand that he has many forms of protection around him. Good Christians, his own private security, which supersedes the white house SService. But his own are better, as they are former Blackwater security agents…and good ones, too. Then, I found out last night, that there are other men and women watching his back, and people are oblivious to it. Knights Templar…in street clothes. No one will know who they are, what they look like because the real ones are an international order. The days of capes and helmets are over, unless they are meeting or attend a Templar mass I would presume. They’re still registered with the Vatican, but they are in the numbers of thousands. There are some of our military who are from KTI. So believe me, I was horribly afraid for DT, and God quelled my fear of that, because last night I just happened upon their website. They detest what is going on in WA, but basically stated, they’re taking it one day at a time. There is help on the inside. Believe me when I say, they’re doing their best..absolutely; but they do have strict guidelines they follow as well. Just know they’re out there, and close to those who need them.

      2. Keep your friends close and your enemy closer. Yep everything is gonna get chaotic…

        • Logicrazy, I remember that quote from ‘Godfather’. I always wondered what Al Pacino meant by ‘keep your enemies closer’. I always thought it was best to put all the distance you can between your enemies and yourself.

          • Keep them close enough you cannot miss.

            • Paranoid, LOL! OK, I can buy that one.

          • Oh no….keep them close so you know what they are thinking and what they are up to! I once went into a bookstore 2 yrs ago in the city not knowing it was a communist bookstore and i met a cute guy there. Gave him my ph number and he called. He was attracted to me and i liked him cuz he seemed to have some brains. After i got to know him i found out he was a flaming Liberal !!! So i thought i would see if i could infiltrate a bit while talking to him on the phone. But he never would say much and i couldn’t get into his head. He told me of many protests he was going to, but never would talk about them. I found out he was only interested in me for sex, and since i couldn’t get into his head and find out more information i stopped seeing him. It was tricky talking to him tho as i had to watch my words. I never let on that i was a conservative yet one time when we were talking about politics he said…”yeah, YOUR friend Trump”. I had never mentioned Trump before. He may have thought i was a Conservative as i live in the country. Who knows. But i couldn’t pick his brain and i let him go. I wanted to see how liberals think. I guess trying to infiltrate didn’t work! Oh, he saw the bumper sticker on my car…”Police Lives Matter” and it may have tipped him off that i was not a liberal. Ha, ha.

      3. Breaking news!

        The fascist left to activate your cell phone microphone and laptop video camera to ensure you are not using the word “patriot.”

        Next up is book burning by the left.

        Count on it

        • I’m in the clear don’t own either. Thanks, Father Patriots you taught me to respect the 4th!!

          But I do have to go to moderation limbo…

          • Yes book burning i believe! They are already trying to change history by taking down rebel monuments. Books will be next i bet. I do keep my phone in a faraday tin can so it will not turn on as frequencies can not get thro. I don’t have a smart phone just a cheap trac phone. Of course i have few people who call me so don’t need the phone on all the time. I don’t have a cam on my pc and if i did i would cover it with tape. Who needs a cam? I don’t.

        • TEST

          The Neo-Conservative Republicans are no saints either as the Patriot Act was signed by GW Bush 43. The debates isn’t Left verses Right but rather Populist verses Globalist. The Globalists have the majority of both party’s.

        • A society that burns books
          will soon burn people.

      4. Here’s a link to an archive of the shooter’s Facebook:

        ht tps://www.scribd.com/document/351291648/James-T-Hodgkinson-Archived-Facebook-461-Pages

      5. I was in a doctors office today, he’s happens to be a card carrying member of the ACLU, so he has lots of left wing magazines in his office. So i spent some time reading a few of them. There was Mother Jones, The Nation, and a few more that i can’t remember the names of. Anyway, if you take the time to read what they write, they hate people like you and i, who don’t think like they do. Oh one other take away i got from reading those magazine’s, they will do anything they have to to impose their way of life on us, but most of all they think the world would be a great place with all of us DEAD. So lock and load people, because i think this summer we’ll see open warfare in American streets. I hope everyone’s ready to fight to win, and remember they’ll kill you if you give them a chance, so don’t give them any quarter at all!!!

        • I like the ACLU as I am a Libertarian. Their problem, like the right is they, pick and choose through the Bill Of Rights. I like it in its totality. I don’t have to personally agree with nor condone your choices in life to accept the fact that they are your choices and no one else’s. Freedom is the right to do as you please up to the point that it directly hurts someone else.

          Americans proudly claim that they have something that they themselves for the most part can’t identify.

          • I hate the ACLU.

            They are Communists.

            They promote pedofiles.

            They use the first amendment as cover for their deceitful underlying agenda of anti-white, anti-American filth.

            __ this is 3ew infiltration into our core to devour us

            __ to hell with the ACLU


            • B, I’m with you on the ACLU. They’re also top-heavy with ‘tribe’ lawyers.

            • GW Bush misused a lot of words. Compationate Conservative, Means dead or alive and bring it on. And the word Freedom. They hate us for our Freedoms. And Operation Iraqi Freedom means the US will bomb the crap out of your country and kill a million of your people. After all of that, you think other countries want American Freedom dropped from B52’s in carpet bombing fashion. I think not.

      6. This is nothing less than the lefts lame attempt to circumvent their political oppositions freedom of speech.

        If I had a nickel for every time the MSM attacked Trump for his direct unfiltered communication via tweets with the American people, I’d be as rich as Trump. They hate that they can’t spin Trumps public statements and use them as leverage against Trump.

        These people are insidiously vile and evil, also referred to as, “given over to a reprobate mind”.

        • Exactly

      7. PTPO, you mean the libturds have MINDS? Now that’s a REVELATION to me, LOL!

        • Worms have minds, they are able to find food, a mate, and procreate. The liberal left, not much different from worms.

          I often see them laying on sidewalks after rainstorms, waiting for the soil to dry out.

          • When ever I can I teach babies all about liberals with a rhyme, I do, it goes like this.

            Oooie Poohy, was a worm.
            A mighty liberal worm was he.
            Upon the railroad tracks he sat.
            The train he did not see,
            for he was politically correct.
            Oooie, poohy, goohie!

            • That’s awesome! You know, you are planting seeds of freedom in their little heads that will grow and blossom in due time. Rock on.

            • PTPO, ROTFLMAO! One of the best I’ve ever heard!

          • Oh, you mean you see liberals laying on the sidewalks waiting to dry out? Why the hell don’t ya just STEP on them? Easy peasy!

      8. I am deeply-deeply offended by this article and thus I’m going to my safe space with my Teddy Bear and a jar of strained peas. After a long cry, I will take a nap!

        Boo-whoo, poor me, lets kill all Conservatives, boo-whoo


      9. Open Civil War is coming. My guess is right around the next Election cycle. If the Commie-crats can take the House, they will impeach Trump, so they will do ANYTHING to win the next election.

        • Well the socialists are at least willing to fight, that’s way more than most tax slaves.

        • There is no point in discussing the why or how or what caused these people to become the assholes they are. They cannot be changed, and it is more cost effective to eliminate them from the planet. What we have is some people who are logical thinkers and their emotions are tempered by that logic. Those are the people that are true Christians. All of the Bible is based on pure logic whether you understand it or not, and most people do not. A true Christian knows that the time for talk is over. Talk is cheap and whiskey costs money. So, if any thing is to be discussed, it should be what it is going to take to exterminate these assholes. It will take a national disaster to create the trigger point. I think the grid will be taken down by teams of terrorists taking out the transformers or and EMP. And when it happens Christians will have to strike while the iron is hot. Pull up the wheat with the tares and burn them all if necessary. Cut off the diseased limbs of the vine. Christians can be some of the most brutal people on earth when they have had enough of the bullshit.

      10. The libs have a fight on their hands. The dems are losing voters in droves and are getting desperate. Notice all the nuts involved in shootings are dems/libs or bernie supporters? watch your back…its getting hinky out there.

      11. Chicago City Council & Rahm Emanuel just approved a 10% increase in property taxes.
        People of Chicago, pull the Democrat donkey dick out of your asses. It’s only going to get

      12. Turnbull is simply expressing a universal truth – a sovereign country has an absolute, unqualified right to determine who they will let in and who they will exclude. The Aussies are, understandably, worried about importing Middle Eastern terrorists and their fellow-travelers. Another universal truth is – Muslims are BIG trouble when you try to mix them into a Western culture. It’s too bad, really, because I remember the days when the Aussies used to have much bigger cojones. Now they’ve become as bad as their British cousins.

        • Australia has already been destroyed. They banned Guns, so the people are defenseless. The US has built some Military bases on the continent. They are getting Australia involved in the south seas conflicts. Its being taken over and destroyed from within, by the Left and importing Muslims.

          France is destroyed, and Tourism is down like 75%. The big NWO plan is to soft invade, ban guns, then infiltrate the government and install their NWO Puppets, then dismantle the country and destroy the country from within.

          The US has been destroyed with this same Lefty Commie Mentality. Its was decades in the planning. Our US Military no longer operates in the interests of Americans or our Values. Anybody today who joins the US Military is a friggin Idiot and traitor as well as work for the (((MICM))) Military Industrial Complex Mafia. You are a sell-out to our country, our values and our freedoms. You get no respect from me. So F*ck off Traitors.

          • interesting that its a guy on the left doing this. Maybe the plan is for lefties to be blamed in false flags now and the Republicans to enact gun control?

        • “Now they’ve become as bad as their British cousins.”

          This should not be any surprise to you … but … just who do you think took over Australia and occupied it back in the day?

          Yes … you are correct … it was the British.

          Notice how the Aussie Flag and the British Flag compare to one another – do they look familiar?

          There is a reason for that.

          Nothing has changed … it is the same ruling cult that occupies both of these places.

      13. just who is going to stop me from saying it ?

      14. “There was a time when liberals and conservatives both agreed on one thing. They both used to love their country.”

        I’m neither a Liberal nor a Conservative – I’m a Constitutionalist … and once the the Federal & State Levels of Government abandon the Laws of this Land – was the day I lost any love for this country.

        Sure … there are worse places to live in this world, but why support a Government when it is doing wrong?
        Flag waving – “USA, USA, USA chanting ‘tards are nothing but SLAVES to the SYSTEM – I will have no part of it.

        “patriotism” and “nationalism.”

        Again … I retort – “The United States Of America is and has been on the wrong side of History.”

        What is there to be proud of here?
        An abundance of people have been indoctrinated into believing that we are #1 in everything … and in some categories that is true, but nothing to be proud of.

        The America that I was born and raised into … is certainly not the America I now know.

        It’s Unrecognizable!!!

        To this day … even with Trump in the Whitehouse – the Game is the same, and nothing will change for the betterment.

        The continuance of these illegal invasions on other countries – arming and supplying ISIS & it’s affiliates – dropping White Phosphorous and Drone striking civilian villages – false flags …etc … is unacceptable!!!

        Who in their right mind would support such a thing?

        (A) Flag Wavers
        (B) USA Chanters
        (C) Voter Participants
        (D) NASCAR Fans
        (E) All Of The Above

        Answer: E

        Is America Fucked?

        Answer: Yes it is!

        • Then surely you can articulate what separates the US from every other nation, right?

          Hint: It’s in the first sentence of a paragraph.

        • FTW,I also am saddened by much of what our govt. has done at home and the world,usually for the profits of just a few.

          When I look to find blame for this insanity,well,first I look in the mirror,we as citizens have allowed this to happen.I get it,folks work/have families ect.,doing their best to survive,that said,comes a point when we must realize we love our families/friends/and yes,country we have to get more active in the direction of our country.

          I love my country,tis the govt. I hate and the lack of action on my and millions of others parts that have gotten us here.

      15. Can’t say Patriot, He, She; and don’t know what the definition of Is Is.

        So, STFU everybody. They hate us for our freedom.


      16. Pitting the right against the left and the left against the right is

        3ew divide and conquer.

        The New World Order is just the 3ew world order.

        Don’t you get it America. It is them telling you what they are doing to you.

        Why do you think they call it “New”.. Because it rhymes. How stupid are you??

        The Secret Behind Communism is that it was created by 3ews to steal your money and land,
        Kill off your smart young men
        Relegate the survivors to slaves


        • I understand what you’ve been saying about that certain populace. I’ve been watching Brother Nathaniel’s videos and he is in agreement with alot of what you’ve been saying about this certain populace. He , Bro Nathaniel, gives his reasons and examples for his statements. They are the ones with all the money and we all know that is where the power is. I haven’t heard him speak on Hitler yet. Don’t know if he does? I even think there could be a “get even” mentality there toward Gentiles from this certain populace. Waiting

      17. Pitting the right against the left and the left against the right is

        3ew divide and conquer.

        The New World Order is just the 3ew world order.

        Don’t you get it America. It is them telling you what they are doing to you.

        Why do you think they call it “New”.. Because it rhymes. How stupid are you??

        The Secret Behind Communism is that it was created by 3ews to steal your money and land,
        Kill off your smart young men
        Relegate the survivors to slaves


        • @B from CA…..

          You and Hitler see eye to eye.

        • I get it B of CA. Expose their crimes and conspiracy against the USA and the world. They hate that when they are exposed. Just like cockroaches, they scurry when the light is shined on them. They pillage and steal so much from our country and blackmail our politicians and presidents. Evil to the core.

      18. More civil war bullshit. People will get up and go to work tomorrow. And Friday. And Monday. GET. FUCKING. REAL.

        • Hop,why would they not go about their lives.Lets face it,while folks do not like that some nut shot up some in congress and their guards,face it,congress has what,10% approval rating,like losing sleep over a criminal shot in a robbery,tis what those in congress are for most part,bought out thieves.

          There is already a media/court civil war going on,hope it never lights up into full blown open violence as then the countries citizens have played into the hands of the govt. with their puppet masters approval.

      19. The Left in this country are the equivalent of the Taliban, and Hodgkinson was a Leftist Jihadi.

        • Finally…somebody said it! That is exactly what it is – leftist jihad. And much more to come.

      20. The things going on in the world are spiritual and go deeper than people and manmade conspiracies. Antichrist and world government is coming. To bring in a complete new system you have to destroy the confidence in the old. Terrorism, economic collapse, environmental worries and complete breakdown of all current political ideas will cause the average person to willingly accept the world government out of fear. God is allowing this to happen because the only important thing is do you accept Christ as savior and do you trust he will return as king? The antichrist kingdom will give the final opportunity for mankind to decide who is their king. Everyday that this goes on is one more day of grace to receive Christ. Once God shows himself it is too late to receive grace and mercy through faith and then you can only be judged by your thoughts and actions. A standard none of us can meet on our own without grace.

      21. Q, ????

        Are we going the way of NAZI GERMANY in the 1930s ?????????

      22. Going to have to make a stand. Sometimes making a stand hurts.
        Some people tell me they don’t like America and I tell them that there are planes and boats going to all points of the world, leave.

        If you hate this country that much, leave.

        Anybody who complains about flying the flag and the traditional values of the country, leave.

        What we see is the spirit of globalism and the effort to destroy nationalism.

        Interesting how liberal the country has become.

        The Country has become Babylon.


      24. I fly my confederate flag, most either like it or don’t care. A few don’t like it, as if that mattered.

      25. They want us so overwhelmed with guilt from “white privilege”, that we will just hang our heads in shame and not speak at all except to beg forgiveness. It won’t happen. You can fool some of the people all of the time(bleeding-heart liberals), some of the people none of the time(patriots), and the rest haven’t got a thought in their heads!

        • The only “privilege” that Whites have is the “privilege” of paying high taxes to support the leeching minorities.

          • I have a plan.
            I say we hold a national conference, all of us that work, will stop and go on welfare. All the folks on welfare can have our jobs. No more excuses for them,, let them work.
            I have had a W-2 paying job since I was 14. I am ready for some down time.
            During the one to two years it will take for the final fall of our country we can keep prepping, fortify our locations and build greater and stronger networks,,, as we will have the time now to do this. Especially since we will no longer be spending a third or more our time supporting others.
            Then when they crash the nation, we can let them take out each other and once that happens we re-emerge and take back the country, all rested and prepared for victory!!

      26. I drive a Jeep PATRIOT…are they going to protest that Jeep stop making them? I wouldn’t doubt it. They’re idiots.

      27. Recently, someone was convicted of manslaughter for telling someone to kill them-self through social media and they did. All the political rhetoric needs to be dialed way back or DOJ should start prosecuting stars mimicking ISIS and plays depicting assassination.

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