What’s Coming Is Here: “Every Economic Indicator Says We Are In Economic Free Fall”

by | Jan 26, 2016 | Headline News | 171 comments

This article has been removed at the request of the author.

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

There's little time left before the REAL DISASTER occurs!

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    1. charlie2dogs

      all the political, flat earth, planetx, isis, war, is just to keep you distracted from the monetary and economic collapse that is looming over us, and the only thing most american idiots can talk about is who is going to win the election , like it matters

      • Paranoid

        And that’s good. Can you imagine the Chaos if the sheeple woke up? We have been given close to 5 extra years to get out S**t together. I’ve paid off bills I never thought I could. Got more stuff than I ever imagined. How much 22 ammo do you think has been stockpiled in the last 8 years? How mch FD food? 8 years ago Wal-Mart didn’t sell 25 year food; now they do. Lots of people have done huge amounts of stuff.

        • Caucasian

          We better get our heads screwed on straight and come to the conclusion that we are going to have to kill people soon in defense of our lives and offensively eliminate our enemies if we expect to change any damn thing.

          • Green tip 4 U

            That’s a hell of a statement

            • Caucasian

              Our reality I believe. Most people still think I’m crazy when I try to explain what’s happening though. Bummer.

            • Enemy of the State

              but right on the mark

              • PO'd Patriot

                No words minced I’d say.

          • Mary

            how long will they keep as emergency food?

            • 2isone

              Some freeze dried food in cans are good for 25 years. Pouches have a shorter life span… Mountain House guarantees up to 12 years. But dehydrated and freeze dried foods are a base layer for any serious preparation along with buckets of staples like beans, rice and wheat.

              Most people build food storage from short term to long term, stocking up on canned chicken soups, etc. first and then moving into the more expensive long term food storage. I personally think it may not be a good idea anymore to wait to stock a long term pantry. I have a feeling the price of food is going to skyrocket soon.

              Many people here will also tell you to start a garden. I am really not a green thumb person, and I am doing it. God help those plants;-).

              • Lowcountry

                went to Publix last night to get some filet steaks…celebration for my daughter. No steaks, no potatoes on shelves. The truck was late getting there. Late. And nothing? That is how tightly the supermarkets manage inventory. 3 days max. Bought 2 NY strips instead and they were outrageous $$ and SUCKED!

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  new york steak is a t-bone(or porterhouse) with the tender/better part of it removed…it’s appalling how few in amurca know how to pick a steak correctly…most know nothing, or maybe even LESS than that, about picking a steak….sad, what has happened to amurca.

              • Rebecca

                2isone, I laughed when I saw your garden comment. Remember that those plants have a strong will to live! Good luck to you.

          • russ

            I hate to say this, BUT U R CORRECT!!! I’ve done what U have said and am ready. I am praying the Lord will come B 4 then and take us born again Christians out of here.

            • yaiqab

              now u know how the slaves felt when u had us in slavery!!! now its your turn to be paid back. the end of the edomites (caucasian) kingdom has come. thank god almighty the israelites are getting ready to be “freed at last” ohh i forgot to say. messiah is a negro (not african) negroes are the people u enslaved.

            • The Spartan

              Russ, the pretrib rapture is spiritual junk. Leave it in the salvage yard of church where it belongs.

              • Knowshitsurelock

                correct there is no rapture mentioned anywhere in the Bible!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            ammon bundy and militia arrested, shots fired

          • alias

            Not really
            Just more troll bait from our resident ‘agency ass clown’.
            The replies are his too.

            On a ligher note, looks like they finally stopped Shawna Cox from breeding! (temporarily). 12 kids, 42 grandkids!
            And Ammon is in cuffs.
            Gave up without a fight.

            Now get your fucking cattle off my land, you twisted Mormon jackoff.

            • court report

              Yeah, the truth about the anti government heroes is revealed once more for the ” game on ” idiots. When the going gets tough, put your hands up and surrender. Hey, it’s what big talkers do! All their bullshit talk boils down to nothing when push comes to shove. They sound like so many ” bravehearts” until shots are fired for real, like all the big talkers here will surrender if they ever do more than flap their lips about how tough they are.

            • Knowshitsurelock

              correct there is no rapture mentioned anywhere in the Bible!

          • Mountain Trekker

            THE KILLING HAS BEGUN IN OREGON! But it’s the fed’s doing the killing.

      • Anonymous

        Doesnt matter and hasnt mattered in a long long time.

      • Acid Etch




      • Acid Etch

        I only want to work for white men.

        Female and minority bosses are fucking useless. They are experts at wasting people’s time on meaningless bullshit.



        West Virginia has the least diversity in the country at 1% non-white, and has a low population density and much fertile land. This area should therefore be repurposed to an apartheid limited direct democracy with a constitution.

      • BigB

        Oh please! The DOW was up over 250 points today. Unemployment as calculated by the government is at 5%. Real Estate prices have never been higher. Wages are creeping back up. Where or where is this economic free fall occurring?


        • Archivist

          In “Realsville” as Rush would say.

        • PWYPreach

          The DOW is up….because America is now basically considered the only place semi-safe enough to park money.

          Unemployment is low…because they “cook” the numbers. IF you counted everybody who wants a full-time job, but can’t find one above minimum wage (or pays more than welfare does), the unemployment numbers change drastically upward.

          Real estate prices are skyrocketing…because they just repealed FIRPTA for the benefit of foreign retirement/pension funds, and at the same time, England and Australia have passed laws discouraging foreign real estate investment.

          Wages are creeping back up…snails race faster.

          Where is the freefall occurring? Every village, town, and city that is not considered a viable place to park wealth…that and every place that the various government agencies would like to see go out of business using their excuse of “global warming.”

        • Peckerwoods

          Cool. No bankers, no non whites and no women. Roger that acid. You make perfect sense.

        • bill

          The dow is up 250 today..Yea duh but down 2000 for the year dumbass!

      • Acid Etch





        • acid etch is urine

          TRUMP had college deferments, take that dildo out of your buttocks

      • Acid Etch

        The Planned Parenthood indictments are an affront to almighty God.

        You boomers truly are some sick and evil bastards.

        I hope God punishes the wicked.

        • Peckerwoods

          Doing acid and ranting is the game? Got it. You hate old, non whites, women and bankers. And I hope me too. Acid isn’t getting his attention and wants to up his game to full retard level. Make all letters really big (caps) and throw a keyboard tantrum. And by the way acid…fuck you too. Not old just tired of your big mouth bullshit.

        • Ohio

          Aren’t you a sodomite?

      • Acid Etch

        Only 3% of college professors have ever taken economics 101.

        That number needs to be 100%.

      • Acid Etch

        No white athletes ever win trophies = crickets

        No black nominees for the Oscars = chimpout

      • arf

        When dealing with the Masses….Remember, sometimes the “M” is silent…

      • WhoKnewIt..

        I have No Previous Metals, Just Precious Metals that have value unlike the pretty designed paper debt fiat currancy that is claimed to contain value.

        I pulled out an old 1957 Silver Certificate Dollar Bill. These words are printed near the top.
        “This Certifies that there is on deposit in the Treasury of The United States of America One Dollar in Silver payable to the Bearer on Demand.” Since the Treasury was pillaged, they have No Backing other than the Full Faith and Credibility of the US Graberment. The US Govnt currently has Zero Credibility
        So there you have it. Preuous metals have more credibility that a hooey wishey washy IOU from Tyrants.

        – WWTI..

    2. Si visa paceman para bellum

      Let the games begin.

    3. KY Mom

      “Zombie Ships” – Why Global Shipping Is Even Worse Than The Baltic Dry Suggests

      “One glance at The Baltic Dry Index’s collapse is all that most need to see the painful state of the global shipping industry.

      However, as gCaptain reports, reality is even worse as the boom in so-called “zombie ships” suggests there is no recovery in sight for the beleaguered containership charter market, which is facing its biggest crisis since the 2008 financial crash.”

      1/26/16 – The Baltic Dry Index falls to 345
      Dry Ships dot com

        • Observer

          Thanks for the Dryships website. I was always getting my numbers from BDI Bloomberg. Bloomberg always posted a day late. How low can it go. No one has ever seen numbers this low.

          • durangokidd

            K2: From the zombie ships article:

            “….. with the possible exception of very small feeders, all containership sectors are struggling badly, with owners obliged to accept sub-economic charter rates and pay for positioning costs just to keep their ships busy.

            The revenue earned in charter hire is seen by owners as a “contribution” to vessel overheads, but is often insufficient to cover mortgage payments on the ship….”

            As I noted the other day, owners would rather have their ships operating, retaining market share, than sitting at anchor, in port.

            Its going lower. 🙁

            • durangokidd

              BTW: We are NOT at “economic collapse”. Just the usual fear mongering from Dave Hodges. The quote from Soros:

              “Europe is on the verge of collapse” –George Soros ….

              Soros was referring to the POLITICAL collapse of Europe, not an economic collapse. And the political will not be total, but PIECEMEAL.

              Typical “Yellow Journalism” from Hodges that undermines his credibility. Hodges is a fucking flake, looking to make a buck off of your fear.

              If you believe him you are one of the suckers that are born every minute. 🙂

              • Scavenger

                I don’t see where Hodges is implying that the Soros comment was referring to the economy. The way this article is cobbled together starts talking economics, switches gears to politics (down thru the piece on Lynch), then returns to economics. Not that difficult to understand.

    4. ArmageddonProof

      Short and to the point. Good read.

    5. USMC1982

      Don’t underestimate the ability of the Fed and the powers that be to manipulate the markets. They have OPEC on board and are going to lower oil production. Which will keep the markets from crashing for now. They are kicking that can further down the road.

      Unless there is a triggering event, this could go on until 2020. But sooner of later it will crash hard. If its later, that’s just more time to prepare.

      • Gonetoolong

        I too think that Americans will push this out further with the public’s compensation of events. We continue to turn a blind eye as long as the football games are played and the movies keep streaming. I am absolutely amazed at how much we tolerate as a nation. That being said, the right event could kick this shit off in a hurry. I can see that people are fed up with shit on many fronts and for many different reasons. The conservatives feel things are headed too liberal, and the libs think things are not liberal enough. Both sides pissed off and fewer people in the center. BO is pushing every figurative button he can to get a fight started. Better need than ever to be prepped.

      • Cara

        Saudi Arabia has been drilling to flood the market with oil and drive American and Canadians out of the fracking and oil sands business. They have succeeded.
        But they still keep flooding the market. Why? Are they working their own angle to cause a western economic crash? They crash the west and then what???

        As far as Germany is concerned it is no surprise that they are crashing. A nation can not take in a couple of million welfare cases and stay economically strong. I watched the mess over the summer and fall and wondered how quickly Germany and the others would start to crumble. Especially with a weak global economy.

        England is worried about 12 months from now. The immigrants can not work until they are fully processed and get their European IDs. Once they get them they can go anywhere in the EU. They can not be kept out. And many want to go to England.

        So if Saudi Arabia continues to drive the western economies down and send immigrants to be welfare leaches what outcome could be expected? When it comes to lack of food, how long will it be till there is fighting in the streets or in homes?

        And how long till we see all that here? Saudi Arabia has been building huge mega mosques all over the US. A community of 50 people “pay” for and build a multi-million dollar mosque, school and community center and playgrounds that will house 5000 and nobody asks what is going on.

        • Philosopher

          How long until there is fighting? Some say it only takes nine meals to arrive at anarchy.

          This recent episode with unlimited pumping in SA and OPEC was not accidental. I remember reading about this when it started, about 18 months ago. I was a skeptic then and I am still a skeptic. SA is following the orders of their US handlers. This started as a move to ruin Russia. It looks like things have backfired.

          As far as Germany, the next TBTF bank is Deutschebank. The German communists are going to learn, the hard way, that printing money and spending other people’s money has a limit.

          There are plenty of people asking what is going on, why, and who is going to pay for it. http://Www.thegatesofvienna.net is a great place to start searching.

        • Frank Thoughts

          I get what you are saying: it is a sophisticated take-down of the West by Saudi to impose a global Islamic New World Order. People (mistakenly) thought the New World Order would be a totalitarian society where Christine Lagarde would lord over us in her super-tight, gold jumpsuit and f-me black leather boots. But, instead, it will be a stultifying Islamic hell-hole: women kept indoors and under a burkha, men separated (literally) from the gays, but hooked up with the boys and girls.

          There are always clues as to how far Islamic power and wealth has penetrated your society and economy.

          1) One is the greater use of black as a design motif. You will see this more and more in ads and graphic design (usually with gold). Do some digging,and you will find the funder is from the Middle East.

          2) Another is zero interest rates. Charging of interest is unIslamic so countries being run by Islamic wealth will surreptitiously go to zero interest rates.

          3) Another is more obvious: a quickly growing Muslim population. More mosques being built; more disputes over Sharia law; more Islamic schools, Halal meals etc.

          4) Which countries are far down this road? In Europe, it is obvious: France, Germany, the UK and Sweden. All those countries are past the point of no return. They are ‘captured’. They are also the countries where public order is breaking down and the police look more and more helpless to protect the population. Eastern Europe and Russia is another story. They are still free.

          • Scavenger

            I believe islamism is a tool of the globalist/NWO, not the end goal.”Order out of chaos”… Just as you stated, public order is breaking down. I believe they are orchestrating international political, social, and economic turmoil that will result in a devastating world conflict. They (NWO) will arise the only (and “best” solution) to bring order to the chaos.

    6. Ppod

      It’s been here for a while….aaaaaaaand…….??

    7. slingshot

      Lots of things can happen and they are not good. Besides doing preps, you can enjoy he stability while it lasts. We know that people will make decisions based on fear and will do things they would not normally do. Riot, loot and other crimes. Then we have the government to deal with on all levels.

      We know something is coming.

      • lena

        “Lots of things can happen and they are not good. Besides doing preps, you can enjoy he stability while it lasts.”

        Second this.

        Although things are much worse than is portrayed economically worldwide, the masses haven’t noticed yet. sports games are still selling out and people are still filling up cruises and vegas and this will continue for probably this whole year as it’s always a slow moving train.

        that said. every decline in the mkt has been faster than anticipated and every rally weaker this year and that is going to increase. the market losing 50% this year is not out of the question IMO as the FED is out of magic.

        if the usa is not in a recession this year, it will be next year.

        • slingshot


          It is all about greed and control.
          Who ever the hell they are IMF, Builderburgers, World Bank, Rothschild, Soros it is about the wealth and they want the world divided up among the very few. What they see is the world is being poisoned by chemicals and radiations so the food supply will diminish. Harm can be done with weather control. HAARP for instance. GMO food and Vaccinations combine with medications could be another way to kill us all. The day they close the banks so there is no money for food is going to be the wake up call.

          • TheGuy

            Seems to me more like:

            There’s always a “sieve” built in to this culture. Those small enough economically speaking to fall through… fall through. Into zero safety net. And presumably die, I mean I’ve watched it happen a couple of times now, though I don’t know what happened after they fell through.

            Sometimes their families pick ’em out, sometimes they don’t… if they do, they can risk falling through themselves, depending how bad it is.

            I just see the holes in the sieve getting larger and larger over a period of 10 years. Until the mid-middle class are falling through. Hell maybe even the upper middle class. No, bankruptcy is not “falling through”. Homelessness is falling through.

            • Rebecca

              The Guy
              my last boss just bankrupted… he thinks he fell through. He blew through millions trying to keep it together for his son to inherit. This is taking down the bigger ones too.

    8. I'm Will Tired

      Off topic kinda,
      Late last night I seen a commercial for the Army that stated we are no longer trying to keep up with change we are going to DRIVE change. This seems very strange as to me the only way to drive change is to create change and this should not be done by someone holding a gun.

      • TheGuy

        If you “drive change” militarily and actually release it into the wild before you strictly need it… you simply escalate conflict.

        I would have thought the theft of the atom bomb by Russia back in the day would have conclusively proven that one. What was that, 30… 40… years of a shit sandwich? And yes we almost did eat that one. Several times.

    9. Rebecca

      I agree with Paranoid. Advance notice allows millions of people to prepare. Most people need that time to not only stash food but to effect a complete lifestyle change on a shoestring budget. Even if it is just the number of gardens going in… US has added about 23 million home gardens. That makes a difference and it is butchering Walmart, may it rest in peace. The added benefit of prepping and gardening, it gives people an incentive to stay home, increase their efforts, and not run into the hinterlands like locusts. 45 million gardens is stabilizing. If 23 million people started gardening in the last few years, there are 23 million people awake. Add to the 22 million experienced gardeners who have some awareness. 45 million people are at least on the path. Figure 3 people per garden, average, and that is about 135 million.

      • Acid Etch


        You need MREs because you may be too sick or injured to garden. Or you might be driven away from your garden. Or a gang of roving young bucks might have you too busy with sex to think about the garden. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA wishing for SHTF.

        • Gonetoolong

          Acid-strange fellow. I wish you could find a rope and tree and figure some shit out. Sometimes your comments are spot on, but not often enough to overshadow the bizarre shit coursing through your mind.

        • Philosopher

          Acid, Skirt thinks they are too good for MREs. Not that skirt knows how to really grow anything and skirt hasn’t ever used a dutch oven but skirt still thinks it is the best chef, ever. Okie dokie! It will find out.

    10. got out then

      Its been on its way for awhile now, this past month I had to lean on my preps, Winter is always more expensive when your off grid, I am always glad I have them but it never looks like enough. We can only do what we can do while we can do it. I’ll keep on working and stacking, hopeful this is not as bad as it can be.

    11. desert dweller

      It’s better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it. It’s not rocket science, times a runnin’out.

    12. Sgt. Dale

      We keep getting told this and it is about 10 years now and we are still here.

      Its not that I don’t believe! It is that there is nothing we can do about it.

      It is like yelling the ski is falling, the sky is falling. Well OK Stupid get under cover!!!!

      Most of here are under cover so to speak. Please tell us something we can use to be better prepared. That’s all I ask.


      • Caucasian

        Sgt. I just never want to forget that no matter how well prepared I may be, the Lord is my shelter and my strength and my hope. I don’t want to become like our enemies and stoop to their level. Never want to love or desire killing, only acts of necessity to protect my loved ones.

        • Sgt. Dale


      • TheGuy

        Pfft tell me how to safely cut off my sewer service (yet still eliminate waste) and never buy anything from a grocery store (and I do mean ANYTHING)… and let me run it in simulation for a year. Then I’ll get back to you about what needs to be done better.

        I have no idea how to do THOSE two things!

        • Archivist

          Can you say “outhouse”?

        • Rebecca

          If you wanna spend more money… composting toilet. Run the waste water into a cleanup pond in the backyard.

    13. Makemyday

      Rappoport at nomorefakenews dot com has chosen to enlighten the public about what is really behind the theft of private property; such as the Hammond ranch in Burns, Oregon. It is a company called Uranium One.

      In an article at Business Insider check out Frank Guistra and his company, Clinton Guistra Partnership. Canadian Guistras’ company became Uranium One and was eventually sold to Russia. And the cash flowed into the Clintons treasury.

      Guistra quote: “All my chips, almost, are on Bill Clinton. He is a brand, a worldwide brand, and he can do things and ask for things that no one else can.”

      Finally the back story behind the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and the Hammond Ranch as well as other ranches and land surrounding the refuge surface. Rumors have now been confirmed the ranchlands do indeed contain a wealth of precious metals, minerals, and uranium coveted by not only the federal government but foreign entities as well. Think TTIP, TPA, or just think NAFTA.

      But for now, just think Hillary Clinton, and her foundation, for they are deeply implicated in this evil scheme along with the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation, along with a few questionable Canadians. One wonders if Rafael Edward Cruz knows these Canadians?

      Why not, after all this is all part of the North American Union (think Heidi Cruz’ involvement in that organization).

      Those who are still doubters or think the Uranium One scandal is just idle chatter, look and see. Behold the plan of deceit will unfold before your very eyes.

      Could it be that when Obama was caught talking to the Russian saying he would have more leeway if re elected this was what was in the pipeline?

      • Ed

        For the most part these days uranium isnt dug in big pits anymore. It is pulled up with the ground water and filtered out. Its not really a big deal and Ive seen pumps in peoples front yards.
        I would be surprised if the Hammond’s own their mineral rights anyhow. Most stock raising claims are split estate and the rancher only owns the surface rights.

        • durangokidd

          Ranchers do not own the surface rights either. More often than not, any ranches over 640 acres in the West are leased land from the American Taxpayer through BLM.

          640 acres was the maximum homestead that arose from legislation to develop the West.

          Rancher Bundy, as an example, leased 500 sq miles from the government before failing to renew his annual lease. 🙂

          • durangokidd

            Ranchers do not own the surface rights either. More often than not, any ranches over 640 acres in the West are leased land from the American Taxpayer through BLM.

            640 acres was the maximum homestead that arose from legislation to develop the West.

            Rancher Bundy, as an example, leased 500 sq miles from the government before failing to renew his annual lease. 🙂

            • Acid Etch



              THAT’S CALLED SERFDOM.


              • durangokidd

                It’s called “History” Acid. Most of the land in the West was ceded to the USA by Mexico after the War of 1848. At the time it was virtually unoccupied, the Indians having been exterminated for all intents and purposes.

                The USA opened the land to settlers under the Homestead Act as an inducement to develop it. Not unlike the MASSIVE land grants to the railroads along their right of way to link the East and West. 🙂

            • Napoleon Dynamite

              I read that twice. The first post was best.

      • court report

        mmd, everywhere you look you see conspiracy. That’s when you can conclude you’re just plain old nuts and have absolutely no credibility anymore. It’s the classic end to people who have lost all power to reason any longer, everybody is out to get you everywhere, all the time. Next stop, padded cell.

        • Makemyday

          Court Report:

          Just another troll who chooses slander rather than proving my post is wrong.

          “When the debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser.” Socrates

          Rappoport at nomorefakenews, a conspiracy “nut” also? Truthful posts sure make the trolls nervous here at SHTF.

          • LSB

            Make mayday: And did you also read about McDermott? About 80 miles or so from Hammond ranch to the south? They are saying 10 miles from McDermott another uranium mining operation is going in. I believe it is to be open pit mining.

            • sharonsj

              If mining companies are operating on government land it’s because a corrupt Congress (and mostly Republicans, I might add) sells leases to corporations for a a few measly dollars. Our elected reps are more interested in getting campaign money–or just plain bribe money–than in the good of the country.

              • Rebecca

                Sharonsj, you are right on that one. They should not sell uranium to anyone, ever. They don’t care about anything but their own pockets… like they and their kids would not die.

        • Braveheart1776

          court report, next step for you needs to be to go back to MSM sites where you belong.

          • Anonymous

            Bravefart – You really are a fat old fraud! I’ve told you before, this is an open forum on something called the world wide web. It’s not your personal kingdom!

            “Freedom of speech” – can you comprehend that simple idea? People have fought and died for that right.

          • Anonymous

            Bravefart – I just can not get my head around someone who does not tolerate an alternative opinion. If you don’t agree with Bravefart….he’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll do nothing! “Ooh! Go away you nasty troll, you!”

            Nearly everyone on this site preaches sedition. Well, the second amendmant gives you windbags the right to bear arms and, in Maine (I believe), the legal right to overthrow your elected government. So, what’s stopping you? All this fancy talk on here is just that…talk.

            You’re all a bit like bar room bores…to be pitied and then ignored.

            In all your 58 years what have you done for your country? Nothing I bet! I know, you’ve been awarded the Congressional Whiners Medal!

    14. Jim in Va.

      I’m in the air and I think my parachute isn’t opening…….kinda like everyone else.

    15. Enemy of the State

      “OLD” Bill is in Vegas campaigning for hillary and her Lost Cause. Guess who else is
      in town for a convention ?

      The porno and strippers convention is in town, “I’m SURE” Bill didn’t plan that one.

    16. Enemy of the State

      3 white guys win MBA MVP in 30 years, no one bats an eye

      Black guy doesnt get nominated for Oscar, everyone loses their mind

    17. slingshot

      When I was walking down the street, a billboard caught my eye.
      The advertisements written there would make you laugh and cry.
      The sign was torn and tattered from the storm the night before,
      And as I gazed upon it, well, this is what I sawr:

      Smoke Coca-Cola cigarettes. Drink Wrigley’s Spearmint beer.
      Ken-L-Ration dog food makes your wife’s complexion clear.
      Chew chocolate-covered mothballs—they’re sure to satisfy.
      Brush your teeth with Lifebuoy soap and watch the suds go by.

      When I recovered from the shock, I went along my way.
      I’d gone no further than a block, when there to my dismay,
      Another billboard caught my eye, just like the one before,
      And as I gazed upon it, well, this is what I sawr:

      Take your next vacation in a brand-new Frigidaire.
      Learn to play piano in your winter underwear.
      Simonize your baby with a Hershey’s candy bar,
      And see the difference that Drano makes in all the movie stars!

      Doctors say that babies shouldn’t smoke ‘til they are three.
      People over 35, take baths in Lipton Tea.
      Oh, you can make America a better place today—
      Just buy a copy of this song and throw it far away!

      • Archivist

        Love Homer & Jethro.

    18. Clarioncaller

      The REAL migration occurred 75 years ago when Nazi’s and Bolsheviks came to our shores and took over our political and security institutions. Critical Mass has been achieved.

    19. AC

      ‘Consumer’ spending supposedly accounts for about 70% of economic activity in the US.

      Government signs the country up for every ‘free trade’ deal that comes along, and jobs evaporate.

      Government now baffled by the ongoing economic downturn.

      It’s like the whole concept of action/consequence is utterly alien and incomprehensible to them.

      Free trade = no jobs = no incomes = no economy.

      • Archivist

        Did you know that Muslims don’t believe in cause and effect?

        • Acid Etch

          Yes. There are no empirical truths, and there is no cause and effect.

          The western university is built on Hegelian dialectics (do two data sets contradict each other, and what is the relationship between the two?).

          The west is based on critical thought. The east is based on authoritative thought.

          I learned these things in an overpriced philosophy class.

          Warner is right.

          • Philosopher

            Acid, same here! I knew there was a reason I liked you. Always good to meet a realist.

    20. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf




      Why people are dead as phuck and why women will be extinct. After what i heard today about the 3,000 plus people laid of in Houston from Slumber J, and the 1,000 plus people from EXxon, National Oil Well Vargo, people are certainly phucked. You boys working those cock phuckers been busy banging away, having babies, you all better get prepped up fast. Ladies check out the list from that link. Match it up and data mine it with some my scientist info, that coming right from the inside of the black ops military. Since we are meeing up with him this weekend, one can only imagine how PHUCKED WE REALLY ARE, AND WE ON SHTF KNOW IT ALREADY.

      With 99% of the stupid lazy idiotic people living in my condo complex, i can honestly say, you aint getting sh…t to eat from me unless you are a prepper. The Big Fat grotesk Bitch from the other office close by mine, just told me last week over hearing me talk shtf to one her co-workers told me that i need to get a life, and that i am looser, and thats why no women wants me. Fine, i do have a life, and you know what, take a look at this link Ladies. Ladies who prep, start making some adjustments and war game your city areas, from you work, if you have to go on foot, take other alternative routes, and figure out what the phuck you need to do and do it now. This is why i mentioned two week ago that the Feb 20-24th time frame then the March-April time frame, that some of us may have to run the phuck out to the BOL, i know Brave, Sarge and others have them. Getting to mine is my only problem, and if and when the SHTF STRIKES, then we will need to clear the phuck out. I dont have time to burying hundreds of tatooes up and black dredlock people stinking up my area because of disease.

      So i will make the attempt to leave, so i will be investing in a gas mask for smell to protect me from the people that got shot by me and others so that i can safely leave my area to the BOL. God forbid if my ass getstuck in this stinking city of rotting and decaying dead bodies. Expect a run on the grocery stores in the next 2 months in some of the major cities. Look at NY, i warned about the environment, the environment, the PHUCKING DAMN ENVIRONMENT, who listened? Methane 150,000 Metric tuns. Then the scientist warned me about the Exedus/ the runnning and halling ass from California.

      Check this out.

      Get ready guys, i have really bad, bad, horrific new news coming from that scientist. This time i will post it. Sorry agency ass clown trolls, your too late.



      I am already dead but i will survive the intial onslaught.


    21. No_Forest_Just_Trees

      Does anyone have a working experience with a flojak system? Is it reliable? Easy to maintain? Is it easily possible to make my own? I live in a rural area, have my own well. Any and all advice would be most appreciated.

      • Enemy of the State

        no working experience with it, but it should be fairly basic ..looks like it produces a vacuum that allows the water in your well to be sucked up if all the other ways fail

        I have a well for emergencies and was looking into this also ..I have a few fresh water sources around me , so I wasnt jumping on this just yet

        my well head is also out on the front edge of my property, to where if something like this was sticking out of it, passers by might get suspicious , it would only be put in place once the other sources of water have been expended or are too dangerous to use

        ht tp://flojak.com/faq/.. remove the space between the T’s

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Besides solar powered ect. also consider a Bison pump or it’s equivalent,will pull by hand 450′.Obviously,rain barrels ect(hidden)will help in the h2o dept.You do the flowjack please do a review of it and ease/pain of install.

          Sign petition to free the Hammonds.

    22. lost karma

      Nothing will change until there is blood in the streets.

      • slingshot



    23. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Forgot who it was that mentioned to me that i needed to get a stroller. I am getting one, damn good idea. How are you going to move your sh….t if you can’t drive it, you better start thinking ahead folks. Just road over 10 miles this past weekend building up even more cardiovascular endurance to another level and i already got it. Preppers who are not exercising, you need to start, If you are a old fart, start wallking and you will still improve, If you have a missing leg, you will have a few more challenges ahead.



      Yes, folks, i am just as phucked but not as phucked.

      • Paranoid

        Anyone as enchanted as you are by the ability to use silly profanity won’t last long. A smarter man than I once said: Violence is the first refuge of the savage, profanity the first refuge of the stupid.

      • 2isone

        HCKs- go to a garage sale. My daughter just sold her $250 running stroller (barely used) for less than $50. That kind of stroller has bigger, shock absorbing wheels that will get your supplies over city curbs. Hope you find a good used one.

    24. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Remember me warning about that March time frame, lets see what the scientist friend has to say this weekend. I am doing a Texas, Californi, NY special for my fellow sht-effers. Oh by the way, get the hell our of Cali while you can.



      • Anonymous

        Ask him about September.

      • Mark H.

        Not all of us in CA are nutjobs. But it is true that CA has attracted all the nuts from the other states. If you drive North on Interstate 5 you will notice a lot of signs calling for sanity, aka, get rid of Obama and his cronies, which is a lot of people.
        Most of what people call “the left coast” is an accurate statement as they have gathered together in all the coastal cities, and Sacramento should be renamed Sacramental.

        I moved from SF to the Sierra Foothills near Angels Camp. Wonder if the name means anything? There are sane people up here but you can’t keep nuts out.

        • BadAmerican

          @Mark H:

          Monterey Bay reporting in, Sir.

          Living on the front lines.

          Lots of prepper types in my area as well as the Sierras along 49.

          Best to you and yours.

          Be safe….stay the course….BA.

        • durangokidd

          Mark H: What kind of detector do you have ? 🙂

        • MiVidaLoca

          Placer County here – so glad to live in a conservative county! I surround myself with like-minded patriots. But not sure how long that will last. They’re building again in my county – two large and new developments planned in my area with more to come, I am sure. We’re bracing for an influx of newcomers.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        March 16 is the FOMC meeting.

        It’s another opportunity for the FED to make more bad choices. It’ll be interesting.

      • Peckerwoods

        I like warm weather and what does it matter if it falls apart?

      • Peckerwoods

        Wait…you did say March and you do mean 2016? No hedging now.

    25. slingshot


      Nordic trac = Muscle burn.

    26. ScoutMotto

      1.Do you have two years of survival food available?
      2.Do you have seeds to replace the food?
      3.Do you have an adequate supply of water and water filters?
      4.Do you have firearms and do you know how to use and maintain them?
      5.Have you converted your soon-t0-be worthless cash to previous metals?

      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. Somewhat. Define adequate.
      4. Yes
      5. A good chunk of it, yes.

    27. James

      I have been reading SHTF Plan for a little while and it is indeed…entertaining. A recurring theme in this content seems to be the cherry-picking of facts and data to support your perspective without thoroughly exploring the total meaning of the data set. Let’s have an example:

      You stated that “This is particularly disturbing because the BDI is generally considered to the best economic indicator of global health. The last six months would indicate that the global economy is coming to a complete standstill.”

      While the BDI certainly is a leading indicator of the global economy, the fact that it is falling does not necessarily mean an impending economic apocalypse. In fact, one of the most reputable economic periodicals available “The Economist” posits that the falling BDI can be attributed to other factors including the fact that…

      “The current malaise is much more a result of the overall supply of ships than a harbinger of doom for the world economy. In the run up to the financial crisis, as the world economy boomed and rates hit new heights, shipowners ordered a huge tonnage of bulk carriers.”

      The elasticity of demand for container ships is Pe < 1; therefore, when things were good the demand for ships was high. Now that the ships are just now making their way onto the market, the BDI falls as company's are OVERSTOCKED with ships. In this scenario, the price (BDI) falls.

      And this is just one example from one post. I find it curious that there is no mention of alternative explanations for a falling BDI in your thesis…

      • Acid Etch








      • Paranoid

        I agree, I read the Economist story, I have some problem with it. The average ship lasts 30-40 years,very few if any ships have been ordered since 2009 so perhaps 15% in service then should have been scrapped, or more, as this type of environment sends scrappage up. A lot of ships are in storage, IMHO this BDI is just very bad, and is indicating a whole lot less shipping than a lot of people anticipated. We should see shortly, the oil glut has used up the supply of tankers, but overall demand for shipping should soon show up reality.

        • WhoKnewIt..

          You know Noah built a ship by himself so large to hold every animal and species in the world. So lets ask for specifics if you have any rational thought. So how large of ship would he need and how long did it take him to build that entire vessel all by his lonesome? Do you Babble thumpers ever feel you’ve been duped? Ever connect the dots of facts and those of fantasy and see what is actually realized as real vs. Duped? Just saying. Do you still buy into weekly, the Church BS they feed you? Fantasy Thumpers will be the first to die in SHTF. Cause you fail to distnguish between reality and fantasy.

    28. Braveheart1776

      Another HODGES article? HO HUM. I’m going back to sleep.

      • Mark H.

        Someone wrote “War is boring.” and it is. From my little experience in the army years ago I found that there is more sitting and waiting than action.
        I don’t think it’s time to get bored.

    29. Fox

      I’ve been a prepper my entire life, not because I expected any earth-shattering event, but because growing up on a small family farm, that’s what you did. Our coming year’s worth of fruits and vegetables was put up at harvest time, a beef or hog butchered in the fall, the winter’s firewood cut, split and stacked before the first snowflake fell. I still do this, although on a smaller scale since my kids are grown and have their own homes and families. In recent years I’ve met new preppers who began to prep when they heard talk of collapse, invasion, martial law, or any of a dozen possible threats. When these events didn’t happen as predicted, many stopped prepping. Now I do believe things are about to unravel in the near future. The can has been kicked down the road much further than I ever imagined it could be but somehow they manage to pull another rabbit out of their magic hat and keep it going. Failing that, they divert our attention with some sort of false flag or military diversion. More folks are getting wise to those tactics and some of it is actually making it into mainstream media. When the media begins to focus on it and a significant percentage of the population demands accountability, that’s when they will crash the system and take off their mask. If they resorted to a 9/11 or Gulf Wars to distract us, what will they do to keep from getting lynched? I’ve never backed down from a fight in my entire life and don’t plan to start now but I certainly am not looking forward to what’s coming.

    30. lolong

      Hcks I am hour north of NYC what do your contacts say about that area. Good job keeping trolls in line.

    31. Bx

      “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen…”

      Pretty much most Americans have forgotten those words, which were spoken by our president. Selfies and celebrities are more important to most. Substitute the word “business” in that quote with other words and possessions. “House”. “Car”. “Money”.

      Those words were spoken for a reason. The powers that be KNOW what is coming and they know better than any one of us.

      “Desensitization”. That is how we should think of those words. Everyone has some grasp of the fact that we are no longer the big kids on the block. That numbers we see from Wall Street and The Department of Labor are just not the real status of our country. Of course, someone flaring their nostrils from a podium on National TV could plow that over by saying we are “peddling fiction” if we dare to questions that which is so obvious.

      That opening quote fits so perfectly with the agenda set forth in Executive Orders, such as 13603. All of the distractions and redirects that seem to pop up every time something surfaces that would alert the population to question and be vigilant, have allowed the stage to be set.

      I don’t know if something will happen. I don’t know when it might. Read those Executive Orders, however, and even the most optimistic person may find themselves in conflict with the concepts of reason and logic that are within their own thinking and knowledge.

      Those Executive Orders were written for SOME ANTICIPATED CATASTROPHIC SERIES OF EVENTS.

      Prepping is fine. But prep also for what happens when you find yourself WITHOUT your planned bug out locations and/or supplies.

      Watch the movie “The Pianist”. Even a prominent and iconic national figure, as the movie portrays, who has wealth and friends and connections, RAPIDLY loses all of those things when war and famine and PEOPLE YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD TRUST suddenly materializes and turns on you.

      Then again, we could just all watch Star Wars and log into Facebook and Twitter and forget about it (hmmm…isn’t there now an Executive Order that can kill the Internet accessibility we so do enjoy? Or am I “peddling fiction”….!).

    32. Kevin2

      Off Topic:

      A day ago the Economic Collapse Blog author had a video on Infowars that could not be accessed. Today every time I go to Infowars my computer slows down and requires a reboot. This isn’t happening anywhere else.

      Anyone having any similar issue?

      • Sgt. Dale

        Yep every day. That is when I get a chance to listen/watch him.

        • durangokidd

          Drudge is slow to load but somehow, Huff Post loads much quicker, and with photos too.

          Its a MASSIVE Left Wing Conspiracy to frustrate the Right !!! 🙂

    33. rednek101

      The computer network where i work went south the past couple of weeks. IT boys have been applying patches all over the place. It even got to my personal laptop via thumb drive. New bug or bugs cut loose?

      • rellik

        If you do Windows, NEVER use a flashdrive
        outside a protected network. It is like
        having Gay sex in a bathroom in Seattle.
        you will get shity, be infectious, and
        you can’t be cured. Once detected, people
        like me will kill your drive.
        I like puns!

    34. Anonymous

      Bundy is in custody? A self appointed journalist reports shots fired and two people in the hospital. Check it out but the fbi sounds like they got on over.

    35. PA farmer

      BREAKING NEWS: Ammon Bundy arrested with three fellow militiamen after ‘two people were shot’ at site of Oregon stand-off…Daily Mail..or Drudge..

      • durangokidd

        If the Bundy’s were the brightest lights in the Militia Movement, we are doomed.

        Personally I think there must be some inbreeding in that bunch. It proves you can’t fix stupid !!! 🙁

    36. Peckerwoods

      Ryan Payne was shot multiple times. I don’t think he is doing well. Evac helicopter. You can bet the Feds have video to cover their asses. Moral of the story is don’t bring a nut to a occupy movement. The people in Oregon are out of control happy. Now
      8 more in custody.

    37. Asshat

      Ha you didn’t build that somone else made that happen. I just couldn’t swallow that shit sandwich. That was the most rediculous shit I ever heard. I’ve since forgot about bummer saying that. If that wasn’t a plug for bigger gov socialism I don’t know what is. Bx I totally agree with your assesment of the executive orders being written for an anticipated event. This administration has no credibility at all. Obummer should be out but everyone said impeachment would take too long. We are past the point of no return IMO. It will take an act of God to change things now. We all know the dept of labor doesn’t consider unemployed people who aren’t collecting bennies in the numbers. They lie so much to believe anything they say is putting your head in the sand. Let’s let the vagrants in that we have no jobs for. our leaders live in a bubble that prevents them from seeing the world the way it really is. The economic numbers are cooked to keep consumer confidence up. Remember we have a consumer economy folks. Smart folks realize the game is up and their wallets are closed tight. They are doing things to be independent from the system.

    38. PA farmer

      pdate: George Plaven, a reporter for the East Oregonian in Pendleton, is tweeting from the site of a planned community meeting that was to feature Ammon Bundy and other leaders of the occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

      6:06 p.m.: Meeting organizer just announced guest speakers won’t be here. “It appears there was an altercation b/t here and Burns.” #Oregonstandoff

      6:24 p.m: Quickly devolving into shouting match here. People demanding to know what happened. Room divided in front and back. #Oregonstandoff

      6:25 p.m: Family from KS now praying for Hammonds, militia. Claims to be representatives. She shouted “Someone has been shot!” #Oregonstandoff

      +++ more at

      • Mountain Trekker

        Gee, I wonder who setup that community meeting? Just remember,”I’m From The Government, And I’m Here To Help You!” Trekker Out.

      • Kulafarmer

        I want to know exactly why they shot Lavoy,,
        Hes an old man, or was, now hes with God,
        The time draws nigh

    39. PA farmer

      More about it at,,Oregonlive*com

    40. eppe

      Final end of the conclusions for today.

      Earthships are an answer, just ship human poop outside.

      Screwed up stuff in Oregon.

      Sling, that was a messed up poem. Loved it.

      Thank Mac for a place to vent…

      Be well all…

      • eppe

        May I go a little bit further?

        Trump will not play if Megyn is in the sandbox???

        What will happen when the market crashes?

        Are we like Whily Coyote levatating before the fall???

        Sometimes things are not what they seem…

        • eppe

          If anyone here reads the archives, for years, many came on first by saying “First”.

          Got old over time, so I will try to be last.

          With commentery. Could be fun…

          • eppe

            And if I post first, Firsty will be my first word.
            Just jesting with yall…

            Slow night…

          • PA farmer

            I remember them days eppe, I also remember Mac getting on someone about that one time and ask them if they wanted a cookie or something like that.lol..

            • eppe

              I remember that.
              Was a hoot.
              It is cool to be first, depends on how many hits you do a day.
              Bet I have hit a millon by now…

              Thank Mac.

              • eppe

                By that I mean I have probably hit this site that many times in 7-8 years.

                Mac any stats?

                Naw, I care not, just being part of this crowd, I feel privileged.

                All, be well, it is your most valueable asser….

    41. Archivist

      In a little while it will be January 27, 2016. On January 27, 2006, Al Gore said global warming would be burning up the earth in 10 years.

      At least it won’t be cold and/or snowing here tomorrow.

      • Kulafarmer

        And how much snow you got sitting on your lawn, and at what balmy temperature,,,
        Just curious, were 50 and its chilly, (high humidity)

        • Archivist

          When I got up this morning, it was 51 here in eastern NC.

    42. lonelonmum

      prepping tip for those on a budget – buy your beans and pulses now!

      2016 has been declared the year of the pulses and by the time those TV chefs and promotors are done, our favourite frugal recipes probably will have shot up in cost – same as any other peasant food that becomes trendy does.

      rice and beans forms the staple of many a preppers food store so please don’t any old timers sneer as I try and warn those just starting out.


    43. CWTS

      previous metals? really?

    44. Sammy

      Call me stupid or naïve but I’m increasingly sceptical that the economy will collapse and bring about the collapse of society. I think the worst we can expect is a repeat of 2008 and whilst it led to suffering for many people, it also failed to cause much impact for the majority.

      The large majority of people simply heard about it on the news or in the press and I think that’ll happen again.

      Nothing to see here…….

    45. Napoleon Dynamite

      How many friggin’ zombies are these ships carrying?

    46. Kulafarmer

      Been looking for news, not much commentary from OK or any other sources,

    47. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Now isnt this interesting. I did 3 post on this artilce yesterday, about the shooting in Oregon, where a militia leader and one women was murdered by the feds, last night and not a single one of them even posted, its just dissapeared into cyber space. Looks like someone is hacking Macs site and deleting my post, must be because i am posting real info on what the scientist been telling me, eh.



      • court report

        Yeah nutboy, those aliens on Niburu are jamming all your transmissions, they’ve taken Dave Hodges hostage, and scientist friend has disappeared completely, and you’re so phucking important your delusional ramblings have to be deleted by secret government men in black. Hopefully you’ll be drained from the gene pool before too long.

        • Knowshitsurelock

          look who is calling the kettle black…he is probably more correct in his thinking/posting than you are.

      • laughing at the lemmings

        Your scientist friend. Let me guess, a crystal meth cook?

    48. Godsoldier

      Now you trolls get back in the flower bed your killing the grass on the lawn

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