What Would You Do If A Bank Stole Everything You Owned?

by | Jul 26, 2013 | Headline News | 325 comments


With millions of Americans across the country facing default and foreclosure banks are hiring outside firms to take possession of their homes. It is often the case that those living in homes that have been repossessed by their lender stay until the very last minute, or simply aren’t aware of their final eviction date. In such cases these firms simply enter the home, take all of the personal belongings of the tenants, and restrict access. Usually, the tenant has no recourse and may never have their personal items returned to them. It’s a common practice that happens every day in modern day America.

Something else that has become commonplace amid the real estate crisis of the last several years are errors associated with foreclosure repossessions. Sometimes the bank is at fault, while other times the firms hired by them repossess the wrong house.

Katie Barnett of McArthur came home a few weeks ago to find everything in the house gone. She eventually discovered that First National bank mistakenly foreclosed the wrong house — but kept her stuff. Not only did they clear everything out like the Grinch, but they changed the locks. Their actual foreclosure target had been the house across the street.

This matters not to the bank president who responded to her $18,000 estimate for wrongfully stolen goods with a firm:

We’re not paying you retail here, that’s just the way it is.

But they make no attempt for remedy and the actual translation is: Oops, nothing we can do now. (Without the Oops)

Barnett says:

I did not tell them to come in my house and make me an offer. They took my stuff and I want it back.

Now, I’m just angry… It wouldn’t be a big deal if they would step up and say ‘I’m sorry, we will replace your stuff.’ Instead, I’m getting attitude from them. They’re sarcastic when they talk to me. They make it sound like I’m trying to rip the bank off. All I want is my stuff back.

Additionally, the police chief closed the case!

Katie remains without any of her things and no compensation for theft and damages.

Via: Activist Post
(emphasis added)

In any other situation this would be a crime punishable by prison time and the perpetrators would be charged with breaking and entering, burglary, and theft.

But, since it’s a bank, the police chief closed the case and chalked it off as an honest mistake.

An individual who was doing nothing wrong lost everything she owned. And what does the bank do? They laugh at her and make snarky comments, and they refuse to make her whole again.

What would you do if everything you owned was stolen and the criminals who committed the act were left free to prey on others?

Maybe you could hire an attorney with the money you probably don’t have.

Or, you could take matters into your own hands and visit the bank to forcibly take back the money owed to you, but you’d be facing 25 to life as a result.

Corporations, especially banks, continue to act with impunity, whether it be stealing billions of dollars from investors or breaking into their homes and looting everything in sight.

How long before Americans hit a breaking point?

How long before those who are being taken advantage of get mad as hell and decide they’re not going to take this any more?

The day of reckoning will come and when it does the bankers and brokers who have made a living off the backs of hard working Americans better hope they used some of their stolen loot to build underground bunkers, because the masses will be looking for payback, and they won’t be carrying picket signs.

They’ll be carrying pitchforks, nooses, and AR-15’s.


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    1. guero

      That reminds me, I need to buy a pitchfork!

      • agent provocateur

        you should have bought guns and ammo instead my friend

        • Gods Creation

          She should bring a sworn affidavit to the Sheriff and have the police chief arrested for theft of property and constitutional violations along with the bank president and all people who participated in the theft.

          If the Sheriff refuses to do his duty, she should return to his office with a group of 12 peers and the Sheriff of the next county, place him under arrest, and have a trial for him under the Constitution of the state, with the other Sheriff overseeing the proceedings to ensure the verdict is Lawful.

          One of the biggest problems the People face is fighting corporations in courts created to protect them, and bringing their complaints to corporate officers sworn to do the same.

          The constitution of each state is the law of the land for that state. If the corporate officers will not do their duty, the power is reserved for the People. When they begin to exercise that Power, the corp officers will pay them due notice.

          It is a sad world we live in. There are very few people, and millions upon millions of people acting as “corporations”.

          When the People claim their Lawful Power, reserved in every state constitution as well as the federal constitution, the war can be won against the individuals who believe they have limited liability.

          You don’t need a DA and a corporate court to enforce the Law. In fact, they can’t enforce what they are not subject to. You only need to take the initiative and assemble your own juries according to the constitution of your state, and initiate a fair trial by jury according to the law of the land.

          All a man really needs to protect himself is 12 friends who can act impartially and the balls to show up at the office of the violators.

          You can’t fight a corporation because it doesn’t exist. But the Law does exist, as do the People whose job it is to enforce it. When the People begin doing their job, the corporations and their officers will rapidly fall in line.

          • Outlaw

            Your ideas are great! Just much harder executed than stated. If you are unfortunate enough to live in a county with a Sheriff that refuses to do his duty, then I find it unlikely that the sheriff the next county over is going to be willing to represent you.

            • VRF

              Hell finding 12 people to back you up will be a task in and of itself

              • Gods Creation

                Yss, Outlaw, it is much easier to write it than to do it. Taking the Law back and enforcing it will not be easy, but it is the job of the People to do that if they want the Law to survive.

                VRF, I would bet there are at a minimum 12 interested neighbors within 1/4 mile of the house. The job is not to find people to back you up, but 12 people willing to listen to the facts and evidence and reach a Lawful verdict.

                Finding 12 people to back up the truth as they see it should be much easier, if the task is presented to them in that way.

                • sixpack

                  This just happened to me in 2010. It was not a foreclosure though, it was a probate asset seizure. I did take them to court and received a small pittance for the personal property they stole and sold as part of the estate of someone not related to me. The elderly are preyed upon in this manner all the time.

                • Chuck

                  In my state (Ohio) it is the job of the highway patrol to investigate claims of corruption by other law enforcement. Perhaps there is something similar where you live. Also, you might get some traction contacting your state rep. since they also can bring some local heat.

                  I don’t know what I’d do if I was in that situation but I wouldn’t blame the person for taking drastic action.

            • arizona

              OUTLAW,theres a big difference between a womam and a guy who ain’t a coward,night time operations are always the right time to collect over due payments,even if its a banker..and over due payments are always three times the old amount…….

          • LSB

            You would think that there would be plenty of lawyers lining up to take the case…oh yea, they ALL belong to the Masons.

            • Mordecai

              I disagree. You would think the lawyers would be lining up to take the case except for the simple fact that the two lowest life forms on the planet are lawyers and bankers.

              • Iowa

                You forgot politicians.

                • mike prince

                  politicians are lawers

                • pissinwiththewind

                  Birds of a feather.

                  They are all (at least the majority) in bed together.
                  Very few lawyers/politicians/bankers/ and LE, know or really care, what is taking place behind closed doors to bring our American Freedoms down.

                  Most LE are too busy with their own personal debt crisis to worry with the common folk. The rest are the crooks that will steal from their own family to put more $$ into their coffers.

                  Sadly, the woman that was “robbed” by the bank in this article; will have to shell out more money to lawyers and court systems to prove her innocence in the whole thing and then only get back pennies on the dollar for her time, aggravation. and stuff.

                  It is a fucked up system that has been created by evil people, over a long period of time. A system that caters to the elite and sucks the life out of the common people. This wasn’t the system our forefathers and founders created or hoped for.

          • WarriorClass III

            Or, just shoot the sonsofbitches.

            • VRF

              Now were talking

            • swampratt

              Warrior perfect plan thumbs up

            • Yesterday Once More

              Incrementally, this is where it is heading, unfortunately. When you have brazen abuse of the law by banks and corporations, and a legal system that WILL NOT provide equal protection under the law, you will eventually get the most abused and stressed to the breaking point. Doesn’t Gerald Celente say, “When you’ve got nothing to lose, you lose it?”

              This is not just a clever turn of phrase. When a society makes it impossible to work WITHIN the law to obtain justice, you can believe it is only a matter of time before people will go OUTSIDE it to have justice.

              If there is a significant economic upheaval in this country, God help those who have been screwing people like this…and I say GOOD ON YA.

              When your possessions are stolen and the thief gets to set the price of making you whole before walking away scot free, it’s time for some of the thieves to be cut down.

              In my state, you have the right to use deadly force to stop a theft or prevent the taking of your goods. If I was on a jury where someone was in these circumstances walked into the bank and demanded their money at gunpoint, I’d refuse to convict. Actually, if the bank negotiators refused to make good and they killed them on the spot, I’d still let them walk.

              Why? Because they never sought out that fight, they tried to do the right thing and the perp was shafting them again. Is there less justice in killing someone who has stolen all you had or in letting them get away with it? Obviously the latter. With that in mind, if they made a serious attempt to get their compensation the right way, the consequences are on the banker, not the owner.

              Maybe some of them are going to have to die at their desk before they get the message. They don’t seem to take the law seriously. Perhaps a 12 gauge will make more of an impression.

              • Escape Artist

                In some parts of Africa, police and the Justice system are so CORRUPT that the people take the law into their own hands. Can you fukin blame em?? If you’re a thief trying to burgle someone and you get CAUGHT by residents in that community? Oh boy, lights out for that crook! “Bye bye, world! Hello there, Maker, I’m comin’ to see ya!”
                I’m sure we’ll hear of bank managers getting blown away for their gross impunity, and I’ll be happy as a camper when they start falling like flies.
                Fukin bastards!!

            • cjmartel

              Works for me!!

          • Bob

            Sounds good, but will never happen. They’re all in bed together. You will have to seek compensation as you see fit. At this point you would have nothing to lose. If the rules don’t apply to them, they don’t apply to me. Let your imagination run wild.

          • Smokey

            If a County Sheriff will not assist, your recourse is the State, not the next County.

          • JES

            The bank and those individuals involved are guilty of the crimes of breaking and entering,theft, and conversion of stolen property. They are also guilty of damage to property by changing the locks. Since the courts in our country are not common law courts. One way for her to get her property restored is to use the Uniform Commercial Code. The courts all recognize the UCC although they do not want the public to know that. File a lien against all individuals involved and put that into the court. The woman in Ohio could take all that the bank owns.

            One day these banks and their protectors complicit in these crimes will encounter an armed homeowner and the consequences will be fatal.

            But until that time comes use the system they created against them.

            Use the UCC

          • Reynaldo

            As long as the people are more interested in the bread and circuses, and as long as the govt checks keep flowing to the 90 million freeloaders, then things will have to get a whole lot worse before they get angry enough to pick up pitchforks. I am way past that point, but there isn’t a big enough critical mass yet for me to risk giving my job and getting tossed in the slammer. The population in my city is 381,000, and I have net two of them who actually have a clue.

        • kellinga

          Sorry, didn’t mean to give you thumbs down…stupid tablet

        • kellinga

          Ok…going to throw this Android. Sorry I didn’t mean to give you a thumbs down. I just sent message to wrong post below

        • WarriorClass III

          Exactly. What would you do if you found out the Republicans are trying to steal your country?

          The RNC has joined Eric Holder in puting some states back under Federal oversight for holding elections and passing voting requirements so the illegal aliens can continue voting.

          Even Ted Cruz said he wants to DOUBLE immigration from it’s current invasion levels. I guess the current progress towards Socialism isn’t fast enough for Ted.


      • Rodster

        “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they lose it”

        – Gerald Celente

        That day is getting ever getting closer for the banksters and criminal politicians. 😈

        • you don't need to know

          Good time to be Off the GRID!!!

        • c

          I wonder about the law in the issue of the bank repo and removal of belongings. When a tenant/renter is removed from the home forcibly, states have laws that specify how their belongings may be handled. Some allow them to be placed in the street. Others require them to be loaded up and removed to storage where the tenant may claim them at no further cost to themselves within the first 30 days. So with a repo, how can a bank come in and take the contents? On another site the story states that the bank admitted that some of the contents were sold and the rest went to the dump. How is that legal? As far as money for legal fees go, the woman could start calling lawyers to find one who will take it contingent on a percentage of what is recovered. Odds are probably not in her favor but it would be worth a try if for no other reason than to show the banks that they can NOT do this. I would suggest she might find a law firm, set up an account there and then publicize her story and ask for donations to the legal fund to help her fight.
          If a private company came onto her property to do work, but were at the wrong home, they would be held liable for any “damage” that occurred. The bank is a private business and should be held to the same standards. This woman has the right to legal protection and her sheriff should be reminded that this is his job. (Again publicity should list the name of the sheriff who refused to do his job.) The bank is a business and must obey the law or there will be more of this happening. Wonder what the sheriff would say if this was his home?

          • sixpack

            They just sold all of my tools and other personal property with the estate, and there was little I could do about it—I never got anything back. The money from the sale of the house itself went to the social security administration, the court and the lawyers. As co-owner of a $300,000 property, I ended up with $7,500, or what I’d have won in small claims court. The attorneys and judge was all in bed with the SSA. Real deal, guys, they can literally do what they want to you, when they want to.

            • dontBeASlave

              If you owe them (mortgage, etc), then the law is on the side of the lender. You signed away most of your rights in the contract.

              However, this lady had no prior business arrangement with the bank. This was outright theft.

      • Jake

        People just continue to joke about this kinda stuff. People, we have lost our country, we are not “losing it” we have lost it. Even if this was the right house, does the bank have the right to come in and steal personal belongings? This is the right website to say this on, people you had better get serious, because the s*^t is coming down. Do you really understand what it means that “we have lost our country”. It will not be fixed politically, so quit voting. Please prepare the best you can.

        • Indy Colts

          My apologies to everyone I accidentaly give a thums down to when I’m auto thumbing all the posts of our resident muslim slime posters like ninao,them guys, and eisencrap.

          • Indy Colts


          • yental

            This explains what I have suspected. “Newbies” that have NO historical perspective and pre-label individuals (long-timers) based on flawed and inadequate research. NinaO has been here LONG before you, and IF YOU label such as a “muslim slime poster”, YOU only expose your lack of understanding, ignorance, and blatant stupidity.

            Troll, gooberment mouthpiece, or just ignorant?

            It generally takes “alot” of stupidity/ignorance for ME to come after a “contributor” on a personal basis.

            “Auto-thumbing”, a true intellectual!

            • PuppyPrepper

              I consider it a public service to auto red-thumb NinaO, or whatever psycho name he is using that day.

              We are not “pre-labeling” him, we are rejecting his ignorant anti-Semitic rants.

              And honestly, enough with his spam.

              Just because he has been here a long time doesn’t make him any less wrong or crazy.

              • yental

                Define “anti-semitic” rants. Exposing the true players? I have indulged in the Zionist, Talmudic, and “just another JEW” argument enough times in the past to have reached a conclusion that satisfies my sensibilities on this matter.

                The ZIONIST CONSPIRATORS are the ENEMY of the people of the GLOBE. Does this factual conclusion render my opinion “anti-semitic” without further scrutiny or exploration? Do YOU support more American military and Middle East civilians DYING to defend Israhell’s DEMANDS? Do YOU condone Israhell’s confirmed influence on ALL of America’s foreign policy actions? Do you condone/endorse Israhell’s Palestinian holocaust? Does the private nonFederal Reserve, owned and operated by ZIONIST INTERESTS cause you any concern?

                “Puppy” is an accurate preface to your “screen identity”. When you make it to “Dog Chow”, please allow me further opportunities to question YOUR sensibilities!

                • Awakening

                  I think God will be there when we need him most.

                  Regarding these deceivers….

                  You folks might want to take a look at this.

                  I might have found something important.





                  Who knows?

                  Seems possible.

                  God works in mysterious ways.

                  May the ancient Kings and Warriors rise again.

                  The true KING awaits his throne.

                  May God bless all of his children.


                • possee

                  Race baiting the Jews is a waste of time and energy..

                  There are plenty of Anglos, Brits,Scots and other nationalities who fall in to the category of sub human bankster oligarchs as well..

                  It’s the damned central banks worldwide that pull the strings..period..

                  I personally don’t give a shit what race or nationality they are..they are all scum..and that’s what this post/article is all about in the first place..

                  Wasting time targeting one particular ethnic group means you are playing their game..divide and conquer..

                  Look for the men behind the curtains..


                • Them Guys

                  So in the small minds of some here, puppy preper-indy colts-etc anyone who Posts an EXACT quote BY jews or rabbis FROM Their OWN Talmud Holy book/beliefs…Then That poster Is an antisemitic nazi?

                  Yet the very Jew or jewish Rabi who wrote the actual quote or talmudic interpretations is NOT antisemites?

                  Because? jews are special? chozens? therefore can do NO wrong ever? ergo jews get free pass always, and all who question such stupidity and lack of common sense are also antisemites?

                  You cannot make this stuff up! Delusional idiotic foolish jewdeo christians too ignorant to read even their Own new testement bibles and see what Christ and all the apostles wrote regarding jews-tamlud-pharisee rabbis etc.

                  Heres a little help for them fools: John Ch 8 vs 44…REV ch 2 vs 9 and REV ch 3 vs9….You Can Read right?

                  Of course in order to Read reality you Must remove head from Own or jews or false pastors ASS first.

                  be sure to red thumb me and Yental as if That makes facts and truth disapear!! Up is down left is right so call them Puppys and Indys!

              • LSB

                He isn’t wrong and he definitely isn’t stupid.

                • nimrod

                  god helps those who help themselves, and not the socialists who sit on their fat collectivist behinds waiting for some one else to do their dirty work for them.

              • Facebook Page

                I have been here for a long time and he is a waste of space. Even longer than most think.

                Big T (Nina) reminds me of a pos on a perp walk out of the house on the corner where they found all the loss children. With there pants at there ankles and sweets in there hands.

                And your words are close but at least you do not post worthless links. The humor in your writing stands for itself. So yental you are also becoming an old sore on this site.

                What happens when more than the same 5 are posting and patting each other on the back.

                • yental

                  “Sore” I can live with. “Old”…now you are just getting spiteful.

            • Not so Much

              So never mind that they’re racist nutbags that typically post useless idiotic drivel. They’ve been here a long time and apparently you just haven’t read the idiotic drivel long enough. LOL. got it.

          • Affenhauer

            Just so you know — Colts suck. Gotta go with the Ravens… (trust me – I’ve lived through that whole saga)

          • Omegaman

            Shut the fuck up. No one cares.

          • howdy-doody

            The sooner everyone realizes this, the better. We are at the point where the only cure for all this is—-well , you know what the cure is.

        • JayJay

          Uh-Oh, you gonna get a lecture from Dk now.

        • TimTheCrusader

          Get out of debt.
          Get out of the dollar.
          Get out of the banking system.

          And if at all possible, try to get to Texas; we need all the good people we can get. It feels like 1835 down here.

          • nimrod

            greaser country!

        • laura m.

          Jake: we quit voting thirty years ago, as elders told me there was no fixing this country, politicians were lying scum on the take (grant money) and political/patriot org. were useless, and just selling useless crap and were infiltrated w/ gov. spying on patriots,( see past article: bringing down the liberty movement). Most Americans stuck in stupid as country is headed into the abyss into oblivion,(morally and culturally corrupt.) I see most younger people w/o good jobs, a life of fascism/socialism where no amount of work will produce a just reward and raising a family useless to pursue. Live for family self, prepare and focus on close knit groups. for bartering and protection.

        • Yuri

          Yes, we have lost the country. Soon, we will all lose our property (as the woman in the article has), most will lose their freedom in one way or another, and many will lose their lives.

          Things will get worse, much worse, much much faster from here on out.

          The Rule of Law is dead. Behave accordingly.

          • Highspeedloafer

            If that happened to me, I’d form a plan including banks, bankers homes and cars, boats, rv’s….. and I’d bring some matches.

      • hammerhead

        buy that pitchfork , politians leave behind alotta stuff.

        and then e-mail first national bank in wellston ,ohio and let them know what you think of their bullshit excuses to this lady .

        • KY Mom

          Who Controls The Global Economy? Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Big Banks

          “A team of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich studied the relationships between 37 million companies and investors worldwide, and what they found was absolutely stunning. …

          What they discovered is that there is a “super-entity” of just 147 very tightly knit companies that controls 40 percent of the entire network.

          …money is power, and according to a report that was released last summer, the global elite have up to 32 TRILLION dollars stashed in offshore banks around the globe.

          The global economy belongs to them. We are just living in it.”

          The Economic Collapse blog

          • Reynaldo

            This shows where the great conspiracies are. You look across all the major banks and corporations in the US alone, and the same handful of powerful people play round robin on their boards, they’re all in the CFR, and they all float in and out of politics. Anyone who looks at that fact and says there’s no conspiracy is a complete dunce. These people have conspired to grow their mega-corporations in a way that has destroyed our local businesses and communities, and they did this on purpose.

        • ENFP

          Better yet, flood the phone of first national bank in wellston, Ohio and tell them what you think!

      • possee

        Jesse James
        Clyde Barrow
        John Dillinger
        James Younger Gang
        Ma Barker and the boys

        just a few come to mind for inspiration..

      • texretvet

        After giving him the chance to make it right, I’m pretty sure I would find out where the bank president lived and burn his house down.

      • Anonymous

        put a cap in the bank presidents ass.

    2. TnAndy

      Once you accept that none of us are getting out of this world alive, why would taking a bankster with you be a problem ?

      • king krazý

        A big 10-4 on that! 🙂

      • Sigi

        Because after you’re dead you have to face God who told us not to murder and said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”

        Lest you think I quote that lightly, I often remind myself of the same thing when confronted with bad guys. Earlier this evening in fact, and probably every day for the last month.

        Once we realize we aren’t getting out of this alive, we had better weigh all actions based on what we believe comes next.

        • Yesterday Once More

          How is it ‘vengeance’ when you have tried all the ways WITHIN the law to make it right? If the banks/courts refuse to obey the law and you take matters into your own hands, it is not vengeance…it is MAKING IT RIGHT.

          There is an old saying that sums up what our actions should be in this world: Do what is appropriate, as it’s appropriate, when it’s appropriate.

          When you’ve played by the rules and they throw out the rule book, when you given them every chance to do the right thing and they laugh at you, it is not vengeance. It is doing right, righteousness.

          You should really think more deeply on these principals before leading others astray. The world needs righteous people with courage, not ill informed opinion that lets the wicked of the world overrun the good without a fight.

          • c

            There is moral law and there is legal law. To fight for what is morally and legally correct using the law or civil disobedience is one thing. To make comments about your right to do physical harm to another is a very different thing.
            The only way you can use mortal force is to defend yourself or in a declared war. Read the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers stated the problem and what their response would be if the offensive behavior continued. When someone gets upset with someone else and decides to do physical harm to that person, that is criminal behavior and harms us all. You put yourself down equal to or below those you claim to have harmed you.

    3. gonegalt

      The answer to the question posed is, shoot the banker. Simple rules for a complex world.

      • slingshot

        Shoot the banker.
        Kick the shit out of the lawyer.
        Tar and feather the politician.

        • JayJay

          And remove the badge of the piss-poor excuse for a sheriff.

      • Bob

        Yea, let’s not overengineer this.

    4. Mama Bear

      And…it’s gone.

        • agent provocateur

          that’s funny!

        • javelin

          hilarious…and also sickening….I wrote a longer comment buuuutttt…it’s gone

      • OutWest

        If I were Katie, my trusty slingshot would assure that
        bank would be replacing their windows every morning.
        As far as a bank seizing any of my assets with them,
        my Ass is Set, ain’t got none!

        • wrong

          Best way to be is with no banks. No loans. No credit cards. Fuck em all!

          • OutWest

            You been readin’ my mail, wrong—Amen!

          • Yesterday Once More

            The problem here is, she could have paid cash for her house and it wouldn’t make any difference. When a bank can foreclose on a house that it doesn’t even own, sell off the rightful owner’s property and then have the temerity to BARGAIN with the rightful owner, the banker should have his fucking face rearranged, one way or another.

        • LSB

          And maybe the bankers bathroom window.

        • slingshot

          Can’t It’s gone.

        • Sigi

          She could take a cue from the guy who forclosed on a Wells Fargo Branch for doing the same thing to him; get the police to come in and seize it as an asset- they’ll get it back when they admit to wrong doing and pay up.

          • Bob

            His one mistake was that, in the end, he accepted a Wells Fargo check. I don’t want their paper. They would try to stop payment on it.

          • c

            The did not forclose on the bank but they did get a court ordered judgement for payment for damages and stolen property and temporary housing as a result of the incorrect/illegal forclosure of their paid in full home. When the bank ignored the court order for payment the attorney went back to the court and got an order to seize bank assets in the local branch. The attorney, homeowners, moving men and trucks and county deputies all arrived with a court order to remove the entire contents of that branch. Cash, vault contents, furniture, computers, documents etc. The staff was asked to remove themselves from the property until the asset transfer was complete. They got on the phone to the corporate office and before 5pm the family were reimbursed the amount ordered by the court. This was a months long process.

        • rodyanko

          Except the bank’s rent a cop will shoot her.

    5. PatriotRider

      Find out the bank president’s address, wait till he leaves and pull up with a 45′ moving truck, enter and take his shit.

      • Gods Creation

        Violating the law is not the same as enforcing it, and does not constitute justice. It is merely another theft, no better than the first.

        The answer is in getting the People to wield their Power, not becoming like the enemy.

        • BK

          When corporations are classified as people, the traditional form of people have no power.
          Corporate voting power is far more powerful than “people” voting.
          Money = Power and there is no limit on how much money can be spent to buy the system.
          That’s the lesson from all of this madness.
          Traditional people are so dependent on corporations for jobs, goods, and services that their only “power” is to go off grid and become a slightly advanced caveman.
          That may provide some independence but is not practical for most people.
          Many people are so stupid and that they will fight to protect the very system that rapes them.
          Witness the zombie flag wavers who still promote “American exceptionalism” as the apex of civilization.

          • OutWest


            Well said. The corporate-gov have become
            the peoples pusher. We are mainlining on
            the party favors they dole out to us just
            enough to keep us sedate and coming back
            for more. We bitch about it but get the
            creepy-crawls whenever we try to bail.

            Like the Hotel California, you can check
            out, but you can’t ever leave.

          • Gods Creation

            Bk, the problem is not that corporations are treated as persons. The problem is that the People are treated as corporations.

            Corporations are persons, in the law. Any law that affects corporations DOES NOT and CAN NOT apply to the People.

            When that lesson is learned things may begin to get better.

        • Bob

          But sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

          • Them Guys

            it always looks good on paper. Then reality sets in.

            God gave everyone just 10 rules/Laws to obey.

            Then God noticed some folks just always refuse to obey.

            Then God “Gifted” other folks such as Sam Colt with “wisdom” to Invent.

            Then Sam Colt who Did Obey God, used that wisdom to invent the Colt .45 “Peacemaker” Firearm.

            Sammy boy also invented His own “rule.Law” of…

            “God created All men equal..and MY Colt .45 Peacemaker firearm will Keep em all equal”

            The Great…Equalizer.

    6. AZ Ready

      I know where ALL the employees of my bank lives. Enough said.

      • agent provocateur

        sadly though..And I know how you feel, the local bank workers are not the ones to blame, maybe the regional managers 😉

        • Bob

          They ARE part of the machine, same as the managers. At Nuremburg, everybody was “just doing my job”.

          • Them Guys

            Bob: including all them Bought and Paid for “eye” witlesses and Judges at them trials. Who happened to All be of the same tribe.

    7. azam1986

      its so sad and there is nothing you can do. I just think about my house all of the little family things that can never be replaced. Someone would be paying. I would have news station out there. I am just happy I got ride of BOA and refinanced with my local credit union who cant sell my loan. Smaller is better.

    8. dave in Id

      I only deposit enough to cover the utilities and car/home insurance.

      • Gods Creation

        Insurance is a maritime contract, and anything insured belongs to the banksters and becomes subject to the rules they have made.

        Cover your utilities, but let God be your insurance. The money is far better spent on preps and other things that will enrich your life as opposed to protecting the banksters assets.

        • dave in Id

          Auto insurance in case I hit someone. its also the law….except for illegals and people without assets.

          • Gods Creation

            If you believe it is law, then it is for you. Limited Liability is the law for the corp and it’s slaves, and is designed to allow the banksters to operate their criminal enterprise without personal accountability. Full Liability is the Law of God, and is designed to hold each Man accountable to other men for his actions.

            There is another term for “illegals and people without (corp) assets”. It’s “free people”.

            The choice is ALWAYS yours as to which law you accept.

            • Yesterday Once More

              With all due respect: I read your comments and you seem to live in a glass bubble in Freedonia. You are DREAMING if you think the sub-morons who staff the police forces across this country can even spell “adhesion” let alone understand their role.

              In my area, if you try to lecture a cop that you don’t have to carry insurance–or self insure as an option–you will probably get a nice trip to the station. Tell it to the judge and you’ll be in county for awhile.

              I have to laugh when I read words like yours. The name Don Quixote come to mind. Tilting at windmills in your mind.

              Things ARE going to change, but it’s not going to be because everyone walks around sounding like they are reading from Black’s Law. It will change when the people who are running the show are scared shitless they are going to be torn to pieces by people…then it will change.

              Until then, you might as well be lecturing on Chaldean astrology as what you offer as a solution.

              • Bob

                GC is the schmuck that hits your car and has no license, insurance, or assets, so you end up with a trashed car. He screams “freedom!”, but probably collects taxpayer-funded handouts.

    9. MadMarkie

      Things are getting very interesting, very fast.

    10. RickInOregon

      After this hit the news I’m sure she has lawyers lining up wanting to take this case on commission. With the attitude of the bank and a friendly jury, the commission should be rather sizable.

      If it happened to me, after a cooling down period I would be spreading the word through every avenue I could, I’d sue, sue, sue and while my house was empty, I’d paint all the walls and maybe do a little remodeling.

      • Affenhauer

        I second this — but I would sue for all the bank president’s possessions. He can keep the empty house, I guess. The police chief, too — take all his crap…

      • Sigi

        Well, she has Glenn Beck naming the bank every day on his radio show. I didn’t listen to the full broadcast today and he wasn’t on it, but they did it several times yesterday and said they wouldn’t let up until they do right by her.

    11. sheptical citizen

      Folks commonly proudly state My Home My car ect. When the fact is its not theirs yet. When they buy on cedit until the very last payment has been paid they are nothing more than glorified renters. Any one should know if they are behind on payments. The banks publish forclousure notices in the news papers. If their home is forclosed on they should do the right thing & put their personal beongins in storage of sell them and move out. Either you own something completely paid for or your subject to the terms agreed upon when you signed the morgage. Dont blame the Repo Man or Banker for doing their job. And the homeowner who,s home was mistakenly forclosed upon has legal remedy. They can file a lawsuit in circuit for about $50 filing fees. Its the police od to make the report and find all the fact. Any criminal act its the prosecueter,s job to make out a arrest warrant. This article is simply written to be imflammatory. The content is lame brained irresponible bullshit.

      • angrycitizen

        At a glance, what you said is true.

        On the second thought… it’s bullshit.

        I don’t want to go into minutia of the current case.

        What’s more important is that the banksters CREATED the environment where we have no other choice except to borrow from them.
        If they had not privatized the U.S. in 1913, we would be just saving our money and buying homes for ourselves and/or our kids when they grow up.

        With my current salary and current prices in the area (inflated… thanks to the banksters), it would have taken me approximately 15 years to save to buy a house exactly like mine…
        … except I can’t because in 15 years my savings will be enough to buy a kennel, not a house.
        That’s why I take a loan.

        If the State framed you (lots of articles today with a video surveillance camera recording of a police informant planting drugs in a legitimate store),
        and you ended up in a commercially run jail, and you cannot work, and they refuse to give you food, do you blame yourself?..
        After all, that food does not belong to you, does it?..


        The motherfuckers fucked us for a century now.
        As Maximus (Russell Crow) said in “The Gladiator”,
        “I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next!”

        All it would take is for most of us to realize that we no longer agree to be their slaves, and revolt.

        P.S.: I am not attacking you personally. I am attacking the ideas you expressed. So logical… yet so wrong.

        P.P.S.: Fed Reserve’s charter renewal comes up in December this year. 100 years since they officially rule us.
        Expect false flag attacks before that.

        • sheptical citizen

          Wrong There are other choices . you are not forced to borrow from the bank. We saved up and paid cash for our present home. The first place we bought was purchased from the owner by a contract for deed. Myself I have sold several parcels of property and owner financed it. And once when the buyers defaulted I kicked them out. When you take out a loan to finance something you sign a contract. You in effect give your word and promise to keep your end of the bargain. blaming other people things or conditions because you got too big for your britches and cannott keep your obligation is being a denialist. Those who failed need to quitbeing childish and grow up take responsibiliy. Thos folks only lost the gamble they took when they went into debt. Think about this If they cant make it now how are they gonna cope in the future when things get much worse? So what if it takes 15 years to save up? After 15 years You simply buy what your money will purchase. Then you make improvements and save some more. Then you sell(finance it yourself and recieve interest) and buy someting else. Look round there is always some one who is doing better that makes less than you earn. How much of your own repairs do you do? How much of you own food do you raise? Are you self reliant? Do you have Know How. Only a gullible sheeple takes out a morgage and relies on someome else to provide a job &workplace in order for them to maintain a certian desred lifestyle.

          • LSB

            What on earth are you talking about? The woman who had this done to her did not have a delinquent payment. They took the possessions from the wrong house. Did you even read the article?

            • sheptical citizen

              Yes I read the article. The woman had a terrible wrong done too her. I addressed her plight in my first post that is hidden due to the great number of thumbs down. she needs to take legal action against the wrong doers. Its not the police job to force the bank to pay restitution. its the courts job to do that I seems the bank is willing to pay just not the amount that she claims & wants. Maybe Like the carwreck victim that gets exorbantly high repair estimates for a little ding? Im shure she isnt dealing with the banker himself. She is dealing with the banks insurance adjuster. Revenge wont restore her property. Two wrongs never make a right. A good man lives by a code of ethics. When he makes an agreenment and shakes hands he does his best to fullfill that contract. He sticks to his agreemet even when it hurts. He is good to his word. blaming the banker because you bought too much debt & the economy went into the crapper is just making excuses. Look into the mirror your the one who signed the contract. Dont get me wrong I dislike banks. I dislike my cash having to compete with borrowed money. I only keep enough in the bank to pay bills. my grandpaw used to state if borrowing money is so wonderful why is that Jew banker the richest man in town? If your in debt I suggest you listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio or buy his book. IM DEBT FREE!!!

              • fitzy111

                you mis-read this article- she didn’t have any contract with owed money to this bank- they took her stuff by mistake… and that says it all. the police let the whole deal go, oh well it’s a bank. sorry- they must be legit- honest mistake…
                she should put liens on the bank, and on the police for letting it happen- as at the point of asking for help, she was shafted so they added and abetted someone in the commission of a felony (theft of her house, loss of her property) – since they helped the bank, they are also responsible for the damages. shame on them both…and to everyone saying take up arms, I say- not yet. sue them first, if she can’t get satisfaction from the courts then be all means… do your own thing, she’s got a right to be angry, and she also has a right to her property- if it was me, I’d be going to the media, bank board of directors, the state police to open a real investigation and have real charges placed against all the people involved… someone stole her whole life…

      • tt

        Did you even read the article? The bank went to the wrong house and took all of her stuff and now they won’t give it back. What is wrong with you?

      • Indy Colts

        Ask the repo man whats mine when SHTF. I bet he won’t be leaving with anything I own. They better bring the national guard

        • braveheart

          Indy Colts, when MEGA SHTF finally comes, the only “repossession” that needs to take place is WE THE PEOPLE TAKING BACK POSSESSION OF OUR OWN COUNTRY! braveheart

          • slingshot

            Can’t. Its Gone.

      • agent provocateur

        Spoken like a banker!

      • Jim in Va.

        You forget that the bank entered th wrong house. what do you think the banker would due if somebody did his?

        • RickInOregon

          SWAT him and see how he likes being the victim of a false address.

        • Affenhauer

          ahem… tell you what I would do… 😉

      • ned morlef

        i have to pay the court to do it’s job? What about tax dollars?You don’t see anything wrong with having to have $50 to buy some time from your county or state?

    12. NewyorkConfederato

      Oh wait.. they already have taken everything from me…

      • Outlaw

        Your not alone

    13. roger

      when I think of all of the foreclosed properties in this country I wonder; what the hell happens to the all of the equity that the former owners built up in the homes and property? do the banksters think they are never ever going face an angry mob of equity theft victims??? then they have the gall to bill the victim for any shortfall when reselling what they stole. it makes my head want to explode. I would be looking for a spider hole to crawl into if I were one of these creeps. sickening…………

      • Gods Creation

        The solution is simple if you own your home, or have a mortgage. Put a common law lien for every penny you have paid for it, or on improvements to it. Including any equity you may have.

        If the banks ever steal it, they will first have to satisfy your lien before they can have any of the proceeds of the sale.

        There are ways to protect yourself from such theft, but you have to do it yourself lest you become a victim.

        • Outlaw

          The bank has first priorty, so you would only get proceeds above and beyond their “expenses”.

          • Gods Creation

            Not against a properly executed common law lien (which is like a mechanics lien). You are a perfect example of why people don’t protect themselves. They believe the banksters lies.

            In fact, if one had the good sense to move the land patent forward into their name, the bank would not be able to set foot on the land to take back their house.

            That fact is why you now have real estate instead of land sales. During the depression, when land patents were still transferred upon the sale of land, the banksters couldn’t foreclose because they could not defeat the land patent. So they just trained their lawyer minions to stop transferring them on real estate transactions.

            Too man people are clueless for there to be any hope at all. And they don’t believe the truth that will set them free.

            • Outlaw

              It’s not about believing lies, it’s what I see, with my own two eyes, in practice. Attend a sheriff’s sale and come back and tell me who holds priorty w/ the court. Better yet place a mechanics lien on a foreclosed home and see who gets paid first. Sure, you can fight them. You are well versed, perhaps you have the time and money on your hands to actually win. I have fought this fight, you speak from hypothesis and theories, not real world experience. There are more people caught up in this that are just getting by day to day who have no spare money and time to fight. They make the laws and procedures so complex that you have a couple choices: Forgo your day to day life and work full-time to fight, hire a very good atty = $$$ or keep doin what you are doin to make ends meet. Most of us commoners do not have the time or money for option 1 & 2.

              • Outlaw

                BTW, almost forgot. Go down to the title company have the land patent transferred to your name while you are holding a mortgage on the property… Let me know how that works out.

                You over simplify this.
                As long as you hold a mortgage you are no better than a renter, often times worse.

                And if you hold a MERS mortgage, the chances you will ever hold your home free and clear are about zip.
                Those deeds were turned over to unknown entities during the bailout.

              • Smokey

                Even recorded easements will disappear in a Sheriff’s Sale, they do no title work, just sell the parcel seized. The buyer gets clear title, no liens, no easements, no clouds at all. Not only will the landowner lose his property, his adjoiners will lose their access.

            • Outlaw

              Gods Creation, after re-reading my posts, I see that they may come off as crass or hostile. I am sorry as that is not my intention. I have read through your posts on this page and you seem very intelligent and put out many good ideas/knowledge. It is just that alot of these ideas you put forth are much harder to “properly execute” than you lay them out. It is not easy for all of us to spend hours upon hours and/or mega bucks to properly protect ourselves. We get by day-to-day with not much left to spare. I understand the mechanics and why we are in this position, but it does not make it any easier to digest.

              • Gods Creation

                Outlaw, I have no problem with your postings. I do not come here to fight, but to try to educate as well as learn.

                First, if you ask a Title company for a land patent, they will not have any idea what you are talking about. Their job is to secure the banksters real estate title, and the banks CAN NOT own land.

                A land patent must be obtained from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and brought forward into the current assigns name. They will happily provide you a form for doing so, upon request.

                There are no real mortgages, so there is no debt on the land. It is paid in full upon the signature of the promissory note, which in fact creates the “money” to complete the transaction.

                They call it closing because the financial transaction is closed at that time. The bank gets a promissory note and creates the money. The seller is paid with the money created by you upon signing the note.

                The mortgage is nothing more than the bank pretending to lend you back what you created for them with your signature, by fraudulently forcing you into another contract to pay them what has already been paid once through your signature.

                The scam continues because the people still believe the bank is lending them money. They do not know the promissory note and their signature upon it is what allows the debt currency to be created in the first place.

                Those mortgages are then sold by the bank into the markets.

                Here is the whole story in a nutshell. The banks create money from the note, pay the seller with that money, then sell the mortgage and collect the price in full A SECOND TIME, while the victim of the fraud is left to pay the purchaser of the mortgage contract making payment on the house for a THIRD TIME to a party that was not even involved in the initial transaction.

                In those instances where the bank retains the mortgage, they are collecting the second payoff directly from you instead of selling it, so they can get the interest as well.

                Don’t let your eyes play tricks on you. Don’t watch the hands, watch the man behind the magician.

                One day, the people will begin to listen and understand the mechanics of the fraud. I suspect they will be quite pissed.

            • Yesterday Once More

              More Freedonina drivel. Why don’t you come down from the Land of Make Believe. When banks and courts don’t obey the LAW THAT IS CLEAR AND EXPLICIT, why in the hell do you think the Rube Goldberg “solutions” you keep bringing up will work? 90% of the people you will interact with in the System will have no idea what you’re talking about, and the 10% who figure it out will ignore you…and you still have nothing.

              You remind me of the the Zulu warriors that went into battle against the Afrikaans after being told they couldn’t be killed, they had more powerful magic. The Afrikaans heated their rifles to red hot just mowing them down. I see the same result with your innovative use of magic law to make it all right again.

            • Smokey

              GC, are you referring to a deed between individuals as a land patent? A patent is what you get from the USA when it sells public domain land, after that it’s transferred by deed. You cannot change an original patent document, only the government can, to correct a mistake in the original.

      • sheptical citizen

        Roger- Equity? They by and large have no equity. Most overpaid when they bought before the housing bubble collapsed. If it was worth more than they owed they likely could & would have sold it before it was forclosed upon. And sometimes there is equity. I know this couple that divorced. They moved out stopped making the payments. The bank auctioned off the home. It sold for $12,000.oo more than they owed. the bank divided the excess proceeds and sent them a check. If the home had sold for less than owed a defecency judgment would have been placed on them. Some times the banks let the folks live out their equity like rent. The bank doesnt want a empty home that could be easily vandilized or just plain become run down.

        • Outlaw

          I took care of foreclosed homes for a bit while down and out. They do not give a shit about the homes at all. If they make it to market in a year after the bank aquires possesion that is quick. They let them run down deliberately. Half the time our inspector would have us deliberately devalue homes… or we didn’t get paid. See, if they sell at a loss the banker charges back to the mortagee the difference. Gets a judgement on them. Not to mention I worked for HUD specifically and if the house has gone to HUD the bank has already gotten paid through mortgage insurance. Another side benefit, when the house does sell 25% lower than surrounding homes it brings down the value of the neighborhood and puts more money in the bankers pockets. I saw homes on all ends of the scale. Some people had self respect and left the home clean, nice and market ready. Immaculate yard. Those homes maybe would go to market a year later. Over-grown, full of weeds and dilapidated. Poor guy who left it clean still gets hit with judgement after house sells. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.

          • Theguy

            Why does everything you’re saying here not surprise me…

      • Outlaw

        My home is involved in the MERS scandal. Unfortunately, I am set to lose it before the precedent setting case currently in the supreme court is settled. It is also hard to find an attorney who knows what the f*ck you are talking about. You can represent yourself, but it is a FULL-TIME job and when you have other obligations…. well?

        Anyway, the sad thing is the majority of mortgages have been satisfied 3 or 4 times over during the bailout.

        A WARNING to all whom hold a mortgage: Check to see if your home is a MERS mortgage. If so, the bank has already been paid your mortgage in full 3-4 times over and they do not hold title to your home. Should you go to the bank tomorrow and pay in full, you will not / can not recieve an unclouded title. The owner of your home is unknown…

        I was tipped of to this by a guy that runs a site, mortgage end game radio, i believe. He is a good starting point, but there is much more info far better than his out there.

        • What do you think

          I have often wondered if this isn’t the reason interest rates have been kept so artificially low for all these years. It is more refinance business than new loans. Induce people to refinance so they can rewrite the MERS notes and get those mortgages on different paper.

          • Outlaw

            Bingo! That is exactly what they are trying to do. Rewrite the loan… in the fine print you surrender your right to sue under the coming MERS scandal exposure when you find out the bank you have been paying does not hold a clear title to your home. If you find a good atty, they will tell you this. I have yet to find one in my state that understands this thouroughly. There is one atty here who kinda gets it, he has the supreme court case right now regarding MERS. If he wins it will open the floodgates. At this time he is unwillinging to pursue further cases until the current is decided.

            • KY Mom


              I had never heard the term ‘MERS mortgage’ before you mentioned it. I did some reading about it. Unbelievable! Another scam on Americans.

              This article includes links to additional information on this topic.

              Another Way Banks Make Everyone Pay: The MERS Mortgage Mess

              “The Mortgage Electronic Registration System — the mortgage industry’s effort to avoid paying local governments hundreds of millions of dollars in fees while facilitating trading in mortgages — and its problematic legal foundation. I refer to the “mortgage industry” — rather than just banks — because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played important roles in the creation of MERS.”

              Daily Finance dot com

        • Gods Creation

          Outlaw, do these two things to save your home….

          First, demand the threatening bank to prove they have standing to foreclose on the property. Since it is a MERS loan, they can not prove standing and will retreat at least temporarily.

          Second, and this is most important, demand that along with that proof they return the promissory note that you signed at the time of the mortgage. NOT A COPY, but the original note.

          Tell them that upon the return of your signed ORIGINAL promissory note that you will vacate the premises.

          If they don’t have it (and they will not), they will probably leave you alone for a while so they can figure out how to proceed.

          If they do proceed, your defense is that the mortgage is a fraud because your promissory note created the funds and they will not return it to you. Therefore, you are the legal owner of the property until such time as the promissory note is returned to you.

          When you do that, you are forcing them into required action they can not perform. They will retreat because they are required by law to give the promissory note back. They get away with their fraud because people never ask for it.

          That is, after all, what created the funds to begin with. If they don’ return it and foreclose illegally, you can then sue the in the corporate court for the amount of the promissory note, AND WIN.

          • Gods Creation

            Oh, I almost forgot. Make the demand through certified mail with two witnesses signing off on each letter you send them. No need to Notarize if money is tight and you have two witnesses sign off on everything, but it does make the letters automatically admissible in court in the unlikely event the banks push back that hard.

            • Them Guys

              GC: I saw on TV a show on MERS mess and scandles. Its not that NO paperwork exists. There IS orig papers signed etc. The main reason banks cannot find or produce papers as bank proof is acording to that tv show expose’ of MERS is that most all mortgages official orig paperwork was trucked into deep old defunct Salt Mines which are now being used as Massive underground “Vaults” for storage of many various paperwork of many type important documents etc. TV show said they use old salt mines because the Temps and Humidity Remain constant or near constant, and the entire salt mine acts same as a temp- humidity controled Giant safe bomb proof Vault.

              What was shown of the salt mines on that tv show were Massisve in size. Isles 40 ft wide, celings 30+ ft tall, with semi-trucks and trailers Filled with “paperwork” being trucked in for safe storage.

              Where the Main Problem lies in banks cannot find Your paperwork etc…They had folks there inside simply Throwing truck loads of paperwork(mortgages) into a huge Pile in some side vault sections and closeing the doors on it all. TV camaras showed an inside shot of one such storage section for Mortgages and it contained Litterally Several Million sets of paperwork in a huge Unsorted pile.

              Thats reason they said banks has difficult time Finding any “certain” persons actual mortgages papers. Its NOT that the papers do not exist as they DO, You signed it etc at a bank and yes its real and exists. Bank cannot find it….YET! if bank Keeps searching enough it will find Your mortgages papers if its stored in them salt mines vaults. Theres also many millions of Other type papers and documents stored in them vaults also. Billions of pages of stuff. Not sure if that too is tossed in and forgoten of in giant piles of papers?…

    14. agent provocateur

      They already have!
      Thru inflation over the years, tanking the system over and over again! I have had a fully funded retirement twice in my adult life only to have theses thieving bankers and Wall Street pump and dump the markets! I mean it when I say that if the people want to chop their heads off I’d be really challenged to say ” Stop!” or”Don’t do that! “God forgive me

    15. Shootit

      I am with AZ. It pays to know who you are doing business with and where they spend their evenings.

      My bankster is a country neighbor/friend of mine. We have regular discussions about current affairs. He assures me that he could not continue in his profession if the “bank” tried to pull a Greece.

      • Country Boys Will Survive

        My country bankster loaned himself and all his friends front-end loaders full of money. Big acreage homesteads and cattle for all. Then my country bankster and all his friends filed bankruptcy. Texas homestead up to 200 acres is exempt no matter the value.

        Even Texas Governors have a rich tradition of cashing in on this little quirk in the law. Which only goes to prove, once again, it’s not only what you know, but who you know — with lots of access to other peoples money.

    16. Hope & Change the Locks

      We can only hope the good banker gave her stuff to someone who was more needy than she was.

      Perhaps the government will follow the bankers lead and implement a generous government program like this. When the day comes the “haves” run out of money, they can always redistribute their stuff.

      • Outlaw

        The peons who do the work take it home or throw it in the dump. I had the misfortune to have to do work for HUD a couple of years ago when work was slow and we were down. I actually was sent to the wrong house once. Fully furnished, you could tell people lived there and were not expecting repossession. I had to battle it out with the bank as they insisted I was at the right property and wanted me to clear the home. I refused and later it was discovered that due to a typo it was indeed the wrong home. One block over from the correct address. I had located the proper home while on-site and told them that the actual foreclosure was one block over, but they insisted I clear the address on the paper work. Anyhow, we were supposed to take everything to the dump. I am in worse shape financially now than I was back then, but I could never go back to that line of work. It was sickening. On many levels…

        • Kulafarmer

          Good man!

          • Outlaw

            Ya, I guess. I thought I was just normal. The guy who was superior to me had NO problem driving out 60 miles and filling in for me and hauling it off. I sat there back and forth on the phone with the bank watching him selectively loading the house up. He found a small satchel, probably five dollars face value, of late 1800’s early 1900’s silver coins. Maybe worth more than the silver content for numismatic value. I couldn’t believe he showed me. I think he was trying to “show me the rewards” of being the banks henchman. “Bribe me in”, if you will.

            Now tell me who in there right mind, knowing they are not paying their mortgage and/or expecting foreclosure would leave that in their sock drawer?

      • Them Guys

        Bro Kapner’s wesite had an article about 6 mo ago on foreclosed homes etc. It shows that Finestien sits on the comittee, and heads it too if I recall right. That dealt with recent foreclosed homes and who gets the contract to re sell them all. Finestiens husband bought over 51% controling shares in some real estate co a couple weeks or less Prior to finestiens “hearings” in the us senate.

        She got that senate comitee to assign her husbands New owned co the massive Multi Hundreds of Million dollar deal to re sell them across the entire nation.

        I think he’s gaurenteed min of 7% profit of sale price. On every home sold. The total potential profits exceed something like $500 million.

        This is just a single swindle she and her husband has done in last 20 yrs shes been in office. her other latest scams are her senate comittee in charge of afgan us military base buidgs Repair job contracts worth $200 Million to replace old roofs on afgan us military housing and other related buidgs are being done on buildgs not being used any longer by us military!

        he has several articles outlineing various swindle projects shes doing or did already. Totaled they come to well Over $1.5 Billion fed govnt cash defered to her husbands many many various “Buisness’s”.

        It is truely sickining to read and see nothing done to stop such cronnyisim and Unethical ways they operate.

        Finestein and Hubby get $500 Million Profits by Insider info use while a few million good citizen americans Lose all they worked for. And some folks actually Wonder why some of us wiser guys get so upset at that crowd of SVC’s?

        Just one more of a thousand methods they have done to Earn the name of nation Wreckers.

        That website for them who desires to Read the well Documented info on finestien and many more articles like that is www dot realzionistnews dot com

        • Yesterday Once More

          She is one who needs a good slow roasting to make her tender again.

          • Them Guys

            Finestien says :OY VEH! I smell…GASSSSSSSSSS!!…….

    17. BlackDog

      Burn it down and kill everyone inside. What would you do?

    18. Kulafarmer

      Personally wouldnt wait that long, most likely
      Move ou and trash the place, if not light it up.
      A house is just a material item, sometimes you just gotta say WTF and walk away, shit happens

    19. Be informed

      Just like when some stupid cops get the wrong house, there are severe civil law suits you can bring about for these “mistakes”. You can claim all sort of mental anguish to lost wages, the banks’ insurance for just such a f up, and they are more than willing to pay up to avoid the bad publicity. A lot if you get the right sneaky lawyer.

      Bankers are evil, and they draw more evil energy and bad things towards them that will use them like a roll of toilet paper. Hell awaits them or to come back as a fly over and over again to eat crap and get swatted over and over again. Someday it will come for all of them. You just cannot continue to do evil iwth such intensity and not pay for it, just like the balloon interest that they poisoned people with and took everything from the. The end is coming in someway, don’t know exactly how, but it is coming. Humans have reached that apex of not being able to go any higher, just downhill and gravity will just help the speed of it getting there that much more rapidly.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, BI, and once again you’re on target. I’m glad I only rent a house and have no mortgage. I’ve never used credit for anything, period. Every vehicle I’ve ever owned was paid for with cash. To me, it just didn’t make sense to get a bank loan, buy any vehicle for tens of thousands of dollars and go into debt for 3-5 years to pay for it. You have to sacrifice so much when you use credit for any purpose. That’s one type of stress I’ve always managed to do without. I’ve always bought older vehicles for anywhere from $1000.00 to $4000.00 on average and made do with them to the best of my ability and I was always happy with them except one in particular but that’s another story for another time. By staying debt-free, I was always saving money for those “rainy days” in case something went wrong with the car, buying preps, etc. I’ve lost count of all the personal SHTFs I’ve had in my life, but I can honestly say I WAS PREPARED FOR AND SURVIVED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE EVENTS and I’m damned proud of that fact. Mrs. braveheart sold me on the concept of prepping when she was alive and I have never regretted it for one minute. Let any repo company come to my house I’ll give them one chance and one chance only to turn around and leave alive. I know for a fact the man I rent from bought the house with a certified check and there’s no lien of any type on the property. for these crooked banksters and politicians, their time is coming and it will be much sooner than even they realize. braveheart

        • Be informed

          @ braveheart. If even 75% of the people in this country followed your wisdom, the bankers and other elitists would have regular bowel movements in their pants.

        • Mike Sierra

          We know already bh, you keep repeating the same shit post for post………….give it a rest !

      • you don't need to know

        Some more earthquakes down in the south islands. Holy shit something serious is cooking!!! And it isn’t even the end of July yet….

        • Be informed

          @ you don’t need to know. The earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands is another and targets the energy from the New Guinea and Caroline Islands big time. This is but one of many that continues to occur. There was a 6.1 on the Juan De Fuca plate west of Vancouver Island also. The earthquake in Vanautu of 6.2 is on the line from previous precursor quakes. The precursor 7.3 South Sandwich Islands quake of last week still looms, as there is yet a major quake on that arc, that icludes the Pacific Northwest and north central Rockies, The 6.8 in New Zealand’s North Island was a result of the quake activity of July 9.

          Yes something bad is coming, I hope that I can better pinpoint exactly where. That arc from the South Sandwich Islands around the planet through the Pacific NW and through Alaska and down all the way around the southern Indian Ocean is still the best bet for the next large shaker. It certainly is getting active. I will continue to watch.

      • J. Roy

        “Evil energy?”….

        It is unreasonable to expect those drawn to a profession that profits from usury to exercise restraint. It is more reasonable to expect our elected representatives to safeguard the public interest rather than that of the banks.

        The relationship between banking and our elected leaders is becoming increasingly incestuous, with the public left holding the bag.

        There was a chance to fix this, at least in some measure in the last election. If the GOP had voted their conscience, Ron Paul would be president and we would be talking about the real problems. Instead the GOP nominated the guy with great teeth and shitty ideas…and here we are.

        The last chance to fix this is with the midterms in 2014. If there is not a national, sweeping GOP victory this country as we know is over forever. Even with a GOP victory we face a rocky road.

        We have big problems and we need big leadership to resolve them. Big leadership is scarce anywhere and non existent in the Democratic party today.

        Pray for peace, prepare for war.

        • Be informed

          @ J. Roy. Even those whom run the gambling industry know that they cannot completely bleed the suckers dry or they run themselves out of business. What the bankers are soing is running themselves out of their own country. They are so sick with absolute greed that they are cutting their throats. It is like someone that depends on a creek for fish and dynamites it to get as many fish as possible all at once. Even a more interesting analogy to these bankers is someone that has a whole orchard of fruit trees and uses a bulldozer to get the fruit, trees and all, forget about next year’s harvest. These bankers are fools of their own eventual demise.

          • ENFP

            BI, what if the reason the banksters are foreclosing on everyone at once is so that they control all the housing and therefore all the people who they rent it out to and all the farmland and therefore all food production. They want serfs, not autonomous citizens producing their own food and energy.

            • Be informed

              @ ENFP. I don’t put anything past these characters that have rot for souls.

          • J. Roy

            @Be informed;

            Bankers know no restraint. It is the duty of the people to elect representatives to safeguard their interest from such parasites. This compact breaks down when the people are too stupid and lazy to reign in their representatives, who then do not reign in the bankers.

            On the contrary, they are all in cahoots. And the politicians will get rich, and the bankers will get rich and you and I will pay the bill.

            In the days to come, look for strange fruit…

            • Be informed

              @ J. Roy. So you mean we have to depend on those to vote in the right “leaders” to safeguard us, the same voters that have elected BO, feinsteinless, pelosi, chucky cheese schumer, and many more? We are totally F’ed aren’t we?

        • Yesterday Once More

          A GOP victory will help? Did you see the number of Republicans that voted to continue NSA domestic surveillance? The Democrats looked like Ron Paul’s more conservative uncle compared to them.

          Wake up, please. You are living in a trance if you think a GOP victory will do anything more than find an alternative route to Perdition.

    20. RICH99

      Well that’s what the MOSSBERG 500 comes into play !!!! Say hello to my little friend

    21. mostevenings

      The article makes no mention of the person having homeowners insurance. This is a requirement if you have a mortgage. I’d turn the whole mess over to them to sort out and give me replacement cost. Makes me wonder about the validity of this story.

    22. PO'd Patriot

      Catch the bank president and the police chief at their respective addresses and gut them both with a dull deer antler.

      • OutWest

        Mighty disrespectful to the deer antler, PO’d

        • PO'd Patriot

          I gots plenty.

      • Yesterday Once More

        At last. Real solutions for real world problems…and no mumbo jumbo common law quackery.

        You would have real potential in a reformed Congress. Stay available.

    23. cellar spider

      I’m file a criminal and civil complaint ($30.00 filing fee) against the persons AND the company that entered your house. This makes their lawyer work and file the cross complaint against the bank so that they (the company that cleared you out) can avoid criminal prosecution / civil prosecution. They’ll do all the legwork.

      When and If the judge dismisses the complaint, you’ve got the bank…now lawyers get interested.

      Since the police chief closed the case himself, he gets subpoenaed. Now you’ve got the town on the civil side. Now you can name the town and the bank in a civil complaint. Lawyers are really interested now.

      Sit back and take the half a million dollar settlement when all is said and done and let the lawyers have the rest.

    24. When Rome Fell

      I’m just going to say it… This is why Hitler killed all the Jews…they owned the banks. They extended credit beyond the ability to pay and then hit like nothing you ever seen.

      • ENFP

        When Rome Fell,
        Would that it was the banksters Hitler killed. Rather, they funded his atrocities. He killed ordinary men, women and children.

        • Them Guys

          Well Lets set the record straight ok. Both of you are 1/2 right. Hitler was Not elected till After 1933. 1933 IS when Newspapers headlines across usa and europe had “Judica Delcares WAR against Germany” and some newspapers had it as “jews of world Unite! Delcare WAR on germany” that was in 1933-PRIOR to hitler and nazis gaining elected power.

          THEN for Just short of 5 yrs hitler and nazi party Booted jew Banksters Out…Took control of all german banks, Based german Marks aka dollars in germany, Upon Labor hrs worked and products made and hrs worked at service type jobs like maids etc. An HONEST Per hr Value and an HONEST Per item made to sell(cars furniture etc clothes etc) Value was agreed on and all money was BASED on That values.

          ONLY One german Mark(dollars) was Issued By germanys bank for each mark’s worth of labor hrs and products Made etc.

          That Is the way Germans made a fantastic comback FROM wiemier Hyper infaltionary era devestation. That Hyper troubles was CAUSED by Jew banksters and Ususry/Intrest fees(sound familiar it should!). AND Also due to after WWI Versailies Treaty germans were Forced into. Which royally screwed germans (Innocent folks there too) by stealing all their Nations GOLD etc and Non stop Reperation paymnts for WWI to all other countries in WWI.

          For nearly 5 yrs germany made ZERO War tools or weaponerys. ZERO Bomber planes etc Zero Tanks of war etc.

          They Did put all germans back to work and good pay jobs and Rebuilt germany after WWI devestations.

          IMPORTNAT FACTS:!! NOT a Single Hair on a Single Jews head was harmed during that First 5 yrs. FACT!

          Germans at least 90+% wanted jews all booted out due to the EXACT SAME Fucked up Conditions such as We have Now today in USA.IE: Kommie/liberal faggot-crooks POLS-Crook owned Jew run owned newspapers and Radio. Schools-Universitys-Unions-most all that we call Society and Culture was Hyjacked and Ruined BY Bolshevik jews from Russia and Poland Flooding into germany after WWI, to Join the jews already There in control of it all as mentioned. Notice Any Similarities to Todays America Troubles? Notice Who owns and Runs most all in usa today?(of course You do! just most refuse to Admit it cause its jews).

          HITLER: Never wanted WWII to happen. Germany Never had a single Plane leave the Ground in germany UNTILL After England did a THREE WEEK Long Carpet Bombing campaign to Intice War! FACT!…Thats when the german bomber plane “Blitzkrieg” began..AFTER for Three weeks straight ENGLAND Carpet Bombed Innocent german Civilians Citys like DRESDEN!!! Thats where so Many millions dead and Burned beyond recognition Bodies came from Mostly!

          Hitler had a DEAL with Zionists wealthy type jews to put jews in Camps for Transfer to ISREAL! So Israel will have enough Jews there to actually Look and act as if it is a “State/Nation”…..Most, a Majority of jews didn’t want to go live in Palestine! Who Would?!

          But after WWI, Col. Balfour did that “document” you all heard of to GIVE Zionists jews Palestine as a REWARD England Owed Zio Jews for the zio jews in usa Getting america INTO WWI in the first place! Balfour Document was Payoff Owed by England to Jews/zionists FOR their jew pals surrounding usa Prez Wilson getting Wilson to declare war on germany in WWI, after prez wilson Promiced to win RE-Election as Prez to NOT take american Boys(troops) Into european war…Unless usa got attacked First by whoever(seeing a Link to Japs and pearl harbor 20 yrs after WWI? same MO! only with another dem kommie FDR!).

          There is quite alot More real truth History on WWI and especially WWII and nazis etc…We all were LIED to on 99% of it….Till a decade or so ago thanks to hard working alternate media webistes etc who do have the facts and truth avail now for YOU to read and Learn of!

          So get it now? NO jews was Harmed at all during first FIVE yrs nazis gained election power etc…NONE!

          LOOK up American RED CROSS Records archives articles online. They had constant access to most if not all Camps at least in german control of. Russian Jew kommies is who built aushwitz 25Yrs Before hitler was even heard of by anyone! Aushwitz was used BY russian Bolshevik kommie Jews to Jail/Torture/Murder…White Christian russian and polish innocent folks jew kommies rounded up in 1918-20 era….Theys who Built aushwitz and other camps too.

          WWII would have Never occured if not for jews declared war on germany in 1933 Prior to hitler elected, and if england did Not carpet Bomb german cities three weeks straight!…England and USA Bomber Planes again carpet bombed germany in Last 6 months of wwii to finish off germany. THATS when so many Jews in camps were killed..Most were dead from Typhus spread by Lice, and starved due to ALLIED English and USA Bombed it to destruction the Final six months of WWII.

          Thats where so many dead naked bodies came from. More were reg avg german folks than any others includeing jews.

          Less then a million total jews died. Way less ask american Red Cross archives! Go look at nice photos red cross took of many camps full of kids playing well dressed well fed etc…We been Lied to on WWII worse than all other issues.

          ps: Per american Red Cross insider papers finally released a decade or so ago, the Real Numbers of jews were aprox 300,000 Total died in Camps germany controled. That 300,000 INCLUDES all Non jews also.

          Aprox 60,000 jewish only, survivors exited the camps alive. OF that 60,000 jews aprox 20,000 died due to starved and or typhus from lice in a month. That left aprox 40,000 Total jew survivors of them camps…

          Somehow that red cross admited as acurate number of 40,000 alive survivor jewish folks at end of WWII has today MORPHED into almost FIVE-Million “official” Jew camp holyHoax survivors! 5 Million! all getting or demanding Reperation Monthly survivor payments!!

          Israel holyhoax HQ in Telaviv(?) has listed as survivors Kids and Grand kids of actual jew survivors and dead jews also! How Long does the world need put up with catering to jew holyHoax survivors? a Thousand More yrs?!

          Will they call Great-Great-Great Grandkids of dead jews holyhoax survivors too 500 yrs from now?! and expect they get Paid a grand cash per month also?!

          Gee maybe Thats why so many good folks calls em Swindlers and Liars often huh. TRUTH and Real Facts on WWII and WWI are available-easy to find-eaiser to READ-and LEARN so YOU no longer get Duped by Lies!

          I Can and Will Provide several exallant Links for further info if one needs it. Just ask me glad to do so! I LOVE the TRUTH! So Should YOU! but first you Must Learn it!

          • Gunsmith


            …Post those links, dude!!!!!!

            …screw the “red” thumb crowd…they’re hopelessly indoctrinated anyway…TRUTH RULES…never forget!!!!!

            ….aim small….miss small!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Them Guys

              Gunsmith: Gimme some time to locate an Exallant WWII Nazi occupied France link I had. If I recall correct it shows not just France and Happy French folks in day to day activities with nazis side by side etc…I think that same link also shows huge photos of several Camps full of Kiddes and women at Play well fed etc. Smilling Faces galore photos taken I believe by american Red Cross.

              I will see if still have that link and Post it in Newer article as a reply to You Gunsmith ok. That way it wont be buried in this article for none to see it.

              Amazeing actual WWII Photos of Camps and France while Occupied BY germans. Showing Nazi german Officers and soldiers IN Uniform, walking Into and Out of Catholic Church for Sunday Mass! All smilling along side with FRENCH Citizenery also Smilling and talking together with their “enemys” occupiers!!

              Our usa fed govnt lied more than we will ever find out of on WWII issues before-During and After WWII events. Same as TODAY usa fed govnt and its cia/Mossad jew run TV MSM News shows are constantly promoting tons of LIES of 9/11 twin towers falling due to????? 19 arabs?!!!

              99% is LIES Lies and More lies to Gin up citizen support for More Wars for….”is it Good for jews and israel? if Yes then its WAR WAR! More More War!”…What about whiteys who invented and paid for and Built this usa nation FOR Our people(whites mainly)? Oh we do not count, right?….Not as long as MSM and fed govnt is owned and controled by…israel and jewish intrests.

              Hey Gunsmith, I too was shocked out of ny boots when I seen so much proof of WWII lies. My Father Fought in WWII and Korea Both!…I hated to find facts that Differ from all we was taught to believe…BUT…I want TRUTH More than lies even if I must RE think my beliefs etc.

              Unfortunatly Most folks prefere Lies it seems. But for guys like we are wants truth I will post a few links ok. Thanks for asking, Them Guys.

    25. karen

      This happened to me when I was going thru foreclosure and bankruptcy. They broke the lock that was there, and put up their lock. We went back one night, broke in, causing quite some damage as we did, and got the rest of our stuff. They had locked me out before we were done moving out. No problem, just broke their lock,(and part of the door). At least I could get the rest of my stuff. Maybe a sympathetic lawyer will help her pro bono. ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE??????

    26. California Resident

      If you don’t own it outright, you don’t “own” it. That goes for your 401k’s, IRA’s, annuities, and bank accounts.

      Better to take the penalty for early withdrawal than lose it all when the government tries to confiscate it “for the collective good”.

      We’ve had AMPLE warning.

    27. CrabbeNebulae

      I’d find a very hungry and aggressive lawyer and have him sue the assholes for everything HE could get… If I couldn’t find a hungry aggressive lawyer that could or would sue their ass I would think up something very nasty. It might take me a year… two years… who knows? Photos can ruin a persons life… even if what is seen is not really what is seen. Drugs and really ruin someone’s life. Implicate the asshole in something nefarious, morally questionable or outright illegal. Start rumors, plant some drugs on him, in his car, garage, shed or even at his bank. Try and take some compromising photos and send them to a local paper. I mean… there’s all kinds of things that we sheeple can do to destroy government employees and bankers. It just takes time and patience.

    28. karen

      well, I shouldn’t say “this happened to me”, because it didn’t. What I should have said is that I had to deal with these thieves also. Their locking me out was akin to stealing my stuff by thinking they were preventing me from getting to it. Ha! Not as long as they keep making crowbars.

    29. Boomhouare

      Be time to open up a big ol can of whoopass!!!!!!

    30. W69

      I would crack and do what Michael Douglas did in Falling Down!

      • Kulafarmer

        I love that movie,
        Every once in a while i feel like having a falling down moment, just go off on the ridiculous people who step on your toes.

    31. YH

      Street Justice. That’s what we need and lots of it. Forget the judicial system. Time is of the essence. Do what is necessary immediately. The way to make a tyrant suffer is to deprive them of their worldly possessions and turn them into paupers. That’s all I’m going say on that.

      • Kulafarmer

        An eye for an eye!
        The oldest form of justice!

        • YH


          Unfortunately, that’s exactly where we’re headed if the corrupt power brokers refuse to change their ways. Things could get very messy for all of us going forward.

          • Kulafarmer

            Yep, not good!

        • Sigi

          The Lex Talionis (the fancy name for “an eye for an eye…”) was supposed to be administered as law enforcement by the community and to serve as an end to retaliation(so much for Ghandi’s smart alec quip).

      • California Resident

        @ YH

        What we need is the return to the “Rule Of Law”, and the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic.

        • YH

          California Resident,

          Well said. I couldn’t agree more. With the state of the American population such as it is, it would take an indescribable tectonic socio-economic upheaval to bring people to their common senses and return the nation back to the virtues on which it was founded. I cannot even imagine the event that could accomplish such a feat. The country certainly will never heal as long as we have elected officials, like Obama, who serve as purveyors of hate who seek to divide Americans at every opportune moment. Just my two cents on that.

      • Gonetoolong

        Thumbs up from me. Just like our soldiers speak of the terrorists, “they only understand 5.56 or 7.62”. K.I.S.S. At some point street justice will be needed because lawful ways are no longer working in this country. Simple sometimes gets it done.

        • YH


          Thanks. For most of my life I’ve counted myself among the law abiding, but at some point I just threw my hands up after seeing countless examples of bad behavior rewarded, good behavior demonized, and crooked immoral politicians re-elected by an indifferent narcissistic electorate. Enough is enough I say.

    32. ninao ;0p

      Eye for an Eye


    33. anonymo

      Ezekiel 23:1 The word of the LORD came to me: 23:2 “Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother. 23:3 They played the whore in Egypt; they played the whore in their youth; there their breasts were pressed and their virgin bosoms handled. 23:4 Oholah was the name of the elder and Oholibah the name of her sister. They became mine, and they bore sons and daughters. As for their names, Oholah is Samaria, and Oholibah is Jerusalem. 23:5 “Oholah played the whore while she was mine, and she lusted after her lovers the Assyrians, warriors 23:6 clothed in purple, governors and commanders, all of them desirable young men, horsemen riding on horses. 23:7 She bestowed her whoring upon them, the choicest men of Assyria all of them, and she defiled herself with all the idols of everyone after whom she lusted. 23:8 She did not give up her whoring that she had begun in Egypt; for in her youth men had lain with her and handled her virgin bosom and poured out their whoring lust upon her. 23:9 Therefore I delivered her into the hands of her lovers, into the hands of the Assyrians, after whom she lusted. 23:10 These uncovered her nakedness; they seized her sons and her daughters; and as for her, they killed her with the sword; and she became a byword among women, when judgment had been executed on her. 23:11 “Her sister Oholibah saw this, and she became more corrupt than her sister in her lust and in her whoring, which was worse than that of her sister. 23:12 She lusted after the Assyrians, governors and commanders, warriors clothed in full armor, horsemen riding on horses, all of them desirable young men. 23:13 And I saw that she was defiled; they both took the same way. 23:14 But she carried her whoring further. She saw men portrayed on the wall, the images of the Chaldeans portrayed in vermilion, 23:15 wearing belts on their waists, with flowing turbans on their heads, all of them having the appearance of officers, a likeness of Babylonians whose native land was Chaldea. 23:16 When she saw them, she lusted after them and sent messengers to them in Chaldea. 23:17 And the Babylonians came to her into the bed of love, and they defiled her with their whoring lust. And after she was defiled by them, she turned from them in disgust. 23:18 When she carried on her whoring so openly and flaunted her nakedness, I turned in disgust from her, as I had turned in disgust from her sister. 23:19 Yet she increased her whoring, remembering the days of her youth, when she played the whore in the land of Egypt 23:20 and lusted after her paramours there, whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose issue was like that of horses. 23:21 Thus you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when the Egyptians handled your bosom and pressed your young breasts.” 23:22 Therefore, O Oholibah, thus says the Lord GOD: “Behold, I will stir up against you your lovers from whom you turned in disgust, and I will bring them against you from every side: 23:29 and they shall deal with you in hatred and take away all the fruit of your labor and leave you naked and bare, and the nakedness of your whoring shall be uncovered. Your lewdness and your whoring 23:30 have brought this upon you, because you played the whore with the nations and defiled yourself with their idols. 23:31 You have gone the way of your sister; therefore I will give her cup into your hand. 23:32 Thus says the Lord GOD: “You shall drink your sister’s cup that is deep and large; you shall be laughed at and held in derision, for it contains much; 23:33 you will be filled with drunkenness and sorrow. A cup of horror and desolation, the cup of your sister Samaria; 23:34 you shall drink it and drain it out, and gnaw its shards, and tear your breasts; for I have spoken, declares the Lord GOD. (ESV – sent from CadreBible)

    34. ninao ;0p

      AmeriKa JEW.S.A. is to become a Land of Commie Gangsters

      just like China

      just like Russia

      where THE MEEK WILL PERISH , if you want JUSTICE you must take it for yourself .



    35. KY Mom

      Update – Stomach bug linked to produce sickens 285 people in 11 states

      “At least 285 people in 11 states have been sickened by a parasitic infection commonly linked to fresh produce, and the exact cause of the outbreak has yet to be pinpointed, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday.

      Most of the cyclospora infections have been clustered in the Midwest, with 138 cases reported in Iowa and 70 in neighboring Nebraska. The remainder have been identified in Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey and Ohio.”

      “The symptoms usually manifest within several days of eating the contaminated food, and include diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, body aches and fatigue. If not treated, the illness may last from a few days to a month or longer and patients have been known to relapse, the CDC said.”

      As a precaution, she encouraged people to thoroughly wash produce before it is eaten to minimize the chance of infection. The CDC also recommends that anyone with cyclosporiasis-like symptoms seek medical treatment and ask to be tested for the parasite.

      “The good news is that the infection is easily treatable with readily available antibiotics,” Herwaldt said.


      • YH

        KY Mom,

        Thank you! Hopefully the pathogen does not mutate into a deadly strain. The good news is it does not appear to be drug resistant.

    36. Sowhatstheplan?

      Why not hack the bankers car and drive into a tree.
      Or blame him for having WMD and the army will invade his house.

    37. km

      After 1913 basically nobody really owned anything. You may eventually own your home, but not the land it sits on! That’s why we pay property tax, not house tax – property tax – get it. So technically we never quite paying for our homes. The government won’t allow you to purchase a alloytal title either. (Don’t know if I spelled that correctly). Anyway, that would allow you to purchase to actual land your house sits on. They have all the bases covered. Long story short, they keep us in debt one way or the other!

      • Smokey

        Allodial title, not alloytal.

        If you want allodial title, eliminate property taxes in your state.

      • Gunsmith


        ….Reflect upon the differences (per dictionary definition) of:….

        #1.> Reactive


        #2.> Proactive

        ”””””’nuff said, there’s only “ONE WAY OUT”…!!!!!

        …per DK………ENGAGE!!!!

        …soon bro’…very soon!!!!!!!!!


        Identify your targets wisely!

    38. Grandma

      I worked at a bank for 25 years. Please don’t take it out on the ones who sit at their desk or behind the teller counters. They just do their job and go home.

      Its the BIG SHOTS in the State where the home office is located. You know, the ones who make big money and get bonus after bonus. When they run out of money to get, they will get yours.

      • Piper Michael

        They can’t get it if they can’t find it.
        All my extra cash is in my ‘coin collection’… in my safe, in my hidden area.
        They come after that, they are dead men.

        If this bank ‘president’ had done this to me, he, would be a ‘thief’ acting under color of law, and he, would have an accident.
        I would hunt him like a deer.
        Oh wait… they have already done worse…
        tick tock.

    39. ninao ;0p

      We have been living so far above our means for so long that most of us actually think that our current economic situation is “normal”.

      But no, there is nothing normal about what we are experiencing. We are entering the terminal phase of a colossal debt spiral, and when it flames out the economic devastation is going to be absolutely spectacular.

      When the next major wave of the economic collapse comes and unemployment soars well up into the double digits, millions of businesses close and millions of American families lose their homes, I hope that those that are assuring all of us that there will not be an economic collapse will come back and apologize.

      There are tens of millions of people out there right now that are not making any preparations at all because they have been promised that everything is going to be okay. When the next financial crash happens, most of them will be absolutely blindsided by it and many of them will totally give in to despair.

      Don’t let that happen to you.

    40. Jim in Va.

      Wait til inflation prevents us in paying property taxes on paid off homes and the banks show up. Game on guys! The shooting starts!

    41. SilverSax

      Awful that this happened, but the writer of this article sounds very liberal/Occupy to me. His railings against Big Banks/Big Corporations lumps most banks/corporations in with a VERY FEW wrongdoers.
      Keep in mind that this is America, where banks and corporations are still legal (for the time being).

      • ENFP

        Very few bad banks/corporations Silver Sax? What did that article say – 147 control world-wide. There are very few independent banks. Small corporations, yes, but not the big ones that control not only money but government as well.

      • LSB

        Are you another reader who didn’t read the article? They raided the wrong house.

    42. RedRex

      That day of reckoning is getting closer, my list is getting bigger & bigger…… Gotta get most ammo !!!!

    43. RedRex

      That’s more ammo !!!! More ….. More…..more !!!!!

    44. Forrest


    45. BK

      I hope they leave the TV so I can get updates on the Royal Baby.

      Realistically, the game’s over for those that cling to silly ideas that the U.S. represents somewhat equal justice and opportunity to live a decent life.
      It’s still a land of opportunity…the opportunity to bend over and get screwed by the likes of Ben Shalom Bernanke, Jamie Dimon, and a host of other thugs in suits.
      It’s past time to take down the U.S. flag and just start flying the Jolly Roger.
      As was stated in the film Aliens:
      Game over man! Game over!

    46. buzzfix

      ACDC, Shoot to thrill will be the battle hymn 🙂 play it loud and proud!

      • Kulafarmer

        Hey Bi,
        I might get a little SHTF this next week! TS Flossie headed straight at us!

        • Be informed

          @ Kulafarmer. The wind shear will tear Flossie apart this time of year. Later August into September is much like the mainland for Hawaii when hurricanes can survive and even build a little. Flooding is another story even with a weak tropical storm or tropic depression. The way it is projected to come in is going to lead to much orographic lifting of the leeward side of the mountains, and a lot of potetial gully washers in rainfall. I hope your crops don’t get inundated from this.

          • Kulafarmer

            Every time i plant any significant patches of corn, we get either damaging winds, or flooding, or both, so im figuring we will get both, especially since this is the first time it will actually be associated with a significant system! NOAA is calling for Flossie to still be a TS when it crosses over the BigIsland, so even 40 mph sustained winds knock power out and heavy rains always flood stuff,
            My primary crops are real hearty, but i bet my corn will be flat come monday, and it was looking so nice, 7′ tall and tassling out, figures

            • REB

              Same trouble here Kula…Ive had to put posts up at the ends of the rows then weave twine up and down the rows…granted this isn’t practical with large plantings but Ive done it with areas as large as 50×25 or so and it has saved plantings a few times over the years…nothing as sad as going out and finding the crop flattened 🙁

      • The Cookin' Mom

        BI, I’m sorry, that Guy is not a real candle maker. I can’t tell you
        How many mistakes he made, the first being not burning a test candle.
        Many times candles “drown out ” because they aren’t properly made.
        I had my own candle business and if you want to learn to make a
        good long burning candle, you need to do some more research.

        Keep preppin’

        • Be informed

          @ The Cookin’ Mom. I have never made candles as I find them for way cheaper than making them at yard sales. Maybe you could educate all of us on making candles in an article sent to Mac or some good links on making quality candles. I know you would have plenty of people reading this and very interested.

    47. leeholsen

      “The day of reckoning will come and when it does the bankers and brokers who have made a living off the backs of hard working Americans better hope they used some of their stolen loot to build underground bunkers, because the masses will be looking for payback, and they won’t be carrying picket signs.”

      Most of the time this site is great and ahead of the curve, but sometimes articles like this come out and it shows its head has gotten too big.

      First, history has shown that the majority of people in any country just let things get steadily worse rather than do anything until its too late. see russia, nazi germany, spain, cyprus, greece, japan, etc. You can expect the same to happen in the US and the 2012 election already showed enough people dont care enough to halt the US becoming england-west or worse.

      Second, given all the NSA and IRS stuff that’s come out and the measures the DHS has taken to become a domestic army; you guys should know that unless youre already one of the elite, you are nothing but a resource and trying to stand against the elite is going to get you stomped on worse than a slow moving cockroach.

      • Facebook Page

        Then do something about it. Who care if you are pissed off.

        • ninao ;0p

          @FAGBOYPUSS … piss off .


    48. John

      Snowden has shown the NSA has complete access to our home and business computers and all the financial account ID and passwords associated with those accounts. They also have complete access to voting machines across the country. If anyone wonders how Obama got elected and they re-elected in the face of a declining economy, this is how. Many urban precincts report 100% of voters posting their votes to Obama. This is both mathematically and operationally impossible unless the machine is controlled electronically.

    49. ScoutMotto

      Off-topic alert:

      Gun show at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castlerock Colorado this weekend.

    50. Led_

      We need a reset button.

    51. Mondobeyondo

      What would *I* do if my bank stole everything I owned?

      Um, they already have.

    52. Mondobeyondo

      Don’t know why “Rape Me” by Nirvans hasn’t become the new battle hymn.It seems to fit our current society perfectly. Perhaps that’s why Kurt Cobain’s lyrics resonated so well back in 1993 (yes, it’s been 20 years, folks).

      But that’s just me. Maybe I’m going through that grunge phase again. Maybe it’s because it’s 12:45am. I don’t know.

      • Mondobeyondo

        NIRVANA…not Nirvans in the previous message. Oops.
        This is what happens when you post massages at 12:45am.
        Messages. MESSAGES. Yes, that one was deliberate.

        • Kulafarmer

          I like Heart shaped box
          Good tunes

        • Kulafarmer

          Or papercuts
          Take some reds and listen to stuff like that…….

    53. Mondobeyondo

      Long, long ago (1981), I took a high school journalism class. It was freaky, dude! (Yes, I am exaggerating.)

      As a class we were informed to investigate the basics – who, what, when, where, why, and how. At the time, I was really into the JFK assassination (I still am) – and I applied that to my studies. (No, I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but that’s a forum for anotber day.) Let’s just say I believe Jean Hill and Mary Moorman more than I’d ever believe the Warren Commission. Jean and Mary were there. Jean took the famous Polaroid photograph. They were standing at the south end of Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, when JFK was shot. The members of the Warren Commmission were not. So there.

      Sorry for getting off track. I apologize for the diversion.

      Anyhoo = what journalism has become in 2013 is awful.
      It seeks not the truth. It seeks ratings.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Oops, Mary Moorman took that famous Poloaroid pic.

        This is what happens when it’s 1:10am, you’re sleep deprived, and you’re typing no a laptop made in Japan….

        Feel free to comment as you wish.

        Congrats on picking out the errors (ionone of which were intentional).

        I will let you now, I mean KNOW, which ones ARE intentional. My writing style is kind of unique ( not Hemingway, and not Shakespeare, somewhere in between, LOL). You’ll recognize it.

    54. ninao ;0p

      JEW JOKE


      Why do Jews have such big noses?



      Because … Air(oxygen) is Free.



      • delta

        how is this joke funny?

        • ninao ;0p

          JEW JOKE


          Why do Jewish man have to be circumcised?



          Because a Jewish women wont touch anything unless it’s 10% off


        • Not so Much

          You’d have to be a raving lunatic racist to understand.

    55. Timothy

      If you do not buy something outright and rely on borrowed money to maintain ownership, it is your own fault when you cannot repay the money and lose that property.

      Debt is not the fault of anyone other than the person who makes the choice to use it. I have no sympathy for those who fall into the debt trap accept when it comes to medical bills.

      Debt is what started this whole mess and it is what will end it as energy becomes more and more costly and consumes more and more of personal/government budgets.

    56. Watchman

      1. Using a large skillet (cast iron is great), brown and fry 5 pounds of ground beef. When thoroughly cooked, transfer the meat to a colander. Rinse under hot running water to remove the fat. Then clean the skillet with paper towels to remove excess fat from the first cooking.
      2. Place the washed meat back into the wiped skillet and fry it again over medium/low heat, stirring often until you see no more steam. Keep the heat/flame low once the rocks are browning up nicely.
      3. Place the “twice cooked” rocks into an oven roasting pan. Turn the oven to 200 degrees F, stirring and turning occasionally as the meat continues to dry. One to two hours should finish the job. Remove from the oven and check for dryness. When cool, pack into zip lock bags or mason jars. Pack tightly, expelling as much air as possible. Store in pantry drawers or shelves.
      4. To “can” the hamburger rocks for long term storage, preheat canning jars in the over at 250 F, simmer the lids as usual, put the “rocks” into the jars while still hot, then seal the jars. After 15 minutes or so the jars will cool and you will hear the jar lids “pop” as they seal in place.
      One cup of rocks = About one pound.

      Keep the FAITH

      • Kulafarmer

        A friend of mine did canned hamburger steak in gravy with onions and mushrooms, made the burgers small so they would go into the quart wide mouth jars, sauteed the onions and mushrooms in the meat drippings and grease then made the gravy with marsala wine and powdered brown gravy mix, made it thin so it flowed nice, then pressure canned that, they look good after 3 months, still taste awesome on some potatoes or rice,

    57. Watchman

      U.S. Army Buying Millions Of Rounds Of Russian Ammo And Popular Civilian Firearms
      Friday, July 26, 2013 8:41

      (Before It’s News)
      Compelling proof Dept. of Defense is also drying up firearms and ammo supply.
      Kit Daniels
      July 26, 2013

      The U.S. Army is now looking to stockpile nearly 3,000,000 live rounds of Soviet-era Russian ammo popular with civilian shooters.

      Credit: Wikimedia Commons
      A U.S. Army solicitation posted July 18 on the Federal Business Opportunities web site asks for “non-standard” ammunition from vendors which includes:
      – 2,550,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ball ammo
      – 575,000 blank rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo and
      – 425,000 rounds of 9x18mm Makarov ball ammo
      The army intends to store all these rounds in ammo storage facilities at both Camp Stanley in Boerne, Texas and the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky.
      As the solicitation implies, the 7.62x39mm and the 9x18mm Makarov are not standard-issue in the U.S. military or NATO.
      Rather they are calibers developed by the former Soviet Union which are now commonly used by civilian shooters in the United States.
      The 7.62x39mm in particular is extremely popular with private gun owners due to the wide availability and affordability of both military surplus ammo and firearms chambered for this round, such as the AK-47 and the SKS.
      Handguns chambered for the 9x18mm Makarov, such as the FEG PA-63, are common, inexpensive imports.
      The desired list of calibers attached to aprevious, related acquisition request
      also included oddball rounds such as the .303 British and the 7.62×25mm Tokarev.
      In addition to this solicitation for nearly 3,000,000 live rounds of Russian calibers popular with the public, the army made a similar request last year for a long-term weapon supplier who can ship both foreign non-standard and obsolete U.S. military weapons anywhere in the world.
      According to this 2012 request, the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) wanted to find a vendor who could “reach around the world at any given moment to gather and provide multiple types of weapons and weapon parts.”
      Read More Here

      Keep the FAITH

      • Smokey

        They gotta arm the Syrians with it, they seem to be unable to get their own arms and ammo from Hassad.

    58. Grandma

      There comes a time when you have to do what you don’t want to do. My husband is 80 and I am right behind him in age. He has alzheimers and I have cared for him for the last three years. My house was paid off but I am now no longer to care for him as he is bed ridden and I have problems also. I had to take a home equity home line of credit to pay for help with him. I had no choice. I will pay off this loan unless they take my income. If they take my house, I will be in the street.

      • JayJay

        Grandma, better to use that equity now for you and your hysband than let money-grubbing bankers and govt get it later!!

      • sheptical citizen

        Grandma You are to be commended for doing the right thing and morgaging your assetts. You are paying yourown way. Many folks deed their property to a straw man relative and hide their assetts. Because the DHS is allowed a 5 year look back. It seems unfair that those who where unsuccessful and failed to aquire assetts get so called free Govt help. And those who are hard workers & honest that succed & do the right things are punished. Good Luck to you.

    59. ninao ;0p



      CHALLENGE: he or she who collects the most BLOODY NWO ZOG GESTAPO JEW WHORE TRAITOR POLICE , SHERIFF , FED Law Enforcement (CIA FBI DEA NSA etc etc) , DHS POLICE BADGES , U.N. BLUE BADGES and BLOODY SCALPS with confirmed KILLS(must provide photo).

      required: bloody badge , bloody scalp and proof photo of kill. per each kill.

      WINS …

      REWARD: 1 million in .999 gold bullion or 2000 acres of prime Montana Land with Ranch House.

      see ninao ;0p of the North Rockies for Reward.



    60. The Cookin' Mom

      Has the power to soothe nerves, relax smooth muscles, relieve
      anxiety, and ease hypertension. It helps the heart by slowing its rate
      While increasing the power of each beat, making the action more
      Efficient and less strained.
      I personally know this to be true.

      Keep preppin’

      • JayJay

        Also, many have better outcome if mix one valerian and one melatonin..after dinner.

      • REB

        I use it myself…good for sleep or going to the dentist!

      • REB

        Not sure where that post went..oh well…I use valerian myself…good for sleep and helps with seeing the dentist… 🙁

        • REB


          • Mountain Trekker

            REB> Keep Trying. You made me chuckle. Trekker Out.

    61. KRM

      Banks are thinking themselves pretty immune to prosecution. Greendot stole $120 from me this month. Basically they had a technical glitch when I went to upload my $ to paypal. I called their office for help (in the Phillipines) and they asked for the number on my card so they could get the card working again. After three operators said sorry, we can’t do anything yet (and each time I checked, my money was still on the Greendot card) mysteriously, the money disappeared. Poof. It’s been stolen by one of the Phillipines office employees. I checked my computer to make sure that my antivirus was up to date, ran a scan to make sure it wasn’t one that got past my security (I use several av and malware detection/prevention programs as well as having high security on my computer, a secure network here at home, etc.) Greendot after ten days of laughing at me, hanging up, and then saying they’d investigate has said sorry, not responsible. Too bad. I’m mulling what to do, as I’m too angry right now to clearly plan everything out, but I’d appreciate input. Not only is the Warranty of Fitness totally void on anything Greendot since they can steal it and give you the run around, but they are also breaking Tort law I figure. Evil, awful company refuses to help me whatsoever.

      • ninao ;0p








        • KRM

          I’ve done the BBB thing so far. I didn’t think of the fraud report sites yet. I didn’t know about Icann either. From what I read online, it’s common for Greendot to steal funds and claim they aren’t responsible.

      • The Cookin' Mom

        Nina, I can’t get videos to stream back here in the woods….

        Keep preppin’

        • ninao ;0p

          @TCMom … Respect .

          try accessing the website via


          it’s a free vpn proxy , you may be filtered blocked by your isp from accessing the video , this will bypass it .

          look at bottom for input window , copy paste the vid html web address there .


        • ninao ;0p

          try using a private online web proxy ‘ninjacloak(dot)com’ to bypass your isp web filter , sounds like your being blocked by your isp / someone .


    62. VRF

      Maybe we should all think about not giving them the opportunity to have ANY of our “suff” to take from us to begin with?

      • VRF

        hahah we need an edit cue..”sTuff”

    63. feedthehogs

      Its foolish to think that no bank or lending institution will ever make a mistake. First and foremost the data programmed into a computer is done by a person. Whether thru incompetence, a bad day or just standard common errors, others in an institution will react on that data right or wrong.

      Having reached the age of 55 with my wife and never making more than 60k a year, we’ve dealt with many financing firms and never had an issue because we never bought more than we could afford and understood that by borrowing their money, we were responsible for paying it back no matter what happened to our source of income.

      By following these values we own our house free and clear along with 2 cars, 2 motorcycles, a boat and other toys.

      I watched too many people buy way over their heads and when times became tight as cycles always go, they failed to be able to pay off their debts.

      Its nice to blame bankers for our own financial failures but it makes as much sense as black people blaming white people for their failures.

      • LSB

        Did you read the article?

    64. Jasonn

      Sue the bastards. I’d be happy to serve on THAT jury!

    65. Frank Thoughts

      Most of these people deserve to have the plug pulled on them, I am afraid. America’s debt culture is out of control and this is not entirely the banks’ fault. American 1.0 is dead and needs to be buried. America 3.0 (we are living in the interregnum of America 2.0 – a shitty place full of zombies and the obese) has yet to emerge but will.

      America 3.0 will be a place where men and women work but don’t get into debt. Where people don’t lie to themselves and others. Where intelligence is valued and so is health. It will probably have fewer people but those people will better and higher quality – many will come from old Europe and Asia.

    66. smokey

      Triple damages for the stuff, mental anguish, and then punitive damages, with legal fees tacked on top. Should work out to a tidy award, start with $10,000,000 and see what happens. Sue the bank and the banker, and start with liens on everything they own pending judgment.

    67. smokey

      Triple damages for the stuff, mental anguish, and then punitive damages, with legal fees tacked on top. Should work out to a tidy award, start with $10,000,000 and see what happens. Sue the bank and the banker, and start with liens on everything they own pending judgment

    68. Padre

      Pay your bills, or even better yet don’t take out any loans and you have nothing to worry about!!!

      I can image its traumatic loosing all your stuff, but if you default on a loan you don’t need any notice… it was you who failed to pay what you promised to pay, and you who had an obligation to fix the situation or get the hell out.

      I mean come on folks its time for a whole bunch of folks in this country to put on their big boy pants.

      Personally I love all you financially irresponsible folks because I have made a lot of money buying up foreclosures. For every person who leaves stuff behind their are 10 that strip the house bare, including taking the water tank and furnace. That’s ok, I was going to trash most of your stuff anyway and make the house like new.

      • Padre

        The only case in which I take issue is the occasional mistake forclosure… In that case the bank is big time liable.

      • Smokey

        Friend of mine is a realtor, I’ve gone into about 50 foreclosed homes in the last 3 years. At least 35 of them had been stripped of things like kitchen appliances, doors, light fixtures, toilets, tubs, etc., and several had the furnace missing, and a few had every bit of copper wire and pipe ripped out of the walls.

    69. Spook89

      Shoot, shovel, shut up.

    70. Roger

      The crew that cleaned out her house was probably a “property preservation” contractor. They are supposed to secure and sometimes remove “debris” from an abandoned property. They are supposed to determine if it is occupied and if it appears to be, stop the work order.

      That being said, the industry is full of companies that take short cuts and will take a trailer full of belongs to the dump as they usually get paid by the cubic yard. Of course, that’s after they pick anything they want first. They don’t want to call their source and say there is a problem with a job, they just want to get it done and get on to the next one. Contractors who have problems don’t get more work orders.

      Back in 2009-2010, I did some of this field service work for Fannie Mae contractors. We never found a home that appeared to be occupied but were very aware of the possibility. I got out of that (a side business) when too many others got into the business and forced the rates down. Many of the new comers were illegals and others who took short cuts. It got unprofitable to do the work to Fannie Mae specs and compete with those who wouldn’t.

      She has some recourse against the bank and their contractor who sent them out to the job. The crew that actually did the “work” is probably too poor to recover much.

      I do like the idea of finding out the address of the banker and anyone else involved and making their life a living hell until justice is obtained.

      • sheptical citizen

        On the advice of a lawyer. When I repossed a place from a buyer who defaulted. We loaded up everthing incluing the garbage and put it in two storage rental untis and paid one months rent. We didnt keep a single thing. Of course the defaulting folks had all ready took their best stuff before they left. We sent the folks a registered letter and published a notice in the newspaper twice. The storage company sold the units at auction a few months later

    71. Kevin2

      What would you do? Well you would use every legal means to attempt to get your money back. After that there is nothing more that a prudent person would do and if you had significant money your most likely a “prudent person”. You’re still most likely going to eat and have a roof over your head and social pressures limit the resolution by violence as an option.

      If ever the masses are put into a position that the wealth taken threaten their food and shelter the option of violence increases significantly. Desperate people as they say do desperate things. Hungry people are willing to fight odds that are completely stacked against them. .

      Corzine and Madoff had far less to fear over a collective billion + than the lower social economic element has to fear with an unethical / illegal $20 transaction or theft.

    72. M

      Ha they will not do shit , and even if they do . Well the same banking dynasties that have been around since Jeebus was handing out free food and healthcare , will not be touched.
      Seriously clowns . when was the last time any members of the families who own the federal reserve lost a wink of sleep . Due to fear of raging , hooting , gibbering pissants with over clocked monkey brains ?

    73. M

      Ha they will not do shit , and even if they do . Well the same banking dynasties that have been around since Jeebus was handing out free food and healthcare , will not be touched.
      Seriously clowns . when was the last time any members of the families who own the federal reserve lost a wink of sleep . Due to fear of raging , hooting , gibbering pissants with over clocked monkey brains ?

    74. Piper Michael

      Do any of our knowledgeable members know anything about land patents?
      These are documents that take your property out of the hands of the county, and place it in Federal jurisdiction. From what I understand, you can get one if your land is a swamp, ie Wetlands, or for other purposes that prevent it from being used forever more, or, for banks forclosing or property taxes being imposed…
      Haven’t looked into this real deep yet, but, since I live on the edge of a swamp, might be a good way to go. (You also, I think, can’t ever build anything else on it ever again, other that what is already there.)

      • Thinker

        Piper; You may want to scroll down to Gods Creation article #1958789 He seems to know a little about it? I am going to check out the BLM first thing Monday.

      • Smokey

        Piper, a land patent is what you receive when the USA grants title to Public Domain land after you fulfill the conditions of the law enabling the grant, such as a mining claim, homestead, stock ranch, etc. Only the mining laws are still in effect and allow patent. The USA just doesn’t patent land into private ownership anymore. The states got large tracts of public domain when they entered statehood, school lands, swamp lands, etc., and the canal and railroad industries got large grants to open the frontiers.

        Once land is private, i.e., other than federal, it is exchanged by deeds, not patents. If you sell or donate private land back to the USA, it’s by Warranty Deed, not a patent.

        There are also Conservation Easements, which buy up development rights to property, also by deed.

        Once land has been Patented, it is in private ownership and transactions come under the laws of the States. There’s no way out of that, they have the power to levy taxes and use eminent domain laws to take property. There are no magic documents or deeds that will defeat that, not a one. Some states have Homestead Declaration laws that protect a portion of your equity, or defeat bankruptcies, but that’s it, and no state has relinquished it’s power to tax or seize property, just a few limitations here and there, but there is absolutely no magic deed.

        Only way to defeat it is to eliminate property taxes in your state, and restrict eminent domain to narrow purposes.

    75. John_Allen

      I lived below my means for sixteen years because I had a plan. I rented an efficiency apartment. I walked or rode the bus everywhere while I saved and invested my money.

      When it came time to buy my home, I sold the woof-woof stocks I owned and bought for MY OWN CASH. I bought the first new car I ever owned the same way.
      Resulting in I had money set aside for the inevitable home owner expenses, of which the purchase price is only the beginning. While keeping the best 25% of my investments.

      I didn’t fall to earth in a pod from Neptune. If I found the self-discipline to do that ANYONE can.

      I loathe banksters. However, squatting in something one is making no effort to pay for is theft.

      The progs bowdlerized the Community Reinvestment Act of 1969 over intervening decades for political expediency. Lending standards such as income and a history of paying one’s debts were explicitly ignored. Indeed, organizations such as ACORN were given blackmail power over lending institutions, given the power to veto bank plans etc if banks were not sufficiently self-sacrificing as to loan to anyone with a pulse.

      People who would not have qualified to finance a new car were written a mortgage not because they had the chops to qualify but for political expediency.

      When I say I own my home I mean free and clear. I paid for it, in full. It would in no sense have been “my home” merely for squatting there, having paid only a fraction of what I owed.

      Home ownership is something one earns. It is not a right. So is your honor bright enough to recognize theft when you see it or is it something else when your favored people do it?

      • Old Poor Richard

        I have one comment, and that is you don’t own your home. The state owns your home. It will take it when it wants it. It takes slivers of it every single year.

        I won’t criticize your strategy. Your strategy may be correct and my strategy may be incorrect.

        My strategy is to leverage to the hilt. When I bought my home I put down 5% and the seller was befuddled when I told them I’d be getting that 5% back in the form of a check. I have a VA loan. I keep my place leveraged to the hilt and have already cash-out refinanced at a lower interest rate.

        That cash money buys me items I’ll need. Valuable or useful. I can stay in the place as long as I need to. The deed to my home is the same as the deed on Mr. Allen’s home. So what that there is a mortgage lien on mine in addition to the lien while I want to stay. If circumstances some day require that I walk away, I don’t walk away from the fruit of my labor, I walk away from a debt that may or may not encumber me.

        Just a different view. I’ve heard a quip, not sure I’m telling it right: When I owe the bank $10,000, that’s my problem. When I owe the bank $1,000,000, that’s the bank’s problem.

        • sheptical citizen

          Ole Poor Richard. You are indeed poor. your scheme you ar bragging about makes you morally bankrupt. The spanish have a saying take and do whatever you wish You will Pay for it. The banksters politicians and everyome else will indeed eventually pay. No one can escape the Law,s of Karma. Two wrongs never make a right.

    76. Old Poor Richard

      Well, the police chief doesn’t owe the homeowner anything more than an investigation, which took place. Depending on how state law was worded, there may not have been a burglary, and there may only be a civil cause of action here and not a criminal cause. That’s regrettable, but it’s the fault of the legislature and ultimately the fault of the people of the state.

      It’s time for individual lovers of liberty to really sign up in their hearts, to “join” the ranks of Anonymous, which, of course, doesn’t actually constitute joining anything at all, and start meting out JUSTICE.

      Naturally, I don’t mean killing people, because murder is a sin, and would be disproportionate response to a property crime, but there are many ways to fskc with a bankster and the petty material things a bankster holds dear.

      The whole point of Anonymous is that it is Anonymous, and anyone ever caught was caught because he was a braggart, or else because he teamed for a caper with someone insufficiently vetted.

      Seek street justice, and find a means to Anonymously advertise, such as a flyer printed on somebody else’s computer, usage that can’t be traced to you.

    77. Frank Thoughts

      While the bankers behaved like dirt bags what truly caused the crisis was the vast quantity of sub-prime people who went crazy and bought stuff they couldn’t afford in a million years. They aspired to a middle or upper middle class lifestyle often on a minimum wage or even on welfare.

      These people have squealed like little bitches since the crisis started in 2008 and many have behaved like thieves by staying in homes they weren’t even paying the mortgage on. Others looted their homes of every last wire and pipe and sold it for scrap. I am having a hard time caring about these people and if the bailiff wants to send a SWAT Team to kick their ass, then so be it.

    78. Anonymous

      Americans are pussite ,they never reach breaking point

    79. Johnny T

      Read the article on the Big Banks on Stan’s website and you will have your answer. Sadly, “WE, the PEOPLE” do not matter anymore to them. You have to understand this because to be in denial and think that the crusade of right vs. wrong is still alive and well. This type of thinking will only get you hurt and disillusioned. To postpone the realization of the cold, hard facts that we are now facing is what they bet on and all too often we take the bait. The joke is on us. It’s a con game and all too often we wind up essentially on our own in the grand scheme of things. For a too long it’s been about money and power, Godlessness and Socialism, not the rights of the individual anymore. Where are the media, the politicians, or the courts? We look to them for truth, representation and justice, but more and more we receive lies, broken promises and deaf ears. There s little dignity left except that which we ourselves refuse to relinquish. And my advice is to hang on with everything you have. They may try to take it away but you don’t have to make it easy for them. As long as there is a Constitution and the ‘inalienable rights’ that go along with it, we are within our rights to speak out and work within the laws it provides. NWO, my a$$! It’s time to wake up.

    80. Hugh Mann

      When the parasitic elite hide in their bunkers, the masses should have a good supply of concrete to make sure they stay in those holes. Problem solved.

      • R.T. Matte

        well that time it worked!

    81. Robert Christopher Laity

      I have always considered Foreclosure without just compensation to be against the “Taking” clause of the Constitution. If one owes $2,000 in back taxes,for example,on a $100,000 house,the taker should have to reimburse the foreclosed party the fair market value and/or equity that the homeowner had accrued to the date of foreclosure. The taker is entitled to only what is owed and not one’s entire equity in one’s house. If one owes $2K in taxes and has equity in said house over the $2K then the difference is owed to the homeowner.

    82. Anne

      If I were robbed (bank or not) I would contact my insurance company and file a claim. Let the insurance company take on the bank as they should pay up and then sue the bank to pay them–just a thought.

      • Jakob Stagg

        You are kidding. Right?

        Have you ever had a loss the insurance company honored.

        Banks and insurance companies are in the business of collecting money, NOT honoring agreements.

    83. Dana

      I hope she’s an obama bitch….

    84. Alan Blackbart

      I would steal the banker’s families and sell them to the Muslims as sex slaves!
      A little something for the elite to think about. You can’t protect them, just like we can’t protect our money.
      Muslim lovers.

    85. Teddy

      Wonderful web site. Plenty of helpful information here. I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious.
      And of course, thanks for your effort!

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