What Would Our Economy Look Like In The Shadow Of Vaccine Passports?

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Birch Gold Group. It was sourced from Alt-Market.us. 

    Yes, it’s an official concern now. The mainstream media and the Biden Administration have gone from suggesting that Covid vaccinations would “not be mandated” to saying they “should be mandated.” This means several very uncomfortable consequences are on the way for our economy and the nation as a whole. Remember, the federal government already decided it’s legal for companies to require coronavirus vaccines. The most obvious next step: A mandatory “vaccine passport” certifying its holder has gotten the recommended injections.

    The assertion by the establishment is that life would simply go back to normal as long as you comply and get your shots like a good citizen. But from what I have seen even some people who have taken the vaccines voluntarily do not want a passport system in place, and for good reason. Should a mandatory vaccine passport system be implemented, life will never be normal again.

    Vaccine passports are not a panacea

    First, we have to take into account the fact that there will never be a 100% vaccination rate in the U.S.; not even close. With a number of states at or below a 50% vaccination rate, there is a question of practicality regarding vaccine passports. Such a program would mean that around half the country could be put in the position of hearing they have no right to employment or possibly even general interaction in trade because they won’t take the experimental jab.

    The real concern with a vaccine passport has nothing to do with coronavirus, or herd immunity, or saving lives. It’s a tool of control. Like the Soviet Union’s communist party membership card, it’s an official document that demonstrates compliance to authority. It’s a tool to divide the U.S. population.

    If this autocratic diktat was directed at a tiny minority of people within the population, it might work at frightening them into accepting the vaccinations; to go along to get along. But, with hundreds of millions of people saying “no way,” history tells us the more pressure applied the more rebellion is inspired.

    Second, we have to consider what the immediate economic and financial effects will be in light of this conflict. For example, look at the amount of relocation and migration that has happened in the U.S. in the past year alone. Many millions of people have escaped from predominantly blue states based on political and social factors; and the covid mandates and lockdowns are a big part of what inspired most people to leave.

    As has been well documented, blue states are much slower in recovering economically when compared to red states with fewer restrictions. Not only that, but money moves with people. This is a hard reality. Conservative states are seeing ample cash inflows from tourism and mass migration while blue states are bleeding tax revenues. In light of this revelation, red states are going to ask themselves this question:

    “Why would we commit economic suicide like the blue states by following their example? Wouldn’t vaccine passports be the equivalent of blue state covid mandates times a hundred?”

    But let’s say for a moment that vaccine passports were somehow implemented everywhere in the country at the same exact time. What would happen then?

    Economic consequences of a vaccine passport mandate

    Well, the amount of bureaucracy that would be added between the average consumer and everyday trade would be immense, and with red-tape comes a slowdown in business.

    Whole new wings of the government would have to be created to track and enforce vaccine passports rules (I say “rules” because none of the mandates have ever been passed into law or voted on by the public). Regular inspections of businesses would have to be enacted, and new taxes would have to be created to pay for the system. The amount of space and employees needed to meet new standards for retailers would increase in order to check every customer that comes through the door for a passport.

    Also, let’s not forget that many thousands of people in multiple states have had “breakout” covid infections despite being fully vaccinated, which means rules on social distancing and masking will also still be in place. The amount of capital that a business owner would have to spend to meet the government requirements would continue to rise while their profits would continue to fall. Eventually, the majority of small businesses would close, just as we saw during the first series of lockdowns.

    Smaller businesses, which represent about half of the U.S. retail economy, would be under so much stress from maintaining the proper restrictions and adding infrastructure that they simply would not be able to compete with major corporations and Big Box stores.

    The end result would be the complete disintegration of the small business sector (except perhaps online retailers). Only national and international conglomerates would be left behind to provide brick-and-mortar services to the public, and of course, many millions of jobs would be lost in the process.

    Less competition means ever-increasing prices and a lower quality of goods and services.

    Simply put, vaccine passports could result in the death of what’s left of the free market as we know it. The majors will know they have the public by the scruff of the neck, so why bother trying anymore? They can throw us scraps from the table and we would have to take them and be happy with what we get.

    Practical alternatives to the death of the free market

    Then again, there is a central factor that tends to arise when restrictions on the economy are put in place – The black market, or what I would call “alternative markets”.

    When governments restrict domestic trade and limit consumer participation based on frivolous requirements, people don’t just roll over and submit. Instead, they find other ways to get the things they need more freely. This means black market trade or barter markets, alternative currencies, and sometimes entire underground economies.

    Free markets will not be denied. And this is where the government’s disguise of humanitarianism will really fall away and true tyranny will be revealed.

    Anyone rational would say that people trading with each other on an individual or community basis is perfectly normal, but under medical tyranny, such trade would be treated as an ultimate crime. By providing services for each other, common people would be “opening the door” to survival outside of the system, and if survival is possible, then non-vaccination is possible. Therefore, the argument will be made by the establishment that alternative economies need to be eliminated “for the good of society as a whole.” There is always an excuse for totalitarianism.

    With a large portion of the population seeking a means to live without oppression, alternative markets will thrive, and the government will make war on them. Which means the people will be forced to make war on the government. It’s inevitable under every scenario. But in the meantime, barter and trade will continue without vaccine passports and there’s not much that governments can do to stop it.

    I have little doubt that precious metals will become go-to commodities for trade as a currency, just as they always have in times of crisis. All trade systems need a universal mechanism with inherent value to back it, otherwise more and more steps are added in the trade cycle and it becomes more difficult to conclude each transaction. Straight barter will be useful, but so will precious metals (especially gold and silver) along with other hard commodities with intrinsic value and utility.

    Economic disaster followed by an economic renaissance

    What I see in the near future is an economic disaster in the wake of any attempt at a vaccine passport system. Millions will lose their jobs or quit their jobs in protest. Small businesses will disappear under the weight of bureaucracy and constant scrutiny. The quality of goods and services will suffer as competition shrivels. But I also see the birth of a whole new economic system outside of the mainstream control grid. I see true free markets returning, and eventually, I see full-blown rebellion.

    What I suggest is that people get ready for this eventuality. We need to become producers again, rather than mere consumers. In order to position ourselves for success in the new trade environment, we have to be able to make necessities, repair necessities, or teach necessary skills. Those that are able to do this will do very well within alternative markets. And, of course, those that stock preparations and buy gold and silver will also have a safety net as the current economy is slowly crushed under the weight of covid mandates.

    Finally, if you find yourself today in a heavily restricted city, county, or state, I suggest leaving now while you still can to a safer and more free place with more liberty-minded people. Time is running out fast.


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      1. This is a distinct and well formed plan for the people not only of the US but of the world as a whole. It has been in the making for at least a century now and has reached the irreversible stage of its development and institution.

        In the West I imagine the final result will be somewhat similar to how it was in Romania under Ceaușescu.

        So study the Communist era of Romania if you want a clearer picture of your future lifestyle.

        Be prepared for it.

        • Lol. Seems I recall Ceaușescu and company were executed.

          We can only hope that history still rhymes or repeats. 🙂

      2. Civil war

        • I keep saying mass refusal to cooperate and secession is our only hope, not just Southern states, but any and all states. As states secede or simply refuse to cooperate with the national gov’t, the resources and power and therefore the ability for gov’t to impose its will breaks down quickly.
          Yeats wrote a poem shortly after WW I called “The Second Coming”. In that poem he was describing a battlefield situation and made a point the center cannot hold. This also has a political application. Our nation is now irrevocably ideologically polarized and becoming much more so (intentionally), both the gov’t and the masses. The large rival parties are unable to work together on the truly important things with the moderate center too small now and cannot make a difference, rendering cohesion more and more difficult. That is, the center cannot hold. The result of the political chaos that is loosed upon the always country plays out, society also breaks into basically two factions, with a tiny moderate center.
          There will be only two choices for us. Without resorting to hyperbole it will be freedom or heavy-handed authoritarianism and totalitarianism. I am not optimistic at this time because Yeats said “the best lack conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”.
          Nations that are large, both in population and/or geography are artificial constructs, the US is no exception. The US in reality was/is a Eurocentric creation. European nations are smaller and based on one language, culture and heritage, etc., easily unifiable. This aspect of our heritage, which is unconscious in most of us, will save us. Only a people with like heritage, culture, and values can be free.
          The opposite are Marxist/totalitarian/authoritarian countries which seek to be massive monoliths (hence globalism) with a large variety of cultures and societies, it must always be held together by sheer force since there are few factors that otherwise keep them unified, they must always resort to a crushing one size fits all mentality.
          The people of this country if united would be invincible, but we are rendered passive and ineffective because society keeps falling for the divide and conquer tactic. Gov’t keeps interjecting issue after issue (merely manufactured to manipulate citizens) in society to keep it fractured and hence unable to oppose gov’t power. And make no mistake, the gov’t wants a totalitarian state, its goals and motives manifest it. Remember “Ye shall know them by their fruits”.
          I ask again, What is it going to take for people to say enough is enough? The answer my friends is secession. Freedom is the byproduct of secession, not chaos. For example, ask those people that now live in the 15 independent and free countries that broke away, if they want to go back under the boot heel of that multi-cultural totalitarian paradise known as the USSR.

      3. The ILLUSION of perpetual & infinite safety from all possible sources of anguish & pain leads many to accept draconian practices. The “Covid passports idea” is a way to recycle the tyrannical “papers-please” demands of the Stazi and the SS. Since so few Americans have accomplished in-depth study of history, they will be blindsided by the repercussions of this type of Tyranny.

        In the meantime, idiots in “D.C.” spend our tax dollars with no sense of patriotism & responsible management.

      4. Yesterday, 18 sacks of shite (R) voted for another huge spending spree by the brain-dead Demonrats. Hey We-flubbed-agains, what in Hades do you stand for? I expect the other side to be cretins but you (R) are supposed to give the voter an alternative to imbecility.

        • The purpose of the Republican party is to give the Democrats what they want while pretending to oppose them to keep their people under control.

          That should be obvious.

          Trump went against that purpose, that’s why he is gone.

          The rest of the Republicans made note of that, it won’t happen again.

      5. It is known by top scientists and doctors who are not paid by corrupt pharma, the vaccines will kill millions from the self replicating spike proteins over a short time, and the vaccinated are losing immunity with every shot and disabling many more.

        The author doesn’t add this to the equation of the economy when vaccine passports change everything, but the conclusions would probably be the same. Most of those that follow this Marxist government will perish from the vaccine affects while many conservatives and the black community who resist it and prepare will survive their ghoulish vaccine genocide but from a terrible cost to humanity around the globe.

        We will recover, but with 1/3 or more of our population gone. Many others may starve when stores go empty, supply chains stopped, and without much law enforcement, crime and violence will skyrocket. The big cities will be in ruins.

        Our society will have to rebuild and train replacements who were lost, and the medical field will be devastated. Any business or entity that required the vaccine for their employees will be the big losers. We who are left will be thrown into the 19th century. So stock up on food and supplies now, get out of the cities, and pray for your deliverance from this evil that has come down on us.

        • @woogie,
          I’m afraid to say you are spot on. This year is going to get really bad, very soon. The stores here are already putting limits on items again. I think it’s not because of the Delta fears but because they know we are going to be under lockdowns again or martial law. The average person is either vaccinated or unprepared.
          Be safe~

        • Woogle

          Well said and right on. It’s truly amazing to me that so many in the world’s medical profession have bought in on this scam.
          The experimental Gene therapy does not give protection from the virus – just as many and probably more are getting sick with the jabs. Masks are a joke – like a pacifier for adults.
          Sweden did it right – no lock downs

          Ammo -up

          • Physicians have an interest in keeping their career and lifestyle intact.
            Sweden has less than 11 million people.
            America has over 330 million people.
            Comparing Sweden and the US is not a fair comparison due to the astronomical difference in population.
            A more realistic comparison would be the US and Indonesia.
            Indonesia has a population between 267 and 268 million people.

        • The Bidenette/Pelosi wing of the CPUSA is actively driving up fuel costs and creating shortages. Very few ESPN/Disney/rap viewers know or care about the detrimental effects on distribution, construction, transportation, housing costs, food production and medical supplies. Unicorn flatulence and transvestite Sesame Street characters do not generate electricity.

          The old NY Meatball shouted to the decimated NY business community in 2020, “LEARN HOW TO CODE!!”

          But for years the same arse clowns imported thousands of H1B workers from Asia to write code. Republican arse clowns too!!!

      6. “…they have no right to employment or possibly even general interaction in trade…”

        We already live under these conditions, unless there is reason in your permanent record to believe that you are a bastard, degenerate, or replacement demographic.

      7. Go check out a very interesting website called thehealthyamerican.com. Important information on how to fight vaccine mandates and NO, vaccines cannot be mandated and there is a federal law that says so.

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