What Will This New Wave Of Lockdowns Do To The Global Economy?

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    For a few months, a lot of people were convinced that humanity’s efforts to defeat COVID were being successful, and many believed that the pandemic would soon be behind us for good.  But now the “Delta variant” is spreading like wildfire all over the globe, and this is prompting national governments around the world to institute a new wave of restrictions and lockdowns.

    Needless to say, the restrictions and lockdowns that we witnessed in 2020 were absolutely devastating for the global economy, and many areas of the planet remain economically depressed as a result.  As the “Delta variant” continues to spread, will this new wave of restrictions and lockdowns push the world economy into another major downturn during the second half of 2021?

    I am extremely concerned about how some national governments are choosing to respond to this new variant.  In particular, I think that officials in Australia have gone completely nuts.  Now that a third state has implemented new restrictions, more than half of the country is currently under lockdown…

    More than half of Australia’s 25 million people were under lockdown on Tuesday after a third state adopted movement curbs to rein in the highly contagious Delta variant of coronavirus.

    Australia’s infections and deaths are well below other developed nations, but its use of lockdowns, prompted by a sluggish vaccination campaign, is putting pressure on the national government, with polls at their lowest in a year and just months before elections are due to be held.

    Once upon a time, I used to recommend Australia as a potential relocation destination.

    But I don’t think that I will ever be able to recommend Australia again after what we have witnessed during this pandemic.

    Things have gotten really crazy in Japan as well.  Because they are hosting the Olympics, officials have instituted extremely strict restrictions, and this is definitely rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

    Savannah Guthrie is in Japan right now, and she says that it is like “stepping back in time”

    “They have very strict protocols here,” Savannah said. “In a way it’s like stepping back in time. At least for those of us in (the United States), at the height of the pandemic, we remember the washing of the hands, the mask-wearing, all of that. It’s just like that here. It’s really locked down here in Tokyo.”

    I don’t usually use the word “paranoia” very much, but in this case, I believe that it is justified.

    Those that are traveling to Japan for the Olympics are being forced to be tested for COVID over and over again

    Savannah said that the protocols began before she even left the United States. International visitors to Japan have to take two coronavirus tests before they get on a plane. The first has to be taken about 96 hours before travel, the second 72 hours before.

    After landing in Tokyo, visitors have to test again at the airport, and then take a daily test for the first three days in the country.

    But even with such dramatic restrictions, the “Delta variant” just continues to spread, and the head of the Tokyo games is openly admitting that he is “prepared to discuss a last-minute cancellation” of the Olympics…

    As Games-linked Covid cases continue to rise in a city rising in indignation at the Olympics taking place, Tokyo 2020 chief Toshiro Muto said he was prepared to discuss a last-minute cancellation.

    Isn’t that insane?

    According to Muto, officials are watching the number of new cases in Japan very carefully

    “We can’t predict what will happen with the number of coronavirus cases. So we will continue discussions if there is a spike in cases.

    “We have agreed that based on the coronavirus situation, we will convene five-party talks again.

    “At this point, the coronavirus cases may rise or fall, so we will think about what we should do when the situation arises.”

    Over in France, the implementation of new “health pass” rules is creating a giant uproar…

    From July 21st, health passes are required to enter public cultural and leisure venues that welcome 50 people or more. This applies to venues such as theatres, cinemas, libraries, theme parks, concert halls, festivals, museums and monuments, and takes effect ahead of a wider extension of the health pass rules from August 1st.

    From now on, those that have not been vaccinated will be relegated to second-class status in France, but the truth is that “fully vaccinated” people are catching the “Delta variant” too.

    In fact, a “fully vaccinated” White House official and a “fully vaccinated” aide to Nancy Pelosi both just tested positive for COVID.

    The “Delta variant” is taking the U.S. by storm, and Los Angeles County has become one of the epicenters of this new outbreak…

    Los Angeles County is now recording more than 10,000 coronavirus cases a week — a pace not seen since March — an alarming sign of the dangers the Delta variant poses to people who have not been vaccinated and heightening pressure on health officials to reverse the trend.

    A Los Angeles Times data analysis found L.A. County was recording 101 weekly coronavirus cases for every 100,000 residents, up from 12 for the seven-day period that ended June 15. That means the county has surpassed the threshold to have “high” community transmission of the disease, the worst tier as defined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Mask mandates are back, and that certainly will not help the California economy, but what many small business owners are deathly afraid of is another long-term lockdown

    “In general, nobody likes wearing masks – I don’t know anyone that cheers having to wear one – but if the choice is another 15 months of shutdown or wearing a mask inside, then I will be happy to wear a mask,” said Cache Bouren, owner of Haberdasher in San Jose.

    “Facing the idea of another six to eight months without any real revenue coming [is] a very scary thing,” admitted Bouren, who is set to open up a new bar called Cash Only soon.

    In 2020, countless small businesses in the United States shut their doors on a permanent basis, and countless others barely survived.

    In fact, one recent survey found that approximately 20 percent of all the small businesses that actually survived “came frighteningly close” to shutting down for good…

    One in five small business owners came frighteningly close to shuttering their business for good during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new survey polled 1,000 small business executives to analyze the impact the pandemic had on their businesses and how they’re planning to recover moving forward.

    Three in four respondents agree the past year was the hardest they’ve ever had in business. Those challenges include dealing with decreased sales (46%), fewer customers (42%), and lower production (37%). Two in five small business executives had to take a pay cut to keep their companies afloat during COVID. Other areas bosses cut down on in 2020 include the cost of supplies (40%) and marketing budgets (37%).

    We simply cannot afford another round of lockdowns here in the United States.

    And the same thing is true for countries all over the globe that have previously experienced lockdowns.

    But as the “Delta variant” continues to spread, it appears to be inevitable that more new lockdowns will continue to be rolled out.

    Is this going to be the answer every time a new health crisis erupts?  Because I believe that we have now entered an “era of pestilences”, and I also believe that the health threats that are ahead of us are going to be far worse than what we have already been through.

    The world economy was just getting back to some semblance of “normalcy”, and now things are starting to get completely nuts again.

    This pandemic is like a nightmare that never seems to end, and the way that officials have reacted all over the world has just made things even worse.

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      1. I’ve been in north GA for 2 years now, before the “virus” ever came. Even during the lockdown whenever I went into town I didn’t wear a mask anywhere. As far as “stay at home” was concerned when I was at home I didn’t stay inside all the time. I frequently go for walks on the land and even go fishing on the creek that borders on my property. The rest of the family is the same as me. They don’t wear masks either. The whole covid thing is nothing but a hoax. It’s not about anyone’s health but control.

        • Do you take the ventilation team along fishing and for walks? They need “exercised”, too.

        • @The Deplorable Renegade Well said!!!!
          You are 100% correct.
          This entire covid b.s. is
          just a massive hoax. I feel healthier than I have ever felt and will not let the evil ones behind this hoax bring me down. I refuse to give in. You continue to live your life and stand firm. I wish you all the best!!

        • No, deplorable–it’s about genocide–45,000 have died and the injected are getting the engineered flu they created…the injected are creating the new variant so if you were injected, you’d still be susceptible and spreading.
          Those injected have been given a grim outlook–maybe two years before their antibodies spike proteins kill their organs and they die.

      2. Its off topic however the reason for the goverments being so unrealistic. Is we are in the beginning stages of an End of an Age Dramatic Shifting of the Earths Magnetic Poles. This will cause Recorf Clatyclismic events. And its not caused by mans activities. Its not gods Wrath for Sin and Not mother nature getting even. There is no such thing as the Balance of Nature. That’s as big a falsehood as Al Gores Glowbull warming. man doesn’t cause it and man cant mitigate it. The magnetic Pole Shift would still be happening even if man had never walked on the planet. Its highly likely a sunspot or something will kill the USA electric Grid. No one will be able to set back and use their solar and others preps peacefully.The Have nots will never allow them too. So it also will not regress to a relatively comfortable 1800.s lifestyle. Nope the very few who survive will endure a Stone Age existence.

        • The north pole is indeed splitting from Canada to Siberia, but shifts literally take thousands of years to complete. I think a EMP event or solar flare are far more likely to happen in our lifetimes and then we will be truly back in the Stone age. U.S Gubermint studies suggest after such an event in the USA alone after one year 90 percent of the population would be dead!

      3. This wasn’t a pandemic by any means! A plandemic to scare the masses into submission for sure. It is so obvious there is herd immunity and cross over immunity from other carona viruses that make us sick! I am 44, worked the entire pandemic out in public, for my job I’ve probably touched 40k surfaces from buttons on phones, elevators and desk tops to going to the grocery store three times a week and flea markets, thrift stores ECT in the last year in a half. I haven’t had a cold in two years, when I do get one it’s usually gone in 4 or 5 days. I drink green tea every day with cherry juice to rout out inflammation. Turmeric, vitamin C,D3,E, MAGNESIUM, bosweila. Prime your immune system the natural way and to hell with big pharmas experimental garbage!

      4. Corona virus [(influenza) common “flu”] dies back during the summer months and essentially disappears with its inability to survive summer temperatures and higher UV-A, B, and now C radiation values. This year is different however? This influenza is raging through the population even with global temperatures reaching ridiculously high numbers in places like the Arctic? BULLSHIT! It doesn’t matter what line of BULLSHIT the general population are fed – if the people see it issuing forth from the ubiquitous TV (retard box) it’s eaten up like Apple pie. One thing for sure, however, the oil is being cut off, transportation fuelstuff (gas, diesel, kerosene, etc.) are going to become “unobtainium”, and mass starvation (to death) is about to roll over the population like a freight train (trains not moving at the moment lol). When the population does realize starvation is its fate, look the fugk out, because the evil will be unleashed throughout our country which was long ago over taken with ignorance, sloth, greed, insoucience, apathy, and just plain old fashioned fuggin STUPID.

      5. It’s comical the Japanese psychosis over a non-existent disease causing a non-existent pandemic, when in fact they have a real cataclysm issuing forth from the bowels of multiple melted down, blown out nuclear reactors spewing the deadliest shit in the known universe all over the globe? Really? Do the idiots traveling to Tokyo realize the area is sporting transuranic/anthropogenic radiological values far in excess of the radiological contamination found in the no-go exclusion zone of the vast area surrounding Pripyat (think Chernobyl)? Does anyone understand that the waste treatment plants servicing the Tokyo area have a crises in that, the millions of tons of human sludge being produced is so highly radioactive, they have no place to dump the shit? How does human piss and shit get so radioactive? You are what you EAT!!! Doesn’t anyone realize millions of millions of tons of ground water running underneath Fukushima Daiichi NPP co-mingling with corium on its journey (becoming horrifyingly radioactive) has been pouring into the Pacific Ocean for over ten years? The Japanese are concerned about a magical “summer flu”? No, I beg to differ…

      6. A national poll was recently taken where there was basically two questions asked – the party one mainly identified with, and if they supported the idea of their state seceding from the US.
        -In traditional Southern states those in favor of secession – 66% of Republicans, 50% of Independents, and 20% of Democrats, about 50%.
        -In the Pacific coastal states 47% Dems., 33% Inds., and 27% Reps., about 39%.
        -In western Mountain states 34% Inds., 36% Reps., and 7% Dems., about 28%.
        -In the Heartland states 29% Reps., 34% Inds., and 11% Dems., about 24%.
        -In the Northeast states 34% Dems., 27 % Reps., and 27% Inds., about 32%.
        Those polled who want secession were in favor of course for different reasons. The main reasons are discontent, different culture and/or heritage, diminishment of liberties, freedoms, and rights, and that millions of Americans believe there is no longer any real benefit to being an American. It must be noted that most answered these questions seriously, but some did not think much about it. However, a few years ago these results would have been unthinkable. Nonetheless, it is quite encouraging. As the political and social circumstances continue to deteriorate, and it appears it will, more and more will likely take on this sentiment to some degree.
        It is said the question of secession was settled after the Civil War (it was not a civil war, a civil war is when 2 or more factions are fighting for control of the same gov’t, the South no longer wanted to be part of the US and formed its own nation with its own gov’t and territory). In politics nothing is ever settled permanently, history shows that over and over and over again.
        The younger generations are being fed from what is happening today. As years go by more polarization will occur, many more are becoming secessionists, some will identify with communism or authoritarianism, others for status quo, etc. But one thing for sure, all future political positions and sentiments have been birthed already, and all will be manifested in the coming years. The hallmark of the future will be a far less desire for national, political, and social unity. The polls of today prove it.

      7. Remember Australia confiscated most firearms a few years ago…

      8. Officialdom, the “experts” and the MSM are warning us about the “delta” variety of covid, and the new “monkeypox” (which the experts are saying this one can be stopped by wearing a mask at all times everywhere and always be social distancing, and doing so even at home). Now, a new strain of covid is reported called “the lambda variant”, it is said to be from Peru and spreading in the US with already hundreds of cases, and that it will get much worse. What are they going to do when they run out of Greek letters, use another alphabet?
        H L Mencken said ” The whole aim of politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”.
        I’m not saying this covid virus doesn’t exist, but I will say the existence of the virus is being weaponized to exploit against the masses for political purposes.

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