What Will the Coming Civil Unrest Look Like?

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Headline News | 246 comments

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      1. We have become no better than a third world country. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem,para bellum!

        • One thing we can agree on, its gonna be SHITTY. So we can quit splitting hairs over the details and starting taking action.

          • How will people know the difference between

            a soup kitchen and a government bait pile?

            The government bait pile will be strewn with

            empty .40 caliber cartridge cases.

            • The cowardly government employees and what’s left of the police and military will have their own problems trying to defend their stock piles. I mean hey if your an experienced operator or associated with highly trained personnel are you going, to the empty Walmart or where you can get all the equipment you need in one place? There are always at least two sides to every conflict offense and defense.

              You will need community, but the community needs to be fast, light and mobile.

              • Exactly right. Heck, look at the Walmart videos above and you can see the police cannot even handle a mob that is shopping for stupid deals on black friday. How will they ever control millions of people when the food runs out? They won’t!

              • Local government/police/military will seize control of the distribution centers for food and medical supplies. They know looting of individual stores will be too widespread to control Patriot One. Matthew Bracken’s books suggest “big box stores” will become holding areas for looters after the shtf. The gloves will come off when people get hungry and sick.
                Also, Conflicted card game at survivalogics.com is an awesome dose of reality. It will separate the armchair strategists from the real deal.
                Gear up and good luck folks.

            • one question:-

              If some some snotty nosed college kid asked YOU about your personal preps for some official survey would you tell em jack? I know I’d play dumb nut for the camera.

              Surveys like this only reveal no concept of OPSEC or lies, lies produce statistics no fool would trust.

          • What russian and chinese troops?

            How many and where the hell are they?

            Good God..are any of you falling for this b.s.?

            Yeah..there were joint exercises that involved Chicoms and Ruskis of late..that’ it in a nut shell..

            You mean to tell me/us that russkies and chicoms are waiting in the wings on our soil?

            Ok then where the hell are they..how many?


            Time for an Adult beverage..


            • Don’t know what rock you have been living under but this is MSM stuff… The Ruskies and Chinese were even present to watch how we respond to a crisis during the recent GRID EX drill. There are presently over 380,000 Russian troops in the once good ole usa. The number of Chinese is up for grabs but they had boots on the ground in Hawaii a couple weeks ago. They are there and if you don’t know this you have not been paying attention…

              • 380,000 Russian Troops on U.S. soil?

                And an unknown number of Chinese troops.

                This is what makes people in the Prepper/Liberty movement look like whacky kooks. Hopefully most of us have more sense.

                You have no reliable evidence. A bunch of hogwash!

                We have enough real problems that will probably destroy the country without listening to this nonsense.

                • Probably got the info from Sorcha Faal..

                  a complete total dis info site..

                  and all I asked is proof,verification,documentation..

                  nothing more

                  nothing less

                  Let’s deal with facts..

                  not some beyond conspiracy site(s)..

                  Red Dawn 1 and 2 are pure fiction

                  just as Santa Claus..

                  time for more “adult” beverages


                  • Possee, for what it is worth, a friend of mine had a friend who was recently in Hawaii.

                    There was a Chin sub in port. Not sure what island. The guy also claimed that the big f’n floating HARP platform was there as well.

                    Maybe brother Kula could provide some testimony. My guy and his buddy get it and are not wacks.

                    I did however watch the original Red Dawn this eve…only one faction wins when war is waged.

                    I want them burning in hell for eternity.

                    “adult beverages” do temporarily soften the blow. Hanging tough with ya…lms

              • So just where are these 25 divisions of Russian troops at?

            • Possee

              If I hadn’t seen and heard both Russian and Chinese young men of military age at the local wallyworld, in what appeared to me to be squads, dressed in civies,I’d be thinking and saying the same thing you are…but I did…
              oh and btw…every group I saw… they got into white minibus van type vehicles with US gov plates on them…

              oh and btw2…
              Saw Brazilian also…I know what Portuguese sounds like…

              • I observed a small group of Russian men in military fatigues buying water and snacks at the Walmart in Ashland, VA. I followed them out to the lot and watched them pile in to a white van with federal plates. A couple of days later I watched a similar van at a gas station in Ashland, same type of young men. They have black patches over the insignia locations on their BVD blouses. The only thing I can figure is that they are barracked at Fort A.P. Hill, which is also suspected of containing a large containment camp. This was half a year ago, and it was later that I started reading and hearing of similar sightings in other locations north of Richmond, VA. I have also heard that most of the Russian “peacekeepers” are located on the East Coast, and the majority of the Chinese “peacekeepers” are located on the West Coast. An unsubstantiated report is saying that there are German “peacekeepers” from the German Air Force located at air bases in Kansas and a couple of other states in the mid=west.

            • Possee, where in the world have you been, not only Russians and Chicom but Japaness troops are surrounding us, every time I go to Yellowstone Park the place is loaded with Japaness troops dressed in civies and disguised as middle aged people with cameras and kids. Don’t let them fool you they have us out numbered. Trekker Out. Stay Alert!

              • lol

                “…disguised as middle aged people with cameras and kids.”

                Good one Mountain man. I think I saw a couple Germans or Dutch troops disguised as Amish…complete with horses and buggies.

                • I was told by a “friend” that in an emergency situation of large scale that DHS will have breadlines that require the wieghing in and brief health exam before a
                  “ration” card will be issued.
                  You will be issued food based on your age , weight and health condition .
                  Lets hope it never comes to this .

                  • Whether thats true or not, why would any of us be in that situation? Grow your own and make it yourself NOW. Anyone here who isnt doing this or gearing up for all of this gets to enlist w/ DHS for a sheeple style refuge camp permit.

                  • Well for sure I wont be in line for their so called food…that’s why Im independent now…. 🙂

                • LOL, thanks, JRS, it’s good to see a voice of sanity and reason mixed in here. Brum

                • Here in the Pacific NW, we see hundreds of crack Canadian special forces, shopping for milk and gas just across the border. They keep a low profile, wear civilian clothes and have families with them.

                  The Canada Hwy. 1, their Main Supply Route, runs just a few miles from our northern border. Their Pacific naval squadron is based just four hours’ steaming time from Seattle.

                  Cleverly, they even speak our own language during their intelligence-gathering visits to our shopping malls and gas stations.

                  John Candy tried to warn us about them, before he was Breitbarted in Mexico, just like Trotsky.

                • JRS, your right Missouri is full of those German and Dutch troops and they are always driving those cross country vehicles being pulled by a horse, and they’re always talking in code, cause I never could understand what they were saying. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

                • The Mexicans aren’t even bothering with disguises anymore.

              • even the smallest rural town now has a chinese restaurant too – spies are everywhere!

              • I see Mexican troops here in NM–all heavily armed with EBT cards…

            • Government troll, do not feed!

            • I couldn’t agree more. This is all the more regretful that there really is cause to fear an economic breakdown. The consequences could easily be much more subtle and invidious. This guy clearly has a deep-seated resentment. I would be practically prepared to guarantee that he has had trouble pulling women throughout his life and that he’s taking his revenge on the rest of us. Could be wrong, of course, but most deep-seated resentments have sex at their core at some level.

            • I’m not buying that crap either possee! The other day, we were playing hide and seek with China over the China sea. Now we’re supposed to believe that we have elements of their military on our soil? BS

            • I sure am going to miss my two ice-cold Corona Lite beers every day. As I get older, and as the number of things that give me pleasure begin to wane and subside, I find myself really savoring those frosty, ice-cold Corona long necks as I pop one out of the freezer after a 15 minute chill down period and take a nice long swig.

              No doubt about it. Life’s simple pleasures are the best ones. Gus McCrae said it best:

              Gus’ Healthy Way To Live


            • possee: You’re quite correct, this ‘foreign army’ stuff is total bullshit. These clowns don’t provide one ounce of evidence and yet get mad because at you and I because we don’t believe in their unsupported paranoid fantasy. It’s the same bunch clowns who think Roller Derby and WWF are real, half-witted morons who parents were related before they had kids! You can easily spot them, their IQ matches the number of teeth still left in their rotting mouths.

              • Anon7! Now you’ve crossed the line! There may not be any Russian or Chinese troops or even Japanese soldiers at Old Faithful disguised as middle aged tourist. But don’t come in here trying to tell us that Roller Derby and WWF is Fake! I suppose you don’t believe in Bigfoot either. Trekker Out. You Skeptic!

            • possee,

              I’ve debunked claims like this seventeen times on previous threads. Anyone who knows anything about Russian history knows why this claim is bullshit.

              I can’t speak for the Chinese but my quick and dirty opinion is that’s equally unlikely.

              To those claiming “the Russians are here” … PROVE IT or shut up.

              Their “proof” always amounts to: their drinking buddy’s cousin’s best friend’s son-in-law saw two guys walking down the street in an army town in Russian uniforms speaking Russian.

              And those “instant experts” who don’t speak any language but english and have never been outside the US would recognize that … how?

              Oh yeah? This in a country where half the high school graduates couldn’t find Ohio on an unlabelled map? unbelievable stupidity permeats Amerikan culture. Stupid does not make for credible witness.

              • John Allen, I guess you saw where they asked all those Harvard College Student, what the Capitol of Canada was,an only one girl could answer correctly. You guessed it, she was from Canada. But then again shamefully probably most Americans can’t answer that either. Sorry all our fellow Patriots of the North Country, sometimes us Americans are selfcentered or maybe I should say selfabsorbed. Trekker Out.

                • hey guys the capital of Canada is south beach isn’t it???


        • Just another paranoid conspiracy theory! Bon’t worry, be happy! Spend all your money on that new 99″ Chinese made TV, you know you want it! Just think of all the games you can watch on it, while you eat like a pig! And, don’t forget all the new reality shows coing out, like the new one with kim-what’s-her-name! And, you can droll all over yourself, as you watch mr.obummer lie to you, lifesize!

          Ah well, in the end, America had a good run, but the concepts of Freedom and responsibility are lost on the inhabitants of this country. I refuse to call them “Citizens”, because they do not deserve the title, and most do not deserve the Freedom they have, anyway. I hear a lone bugle playing in the distance…

          • Check out the difference between a US “citizen” and a US “national”.

            • …and native son!

            • Awesome 🙂

            • Your playlist is very interesting Jay Jay…

              Say’s quite a bit about the time…I mean how long…never mind.


              • I’m 63–and as I always told my great-nieces and great-nephews….old, not dead!! 😉

        • MT, been prepared for war for years now. A lot of hard decisions gonna have to be made real soon.

          • You know what I find interesting about your statistics: I guess it really IS how you look at it…and how much you believe in statistics.

            IF 44 percent don’t have first-aid kits— that means 56 percent do. (More than half)

            IF 48 percent lack emergency supplies— that means 52 percent do. (More than half)

            IF 53 percent do not have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water at home— that means 47 percent do. (Almost half)

            IF 55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes— that means 45 percent don’t believe the govt will be there. (Almost half)

            What I find interesting is, a higher percentage of people have first-aid kits, emergency supplies and a three-day supply of food, than the percentage of people who believe the govt is going to save them if a disaster strikes.

            That sounds a whole lot better than the former “3 percent of the people” whom it was said were preparing for a disaster before. In that case, according to that statistic, 97 percent were totally unprepared.

            Now, what’s the percentage of people who have some viable form of protection (guns, cross bows, swords, martial arts, hardened dwellings etc…).

            How much veracity should we really put into statistics, anyway? “Within a few percentage points ”
            Thanks for the holiday cheer, Mac.

            • What matters is what each of us as readers here have stocked up and prepped for. Didnt we decide we dont have the time or energy to convert the sheeple? I dont waste much time on anything but living or working to support myself and family. Gave up on the idiots long ago and since there not in the plan they cant stay with us.

              Our place our rules. The charity foods we have prepped to give away will be to neighbors to get them at a different level where they function to help our small community. Theyre all mostly conservative here so theyll figure it out. At least they hunt. Where we are theyll be needed to grow grains or other foods and labor is always handy. But if they decide to beg for handouts and not contribute we have the red line to stick with and we dont cave like Obama does.

            • On the other hand see who has the stuff. It’s not in DC, LA, or NYC. And as to the truth. Well I only have one part box of old 22 ammo and a half jar of P-Nut butter. No one here but us mice

        • The census reports that in fact we are now a third world country. Demographically.

        • Mountain Trekker,
          Why would the USA not look like a third world country, we have been importing third world people since the Vietnam war ( Viets, Cambodians, Laotians, Iranians, Iraqis,Mexicans, El Salvadorians, ect.)?? Where ever America goes to pillage their resources, we get the refugees. We also get to pay for the refugees, while the large corporations get the profits. So, America a third world country?? Why wouldn’t we be one??!!??

          • Think positive. Soon we will not be a nation at all. Enjoy the relatively good times while you can because when they are gone they are not coming back.

            • I would certainly agree John W.

              Because I believe we will return to tribalism…

              and if we don’t “teach the children well”, the first few generations are going to be brutal…

          • sd mule: Yeah, but some of the first trash to roll ashore were the Puritans who persecuted other groups including the peaceful Quakers. Who do you think your ancestors were, they weren’t the best Europe had to offer, they were the dregs of society for the most part, so don’t go sounding so high and mighty you racist piece of eruo-scum.

            • Euro-scum?? I was born in the United States, in the commonwealth of Virginia. I will sound as high and mighty as I like!! The Puritans did not come to the new land because some large corporations went to their country (with the protection of the US government) and pillaged the resources. When the Puritans came to the new land, the taxpayers did not have to house them (tax payer funded),provide schooling (taxpayer funded), provide medical care(taxpayer funded emergency room care), provide WIC services(taxpayer funded), ect. Do I need to continue?? Before the Vietnam War, were there Laotian gangs in the US?? Cambodian gangs?? Was MS13 in America?? I could go on ALL day, truth is truth!!

              • Well…since truth is truth and all that…technically the Pilgrims and other Separatists were brought here by speculative financiers in The London Company (also known as the Virginia Company), along with a bunch of non-Puritans, with a mandate to pillage the resources of all that “free land.” And I believe the Pilgrims swiped their EBT cards at the Indian’s storehouses–oh wait, no, they just *stole* the caches and robbed graves.

                At Jamestown, also an exploitative corporate endeavor, the colonists practiced cannabalism…not sure if that was covered by WIC, but anyway, yum. And they brought with them a horrifying level of violence and rum-running that would shame the typical MS-13 member.

                “So great was our famine, that a Savage we slew and buried, the poorer sorte took him up againe and eat him; and so did divers one another boyled and stewed with roots and herbs…” –George Percy, Jamestown

          • Just as a data point, I know two Salvadorans that have immigrated here. Both worked their asses off and went to college. One is a medical doctor (his children were going to Sandy Hook when it was hit). The other has been an accountant for close to 30 years, is a licensed small-aircraft pilot and might be more of a prepper than many here…he knows what real trouble looks like, he knows how to prepare for it and I want him on my side if it comes to that. Both of these men have gained US citizenship the old-fashioned way, have married and raised families here and are really decent people.

            Many immigrants are useless and/or trouble. Many also aren’t, and are assets to our society. Know the difference before you start making trouble with them.

        • “55 percent of Americans believe that the government will come to their rescue when the proverbial poop hits the fan”

          How STUPID do you have to be to believe this? If we believe this statistic (and I actually think it’s much higher) these are our future enemies.

          Get ready.


        • Wow, compared to those people I look like a genius lol 🙂

        • If you desire peace, prepare for war! One of my favorites!

          • theglimmerman, mine too! Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • Does anyone live in Oklahoma?

          • I’m pretty sure it’s empty.

            • If that was true I’d be making plans to move there.

            • MF.Sounds like a great place to live! Trekker Out

        • could anyone tell me where these troops are,,i want to fly my drone over them


      2. 55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes.

        Only 55%? Remember Sandy? Maybe some of the sheeple learned their lesson, but I doubt it.

        • @Arco…Remember Sandy? How about Katrina when hordes occupied the Astro-Dome in New Orleans and turned it into a vertible open sh*t filled toilet. It’s also when cops were getting sniped from roof-tops and subsequently threw down their badges and took off. I remember reading a story in the WSJ about a white guy along with a neighbor who refused to abandon his house. Night came and he could hear the screams and gunfire coming down the street. With law enforcement gone, he and his buddy crawled up into his attic…His thought at the time was…”I WOULD GIVE EVERYTHING I OWN IN THIS WORLD FOR AN AK-47 AND A 1000 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION”. Lesson for the day…and beyond.

          • “When civilization melts down, I want an AK-47.”- Top Tens

            • @JustME…Best get at it, brother. Don’t get caught in the attic with nothin’ like that guy from New Orleans. Best damn story I ever read about why a man wants to be armed, Plus any type of procrastination can literally kill ya in today’s world. Regards.

              • Old man talking to the neighborhood kid, “Do you know what’s wrong with the world today?” Kid says ” I don’t know and I don’t care.” The old man says, “Kid, that’s exactly right!”

            • AK is ok,
              But i prefer something with a bit more punch,,,

              • Ill be satisfied with whatever leave a big enough pile of bodies at the door, that the rest won’t want to go there…

                • Prep tip of the week…

                  stock up on many bags of lime… 🙂

                • That pile of bodies will be viewed as a food source by many when times get real tough,just like the book Alive.

                  • Fine. They can have all they can carry away from outside my door….anything else will cost them dearly.

                • Yep. My smallest gun is a 10/.22, and with that, a few magazines and a brick of LR I think I can at least make a good showing. I’ve always felt that people make too big a deal about the details of their armory. Meh. Broadly, there are two categories: armed and not. Likewise there are two levels of ammo: lots and not enough. Be armed with lots, and you’re already so far ahead of the horde that it’s very unlikely a bigger or more accurate or fancier gun will save you when what you have won’t. Extra cash over that is best spent getting 1-2 years of provisions stacked.

              • The upsides of ak’s is fairly inexpensive to buy,ammo at moment plentiful,easy to clean,take one hell of a beating and keep working.The two downsides,without some work not a great long distance rifle and as it is a “assault weapon”in some minds could soon be outlawed,i.e. get one now!My friend has one with basic wood stock ect.,fun to shoot and easily 100 yards and inside accurate onece sited in,most people that will be more then enuff.For those that want to a slew of companies that make accessories to set it up just how you want it.In the end a .22 will do you,just a bit more limited in tasks.

                • @Warchild…upside of AK’s-inexpensive…When the first rumors of an assault gun ban surfaced under Bill Clinton, I rambled on down to the gun store and scored a NORINKO AK-47 chambered in .223 for a whopping $289.00. There where 4 more in the rack. A CenturyArms underfolder later cost me $695.00 Every day when I see what assault guns are now going for, I kick myself in the ass for not grabbing the entire NORINKO lot.

          • HD74, I hear ya. Thats why I refuse to live in an urban area. Out here most people are used to losing power for days and most are prepared. In the rural areas, your neighbors are more likely to come to see if you need anything then come over looking for a hand out.

            I know in a bad situation, the vermin will migrate out of the city and come out to the country. But we’ll be expecting them and ready to provide a ‘warm’ welcome.

            BTW, does HD74 stand for 74″ shovel? (or maybe a panhead?)

            • @arco…I’m from Maine, and life there is exactly as you describe. I closed my summer house last week and notified the sheriff’s dept. to watch for flashlights movin’ around or strange vehicles in the driveway, as the place had been broken into before. His reply…”Your neighbors will keep an eye out too. They know who’s who, who drives what car, and what looks normal. They will be on anything that looks suspicious. It’s a different world out there today”. So you nail the rural attitude perfectly. Also, you are very astute relative to my blog name, lol! Bought my first HD at 23 in 1976. It was a “74”ci 1200 FX shovelhead kickstart, purchased for the princely sum of $3,175.00 new. A friend of mine just bought a ’14 Sportglide for $32,000.(WTF?) just to show you were we are today. Currently ride an ’82 FLHS shovel set up like a 50’s Duo-Glide. Gotta keep those shovelheads and panheads flyin’! Sincere regards.

              • I was just up there back in early August on a ride with a couple bro’s. I loved it up there. You’re right about knowing who drives what. I not only know what the neighbors drive but what their friends and family drive. In fact when someone is shopping for a new car, they tend to get it out on the local grapevine. When a strange vehicle comes down the road it gets scrutinized very quickly.

                BTW, I got an ’87 bagger that I kind of did the same thing with the throw back look (Love the old duo glides) I also picked up an ’07 bagger back in the spring. Only had 6K miles on it and I got it for $12K.

                When the SHTF its not TV, or radio or internet or any of that crap I’ll miss, it’ll be hopping on the scoot, leaving all my cares and worries behind while I’m riding in the wind. I remember reading about Joe Perry of Aerosmith when he got his first scoot. He said it saved him 60 grand a year in therapy. You never see a motorcycle in a shrinks parking lot.

                Ride safe brother, FTW. (Forever Two Wheels, for the cage drivers)

                • That did it! Now they’ll ban our Harleys too…

                  • Don’t give ’em any ideas. There are groups out there that already think they’re dangerous.

              • Tis the same in N.H. outside of say Concord/Nashua ect.Though people live further apart they know and help each other out.As I said,one neighbor is a off grid hippy couple,when Mr. hurt himself I ended up cutting his land with his tractor.Since then as they clear land for more planting ect. they dump the cut wood on me,for whatever reason they don’t like the idea of burning wood but will run a diesel tractor on their property!The small family on other side nice folks to,they own about 40 acres and though don’t hunt themselves know for some folks tis the difference between eating well and not thus allow hunting,good people.On a side note,did they even make a panhead in the 70’s?Only motor really familiar with is S&S crate drop ins.

                • Pans were produced until ’65,(65’s were shovel/pan hybrids) but were 74″.

          • A few of us are old enough to remember Watts, and Detroit. My long-ago brother-in-law was in Detroit. Spent several days hunkered on the floor against inner walls, because the hoods were using the roof of his apartment building to shoot at the national guardsmen, and the guardsmen were shooting back. That was when the issue rifle was a .308, too. He and his roommates probably didn’t care much about not having much food and water, just about avoiding the gunfire. (Although knowing him, I suspect he lived on booze and beer. I never saw him but he didn’t have cases of the one and kegs of the other.}

          • The Astro Dome is in Houston.

            • @BigDick…yeah, you’re right…SuperDome is the NO stadium. Call it a 60YO brain lapse.

        • The local authorities will go home to protect their families. It will be a free for all!!

          • Then as Sgt Dale would say aim small, miss small!

        • I would wager that if you want a poll to say anything you want…you go to the best place for your desired results to ask the poll…like for pro-gun control you go to boston not Houston…for cutting govt you ask smalltown America…not DC…so 55% think govt will help them? where? Texas or South Florida?…location matters in a lot more than business!

      3. Get yourself a ham radio and learn how to use it now. You will want to know what is going on in the world in a SHTF scenario. It is the original world wide web.

        • Specifically, make sure your ham radio transceiver works the HF (High Frequency) bands.

          In a grid down scenario, the auxiliary power to VHF/UHF (Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency) repeaters will be very short-lived. When the repeaters are down, you will have short range line of sight capability with VHF/UHF-only radios, but have NO long distance capability with VHF/UHF-only radios.

          HF is not as easy as VHF/UHF, so it is worth getting a GENERAL license now (the Technician license gives almost no access to the useful HF voice bands) and PRACTICING your long distance HF skills NOW, called “DXing.” Get your license, get your radios, tune your antennas, and PRACTICE NOW. If you are up for it, an EXTRA license gives you even more bandwidth privileges.

          Some links to follow (lest this whole post end up in moderation limbo).

          I encourage Mac to provide some basic background in communications, a skill that requires work to be really useful.

          • Back to asking permission for the ability to talk on monitored airwaves which can be shut down at whim by tptb. Similar reason i don’t get a concealed pistol permit.. When shit goes south, I sure as hell don’t need a beacon shining bright for the drones to lock on to.

            • @ 2¢

              Yes, there is risk and you can be sure that all but authorized broadcasts will be prohibited and that is why people should consider doing this NOW, to practice and to learn the ways the risks of unauthorized broadcasts can be partially mitigated. If you openly broadcast things from a fixed location that TPTB are trying to suppress, yes, you can expect a deadly visit, maybe even a JDAM.

              LIfe is risky. Everyone gets to make their own risk/benefit assessment. Factor into your assessment the risk of not knowing what is happening near and far.

              Just as there are exceptions in the gunnie community, there are exceptions in the ham community, but a high percentage of hams are on our side.

              Step 1 preparing for the Technician exam:

              Step 2 preparing for the General exam:


              • I was very reluctant to get any license whatsoever until I realized I could use a PO Box for the address of record and a Google voice number for the phone. It is about the only thing in my real name. I learned everything to pass the Technician and General exams for free in one week at HamExam.org.

              • John Q. I bet them there filthy zionist master race jews is gonna shut down the whole thang afore yew kin even git it to talkin’. Whut ya gonna do then?

                • Kevinaugh: Hate speech isn’t welcome here.

            • There is even a niche in ham radio for sending slow scan analog video, giving you the capability of transmitting live coverage of important events.

              • I figure when it gets to the point we are back to radio, you better be dug in deep with your head down as the lead will be flying, or maybe ya’ll forget how much ammo is being stockpiled? Try to buy any 22 in the last 5 years? And truthfully, I don’t plan on trusting some voice on a radio as far as I can throw them/it.Eyeball to eyeball only is the way to measure a person to gaze into their soul. Look at B Friday and tell me you want to be sitting in a room with power broadcasting on a radio when the rest of the world is black and dark and starving. Me, I am going to be THE FIRST ONE in the street begging for food and water when it goes down. This way it will be known I have nothing, plus I will be gaining valuable intelligence. I do not live in a large town at all, but there are still druggies and a lot of broke EBT people here so I want everyone to know I am the worse off of the bunch. Beg from the ones that will be the first beggars is my policy. Opsec.

                • If that is your risk/benefit assessment, then more power to you.

                  For others of us, the calculus has a different answer.

                • You forget , you will be a cheeseburger to some (cannibalism ).

                  • yah come on and eat my tough ass I promise a belly full of painful gas and stink like hell


      4. Black Friday always reminds me of how horrible people can act, even over something stupid. Here’s hoping that when the crap starts we can all bug in and stay safe.

        • When the people in those videos are like that when the shelves are full, imagine how they’ll react when supermarket shelves become empty.

          • There will be a run on shit for sure huh buddy?

            • Dunno Peterless,

              ..but I’d bet the farm that there would be more than a handful of “CROSSHAIRS” focused on your front door..waiting..if only we knew your location!

          • What’s up ya drunkaass bastit ?

      5. it’s going to be what it’s going to be. In the end, the centrist/Marxist/collectivist/hyper-capitalist (including the Pope) will lose this war for the control of humanity; however in the process half of us will either kill each other or starve… once the spigot of free shit from the wealthy to the poor freezes up.

        I’m in it for my kids’ future, for the name of Jesus, and to preserve the idealism of the founding fathers who penned our Constitution. Freedom is the natural state of man and I for one cannot see myself or my kids existing in a state of serfdom.

        Preppers, patriots, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, veterans, Christians need to unite and thrive NOW so that we don’t cancel each other out via competition for resources when pandora’s box finally opens.

        I only hope and pray that those of us who so richly believe in and support that which the cabal is trying to destroy and replace with a serf-like system have the financial/control and surveillance system of humanity’s enemies as deeply infiltrated as we fear that they have infiltrated us.

        We will win in the end because God is with us….I only hope that I live to see the day.

        • Rifleman, I totally agree with you! If there was only a way to create a sanctuary for like minded people (Christians, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Conservatives….) so we can make a stand together against the NWO, Illuminati, Globalists, and Luciferians! But many are dislocated and fragmented. I fear many may have to stand alone or in very small groups which does not bode well against the coming persecution.

          • TRND, excellent!
            RD, that is what I feel also, we are so damn fragmented, with not a lot of organization, so to speak. Unfortunately I fear the same as you. We will be taken out in small pockets, or one by one, or they wait for us to die off. The time to act is now, for time is not on our side in this matter.

          • Rude Dog: Let me remind you that “conservatives” gave US FREE TRADE: a euphemism for the managed trade of NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and the TPP. “Libertarians” parrot this FREE TRADE as if it were garage sale economics and personal liberty.

            It is not. Don’t be fooled. It is anything but FREEDOM.

            It has been the NWO strategy to decimate the Middle Class and the program to steal the American means of production and ship it offshore, as a prelude to the destruction of the US Constitution and a Referendum to merge the US and Mexico into the North American Union under UN auspices.

            Both of these groups are wolves in sheep’s clothing and have sold America out. If there are any “Libertarians” or “Conservatives” in my bunker, I’ll blow their fucking brains out.

            Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

            • Ross Perot was right and Al Gore was wrong. Whoever acknowledges that these days?

              • Eisenkraut, Ross Perot was a peckerhead just like you! Trekker Out.

            • The durango kidd says:

              “If there are any “Libertarians” or “Conservatives” in my bunker, I’ll blow their fucking brains out.”

              That leaves you with Collectivists of the Marxist bent in the bunker with you.

              After you kill “any Libertarians or Conservatives,” your Marxist friends will most likely disarm you, and then blow your “fucking brains out.”

              Way to play it moron!

              • Yo Mama: No, it leaves me with Patriots and Constitutionalists. Wrong again!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                • Who are you kidding, durango kidd?
                  You love protectionism and mercantilism. We all know that. Which makes you one of them fascist mother fuckers who are brothers to the Marxist.

                  I guess you mean “patriots” to the empire, and “constitutionalists” to the living document that’s ever evolving and open to interpretation by your overlords in black robes?

                  You are so full of hate, it’s sad.
                  Your hate has blinded you.

                  I pity you.

                  • @Clark

                    The Durango (I love Central Banking and the State) Kidd is a Fascist for sure. Proof of that is in the archives.

                    Genus/Species ~ Collectivist/Fascist
                    Common Name ~ The Durango Kidd

                    BTW… on more than one occasion, he has accused me of actually being you, and you, of being me. Yep, we are the same person.

                    Like all facists, he’s also paranoid.

                  • YO MAMMA, CLARK , DK-
                    I am glad you all live someplace other than where i am. The speed at which your “conversation” devolved is amazing . Just like Black Friday .
                    Cant get along here ? Just wait….

                  • No Clark, I do not love protectionism or mercantilism. I just want a fair system where every nation competes on a level playing field.

                    As it stands, the Chinese and the Global Investors who profit from them, have a manipulated currency and exploit cheap labor. If the value of the Yuan was free to rise to its MARKET level, it would be equal to the dollar, and the Chinese economy would be much larger than the US economy.

                    FREE TRADE is not FAIR TRADE. FREE TRADE has REAL COSTS. The destruction of the American economy and the impoverishment of the Middle Class evidences and examples those costs.

                    In a fair system, manufacturing would gravitate towards those workers who are the most productive. American workers are the most productive in the world. Jobs would flow to America under a FAIR system.

                    I got MINE. How is FREE TRADE working out for you? 🙂

                  • Yo Mama: No I do not love “central banking”. I usually end my post with an admonition to “Kill The FED”. Why do you like to call “white”, “black” hoping someone will believe you?

                    LMAO! 🙂

              • Maybe he meant to say ‘kwanservatives’.

                Which is another word for a neo-con or a RINO.

                Each of which need to be dealt with in the same fashion one might deal with a termite or roach infestation in one’s house.

                • Tucker: There are few “conservatives” in Congress. Most of them that claim to be so, like McLame, are RINOS; Globalists masquerading as Patriots.

                  Like wise, mainstream “Libertarians” promote FREE TRADE as if it were garage sale economics between a buyer and seller exercising a personal prerogative on an old picture frame at a yard sale on a Sunday afternoon. They have sold their FREE TRADE to the American people as a FREEDOM.

                  Lew Rockwell promotes the FREE TRADE of the PTB: the FREE TRADE of NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and soon, the TPP. This is not personal freedom being exercised at a yard sale; it is highly sophisticated international MANAGED TRADE. It is the same FREE TRADE that has destroyed the American economy and is impoverishing the Middle Class.

                  My Peeps, understand the euphemisms that are being used to lead you into captivity. Globalists are calling “white” ,”black” and hoping you believe them. Today’s Conservatives are not your FREEDOM loving Barry Goldwater Conservative Republican.

                  They are RINO’s selling you a new conservatism that embraces NWO Globalism. Libertarians parrot this “conservatism” selling you Globalism as if it were a FREEDOM.

                  Follow the money. Where do you think Lew Rockwell gets his money to spread the globalist agenda? the “Libertarian- ism” of Lew Rockwell and his minions here will enslave you, one rule, regulation, and law at a time.

                  Engage your enemy or be enslaved and impoverished by them. 🙂

            • Ross Perot doesn’t look so crazy now, does he?

              • He still looks crazy. He was right on one thing. So what did he do? Quit the race not once but twice just to ensure that Clinton would win, not that Bush was any great deal. Dole was an absolute moron. We are being sold out and can do nothing to stop it. Both parties are evil. The looting of the middle class continues.

            • Durango-


              Finally realized “intelligence” is a life long/evolving phenomena, if one allows for such, call it the definition of WISDOM, yes?

              Worry not overmuch, per the red thumbs ‘cuz..you NEVER take FLAK unless you’re..

              ..on/over the TARGET!

              +1 to ya!

          • Rude Dog
            there are places like that all over the country


        • Nicely said, well reasoned. Thank you. You are 100% right.

        • @The Rifleman Next Door, “…to preserve the idealism of the founding fathers who penned our Constitution.”

          I’m in.

        • God is getting ready to turn over the world to the antichrist. The Great Tribulation will start once the world leader signs a 7 year peace treaty with Israel. I believe the Rapture will occur just before the antichrist is revealed.

          The natural state of mankind is tyranny because most governments are corrupt and brutal.

      6. “Any community that fails to prepare, with the expectation that the federal government will come to the rescue, will be tragically wrong.” Michael Leavitt, HHS Secretary.

      7. Have you seen Tacloban, Philippines after the typhhon hit them hard? Its gonna look like that. Except that Americans are psychologically weak when it come to things being taken away. The unprepared will go nuts!!! This country is so divisive and morally inept now. I think the majority will go tribal and it can turn into racial warfare. Its every tribe for itself!!! In general, Filipinos are a religous people and are used to being poor. Americans are fat, spoiled , and half of the population are parasites and zombies. IT is the prepared and the patriots of this once great country that has a chance agianst the coming tribualtion. I’m so angry and frustrated that the majority will not wake up. Everyone is a sheep or zombie. OUR children’s future is being f#cked up and no one sees it!!! Instead we continue to shop until we drop with money we dont have and buy shit we dont need and for people we dont like. WTF!!!!!!! But in the end there will be balance. And I have to believe that God is greater thatn this world. My 2 cents. Sorry for ranting. But I feel like this almost everyday.

        • Don’t apologize for ranting, I feel the same way most days, on a positive note, mabey the fallout from Fukashima will help with the obesity problems.

        • You are not alone. I feel the same daily also. As you state, our kids future is screwed. Everything that we find so whack, they have been born into and see as normal. We can try to teach them right, but they also see the majority go the other way, and question if we are right. One generation… that is all we are away from total failure.

          • Outlaw, you hit the nail on the head.
            Unfortunately, I’ve come to a point of humourizing these ‘normal’ events to save myself from crying.
            Sanity preservation.

        • Ditto… Well stated.

        • Rude dog, welcome aboard, and no need to apologize. You’re in good company. Most of us are like that most of the time.

        • Well, SOME parts of the USA will look like that. Those that have congenitally violent subcultures. But I wouldn’t expect high level of violence in, say, North Dakota, or any of the American Redoubt states. Look how they banded together after the tornadoes. And the Red River floods.

          I will be ready for, but don’t really expect, heavy violence in my Eastern rural area, ‘cept for the pillbillies and meth farmers, but they’re outnumbered 1000 to 1 by the deer/turkey hunters, so I’d reckon I’d have better shot at bagging an elk in Nebraska than I would at getting a pillbilly mount for my fireplace.

          Outsiders will take weeks or even months to get here, and then it’ll be Deliverance, but with Burt Reynolds ending as buzzard bait this time. We know the land, they don’t. We’ll be on the high ground, they’ll be on the roads.

          • Why would you expect the meth farmers to become violent if SHTF, The Old Coach?

            If anything, I’d expect calm from them. They would no longer be hunted by the dogs we know as cops. It’d be just like after Prohibition was ended. The violence would stop.

            Geez, The Old Coach, by your comment it would seem as if you’d expect that beer truck drivers would start shooting it out when SHTF?

            “pillbillies”? That’s a funny word. It seems to me the way you use the word is more about making fun of hillbillies and those who wish to do what they want with their own bodies, than anything else. You seem to be promoting more of that ‘divide and conquer’ thing, I think.

            Reflect on that, will ya?

        • Most Americans cannot walk a mile at a fast pace. If they have to cover six or more miles a day most will just sit down and die where they are.

          • A while ago I realized that the times might need me to be back in “climbing” shape. I grudgingly started training again. I simply started walking a few miles a week and doing basic excercises. Then I added more back to back miles and heavier boots. Then I added a light pack and some more miles.
            I am now humping a 50+lb. ruck up and down a sandy dirt road 3 or 4 times a week. Good workout! I can crank out 4 straight miles at a 13 -14 min pace now and I’m not suffering badly at all. Suprisingly it is helping my sore back. Pretty soon I’ll add 2 miles and add more water weight and start inching toward my 70 to 80 lb. final “climbing” pack.
            Sadly my days of humping a pack any heavier than that left me behind during the last decade. I may not be able to hold with the pace of the “young guns”, but I’ll surely walk many fools who follow me into the woods straight to the gates of hell.
            Those who still can should start a start an excercise program. Start today please. Remember…your ability to survive will be directly proportionate to how well you can adapt to extreme conditions.


        • Hey dog…

          It would seem we’re on the same page…scroll up, I mentioned tribalism before i read your post…
          YOU ARE 100% CORRECT!!

          much like the song… we must teach the children if they’re going to survive.

        • Rude Dog. For the most part I agree with your post. This is the reason that Veterans have been lisyed as potential targets in a SHTF sceneraio. We have seen what a failure to plan can do. We have been trained to go the distance. Mission first. Nothing else matters. God is greater than this world. But don’t forget that you gotta live in this world no matter what is going on around you.

      8. Look Like

        Your personal Hell

      9. I realize there are those of you readers who disagree, but, IMHO, when the government and lawyers country took God out of our society, good was replaced by evil. The 10 commandments, while quite simple, provided a moral structure for society for thousands of years. When they were removed so was most civility.

        I try to find something,just one thing, which is good in each person I meet, but much this society is so hateful and hard-hearted, I can see no redeeming quality in most of them. They have lost all feeling and self-respect; they have no integrity. People of this caliber only beget ignorance, hatred and brutality. Live by the sword; die by the sword.

        • Yes, psychopaths and sociopaths all trained at the alter of materialism brought to you in living color via the MSM. Agenda? What agenda? Stevie Wonder could see this one.

        • Nevermind, I have to agree. I find it so disgusting what people have turned into. You’re especially right about there being no redeeming quality in them. Such people will reap what they have sown. They will receive what they deserve.

        • Slavery and abortion will have been our undoing. Too late now.

      10. The lust of the eyes…terrible images of people whom have lost their souls to the love of things…God help us to learn to be content with what we already have. I will stay home, work wit pith my hands, and mind my one business! When the stuff hits the fan, I hope. To avoid this terror!

      11. Looks like it might of all ready started in pittsburgh, I’m looking at pittsburghs craiglist under barter, somebody wants to trade TP for food, heres the ad ( TP for trade for pizza-$10(hungry) looks like a Industrial roll of TP.lmao

        • A Buckeye feather is a good thing to wipe your ass with especially if the bird came from Ohio !

      12. I believe based on current events along with the state of our economy and push to progressivism a false flag war with china is being staged for cover of the economic collapse, and push to socialism.

        War would falsely effect the economy in a positive way, but only if we’re winning which in the case of destroying America from within won’t be the case.

        Traitors and tyrants are knowingly guiding us to destruction, so keep your powder dry and knives sharp.

        • “Traitors and tyrants are knowingly guiding us to destruction, so keep your powder dry and knives sharp”.

          Truer words haven’t been spoken y99. 2014 looks to be a very bad year for the United States of America IMO. There are just too many events that can cause a collapse at this point that NO ONE knows for sure what is coming. I use to think that an economic collapse would be the cause of our demise, but know not so much.

          They ALWAYS seem to be a step ahead and ALWAYS seem to have an answer for everything. Seriously, did anyone here think that we would have gone this far without something BIG happening? These people who are hell bent on destroying this greatest of countries are absolutely brilliant and have obviously planned this all down to a “tee”. God Bless and I hope you all are prepped and ready…….

          • My thought is that the powers that be will work together in order to bring the whole world to its knees. Yes they do have a plan that can take us past the brink, but once the chaos starts I find it difficult to believe they can control it and I’m not even sure they want to since depopulation is a major goal of the end game.

            China again threatens Taiwan by infringing on Japanese airspace, sabers are rattling yet again. History repeats, can we believe China cares about money in the end when world power is what they want? Is money important when you have 10’s of millions of slaves?

            A world of Sheep is what TPTB want, stacked in high-rise cubes above the factories we work, dystopia is the goal.

      13. I hate my iPad’s auto spelling!

        • Me too…stupid icrap!

        • Me too…all icrap does it! 😀

        • Turn it off then. Settings/General/Keyboard/AutoCorrect

      14. I see articles like this time and again, but still very few people learn form their experience and seek to become preppers. It used to really burn me that most people wouldn’t learn from whatever experience they’ve been through. Regardless of whatever SHTF event they’d been through, the thought just wouldn’t enter their minds to even look into prepping. I’ve tried to build a neighborhood group in the past, but no takers; everyone thought I was a loose nut. I stopped talking to anyone about prepping years ago. People will continue to do as they will. Stupid is as stupid does and there’s no cure for it.

        • braveheart

          Have you noticed, the more the trolls

          red thumb us, the closer we are to the


          I wear my thumbs down proudly, they are like
          my red badge of courage.

          Does 5 red thumbs make us an Ace?

          • Howdy, OutWest. Yes, I’ve noticed. I’m not ashamed of my red thumbs either. Not sure how many are needed to become an ace, but between the 2 of us, both of us should be aces by now.

          • Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way. – Jesus of Nazareth

          • OutWest…only time I ever gave someone a red thumb for a good thing and it registered 2 votes…like the machines set up in onumnuts preceints!

            You are now an ace.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Thanks lastmanstanding

              Right now I’m feeling like the Red Baron

          • OutWest-

            Actually, I prefer to define the red-thumb phenomenon thus:

            ..You only receive FLAK when you’re ON TARGET!!!

            • So you’re sayin’ every time Eisenkreutz calls everybody a stupid old fucking geezer he’s ON TARGET?

              • NOPE!

                Only replies to TRUTH!

                ..per the troll-troopers, its merely a lame attempt at censorship via the ignorant jealously they’re rooted in.

          • @ OutWest……Nah! But it DOE’S make ya look FAT !! (and red )……..mm LOL !!

        • Brave,though realize it is a frustrating thing keep talking to those you care about,as I have mentioned many times got a family member to prep when the little nonsense ebt thing hit,she saw the light.She is a family member and old but at least she now has a chance i.e. food water defense ect.,I sleep better at night knowing this.To those who are short on money,as I have said before,the smalls add up,you can do this people,i.e. those who are here and unsure.Buy what you will use no matter what,just have extra,just think a bit outside the box,don’t let fear/paranoia rule your life,just do what you can to be ready in more challenging times.

      15. Excellent article but I think most of us envision these types of scenarios after watching natural disasters or have military experience. I don’t need commentary on current events as much as training. How to “prepper” web sites is what I need.

      16. I dunno about the FF War with China.. They are not ready and I don’t think they are that stupid to tangle with the US yet. That is IF the PTB don’t try a land invasion.. Now that would be stupid to goo back into the Asian jungles..again.. If they go all in over China and try a ground invasion, then we know damn well they want every troop out of the USA.

      17. Most of us think we are free. We are not. We live in an open air prison. Most don’t want to be free.

        Ever have a parakeet or similar bird?
        If you open up the cage door they won’t come out.
        They are confused.
        The freedom of the outside is foreign to them.

        It takes a long time before they even stick their head out. Some will never leave the familiar surroundings of the cage.

        Most of us are like that parakeet, in spite of what we say.

        • I agree, because IF we were truly free we could:

          Take a picture ANYWHERE we wanted.

          Fly without being physically molested.

          Actually have representatives that do what WE want.

          Own guns WITHOUT being regulated to death in violation of the 2nd Amendment AND Bill of Rights.

          Have police that actually believe that they work for US and don’t need MILITARY hardware to be used against us

          Have a federal government that believes that we need THEM, not the other way around.

          Be able to travel ANYWHERE in the US with being tracked, filmed and watched via CCTV’s.

          Have our conversations and electronic messages recorded and analyzed 24/7, 365!!

          I can go on and on, but you all get my point. And i’m sure you all can add many more to the list…..

          • Good points GulfVET…

            I will add to your list the main thing (IMO) that keeps us chained to the whole system… the Federal Reserve Note and the decree that it must be used to pay the tribute (legal tender laws).

      18. this is the end of civilization as we know it.
        the only protection is in Lord Jesus.
        the end of the material age and the beginning
        of the spiritual age is upon us.

        pray you will be worthy of redemption.
        in the time left to us, relearn the true history
        of this world and that knowledge leads to wisdom.

        in about 25,000 yrs and countless incarnations you
        will get another chance, maybe.

        Matthew 24:21
        For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

        how bad will it get?
        real fricken bad

      19. I think his time table contradicts his own statements about who we expect to take care of us, the Gubermint.

        Certainly Day 1-3 will see rushes on stores, and perhaps some violence, this will end in rioting in some places, however after the stores are out I think you have 3-7 days, while most people eat their winter storms worth of food (3 days) and wait for the gubermint to come help them. During this time there will be a lull, marked by curfews and perhaps martial law, it is only toward the end of this period that people will start getting desperate and consider going house to house. And once that crime wave begins I think there is a still a few day grace period before things get all mad max. During this period violence will steadily increase as LEOs and Nat Guard start going AWOL to protect their family.

        This “grace period” may even be longer if the SHTF is an NBC attack as peoples fear of bugs or rads will for a time overpower their hunger.

        I also think he is completely wrong about a coup…it is completely possible that the army be used to enforce a dictatorship, i.e. the will of the ruling class, but I don’t see any of the army’s commanders having the personality to usurp power for themselves. Perhaps he means a civil war hear were the Army might perhaps stand up for God given rights together with patriots, but this is different than a coup.

      20. People say the Russians are already in this country to police the civilian population under the threat of a ciitizen uprising to disarm lawful Americans. Growing up into adulthood, Russia and communism were the dictated enemy to the American people, so was communist China. It is clear to me now that Russia and China were always in cahoots with the u.s. government from the beginning. The lies from our government are long standing and all encompassing.

      21. YAWWNN. Another “breakdown of civilization” or ” financial meltdown story”. I am a prepper, but I am damned tired of these stories. Take some time off from reading all the doom and gloom stories and when you come back, you will realize how caught up in it you can become.

        • Warface, yep I agree. I too have been reading these articles about the BIG meltdown and collapse that never seems to come. Will it come? OF COURSE it will. But when NO ONE knows. All we cab do is prepare the best we can. I’ve seen war. I’ve seen what happens when people are desperate and hungry.

          What’s coming will be more horrible then most peoples worst nightmare. That’s why I prepare. Because NOT do so would most likely mean the death of family members and friends and that’s UNEXCEPTABLE in my book. Even though that’s still a possibility. And yes, if your not careful, reading too many of these articles IS NOT GOOD for most people……..

          • What it will look like is like looking in your rear-view mirror. It started quite some time ago and is still progressing. If you live long enough you notice it happens over time and most people have a short attention span/life experience to draw on.

            If you’re waiting for it to start you’re backing up.

          • “Some” here are not “most”. Most are, but they are going through the wash. Rinse, spin, repeat.

        • Gotta keep our hopes up.

      22. Your worst nightmare……..and beyond……

      23. I know what it will look like if alone in the sticks,looks like I will get very drunk at the very beginning,figure a last hurrah!.I will then survive and try and enjoy life and as it gets real ugly will as stated before fight (and perhaps die)like a rabid weasel!This will be very different if I am in a situation where others will immediately depend on me,in that case hope I don’t let em down.

      24. But… but…. I thought just chanting “Yes we can” (or more effectively, “Yes we have no bananas”) was gonna save me?

        If not, can’t I just call someone on my “free” Obamaphone?

      25. On a side note,that video has in end bits of the preview for the movie “Grey State”,wish they would get enuff funding to do the actual film,saw the long preview and looked very good,hell,though a fictional tale very close to home,fiction wakes up a few minds all the better.

      26. It will be ugly…. No matter how much ammo one has, it might not be enough…. Katrina, these Black Friday sales, Hurricane Sandy all gives one a snapshot of things to come…..

        • The amount of ammo is dictated by circumstance/area. If one has to keep the golden horde in check then you better have more than a few truck loads. Otoh, if you are bugged out, decent at trapping, fishing, snares etc. the ammo is not going to be disappearing that fast. I am to the point that it will take at least 4 people to carry it all, not to mention the assorted lead catapults, and am trying to justify buying more? In a trading scenario, I would feel a bit apprehensive trading ammo to someone down and out enough not to have any and having them know where/who has it. I figure if I have to trade for something, ammo will probably be the last thing I use as barter item.

      27. Something will definitely happen that will be life altering. But we won’t know what until it happens. I have a hard time believing it will be economic. The downward spiral we are in was started many years ago and will continue until there is only a few rich and everyone else poor. The economies of the world can be manipulated forever when the majority of the people don’t care.

        Lately I’ve been paying more attention to our magnetic polar shift that is happening. It is accelerating and this could be the reason we are seeing strange and extreme things happen in the world. Birds, dolphins, whales, all different kinds of animals, going in circles or beaching themselves.. Extreme weather systems, increasing volcanoes and earthquakes. Everyone has their ideas why these things happen. But what if it is caused by the pole shift? As the shift accelerates and finally flips I think we will see an enormous amount of extreme activity of all kinds going on.

        The next couple years will tell. No matter what happens to create a shtf, everyone that is downwind of a nuclear reactor should prepare for the eventual meltdown of the spent fuel dump. Unless your going to keep those pumps running by yourself!!
        molon labe

        • I will never forget on the morning of 9/11, walking into the grocery store and seeing the entire shelf of water gone. I asked a guy who was working there if they would be getting water soon and he shrugged his shoulders and said that the water that they had was all cleared out in an hour. Walked over to the aisle with bread, it was cleared out except for hot dog buns. The canned goods was a little over half way gone. Toilet paper, all gone. Milk, almost all gone. It was amazing to see it. The only thing is, no one was going crazy and fighting each other, but everyone was pretty much moving quickly in and out of there. The lines going into the gas stations were around the block. You see a small panic but it never got out of control.

          That was about 12 years ago. When you didn’t hear about people getting shot, stabbed, or beaten at the black friday sales. Things have changed even more drastically since then. These black friday incidences are the best example we have that show us what happens when food runs out.

      28. Great article and well reasoned.

      29. Prepping has its benefits, however there is a philosophy behind it that is decidedly anti-society and anti-charity. “I’ma make my house a fortress and shoot any bastard that gets too close.”, is really no situation that will begin a rebuild of a destroyed society in the short term. Am I implying a reliance on a federal power to take charge of a collapse? Not in the slightest, but the extreme alternative of millions of preppers living in plots of land surrounded by landmines and store houses full of food to feed their family of three while their neighbors starve to death or get overtaken by bandits would be a horrible injustice. Subsidiarity demands a build up of locality. In the event of a collapse the first line of protection is of course the family, the next is the neighborhood, village, town, township, ect. If we really want to protect ourselves from the dangers of the coming collapse then it’s time we finally invite the Johnson’s over for cheese and crackers instead of stocking up on ammunition.

        • Right, if we don’t act together for the community, it will not end well at all.

          We need to be leaders, not isolates.

        • You must be new. We preppers have been screaming from the rooftops for people to prepare. Most don’t listen. Nothing anti-societal about that.

          The reality is that when a collapse happens. Most preppers will NOT be able to feed more than some family and friends. Don’t drop that anti-charity crap on us. It’s simply that most don’t have that much money.

          And history shows that when it collapses. People get mean and desperate.

          Sure, it’s good to have a community. But it ain’t easy. And it takes like minded individuals to work together.

          Are you going to invite Ghetto trash into your community? Sir Peter Michael Burke II? With no skills and NO ethics?

          • Amen,
            Why should i be responsible for feeding someone who didnt see fit to put food water and orher basic supplies away for a rainy day? I struggle to pay for my own stuff, the free stuff army can go suck eggs!

            • Kulafarmer we have been supporting the career welfare moochers for decades.I feel that if they get culled via disease,starvation and lead it would be better for everyone involved. They come to my place they are risking much.

        • SPMB II:

          I’m a “prepper” and I’m not at all “anti-society” or “anti-charity”. My house is reasonably secure, but it’s not a “fortress”. I will not “shoot any bastard that gets too close”. I don’t even know anybody who owns such a philosophy. Even in a hot war, most men have to be ordered by their commanders to shoot a REAL enemy; never mind the faceless bastards who happen to “get too close” to some imaginary hardened site in civvie-land.

          Your caricature of the “prepper movement” is a classic straw man attack: construct a mannequin, shoot down the false image, and then suppose that you’ve done away with the real-life constellation of issues that are subsumed under the heading of the “prepper movement”.

          So why the shadow-boxing polemics? Even the facile summary of your thesis in the last sentence is deliberately misleading. There never is any either-or dichotomy such as “Invite strangers into personal space OR buy bullets with which to shoot the strangers”. If that’s what passes for mental Jiu Jitsu with you, then you need to take a remedial Rhetoric class.

      30. Correction: The casualty estimates for EMP were 90% dead in one year, not two.

      31. Hi all…

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” — Thomas Jefferson

        The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. … God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.
        Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787

      32. Out of the ashes of what used to be America will rise the new America. Safer, freer, and better looking, because I’ll be there.

        • The country will arise like the mighty phoenix from the ashes of it’s self immolation!

      33. The two least prepared for and the two most deadliest and hardest to contain and detect, wild virus and/or nuclear fallout. Virus could be engineered or natural, either way it would be a nightmare as nature puts out some of the worst and human made would be one the worst. So few people really practice hand awareness. Because viruses are air borne a lot of the time, this can be even more difficult to avoid getting it.

        The misconception of a N-95 being safe for everything is dangerous. It means that 5% of the viral particles are going to get into your breathing ways. It takes a certain amount of viral particles to infect, why most people catch the flu from their hands because it is more concentrated, but certain virus are extremely infectious. Lassa Fever I read is thought to have infected people with as little as 3 individual particles. While something like smallpox it takes several hundred. Avoidnace is probably the most efficent way of staying well and that means isolation and lots of supplies and not having to go out. The more people infected the more likely the pathogen is going to be in far more places and again concentrated, especially in tight closed spaces like an elevator or something.

        Nuke fallout can come from A Fukushima type of power plant being melting down, from a terrorist TRUE dirty bomb, nuclear war, and believe it or not from something very rare but possible in a massive radiation storm that gets through the protective atmosphere. It is not just detecting the gamma radiation either, it is the beta and alpha even and of course how it affects the crops, wild game, and livestock. The main issue is immediate protection and this means shielding and potassium iodide so your thyroid is not fried when the particles get in the air that match the same atomic structure as what your throid fills up on. The Potassium iodide will fill up your thyroid and it would absorp the elements of radiation. Shielding is another probelms.

        It takes mass, about what is equal to more than 3 feet of dirt to protect a person enough. In some areas the shielding might have to be several feet depending on the closeness to primary targets in which ground burst will be used. Air bursts over industrail areas and cities will produce little radiation fallout over large areas, mainly high concentration in the immediate areas like demonstrated in the two cities nuked in Japan and over countless test areas. It is when they ground bursts the tests is when the fallout hit areas much further away.

        These are two areas in which several good survival books would be a very good idea to purchase that concentrate on covering the topics of germ warfare and natural germs, and fallout and protecting yourself from blasts from nuclear weapons. If you are willing to print up a hard copy of these topics on pieces of paper this would be a good idea from sites on the internet. Otherwise I suggest books because anything electronic could be suddenly worthelss. You want such important information in a book or something you can hold in your hands like printed up from the internet. Of course the more supplies you have, especially natural alternatives such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. the better.

        • Well put, except a Fukushima meltdown scenario doesn’t put much into the air. Even Chernobyl didn’t. Which is not to say it’s zero, but it won’t be like a ground burst in Topeka. And the musloids, being more focused on their religion than science, will more likely pick New York for their suitcase nuke, and the fallout all goes out to sea. Hopefully sterilizing Long Island on the way.

          • @ The Old Coach. All depends on the wind direction of such a scenario within New York. Remember Hurricane Sandy that was driving the air direction a considerable distance towards the west. You can get off shore winds that drive the wind right back into Pennslyvania and Ohio. Noreasters can do this also depending on the center of the low pressure. I have seen designs for not just suitcase nukes but very simple type of very heavyweight cans, they call them “coffee cans”. These are forced together like the plug type a-bombs that were dropped over Japan. If I remember correctly the plug has to be around 43% of the mass while the core that the plug is forced into by high explosives is 57%. It has been awhile seen I saw this design on the internet. It is not making the nuke that is difficult, it is obtaining the material. Though some idiot trying to mold such a design could reach a critical mass by hammering it out and cause a small chain reaction and nuke themselves. Usually it would take some financial backing even with the raw material to make a crude nuke.

          • Old Coach-

            Pray that somehow it’ll make its way up the POTOMAC also!

            Thumbs up!

        • Be informed

          This is really out in left field …. but ….
          in the previous post you mentioned the dinosaur
          killing meteorite.

          My question to tease your brain is:
          I have a hard time wrapping my head
          around a meteor by itself causing
          such a global life ending event.

          When the BP disaster was going on in
          the Gulf, a big fear was that they
          would rupture the crust and release
          the huge methane deposit located there.

          So, when the meteorite of yore hit the
          Gulf off the Yucatan Peninsula with
          such a force, do you suppose it could
          have compromised the crust and released
          the whole nine yards of methane, and
          that, along with the impact, was a
          deciding factor in the extinction.

          Honest, I’m not drinking ~ just curious

          • @ OutWest. First of all the methane bubbles in the Yucatn Penisula likely did not exist 65 million years ago like it does today. If you look at the plates at this time they were not in the same position as now. It is possible that something that large punctured an area of the crust, it sure could have in the wrong spot. The catastrophic effects of such a large impact is more than enough to do in most life that could not find shelter.

            During this time there was a massive volcanic episode going on in what is now India. This on top of the impact of the asteroid created a super nuclear winter. The amount of nitrous oxide released from such an impact of 6-8 miles wide would rain down massive amounts of water vapor from high in the atmosphere on most of the planet and in some cases be as acidic as car battery acid. This on top of the Sun being blocked out for many years or decades like to a serious food storage, which leads to the number killer of species, disease. When the skies cleared there would also be ozone depletion and plants would have a hell of a time from excess cosmic radiation. Note this would also effect the photoplankton and other marine life a lot for the worse in the shallow seas.

            I kind of harp on this a lot about kinetic energy, when you have something moving at least 38000 mph and with a mass the size of a mountain it punches a hole right into the crust. Then the crust rebounds back and sends molten material into the air. This is why you have such huge craters from much smaller rocks. Meteor crater that is a mile or so in diameter in Arizona was made by a nice chunk of iron that was not too much bigger than what hit Russia last year. Density plays a big part of course in how much energy comes from an impact. Comets are very loosely packed and it would take something 1/4 size or so made of iron to do the same destruction. One small positive note of an iron asteroid hitting would be very valuable to mine what survived on impact, that is if anyone is left alive to mine it.

            • Thank you, Be informed

              Being a child of the earth
              I find this extremely fascinating

        • They will not have to use any nuclear or NBC warfare. They want things intact for reuse by the new owners. They will sort through the population keep the ones they need and dispose of the test. The country is willingly turning itself over to tyranny so why wreck things? A little patience is all that is needed. They have been at it for a hundred years, waiting a couple of more is no big deal.

      34. Get the people you trust together and get organized,people are going to die. Make sure you are the last to go and hopefully from old age.

        • Virginia? I’d be interested in contacting someone in Virginia, maybe meet and discuss getting a prepper group together.

          Safety in numbers, as they say. Lone Rangering is not the way to approach what’s coming.

          • Tucker-

            What’s your distance from Danville?

            • About 200 miles or so.

        • Jim,will happily go down as long as it is on my feet and fighting,taking a few to the rock in hell with me.As I say,will fight like a rabid weasel,hope it never comes to that.

      35. We’re not the ones out in public acting like maniacs fighting over food, clothes and, t.v.’s

      36. Folks, I won’t be surprised if next year we see fully armored riot police and fire trucks in front of department stores ready to treat the crazed and rabid shoppers like convicts in a prison riot while firemen turn the hoses on them in freezing conditions, if this keeps up. It’s disgusting and reprehensible. Welcome to hope and change.

      37. Back in 2011 I was able to spend 3 months in North Central Alabama helping out with the restoration after dozens of tornados rolled through and caused more damage than I had ever seen with my own eyes. I’ve been through several hurricanes but those tornados left me speachless. The one thing that still sticks with me to this day is the sense of community that I witnessed. I loved seeing the FEMA trailer in the parking lot with not a soul there looking for assistance but every church was packed with volunteers helping everyone that was there. Food, water, medical supplies were all there for anyone that needed it and bands of people going door to door looking to help anyone in need. I witnessed vans full of people with chainsaws walking through neighborhoods helping people remove trees from their roofs and yards. Being there for so long I was able to make some incredibly strong friendships and still go back at least twice a year just to feel that unbelievable feeling of community again. I just hope I’m around those kind of people when the SHTF…

        • Tim,stories like that give me hope for the country,happens more then we know I believe.

          • Warchild – it’s my personal view that tptb do all they can to prevent the good stories getting out into the MSM.

            It furthers their agenda to make the general populace feel powerless & fearful. Yet we’d never have evolved from the apes if we didn’t learn simple kindness and altruism. Cooperation has been a key factor in mankind’s overall success as a species through the ages. Without this ability we’d never have colonised the entire planet from desert to tundra.

            Likewise diversity of thought – again mankind’s innate creativity, sense of adventure & problem solving abilities are what enable to survive in so many natural environments. The tpb are putting crazy amounts of effort and resources into suppressing this if you take an objective look at the propaganda and education machine – yet they aren’t totally succeeding as garage inventors pop up in every darn neighbourhood despite their best efforts.

            Despite all the urban myths about how uncivil big city life is, the specific neighbourhood I moved from recently in Londistan was one where people looked out for each other for the most part. Most people there were kind of heart, and helped their neighbours. The teenage lad who does a spot of grocery shopping for the old dear 3 doors down every week doesn’t make good news cover though. Actually though there are more of these kids around than those high on drugs yet we never hear of them.

            Sorry for the random waffle but I suppose I’m trying to explain why I feel the elite won’t be the ultimate victors of the war they have instigated against humanity. We must not forget of the true strength of the human spirit.

      38. Pretty sad to see societal disintergration in times of “peace”. The PTB are counting on Katrina on steroids. The seeds of division planted long ago have become a powderkeg waiting to explode.

        Should the breakdown occur, so much hatred will be released, the End Times will be upon us all.

      39. I went to one Black Friday shopping trip. Never again. People are abunch of Zombies. Not all of them but most. It got so bad at the Disc. players that I had to break up a fight between two women over a player. They were fighting over one when there was at least 15 still on the pallet.
        The pushing and shoving was not so bad, but the yelling was so bad I wished I had my Shooting ear plugs.
        I can’t imagin how bad it will be if we have an EMP or a total collapse, Or WWW3 starts.
        The way I look at it we will have about 10 to 14 days before the Zombies attack.
        What a shame that our country has the idea its mine and you did build that and if I want it I’ll take it.

        • Sgt Dale I know what you mean, I went to one and there was two woman fighting over an AR15 and I had to break them up. I told them since there was just one AR and two of them I would just have to take it and they wouldn’t have fight over it. And since I was a quite a bit bigger than both of them they agreed. Trekker Out. Naw Just Kidding.

      40. The Chinese military on our soil should cause no more worry about martial law to us than the Chinese people worry that when Obama visits, he’s really there to start a franchise of Mans’ Country Bath Houses. The latter being closer to the truth.
        However, should the Chinese militsry show up on your doorstep, I urge all of us to sqint as hard as possible, and say:
        Deck the harrs with barrs of horry,
        Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra,
        Tis the season to be jarry,
        Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.

        • I’m not worried, I have my Red Ryder BB gun.

          • Careful w/ that Red Ryder BB gun SWFL..

            ..you’ll shoot your eye out!

      41. OK guys when is this shyt going to happen. I have been on this site for 3 years now and everybody says it is coming soon . We will never have a election in 2012 etc. WTF is going on here . I for one am getting sick of watching my canned goods getting outdated and having water stacked up and getting old. Please when is this day comming? I think this may just be a big scam.

      42. False flag stuff is on the more extreme end of paranoia, IMHO.

        Don’t get me wrong, I prep, but I don’t see much help in this article.

      43. walmart, target and the other big box companies are to blame for the BLACK FRIDAY fisco…THEY are the ones who promote the big savings and midnite sales…they pale & stock piles goods at their stores for momths prior to the day after Thanksgiving( thats what we called it back in the day when i was retail manager. i have over 35 years of retail experence)back then we open at 7 or 8 am and never had mobs causing bodily harm maybe the walmart kids should go back thinking like their Dad( bet you Sam is turning over in his grave )….

      44. Jimmy…we could only be so lucky that it is a scam. None of us are mind readers and trully know when or how. We just look at what happens around us and see that things are not good. We are on a path that can end only one way. Keep preping and stand ready. Semper Fi

      45. Lessee. . . . .
        1. Cabin in the Wallowas of E. Oregon, 14 miles from my “Town home” near a stream. Check.
        2. Five totes of freeze dried and canned food. Check.
        3. Large tote of Medical supplies. Check.
        4. Large tote of toilet paper. Check.
        5. Large tote of books. Check.
        6. Spgfld. M1A & Ammo. Check.
        7. 1911 & Ammo. Check.
        8. Rem. 870 & Ammo. Check.
        9. Case of Glenlivet. Check.
        10.Genset w/Stabil Gas cache. Check.
        11.Propane Stove & Heater. Check.
        12.ICOM TA90 w/ lots of batteries.

        As far as I’m concerned, this is just a start.

        • Kidon-

          Add a Holy Bible to that list sir, it’ll come in handy.


          • Thank You Sir,
            And A Torah. . . .just to be on the safe side. Google KIDON and you’ll get my drift.

        • 0° sleeping bags for every member of the family.

      46. This may be off topic, but am I the only one noticing how unnatural the sky/cloud formation has been looking lately? I’ve heard of chemtrails/geoengineering/Morgellons awhile back & I encourage anyone curious about the subject to look into it. There is truly legitimate research happening on this & the picture it portrays is truly horrifying. Are we all slowly being poisoned, breathing in toxic nano- particles & chips, integrating them into our bodies? Is that what this transhumanist crap is about? Agenda 21? Not sure what to believe anymore…

        • JC–go to TSC and get some food grade Diatomaceous Earth.
          Take one teaspoon every day with vitamin C to cut the bad taste. YUK!!

          But, it destroys the impurities from chemtrail metals and the clinicians in the Gulf prescribed it for children affected by CorExit.
          My hair is healthier at age 63 than ever before.

      47. Jimmy:
        I wish I could give you a date, but I can’t.
        Just look around you dose your dollar buy what it use to? Look at Food up, fuel up, Insurance up, Heating bill up, electric bill, up, and you are not making more money. Are you? I don’t think so.

        The Fed are using Q.E. to just keep things going, and giving everything away to the Zombies and Leaches. You know that people are getting pissed about having to work there BUTTS off to give it away to the Zombies and Leaches.

        People trying to take God out of everything. God won’t let that happen. We have all sorts of example of what God dose to nations that turn their backs on him.

        During the summer they tried to use the Martin case to start a race war. We were smarter than they were and nothing happened. The A.G. didn’t press charges against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation. Why? He wanted to try and start something.

        Just look at this administration, Gun running, IRS spying on the Citizens, Drones watching us, Benghazi, Fed buy its own debt. All the alphabet agencies buying millions of round of ammo & weapons. How about FEMA camps? This is just to name a few. This administration has turned her back on our best allies. Using NATO and the UN to strike a country like Libya that didn’t strike any NATO country. Now they are letting Iran off the hook and letting them build NUKES! Signing the UN gun ban. How do you thing we will respond to that if they try to come for the guns. CAN YOU SAY CIVIL WAR!!!

        I wish that would happen ASAP so that we can start rebuilding this Republic.

        We are looking at what the Frog did when he was in the pot in the warm water, and they keep adding more wood to the fire so that the water gets warm very slowly until it gets so hot you are cooked.

        I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I can look back to the Carter administration, and see just how bad it is getting.

        Please just stay FROSTY, and keep prepared, and up your faith in God. TPTB are wanting you to give up, and that is when the SWFTH.

        My friend sleep with one eye open, and put your Faith in the All Mighty.


        • That would be “does” Sgt. not doze which means sleeping.

      48. I’m an Obama supporter, and I plan to call for help on my “free” Obamaphone, and then just chant “Yes we can” until the government comes and saves me. May take 50 years, but I am a true lemming!

      49. so they used clips from the movie “grey state” that is still being shot and that I donated money to. With no end in sight for release and only comments like “it’s hard to film a movie” at least a few clips is better than nothing, not.

      50. Being that the shit really hasn’t hit the fan… YET! Extrapolate the future by examining what is occurring presently.

        Council of Conservative Citizens

        • JW, Jr.,

          The events reported by the CCC are happening every day now; that nobody can deny. We are actually in a slow-motion SHTF process that ain’t so slow-motion any more.

      51. Look like ?

        It will look like hell , multiplied by jesus , divided by where the fuck are we

      52. In the first video, on the movie scene shown after ‘The Road’. The scene where there are four in the car running for their lives. Anyone know the name of this movie? Thanks!

      53. Personally, I expect to get killed in the first 20 minutes of SHTF, mainly due to experience teaching me how unprepared I am, when I think I am prepared.

        I’m wondering how to play the “do I go to work, and leave my gear unprotected?” game in my head at this moment; The gray area between partial to total socioeconomic collapse will be interesting.

      54. Over 60% of Amerikan’s have no idea whats going on at all!

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