What Will Americans Do If Our Country Is Invaded By Foreign Armies?

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    This article is a continuation of How an Attack on America Would Probably Begin: Possible Courses Of Action By Foreign Military Powers


    In the last article we introduced the concept of an invasion by a foreign coalition on American soil.  Sure, we have all seen “Red Dawn” and other films that characterize an invasion by a foreign power or powers, and it is understandable that it is Hollywood.  That being said, what will happen in the United States if an invasion does occur, from the perspective of its citizenry?  Will there be a resistance, and if so, where?

    We covered some potential actions of aggressor nations.  Hopefully everyone agrees on the fact that if we are invaded, the resources (in the form of food/crops, minerals, oil, and livestock) will be sought after.  Let’s turn our concentration of focus to geography, the second most important feature after human demographics.  Fortunately the United States is large and occupation will be extremely difficult.

    The problem is twofold for an aggressor: how to kill off 90% of the population and enslave the rest without irradiating the whole shebang and obtaining only a Pyrrhic victory.  Firstly, let’s take a look at this photo that breaks down firearms ownership state by state:


    The way to make this photograph understood more readily is to take it further within your home state and multiply that percentage by the actual population of the state.  This will give you a “raw” number to estimate.  You can probably add about 10-15% to those numbers, as there will be plenty of weapons not recorded within the system.  Keep in mind: some states, such as Montana, are huge in area with a big percentage number, but the entire population of the state is just over a million people.  Twenty percent of California means a lot more guns than 60% in Montana.

    Next, find those big cities in your home state that will probably be taken out, such as Washington, D.C., or New York City.  There are a number of different sites that allow you to enter in a city and the size of a weapon used against it to estimate the ring of destruction and the fallout patterns.  You can use these tools to come up with an idea of what will remain in your state after the initial strikes have been completed.

    Geography has a huge say in the equation.  As I have mentioned in previous articles, the area of Northwestern Montana where I live is extremely remote; however, it holds a high level of strategic importance.  The East-West rails here for rail freight is a key crossing area of the Continental Divide.  Also, the Flathead Valley can be turned into a huge staging point for air operations with only minimal modification to existing airfields.

    The mountainous regions of the United States will be areas that resistance elements will form up, hopefully with the aid of/aiding our own military.  The Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Catskills, the Rockies of Colorado and Montana will be areas where citizens will gather, hide, and stage bases of operations to conduct reconnaissance and fight.  There are many urban locations of strategic importance (such as Indianapolis and New Orleans) that an invader can’t really afford to bomb that would also become centers of resistance.

    A factor that also comes heavily into play is the time of the year that all of this is initiated.  Food larders and supplies are highest just before the wintertime, and the “tail” end month of winter with the first two months of spring are “shortage” months.  Traditionally there are hiatuses with campaigns to allow for the harvest in the fall and the planting in the spring.  Another factor is energy: as the winter draws to an end, fuel supplies such as oil and coal will not be in such high demand, and supplies will be on the rise.

    The largest question has to do with the human factors: a desire to defend, the resolve to stick it out for a long period of occupation, and the shortages of men, materials, and supplies that may weaken the resolve of the citizenry.  There will probably be a great outpouring of people from the urban and suburban areas into the remote and rural areas.  The vast, open areas of the Midwest will be very difficult for us to hold onto, but fighting will most likely be conventional, as both sides will not want to destroy the nation’s breadbasket and a large portion of domestic oil production.

    What may also be a factor to consider is the percentage of the alien population here illegally that will turn against the citizenry.  An angry “fifth column” that is equated more to a sea or flood of humanity can do a great deal of damage.  Surely their sympathies would lie with their countries of origin, if they were here illegally.  Once again, this will pose a major problem in the border states of Texas and the Southwest.

    We have no way of monitoring what is currently coming across our borders, let alone what has crossed over in the past five decades or so.  As many readers have mentioned, a tremendous amount of materials (firearms, suitcase nukes, and so forth) have undoubtedly found their way across the borders (Southern and Northern) to be cached and used in a future operation or invasion.

    The swamps, mountains, and forests will be paramount to any resistance that is undertaken.  During the Revolutionary War, there was that “3%” estimate of actual resistance.  Things will be a little different this time, as there are technological hurdles to overcome, such as drones, cameras, satellites, and other “niceties” in a society where almost everyone has their own little tracking “chip” in the form of a cellular telephone right in their pocket.  During the initial ouster of Viktor Yanukyovich in Ukraine the government was utilizing the cell phones to find out who was gathered and protesting their actions.

    A fight would definitely be a long-term contest with the potential for years before either side secured a victory.  We will also discuss and explore what our own government would do in the event of an invasion: whether they would fight it or further enable it, the latter being the more probable of the two choices.  Your views and opinions on such possibilities are both welcomed and valued.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. America has already been invaded from the inside.

        • Exactly!

        • Many would flee to the mountains and die there of starvation and elements. Lack of skills, preps, fortitude and resources. The big shitty dwellers would surrender. The preppers that can make it in remote areas would be taken out with flir equipped drones. Not a good scenario….

          • Genius, yes, too many sheeple will surrender. I, for one, will stand up and fight. It’s hard to say how many other like-minded people will do the same. I’ll be in the mountains with family and where most of my supplies already are.

            • “The mountainous regions of the United States…’

              mountians mean hollers, you know, those low low valleys back in the woods. Yeah, that’s where we’ll be in middle Tennessee. Way back in there, like fleas on a dog.


              • grandee, we have cedar swamps up here in michigan .
                Scary places for those unfamiliar.

              • Grandee, I’ll be in the mountains of north GA with the family. That’s where we’ll stay and die, if necessary.

              • “G”
                This is the area that the wife and I are looking at. I have found about 5 spots but she finds something wrong with it. One day we will agree, and I hope it is soon.

                But if it was to happen today. I would take my group to my #2 BOL in the Ozarks. That is if we can go there with out a problem. We know the woods and have things set up. Would there be a lot of work to finish what we started? YES! But it would be very defensible Unless the NUKE it. We would play RED DAWN on their asses. Fit and Run, Hit and Run!!!! Good source of water and a place to plant crops.


                • Sorry to inform you Sarge but the roads in and out will be blocked by crashed semis and cars. You will need to be here already.

                  • That is for sure, there will be no driving out of town. It will be a Stand and Deliver kind of battle.

              • Swamp would be a better hideout… Get low in the swamp and FLIR ain’t good for shit… Plenty of sustenance also… That is if you care for mudbugs, catfish and gator… Speakin of which…

                • Thermo works just fine in the swamps. From point of aim/eye level, yes it’s more difficult, but from tree top say….there isn’t any hiding. Just saying. I just spent a few months in the West African deltas we had no problem finding what we were looking for. It was actually comical some times. Just saying.

                • Does anyone have a Miskito repelant recipe? Obtainable in the swamp?

              • Grandee

                A piece of advice if I may. As someone in my old unit once said. Always take the high ground. Way back in there on top of the hill.

              • You and I will be huddling in the same hollers, with Ft Campbell at my back and many of their special soldiers at my side 🙂 They might as well nuke the area, because they aren’t going to control, much less hold it.

            • Brave 1776
              I would be proud to stand by your side along with many other here. I’ve lived a good life and I would fight to see that my Grand kids get the same type of life I have been blessed with.


              • Sarge, thanks for that. hell, I’d be proud to stand with any of the regular posters here. But the trolls…..NO WAY! LOL!

                • You mean the polite regular posters. I sure wouldn’t want to be any where near Acid Etch, full of hate, vile and unstable, even if he/she is smart.

            • Braveheart,
              God bless ya son…
              Everybody dies, its HOW you die that counts…

              Having watched at least a half dozen family and friends die at home, in bed, and the suffering…
              If something like this(or other FED type secenarios)I can only guarantee I will go out with my brothers, not suffer in a bed.

              • PM, best wishes to you as well. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” I’ll die standing up fighting, period.

          • No, many cities will be where the day-to-day fighting occurs, and for a long time.

            • Yes look at Stalingrad . But our enemy has neutron bombs?

          • City people will be considered useless eaters. Only producers food fuel machines nesesary goods . Will be kept alive. Or get a ration card . Or implanted ID ration chip?

            • Un Agenda. Population control. Neuton’s 3rd law of Thermodynamics. Sure go ahead and wipe out the cities. Then what? Farms and ranches revert to their wild state in a hurry. The buildings decay and crumble, quickly.
              The reason the other countries cannot produce enough food, is bad government, but they don’t see it that way.
              It is like here at work. People take the last of the coffee, turn the lights off, and close the door. Magically, the next time that you open the door, the lights are on and new coffee is made.
              This is how liberals think of food production.
              Kill off all the producers, and wonder why there is no more food.

          • Genius

            We have to use guerrilla war fare tactics. 2 and 3 man teams. Camouflage the heck out of any base camp. Also go low tech. Never use cell phones.
            That is how others in the world defend against our drones. We will have to do the same.

            • Mike, 10-4 on that! It would be the only way. Also 1 man can set many traps and I have thought of quite a few.

        • That in no way means it won’t be invaded from the outside.

          • The shitbags are going to welcome them in.

            • That’s OK Will be like the Bates Motel,,, You can check in any time you like; but you can ever leave.

              • thought that was “Hotel California”

                “Goodnight, said the watchman, we are programmed to receive.
                You can check out any time you like …but you can nevva leave”.
                (Guitar Ride)

        • You’re absolutely right. It’s been done gradually over the last few decades. 30 years ago you could go to a vacation spot, like the shore, and you’d probably be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t speak English. Go there today, and most don’t. Having said that, the Johnson is doing what he always does. Stirring up the fear pot. I still say the Johnson is a liar and a fraud. I’m still waiting for N. Korea to attack. Ya hear me Jerry? N. Korea was supposed to attack a couple months ago. While you’re sitting in your trailer, (why else would you have cats mr manly?) open up the want ads and look for a job. You’d be more productive you douchebag.

        • MAD

          You are right on that one bro.

          WAKE UP EVERYONE !

        • and dont forget muslims and islamic extremist and terrorist cells, as well as no telling how many criminals have crossed our southern border, and all the disease, you are now fukd,

        • Maddog. Thank you. I am amazed at how many here look upon our non-extant southern border and then NOT BELIEVE YOU when you say Obama has done this ON PURPOSE …setting us up as a nation by allowing anything and everything to come across that border.
          Nope! There is little to no concern in what I am saying. What I need to be doing is bitching at my local mayor! Right?
          Maddog …this is why I’ve given up on “the general populace.”
          You may as well be telling what you know to a rock …it’ll pay you more attention.

          • Dallas
            We have had a nonexistent southern border for 200 years… oh the sins of Obama. Snort.

      2. Most people will lay down and wet their pants or worse welcome in the invader.

        That said a resistance is more than guns ammo and a supply of food.

        How many of you are building a 5-10 Program?

        Do a youtube search for 5-10 program


        and libertytreeradio.4mg.com

        You do want to win don’t you ?

        • @FreelIllinois

          neat vid thanks for sharing

        • The vast majority of people here posting their BS wouldn’t last an engagement with a professional army.

          Yes-er-ree! I’da be glad tah stand by yer side sniping dem son-bitches from da porch of are hide-out inda mountains and swamps andah ta die at yer side fer da grandchildren andah freedumb!

          And that whole crap about 100 million guns. What a joke. Most of those 100 million guns are collecting dust. A small minority ever see the square range. And the other minority? Well, there is a big fat dif between hunting squirrels and engaging a well equipped, fit, trained infantry.

          They will out think you and flank you every time.

          And besides, they are not going to waste their time looking for your hungry scrawny starving asses up in da mountains and da swamps. Your a blip on their radar.

          • Dapper Dan.

            A few grenades lobed into your living room would have a mind bending effect. Can’t buy them at Wal-Mart either.

        • I have already.

      3. AMERIKA has been invaded by the Zionist Army for many many years.

        • George Washington said they were more dangerous to our freedoms than an invading army. Look it up . GW on the —-.

        • Our new masters are rewriting history as usual. Hiding bending Read what great men have said about the children of satan. And see what their doing today. Money changers hawkers ( speculators) .the only time Jesus used violence. Shouldn’t he of? Was it that important? Does it seem important today.?

          • Jesus was angry because the temple priests were making money off religion. You had to make your offering in temple coin. The high priest and pals were making a fee off the money exchange, just like todays bankers. He upset their business, that’s why they wanted to kill him.

      4. “Fortunately the United States is large and occupation will be extremely difficult.”

        Ummm, no. The vast majority of it is sparsely populated and the size makes it much easier to occupy.

        • They don’t have to invade the US–they’re already here!

          There have been countless reports for several years now, of both Russian and Chinese troops “training” in the US. Why are we training our enemies, please? (Answer: they won’t hesitate to obey orders to shoot at Americans.)

          They’ve been seen in Virginia, Tennesse, Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho… those are just the states that I remember off the top of my head.

          Remember that post by Steve Quayle, about the little girl whose family just moved to southern Virginia? She announced to her playmate’s mother, “My daddy’s here to kill Americans.”

          Yep, it’s going to be shockingly easy to take over the US…

        • Sparsely populated dosent make a difference. In fact it takes more troops to occupy sparsely populated regions. It is also these sparsely populated regions that will require the greatest effort. They are where the food and energy come from…

          He mentions that states like Montana cant offer resistance due to the population. A greater percentage of the people may own guns. California has more people so will have more guns. The reality is that in Montana, each person may own 10 or more guns but in California most the guns are 22’s. In the mountain states people also tend to own ammo by the pallet. Not a 20 rd box on the closet shelf. They also know how to use their guns.

          • Ed, excellent points. In Montana, Idaho, and Alaska they don’t need to go to range to practice. Most can just step outside and shoot.

            I grew up next to an old gravel pit and all we had to do was step outside and shoot. Everyone set up targets with the pit wall as a backstop. One day would be for shooting and the next day would be for four-wheel drive trucks and jeeps to high mark. (High-marking is when you see how far up you can drive). It was a great way to grow up. Now the liberals have taken over that county. I left. I am guessing if you dared to shoot a gun there now people would call the sheriff.

            There is still a family there that did their own thing. An entire clan. The father build a big log house and they raised all of their own food and animals. I am not sure if they had electricity. I am guessing they are the last hold outs in that area and now surrounded by liberals. The dad had a junkyard and with more than one old barn and various mis-matched fences. I am guessing they have managed to keep the property assessor’s at bay. For how long? Not sure. All of the kids had to do chores. They were each encouraged to start a business and learn different skills. I remember the one boy was working on stuffing an owl and one of the daughter’s had an cowhide in the basement. The last time I saw them they were homeschooling and selling refurbished used cars on Craig’s List.

            I remember wanting to make a rabbit-fur purse. So I was invited over and they said I could have the rabbit hide for the purse but I had to be there when the rabbit was killed and skinned. I showed up. Looking back I am guessing we had that rabbit for dinner, too.

            • Philosopher

              I so agree with your points. There is just a different attitude regarding guns in most rural areas. I started hunting when I was 10. I and everyone I know was introduced to guns before that. We shoot for just fun at times. We go skeet shooting. We have turkey shoots. We just make a day of shooting different guns for fun at times. Some in the cities are scared to death at the sight of a gun.
              A police captain once said that he would much rather go to a domestic dispute in the city. He told the people in the meeting that people in the country could shoot squirrels out of trees at 50 yards and more. He told the meeting that they take protection of there property and family way more serious. It is just how they were raised.
              My wife was in the meeting where she worked at the time. They were having a meeting about the serial rapist that had been attacking in the city. She told people in the meeting that I had heard something outside a couple weeks ago. She told them that I went outside with a gun that I own to take care of the problem. A guy that had lived in the city all his life starting saying how crazy that was.
              That is when the captain chimed in.

          • How do you mount a quick and lethal defense across a large and sparsely populated country, where the longer you wait, the better foothold an enemy will maintain?

            I’ll wait for the cogent explanation.

            “It is also these sparsely populated regions that will require the greatest effort”

            on the part of whom? the enemy? no. there’s no credible resistance.

            • Effort of the invader.

              You dont have to defend. They have to take. It is not easy no mater what assets you have to take and hold rural land.
              Just google Afghanistan or any other nightly headline place.

              • Again, in a sparsely populated and vey large landmass, why do you think it’s so difficult to take that space?

                IT’S NOT.

                “Just google Afghanistan or any other nightly headline place.”

                Hello buffoon, we’ve occupied sparsely populated Afghanistan for 15 years.

                • We’ve occupied small enclaves of Afghanistan for 15 years, but the vast majority of their people go on living as they have for 1000’s of years. NO force has ever been able to truly occupy or rule Afghanistan, not even the Afghanistan government. If there is one thing good that can be said about the tribal system seen in Afghanistan it is that when there is no central government in control, an invading force never truly knows who their enemy is.

                  • “NO force has ever been able to truly occupy or rule Afghanistan”

                    Except of course, that we have. We’ve occupied it wherever we wanted to for 15 years and carried out whatever plan we’ve wanted to in that time period.

                    Sorry guys, you’re all JUST WRONG.

        • What happened to the Germans in Russia during WW2?

          • They froze

      5. What to do ??? There are 100 million gun owners in America. Wait for the enemy to come to your door for your guns. Then kill as many as possible. My goal is three.

        Rinse and repeat. Houses to house searches will end in a hurry.

        Any “gatherings” in the mountains will allow an effective invader to kill many Americans at a time, and these enclaves would require considerable resources to maintain and defend. Not a good strategy for the average American from where I stand, as the technology of an invader would trump such strategies.

        Better to shoot and scoot in YOUR local area where YOU have the advantage. Red Dawn was a fantasy. 🙁

        • Become invisible. Shoot from roof tops, holes in the ground, any kind of cover. Their tech is only a factor if there are humans to use it. There only has to be com. squads up on top of the hill to rely important intel. Here in the OC we are fish in a barrel that once two roads are cut off we are stuck here. But we still can take down many before it’s over. And Sac. doesn’t have that much sway here so don’t kid yourself in thinking that we don’t have weapons. The real situation would be Muslim forces coming from Mexico headed north and we are aware of that. Those from within (you know the mothers and children, lol) would most likely try to co-ordinate terror strikes. Any way it is tried it’s gonna get real messy.

          • NOTHING, No possibility they make it to Wyoming; Nuts! And the Taxidermist even said he’d stuff them cheap

            • Unless the map counts everyone over the age of two days, they are wrong for Wyo. I’d estimate 10-20 for every Male over 12, and 5-10 for the gals.

              • What Will Americans Do If Our Country Is Invaded By Foreign Armies?

                Answer: Give the Invaders a Road Map to Washington DC and a Compass.


                • Love It! Go East printed in 8 languages. Now that is the Wyoming way. Keep Wyoming beautiful, get out.

            • Wyoming will be one of the first places they hit. Hit hard too.
              50% of the energy in the US comes from there in either natural gas, oil, coal or wind. 20% of beef. Very strategic place to knock off right away.

              • How they going to do that? We are 1000 miles from any border but Canada. They going to disguise themselves as Buffalo and sneak in? That’s going to be tough, costs close to $5000 for a Buffalo Tag, Game and Fish just allows unlimited tags and it’s over. Nukes, get real, we have the Nukes for the US. Parachutes/Red Dawn? Sure, 82 and 191 are the two best airborne divisions in the world. You ask them if they could maintain an Airbridge 8-10 thousand miles long into Casper airport or any of the ones in Wyo. Denver? NORAD or whatever they call it now might ask the guys at Ft Carson to do something about it. If not, they still couldn’t get here. The Air Force might not like them going past the Base North of Denver. It’s all BS.

                • I live in Wyoming. You are aware that Russia is a mere 2500 miles from Wyoming. Arent you?
                  FE Waren AFB in Cheyenne, dosent even have a runway. There is a WYO Airguard C-130 detachment there thou at Cheyenne airport.
                  It is a mere 4 hour transport ride to Gillette from the northern airbases in Russia. Bombers can be there in 2 hours.
                  Russia has cruise missile systems and anti aircraft systems that can be air dropped anywhere. Or just put on a truck and drove across the border. But in reality they have range enough that they can even launch the cruise missiles from Russian soil and still hit any target in Wyoming. The Cruise missile variant is called the Club-k. It can sink an aircraft carrier or take out a regiment of tanks. I forgot the anti aircraft versions name.
                  In a 24 hour period Russia can put 150,000 troops, equipped on the ground in Gillette. And there aint much we can do about it.
                  Of course they can do it. But do they want to.

                  • It’s even closer if they dig a hole straight to Casper from Closest part of Russia, But they cannot, No more than we could support an invasion of Russia from Nome. And no they cannot put 150,00 troops in Wyo in 24 Hr. That’s why it took us months to get significant troops to Saudi and we had stockpiled whole airbases in Saudi , that’s why everyone who was stupid called the start of WWII in Europe the PHONY WAR for several months, because the most efficient army ever, couldn’t move from one side of Germany to another as fast as people thought. Yes Russia can go to war with us. But they start using cruse missiles it’s called WAR. And yes I know about cruse missiles, Hell, I even remember SNARK

                  • Ft. Guernsey is just north of Cheyenne. I have watched the largest planes in use land there and I have watched C130s doing touch & go landings at the Cheyenne air port and have been “zoomed” by as many as 6 Blackhawks at a time 75 miles from Warren air force base. Add to that–Petersen air force base and a very LARGE army base is in Colorado Springs. There would be a HUGE response by our military should Cheyenne be attacked. I am counting on it as I live 45 miles away but even closer to the mountains with many GO TO areas on my personal radar.

                  • The senerio i mentioned was part of the Soviet general war plan with the US during the cold war. December action. They gave it a 90% chance of success when at that time they had to go up against our interceptors who were sitting there waiting for them. Today, there are no interceptors And lots more passenger planes. It required 60 Passenger transports making 4 landings and some tankers for the fighter support.
                    China has a similar plan of invading Los Angeles or Portland. They believe that they can put 1 million plus troops into the zone within 5 days. It involves Containerized shipping, Customs Clearing houses and civilian transport. It is very doable. Nukes wont be used in either senerio. Either by them or us. The point of any war is to gain concessions. Not to lose them. Everyone loses if you use nukes.
                    It dosent matter is we have the ability to chase them out . It will take months to years to do that and the Economy will grind to a halt long before energy shipments can begin again. Lots or dark nights for people.

                  • Shadowfaxhound
                    It is Camp Gurnsey. A Wyo Army guard training base. You do know that there is only about 1500 people in the entire Wyoming national guard and they live all over the state. Also all they have at camp gurnsey is some bridging equipment and Multiple rocket launchers. Not many at that.

                • You have friends in Canada. Any attack on N.A. is an attack on us all and any forces that come this way would no doubt factor this into their equation.
                  They wouldn’t dare, but rifles are at the ready at all times.

                  • I am afraid not. Many years ago, I was able to read a Soviet War plan for the United States. It consisted of first an EMP, then 8 Nukes in Major cities, leveling them and taking out more than half the population. Then a sudden rapid invasion, from 4 different directions. Canada, Mexico, and both coasts at the same time. No one would want to get involved. Canada would have to send word to the Queen and by the time she made up her mind, it would be too late.
                    Then the plan called for them going to the EU and saying, Surrender or you are Next. Those liberal cowards would just give up. The US would be destroyed. Isolated with no one coming to our aid.
                    That was the plan anyway. They have been working toward that goal, I have not seen any change.
                    Other than as Trump called it, an Invasion by invitation, the Trojan Horse being invited inside our walls.
                    There are Russian troops stationed at every military base in the US. Thank You Mr. President.

              • Ed,
                Agreed, Wyoming would be one of the first if not the first places to glow in the dark. There are lots of Nuke silos there that would need to be taken out early to prevent retaliation. Energy production is only a secondary reason and having been in the energy business all my life, your estimate of 50% of the nations energy is a bit of a stretch but none the less another reason to take it out.

              • Ed, you must not be from Wyoming. You can cut off the rest of the US and survive in Wyoming. More coal on the ground than Montana, More Oil More Gas, More Rednecks. Wonderful weather. It is a secret. Don’t tell anyone.

                • Don’t tell anyone that in the winter you need a chopper to feed your cattle due to the 60 foot snow-drifts! (You’ll need a grunch of coal to stay warm …but since it is laying around on the ground I guess there is the answer to our energy problem …just clean up the state and we’ll all be good to go, ‘cept it would piss off Obama.

                  • PO Obama? What a wonderful thought.
                    I know that winter gets a little severe in Wyoming. That is part of its Beauty. When those southern invaders show up, and winter begins, those 60 mile an hour winds, and below zero temperatures blowing their vehicles off the roads to lay on their sides till spring.
                    The Ranchers are smart enough to put their cattle in barns till spring.
                    Outsiders would not believe it until the road is blocked in front of them by a 25 foot high drift.
                    Just notice how they build snow fence there. Industrial Strength might begin to describe it.
                    We certainly would not want the lowlanders to steal all the coal to keep their sorry butts warm.

              • Yes they can take LA: As a matter of fact I’ll give it to them. Take LA Please!

            • So what’s happening in Wyoming with these recent headlines? The current regime is hellbent on destroying our Republic from within.

              WY Mulims Home – Islamic Center of Laramie – Wyoming Muslim

              Wyoming town abandons mosque opposition, pivots to anti-refugee rhetoric

              Rural Wyoming Town’s First Mosque Sparks Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

              Wyoming Public Radio pushing refugee resettlement for Wyoming

              Here’s why Somali Muslim Refugees are moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Prepare to be shocked

              ISIS USA – Cheyenneistan: Somalian Muslim Aliens Did WHAT?! to Wyoming

              Wyoming Muslim Community – Facebook

              Plus many more…

              • All you need is one Hard Cold winter. Muslims will be fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. The advantage of Cold weather, No snakes, no Skeeters, no illegals. They go where the weather is warm and it takes little effort to survive.

                • Lots of illegals in Wyoming.
                  Snakes too.

                  • Snakes I understand. They hibernate a bit, and they have a useful purpose, like eating Rats. I can’t say the same for illegals.

                • You’re not from Wyoming, Steven. We got Skeeters so big the runway at Cheyenne can’t land ’em.

                  And fish so big our rivers and lakes can’t float ’em. We haul ’em on 18 wheelers causing winds so powerful the wind keeps the tornado’s out and the rains in. Keeps those fish wet so’s we can smoke ’em over buffler chips.

                  Muslims? Thick as Mormons.

                  Powder River, let er buck.

                  • No, Proud to say, I am from Wyoming. Those puny Skeeters are nothing to the bloodsuckers in the East coast and South.
                    The Northern Central states have Skeeters that they have to file flight plans.

              • Muslims are moving in all over the U.S. in settlements, who will not assimilate but will migrate to other areas asap forming armies of jihadists. Most Americans will sit on their apathetic butts and follow orders even by Muslims or UN troops who will order executions or slave camps set up. Few patriots alive today will fight in this upcoming civil war going on for years. Most Americans don’t care about anything (electronic zombie morons.)

          • Good point. Become really invisible and put in polystyrene so that you’ll be invisible to heat detectors as well.

            • Polystyrene …you mean that white-foam stuff? NO!!!!! (Well, you would need several FEET THICK of it)!

              Make an IR-Proof & WaterProof Pancho for less than 25 bucks:

              PLEASE use several (SEVERAL) layers of Mylar “foil”. You want it about 3 to 5 ‘mils’ thick and five layers of it using ‘pool table’ felt (light-duty) in between each layer (or it is noisy as hell …and don’t sew the layers of Mylar, but use Shoe-Glue or any glue that remains flexible without breaking down).
              Then, if you lack access to military ‘cloud camo’ tarp to trim down, you can do this: Find a lady that can knit. Buy here a BIG BUNCH of “Camo” knitting yarn (oh, btw, you want to dye your pool-cloth black-as-coal). Pay her to make a ‘cover’ of “Granny-Squares that you THEN use to sew and glue to the five layers of Mylar (five layers of it AND pool-table-cloth stops 100% of heat from being seen by the most sensitive IR’s of old or of the latest designs, to the best of my knowledge, which isn’t ‘bleeding edge’).
              Once you have a completed Granny-Square ‘blanket’, get a pint of mineral spirits and two tubes of #2 silicone. Mix the silicone with the mineral spirits and keep the ‘blanket’ (NOT THE MYLAR PART), soaking with frequent movement to keep it stirred up. What you are doing is impregnating the yarn with silicone, which is superior to spraying it with silicone (but that’s what you’ll want to do with the “inner but outer-most layer of black, which you will both sew and “shoe-glue” to the pool-felt PRIOR to spraying the felt with ‘canned silicone’ (you’ll need 8 cans to soak it really well and it lasts for ages IF you “soak hell out of it, as in dripping wet).
              Leave it to dry where it can get air (not inside anywhere for many reasons). After a couple of weeks it should ‘cure’ down and you now have a water-proof and ‘heat-leak-proof’ pancho (OH! These are the ‘rough’ plans for making your own Pancho that is completely IR ‘safe’ (first or 2nd generation), and it’s so close to being a Ghillie you may be torn as to which to pack! You see, that yarn allows you to grab LOCAL fauna so that you can make yourself disappear easily, and by itself (just as a pancho), lying under it in the woods it fits right into the decor (due to the “cammo yarn”).
              I’ve made two of the best Ghillie-Suits a snipe could ever want (well, no A/C ones yet but they do “breathe” well-enough to prevent human spontaneous combustion). Most often I’d rather have on the pancho, but IT can hit 130 degrees so assure and ensure you have an adequate water supply (the straw-feeds are far better imho).
              *NOTE: For those who didn’t notice, I indicated using black felt for obvious reasons save one: *Trying to make your way through a forest with “yarn for skin” is impossible. You won’t get two feet before you are “hung up” on every branch and twig. This is when you just turn the whole pancho inside out. The felt will NOT “grab” anything. EVERYTHING, even ‘briars’ (like strawberry ‘thorns’), will slide right off …and it’s as quite as a cemetery allowing you to slowly ‘glide’ to your destination. For the old vets, they ‘get it’. I hope this is of help to someone …even if it’s just one.

        • If you wait for them to get to your door, you’ve already lost.

          • As much as the Conservatives love to hate Obama, He is the best thing that ever happened to the US. More guns have been sold in the last 8 years than ever. People that never wanted to own one, now have 2 or 3 and thousands of rounds of ammo.
            Americans could have been warned and warned, yet done nothing. Obama does not say anything other than he thinks Americans shouldn’t own firearms, and the people woke up on their own.
            100 million firearms is probably way to light a number.

            • I’ve got a sister who does nothing but ‘census’ work (very high tech). She has stated it’s more like 300 million guns are out there within our national boundaries, and that doesn’t count a single military weapon.

              • That is probably more like it. Then there are Non Traditional methods of securing food.

        • Date on the colored map is Dec. 2012. Need update.

          • exactly. Here on this site someone said Florida had the largest number of concealed carry permits but this chart makes them look like New York.

        • If you wait until “they” are on your street knocking down/kicking in doors, you’ve already lost. You, your neighbors, friends…me and everyone we love will die. The enemy must be engaged at town/city limits, at the closest. Ideally, engaging them on main streets and entrance/exit ramps with balloons filled with equals parts of water and paint, Molotov cocktails, all around, nasty guerilla warfare and enemy heads on pikes will be the order of the day.

          • If Americans are truly going to wait until the enemies is literally at their doorsteps, then Americans have already lost before they begin. The only way to avoid a total loss is to never let it get that close to begin with …or does that just make too damn much common sense?
            I guess it does, and so kiss America goodbye.


            I am sure everyone will grow to love their new owners!

        • Not if you live in the area. There will be gatherings in those areas by many who live close by. To stay in the open means you will be monitored constantly. To die in a blaze of glory when they show up is not a good strategy either.

        • I will gather with all of my green hatted friends and we will bring fear and loathing to the enemy. Screw the Geneva Convention at this point. There will be no rules and many will die by my hand. I’m not called Azrael for no reason.

      6. On Wisconsin! BANG!!

      7. control the food and water and you control the people.

      8. There would be resistance in the conservative states. The liberal states like californication, Washington Drugs/Crime and little Afghanistan Chicago there wouldn’t be because liberals are a bunch of pussies and would surrender at the drop of a hat

        • Although I agree with you, mostly, there are a lot of Conservatives and Peppers who live in Calif. They will be the o especially who will find their way to the hills and mountains as most of them live in small towns and have hunted most of their lives and even those that don’t still know how to best get out of town using back roads and farm roads that would most likely not be monitored very well. I know this because I am one of them, for the next month anyways and then we are moving to Idaho near Montana!

          • J: don’t tell anyone you are from California in Montana. Some parts of Montana have been invaded by Californians. Change your plates as soon as you can.

          • I moved from Calaveras county, near Angels camp to Idaho. My place I sold in Mountain Ranch was prepped pretty good…..Until it burned down last Summer. I hope the owners had good insurance

      9. What Will Americans Do If Our Country Is Invaded By Foreign Armies?

        Most will do nothing.
        Most will still be blaming the Dems & Reps for the downfall.
        Most will be seeking Government support/safety.
        Most will comply relocating to a Resettlement Camp.
        Most will comply with the N.W.O Agenda.

        Many will not & some will commit suicide.

        Technically – America has not only been invaded & infiltrated from the inside (Government)

        They even have their own standing army – the mass of illegal immigrants that have been welcomed here.

        All the Establishment needs left to do – is supply them with weapons.

        • @ FTW

          That us a good assessment.

          The DHS has been stockpiling weapons and equipment for a long time now.

        • I don’t think so. You don’t have much to contribute, do ya?

        • The most accurate post of the bunch.

        • The day will come when our own govt. of weasels will issue weapons to all the illegals and the Muslims that are here. They will also allow the Mexican Army to cross the border. Heck the border has already been erased with seventy miles from the border no longer safe in many areas.

        • FTW, you can’t say that. An older friend of mine, goes by Equorial, was pretty much tossed off this site for DARING to say to everyone that our only chance is to hit them first. He was called “a militarized puppet” for stating “they” are already here and that our government is our greatest enemy …and everything you have stated so did he, but he was trounced for daring to suggest it …and what he said, (I did see it, was the darned truth …and yet there none so blind as those who will not see, …has come true for the last time in America).

          *So, there are NO illegal immigrants in The USA.
          *Obama was born in Hawaii – five times in five other nations too.
          *Despite what you hear, the Southern Border is 3,000 feet high and nobody has gotten through it for millions of years.
          *Obama is the only sitting president to honestly put everything he has into making America one of the greatest nations on earth, and there is no way that he could be part of any anti-american schemes.
          *Obama only fired all the military officers that refused to fire upon Americans because he was just having a bad day. Obama would NEVER order his Weapons of War to be unloosed upon America! (What are you folks, fucking nuts or smoking something)?
          *The NWO has absolutely NO future plans for America. That’s all made up media bullshit.
          *It’s a lie that ANYTHING DONE BY THE GOVERNMENT is rigged. It’s so absurd I won’t discuss it further. You’ll get who you vote for and don’t worry about it at all cuz yur in goooooood hands.
          *It is A BIG FAT LIE that the government has “armed” alphabet agencies with guns, such as the IRS, FBI, CIA, DHS and so forth. None of them carry anything larger than a penknife and cellphone for calling the cops should they need immediate, within a second or two, backup.
          *The government IS NOT OUT TO GET YOU! THAT IS PURE AND SIMPLE LIES!!!! The Government of America is doing all they can to SAVE YOUR ASSES if terrorists invade us. So that there tells you there are absolutely zero terrorists within the borders of The USA (not a damn one of them, and none are being kept at military bases (that are close) either …that’s also bad media at it again!
          *It IS a ‘farce’ about gun ownership. There is NO GOOD REASON IN THE UNIVERSE that anyone needs a fucking gun. ANYONE has the God-given right to take your lousy life and you have no damned right to try to stop them from doing it. This goes for the US Government and NWO too! In fact, “do” yourself so that they won’t have to spend their money chasing you down to “do” you.
          *To have the best chance at survival, everyone needs to give their guns and ammo to the nearest LEO so that they can be “spread out” more evenly and to ensure our soldiers won’t run out of ammo, cuz they’ll have yours. (You won’t need any cuz you’ll be safe …cuz they said so, twice)! Hillary even backed it up so don’t be stupid!

          And THAT is where America has gone, is going and has went before it even starts (though it DID start ‘solidly’ in 1933).

          So, ignore the black flags with that arabic crap on them, those are GOOD OMENS to have hanging all over the place. US FLAGS AND DIXIE FLAGS, HOLY BIBLES AND CHRISTIANS WILL JUST HAVE TO GO. IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, then get your ass down to a Muslim house of worship and redeem yourself before it’s too late! (You don’t wanna miss out on all those virgins do ya)?

      10. Pick a target away from the enemy group, take him out, take his stuff, hide the target if possible, move on and repeat and quietly dwindle down the enemy forces from its periphery.

        • Hit their supply lines . Poison their food and water. Pour bleach.in their fuel. Sneak in with a plastic bottle taped to your 22 pistols barrel a red dot scope target ammo. You can’t make noise.

      11. The normal long term strategy of occupying Enemies would not be direct control, but the creation of vassals, puppet regimes and proxy states. Which has the nasty effect that americans would fight americans, not unlike the civil war.

        • Exactly what is the problem if all we are killing are the people that give in to the scum. If they were any kind of fighters they wouldn’t, and I can sure live without them. So, yes, they delay us perhaps 20 minutes, tearing out their hearts and livers.

          • Remember only 17% of Americans fought the British in the Revolutionary War. The rest were turncoats, cowards, British citizens, that did not want to lose their benefits of being English.
            count me in the 17%

      12. The United States of America is already a country under alien control. The foreign lobbies, the foreign Trillionaires/billionaires influence (control) our government, our banking system, our media. So, what fear is there of foreign feet on the ground? Foreign control ensures that whenever the foreign PTB want to import foreign soldiers, they will be admitted without further delay at our airports while grandmas and white Europeans stand in line waiting to be cavity searched by the airport personnel.

      13. There is an estimated 300,000,000 guns in the hands of an estimated 100,000,000 American civilians, many of us trained veterans, many of those combat veterans. That’s before we even start talking about active military. On top of that, we have oceans on both sides of us. Who is going to invade us? Canada? Mexico? Guatemala? Get real. Given the logistics, when thought about by anybody with an IQ of more than 40 or so, this whole concept becomes redundant and stupid pretty quick. It’s simply not going to happen. Two if by land, one if by sea indeed!

        • It will be so easy that when it is over all will stand around not realizing what has been done. A country of fat, lazy couch potatoes and keyboard commandos has little chance against third worlders who have known war their entire lives. This won’t be the movies folks.

          • Like I said, IQ over forty, logistics. How are all these battle hardened third worlders going to get here? American Airlines? Princess Cruise Lines? What about establishing a beach head? How and where will that happen under all these keyboard commandos noses without anybody noticing an invasion force has landed and set up camp? How will this army of third worlders be supplied? You know, beans and bullets? What the hell are they going to do about our military? Do you think the US military will just stand idly by while all this is happening? Lol…..Anyway, I’ll leave you to ponder some of the more glaring and obvious questions.

      14. Preposterous to even contemplate. A foreign power, with the resources to stage an all out invasion of the United States, would not need to “invade” to conquer. That entity would simply infiltrate the power structure and provide the necessary bribes and post-takeover promises of wealth & security to the corrupt, unethical, treasonous, and morally bankrupt bastards that have invaded and conquered Washington DC. That is how America will conquered. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Oh, I forgot….its already happened, in case you haven’t noticed.!!!!

      15. Impossible…..

      16. Let’s not forget after an EMP only one side will have airpower. I am sure that nasty chemical and or biological agents would be employed against centers of resistance and our only chance would be army units backing civilians or perhaps a natural disaster or two. It would be ugly and bleak. God help the resistance.

        • Neutron bombs. Dial a nuke. Advanced neutron bombs exclusively will be used. Theirs no other way.

      17. All I can say for myself in Texas is to send as many as I can to the Happy Hunting Ground before I get sent there… Save you Men a little ammo to use on something else…

      18. Earlier today I read a reference to “Jade Helm 16,” which is supposedly going on right now. It’s much like Jade Helm 15 except it utilizes foreign troops with the intent of arresting civilians and any U.S. military that would resist whatever government might be in power.
        I was going to go back and read the rest of the article but I no longer remember where I saw it.
        Has anybody seen or heard anything about it? This is one of those times I fervently hope I’m full of **it.

          • Right right. Jade Helm 15 was a farce and nothing every happened with it. Not one ounce of any tank was taken by rail and left there ANYWHERE IN THE US OF A! lol….omg are we in trouble……….

      19. Oldfart, I heard a reference to Jade Helm 16 back in Jan. but don’t remember which site. Plus the date was set for sometime in summer, I believe. David Hodges covered Jade Helm 15 extensively last year.

        • He is also covering JH16

      20. The only Foreign Army to invade the USA will wear baby blue helmets and will state they are here for our own safety.

        The worlds Progressives are gearing up for a showdown against the American 2nd Amendment. I say, bring it on, lets get this show done and over so we can return to a free America.

        • My weapon’s scopes will be trained on those blue helmets. I’ll make those helmets “holy”. LOL.

      21. As they stockpile, so also do we. The high ground is ours already, at least here in the Rockies. A surprise awaits. Ooh Rah

      22. Why bother with the expense and hassle of an actual invasion? Given current trends here, it would be easier to just wait for the FUSA to self destruct on its’ own. It is only a matter of time when “SHTF” and then of how soon. Granted what form it takes and when are topics of speculation, but we all know it is going to happen, and so do our enemies. It will be easier for them to wait and let the various factions here do the work for them.

        • yep

      23. It would be like The netherlands in WW2 when the Nazi’s invaded. Just let’em do and take whatever they want so we can go back to sleep. An invasion would be awesome because our government is corrupt, they be doing something Americans can’t. Standing up to tyranny instead of crying about it. It would be a favor.

      24. The US is not going to be invaded by foreign armies intent on subjugating the continent, at least not for awhile. They don’t have to anyway; we are destroying ourselves from within, and we are already being invaded (invitation from the gov’t) by illegal aliens, tens of millions of them.
        But I agree with others leaving comments; if we were invaded there would be a large percent of the population who would welcome and even give aid to invaders. Then there would be another large percent who would do absolutely nothing largely because they are the moronic masses who have been successfully propagandized; the enemy would have no need to kill them as they are useful idiots. Half of our population is women and no doubt the vast majority of them would not be in the fight. It would be easy to deprive the masses of food so it would not take long before millions others and there families are too hungry to fight. But, there would still be likely 25 to 35 million left to put up a fight. No doubt our adversaries understand that.
        The real threat is the fact that demography is destiny; there are hordes of people coming in with no concept or culture of liberty and freedom and rights we still enjoy. Once the demographic scale is tipped our nation will go the way like other second and third rate countries.
        In another generation or two life won’t be any better for them here than where they come from now. Large-scale armed invasion will only be possible then. If it turns out even if the illegal immigrants were by and large not assimilated into our society, a successful invasion of a land mass the size of the US could not be possible without the collusion of our gov’t. with the enemy.
        The best we could do now is make peace with Russia, foster a relationship to make them future friends. Regardless of the BS we here from the gov’t and MSM this is what Russia actually desires. And no country in the world would dare to attack us if Rus. and their nuclear arsenal was not with them.
        A generation ago this type of conversation was not even conceivable.

        • With roughly 60 million retired combat veterans spread smoothly across The USA …I tend to believe we’d kick the living hell out of them over the long run (because we never quit).
          As for the civilians who “know it all”, we hope you do know it all and therewith ‘make it’ through unscathed.

          Billy, how the hell you gonna make friends with Russia who has already made friends with China with an eye to take down America using N Korea’s “Kim” as a scapegoat?

      25. Just think of all the sweet full automatic guns we would get to pick up off the enemy and grenades and rpg s and all kinds of really cool shit we would get to use against them then you have the spoils of war so carry a pair of plyers with ya cus theres gold in them mouths and rings and necklaces it would be like grand theft auto game but on cocain in an armored vehicle with a 50 cal on top or better a 20mm these silly foriegn invaders have it all wrong about us cus some of us would see it as comparable as a trip to Disney world for a kid

        • I doubt if any enemy weapons would get turned in but afterwards we the American people would have a hell of a stash

          • On down time we can go fishing with grenades

            • Souvenirs from disneyworld

              • GS: talking to yourself?

      26. “and so do our enemies”

        Who are they?

        Globalist Corporate edities desire control and possession of resources. Food and energy would be of value. The civilian population? Who can work for them is useful, who is not needed is of no consequence.

      27. What was that the JAPS in WW2 said if we invade the U.S.?


      28. I’m not going to worry about it. By the time Rome fell it had already destroyed itself from the inside out. There’s much more to worry about what’s going on politically than some kind of Red Dawn scenario. No foreigners want to invade a country with more guns than people. Guerrilla warfare doesn’t compare with what a mess that would be.

        • You’re right about paying attention to local and state elections and getting involved to make sure Constitutional sheriffs get elected.

          You’re wrong about a foreign fighting force not being here on our soil though, as they are already here, the illegals from mexico as well as muslim enemy combatant refugees could and will likely be used as a fighting force against American citizens. The muslims are already taking over parts of Michigan state and the marxists nwo government is facilitating it.

          • Save your breath Judy Hendrix (cool name there). They won’t believe nor listen to a damn thing you say unless it is “of their conjuring.” Otherwise, you are just plain wrong and misled, but it’s not your fault (like me) for being stupid …yur just brainwashed like me ya see? We just weren’t meant to make it, simple as that I guess? 🙂 Trained vets have no chances at all of surviving anything mentioned at this place/website. It will be the warrior-keyboardists who will be doing the most impressive assaults, ambushes and destructions of ISLAM. Yes, the keyboard warriors and their VERY WORDS SHALL CRUSH ISLAM LIKE AN ANT and “lead the way for the idiot, brain-washed, useless-eater, worthless damn veterans!”
            You see, having prior training and years of experience apparently don’t count for beans when it comes to fighting a war. But I’m lost as to why this is so Judy.

        • Thanks for sharing that. Excellent information.

        • Just,
          Great video! Thanks!

      29. As for me I will stand fighting. I will not die on my knees.

        I will use all of my training to take out as many as I can. I will pray that God will forgive me and give me all the strength the heavens can muster to fight off the invaders.

        I can arm a small group to fight, and would be proud to stand with any Patriot that would stand against any invader.


        • Jesus fought against them he just threw them out of the temple. And they tortured him to death.what do you think they will do to you if you kill one of them?

          • Christ taught us to use the power he gave us. “Greater Works” than he did we can do. I have taken that to heart for many years now, and seen the fruits of it.
            If one angle could slay over 100,000 enemy in one night, just think of the power of millions of Christians could muster through prayer, and the protection that would give this country.
            To Misquote Henry Ford when asked if he knew how many British troops returned to England after the Revolutionary War. He wisely answered, I don’t know but I know there were a lot fewer than came in the first place.

        • I won’t stand; but I’ll be in the tall grass to your right and uphill.

          • I’m a ghost. I come up out of water, take my prey, and disappear never to be seen again, until the next disappears …must be a ghost!

      30. I Fear one day with all these immigrants the U.S. will turn into


      31. There will be no major resistance, 90% will die the first year alone. We are weak over fed undernourished over medicated self entitled selfish and let’s face it. Most will turn tail and runwith the first few shots history proves that citizen militias will break rank. Not to mention most here have every intention of going it alone. Or worse yet needlessly engaging from distances up to 1000 yards
        You do realize professional marksmen train for years to make those shots. Under extream stress and conditions.not to mention they have an extended support base.
        There will be no V.C like resistance in the USA. Why?
        Well I did some research into it the Viet Cong relied on one thing and one thing only
        The willingness and a since of duty to the greater good.
        Any Vietnam vet will tell you they were mostly normal people that had normal lives farmers office workers labours. Yet they picked up a sharp stick and chased out the most powerful military. How? They just kept coming at you like a swarm of angry bees. By some accounts their losses were 100:1.
        It came down to a willingness to sacrifice even thier own family members. Their lives personal property even their whole village all for the sake of the cause many giving

        • How many here are truly capable of that level of dedication.
          How many will stand there and hear the battle plan and be thinking that BS I aint doing that or that’s too risky for me I’m not giving up my preps and supplies to help this cause or that’s not a good enough reason to take that hill. Or this is crap I wanna be the leader. The list will go on.
          My suggestion research history on civilian armies there effectiveness depends on interdependence and cooperation
          Not saying we cant do it but its gonna take a shift in thinking.but it can be done

          • angry beaver.

            At this point in time, effectiveness and cooperation is zilch.

      32. I’m not going to go as far as to say this scenario is impossible, but I would deem it highly improbable. For a foreign country to invade us, our country would have to implode from within first. Some may say that has already happened, but I would disagree. We still have continuity of government, and command/control of the military. Supermarkets have food, public works work, etc.

        I am also assuming that the National Command Authorities would strike back if Russia and/or China hit us first. If the bad guys shoot first, it’s going to be with strategic nukes & cyber at CONUS C2 targets and major military bases, and tac nukes in areas like Europe and strategic areas in WESTPAC. The “mutually assured destruction” argument has prevented the bad guys from doing this to us though. Even Putin or Xi aren’t that stupid to push the button.

        Even if the US imploded from within, it would be a logistic nightmare for a foreign country to invade AND control the United States.

        • Old Navy says you’re dead on target!

          The other issue which is critical, how are they going to get here in sufficient masses as well as the biggest elephant in the room, logistics and supply of this set of forces?

          It’s simply a nightmare for anyone attempting to do this. We can see ships coming from Sat’s, especially the numbers of troop carriers and supply line ships it would take to do this would be astronomical. likely in the neighborhood of 4,000 thousand ships to do this as well as being able to keep the supply lines open without us taking them all out. Even China cannot build that fast.

          That, and believe me when I tell you, the Navy has LOTS of tactical nukes. We would simply do toss across lol on all these troop carriers in enormous swaths of ocean from our Navy birds.

          It would be simply an exercise in futility and the most incredible loss of human life and resources. All these people squealing about how we are going to be invaded, LOL ET’s would be the only ones I could ever foresee that could do something on this scale like the movie Independence Day!

          China and Russia have already been trying to solve the riddle of how to board us in the US, ain’t happening without all of China and Russia’s main top 100 cities being vaporized into thermonuclear wastelands.

          All these fools that believe the principle of M.A.D. is dead, I assure you all, mutually assured destruction is at the top of the menu still.

          If the US dies, the rest of the world will be an unthinkable and uninhabitable realm of utter decimation of Armageddon proportions I suspect. Scorched earth policies do exist and will be deployed. What’s scary is the the top super powers know there is a computer system in place that takes over once committed and it very hard to turn off. There would be a half billion dead by the time they could reverse this. Especially if the people needed to turn it all off are dead, someone has to be there to make this happen in the reality or remotely which has been removed to a large extent because of hacking security risks. Multiple chains of confirmations and authorizations and keys turned have to take place synchronously from multiple checks and balances.

          Why have these nations which are supposedly so bitter about the US have never invaded or attacked us directly? Simple answer, there are no percentages that would ever make it worth while for any reason.

          The most basic tenet of an eye for an eye is also alive and doing very well. China and Russia may be a lot of things in the world view, but they are by far and away incredibly intelligent and certainly not fools.

          Besides, as Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto told Emperor Hirohito when told to invade the United States in WW2…

          “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

          “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” In comes M.A.D.!

          My great grandchildren will die old men still talking about this “what if” scenario, and will never happen in any way people dream it will.

          When the US dies, I suspect much of humanity will go with it. America’s invasion… is already underway, and it’s a silent one, from within… but that is another story!

          ~ end of line –

          Hear the sound of Liberties Teeth… Clickit! Semper Fi ~

          • What you said. Won’t happen….Our problems are within..

            • Yup

              Good to see someone else on here that gets it too

              • An EMP or Grid Hack that takes the power down over 6 months will leave most of the population dead from disease, starvation, or lead poisoning. The remaining people at this point will welcome arriving UN Peacekeepers and food supplies from Russia and/or China.
                HI, AK, CA, WA, OR,will be occupied along with mining areas of AZ,NM,NV,CO,etc.
                East Coast will split North/South, with varying degree of “Vichy French” type Quislings will assume leadership that is subservient to their NWO-UN masters.
                Resistance will be limited to skirmishers against these NWO traitors and occupiers.
                After the travails of the electrical blackout, most people will be content to eat and have electricity restored. Liberty will be a needless addendum in the USSA.

                • The US Nuke forces are not EMP soft targets. Especially the Subs. We get EMP’ed so does the rest of the world. Nobody divides up anything.

            • He did briefly touch on that when he mentioned that these illegal alien scum from the turd world, who already harbor an intense hatred for traditional White Americans – would likely turn on the native population.

          • I have said it a couple of times on this site. The one thing this president has done is taken it from one rifle behind every blade of grass to two rifles, a shotgun, and three pistols, plus all the ammo you could ever want.

            • “all the ammo you could ever want” did you really say that?

              My significant other has said many times, “You can never have too many guns or too much ammo.”

              • I know for a fact that somebody has all the ammo they ever wanted because my stores are still pretty much empty.

                It might not be all you ever wanted but a lot of folks can keep WW III going for awhile on their own stores alone.

                • Food is the greatest weapon? They want our food and fuel?

              • Want no, I want more; Use; ya I got more than I’ll ever use even if someone does invade. Far more ammo setting around in US than was shot in WWII. How do I know; got the WWII stuff in my basement. Got war of 1812 cannon balls also, you never know.

                • @Paranoid,
                  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you!!!

                  Got some of the WWII stuff myself. If it beat the Italians, Krauts, and Japs, it’ll do the job.

          • Ten more years of the mass immigration that is being used against us and there will be no United States.

            • Only if Trump is not Elected that is.

          • Time Keeper

            I agree with most of what you said. So if it ever happened how would it. I always ask what if. Lets say for example the economy crashes and there are riots in every city. We were all fighting each other for survival at that time. Then the invasion happens. If there truly are people at the top who want a one world government then here is how it would play out. They would ask for help from the UN for example. Then we are invaded by the Russians and Chinese. Just a thought. The other would be an EMP by a rogue smaller country. It could also come from cargo ships off of our coast. Then the UN would step in to help. It begins.
            Those are the only way I see this taking place.

          • I agree, but it is fun to think about how we would smash anyone dumb enough to try this.

        • If they brought them in in cargo containers . Maybe 12 men each with water food ammo . Then us truckers would unknowing transport them to key spots or enemy owned motels or apt complexes. Armed with RPGs grenades . Take over police dept. equipment .comunications records. Would police fight surrender cooperate? Or just work for the new boss to keep their family safe and fed? Some say the foreign troops are already here. Didn’t the gov. Purchase AK ammo and mags? Who’s that for? How many things were ounce believed impossible ?

          • Who the Hell is pushing for the UN to Control all the International Waters and ALL of its Minerals in these waters, including setting up preserves, wink wink.

            Check out that NWO Conspiracy to Rape the World’s Resources and fishing, and Control movement and trading. There is a much bigger problem that some Blue Helmets knocking on doors.

            Its time to Ban the UN and NATO. Dissolve them ASAP> Corrupt Criminals. Surrendering our Gun Rights to the UN My ASS!!


        • Eagle71 ….you can save your breath. On this site they look upon veterans as “servants of the government and politicians …murderers for the government if you will.” I went through OmBUDSMan training “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, before it was shortened to just BUD/S …and we were stilling coming out of UDT and adapting to being a SECGRU (T6 @ LittleCreek), and I’ve been told I don’t know shit. lol….um, okay …whatever you say everyone! What EVVA!!!!
          It was at this site I was called a murderer (indirectly but AGAIN!) just for volunteering my service when there was still a Draft and serving five ’rounds’ in Nam …but I don’t know shit (and I can tell by the way you talk that you have military in you, so obviously you don’t know shit from shine-o-la either)? Sucks being like this doesn’t it?
          No, veterans don’t know shit, we are brainwashed and the last damn thing you’d want around in a SHTF scenario.
          I am damned glad I am greatly distanced from ANYONE (civ or ex-enlisted).

          LCDR EAMES

          • Tell them. You can tell a liberal, but you cannot tell them much. That will have to be a learning experience for them.
            True there are not a lot of Vets left from the Nam days.
            The Vet doctors have been doing their best to insure that they do not make it.
            There are fewer and fewer of us left.
            Most of my friends are now sleeping in the ground till that day.
            The specter of old trained unafraid, US military resisting must be frightening for the NWO crowd. The old vets, may not be as good as they once were, but can be as good once as they ever were. They are not afraid to die, and take as many as they can with them.

      33. I would take out the electrical grid, see you in a year. Easy Pickens

        • I’m typing this from an administrators computer at a power company right now…..

        • Sodbuster,
          I am afraid that you are correct any country with half a brain KNOWS you would not need to use as many troops if you kill off most of the population first from a grid down or food shortage, and that would how it will go down IF that is what happens first, yes there are other things that might go first BUT the end result will be the same!
          keep on prepping and be a survivor will be up to us to rebuild and or salvage what we can!

          • Good reason to keep a land line, low voltage to operate. I’ve already told my son thats a jr in college, day two of lights out, get to the BOS

            • You do not need a majority of the people to win. You just need committed ones. Then you win. Outsiders are outsiders.
              Immigrants that refuse to become Americans, will unfortunately succumb in the first round after the SHTF.

      34. You can bet it will not be the typical invasion. The POTUS will invite the peacekeepers to restore order as Americans rise up against him (or her).
        They have been planning this for a long time.
        The key to survival is be independent be rogue and do not join amy group, because they most assuredly be a trick to flush out opponents.
        Remember the old Yankee Maxum, do not fire till you see the whites of their eyes. Do not waste your ammo, do not give yourself away.

      35. Nothing. Americans wouldn’t do a thing…

        The USA is already being invaded by illegal aliens from mexico and around the world. The insurrectionist obama nwo administration are bringing the middle east battlefield to US soil with enemy combatant muzloids they call refugees. At some point in the future the US federal government marxists will use the illegal aliens as an army to fight the American people. What do you think all that ammunition and equipment that the department of homeland security is stockpiling is for? They’ve been moving legislatively with the patriot act the national defense authorization act many other unconstitutional laws to control land water and all means of communications. DHS labels christians, gun owners, and anyone against their plan a terrorist.

        At the same time while the banksters at the private federal reserve and in our federal government work to bankrupt and collapse the USA. It is all by design. They’re setting up the battlefield right now with operations such as jade helm putting military equipment into place as well as their agenda 21 it is all being set up to overthrow the USA the Constitution and the American people. Just watch cabel tv and watch the conditioning in all their crime dramas depicting a police state and martial law americans will be accepting of it.

        The USA and the American people are being overthrown from the local to the federal government and Americans are not doing a damn thing about it nor are they going to.

        As long as Americans have their drugs booze and GMOs they don’t care as long as the government will feed them poisonous preservatives in the food, the GMOs and then control their health care, they’ll be content while the world goes down the drain around them.

        • Shirley
          Look up ALEC and see that corporations are writing federal state local laws.

      36. Don’t forget that the armed obama supporter mentally ill communist libtards would join with a foreign occupation and fight their own people.

      37. The. Patriot :
        Martin : Granted. But mark my words: this war will be fought not on the frontier or on some distant battlefield. But amongst us, among our homes. Our children will learn it with their own eyes. And the innocent will die with the rest of us…..

        No one no matter how prepared or trained is ready for this …..

        • Perhaps not, but we’ll do it anyway. Even if you are on the right track, if you just sit there you’ll get run over. So, get it on it and get moving.

      38. Change the channel from Jeopardy to Wheel of Fortune.

        • No kidding, and then to msm propaganda.

        • PO’d, naaaah I’m watching reruns of Moonshiners lol 😛

          • Popcorn Sutton!!!

            He’s my hero. May he rest in peace.

            The “reva-newers” done him in.

        • actually, we’re on the same channel. thank you.

      39. How about we give the enemy the liberal north eastern states, and Commiefornia, and we keep everything in the middle… You know, the good part! (for the most part..)

      40. No good outcome……do the best you can for your family,friends and yourself. You may be the example/leader others will look to. Plenty of vets in the heartland to make it difficult for anybody to take over.

      41. It would be like the movie Red Dawn for sure. Everybody get your guns ready,are you ready for that

      42. BigFart1776

        You have no preps. All you can do is ridicule.

      43. On the news tonight:
        72 year old Ann Rodgers got lost in the U.S. desert, walked for 9 days with her dog, “drank pond water and ate plants”, they found her and she was released from the hospital that evening.
        Pup was okay too.

        I say many Americans are P.D.T.-
        pretty damn tough.
        Sometimes it takes duress for it to come out.

      44. We don’t have to worry about a foreign government to affack us
        Our own dam government is doing a bang up job of that already

      45. There are more than 1200 known Militia groups and more than that which are not known about, with an avg. of 50 or more members in each group. Most of these people are ex-military with combat experience (Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan, etc.) and have been training for such a thing to happen. They have supplies stored (ammo, Medical Supplies, Food, Water, etc.) and will protect civilians. As well as take the fight to the invading forces. Do you really think anyone could be victories over the United States when we are fighting on our own turf? Remember there will not be any rules of engagement.

        • Come to think of it Alot of vets have been strangely quiet on the subject of fighting back it will be a wild card

      46. When people get hungry really hungry they get mean and crazy.

      47. Thank God I checked the site I almost missed this one.. what will I do.. when I come to the conclusion while paratroopers are landing on the ground, the tanks are rolling in.. I then go into battle gear and get ready for War.. hand my woman one my AR’- pack a body armor and six mag vest…. I will not back down, here are the facts I must face I’d I don’t kill the fuckers on site because if they kill me and capture my womam something bad will happen to her so I am going shoot to kill those soldiers on site..my only concern are the coward who live in my area that will try to point fingers at me will be shot the phuck up on site.. I am not trying to be crazy, just factual…I wood hate to have kill over 1,000 chi- coms because if they get me first my woman pay a heavy price. Over my dead body..



        • I always like your posts.
          You are smart enough to
          know America won’t be invaded.
          We can and are being bought.
          I’d get out of Houston, the weather
          sucks in summer and you have really bad
          UT Galveston side of the bay?
          much better.

        • Traitors will have to be made an example of.? And super extreme? So they fear us more then the enemy?

      48. Wolverines!!!!

        • Amen!!! Wolverine a Vicious animal, marked like a skunk, fights like an angry bear.

      49. The way I see it the nation is almost gone now. The question should be will enough people wake up to save it?

      50. I believe mostly what “timekeeper” said, at 6:02pm. When I dwell on it, the only realistic scenario that does not include mutual devastation, is a first strike EMP, followed by a physical invasion at some point. That point-in-time being debatable from a tacticians point of view. Besides the initial and eventual die-off of the population, as outlined by a vast number of articles by acknowledged experts, I believe it will also expose one of the greatest weaknesses of our citizenry. That being; cognitive dissonance. There have been many articles written on it in the last few years, as most people reading these postings would know, so I won’t go into it. But, I think a great percentage of the initial survivors would fall into this state-of-mind immediately. For those of us that are familiar with the traits of this condition, I’m sure you would agree, there is a high percentage of the citizenry who carry this mind-set 24/7, now! These things, coupled with a severe lack of real-time communication to the civilian population, would reduce any reports of “an invasion” to “just more conspiracy theory talk” to these people, until it is literally in their face and too late to react in any meaningful way. After all, I believe there are still a great number of people who do not know about the EMP threat to our nation. I believe if/when this happens, a great, great many people will, either physically or figuratively, curl-up into a fetal position and remain there, giving no resistance. Thus, “timekeeper”‘s mentioning of the very small percentage of the populace that actually fought in our Revolutionary War. Will GOD be on our side this time?
        Oh, I forgot to mention , concerning enemy troop numbers. Don’t forget about all the infrastructure that is owned by foreign countries and nationals, especially the Chinese. The coastal and inland water ports and the inland ports, which have both roadway and airport access. Many of these points-of entry have sovereign-land rights. Perfect for delivering/concealing enemy troops. Don’t forget about the foreign semi-trucks/drivers from Mexico on our roads, or about the foreign soldiers already on our soil “training” and even the legal and illegal immigrants that would side with an invasion force. Gotta stop. Getting short of breath. GOD bless and stay safe.

      51. They could just buy our elected officials and then leave them in office as their puppet…

      52. Bigfart, just move along, sonny. No trolls allowed.

      53. I am not too worried about a foreign troop incursion. As others have said, that is an expensive proposition for any country when all an enemy has to do is hit us with EMPs or a few tactical nukes and stir up the hornet’s nest to get “brother to turn against brother” for food, water and other basic resources. We might get some troops in various places in the name of “aid”, but really, the Chinese are buying or have bought almost everything that interests them over here anyway… including institutions like the Chicago Stock Exchange. Starwood properties, Smithfield foods, GE appliances…. etc, etc. This war is economic- at least where we are concerned- on the homefront. We have literally been sold out.
        In days past, the population had survival skills and the ability to get by in nature and on the farm. We are so vulnerable now. That is why I am pushing past my comfort zone and gardening this year. Everbody, and I mean everyone needs to grow some of their own food. If you can grow a guerilla garden, so much the better. My patch is exposed near a walking trail and will test human nature when the plants bear. I have a security cam out there and will be able to see who takes stuff. I fully expect some degree of thievery as I have had fruit taken off trees in a former kitchen garden. It’s good for me to remember that nobody wants your stuff until it looks desirable to them. So, this will be a good experiment with my neighbors’ impulse control.

        It’s raining cats and dogs right now and I am still jet lagged so this is a LATE post. We have had some apocalyptic type hail in Texas these past few weeks and the weather guy says somebody’s likely to catch some more tonight. So, off to AccuWeather radar I go.

      54. I have always thought that our troops would be best used if they were stationed on our borders. Close down our foreign bases and bring our troops home. Let our NATO allies foot the bill for their defense. In this day of high tech spying, it is doubtful that any country could invade without dectection.

      55. WWTI You are so apparent and your hate for BH and Eppe is sad! Arrogant bastard!

        • I gave away my guns, Now I rely on the Lord.
          I have a bow and arrow for stealth, then I can steal the enemies firearm and let them keep me in ammo.
          Let them come. They will have all the latest toys.

        • F-n Troll!!! Coward Amonymous. Come out you coward.

      56. What about an EMP and then just sit back and watch us kill ourselves.

      57. How about an EMP and then just watch us kill each other.

        • 30 years ago, we had the technology to harden all electronics against it. Some companies signed on to the technology. whether they did anything is another story.
          Since it was so long ago, and the Bean Counters took over and moved production out of the US, we are vulnerable.

      58. I consider myself a patriot, 3%er and survivalist. I believe there are millions of Americans who fit this genre. I do not live in a Redoubt “state” but within 45 miles and I am very familiar with 3 redoubt states and terrain of these states. Any “boots on the ground” attack by an enemy would be met with “militias” and millions of people such as myself. Casualties would be massive in number on both sides of the coin. Discerning just WHO (pun intended)the enemy is may be the hardest decision. ISIS?, China?, Russia?, the UN?, Generic Terrorists?, even U.S. citizen sympathizers. SO….be ready, be vigilant, be true to YOUR country. OPSEC will be critical so START practicing now and get your beans, bullets, band-aids, batteries and Bibles in stock NOW…Peace for all & preparation to all. Shadowfaxhound

      59. If they did come, it would be Cowboys and Russians or Chinese whomever you like. Only this time I do not think the outcome would be the same as the last time.

      60. We’ve already been invaded and taken over by the International Jew they did’nt have to fire a shot .

      61. Got some bad news gals and guys, we have been taken over by the wet backs and they did not fire a shot.

      62. The United States can never be defeated by any army, of any country in the world. It’s defeat can only come from enemies from within the United States and a complacent population. That time I believe has begun and cannot be stopped aside I fear, from a revolution of heart, mind, spirit and blood.

        As history has repeated shown, there comes a time
        when the liberty of men has been assailed to such a
        degree that men will seek neither justice nor vengeance,
        they will demand a reckoning. ~ A Arizonian

      63. The map is a joke. Texas should be crimson red. Most native Texans know better than to buy a gun from a store. We buy our guns from individuals and gun shows. Not one of my weapons have any kind of paper trail and most people I know operate the same.

        As for an invasion…all I can say is bring plenty of body bags…for yourselves,

        DannyMac III%

      64. The US invaded only answer is 4th gen,will be long/costly and very bloody.I will be hiking with pack this weekend/taking yet again as refresh nav course next,hope all are on some kind of training along with prepping plan,we will all need to be in good shape if something of this nature happens,lets keep moving and growing stronger!

      65. By gallup: 70% of citizens of usa favor occupation and killing a civilians.
        Oh. Sorry it’s ok ONLY in Palestinian.

      66. There would be hell to pay. Guerillas are the people they are everywhere and no where at the same time. the student going to school, the old woman6 waiting for a bus the man mowing his lawn are watching and working for the guerilla. The best I have read on Guerilla war is Mao like it or n6ot. Other books are “They fought alone”, “The story of a secret state”, “the jun6gle is neutral”, “The devils guard” etc. As a guerilla you will get caught sooner or later It will take time to organize and to learn on the job There are lots of vets from many wars listen to them and learn now. My father was in the navy on Dec 7th and was for a while with Philipine gurerillas. Learn and prep. Maybe nothing will happen6 but if it does your ahead of the game. You have to be like the Polish army officer who had himself thrown out a small hole in a box car of prisoners not able to see in the dark what awaited him None would follow him. he wanted to be free. How much do you want to be free

      67. A foreign army could certainly take over the Flathead Valley of Montana as Jeremiah described. BUT, could they hold it? It is surrounded by mountainous terrain full of ‘country boys and girls’. The invaders had better be prepared to die holding ‘their’ Montana soil.

      68. You nailed it. The big Powers agreed that they would fight all future wars in 3rd world countries. Trying out their new toys.

      69. Our administration has set us up for a far more devious invasion. We are witnessing the death of a self-reliant productive populous in favor of entitlement monkeys, people who vote for a living. There is no need for an invasion because we are populating ourselves with malingerers, whiners and perpetual flower children like Bernie Sanders.

        Frankly, unless the government is rendered unable to order people to inflict damage on our population, I feel that it is likely that when Government cuts off power and money so that we have no heat or ability to buy food, drive our cars or communicate with one another this country will fold like a bad hand. It’s called martial law.

        Sure, many of us have stockpiled food and fuel having become very independent of the grid (and we have our stockpile of silver too) but it all depletes very quickly.

        Those of us who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic know that this oath must be kept. Those who don’t, well they need to have no say in the affairs of our republic.

        Vote wisely my friends.

        • When Tshitf I hope they all starve to death. They will not stand up for this country.
          When they come to the door the Wolf will be waiting.
          Good dog. Nothing says protection like a good big dog with big teeth, sharp ears, and a nasty grin.
          The reason they hate the Bible is Paul said, if they won’t work don’t feed them.

      70. The invaders will want the American land and infrastructure. The invaders will not want any of the American people at all, they cost too much to feed and demand so much welfare.

      71. It’s all good. Social justice will prevail! Let’s listen to the brave words of an intelligent Norwegian journalist:


        “But I had bigger ambitions than that of the then-famous slogan ‘Yes to a colorful community.’ For me, immigration was an opportunity to solve two problems.”

        “Firstly, I was concerned that people were not pretty enough. Pakistanis are for example not unattractive, usually. The same applies to White Norwegians. But mixing them creates a multitude of beautiful children of different color shades.”

        “The second issue concerned the role of religion. In the 1980s, I was on the warpath against Christianity. It threatened me as a homosexual, an atheist and as the critically minded man in my youth I thought I was.”

        “The aim was thus the mixing of races and religions. At the time I thought that both were destined to become reality, only it would take a few decades.”

        “I have not given up, but so far it does not look so good.”

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