What To Expect From FEMA After A Disaster (Spoiler: It’s Not Good)

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    This report was originally published by Sara Tipton at Tess Pennington’s ReadyNutrition.com.

    Tess is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint: How To Survive ANY Disaster.

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to get some “help” or disaster assistance from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) after a tragic natural disaster happens? Well, some know all too well just how much and how little FEMA does to help those who have lost almost everything. Spoiler: it isn’t good.

    For years, we have stressed the importance of having a preparedness plan including a financial plan for when disasters erupt. In the book, The Prepper’s Blueprint, we walk the reader through a prepping regimen with a guide and easy to follow instructions and give beginning preppers a foundation to build on so that one doesn’t have to rely on government handouts.

    Why Government Red Tape is Hurting Disaster Victims

    FEMA doesn’t seem to want to bypass the red tape in order to help those residing in the lower income parts of Texas affected by hurricane Harvey. It’s been more than ten months since the hurricane devastated parts of Houston, and while middle-class and affluent neighborhoods are back to business as usual, those with less money are still struggling to get assistance from FEMA – or assistance is being denied because residents cannot afford the mandated flood insurance.

    Part of the reason the wealthier people have their lives back could be the ability to save money on their own. They can also afford to comply with the law mandating flood insurance so their claims aren’t being denied as often. With money to spare in the event of an emergency, those who are more affluent don’t need to rely on FEMA (or any aspect of the federal government) regardless of how dire the situation becomes. But that leaves some families struggling to get what they need in the aftermath of a disaster because they don’t have the money to obey the law.

    In nearby Kashmere Gardens, a 10,000 person neighborhood, FEMA has been less than useless. According to reporting done by Politico, nearly every street of the Kashmere Gardens neighborhood has homes that are gutted. Empty window panes reveal sparse interiors without walls, doors, or carpets. And because there’s nowhere to go, families still live in those homes. The challenges in Kashmere Gardens, where the median income is $23,000 per year, are not the result of any one policy or agency. They’re the consequence of a complicated, bureaucratic disaster-response system built up over decades that experts nearly universally agree is failing to provide critical support to low-income communities when a disaster strikes. In other words, as always, when it comes to government, they just don’t care about anyone.

    A POLITICO investigation found that numerous low-income families were denied funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency because much of Kashmere Gardens was in a flood zone, and homeowners were thus required to carry flood insurance — a law that many of them were unaware of. Other families, struggling with language issues and inexperienced with the federal bureaucracy, simply couldn’t cope with a system that even FEMA officials agree is too complicated. Still others fell victim to shoddy contractors who took their money and failed to make repairs. –POLITICO

    And the News Just Gets Worse

    Those who took the time and made the effort to jump through hoops and go around the red tape of the bureaucratic nonsense and were able to comply with the law to purchase flood insurance were only getting a mere $4,300 from FEMA – not enough to make many repairs. And as many prepare for the 2018 hurricane season, which is expected to be worse than last year’s, the situation becomes all too important to resolve.

    Even when FEMA does come through and somehow manages to provide food and shelter for those in dire situations, it becomes something many describe as an inescapable hell. “It’s not a safety net,” said Craig Fugate, who served as the head of FEMA for all eight years of the Obama administration and, like other FEMA veterans, believes the current system is too confusing. “The system is really designed for the middle class. It’s not designed to take care of the pre-existing conditions.”

    The horrors of a FEMA disaster relief camp became all too real for those who lost everything in the East Coast’s Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. Americans were literally freezing while wrapped in blankets and trash bags as they struggled to survive in FEMA tent cities such as New Jersey’s “Camp Freedom,” (the irony of that name isn’t lost on many) which reportedly “resembled a prison camp.”

    “Sitting there last night you could see your breath,” displaced resident Brian Sotelo told the Asbury Park Press. “At (Pine Belt) the Red Cross made an announcement that they were sending us to permanent structures up here that had just been redone, that had washing machines and hot showers and steady electric, and they sent us to tent city. We got (expletive).” The officials “in charge” also banned residents from taking pictures and cut off WiFi. “They treat us like we’re prisoners,” Ashley Sabol told Reuters. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.”

    Sotelo also said Blackhawk helicopters patrol the skies “all day and night” and a black car with tinted windows surveys the camp while the government moves heavy equipment past the tents at night. Reporters were not allowed in the fenced complex or “FEMA camp” to report on conditions either, where lines of displaced residents formed outside portable toilets. Security guards were posted at every door, and residents could not even use the toilet or shower without first presenting an I.D. to a government official.

    One of the worst places to be when you have nowhere to go is a FEMA camp. Don’t subject your family, especially if you have little kids, to the angry and hungry masses clumped together like cattle in those fenced in hells. Sure, many FEMA workers mean well, but they are not well funded and incompetent. At the end of the day, they are doing a job and getting paid for it, so their own survival trumps yours. Prepare for the worst and make sure you can survive on your own because, in the end, it may come down to having only yourself that you and your family can depend on.

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” former President Ronald Reagan

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      1. When I grow up I want to live in a FEMA camp.


        • The best part of this is people get to try real socialism run by the gov isn’t it great?

          • BUT……socialism at gunpoint is communism.

            • Those naughty, s-hole countries are called democratic republics. Yes, really.

        • Actually, this is a perfect time to force all the illegals here (felons) to leave.

          No money for them. NADA

          Go back to you sh*thole Mexico

        • If you like your FEMA camp, you can keep your FEMA camp.

        • Why is it that FEMA camps aren’t nearly as good as the temporary holding areas (buildings/camps/cells) for processing illegal aliens?

          • Exactly! San Diego has 9000 homeless, and one of those camps for illegals, and the illegals are trying to sue because they don’t like the mattresses and food. Our streets are toilets, with the aroma to prove it. I have been wondering why they don’t put them in the FEMA camps?




          • Fema took over flood insurance! I paid them 750 a year for 6 years! Irma dropped a tree on my house and they were so kind that they wrote me a check…for 750 fcuking dollars! So its not all tax money!

          • That kind of mentality is the wrong direction to go. When people need help it is time to step up as a community. The real issue behind many problems is insurance. It needs regulated to eliminate backdoor tactics. System vampires deserve absolutely nothing “the able bodied but lazy”,but what made this country great was the sense of community. The f him sentiment gets you nowhere as a society. Imagine you are walking on a trail in the woods, the wind knocks a widow maker loose and peirces you legs pinning you to the ground. As you lay in pain a hiker approaches and just says “sucks to be you, that looks like it hurts” then keeps going. That is the mentality you want people to have. An event that could end your life f them.

          • Eisen: You are correct!! It is so beyond ridiculous as all hell. Sorry, if you cannot take care of yourself, why in the Sam hell am I and the rest of us expected to give you hand-out after hand-out??

        • I guess they spent all their money on the 1.6 billion bullets

      2. Does the Government ever get things right ????

        • HR,
          The Government is very good at killing, imprisoning people, and generally depriving you of your freedoms under the Constitution.
          But “getting it right” escapes them.

          • Rellik, government will NEVER ‘get it right’. Not in my lifetime or anyone else’s.

            • Government run CCC camps fed many during the Great Depression and drained swamps in the process. Everything the government does isn’t bad or ethically wrong but the overall lack of effective “checks and balances” likely worse today is a problem. Unfortunately the environment that made the CCC camps necessary were complements of corruption with the government abandoning its Constitutional Authority to create and manage the worth of money to private banking interests. Here lay the cause, the rest is effect.

              • True K2
                The current FEMA and other governmental fiscal abuses stem from
                “Use It Or Lose It” budget requisitioning.
                The DOD is one of the worst of the worst …

        • Home run: NO! every war or “occupying/manipulating other countries agenda” has failed in past 73 years, we will never win in Afgan, Iraq or anywhere else.

        • They pay themselves okay and the bennies are decent. That’s why many people like to have a gov job.

      3. I bet every person without flood insurance has a 800 dollar smart phone with data package and cable tv.

        • That’s right. My annual flood insurance premium is $463. It’s pretty much the cheapest insurance around.

          • How nice for you that your flood insurance is so affordable. Mine used to be, at about $480 a year, until the County rezoned me from a 500 year flood plain to a 100 year one. Actually, it was for less than 1/8 of my lot being in the flood plain. I was facing steady increases yearly until it topped out at $3,000 a year for a 900 sq. ft. home. I live in Houston, in a home that is almost 70 years old and has never flooded. I watched the water from Harvey come up to my front door and stop twice. I cancelled my flood insurance 3-4 years ago after they rezoned and after watching how it didn’t pay out after Katrina and Rita. At $3,000 a year, after 2-3 years you can afford to redo the floors and sheetrock yourself. The flood insurance does not cover contents; that’s a separate and more expensive rider. The appliances will be a total write-off as they depreciate them to ridiculously low prices. Furthermore, good luck getting the money. Even when they pay anything, they slow-walk it. The poor have it the worst; they were living in these houses with no sheetrock or flooring during one of our coldest winters in the last 30 years. And for all of you who say that’s what you get for living in a flood prone area, I defy any of you to get 50 inches of rain in 36 hours and not have problems. The funny thing is, many homes that weren’t in the flood plain flooded, and ones like mine, that are, didn’t. I think that the flood plains are drawn for bayou over-flow, not rainfall. Many homes in Houston flooded because of the unprecedented release of water from Addicks and Barker reservoirs; they were afraid they’d breach because they’ve been improperly maintained for 50+ years.

            • I’m trying to get along without flood insurance with luck I’ll make it. I’m at 5600 ft and the river is at 5123 only about 2 miles away. If it gets up here, it will be awful.

          • If you live in a flood zone and cannot afford flood insurance, then you should not be living there.

            If you live on a farm and don’t have a backup generator or kerosene lanterns, you can expect dark nights after major storms.

        • But their smartphones and data packages are paid for by the gov.

        • moo-moo: Bingo!! I bet my hairy balls you are right about that one! Those damn fools are so typical and worthless. All they do is take & take and never provide nor give back anything but Trouble and more problems. Such scum. We are in desperate measures for a major PURGE once & for all. . .

      4. Attempted forced relocation resulting in the deaths of many scum government goons.

        • Menzo, FEMA should worry about what to expect from people like you and me.

          • yep

          • I think the FEMA camps are just like the f—in cowards up in the air dumping chemicals on us. None of them have balls enough to come down and try dumping that shit on us. It’s one up in the air or a gang on the ground no matter how you slice it they all are a bunch of fuc-ing cowards…..

      5. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” – former President Ronald Reagan

        That says it all.
        Never, ever trust something or someone you know will kill you.

        • Exactly. I reject their help and even their presence.

      6. “…we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp”.

        Have you ever wondered why people choose to live under a bridge rather than go to a shelter? There are many reasons, but here are a few.

        No booze or alcohol or drugs or even marijuana.
        Required to be up and about at certain time (not a hospital).
        Required to be inside and in bed at certain time with lights out.
        No choice of roommates.
        Must do chores.
        Must receive vaccinations.
        Must put all money into their bank.

        So, while these may be reasonable requirements, they can be difficult if not awful.
        Many jobs are swing shift or even graveyard.
        Marijuana is used by some people as an anti-seizure drug or for pain without legal documentation.
        Not feeling well is no excuse, shelters will not house sick people on bed rest.
        You can not get away from violent nuts who are assigned to sleep near you.


        I imagine a FEMA camp would be worse than a shelter.

        Think about this. A German concentration camp started out as a great place with adequate food, music, entertainment, theatre, swimming pool, and it’s own internal money system to purchase from the canteen. Even if it started out with the best of intentions, it could not be maintained. An epidemic broke out and thousands died. Cyclone B was used to kill disease carrying lice on clothing. It was impossible to prevent the epidemic. Anytime people are concentrated in an area and they can not leave at will, it is a prison, and it can become a death camp.


        • B from CA


          My friends father was a Polish 14 year old, conscripted into NAZI slave labor. He put the starved, gassed bodies into the ovens to stay alive. My Uncle liberated a camp, my friends father did too.

      7. “Zyklon B was used to kill disease carrying lice. It was impossible to prevent the epidemic.”

        Those lice must be pretty damn tough. It sure controlled the localized epidemic of J3ws.

        • Zyklon B was/is an insecticide. IT is used to kill lice. I.G. Farben, represented by Prentice BUSH, of Harriman Brothers, were the bankers for them and IG Farbin was the largest financial baker of Artist A. Hitler, of Austria.

          IT is ONE BIG CIRCLE.

          Standard Oil supplied the patents and technology for the Wermacht coal to petrol refineries.

          Ford built Trucks

          Open (GM OF GERMANY) built Tanks.

        • Minor mistake: The Nazi forgot that the jews were supposed to take off the clothes, and they would gas the clothes. (Please stop the BS; the gas was from the getgo to kill The Jews/inmates.) Good, bad, or indifferent the Holocaust did occur. . Not that the Jews haven’t done everything possible to wring money out of it, nor can it be denied they have inflated their numbers and ignored the Slaves and Gypsies whenever possible

      8. Think—-TSA

      9. Where I feel sorry for all who’ve suffered the losses due to disasters; and, the mistreatment they’ve gone through via the hands of the government. I ask this, “why do you expect help from anyone but yourself?”. Seriously. There’s nothing in the Constitution about disaster relief. Such, when it occurred in our past history as a nation, came from the community one was a part of; or, from one’s own efforts…. finally, or it did not come at all and the affected just had to accept the loss and go on with life as best they could. The solution is not to look outside one’s self first and foremost – to be as prepared in all ways…. physically, mentally and emotionally (and yeah, spiritually too) as possible. Then, it is to restore that novel notion that we are all Americans and as such we help our neighbors and fellow Americans (not descend into tribal savagery at the drop of the hat as so many do nowadays). But to sit back and whine and beg for big brother/government to rescue us is flat stupid.

        • Heartless,
          “not descend into tribal savagery at the drop of the hat as so many do nowadays”.
          You have tripped across the problem. In cities, because of “Diversity”
          that is exactly what you have, “Tribes”. Remember the Pix of the guy floating his looted Heineken down the street in NOLA after Katrina?
          The disarming of the populace under orders of the “Chocolate” Mayor. Sandy is typical NJ. the Majority tribe, let the whites suffer. In Houston the Democrat tribe stopped volunteers, because they did not have the correct “permissions”.
          Everyplace I have lived at or very near, as an adult has been declared a disaster area at least once. I’ve seen, known, participated in, or contributed to recovery efforts. All I can say is there not a single Government run recovery, that the Democrat tribe cannot and will not screw up.
          You are on your own. Deal with it. Plan to defend yourself and family as while a disaster is bad, the Government generally only makes it worse.

        • Well stated

        • Heartless, I couldn’t have said it any better. Very good post. If you don’t prep, you’re inept.

        • If we could ‘cure’ the entitlement attitudes of the masses, and cut government controls and intervention, then maybe, and maybe is a stretch, we could get things under control. I was thinking that a society of service minded people would voluntarily take care of needs that are legitimate. Sadly, I awakened, and realized it was a dream.

      10. FACE IT !

        • second.

          one day the govt will no longer be able to bail you out(and they shouldn’t anyway as it is your responsibility to take care of yourself) and you are either going down or you will survive. maybe that’s this year, maybe not; but that day is coming soon. you think the govt is saving you when they own the vote by a majority minority vote that is coming thanks to 50 years of unchecked immigration ? no, they’ll make an appearance of help and sweep it and you under the rug because they have total control and any griping will disappear in the night buy the feds.

          this is the future, prepare now and live in a natural danger zone at your own risk.

      11. If the government gives you $4300…. use it to VACATE
        THE AREA which is in a “danger zone”. I don’t buy flood
        zone, hurricane hazard zones, tornado prone, or ghetto zones.
        If you do….. suffer the consequences. You make bad choices.

        I see people who live in homes that flood on the Mississippi River
        every couple of years for decades. They like living on the water
        no matter how many times it floods!!!

        Just don’t ask normal people to pay for those “river rats” home
        repairs. FLOODING REQUIRES BULLDOZING….. not rebuilding.

        • Kay123, good message. Many years ago some houses around Southern California slid down the mountains of sandy soil they were built on. A hurricane hit the barrier islands off Long Island, NY and the ocean removed many houses. Homes in river valleys have washed away. The ignorant Fed. govt. thinks they should make the owners of these homes financially whole by using tax dollars to provide low-interest loans to the folks that own in inappropriate places. My reply is “Why punish (extra taxes) the smart people that did not build or own in these precarious places?” This statement is made knowing one of my homes fits into the aforementioned category. I should be forced to self-insure on that property.

      12. FEMA has trouble with disasters that involve several counties;imagine if a disaster involved three of four states. Every family needs to understand that in SHTF situations, you can only count on yourselves. You may get helped but you can’t count on it.

      13. Over thirty years ago, I sat in a FEMA community meeting on disaster preparedness and they told me that they could do nothing for two weeks on average and THEN they prioritized based upon the urban areas FIRST. This translates into no reasonable help in a rural village or town for a month.

        After watching one debacle after another, and seeing the Red Cross become entirely mercenary and self-serving, and watching civil defense dwindle to nothin’, I have zero confidence in FEMA.

        And that doesn’t include the very real probability of Rex84 being enforced.

        Meanwhile folks prior had pantries and seldom went to the grocery more than once a week and mostly to top off bread and milk while getting gas. Now, people buy all kinds of ready made food which I think is nuts as I make bread.

        People are in no ways prepared and too many call themselves preppers when they have almost no supplies, have almost no ancestral skills, and have no weapons.

        It’s confounding. I mean, a genuine headscratchin’ moment when even IF on EBT cards, you could eat very well on that budget by standard food prepping.

      14. FEMA’s “help” would be more like the Nazi’s motto on their concentration camps: “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“[Forced] Work Will Make You Free”). FEMA’s “fusion centers” (“fusion” means “concentration”, “center” means “camp”) are no more than a euphemism for concentration camps. As some have said: “don’t get on their bus”.

      15. I personally think we need an actual honest to GOD prepper who works as the head of FEMA and thus ensures Rex84 never happens. Meanwhile they give sound pramatic advice.

        For example, in America, the average SNAP yearly benefit equals $3,084. For a thousand you could feed a household of FOUR on lentils, rice, dried field corn and popcorn, pinto beans, dried spices and onions, powdered dry milk, vitamins, and spend no more that $900 but as cheap as $500. Then buy some canned meat and tuna but buy frozen beef, chicken, fish, and lots of pork. Maybe spend $1,000. Then still have $1100 for treats like canned fruit and lots of dehydrated fruit, flour, cornmeal but throw in a handmill and a meat grinder plus whole grains, unroasted coffeebeans, tea, etc.

        They would eat healthier and their health would improve, people would automatically have a year of food, etc.

        It helps the feds, the state, insurance, hospitals, docs,nurses, and the PEOPLE.

        But heck, that is common sense. And if you simultaneously brought back the commodities program, which was the standard in the sixties and seventies, then provide canned meat.

        Everyone WINS and it saves money versus EBT and SNAP.

        If we switched to powdered infant formula, a MAMMOTH savings would pay for the entire program as liquid ready to use formula is EXPENSIVE and wasteful. My wife breast-fed our kids but did switch to powdered dry formula some.

        Actually, it would be FUN to take some calculations on average EBT and WIC and SNAP and similar aid to the impoverished, and simultaneously take the average yearly expenditure on groceries, and then make a list of what you suggest an taking into account sound nutrition and realistic calories.

        I reckon almost every American could be persuaded to become preppers in such a manner.

        Meanwhile we throw away HUGE amounts of food because fools eat fresh produce by buying it and then it goes bad.

      16. An unusual rain causing flash flooding can affect lots of people, so you should take steps to prevent it.

        But actually before 2000, those who bought homes in America moved every seven years which is absurd as you can end up losing money unless you aggressively pay down the principal on the mortgage and sell it yourself to avoid realtor’s fees.

        That means that lots of folks made dumb decisions on home purchases and might have floding due to flood plains. An acquaitenance from work decades ago was rennovating an old home and asked for help so I pitched in. And he had moved to a flood plain. Well, this is crazy. But I just made some casual comments about moving but still helped him.

        People have no common sense. Some will NOT move regardless that crime is bad, the land will not support a garden, water is an issue, average rainfall is an issue, weather historically creates issues,etc.

      17. Kay123, I’ve seen the same thing on occasion on Mud Island here in Memphis. And I’m talking about homes in the six-figure range. The same people with more money than brains decide to rebuild every time because they LOVE to live on the water. No way I’ll ever live on water, not even on a lake.

        • Brave…six figures??? A whole 100k.

          • Tunkcuf, long time no hear from. How’ve you been? I was talking about homes in the $200K-$300K range. And the people who live on Mud Island are all PROFESSIONALS; you know, the type with those high-sounding college degrees. ALLEGEDLY highly-educated. Go figure.

        • I love living on the water!
          I had a 45 foot sailboat for 8 years or so. I lived on it
          weekends and vacations. I only went home to my
          mountain property to work and see my wife.
          She gets seasick, which is why I’m not in Alaska
          fishing and hanging out right now. I sold the boat.
          That is the only way to live on the water, on a boat.
          Automatically prepped for any disaster, and you can
          bug out to anywhere. You are 100% solar powered
          if you want to be.

      18. Yep it will flood and the dumbasses rebuild on the low ground. And then expect others to feel sorry for them. I just don’t care. If your not smart enough to live on high ground or flee commie socialist places like calif & Ill no sympathy from me.

        • anyone living within 100 miles of the gulf coast should be paying whatever the highest beachfront hurricane rates are right now.

          why the rest of the country has to routinely bail some location out every year is idiocy, they all know they are in hurricane alley, they should be paying for it and I am proposing this as a resident of Houston, so I am including myself.

          • We do Lena. The Northern boundary of the rate zone is I-10.
            It always amazes me that people will broadcast their ignorance so loudly when education is so available.

            • I live south of I-10 in Houston; I do not pay hurricane rates and not 5 miles south of me 100’s of houses were flooded up to 3 feet because of bayou flooding from the hurricane. those people and myself should all be paying higher flood rates than we do as Houston is a huuricane threat every year.

        • @Old Guy
          When snowfall between 6ft-8ft become commonplace (and they will)
          in higher elevations…..Do we get to call you a dumbass?

        • @Old Guy
          When snowfall between 6ft-8ft become commonplace (and they will)
          in higher elevations…..Do we get to call you a dumbazz?

      19. If we believe in Constitutional government, why would we expect, nor want anything from the central government?

      20. The drug addicted homeless perverts will flood the FEMA camps first. They will be there to welcome you and your kids. Especially your kids. Welcome to the new prision of commune(ism).

      21. Theft, waste and corruption are job one at FEMA. The real purpose of FEMA is to ensure the survival of the government. We can be replaced. In fact, we are being replaced.

        • Everyone knows but doesn’t dare say that the curupt media and perverting Hollywood , and the Wall Street US government , are all owned and controlled by a certain group of people that have been deported by over 100 countries for the exact reasons we see before us. Revaluations 2:9, 3:9 John 8:44.

        • Him:

          You are correct.

          And that reminds me of the demonstration at Charleston opposing the systematic destruction of historical monuments, and the chant “…will not replace us”.


          • The idea of censoring history is a Communist idea. Their scholars (such as they are) erased “enemies of the state” from libraries, museums, photo archives, etc.

            Where does it stop? Wake up! The Democrats are not Democrats anymore but this bizarre mix of outright kooks,marxists, flakes, feminists, pinkos, freaks, etc. All Labor Democrats shoud flee. They traditionally came across the aisle as did Dixiecrats and centrists.

            Next thing you know, the DNC will just be marxists. I would fully expect Wahabis to be masking their beliefs and inserting themselves into the DNC.

      22. FEMA is a test run for completely imprisoning the population in military style work camps in the near future. With weather modification they can disrupt commununities, wreck your homes and you are at their mercy. Wildfires are set by government to burn people out of rural area so they can be more easily controlled.

      23. Same as it ever was…

      24. Zyklon B had only one use in the concentration camps in WW2, and it wasn’t for insects. It was originally developed before the war to use as an insecticide, but like Raid is, even now, it is a nerve gas. It didn’t see widespread use in Germany as an insecticide, but at the Wannsee conference in Berlin in early 1942, it was suggested for use as part of the Final Solution. It paralyses the central nerve system, and death is usually swift, within 2 minutes. The Nazis used Jewish “trustees” to herd the Jews, sometimes as many as 500 at a time, standing room only, into the “showers”. The Nazis used as many as a dozen 500 milliliter cans in the beginning, for large groups, but were able to use only 5 cans to do the job later. Remember, these people were all naked, heads shaved and gold teeth fillings pulled out, and shoved into a large dark room with hundreds of other scared and screaming people. When the gas was released, after about 6 minutes they would all be dead, and the Jewish “trustees” would vent the room, and begin hauling out the bodies to be buried. Later in 1943, they switched to incineration to better cover the operation, with an eye towards being undiscovered. Some of you here may think all this was a good thing, and that the Jews need to be gone now as well. You forget what happened to Robespierre. Such atrocities carried out against the Jews would be atrocities against any race or religion. Telling lies about it does not excuse it, or make it better. And G*d watches over us all.

        • I knew an American interpreter that interviewed POW’s and camp workers at the end of the war. He estimates that 1 1/2 million people died in the camps. Mostly from cholera, typhus and malnutrition related issues at the end of the war. The conditions were the result of Allied bombers destroying everything including roads, train tracks, trains, ports and warehouses. In war your army eats first, your people second and the POW’s last. Sad but true. After the war, hundreds, if not thousands of German POW’s were starved to death in Allied prisons because there was no food available. Sound familiar? It was logistically impossible to kill the sheer numbers of people that is suggested by the Zionists. In the manner implied by the Zionists. Neither Eisenhauer nor Churchill mentioned any Holocaust in their memoirs. The NKVD, led by Lazar Kaganovich, murdered 7 million Ukrainians by starvation in just 1 1/2 years, in the 1930’s. 7 million is more than 6 million, but no Holodomore museum for people who are not the Chosen Ones.

          • Bravo! HIM.


      26. Checkout what England is really like… NO BLACK BASTARDS calling the shots

        • Ever heard of an Irish jig? LMAO

      27. Steve Quayle has a article on shotguns. I find it hard to deny that a shotgun semiauto shotgun with reduced loads is the best thing a non military trained and backed up near loan fighter can have. Expecialy when only an idiot goes out in broad daylight? If you want to be on some snipers hit list, go for it. How does an semi AR compare to a semi shotgun in low light? Dam 12 pellet 2.3/4 inch OO out of a ten round tube. In what 3 seconds. Yea , phisicle able , and mentally able people under the greatest stress of their lives , can pump fast without short stroking, A pump is less expensive then a semi ,and that seems to be it. Get a pump 5.56 and fight off multiple experienced bad guys in the dark. Yea it’s doable , by a hand full of guys on this planet. A semi shogun with ten shot tube can launch 120 32 caliber ,what 55grain lead balls in what 3 seconds. See how that works for you in low light.With a rifled choke tube, Spread will be one inch per foot, instead of one inch per yard? So check out the distances on your property ,A 30 inch pattern at 30 feet. And please don’t forget , you can dump 3 rounds .36 balls in a what 1/4 second . You could spray your corn field. And with this new body armor. That will stop multiple 7.62s what , are you gonna make head shots in low light? I’ve purchased several semis that Jamed .if you cut or alter a empty shell and cycle it slowly ,manually you can see what shell stop is slightly too long and can be grown down with a stone on a drill. Or a sharp edge . What chance do you have with a AR without street lights? Maybe a full auto AR , but a semi? A ten shot semi shotgun ,is a ambush ,anti ambush dream come true. And when dirts flying ,people are screaming like you’ve never heard in your life. And you got bad water a ways back. Your hungry ,sick and exhausted. Now try being a night sniper.

        • It is very old school but still legal to make cut shells. A few blasts from a cut shell will mess up a bad guy’s whole day.

          They are poorman’s homemade slugs through a very small tiny spiral.

          • I’ve often thought of drilling a hole and pumping glue to hold the bird shot together. But hell, it might be better to , Blind them with bird shot. A blind traitor is better then a dead traitor. Logistically speaking.

            • NOPE.

              If you shoot someone, the whole point is you were in fear for your life, and took proper measures to end the threat. If you shoot to blind, you should fully expect a LAWSUIT, and some fool jury will no doubt be persuaded that you did something wrong. Now you have ruined your family’s kife because you were merciful.

              You didn’t end the threat, you perpetuated it. And not only can the lawyers take all your assets, but your wife’s as well.

              You shoot to kill and only if your life was in jeopardy because you felt they had a weapon.

          • Why would you want a cut shell? Let’s say you only have birdshot and that will only riddle the perpetrator with these and might not be lethal. If you are shooting a “riffled” shotgun, it scatters even worse than a smoothbore. A smoothbore will more concentrate the pattern. In general, for home defense, you want the smoothbore.

            Maybe a situation call for a deer slug projectile, so a fella cuts a fast makeshift slug using the old school cut shell method. Now he can fire the shell without modification, or han fire the cut shell.

            A cut shell at 25 yards is about the same as a deer slug. A cut shell at fifty yards is slighly less reliable than a deer slug at 50 yards. A cut shell shell though will penetrate the same, but blow out a bigger hole based upon how it hit and what was in it’s way versus a slug.

            In my opinion, there are times when a cut shell is superior for stopping a perp PERMANENTLY.

      28. I’m an outsider but my words ring true… WHITE POWER

      29. Some are not directly responsible themselves for the problem. In Houston (I live here) the demorat city council refuses to enforce building codes that prohibit building in flood planes. All they think of is tax base, nothing else. So people move into these flood plane houses NOT BEING TOLD OF THE RISK! That happened all over west Houston where the majority of the flooding happened. One way or the other the socialized flood insurance is the cause of the problem. If the insurance premium ACTUALLY reflected the risk, those areas would be native woods, no construction at all there.

      30. E N G E R L A N D

      31. NWO = New White Order

      32. Go do an abortion yerself

      33. According to the Talmud , Jesus is now boiling in a vat of sewage, How could we possibly be friends with these people.? Unless we’ve been told Lies for 2018 years, by the children of the father of lies. They should be pretty good at it by now?

      34. expect nothing from the govt.
        Take care of you and yours.
        Make your own plans.

      35. I went to Florida in late 1992. I am a tradesman and went after Hurricane, (I believe it was Andrew), hit Miami. Mountains of debris all around the city and homeless types everywhere. A lot not from Florida. I was busy working while they got checks and drank and used drugs. Lots of hard working people there at the time but also lots of trash. Oddly the first job I worked on was trimming a very expensive home in Coral Gables that was simply in the middle of a remodel and had no storm damage. Like all federal agency’s FEMA distributes money to all the wrong people and fills the pockets of it’s employees. Won’t be changing soon. Scumbags know all the lines to get in and all the buttons to push to get free stuff. Truly deserving people usually don’t know the procedure.

      36. I remember after Hurricane Katrina….when the south
        shorelines and huge part of Louisiana was destroyed
        FEMA gave brand spanking new trailers straight off
        of the assembly line cost to taxpayers more than
        $10,000 each (?) @ thousands of trailers (unlivable due to
        toxic glue vapors). I’m not sure if they were trashed or not.

        But what got me most was that they put displaced
        people in homes renting for $12-1500 a month and paid
        that totally for up to 2 years later up around Orlando.

        WHY??? I owned my own home….and could not afford
        to pay taxes and $1200 per month for a $250,000 dollar home
        rental !!!! So…they got an executive level home, rent free,
        Obumhole phone free, free computer, free taxes, and free Obumhole
        Health care.

        I’d bet a good portion of those parasites were dealing and or
        using drugs !!!

        Is it any wonder we owe trillions in debts?
        No wonder the Demoncraps want the taxpayers to
        pick up the tab for their insane choices.

      37. Saw an article on kiddie commie camps ,antifa style. Anders Brevik infiltrated one dressed as a cop and executed most of the teachers? Some say he might go down in history as sacrificing his life to buy Norway time?

      38. Racism to include any religious affiliation? Was the word racism invented by someone of a certain religious affiliation?

      39. Often thought the ultimate EMP proof bug out vehicle. If you could take two bicycle wheels axl reinforced with seat on top,and stif rods to yoke and one or two adopted greyhounds . You would have a 45 MPH chariot and two watch dogs?

        • If you do the math, I think you need at least four and most likely six to get to generate the force and stability of a dog sled, say in Alaska. And some roads are very steep and based upon the total mass, you all could die upon the slightest mishap.

          A dog sled has low levels of friction based upon snow and ice. This might totally change on road conditions especially due to potholes. A large mass behind your dogs can overwhelm them on even a moderate hill. They are not mules.

          However for local transportation, it might work quite well if your dogs were disciplined and trained and you had a braking mechanism to apply to the wheels. There actually are many plans for preppers to build a bicycle cart.

          I have long suggested people do that based upon seeing the French flee in WW2 when the German blitzkrieg hit as it was so fast, the survivors barely got out in time.

          Look up Chinese wheelbarrows too. Their mechanical design unfold differently and they are far more stable under load and can carry many magnitudes more mass. You could make one using some of their ideas.

          Any bicycle cart has to have shock absorbers as the impact if directly transferred will tear apart the cart. You notice this on the old farm carts throughout history.

      40. One easily overlooked ‘prep’ is building materials – both temporary and permanent. Plentiful and relatively inexpensive before a disaster – impossible to find immediately before and for several months afterward. Stash some away now so you can patch up any storm damage – at least well enough that the FEMA roundup squad won’t haul you away. Even beyond storm damage, its nice to have in a SHTF scenario to increase your security, barter, or make repairs from gangs or zombie hoards.

      41. FEMA is not going to help you as the YOYO rule applies to large natural disasters. (YOYO= You’re On You’re Own). I was in Hurricane Charley in 2005 in Central Fl no power for two weeks, in upper 90s during the day no water etc. and fortunately I was prepared. No one else was and you started hearing gun fire at night after three days $20+ for a bag of ice. FEMA showed up at my house 8 weeks after the storm hit. They handed me a check for the shit generator I managed to find and buy (my power came back on while I was out buying it lol) and their estimate for gas used. So they sent me a check for $750 which I got after two more weeks. They may be able to react to a twister hit but a large disaster like the hundreds or thousands of square miles hit during a hurricane or an emp they are/will be useless.

      42. What I would expect? Duh. A check.

      43. Look if they can not even clean San Francisco up they can not help you after a disaster. Check out the great article on infowars

      44. I’m becoming convinced that the ultra libs. Became convinced that they had the voting system tied up. And only the interference by a higher power could change that . And it did.

      45. FEMA is like every gov entity. Large, wasteful , over regulated and strangled by politics, such organizations never move swiftly or decisively. My grandfather lived thru the Great Depression. He worked in a CCC Camp as a boy and used to laugh at all his friends bitching about the food and rules. He explained to me you have 2 choices in such a situation. First you can take care of yourself or 2 you can turn your life over to the care of the government. If you choose option 2 he said you should just STFU and take what they give you. These people whining about the conditions of the camps got exactly what they deserved. Why is personal responsibility such a difficult concept for modern Americans. I have and will have 0 concern for people who choose to avail themselves of FEMA. They chose their poison let them live with it. I for one will live by my own resources and resourcefulness or die by them, that is my choice.

      46. After an epic flooding event in 1999 , FEMA came to my rescue.
        I would have survived without them but their help was greatly appreciated and I will be forever grateful.
        No I’m not a shiftless dirtbag as some of you describe.
        Just a person that got caught up in a weather event.
        FEMA helped me when I really needed it and that’s more than I can (probably) say for any of you azz holes.

        • Listen you pompous ass, we ‘azz holes’ subsidized you with a government gun pointed at our heads. But might makes right and life is all about you…

        • What did they help you with . You no information giving , name calling , non shiftless dirtbag.

          • I pay more taxes quarterly than any 10 website hang arounds put together , and have for 40 years. Therefore any services I received from FEMA is NOYFB.

      47. In the event of a large SHTF event, the Government has their objective which is “continuity in government”. To ensure that, there are Executive Orders 10998 and 13603 which, if followed, gives the Government total control of all resources including people. We have the objective of survival for ourselves and our families. Read the executive orders and decide for yourselves, what to expect in major disasters. FEMA may be helpful in smaller disasters but most of the help comes from areas that aren’t damaged. Prepare to stand alone.

        • Yes, and based upon those executive orders signed by Obummer, they don’t have to pay you. The FEMA camp turns into a slave labor camp ie the gulags for political prioners who are enemies of the state and thus must work to pay for their incareration and re-education.

          Never willingly enter a FEMA camp.

      48. FEMA is a massive joke & cluster just like the rest of the clown-ass Gov’t that ALL of us Fund as side note folks. Going to a FEMA camp would not be a viable option for me personally – no thanks. It honestly seems like incarcerated prisoners in the joint get better treatment – 3 squares, clothing and a roof over their heads. . .I would swallow my rifle before I go into any filthy, vile FEMA prison, I mean Camp. People, you need to really wake the hell up and do it yesterday.

      49. I got caught in a regional flood disaster in ’97. My folks’ house got breached and their basement filled up, but it didn’t reach the first floor (came within about 1/2 inch of the ceiling in the basement). About half the houses in and around town locally lost their basements, maybe 1/4 were totaled/condemned later.

        We never did hear from FEMA during that episode. The only ones outside of family and friends who helped out were the Salvation Army, who came around for a couple of weeks handing out sandwiches at mealtimes, which was hugely appreciated so we could keep working. In the end with some ingenuity, we were able to get things almost back to how they had been after a few months of really hard work on nights/weekends.

        But an event like that leaves a lasting mark on a town/area. People who had lived there all my life suddenly up and left with their whole families, and didn’t leave so much as a forwarding address. It was kind of spooky. For a couple of weeks after the water went down, you could walk down main street and not see a car for 10 or 20 minutes at a time (except for the ones that had been flooded and were still sitting in their same spots).

        I still remember watching TV as Grand Forks, ND was burning while the flood ranged around the fire, and the firemen were diving under the water trying to get their hoses hooked to a hydrant so they could try to fight the fires. Yeesh.

        In all, I remember a total of one fatality from that whole flood, and that was a woman who inadvisedly tried to get to town alone and slid into a full ditch. Heck, my dad almost bit it when the basement window gave way suddenly and his basement filled up in 90 seconds. We heard a lot of stories like that…but apparently God was watching out for the whole area those few days.

      50. If the SHTF and there were lots of fires where the fire dept can’t deploy, then civilians might have to band together while there is still sufficient water pressure.

        You almost certainly need a cheater pipe to open up the fire hydrant and only if you have a pipe wrench large enough in the jaws to use it. A cheater pipe adds leverage.

        And of course a fire hose full of water is a BEAST to control. You need lots of guys to do so.

      51. If your home makes it through a disaster in relatively good condition, you still may not be okay. If the industries are knocked out and there are a lot of jobs lost, the value of your home may plummet.

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