What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse

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    SHTFplan Editor’s note: In the following analysis Brandon Smith of Alt Market offers up one of the most insightful articles you’ve ever read on the potential sequence of events that may occur over the next several years. It lays out, step by step, how the global elite are positioning the chess pieces, the consequences for each and every one of us, and what we can do right now to insulate ourselves from the inevitability of the manufactured global collapse that will take place as we move forward. This is must share information with friends and family. Urge those closest to you to get a grasp of what’s happening and to prepare for it as best they can. 

    global crisis

    For years now at Alt-Market (and Neithercorp.us) I have carefully outlined the most likely path of collapse to take place within the U.S., and a vital part of that analysis included economic destabilization caused by a loss of the dollar’s world reserve status and petro-status.  I have also always made clear that this fiscal crisis event would not occur in the midst of a political vacuum.  The central banks and international financiers that created our ongoing and developing disaster are NOT going to allow the destruction of the American economy, the dollar, or global markets without a cover event designed to hide their culpability.  They need something big.  Something so big that the average citizen is overwhelmed with fear and confusion.  A smoke and mirrors magic trick so raw and soul shattering it leaves the very population of the Earth mesmerized and helpless to understand the root of the nightmare before them.  The elites need a fabricated Apocalypse.

    Enter Syria…

    I have been warning about the Syrian trigger point for a very long time.  Syria’s mutual defense pact with Iran, its strong ties to Russia, the Russian naval base off its coast, the advanced Russian weaponry in it’s arsenal, its proximity to vulnerable oil shipping lanes, all make the nation a perfect catalyst for a global catastrophe.  The civil war in Syria is already spreading into neighboring countries like Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, and if one looks at the facts objectively, the entire war is a product of covert action on the part of the U.S. and its allies.

    The U.S. trained, armed, and funded the insurgency using Al Qaeda operatives.  Saudi Arabia has sent funding and arms as well.  Israel has aided the rebels using air strikes within Syria’s borders (even though this means that the Israeli government is essentially helping their supposed mortal enemies).  This war would NOT be taking place today without the express efforts of the West.  Period.

    If one takes more than a brief examination of the Syrian insurgency, they would find an organization of monsters.  Wretched amoral wetwork ghouls whose crimes have been thoroughly documented, including the mass executions of unarmed captured soldiers, the torture and beheading of innocent civilians, the mutilation and cannibalism of dead bodies, and the institution of theological tyranny on a terrified populace.  The U.S. created and unleashed these demons, and now, we the people are being asked by the White House to support them through force of arms.

    But what is the goal here…?

    The goal, I believe, is to utterly transform the world’s political, economic, and social systems.  The goal is to generate intense fear; fear that can be used as capital to buy, as the globalists call it, a “new world order”.  Syria is the first domino in a long chain of calamities; what the Rand Corporation sometimes refers to as a “linchpin”.  As I write this, the Obama Administration is moving naval and ground forces into position and clamoring in a painfully pathetic fashion to convince the American public that 90% of us are “wrong” and that a strike on Syria is, in fact, necessary.  It appears that the establishment is dead set on starting this chain reaction and accelerating the global collapse.  So, if a strike does occur, what can we expect to happen over the next few years?  Here is a rundown…

    1) Many U.S. allies will refrain from immediate participation in an attack on Syria.  Obama will continue unilaterally (or with the continued support of Israel and Saudi Arabia), placing even more focus on the U.S. as the primary cause of the crisis.

    2) Obama will attempt to mitigate public outcry by limiting attacks to missile strikes, but these strikes will be highly ineffective compared to previous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    3) A no fly zone will be established, but the U.S. navy will seek to stay out of range of high grade Russian missile technology in the hands of Syria, and this will make response time to the Syrian Air Force more difficult.  Expect much higher American naval and air force casualties compared to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    4) Iran will immediately launch troops and arms in support of Syria.  Syria will become a bewildering combat soup of various fighting forces battling on ideological terms, rather than over pure politics and borders.  Battles will spread into other countries, covertly and overtly, much like during Vietnam.

    5) Israel will probably be the first nation to send official ground troops into Syria (and likely Iran), citing a lack of effectiveness of U.S. airstrikes.  American troops will follow soon after.

    6) Iran will shut down the Straight of Hormuz sinking multiple freighters in the narrow shipping lane and aiming ocean skimming missiles at any boats trying to clear the wreckage.  Oil exports through the straight of Hormuz will stop for months, cutting 20% of the world’s oil supply overnight.

    7) The Egyptian civil war, now underway but ignored by the mainstream, will explode due to increased anger over U.S. presence in Syria.  The Suez Canal will become a dangerous shipping option for oil exporters.  Many will opt to travel around the Horn of Africa, adding two weeks to shipping time and increasing the cost of the oil carried.

    8) Saudi Arabia will see an uprising of insurgency that has been brewing under the surface for years.

    9) Gasoline prices will skyrocket.  I am predicting a 75%-100% increase in prices within two-three months of any strike on Syria.

    10) Travel will become difficult if not impossible with high gasoline costs.  What little of our economy was still thriving on vacation dollars will end.  Home purchases will fall even further than before because of the extreme hike in travel expenses required for families to move.

    11) Russia will threaten to limit or cut off all natural gas exports to the EU if they attempt to join with the U.S. in aggression against Syria.  The EU will comply due to their dependency on Russian energy.

    12) Russia will position naval forces in the Mediterranean to place pressure on the U.S.  I feel the possibility of Russia initiating direct confrontation with the U.S. is limited, mainly because countries like Russia and China do not need to engage the U.S. through force of arms in order to strike a painful blow.

    13) China and Russia will finally announce their decision to drop the dollar completely as the world reserve currency.  A process which already began back in 2005, and which global banks have been fully aware of for years.

    14) Because of China’s position as the number one exporter and importer in the world, many nations will follow suit in dumping the dollar in bilateral trade.  The dollar’s value will implode.  China, Russia, and the war in Syria will be blamed, and global banks including the Federal Reserve will be ignored as the true culprits.

    15) The combination of high energy prices and a devaluing dollar will strike retail prices hard.  Expect a doubling of prices on all goods.  Look for many imported goods to begin disappearing from shelves.

    16) Homelessness will expand exponentially as cuts to welfare programs, including food stamps, are made inevitable.  However, welfare will not disappear, it will merely be “adjusted” to fit different goals.  The homeless themselves will be treated like criminals.  The roaming bands of jobless drifters common during the Great Depression will not exist during a modern crisis.  State and Federal agencies will pursue an “out of sight, out of mind” policy towards the indigent, forcing them into “aid shelters” or other bureaucratic contraptions designed to conditioning the homeless to accept refugee status, making them totally dependent on federal scraps, but also prisoners on federally designated camps.

    17) Terrorist attacks (false flag or otherwise) will spread like wildfire.  Israel is highly susceptible.  The U.S. may see a string of attacks, including cyber attacks on infrastructure.  Syria and it’s supporters will be blamed regardless of evidence.  The White House will begin broad institution of authoritarian powers, including continuity of government executive orders, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, etc.

    18) Martial Law may not even be officially declared, but the streets of America will feel like martial law none the less.

    19) False paradigms will flood the mainstream as the establishment seeks to divide American citizens.  The conflict will be painted as Muslim against Christian, black against white, poor against rich (but not the super rich elites, of course).  Liberty Movement activists will be labeled “traitors” for “undermining government credibility” during a time of crisis.  The Neo-Conservatives will place all blame on Barack Obama.  Neo-Liberals will blame conservatives as “divisive”.  Liberty Movement activists will point out that both sides are puppets of the same international cabal, and be labeled “traitors” again.  The establishment will try to coax Americans into turning their rage on each other.

    20) The Homeland Security apparatus will be turned completely inward, focusing entirely on “domestic enemies”.  The domain of the TSA will be expanded onto highways and city streets.  Local police will be fully federalized.  Northcom will field soldiers within U.S. border to deal with more resistant quarters of the country.  Totalitarianism will become the norm.

    What Can We Do Right Now?

    The level of collapse, I suspect, will not be total.  The government is not going to disappear, rather, it will become more dominant in its posture.  Certain sections of the country will be maintained while others fall apart.  The IMF will move in to “help” the ailing U.S. economy by tying funding to the SDR (Special Drawing Rights).  America’s economy will be absorbed by the IMF.  Constitutional protections will be fully erased in the name of reestablishing “law and order”, with the promise that the loss of our civil liberties is “only temporary”.

    If the U.S. strikes Syria, and refuses to disengage, these things WILL happen.  So, the next question is what can we do about it?

    1) Given that this crisis is going to be riding a wave of extremely high energy prices, every single Liberty Movement activist (and every American for that matter) should be stockpiling energy reserves.  Motor oil, gasoline (with gas saver), diesel fuel, propane, etc. should be at the top of your list right now.  A generator should be next.  Prices are only going to rise from here on out.  Buy reserves now, before it is too late.

    2) Everyone in the Liberty Movement should have at least minimal solar power capability.  A couple of 100 watt panels, an inverter, a charge controller, and two-four deep cycle batteries can be had for under $1000.  You may not be able to run your house on it, but you can at least charge important electronics, run a well pump, run some lights, a security system, etc.

    3) The internet as we know it will no longer exist.  The White House will apply preexisting executive orders on U.S. communications to restrict internet use, or, a convenient cyber attack will take place, opening the door for federal controls.  The web will likely still operate, but only as a shell of its former greatness.  Certain sites and email providers will be designated “safe”, while others will be designated “unsafe”.  This leaves a gaping hole in our society’s ability to communicate information quickly and efficiently, and, it removes the alternative media from the picture.  The best solution I can present for this problem is Ham Radio, which is very difficult for the establishment to shut down.  Ham Radio communication chains could take the place of the internet as a lower-tech but useful means of spreading information across the country.  In the next few months, EVERYONE in the Liberty Movement should have a Ham Radio set, or handheld model, and they should know how to use it.

    4) Harden your home during the next few months.  Place security bars on windows, and replace weak doors with steel core doors. An internal lock bar will still frustrate entry by those who might blast hinges.  Add a fire suppression system for good measure.  This might sound like overkill, but if you want to be able to sleep at night during such an event, you must make your home your castle.  No one should be able to enter your house without your permission.

    5) Learn a useful trade right now.  If you don’t already know how to produce or fix a necessary item or commodity, take the next six months to learn how.  If you don’t know how to teach a valuable skill, get to work.  Barter and trade will become the primary method of economy during a dollar collapse. Make sure you are sought after within your local economy.

    6) Cache items before winter begins.  Do not assume you will be able to stay on your homestead indefinitely.  There are no guarantees during collapse.  A wildfire could reduce your neighborhood to ashes in hours.  Your home could be overrun.  Make sure you have secondary supplies in a safe location just in case.

    7) Find two friends (or more) right now that are willing to coordinate with you in the event that the worst happens.  This means mutual aid and defense.  This means predetermined arrangements for supplies, communications, meeting spots, and security.  Do it now.  Do not wait until our situation worsens.

     Buy six months worth of food over the course of the next two months.  Bulk food, freeze dried, MRE’s, whatever.  Just buy it.  Have a lot of food already?  I don’t care.  Buy six more months of supplies now.  You’ll thank me later.

    9) Cultivate nutrient rich soil before winter begins.  Buy a truckload of planting soil and manure and create a garden space if you have not already.  Purchase extensive seed storage.  Compile books on growing methods.

    10) Gauge the temperament of your neighborhood.  If all of your neighbors are mindless brain eating zombies, then perhaps it would be better to share a home with a prepared family member in another region now.  If not, then start a neighborhood watch.  Two or three families working together is far stronger than only one, and can change the temperament of an entire block of homes.

    11) Train for tactical movement over the next three months.  Learn how to move, shoot, and communicate as a team.  Learn your strengths and weaknesses today or suffer the consequences tomorrow.

    12) Prepare yourself mentally for conflict and self defense.  Sign up for at least six months of hand to hand defense training.  Learn how to deal with the mental and emotional strain of another person trying to harm you.  Get used to the idea, because where we’re headed, someone, at some point, will probably want to do you in.  Always maintain your conscience and your principles, but never allow yourself to become a victim.

    The Tension Is Palpable

    As I have said many times before, a fight is coming.  There is no way around it.  But this fight must be fought intelligently, and we must never forget who the REAL enemy is.

    If a revolution ensues and Obama loses control, the establishment could simply trigger a Neo-Con or military coup in order to placate the masses and fool Constitutionalists into believing they have been saved.  Useless solutions will be presented to the people, including new leadership composed of more old guard elitists, a disastrous Constitutional Convention, or limited secession (which will never be honored by the establishment anyway).  The purpose of these false solutions will be to fool you into relaxing your vigilance, distracting you from seeking justice against globalist organizations, or, to redirect your energies away from self sufficient communities, counties, and states, ready to dispel aggressive establishment elements.

    Beware of those who grasp too readily for leadership over you.  Real leaders stand as teachers, not oligarchs, and rarely do they take on the role without considerable reservations.  Never trust anyone who does not immediately back their promises with tangible action.  And, never forget that we fight not just for the removal of one particular tyrant, but for Constitutional liberty itself.  One must follow the other, or there has been no victory.

    Though it is depressingly difficult to see in times like these, there is indeed good in this world.  There are ideals, and aspirations, and visions, and loves worth standing up for, worth fighting for, and worth dying for.  There is still a future worth striving for at the end of the long night.  There are dreams here, in the hearts of men, worth realizing.  We do not necessarily battle for what humanity is, but for what we have the potential to become.  The tides of society may shift and storm, the chaos may become unbearable, and the world may tear apart until it is unrecognizable.   The agents of dominion believe they are the only constant, but there is another.  In time, the dim pale of tyranny will always break in the light of freedom’s resolute.  Get ready, honorable Liberty Movement, our work has just begun.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page here


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      1. The Watchman’s gut is acting up; it’s not all right in the neighborhood, but it just maybe my paranoid little brain acting up. We are way over due for a mega-earthquake somewhere, way, way over due, there is more is going on in the bowels of the government’s than we could possibly know. What is going on in the world is very scary, it used to be one or no more than two direction, now it’s a 360. Let us not forget the SUN; something is out of the ordinary with it. The snakes and or snakes are coiled and ready to strike, and I feel in many places at once. Take this for what it’s worth, but the lights are getting dimmer every day. I think we have reached the point of no return and nothing we can do will stop it.
        Put your trust in the LORD, for he has the answers!

        Keep the FAITH

        • Yes, Expect Jesus Christ.

          • Wasn’t there something about no man knowing the time, or a thief in the night…

            I don’t see it. “If the U.S. strikes Syria, and refuses to disengage, these things WILL happen.” Anybody who knows with absolute certainty how this goofy mixed up world will react to anything is speaking mainly out of their backside.

            Feel free to call me a sleeping sheep, I know who and what I am.

            As long as it’s all still going, I’ll still be reading and occasionally posting here. In 6 months either we’ll all be living out this nightmare, or you can tell me why none of these very specific predictions have actually come to pass. I’m pretty sure I’ll be here and Brandon Smith will have his excuses.

            Prepare to keep your family fed and protected for as long as you can: weeks, months, a year, it is our duty as responsible human beings. But don’t bother getting excited at each and every armageddon prediction from professional fear mongers.

            p.s. #10 where home prices fall because it is too expensive to pay for the gas to move, that is one I’ll remember for the ages.

            • A very timely and well written article, with lots of good suggestions of what we can do. Thank you!

              We can feel the unease and tension building too. With so many things happening at once, it is sometimes difficult to remain focused.

              The financial institutions around the world are intertwined. I believe one area that the media (for the most part) is ignoring is the financial collapse going on in India. Now, plans to buy gold from the public (gold confiscation) is being discussed.

              I have read the rupee has lost nearly 15% of its spending value in recent weeks. Imagine how this is affecting the average person in India.

              The Big Mac Index shows how long it would take employees to make enough money to buy a Big Mac.
              In the United States, it would take 35 minutes. In India, it would take 347 minutes.

              “The Mumbai Sensex, the country’s benchmark index, has lost 11% of its value in the past month.”

              Be assured, our leaders are watching India to see how they handle the situation. They will be watching to see what ‘plans’ might work well here too.

              Remember the banking problems in Cyprus in March. At first, news sites said, “Don’t worry. That could NEVER happen here.” Only later, have they admitted differently.

              Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

                • Weather report from Jordan storm warning turn out to be just a big wind. But might still be rainy because none of them are smart enough to get out of the rain.

                  • 2 thoughts

                    1. INDIA – this is NOT some insignificant backwater. Try phoning your utility company over a trivial issue without being routed though an Indian Call Centre nowadays. Here in the UK our CRB checks (criminal background checks for those who work with the vulnerable such as children, in hospitals etc) are all processed in India. Many companies, financial, medical, and public service hold their data centres in India. India also produces many medicines we rely on here.

                    India is a nuclear power with considerable skin in the game re Afghanistan & Pakistan. She has been watching the progress towards the middle Asian Pipeline closely. Bangladesh her neighbour is sinking into the sea

                    Geographically she cannot sit this one out. The ‘Stans to the North, and the sinking Bangladesh won’t allow it. India has her fair share of religious fanatics of all persuasions too. She has also suffered huge blows to her food production thanks to the games of Monsanto, having been the testing ground for GMO for deacdes (google Indian farmer suicides – you’ll cry!).

                    Population wise, after China, India is the world’s next most populous nation. She has HUGE energy requirements and her own strategy for how to obtain them. India is not to be underestimated in this Global mess. She has her own dreams and aims, and has not entirely forgiven the era of the British Raj.

                    Having spent the last century clawing her way towards independence from the West and to be recognised as a world power in her own right, the new extremely well educated middle class of India won’t sink back into penurious obscurity without a fight. India is not Greece.

                    2. SCHOOLS – this is the time to take the leap and homeschool. No one wants to be told that their child’s class has been shipped off to some gubberment camp during the course of the school day. If you truly believe any of the predictions above, don’t leave your kids in gubberment hands day, after day with blind trust.

                    If they physically have your kids at some hitherto unknown location they can control at some YOU with ease. (Any caring Mum who thinks they wouldn’t swim through a river of snot in the vain attempt to be “allowed” to reclaim their child is kidding themselves).

                    If you can’t home school because of work etc right now, then look into online schooling, using a trusted adult such as Granny or an elderly neighbour to supervise at your home, or another safe location. This is a new school year, so the time to make the leap.

                    For most of us, if we lose our kids it’s game over as they are the principle reason we prep. Putting our kids on buses is just too damn easy for tptb, they won’t be able to resist.

                  • lonelonmum, I couldn’t reply to your post… but her ein the USA even the unemployment phone calls go to a call center in India! LOL. The burger place, Jack-in-the-Box down the road actually has someone in India taking your order when you go through the drive through. So, yep, it’d be a big smack down if anyone took out India. That’s what I never get about the supposed “terrorists”. Are they all idiots? It wouldn’t take a team of 10 to take down the Internet backbones to India and slam American businesses. That’s why I suspect the “terrorists” are not really who we think they are. That and the fact every comminication is searched; so, these things are known well beforehand. “Its 20 minutes out, should we do anything?” … Stand down.

                  • Kudos to Brandon for keeping his eye on the most important ball:

                    “…The conflict will be painted as Muslim against Christian, black against white, poor against rich (but not the super rich elites, of course)…. The purpose of these false solutions will be to fool you into relaxing your vigilance, distracting you from seeking justice against globalist organizations,…”

                    Keep your eye on this ball. Do NOT let the dynastic banksters and their accomplices get away with this. Every single one must be brought to international justice, punished, and their centuries of ill-gotten gains repatriated to those from whom they were looted.

              • Great article. Hopefully this fades away and nothing comes of it and we’ll move onto the next manufactured crisis.

                It does appear the tide may be turning for an attack. England and France have wet themselves and BO with nobody else to lead from behind with is now attempting to broker a deal with Putin behind the scenes.

                Question is what could BO offer up to Putin?

                • One, you really don’t want to know. Short-term it’ll seem like a bargain, but long-term that bargain will turn Faustian.

                  Two, the original article looks like my own best scenario (one of which I outlined already in the book): Brandon’s right… it’ll get way fascist before it crashes.

                  I’ve been thinking of adding a couple of sections to that book for the 2nd edition (will be free same as the first): How to Bribe Effectively, and How To Run A Black Market

                  Kind of on the fence about both, though… mostly because…

                  * I’d want to write them in a way that doesn’t give any official types any ideas as to how to quash either, but at the same time…

                  * there’s also the moral aspect as well; do you really want to take advantage of your fellow man? This is tensioned against the need to suck in as much resources for you and your community as you can before there is no more.

                  I figure if the morality allows for taking advantage of the unaware outside your neighborhood in order to bring in more supplies for your neighbors (and you), it isn’t as bad, but that reeks of moral equivocation.

                  Then there’s the whole “the government may read this too and get ideas as to how to stop it!” Well, historically black markets (and bribery) have thrived quite nicely in spite of even the craziest government controls. OTOH, none of the previous repressive governments have had such universally invasive technology and surveillance.

                  I’d like to know your thoughts on this, folks…

                  • The Afghan insurgents excelled at defeating some of the most advanced military hardware out there using extremely low-tech means. From where I’m sitting, the US doctrine seems that if there is a problem, you throw technology at it. But that approach is defeated by using very low-tech means. They monitor your phone? Borrow someone else’s and contact an intermediary. They monitor your email? Write a letter and have someone you trust mail it to another trusted middleman or have a runner drop it off. Think your private meeting place is bugged, take your meetings somewhere public and loud like a large mall’s food court at lunch time on a Saturday. Also, you could revert to old style book codes and other manual encryption methods, Yes, it is slow but it would still take days if not weeks of computer crunching to break those without knowing the exact book you are using.

                    Those are just a few examples of how you could defeat Big Brother and his addiction to technology. Simplicity is effective.

                  • I those two chapters would be very useful in any scenario. I am told one reason for all the offshoring is those people already know “how to bribe effectively”. As one person put it, in their country corruption is obvious (bribes to get a drivers license for instance) but in America is just as bad but you don’t see what’s going on.

                • Better question: Why can’t we just bomb DC and cut out all the crap?

                  • Wow. Now that was ignorant. Bomb a US city. You sound like the nuts who think the UN is here and ready to take over.

                • everything ?

              • KyMOm, et al.

                Hungary just took the Lincoln Option…

                What is that you might ask? Lincoln needed money to fight the war, but the bankers in NY were going to charge exorbitant interest rates, so he told them to go to hell. That’s when Greenbacks came into existence. Debt free currency, US Treasury NOTES… no link to banks, no debts, ‘free’ money. We had a great era of prosperity not counting the war.

                This is how you throw off the ‘collapse’. Outlaw the central banks… return the money to the people, to whom it rightfully belongs.


                • On this point, Piper is 100% correct.

                  Let Iceland and Hungary show us the way.

                  Since the banksters and their accomplices are so hell bent on depopulation and enslavement, let them be the first.

                  • They better watch their back now as that type money issueing intrest free etc is exactly what Hitler did to restore germany from wienier hyper inflation devestations. Not long after hitler booted jewish banksters out, International world jewery declared WAR against germany in NY times headlines and many other usa and european newspapers in 1933.

                    Soon as they declared war on germany in 1933, they began worldwide Boycotts of all german goods. Economic War prior to Bullets and Bombs. Thats a favorite bolshevik kommie jewish tactic…Boycotts. Today they call it NO Fly Zones!

                    Whats needed most is for Huge power nations like usa to boot jewish banksters like Hungary did. Bankrupt the banksters free ride. Let Them keep funding their mid east welfare state rabid israel. But Pay us back first for the last 100 yrs of thefts by banks.

                  • And you, ThemGuys, are 100% correct on your every point.

                    Since their loot was stolen mostly by fraud and usury, both gravely immoral, I think that it is perfectly moral to repudiate all debt that the banksters hold and to seize all assets derived from their centuries of looting.

            • “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Matthew 24:36

              “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. . .” Matthew 24:32,33

              So, it is pretty obvious that that we won’t be able to nail down the “day” or the “hour”, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discern the season. But then there will be many who won’t have a clue: “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 37-39

              Regardless, we live in both interesting and perilous times…

              “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13

              • also in the days of noah giants were around and nephilim were being worshipped as gods. alien ascended master stuff to come when the world is at its weakest. THE antichrist will be put on display for the world to whore after with his “powers”. satan kicked out of Heaven.

                • robert: you must be a relative of that Schizophrenic Steve Quayle…he is the Nehphilim King of the internet…He is also a Israel first…he is also a dispensational Christian…he is also a nutjob! Always has been and always will be…he like his Judeo-Christian buddies…run with a pack of liars who are fear mongers. As for Nephilim you are living in a squirrel case bucko! The Nephilim are the big fucking powerful demonic ZIO money men who run this perverse world…get a life and come down to earth. By the way do not forget to use copper tipped bullets when you shoot them the night walkers…other wise you are on the main menu…Quayle wisdom! The commies are also assembling in Northern Mexico and in Colorado, so watch your six…doubless you have heard that America is Mystery Babylon, Israel could not possibly be the fucking MYSTERY Babylon, Mother of Harlots…Contact Quayle he has some more nuts for your cage.

              • Is anyone else having difficulty in posting a “thumbs up”? Obviously I can “reply” but my thumbs up won’t register.

              • Dead on the money Wild Goose. Scriptures say clearly we will not know the day or the hour. In the original Greek language that is ‘Chronos’ time (chronograph – days & hours). But immediately after Jesus said that he said you can discern the seasons, and gave the illustration of the fig tree putting forth buds. That is ‘Kairos’ time, or a season. We don’t need to know anything about telling time (little children for instance), but when they begin to see Christmas decorations at Wal-Mart (etc.) they get excited because they know Christmas will soon be here.


              • Thanks! Just like to add that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the authorities of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

                Also that the incomparably great power within the redeemed is the same as the mighty strength God exerted when he rose Christ from the dead and seated him in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and dominion, power and authority, and any name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come.

                • But those Rulers and Authorities in High Places(DC-UN-London etc) ARE Flesh and Blood Humans eh.

                  That verse is not saying to never fight in Defence. Its telling us we have a DUAL enemy. One spiritual aka satan, the other those evil Humans satan Must use since as a spirit entity satan is Limited in a Physical world we live in. Satan cannot grab a gun and kill a person. But satans cohort evil people sure can and do.

                  You can’t simply use that verse as a cop out and sit it out always.

                • Bart: who taught you that the “incomparably great power within the redeemed is the same as the mighty strength God exerted when he rose Christ from the dead and seated him in the heavenly realms”, you sound like a Mormon or Jehovah Witness…please quote the scripture I want to put that in my book…I must have the wrong Bible, I need one like you have!

              • rosh or russia will be drawn in with hooks in its mouth as the middle east and north africa unite not under islam but as arab people against thier perceived enemy israel/us. this is by design and foretold exactly how it happens and how it goes on and its end.

                • Robert: more fallacious reasoning! Good dispensational claptrap. Your Judeo-Christian liar. That is a Gog-Magog prophecy and you are treading in unknown territory calling it revelation for the last days…be careful, be very careful!

            • I agree, this is a little too far fetched and reaching. I usually like this site, but it’s starting to get a little too overly dramatic and feeding off fears. I will lso still visit ocassionally, but not as much. See ya in six months!!!

              • This site is so sensationalistic to bring in the ad revenues!

                Gotta have that $$$$$$ that is no damn good, right?

              • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Go poop some cupcakes and sparkles when you “twerk” on usatoday with barney and friends. Only the strong will survive. We already have enough ignorance in our gene pool as is…

            • Dumb Dude–that’s because Brandon lives in the gated upper-class community?? Maybe he never heard of U-Haul??

            • @ DDude….a few weeks ago I would have agreed on no. 10. But this is what I’ve learned. Prices of all goods hinge on gas prices to some degree. If the financial system begins to collapse we will have inflation, making gas even more expensive. Inflation makes interest rates rise. Hen interest rates rise, homes experience devaluation from lack of demand. It boils down to supply and demand as related to inflation and interest rates which can be reflected in gasoline prices.

              • I didn’t say home prices wouldn’t drop.

                I said I will always remember that Mr. Smith said home prices will drop because families will no longer be able to afford to travel because of the gas costs. If he had given any hint that he understood any bit of economics as you reasonable lay out I probably wouldn’t have bothered to comment. But do go back and read #10.

            • Talk about clueless chatter. There is so much wrong with this whole story one hardly knows where to begin. I’ll start with #6 Iran sinking a ship in the straights. Iran currently uses 40% of it’s own oil and exports only 60%, down significantly from just a decade or two ago. They are already hurting economically and to close the straights would cripple them even more. Iran needs that area open as much as the rest of us. They would do so only as a last/suicidal resort. Russian and China have an uneasy alliance only because of the west’s increasing reach. By the way, who the hell is going to run this so called NWO. The USA? Maybe Europe? We’re both broke! And does anyone really think Russia and China are going to take orders from a bunch of international bankers, mostly westerners? The leaders of these two huge countries are use to having their own way for more than 60 years and they are NOT going to give it up. Besides, for the first time ever, these two countries and their people, with very large economies, have some relative peace and prosperity for the first time in their sad histories and they are NOT about to give that up either in any kind of war over some puissant little country like Syria.

              • The NWO is not run by countries. It’s run by billionaire globalist corporatists who have no allegiance to any country. Patriotism for anything is not in their vocabulary, and they do not think like us. They are driven by greed (for power and money) alone. However, they do use our elected representatives as their enablers (every vampire needs a caretaker), who in turn dupe millions of uninformed, dumbed-down voters.

              • Gregory: it is not as ‘black and white’ as you think. The situation in Russia is far worse than you depict here. IN FACT, there is NO peace and prosperity in my country since 90-s under all those ‘liberal’ and so called ‘democratic’ leaders including the current one. They go on ruining the country and killing her people in every way and serving for the same goals as do other ‘democracies’ of the world.

                Open your eyes please. Most of the leaders are nothing but puppets. The real power is taken by the banksters/Zionists/globalists – architects, masters and engineers of the NWO ALL OVER THE WORLD. We here have the SAME problems as you have there, if not worse. The only our common hope is the sanity of the ordinary people who will not just sit and watch how the whole world is falling into its last catastrophe. All that I know and can tell you for certain is that we the ordinary Russians are ALWAYS for peace and against ANY evil.

                Read or watch alternative independent RUSSIAN sources telling what REAL things are happening in Russia rather than making conclusions from the mainstream western media or whatever you trust there.

                Take care.

            • Per the housing prices…. I thought the same thing. Many things could bring down home values, but people not buying houses because the cost of gas prohibits one from moving??????

            • I think he meant to, “…move about.” I can see that happening for many middle income folk, as people drive 40 – 50 miles or more one way to work. If the prices of fuel doubles (or more) I can see that 40 mile commute costing a CA or AK man/woman in excess of $40 – 50 just to get to work and back home for one day. You’re talking $200 – $250 per five day week, only to make $750 or so. They may well reconsider a job much closer to home, even if it pays much less.


            • @ DumbDude…

              I fully understand your attitude and can appreciate it… Will Rogers once said, “..predicting the future is easy, predicting the time table is damn near impossible…”. TPTB may think they’re in charge, and the rest of us may think we know ‘their’ time tables, but God has an interesting way of ‘getting in the way’…
              It’s a pretty safe bet that we will see much of the worse case scenarios play out, but just because it doesn’t all happen in the time you think it should doesn’t discredit the reality that it will still all come to pass.
              It’s just like being in the military during the cold war (which I was in 1980 – in Europe). All those ‘muster’ alerts got old, but in spite of it all, you still had to stay focused. Murphy’s law always applies, just when you show up to the party completely unprepared because you’re thinking this is just another muster, next thing you know, you’re on the truck headed to the drop zone without a damn thing to wear….

            • yes, but it also says, “But you, friends, are not in the darkness, and the Day should not take you by surprise like a thief.”

            • Yeah, you’re a sleeping sheep….fair enough.

            • I agree. The author is no expert on any of this stuff. It’s one thing to say, “these are the possibilities”, but Mr. Smith outs himself as a fear-mongering false prophet by saying with any certainty what will happen.

              You can’t trust what you read on this site, anymore than you can trust the New York Times. It’s just one more news source to take with a grain of salt.

            • Excellent article filled with entertaining tidbits. Bottom line: Continue to prep. Expect the unexpected. Take care of yourself and family. Keep your religious faith.

          • Well I see on FoxNews the HNIC just issued a New Executive Order. stopping the reimportation of surplus military guns. The water just get warmer and warmer, soon it will be boiling, like my blood. If I said what I would like to say, I would get more than the NSA’s attention for using the word ricin. Also seen on Drudge that Missouri is still fighting the good fight, seems it’s the only State still trying to nullifiy all Federal Gun Laws and arrest any Fed’s that come in State and try to enforce them. Trekker Out.

            • Nullify all gun laws, not just Federal. Begin with the 1934 National Firearms Act. Those bastards were commies and they have multiplied like cockroaches.

            • Mountain Trekker,

              Yup…more gun control. It’s apparently do as I say, not as I do.

              Obama Disarms Americans While Arming the World

              “As President Barack Obama has outwardly attempted to curtail Americans’ Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms, his Administration has approved huge increases in defense spending and export sales.

              The Administration is now seeking to eliminate stringent State Department controls on exports and foreign licensing of dozens of categories of weapons and technology from the United States Munitions List (USML) by transferring control to the pro-business Commerce Department.”

              Despite concerns this change “could increase terrorist’s access to sophisticated weapons, the Administration wants to switch two dozen categories of weapons from rigorous U.S. State Department oversight under the USML to the export-friendly Commerce Department Control List.”


            • The big event may not be so huge as many may think.
              Presently, tptb keep trying to get our focus on the rest of the world and the possibility of war while our own gov’t is at war with us. The distractions are the triggers for the gov’t to wage all out war against the citizens. We needn’t worry about war abroad as much as at home.

              It is the slight of hand with the msm in lock stock and barrel with the battles which we’re about to have at home.

              Kinda like: don’t worry about someone else’s marriage when your’s is crumbling. We the People vs They the Crooks in DC. Not We the People vs the world.

              • The Powers That Be will stop at nothing to avoid becoming The Powers That Were.

                • of course since now its another “fake” war. Who had the chemicals now?? Hush Hush main stream media hush hush

              • DRD5508, excellent point! My biggest concern is what happens right here at home. I don’t care what’s happening anywhere else. braveheart

            • I think I posted a similar comment a few months ago, about Obummer cutting off importation of guns and ammo to do an end-run around gun-grabbing. First you push American gun manufacturers out of business with new regulations, then you ban imports—PRESTO! De facto gun control without gun legislation!

            • Mountain Trekker

              But haven’t you seen all the crimes being committed with A3O3’s and Garrands lately?

              I heard Joe Biden on the radio today saying it was ” just good common sense and will prevent crime “.

              Please excuse my language but biden is either one of the biggest Obama ass lickers or one really stupid mother f*cker. Probably both.

              • Strange, isn’t it that with all that is going on in the ME that 0bama takes time for an EO to curtail arms shipments into the country? More important to screw the citizens in this country than try to make some peace in the world. I think that chaos is the goal to start with.

            • Ya I wanted me one of them there M-1 Garands from korea…but the jungle king has spoken and theyre gonna go elsewhere I suppose…grrrr 🙁

              • Thats allright, get yourself a nice dull AR15 and drop a lightning link into it, most manufacturers are nice enough to ship mil spec so they work real nice, a plate carrier and plates, to hell with those old guns. Nice when life was simple and it was for fun and collections, but today,,,, different story, the extra capacity and speed may be the diff between life and servitude.

                • Ya but I liked em…history and all…truthfully I don’t much like the AR stuff…figure if I want one itll be easy to pick one up off the ground… I have no plans of going toe to toe with military so my survival rifle will still be my souped-up 10/22 although my long range “can you feel me now” rifle is a bit heavier and not a semi-auto…just POs me when the magic mallatto thinks he has a say in anything! 🙁


            • Trekker,,I was wondering why you added ricin to a former post,,,did you get a reaction from the evil eye?
              Grows all over the place in Florida and the tropics,we call it the castor bean plant.I’ve some growing in my yard for the extremely large leafs,18in.,grows along the Halifax River in Daytona all the way south to Key West,USA.Nice article on the plant and uses in the “Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening”,by J.I.Rodale,,Dec. 1973 edition.It’s time for you boys to be catching up,we’ve been back to earthers long before you knew what rock and roll was,,,look under Castor Bean.

              • The oil extracted from the beans is also an excellent deisel substitute, can also be a fuel for lamps and oil heaters.

          • And the UNexpected.

          • Watchman and Iowa right on and I believe right in the middle of all this human chaos god will bust mankind
            with a massive solar flare mankind will not know what to
            do and good ole satan pops up and has all the answers
            for the ZOMBIES and they fall for it

          • 82 to 25, Iowa.
            I’m guessing those 25 are atheist, or something?
            I feel sorry for them.
            To them, we’re just: from nothing, for nothing, and for no reason?
            It’s like they walked out of a newly built house and said, “There’s no such thing as carpenters.”
            That’s their choice, I guess.

            Oh, and, DumbDude, there’s a something about knowing, ‘the season’, as opposed to, ‘The Day’. Maybe you should check that out?

          • WOW looks like some censorship here if you post about religion or god. My posts dissapeared down below waiting to be moderated. Refreshed many times in the last 1.5 hours and its gone. Whats up Mac?

          • You guys have been saying Jesus is coming on every event since i have been following this subject since the 80s. Please show proof or quit saying this. NO MAN KNOWS.

            • Only one person and died and returned and that was Elijah. It would be in any believer’s best interest to STUDY how that return took place and considet that it’s at least a possibility that the return of Christ may happen the same way. Matthew 11:13

        • Brandon, you are a fine writer and everything you say makes tremendous sense. In the future maybe you could expand on much of this with an article on fallout and radiation safety. Nukes are going to be used in war, this is almost certain. Even if only one is used as in an EMP device over the U.S., the nuclear power plants are likely to go into meltdown, at least some of them. Radiation is one of the least prepared for survival skill. ANYONE that is not underground or with a lot of mass between them should know about radiation detection and how to protect yourself from all forms of it. Even Fukushima could be a problem for us in the future. This is only a suggestion as I don’t know if this or people you know have expertise in this. The way you write you could probably put together something excellent on this.

          @ Watchman. The South American and Central American coast is primed for a mega quake. It has been since April since these plate boundaries have been showing signs of something quite big is coming. From past records the Nazca plate should have moved by now. The Cocos plate is another that seems to be locked, seriously. While even a 9 and 1/2 down there won’t change the global series of events much, an earthquake in the wrong spot should would. The South Sandwich Islands quake of 7.3 did not produce a quake on that arc I was talking about. August 26 was pretty much the deadline for this. The other plate borders however are another story. The Mid Atlantic Ridge has been up and down experiencing lots of movement. This affects the African plate that big time affects the Austrailian and Pacific plates. A big one in New Guniea is very probable. No big deal except for the people there. But other regions remain primed.

          Japan is an economic hub, still is, for the world. Lots of energy coming from this area. Toyko gets it and so do stocks. The Cascadia region is still experiencing feedback from many of these plate boundaries. The San Andreas has not. That could change very quickly. Look for earthquakes in the Drake Passage region, southwest of New Zealand’s south island, and earthquakes towards the Bering Strait area and west of here as possible precursors for California.

          I have been reading up on solar flares as JustOneGuy is gone and the total expert on this. There seems to be the type of solar activity associated with massive earthquakes on the planet. When the solar activity is very low, which it has been, during peaks, a huge flare noramlly occurs. Kind of like an area that gets a couple of 7’s and a few 6’s, yet all indications point to a upper 7 or 8 range that should be happening, then a 9 pointer occurs. Or an area way overdue for rain, and gets a 10000 year type flood. This is the Sun right now, we should be seeing many more X flares than we should. Like it is gearing up for the very large belch. All depends on the direction at which it spews out into space whether everything is fried or not here on the Earth.

          I agree with you, there are extremely bad vibes in the air. I have seen all summer long animals acting differently and much, much more spooked easily, like they are on edge also. Even the insects seem jumpy. That I would think would be more geophysical, but who knows maybe they are sensing war also. When you start to see the monkeys and apes start to make sign languages symbols for mushroom clouds, or talking parrots start to talk about WW3, then we know.

          • BI, good afternoon, and I have to agree. I feel the tension in the area and an impending sense of doom. I’m still continuing my prepping as fast as possible. I feel more on edge now than at any time since Sandy Hook. I don’t like the way things are shaping up. Last night, about 2 AM, I was awakened by some loud noises outside. I got up, with pistol in one hand and flashlight in the other, to investigate it. nothing unusual inside or outside. I get spooked easier now since the 2 break-in attempts back in May. Something is coming just over the horizon. I can feel it. Everyone get everything you can now before it’s too late. braveheart

            • Braveheart, have many caches of ammo, reloading supplies, and many pounds of secured, dry jerky. Store vitamins and for winter vitamins and minerals dehydrate wild greens such as dandelion, plantain, etc.; flavors your rabbit stew and and for essential fats can bacon and secure it well.
              Semper Fi

            • @ braveheart. Same here!! fu^%$#g coyote’s yipping all night. They would get close and the pits would run them off. Then they went to the neighbor’s hunting hounds about a 1/4 mile away and got them going till about 430 when it starts to get light.

              • Dave in ID, you’re in a better place than I’m in. I just hope I can make it to my relative’s BOL when the time comes. Sounds like those coyotes need to be “ventilated”. If they came around my place yipping, 00 buck can stop the yipping. braveheart

                • Hey guys, 9mm carbine is flat at 100 yds…
                  will drop any coyote with a 124fmj…been there…

                • Yeah Bravehart, freakin coyotes in Memphis.

                  Paranoid AND crazy.

                  Your relatives are in for a real treat with you.
                  DO they play dueling banjos?

                  • @ Rich98,
                    I lived in Memphis 20+ years, in a middle class neighborhood, developed for miles around. Just moved away from there 1 year ago, and you can bet your ass there were and STILL ARE coyotes in Memphis and pretty much all over TN. Saw them myself in our neighborhood and there were sightings in midtown Memphis a couple times. Warnings are put out periodically on the news to keep an eye on pets and small children because of…..yep, coyotes.

                  • Rich, you’re talking about my relatives, asshole? GO F#$% YOURSELF! They can kick your sorry ass if it came down to it and so can I. I don’t care what you say about me, but you leave my family out of this if you know what’s good for you. F#$% you!

                  • rich98 come on over to Tennessee we got something for your ass punk bitch

                  • There’s coyotes in effing NYC fir Pete’s sake. You don’t get out much, do you RICH99?

                    Hold and squeeze,

                • I dont know who red thumbed you, but it wasnt me. I have no doubt you will make it to your BOL as you have a gun. It opens avenues for travel (get it? pun intended). coyotes are very smart and keep a long distance. Got to use a poodle popper with a dusk/dawn scope. Glad I dont have chickens to tend to.

                  • Dave in ID, I also have 2 rifles to get the job done. anyone know if .22LR will work on a coyote?

                  • For Braveheart….22 will do the job and leave the pelt nice…22 HP in a CCI type will reach out good and get em… 🙂 REB

            • You need to move because it sounds like you are already in a bad spot.

            • It’s just your liver spots BH!

            • I think they have a pill for paranoia.
              Leave the gun locked up crazy man, before you hurt someone, or open fire on a cat in a trash can.

              • Rich and dear mother, f#$% both of you!

            • Gloom and doom angony on me. Deep dark depression my life is full of misery. Heehaw brave dude. You are always “feeling it”. Tension, fear, collapse, etc.

          • BI… agree. Can I borrow 8000$ dollars to buy all this shit. I am still 3000$ in the hole from the Last article Brandon wrote with his gun/night vision sugestions. Sarc. Brandon, is a good writer with good info… Problem is, very few can afford what is sugested by most bloggers.

            • Dave in Id says: Problem is, very few can afford what is sugested by most bloggers.

              That may be true, however; if a person cuts off the cable or satalite bill, skips a meal here and there, and turns OFF the C/AC, it’s possible to obtain those goals. …Ya know, if you wanted too.
              And that’s the key: “If ya wanted too.”
              Hell, sell your car and walk. If you can.
              Have a freakin’ yard sale in order to get what you need.
              If you can’t get it after that. Well, I feel for ya. Best of luck, and do what you can. See you on The other side.

              • I was posting the comment for the people with less $$$. I have always had preps(except money because I use it to buy preps) put away for many years. I agree with you on people cutting out unnessesary stuff. Basics is what will get the majority of preppers through this. Water, food, shelter, heat, guns, bible, maps, tools and seeds. That puts them light years ahead of the EBT group.

              • I came with a different way to pay for preps. I sell plasma. I get approximately $250 a month doing that. You can donate twice a week. It takes about an hour each time. It has minimal effect on my budget as it is only a 10 minute drive from my house. It’s not for everyone, but it is an idea that is outside of the box.

          • @BI: Went outside and look around closely, the first thing that caught my attention was the birds are gone we had 6 pair of doves and now none, same with the j’s, sparrows, black birds missing. No grass-hoppers, few ants etc. now WTF something is NOT RIGHT. I live in the Mid-West. Raccoons, etc. that are out at night are now out during the day and very few of them, like you said everything seems to have gone to ground. Just what I saw today.

            Keep the FAITH

            • Watchman, over the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen a lot of crows in my area which is very rare. something is definitely not kosher. braveheart

              • Same oddness occurring in NW Ohio. Ironweed began blooming a month ago, but no Golden Rod as yet. The two usually bloom together.I have huge rosehips on every rose; they usually grown only the Rugosas. Our bluebirds and orioles are still with us and they are normally spring to early summer visitors. We’ve had flock after flock of starlings,grackles and Canadian geese headed south, although in very loose formation. I have nothing concrete to explain it, but I’m really adgitated and concerned as well. Even when I’m out picking tomatoes, I’m looking over my shoulder, and my dog won’t leave my side. Not sure what’s going on.

              • I live in Spring Texas. I saw three small flocks of ducks flying south. I do not believe I have ever seen ducks in August flying south. Can anyone in Texas comment?

                • “Winter is coming.”

                  (Sorry. Gratuitous Game of Thrones reference. Couldn’t help myself.)

              • Crows?????? Now it’s birds. Shooting urban coyotes with 00. You need to relax dude. You are funny in the head. You also keep forgetting about things you say and then later lie about them. Your family would win the fictitious fight with Dave. You are going to have a stroke before the guberment gets you.

            • “sparrows, black birds missing. No grass-hoppers, few ants etc.”

              Roger that!

              …What’s a butterfly?

            • I was just talking about this today with a relative. Birds have been really quiet last 2 weeks here too. I normally have tons of bumblebees and have only saw a couple flying around all summer. Robins usually gather on my property during migrations. Usually see them arrive in March and leave in November. They were gathering first of August!!! Haven’t saw any since. And at least you have saw raccoons even if it’s in the day. I normally have a couple try to raid my cat’s food bowl every evening. Haven’t saw any in a long time. I think nature is the best alert system for when something is going wrong and there’s definitely something wrong this year.

            • Just swept 20 dead bees from my front porch with absolutely no reason I can think of. Never saw that before. One more piece of the puzzle…

            • Ma nature is going haywire because of tesla technology being used. Look up tesla and read what happened when his tower of power was operational. Our government as well as others have this technology. Thats why they do not fear the electric grid going down. They have their backup and have deprivd the world of this knowledge. And at some point they will turn the lights out on us.

          • OMG BI… you and are the ONLY ones that are even mentioning EMP….Brandon failed… sorry guy…
            The Russians are in our southern quadrant…naval…
            That’s all it’s gonna take…

            Be hardened and vigilant…Godspeed everyone.

          • “who knows maybe they are sensing war also. When you start to see the monkeys and apes start to make sign languages symbols for mushroom clouds, or talking parrots start to talk about WW3, then we know.”

            LOL! Yeah, but even they will “get it” before most of the sheeple do…

          • I agree with the suggestion that more discussion should be made regarding radiation protection. Most people I know aren’t even remotely aware of the threat that Fukushima presents and will continue to present for years to come. 1300+ spent fuel rods need to be removed from the building housing them because of the danger that the building can collapse. This story is obviously being squashed by the media.

            One thing I haven’t seen mentioned on this site (forgive me if i’m wrong) is the use of either calcium or sodium bentonite clay as a radiation and toxin remover from the body. I won’t go into details but please google or do a search of this product and educate yourselves on its potential uses. Even food grade bentonite clay powder isn’t terribly expensive and makes a great addition your preps. Apparently potassium iodide isn’t recommended for long term use and if things in Fukushima go terribly wrong, it will be a long term problem.

            There are numerous threats on the horizon. Peace out to all!

          • BI

            Do you have any thoughts on the situation in India. With a population size only second to China, of 1.2 billion people, I can’t believe the implosion of their economy won’t have significant implications for us all.

            The NWO has taken down a major power without even a whimper of protest from the global community. Effectively they now control an entire continent. Agenda 21 has scored a major point as starvation will now follow.

            If India can be taken out like this, so can China and certainly the US. The first MAJOR blow in the WW has taken place, Syria is just a distraction atm, (not saying it won’t get serious, just that in sheer numbers the deaths in India will overshadow Syrian ones due to starvation shortly). WTF is up with the alt news sites?

            At a minimum we should follow India closely here, if only to show us how a major world economic nation can be taken over. The model for economic collapse being played out over there is the closest we’ll get until it happens to us!

            • @ lonelonmum. India is some place that few of us pay any attention to, and any cave in of the economy there will certainly have a bad effect on everyone. India is always an issue with Pakistan and China over the prime real estate of Cashmir. India still with me is probably where the next super virus is coming from. This location is where the densest population is, perfect petri dish for a super germ with the high heat and moisture, and the total lack of sanitation. If I was a germ I would be very happy to live in India. The amount of air travel going in and out of that giant slum makes the spread of a super virus a calamity waiting to happen. With the implosion of the economy there, the conditions of poverty will only get that much worse and more of a breeding ground for a deadly pathogen.

        • Camron losses by 13 votes. The UK will not be joining us at this time. We do this folly… we do it alone…

          • The UK and Europe are heavily dependant on russian gas. A few years ago ukraine and russia had a spat over the gas pipeline running from russia through the ukraine and into Europe.

            Russia shut the tap off starving europe of gas to the point europe pressured ukraine into meeting russian demands and turning the spigot back on.

            Since that event I always thought in a future conflict with russia, russia would pressure our traditional allies into sitting out.

            • Yep…. proof againg that Obumer is a fool and knows nothing of how the world works….

              • It’s interesting, normally the UK does exactly what the US tells it to in military terms. This has been the pattern since WW2 every single time.

                This time Russia is the bigger kid in the global playground it seems. This is a big deal as the last time London and Moscow cooperated openly it was to spawn & publish that devil Marx and we all saw the loss of life that led to eventually.

              • I’m wondering if the CIA has finally had enough of the little twerp and is feeding him BS intelligence to get him to make such a public fool of himself that he’ll STFU or even be forced to resign. Heck, even Dennis Kucinich is now opposing him now. He’s fubar’d the Egypt situation such that his asshole buds in the Brotherhood are becoming persona non grata with the majority of Egyptians, and that will spread.

                Hold and squeeze

              • He is a fool. However, he is just an evil, souless puppet. He can give a good speach. That is all his handlers need. Hope and change my a$$.

        • His answers are in Luke 21: 7-36.

        • When the US hits Syria, Iran and Syria retaliate against Israel and Iran attacks US interests in the Gulf.

          Israel responds to the massive rocket attack with overwhelming force leveling Damascus and eliminating Assad.

          Israel also responds to Iran’s attack with overwhelming force, perhaps even nuclear missiles. US Forces in the Gulf overwhelm Iran with devastating attacks giving new meaning to “shock and awe”.

          Israel pounds Hezbollah in South Lebanon and sends in tanks and troops to rout out the Islamists and Iranian guards, destroying all of their weapons and taking NO prisoners.

          Neutron bombs may be used by Israel to eliminate Iranian and Hezbollah forces in South Lebanon. Gaza is cleansed.
          The land will be knee deep in blood.

          After incredible death and destruction Islamic sues for peace. The anti Christ signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel.

          The rest is Revelation. Lots of time to prep. 🙂

          • @ DK. And all the while Gog (Russia) sends enough nukes to the United States and Europe to send everyone back to the 19th century. What is left of tiny little Israel is then set for revelations? Don’t think that leaves much time to prep. China and Russia have talked about, under the radar of most news, of attacking Saudi Arabia, maybe Kuwait and Qatar to punish the west for destroying Syria and Iran. $1000 oil for those left alive that can buy it. Talk about hell on Earth, maybe you’re right about Revelations and the end times.

            • ANON: Mutual Assured Destruction has kept the nuclear peace between the USA and Russia for 50 years. Putin is a nationalist above all things.

              He is not going to go nuclear over Syria and have his country destroyed in the process of nuking the USA. Get a brain. 🙂

          • Wow DK…..new xbox is coming around October. Make sure to get a new version of Call of Duty as well. Come to earth man.

          • Vetrans Today had an article a few months ago. Said russia has sold 40,000 of those sun burn sea skimming anti carrier ship missles to Iran, and many are burried in underground bunkers while others are on Mobile units to move where needed.

            Those russian missles skim a couple feet on top of the ocean, when it travels it don’t go in a straight line path. It spins or zig zags untill it slams into the lower water line Hull of a ship. One single missle is able to sink a aircraft carrier if it hits proper ship section.

            Do Not Underestimate Russian weaponery.

            Russia just held the worlds largest Air show. Over 1000 of top world plane related companies went to show off wares and products.

            Russisa newest latest Jet plane fighter is the T-50 I think its called. That jet is totally amzeing.

            It can sit perfectly still in mid air like a copter hovers. Then begins a slow spin in a circle to the left, then switched to a right hand slow spin circle. Then all a sudden it halts in mid air perfectly still as if hung there by invisiable wire. Then withoit warning the plane tilts its nose straitht Up in a perfect straight up angel. And blasts off at tremendous speed straight up.

            Then suddenly flattens out normal like a jet flying across sky. Then it begins to sit in same place and goes around in a circle within own space like a top spinning.

            Then it looks as if pilot lost control and goes into what appears as a death spiral down fast to earth. Then again comes to a quick Halt and remains suspended in Mid air!

            RT tv news showed it. Man I never seen any plane do 1/2 what the new russian plane does. Its simply amazeing how it defies all former limits of gravity etc.

            Navys Blue angel Pilots got Nothing on those russian pilots. I saw that rt video several times in two days and each time all you can do is sit there in awe of what the plane is capable of doing.

            If Gordon Duffs right and russian sun burn missles can do as his article stated to destroy a ship the size of aircraft carriers?…USA needs tread very lightly in mid east wars.

            • Hey Russian cheerleader, how about a link or two so we can all share in your apparent enthusiasm. And please remember; The USA spends (on military) roughly the equivalent of many Countries entire gdp combined. Methinks we prolly have a few nifty toys to be granstanded if this unfortunate event gets kicked off by our usurper in chief.:-)

              • Big Rich: I am Not a russian nor a cheerleader for russians. I am simply posting info on what I viewed at RT tv news and Read at veterans Today website. you can find the links to those two it is very easy to do your own research.

                It seems many folks today still see russia as the exact same as it was from 1918 till 1990 when it was Under bolshevik jewish kommie occupation control. Things has drastically Changed the last 20 yrs in russia.

                Putin jailed or booted out the worst of the eil kommie jewish factor. Most are Now in usa and telaviv.

                And I for one do not think russias military potentials and their missles weapons etc are any type of a joke as many seem to think. Usually the folks who run to buy chineese made small cheep usa flags, then wave flags while chanting usa usa usa! Are the sort who still remain delusional of actual truths surrounding many events occuring today.

                • Them guy, no offense, I guess I forgot to hit the sarcasm button. These red and green finger people are rough! By your follow up Im certain were of the same mind when it comes to who‘s really responsible for most of the trouble thats been heaped upon humanity.:-) Stay well and stay prepped.

                  • No offence taken Anonymous.(big rich?) I never take much offence regardless what folks say. The only ones I get pissed off at are those who never do any research, and always Parrot some lame MSM or SPLC-ADL type response to my posts.

                    Those type folks are the lost cause big time. I prefer to have idiots like that doing name calling etc in person and in a public setting. They think calling someone a name like rayssis or antisemite is going to shut the guy up. It shocks them when instead I Laugh loudly at their assininity, then if they are whiteys I publicly ask them Why don’t you start to ack like a white man/woman?

                    It tosses them off kilter as they don’t expect that. Then I move in for the kill so to speak!

                    But I take zero offence to a reply like yours. Its how we can Learn from each other.

            • someone apparantly missed the last few JSOH airshow that they have at andrews AFB each year.

              what you are describing is similar to what the harriers and yf22 demonstrate yearly to anyone who comes to the airshow.

              i’m not saying that the russian technology isn’t on-par with what we have, but it isn’t superior.

              • Whatever was shown at that russian air show sold in one days time over $7 Billion worth in contracts for aprox 150 planes. So someone in the world must think its good technology to spend that much combined in a single day. I guess that was the private showings held prior to opens for public spectators. I think its actually This weekend show for public access.

                One thing very swell and good with russia is that today its the Only White nation with a huge white majority thats planning to Remain mostly white and christian.

                If I was 40 yrs younger I’d consider at least a year long visit to consider maybe moving to russia at the rate americans now headed. If Zionists and banksters dont destroy the usa, multicultural divirsity maddness sure will. I do not see either destroying russias culture or nation. They seem the only whites who do stick together like americans used to do before the 1900-1930 era.

                • Don’t believe the BS, Americans are not against Russian people at all since they learned who was in charge. I’ve read several postings from the REAL people, not TROLLS, people who actually LIKE Putin.

                  People hope Putin can stop the crises, however, I doubt it because his administration is already infiltrated with a lot of the old style-thinking enemies of the Russian people and it’s very difficult to disgorge them, especially the military leadership. 🙁

                  People still see the gigantic statues and big monuments of the past SOVIET REVOLUTIONISTS (Bolshevik, Lenin, Stalin, etc…). The old horrific images of the REVOLUTION, the RED OCTOBER CIVIL WAR, WW2, the GULAGS still LINGER in people minds. The Useful Idiots are the ones who suffered and died in the horrific working condition, to bring back those images alive. Don’t forget Stalin used the western’s construction equipments for his lavish projects.

                  GORDON DUFFS’ articles are nothing more than propaganda and are intended to mislead people. Even the Vietnam veterans do not trust him. 🙁

                  And our Vietnam Vets have not taken him in as one of them, because they know him for what he (Gordon Duffs) really is.

                  • Many times articles are not written by the writers, but through information supplied to them by their headquarters or their masters. 🙁

                    Because some writers (often are TROLL writers) are not smart enough to do it themselves, especially to know what exactly the NWO agenda are.

                    MAC SLAVO is very consistent with his writing and his thinking.

                    It’s easy for me to tell that it’s HIS own original work.

                    With GORDON DUFFS’ WRITING, THINKING & TWISTED LOGIC, his articles are very inconsistent and often WRONG… He consistently blames American people and others wrongly.

                  • NMBC: agree, as a Vietnam era vet, the Duffster cannot be trusted. First is an Athiest… great start. Next he admits he even puts out propaganda or false info. He tells us we need to read between the lines of what he puts in print and what he says in interviews. I personally do not trust Putin the multi-billionaire…he surrounds himself with Lubavitch Jews who are notorious for undermining all nations and for the Noahide Laws. He also has many Jews running the big corporations in Russia and the money is still going into Rothschild accounts…research it! He is also ex-KGB head which is like saying ex-CIA about Georgie Bushshit…bullshit, once in all the way in. He is also a chicken shit liar and has not helped any country but is playing the Luciferian game or gambit. However, his decisions are in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ and God will do as he will with Russia. Also he plays the Orthodox Christian game but some of what I have read says he has a Jewish parentage. He is all about showmanship and deception of the West. If you have done any research you know the Orthodox is not trusted by the Catacomb true Orthodox church. The Orhodox Church is full of KGB, or GRU or Stasi agents/bishops/priests and that is a known fact. Putin has been showcased to the world through the Zionist press. Anyone who believes RT is not controlled opposition need a brain enema. It is all stage production…all of it!

          • DK, while I agree that there has to be the cry of peace and security to buy or sell anything you will have to have the mark of the beast. So therefore it’s better to prepare now then wait for Armegedon. The Great Tribulation comes before Armegedon.

          • I’ve read on The Daily Bell how, ‘The Powers That Be’ want to set a certain stage.
            The PTB have lots of people in social media setting up the idea.

            This could be, ‘The Real Thing’ … or it could be, we’re being played for suckers?

            Time will tell.

            • Daily Bell has closed up shop.

        • I had a dream a while back( early 2000’s after Sept 11 2001happened), There were people openly smoking Marijuana, there were men in pickup trucks with rifles guarding their crops. But get this ,it was in California as I had lived there in the early 1990’s and had returned their to help the survivors of a HUGE Earth Quake that had destroyed many bridges. Yes we are over due for the big one and it seems people are openly smoking the Reefer.

          • Sounds like you’ve been helping.

        • Watchman

          Your gut is probably correct..

          This luciferian tool is going to ignore the entire world and especially it’s(not his,) country and Constitution and follow orders from its nwo counterparts and the fucking world be damned..

          It is going to lay waste to innocents..collateral damage be damned.

          It, and its minions, are going to create carnage for pride and prejudice..nothing more.just because it created a red line that was crossed.
          Never mind that “it’ and its minions supplied toxic nerve gas to its rebels..never mind that the un inspectors left Damascus today opening up strikes at any moment..

          I had thought for sure this was all a bluff..but after todays conference with john f’n lurch kerry announcing 100% proof positive evidence..yeah right..I digress..

          Game on..

          i’ll eat crow on this one..

          God help us all..


        • I can’t control what the psychopaths do. But I can control what I do.

          Long before much of this stuff happens, daddy will feel a need to be off to war to fight for God and His people.

          My call to action will be the first reports of UN “peacekeepers” or foreign soldiers attacking innocents on the soil of my country.

          We don’t need the internet to win the war. We need the 100 million gun owners in this country to grow a pair and answer the call when it become obvious to all there is no other choice.

          We don’t need to assemble a team. We need to each become an Army of One fighting for our own freedom. That will be far more than the corp can handle. Their worst attacks will result in one death, and likely after it has lost several paid goons in the process.

          We will win the war at home just like the Afghans win in their home. The enemy is the same, thus the tactics must be as well.

          • and we need the 100,000,000 gun owners to give their spare pistols to the converted liberals(once the liberals realize what the 2nd amendment is for). that would equate to maybe, 100,000,005 gun owners fighting.

            • Unfortuately only 130 million people voted in the last election and we know how the majority of those idiots voted.

              • Joeschmo, let us NOT forget we were told that many people voted and we were told that they voted him in! do not believe all that you are told, the polls were and have been rigged for a long time. it will not change until we all rise and make it happen ! where do you sit?

                • Over half of the wroking age population is now on some form of govt assistance. These people will not vote for anyone promising to fix the system so that these entitlements can be eliminated. They will vote for the guy who is promising them more and better free govt swag. That’s why the corporate fascists who have hijacked our govt want to get as many people as possible on govt assistance. if gives them complete control of these people’s hearts and minds, and makes the rest of us the democratic minority.

              • They voted for communism, commies all.

                • @Commie hater

                  If you vote, you support for the Fascist States of America. The FSA.

            • Ah, exactly why do I want to give anything to that liberal? Frankly; I’d rather have an empty spot next to me than that brain dead lump. Much better to have him on the other side. If 10 MM of that 100M actually do something, we have them out numbered better than 20 to one. Hardly even fair. Better if he’s on their side. No doubt he has never hunted or anything so he’s just a spot to get rid of excess ammo.

            • svenny

              I ain’t arming a mouth breather.
              They will just use it to take your stuff.


            • svenny–‘IF’ those blasted liberals read ‘One Second After’, they’d convert much faster. 🙂
              Ricin out, here.

          • @ Gods Creation

            “We don’t need to assemble a team”.

            Bad idea, and here’s why.

            Out of 100 million weaponized civilians, that’s a great way to get 50 million “Team Kills” simply because you’ll have so many unidentified and individual factions.

            If there’s anything I’ve learned by playing Call Of Duty, you have to have good, reliable, concise communications and coordination.

            In reality, you don’t get to “respawn” when you screw up, and neither does the other guy who you THOUGHT was the enemy.

            • Allright!! A fellow gamer! Amazing how much you learn from modern games! They have definitely improved on my already substantial training. Sorry unrelated to main topic
              Standing ready in Daytona

            • Cali, Call of Duty is the militaries game to train teenagers to fight for the corp in a “conventional” war. They need the communication to keep from killing each other. The enemy (which is us) doesn’t need it to kill them.

              The People don’t need it. All they need to do is focus on those who look like the military, which is our enemy on the ground. The UN blue hats should be a dead giveaway, as will become the US goons currently dressed in easily recognized camo and promoted as heros.

              When the US military turns its guns on us, they should not be too shocked when we shoot them for their crime. If one turns his guns on us, the rest become legitimate targets because they have all undergone the same brainwashing. At the very least, they are aiding and abetting the enemy. I could not care less what their uniform looks like, they will be the enemy of God and freedom.

              It would also be helpful to shoot anyone who dresses like a banker, and to seek out known bankers and politicians first to cut off the head of the beast more swiftly.

              In the movie the Patriot, the only reason the People were able to win was because they didn’t follow the British military’s “rules of war” and go stand in a field waiting to be shot. They took it to the trees and ambushed them every chance they got. Imagine millions of people hiding waiting for the best chance to strike. They may die, but will take many others with them. It’s a sacrifice that we may all have to make one day, but it is better than becoming shake and bake and being tossed in a corp oven.

              I have no intention of following the corps rules of war. If it declares war or commits an act of hot war against the People, it’s minions will not know the rules the People are playing by, resulting in our advantage. They will be prepared and well trained in the wrong kind of war, not the one they will be left fighting.

              Those with military training will be the easiest to get rid of. They will try to use the corps playbook against the ones who wrote it.

              When the time comes, a uniform will not signify anything except the value of the enemy target and the potential to retrieve weapons and ammo for later use against the next ones.

              When they realize what is happening, it may just be too late. They can only kill us off one at a time, and at great expense. Most of their damage will be done against innocent women and children who are not combatants. But monsters don’t care about that, and the millions of Armies of One will still be standing strong waiting for their chance to give out some payback.

              • Gods, well thought out.

                “An army of one,” or as I prefer, a Committee of One, be that a Committee of Safety, or a Committee of Correspondence, etc, We here on SHTF are committees of one, committees of correspondence.
                Please keep your thoughts coming.

                Semper Fi
                Committee of One

              • You might want to read up on Sun Tzu, comms, and the importance of foreknowledge.

                • @California Resident

                  Hey DK, why the deception?

                  The old tag failing you??

                  C’mon now…

                  I have the intel.

                  • Yo Mama: yourmotherwaswrong again! LMAO! 🙂

              • GC, I agree with your entire post. who says we’ll have to play the game THEIR way? If you do, you’re guaranteed to lose. Never lose sight of the fact that they have evil intentions toward the people. THEY are the ones who want to destroy this country, NOT US. the only thing we’ll owe to them will be 2 bullets to the head for each one of them. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

              • @ Gods Creation: I pray it doesn’t come to it but my Spidey sense is at red alert and things are looking grim.
                Any one that engages the opposing conventional forces by trying to out Army the Army is going to win real quickly a Dawin award. One will need to become a ghost guerilla and remember who truly is responsible for the Sh_t storm were in. Not the meat puppet politicians, but the ones behind the curtain, Banksters meaning the ones who owne the the Fed. and the other degenerate parasitical so called royal families. These are the true enemies of humanity.

                MOLON LABE!

                • A Suppressor is Easily made, a must for hit and move..

              • “All they need to do is focus on those who look like the military, which is our enemy on the ground.”

                Exactly the point—how many of US will/might be wearing camo? I know I have some forest pattern and would be using it if I had to hide in some foliage. What that means is, somebody like you would shoot ME.

                Rethink yourself, please.

                • I know I wouldn’t want somebody like you on MY six.

                  • How would you know I was there? You can’t see me.

                  • Reynaldo, it could be the hair on the back of my neck standing up, that whiny little buzzing in my ear or that sharp pain in my ass that could clue me in that you’re around.

                • @ sixpack

                  “Rethink yourself, please.” <–says it all.

                  Good advice, Sixpack!!! I agree with you 100%.

                  There's a story from a guy (I think he was from Bosnia) who talks about the real life experience of SHTF and from what I read there was none of this 'moving around freely and taking the army out' nonsense.

                  I've said it before and I'll say it again; The people that are forced to panic first are the ones that will die first.

                  These people that think for one second that they will fend off any coordinated military group with Rambo-like impunity will quickly find themselves out communicated, out gunned, cold, hungry, and dead in short order.

                  The best weapons will be that of your eyes, ears, your nose, and the ability to keep your mouth shut.

                  Most of your time will be spent trying to remain invisible.

                  • “””Most of your time will be spent trying to remain invisible.”””

                    Exactly right. Until it is time to strike. Most will die in the strike, but if they can each take out three corp soldiers before they can react, the war will be won quickly thanks to those willing to make such a sacrifice. Without them, the war is lost.

                    It will not be possible to remain invisible if you are out impersonating soldiers.

                  • That’s why you must become the mist in the night air…a ghost appearing but for a moment to inflict death and harm then like a shadow in the night fading into nothing…they push….you disappear…they move you stalk…they panic…you don’t…use fear and fluidity and never ever get in a hurry…carelessness will be what kills you….be the darkness….

                • when I used to paint ball,I found out that olive drab green worked better than camo regardless what the mil spec suppliers claim.

                  • Luckily, I have both.

                • Those military uniforms that we can buy in thrift stores seem to never wear out. Bet a lot of people have some stuck away for that time. Seems as though there are some who have already decided to shoot anything in a uniform. Please consider changing your plans.

                • If you don’t want to be associated with the enemy, don’t dress like them when you already know what they wear. Don’t act like them when you know how they act. The People are the people, the corp soldiers are the corp soldiers. People dress like people, soldiers like soldiers.

                  That is common sense. In the war we will likely be forced to fight, the good guys will not be dressed in any uniform, or anything that looks like a uniform of the enemy.

                  Distance yourself from what you do not want to be confused with. If you walk around in surplus army clothes, you have put the target on yourself and must accept the consequences of that.

                  If you and your five buddies are dressed to hilt in military gear and camo uniforms, expect to be treated like the enemy by the rest of us. Expect to be ambushed at every tree. Expect someone to jump up from underneath every bridge.

                  And most of all, expect to become a target of the real soldiers sent to kill off the likes of you. Those who are gung ho about playing the banksters war games.

                  There is no middle ground here. You are one of the people, or one of the soldiers. If you want to be one of the people and dress like the soldiers to feed your ego, expect to be the target of both.

                  Nothing learned in the military will transfer to the war against the people. It did not in the first revolution, and will not in this one either. If we are to win the war, we must resort to new tactics for which they can not prepare.

                  Forget the corps training, unless it is merely to avoid doing any of it. Spread yourself and your five buddies out over a two mile stretch and attack them 6 times instead of one.

                  That is the war the corp soldiers are not trained for.

                  If you were a bear, what would kill you first. A small pack of 6 dogs attacking at once, or millions of fire ants attacking every step of the journey?

                  The war can only be won if it is fought on the terms of the people, not the corp. I suggest you think of how you can apply the peoples best strategy to our benefit.

                  • Good advice….in winter my woolies from the 1950/60 era…..warm season….just my trusty loincloth and a rebel yell… 😉

                  • What? Since the military wears colors that make them harder to see (harder to hit), WE should all wear international orange, so we can’t be confused with someone who is intelligent enough to use camouflage?

                    Are you nuts???

                    Idiots won’t look closely enough to discern if their target has dressed “to hilt in military gear”, they’re probably gonna shoot anything that moves!!!

                    You can wear a bulls-eye on your ass if you want to—but me, I’m gonna try to my best to be as much a part of my surroundings as I possibly can. I intend to make it out the other side without any extra holes…thank you very much.

                  • Ninja’s wear all black. Camo is not needed for a well planned surprise attack, which is the ONLY way we can win the war.

              • A freaking game will NOT ever teach you the simple elements of survival in real conflict. Stop playing games and get a reality check soonest…. You will only live once, then its over forever. Not a game people.

                • “A freaking game will NOT ever teach you the simple elements of survival in real conflict”

                  I dunno about that. I learned at least 5 things:

                  1. How/why not to give away my position
                  2. The difference between cover and concealment
                  3. You can’t really hide in plain sight
                  4. Watch your six like a hawk
                  5. They wear goggles for a good reason

                  It improved my reflex time and bettered my aim.

              • Stop playing a freaking game people, you can reset the game, in real life your plain and simply dead! Palning for the future is NOT a game. You live only one, use it wisely and prepare accordingly.

            • I tried to tell people about COD on here and your wasting your time. People who have never played the game like to judge it. I agree it’s not as good as real life but it does teach certain situations and the graphics are unreal these days.

              • Colts, It is far better than real life because nobody dies. It can also teach one how the military is trained so the training can be circumvented and the weaknesses exploited.

                However, it will not teach you how to fight the war that will need to be waged once the people are openly attacked.

                It will only teach you to do the things the enemy wants and expects you to do. If that is how you care to train yourself, learn to die well.

                • Gets really “realer” when the rounds are live and you hear them before you hear the shot….

          • If you cant control what psychopaths do Gods Creation, how can you control what YOU do????

      2. Adding to the food stores as I type…get ready folks, it’s looking like a bumpy ride…

        • Bumpy my ass…this could be a full on collision.

        • Me too, this week I canned 46 pints of Rogue River Chinook. The grandsons are great fishermen, and generous.

        • Say its coming and crying wolf won’t make it happen.

      3. Filled up the truck and (3) 5 gallon cans today, added STA-BIL – Fuel Stabilizer. This will get me to the Continental Divide with my boat, ammo, and a truck full of food. Winter will be here soon so I also picked up a couple military cold winter sleeping bags. Think I will be okay. Hope and pray the same for ALL of you on here!!

        • I know gas is important to function normally in this society but storing it can be dangerous. If I store gas and something like my dryer catch on fire then it would blow up and hurt my kids. It isn’t something I want to take a chance on. Walking never hurt anyone.I’ll put my money in food and most important my faith in Jesus Christ.

          • Faith in JC maybe a great way to get to heaven, tactically, it sucks. Problems with gas, store Kerosene, You can trade. Faith is a great excuse to do nothing, except it never works. Even the Bible agrees with that. God didn’t tell Joseph to ask the Egyptians to store 7 years worth of Bibles.

            • Right.
              God helps those, who help themselves …

            • There is no reason for me to store kerosene as I have a wood stove and plenty of woods to use as fuel. I still believe gasoline is is dangerous to store in large quantities unless you have a building away from your house to store it in. I do not. I have never used faith as a excuse not to prep. Most preppers I know are Christians who have studied Revelations and know that this world will get worse before Christ returns. God doesn’t give us wisdom to sit and do nothing. I was just saying storing gasoline is dangerous and its not a chance I want to take.

          • @ItIsWellWithMySoul, don’t store your gas near anything that gets hot. Try a spare bedroom closet or outbuilding, or far basement corner. The bathtub is a good place for temp storage—the water is right there and there are few combustibles. Use common sense.

            • Gasoline expands when it gets warm. You might be surprised how much. You must keep it cool or it will extrude vapors out of the container, or even liquid if you filled it too full. Been there, done that. Storing gasoline within any closed space where vapor can concentrate is an explosion waiting to happen. Something as innocuous as the spark from a light switch can set off gasoline vapor. Do not mess with storing gas in your dwelling or even your attached garage. The only exception I might consider would be the old heavy steel GI jerrycans, which can stand a fair amount of internal pressure. (Good luck finding them today. Over fifteen years of watching yard sales, want-ads, and auctions I have managed to accumulate only four.)

              Hold and squeeze,

              • We like the metal 55-gal drums. Buying the non-ethanol slows the ability to prep to rapidly on that.

              • Kept me 5 of em when I closed my shop…wish Id kept more…full of gas and you can jump up and down on em…drop em…you really cant rupture one under any reasonable use…youre right though…treat gasoline with respect…theres no second chance once it takes fire…

          • In an emergency, how would you get those kids to the hospital?? You willing to wait on EMT?? Took them 15 minutes to get to my house when my husband wouldn’t wake with a seizure.
            My bet is on an emergency far greater than a fire at your home.

        • You can buy an old motor home really cheap. 100 gal gas tank, generator, 25+ gal propane tank, 50+ gal water tank, with Batteries plus a stove, refrig, water heater and heating that work on propane or electric.

          Find one cheap and make sure the appliances work. Good for emergency and decent for energy storage for later use.

          • Good point. Best places to buy are Florida and Arizona. Estate sales…..

            Hold and squeeze,

      4. My gut sense has been active the past few weeks. It worked well in Viet-Nam in the late 60’s and kept my sweaty butt alive.

        The nation has zero leadership and is negative on the government competency level. Don’t think those that hate us cannot see what most citizens don’t want to even notice.

        People, think situational awareness, because the situation is about to go sideways.

        Stay safe, enjoy the day, hug your dog.

      5. I don’t have much to offer other than 20/15 vision, the ability to fly and instruct in Robinson R22’s and R44’s, a constructively defiant attitude, and a sincere desire to get my ass out of California and into a freer state such as Wyoming, Texas…..etc. even though I can’t afford to move just yet, I’m always looking and hoping to gain the interest of a like-minded person.

        Oh yeah, I bring my own AR-15, ammo, and body armor with me.

        Any bites?

        I might as well try to get myself out there this way, because evidently my resume ‘looks’ don’t satisfy the latte drinking / better have a perfect looking resume crowd.

        • welcome fellow pilot, im not a rotary guy, fixed wing is how I roll, good skills none the less..although lately I get the feeling our government wants to do away with GA..it affords too many possible freedoms and they cant have that now can we?

          were only about 2,000 miles apart

          • Flyer here too, R & F, but I worry in an “Event”, flying would probably impossible. Unless you kissed treetops. Cali is a Long way to fly!!
            Standing ready in Daytona

        • When I was in my twenties I learned how to fly 152’s, 172’s, 182’s as well, but haven’t stayed current since then.

          You never forget how, despite Fed-Imposed currency requirements. The seat-time knowledge never really leaves you.

          When the SHTF it won’t matter if you’re ‘current’ or not….you’ll do what you need to to get off the ground, and out of Dodge.

          • A souped up Rotor FX would be fun, not real good payload but that can be dealt with,
            Still a payload of just under 600# is quite a bit of stuff, especially if you pre place some items.

        • I can repair electronics, but I don’t know how far that would go after an EMP strike. I also know radio.

          Got 6K rounds of various ammunition, my own AR-15 as well, a few other arms, body armor, somewhere between 1-2 years of food (depending on who stays with me), PMs for barter, a variety of radios, etc.

          • Get a lot of soap, tums, and aspirin. All cheap and looks like it’s going to be a dirty, pain in the stomach, headache time.

            • Don’t forget Preparation H for the Pain in the ass times!

            • I filled the 500 gallon propane tank in July with the summer discount.
              I had already decided to save it and use the electric central heat.
              Now, I definitely will not use the propane.

              Paranoid, I just yesterday went through the herbs, vitamins, and pain remedies and counted how many months we have to order enough for a year. I’ll feel better with a year. Even the vitamin C crystals, hemp oil–I’d like a year.

        • Fellow pilot… I wish you a great escape from Kalifornia. I am a Cessna owner and wish that I could squeeze my little aerobat on my rural property. Rotary is beyond my wallet.

          Hope someone has the turf for your skills. It would be nice if some grand piece of REASONABLE real estate in the midwest that could support some grass strips, hangers, living quarters, etc. I am sure most of the SHTF readers would be very interested. (Hint, Hint, Mac !)

          Expect GA flying to be continually restricted. A wonderful freedom that will be no doubt be strangled.

        • @California resident;
          I like you live in this hole way out in the desert. We wish we could sell out and get the hell out but we are screwed with the fledging real estate market, so we are pretty much hosed.
          On the up side though, my neighbors are way off. On the down side is the major east/west freeway 845meters south of us. I have ran a senecio thinking if SoCal takes a flip and and a major evac takes place. This freeway will be packed for a couple weeks at least. Gas is going to be a big major issue, if anybody is going to run out, it will happen in close proximity of here.
          If this happens in the summer time, oh baby! It can hit 125degrees here so water is a big concern. Food the same way, the closest food is 20 miles west of us or 100 miles east.
          Which leaves what?…….. Us, totally exposed to view.
          We have been anticipating a scenario somewhat like we are seeing play out. We certainly hope this doesn’t come to pass, but rather than play the shoulda woulda coulda, we’re on it.
          I’ve had both houses retrofitted for remote generation, both well pumps changed out, installed a 1500 gallon water tank, buying supplies like a madman. Getting the jeeps in good running order, 2 M38A1s, no EMP problems there. Storing oils, gas, grease, parts, fasteners, nails, bolts, washers, nuts, springs, parts bits and pieces of just about everything you can think of and then some. Nothing goes to waste here, it’s all conserved.
          And of course defense. Loads of it!!!
          The daytime will be the most difficult, we can be easily seen however though the hike to get here is a bear. Nighttime will be easier. I’ll just black the place out. Nobody is going to lurk up on us unannounced or unseen or unknown.
          There is a shady small group of folks that are in the area and everybody knows who they are and they kind of know us.
          If that freeway gets littered with abandoned vehicles I have thought at some point they will be a good source of salvaged materials of what ever kind. The jeeps and trailers will get us there and back.
          Water and heat will be the biggest killer out here. Everybody knows you can last for days hungry but only a few hours without water in the heat.
          Which brings on a Quandary we have talked about.
          What to do if we are faced with a family and kids in the heat no water no food and heading east on foot? We know by living here so long there’s no way they will make it. We believe heavily in Karma but what do we do with this morally.
          This is a terrible issue I and my wife have a problem dealing with.
          We’ve have had the foresight to plan for something like this, do we be compassionate and diminish our stores until they are gone and we end up in the same position? Or do we claim we have little food offer them water to leave?
          Shit like this jerks at our heart strings and hoping we don’t have to endure anything like this. Our hopes that everybody will think a trip like this out before moving out knowing out on it.
          Conservatively I have thought there is 12 million that will be on the move out of southern cal. On the 8east, 40 east, 5 and 15 north. What a friggen jam that will be. Gas and supporting supplies will be gone in just hours. Leaving what? Just what they have with them and the desert and a god awful future.
          Those that will have to make a trip like this, a word to the wise, plan it out and do it now! If this thing goes flip for what ever reason and you haven’t prepared your going to be to late. Normalcy Biases is not a good thing. Get to know what it is and get rid of it. If you have to get out of SoCal going east you have at a bare minimum of 200 miles of hot desert with nothing in it, trust me on this!
          Weigh your possibilities carefully, stay put or take a trip like one you’ve never thought about. This isn’t going to be Disneyland. Law enforcement CHP, Sheriffs, gone like the wind. They will be taking care of their own. Dedication and a paycheck only goes so far, and for good reason and intelligence. You can bet people like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry brown, Henry wax man, Maxine waters, Diane frankinstine, Barbra boxer they will be hunkered down safely protected with tax dollars waiting for the shit to hit the ground so they can reemerge in all their greatness. Our lustrous leaders, WHOOPIE!
          I have thought this might last 4 to6 weeks. This is something I don’t want to witness at all. It is going to be a hell hole of pity.

          • @Hammerun:

            Greetings Sir from the Monterrey Bay.

            I will be taking a trip to Texas in a couple of weeks or so, I’ll wave as I’m passing by, lol.


            • @ BadAmerican

              Come by Stockton first and drag my ass there with you! 😉

              • I was born in Stockon, lived on Oxford way. And worked for 10 years at the Sewer plant as a cogen mechanic.

              • @CR:

                Always room for one more and their BOB. I’ll be on vaca and visiting with the family.

            • @bad American
              So in a couple of weeks I’ll see this car flying by at 85+ and someone waving being chased by the CHP I will know who it is. Just funnen ya. LOL!
              However though. Here’s a prime example of why to be prepared, in real time.
              45 minutes after that last post, 3:00pm pacific, we got hit hard by a micro burst.
              You up there might see it on your local news. Riverside got hit hard and flooded. We were on a flash flood warning. I had thought, yea right I’ll believe that when I see it. I saw it big time. I have a weather station here and the rain gauge said we got 2.12 inches of rain in 40 minutes. The micro burst took out around thirty large power poles along side of the highway and we went off grid.
              We and the kids are both on gens sets right now. The CHP said that SCE didn’t anticipate power restoration till midnight at the earliest. We will find out who has prepped tonight. Those that have generators will have pole lights on.
              It’s good to be prepared, this is the second time in three months this has happened. All of us are on wells and when the power goes out so does the water. That really sucks.

              • @Hammerun:

                If I break down, I am not, I repeat, I am not target practice. You can easily recognize me. I’ll be the one with the shit eating grin and sticking major middle finger up at the drones.

            • I went to DLI years ago. Monterey is a hell of a nice place. Cant say the same about the rest of California.

              • @JRoy:

                Cannot beat the weather here Sir, but it did get pretty hot today, almost 74.


                I’ll see you on the beach……safe….BA.

          • Your quandary reminds me of a question posed to my troop during a lecture on ethics whi,e we were gearing up for Afghanistan. The scenario was we are assigned to a now-or-never-only-one-shot-at-it mission and our hide is compromised by a 12 year old goat herder who takes off running towards the village where our high-value target whose continued operations could cost a lot of lives is holed up. The dilemma was do we let him go and blow the mission and most likely get slaughtered when the whole village descends upon us or do we end the threat.

            The “book” answer was we prevent that kid from reaching the village. Preferably take him alive and detain him but if there is no choice, grease him. The justification is the number of lives at stake and the success of the mission.

            In your case, your mission is to keep your family safe and alive. Maybe Karma’s a bitch but if I were in your shoes, I would take no action that would have any chance of compromising my family’s survival. I’m not saying I’ll sleep peacefully every night because of these choices leading to people dying of dehydration and exposure but I’d rather have some bad nights’ sleep than my family and I taking the dirt nap.

          • Hammerun, greetings from Down Under

            Like you I wonder how I will react if a desperate family arrives begging for assistance with quite likely nothing to offer in return. I am prepping for my 2 kids and now 1 grandkid. Not so worried about me but my kids are my everything and I will happily give them my last and all. Just coz some other family hasnt the foresight to prep doesnt make them “bad” or the “enemy” (unless they are renegades and try to take) – just naive and short sighted. Can I or would I point a gun at them and order them away knowing it could cause their deaths? I truly dont know but believe I could not, particularly if children are suffering. Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Let your conscience be your guide.


          • Hammerrun! A few years back I traveled back to Cali for my Grandmothers funeral. After leaving Kingman and getting channeled into 2 lanes where the smokies inquired about how much fruit I might have onboard and then passing all of the methamphetamine billboards on the side of the freeway I finally got to needles Ca. And it was 104 at 2 am. IM safely back in the hills of western Pa. I have sworn to anybody who will listen that if tshtf imho not one single”typical” southern Californian will ever make it out of that beautiful sunny state. Let alone the next 3 . I.e NM, AZ, etc. Sincere best wishes if tshtf.

        • How long a runway and how hard does the surface have to be. Min. width of runway.

          • Have road that is .4 miles. Twenty feet in width made of hard packed sand. Will have road grader on property to do other road work. Could extend width to 30 ft. Would it be acceptable for a puddle jumper.

            • Length is fine for my 160hp, two seater A-150K . Wingspan is 32 ft. as long as there is no nasty trees and brush reaching for wings the 30 ft would be nice for many fixed wing GA birds.

              Wish I was nearby.

              • Going to grade it out then. I just want to be able to answer the question, Anyone have a landing strip?
                I do, I do.

                You never know.

                • Sling shot…. Our team is doing the same…. good move…..

        • CR,
          How do you feel about southwest UT? Depending on where you’re at you could be just 5 or 6 hrs drive time from where we are, and an even shorter flight. At this point, I’m linking arms with as many military buddies, like minded individuals, and people with skills as I can, while I can. Even then, two men with armor and ARs is much better than one.


          • St George? Aren’t you seriously worried about water down that way? Even more-so that I am here in SLC?

            • Not so much,

              Not so much. Where our rally point is, its nice a green. Water is always a concern anywhere you are, but there is plenty of water to be had for those who know where the streams and rivers are.


          • Been thinking Cedar City and St George. A lot of nice flat spots around.

            I am blessed with grand spring water that never stops on my current farm. I sure would like to be around like minded souls. Fellow GI’s would be superb too.

            At the present my “hood” is filled with humans with severe dumbazz condition.

            • 9er,
              We are in the Cedar – ST G area. Its a great area, plenty of places to disappear, and plenty of good, like-minded rugged individualists around. I grew up in IL and I moved back there when I got out of the MIL, shortly realized that it was a cesspool of ghetto animals and got my ass the hell out of there. In places like that, chances of survival are slim at best. The only way is to distance yourself from the “golden horde’ and plant your ass next to some hardened, skilled, knowledgeable, like minded, gun-toting, liberty loving, government hating, God fearing people like you and I. Here is your answer.


          • @ Ender

            I’m not familiar with any part of UT, but I hear they are weapons friendly for the most part. I also hear it’s a ‘dry’ state, but I don’t drink so that’s not a problem.

            Right now what I need most is a job I can support myself with.

            • Utah does indeed respect the 2nd amendment and it is not a dry state. The state does control alchohol in ABC stores tho.

              Because of the state’s uhhh ‘markup’ (read robbery), we frequently buy cases of booze out of state and risk the bootlegging charge.

            • What industry you in?

            • What kind of work can you do? I can get you a job doing concrete walls. Its hard work, but it pays, its a successful company and they take care of their employees. If anything else, you should at least know that this is a friendly area. When shit starts to go south, get your shit in your bird and get wheels up. If you would like more info about where exactly we are and where would be a good spot to land your bird, let me know and I will give you a method to contact me directly.

          • I am, too. the problem is no one wants to get out of the city, but I am not willing to move to the city. I have skills, and what i don’t have am ready, willing, and able to learn if someone is willing to teach. I do come with supplies.

        • CaliRes: Not in Wyoming or Texas, but in MT deep in redoubt; off-grid, good water, timber, game. Email if you want to discuss: [email protected]

          BTW – read where U.S. CIA and ground troops went into Syria 2 or 3 days before the chemical attack. Also, read the story about the UN personnel being fired upon today by “unidentified” assailants……CIA trying to get them out of there before they uncover another CIA plot like the one that went down in Benghazi? Questions, questions.

        • “””evidently my resume ‘looks’ don’t satisfy the latte drinking / better have a perfect looking resume crowd.””

          Why don’t you just lie on your resume like THEY did to get into a position to not like yours :-).

        • Walt willis in Idaho lives on a private airstrip near kamiah and could use more fighter pilots.

      6. Great article. But he failed to mention storing information.

        Maps, infrastructure, waterways, government buildings, troops numbers of government agencies, specs on government vehicles. (The DHS APC, whatever it’s called)

        As an American citizen. I am within my rights to know all this. If nothing happens, no harm done.

        • As far as maps are concerned, I would suggest going to your nearest airport, or even Sporty’s Pilot Shop and obtaining ‘sectionals’. These things have a lot more information than those stupid 7-11 convenience store maps.

          I would also suggest obtaining an “Aeronautical Information Manual” for the same reasons. Lots of information in there that could potentially aid in understand some operating procedures in aviation that have been established by the Feds.

          Sporty’s link: http://www.sportys.com/PilotShop

        • VERY GOOD addition to keep in your army of one. Make copies to pass out to others as well.

        • May I add, a pair of heavy duty (preferably the type used in construction) buckets that can fit into each other they do come handy whether at home or out in the sticks the humble bucket has 101 uses

        • I said this before so forgive me.
          Get on Google Earth.
          Key in your address and start searching.
          I’m rural, sort of, 4 miles from the little town, but can see lots of ponds around me; nearest pond/lake across the highway on a guy’s property that grows/sells produce.
          I have a few on this road; and many within 3 miles of my home and a creek about a mile from me.
          Google Earth and search your surroundings.
          Clean water to drink using any type filtering system.
          God bless us; pray for Him to keep us all safe in His loving arms.

      7. I realize this is not related(but could help?)but this is such cool tech that will drive monsanto types bonkers: http://www.lewrockwell.com/2013/08/gary-north/forget-the-chemicals/ ,would not be surprised if outlawed for some reason though as long as net is up the tech would get out!I just found this in tough times a very uplifting discovery!Would definetly help the home food grower prep among other great uses!

        • I would look for outside confirmation of anything Gary North says. He is not very tech savvy and very easily fooled. I will have to research this.

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        • Interesting….

      8. Excellent article for the site Mac!

        More importantly the author makes practical, realistic evaluations of the situations that will impact our future.
        I need this kind of pin point analysis to help me see other options and to keep me focused.


        I will Stay safe, enjoy the day, hug my dogs.


      9. I don’t see it. “If the U.S. strikes Syria, and refuses to disengage, these things WILL happen.” Anybody who knows with absolute certainty how this goofy mixed up world will react to anything is speaking mainly out of their backside.

        Feel free to call me a sleeping sheep, I know who and what I am.

        As long as it’s all still going, I’ll still be reading and occasionally posting here. In 6 months either we’ll all be living out this nightmare, or you can tell me why none of these very specific predictions have actually come to pass. I’m pretty sure I’ll be here and Brandon Smith will have his excuses.

        Prepare to keep your family fed and protected for as long as you can: weeks, months, a year, it is our duty as responsible human beings. But don’t bother getting excited at each and every armageddon prediction from professional fear mongers.

        p.s. #10 where home prices fall because it is too expensive to pay for the gas to move, that is one I’ll remember for the ages.

        • You posted the same message twice. They’re not professional fear mongers. They’re people watching the signs and making educated guess about what will happen. Knowing WHAT will happen isn’t as hard as WHEN it will happen. Any idiot can say after the fact that it didn’t happen. FYI, Gregory Mannerino says much the same thing as this article here:


          • Yeah, sorry about that double posting. Brandon Smith is “Co-founder of neithercorp.us and founder of the Alternative Market Project. Exposing government and media lies, uncovering the facts behind our unstable economic system, and working relentlessly to prepare average Americans and to repair the damage done; this IS my job.”

            As a 6+ year prepper I can smell a fear monger and I do believe Brandon has that odor about him.

            It seems like a person who is simply interested in preparing his family and living a safer, more economical life, is no longer as welcome here at SHTFplan. Unless one repeats the line that the world is on , or over, the brink, or that we must begin the armed rebellion, you are not quite welcome. Oh well. I’ll still try to get useful information from the articles and the comments.

            • People do tend to develop tunnel vision when it comes to the subject of surviving and some do succumb to a certain fear mongering as you say….most do it by accident but you do gotta watch out for the doomsday cultists of every stripe/flavor….I simply made being ready a way of life…theres still a lot of good info on here….hang on the worlds still here and we all need the info you and others can contribute… 🙂

              • Well said REB, well said.

                Hey Dumbdude. Just don’t worry about the doom and gloom side. We all swing a little negative, then back to positive. I try to stay positive. Some days it is hard.

                Stay onboard, learn what you need, give what you can. We all benefit with the majority of input.

                The only easy day is the one just finished.

              • There’s very little fear mongering out there. People need to be willing to seriously consider what they read and not just reject it without giving it serious thought. We’re preppers. We see what’s coming when 95% of the population doesn’t. We need to keep thinking outside the box.

            • DumbDude, please find another name to post under; you DON’T sound dumb to me. While we do have a few bad apples in the barrel, you don’t need to give up on this site. there’s still plenty of good people that will be happy to answer any questions you have on survival-related subjects. That’s what we’re really all about. braveheart

            • I can’t think of a single fear monger unless you’re thinking of Alex Jones. He makes a living out of it. He will tell outright lies. I’ve heard them. Such as, American troops in Iraq committed widespread atrocities against the civilian population. He said Rush Limbaugh said it was OK because they were just blowing off steam. There were no widespread atrocities. Rush Limbaugh never said what he claimed. I trust people more who come from other walks of life and write what they see coming. A lot of what’s in the article isn’t unique to the author. A lot of people have speculated that Iran would sink oil tankers and close the Strait of Hormuz. I think even in the prepper community a lot of people are afraid and don’t want to see what’s coming.

              • Well then we definitely disagree. Let’s take it up agin on Feb 25. If there’s still an internet and a shtfplan site, I’ll try to remember to bring the topic up with barncat. “Hey barncat”, I’ll say, “You were right, we bombed Syria and then Iran closed the straights and then oil went up 10x and many terrorist attacks later martial law was declaired.” And if no one knows what the hell I’m talking about I won’t be surprised, will you?

                You think I’m a coward and blind to the future ahead. I think you are illogical and naive.

                I prep because I have no idea what can happen and it is always better to be prepared. You prep (I assume you prep) as best I can tell because you know exactly what will happen in the future and that it will be a matter of days or weeks.

                If I took your attitude when I started keeping an eye on these things 7 or 8 years ago, I’d be broke, nuts, and probably divorced. Hey that makes me curious, how many of you that want to call me a sheep are broke and divorced?

                I’m in a bad mood today for some reason. I’m sorry for being less than hospitable, if you stumble past my family in the future maybe I’ll trade you some wheatberries for some rice or 22lr, or maybe vice versa.

                Keep em’ high and dry.

                • I’m a prepper. I’m not broke or divorced. I know how relationships work. My wife and I have been married for 19 years and we’re still in love.

        • dumbdude=sleeping sheep

          • Dick…your a dick. I would rather be a sheep than a dick. Dumb dude, I feel the same as you.

            • Me

              Then stay a sheep.
              I will be a dick.
              And dd can continue to get what he asked for.


              PS I will lose sleep from your name calling.

              Sarcasm off.

        • DumbDude: I am a fan of Brandon Smith but I don’t see a lot of his thinking on this post as valid. The dollar will be the world reserve currency for many, many years yet.

          He is a liberal arts major, articulate and intelligent but obviously has no financial / banking background.

          Save ten dollar bills in number ten cans folks because when the second leg down hits, dollars will be hard to come by. Russia is irrelevant in global commerce.

          IRREVELANT! Got that people?

          China is LOCKED into the NWO with the USA and continue to assimilate further into the number two position everyday. When Geithner becomes FED Chairman his Mandarin language skills will come in handy.

          Engage your employees and kill the FED. 🙂

          • Go ahead. Save $10 bills in number ten cans. They’ll all become worthless during hyperinflation. You can use them then as toilet paper. I can’t tell if you’re a troll or just really dumb.

            • Barn Cat: We have been hearing that hyperinflation was just around the corner here, for the past four years. Its not gonna happen anytime soon.

              You know nothing about the FED, the economy, or how they work together. You probably believe that QE is designed to stimulate the economy!

              LMAO! 🙂

          • I wonder what became of mushroom…

            • I asked awhile back and (someone?)told me he passed away…sorry I cant recall who told me that…sad 🙁

      10. One of the best articles ever! Practical in its urgency and positively philosophical at the same time. Yes, lets advance for what we can be, putting what we are behind us. Thank you! I would just add as an addendum that in the end only the transformation of the human mind and heart will bring peace and justice. The true meaning of our Christian heritage is not that we would be church members, but that each of us would submit to the only One who can change our spiritual DNA – Jesus, Messiah. Best to all!

      11. Well well well……it looks like our little attack on syria never happened JUST LIKE I SAID ……but what do I know

        • @ RICH99. Until September 10, no one can say that the attack is not going to happen. The moon will be dark enough until that day. It might be Sept.11, but I doubt BO would attack on this day. IF you are correct, then this time you are due the respect for being right. IF you are wrong, there is going to be a flood of responses towards RICH99 that are going to be ugly. Prepare for either. If they do attack Syria, I suggest to you and everyone else this, get ready immediately for any type of weird response from Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Pakistan, terrorists, and even countries that you thought would never get involved. Prepare for the total black swan flying at full velocity right into the window of everyone.

          • But we were gonna attack them this week….REMEMBER?????what happened to that ??? Don’t give me your rhetorical EXCUSES and dates .
            We were all told we were days if not hours away from sending cruise missiles into Syria , NEVER was sept. 11th mentioned , that’s just a historical date that maybe JUST MAYBE something will happen that will justify an attack on Syria ONCE AGAIN but up to this pointiI AM right , I said we will NOT attack Syria over this chemical b.s.

            • Rich…Cameron, who was all guns-ho on attacking Syria is getting opposition from the Labor Party in the Parliament and the UN and I don’t know if your leader “Bams” will decide to go it alone…who knows! The fat lady isn’t singing at this point, so let’s not hand out awards quite yet!

              Not to mention the fact that Bams has been given his orders by the dicks who run the show, so one way or another, he’s got to get something rolling!

              • I don’t care what opposition is happening….I said we would not attack Syria and all the ddomers gave me 30 ,40 negative ratings but it doesn’t matter …..THE HESITATION HAS STARTED and that alone will prevent an attack ….if they were gonna do it they should have done it within 24 hours because now there was plenty of time to think the situation over and the TRUTH began to get leaked and now the UK is protesting , there is also no support within our government for this action not to mention the american people .
                The u.s. balked and I became correct in my analysis ….the line in the sand was drawn and beware the RUSSIA/CHINA FACTOR

                • The UK protested going into Iraq, (over a million marched on London). It made not the slightest bit of difference. The UK is NOT a democracy (hell all 3 major parties leaders went to the same school as Wills and Harry ffs!).

              • another comment that didn’t make it

            • The weeks not over yet!

              • Read my comment above to explain ……the BALK has already happened and that’s all it took to stop this …on to the next doom news….maybe we can talk about that collapse again……oh yea that’s what this article is about

              • the week is over ….aint happenin this week or next….back to the drawing board

                • OMG……now I clearly ser the crowd on this website ….if I haven’t made it very clear as to what’s going on and why and its so obvious and I still get negative ratings , its clear these are DOOM ZOMBIES on this site and simply DON’T want to admit that every situation is not DOOM

                  • R99 is a government Troll

                  • yea block your reply tab you coward !!!!!!
                    STILL NO ATTACK YOU SHITHEAD

              • @ Kula,
                Just having thoughts run through my head and I realized that mr. o keeps delaying a decision (attack or not & how can I use it for my purpose…that is his question)…..he will maybe wait for Fri to attack them, let them retaliate over the weekend and oooppps! banks can’t open next week because of the “crisis”… I know sounds far-fetched, but I just wouldn’t put anything past them. Sometimes my imagination gets away with me.

                • Howdy, Central TX Mom. The scenario you outlined is plausible, but I doubt it. If anything happens, it won’t be until after the G20 summit next week. Still continue prepping regardless. Best wishes. braveheart

                  • That scenario could well play out, debt clock stuck for how long now???
                    They gotta spring it on folks cause more and more are getting wise.

                • I had the same thought. Gives folks a chance to get used to the idea before the banks open Tuesday.

                • Personally, I think Obama is sympathetic to Islamic groups and uncomfortable with being pushed into doing anything Israel wants. My ideas might not be popular ones but, if you look at some of the moves Obama has made, this is congruent with his behavior.

                  I think Israel is desperate for an attack on Iran or Syria. (We all have figured this out already, right?)Saudi Arabia has it’s own concerns, including sectarian divisions with Iran. I fully expect that Obama will eventually be forced into taking action against Iran or Syria.

                  If he does so reluctantly, we may get a half- hearted war that worsens the infighting. I wonder if there is an element of this to the situation in Egypt.

                  I do not want war but there is a big difference between a commander that forcefully and decisively takes action and one that attacks without commitment. I think with Obama we are likely to see the latter. We are already seeing this with the “we are going to attack Syria, oh, no, maybe not” type posturing. This hesitancy leaves other countries confused and it weakens our position even more.

                  It is interesting to watch the international scene but I have no influence there. As the big dinosaurs fight, this little mammal is just scurrying for cover and stocking my den to withstand the aftermath.

                  • He did snub Israeli dignitaries more than once. So good possibility,
                    I just cant believe the US is supporting the rebels, who are AlQuaida.

            • The only reason this week was mentioned is that it would make it convenient for our dear leader to get it over before his meeting with Putin. We were ready for a good while before shock and awe hit Iraq in 1991. The people over there really like holidays and the dark of the moon for attacks. September 4 starts Rosh Hoshanah, and September 13 starts Yom Kippur. There are lots of possibilities, and failing to strike Syria would make our dear leader look like a wimp. Of course he probably doesn’t have any real say in the matter and gets his orders from on high.

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            • @ RICH99. I am solely going by the darkness of the sky. IF the U.S. was going to attack and then use aircraft of any sorts, you would want it to be as dark as possible. The new moon is September 5. That means the window of a dark enough sky would be 5 days before and 5 days after. August 31 to September 10. I mentioned September 11 because it was ALMOST dark enough just as tomorrow is ALMOST as dark enough.

              I will certainly give you credit over being right IF you are correct over the U.S. backing down. I will not believe that the U.S. has backed down until after the sky has become light enough, and that would be around September 11 or maybe at the latest September 12.

              There are some really nice people here on this site, and not everyone is after you. For a long time you said that the economic collapse was going to occur at the earliest between 2017 and 2020. So far it has not gone under, down but not under. Many times you come on the site ready to fight, not trolling, but just strongly opinionated. Nothing is wrong with that, it is not what you say and how you say it. IF you needed information on many survival needs or other information there are plenty of people here that would help you.

              I personally think that the U.S. has absolutely no business telling other people how to run their country. North Korea has been a living nightmare and there has been far more death and torture there than any place in the modern world. Does the U.S. attack them? Of course not, no oil over there. It is being a hypocrite to allow other areas to go to hell and only being the good cop when it has your own interest. North Korean has probably gassed their own people, and no one ever cared. The U.S. is back over there again, this time in Russia’s backyard trying to control the energy sector.

              The U.S. I think will attack with some limited strike like Israel did a few times before, and then HOPE that everything doesn’t break loose. I feel that there is a 80% chance of this, and likely when the stock markets will have time to adjust to the news. Late Friday or Saturday would be the best time for that. There is that 20% chance that you are right and the U.S. knows that Russia and China won’t take it. China can severely hart the U.S. without firing a shot through demanding payment on all the debt that the U.S. owes it. I am not discounting that the U.S. may back down, it just doesn’t seem like it is going to happen.

              • Well analyzed and stated BI. Russia, and especially China can “kick us in the squirrel bag” without ever “officially” GOING TO WAR.

                ALL of THEIR proxies in the region possess THEIR weaponry, intelligence stats, and “behind the scenes” support.

                • lol, I liked that ‘squirrel bag’.

                  I think Brandon’s gonna be proven right on this. You’re right, if they use bullets, it’ll be thru proxies – at least mostly.

                  But as he said in the article, they really don’t have to use bullets to shoot us. We’re already Chinese serfs. The both of them can kill us thru the dollar. I think they’ll go this route.

                  a lot of ifs tho…

                • China has a vested interest in not attacking us. First off they would never receive the cash we owe them and second we keep spending money on all of the goods they can produce. Also, 90% of their population lives below just two large dams. How long could they tread water?

                  • Walt Willis; I have made those arguments here many times over the past four years. There are none so blind as those who will not see. 🙂

              • And when it doesn’t happen AGAIN you will have another to excuse

              • Be informed has now officially become a Military Strategist.

                Jack off of all trades.

                • He makes valid points but regretfully with incomplete information.

                  98 Stop being a prick
                  99 Pull your panty’s out of your rear.

                • Be informed is one of the most intelligent people we have here. Far more than anyone can say for a troll like you. you need to move on and take rich99 with you.

                • Remmember folks,….He actually began as “EARTHQUACK”…I mean QUAKE !

            • Hi Rich

              ….so misunderstood….lol…..BA.

            • I’d just like to point something out: the week isn’t over yet.

          • The latest word from LSM is that Saturday starts WW III and O’Bummer goes it alone. He’s too far in to back out; unless “new and revelatory intel” is produced by the UN Inspectors due to finish their investigation on Saturday.

            But, electronic intel has already fingered a commanding officer in the Syrian Army as the trigger man who ordered the gas attack.

            Just the event O’bummer needed to turn the tide for his Muslim brotherhood Rebels. 😉

        • Rich, I hope it never happens, but if and/or when it does, I’m not getting caught with my pants down! braveheart

          • One of these times you doomers will realize I know what I’m talking about but then again a doomer will always be a doomer

            • Rich99, All I was saying was I sincerely hope you’re right about us not getting involved in Syria. Nobody wants it. nobody wants that monkey POS in the WH getting our country nuked because that’s exactly what will happen. If you’re so skeptical about us and this site, why the f#$% do you keep coming back? You sound too much like a f#$%ing troll! Why don’t you just move your stupid ass on to somewhere else? You can’t contribute one thing to a conversation without insulting someone here. You sound like ncjoe. braveheart

              • are you really that thick headed?????????????????
                I am right or are you blind to whats happening behind the scenes ????????
                TROLL…….NO……..I try to put a sense of REALITY into things and not this MADMAX situation that you people put into EVERY DAMN THING THAT HAPPENS.
                personally I think your upset because you know im right from top to bottom….everything I have said from the economy to Syria has been SPOT ON and you hate that

                • Rich, we might just ask you the same questions. As far as what’s happening behind the scenes, none of us really know for sure so we can only speculate. I’ve never said anything about things going MAD MAX; nobody really knows for sure until it happens. If you’re PROVEN to be right, I’ll give you credit for it and NO, I don’t know FOR CERTAIN if you’re right. i’m only speaking for myself and no one else. it’s just that your personal attacks on people are uncalled for; that’s my only complaint about you. we’re all like family on this site and I don’t care for my family being attacked for no good reason. Comprende?

                • R99 is a government Troll

                  • STILL waiting for that Syrian attack……waiting ….I told the truth but im a troll…..I cant believe my ears…..everyday I see the most incredibly naïve and stupid people I have ever encountered.
                    people give me ratings JUST because they don’t agree with my info regardless of whether its true or NOT and the second group give me a thumbs down simply because they don’t have the intelligence to debate me on the facts .
                    so call me a troll ALLLLLLLLllll you want because it wont change the mere stupidity on this site
                    I said we would NOT attack Syria because of the RUSIIA/CHINA FACTOR and I was told yes we will , WW3 is coming , blah,blah,blah but we DID NOT attack Syria

                  • No just a three year old that hasn’t his way!!!

          • Braveheart — I’m with you

            Why would anyone put stock in the
            ramblings of a mental midget like
            R99 when there’s even a remote
            chance of what Brandon Smith is
            I’m not that much of a gambler
            when the odds are little to none
            of any preparation after the fact.
            He can stand around with his hands
            in his pockets scratching his nuts
            if he wants. Best of luck with that.

            • Anonymous, thank you for that. I’ve just about had my fill of Rich99 and his BS. I’m so much on edge these days that I’m jumping on the trolls more than I used to. i’m even jumping on ncjoe again for the first time in a while. braveheart

            • Prepare for the worst
              Hope for the best!

          • Hey Bravehart- I hear you get caught with your pants down every time your over your boyfriend BI’s house.

            • I thought that was when we were bangin your old lady and your daughter last week!


              • What grade are you in? geez.

                No one here cares if you two are boyfriends.

          • Your in Memphis…!

        • Oh its over already?

          everyone is back home?

          • Our navy has been over there since 2001 so what’s your point ??? They haven’t been home in 12 years dumbass

            • Rich99, you back off from VRF. he’s not a dumbass.

              • I call it like I see it ….am I wrong about our navy being over there for 12 years ? so of course we aren’t home…..we haven’t been home in 12 years so the STUPI ASSED point that VRF is trying to make is astoundingly stupid

                • Rich99, those naval units do get rotated on occasion, so we haven’t had the exact same personnel over there for 12 years straight. VRF was not being stupid.

                  • OBVIOUSLY , we haven’t had the same personnel there for 12 years …….did you REALLY say that ?? im saying we have always had a naval presence in the area since 2001!
                    my god I cant believe it sometimes

                  • BH, for someone who never served you should try a hot cup of Shut the Ferk up beccause the only thing you know about the word “rotation” is the Vienna sausage cans in your cuppboard ! Your entitled to your own opinion, Not your own facts !

                  • BH, for someone who never served you should try a hot cup of Shut the Ferk up beccause the only thing you know about the word “rotation” is the Vienna sausage cans in your cuppboard ! Your entitled to your own opinion, Not your own facts !

                • R99 is a government Troll

                  • OUTWEST is an BRAINLESS mooncricket !!!
                    as we see , you just write the same reply up and down because you have the intellectual fortitude of an earth worm

            • When you make comments like this one (and others you have made) it makes YOU the dumbass. Grow up.

              • Awwwwe….did I hurt someone’s feelings ….is somebody seennnssiittiiivvveeeee…..
                YOU grow up baby !!!wa…wa…waaaaaaaa

                • Rich99, you’re really going too far. you need to stop while you’re ahead.

                  • Or what Bravehart?

                    Tell me.

                • R99 is a government Troll

                • Wow. (Bit)ch99 you prove one of my favorite comedians right: you can’t fix stupid. Stupid is FO EVA. Normally, I dont sink to the level of the likes of you, but you have offended decent and intelligent folks whose only crime is keeping us informed and sharing knowledge. Your delusion and immaturity will not serve you well.

            • exactly my point, thank you for making it for me…dumbass

            • R99 is a government Troll

              • listen to the chatty Kathy doll…….someone stop pulling his string and make the dumb doll stop !!!!

                • Rich99 is a government Troll

          • Interesting how that “observation” coincides with 9/11/2001 and the nonstop war on “fantasy terror” since. Especially when you factor in the “creation” of the American/Israeli boogeyman, “AL-CIA-DUH”.

            In Syria and Libya, we are now “best buddies” with our sworn terrorist enemy…AL-CIA-DUH. I just wish Russia would call US out on it.

            • Comment for response to VRF.

            • glad to see someone is awake

        • Glorified and vilified thugs perpetuated by the groomed (from birth) master manchurian candidate thug himself.

          I also agree what Glenn had to say would also be the lynchpin yesterday. We don’t even need to stike. Keep your eye on Soros et al.
          This is a good article but the most likely senario and there is nothing likely or obvious about the fraud in our Oval except just that. He’s a fraud.
          Whenever I see chaos (like this) my dander rises and I quit paying attention. Something else is going on with the other hand to be sure.
          The men behind the curtains are the real change agents. Barry’s just a smile. Just like the rodeo clown.
          A distraction.


          UN out of the US visa versa.

      12. Insightful and well presented. Thanks! I hope a LOT of people read this and heed the warning.

      13. A generator is a waste of fuel. If you can store fuel the best thing to get are some kerosene heaters. I used about a gallon a day during the coldest part of the winter. I like the bigger ones. They hold more fuel and burn longer.

        When things get bad, you can’t have everyone sleeping at night. You need to have someone awake and armed at all times. Regardless of where you live.

        Don’t bother trying to wake up your neighbors. Only 3% of people are preppers. They’ll just think you’re crazy. But they’ll remember that you’re stockpiling food and could be dangerous to you later.

        • A good example of the rond-the-clock scenario is in Rawles’ book Patriots. Very good read.

        • Hey, I even have 0° sleeping bags; no, I do not go camping.

        • @Barncat Gens are a waste of fuel. Rarely mentioned is the value of having gas powered chain saws, roto- tillers, pumps et al for the early going. Cultivating even a half acre with hand tools is grueling to say the least. Having gas powered tools ( with spare parts on hand) softens the blow. Of course, important to have good supply of hand tools, with extra axe handles, sharpening stones , files, oil et al.

          Many years ago I lived in high country Colorado, with only wood for heat and cooking. Seems like every spare minute I was hand- splitting stove wood. I’m a lot older now. Couldn’t do that today.

          Re: gas storage: I prefer metal 5- gallon cans, and lots of them. Must be stored in cool, dry place. Sta-bil stabilizer is a seasonal product, only keeps gas good for a few months. I have been using a product called PRI-G for a number of years. A few months ago started using some fuel I put away in 1999 which was treated with this stuff. Equipment cranked right up.

          As for emergency power, while I do have A gas generator, am relying more and more on solar panels for re- charging computer, cell phones et al, walkie tallies et al. In the long run, ll of the electronic stuff won’t matter much anyway.

          A key word for me in all my prepping efforts is “simplicity” . I have to keep reminding myself how my grandparents did it, how my dad also lived ( farmers all) when I was growing up. In just one generation or two, We Americans moved off the farm to suburban living only to become addicted slaves to so-called “convenience”. My dad, for instance, rarely had to go to town for anything other than razor blades. We made most of the stiff we needed at home from scratch, including soap, cleaning fluids, et al.

          • I have a bunch of batteries. About 200 AA’s and some AA to USB chargers so I can recharge my Kindle and our iPads. I found them on eBay. And I have replacement C batteries for the kero heaters. I live in town. It’s too rocky to have a garden in my backyard. We have a year’s supply of food so hopefully the collapse won’t last longer than that.

            • I have gas and diesel gensets and equipment. For fuel subsitute, use alcohol and bio. I store fuel for years with additives. Premium fuel without ethenol stores best. To state that a genset is a waste of fuel is being uninformed. There is equipment that Has to have electricity to run. For example: lathe, mill, welding and compressors. Keep your toys, see how that repairs, cultivates, fabricates and gets you through the second year.

            • You don’t need batteries for the kerosene heaters. You can light them with matches.

              As far as the rocks in your garden, you have mine of building materials. Back in the 1800s a group of people wanted to build a church. They had the property, but couldn’t afford enough building materials. Someone pointed out the ground was full of stone. So they built a beautiful church out of stone. You could also build a wall or a walkway.

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          • In Alaska we had some gas stored with Sta-bil for about 4 years. When we were getting ready to move back to lower-48, husband used it up in Toyota pickup. Didn’t have any problems.

        • Barn cat you are so right on the money. I use a Toyo stove and also have a wood stove. Have you heard of the Dakota 3000 security system?

      14. I knew I shoulda married that Apache chic. I’d be chillin up Cibique Creek with the bones of Geronimo right now.

        • Geronimo was drunk and bayoneted at Fort Sill OK.

      15. This is playing out like Lybia, I bet all my chips an attack will happen. It will be a few weeks after a horrible staged event in Syria happens. This WILL happen, they are still trying to convince the majority that Assad is killing people.

      16. What I liked about this article is that he was not selling anything. He also stated that there would not be a total collapse just that things would get more expensive and much harder. Everything in this article is pretty spot on. Very sensible and plausible. I am going a retreat this weekend and I will be discussing with a few more like minded folks about joining our team. Teamwork will get us through this. You may not have a HAM radio but you friend may. Your friend may not have land but can help you grow on yours and help you defend it. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Don’t go this alone. Build teams and communities now… time is getting very short. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…. Hug your loved ones.

        • Brandon seems to be a patriot and doesnt try to sell gold, freeze dried etc. The only thing I dont agree with is he trys to keep technology. Buying radios, solar panels etc cost alot and break, stolen, or raise a flag to others. I prefer going the 1800’s routine. But to some that have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that great.

          • It doesn’t cost that much to have some small panels to power a netbook computer. I have over 100,000 books on hard drives, too many to ever print out, that I will need access to. I only spent a few hundred dollars on the solar panels and associated electronics.

            As far as things breaking, I have a shortwave receiver that is over 50 years old and a hand crank AM/FM/shortwave receiver that is 15 years old, and both work fine. I have a number of really old laptop and desktop computers that just won’t die. I also have a large supply of electronic parts and computer hardware for repair purposes.

            Use headphones for the radios and keep the solar panels out of your front yard, and they won’t raise any flags. I am mounting my panels on a section of roof that faces south and is not visible from the road or from any neighboring properties.

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          • Brandon is right about technology. Make sure you have a solar system if you can

        • Camron losses by 13 votes. The UK will not be joining us at this time. We do this folly… we do it alone…

          • Yep, no way Obama goes to Congress for a vote on it, he knows he’ll lose it and then won’t have a way to save his muslim pals in Syria.

            So he’ll just do it and rely on no one having the guts to press for impeachment.

            • Smokey: The vast majority of Congress doesn’t want him to ask them to stick their neck on the line for this debacle. Members of Congress would be stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea:

              AKA, The Jewish Lobby and the American electorate.

              If they did hold a vote it would be another “voice vote” like the Patriot Act so that they couldn’t be identified as Traitors to this nation.

              Tar and feather these bastards and hang them from the Lincoln Memorial. 🙂

        • I have a mobile CB radio, a handheld transceiver radio and an emergency radio with broadcasting capabilities, in adition to the usual comm devices like phones. Comm-wise, I’m okay.

          • Sixpack…question are there two of your moniker on here or do you have one that’s “clickable”and one that’s not?…I ask because I see that this one is red but others are black…Im not prone to click on names just to find out…just wondered…thanks! 🙂

            • I had left my email in the “your website or blog” box for somebody else. I really didn’t want to announce my decision to everyone/anyone else who came along. I know Mac has it if anyone wants to get brave and forge an alliance with someone in NW Oregon.

              • Thanks…just wondered if there were two sixpacks floating around…I had noticed the red color a couple of times and knew that some others here have the same feature… 🙂

              • I may some time in the future.

                • Standing by.

        • @ Man on the Inside:

          A few people have nineteen relatives all of whom are mustered out Army Rangers, EMTs, armorers or build it/fix its. Most people don’t have all those vital skills within the family.

          So how do you go about “building teams” while maintaining OPSEC with those statist neighbors who aren’t doing anything to prepare but who will remember that you are?

          Some don’t have 199 folk on their Christmas card list. Approaching that compatible-sounding potential teammate, who happens to live 20 miles away, does nobody any good. Grid down post-EMP you will never see each other again.

          Perhaps statist sheep neighbors will wake up fast once they become hungry? IF the tyrant’s minions don’t get to them first, offering vanilla lattes and WiFi at Camp Fema.

          To parse the verbiage: when the wise counsel says trust nobody how do you build a team?

          • Wise counsel says to trust wise men (and woman). 20 miles is not far with a full EMP if you faraday caged a radio and have a horse, a bike, or an older car. It is all about planning. Don’t give up. You can build a team. Start conversations with people that you know and trust. Use “Open ended questions” and then listen. Once you have a good candidate ask them what they think about those “preper types”. Their answer will let you know. This has worked for our team and once you get it roiling you will be able to build fairly quickly (because other team members help recruit. Look for individual thinkers that garden, hunt, like the outdoors (not tree huggers), ex military, LEO’s with the right minds set (Oh here come the down votes…), godly people, firefighters, EMT’s…. and so on. Look for skill sets that will help your team. You don’t just want a bunch of tactical killers with no doc, welder, or cook. Look for TEAM MEMBERS,…. Not bravado big talking bullies. Good reasonable character works the best. If nothing happens and we go on all hunky dory… well you have made a good friend. If the world goes south… you made a real good friend. Don’t give up. Pray to the Lord for help with this and ask him to give you discernment. Never tell the neighbors what you are up to unless they are on your team…. We have one neighbor that we all like but in a full SHTF TEOTWAWKI scenario he will have to be dealt with. This will suck but it is family and team first. I hope to slowly turn him in the right direction before it goes south. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • Read books like Matt Braken’s and be an army of one!

      17. So, do we just all sit around and let this happen? Or is there a leader that will stand up and lead us in the fight against our oppressors? It’s hard to believe that there is not 1 single leader in 300 million Americans, but that appears to be the case.
        Without leadership, the cause of human liberty is doomed to extinction.

        • Relax, freedom is harder to kill than crab grass. And yes, at this point we do just let it be. Vote, speak out, and let what will be, be. There is indeed a time for every purpose, When you want to saw a guy off a limb, let him get hi up, and way out before you do it.

        • I agree Warren, this is what I have been saying, to no end. I keep hearing 330 million Americans, 100 million firearms owners, etc., etc. BUT, we need a leader! Aint a damn thing anyone of us peons can do alone, without a large following. Yet the ones who have a large following, and could organize a resistance, ex. Alex Jones, Glen Beck, James Rawles, Mac Slavo, etc., etc. are apparently to comfortable making money and playing safe then to sacrifice their wealth, property and honor to lead us, such as the founding fathers did.
          It pisses me off to no end.

          • Warren and Outlaw, You gotta be kidding, why and who do you think would be stupid enogh to stick their neck out and get it chopped off. I in no way think that I am a leader, but I come up with a stupid idea like word of the week and get a couple of dozen people to join in for about a week and then the second and third week there is only about three or maybe four. One thing is for sure if there are no followers you sure can’t have a leader. Trekker Out. I’m An Army Of One.

            • Trekker, I agree. It will be near impossible to organize anyone, because who is willing to take the risk? I sure as heck won’t. If TSHF doesn’t happen right away, you run the risk of being targeted by TPTB. Also, if it doesn’t hit the fan right away, some folks may become complacent or lose interest, especially with distance involved and the group falls by the wayside. It saddens me, because I know that all those gun owners are not going to stand up if someone comes sneaking in the night to take their guns away. Too many folks would just let it slide to be peaceable. Those who do make a stand will be made to look like crazies in the MSM, and an excuse for more confiscation. All I have is my dad’s .22 savage arms single shot he got when he was 11 years old. I guess they’ll just have to take that and be satisfied. There’s nothing else here, move along.

              By the way trekker, don’t know why folks don’t like the ricin idea. I forget most on posts, but I think It’s great. Drive the NSA crazy.

            • I guess our Forefathers were one of a kind. Thank God that they had the balls to do just what you say you would not, or we would not be here now. I guess George Jones said it best, “Who’s gonna fill their shoes?”

              • Be watchful…Tom Jeffersons and Sammy Adams are here amoungst us…steel has to be white hot on the forge before its ready to be beaten into a blade or tool with any value…men and women seldom have that degree of value just out of the blue,it take fire to mold them and crises to hammer them and finally a tempering that sticks with them that allows them to make use of those characteristics the fire and hammer brought out in them…ya and theres gotta be something inside them of value that cant be destroyed to start with or the fire and hammer will only consume what there is of them…sadly too many are only hay and stubble and stubble can not comprehend the iron….

          • Mac! You never told me that you had the money that Alex Jones and Glenn Beck have …..

            Are you holding out on me? 🙂

            • Outlaw: Do you really want Alex Jones and Glenn beck to LEAD you? LMAO! 🙂

              Alex Jones while good at what he does is too emotional to be a good leader.

              Glenn, I wouldn’t follow you to a dog fight as you have NO military skills, but I do appreciate your $50,000 donation to the widows and orphans of the Granite Mountain Firefighters.

              Thank you, sir! 🙂

              • Personally, I despise Glen Beck. Was just throwing out some names of people that have the following to lead an uprising, yet for whatever reason kick back and rake in the cash, while stirring every one up and providing no solutions.

      18. Warms my heart to see others getting ready for the coming tribulation.

        Remember the NWO only has a seven year period before God destroys them.

        Get right with God and get you beans, bullets, and band aids as JWR is so apt to say.

        Peace and blessings….

        • Be strong spiritually.

          Received this in an email…

          Thought for the day

          You will have many joys and well as challenges in life. Always remember with God in your life, you are never alone.

          “The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:5-7

        • Everyone quotes the beans, bullets, and bandaids, and leaves out Bible.

      19. Guest Post: This Failure Rate Will Shock You


        “Yet history is very clear: societies that organize themselves in this way suffer a 100% failure rate, without exception.”

        • Good article and very true… we are now ROME….

          • I agree with that 100% the simple fact is that there is nothing new under the sun and empires crumble eventually.

      20. During the cold war there was a doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction, no two superpowers combined could take out the third without being wiped out as well. The doctrine doesn’t exist anymore but the capability does. When the Soviet Union collapsed, no country came in to take control of Russia because, even though being weakened, Russia still had the capability to wipe out the world. The dollar may collapse, the economy may collapse but no foreign power will invade us. China and Russia will not engage the USA in total war, proxy war yes but not head to head.

        I have a difficult time with excepting that this country will fall into dystopia, there no examples through out history that I can think of. Economic collapse with a strong armed central government and government informants integrated throughout the populace in order to further government control, I see as a real possibility. There are a lot of examples of this throughout history and in play today.

        • See above article from zerohedge… and no the U.S. will not disappear… just diminish…. drastically….

        • Rick,
          I think a lot of the all out distopia as you called it will be limited to the large urban centers, just too many freakin people in too small an area, i can see these areas devolving into incredible chaos, the overflow from that will be what in my mind will be a problem for surrounding areas,
          The lack of resources could be a huge problem and there are many examples of normal people going over the edge, but again this is usually associated with big cities or areas with little or no farming. That said, not all farming is created equal, so the frozen corn and soynean areas will not necessarily be lands of abundance.
          It would be much preferred if it never did devolve into utter and complete chaos, but who knows, when the city thugs and gangs start moving outward is the problem, this is why in my mind the DHS etc have been building up, hope so anyway, but to me the biggest threats come from these groups that the cops are already having trouble with, it in my mind isnt for me pr you or billy joe bob and sue anna living out in the sticks with one AR for each hand and enough ammo and storage food to sustain Portland, in my mind their efforts are more security for their people for one and to be able to limit movement of potential hostile groups, not to say they couldnt finger a patriot group as hostiles but my gut tells me it aint for us.
          Just look at crime etc in cities like chicago or other similar areas, nightmare is the word that comes to mind, soultiply the watts riots by 200 and that gets me the government buildup.
          I feel the biggest problem we are looking at with regards to DHS etc is the disconnect between them and us, if it was like the old days where the sherrif came around to chat and mention they may need assist pr let the people know whats going on would be great, but this is a side effect of a country that has been stirring too many pots in too many places, so there is a lack of cominication and a lack of trust from all sides, ie, when you have so many enemies that you are not sure exactly who they are!
          Anyway, sorry to have run on, was just eating some cream of kale soup and thinking with my finger on the keypad of my phone.

          • I’d like to mostly agree w/ ya Kula. However I can’t. The disconnect you speak of is much deeper than trust and good old days sheriff. They want total control of our lives and dictate to us. If people were not demonized and criminalized for such things as selling raw milk, homeschooling, self-sufficiency and even being Ex-Military! Then I could agree. They intend to destroy our way of life.

            • I agree with the totoal control of our lives.
              Today I found out that to continue volunteering in my community I now have to be figer printed and go thru a background check. I told them to go shove it.

              • And that is exactly the shit I speak of, criminalizing someone who is just trying to make a positive difference. It’s BS. This is one of the many reasons I just don’t beleive the militarization of the police is for the real criminals.

              • For what its worth Im proud of you…you didn’t capitulate…just going along to get along…the system has become maliginant and whilst it consumes itself it attempts to draw all of us into its rot…its sad but I really think you did the right thing…let em do it themselves! 🙂

            • I know,, sometimes I find it hard to agree with me as well,,, maybe Im just wishing? I have spoken with a few DHS guys from over here, nice guys,, met them in the gun store, they seem on the up and up, I know lots of them are not though, and I also know that humans are a deceitful bunch, but from the conversation I had it didnt sound quite as bad as I thought it was,, could just be our AO though, different situation over here, we really dont have the same issues in the same intensity that the continental 48 have, but I see what your saying, definitely see your points and still lean that way to some degree, tough call.

          • @ Kulafarmer, Rick, Outlaw, and Countrygirl,
            I was reading all of your posts and the first thing that came to mind was the movie “Serenity” based on the series “Firefly”. (Yes, hubby & I are big fans of this) In the movie they reach a planet called Miranda that the alliance tried to socially, biologically, and chemically engineer. The alliances’ tampering didn’t end well and resulted in a cover up to the sheeple which Capt Mal and his crew exposed. With the increasing control factors of our gov’t and the forced reduction of individuality, free thought, and critical thinking, I see the “Alliance” in our future and probable rebellion by the “Browncoats”.
            If you haven’t seen it, it’s really good to watch and thought provoking on what appears to be a plausible future of mankind.

            • Thanks Texas Mom, I have heard about that show, guess I will have to check it out.

          • Kulafarmer,

            … but this is a side effect of a country that has been stirring too many pots in too many places, so there is a lack of cominication and a lack of trust from all sides, ie, when you have so many enemies that you are not sure exactly who they are!…

            That is the truth.

            • It doesnt help when TPTB use analyses from jerks like the SPLC!

        • There is no reasons for russia to engage u.s.
          no resources, poor soil, etc

          why to?

        • There will be no need to invade a country that is hit with an EMP. Read “Lights Out’ or “One Second After”.

      21. Brandon, I just don’t have a ‘spare’ $80K laying around for all the things you mentioned. I’d bet most of these readers don’t, either. I live in a city, a BIG city. I’m comfortable, but not prepared to defend myself against all odds. And I’d bet nobody else is, either, regardless of the ‘arm-chair bravado’ I read here occasionally. I think the ONE THING we can do in our struggle to regain our Republic would be to hunt down and kill the ‘old guard’ politicians. There are so many strings attached to them — how could we ever be sure they are doing anything for us? Anymore than we can now?

        • @Blackdog

          I think 80k is a gross overestimation of costs, but everyone has an excuse, and those excuses won’t mean much after collapse. You do what you can when you can. Instead of complaining about your obstacles, why not devise a plan to overcome them?

          Also, “killing” old guard politicians accomplishes absolutely nothing, because those politicians are simply middle management. They can be replaced easily by the banking establishment. However, taking such actions as assassination would definitely help the elites in labeling us terrorists, and serve to make the general populace more fearful and thus less likely to aid us. It’s a lose/lose scenario. We have to fight smart, not do their job for them.

          • Brandon Smith.

            The problem with this is I have a aversion in cleaning up someone else’s mess. The amount of stupidity that has gotten us to this point is immense. There will be many that will survive with the same thoughts as now. They will sit back and be quiet till again they can voice their bullshit. If I lived through it all, I guarantee that will not happen again.

          • Brandon. I like your articles and your web site. But you Really need to come down to our(majority of participants) pay scale. 200-1000$ a month for preps. We still have to pay bills. This is not directed as a insult.

      22. Fantastic article, as if pulled off the shelf of the Pentagon Special operations. All points made are very likely and under the current circumstances very real. Jordan seems the only obvious country left out, but based on geography I guess it’s just part of the soap.

        Our current problem is the narcissist in the WH along with his brain dead socialist followers who believe we have a responsibility to act in order to save people from their own shadows, interestingly I just finished reading a letter from my Russian pen pal on the topic of what looks like an up-coming war/WWIII.

        Many wars, but not all are the product of projection, I believe our current leadership is inherently evil. Evil to the point he is blinded by his own political confusion, it is not just him but it seems the world at large is being led by irresponsible psychopaths made up of all the inferior parts of humanity.

        They want forced change on a grand scale, at this point I don’t even think they care if the can manage the damage being foisted upon us, their concern only appears to be the quality of theater they produce and the aftermath of a world reduced by half.

      23. If a family uses natural gas to heat their home and cook their food, and if that family can afford it, they would be well advised to put in a natural gas powered generator that kicks on when electricity is severed. Wonderful devices, and nobody has to know that you have them since they’re so quiet and out of sight.

        • Unless the grid goes down ,then the booster pumps dont work (unless they have nat gas gen backup)

      24. Shortwave Radio For Preppers


        “Why Preppers Need Shortwave Radio

        While we all understand the need to have a viable method of communication both during and after a catastrophic emergency, most of us think of a NOAA weather radio first and a shortwave band last. But in reality, both are important.”

      25. I like Brandon’s take on world events…but I have my own opinion on some things.

        I don’t think the collapse is all “manufactured”. The price of hydrocarbons is causing the collapse. Nevertheless…

        Off topic, but that seems the norm…

        “homestyle preps for the week include…

        6 quarts pickled deer bologna with homegrown hot peppers and candy onions

        10 quarts and 11 pints home made spaghetti sauce from Romas and Better Boys.

        2 gallons of grape wine on first rack

        6 logs drug off pile to cut for firewood.

        Life look gloomy?
        No cause for cheer?
        Lighten up my lad
        And drink some beer.

        Get crackin on them preps

        • And a good bottle of scotch…

        • JRS

          How do you pickle bologna (or meat in general)?

          • Ask braveheart,…he’s always pickled .

            • Dear mother, f#$% you!

              • “Pickled Braveheart” 🙂 …sounds like a recipe that Watchman would post.. ;)…sounds like a good “Scottish” survival-dish… Braveheart my friend… why is it all these “mothers” have to do is take cheap shots at everybody rather than contribute something to the campfire conversation….so many can critisize and ridicule but few seem to be able to actually contribute anything of value…true muthers eh?… don’t let em get to you 🙂 REB

              • Brave. Did you just say “mother- fuck you”? Perhaps better wording next time.

        • “6 quarts pickled deer bologna with homegrown hot peppers and candy onions”. I thought I had made, and/or eaten venison every way humanly possible.

          Lots of potential “deer bologna” roaming around (at least at this point on our timeline)…detailed recipe would be great.

        • If you have the processing equipment (grinder and sausage stuffer/lard press) you can make your own bologna. I don’t so it is made at the butcher.

          Anyhoo, this recipie can be modified however you like it…this is for 1 quart:

          about 1 pound bologna chunked
          2 cups vinegar
          2 med banana peppers sliced
          1 med onion sliced
          1/2 tsp minced garlic
          1/2 tsp non iodized salt
          2 tbsp. sugar
          1/4 tsp alum powder
          1 tbsp pickling spice

          Heat everything but bologna to boiling. Add bologna and boil for 4 or 5 minutes. Let cool. Pour into wide mouth jar. Refrigerate. I pressure can mine to keep but also keep a 1/2 gallon in fridge for “card” games. This recipie can be made hotter by adding crushed red peppers. It’s not one of those things you need a book for. Remember them barroom bolognas? This is them.

          • Sounds GREAT, especially with some crushed red peppers…printing this one out NOW. Thanks!

        • 45 pints of various grape jellies, apples and apple butter, tomato and spaghetti sauces next, then corn.:)

      26. “16) Homelessness will expand exponentially as cuts to welfare programs, including food stamps, are made inevitable. However, welfare will not disappear, it will merely be “adjusted” to fit different goals. The homeless themselves will be treated like criminals. The roaming bands of jobless drifters common during the Great Depression will not exist during a modern crisis. State and Federal agencies will pursue an “out of sight, out of mind” policy towards the indigent, forcing them into “aid shelters” or other bureaucratic contraptions designed to conditioning the homeless to accept refugee status, making them totally dependent on federal scraps, but also prisoners on federally designated camps”

        In the news yesterday!!

        “South Carolina city makes being homeless illegal”

        do search for this and see many, many articles about it
        “Columbia homeless illegal”

        “The proposal forces those who sleep outdoors to be sent to a shelter on the outskirts of town. Those who don’t comply will be rounded up and forced to leave or sent to the slammer.

        To make sure the homeless don’t return, a police officer will be stationed on the road leading to the downtown district to keep the homeless away.”

        • Yes, I think it is possible that some cities will be dealing with the homeless by taking them to the city limits and telling them not to come back. Or even paying them to go elsewhere. A few places are doing this already.

          When I was working in a local emergency room, I encountered a mentally ill male with schizophrenia who was threatening suicide. He was mostly doing this because he wanted a place to stay overnight. A larger nearby city had their police take him outside of city limits to a small town and leave him because they were tired of dealing with him (perpetually homeless, minor behavior problems and no place for him to stay).

          This is likely to escalate as things worsen. We might see small bands of the mentally ill with no medications and no homes. Our state closed almost all of the mental hospitals that provided home for these folks so we already see this to some degree. These are people who are not basically criminals, they just have mental deficiencies that make them non-functional.

          I know a portion of them are living under bridges around here. They are vulnerable to the criminal element, weather, and other problems but they are also resilient because they have managed to survive so long outside the system. Still they can also be a real threat to others they consider outsiders.

          • Merree,
            We have many crazy people who are hospitalized for a short time, but who cannot be committed for the long term. They just let them out. Some ride a bus into downtown, then stay there.
            Between them and the skinny meth addicts who beg from me at the bus stop (“Please can you do one good deed today?”), disoriented, some with death in their eyes, we’re seeing a preview of what life in the city is going to be like when many public services just cease for good. And that will happen soon, if for no other reason because politicians will not allow interest rates to rise and stop printing “money”, and because we cannot inflate our way out of this, and default will stop anyone from lending to us in the future, and will likely get us into a big war.

      27. It’s going to be a mixed bag of calamities. The coastal areas somewhat will be under water? Earthquakes to split the middle of the country, which in turn will also cause flooding. Possible coronal mass ejection, ISON, and possibly a mandatory draft which will take care of the citizens guns. There is obviously more on the list, but I’m just hitting the highlights. The cure: Cling to the King of Kings. You trust Him, He will take care of you and protect you through all this unrest to come!!!

      28. “HELL on EARTH”, starring, everyone. Get ready for the, Cluster F*** of a life time!. Siskel & Ebert give this Apocalyptic Thriller Two Thumbs Up!! It’ll have you dug into to your seat clenching your fists and gasping for more. Coming to a theater near you soon. Rated (R) for intense violence, language, sexual content, nudity, drug use and, the destruction of the United States of America. Minors 17 and under will need to be accompanied by adult. 😀

      29. My parents are on board now, they just got matching his and hers S+W .40 and .380 and have a closet stocked. Hosanna.

        • @eisenthebasement:

          …they did it just to finally shut you up, lol.

          ..do you yell at them in ALL CAPS too, lol.

          Nuttin but love Bro, glad they are on board. One less worry.

          ….be safe….stay the course…..BA.

        • Great to hear!

        • EISEN ,
          Great choice you can not beat Smith and Wesson. Dependable for 157 years!


          Semper Fi 8541

      30. a few things to consider.

        most of us will be homeless within a few months if gasoline prices double. gas doubles = food price doubles. = travel expenses to work double. = everything at walmart doubles. mass transit costs double. gas & electric utility bills double. landlords will want more for rent or will just boot the tenents to quickly sell the home for money to pay the mortgage on their own home. can’t keep up with the water bill or utilities bill?, well then your landlord kicks you out. even if you own you home, if you utility service is cut, you’re not covered by homeowners insurance. if you are not covered by homeowners, you have violated the terms of your mortgage and the bank can kick you out.

        costs of every service doubles. because those business owners own cost of living just doubled.

        do you make enough income now to take on an additional $800 to $1200 each month in living expenses? no?

        then gas prices doubling will affect everything.

        and homelessness will soar. then they will scoop up all the newly homeless and send them off to the fema camps.

        all the beans and bottled water doesn’t do much good when what you need is about 50k in the bank to keep up the payments and pay for increased gas and food and electric costs.

        makes me rethink. maybe i should have just piled up money instead of bullets and beans.

        • If literally millions upon millions, including the landlord are in the “same boat”…exactly how does the “landlord” enforce collection/eviction at this time?

          Sounds rather “challenging” to me.

        • Don’t know where you’ve been, and I don’t judge you. At first, you seem to be inserting yourself as the proxy for “everyman”. You write about the expenses that the “average guy” could have to shoulder.

          Regardless of the course that the soon-to-be-homeless have plied, merely keeping FRNs in a bank account is not a sure solution either.

          Perhaps you should consider paying off your mortgage, liquidating credit card debt, keeping a convincing supply of cash in an off-sites cache, and converting the rest of your assets into a form that retains value regardless of the vicissitudes of the currency markets.

        • Thoughts to consider: who is going to enforce these mass evictions/foreclosures if it’s as bad as the author paints it? Are banks going to want hundreds of thousands of empty properties?
          I don’t know but I can imagine some folks going out with a bang.

          • The roof is on fire,
            Let the mother fucker burn!
            The roof, the roof,……..

            • I know that song!

          • Tyler Durden: Good points! With respect to foreclosures, the banks will do what they are doing now in many tens of thousands of cases: they will let the homeowner sit in the house without making payments.

            Typically, these would be the higher end, better quality properties in the best neighborhoods.

            The overdue and unpaid balance will continue to multiply, allowing the GB’s to write a bigger balance off their books shielding other income, while the homeowner protects the value of the property by remaining in it, until the bank is ready to possess the property.

            Accounting is a marvelous invention. 🙂

        • knight, We all are aware of those facts if/when gas prices increase.
          But, my own consolation regarding all your facts is they can’t kick us all out!!!
          100 million on the street??
          Not gonna happen–no sheriff is gonna do it cause he doesn’t own his own home!!

          • And the sheriff’s sister, and aunt, and mother, blah-blah-blah.
            He will not be evicting any constituents however bad it gets.

            • When Jimmy Carter was Prez Gas prices did double overnite.
              And at same time you could get gas Only every Other day based on odd or even Lic plate numbers. AND it was a 10 Gal Limit at some stations due to arab oil embargo crap.

              Yet america did NOT crumble or totally shut down to a Stop. Folks Kept their homes, cars, etc. Yes food prices went higher. Not double but higher. And the Unemployment rate was at least as severe as today or very close in comparison. Mortgage 30yr Rates Jumped overnite to 21%!! Credit cards too! Cards even higher rates I believe.

              Too many folks seem to think with wild run away thoughts and ideas. Many seem to think “It Must be True or why else would I think it in My mind”?

              Be it current events-economy-war-or biblical ideas. Many do what I am saying here. They “Think” therefore It MUST be Fact or soon will be otherwise why did my mind think it so”?

              Some of the worst such “thinking” folks are doing it about bible prophecy etc. They read in Rev a predicted event of 1/3 of the Stars fell to earth…Then they begin to “Think” up scenarios of what can that mean. Then whatever They think up Must be it!

              But the actual true answer to that particular bible event 1/3 stars fell to earth. Simply relates to Ancient ideas from an age of 4000-5000 yrs ago, when folks believed that Angels is what the Stars in the heavens or skies really were and was the reason stars shined at night.

              Then when mankind wised up more a thousand yrs later, they changed it to Stars is where the Angels Lived IE Stars were the Homes of Angels.

              Today we Know thats not true. But 2000 yrs ago as John the revelator wrote the rev book of events what he meant by 1/3 of the stars fell to earth meant 1/3 of Satans Fallen bad angels falling to earth with satan in the Lead.

              Yet Msny folks come up with zany ideas like stars falling means Global warming and/or comets or asteroids will hit the earth to fullfill the rev events prophecys.

              Once they “Think” such is Fact, no amount of bible verses-common sense-logic-or any other device will be able to get that person to stop such belief.

              Its based upon most everybody, not all, but Most begin with “I am a normal avg person”…Then they look at Others from That perspective and compare to self and decide which folks are “Normal” like themselves, or are “Way Off base” like a loony bin or idiot.

              But many folks who percieve themselves as avg normal persons really are Not. Not mentally anyways. Not when due to they Think it in their mind therefore it Must be true or whats going to soon happen as thought up.

              It sure causes much confusion in others too. Especially those who are Just begining to Learn of it all and are looking for Guidence from others. If they begin to believe falshoods then they too become almost impossible to convince to RE think it.

              I think alot of time is wasted doing that false method of figureing out things.

              It would be far better if instead some folks would spend that wasted time reading and researching what others have tried to alert them to or teach them of that is the proper answer etc. Then they too will learn facts and truths properly and be able to “Graduate” to Teacher status and awaken many more similar or just starting out type folks. Makes far more sense to me than total stuborn resistence to stopping falshood beliefs.

              A good Example would be a Dozen folks here has repeatedly Posted Isaiah 17 about Damascus events they are certain are soon to occure if syria gets bobmed etc.

              Several Dozens More has Chimmed In with support and attaboys and fully agree with the orig poster of that Isaiah 17 verses.

              Yet ALL, I mean 100% ALL, of those many dozens combined has YET to answer MY questions that simply ask “Please tell me How what plays a HUGE roll in isaiah 17, that being EPHRAIM IE: “The Fortress shall Leave Ephraim” verse 3 is it?….How can isaiah 17 be for Thses days era when Ephraim has Been Gone from Israel lands for 2700 years now! Gone since ephraim the Leader of all 10 tribes of North Israel Nation, Was Defeated in 721 BC era and so was Damascus…Secular history will prove that also. As does many biblical Historians writings. 721 BC was when Lost Ten tribes of Israel got started…2700 yrs later, today, they are Still the LOST Ten Tribes!

              I shall again Ask. Please tell me How, with Ephraim NOT in Existence nor In the state of israel mid east, can isaiah 17 happen? If its “true” Prophecy don’t it have to Occure as written? YES! All bible folks knows that rule of thumb!

              Why such total Silence and lack of a simple answer when we have a Dozen posters posting Isaiah 17, and dozens More happily agreeing and adding to the posters message?

              Can it be due to some folks has Thought things out, and realized that Yes in 721bc as written in their bibles 10 north tribed Israel did have a WAR against 2 south tribed JUDAH….And as Their bible states it.

              Judah allied with Asyria…While Ephrain and his 10 tribes in north Allied with Damascus capitol city of Syria.

              And by reading about it in Their/Your bibles you see its written that YES Ephriam and Damascus Syria LOST that War.

              So all this Hoopla about on the very Verge of isaiah 17 any day now occuring…Is BS-Bunk since it did occure 2700 years ago alredy.

              Is that the reason out of several Dozen folks here NONE has as yet answered my questions about it all?

              If yes I am Glad to know those folks finally woke up to truth of isaiah 17. Now they can spend the time Focused on Other more important issues that hasn’t yet happened but Will!…Halelluah! they seen the Lights finally!

              Or simply have zero answers that make sense, so they Pretend to not have seen MY questions about this issue.

              I will Remain optomistic and keep waiting for at Least one person to provide an answer to My question on isaiah 17. Thank you in advance whosoever you may be!


                • Russ: you are a prime example of wickedness!

                • Russ: since you cannot fathom plain English by Them Guys…he is telling these assholes who post shit to shut the hell up. Damascus in heaps already happened. Then the King of Assyria came against Judah and God destroyed his army (185,000 in one night). This gave Judah an awesome standing in the community and Egypt shit their pants and were scared white of Judah because of what happened. We are tired of bullshit you guys put out grabbing one fucking verse and turning into some fucking latter day prophecy…That what Them Guys is saying and you had no idea what he meant…doesn’t that tell you something…probably not…none of these assholes can defend their position and that does not bother people like you! These numbskull posters are dispensational morons who have imbibed the wine of Babylon and are drunk as a skidrow wino.

                  • Attention! Major religious nutcase at large. Answers by name of favorite carton character. Wanna a nutjob like this in your prepper group?

                  • Road Runner: I know You get it as your reply to RUSS shows. If Russ is unable to read my simple to comprehend posting? Perhaps russ should go Back to viewing dances with them Stars on local Talmudvision(TV).

                    Man that was funy! Skidrow Wino!!! That skidrow lable got started by Lumberjacks in 1800’s since they used a pathway or road made of logs to “skid” the large logs into town and load on barges etc. That road of logs aka skidrow led to the towns Bars and Booze! Hence drunks were called Skidrow Bums!

                    PS Still awaiting someone to Refute my isaiah 17 meanings info, and also waiting for SIGI to Back himself up with rebuttal proof that his claims of MY DNA Jews=Khazers proof is not correct…Tic Toc waiting…

              • Them Guys: They count the cost and the cost is too high for them. The wicked know nothing. The price is too high for them: loss of family, friends, status, money. Jesus said we would be hated but these morons truly do not believe Jesus’ words. They would not know the leaven of the Pharisees or Hypocrites because of the cost…They have been programed for so long, believed the lie for so long, fellow-shipped with liars for so long, stroked each others egos with empty words and back slapping that there is little or no hope of their escaping. They hate those who tell them the truth, anyone who challenges them they use rough, course words to destroy what little truth they posses. This is the heritage of those who cannot be led by God’s Holy Ghost. They are doomed to be overcome by liars, thieves and perverters of Truth. These are the true Blasphemers, those who hold Truth in unrighteousness. That is why Jesus could say the whore on the street would enter while they are on the outside looking in. They will use every demonic device in their black minds to discourage any little one from finding the narrow way. Fucking pieces of shit!

          • JayJay: the method used to Evict folks from Homes in Russia 1918, By those evil Bolshevik jewish kommies, was simply to accuse a household member of violating Lennins First new law he made as the new leader of what became known as the SOVIET union. That first new Law lennin decreed was anybody ” Suspected” of antisemtisim, such as any person who spoke out saying so and so was jewish, or that communisim was in Fact a jewish ideal, was quickly SHOT Dead by a single Bullet to back of Head!

            Then the entire family was either also Killed in like manner, or sent to a siberian Gulag work camp where most died within 18 months or less.

            As to the process of Evictions from Homes?..That was easy as Pie once the entire family was Dead or Gone to “Camp” siberia….The Soviets simply phoned HQ, and requested a Brand New Jewish family be sent to now Occupy that home after it was “emptied” of its former residents!

            And That JayJay IS the exact Same Kommie Plans they have for Americans White folks. With one slight modification…

            Since today in america there are nowhere near enough jews to occupy Our homes, and Most jewish folks today actually Have better more costly homes than most whiteys do…The main modification or “Tweeking” of the orig 1918 Soviet plans will be to use a Hundred Million Illeagle mexicans-Arabs/Muslims dispersed from mid east After enough “more Wars for israel” has been acomplished-and of course Many us citizen African savages already here.

            Once whiteys become a Minority soon, All current perks programs and affirmative actions agendas, all racial based quotas, and all similar type fed and State govnt benifits used now for all those aforementioned savages and illeagles etc, will be Canceled out Pronto so NO whiteys get such assistances from Govnt.

            Then if they can Disarm americans, or a large enough portion(proboble perhaps). They will begin the same Soviet program as used on Russia circa 1918 and beyond.

            Exterminate ALL whiteys, except of course those Younger stronger boys, and those Very beautifull great bodies Females that most Non white males love to keep alive for Sexual purposes and to entertain fighter troops(african and mexican savages and fed agency jackboots) sexually.

            The vast majority of the whites besides that small bunch of young boy laborors(siberian gulags workers and campers) and Female Sex Slaves, will be Exterminated and not just their Homes but Every posession or material goods they formerly owned while still alive will be handed over to those Savage 3rd worlder Hoards I prior mentioned.

            They won’t Need any Local Sherrifs! Just a new system nationwide. A Soviet jewish kommie Run system of abject Tyranny that will make russia 1918-1990(when Putin Booted the bad evil type jewish kommies out) seem Tame when compared to the New Soviet USA or is it the new soviet USSA?

            Stay Tuned JayJay and other patriots! As that scenario is NOT possible unless the aprox 50 Million mostly white jewdeo christian zionists refuse to Wake Up and assist patriots to Stop it. Will enough of that group awaken in time? God alone knows now. We All will know soon!

            • @ Them Guys, Excellent “in-your-face” history lesson of what is coming if WE ever surrender our second amendment rights…for any reason.

              “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.”
              ― Noah Webster

            • They Guys: they think your bull-shitting them. They have no true concept of what is coming. The Americans under Eisenhour did the fucking same thing. They put Jews in the homes of good German people and evicted the conquered. America, under Jew, ZOG governance has done the same or worse because it is much more subtle and much more wicked because it allows the Commi bastards to continue their evil. And the fucking people just believe this happens by chance…same fucking thing they are doing to Palestinians and any other Middle East country that resists them or gets in their way. So fuck you zio-corporate fascist-talmudic pigs that fuck up the world…you demonic assholes.

              • Eisenhour? Sheesus H. Christ nutjob, try some remedial reading courses, at least learn to ” cipher” as good as jethro…..

                • Mojo: You are either another Typical Shill troll, or just plain Ignornant. Typical in that you make use of same method of bash and complain of an educated factual truthfull post ny another person. Yet not once do You post any pertinant relative refutational info to counter what the other posted.

                  Prez Eisenhower was an Huge Ass as a us military general. He was quickly promoted way higher than should have been due to zionists conections. He was the Key player who kept going Against one of americas Greatest generals of ALL time. General George Patton.

                  It is Obvious you, mojo, never heard of Pattons Diary nor the Book based on his diary huh?…

                  General Patton was the main maybe Only one who figured it all out at end of WWII as he entered into his diary and wrote in letters home to wife and military retired pals.

                  Patton wrote: “We fought the WRONG People! I have traveled across the entire areas of europe more than once now. I have met and spoken with a wide varity of litterally Every type european person from every nation everywhers I traveled. And the best-smartest-greatest inventors-builders-industrialists-and over all Nicest most Moral of them all in europe are the GERMAN peoples!”

                  Patton was chomping at the bit to rearm train and join forces With germans to fight against the TRUE Real Enemys.

                  That being the russian red army and its Russian Jewish Bolshevik Kommie leaders. Pattons diary lists russian jew bolsheviks as worse than Animals. After innocent german citizens who never supported nazis etc got kicked out of their Homes as road runner said, russian and polish jews were given those germans Homes and posessions.

                  General Patton wrote in his diary and letters home to wife etc that the russian and polish jews were so filthy and animalistic, he had to order his troops to send a few usa soldiers into homes to FORCE with the rifle Butt to face threats to get them bolshevik jews to use the Bathrooms and Toilets!

                  When general Patton went to check up on them jews in the homes they occupied now, he wrote that they used Toilets to place Trash and soup cans in like a garbage can…And they used one corner of largest room in home for rest of trash garbage, and also Pissed and Shit in the same trash corner Inside the Homes! and Balked and complained refusing to clean it up and show respect!

                  MOJO: Much like seveal Others here it seems You require a massive bit of research readings before you are qualified to reply postings to critisize Others info.

                  One can Never learn enough, some Need to learn alot more! That appears to be You Mojo.

                • Mojo: another inbred idiot! Maybe of Khazar extraction! I see you were educated on Beverly Hillbillies…is that where your inbreeding comes from?

                  • Oh come on now…no need to be insulting good down home mountain folk… theres actually way more imbreeding going on in them there royal lineage types of self professed ruler elitist families than ever happens anywhere else outside the big cities… 😉

                  • I always defer to the experts like you roadboy,when it comes to inbreeding, you’re the undisputed champ of gene pool pond scum. Them Guys, I could give a flying fuck about Patton and your history lessons. My point here is to point out roadboy’s insanity, who wants a religious nutcase in their prepper group? From your spelling ability, it looks like you gradjeeated from the 3rd grade.

                  • Mojo: your fucking nob and a wanker. You posters take note of another great American Patriot! He pisses on one the greatest Generals in American history. I bet there are still a few WWII Vets alive today who would love to get their hands on you. You have no fucking intelligence and could not help anyone. Your a sleazy, self appointed, arrogant purveyor of witchcraft. Crawl back in your hole wizard.

      31. And the latest I heard on our news is that this twit in Washington wants to send aid and arms to the “Rebels”. It’s like pouring petrol on a fire! And all the allies are drooling and nodding their heads because all the economies are in the pits.
        I have no love for any of these people who seem to have a need to be killing someone…anyone! Even their own women and children. If the brain-dead media stay quiet, let’s find out WHO released the poison dust which just happened to appear in Syria after it vanished from Iraq. Anyone remember Bush’s “legitimate reason for invading another country(gotta’ try out the newest killing toys)”
        God save us from these lying fools. Now they want to drag us all into another Libya, or Afghanistan, or Bosnia, or Egypt or …….Syria??

        Hey folks! I understand there’s a newer version of cell phone coming onto the market so save your food stamps

        Yes, I am a cynic.

        • @roadrunner

          A purveyor of witchcraft? You are not only delusional but dangerous beyond reason. You sound like the kind of religious nut who has bodies buried in your basement. You know, all the warlocks who wouldn’t heed your call. Do yourself a favor and get mental health counseling before it’s too late.

      32. You have way too much free time to be dreaming up this stuff.

      33. So heres something for folks to argue over, if the UN finds the rebels in Syria were the culprit, shouldnt they be bombed back to alla?

        • Here is something else, if factions of the U.S. gooberment are also found culpable of supplying “support” to these rebels via arms, money, intelligence, and assorted support…shouldn’t WE THE PEOPLE eradicate the vermin in the “district of criminals” and EJECT/EXECUTE every string pulling “dual citizen” in the remnants of this country?

          • I definitely think We The People should hold the elected officials feet to the flames, not sure exactly how to mobilize that one but We DEFINITELY need to move and institute a system of accountability. THIS is where that clause about the well regulated militia comes into play, these are the same people in most cases who would also step on our liberty.
            So we need to chew on that for a bit and talk to others about it, i know ill get the thumbs down but i wrote letters to all my reps letting them lnow EXACTLY how i felt about another attack and about my stance on treason!
            MOLON LABE

            • You mean throw the elected officials into the flames, don’t you?

          • Of course “innocent little Israel” has clean hands in all of this. Oh, wait a minute, Israel has bombed Syrian targets numerous times without Syrian retaliatory strikes…so far.

            The proxies of Russia/China, armed with THEIR weapons and weapons systems will fight this war for THEM.

            I find it incredible that “anyone” believes this is “already over” ahead of the coming false flag. IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

            • I have a HORRIBLE feeling this is just the beginning!
              It really sorta sucks,
              I comment on stuff here, and know i would fair pretty well in a collapse or whatever, just the way it usually goes
              Honestly i just want to be left alone to fart around in the fields and do what i do, but damn these people who want to be the rulers of all!
              Its bullshit, some folks like you say have their heads in the sand and dont think anything will happen, shit happens! But this is way beyond the scope of what we should have to shoulder,
              To the fucking government assholes, STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH SHIT THAT DOESNT CONCERN THE PEOPLE OF THE USA.
              I dont want trouble but i dont have my head in the sand and am sick of this crap, tax the shit out of us, and take, take, take, and dictate this, dictate that, cant do this, cant do that,
              FUCK YOU!

              • AMEN, Kulafarmer.

              • Have to go for a beer and smoke after that one, Kulafarmer

                • Sorry bout that folks,
                  I get wound up on this shit and sick and tired of people telling me not to get so cranked on it cause theres nothing we can do!
                  Last guy told me that i started going baaaa baaaa baaa, he said wtf, i told him he sounds like a fucking sheep and thats what these government assholes count on, so go ahead and baaa baaa,
                  Needless to say we most likely wont be friends any more, dont need em anyway if thats the way they think, stupid donkeys,

                  • KULA,
                    Tell me how you really feel LOL!
                    Yes we are all frustrated at this point, some people are a lost cause and will never prepare .
                    It is a victory if you manage to get one person to see the light. I think we are not out of the woods on this by a long shot , the UN inspectors are to leave on Saturday , as BI stated the window is open due to the new moon period.. Another thing to consider is we launched a Key Hole sat yesterday from Vandenburg. personally I think we are looking in the wrong direction here keep an eye on the Persian Gulf and the Suez canal . 20% of the worlds oil flow through here. instead of Syria we should be watching IRAN . The clock is ticking on its nuclear program once they reach 25% enrichment on the nuclear fuel cycle it will take little time to get the 35lbs of 95% enriched nuclear fuel needed for a uranium based fissle warhead.
                    Then all bets are off we will have our “Guns of August ” moment exactly 100 years later, on the anniversary of the out break of WW1,
                    It may be a convergence of unrelated events that taken individually will mean nothing, but OCCURING together form a crisis of unimaginable proportions.

                    PREPARE, PRACTICE, TRAIN

                    RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                    Semper Fi 8541

              • Kula jus wants to be left alone out in the field with his sheep…

                all ya hear is a loud BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and see a guy on a stepladder behind……..

                oh boy

                • Rubber boots! Not step ladder! They arent cows.
                  You know what they say,
                  Life in the country,
                  Where men are men
                  And farm animals are scared!

            • Yental: Tucker I think it was in Last article back, Posted a Direct website Link to an Aug.28th article from the Jeruselem Israel Based Times newspapers or magazine.

              That Jewish wrote aritlce From Israel where its written at, said that ALL this Latest info about Assad gassed his people etc was Originated BY and IN and FROM Israeli Intelligence Agency! thats likly aka “Mossad” agency.

              usa has-CIA and Israel has-Mossad.

              So it appears once Again as in Lybia prior, and as per the usual systems of operating, the entire Information related to Assad-Syria war-Poisen Gassings was Again From and BY jewish israel sourced agents.

              The Worlds Greatest known and Most experienced, most accomplished, expert LIARS! aka Jewish folks in israel(this time-other times its NY or Chicago jewish folks who invents the lies).

              At some point even Atheists Must admit that Yes Jesus Christ was Profoundly correct and accurate as can be, when He himself said to them jews “You are Of Your father the Devil/Satan! His Lusts you Will Do! He satan was a Liar a Thief and a Murderer from the very begining” (john 8 vs 44) (REV 2 vs 9 and 3 vs 9).

              Liars! Thieves! Murderers! Check-Check-Check…..So Indeed americans lets go do More Wars For israel and jewish intrests….Again. usa has been doing exactly That since WWI when Wilson was our Zionist Prez in 1912.

              I am getting very Curiouser and Curiouser daily now as to What it will Take for so many deluded “christians” to Wake Up to the Facts, that their full support and defence of israel and all issues jewish is a Major reason america is Stuck in this Realm of Purely Satanic Evils so destroying America for the last 100 yrs and Especially since the 1960’s.

              At some point unquestioned defence and support of israel and jewish issues/agendas Morphs into equal support of Satan their Spiritual father/Leader. That cannot be good for “christians” eh. Lets Hope they awaken from delusional slumbers.

          • Yental, didn’t we learn anything from the Benghazi murderers?
            I mean our president and Hillary–not the rebels.
            The evil ones are already guilty of all that.
            ‘What difference at this point does it make??’ Bitch.

        • No. Just as most people would not have agreed to foot the bill for cruise missiles’ being launched against Syrian government targets, so we should not not be rebels’ assassins.
          The United States government does nothing that is righteous, and their posturing as if they care now, rather suddenly, for gas victims after two years of watching the carnage of “the short, brown people” as a spectator sport of the American elite is just vomitrocious.
          I truly never want to meet any of these fucking bastards who pretend to represent us; I do get physically ill when I am confronted by radical evil. Ted Cruz is excepted from the above comment.

          • vo meh tro shus…lol…first time I saw that on my screen. I like it.

      34. Well just suppose we bomb Syria someone else nukes us,chaos amongst ourselves and all on a holiday weekend and everyone out of town! Hmmm.

        • “Someone else” could nuke Syria, or us, and blame it on “whomever” best fits the story line that is propagated at that time.

          Remember the U.S.S. Liberty when considering “someone else”. I would include 9/11, but that implication “knocks the ball over the fence” for many that still cling to the “official narrative.”

          I know, “yental” is an anti Zionist radical conspiracy nut job. There, I saved someone else the trouble of “time and keystrokes”.

          • I don’t think your radical.


            • @ BadAmerican, welcome to a minority, but ever growing “band of brothers/sisters”. The TRUTH rises higher in the cesspool of LIES with each passing day.

              A primary concern for the next “false flag” timeline (term more watched than ricin) to accelerate.

              I believe the term “false flag” in the proper context of commentary EVERYWHERE scares THEM more than any other terminology.

              That said, the “watch word” of the week is still an effective “swamping” of the system with logistical “dead ends”. I will be ricin early in the morning for a bowel of milk and ricin for breakfast.

      35. “The central banks and international financiers that created our ongoing and developing disaster…”

        Why is there never any mention of the Western Socialist Governments and their profligate spending over the past 80 years as being part of the problem? We’re broke because of politicians addicted to debt. Nobody held a gun to their heads when all of those pork laden budgets were passed decade after decade after decade. Nobody held a gun to FDR’s head when he created the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world.

        Yeah, the Fed sucks. But it was the Progressive Woodrow Wilson that signed the Act into law. The Marxist politicians, both past and present, are to blame for our current predicament. Let’s take care of the dirty communist politicians first, then go after all of the big business CEOs that crawled into bed with them… including the bankers.

        As far as Syria goes, UK Parliament just voted down military intervention and France said they now ‘prefer a political solution’. If Obummer goes into Syria, he’s going alone. Let’s pray he can make at least one correct decision before 2016. What a joke for a President… It’s embarrassing.


        • Anonymous: They did hold a ‘gun” to Prez Wislons head.

          Not an actual firearm gun, but one just as convincing to get wilson to do the bidding for zionist jewish international banksters. And also to get wilson to violate his prior promice to get Re elected, his promice to americas voters was “NO usa boys will go to war in europe if You relect Me” Less than a full year after relected to second term as prez he broke it and we went to WWI in Europe.

          The “GUN” zionist jewish banksters held to wilsons head was a shoebox Filled with Personal Hand written Letters wilson wrote to his Married woman lover!

          Before becoming usa prez wilson was a Professor honcho at an Ivy league University. Or it may be wilson was Prez of that univ I forget details now. Anyways wilson was having an Ongoing affair sexually with his Best friend and fellow professor’s Wife, of same univ.

          And that woman he was screwing Kept a shoebox full of Love letters wilson wrote to her before he was prez of usa. Them zionists set her up with a jewish NY lawyer guy, who went to visit prez wilson and said He the Lawyer Paid off her sons leagle troubles for some crimes he did. The Pay off to keep her son Out of prison was $40,000! Back in 1900 era! Big money then eh. Very big.

          That shyster lawyer told prez wilson he wants wilson to Pay him that 40 grand back or else that entire box of love letters will go to the NY times newspapers for full exposure to all america!

          Picture what a scandle such a Torrid sexcapades story back in early 1912 era! Plus not just some regular guys sex scandles but a Sitting USA PREZ!

          Thats how wilson got swindled into signing off on Fed Reserve act in 1913, plus takeing usa into WWI war.

          Wilson also appointed the very first jewish zionist US supreme court Justice….After wilson era as prez its been all down hill. Today every facet every agenda, agency, system,that matters is now controled by jewish zionists. The ONLY parts not controled by zionists is those Jewish US Reps and US Senators in the Dems party like Finestien etc…They are Bolshevik jews.

          The greatest nation wreckers worldwide are now fully in charge controlling america. America was taken by Coup before we were Born! by 1960’s they controled it all basically. Today 2013 they are so sure of their agendas they no longer Hide it and even Brag how its they who control america. Along with the rest of Gentile goyims in elected and appointed positions.

          So in a sense Yes they did have a gun held to his head than, and similar too with todays officials.

          • Them Guys: that fucking Bloomberg in NYC contributes large sums of his own money to anyone fighting for gun control. He just gave $350,000 to one group. Where do these fucking assholes get all their money? Those fighting this prick give $5, $10, $15 bucks individually. Shit I wish this asshole would fall out of a 10 story window and leave a monument on 5th Avenue…a big red spot. The Zionist Talmudic Rothschild Cabal never seem to come up short of money…wonder why?

      36. Gosh darn it all…calling these muzzy camel molesters “rebels”…well it jist taint right,ya know what I mean Vern?… 😉

      37. Look at this truckload of king bull manure: they want you to sell your gold after the missiles start flying.


        This of course has to do with those that own phantom gold, shares in gold stocks. Or does it? Yeah these “experts” want you to empty your precious metal and take profits. Reinvest in something else!????? Talk about destroying your REAL nest egg for true money. Then they say that people should only have precious metals as 5-10% of their investments. I wonder what they say about investments in food, water, and other necessities. Retards abound.

      38. It’s funny to me in a non-humorous way, when I read the naysayers comments. The root question people should ask themselves, is this:

        If you spent the time, thought and effort to move all the chess pieces into place and went on about your attack plans, would you simply call it all off because your opponent had his chess champion buddy show-up and offer his assistance?

        Yeah, I know that may sound simplistic to some of you lesser skilled in the realm of mind craft, so here are some visual aids.

        Maps of the chess pieces

        And of course, you need to actually see the shit that is ACTUALLY on the ground and brought into play, so here is that example.

        The shit actually arriving on the ground

        Do you actually believe deep down inside that all these vast military assets are being assembled and placed on the “Risk” board for no reason? These are some pretty sick minded motherfuckers we’re talking about here. The war planner’s sole existence on this Earth is to play their simulations out, regardless of the morbid, dangerous and hideous effects to reality. Don’t you moronic naysaying fuckwits get it? They don’t care. They don’t care about you, them, us, the planet, even themselves, none of that. They care only about proving their stratagems and tactics are accurate.

        “I was right goddammit! Damned be the world, it wasn’t my planning that failed, it was those carrying it out that fucked up my genius efforts.”, said the megalomaniac General to his minion underling.

        • Correction the shit landing on the ground. That turns out to be pure horseshit. The guy is taking stock photos, posting them on his twitter account and acting like he’s in Cyprus snapping shots. The guy needs to have his account deleted.

          Anyway, here is some “real” (if there was ever any way to know 100% for sure) news. Right Here

          • I wouldn’t believe that picture if the patient had an August 29, 2013 newspaper in his hand.
            Photo shop.

      39. this excellent article as written leaves no room for doubt.

        It’s compelling enough for me to start researching the purchase of the remaining big ticket items on my prepper’s list that up until now would have set my wife into a tailspin at the mere mention of the expense involved.

        -Solar panels + inverter + deep cycle battery bank

        -Thermal night vision goggles and Thermal NVG riflescope

        -HAM radio (even a cheap one) plus wireless radio communication devices for neighborhood watch.

        -Sams club and COSTCO run for anything that will keep and bulk hygene and medical necessities.

        -Turning the garden beds with fresh soil and manure for the winter garden (in SE Texas, that’s more like a summer garden)

        the only upside to this is if it goes down as badly as Brandon has illustrated in this article, my creditors can blow me until the storm blows over unless they have the time and personnel to come out in person and collect.

        • I didn’t really much figure you gave much consideration to how your wife felt about things, after all your comments the other day about how you can’t wait to take advantage of soccer moms and such.

      40. oh this is good

        Government Promises to Stop Lying Because of Drudge Report Spotlight


        government to stop lying because they keep getting caught ???

        ha ha ha

        TOO funny

        anyone think the lies will stop ???

        no ???

        I didnt think so

        even people riding the short bus are finally realizing how corrupt and dishonest the government is

      41. And I thought only Steve King could write scary stories.

        • hope you’re right.

      42. Was gonna comment, but heck, this is ridiculous.
        Not everyone is in this Liberty Movement.
        Is it a special elite group? I can only imagine if I did all this…oh, no bother!!

      43. That no one knows the day or the hour is a reference given in the Old Testament to the two Watchmen on the wall watching for the EXACT MOMENT the slight sliver of the moon appears to bring on the Feast of the Trumpets. Both had to see that moment together. If one saw it and the other did not it didn’t count and the feast was held over until they BOTH saw it. When asked by the Jewish people, “When is the feast beginning?” the response was, “No one knows the day or the hours.” No one knew when that moment was and the feast was not to begin until it was clear. So Jesus was giving us all a hint to His account to the “Last Trump” which is Rosh Hashanah, one of the three fall feasts Jesus has to fulfill. The next feast, Rosh Hashanah is next week, Sept 4th, or maybe the 5th. Science today is far more advanced than it was 2000 years ago.

        • Good Try but sorry, Jesus said he Fullfilled the LAW and the Prophets. Christians are Not supposed to obey or practice Any old testement jewish religious days or festivals etc. Christ “Might” do something on those days yes. but Nowheres does it nor He state that whatever Jesus does after his death is based on any jewish laws, customs or religious days etc.

          New testement in several sections Warns christians to NOT try to Mix judaisim with christianity. REad Galatians and Hebrews books.

          • Them Guys: Your e-mail address does not work. Even when I try to send it through my personal account it says your carrier does not recognize it. I have had a comment in moderation here since very early this morning that explains that. I need your middle initial in your name to verify that the email you sent is you and then I will work on trying something different. I had 2 emails from you and one from a “[email protected]”. Someone from this site with that e-mail now has my personal email. Please post a reply here with your middle initial. I know what it is from your email. Thanks

      44. Basically, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass GOODBYE.
        That’s about all the little guy can do.

        • Sounds tasty

      45. Lots of new people on this site now……Welcome.

        Pressure Cooker
        Pop Goes The Weasel

        BE FEARED…….or be sheared…..BA.

        • Thank you for the welcome BadAmerican. I figure the best information one can receive is from REAL men and women who have experience in many different areas instead of going to mainstream media (though I do still tune in to BBC and CNN just see what THEY’RE saying).

      46. I am getting so sick and tired of certain individuals calling the good people here DOOMERS, like we are all nuts or something. There are plenty of real life catastrophes ready to happen, that have happened before.

        One of the top causes of the demise of the human civilization is either a nuclear EMP or a solar EMP. This is not doom, it is hard core reality that has happened before. While a solar event will target mostly the electric grid, a nuclear EMP will get just about everything else. I found an excellent article that fully explains ElectroMagnetic Pulses. It is long but extremely worth the time to read. I am bookmarking this myself to re-read again when it is more quiet.

        This is a MUST read for those interesting the truth about understanding EMP’s.


        • like I have stated before ….I call it like I see it…..a nuclear emp sounds great in THEORY but in reality…..nahhhhhh
          and oh by the way…now we are gonna hit Syria on SATURDAY….hahahahahahahah
          NUTS…..yup I call them like I see them

          • R99 is a government Troll

            • Yes he is…

            • and not a very good one at that


              ANOTHER waste of our tax dollars !!!

          • You’re a troll Rich99 and I call them as I see them. You’re a fool.

          • @Rich99 I’m sure you see a lot of nuts. Hark! is that the sound of elitists balls slapping your chin? Don’t forget to wipe for goodness sake.

        • @BI, the possibility of a solar induced EMP is a very relevant concern. The nuclear EMP potential is gaining credence…Russian subs in the Gulf of Mexico, new Chinese “satellite” engaged in some “interesting” activity.

          BTW, the UN Inspectors are still in Syria. “They” will be leaving by Saturday.

          I doubt the UN would take kindly to having their “inspectors” blown away by a USA cruise missile, or some other ordinance.

          • Im just wondering if that “massive new satellite” is some sort of device that our government may use for such a purpose? There would be no way for the people to tell any different who or what initiates some sort of EMP, and supposedly the technology exists to create a some what directed EMP strike…..
            Things to ponder,

            • Kulafarmer, You sound like one of those “nutjob conspiracy DOOMERS”.

              Welcome aboard. I’m certain you were already “on board”, but I can’t help but celebrate every patriot that doesn’t fear speaking their mind in the effort to “plant as many brush fires” as possible in the minds of others.

              Everyone needs to pursue their own research…nothing wrong with providing research “ideas”.

      47. Mac Slavo

        Is that a record hit for one article.


        • @ slingshot. Lets hope that number reaches 250,000 on the previous article. Just makes this site that much more aware of out there, and more people looking at the alternative to the MSM.

        • 23,546 people read my rants and preps??
          There went OPSEC for sure.
          What happened to our little family here??

      48. @ braveheart. The Mid Atlantic Ridge has been very active the past 2 weeks. Let me know if you start to see large numbers of underground residents such as worms, ants, snakes, etc. start to panic and come on to the surface in large numbers. This could signal something with the New Madrid. I still feel that between 14 and 20 degrees north there is likely going to be a larger earthquake on the Mid Atlantic Ridge before the New Madrid goes, but still animals know before earthquake are coming.

        Something else to look for is piezoelectricity that is generated by the quartz in the ground being put under massive strain from an imminent break coming. Many peopple report seeing UFO lights before an earthquake. Not an alien ship, but kind of like ball lightning. Also something that can occur is charged particles that work with the inert gases and cause like a haze, sometimes refrred to as “swamp gas” clouds of “earthquake fog”. Also sometimes a shortwave won;t work too well and the upper atmosphere is fine. This is because of the magnetic field being affected, especially before very large earthquakes. Even sometimes magnets can become demagnetized.

        Also people and animals with good hearing will hear a type of high frequency hum before certain earthquakes. Before the 1989 world series earthquake this was picked up off of California and many in the military thought it was a Boomer Submarine from the USSR off the coast. You are close enough around Memphis that you should have one of more of these warning signs before the New Madrid is ready to go. Just a thought as everything seems to be going haywire nowadays in this world.

        • BI, I just got home and read your post about earthquake signs. I will be on the lookout for such things. thanks for the tips. braveheart

        • Andrew Basiago knows…

      49. Rabbit Stew

        3 Rabbits cut into pieces
        1 c Flour
        1/4 c Olive oil
        1/2 c Onions, chopped
        2 Garlic clove, minced
        1/4 c Wine, sherry, dry
        1 c Chicken broth
        1 c Game marinade, strained
        1 ts Thyme
        1 ts Sage
        1 ts Cayenne pepper
        1/4 c Parsley, minced
        Salt & pepper to taste

        Dust pieces in flour and shake off excess. Brown in olive oil on all
        sides in a large black iron pot (My prejudice). Remove and keep warm.
        Add onions and garlic to same oil; cook until clear, not brown. Drain
        off excess oil and replace rabbit. Pour on sherry. Add broth and
        strained marinade. Bring to boil then reduce heat to simmer, covered,
        for 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

        Chicken & Dumplings


        2 envelopes Lipton’s Cream of Chicken Cup-o-soup

        1 can Swanson’s Chunk Chicken Meat

        1/2 package of mixed freeze-dried vegetables

        1 cup Bisquick in a zip-lock bag


        Mix the soup, chicken meat and vegetables in a relatively
        deep pot with 2 to 3 cups water. Place on camp stove. Heat to
        simmering, stirring occasionally. While soup stuff is heating,
        add water (see Bisquick box instructions for qty.) to Bisquick
        and knead in the zip-lock bag. When soup stuff is hot, tear off a
        corner of the bag and squeeze out plops of Bisquick into the pot.
        Cover and cook for about 10 mintues on low heat.

        Cook stove Cake

        1 pk Richmoor Sierra Coffee Cake 1 lg Pot
        – (any water-based cake mix) 1 sm Pot
        1/2 c Water Pebbles

        Line bottom of larger pot with one layer of small pebbles. Pour cake mix
        and water into smaller pot and mix until smooth. Place small pot inside
        of large pot (on top of pebbles). Cover and cook over low to medium heat
        for 15 minutes or until the cake doesn’t stick to a wooden toothpick or
        match. Enjoy and then when they’ve cooled off return the pebbles to where
        you found them.

        Keep the FAITH

      50. How about our military honor their oaths and take out the federal government?

        • Dumb ass.

      51. Heres something,
        The MSM media is saying obammy is willing to go it alone on hitting Syria,
        I personally will devote as much time as i am able towards collecting signatures to impeach and or recall his lame ass.

        • I’ll sign it.

          I think we may have a madman behind the nuke button.

          • We all need to get petitions going in our own areas, im going to connect with a jacker buddy tomorrow.

            • Was supposed to be hacker buddy, geez, people will think im either a perv or a criminal!

              • …. 🙂 oh theres a few pervs on here(as per one opined to one of your above posts referencing a ladder?)the rest of us?…we be criminals…enemies of the state and of the king…rebels,outlaws,gypsies tramps and thieves…I think youre right at home,no? 🙂

          • We all need to get petitions going in our own areas, im going to connect with a jacker buddy tomorrow.

        • yeah I hear Britain backed out..

          Not that we would need them for anything, but it shows there is a deeper problem to this, they are in the area so to speak, and don’t view this as something to get involved in..maybe our POTUS should heed the lesson

        • Just takes 2 names for impeachement and proof!

          • “High crimes and misdemeanors” what ever that is? It sounds like weasel talk written by lawyers to protect lawyers.

            • Supporting the rebels (al Qaeda) is aiding the enemy. An enemy charged with terrorist activities against the US. Sounds like more grounds for impeachment to me, and goes for every politician who supports him.

      52. Here is a piece of gear you may look into for preps.

        I brought this car battery jumper system and it has a air compressor, 12VDC port cig type, USB port, small light. Have a 12vdc cig type inverter to 115 VAC. Working to recharge it by solar or use inverter in truck to do it.

      53. Blueberry Breakfast Cake
        8 oz Fresh blueberries 2 T Sugar
        2 c Bisquick mix ds Cinnamon
        1/4 c Powdered milk Water

        Heat blueberries. While heating, mix bisquick, powdered milk, sugar, and
        cinnamon with enough water to make a thick batter. Drop large spoonfuls
        of batter onto the blueberries. Cover and let cook until the batter has
        become cakelike.

        Pig’s Ass Chili

        1 lb Pork, diced 1 T Flour
        1/2 Onion 1 Tomato, fresh
        4 oz Green chilis, canned 1/3 c Water
        1/2 c Cheddar cheese ds Garlic, salt, pepper

        Cube and brown meat in skillet (drain off excess grease). Add onion and
        brown lightly. Add flour and brown. Add water, tomato, green chili, and
        spices. Simmer for about 20 min. Spread slices of cheese over top. Let
        melt and serve.

        Spanish Rice with Stir-Fry Veggies

        1 T Vegetable oil 1 pk Spanish rice
        1 sm Red onion, diced 2 sm Cans spicy V-8 juice
        3 sm Yellow summer squash, sliced 1 c Water
        1 Green pepper, diced 1 c Mozzarella cheese, shredded

        Add veggies to heated oil and cover loosely with lid. Stir often for
        about 5 min., then set aside. In a different pan, combine V-8 juice,
        water, and rice and bring to boil. Let simmer for about 15 min. without a
        lid. Add veggies and stir. Sprinkle cheese on top and cover until the
        cheese is melted.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thanks for the recipes.

      54. As long as we are using the extreme media’s VERSIONS for everything, they will continue to pursue their one world conquer; it’s called Prison Planet, and it takes one to know one.

        “Then conquer we must, for our cause it is just.”

        The NWO & its main(ex)stream media wants to steer the world to their enemies.

        As we’ve know thne NWO is the one who has placed puppets and their own people in charge and just to follow the blue print. 🙁

      55. Daniel 12:1 At that time Michael, the archangel who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish greater than any since nations first came into existence. But at that time every one of our people whose name is written in the book will be rescued.

      56. Give me a $7 Big Mac & I’ll show you what will happen with a domestic partner… Supply & demand dumb ass. I don’t do micci dees.

      57. It’s curious that the Bible places Armageddon in Syria.

        • Not curious, at all, Bird Dog! Biblical Prophecies……read all about them! Book of Revelations…THE HOLY BIBLE!!

          • You mean the holy playbook. Its just a playbook written by tptb long ago and edited as they see fit. Haven’t you figured it out yet, They make things happen in alliance with theyre holy playbook and it gives you the illusion that prophecy is being fulfilled and the buybull is real. Of course some truth is mixed in to make it more believable. Religion was the first form of govt. All just another clever scam to control the masses. Learn to think for yourself god dammit!

            • It’s funny to watch how sheep call others sheep. My brand of bullshit is better than your brand of bullshit! My bullshit is the TRUE bullshit the rest of you will burn in hell! It’s almost comical if it wasnt so serious. Divide and conquor, obey mans rules, be a good sheep or else, don’t think outside the box, don’t question holy authority, etc. I live in a place where it’s 70% mormons, they are the nicest people you will ever meet but damn they are also the stupidest people you will ever meet too. I guess it could be a lot worse, I’d much rather be around nice sheep. Natural law IS gods law, the law of nature and the universe. Don’t get boxed in some convoluted bullshit telling you what god is, the answer was born in you.. Do not look outside yourself for god, you are already part of it.

            • Well now I guess the truth is unpopular. Can any of you refute my comment or did it bruise your narrow minded paradigm of BS? Do you have even 1 piece of evidence that jesus even existed? Can you prove me wrong? Thumbs downers all butthurt because they can’t come up with an answer. If you can’t provide an intelligent counterpost then it just goes to show what a moronic sheep you really are. At least some people understand it and stand for truth, you are the light in the darkness of ignorance and give me some hope, thanks greenthumbs 🙂

          • just another prepper
            @Momma B says:

            Did you make a typo as pissed off granny claimed she did when I corrected her on the fact that it is “REVELATION” singular since. There is only one Jesus Christ and only one Revelation of him.
            It boggles my mind how many people talk about THE HOLY BIBLE and misquote Revelation so much.
            Just wanted to point it out.
            Keep prepping and may God uphold you in His powerful outstretched hand.
            Need to be careful here. Pissed off granny will be looking for typos. Don’t want to P. O. her off any more.
            God Bless

            Just another prepper

            • Anonymous:

              Come on. Be a stand up guy. You don’t need to hide behind your mother. You are just upset about my reply to your assinine post you made about fat people. Rather than this post a rebuttal of my post would have suited you better.

              Keep prepping!

      58. If you people wish to play games, then so be it. Games can be reset, once you dead in REAL life you DEAD forever. Practice what you preach, and train those with you the basics for survival, then train so more. Practice makes precision hits, kills etc., not talk.

      59. @ EVERYONE. Anyone reading about the science behind EMP’s that I linked above should also read about EMP myths. This is probably the most informative knowledge on the internet about understand the EMP, especially the differences between E-1, E-2, and E-3. A small nuke that was less than 2 kilotons was detonated using a helium balloon in 1958, and produced a charge that went off the chart. The altitude is also critical to the direction of the waves of the EMP. It talks about protection and faraday cages also. How a solar EMP will not stop cars, but fry every long wire such as electric transformers. This is so interesting. Please everyone read this, it explains everything and how deep trouble we are in IF anyone detonates one of these things.

        I am still surprised how well written this is. 🙂

      60. If this really is a conspiracy, then it’s one planned with an shoddy understanding of the actual geopolitical situation. (3) – (8) and (13) make no sense.

        (3) A no fly zone is possible, but there’s very little political or actual capital for this move. There’s a reason we haven’t done anything yet – people are sick of adventures in the middle east and don’t want to get entangled in another conflict. Obama just wants to ‘punish’ Assad for using chemical weapons so that he will change his calculations. Instead of wantonly using chemical weapons, he’ll have to do a cost-benefit analysis: “is it really worth using these weapons when I know I’ll get hit with more and more American missiles for doing it? Probably not. So I’ll just keep up with normal military stuff”. That’s the goal of Syrian missile strikes, to change Assad’s calculations. A no fly zone tips it too far the other way, making him desperate and far less predictable.

        (4) I don’t think Iran would launch ground troops into Syria, and def no “immediately”. They have a more moderate prime minister now, and even if the Ayatollah went for it, they don’t have the economic capacity to sustain the fight. They’re totally crippled from international sanctions because of their Nuclear program. Their number 1 concern now is getting their economy back on track without the hard-liners losing face over giving in on the program.

        (5) If Israel went in “first”, they’d get slaughtered. Their entry would be conditional on a joint force with the U.S. Every single Syrian, Islamist, and jihadist in Syria would immediately ban together to kill any Israeli soldier that stepped a foot over the border. They hate the Israelis more than anything else. Israel couldn’t handle that on their own, they’d need overwhelming force, which only we can provide.

        (6) If Iran shut down the Strait of Hormuz they would lose all of their income and would not be able to feed people or fund the programs that keeps the population docile, much less be able to sustain a ground war in Syria. Moreover, the U.S. has significant naval capacity in the region prepared to keep the Strait open, they’ve been training for just this scenario and are basically waiting. (Also the guy calls it the “straight” instead of the “strait”… gotta know your geography before adventuring into geopolitics I reckon).

        (7) The Egyptian “revolution” is right now mostly a peaceful protest with pockets of insurgency by the Muslim Brotherhood (who’se political wing the deposed President Morsi was part of). The Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt and everywhere else, HATE Assad in Syria. He brutally slaughtered tons and tons of Brotherhood people back in the 70s and 80s when he was solidifying power. There is absolutely NO way that these Brotherhood revolutionaries would oppose U.S. toppling Assad, in fact they would welcome it. The Brotherhood has a big contingent in the Free Syrian Army (the rebel group) and is trying hard to be the legitimate political group that will take over if/when Assad goes. So the Suez canal will not be shut down, if not for these reasons, then because the Egyptian military would never sacrifice the delicate economy for some abstract political allegience (which they don’t have anyway… they are ambivalent to Assad and pro-US). Remember if the economy goes down, so will the new military junta.

        (8) Saudi Arabia has too much oil money being put into social programs to have an Arab Spring style revolution. Very unlikely.

        Reject (3) – (8) and the gasoline nightmare doesn’t happen and the rest don’t follow.

        (13) also doesn’t make sense. If China dropped the dollar then it couldn’t artificially keep the Yuan at a competitively low rate of inflation – this would cause its exports to suffer greatly. The only thing China cares about is money. It would not drop the dollar unless we defaulted on our debt and then never got over it (which may happen if the Tea Partiers in the Republican House conference keep holding the debt ceiling hostage, like they’re planning on doing this October, again – so irresponsible, and far more of a threat than this geopolitical stuff).

        • I wonder if ISON could play pool as it comes through the asteroid belt? Just a thought, perhaps these guys know what hit the planet the last time it went through the asteroid belt as it is supposed to do soon, a cosmic game of billiards!
          For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!

          • A cosmic Minnesota Fats as it were lol:p

      61. Some of these comments are very frightening. To see the depth of ignorance, and lack of education. Most of you are only Christian by name. Would God truly approve of your actions?

        • Tim.

          Man are you in for a surprise.

      62. As I read through the analysis offered by Brandon Smith from Alt Market there are questions I would like concrete answers to that he merely glosses over as fact. While I am not going to say I disbelieve Mr. Smith, there is a plethora of circumstantial evidence available, he seems to miss the target with facts in which he bases his claims in various areas of discussion.

        First Mr. Smith writes “the entire war is a product of covert action on the part of the U.S. and its allies,” referring to the objectivity of people around this nation and around the world, concerning the start and spread of the war in Syria to surrounding nations. What factual evidence supports this statement? How did the U.S. secretly and covertly start the war in Syria? What actions were taken by the U.S. to create the quagmire engulfing Syria? It is easy to offer lip service when writing, I should know since I do a fair amount of exaggerative composition myself for various reasons. In the end there must be some basis in factual reality in which to form even the simplest of theories. I would challenge Mr. Smith to start with answers to these two questions before I question him any further.

        For the record, whether through covert action or overt and open action such as bumbling diplomacy, simple incompetence (which I suspect), or calculated and devious planning after the fact, which I also suspect, the war in Syria is raging forward at breakneck speed. Did the U.S. actually play a major role in the instigation of the war? Perhaps so, but if we, as a nation are going to stop the inane and insane actions of the current administration, that is the Obama administration for those who may wonder, we must have the truth and all of the truth.

        One of most enormous mistakes made by the British military during the Revolutionary war was the inability to communicate effectively, allowing for the eventual defeat at the hands of a bunch of ragtag militiamen. Today it is the American citizens who are unable to effectively communicate and it will lead to our eventual downfall. When I say effectively communicate I am not only writing of one person speaking intelligently to another, I also address the manor of communications such as written words, spoken words, electronic communications and the many other means of communications. Prior to the Constitution being signed, two men took it upon themselves to write articles submitted for print explaining the position of the federalists. These became known as the Federalist Papers. The articles were short, easy to read and easy to understand. Where they biased? Yes, of course they were but they were effective. Until we as a people begin to communicate with each other in a simple, understandable, and effective manner which all individuals can grasp easily we will continue to fall further and further behind in critical areas associated to the survival of this nation as we have known it. It all starts with the straightforward, and if necessary, brutal truth.

        So I ask Mr. Smith to answer just my previous two questions concerning a factual basis for his claims. There are many other portions of his article that also deserve continued scrutiny, nonetheless, he must begin with complete honesty. Without complete honesty he places himself in the company of the Obama administration, partial truths, scare mongering, or even outright untruths. I certainly pray that isn’t the case. I understand this sounds a little bit harsh or demanding, but we should demand to know the truth at all costs.


        • @Rob

          If you read the links included in the article, and my previous articles on Syria, your questions will be answered. There is not space in every single article to outline every detail on the Syrian situation, but I will point out that it is WIDELY admitted that the U.S. has been training and supporting the Syrian rebels since the beginning of the civil war, and that our government has KNOWN for quite some time that the rebels are made up primarily of Al-Qaeda operatives.

          This is even acknowledged in the mainstream. It is not speculation.

      63. Obama…Obama…Obama. You should thank him. He already is the best firearm and ammo salesman out there.Even main stay TV has more survival shows with top ratings. Dome that Russian based game show The Gerber knife pusher and others. Not the old survivor show. Thanks Obama. I just have to stop by a Army surplus store in my travels. I hear customers asking about them MREs while a couple of others listen in. The sales person explains bob and other survival stuff. Thanks Obama. A few years ago people bought those worthless $29.99 survival kits. Now that order of freeze dried foods is being helped into the back of family transport. Thanks Obama. Now if Obama doesn’t destroy us before prepping.
        By the way I still prefer a bolt-action .308 to a AR-15. But hey if $ allows why not both?

        • He has not only made gun sales go through the roof but so many money is pouring to gun manufacturers that they now have money to do research and they are coming out with improved, new, and deluxe models by the DOZENS!!!

          Thanks you, you stupid commies and Demoncraps. Why don’t you get out of our lives? Nobody wants you don’t you get it???

      64. For Them Guys

        I think I have received 2 emails from you. Unfortunately I have received another email from a “badpuppydog” also on my gmail site. The only people who knew that I had set up the gmail site were readers of this blog. Unfortunately, I thought “badpuppydog” was you and I emailed my personal address to whoever this person is on this site. So congrats to some creep who had no business in our business. I know Slavo would know who that person is; I don’t. Them guys I need to know what your middle initial is so I know the posts I received are from you. The other bad news is when you sent your email to me and I tried to email you back it says your provider does not recognize you. I emailed Mr. Slavo on this site and ask him to give you my personal email. I have not heard back from him to know if this is possible. You need to contact him at the top of this page and see if he will give it to you. If so we will be in business. I do not know what is wrong with your email address…… Anyway tell me what your middle initial is in your reply to this so I know I am communicating with YOU and we will work on figuring something out.

        • Pissed off Granny: Its “W” middle initial.

          But You need to JUST use that one single name in my email address. Do NOT use ANY part of my Real Proper name.

          Just use the exact email address as its wrote begining with the letter “P” ok…I hope thats understandable Granny. Its the best I can think of without revealing my real email publically here. Try again this way I described ok. I am thinking you included my Real name in the email address? Do NOT do so. Just what begins with letter “P” ok. It will work as I get email from a couple others, One from SHTF posters and they have zero troubles.

          I will watch for your email to me Granny.

      65. Hey Mac

        I can’t seem to give anyone a thumbs up
        and my handle has been removed from my
        “Leave a Reply”. Problem?

      66. Everything Brandon wrote about can and will happen at some point in time, even if it is not with Syria. Something else will occur (staged by the elitists) that will produce this controlled chaos that will lead to the globalists new world order. Although Syria is their hope that will give them the impetus for accomplishing their usurpation of the world, right now they are losing the all important approval of the people, hence the UK’s no war with Syria decision and the U.S. 90% against bombing Syria. They need to look like the “good guys.” I also agree that a staged coup of the current administration is not out of the realm of possibility, if it appears he is losing control. Of course, we will know it is just another arm of the same beast that will stage this coup, just like in Egypt where they are now back to square one. What I don’t agree with is how Brandon ended this article with hope for lovers of liberty. Does good always win out? Yes it does, but only if that good is sided with the God of the Holy Bible. There is certainly hope, and a hope that is sure. That hope is in Jesus Christ. If you consider yourself a Christian, but have not pursued understanding of your faith, I would advise you to begin immediately. There can be no greater preparedness than to know Jesus and know Him well. It is truly the only hope of protection from what is coming. The Bible promises that God’s true believers in Christ will be taken out of the world to a place of safety in Christ. If you don’t want to believe that, than that’s your decision, but the decision will cost you great suffering. After, setting yourself right spiritually, then begin to take all other precautions, just in case Jesus tarry a little longer and we have to sustain ourselves until we are called home. To my brothers and sisters in Christ out there, keep spreading this message because it’s our Great Commission in Christ. God Bless to all!!

        • Russ: sorry dude but ‘this message’ has been spread, unfortunately most who say they know Him, DO NOT. The reason…because most rational minded men and women know that Christianity is in the toilet…there is no hope for Christians unless “they come out from among them”…I do not believe you have any idea what that means. Your call to Christ is generic without a foundation! Lover of liberty…there is none except in Christ Jesus, those are the true patriots who stabilize and build on a Godly foundation. You have to KNOW the Truth, Jesus Christ. Lip-service may not apply.

      67. Think about it.

        Obama wants Assad OUT just like he wanted Gaddafi OUT and Mubarak OUT.

        Gaddafi was replaced in Libya by al Qaeda.

        Mubarak was replaced in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood.

        And, who exactly are the Syrian “REBELS???”

        Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.

        This chemical WMD attack is the provocation Obama needed to launch military attacks against Assad to assist the Syrian “rebels” in their quest to OUST Assad from power and replace him.

        1 year ago, the effort to transfer weapons from Libya to Syrian “rebels” fell apart in Benghazi and who was the go-between in that failed gun running scheme?


        Who is one of the key players in mounting international outrage against Assad following last week’s WMD attacks in Syria?


        Who ELSE is a major player in the coalition against Assad?

        Saudi Arabia.

        Here is a list of a few Saudi members of al Qaeda.

        Badr Saud Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
        Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
        Khalid Salim Uwaid Al-Lahibi Al-Harbi
        Raed Abdullah Salem Al-Thahiri Al-Harbi
        Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi (leader)
        Fayez Ghuneim Humeid Al-Hijri Al-Harbi

        And a handful currently residing in Gitmo:

        Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi
        Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi
        Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi
        Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi
        Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi

        Notice what they have in common?


        Do you recall the name?

        Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the SAUDI man HOSPITALIZED and VISITED in the hospital by MICHELLE OBAMA following the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING. Remember, he was QUICKLY cleared after initially being considered a suspect and then, QUICKLY WISKED OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND BACK TO SAUDI ARABIA!!!

        Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi AND ALL THE al Qaeda Al-Harbi’s listed above ARE related.

        And finally…Consider this…

        The same administration that, for 3 weeks after the Benghazi attacks was blaming a You Tube video and, to this day, nearly a year later, has not gone after those responsible even though they have known their names and whereabouts for MONTHS has…After 3 days…FOUND WHAT THEY DEEM TO BE “CLEAR AND UNDENIABLE” EVIDENCE THAT ASSAD WAS THE ONE WHO LAUNCHED THIS CHEMICAL, WMD ATTACK ON THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA!!!

        We had SURVIVORS in Benghazi who knew EXACTLY what happened there and who was involved and this administration was blaming a YOU TUBE VIDEO?

        Those Benghazi survivors are now being THREATENED and given LIE DETECTOR TESTS to make sure THEY don’t talk and this administration, WITHOUT PEOPLE ON THE GROUND in Syria has “CLEAR AND UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE” of ASSAD launching these WMD attacks after only 3 days?????

        • Wake up Call: good post but you leave out the Mossad and CIA connections to all of it…once you nail that down you’ll have true and concise understanding!

      68. point #10….homes prices will fall because interest rates HAVE to go UP. they haven’t fallen back to where they need to be, commensurate with our incomes going down because of too low interest rate policy. we make WAAAY less money than we did in year2000, thanks to inflation. yet our home prices are still MUCH higher than then….1980 prices is my prediction when interest rates go back to 8%. count on it!

      69. @ RICH99. If you read the article, it has to do with a solar EMP that occurs on a regular basis like the cycles of earthquakes on the planet. There is also much information on just how simple it is for a nuclear EMP to be set off. Forgetting about an EMP that is very likely from the Sun and a strong possibility from humans, there are other completely legitimate diasters to be very concerned over that people that do prepare should never be called doomers.

        Each one of us, people’s pets, other animals, every plant is suspect to the germ. It is true that as the population becomes too much from its habitat nature ends up releasing a virus or bacteria that thins out or decimates the population of the species. There are too many examples of this. Humans have already suffered through smallpox, the black death, and many other various deadly pathogens. Human beings have in no way become techinologically advanced enough to be immune to the germ. If so people would not die each year from various germs, cancer, and genetic diseases.

        You can play the doubting Thomas to the economic collapse, nuclear war, nuclear EMP, and other non-geophysical driven SHTF events. You or no one else can say the true dangers of the germ are not extremely real. Even discounting the purposely release of a deadly germ from some government, terrrorist, or sole lone wolf nut job, Mother Nature cannot be controlled. One day from likely India or other hellhole slum will come a virus that kills more than smallpox, is extremely contagious, and will change the landscape of human civilization. You can watch a completely productive fruit tree, steadfast and dependable, get something like fireblight get blackening leaves, twigs, limbs, and truck, and do little to save it. Disease works this way, it is frightening to watch and be a part of, especially when it comes on suddenly without warning.

        It could be MERS one day mutates to this level. It could just be something that is similar to Marburg or Ebola. Might just be some totally jacked up form of the flu. This is something that will happen IF humans reached a certain point of population that causes a pathogen to become a super type of andromedia strain. This is inevitable and preppers should all have some degree of preparation from this. Preppers should have safeguards against regular disease and bacterias that will become rampant after any strong enough SHTF event. Those that don’t will be prone to cholera, dysentery, and many other disease associated with raw sewage and lack of sanitation. I think even you RICH99 understand the practice of hygeine and germ control is absolutely necessary after SHTF for whatever reason. AND that there is a true real danger of a hard core pandemic in the future. Preppers can prepare and minimize this, and reduced the dangers of exposure. Germ awareness and defense should always be a top priority for every prepper/survivalist.

        • I WILL COMPLETELY agree with the assessment of natural disasters and pandemics as being a real danger…..climate change is a REAL THREAT !
          I still prep for the unexpected BUT I have my serious doubts about an economic collapse although I am hearing from several sources of a catastrophic financial event between now and early winter …mainly in the September/October time frame….we shall see…..I doubt that too

          • I think we are already in the beginning of the economic collapse, just look at the numbers, even the bogus government numbers stink!
            I see it all around here, people with EBT cards, no jobs, crappy jobs, more homeless, more people spun out,
            Just gotta open your eyes and its real apparent!

            • Its not that apparent here

        • I can dig it , needs to be like this even more .. Those two should be thankful they were allowed to survive

      70. Personally…I think there’s a depression on.

        There’s a steak sub place that’s been raging and doing great for 20 years.
        Great food.

        Lately..they have a guy standing next to the street with a big sign to help sell their food.

        Also…at the movies.. Zero people there.
        We used to have to run to get a ticket before being sold out.
        Now…there’s just ten of us watching a big block buster.

        The elite have done all they can to bring America down by shipping the factories to China.

        My post boomer generation has had to live in an age of currency collapse.
        The dollar has fallen 44% in my adult life since 2000.

        There will be no great massive collapse…
        But death by 1,000 cuts.
        Then you’ll see south American type crime here as folks don’t have any money.

        There is an age of the haves and the have not jobs.
        The have a jobs…still..these guys have credit card debt.

        We were behind the boomer wave.
        They drove up the real estate prices.
        Then we had to take on massive debt to rebuild the over priced shacks.
        Then later…they offered us home equity credit to hep pay off the credit card debts.
        What’s going on is people are now deleveraging. We don’t spend shit.
        We’re killing our debts at about $2,600 a month now.

        The only reason we stay afloat is because I bought a double and get rent.

        The price of everything is crazy.

        We just keep plugging along.

        My child’s generation…the teletubby generation…. are fucked.
        My generation will never be able to retire.

        Their only hope is to start their own businesses.

        Seems the real enemy are the NWO bankers who seek to enslave our children.

        Our lifestyle is not crazy… typical two average cars, a few computers….a few disney trips.

        Recently we’re doing better by only getting real with our employers and threatening to leave. They’ve have been underpaying us for years.

        We’re finally catching up.

        Spare me the I’m debt free speech. Yeah..if you live in a fucking trailer in the country.

        So I say…let it all collapse. They enslaved my generation with zero manufacturing base….. a devalued currency and I have to listen to my folks who inherited wealth from the greatest generation…while they travel the world. Fuck the “Al Gore” generation.
        I’m looking forward to watching them die a long slow death. Just now they are dropping like flies and I smirk at very funeral I hear of.

        Boomers.. you sold out America.
        Your children and Grandchildren await your departure with great joy.
        Die well.

        • Glad someone else see’s the truth. The hippie’s shitbags and destroyed any personal morals, then became the yuppie shitbags and destroyed any civil morals and now have become the give me-me’s destroying any family morals and demanding social give me after doing nothing to deserve them. The spit on our armed forces, steel their valor bring corruption to wall street and now implement a healthcare system that will collapse after their dead leaving a pile of shit for everyone else. Fairwell on their quick passage to the great Zen cave beyond.

        • the folks born before 1945 had the cream & gravy. Boomers born after that date are getting fucked. greatly reduced social security benefits. and their jobs disappeared so they dint have great income or retirement these last years. My father WWII generation paid 3% of a low wage into social security mom paid nothing. Yet they drew about $1400 per month social security. I was born in 1950 and I receive less than $1000 per month.

        • Any problems your generation has were brought upon yourselves. I have watched your generation on “House Hunters” trying to buy a new top of the line house before you’ve even graduated from college or married. My parents’ generation and my generation had to work our way up to a good house. I started by renting a cheap house, then a cheap house trailer, then buying the cheap house trailer, then buying a cheap house, etc.

          I did not make your generation waste your time on worthless college degrees that didn’t translate to good jobs. Most people don’t need to go to college. They really need technical school because that’s all they are capable of.

          You say your lifestyle is not crazy, two cars, a “few” computers, trips to Disney World. I have only been to Disney World once in my life and that was 30 years ago. My parents and I went on a real vacation only twice.

          How much time do you waste on XBox or Playstation? I have never owned any such junk.

          You talk about how the dollar has fallen in your short pitiful 13 years. I have watched bread go from 10 cents to over $3.00 a loaf. I have watched haircuts go from 50 cents to $12 or $15. I have watched cigarettes go from 25 cents to $4 or more per pack. That makes your 44% look pathetic, doesn’t it?

          I will soon be debt free, and I don’t live in a trailer. I used to have a mortgage, but it was less than $200 a month. It was less than 800 square feet. You don’t have to have a mansion. And why did you add “in the country” as if that’s a bad thing?

          My generation is not responsible for Al Gore. I’m not sure he is human.

          You sound spoiled rotten to me. And confused too, if you think boomers are dropping like flies, because the oldest boomers are still in their 60s.

          Do some research and you will find that you can retire. Look up Earl Nightingale and listen to “The Strangest Secret” on youtube at:


          I have the original 10″ album, and he makes a lot of sense. Listen to it, make notes, get your friends to listen to it. Nightingale retired from working for someone else at 35.

          Best of luck.

          And if I see you smirking at a funeral, a whole crowd of boomers and members of the greatest generation will be kicking your butt down the road.

          ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin

          • I love what you just said. I can remember washing baby diapers sometimes with no soap as we tried to live within our budget. It paid off in the long run. I may have whatever I need now, but there was a time when we were first married that we had real needs, but just kept on. Married for almost 43 years. Husband was an alcoholic, rehab twice, now clean. Life can make you tough or it can turn you into a dependent wimp.

            • Love to here about the kids. Many of the people I went to school with are dead. 13th generation, you know children of hippies. The hippies were very good at just moving on when their partners became boring. Just have another batch and try again. Then there’s all the LSD style’s of raising kids. I could go on but I have found it useless. All I can say is I will do everything possible to ensure the truth is recorded. I good example of the proper description of the boomer/hippie gen is the issue of Hillaries statue she wanted at the Woodstock area. She quickly gave up when the truth was used to offer a suggestion for the statue: I hippie being feed by national guardsman.

      71. Going back and reading Brandon’s article, we all missed a good point about picking a Leader. Do you need a leader in your group or do you each plan to do your own thing. How would you handle disagreements in actions needed to be taken? Vote on it or duke it out.

        • Are you a musician ? Ever been in a band ?
          Everyfuckenone wants to be the “leader”
          I take a different approach
          No superiors we act as one , in agreement

          • VRF.
            A very bad musician ;0)

            There are those who yearn for positions of leadership and never reach it, while others have it thrust upon them.

            I respect your position on group agreement but I have found many are willing to let others do the dirty work or refuse to get their hands dirty. Even with groups there are those whose words weigh heavier than others. In the military I had to write people up for disobeying a lawful order. While in a civilian world have seen people go to blows over how to do a project.
            It could be easier if your group has the same amount of skills and thus work together efficient.
            Choose your companions carefully is the answer.

            • Ha , I hear ya .. Really hard to come up with a very cohesive group, there’s always going to be one or two , sometimes more that think they should have been the leader of the band
              Rare do you find in heavy stress situations that all things you thought you had , you no longer have .. It can all go to shit in a second
              I’m sure I’m not telling you what you don’t already know
              Guess you plan for the best and hope to work it out if snags come along

      72. Has anyone received this email yet??


        5 min 10 sec

        youtube.com/watch?v=L4vD6JpJAFI add http:www.

        youtube.com/watch?v=7xcqkNlG3ik add http:www.

        Any input from you experts??

        • I wasn’t aware that oil and gas in Syria and Iran were under US or Israeli control.

          The customer for SW Asian petrol is Europe. The Russians are supplying natural gas and the oil comes from Arabia, the Gulf, and Iraq, but mainly the North Sea.

          So I’m having problems identifying this as the culprit.

      73. Only the DEAD have seen the END of WAR.

        Keep the FAITH

      74. @ pissed of granny….relax….I just said hi to you and posted a smiley face…..don’t worry….I’m one of the good guys here….and i love your posts btw…….


      75. @ pissed off granny….btw….you can’t send mail to my ” badpuppydog” screenname anyway…so I never got the information you are worried about… :>)………keep educating me about these zionists please…very interesting

        • Bad Puppy Dog:

          Thanks for letting me know. I am relieved. I truly am not a “conspiracy nut”, just have studied for years and know the truth. Glad you like my articles.

      76. @ them guys….I’m extreamly impressed with your posts sir….both you and pissed off granny know your shit….keep the posts coming….i’m just starting to wake up to what you 2 are talking about and it’s MIND BLOWING.

        • badpuppydog: It is good to know that at least somebody is waking up. I appreciate your compliment of my post info. I means alot to hear it since most often us who speak truths regarding the zionists and related things or persons usually get Hammered and get called Vile names etc.

          Yes it sure is as you stated “Mindblowing” isn’t it. At first it so goes oppostie of all we were all taught to believe, and the fact that it is a Very complex much intertwined agenda filled with so much info and so many rabbit holes one can travel, it becomes almost impossible to believe its fact.

          Thats the main reason so many folks reject such truth info. Much falshoods of a religious nature most folks were taught plays a significant part in their rejection of it as well. That is the Most difficult part for them to overcome…The religious factors they learned from false prophets and teachers.

          Glad to see another person waking to reality and truths badpuppydog.

      77. 7.0 earthquake, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

      78. I have been watching a lot of Jim Rogers lately, older videos and newer videos .. the guy is spot on thus far … which should make everyone a little nervous about 2014

      79. No, we don’t know what we know, but you will know when we tell you no.


        ‘Officers brought a battering ram and were about to break the door in’

        “Four children, ages 7 to 14, have been forcibly taken from their Darmstadt, Germany, home by police armed with a battering ram, and their parents have been told they won’t see them again soon, all over the issue of homeschooling, according to a stunning new report from the Home School Legal Defense Association.”

        “The shocking raid was made solely because the parents were providing their children’s education, HSLDA said. The organization noted the paperwork that authorized police officers and social workers to use force on the children contained no claims of mistreatment.”

        “The children were taken to unknown locations,” HSLDA said. “Officials ominously promised the parents that they would not be seeing their children anytime soon.”

        wnd dot com

        • Ky jelly. I don’t get your point. Germany raids a home school over just being a homeschool. I guess your point is ” it’s a commin” here. Then I guess they will cut off our arms like se nations in Africa? Bind womens feet like some in Asia? Have 6 year olds as protitutes just like some in asia? Then we will all be married by 12 years old like the mein? I get your logic and it is very scary. Omg.

      81. Accurate earthquake prediction. 7.0 Aleutian Islands as Comment #2130904 on Aug.26, 9:42 PM on Game Changer article, and Comment #2098195 on August 19, 11:22 PM on the Emergency Prep article. Yes this was on the arc I was talking about a 7+ would hit from the July 15 South Sandwich Islands earthquake. A little late, but it did happen. This is also from the precursor earthquake all around the plates the last two weeks.

        I was again beginning to doubt myself as I said that a 7+ would occur before the end of the month. Two days to spare. I mentioned the Aleutian Islands several times because it was in this arc. Thankfully the Northwest or the Montana/Idaho/Wyoming area did not get it. As everyone can see from the past posts done before the event, earthquakes can be accuratel;y forecasted.

        I would again like to thank Mac and the site so I can post these forecasts for everyone to see that earthquakes can be predicted. I just hope I can forewarn those in populated areas before they get hit and save some people.

        • Thank you BI. You are very much appreciated here for all you do

        • @Be Informed: Ah, I see you already responded to a query I had regarding the Aleutian Islands earthquakes. Thank you.

      82. That earth up there should be a crystal ball. I think the problem is nobody knows what will happen. We can all SEE things are very bad; but we don’t know how it will resolve. In a lot of ways, a force of nature event would be a Godsend as it would probably end the financial slavery system (and more and more legal servitude too).

      83. Mac: I’ve been in moderation for quite sometime. Guess I don’t understand the process. Thanks

      84. IF there is an attack, especially this weekend in Syria, I would say there is about a rough estimate of 80% chance there will be, here is when it should happen for your time zone. I showed this earlier but now is included many more time areas for other people on the site that would like to know when they can expect it by their clocks. The sky will be dark enough tomorrow until about Sept.10. The darkest sky is new moon on Sept.5. Missile launches don’t need really a dark sky, however reconnaissance aircraft absolutely prefer it.

        Okay, any attack in Syria will likely be between 11PM and 4 AM Syrian local time on any given day until the time chnges after Halloween. Add one hour if an attack is on Iran in the future to below times.

        Your time zone when you can expect this:

        Eastern Europe 11PM-4AM
        Most of Europe 10PM-3AM
        Western Europe, England 9PM-2AM
        Greenwich time, Western African 8PM-1AM
        Atlantic Time, eastern Canada, eastern South America 5PM-10PM
        Eastern Time 4PM-9PM
        Central Time 3PM-8PM
        Mountain Time 2PM-7PM
        Pacific Time 1PM-6PM
        Alaska Time 12PM-5PM
        Hawaiin Time 10AM-3PM
        New Zealand, Eastern Russia 8AM-1PM
        Eastern Australia 6AM-11AM
        Central Australia and Japan 5AM-10AM
        East Australia, China, most of SE Asia 4AM-9AM
        India 1AM-6AM
        Moscow and most of east Middle East 12AM-5AM
        Egypt Turkey, Israel, Jordan 11AM-4AM

        I think I got it correct, anyone else might want to add their time zone if it is not included here.

      85. @ Be Informed – Thank you for your time and effort
        with the above listing. I appreciate it. I got $ out from the atm, the vehicle has a full tank of gas.
        Have preps, always prepping. This is why I watch this
        site, to stay updated with the current events.

        France, Germany, and the UK do not want involvement with
        Syria. Last time I saw the news, Obama was on the phone
        with the UK and France.

        • @ Emily. Just imagine if almost all Americans did exactly what you did before Labor Day. First the banks would be incredibly low on cash and could even be a bank run after Labor Day. Then the fuel would be lower around the country. Just imagine if the masses woke up and just starting preparing for this or anything else. The country would stand ready. Pipe dreams. At least you and a handful of wise people, still only about 1%, are upping their preparedness exercises.

          BO has basically four allies with this, MAYBE willing to support the U.S. First is Turkey, then Saudi Arabia, France, and Israel. Turkey hates Assad. Saudi Arabia is al-qaeda driven. Israel has its own existence at stake. France, well you know how they are, undependable. So the U.S, that is about 6500 miles away feels that THEIR interest is at stake here rather than the 100 or so countries that are much closer still don’t feel it is their business to butt into someone’s civil war.

          Past world empires have stretched themselves real thin like the U.S. Borrowed money to keep their country afloat, decentralized, and ended like it always seems falling back on war to put off the economic debacle that becomes their country. Never learn from history. Will the U.S. strike? Probably because when Israel has done this in the past no type of Syrian retaliation. I am not sure of this though. Earthquakes are far easier to forecast because the physical world doesn’t think it only reacts to the mechanisms of energy, force, and other dynamics that drive it. Figuring BO and his puppet masters is speculation at its worse. Probably a strike, but still who knows.

          • @ Be Informed – I listened to most ofMichael Savage tonight. He was ‘live’ the 3rd hour. His analytical analysis of the intricacies of this Syra tension was thorough and in depth.

            He said that a 6th American aircraft carrier is now there.
            The U.N. guys that were supposed to check for chemical weapons were told to get out, and they were supposed to
            be there for 2 weeks.
            Obama, tomorrow morning, is supposed to give a speech to the Republicans. So, will Syria be bombed, possibly Sat.? After, or, before his speech to the Republicans?

            It is 12:24 a.m. on the East Coast. It is supposed to rain
            all Labor Day weekend, 90% starting tonight. It just started to rain as I type this. *I live between Buffalo,
            N.Y. and Syracuse, N.Y. Upstate N.Y. *
            Savage also tipped his hat to all preppers, saying,
            ‘The preppers are preparing as he speaks.’

            Thank you for your compliment Be Informed.
            Many times in my life I was made fun of,for not ‘fitting ,or,for following the beat of my own drum.
            Syria crisis, or not, it does not hurt to be ready.
            Earlier in my life, I had to scramble, and I cursed myself for not having common sense and not being prepared.
            My father has the wisdom, he is a retired Army reserve Col. If I could have one iotta of his wisdom, I would be
            grateful. In the meantime, I am grateful for you, Braveheart, Tucker, snake-eater, pissed off granny,
            KY lady, DK, Them Guys, Daisy, and the many people here who have so much to offer with knowledge, advice, and no-how. From stoves, to weapons, to recipes, to weather, to quakes, to the odd animal behavoir, to current events.

            I don’t think I am going to sleep well tongiht.
            Will brace myself with my coffee tomorrow a.m. and
            hear the latest.

      86. @BeInformed: hello. What do you make of that 7.0 earthquake invoving the Aleutian Islands?

        • Satori — he sure tells it like it is, don’t he?

      87. Gas is $3.70 in Bowling Green, Ky.
        I did not fill up on the way home–first time ever. I have cheaper gas in the shed.
        Can use that and refill when gas goes back to 3.25.
        I know–it’s not that big a deal, but I don’t want to play their game.
        One day it’s 3.25, two days later, 3.60, three days later, 3.40, then 3.70?

        • What if it NEVER goes back down?

          • Then, like all here–I’ll be paying $3.70.
            What puzzles me is why on a Labor Day weekend?
            It’s not making anyone travel or go places at this price.

            • Im already paying 4.49/gal

              • $3.33 here.

      88. ammo still in short supply around here

        saw an ad in the paper today

        2200 rounds of 22LR for $300

        thats 4 bricks
        last year that same amount would have run you about $75

        • “Precious metals” have been predicted to rise as “events” continue to accelerate. It appears you are confirming that “forecast”.

          • About 90 says left

        • Cant find .22 to save your life here either… 🙁

          • PLENTY of ammo here ….I have never had ANY problems getting ammo all along

            • ….good for you… I got plenty too…don’t NEED more but I want more and I will find more….but for right now I cant get any within 60 miles…wally world hasn’t had any in for months nor any of the local dealers …just a shame its so messed up by that regime in dc…

      89. This may be related to the planned collapse – NASA has ordered AR15 with 30 round magazines. I’m sure this will work out well for the sheeple.

        Side note. Yesterday 9% of the sheeple supported bombing Syria, today NBC-LSD is reporting more than 50% of the sheeple support ocommie as long as there are no boots on the ground.

        Well that does it, I’m in, lets open that can of democracy on the ragheads.

      90. Im of the opinion that they want to start a Nuclear war. Those folks have a whole city dug under a mountain near DC.
        they have paid for this with the common peoples money! There are other underground bunkers in several locations. The NWO elete believe that can wait it out in safety. After wards they plan to emerge and rule over whoever survives. Whatever happens be it nuclear,Economic or clatyclismic If they go underground and leave the masses unprotected. We need to seal them up inside. They are the purveyors of failed government. We don’t want or need their parasite failed governing asses any longer. Even if where sick and dying from radiation poisioning. We still can use earthmovers & equiptment. possibly explosives and make those bunkers in Virginia, Colorado & elsewhere into tombs. Possibly pump gasoline into the air intake. Maybe cut off the electricity. We need to seal those NWO assholes up inside.

        • Yeah, If I secretly ruled the world and owned 90% of everything, and lived the high life, I would definitely be planning to destroy all of that for the pleasure of living underground. Just what is it you are smoking in those rolled up pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? A fine blend of Art Bell’s and Hal Lindsey’s pubes?

          People who don’t even seem to make a lick of sense get 10 thumbs up. Roars of applause… As long as you suggest that we’ll all kill those no good “elites” soon – well then everybody loves you on SHTFP. I’m just about to turn into the next Rich99.

      91. Was just told that a friends son in Germany, that his unit was told to pack up and go to the field. None of this was plan for and told that they will be in the field for least two weeks. They were told to pack everything now. This was today and will go out to field tomorrow. Ask no questions. Just makes you want to go HMMM.

        Keep the FAITH

      92. 1.) Buy several 5-gallon gas cans.

        2.) When WWIII breaks out get them filled immediately and then hide them.

        3.) Stock up on winter clothing: thermal underwear, blankets, etc.

        4.) I assume you already have basic minimum preps: batteries, lights, nonperishable food, water, etc. etc. etc. and have them in redundant locations.

        5.) Now listen very carefully: Jesus told Maria [www.TheWarningSecondComing.com] that when war breaks out amount 7 nations in the Middle East, the person who arranges/brokers the peace will be the Antichrist.

        6.) The Antichrist will work a few other deceptive wonders: do NOT listen to him and do NOT
        look at him and do NOT mistake him for Our Lord Jesus Christ because Jesus told Maria that He WILL return but NOT set foot on Earth at His return.

        Again, do NOT listen to NOR look at him because he will have a very diabolical sway.

        7.) After The Warning, it is very likely that Martial Law will be declared and when it is, invoke your Guardian Angel who will then lead you and yours to a safe refuge place while keeping you nonvisible to foreign troops and other evil doers who will come to take away all those who refuse the mark of the beast = an rfid chip once currency worldwide likely collapses.

        8.) Do NOT accept the mark of the beast as it is laden with diseases designed to kill hundreds of millions of God’s children AND it WILL disable your free will so you can be commanded once your will is taken from you by the chip’s technology.

        9.) Those who share food will find it replenished, those who do not will find it depleted.

        The Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation are unfolding in OUR time, OUR history. The Messages given to Maria at http://www.TheWarningSecondComing.com are meant for every person on our planet, regardless of who you are.

        Before the Second Coming there will be great evils unleashed and we are told that very soon the Antichrist will come to prominence.

        Pray, prep, share, discern, pay attention to everything, think, and then pray again.

        Be smart with everything you do, be smart with everything you choose not to do. Trust your gut.

        Above all, pray, and trust God.

        Lastly, do not forget to download from http://www.TheWarningSecondComing.com “The Seal of the Living God” and get it blessed by a priest, regardless of your faith. Incredible power is attached to it.

        Please do not give me a flags up, or a flags down. Instead, do the reading I have done = read the Messages at http://www.TheWarningSecondComing.com.

        See for yourself, read for yourself if you do not believe me.

        The stakes are high as the Antichrist’s ultimate targets are all Jews and all Christians.

        The “soldiers” coming for us will likely be chipped and “controlled”.

        This is not a script for a Hollywood screenplay.

        WWIII will be commencing soon, food truck deliveries will be halted, famine will come, and we MUST, we MUST wait upon The Lord while utilizing & sharing not only all of our preps but our faith and trust in the infinite endless power of the God the Almighty as He makes way for the Second Coming of his Son Jesus Christ to throw the Antichrist and all evildoers in Hell and then merge Paradise with Earth.

        We are in the End Times, my friends. Each of us must get right with our God and seek forgiveness for each of our sins for only then can we avail ourselves to the incomprehensible Mercy of Jesus Christ.

        Read just the last 50 Messages, let alone the last 25 if you will (there are over 700 in total).

        Read about God’s Plan for all of us. It is very specific.

        Please download The Seal of the Living God for each of your loved ones and your home. Keep it on your person at all times.

        – The Lone Ranger

        • You were doing good up to number 5.

          ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin ricin

          • Actually, Archivist, we’re doing a lot better!


        • I’m NOT sharing my preps–did Noah???

          • Oh,if my food isn’t depleted, that’s okay–cause if this crap lasts longer than my food supply, this ole world is a goner anyhow.:-(

          • What a bunch of Mambo Jambo nonsense-Maria says do this do that!…Download the “Seal of God” then what? Lick and stick to foreheads?…Should we pray to statues of Mary too? Come on man! That crap so contradicts the bible and Christs Own true words ist not even funny.

            Why would anybody put all their Faith is some online internet “prophet” or “Expert” see-er?

            Oh wait! Just seen my Own visionary Vision!

            Its a man Yes yes! a older man his…name….Is…

            P.T. Barnum! and his vision messg is…There….Is….One…Born…Every Minit! Sucker!

            • Them Guys: just like the “blab it and grab it” demonic Christian preachers.

            • You see, Them Guys, your response shows you have been infested by Satan itself or its spirit (negativity, destructiveness, etc.), and I will pray for you, my friend.

              It’s obvious you have read NONE of the Messages.

              If you HAD read ANY of the Messages, God’s Spirit would have spoken to your OWN Heart and Spirit.

              If you HAD downloaded the Seal of the Living God, you would have seen that it is a PRAYER given by God the Father to Maria so it could be disseminated world-wide to limit the damage, death, and destruction caused by Satan and it has God the Father’s infinite power attached to it.

              But you might not believe that because you believe evil can ONLY be repelled by an AK-47.

              Why WOULDN’T God and His Divine Son use the fastest form of communication world-wide = the Internet? Why wouldn’t They, them guys?

              Lastly, if you HAD read ANY of the Messages, you would see that they are known as the Book of Truth, which is referenced both in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and by John in the New Testament.

              Regardless, despite your hostille post’s content that really contribues nothing to dialogue except negativity and denials, there are four bottom lines here.

              One, I like you and most of your posts, Them Guys. I just don’t get your laziness– it’s obvious you have read none of the Messages.

              What are you afraid of by reading them? Of finding out that you, too, are loved incredibly by God and His Son and that we all need to avail ourselves to the incredible Mercy of Jesus?

              Two, nuclear war IS coming. Obama’s people will most likely present lies in the form of classified information to our Congressmen and Senators to justify what will be the initial trigger to WWIII and most of us could be dead before the TRUTH would OUT!

              Three, the Antichrist will VERY soon come into our world as the person who arranges the peace between 7 warring Middle Eastern nations and, he will claim either to be Christ Himself or at least a Christian, but neither will be true.

              Four, we are in for a VERY rough road the next 24-48 months as the Antichrist is targeting all Jewish people and all Christian people but Jesus Christ IS returning and His Return WILL be witnessed by “This generation”.

              God the Father made it VERY clear to Maria that He will NOT sit back and let the Antichrist or the “new world organization” destroy His creation or His children, all of whom He desires to be in Paradise when Heaven and Earth MERGE at His Son’s Second Coming. This and everything else I’ve written here and above are from the Messages, my friend.

              You and I (and everyone else) need to make PRAYING and READING an ESSENTIAL part of our Prepping or you and I and everyone else WILL fall into a deceptive trap set by Satan itself to Annihilate you, me, the posters here, our loved ones, ad all God’s children.

              – The Lone Ranger

              • Lone Ranger: I do not own an AK47. You Do Not Know me. All you surmized of me is Bunk. So is stupid Faith in some female names maria and her so called “Insight”

                I have read the bible over 40+ yrs. I DO Know the Lord and He knows Me!….And I do know the Lord warns us repeatedly to beware of and Avoid False Prophets like maria and You!

                All such falshoods directly opposed to the TRUE Words of God are frauds, fakes, false prophets and false teachers.

                You sound delusional and so captivated by this maria person no ammout of actual biblical verses will snap you back to reality. WAKE UP!

                Why trust in some online maria when you have a bible at your access?….Its illogical and idiotic at best.

                Downloaded seals of god?…Yeah ok….Sounds worse than those Fatima Fanatical loony toon whackos.

                They say ONLY Mary can save us all!

                JESUS says ONLY He can save us. NO other name has ever been given but His Jesus Christ Period. Jesus says so.

                You rather believe some woman named Maria?! Go ahead on fool. I just Hope new just learning christians do NOT get caught up in Your blespheming nonsense and end up gone astray.

                I refuse to argue or deabte any more with your mambo jambo maria crap. It may sound harsh oh well thats all it deserves far as I see it.

                Christians are mandated to Reprove and REBUKE such as You post of maria and her fake visions. So I Have done a Good job as a good christian. My jobs done with You and maria!

                become invisible!!!…..Download a seal of god!!!

                ps internet is NOT fastest communications methods fool…Direct Holy Spirit dwelling Within Me and other christians IS the best and fastest comunications direct from God. And the Holy Spirit don’t Lie like Maria does!

      93. Obama slipped in one of his speeches and said, ‘nuclear weapons,’ he then corrected himself and said, ‘chemical weapons.’

      94. Back in the Bad Old Days of the Reagan administration, I was in the Air Force Reserve. We were attached to a SAC bomb wing, well at least we used their facilities and helped their intelligence shop out.

        One thing we were asked to do was come up with a plausible scenario that would be tied into the Wing’s designated missions.

        Our scenario sounded a lot like this, except the French contributed naval forces, and got a carrier sunk by aSyrian missile with a nuclear warhead that no one knew they had.

        We ended up bombing targets in the Soviet Union, that being the object of the scenario, One ingress route went near a place in Soviet Armenia called Nukus, which we all thought was pretty hilarious.

      95. I have read a number of articles on this site and some, like this article are wildly wrong. Does anyone ever admit the fail? Obama will launch a middle strike to save face. The oil prices will go up but not directly related to the incident. Oil companies will use it as an excuse. Israel will not send troops to Syria and certainly would not lead off with troops. The rest of this is crap and all predicated on a string of laughable predictions.

      96. Good article, there’s just a few things I’m compelled to point out.

        1). The supranational NWO requires the ability to ultimately nullify the nation state. Not just by treaty but by a Federalized/centralized supranational institution. We’re not just talking about focusing on any one nation state but an array of them, which requires Russo-Sino-US being drawn into direct physical conflict.
        2). Such direct conflicts ensures the destruction of people who managed to reach unintended levels of influence by the globalists and destroys their competition.
        3). The conflict will be so severe that large numbers of the global populace in accordance to Neo-Malthusians viewpoints and be maintained and regulated under the name of welfare-warfare, national security, and etc.
        4). Peace or War, the US Dollar’s dissolving of the world’s reserve currency status by war, this starts with BRICS and by peace Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will then propose a supranational currency per say SDR or will face insurgency.

        As far as the domestic US goes:
        A). By peace, the US is fractured into a civil war.
        B). By war, the US government uses terrorism and the like to remove potential challenges to the new system.
        In either case, the end result will likely incur in the surrender of placing the military under a supranational entity aka a form of disarmament not far removed from Germany after WWI and Japan after WWII.

      97. A SILENT VOTE from the Senate is a vote of SUPPORT.
        Democrats currently control the Senate, and they can stop him before its penned.

        Whatever the U.S. president or Obama did or does, congress will be responsible for his actions. That’s because they have equality of power. 🙂

        It’s not that Obama did not go forward with the attack against Syria on 8/31/2013.
        Maybe congressmen/women are afraid of the consequences since the UN did not approve it and it’s a violation of the international law against war crimes. 🙁

        The plan was for Obama to attack Syria while congress was on vacation, so the media outlets would BLAME Obama as solely responsibility for this, not the media’s senators.


        • The U.S. gov’t has paid the bureau of motion pictures to work with film industry at its citizens’ expense. And the same time young lives were lost. The costs to replace tanks, carriers, weapons were astronomical. 🙁

          The U.S. and Germany’s propaganda were almost identical.
          What we see now is a ghost of the past.

          One million TROLLS on the internet, 🙁 are we paying them to ATTACK us and RATE us with a thumbs down???

          Hmmm, I have NO DOUBT.

        • Equality if power between Congress and the office of the President? Maybe in paper but under the Obama regime, hardly.

          More than once has Obama done an end-run around the Constitution, Congress and the Senate. More than once he has made it clear he sees himself as not requiring Congress approval for anything and even went so far as saying that at times he was tempted to dissolve both chambers and go it alone as a dictator.

          At this point, your lawmakers have plenty of grounds to impeach Obama and I would bet my last dime that plenty of Congressmen would love to take that option but might no be able to due to stuff held over their heads by Obama.

          • A typical Liberal, you sound exactly like the extreme media or even Hillary’s people, a same broken record trying to blame a single individual (Obama), but not the ones who have the same power and can make the difference.

            Defending the Democratic Senators and blame everything on Obama.
            Conservatives they blame both branches. 🙂

            1.Then you need to read my posting again, it explains in a situation where the president does not follow the law, “the oldest constitution.” — Obama said.

            OBAMA declared in the Rose Garden on 8/13/2013:
            “I’m the president of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy,”
            “I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people’s representatives in Congress.”

            2. In the case both the Executive & the Legislative branch do not follow the sovereignty law, then the country was hijacked from within or what else can you explain? 🙁

            It can happen, because Democrat senators (D) had impeached Bush’s attorney general, Gonzales for almost nothing. Although people say, they don’t expect Democrats Senators would impeach their party leader.

            3. No one would believe you that George Soros would allow anyone or OBAMA to blackmail his own party since you said: “your lawmakers have plenty of grounds to impeach Obama and I would bet my last dime that plenty of Congressmen would love to take that option but might no be able to due to stuff held over their heads by Obama.”

            Both McCain (R) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) , the two who often speak with the same voice of Chuck Schumer (D) and Joe Lieberman (D).

            I don’t know, but blackmail has been used as a tool to force rivals to give in and who knows?

            • No need for insults here. Libertarian I am. Liberal in the modern political sense, hardly.

              I’m just calling it the way I see it. Can you deny Obama’s blatant and repeated disregard for the Constitution? And yes, I am certain that Obama or his handlers have a whole lot of dirt on hand to assist in ensuring compliance or to quell any hint of bucking at the traces. After all, it has already come out the NSA has been gathering blackmail information on senior civil servants, Congressmen, Senators and military brass for over a decade. You don’t go through the expense and effort to collect and collate that information just to sit on it. And should the Democrats seek to dethrone Obama before he’s outlived his usefulness, I’m pretty sure Soros would be the one to order the release of damning information on a few key personalities to send a message. And if you think a head of government won’t do that, look up Jean Chrétien and how he treated his party members who refused to toe the party line in his later years. Here’s a hint: they were made to give up their seat in Parliament, not even given the chance to cross the floor to another Party or to sit as independents.

              And when on one hand you can do the right thing and be destroyed or jailed and on the other you can go along with the program and maintain your current lifestyle, I doubt any politician would willingly go the suicidal route. Instead they’d rationalize their decision not to stir the pot so they can sleep at night.

              Not to mention how Obama has already shown himself more than willing to use civil service agencies like the IRS or USDA to go after people he doesn’t like and he has proven in the last few weeks just how willing he is to use fabricated evidence to suit his whims.

              And for the record, I am certain Obama has handlers behind the scenes and powerful interests he tries to keep happy by complying with their requirements and demands. But since they cannot be identified with certainty, the only person who can be reliably pointed at with regards to the actions of the current Administration is Obama himself. If I knew who the “puppetmasters” were, I would refer to them by name.

            • oops, I means 8/31/2013.

              @ Canadian Vet,

              “Maybe in paper but under the Obama regime, hardly.”

              Hey, it’s not just a paper, it’s the very FABRIC of our country which is the BASIS and FOUNDATION on how our laws are made and it is what gives us our SOVEREIGNTY, and it means nothing to you?

              I am sorry it means nothing to you & to our enemies, but it means everything to our SODIERS & the AMERICAN PEOPLE, including LIFE & DEATH. 🙂

              I often see people who claim to be a soldier or a vet, I really doubt it that they say they are based on their contradictory statements and their twisted logic.

              Especially, the ones who have a colorful name.

              • The term “on paper” means “in theory” in this case, not the literal medium on which the Constitution is written.

                Look, I know the US were born in war and blood and Canada as a nation was born in meeting rooms and in ink so yeah, I admit I don’t have the same frame of reference you do with regards to the Constitution. To me, it is a document compiled by the civilian leadership of the Patriots as the base of a new nation. To me it lacks the same symbolism it does to you and that is through no fault of my own.

                If my observations sound callous and as though I do not value the founding documents of the United States it is not because I am “the enemy” as you put it. It is because I am Canadian, not American and I have the outsider’s perspective and I go for a more dispassionate analysis. But it does not mean I do not value freedom and government non-interference.

      98. #5 is a lie.
        Israeli’s won’t invade Syria or Iran due to them being chickenshit scumbags who only drop high explosives on women while flying in our US aircraft at 500 knots.
        No, the Israelis will sit back & watch the stupid American Goyim fight Russia & the rest of their enemies.
        We’re so stupid to have allowed this perfidious tribe to hijack our country.

      99. President Assad Fires Back at the United States

        It looks to me the media is so desperate for a WAR, and that they will do anything to provoke and to agitate.

        🙁 🙁

        Here’re some people’s comments complaining about the media’s behavior.


        1. william- This was quite possibly the worst piece of journalism in the history of the media.

        2. YahooUser That video wasn’t reporting, it was blatant editorializing.

        3. JC Huh? Where in that POS video did Assad “fire back” at the US? Yet another

        4. Yahoo “article” title that has nothing to do with the report. My high school newspaper was better than this garbage.

        5. Jack– ummm…so, where in this story does he “Fire Back” at the U.S.? Anyone?

        6. wojak1723 4 hours ago 1 26 I missed the ‘fire back’ part, unless it was the schmaltzy CW song.

        and there are many more…..

      100. ANyone that listens to CNN (Communist News Network) is a fool and an idiot.

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